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Rock Middle
2005-06-19 10:45
by Jon Weisman
Comments (260)
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2005-06-19 10:47:22
1.   fanerman91
Please oh please oh please let's win one...
2005-06-19 11:16:39
2.   Ben H
Interesting bit of info on Broxton in the Times today...,1,1390377.story?coll=la-headlines-sports-mlb-dodger

2005-06-19 11:25:42
3.   Brian Y
More on Broxton from Rotoworld:

Jonathan Broxton - S - LA

Jonathan Broxton allowed one run in two innings and struck out four yesterday in his second relief appearance for Double-A Jacksonville.
Broxton was a fine prospect as a starter, but the Dodgers have sent him to the pen because they think they may need him this year. Overall, he has a 3.36 ERA and a 77/25 K/BB ratio in 75 IP for Jacksonville. Jun. 19 - 2:20 pm et

2005-06-19 11:30:38
4.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

June 20, 1920

Nearly 20,000 fans came to Wrigley Field on a Sunday afternoon to watch the Chicago Cubs edge the Brooklyn Robins (or Dodgers as the newspapers used both names), 4-2 behind a strong pitching performance from Jim "Hippo" Vaughn. The loss dropped Brooklyn to 28-23 and two games behind first place Cincinnati, the defending World Series champs.

Brooklyn manager Wilbert Robinson started his ace, Burleigh Grimes, who would go 23-11 with a 2.22 ERA, but the spitballer ran into trouble in the first. After retiring the first two batters, Grimes gave up three consecutive singles, the last one to Fred Merkle, which drove in a run.

The Cubs scored another run in the fourth. Davey Robertson led off with a bunt single and eventually came around to score on a double by Buck Herzog.

Brooklyn tied the game in the fifth. With one out, Pete Kilduff doubled to left and with two outs, Grimes drew a walk. Leadoff hitter Ivy Olson drew another walk to load the bases. Jimmy Johnston then singled to score two runs.

But Grimes gave it all back in the bottom of the fifth. He walked Vaughn to lead off the inning. Max Flack then reached on an infield single to third. Charley Hollocher singled to right. Bernie Neis made a good throw home to try to cut down Vaughn, who was described in the New York Times as "no Loren Murchison on the bases", but umpire Hank O'Day ruled Vaughn safe. Zeb Terry then singled home Flack to make it 4-2.

The Dodgers had one last chance to get back in the game in the seventh when they loaded the bases with two outs for Hy Myers. But Vaughn got him to ground out to second and as "the last real chance for victory vanished into the empyrean."

(Loren Murchison was an Olympic sprinter who won two gold medals on relay teams. Empyrean is supposed to be the highest level of heaven in certain cosmologies.)

June was a bad month for Brooklyn as the Dodgers went 12-16 and were just 3 games over .500 on June 30. But the Dodgers turned on the afterburners. They went 23-12 in July, cooled off to 14-13 in August, but then blew away the rest of the National League by going 23-6 in September and October to win the league by seven games over the Giants with a 93-61 record.

Besides Grimes the rest of the Brooklyn staff was also strong. The team used just nine pitchers for the whole season. Leon Cadore went 15-14 but had a 2.62 ERA. Jeff Pfeffer went 16-9 with a 3.01 ERA. The highest ERA of any pitcher on the staff was Rube Marquard who had a 3.23 ERA.

The offense was solid with Zack Wheat batting .328 and Myers leading the league in triples with 22.

Brooklyn would face Cleveland in the World Series. The Indians had won a close pennant race over Chicago, helped in no small part to having several of Chicago's star players suspended when the 1919 World Series scandal came to light in late September. Cleveland also had to overcome the death of its shortstop, Ray Chapman, who passed away as the result of a beaning from Yankees pitcher Carl Mays.

It was not a great World Series for Brooklyn. Marquard got arrested in Cleveland for ticket scalping (which would end his career in Brooklyn) and the Dodgers lost a game in which they surrendered the first grand slam in World Series play (to Elmer Smith) and later lined into an unassisted triple play, turned by Cleveland second baseman Bill Wambsganss. Cleveland took the best of nine series in seven games.

As for the Dodgers and Indians, their next pennants would both be a long time coming. The New York Yankees had acquired a new outfielder named Babe Ruth for the 1920 season. Baseball was going to change and there was going to be a dynasty to be built. And home runs to be hit.
Thanks to the New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-06-19 12:16:35
5.   GoBears
Could be that DT is the original source of this rumor, but FWIW, from the "Rumor Mill":

"The Dodgers are looking for a starter and while they like the Rockies' Joe Kennedy, their preference seems to be Cincinnati's Aaron Harang because they seem him as a Derek Lowe clone, says the Denver Post."

2005-06-19 12:20:35
6.   Vishal
PLEASE let it be a trade for both harang and dunn. please.
2005-06-19 12:23:53
7.   Bob Timmermann
The decline of the NL West continues as the DBacks lose again: 3-2 to Cleveland. The DBacks are now at .500

The Padres are down 1-0 to the Twins in the 6th, but they're facing Johan Santana.

Peavy was held back from today's start so he can pitch tomorrow against the Dodgers.

2005-06-19 12:25:46
8.   Bob Timmermann
Santana hung a curve to Dave Roberts and he crushed it to tie the game 1-1.

That's about as long and hard as I've seen Roberts hit anything.

2005-06-19 12:42:27
9.   GoBears
Not that this will help the AAA team taking the place of the Dodgers (who are +1), but:

"Luckiest" teams
Ari/Was +6
CWS +4
Phi/SD +2

Mil -4
Atl/Col -3
KC/Tex -2

All other teams are within +/- 1 game of their expected W/L record. I think this is accurate after last night's games.

2005-06-19 12:50:55
10.   Bob Timmermann
4-1 Padres in the 7th after Santana gave up a bases-loaded double to Damian Jackson.
2005-06-19 13:17:54
11.   Jim Hitchcock
So, how's the new couch, Bob...and more importantly, how the Emily feel about it?
2005-06-19 13:21:09
12.   Bob Timmermann
The Emily? Like "The Donald"?

She hasn't passed judgment on it. Probably because I've been asleep on it much of the day.

Actually, it's only loveseat size, but despite being 6'5" I can actually fall asleep on it quite easily. But I can fall asleep in most places and positions. And even with a lot of noise. Some people find this very irritating.

