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First Shoe Drops - Waiting on the Second
2005-06-24 14:18
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Very often, Las Vegas gets the news about Dodger minor league callups before Los Angeles does. And so we learn from Nick Christensen of the Las Vegas Sun (in a feature about Dioner Navarro's rapid improvement) that outfielder Cody Ross is officially on his way to the Dodgers.

But there is still suspense ...

"Nobody was immediately sent down," Christensen said.

Could this hesitation mean ...?

Update: No. It's Derek Thompson's 3.50 ERA that goes down, and Scott Erickson's 6.75 ERA that stays.

In 24 days this month, Erickson has faced 15 batters and retired eight. He has been kept on the roster for nearly all of June to get eight outs.

* * *

Tonight's starter, Jeff Weaver, since May 29: 33 innings, 11 earned runs.

* * *

A move of Dodger Stadium to downtown and a transformation of the ballpark's current Chavez Ravine location into an urban green is imagined via photoshop in this David Friedman article in the L.A. Downtown News.

* * *

Reports are spreading that today's operation found Eric Gagne's elbow injury not to be as severe as first thought, and that he would be ready to return by the start of 2006. We'll await further quotes from Dr. Jobe and/or the like.

Comments (475)
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2005-06-24 14:28:22
1.   Telemachos
I wait with bated breath.
2005-06-24 14:33:08
2.   Icaros
Please let X-Mas come early.
2005-06-24 14:34:54
3.   Vishal
haha, a DFA is a strange sort of present to hope for. addition by subraction, i guess.
2005-06-24 14:38:22
4.   Icaros
If Erickson isn't cut, it will be the first time during DePodesta's tenure that I have no clue as to what he's thinking.

Thompson pitched like a guy who was fighting for his life last night.

2005-06-24 14:38:39
5.   Jim Hitchcock
1 - Oscar Robles.
2005-06-24 14:39:22
6.   fanerman91
Subtracting a negative is adding a positive. It's all algebra.
2005-06-24 14:39:58
7.   LAT
#5 Jim are you speculating or is that the actual word?
2005-06-24 14:40:40
8.   Bob Timmermann
Oscar Robles isn't going anywhere. The Dodgers said they wouldn't return Robles to his Mexican League team even though they could pocket $200 grand for it.
2005-06-24 14:42:10
9.   Steve
Before Scott travels off into retirement with his riches, here's everything you always wanted to know about him:

2005-06-24 14:42:34
10.   Vishal
we don't need 12 pitchers against the angels. i'd rather have robles, scary as that sounds.
2005-06-24 14:44:45
11.   Vishal
9. steve, that's more than i ever wanted to know about scott erickson.
2005-06-24 14:45:32
12.   Vishal
the amount that i wanted to know, of course, being zero.
2005-06-24 14:45:50
13.   Langhorne
Of course, I hope this means a pitcher (just for laughs let's say Erickson) is going away and it's not a position player which would be a zero net gain for the bench. I'm not sure why this bothers me so much but playing a series with a DH and not increasing your bench seems like such a fundamental mistake that it makes me a little crazy. Of course, Jim Tracy puts the mental in fundamental.
2005-06-24 14:45:51
14.   brendan glynn
I was out last night so I missed the fun of last night's thread but I still want to play. Commence highjacking of the thread

I'm going to have a nice cold glass of urine to calm me down

Bob are you some kind of Philistine? Room temperature is the only acceptable way to enjoy your (or anyone else's) urine. That being said if there is a DT shirt Bob's quote has to be on it(small print) screw the box-score one.

Tough apprenticeship in the shaman field.

I feel better now. apologies to all.

2005-06-24 14:47:04
15.   Yakface
I'd hate to be the bringer of bad news but according to that site *Favorite Park to Pitch In: Anaheim Stadium* AHHHHHHHHHHHH
2005-06-24 14:47:25
16.   Howard Fox

that comment is so "this morning"

2005-06-24 14:48:08
17.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

June 24, 1938

In a year when the Dodgers were more sideshow than serious contender, Brooklyn prevailed over St. Louis 5-2 in a game at Ebbets Field in a battle for sixth place. The Dodgers were now 25-34 and 11 games out of first and 1 ½ games behind the Cardinals for sixth.

Dodger pitcher Fred Fitzsimmons was the star of the day, pitching 8 strong innings and driving in 3 runs to lead Brooklyn. Fitzsimmons, a 36-year old knuckleballer, was 11-8 in 1938 for the Dodgers with a 3.02 ERA.

The Dodgers got on the scoreboard in the second inning. Second baseman Cookie Lavagetto walked and went to second on a single by center fielder Ernie Koy. Cardinals manager Frankie Frisch opted to walk shortstop Leo Durocher, who would bat just .219 in 1938, to load the bases for Fitzsimmons. But Fitzsimmons spoiled the plan by hitting a fly ball deep enough to left to score Lavagetto. (Sacrifice flies were not a statistic in 1938.)

The Cardinals tied the game in the fourth. Joe Medwick led off with a single but was thrown out trying to stretch by right fielder Kiki Cuyler. Don Padgett singled and Pepper Martin doubled to score Padgett.

In the bottom of the fourth, Dolph Camilli walked and Durocher singled Camilli to third on a hit-and-run. Fitzsimmons then lined a ball down the left field line for a 2-run double.

Brooklyn scored another run in the fifth when catcher Babe Phelps hit into a double play to score a runner from third. Phelps accounted for the fifth run in the 8th inning. He led off with a single and then stole second, one of only two steals on the season for Phelps, who was listed at 6'2", 225 lbs. With two outs, Koy got an infield single sending Phelps to third. Brooklyn then tried a double steal, but St. Louis catcher Herb Bremer, who was trying to throw the ball to the pitcher, bounced it off the mound and Phelps was able to score.

Martin and Don Gutteridge hit back-to-back doubles to start the 9th and manager Burleigh Grimes brought in Luke Hamlin to close out the game.

The 1938 Dodgers would finish 69-80 and in seventh place, 18 ½ games behind Chicago. 1938 was the first year for Larry MacPhail in the Dodgers front office. MacPhail introduced night ball to Ebbets Field (a 6-0 loss to Cincinnati on June 15, which was the second of Johnny Vander Meer's consecutive no-hitters). He also brought on Babe Ruth as a coach.

Ruth hoped that he would become the Dodgers manager, but Ruth's presence in the Dodgers coaching box was mostly decorative. Burleigh Grimes would be let go at the end of the year. And the Dodgers new manager would not be the home run king. It would be the .219 hitting shortstop. It was a fateful decision for the Dodgers. And a wise one.

Thanks to the New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-06-24 14:48:20
18.   the OZ
9 - Holy Verdana, Batman! I didn't know that they had even invented font size 4,000 yet!
2005-06-24 14:48:30
19.   fanerman91
brendan glynn,
You must have missed earlier today, too. Plaschke is the new urine. As in,

I'm going to have a nice cold glass of Plaschke to calm me down.

Jim Tracy puts the mental in fundamental.

That one made me laugh.

2005-06-24 14:49:14
20.   Jon Weisman
There's no doubt that Ross is replacing a pitcher, not a position player.
2005-06-24 14:49:35
21.   db1022
#9 - His nickname is Dr. Death??? And this was given to him before this season???
2005-06-24 14:49:54
22.   Underbruin
You know, even IF (please oh please) Erickson gets DFA'd... Who's to say he won't just come right on back up down the line?

I mean, they managed to find a spot for him once before - I know, injuries and all that. But I could see the man with the "fastball that speed forgot" sneaking back in the lineup again - after all, this Dodger team has been afflicted by the injury bug all season, why believe it'll stop any time soon?

2005-06-24 14:50:29
23.   the OZ
19 - Or, perhaps, the "damn" in funDAMeNtal?
2005-06-24 14:51:06
24.   Bob Timmermann
Inside the visiting clubhouse at Angels Stadium:

Jim Tracy: "Come in, ...., close the door. This is the toughest part of being a manager, but .... we're ....."

2005-06-24 14:52:38
25.   Underbruin
23 - I think he does just fine with the "F" and the "U"
2005-06-24 14:53:07
26.   Underbruin
... I realize that comment sounds mean-spirited; it's directed at JT, not Oz. Sorry.
2005-06-24 14:54:04
27.   Marty
Erickson's favorite movie: Top Gun (!!)

Please, kill me now...

2005-06-24 14:55:14
28.   Bob Timmermann
It's Scott Erickson's fault that Goose was killed, not Maverick's.
2005-06-24 14:55:34
29.   Nagman
Let's hope nobody is going on the DL, whose initials are JDD.
2005-06-24 14:57:11
30.   Bob Timmermann
You only have to worry about Drew is if he sits out a game because of "general soreness".

Then we can brand him with the Mark of Mike Marshall.

2005-06-24 14:57:15
31.   Telemachos
Nicknames: "The Prince of Darkness" and "Dr. Death"?

Oh my lord.

2005-06-24 14:57:46
32.   brendan glynn

Hence the apology. don't make me apologize again.

#19 I had to give preference to originality. I had heard the mental one before but laughed just the same.

2005-06-24 14:59:17
33.   LAT
#9 Steve, What kind of sick bastard built that site.
2005-06-24 14:59:29
34.   db1022
Can we get an official ruling on the previous thread - "longest non-game chat thread"?
2005-06-24 14:59:33
35.   Marty
I wonder what Erickson's pet peeve is? My guess is mean people.
2005-06-24 14:59:35
36.   Langhorne

I was afraid the other possibility was Drew going on the DL. Any word on his status?

2005-06-24 15:00:12
37.   Icaros
30 - Couldn't a career in radio (and a name tweak) change it to the Mic of Mark Marshall?
2005-06-24 15:00:48
38.   Underbruin
28 - now Bob, we all know it was Iceman's fault. Val Kilmer is the source of all evil in the universe.
2005-06-24 15:04:28
39.   Jim Hitchcock
7 - Strictly a guess, LAT.
2005-06-24 15:05:30
40.   Tim B
35 - His pet peeves include teammates that don't give him enough run support to allow him to continue his outrageous ERA habit.
2005-06-24 15:05:32
41.   fanerman91
If we can get longest non-game thread after a 2-game win streak, imagine how many times we'll be posting if we hear Scott Erickson and those 3 magic letters, "DFA," in the same sentence.
2005-06-24 15:05:59
42.   Spageticus
Pregame notes said that Cody Ross was called up and Derek Thompson was sent down.
2005-06-24 15:07:11
43.   bigcpa
Off topic but... after Dontrelle Willis pitched his 3rd shutout and 8th game allowing 1 or 0 runs his ERA stands at 1.76. His ERA+ of 249 is the 5th best since 1920.
2005-06-24 15:08:17
44.   bigcpa
On yesterday's game:

"The work of Derek Thompson in the middle three innings was a difference-maker." -- Jim Tracy

2005-06-24 15:08:23
45.   brendan glynn

well, now we have "the first" something to complain about with Depo. Bad move, no way around it.

2005-06-24 15:08:37
46.   Icaros
42 - That's just sad, then.
2005-06-24 15:08:49
47.   Jon Weisman
36 - I think Drew on the DL is a possibility down the road, but not in a DH series.

34 - I'm willing to let 382 be the mark we try to exceed in non-game threads. What was the game thread record - 660? I seem to recall a Willie Mays element. Suffering Bruin would know.

2005-06-24 15:09:33
48.   Underbruin
... Thompson sent so Erickson can remain?

Slams head into wall, reducing IQ by 80 points

Yes, I can see it now. It all makes perfect sense! How foolish of me not to have understood it before.

2005-06-24 15:10:07
49.   Jon Weisman
I think this is pretty accurate, actually.

2005-06-24 15:10:38
50.   Linkmeister
Oy. That fanzine site is awful.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-24 15:11:09
51.   Underbruin
Steve forgot one:

"Darren Dreifort" = ... I don't even have to finish the joke.

