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Moonlight on a Saturday Morning
2005-06-25 10:01
by Jon Weisman

Thought I'd pass along this article celebrating the upcoming 100th anniversary of Moonlight Graham's only major league appearance. (Thanks, Baseball Primer.)

Since I know where this inevitably leads - we've all had this conversation 100 times - I liked Field of Dreams (there is some real hard emotion amid all the treacle that the film's detractors cite), and the greatest baseball movie of all time is The Bad News Bears.

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2005-06-25 10:10:10
1.   Bob Timmermann
If you post it, they will come.
2005-06-25 10:24:38
2.   dodgergirl3
bull durham......
2005-06-25 10:25:54
3.   the OZ is VERY BAD to drink Jobu's rum.
2005-06-25 10:26:20
4.   the OZ
Or Jobu's Plaschke.
2005-06-25 10:31:58
5.   dzzrtRatt
Field of Dreams is OK by me. I was moved by it. It tapped into some atavistic need to be a son taught the basics of life by a father. It was too long, some of it was dumb, but I loved it.

"A League of Their Own" is a great baseball movie. Written by Kelly Candele, brother of former Dodger Casey. "Bull Durham" is a little cutsie at times but very good. Also: "Eight Men Out."

Has there ever been a good (or bad) movie about Bo Belinsky?

2005-06-25 10:33:10
6.   Steve
Easily the best baseball movie ever:

2005-06-25 10:38:17
7.   Bob Timmermann
The online baseball game for Steve:

It's really hard. Even when you set it on "easy".

2005-06-25 10:48:21
8.   Berkeley Doug
I also really liked Field of Dreams and Bad News Bears. Other baseball movies I thoroughly enjoyed:

Eight Men Out
Pride of the Yankees
Field of Dreams
Bang the Drum Slowly
Major League - Who knew Pete Vuckovich could act?
The Sandlot - How can you not like a movie where one of the characters grows up to be a Dodger?

2005-06-25 10:50:47
9.   Steve
7 - That game compares Chief Justice Roger Taney with Juan Marichal.

Justice Taney wrote Dred Scott.

Yeah, I can go with that.

The Sandlot is underrated.

2005-06-25 10:56:18
10.   Bob Timmermann
The game also compares Earl Warren to Bowie Kuhn.
Somebody was compared to Warren Cromartie.
2005-06-25 10:58:04
11.   Steve
Compared Anthony Kennedy to Bret Saberhagen, but I would have picked Jim Tracy.
2005-06-25 11:08:24
12.   Sam DC
The Jet steals home, the Jet steals home . . . I love it.

But BNB is my favorite. I appalled another dad at T-Ball this morning (before seeing this post) when I admitted I'd let my four year old watch that movie. He loved it, and asks a lot for the one with "the girl pitcher.")

2005-06-25 11:20:15
13.   Bob Timmermann
I made it through the "hard" version of the game.

The key to winning that part.... Making lucky guesses.

2005-06-25 11:33:58
14.   Bob Timmermann
As for the films, I don't think "Field of Dreams" or even "A League of Their Own" are too sentimental. I tend to watch them when I want to feel sentimental. Strangely both films remind me of my late mother more than my late father.

My mom and I saw "Field of Dreams" together and we both left a bit misty-eyed. But she grew up without a father for most of her life. She died before "A League of Their Own" came out, but it makes me sad just because of the ending when there are a bunch of baseball-loving women who would be approximately my mom's age talking about the game.

"Bang the Drum Slowly" is a surprisingly good film, although it looks very 1970s-ish. I've seen the TV version from the 1950s which has Paul Newman and Albert Salmi in it, but it's not quite as good as the film.

I would recommend that if you haven't seen "Bang the Drum Slowly" that you READ the book that preceded the film, which is called "The Southpaw". That is one of the best baseball novels I've ever read and the best one in Mark Harris's 4-part series on the life of Henry Wiggen. Two of the four books aren't particularly good "Ticket for a Seamstich" and "It Looked Like Forever".

