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Swing Away
2005-06-30 09:03
by Jon Weisman

There's no conclusive evidence to indicate what modified the synapse that encouraged the speedy, sharp-hitting Antonio Perez to bunt with two runners on and none out in Wednesday's game - it could have been Mom and Dad, video games, childhood coaching or gremlins as much as it could have been the patterns of Dodger manager Jim Tracy - but good on Tracy for getting Perez to swing.

The Dodger manager has been criticized for calling for too many bunts and Perez — who is batting .328 — has failed to execute the play more than once. Perez tried to bunt on his own but Tracy wanted the hot-hitting infielder to drive the ball.

"I yelled at Lett, 'What's he doing?' " Tracy said.

The coach made Tracy's intentions clear to Perez, who moments later was pumping his fist in the air as the ball cleared the center-field fence.

"I thought I'd move the runners," Perez said. "They want me to swing, so that's fine. I love to swing."

Has there been anyone else criticizing Tracy for bunting too often besides many of the people who gather here (fellow bloggers included)?

* * *

Ross and David Newhan are profiled in a lovely piece in this week's Sports Illustrated by Bruce Schonefeld.

... It is 1983. A sportswriter's nine-year-old can still pull on a pair of spikes and take infield with the players' kids, and nobody will think to complain. In some ways a beat writer is an auxiliary member of the team he covers, bound to it by the desultory rhtyhms of the season. Players can be considered friends. When David's parents married in 1968 - in January, so no games would be missed - half the ball club Ross was covering attended. "I have been officiating at this temple for many years," the rabbi intoned, "and this is the first time I've felt truly surrounded by Angels."

Comments (157)
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2005-06-30 09:43:54
1.   Howard Fox
Great to see Perez hit that homer, he and Kent are the hot hitters right now, we need them to keep swinging away while the going's good...

I also thought it kind of funny...Cody Ross makes a couple of nice running catches, makes a terrific throw from deep right center to nail Giles trying to advance on a fly out, and Tracy removes him for Repko for defensive purposes late in the game...

2005-06-30 09:45:44
2.   db1022
If I'm reading the boxscore correctly (didn't really follow the game realtime), it was a tie game, two on, no out, with 3-4-5 coming up. This is a classic bunt situation for Tracy.

May he actually be learning?

2005-06-30 09:48:01
3.   Howard Fox
2-learning that Perez doesn't know how to bunt?
2005-06-30 09:49:22
4.   scareduck
I assume by the lack of a link that the Newhan profile is in the print edition.
2005-06-30 09:54:14
5.   db1022
#3 - We're talking about the guy that had Choi and Drew bunt in the same game. Baby steps. I guess we need to see what he does next time in this situation.

What would've been the reaction in the press and from Tracy had Perez hit into a DP?

2005-06-30 10:16:23
6.   Jon Weisman
5 - It's happened already. Just recently, with Jason Phillips, for example. The reaction would have blamed Perez and not Tracy.

Perez has grounded into two double plays in 306 career plate appearances.

2005-06-30 10:17:42
7.   Howard Fox
anyone notice how many DPs Izturis has grounded into...wasn't he the toughest one to double up or close to it last year?
2005-06-30 10:21:45
8.   fanerman91
I would notice if I had seen more games. I miss being home, if only so I can watch those beloved Dodgers more often...
2005-06-30 10:33:04
9.   the OZ
Has there been anyone else criticizing Tracy for bunting too often besides many of the people who gather here (fellow bloggers included)?

Steve Henson has occassionally worked references from DT or BP into his game coverage. I don't know what, if any, direct contact Jon has with Mr. Henson, but there is at least some evidence he reads DT.

Jon may not be a Times writer (to the paper's detriment), but he may be having a subtle influence on the coverage of at least one quality writer named Henson.

2005-06-30 10:36:26
10.   fanerman91
Jon may not be a Times writer (to the paper's detriment)

If wishing made it so...

2005-06-30 10:39:29
11.   db1022
Sorry Jon. We can't have you going to the LA Times.

Its a slippery slope from the LA Times to those Around the Horn, Cold Pizza, etc. shows. If I ever saw you on one of those, I think I'd lose the will to live.

2005-06-30 10:56:43
12.   fanerman91
Boy it sure is a slow day...
2005-06-30 10:56:57
13.   Jon Weisman
So far, all signs point to a long life for you, db.

Although I did have that KCRW appearance 18 months ago ... still waiting for the next one.