2005-06-24 15:11:10
52.   Jon Weisman
42 - is correct. Amazing.
2005-06-24 15:11:40
53.   ddger
Thompson was unbelievable last night. He was throwing 93 to 94 last night. I didn't know he threw that hard. It looked like he was pitching to stay up here. Too bad he might be sent down. What does Erickson HAVE TO DO to be DFA?
2005-06-24 15:11:43
54.   Jim Hitchcock
So I would guess that sending Thompson down has
a lot to do with his tender elbow, rather than his performance?
2005-06-24 15:12:33
55.   Bob Timmermann
Me: You are really a cowboy
Erickson: What's your problem, Timmermann?
Me: You're everyone's problem. That's because every time you go on the mound, you're unsafe! I don't like you because your dangerous!
Erickson: That's right! Timmer ... mann. I am dangerous!
2005-06-24 15:13:02
56.   Icaros
Thanks for getting our hopes up, Jon. If you were a girl I was attracted to, I'd call you something else.
2005-06-24 15:13:23
57.   Underbruin
53 - Lose that video he has of Paul DePodesta in drag, singing "It's Raining Men." Why Erickson was filming it, man was not meant to know...
2005-06-24 15:13:41
58.   Telemachos
Erickson is to Depo what bunting is to Tracy.

I really, really wish someone would actually ask Depo why Erickson is still with the team.

2005-06-24 15:14:10
59.   Underbruin
55 - "That sonuvabitch got me sent down!"
2005-06-24 15:14:32
60.   ddger
57. That was funny one. There must be something between Erickson and Depo that we don't know about.
2005-06-24 15:15:29
61.   ddger
Is Erickson's salary guaranteed. Is that why he is kept on the roster.
2005-06-24 15:15:39
62.   Bob Timmermann
Today is Jason Romano's birthday.

Let's wish him well.

2005-06-24 15:16:15
63.   Jon Weisman
61 - It is guaranteed, but it is so small.
2005-06-24 15:16:19
64.   bigcpa
E----son   45ip, 10k, 12HR
Thompson 60ip, 56k, 3HR
2005-06-24 15:16:41
65.   molokai
Since Thompson pitched last night and will probably not be available for the weekend series I would expect him to be headed for Vegas but still hoping Mr Erickson is gone.
2005-06-24 15:17:16
66.   ddger
63. Thanks. Then why is he still on the roster. The dodgers have so many pitchers in their farm system who can do SOOOOOO MUCH BETTER.
2005-06-24 15:17:59
67.   Steve
I want to die right now.
2005-06-24 15:21:29
68.   Vishal
maybe erickson pitches batting practice to the team before every game?
2005-06-24 15:21:45
69.   joekings
But they'll definately have to get rid of him when ODP comes back right? Right?
2005-06-24 15:21:50
70.   Steve
I just don't understand it. For two months, we've had to hear about how we needed twelve pitchers, blah, blah. And now we have ten (plus Mr. Day of the Dead)?

Beltre-lovers: I will bet you any amount of money that my contempt for DePodesta right now is higher than you can ever even dream of mustering. True, on the Tracy Contempt Chart, it still rates about a 7, but he's getting there like a lightning bolt.

2005-06-24 15:22:24
71.   Icaros
68 - Wrong team, Vishal.
2005-06-24 15:23:10
72.   Jim Hitchcock
Don't be so hasty, Steve...maybe the fact that Erickson wasn't released yet is indicative of another move to be made very soon (hopefully not Drew on the DL). Look how many days Thompson went between being used. Maybe they sent him down to rest, not pitch.
2005-06-24 15:23:50
73.   Underbruin
I've figured it out. Paul DePodesta is getting kickbacks from every manager, owner, and player in the League - not on the LAD organization - to keep Erickson on the roster. He doesn't even have to tell Tracy to play him. They all trust in Jimbo's innate idiocy to earn them their in-game soft tacos.
2005-06-24 15:25:53
74.   Jim Hitchcock
Whoops, scratch the Drew on the DL whackotheorem...didn't make sense. One of our fallen heroes returning would.
2005-06-24 15:27:04
75.   fanerman91
Star Wars quote #2 of the day:


2005-06-24 15:29:06
76.   heato
I think that Tracy has decided not to start Choi until Depo DFA's Erickson.
2005-06-24 15:29:48
77.   Jim Hitchcock
Fanerman, are you sure you weren't quoting that
Geek Squad commercial I hate so much?
2005-06-24 15:34:28
78.   brendan glynn
Thompson battles his heart out against the twins in the 3 HR choi game and can actually strike someone out and he is left handed. The other guy is old, washed up and won't be let in a game again. Of course you send down the former.

I don't understand the" he is being sent down to rest theory". please expain. why can't he pitch again this weekend?

2005-06-24 15:37:44
79.   Jim Hitchcock
Thompson has had a sore elbow since he pitched his last start. He had a few warmups in the bullpen, but he didn't pitch again till yesterday.
2005-06-24 15:37:53
80.   Bob Timmermann
Since I like playing the role of "The Guy Who Tries To Make Sense of Things That Make No Sense", I would say that Thompson is being sent down so he pitches regularly so he can get better.

Erickson can atrophy in the bullpen because he is a disposable part. If he rusts out, who cares. Thompson has a future. Erickson has a past.

2005-06-24 15:41:36
81.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs can't handle the White Sox speed. The South Siders lead 12-2.

Three homers and three stolen bases for the Sox.

No sacrifices.

Dusty Baker ran up the white flag when he took out Derek Lee and put Enrique Wilson at first base.

2005-06-24 15:42:34
82.   Mark Linsey
I don't understand the "send him down to rest" theory. The only scenario in which it makes sense is if the Erickson/Thompson pitching spot is expected to pitch a lot this weeken...

Oh God.

2005-06-24 15:43:23
83.   Vishal

why must erickson atrophy in the dodger bullpen? why can't he atrophy on his own living room couch, like the rest of us?

2005-06-24 15:43:31
84.   fanerman91
Sounds like a lose-lose situation.
2005-06-24 15:44:11
85.   ddger
76. I agree. Who is doing worse Depo or Tracy?
2005-06-24 15:44:26
86.   Nagman
Seeing as how we play the Padres again next week and seeing as how they loaded up the lineup with lefties (1-6), it would be to our advantage as it was yesterday to have Thompson available as a long man.

Strange days, indeed.

2005-06-24 15:45:19
87.   Jon Weisman
75 - your quote was shortened to save humanity (and the site layout).
2005-06-24 15:45:39
88.   db1022
#81 - 3 homers, 3 SB's, no sacrifices?

What kind of ball are they playing? Moneyball? Nope - 3 sb's. Smartball? Nope - 3 homers, no sacrifices.

Guess we'll have to come up with a new label.

2005-06-24 15:46:13
89.   ddger
86. Maybe we will bring up Thompson for SD series.
2005-06-24 15:47:11
90.   brendan glynn
#80 thanks but I still don't understand

Thompson has a future. Now, with the big club. He is needed. Just because Tracy didn't use him before doesn't mean he won't. Tracy hates Choi not Thompson.

Pitching in the bullpen before you can break into the starting rotation is ok. It used to happen all the time. Young pitchers will not die or get worse pitching a half season or season in the bullpen. Damn I was in such a good move

I'm going to the game tonight in anaheim. I'm going to the bullpen and splash erickson with some plashke. I hope it burns his eyes. I wonder if I have enough time to get some asparagus. Argggghhh

2005-06-24 15:47:45
91.   ddger
Is there any rule for sending someone down and then bringing them back up. Like do you have to wait certain number of day to bring one back up.
2005-06-24 15:49:23
92.   brendan glynn

I'm sure Vegas will allow him to get better. works wonders for all are other pitchers there. (I know you were trying to help, Bob thanks)

2005-06-24 15:50:14
93.   brendan glynn
are = our
2005-06-24 15:52:25
94.   heato
We could have seen the last of Thompson in a Dodger uniform. Maybe Depo wants to move him back to the minors while his stock is still high. I can think of many teams that could use a good lefty.
2005-06-24 15:52:50
95.   fanerman91
I noticed. I initially hoped it would wrap around by itself, but after I saw it, I was afraid it'd reek havoc on the site or something. Thanks.
2005-06-24 15:53:13
96.   Bob Timmermann
I believe that on an optional assignment, you have to wait 10 days unless there are extenuating circumstances such as injury or bereavement.

It may be shorter than that now.

I'm just going from memory here.

2005-06-24 15:55:30
97.   Nagman
Good time to ask... what's it mean when one is "out of options"? Is there a limit to how many times they can go back and forth?
2005-06-24 15:55:42
98.   Bob Timmermann
Cody Ross has one homer in his brief major league career and it was a grand slam.

Against Cliff Lee of Cleveland.

2005-06-24 15:56:05
99.   Vishal
94. derek thompson for adam dunn! hahah

95. not that it matters, but i think it's wreak havoc.

2005-06-24 15:56:28
100.   brendan glynn

I can think of many teams that could use a good lefty

I happen to be a fan of one those teams.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-24 15:57:04
101.   Bob Timmermann
Options refer to whole years. You are allowed to be on the 40-man roster for three years with the ability to be optioned back and forth between the big leagues and the minors.
2005-06-24 15:57:42
102.   Bob Timmermann
In the same game, Ross hit his grand slam, he tore up his knee running out a sacrifice bunt.
2005-06-24 16:00:29
103.   brendan glynn
In the same game, Ross hit his grand slam, he tore up his knee running out a sacrifice bunt.

Sounds like he will fit right in

2005-06-24 16:03:52
104.   Bob Timmermann
The sum total of Cody Ross's major league experience:
2005-06-24 16:05:34
105.   LAT
#94 Would make sense. When Depo says things like "we'll just take it day to day and see what develops" as he did yesterday its GM speak for "I'm working the phones hard." If Depo has something in the works for Thompson he can't use him and run the risk he sucks. Send him down to protect the asset. Of course, he could leave Thompson in the bullpen and not use him but that would take up a needed roster spot. The disinformation is all coming together.
2005-06-24 16:08:26
106.   Langhorne
"95. not that it matters, but i think it's wreak havoc."

Unless you've eaten asparagus.

2005-06-24 16:09:58
107.   dzzrtRatt
Uh, you think maybe DePo's found a taker for Erickson in a trade? DFA'ing him would undercut his, uh, market value...

I'm stumped. All this time I thought Harvard was a place to get a good education. I guess that's off my kid's list now. My accountant will be happy.

I did read somewhere that someone wants Derek Thompson to pitch "regularly." Well, why not let him pitch here? Pitch regularly til he pitches himself off the team. I think we might be babying our prospects more than necessary.

2005-06-24 16:12:58
108.   fanerman91
Haha wow. I'm totally off today. That or subconsciously keeping up with the urine theme.
2005-06-24 16:20:24
109.   Jon Weisman
Anyone else suffering through a day without Defamer?
2005-06-24 16:22:43
110.   fanerman91
If DePo has something up his sleeve regarding Erickson or Thompson, then I take back the "NNNNNNNOOOOO....OOOOOOOO....OOOOO" comment. For now. Though, unless he can find a taker for Erickson, I don't see what benefit there is in not DFAing him.
2005-06-24 16:27:09
111.   Vic
Defamer seems to be working for me, Jon.

What's the estimate on Odalis's return date? Won't his activation mark the end of Erickson's reign of terror? While the arguments that Thompson was sent down to (a) get "regular work" or (b) because he's part of a forthcoming deal are plausible (though maddening) justifications for Erickon's continued presence on the roster, is there any possible way he's not DFAd once OP returns?

2005-06-24 16:29:52
112.   dzzrtRatt
re 109
I guess you're into that show business thing, Jon. I like Defamer's nasty tone, but couldn't care less about 99 percent of what he writes about. The fact that everyone who's got a movie out now is a vapid press hound doesn't strike me as news.

But then, I've read post-game interviews on the sports pages since I learned how to read and haven't seen an interesting comment yet, so who am I to talk?