2005-06-19 13:24:55
13.   Marty
Just got back from the Morongo Indian reservation casino/hotel for a 50th birthday party for a friend. For the gamblers out there, they play craps with cards instead of dice. They have two shoes filled with decks that only have the ace-6 cards in them. Then, for each "roll" the croupier takes a card from each shoe and that is the roll. It's truly bizarre and kind of creepy. It makes for a very quiet table since there is no shooter.
2005-06-19 13:44:52
14.   Jim Hitchcock
Sounds creepy and crappy, Marty.
2005-06-19 13:47:06
15.   natepurcell
orenduff promoted to AA jax.

i wish i can take a trip to go watch a Suns series down in florida.

2005-06-19 14:49:24
16.   heato
Tennessee lost today, so Hochevar does not have to throw anther 130 pitches in a game for quite awhile.
2005-06-19 15:15:09
17.   champion of choi
Don't succumb to Blind optimism: Unless Depo re-invents this team, I don't see how they can overcome severe deficits (Erickson, Gio) in the bullpen, a lack of power at 3B and LF and shaky/inconsistent starting pitching, not to mention the revolving 5th starter.
2005-06-19 15:22:50
18.   GoBears
Here's my reinvention plan:
1. Milton Bradly in CF, move Drew to RF.
2. Werth/Grabs platoon in LF.
3. Jose Valentin/A Perez platoon at 3b.
4. Choi at first, with Saenz in there occasionally against tough lefties.
5. Perez instead of Houlton in the rotation.
6. Gagne at closer, Brazoban back at setup.
7. Izturis at SS.
8. Shoot Erickson in a mercy killing.

That's the team DePo built. Unfortunately, only 2 of those things are possible. One (Erickson) is DePo's doing, for what reason I cannot fathom. The other (jerking Choi around) is Tracy's failing. As for the rest, well, I don't see who is to blame, other than Lady Luck, and no team with this sort of luck can be expected to contend for anything.

My "blind optimism" goes as follows:

All of our injured players will return, and our competition will start getting their share of injuries. There's still half a season to go, and the 51s are still in this thing. The Dodgers might actually have a better chance, if we ever see them.

2005-06-19 15:23:21
19.   GoBears
oops - Bradley.
2005-06-19 16:08:35
20.   the OZ
Hey, Jon - do you have any special 'blogger' powers that can make the Dodgers win? 'Cause now would be a good time.
2005-06-19 16:46:49
21.   Bob Timmermann



White Sox



2005-06-19 17:03:36
22.   Linkmeister
Rats. Gary Thorne can't come close to tempering Morgan. At least Miller sometimes drowns Joe out.
2005-06-19 17:04:13
23.   Marty
So, I heard on the radio that Kent is pissed and told the team he doesn't like what he's seeing. Hope it lights a fire.
2005-06-19 17:06:20
24.   Bob Timmermann
But isn't being pissed off sort of Kent's default state?
2005-06-19 17:09:43
25.   Bob Timmermann
Only two Dodgers in the lineup today have faced Contreras: Izturis and Phillips.

They are a combined 0 for 8 now. Updated with Izturis's lead off ground out.

2005-06-19 17:09:51
26.   overkill94
What happened to all those line drives Izturis was hitting not too long ago?
2005-06-19 17:10:15
27.   Marty
You're right. Maybe he's SUPER pissed..
2005-06-19 17:12:14
28.   Marty
That called third strike looked pretty low to me.
2005-06-19 17:13:03
29.   Vishal
yeah, but it was the same location as the first pitch of the game. the dodgers better be aware if contreras is gonna get that outside corner all night.

what a lousy start.

2005-06-19 17:16:45
30.   adg
I have identified the 2nd Baseman Harris as the guy most likely to hit a homerun off Weaver today.
2005-06-19 17:17:24
31.   Bob Timmermann
Woo hoo! Two straight nights with scoreless first innings!
2005-06-19 17:22:44
32.   Bob Timmermann
There has been some bizarre direction by ESPN in the early part of this game. Weird angles and such. The twilight must make some viewpoints unusable now.
2005-06-19 17:22:48
33.   the OZ
30 -

I'm 'rooting' for Podsednik. 0 HR this season so far.

2005-06-19 17:22:53
34.   Vishal
listening to joe morgan, he's saying tonight that it's not that stolen bases and sac bunts are the silver bullet when it comes to winning ballgames, but merely that a team must be able to use all the arrows in the quiver. maybe he was just offended that the A's of a few years ago were just completely incompetent in that aspect of the game, and it bothered him that they were so lacking in what he considers fundamental skills.

why is it so fun to deconstruct joe morgan's thought process, even when you disagree so completely?

2005-06-19 17:23:22
35.   Johnson
What's with the ESPN camera angle? If I wanted to watch this game from the upper deck behind home plate, I'd have flown out to Chicago and bought some cheap tickets.
2005-06-19 17:25:12
36.   Johnson
#32 Bob
The standard CF camera angle looked fine on the replay. Oh, now they're back to the standard angle. Whew.
2005-06-19 17:25:58
37.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgers starting lineup last year when they faced Contreras:
Roberts LF
Izturis SS
Bradley CF
Green 1B
Lo Duca C
Beltre 3B
Encarnacion RF
Cora 2B
Lima P
2005-06-19 17:27:25
38.   Vishal
hah, it looked like kent slid beyond the bag while the tag was still being applied. i think he maybe shoulda been out.
2005-06-19 17:27:27
39.   Bob Timmermann
"I didn't want to steal second, Skip, Jose Contreras made me do it. He blackmailed me!"
2005-06-19 17:28:12
40.   LAT
2 questions:

1) How are the Dodger uniforms tonight any diffrent than last night when it was throwback night.

2)What are the ribbons on the left shulder and have they been there all season or just recently?

2005-06-19 17:29:31
41.   Bob Timmermann
1) They are the same
2) It's a prostate cancer fundraising thing that's been going all week
2005-06-19 17:30:01
42.   Linkmeister
RISP? Is that a board game?
2005-06-19 17:32:01
43.   Marty
I think we would need four straight walks to score a run right now.
2005-06-19 17:32:09
44.   Bob Timmermann
When playing RISP, it's always best to get players like Craig Shipley or Graeme Lloyd first.
2005-06-19 17:32:17
45.   The Cheat
Aren't the buttons a different color?
2005-06-19 17:32:49
46.   The Cheat
Somebody should have started a "smartball" count.

I think we're already over a couple dozen.

2005-06-19 17:33:19
47.   LAT
Thanks Bob.

Another question: Why don't we put Werth in left, Repko in right and send Grabs go home to Las Vegas. At least Repko is more exciting.