2005-06-25 11:50:12
15.   dan reines
interesting that no one's mentioned "the natural." not shocking, perhaps, but interesting.

for my money, jon's right -- bad news bears can't be topped. in fact, i was thisclose to persuading my wife to name our last kid tanner. the deal-breaker was the way it flows into our last name, which, alas, rhymes with anus. (for the same reason, we never even considered seymour.)

2005-06-25 11:57:55
16.   Jon Weisman
I want to like "Bang the Drum Slowly" more than I actually do, but that scene in the clubhouse when we actually hear the song played is an absolute lump-in-the-throat killer.
2005-06-25 11:58:48
17.   Jon Weisman
I like "The Natural" and often find myself having to defend it. Different from the book, of course, but still a great movie, I think.

"Eight Men Out" is probably my No. 2.

2005-06-25 12:13:48
18.   Bob Timmermann
Jon, I can send you Johnny Cash singing "The Streets of Laredo" sometime. Guaranteed to remove any happiness you may be feeling at the time. But in a good way.
2005-06-25 12:23:31
19.   Marty
1. Eight Men Out
2. Bingo Long
3. Beverly Hillbillies episode with Drysdale, Bavasi and Durocher. "Whop it Mr. Doooorosher!"
2005-06-25 12:25:29
20.   Bob Timmermann
What about the "Mr. Ed" with Durocher, Roseboro, Drysdale, and Tommy Davis? (There may have been others.)
2005-06-25 12:37:33
21.   Marty
I'm partial to the Hillbillies. My friends have been saying "whop it" to each other on the golf course since that episode ran.
2005-06-25 13:02:48
22.   Icaros
18 - I agree completely.

I like the 70sness of Bang the Drum Slowly, since I love almost everything from the 70s anyway, but it's the actual parts where they play baseball that I'd rather not see.

It's clear that most of the actors in that film spent their childhoods on stage instead of on a baseball field. I think Major League has done the best job so far with realistic gameplay action. Even Corbin Bernsen looks like a 3B.

And don't forget the Brady Bunch episode with Drysdale.

2005-06-25 13:06:28
23.   molokai
Always liked the "Natural". Never thought of the "Bad News Bears" as a great movie, I'll have to revisit the movie. Haven't seen it seen it 1st came out and I may have been a jaded teen ager. Liked and didn't like "Field of Dreams". Bull Durham is still my favorite.

FYI-checking out the future games rosters and was reminded that LaRoche was signed by Evans as a 39th round pick. No one thought he'd go pro but Logan White took a flyer and then we gave him a huge bonus to sign. That should go in the WIN column for Mr. Evans. I'm getting fonder and fonder of Mr. Evans these days but then I always liked him. Just sticking the Yank's with Brown will always put him on a pedestal for me.

2005-06-25 13:07:31
24.   bokonon42
17- I'll say the book was different. It was different like Marge Simpson's version of the Joan of Arc story--

Lisa: What happened, dad? They didn't really burn her, did they?

Marge: Of course they didn't honey. Just then, Sir Lancelot drove up on a white horse and saved Joan Of Arc, they got married and lived in a spaceship, the end. [tears out page and eats it] Well, it's easier to chew than that Bambi video!

2005-06-25 13:14:47
25.   Bob Timmermann
Are you saying that Micahel Moriarity didn't look like a big league pitcher to you? :-)
I objected more that he was right-handed since that character started in a book titled "The Southpaw".

Robert DeNiro is sort of small to be a catcher, but I guess he's Paul Lo Duca-sized.

2005-06-25 13:20:30
26.   Icaros
25 - I must've checked out a post-film version of the book because the one I read was actually titled "Bang the Drum Slowly."

I think Paul LoDuca was modeled after the DeNiro character. Full of heart and soul.