2005-06-24 16:32:31
113.   Marty
Defamer works for me.
2005-06-24 16:34:06
114.   Fearing Blue
#112: I'll follow Bob's lead and give another reason for sending Thompson down. Odalis Perez is pitching his last rehab start tomorrow and will be back on the roster by Thursday, June 30th. There is also speculation that he's going to just pitch a bullpen this weekend and be back Tuesday, June 28th. DePodesta plans on sticking with an 11-man pitching staff, so when Odalis came back, Thompson would have had to be sent down. Since Thompson just pitched 3 innings and he has a tender elbow, he probably can't pitch again until Monday, June 27th. Therefore, leave Erickson in the bullpen for now in case of a blowout this weekend. I don't like it, but it does make sense.
2005-06-24 16:34:52
115.   Fearing Blue
#114: I'm not sure why I put in response to #112.
2005-06-24 16:34:53
116.   Bob Timmermann
From today's transactions

St. Louis Cardinals
Placed pitcher Randy Flores on the 15-day disabled list with an avulsed callus pad on his left foot;

Does "avulsed callus pad" mean that a big chunk of the bottom of Randy Flores foot fell off?

2005-06-24 16:35:10
117.   Jon Weisman
111, 113 - well, that just doesn't seem fair, does it?

112 - it's his take on the stuff I don't care about, as well as the stuff I do care about, that makes it work, I think.

2005-06-24 16:36:04
118.   Fearing Blue
#114: And it seems I am also slow, as fanerman91 made the same point three posts earlier.
2005-06-24 16:36:38
119.   Dodgerkid
His non stop bagging on Cruise is hilarious.
2005-06-24 16:36:59
120.   Vishal
question about drew's knee injury, maybe someone can clear things up:

is the knee that's acting up his surgically repaired knee, or is it the other one? i thought the right knee was the one he had had surgery on, and the left knee was the one giving him trouble recently.

2005-06-24 16:37:50
121.   Jon Weisman
114 - that's a decent explanation. It doesn't address the anyone-but Erickson option, but it does explain sending Thompson down.
2005-06-24 16:38:39
122.   Jon Weisman
Oh yeah - I missed it on 111, also. I didn't read past his first sentence.
2005-06-24 16:42:10
123.   fanerman91
Fearing Blue, I think you mean to say Vic said it, not me.
2005-06-24 16:52:06
124.   dzzrtRatt
#114's explanation makes sense, but why not activate Fernando Valenzuela to fulfill Erickson's role? He's be at least as effective, and he'd draw a crowd.
2005-06-24 16:52:35
125.   molokai
Don't understand the fuss, LAT and Fearing Blue are stating the obvious.

I'm putting the over/under at 5 on how many bases Figgins steals this weekend.

I think Orange County is close enough that Choi can summon his home cooking juices and get us at least one dinger provided he actually plays.

# 88 it is called winning baseball no matter how they try to spin it. You can bet the Big Hurt will not be bunting.

2005-06-24 16:56:45
126.   scareduck
I don't get the love for Defamer.
2005-06-24 17:01:21
127.   Jon Weisman
126 - Then you won't get the love from Defamer.

Sorry - it's Friday at 5 and I'm feeling fancy-free!

2005-06-24 17:03:06
128.   Dodgerkid
Making fun of Tom Cruise is just great no matter who's involved.
2005-06-24 17:03:35
129.   Howard Fox
re the Figgins over/ must be assuming he gets a couple of triples so he can't steal? or does that include a steal of home?
2005-06-24 17:05:46
130.   Howard Fox
re Choi playing...I think I heard somewhere that he doesn't do well against pitchers dressed in red or those with names ending in a consonant...Tracy may not play him...
2005-06-24 17:06:46
131.   dzzrtRatt
Letterman didn't give Cruise enough s**t last night. He came close, but he pulled his punches. Talk about something I don't get: Is Tom Cruise the most mediocre actor to ever become a movie star? At least in my lifetime he is. What has he done since Risky Business that registered with anyone as a special movie moment?
2005-06-24 17:09:01
132.   Vishal
131. i bet scott erickson liked him in "top gun".
2005-06-24 17:10:19
133.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not making fun of the White Sox. I'm making fun of ESPN and their announcers mischaracterizing why the team is successful.

Why do you get so defensive when the topic of White Sox is brought up?

2005-06-24 17:12:33
134.   Howard Fox
cause that is what he wears with his suits, and people make fun of him for it?
2005-06-24 17:13:15
135.   jasonungar05
anybody besides me going to the game tonight? I live down in OC and I hate going to Angel stadium. It's one big constant beach ball.
2005-06-24 17:13:58
136.   Howard Fox
no you are the only did you get the ticket?
2005-06-24 17:15:22
137.   Bob Timmermann
Angel Stadium ushers are under instructions to not catch beach balls and confiscate them.
2005-06-24 17:16:54
138.   Howard Fox
how do you make words bold??
2005-06-24 17:18:24
139.   LAT
Wow, I just pulled a serious Bob T: laid down on the coutch with the laptop, posted #105 and just woke up.

(Jon good thing you put the time of each post otherwise I would have no idea how long I was sleeping for.)

Did they DFA Erickson while I was out?

2005-06-24 17:18:26
140.   scareduck
138 - I prefer active verbs, myself.

Oh, you mean typographically. Use asterisks around the word.

2005-06-24 17:18:35
141.   Bob Timmermann
Look to the stars.

Look to the stars

2005-06-24 17:19:25
142.   Marty
138. Practice
2005-06-24 17:19:59
143.   Howard Fox
you guys are sick
2005-06-24 17:20:02
144.   Bob Timmermann
When did taking a nap become eponymous with me?

Tommy John surgery
Lou Gehrig's disease
Bob Timmermann sleep

2005-06-24 17:20:34
145.   LAT
what is a "coutch" anyway. Is it something like a "couch"?
2005-06-24 17:20:34
146.   Blaine
Just listened to Tracy on the radio. Sounds like surgery on Gagne was not as bad as expected. Cleaned up some scar tissue. They didn't have to replace the ligament. Expected recovery should be six months rather than twelve.

Tracy also said that Choi and A Perez would be in the lineup all weekend.

2005-06-24 17:20:57
147.   Langhorne
The Mets had three scoring sac flys in the second inning today. They got the first with bases loaded, no outs. With runners at first and third and one out Reyes hit a pop fly to Bernie Williams, who dropped it. Williams gets an error and Reyes gets credit for a sac RBI because the ball should have been caught and the run has to be accounted for. After another error putting runners at second and third Cameron hit the third scoring sac fly in the inning. They say it's never happened before. Somewhere Buster is smiling.
2005-06-24 17:21:30
148.   scareduck
131 - a friend of mine has a theory about Tom Cruise. In every TC movie, there is a "Tom Cruise Moment": that point where Tom Cruise turns his head and opens his mouth with a look of stunned surprise. (Maybe the best example of this was the courtroom scene from "A Few Good Men".) This expression also works equally well if the next words to come out of his mouth are, "You gonna eat all that?"
2005-06-24 17:21:36
149.   joekings
I'm heading out of work to go to the game as well. I will admit that it's much easier getting in and out of Angel Stadium than Dodger Stadium.
2005-06-24 17:21:44
150.   Marty
An Olney trifecta!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-06-24 17:21:56
151.   Blaine
Tracy wasn't asked about Erickson and Thompson, though.
2005-06-24 17:22:26
152.   Howard Fox
re: 146 - Choi and Perez in the lineup all weekend? I bet he will give Kent, Izturis and Werth time off to rest too
2005-06-24 17:22:37
153.   jasonungar05
howard are u being serious?

Honestly, my wife's work has season seats to the Angels. The seats are good. behind home plate but up 2 decks. (anything above home is cool by me.)

They all know that dodger tickets are mine. All mine. Can't go sat but goin on sunday.

I am the short white guy with blond hair and a dodger pullover. A 5'8 version of Brad Penny! Gut and all.

fanerman91- did u notice ginobli's nick name? I don't watch to much hoops but saw it last night and i thought it was funny: obi wan ginobli

2005-06-24 17:23:00
154.   Marty
146. That's very good news.
2005-06-24 17:24:15
155.   Bob Timmermann
Three sac flies in an inning, earlier instance:

August 19, 2000

Check the bottom of the third.

2005-06-24 17:24:23
156.   scareduck
BTW, anybody who buys into Scientology and shills for them is an antisocial jackass who deserves to be made fun of at all costs.
2005-06-24 17:24:29
157.   Howard Fox
it was "obi one ginobli" on the sign
2005-06-24 17:25:10
158.   Howard Fox
156-yes, but tell us how you really feel
2005-06-24 17:27:06
159.   gvette
#126 The ongoing demolition of Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe on The Defamer is so awe inspiring, it makes you tolerate the site's otherwise silly infatuation with agents, and skanky starlets/celebutantes;

#131 Lighten up, little Tom saved the world from the Libyan Air Force, raced NASCAR, and removed Jack Nicholson from his USMC wall in Gitmo, Cuba. Besides, if Letterman actually let Cruise look like a wingnut, he wouldn't come back to hype his next Mission Impossible movie, a horrible fate for us all.

#132 You think Scott wooed Lisa by crooning a version of "You've Lost that Loving Feeling? Way more info than I need to know.

Poor Thompson, first Erickson screws him out of a win, then screws him out of a roster spot.

2005-06-24 17:28:13
160.   dzzrtRatt
#148 A Few Good Men is a great example. There's Jack Nicholson up there, really acting, making a totally memorable impression that goes beyond the tremendous dialogue, and all Cruise is doing is feeding him straight-man lines rather than interacting with him. William Shatner would've been just as good in that role. Even Demi Moore out-acts Cruise, and she was cast for no good reason other than to show off her figure in tight military outfits.

Sorry, I'll shut up about Cruise now.

2005-06-24 17:30:30
161.   LAT
Bob, a nap like that is a thing of beauty. Something to be valued. I call it a Bob T with the highest honor.

Now a "dirt nap" that is something altogether diffrent. A few here would give Erickson the dirt nap.

2005-06-24 17:30:39
162.   Vishal
bob, how on earth did you find that so fast?
2005-06-24 17:32:01
163.   Bob Timmermann
I remember watching the game on TV.
2005-06-24 17:33:23
164.   Bob Timmermann
I consider myself (myself, myself)
the sleepiest man (man, man, man)
online on this site (site, site, site)

While I might have been forced to work (work, work, work)
I have an awful lot of sleeping to do.

Thank you.

2005-06-24 17:33:43
165.   LAT
Even Demi Moore out-acts Cruise, and she was cast for no good reason other than to show off her figure in tight military outfits.

Ratt you say that like its a bad thing.

2005-06-24 17:35:19
166.   Vishal
hah! you could've simply proclaimed yourself the fastest researcher alive, and i probably would've bought it. you remember some random, random things, man. i'm blown away.
2005-06-24 17:35:22
167.   Marty
I just love it when a Scientologist calls psychology/psychiatry a pseudo-science. That's priceless.

Gizmodo does a humerous turn on the e-meter

2005-06-24 17:35:38
168.   Brian Y
GREAT NEWS!!! from Rotoworld

Eric Gagne underwent surgery today and received the good news that his ligament was not actually torn, meaning his recovery time will be more like six months instead of a year.

This is great news for Gagne and the Dodgers. Manager Jim Tracy spoke about it on Xtra Sports 570 AM tonight, and he had scar tissue removed and some repair work done to the ligament in his right elbow. He should be ready to go next year and we'll have more details as we get them

2005-06-24 17:36:16
169.   Marty
I did not mean to capitalize scientologist. Sorry.
2005-06-24 17:39:48
170.   Jim Hitchcock
LAT, a cat would provide the same warmth during the nap, and wouldn't put your legs to sleep.
2005-06-24 17:39:49
171.   bokonon42
159, 160- That's it! I get it now: leaving Erickson on the roster is a team building exercise. DePo expects the other 24 to throw Erickson a "blanket party". He can't admit it, but it's clearly what he means. Bonus: DePo is Nicholson. Less of a Bonus: I'm Tom Cruise.
2005-06-24 17:40:11
172.   Jon Weisman
160 - disagree with you, both about Cruise's acting in that movie and certainly about Moore's - she by far the weak link in that movie, which is almost Shawshank-like in my ability to find me just when I have nothing else to watch on TV.