2005-06-19 17:33:36
48.   Eric L
Last night's uniforms didn't have the white trim around the "Los Angeles".
2005-06-19 17:33:54
49.   Bob Timmermann
Bunt Carl! Bunt!
2005-06-19 17:34:09
50.   Vishal
wow, that trainer guy is caressing ozzie guillen's back for a long time.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-19 17:34:17
51.   Bob Timmermann
Repko would be very good at Smartball.
2005-06-19 17:35:46
52.   Vishal
i wonder what the smart money plays, smartball or moneyball?
2005-06-19 17:37:53
53.   Bob Timmermann
I guess the deadly leadoff walk to Konerko was as deadly as the leadoff single by Kent.

There are dead bodies all over the South Side of Chicago. You would think Al Capone was still around.

2005-06-19 17:38:18
54.   Marty
Which has more street cred. Smart Ball or MoneyBall?
2005-06-19 17:38:45
55.   Marty
Bob, those dead bodies are voters too.
2005-06-19 17:38:49
56.   LAT
Nice to see someone other than the Dodgers can't come up with situational hitting.
2005-06-19 17:39:31
57.   Marty
In fact, a good Chicago bumper sticker would be "I'm a dead body and I vote"
2005-06-19 17:42:53
58.   The Cheat

A few years ago they dug up one of the parking lots at USCF to pull out the body of a mobster named "bones."

2005-06-19 17:43:49
59.   Bob Timmermann
Did "Bones" walk leadoff hitters?
2005-06-19 17:44:05
60.   Jim Hitchcock
I say we sacrifice the Quiznos kid. That'd help the bats.
2005-06-19 17:47:13
61.   Linkmeister
Or that annoying kid that used to be in Lee Jeans ads, or was it Wrangler?
2005-06-19 17:49:12
62.   Bob Timmermann
The Quiznos kid is left over from the short-lived CBS sitcom "Baby Bob".

That series besmirched everyone with my name.

And it had a good cast too: Joely Fisher, Adam Arkin, and Holland Taylor.

2005-06-19 17:49:28
63.   Steve
Having given Weaver his deserved share of crap, that two-strike pitch to Uribe was wicked nasty.
2005-06-19 17:50:34
64.   overkill94
Wow, weaver looks like a good pitcher, has he turned the corner like he did around the same time last year?
2005-06-19 17:51:09
65.   Bob Timmermann
Marvin Hudson has a strike zone the size of Mongolia right now.
2005-06-19 17:52:07
66.   overkill94
Okay, it took him a little longer this year, but he does seem to have the ability to go on prolonged streaks of effectiveness.
2005-06-19 17:53:22
67.   The Cheat
Gene Wojieowalphabet is douchebag
2005-06-19 17:53:41
68.   Marty
The ESPN vignette on the Sox showed those softabll uniforms they wore for awhile. What a crack-up!
2005-06-19 17:57:32
69.   overkill94
Come on Werth, the team has to get a clutch hit once in a while.
2005-06-19 17:58:12
70.   the OZ
2005-06-19 17:58:21
71.   overkill94
There it is! Keep it going...Grabowski? Sweet.
2005-06-19 17:58:48
72.   LAT
We had an accident. An actual non-HR earned run.
2005-06-19 17:59:07
73.   overkill94
Gee, that wasn't expected or anything.
2005-06-19 17:59:23
74.   Bob Timmermann
Wojchiekowski used to write for the LA Times. I remember his column before the 1995 NCAA Championship game saying that UCLA couldn't beat Arkansas.
2005-06-19 17:59:25
75.   Vishal
morgan thinks saenz should've scored... does he not realize that saenz is pretty much the slowest non-molina in baseball?
2005-06-19 18:00:11
76.   Bob Timmermann
Morgan is complain a lot about Saenz not scoring on Werth's hit.
Despite the fact that everyone knows that Olmedo is no Loren Murchison.
2005-06-19 18:00:43
77.   Marty
We probably would have found out if he could have scored if Hoffman was in the third base box.
2005-06-19 18:00:58
78.   LAT
I believe Southwest flies from Chi. to Las Vegas every hour. Grabs I'll pay for the one-way ticket if you leave now
2005-06-19 18:01:03
79.   overkill94
Henri Stanley or Cody Ross would have to fare better than Grabowski does, wouldn't they?
2005-06-19 18:01:55
80.   Steve
Ken Harrelson would have had Saenz taking a 60 foot lead and stealing home.
2005-06-19 18:05:20
81.   tjshere
Gary Thorne stated that last inning could have been "worse". I guess he's rooting.
2005-06-19 18:05:33
82.   overkill94
Weaver's pitches don't seem to look different than usual, what's the reason for the effectiveness?

- white sox not familiar with him?
- better pitch-calling?
- slightly better movement?
- pine tar?

2005-06-19 18:07:58
83.   LAT
Does anyone know what else has Carl Everett said lately that we don't want to talk about.
2005-06-19 18:08:17
84.   LAT
Never mind. They just covered it
2005-06-19 18:08:26
85.   Bob Timmermann
I think Gary Thorne is leaving out a few other things that Carl Everett said in that interview about Wrigley.
2005-06-19 18:08:40
86.   Vishal
i suddenly have a new appreciation for carl everett, hehe
2005-06-19 18:10:15
87.   Vishal
oh wait, i just looked up what other stuff he said. nevermind.
2005-06-19 18:10:48
88.   Eric L
They forgot to mention Carl's more offensive comments, depending on your viewpoint...

2005-06-19 18:11:44
89.   Bob Timmermann
Most of the White Sox have faced Weaver several times.

Dye had 31 ABs against him coming into the game and Pierzynski had 29.

2005-06-19 18:14:48
90.   Eric L
The White Sox are playing the Dodgers, right? What's all this business with the Cubs?
2005-06-19 18:15:27
91.   Bob Timmermann
2005-06-19 18:16:59
92.   the OZ
Dear ESPN:

Please don't show Choi's AB. I really want to watch Kenny Williams instead.

Oh, cool! Thanks.!

2005-06-19 18:17:11
93.   Bob Timmermann
Could they have shrunk the screen any smaller?
2005-06-19 18:19:08
94.   Vishal
manufacturing a run here and there is all well and good, but we're gonna need more than one or two when weaver implodes in the 7th.
2005-06-19 18:19:25
95.   los angeles dragons
Did they give us a point for having to listen to Kenny Williams? What the hell happened?
2005-06-19 18:20:31
96.   Jim Hitchcock
The Dodgers are starting to freak me out a little...
2005-06-19 18:20:35
97.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, Morgan, where's your Smartball now?
2005-06-19 18:20:42
98.   LAT
This ain't little ball,its teeny weeny ball
2005-06-19 18:21:18
99.   LAT
Could use some Kent insurance in the form of an HR
2005-06-19 18:22:31
100.   Bob Timmermann
I would think the Dodgers need a big lead because I can't imagine that either Flying Glove Man or Ghame Over will have much in the tank tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-19 18:23:18
101.   Steve
Weaver is getting to the point where he might be a better option than Carrara in the seventh. Not saying much, but it's improvement.
2005-06-19 18:24:33
102.   Vishal
on the other hand, this could be one of those random weaver gems in the making... complete game shutout?
2005-06-19 18:25:25
103.   Bob Timmermann
Now that you said that, it won't happen.
2005-06-19 18:26:32
104.   overkill94
28 pitches for FGM and 30 pitches for GhO last night, not exactly a huge load for each guy, but it would be nice to rest them.