2005-06-25 13:20:36
27.   GoBears
I absolutely hated Field of Dreams the first time I saw it. Mostly, I think it was because it's not a baseball movie, and that disappointed me. But I watched it again recently, and liked it better, taking it on its own terms. I now realize that the reason to hate it was pretty obvious - Kevin Costner. He singlehandedly ruined The Untouchables, and after his absurd Robin Hood, I vowed never to see a Costner movie again. Luckily, I'd already seen and liked Bull Durham and No Way Out. But I might be the only person who never saw Dances with Wolves. And I never will. Have I missed anything that's good despite Costner?
2005-06-25 13:27:20
28.   Bob Timmermann
The Mark Harris series of novels about Henry Wiggen go in this order:
The Southpaw
Bang the Drum Slowly
A Ticket for a Seamstitch
It Looked Like Forever

In "The Southpaw" Henry Wiggen, called Arthur by his teammates, gets Bruce Pearson, the ill-fated catcher as his roommate toward the end of the book. Pearson is a nice guy, but not very bright and Henry doesn't like him because he pees in the sink. Nobody likes Bruce Pearson except for Henry Wiggen at the end of the first book.

Sorry to bring up that issue again, but it's really a plot point in the book!

2005-06-25 13:29:14
29.   adamclyde
call me dumb. call me sappy. call me disney. call me whatever. But I liked the Rookie with Dennis Quaid.

I also liked field of dreams. It's the only movie I can stomach with Costner in it.

Sandlot rocked. The mouth-to-mouth scene at the pool was the best.

However, Bad News Bears is probably the best of them all. Classic.

2005-06-25 13:29:40
30.   adamclyde
oh. but most of all, I really liked the Natural.
2005-06-25 13:30:18
31.   molokai
Yanks have a 200 million $ payroll and two AAA pitchers in the rotation. I guess things aren't so bad here.

Totally enjoyed the The Untouchables but maybe it was because Connery was so great but don't remember Costner being bad in that movie.

I guess with all the great male American actors getting old or dying and the new one's not very good is why every good movie now has an Aussie or Englishman playing an American. We have lots of stars but very few actors.

2005-06-25 13:31:13
32.   joekings
From the article Jon linked to.

"I didn't see 'Field of Dreams.' I don't watch movies about what I do," San Francisco slugger Barry Bonds said.

What a guy!

2005-06-25 13:31:54
33.   Icaros
28 - I didn't realize it was a series like that. Thanks for info.

What are you, a librarian or something?

Moriarty could have thrown left-handed in the movie and not looked any less awkward.

2005-06-25 13:32:11
34.   Bob Timmermann
A friend of mine did some music for "The Rookie", so I had to sit through all the credits at the end.

His band's music was heard for about a minute, but I dutifully paid attention to hear it!

The Pads lead the M's 3-0 after 1. And Peavy is pitching today against Aaron Sele, so I wouldn't count on the Mariners scoring 14 runs.

2005-06-25 13:32:35
35.   Benaiah
27 - I think Dances with Wolves is way overrated (I am not saying it is a bad movie, but alot of people must have been feeling guilty for it to have won an Oscar) but I loved Free Range. Mostly because of Duvall and the fact that I am a sucker for anything remotely western (man Deadwood is a good show!). What do people think of For the Love of the Game? It was cheesy at times, but it had its moments.
2005-06-25 13:36:56
36.   Bob Timmermann
I strangely enjoy "Rookie of the Year" too.

The Mark Harris series is one of the few series of novels I've ever finished. And the last two were quite disappointing. The third book is just a novella.

2005-06-25 13:41:52
37.   rageon
#35 - I think mean "Open Range", right? Surprisingly good movie. I'm a big fan of "For Love of the Game." Sure, it's sappy and cliche, but I still love it.

Top baseball picks, in no particular order:
- For Love of the Game
- Eight Men Out
- Major League

2005-06-25 13:44:50
38.   Icaros
I read the 2001, 2010, 2061, 3001 series by Arthur C. Clark.