Before the movie, I saw A Few Good Men downtown, at the Ahmanson I think, with Michael O'Keefe in Tom's part. Cue Caddyshack debate.

2005-06-24 17:40:39
173.   dzzrtRatt
Why six months? Any chance he could return sooner? This sounds like a lot less extensive repair work.

Goes to show what a doctor once told me is true. Medical imaging, is, at this point, a primitive technology. You might as well call an MRI a "blur-o-scope," this doc said. You have to go inside to really see what's what.

2005-06-24 17:41:12
174.   Brian Y
man, i post that Gagne is only out 6 months vs 15 months and people are still talking about Erickson being left on the roster.....WHO CARES? Gagne will be back for all of next year :-)
2005-06-24 17:41:14
175.   Steve
L. Ron Hubbard himself could come up with 800 reasons why Erickson is still on the roster, and I would still hate DePodesta with the blinding heat of 1,000 suns. Bring up some other pitcher. Mahomes, Rupe, Schmoll, Edwin Jackson, The Duff Man, Billingsley, the Alvarez kid who threw 95 for Ogden the other night. Anybody. You, me, Gagne throwing left-handed. Jim Bunning isn't taking steroids.

Literally. Anybody will do.

2005-06-24 17:42:07
176.   Brian Y
173, I'm in the radiology program at UNLV so shhhh don't tell people or my salary may drop by the time Im done lol
2005-06-24 17:43:11
177.   bokonon42
174- Gagne will be back for all of NEXT year. Erickson is there right now.
2005-06-24 17:44:31
178.   Steve
I can't handle the truth.
2005-06-24 17:44:59
179.   dzzrtRatt
#172-Demi Moore is terrible in everything, but at least there was that tight military uniform. To me, Cruise is neither fish nor fowl. He's not an actor who can create a character (like, say, Johnny Depp or Jack Nicholson), but he's not an interesting enough personality that you'd watch him just be himself (i.e. Clint Eastwood or Al Pacino). He's like a guy who was really good in the high school play, and never got any better.
2005-06-24 17:45:50
180.   LAT
Jim, actually the dog was sleeping on the couch as well.

171 what is a "Blanket party" I thought it was a "code red" and a build up of lactic acid. I bet Erickson's away uniform is pressed nicly and still in his locker.

2005-06-24 17:46:23
181.   Rob M
Tom Cruise is a creepy weirdo, but he's a good actor. I can't deny that. Magnolia comes to mind for a recent film. Eyes Wide Shut is another. That doesn't begin to get into his early roles, like in TAPS.

Born on the Fourth of July, Color of Money. There are quite a few more, I'd bet.

2005-06-24 17:47:21
182.   Bob Timmermann
We've all worked through our Gagne grief. We still have to work through our Erickson anger.

We are like the mob saying "Give us Barabbas!"

2005-06-24 17:47:53
183.   Langhorne

Are you suggesting that the ESPN announcers might be wrong? Actually, the mistake is mine. I think they said it had never happened in the NL. But the game is being played in Yankee Stadium so I don't know how you file that. My mind is still reeling at the concept that ESPN announcers aren't always right.

2005-06-24 17:48:19
184.   Jim Hitchcock
So, the Cards-Pirates game delayed due to flaming gas expulsion...

Not gonna go there.

2005-06-24 17:48:26
185.   Jon Weisman
179 - I'll admit Cruise needs the right role, but when he gets it, I believe he can really make it sing. Risky Business, Jerry Maguire, that sort of thing - those movies are not high school actor performances.
2005-06-24 17:52:56
186.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees also had 3 sac flies in one inning another time in 2000 on June 29 against Detroit.

And it happened on July 1, 1962 when the White Sox got three in one inning against Cleveland.

2005-06-24 17:53:19
187.   scareduck
Okay, now I can dig this, via Defamer.

2005-06-24 17:55:46
188.   bokonon42
180- Maybe it's not called that, anymore. It was in Full Metal Jacket, though, I think. Anyway, the fellow soldiers (though I think prison inmates have adopted the practice, too) throw a blanket over the one who isn't pulling his weight. Then they beat him. He's out of commission, and he can't ID any of his attackers.
2005-06-24 17:55:53
189.   scareduck
Dodger Thoughts, where the pregame leadup on the gameday thread is 200 posts long before the first pitch. (And I bet I'll end up conservative on that number.)
2005-06-24 17:57:17
190.   Langhorne
Tom Cruise has only done one movie. Man who is very good at what he does but has one fatal flaw and eventually, after much drama, has an epiphany. A couple of friends of mine who are screenwriters told me that a few years back producers were spending big bucks to attend seminars teaching "The Cruise Formula". They found this hilarious since it used to be called Greek tragedy. Of course, they were less amused when they kept being told by producers that their light comedy characters needed a fatal flaw.
2005-06-24 17:58:50
191.   LAT
#185 Gotta disagree. Cruise is a pretty boy first and an ok actor when he gets the right role second. I can't say that other than Risky Businees he has ever turned in a memorable performance. IMO Mission Impossible was nearly as bad as Wild WIld West.
2005-06-24 17:59:21
192.   Jim Hitchcock
187 - Okay, I can figure out where `one of those probes goes, but what about the other?
2005-06-24 18:02:48
193.   dzzrtRatt
#181 you almost had me with Magnolia in your defense of Cruise. He kinda surprised me there. But Eyes Wide Shut? O. my. god. Given I was a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick, that films ranks as the most disappointing movie I've ever seen, and the catatonic performance of Cruise was one of the major flaws (among many flaws.)
2005-06-24 18:04:47
194.   Brian Y
I thought Cruise was good in "A Few Good Men", "Top Gun", "Magnolia", "Last Samurai", "Risky Business", "Jerry Maguire", among others.
2005-06-24 18:04:48
195.   bokonon42
193- I didn't mind Cruise in EWS; Kidman drove me crazy. Nobody is that stoned.
2005-06-24 18:12:24
196.   LAT
Life is good:
Had my nap.
Family left to see Herbie Fully Loaded.
Got the house to myself (almost never happens)
I'm eating a big bowl of CoCo Crispys.
Now I just need the Dodgers to win.
2005-06-24 18:13:19
197.   gvette
Maybe Cruise can finally do Top Gun II, where (now)Admiral Maverick and the Seventh Fleet mobilize to halt a seaborne shipment of dangerous psychiatrists and their prescriptions from entering US territorial waters.

Kenny Loggins soundtrack,and Katie Holmes in the Kelly McGiness role are optional. Val Kilmer can play a dual role of Iceman, and the fat version of Jim Morrison.

2005-06-24 18:33:55
198.   Landonkk
Drew is not in the lineup again tonight, even with the availability of the DH. Is the knee worse than previously reported, or is Drew just as wimpy as previously reported?
2005-06-24 18:33:56
199.   Fearing Blue
Lineups posted:


Izturis (SS)
Perez (3B)
Werth (LF)
Kent (2B)
Saenz (DH)
Choi (1B)
Phillips (C)
Ross (RF)
Repko (CF)

Weaver (P)


Figgins (CF)
Erstad (1B)
Guerrero (RF)
Anderson (LF)
B. Molina (C)
McPherson (3B)
DaVanon (DH)
Cabrera (SS)
Kennedy (2B)

Lackey (P)

2005-06-24 18:34:56
200.   Fearing Blue
#198: Drew's statement in the papers was that the knee has been "aggressively treated" the past couple days and it may need some time to calm down.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-06-24 18:36:08
201.   Benaiah
Cruise's big talent is just managing to avoid a big stinker over his entire career. The closest thing he has ever had to a total flop is EWS and really, who can blame someone for deciding to be in a Kubrick movie? He has an impressive resume considering his abilities.
2005-06-24 18:37:44
202.   Benaiah
What is up with Werth in the 3 hole? I think that Werth should move to 6th and everyone else should move down one.
2005-06-24 18:46:40
203.   Steve
Wow. I'm having one of those moments. Like when I willed Grabowski to get that RBI single the other night by the power of positive thinking. Here it is:

Cody Ross is starting? Instead of Grabowski?

2005-06-24 18:47:56
204.   Brian Y
Wow, we have our whole AAA OF from a month ago. If we had Grabs as our DH and it would've been complete! Not to mention Antonio Perez is in there. Can we pencil in Joe Thurston, Mike Rose, Willy Aybar, and Nori Nakamura in too?
2005-06-24 18:51:02
205.   Steve
I've got Grabowski. Icaros has Repko. Who's going to grab Cody Ross as their honorary dog to kick?

Myself, I have no use for him. If he had replaced Erickson, he would have been my hero. Now, he's just another AAA bum who doesn't belong here.

2005-06-24 18:53:08
206.   Brian Y
This should appease Jon.

2005-06-24 18:55:12
207.   Icaros
I think Willow qualifies as Cruise's flop.

I just woke-up from a half-hour Timmermann and need to go Plaschke before the game starts.

I imagine that later I'll have to take a Tracy.

By the way, people who think Eyes Wide Shut is a bad movie are as crazy as a pack of Scientologists.

2005-06-24 18:59:05
208.   Telemachos
207 -- I think you mean "Legend".

Let's not forget "Far and Away" too. That was terrible.

2005-06-24 19:00:24
209.   Brian Y
Minority Report sucked too
2005-06-24 19:02:01
210.   Jim Hitchcock
207 - Give me Dr. Strangelove (or, HILTSWALTB) anyday.
2005-06-24 19:02:35
211.   bokonon42
207- It wasn't a bad movie, but Kidman was irksome as all get out. When she was talking, I mean; there were parts of her performance with which I had no problem at all.
2005-06-24 19:03:14
212.   Jon Weisman
Eyes Wide Shut is a bad movie.
2005-06-24 19:03:15
213.   Jim Hitchcock
207 - Give me Dr. Strangelove (or, HILTSWALTB) anyday.
2005-06-24 19:04:51
214.   Jim Hitchcock
Minority report wasn't that bad...nowhere near as good as Blade Runner, of course.
2005-06-24 19:05:01
215.   Benaiah
Flop=bust at the box office. Far and Away was a success and while Legend was awful and a flop, to be fair it was pre-Top Gun (which is an awful movie in its own right). "I feel the need... for speed (No Erickson then).
2005-06-24 19:05:11
216.   bokonon42
210- Just in case Howard Fox isn't hanging around, don't you mean (HILTSWALJDD)?
2005-06-24 19:08:51
217.   Nagman
Has anybody mentioned Born On The Fourth of July?
2005-06-24 19:08:57
218.   Jim Hitchcock
I stand corrected, bokonon :)
2005-06-24 19:11:12
219.   Icaros
That's right, Legend. Willow starred Val Kilmer.

to be fair it was pre-Top Gun (which is an awful movie in its own right)

Why does that matter? It was post Risky Business.

212 - Couldn't disagree more. Oh well, we still have the Dodgers.

2005-06-24 19:12:37
220.   Telemachos
215 - At the risk of beating a dead horse, EWS and F&A are basically the same beast from a box-office perspective. EWS cost $65 mil and took in $55; F&A cost $60 and took in $58.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled "we can't get a hit with a runner in scoring position".