What's the over/under on how big a lead everyone feels comfortable with to put Erickson in, I'd go with 8.

2005-06-19 18:27:47
105.   Vishal
are you accusing me of being a jinx? i'd say something, but it's hard to show mock offense on the internet. :P
2005-06-19 18:28:38
106.   Linkmeister
I dunno, overkill. The Angels were behind 7-0 today in the fourth and came back to at least make it interesting (I don't remember what the final score was).
2005-06-19 18:29:39
107.   Vishal
uh oh, weaver's reaction portends bad things
2005-06-19 18:32:10
108.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels lost 7-5.

I think I'm a curse. Or at least affected by the Curse of Jason Ellison.

2005-06-19 18:33:08
109.   Dodgerkid
Grabowski is like a guy in good shape who is tall but without any athletic talent whatsoever playing baseball.
2005-06-19 18:34:15
110.   Vishal
what exactly does jason ellison have to do with it again? didn't he make like 5 errors in a game the dodgers came back and won? was that the last dodger win you attended or something?
2005-06-19 18:35:48
111.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, the only Dodger game I've seen the Dodgers win in person was the home opener.

After that six straight losses.

2005-06-19 18:36:17
112.   Linkmeister
I move that Weaver drop down from the side more often. That thing looked like a frisbee.
2005-06-19 18:39:39
113.   Bob Timmermann
Ozzie Guillen had a career OPS+ of 69.

The most walks he ever had in one season was 25.

2005-06-19 18:43:48
114.   Vishal
well, if it makes you feel any better, i was at the home opener too, and i've seen a victory since then, so it's not a universal rule or anything. unless you think you have a special personal connection with the young mr. ellison, hehe.

maybe you're just not going with the right people. i'm 4-1 this season...

(the loss was an erickson start, which shouldn't count)

2005-06-19 18:46:37
115.   LAT
#47. I got my wish. Let's go Repko
2005-06-19 18:47:41
116.   overkill94
Well that was an interesting pickoff move
2005-06-19 18:48:13
117.   Bob Timmermann
Good thing we're hearing Wayne Gretzky while this is going on.
2005-06-19 18:49:10
118.   LAT
#94 Vishal you were an inning early
2005-06-19 18:50:13
119.   Bob Timmermann
I have no idea why the Dodgers think Podsednik should be on second. You get two bases on an error like that.
2005-06-19 18:50:21
120.   overkill94
The runner should have definitely been sent to second, I doubt there's any way Podsednik was going toward second when the ball exited the playing field.
2005-06-19 18:50:29
121.   Jim Hitchcock
I'm pretty sure I saw a hand reach out from behind the rubber and grab Weaver's ankle...
2005-06-19 18:51:02
122.   overkill94
It's not an automatic 2, it's called a 1+1, the base you're going to plus 1.
2005-06-19 18:51:30
123.   Linkmeister
Not seeing that play live is why I've been growling all season that there should be no interviews with managers during the game, and no roving announcer finding "interesting" people to talk to during the game.
2005-06-19 18:51:37
124.   Vishal
wait, why does he get 2 bases?
2005-06-19 18:51:51
125.   overkill94
Well, I guess the ball floated for so long, by the time it made the stands he might have had a step toward 2nd.
2005-06-19 18:52:36
126.   Bob Timmermann
I'll try to be like David Fay here.

Under Rule 7.05 (g)
A runner may advance, without liability to be put out,
g) Two bases when, with no spectators on the playing field, a thrown ball goes into the stands, or into a bench (whether or not the ball rebounds into the field), or over or under or through a field fence, or on a slanting part of the screen above the backstop, or remains in the meshes of a wire screen protecting spectators. The ball is dead. When such wild throw is the first play by an infielder, the umpire, in awarding such bases, shall be governed by the position of the runners at the time the ball was pitched; in all other cases the umpire shall be governed by the position of the runners at the time the wild throw was made;

2005-06-19 18:53:26
127.   LAT
As usual Weaver can't concentrate.

An error there is bull.

2005-06-19 18:53:45
128.   overkill94
Come on Jeff, buck your trends and concentrate when things stop going your way.

BTW, I'd have a quick hook this inning, this has the makings of a Classic Weaver Meltdown.

2005-06-19 18:55:33
129.   LAT
If Weaver is hurt and not telling anyone and then gives up three runs and after the game says I blew it becasue I was hurt, I'll, well I don't know what I'll do but I'll be pissed.
2005-06-19 18:56:43
130.   LAT
Izzy, you da man
2005-06-19 18:57:33
131.   Vishal
ah, thanks bob. that makes sense then.
2005-06-19 18:57:54
132.   overkill94
This should definitely be Weaver's last inning, I think he's throwing so many curveballs because he can't push off hard enough to have an effective fastball.
2005-06-19 18:59:01
133.   Bob Timmermann
I just realized that I posted the June 20 RDGC today.

So tomorrow will be June 19.

2005-06-19 19:03:03
134.   Vishal
i like the game recap which was all white sox. it's like the dodgers aren't even winning.
2005-06-19 19:03:39
135.   Marty
Hey, I'm a little concerned we haven't heard from Suffering Bruin in a long time. Does anyone here actually know him? He had said he would have his internet connection up in early June.
2005-06-19 19:03:40
136.   overkill94
Here's a different rule for the errant throw:

7.05(h) One base, if a ball, pitched to the batter, or thrown by the pitcher from his position on the pitcher's plate to a base to catch a runner, goes into a stand or a bench, or over or through a field fence or backstop. The ball is dead;

2005-06-19 19:05:04
137.   LAT
Every game Weaver pitchs, there is a shot of him looking incredulas where he can't believe what just happened. Don't you think at some point he would relaize something unpredictable will happen (this is baseball after all) and prepare himself for it. He is such a mental midget.
2005-06-19 19:06:07
138.   Bob Timmermann
The umpires had to have ruled that Weaver was off the rubber when he made the wild throw. Which I would think he had to be, judging by his grimace.