They went: 1) great 2) not as good 3) even less good 4) pretty good.

2005-06-25 13:46:26
39.   Marty
Dances with Wolves beat out Goodfellas for the Oscar. Even if it were a good film (I don't think so), that's reason enough to hate it.

My favorite movie that year was Miller's Crossing. It didn't even get nominated.

2005-06-25 13:54:24
40.   Steve
37 -- I am exercising my Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.
2005-06-25 13:54:40
41.   The Anc
I understand Barry, that's why I never, ever watch movies about Loss Prevention Managers at A/V retailers.


2005-06-25 13:54:44
42.   Bob Timmermann
We now want him back!

Beltre doubles in a run against Peavy to make it 3-1 Padres over Seattle.

2005-06-25 13:57:24
43.   Benaiah
I really like Goodfellas, but I have developed a predisposition against Mafia movies because it seems that everyone else has a bias towards them. At least among my friends, every Mafia movie is a good movie.

I think the best baseball movie is The Pride of the Yankees, if only because the speach at the end is one of the few moments in a mans life where he is given a free pass to wipe away a tear. The other's being: birth of first child, the other kids don't count,unless the other ones were girls (kidding), graduation of your kids, death of either parent and the end of Its a Wonderful Life (I may be biased on that last one).

2005-06-25 13:57:28
44.   Steve
That OPS will be over .700 ere the sun shines!
2005-06-25 13:57:30
45.   GoBears
I hope Beltre climbs out of his own personal Pit of Despair and makes a decent season of it. There is no way he'll come close to 2004, but we now know that ability is in there, and it'd be a shame for him and for us for it never to appear again. I'm thinking an .850 OPS or so would be nice. He'd have to catch fire for even that to happen.

That said, I still think the Dodgers were smart not to pay him what Seattle is paying him.

2005-06-25 13:59:15
46.   GoBears
43: Dude, "Brian's Song." I defy any man to get through that one dry-eyed. If you do, you have no Lo Duca.
2005-06-25 14:02:15
47.   Benaiah
46: I forgot about when your team wins the World Series. If you don't get misty eyed something is wrong.
2005-06-25 14:13:29
48.   dan reines
I forgot about "For Love of the Game," which makes sense, being that it was pretty average...

...except for the stellar job by whoever it was played the announcer in that one.

2005-06-25 14:16:46
49.   stevo
#38 would you suggest that 2061 is worth reading?
2005-06-25 14:25:14
50.   Suffering Bruin
It will be intriguing to see how racy the dialogue will be in the new version of the Bad News Bears. Tanner's line after being introduced to their new pitcher (Tatum O'Neal) was not what one would call politically correct.

The original was a terrific film. When you watch the original, make a note to check out the area surrounding the playing field. Then, drive by the intersection of Sepulveda and Ohio. The difference, as you could imagine, is night and day.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-25 14:29:01
51.   joekings
SD is up 8-1 in the 5th.
2005-06-25 14:37:39
52.   Spageticus
Jason Romano is getting a cup of joe as the Reds placed Freel on the DL.

- The Natural
- Bad News Bears (Tanner was my idol)

2005-06-25 14:39:21
53.   bigcpa
Count me as a Natural fan. It features some motivational words for the 2005 Dodgers...

"Losing is a disease, as contagious as syphilis, infecting one
but affecting all."

2005-06-25 14:56:38
54.   molokai
Sepulveda and Ohio.

Hey, I used to practice softball there. Used to work in SM and that is where we'd go after work to get some playing time in.

How far has Kearns fallen that 1st Encarnacion is brought up to DH this week and then Romano when Freel goes on the DL? I guess Miley wasn't the problem and O'Brien still wants to teach him some kind of lesson.

2005-06-25 14:57:59
55.   Steve
One of my favorite moments this year was Romano coming in as a pinch runner at second base with 1st and 2nd, nobody out, and getting picked off on the first pitch.
2005-06-25 15:01:31
56.   Bob Timmermann
Peavy left after 5 innings after the Mariners closed the gap to 8-5.