2005-06-24 19:13:54
221.   patsweetpat
Hear Steve Physioc.
Turn down volume.
Turn on radio.
Hear Vin Scully.
2005-06-24 19:14:41
222.   Benaiah
My point with Top Gun is that he is on a streak of dodging the career ending bullet. Unlike say... John Travolta who has taken a couple (and keeps on ticking).
2005-06-24 19:15:59
223.   Benaiah
F&A cost 30 according to IMDB so that makes it a minor hit. Though I don't know if if IMDB considers advertising costs.
2005-06-24 19:18:25
224.   Marty
Man, I hated Eyes Wide Shut. I'm a Magnolia fan, but not because of Cruise. For some reason, I found Vanilla Sky very watchable.
2005-06-24 19:19:48
225.   Benaiah
Maybe because of the mask covering Cruise's face for part of the movie?
2005-06-24 19:23:06
226.   Icaros
224 - I love EWS and Magnolia. Recently went to a screening of Magnolia and Hard Eight (or Sidney) at the Egyptian where John C. Reilly spoke in between.
2005-06-24 19:25:21
227.   Jim Hitchcock
John C. Reilly is is his choice of movies.
2005-06-24 19:25:43
228.   bokonon42
Horrible call. May not be bright for the catcher to argue balls and strikes, but that was an awful call.
2005-06-24 19:25:58
229.   Marty
I'll watch anything P.T. Anderson directs. We'll just have to disagree on EWS Icaros :-)
2005-06-24 19:26:52
230.   Vic
Consider me jealous, Icaros.

I'm also one of the few passionate EWS defenders. The "catatonic" Cruise and Kidman performances fit perfectly within Kubrick's trancelike atmosphere -- it's a dream movie, not an "erotic thriller" like many had been expecting.

2005-06-24 19:27:53
231.   Benaiah
230 - It was certainly erotic, I just think that most found it not that thrilling.
2005-06-24 19:30:26
232.   Vic
231 -- the point I was making was that the film was deliberately un-erotic, despite the silly hype that had surrounded it at the time.

Anyway...nice play, Kent.

2005-06-24 19:30:59
233.   Bob Timmermann
Gee whiz people, let's focus on what's important here!

The Rockies lead the Royals 6-2!

Tigers and DBacks are scoreless.

Padres are up 2-0 on the Ms.

2005-06-24 19:31:24
234.   Marty
For me, Kubrick never made a good movie after Barry Lyndon. I hated the Shining. Full Metal Jacket was borderline laughable and Eyes Wide shut was just lousy. I think he sold his soul to make Dr. Stranglove, one of the all-time greats.
2005-06-24 19:32:36
235.   Bob Timmermann
Didn't Kubrick have tapes of Yankees games shipped to him in England so he could watch them?

I wonder if he got a dish before he died.

2005-06-24 19:32:37
236.   Jim Hitchcock
My taste in erotic thrillers runs more towards `Lifeforce' :)
2005-06-24 19:33:48
237.   dzzrtRatt
Vanilla Sky made me want to pluck my eyes out.

Maybe that's it. I blame Cruise for causing good directors to make awful movies. Kubrick, Crowe...Bruckheimer? Even Magnolia was cruddy compared with Boogie Nights.

Cody Ross' picture on Gameday has a Cruise-ish smile. Throw him back.

2005-06-24 19:34:06
238.   Marty
I throw left and bat right.
2005-06-24 19:35:53
239.   Marty
237. I don't know why I can watch Vanilla Sky when everyone I know hates it. Must be a gene defect in me.
2005-06-24 19:36:38
240.   Bob Timmermann
The 1961 righty batter/lefty thrower on the Dodgers was Carl Warwick.

I'm pretty surprised that Vin could remember that even was a guy like that who played a grand total of 19 games for the Dodgers 44 years ago.

2005-06-24 19:36:44
241.   Vic
235 -- I recall reading that he'd had NY Giants football games shipped to him. He was apparently a rabid technology buff, so I wouldn't be surprised if he got a dish.

Oh, and in similarly important matters, the A's are up on the Hated Ones 1-0.

2005-06-24 19:37:46
242.   Bob Timmermann
3-0 Padres and Mike Maroth does not seem long for the game.
2005-06-24 19:38:27
243.   Icaros
I'm also one of the few passionate EWS defenders. The "catatonic" Cruise and Kidman performances fit perfectly within Kubrick's trancelike atmosphere -- it's a dream movie, not an "erotic thriller" like many had been expecting.

We're friends now, Vic.

I, too, love all PT Anderson films, and Wes Anderson films as well. The Reilly screening was cool. My lady friend won the tickets from KCRW.

Great, Cody Ross mirrors Jason Repko in his first at-bat.

2005-06-24 19:38:48
244.   Jim Hitchcock
240 - You don't think Vinny has a Bob T. like researcher in the booth with him, Bob?
2005-06-24 19:39:38
245.   Bob Timmermann
Confused my games. I meant Gil Meche. Since the Padres are playing the Mariners, not the Tigers.
2005-06-24 19:39:58
246.   Benaiah
343 - Wes Anderson, ah that's the ticket. I know that many think Steve Zissou was no Rushmore, but I love that movie.
2005-06-24 19:40:46
247.   Bob Timmermann
I also thought it was more interesting that Vin would think of Carl Warwick before he would think of Rickey Henderson.
2005-06-24 19:40:58
248.   Vic
Thanks, Icaros.

I missed the Ross at-bat...would I be correct in assuming that it was scrappy as hell?

2005-06-24 19:42:08
249.   Bob Timmermann
I've been told that I should love the films of Wes Anderson. So I watch them. And I always hate them. And then my friends say, "How could you dislike it?"
2005-06-24 19:43:30
250.   Icaros
Can we get into Spaghetti Westerns next? Once Upon a Time in the West is the best.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-06-24 19:44:39
251.   Vic
Bob, I'll forgive your Anderson aversion if you obliterate that Aflac trivia question...
2005-06-24 19:46:04
252.   Bob Timmermann
Call on me! I know the AFLAC answer! I know!

Hint: Jack Fimple is not one of them.

2005-06-24 19:46:53
253.   Mark
The greatest spaghetti western is, and always will be, Yojimbo.
2005-06-24 19:47:39
254.   Icaros
248 - He fouled out to first, then Repko came up and did the same thing.

246 - I found Zissou much better the second time around (on DVD this time). Its only flaw to me is that so much is going on it seems a little rushed. Maybe an extra 10-15 minutes would let the emotional parts breathe more.

2005-06-24 19:48:09
255.   Steve
Geez...Tom Cruise.

"And then we discussed the theater and men's fashions...OH MY GOD!"

2005-06-24 19:48:25
256.   Bob Timmermann
Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray, Don Sutton, Hoyt Wilhelm
2005-06-24 19:49:38
257.   Vic
Steve Finley?
2005-06-24 19:50:02
258.   Bob Timmermann
3-1 Padres after Gil Meche singles in a run.
2005-06-24 19:50:37
259.   Marty
Yojimbo is fantastic. It's from a Dashiell Hammet novel called Red Harvest. Great read.
2005-06-24 19:51:12
260.   rageon
#182 - Comparing Erickson to Barabbas is definetly one of the funnier things I've read all day.

Why do teams insist on playing guys on their first day up from the minor leagues? And does it ever work out? Granted, I can see that in some situations someone is brought up to fill a hole at the last minute, but Ross was brought up to replace a pitcher. It's not like Grabowski is the best player ever or anything, but it's always driven me crazy that people HAVE to play on their first day in the majors.

2005-06-24 19:51:12
261.   Benaiah
I don't think it is that rushed. The really emotionally stuff is given plenty of time, especially the climax in the sub. Wes Anderson is definately in love with Bill Murray though, not that there's anything wrong with that.
2005-06-24 19:51:21
262.   Icaros
253 - Haven't seen it. I thought that was a samurai movie from the title, and I don't usually like those.

Really, I haven't seen enough Spaghettis to make such a declaration. But if it has Ennio Morricone on music, I'm there.

2005-06-24 19:51:31
263.   overkill94
Kubrick (what I've seen):

awesome - A Clockwork Orange, Dr. Strangelove
very good - The Shining
Good - Full Metal Jacket, Eyes Wide Shut
didn't care for - 2001 (blasphemy I know, it just seemed boring)

P.T. Anderson:
awesome - Boogie Nights, Punch-Drunk Love
good - Magnolia

Wes Anderson:
awesome - Royal Tenenbaums
very good - Rushmore, Bottle Rocket
okay - Life Aquatic (watched it the other day, mildly entertaining but a bit jumbled)

There, I've said my peace

2005-06-24 19:52:48
264.   Marty
Icaros, it is a Samurai movie, but westernized. It even hasa samurai carrying a gun. A not so good remake was Last Man Standing a few years ago.
2005-06-24 19:54:16
265.   Bob Timmermann
I read in an bio of John Roseboro that he said the Dodgers had a tradition of starting a rookie in his first game up to the majors.

And he started in Brooklyn in 1957.

I guess the idea is to get a quick read on how good or bad the guy is right away.

2005-06-24 19:54:36
266.   Benaiah
7 of Weaver's 10 outs have been popouts. I thought he was a groundball guy. He sure isn't a strikeout power pitcher.
2005-06-24 19:54:53
267.   Marty
Also, Leone used Yojimbo as inspiration for one of his spaghetti westerns. Fistful of Dollars, I think.
2005-06-24 19:54:56
268.   bokonon42
260- Wasn't Erickson the Jesus in Bob's analogy? Which, obviously, is blasphemy, as we all know Hee Seop Choi is OUR LOVING SAVIOR.
2005-06-24 19:55:36
269.   fanerman91

I didn't see the sign but I saw it in an earlier game. Why do you ask me?

2005-06-24 19:56:18
270.   Vic
Well done, Bob. Oh, and disregard 257 -- I totally misread the question and forgot the Hall of Fame caveat.
2005-06-24 19:56:45
271.   Marty
Maybe Weaver is rounding into form like he did about this time last year.
2005-06-24 19:56:53
272.   Jim Hitchcock
263 - Think it's fair to say that veiwing 2001 is helped out with a little herbal enchancement.
Well, at least that's what they tell me.
2005-06-24 19:58:06
273.   Vic
What would you recommend? Oregano?
2005-06-24 19:58:21
274.   Icaros
261 - I'm thinking more of the scene before and during Kingsley Zissou's death, where he makes the banner and earns Klaus's respect. It was really touching, but seemed to get kind of lost after all of the shooting and rescue hijinx.

I don't know. I really loved it anyway.

2005-06-24 19:59:51
275.   Benaiah
263 - I disagree with a lot of your rankings, but I agree on Punch Drunk Love and 2001. PDL is maybe my favorite PTA movie (sacrilege) and the ending to 2001 with the paint splashing against and running down the canvas or whatever for what seemed like forever is the closest thing to art house I have ever had to sit through. Perhaps the most overrated movie of all time?
2005-06-24 20:00:07
276.   Bob Timmermann
1965 Dodgers World Series hero Lou Johnson played in one game for the 1961 Angels.
2005-06-24 20:00:07
277.   Dodgerkid
Wallach and Colborn look like the two old guys on the Muppets who criticized everyone when they talk about Choi.
2005-06-24 20:00:50
278.   Marty
I liked Bottle Rocket and Tennenbaums. I didn't like Rushmore. I haven't seen Zissou.
2005-06-24 20:01:35
279.   bokonon42
273- Nutmeg will work, but you need a lot of it.
2005-06-24 20:02:08
280.   Benaiah
17 pitches in two Choi PAs. Not too shabby.
2005-06-24 20:02:50
281.   Icaros
I never understood 2001 until I read the accompanying book, then it made a lot more sense. Oregano also helps.

Clark wrote the book with Kubrick as or right before the film was being made, so they're really close.