An umpire told me that the guiding rule is "two from the field and one from the rubber"

2005-06-19 19:06:26
139.   Vishal
oh yeah, it is one base. 7.05(h) definitely looks like the more appropriate rule.
2005-06-19 19:08:11
140.   LAT
What was up with that shot of Tracy. Looked like he was very depressed. Who could blame him
2005-06-19 19:08:16
141.   Vishal
i don't know bob. his left foot was twisting off the rubber, but that's a fine distinction to make.
2005-06-19 19:08:31
142.   Vishal
er, right foot.
2005-06-19 19:09:34
143.   overkill94
Yeah, I guess you just don't see something like that all too often, the usual situation is a shortstop sailing one over the first baseman's head, so the runner gets to go to second, which is the aforementioned two bases since he had not reached first yet.
2005-06-19 19:09:38
144.   Vishal
morgan is reading an outdated scouting report on choi. he can handle that inside fastball much better now.
2005-06-19 19:09:52
145.   Bob Timmermann
But I don't think I've ever seen that play called where the runner got just one base.
2005-06-19 19:10:48
146.   Bob Timmermann
I'm surprised Morgan is reading anything about the Dodgers. Did they even bother to show up for this game? This whole game has been one big Ozzie Guillen-love fest.
2005-06-19 19:11:59
147.   Linkmeister
Did y'all see the scouting report on Weaver at the beginning of the game? Item 2: Must maintain concentration. Think they've had people watching Weaver's starts?
2005-06-19 19:13:13
148.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently all other pitchers can lose concentration and still be effective. It's just a Weaver thing.
2005-06-19 19:13:58
149.   joekings
Why does it seem lik we can never score with two outs.
2005-06-19 19:15:10
150.   Bob Timmermann
We don't have scrappy guys like David Eckstein. Or else we don't have smart players like the White Sox.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-06-19 19:16:25
151.   Linkmeister
I'm trying to remember whether I like Toby Keith's politics or not. I can't argue with his choice of baseball team.
2005-06-19 19:17:22
152.   los angeles dragons
Toby Keith? Disney Corp sure knows how to present a baseball game!!!
2005-06-19 19:18:53
153.   Vishal
i thought i read in somewhere that he writes his almost cartoonishly patriotic songs more as a business move than as a political statement.

i had a phone call, did toby keith say he was a dodger fan?

2005-06-19 19:19:25
154.   joekings
Kent was there just in case.
2005-06-19 19:20:06
155.   Bob Timmermann
Toby Keith is indeed a Dodgers fan. He said there weren't many other choices in Oklahoma.

Remember that Eric Enders grew up in El Paso.

2005-06-19 19:21:00
156.   Bob Timmermann
Good thing Eric is on vacation and won't see his name mentioned alongside Toby Keith.

I don't think he'd like the comparison.

2005-06-19 19:21:26
157.   Nagman
For some reason, I feel like we're losing.
2005-06-19 19:22:28
158.   joekings
I sure hope that tatoo on J.D. Drew's arm is not permanent.
2005-06-19 19:22:48
159.   Christina
Three outs, and we still have the lead. Let's hope my Gio luck holds, since I'm assuming he'll pitch the 8th as well.
2005-06-19 19:24:04
160.   Linkmeister
Nagman, given how little discussion the Dodgers seem to merit by the announcers, your feeling is understandable.
2005-06-19 19:26:16
161.   Christina
Never mind, I see Sanchez in the bullpen. Great, another half inning I can't watch.
2005-06-19 19:29:46
162.   Bob Timmermann
It appears that Kent is the Dodgers best hitter with 2 outs. His BA is .229, but he has 5 homers and 18 RBI.

Izturis is batting .304 with 13 RBI

2005-06-19 19:30:20
163.   Nagman
Anybody know why Grabs was pulled? Am I the only one that has more confidence with him at the plate than Werth? (I felt this before that brilliant AB)
2005-06-19 19:31:10
164.   LAT
There it is again. . . that Werth "just stand there in disbelief" look.
2005-06-19 19:32:01
165.   Bob Timmermann
Grabs was pulled because Tracy would like to have two outfielders who can catch and throw the ball well instead of just one.
2005-06-19 19:32:08
166.   Marty
That pitch looked mighty low though.
2005-06-19 19:32:13
167.   LAT
#163 Nagman, is there really any diffrence between them?
2005-06-19 19:33:39
168.   LAT
This makes me nervous. Christina, I hope you are reading a book or something.
2005-06-19 19:33:51
169.   Steve
164 -- Grabowski does that too, or at least did before he went on the "DL" with his "injury."

163 -- Right now, watching Werth is like watching Grabowski in a mirror.

I miss Offerman 2.0 tonight.

2005-06-19 19:33:53
170.   Christina
167 - when Grabs is hypnotized into thinking he's actually in Vegas, yes.
2005-06-19 19:34:41
171.   Christina
168 - yes, I turned the TV off.
2005-06-19 19:35:01
172.   Linkmeister
Great. Walk the leadoff man.
2005-06-19 19:35:08
173.   Marty
This umpire is horrible. He's consistantly horrible for both sides, but still awful.
2005-06-19 19:35:22
174.   Steve
Every time I think Sanchez has finally pulled it together, he does something stupid. Beware of kaboom.
2005-06-19 19:35:37
175.   joekings
I am waiting for Morgan to say how by walking Thomas hurt his team.
2005-06-19 19:35:38
176.   Nagman
All truths regarding Werthowski.

Anyway, leadoff walk. Here we go...

2005-06-19 19:37:03
177.   joekings
2005-06-19 19:37:45
178.   Steve
Oh Gee Surprise! Another horrible call! If there is any rational reason to hate Bud Selig, this is it.
2005-06-19 19:37:56
179.   Bob Timmermann
C'est la guerre.
2005-06-19 19:38:09
180.   Vishal
yes, it was obvious. according to joe morgan, the umpire blows the call and it's the dodgers fault.
2005-06-19 19:38:51
181.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, it's Choi's fault, by extension this means that such a play would never have happened if Paul Lo Duca were still on the team.
2005-06-19 19:40:13
182.   joekings
I feel really uncomfortable with Edwards at third.
2005-06-19 19:40:14
183.   Steve
You guys really need to stop quoting Joe Morgan around here. This is why I have mute, and you defeat the purpose if you talk about him. :)

You will see six of these calls a game now. The umpires are uniformly and completely awful.