Beltre is 1 for 2 with 2 RBI, one on a double and the other on a sac fly.

San Diego is jut +5 in runs scored coming into the game (and at +8 now). I would love to see no one in the NL West be in the black in that category this year.

It would be fitting for this division, which is pretty much the Ship of Lost Souls.

2005-06-25 15:11:52
57.   bigcpa
PTI but on the heels of Plaschke's all-time low yesterday (Drew column) I find this interesting...

from a recent thread on Primer by "Too Much Cofee Man":
On XM's Baseball Beat yesterday, I heard an interview w/ one of the beat writers for the Marlins, maybe Kevin Barker, but I don't recall exactly. He was trying to explain why the Marlins weren't playing up to the "tremendous expectations that everybody had for them." His explanation was essentially bad luck - they were pitching great and hitting great, just not hitting with runners in scoring position.
So, here's the data (ranks for NL only)

ERA - 1st, Avg - 4th
Avg, RISP - 5th, OBP - 5th
Runs - 14th

Now, I'm thinking that if you're the beat writer for a team, you could spend the 30-40 seconds it takes to pull this information. Then, the question was, what should they do to turn it around. His answer was, stand pat, because:
a) if it's just bad luck (i.e., Avg-RISP), that should go away (reasonable if the premise was correct)
b) there's no one they could trade and upgrade.

He then went on to say that the reason for the high expectations was that they have an all-star or all-star caliber player AT EVERY POSITION!

OK, let me pull this back to the Dodgers. As a group, beat writers and columnist lack the ability to objectively evaluate the talent on the teams that they cover. The Dodgers got Werth and Bradley for nothing last year, and writers in LA couldn't see any reasons for the team scoring more runs then the year before. As a writer, part of your job is to explain the ebbs and flows in a season, and if you do not think of random chance as an explanation and you cannot evaluate talent, you're left with hypothesizing "motivation", "clutch," "luck" etc., with nothing that can disprove your hypothesis. In time, the hypothesis turns into opinion and then into fact.
end of post

Good stuff. So then I stumble on this in Stark's latest column...

"The Marlins are second in the league in ERA, third in batting average, first in average with runners in scoring position and first in starting pitching ERA. So how can they possibly be fourth in the NL East in the standings, 12th in the league in runs scored and nine games under .500 since May 24?

How do we explain all that? Well, for the first time under Jack McKeon, this team has lost the quality it once rode all the way to a World Series upset of the Yankees – that feeling that it would always find some way to win the close ones."

2005-06-25 15:12:12
58.   Langhorne
What are the Mariners wearing? I assume they're throwback uniforms. But a throwback to what?
2005-06-25 15:21:43
59.   Bob Timmermann
I can't see the game, but it's supposed to be a PCL throwback so they should be wearing Seattle Rainiers uniforms.
2005-06-25 15:25:56
60.   Benaiah
57 - Well at least Stark looked up the numbers before jumping to an illogical conclusion. The real problem is HR, despite having the 6th best OPS in the NL they have the 15th most homers.
2005-06-25 15:26:50
61.   Bob Timmermann
You've lost the clutch game feeling
Whoa, that clutch game feeling
Bring back that clutch game feeling
But it's gone, gone, gone.
Whoooa oh
2005-06-25 15:27:30
62.   Benaiah
Also they manage to have the 6th best slugging with the 14th most TB.
2005-06-25 15:27:45
63.   Jim Hitchcock
6 - Too funny, Steve. I'd never seen a movie with an IMDB reting of 2.8 before. Yikes.

GoBears, you really have to see `Dances With Wolves'. Costner really isn't that bad in it (though not as low key as in `Open Range'...where he was Antonio Banderas in his `lowkeyedness'). It's simply a great story.