2005-06-24 20:02:55
282.   Vic
Welcome back, plate discipline.
2005-06-24 20:03:53
283.   rageon
#268 - yeah, I messed that up. I knew what he meant but didn't exactly state it correctly. My bad. The 12 hours of studying Con Law the past couple days has disabled any logic or common sense I once had.
2005-06-24 20:04:01
284.   Dodgerkid
I'm surprised no one's mention Barry Lyndon. Really good "unknown" Kubrick film.
2005-06-24 20:04:11
285.   Bob Timmermann
Richie Sexson hits a 2-run homer (with Beltre aboard) to tie it up in San Diego 3-3.
2005-06-24 20:04:55
286.   Nagman
Sexson has tied it up with a VERY deep shot to right center at Petco. Beltre walked before him, and I noticed he was doing that jitterbug thing. I thought he had stopped doing that.
2005-06-24 20:06:42
287.   Bob Timmermann
This AB by Ross has 50% of the RDA of Scrap.
2005-06-24 20:07:40
288.   Jim Hitchcock
You know, I've never read 2001. The Clarke books I've read have been great, though. Check out `The Light of Different Days'.
2005-06-24 20:08:48
289.   Bob Timmermann
4-3 Mariners now.
2005-06-24 20:08:53
290.   Icaros
279 - I've heard about nutmeg. How much do you actually need?
2005-06-24 20:09:53
291.   Bob Timmermann
Repko's AB had only 10% of the RDA for Scrap.
2005-06-24 20:10:17
292.   overkill94
I've been meaning to see Barry Lyndon for a while now, I seem to like Kubrick movies for the most part, they always have some sinister vibe to them that I like.

Any David Lynch fans out there? Mulholland Drive is one of my favorite movies and The Elephant Man was a pleasant surprise as well. Blue Velvet was fairly disappointing though.

2005-06-24 20:13:47
293.   Jim Hitchcock
Icaros, it doesn't sound too pleasant:

2005-06-24 20:14:09
294.   Vic
292 -- Mulholland Drive is one of my favorite movies of the past decade. I'm also lukewarm on Blue Velvet, but it's been quite a while since I've seen it.

Repko's lack of scrappiness in that at-bat is truly heartbreaking...

2005-06-24 20:14:50
295.   stubbs
While its rewarding to hear that Icaros has a lady friend and he heard Reed Rothschild speak, I can't believe there isn't more discussion of Eric Gagne being ready for Spring Training next year. Probably the best news we will hear for awhile...I am thrilled.
2005-06-24 20:15:42
296.   Nick Iyengar
i missed the beginning of the chat, but i wanted to make a comment about the notion of not DFA-ing Erickson. someone had mentioned that DePo might be getting kickbacks from other teams to keep Erickson around.

this reminded me of the theory that used to surround UCLA basketball surrounding Steve Lavin. many times i thought mike montgomery, lute olson and others must be slipping UCLA some money to keep Lavin around and keep UCLA from assuming its rightful place atop the Pac-10 conference. anyone else ever think about that? well, it was a nice trip down memory lane for me.

can we get a pool going regarding the date of Erickson's removal from the organization?

2005-06-24 20:15:47
297.   bokonon42
290- I don't actually know. I've only read that it takes a lot. Plus, since it seems like half the people here are lawyers, I don't know if I'd like to be associated with hallucinogen dosing instructions.
2005-06-24 20:15:49
298.   Bob Timmermann
1 1/4 teaspoons

2005-06-24 20:16:20
299.   Jim Hitchcock
Just saw Mulholland Drive. Liked it. Lotta people won't. Really have to pay attention.

Elephant Man was great. Dune was a trip...worth watching.

2005-06-24 20:17:09
300.   Nick Iyengar
*regarding steve lavin, that is
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-06-24 20:18:23
301.   Bob Timmermann
That was one high popup.

I remember a few years back Manny Ramirez hit one that high. The infielders couldn't catch it either.

That must have been up for 7 seconds.

2005-06-24 20:18:35
302.   bokonon42
BT does not fear the lawyers.
2005-06-24 20:18:45
303.   stubbs
Adrian Beltre maybe makes that play...
2005-06-24 20:18:48
304.   overkill94
Someone needs to send a message to Vin's screen that it's Jeff, not Jerry DaVanon
2005-06-24 20:19:02
305.   Steve
Any prosecutors around?
2005-06-24 20:19:12
306.   bokonon42
D'oh! Always follow the link first. . .
2005-06-24 20:19:18
307.   stubbs
After the 90-minute surgery performed by Dr. Frank Jobe and Dr. Ralph Gambardella in Los Angeles, Jobe gave his optimistic report to Gagne.

``He was so excited,'' Jobe said during a conference call before the Dodgers played the Los Angeles Angels. ``I mean, he was still pretty much asleep, but he was awake enough to understand it. He just smiled and put his fist up in the air.''

2005-06-24 20:20:43
308.   stubbs
Its good defense doesn't matter in Depodesta ball.
2005-06-24 20:21:14
309.   overkill94
Kent sure doesn't seem to dive for many balls. I'm not asking for him to make that play, just knock it down.
2005-06-24 20:21:20
310.   bokonon42
303- I've been nostalgic for that joke too, but I was worried it's expiration date had passed.
2005-06-24 20:22:07
311.   Benaiah
Weaver waits for the unearned run to get on base before he gives up his first hit.
2005-06-24 20:22:19
312.   Dodgerkid
Try watching 2001 on shrooms. By the end you'll probably think you're in the spaceship.
2005-06-24 20:22:45
313.   Steve
308 -- Are you referring to the error by our banjo-hitting shortstop that is only around because of his defense who was recently handed $10 million in the off-season?
2005-06-24 20:23:32
314.   Landonkk
I've defended Kent all season.. (not a lot to defend him against), but you have to knock that ball down. If not to at least give off the appearance of trying to save the nono - to save the run from scoring. Bad stuff.
2005-06-24 20:23:51
315.   regfairfield
308 - Izturis dropped that ball. Remember, in the world where Lo Duca is king, you like Izturis?
2005-06-24 20:24:02
316.   Bob Timmermann
4-4 Seattle and San Diego after a Nady home run.

I also think that just about any fielder would have a hard time catching McPherson's popup.

2005-06-24 20:24:47
317.   Steve
315 -- He's Paul! The King of Big Screens!
2005-06-24 20:26:04
318.   regfairfield
The Angels are the luckiest damn team in the world.
2005-06-24 20:26:36
319.   stubbs
315-If you dont think that was Perez's ball, you should watch a sport you understand. Two plays that are made by last years team were botched and now we are down 2-0. Hopefully Hee-Seop will get on a solo HR binge and save us.
2005-06-24 20:27:01
320.   Bob Timmermann
5-4 Mariners in San Diego after back to back triples by Ichiro and Winn.
2005-06-24 20:27:11
321.   Marty
Weaver is getting scrapped to death. 303, the key word is MAYBE. That was a tough play. Ya know, all-stars make errors sometimes too.
2005-06-24 20:27:16
322.   Steve
I simply want to point out that walking Orlando Cabrera on four pitches is an intervening act that cuts off Izturis' liability and puts Weaver back on the hook. Dare I say "Grabowski Principle?"
2005-06-24 20:27:36
323.   overkill94
2-out error

*Engage Jeff Weaver meltdown sequence...

2005-06-24 20:28:48
324.   regfairfield
It is Izturis job to catch the ball, even if he is the backup. Remember how Jeff Kent, the man who can't catch, did something very similar last week?

Izturis was not moving, and the ball bounced out of his glove. Yes, that was originally Perez's ball, he certainly wasn't hovering around the area for fun.

2005-06-24 20:29:02
325.   overkill94
Re: 319

How is that Perez's ball if it went right to Izturis? The only time the third baseman has priority over the SS is on a grounder to the hole, otherwise the SS is the captain of that side of the infield.

2005-06-24 20:29:26
326.   Vishal
323. it wasn't just a 2-out error, though. it blew his perfect game. that would piss anyone off.

btw, speaking of pissed off, if orlando cabrera was making fun of izturis for missing that popup, i bet izzy's gotta be plenty pissed himself.

2005-06-24 20:29:31
327.   Steve
319 -- I wished I lived in a world where everything was an "if." I could be Tom Brady. You could be Perry Mason, instead of Hamilton Burger.

But to put things more simply...


2005-06-24 20:29:54
328.   stubbs
You know what would save our season. We should trade Brad Penny. Shawn Green and Yhency Brazoban for Javier Vasquez and Dioneer Navarro.
2005-06-24 20:31:18
329.   Vishal

it was an obscenely high popup, and hung in the air for more than 7 seconds. i'm sure it did quite a bit of drifting before it made its way down. it was perez' off the bat, but after drifting around, perez lost it and it went to izturis. izturis had taken his eye off it to check perez, and at the last second he realized the ball was drifting his way and he just barely missed, and it fell right through his glove.

2005-06-24 20:31:26
330.   regfairfield

Yes, that would most definately save the season.

2005-06-24 20:31:53
331.   stubbs
I think there is line dividing in Dodger world. You are either a Depodesta guy or a Tracy/Evans guy. There is no in between.
2005-06-24 20:32:12
332.   overkill94
Stubbs, you're about as endearing of a poster as Franklin Stubbs was to watch.
2005-06-24 20:32:25
333.   Vishal
ps. i have decided i hate the angels, for sure.
2005-06-24 20:33:25
334.   Steve
328 -- Why would a DePo critic criticize a non-trade that DePo himself stopped? In the world where Paul is the King of Big Screens, that should make DePo a hero. You're making no sense. Which is not terribly surprising.
2005-06-24 20:33:51
335.   Dodgerkid
stubbs fight the power! Don't let the groupthink take over your mind. Only you know the truth.
2005-06-24 20:35:18
336.   overkill94
And the Mariners' triple-happy ways continue with a bases-clearing one by Brett "baby roid" Boone, 8-4 M's
2005-06-24 20:36:00
337.   Bob Timmermann
8-4 Mariners after Bret Boone hits the Mariners third triple of the inning.

2-1 Diamondbacks now.

2005-06-24 20:37:43
338.   Steve
Darn you Reg, I'm going to be thinking of Paul LoDuca as the King of Big Screens for my entire life. I blame you.
2005-06-24 20:37:52
339.   Bob Timmermann
Tony Clark of Arizona has hit 11 home runs.
And he has scored just 15 runs.
2005-06-24 20:38:54
340.   Bob Timmermann
Weaver should feel better now that he gave up an earned run.
2005-06-24 20:38:57
341.   regfairfield
It wouldn't be a Weaver game without that.
2005-06-24 20:40:11
342.   Steve
There's our Weaver.
2005-06-24 20:41:57
343.   Nagman
The trainer is looking at Dave Roberts leg after he yanked yet another one out.
2005-06-24 20:42:06
344.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers can come back if they display enough scrap.

Or maybe they can hit a 3-run home run.

2005-06-24 20:42:46
345.   stubbs
334-Wake up.
Frank McCourt succumbed to the LA media and fans pressure and stopped a trade that Depodesta wanted. That is truth, all insiders will tell you that.

Yankees president Randy Levine had harsh words for the Dodgers after the deal's collapse.

"The Dodgers reneged on the deal that was agreed to last Friday, unequivocally and with no contingencies except for a window for contract extensions and physicals," Levine said. "For some reason, the Dodgers over the weekend started to backpedal. Why they would break their word is only something they can answer. It sure is disappointing, and we'll have to think long and hard before ever doing business with the Dodgers again."

2005-06-24 20:46:08
346.   Jim Hitchcock
Not sure I'd use Leveine as a source, Stubbs...he was rightfully trashed on DT after making that comment.
2005-06-24 20:46:21
347.   Telemachos
Like all true believers, only stubbs knows The Truth.

Preach it, brother!

2005-06-24 20:46:37
348.   Fearing Blue
#345: Do you really dislike DePodesta so much that you're going to attack him for a bad trade he didn't do? It doesn't matter why, since he didn't do the trade. Period.
2005-06-24 20:47:17
349.   Bob Timmermann
If the Yankees think a player on the Dodgers would help them in the pennant race, Brian Cashman would be on the phone to the Dodgers without much hesitation.

Randy Levine is the Yankee President in Charge of Bluster.