2005-06-19 19:41:33
184.   Vishal
i'd really like to see a strikeout here.
2005-06-19 19:42:59
185.   joekings
i really really hate joe morgan. He comveniently forgets that the only reason we are here is becuase the ump blew the call.
2005-06-19 19:43:07
186.   Vishal
that was not a strikeout.
2005-06-19 19:43:10
187.   Nagman
Christina, you were watching weren't you?
2005-06-19 19:43:10
188.   overkill94
Their mentality is to score from second on a liner down the line? Wow, this "smart ball" thing is ingenious!
2005-06-19 19:43:24
189.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, wouldn't we have all.

This game is a nightmare. Not because the Dodgers are losing, but because of Morgan and Thorne.

I'm really wishing that the FBI had just arrested Morgan back at LAX when they had the chance.

2005-06-19 19:44:54
190.   Vishal
i hate espn so much.
2005-06-19 19:45:06
191.   overkill94
This losing streak has reached the conspiracy level, how could the ump miss that play at 1st in this situation? Conspiracy for sure.
2005-06-19 19:45:45
192.   Vishal
on the bright side, maybe we can mount another comeback against our old friend dustin hermanson...?
2005-06-19 19:47:02
193.   overkill94
Hmmm, Repko, Phillips, and Edwards due up, not exactly murderer's row. The only silver lining is that Hermanson hasn't been able to get anyone out lately.
2005-06-19 19:47:08
194.   joekings
If that call had gone against the White Sox Morgan might be saying how he was going to put a call into Selig.
2005-06-19 19:47:08
195.   Christina
187 - I hate to say it, but I wasn't.

Bright side (for me only), my Sanchez-jinxing theory is officially disproved, and I can stop turning off the game when he's on the mound.

And for some reason, I'll now rewind on the Tivo so I can see what you guys have been talking about.

2005-06-19 19:48:09
196.   Bob Timmermann
Morgan and Thorne have made no sense. It's not like the Dodgers don't face teams that bunt. Or have guys who are fast.

The inning had three essential parts:
1) Leadoff walk to Thomas
2) Bad call on the bunt by Podsednik
3) Base hit by Rowand

2005-06-19 19:49:09
197.   Christina
First depressing thing I see when I rewind the Tivo to watch the implosion, now that the Sanchez-jinxing theory has been disproved: Wunsch and Osoria were warming up.

Sanchez should not have been pitching tonight after he pitched last night. Period.

2005-06-19 19:49:57
198.   the OZ
Larry Young joins Dana DeMuth on my list.

ESPN has shown a graphic, like 5 times, that says the Sox have scored in 74% of innings they've sacrificed. That's cool, but it would be more useful if we knew how many of those runs were scored via a HR and subtract those innings from the numerator.

2005-06-19 19:51:44
199.   overkill94
Something deadly just happened
2005-06-19 19:52:14
200.   Vishal
i wonder what the dodgers' sunday night baseball record is... it seems like they tend to oblige joe morgan by losing a lot on games he calls.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-06-19 19:52:35
201.   Bob Timmermann
I'll check the Sox play-by-plays later tonight.
2005-06-19 19:52:43
202.   joekings
That was disappointing.
2005-06-19 19:52:46
203.   LAT
OK, I'm late to the "Joe Morgan is an idiot" party. I have resisted ripping him for nostaligic reaons, but he has now said at least three times that was the Dodgers/Choi's fault and it didn't matter that the Ump got the call wrong. Hey Joe, if the ump is going to get the call wrong and it doesn't matter why have an ump at all? We could go to the "American Idol" officating approach, where witchever team has the most fans call in and vote for a call is the winner. Not real fair when the Yankees play the Indians but what the heck. Hey instead of you Joe we could get Paula Abdul to commentate. She says fewer stupid things that you do.

Ok I'm done. Feel better now. (Not really)

2005-06-19 19:52:49
204.   overkill94
we should have bunted
2005-06-19 19:53:54
205.   Nagman
That was not smartball.
2005-06-19 19:54:16
206.   Bob Timmermann
Morgan brought out the 1-run record nugget.

That's been proven to be completely useless in predicting wins.

2005-06-19 19:54:53
207.   overkill94
pinch-hit antonio perez right now?
2005-06-19 19:55:30
208.   joekings
no, he's a pinch runner.
2005-06-19 19:55:51
209.   overkill94
Right now would be an awesome time for Izzy to break out of his slump...but i'm not holding my breath
2005-06-19 19:55:53
210.   Steve
I have a new stat:

The Dodgers have scored in 100% of the innings we have hit a home run in.

ESPN is stupid.

2005-06-19 19:55:55
211.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals, who apparently must stink, are 11-10 in 1-run games this year.
2005-06-19 19:56:09
212.   Langhorne
I seem to have misplaced my Morgan-English dictionary.
2005-06-19 19:56:14
213.   Christina
206 - and he's still prattling about it.
2005-06-19 19:57:17
214.   Vishal
2005-06-19 19:57:20
215.   bokonon42
I think Morgan has a point, actually. This one time, I was driving drunk and plowed in to a parked car. But its tags were expired, so, really, it was the parked car's fault.
2005-06-19 19:57:32
216.   overkill94
This is beginning to be very, very depressing, interleague play can't go away soon enough.
2005-06-19 19:57:58
217.   joekings
And I thought it couldn't get worse than yesterday.
2005-06-19 20:00:59
218.   Christina
I changed channels to CBS just now, just in time to see a commercial for Tom Cruise on Letterman, and I instantly felt better.

The Dodgers may not be playing well this week, but there is no bigger Titanic than the Crazy Cruise-Holmes Ship.

2005-06-19 20:01:11
219.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's better to focus our ire on Morgan. Because he was so stupid.

Yeah, the Dodgers lost and it wasn't entirely unexpected.

But I have never had to listen to a guy who was so relentlessly wrong for such a long period of time.

When the White Sox check out of the playoffs in the first round, we need to ask Morgan how things are going.

When the White Sox are losing games by 2 or 3 runs and wonder why Scott Podsednik isn't generating any offense, then he will know.

I feel like Michael Lewis now. I'm angry and I'm go for a walk and see if Tabitha Soren is in my apartment when I get back.

2005-06-19 20:06:06
220.   Steve
It's losing. It's losing like this. It's losing like this to the White Sox. It's losing to the dishonest people who talk about pitching with Billy Beane, but talk about "smallball" with the White Sox. It's losing while listening to two of the three worst announcers in broadcasting (Morgan and what's his name, with George Frazier coming in a close third.) It's watching the game being run ineptly by AAA Umpires, no matter who's playing.

Bad weekend.