Currently re-reading `Centinnial', I'd love to see the teleplay of that again. Don't know how many of you have seen it, but it ranks right up there with `Band of Brother' in the pantheon of all time great miniseries.

Oh, sorry, this is about baseball movies. A little surprised no one has mentioned two of the best `small' baseball flicks...`Soul of the Game' and `Long Gone'.

2005-06-25 15:28:04
64.   gvette
The Padres are wearing replica 1936 PCL Padres uniforms, the Mariners are wearing 1938 Rainiers replicas.

Maybe it would help Choi if he visited his hometown,sawed a bat out of a fallen tree, and gave it the Korean version of the name "Wonderboy".

2005-06-25 15:29:04
65.   Jim Hitchcock
...Should have read Antonio Banderas in `The Thirteenth Warrior'...
2005-06-25 15:30:22
66.   Steve
Has anyone else here ever seen Pastime? Very good movie.
2005-06-25 15:30:59
67.   Bob Timmermann
Good news: The Mariners have the potential tying run at bat
Bad news: It's Willie Bloomquist.
2005-06-25 15:35:22
68.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey, `Pastime' looks pretty good. And Robert Fick's brother is in it!
2005-06-25 15:36:11
69.   Bob Timmermann
I've seen "Pastime". Its ending is a little surprising.

I tend to confuse it with "Long Gone" which came out around the same time. (Or so I thought, but they actually came out four years apart)

Both are pretty good.

2005-06-25 15:40:14
70.   Bob Timmermann
The Mariners have no position players left so if they do rally in the 9th, they are going to end up with an American League relief pitcher hitting. The pitcher's spot would be up ninth, so mathematically, the game would be have to be at least tied if that spot game up again.

Wouldn't it? With the Mariners down 3 and all.

2005-06-25 15:43:36
71.   Jon Weisman
Yes, Pastime is good.

Good or fun, movies with Kevin Costner:

Bull Durham
Field of Dreams
Dances with Wolves
The Untouchables
No Way Out
A Perfect World (his most underrated)
Tin Cup

And I didn't hate For Love of the Game.

All in all, that's not a bad career at all.

2005-06-25 15:47:07
72.   Bob Timmermann
Kevin Costner is not bad in "The Upside of Anger" where he plays a guy modeled after Denny McLain. But the script has problems. And Mike Binder is in it too much. And Mike Binder wrote it. And directed it.

To me, Mike Binder is the Scott Erickson of HBO series.

2005-06-25 15:48:18
73.   Jim Hitchcock
Good movie with a bad Kevin Costner...Testament.

Perfect World was a very good flick...Costner did a good job of acting in the era. Plus, his young co-star did a fine job.

2005-06-25 15:48:24
74.   Bob Timmermann
No joy in Mudville.

Padres 8, Mariners 5

Time to watch the scoreboard to see if the Tigers can beat the DBacks!

2005-06-25 15:53:22
75.   Jim Hitchcock
So, what are your plans in Japan, Bob?
2005-06-25 15:54:09
76.   Marty
Jon, don't get me started with Tin Cup. An insult to golfers around the world.
2005-06-25 16:00:26
77.   Jim Hitchcock
OTOH, Marty, `A Gentleman's Game' and `Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius' were O.K.
2005-06-25 16:02:11
78.   Marty
:-). I've never seen a golf movie I liked. It must be really hard to get someone who can act and has a good swing. Particularly bad is Glenn Ford as Ben Hogan.
2005-06-25 16:23:27
79.   Bob Timmermann
Few golf movies make me more irritated than the "Legend of Bagger Vance". If I had a caddy like Will Smith in that film, I would throw him over a cliff.
2005-06-25 16:30:56
80.   Bob Timmermann
I'm mad!
Buddy Bell is sitting down Mark Teahen tonight and starting Joe McEwing instead at third base.

How does he expect Teahen to reach his full potential if he sits him against lefties all the time?

And c'mon Clint Hurdle, Dustan Mohr instead of Jorge Piedra?