2005-06-24 20:48:15
350.   regfairfield
Does that seem to happen to Hee Seop a lot more than it should?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-06-24 20:49:11
351.   Marty
Jim, don't get sucked in. Depo broke up a pennant winning team last year, not a fluke that anyone could see would not be a force after that year. Beltre is worth the 60-66 million, but Drew is not. Any play to the infield Beltre would make. It goes on and on.
2005-06-24 20:49:24
352.   Bob Timmermann
See if Saenz had bunted, then Kent may have scored on Choi's fly ball.

We could have had two Olneys!

2005-06-24 20:49:39
353.   bokonon42
347- How dare you tell him to, I quote, "Preach it, brother!" What are you, the boss of him? (trolling is fun, huh Stubbs?)
2005-06-24 20:51:42
354.   stubbs
Dodger Thouhts trashed the President of the Yankees??? Im sure he lost sleep. Point is, the most successfull organization in baseball doesn't like Depodesta. Also, I i have access to information, if you choose not to believe me that is your choice.
2005-06-24 20:52:52
355.   Fearing Blue
#350: It does seem to. His line drives are so hard that they make it all the way to the outfielders.
2005-06-24 20:53:04
356.   regfairfield
Hey, a Paul's TV ad.
2005-06-24 20:54:03
357.   overkill94
Oh yeah, I can't wait to trade with the Yankees and get all those top prospects they have lying around.
2005-06-24 20:54:40
358.   Bob Timmermann
Roberts got taken out in San Diego.
2005-06-24 20:55:11
359.   Fearing Blue
#354: Let me guess. You work for the LA Times?
2005-06-24 20:56:05
360.   Jim Hitchcock
354 - missed my point. And it was my last two cents (thanks, Marty) :)
2005-06-24 20:56:17
361.   Marty
Also, I i have access to information, if you choose not to believe me that is your choice.
Stubbs, that's like saying, "I know the drummer."


2005-06-24 20:56:27
362.   Bob Timmermann
[takes a drag on a cigarette]

"Follow the prospects."

[takes another drag]

2005-06-24 20:57:44
363.   bokonon42
Anybody want to take 6-1 odds that stubbs won't describe the nature of his 'access'?
2005-06-24 20:57:57
364.   Nagman
358, When Roberts hit it out, it looked like he hyperextended his front knee on the swing, it buckled. Walking to the dugout he was hobbling pretty badly.
2005-06-24 20:58:03
365.   Benaiah
Man Weaver was looking at a no-no half way through... and then the wheels came off. Unfortunately, right now a quality start is still a meltdown with this offense.
2005-06-24 20:58:41
366.   stubbs
Most people don't agree what I write or believe what I say, such as:

If I wrote that in the Dodgers 200 page prospectus given to potential investors (McCourt is trying to defer costs by selling a portion of the team). They have a long term plan which accounts for revenues for the next 10 years. In this account, which Im sure Telemachos and Icaros know all about, the plan calls for the payroll to go down another 5-10 million next year, before gradually increasing back up based on the revenue going up.

2005-06-24 20:59:31
367.   Bob Timmermann
If Repko were truly scrappy, he would have scaled the CF fence to catch Anderson's homer.
I'm very disappointed with his level of scrap tonight.
2005-06-24 20:59:45
368.   regfairfield
2005-06-24 21:00:14
369.   Fearing Blue
#363: There are so many different ways I would like to describe Stubbs' "access", but since this is a PG site, I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader.
2005-06-24 21:00:25
370.   Steve
Lord, was that Kent or Repko? That was so scrappy I want to throw up.
2005-06-24 21:00:56
371.   stubbs
363-You can get some good pieces of information by not revealing who told u. Why do u think Kato Kaelin keeps getting invited to the party.... or at least Jerry Buss's box.
2005-06-24 21:01:04
372.   Bob Timmermann
The ball bounced off Kent after it hit the ground. Repko fielded it eventually.
2005-06-24 21:01:06
373.   regfairfield
Repko's the one who turned that into an RBI.
2005-06-24 21:01:53
374.   regfairfield
I stand corrected, it bounced off Kent's leg.
2005-06-24 21:02:36
375.   Dodgerkid
Even if the payroll went down by 10 million, we will save something like 15 million from dropping deadweights like Green and Dreifort from the payroll. And I'm sure Weaver as well will be dropped. That will save a lot of money.
2005-06-24 21:03:58
376.   Marty
Stubby. Did you just use Kato Kaelin in a statement defending your position? I can now officially ignore anything you may type from now on.
2005-06-24 21:05:33
377.   stubbs
Btw, Beltre walked twice and scored two runs tonight...come on guys doesnt that make u feel good?
2005-06-24 21:05:41
378.   Bob Timmermann
I think the Dodger coaches didn't realize that Ross already had a hit in the majors. But I wonder if the got the ball back since it was a home run.
2005-06-24 21:05:53
379.   Fearing Blue
#366: And to your point about decreasing payroll next year in order to gain financial solvency, it certainly wouldn't surprise me. That wouldn't make McCourt a bad guy in my book. I'd rather he do that then pile the team in debt like the Diamondbacks have done.
2005-06-24 21:07:09
380.   regfairfield
Bringing his total to 14 this season.
2005-06-24 21:07:37
381.   bokonon42
Alright, alright. 30 to 1. Takers?

371- U can make stuff up, and presume to deserve respect when you have anonymity and no evidence to support any assertion.

2005-06-24 21:08:05
382.   stubbs
376-just making a humerous statement why people dont talk. i wasn't serious about kato martin.

i love agitating the Depo lovers, because their undying affection for him and hatred for JT annoys the hell out of me.

2005-06-24 21:08:14
383.   Dodgerkid
Looking at the payroll in 2006, if we dropped five million, we'd still have 20 million to play with for free agents. That's a pretty good deal.
2005-06-24 21:09:21
384.   Steve
When I'm 60, I'll always remember that Grabowski Face. That "Those bastards hosed me on the inside corner again" face. It's going to be legendary.
2005-06-24 21:09:33
385.   Jon Weisman
Look, I hate to beat my own dead horse, but where this really gets bad is when people start saying things like "If you dont think that was Perez's ball, you should watch a sport you understand" and "Stubbs, you're about as endearing of a poster as Franklin Stubbs was to watch."

It shouldn't be that hard to treat each other with respect. It does not minimize your ability to make a point. I realize some people enjoy the sniping, but it really isn't worth it. And I would appreciate not having to keep asking for it.

Stubbs, your views are welcome here. Please accept that they are. If your purpose here is to agitate, however, you are absoutely in the wrong place.

2005-06-24 21:10:08
386.   regfairfield
382 - Stubbs, honest question. Why on Earth do you insist Adrian Beltre would be good for this team? Are you ignorant to his performance this year? Are you aware that JD Drew has been better in literally every aspect of the game? I want to know how the mind of Vic the Brick and Bill Plaschke work.
2005-06-24 21:10:21
387.   Fearing Blue
#375: Good point. Currently our payroll is at ~$95 million with payouts (Green & Ishii) and benefit costs. Our projected 2007 payroll with arbitration assumptions (~$7.5 million for Bradley) and benefit costs is at ~$78 million. Even if we cut a full $10 million, it would still leave $8 million in roster space, with our only significant loses being Jeff Weaver and Jose Valentin.
2005-06-24 21:10:38
388.   Steve
Just for the record. Post 175:

L. Ron Hubbard himself could come up with 800 reasons why Erickson is still on the roster, and I would still hate DePodesta with the blinding heat of 1,000 suns.

2005-06-24 21:10:45
389.   Benaiah
381 - We did manage a comeback against the Pads, but then they didn't have K-Rod... hmm. I am going to go ahead and just hope we don't get shut out.
2005-06-24 21:11:00
390.   Vic
Yep, there hasn't been a modicum of criticism of DePo around here, ever ever ever.

All hail Scott Erickson!

2005-06-24 21:11:46
391.   Fearing Blue
#387: Bad math and spelling. It would leave ~$7 million in roster space, and losses is missing an s.
2005-06-24 21:12:18
392.   Bob Timmermann
2005-06-24 21:12:34
393.   stubbs
381-I could give a if you believe me and care even less if you respect my Dodger opinion. I've been to more games than most anyone on this board this year, does that make me a bigger fan that you? No. We are all fans and this is all anonymous bs that we do to entertain ourselves during the game or at work. I wont post anything "insider" again and just to relegate myself to reading the Depodesta propoganda/
2005-06-24 21:14:03
394.   Bob Timmermann
No, really I do want Barrabas!
2005-06-24 21:14:22
395.   Steve
392 -- I'm confused about your metaphor, Bob. Wouldn't it actually make Scott Erickson...umm...ummm....

You know what?

We'll just stick with your metaphor.

2005-06-24 21:15:24
396.   Bob Timmermann
I've lost track of my metaphor. I'm just trying to lighten the mood. The metaphor controls me now.
2005-06-24 21:15:24
397.   Steve
You 388.

Strawmen burn easily.

2005-06-24 21:16:16
398.   Sam DC
We need to bring Alex Cora back to explain to Perez how an at bat like that is supposed to end.
2005-06-24 21:16:26
399.   Langhorne
Thank you, Jon.
2005-06-24 21:16:37
400.   regfairfield
This must be Soviet Russia then.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-06-24 21:16:57
401.   stubbs
I kinda wish I had picked a more beloved Dodger to be named after...if I had gone with Koufax or Garvey, I think my reception would have gone over smoother.
2005-06-24 21:17:36
402.   Steve
398 -- By diving into a pitch with your shoulder!
2005-06-24 21:18:02
403.   Bob Timmermann
You could have signed in as Darryl Strawberry. Or Steve Howe. Or maybe Todd Hundley.
2005-06-24 21:18:05
404.   bokonon42
Apropos of nothing: Nostradamus just contacted me from the spirit world and told me the Dodgers were going to win this game. You heard it here first!
2005-06-24 21:18:18
405.   ddger
It looks like the dodgers are going to lose this unless miracle rally in the 9th. Although Izzy made that error, usually GOOD pitchers pick up their teammates by getting out of it but Weaver (who is SOO FRAGILE, just like LOWE) gives up HIT, WALK, HIT so we can't blame everything on Izzy. Sometimes the defense makes great plays too. Anyway, if we don't get any runs it doesn't matter.
2005-06-24 21:19:11
406.   Steve
401 -- (chuckle)
2005-06-24 21:19:36
407.   Bob Timmermann
With the Dodgers offense tonight, Weaver was going to have to hold the Angels to -1.

A very 2003ish performance.

2005-06-24 21:19:57
408.   regfairfield
405 - I think you mean barely a hit, walk, little crappy flare.

This does not qualify as a Weaver collapse.

2005-06-24 21:20:21
409.   Steve
So many hated Dodgers, so little time:

Tom Niedenfuer?

2005-06-24 21:20:24
410.   Bob Timmermann
So the over/under for steals for the series is 5 isn't it?

The overs will likely win.

2005-06-24 21:20:27
411.   T Money

Was that "We want Barabbas" comment a reference to "24 Hour Party People?"

2005-06-24 21:21:53
412.   Bob Timmermann
No, Barabbas is a reference to a Biblical figure who has a widespread following in many parts of the world.
2005-06-24 21:22:16
413.   Nagman
This is one I don't pin on Weaver.

I wish we could've gotten a look at Cody Ross' arm.

2005-06-24 21:22:22
414.   Bob Timmermann
Dear Franquelis,

Please get Molina to hit the ball on the ground.

2005-06-24 21:22:23
415.   stubbs
You guys think our defensive stolen base problem is Phillips or the pitchers?

Should have gone with Bocachica.

2005-06-24 21:22:49
416.   Steve
405, 408 -- But the walk was a four pitch crap-out to .240 banjo-hitting Orlando Cabrera! I think there's enough blame to go around for that nonsense.

By the way, the correct answer, I think, to what would have happened on that play, is Beltre would have been smart enough not to call for it in the first place, because it appears it was never Perez's ball. But Izturis forgot that Perez is Darth Offerman, and trusted him. Bad move also.