2005-06-19 20:09:01
221.   LAT
Tough to figure which is the bigger joke:
1) 51s pretending to be ML team;
2) Joe Morgan
3) Umpiring tonight
4) Cruise-Holmes bearded marriage
2005-06-19 20:11:17
222.   Steve
Or Werthrepski.
2005-06-19 20:12:08
223.   LAT
My daughter came in and wnated to see the play so I tivo-ed it back for her. When I watched it again the umpire was actually laughing at Kent. I doubt he'll still be laughing when he sees the tape. But he will also no doubt blame Choi.
2005-06-19 20:19:58
224.   Uncle Miltie
158- where was the tattoo? I don't think J.D. has one- he's pretty religious.
2005-06-19 20:22:13
225.   joekings
He had it on his forearm, it was in the shape of one of those blue ribbons. I am pretty sure it was a temporary one.
2005-06-19 20:27:36
226.   Uncle Miltie
Oh yea, that's temporary. Javier Valentin had one on his wrist today too.
2005-06-19 20:30:21
227.   Bob Timmermann
I've decided that I'm going to go to an adoption agency and ask to an adopt an infant.

My purpose will be solely this: I want to raise a child who will know that Joe Morgan is an idiot.

When this gets accepted, I'll ask the other dads for advice on other stuff.

Do you have to feed kids?

2005-06-19 20:42:17
228.   LAT
Bob, one of those multi-day pet feeders works well if you can't get home to the kids for a few days.
2005-06-19 20:48:33
229.   Bob Timmermann
I was going to look up the White Sox sacrifices, but I realize it's not worth the time.

There is a much simpler reason why the White Sox gets runs so often in innings in which they sacrifice.

It's got to be a factor of them being in the American League. Nearly every National League team is going to pick up several sacrifices a season by the pitcher when there is one out.

In the case of the White Sox, each sacrifice is going to be with no outs, unless Ozzie Guillen becomes even stupider than he already is.

But so many other statements by Morgan were so easily rebuttable.

Weaver's errant throw on Podsednik's sacrifice wasn't because Podsednik was "putting on pressure on". It was because he got his spikes caught when he made the throw.

And somehow the walk that Frank Thomas got to lead off the 8th was some sort of "smartball" thing. Even though:
1) Thomas is one of the best players in the majors at drawing walks
2) Sanchez was afraid of Thomas hitting the ball on to the El tracks more than anything else.

All future ESPN Sunday night games will be watched with the SAP channel on.

2005-06-19 20:49:36
230.   Fearing Blue
Hello all. I'm visiting family, so I haven't been able to post regularly. Fortunately, this game was on the high-quality ESPN national broadcast, so I feel like I can contribute. Tonight, I was able to learn a little bit more about the game of baseball. By far, the most powerful and most profound was "Winning teams find ways to win." Thank you Joe for adding your flavor to my evening.
2005-06-19 20:52:21
231.   Bob Timmermann
Watching the White Sox fall at the end of the year will be quite delightful.

I will relish it.

I need to have some sort of rooting interest in the postseason this year. At this point, the Yankees could make the playoffs and I would root for them over the White Sox.

2005-06-19 20:53:10
232.   Steve
The Dodgers reach second base on 100% of their doubles.
2005-06-19 20:58:09
233.   heato
After seeing Weaver pitch effectively tonight, I started to think that the Dodgers should trade him at the deadline if he keeps pitching this well. If the Dodgers can get something good in return, they would be better off trading him and trading for Harang. They would not have to offer Harang a three or four year deal, so the Dodgers would not have four pitchers locked up through 2007 and likely three through 2008 (supposing Weaver signs an extension). With the number of promising pitchers the Dodgers have in the farm system, it seems likely that at least two or three might be ready to contribute by 2007. Plus, Depo would likely be able to fleece someone at the deadline.
2005-06-19 21:03:34
234.   LAT
I have a stupid questions that has been bothering me for a while. On the XM Satellite Radio commercial featuring fans from rival baseball teams (e.g. R.Sox/Yankees) wearing their team's jerseys and stuff, there is a shot at the end of the commercial of Cal Ripken at an airport wearing an Orioles jersey and some old guy wearing an Angels foam finger and Angel serape. Is that guy in the Angel stuff a former baseball player and since when do the Orioles and Angels have a rivalry?
I warned you it was stupid.
2005-06-19 21:06:57
235.   Sam DC
Hey all -- no need to worry. It turns out it's me. I have managed to watch exactly 2 at bats this weekend. The first was the 2-out chopper over the middle that tied it up in the bottom of the ninth last next. The next was the two run single in the bottom of the eighth tonight. I'll pare back to zero immediately.

Now that that's solved, would it be too goofy to take some solace in the fact that after stinking things up this much we're still only one short win streak away from the Division lead?

I was tasked tonight with figuring out how the "on demand" feature of our newish cable works. Apparently, they have a bunch of kids stuff on free "pay per view," presumably as part of the Cable war against Tivo. Anyhow, they have a lot of sucky movies available "on demand," but buried amidst the chaff was Richard Pryor Live on the Sunset Strip. Wathcing it now, and it's pretty great. Will say that, now that I'm old and fathered up, I'm finding it very very dirty. It didn't seem that way when I first saw it, way back when . . .

2005-06-19 21:08:01
236.   Eric L
Can someone tell me what the fascination with Harang is all of a sudden? I understand that he pitches half of his games in a pitchers park and is cheap. Are some of his peripherals better than what I am seeing?
2005-06-19 21:10:37
237.   Eric L
Oops.. strike that.. my last comment should have said that he pitches quite a few innings in a park that is favorable to homeruns.
2005-06-19 21:11:18
238.   LAT
Sam, is that the one where he does the bit about his father dying while with a hooker-coming and going at the same time. Or the bit about the monkey who would run up his arm to his ear. . . He was so funny but every other word was an MF bomb. Raw.
2005-06-19 21:13:44
239.   Eric L
Hey LAT..

Someone was asking about that Cal Ripken thing on BTF the other day. He is in the commercial because he is the spokesman for XM. Other that that, the significance with the Angels guy is zilch.

2005-06-19 21:14:09
240.   LAT
Sportscenter gave very short shrift to the Dodger/WS game. No mention of the blown call. Let's hope Baseball tonight is a little more in depth.
2005-06-19 21:15:37
241.   LAT
Thanks Eric.
2005-06-19 21:18:26
242.   Sam DC
LAT -- not sure; had a long bit about visiting a prison with Gene Wilder, now riffing about visiting Africa ("I looked in every MF'ing phone book in Africa and not one d-mn Pryor.") Now he's on to a pretty moving riff re the N word and how it never entered his mind while he was in Africa -- "never gonna call another Black man that word again"
2005-06-19 21:18:59
243.   heato
I don't know about everyone else, but I like Harang because he is still eligible for arbitration, and his success has corresponded with an increase in his K/9 numbers. Therefore, he seems to have become a better pitcher rather than the recipient of a string of good luck.