2005-06-25 16:33:33
81.   Bob Timmermann
I'm going to Japan as part of a multilateral negotiating team to meet with North Korea to get them to stop their nuclear program.

I figure that I can wrap that up in a day or two and then just watch baseball games the rest of the time.

2005-06-25 16:37:17
82.   Jim Hitchcock
Just remember, Bob...true diplomacy requires that you sample all kimchi put before you.
2005-06-25 16:38:08
83.   Tommy Naccarato
Its a good thing they never made Golf in the Kingdom into a movie.

That being...I really am a sucker for most baseball movies. One of the more obscure ones called "Pastime" starring William Rus. Yes, it was a tear-jerker. Set in 1950's Central California, (Modesto if I remember right) Rus plays an aging ballplayer that's been stuck what seems like his whole life in the minors. He's given the assignment to watch over, or befriends a young new rookie--only he's black, and as would be an example of the era, most of the team is set out to ruin any chance or promise the rookie has in making it to the bigs. It's loaded with some of the great baseball stars of our pastime playing parts as VFW members who support the team as fans. (Duke, Bob Feller, "Mr. Baseball" Ernie Banks)

The movie is outstanding and I recommend it to all. One of the Great baseball movies ever made that no one ever really saw, and that's ashame.

2005-06-25 16:47:03
84.   Bob Timmermann
If I'm lucky, I won't be eating any kimchi.

I'll just stick to Japanese food.

This is typical Japanese breakfast food:

It's actually pretty good if you put some mustard on it.

That photo is not an exaggeration.

2005-06-25 16:53:37
85.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey, Honey Nut Soylent Beige!
2005-06-25 17:09:28
86.   Bob Timmermann
I bought two copies of Mark Langill's photo book on the Dodgers to give to my friends in Japan as gifts. I almost forgot to get something. The rule in Asia I've learned is: Bring a gift.

Of course, I can't bring them wrapped, but I'm sure I can get someone in a department store to wrap them for me. Watching a Japanese store clerk wrap something is a sight to behold.

I am physically unable to wrap any gift correctly. My brain does not consider a third dimension when considering how much paper I need.

I give people a lot of gift cards now.

2005-06-25 17:20:20
87.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, my expertise is pretty much limited to aluminum foil. Even the I get the tape stuck to my fingers.
2005-06-25 17:49:13
88.   Marty
I could eat Kimchi 3 times a day. Of course, no one would be able to be around me if I did.
2005-06-25 17:59:51
89.   Linkmeister
"The rule in Asia I've learned is: Bring a gift."

Not just Asia, but here in Hawai'i, too. I've been on numbers of inter-island flights where passengers were loaded down with island-specific gifts (Maui chips being brought back to Oahu, forex). Out here the custom is called omiyage, which is probably stolen from Japanese.

2005-06-25 18:04:31
90.   Jim Hitchcock
I think it's fair to say that kimchi is the Deet of people repellants.

Homer Simpson on Maui chips: Mmmm, Maui chips. Mmmm...

2005-06-25 18:59:35
91.   GoBears
In all my years and travels and experiments, I've never had any food of any type of cuisine that I didn't like. Monkey brains? Sure. Turtle-blood Sake? Fill er up! Rooster balls Dim Sum? Absolutely. Sea urchin? Yummy. Cardboard with salt? Why not? I am an omnivore.

There is one exception. Natto. It's heinous. They call it fermented soy beans, but what they really mean is "Spoiled."

Natch, my wife eats it just to emasculate me. Yuck! In fact, most Japanese, especially younger than 50, won't eat it.

I used to ride past the Bad News Bears park on Sepulveda and Ohio every day on my way to work (have since moved so that it's no longer on the way). I just took their word for it (there's a sign), because I sure didn't recognize it.

2005-06-25 19:17:39
92.   Jim Hitchcock
Remembering `Faces of Death' well, if not fondly, I hope that wasn't live monkey brains you were munching on, GoBears...

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