2005-06-30 11:01:10
14.   db1022
#13 - My wife and kid will be glad to hear ;-)
2005-06-30 11:02:10
15.   the OZ
11 - I have no way of knowing this for sure, but I doubt that Jon is capable of screaming loudly enough to get through ESPN's auditions.
2005-06-30 11:04:23
16.   fanerman91
Though since ESPN only hires people through reality TV shows these days, watching Jon audition may be entertainment enough.
2005-06-30 11:08:15
17.   Marty
For Jon to be on ESPN, he would need to come up with a catch-phrase for a home run.

"It's going, going, gone! I just wet my pants!"

"Slap me on the ass, that one's outta here!"

Something like that.

2005-06-30 11:11:57
18.   Midwest Blue

"Holy Timmerman, it's gone."
"And it's a ding-dong dinger."
"If he bunts, I'll drink my urine."

2005-06-30 11:13:41
19.   db1022
"Sweet sassy molassy!"
2005-06-30 11:22:56
20.   Colorado Blue
Speaking of Timmerman... I wonder if he wrote this on his flight over to Japan. Bob?

2005-06-30 11:23:38
21.   dzzrtRatt
"Going, going, and hey, what's that smell?!"
2005-06-30 11:26:47
22.   Linkmeister
KCRW appearance? Was that on Harry Shearer's Le Show?
2005-06-30 11:28:06
23.   Jon Weisman
No, Which Way L.A., after the McCourts' first press conference.
2005-06-30 11:29:43
24.   dzzrtRatt
Here's something truly disturbing. It's a snip from a Times of London interview with George W. Bush:

Not content with dispensing the presidential autograph, Mr Bush reaches into a cabinet full of memorabilia and produces lapel pins and, for my colleague, a baseball with the presidential seal.

The shift to sport is an opportunity to ask him the question burning in the minds of many British people — what does he think of the takeover of Manchester United by Malcolm Glazer, the US sports franchise owner? "I read about that on," he says.

Our president, reading Joe Morgan chats. The world is f**d!

2005-06-30 11:43:46
25.   GoBears
Washington is now 15 games over .500, despite having been outscored so far on the season. They "should be" 38-39, 7.5 games behind Atlanta. Instead, they're +8 and Atlanta is -3, so the Nats are 46-31, 3.5 up.

The other real outliers are Arizona (+6), CWS (+5), Mil (-5), and Tor/Col (both -3). All other teams are within 2 games of their projections.

2005-06-30 11:51:01
26.   Im So Blue
anyone notice how many DPs Izturis has grounded into...wasn't he the toughest one to double up or close to it last year?

Izzy's stats for the last 4 years:
2002 12 468 2.6%
2003 08 593 1.3%
2004 06 728 0.8%
2005 07 329 2.1%

2004 Dodgers, lowest GDP per plate appearance (data from

01 326 0.3% J Werth
02 270 0.7% D Roberts
06 728 0.8% C Izturis
03 238 1.3% J Hernandez
06 416 1.4% H Choi
03 190 1.6% D Ross
03 175 1.7% R Ventura
09 484 1.9% A Cora
14 706 2.0% S Finley
12 597 2.0% M Bradley
04 192 2.1% J Grabowski
15 657 2.3% A Beltre
17 671 2.5% S Green
07 224 3.1% B Mayne
04 128 3.1% O Saenz

I knew Roberts & Izzy were tough to double up last year, but Jayson Werth was a surprise at the top of the list.

2005-06-30 11:51:12
27.   Fearing Blue
From the Baseball Prospectus transaction analysis:

Recalled OF-R Cody Ross from Las Vegas; optioned LHP Derek Thompson to Las Vegas. [6/24]

Okay, I have to admit, I really don't get it. Thompson was effective in the rotation, and short one Gagne, the pen needs all the help it can get. Spending the month in the pen, Scott Erickson didn't give this team four innings through June 28 over that time. Why keep him? Why not bump Elmer Dessens to the pen and leave Thompson where he was? Having Ross up to help give Jim Tracy a full collection of bats in DH games, that we get. But why continue to protect Erickson, a player who's watching so many games he should be asked to buy a season-ticket package, and who you have no more incentive to put into a game than you do Joe Shlabotnik?