Anyone see Horry hit the shot at the end of the game tonight? I know. Wrong sport.

2005-06-19 21:29:32
244.   Sam DC
From tonight's archives:

100. Bob Timmermann
I would think the Dodgers need a big lead because I can't imagine that either Flying Glove Man or Ghame Over will have much in the tank tonight.

2005-06-19 21:30:40
245.   Bob Timmermann
I did watch the last two minutes of regulation and the OT. That should hold me for a while.

Hubie Brown is not nearly as annoying as He Who Shall Not be Named.

2005-06-19 21:41:57
246.   LAT
Sam I may be thinking of Pryor Live in Long Beach where he is wearing a bright red suit.
2005-06-19 21:42:52
247.   Sam DC
Now Pryor is talking about his "accident" and what it means to be addicted. Funny sad funny.
2005-06-19 21:43:25
248.   Sam DC
And his suit is red red red.
2005-06-19 21:44:30
249.   Vishal

yeah, i saw that. that guy is like a living argument in favor of clutch performance. too bad i want the spurs to lose.

2005-06-19 21:51:49
250.   heato
I know that I am jumping ahead by about ten months, but what do you think about a bullpen next year that features Braz, Broxton, and Orenduff. I just read that Orenduff that was moved to the bullpen and promoted to AA. I would imagine that Depo is drooling at the thought of three guys in the bullpen who can come in and strike people out for the league minimum.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-06-19 22:18:15
251.   Linkmeister
Maybe the Orioles-Angels connection is all those trade/free-agent player moves in the 70s. Grich & DeCinces are the two I can think of immediately.
2005-06-19 22:20:27
252.   Bob Timmermann
The wire service stories have the White Sox saying that Phillips had to rush the throw on Podsednik's bunt because of Podsednik's speed.

Apparently, the fact that Phillips had to throw over Choi wasn't a big deal to them.

2005-06-19 22:49:54
253.   Midwest Blue
Hi everybody. Just caught my first weekend Dodger series live in over 20 years -- I'm not sure I should ever do that again.

It's all such a blur...

I remember telling the Dodger fan in front of me that Weaver always has problems in the sixth inning...

I remember seeing something out of "The Matrix" involving Choi avoiding a bullet from Phillips to Kent...

I imagined that Wunch and Osoria were in the bullpen but somehow I saw Sanchez on the mound...

And for the second night in a row I had to shake my head in wonder as we blew another lead and made the Sox fans feel like they won the World Series.

Happy Fathers Day.

2005-06-19 23:09:41
254.   Steve
Kelly Wunsch has a 0.00 ERA in games he didn't appear in this year.
2005-06-19 23:17:09
255.   Bob Timmermann
The White Sox have not hit a home run in any inning in which they've sacrificed:
White Sox sacrifices

4/6 - Sacrifice in 9th, winning run scores
4/8 - Sac in 8th, no run
4/10 - Sac in 3rd, 1 run
4/13 - Sac in 10th, 1 run
4/17 - Sac in 1st, no run
4/19 - Sac in 5th, 1 run
4/21 - Sac in 7th, 2 runs
4/25 - Sac in 3rd, no run
4/30 - Sac in 7th, 2 runs
5/1 - Sac in 2nd, 1 run
5/5 - Sac in 8th, 2 runs
5/8 - Sac in 9th, 1 run
5/9 - Sac in 3rd, 0 runs
5/10 - Sac in 6th, 1 run on squeeze
5/17 - Sac in 1st, 2 runs
5/20 - Sac in 3rd, 1 run, 1 out by pitcher
5/24 - Sac in 9th, no run, Sac in 11th, 1 run
5/30 - Sac in 9th, 2 runs
6/1 - Sac in 1st, 2 runs, Sac in 6th, 2 runs
6/6 - Sac in 6th, 1 run
6/8 - Sac in 8th, 5 runs score (at Coors)
6/19 - 2 Sacs in 8th, 2 runs score

Guillen loved the sacrifice in April and May, but he doesn't seem as enamored with it in June.

2005-06-20 07:13:29
256.   Im So Blue
The articles in the LA Times, Daily News, OC Register & Riverside P-E all point out that Choi was in the way, and Phillips had to throw around him to Kent covering at 1st.

Tony Jackson in the Daily News:

Phillips ran to get [the bunt] but didn't have a clear view of second baseman Jeff Kent covering first. Choi, the Dodgers first baseman, charged the ball. But instead of then getting out of the way when Phillips took charge, Choi took a couple of steps back toward the bag, leaving him directly between Phillips and Kent. Phillips made an awkward throw around him that Kent had to lunge for...

Asked whether Choi should have gotten out of the way, Kent declined to respond. Asked whether he had a clear view of the throw coming at him, Kent was more candid.

"No," he said. "And neither did Jason."

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Dare I say that Joe Morgan may have been right in blaming Choi?

2005-06-20 07:33:47
257.   Bob Timmermann
That was one part where I agreed with Morgan. That was pretty obvious.

It's hard for Choi to get out of the way, but once he saw Kent covering, he just needed to be someplace else.

The White Sox attributed the error to Podsednik's speed.

The fact that Podesdnik was out anyway seems irrelevant.

2005-06-20 09:18:00
258.   LAT
Come on guys, there is no dispute Choi was in the wrong place and caused the play to be far more difficult than necessary, but none of this obviates the fact that the ump blew the call. The umpire is expected to do his job correctly, even where the unexpected happens. He got the call wrong it allowed the winning run to get on base, granted the Dodgers took it from there but Choi or no Choi the ump blew it.
2005-06-20 09:25:04
259.   Vishal
the ball could have bounced off choi's head and into kent's glove, it doesn't matter. as long as it got there before podsednik and if kent's foot was on the bag, then it's an out, and the ump is responsible for calling it such.

choi's a big guy; he did a decent enough job of getting out of the way. the fact remains that the play was made. who cares how ugly it looks?

2005-06-20 09:31:43
260.   Bob Timmermann
Podesdnik didn't lay down a particularly good bunt. It didn't go far from the plate, but the runner on first had a good jump so Phillips opted for the out at first.

Choi had been charging and then saw he didn't need to. He was caught in no man's land and with his size he ended up being the reef upon which the S.S. Dodger crashed into Sunday.

Actually, I'm not really upset at Choi, I just like the reef metaphor.

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