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A Couple of Father's Day Stories
2005-06-19 10:39
by Jon Weisman

Joe and Rich Lederer

Scott and Marvin Kraft

My family has already made me feel tremendously appreciated today. They let me sleep in and brought me the paper to read in bed, and gave me wonderful cards, a mug with my kids' picture on it, and the first season of Scrubs on DVD, and hugs a-plenty. (Did I mention they let me sleep in???)

My best to all of those who will celebrate Father's Day with their families today, and my best to all of those who, for reasons consolable or not, will not.

2005-06-19 11:03:58
1.   LAT
My daughter gave me one of the greatest baseball gifts ever. As I have mention on occassion, my 10 year old daughter is a huge Shawn Green and Dodger fan. Over the years she and I have made trips to Pac Bell, Bank One and countless trips to Dodger Stadium. Unbeknownest to me, she copied pictures of us at DS, pictures of her running the bases at Pac Bell, ticket stubs and a picture of her taking the field with Green at DS. She bought a Major Leauge baseball, covered it with the pictures, lacquered it and put in a plexy case.

I am indeed the luckiest Dad in the world.

2005-06-19 11:44:53
2.   Bob Timmermann
I was greeted this morning with a brand new couch to sit on.

But it was just deliverymen from Macy's who dropped it off and I had bought it last week.

Happy Fathers day to the fathers here and I take consolation in knowing that I had a father who did a great job and left us all with the memory of a great role model.

2005-06-19 12:40:27
3.   Linkmeister
Not being a father myself, I have no tales of surprise to tell today. But to all you guys who are Dads, I hope you're all treated as well as you wish, and that you treated your own fathers the same way.

Jon, thanks for both of those stories. Great stuff.

2005-06-19 13:13:26
4.   Jim Hitchcock
Happy Father's Day, Dad.
2005-06-19 13:25:08
5.   Vishal
happy father's day to all!

i hope not to be a father for at least another decade or so.

2005-06-19 14:41:40
6.   Benaiah
Happy Father's Day everyone. I just wanted to say that I love Scrubs. It is a great show with smart writing and so of course it doesn't get the ratings. The fact that it and Arrested Development were nearly canceled but there were a million seasons of Friends makes me crazy. Sorry, enough negativity on Father's Day (the Dodgers are giving us enough to be negative about) Congrats Jon and all the other Dads (especially mine!).
2005-06-19 15:48:23
7.   Steve
I got Newsradio.
2005-06-19 15:59:17
8.   Jon Weisman
That's probably next, Steve.
2005-06-19 22:02:19
9.   dan reines
wait, newsradio's on dvd? ooohh, that's really good news.

me, i got a mini ipod. which is pretty fancy. but i think it's because the lady who gave it to me covets it for herself. which is fine, too.

and i got to sleep in too, jon. that beats even the ipod. happy father's day!

2005-06-20 08:53:20
10.   Steve
Good news, indeed.

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