2005-06-24 21:23:39
417.   Vishal
that over/under for steals was just for figgins alone, not for the whole team.
2005-06-24 21:23:56
418.   regfairfield
Little bit from column A, little bit from column B. I think Vinny once said that all of our pitchers have well below average delivery speeds.
2005-06-24 21:24:08
419.   T Money

Yeah, I know that. It's just that, in "24 Hour Party People," there's a scene where one character tells another that the worst conceivable name for a rock band is "Barabbas," because of the inevibility of the following chant: "Who do we want?" "Barabbas." "When do we want 'em?" "Now."

2005-06-24 21:24:20
420.   Bob Timmermann
I think Phillips got his mechanics all screwed up when he soon found out that no Dodger pitcher can hold anyone on.

Now, we should get to see somebody like Esteban Yan in the 9th! We could get a gift run!

2005-06-24 21:25:29
421.   bokonon42
Update: Nostradamus is still adamant; Dodgers win this one. Count on it.
2005-06-24 21:25:53
422.   Steve
Shutouts make bunting work. Just ask Joe Maddon.

Of course, shutouts make a lot of things work.

2005-06-24 21:26:49
423.   Steve
Damn it Osoria! Now they're going to send you to AAA and keep Erickson. Damn you! I dub thee Darth Niedenfuer to go with Darth Offerman.
2005-06-24 21:28:05
424.   Marty
Stubbs, it's not that. You are arguing (in my estimation) that this would be a contending team if Depo hadn't destroyed last year's team. In my mind, that's irrelevant. Last year's team that Depo came in on was seriously flawed. If he made no changes, we would be hamstrung for the rest of the decade. My contention is that all moves are with 2006 and beyond in mind. This year is a write-off. He will talk to the media like this year is important, but I think that is lip service.
2005-06-24 21:29:34
425.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers should just forfeit first games of series against the Angels.
In 2004, the Angels won 13-0 and 7-3.
2005-06-24 21:30:22
426.   Jon Weisman
Roger Cedeno - DFAed by St. Louis. Is nothing sacred? (That is not a rhetorical question.)
2005-06-24 21:30:38
427.   Nagman
Bob, the three triples in one inning by Seattle -- isn't a record or ties a record?
2005-06-24 21:32:30
428.   Bob Timmermann
Giants lose 4-3 to Oakland. Third place seems even safer!
2005-06-24 21:33:14
429.   stubbs
424-Agree this is a rebuilding year.
2005-06-24 21:33:52
430.   Bob Timmermann
Most triples in one inning is 5 by the Chicago White Sox vs. the Milwaukee Brewers in 1901.

Those Brewers are now the Baltimore Orioles.

2005-06-24 21:34:04
431.   Nagman
Just another day in the NL West.
2005-06-24 21:34:42
432.   Bob Timmermann
Oscar Robles is on FIRE!
2005-06-24 21:36:01
433.   Bob Timmermann
Mike Edwards is no longer on fire.
2005-06-24 21:38:27
434.   Vishal
every at-bat choi has had tonight has been a good one.
2005-06-24 21:39:32
435.   Nagman
434 - until it ends. (but I agree).
2005-06-24 21:39:56
436.   Vishal
sigh. well, besides the striking out part.
2005-06-24 21:40:34
437.   Bob Timmermann
Not everyone in the NL West loses. The DBacks won 2-1. And the Rockies beat the Royals.

The DBacks are starting to back into the race again.

That phrasing is intentional.

2005-06-24 21:42:28
438.   Benaiah
432 - I don't know why but I laughed. I think it is because I imagined someone saying it.
2005-06-24 21:42:43
439.   bokonon42
436- Careful! We Choi backers brook no criticism of OUR LOVING SAVIOR.
2005-06-24 21:42:46
440.   Fearing Blue
#434: The 2 Ks don't look so good in the boxscore. And that last K was ugly.

AB #1: 9 pitch K
AB #2: 8 pitch BB
AB #3: 3 pitch line drive out to CF
AB #4: 8 pitch K

Though, the average of 7 pitches / AB is very nice.

2005-06-24 21:43:06
441.   Nagman
Not a memorable game, nor a memorable DT night. I come here for insight and humor (not that I provide any), it was sparse.
2005-06-24 21:43:49
442.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, the Cardinals DFA'd Roger Cedeno. Maybe he can make a triumphant return to Dodger Stadium.

We all remember the heyday of Roger Cedeno in L.A.

Don't we?

I saw him hit a home run against the Brewers on Fan Appreciation Day in 1999 I think.

2005-06-24 21:46:38
443.   Bob Timmermann
You now know the major league record for triples in an inning. Isn't that worth something?
2005-06-24 21:48:10
444.   Marty
441. Where can you get a snipe session with so much compassion?
2005-06-24 21:48:31
445.   Nagman
I failed to thank you -- yes, thanks, that's actually a fun one to know.

Mariner hitters are wearing out the padre outfielders, hitting all the deep spots in Petco.

2005-06-24 21:49:12
446.   bokonon42
I can't think of a Timmermann post from this thread that wasn't either funny or informative. The deep throat one was delightful.
2005-06-24 21:51:30
447.   Nagman
444, I'll go argue with my wife about Tom Cruise now and give it a go.
2005-06-24 21:51:49
448.   Marty
446. Bob is the man. We are just visiting.
2005-06-24 21:53:05
449.   heato
Don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but Edwin picked up the win in Jacksonville tonight while allowing two runs and five hits in seven innings. LaRoche hit his fourth home run since getting to Jacksonville. In the week or so since he arrived he has almost one-quarter of Guzman's RBI total and over one-third the home runs.
2005-06-24 21:54:25
450.   Steve
If I was more technologically savvy, I would put up a gallery of everyone DFAed between my deadline last month and now. I wonder what Rick Short looks like? Bob? You've met him.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2005-06-24 21:54:58
451.   bokonon42
It was a little irritating, too, since it meant I couldn't bluster about all unnamed sources being made-up. "Unnamed sources are either made up or Mark Felt," just doesn't have the blunt force of unarguable truth.

Don't get a big head about it, though. One word about Choi that doesn't meet my standards and I'll turn on you like an inside fastball. An Erickson inside fastball.

2005-06-24 21:57:04
452.   Steve
I really liked "For Hee so loved the world" yesterday. That deserves a repeat. Was that yours bokonon, or someone else's?
2005-06-24 21:59:37
453.   Bob Timmermann
I'm watching the Padres. Denys Reyes for Scott Erickson would be a fair trade.

Rick Short has reddish hair and freckles.

2005-06-24 21:59:49
454.   Marty
449. This fair weather fan is starting to think packaging Guzman in a deal and keeping LaRouche is a good idea.
2005-06-24 22:00:30
455.   heato
Any reason they might be trying to throw the season like the Indians in "Major League"? Maybe that is the reason that Erickson still finds himself on the roster. Tracy needs to break out a picture of Jamie McCout that loses more clothes the more the team wins.
2005-06-24 22:01:16
456.   bokonon42
452-Nope. Mine (and there were a dozen or so) were the unfunny ones. Don't remember who posted that one. It does seem like Choi-lovers should be allowed to say the things they get accused of saying, whether they say them or not.
2005-06-24 22:02:16
457.   heato
454 -- I don't want to trade Guzman if that is what you thought I meant. I just think that LaRoche will be really good.
2005-06-24 22:04:17
458.   bokonon42
patsweetpat quoted Choi 3:16
2005-06-24 22:36:43
459.   bokonon42
How soon is too soon to start wondering whether Gagne might have been able to come back by the end of the year if his arm hadn't been cut open? It wasn't scar tissue that made the elbow burn, right?
2005-06-24 23:27:35
460.   Fearing Blue
#449: The thing that worries me about Edwin Jackson is he's forgotten how to strike people out. Even in tonight's game, he only struck out 3.

In other news, Vero Beach won 16 - 0. Our prospects on that team haven't been hitting much, so it's nice to see the team break out the good bats for a night.

2005-06-24 23:49:26
461.   jasonungar05
wow was that painful. I just got back from the game. The firework show after the game was great.

stubbs. wow. i'd say deshields. definetly delino.

2005-06-25 00:15:24
462.   bokonon42
459- So much for that theory.

2005-06-25 08:20:35
463.   Bob Timmermann
The question is now: is this an overuse injury? Or is this just one of those thing?

The nature of pitching makes it hard for me to believe that there is any way to NOT have an injury from some type of overuse.

2005-06-25 08:48:43
464.   Suffering Bruin
I think I should just program my computer to post "I agree with Bob here" and save the pounding my poor fingertips take every time I type it. Which is practically every time Bob posts.

It's probably an overuse injury. I'm starting to wonder if every pitcher, no matter who it is, will hav to suffer at least one career threatening injury before they hang 'em up. I think it's a prerequisite of the position.

2005-06-25 09:04:28
465.   Steve
Do you think that the "new" nature of the injury makes it more or less likely that this is an overuse injury? I actually thought it sounded less likely -- in the sense that it sounded simply like a "pitching" injury.

I guess that's the $64,000 Question.

2005-06-25 09:22:12
466.   Jim Hitchcock
I lean toward the future counselor's argument on this one...had sciatica once, caused by lifting a very light bag of trash from the side rather than the front...which would lead me to believe the onset of a nerve irritation problem to be sudden rather than gradual.

Also had a dislocated elbow which sawed through most of my ligaments and tendons in my left elbow. Healed fine, though. Is listening to people talk about their injuries akin to being forced their vacation slides?

2005-06-25 09:27:03
467.   Bob Timmermann
Agreeing with me on everything I say is nice, but I doubt it's a sound practice.

Don't ask me questions about contracts or team ownership issues. I really don't know squat there. Frank McCourt probably knows more. Which is damning McCourt with faint praise.

But I've almost memorized the name of every Dodgers manager. Helps that there were only three from 1951 through midway of 1996.

2005-06-25 09:29:38
468.   Bob Timmermann
Has Will Carroll written anything about Gagne's latest injury? Or is he too busy promoting his book?

While many disagree with Carroll, I think he knows more about this than most of us here.

2005-06-25 09:51:12
469.   Benaiah
"I came up, and I did well when I did pitch," said Thompson, who appeared in only four games in four weeks. "They had to make a move for a position player, and I was the logical candidate for it. I enjoyed the time and I'll be back."

It must hurt to have to lie into the cameras because you are too classy to cut down a fellow teammate. Especially one who isn't above dissing the rest of the team himself.

2005-06-25 09:52:57
470.   Bob Timmermann
It's also hard for a rookie to say in public, "Yeah, I'm a lot better than that veteran bum over there."

Not a good way to make friends in the majors.

2005-06-25 10:05:51
471.   Jim Hitchcock
Thompson's girlfriend is the future. Lisa Guerrero is the past.
2005-06-25 10:15:24
472.   Benaiah
Just because a rookie can't say it, doesn't mean it wouldn't hurt to have to say that you are the logical choice when there is a bunch of overcooked hamburger taking up a spot on the 25 man roster.
2005-06-25 10:40:10
473.   dzzrtRatt
The Thompson move was about 2006, too. Why waste the guy's future on a lost cause?

If Bradley and Drew come back strong, if the starting pitching stays at its current level, if the bats of Choi, Izturis and Werth start to get hits again, and we creep into view of San Diego, DePodesta will make a worthy trade and also bring up guys who can win like DT if there's room for him. Remember, we have $19 million to spend (heh).

Otherwise, they're probably thinking he benefits from the use pattern he'll be able to follow in AAA, rather than what's available here.

2005-06-25 11:06:23
474.   Linkmeister
Jim, you mean there's a picture of Thompson's girlfriend out here on the web?
2005-06-25 15:11:48
475.   Jim Hitchcock
Not that I know of, Link. She was a pretty hot topic during Thompson's debut, however, ssitting next to his mom.

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