2005-06-30 12:18:23
28.   dzzrtRatt
Tracy and/or DePo are trying to slip Erickson past us. They figure if they stopped using him for a month, we'd forget how crappy he is. Then, they could resurrect him in July and pretend he's a new pitcher. Very Orwellian.
2005-06-30 12:21:29
29.   Jim Hitchcock
23 - Cool. Much prefer Warren to that other guy.
2005-06-30 12:29:52
30.   Steve
Early in the year, Tim Brown, in one of his Angel-related thumbsuckers, stated that one of the reasons the Angel organization was clearly better than the Dodger organization was that there was no such thing as "" I took this as evidence that Brown is familiar, at least, with my site, though perhaps not familiar with how much I hate Mike Scioscia. At about the same time, Ghame Over made it into another column. Perhaps this is all just self-delusions of grandeur, but I have to believe that the Dodger Blogosphere is known of, if not the source from which all Times allusions flow (but who are these mysterious anti-bunters they keep talking about?)
2005-06-30 12:42:42
31.   Jim Hitchcock
It's all Steve's fault...
2005-06-30 12:52:49
32.   Midwest Blue
2005-06-30 12:52:49
33.   db1022
With the ego's involved, you'd assume that they would love reading these sites.

Look no further than how Simers revels in the negative emails that are written about him. I assume Plaschke is the same way. Not sure about the others.

Also, unfortunately in their own myopic view, they feel they are correct in their opinions of McCourt, Depo, etc. It would be a different story if the Dodgers were 5 games in first place, and McCourt and Depo were vindicated.

2005-06-30 12:53:35
34.   db1022
With the ego's involved, you'd assume that they would love reading these sites.

Look no further than how Simers revels in the negative emails that are written about him. I assume Plaschke is the same way. Not sure about the others.

Also, unfortunately in their own myopic view, they feel they are correct in their opinions of McCourt, Depo, etc. It would be a different story if the Dodgers were 5 games in first place, and McCourt and Depo were vindicated.

2005-06-30 12:53:57
35.   brendan glynn
Someone from the LA Times did order a Ghame Over T-shirt. I didn't recognize the name and it could have just been a loyal DT reader who happens to work there as well but the shipping address was to the LA Times.
2005-06-30 12:54:07
36.   db1022
Oops, sorry about the double post. I just REALLY feel strongly about this :)
2005-06-30 13:02:36
37.   Steve
31 -- It always is. It always is.
2005-06-30 13:11:48
38.   heato
I have started to really hate Chad Cordero. It seems like his MO is to allow a couple of baserunners so that the tying or winning run comes to the plate with two outs. The last batter hits a ball to the warning track for an out and Cordero gets the save. He hasn't blown a save in his last 25 opportunities. How long do we need to wait before he stops getting lucky?
2005-06-30 13:12:43
39.   Jon Weisman
As I've written before, I go pretty far back with Brown and Henson (and Bill Shaikin and others), and they do read Dodger Thoughts and poke around the Internet. I was just wondering if there was an anti-bunt bandwagon offline that I missed.
2005-06-30 13:13:31
40.   brendan glynn

I was thinking the same thing but can't hate him because he is a Titan from Fullerton.

2005-06-30 13:19:53
41.   Jon Weisman
Paul Quantrill joins the DFA parade.
2005-06-30 13:23:10
42.   FirstMohican
Why wouldn't Quantrill come back to the dodgers for the minimum? Toughest division to the weakest?

Why not?

2005-06-30 13:24:27
43.   Jon Weisman
For what purpose?
2005-06-30 13:25:02
44.   FirstMohican
Hey, I'd rather have him than Erickson.
2005-06-30 13:32:23
45.   GoBears
38: Reminds me of Todd Worrell. It seemed like he was always coming in with a 3-run lead and allowing 2 runs to score, or some such. High wire act.
2005-06-30 13:37:17
46.   ddger
If we are not releasing Erickson to save money then we should have sent Robles back to Mexican League for a while to save $200K.

So it must be more than saving money which makes this so hard to understand. Is Mrs. Erickson involved in this somehow.

2005-06-30 13:39:56
47.   Mark is not impressed by Perez's exploits. If the man wants to bunt, let him bunt!
2005-06-30 13:40:42
48.   FirstMohican
I bet the Mrs. has a better K to BB ratio.
2005-06-30 13:43:08
49.   heato
When Odalis gets back, Dessens should take Erickson's spot in the bullpen. Dessens is better suited for long relief anyway. The only way Erickson doesn't get released is if he backs over Dessens in the team parking lot.
2005-06-30 13:44:24
50.   Sam DC
Snick out of the office to attend Pirates Nationals today. Old friend David Ross went 1-4, and scored a run. Remarkably, he twice stopped while on deck to chase down a ball that had gotten past the catcher and walk over and hand it to a cute young (in each case, Nationals) fan. Kudos.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-06-30 13:44:52
51.   Jon Weisman
It's very possible - though hardly my preference - that Dessens would take Osoria's spot in the bullpen.
2005-06-30 13:45:30
52.   Sam DC
snuck snuck snuck, though snick ought to be a word.
2005-06-30 13:48:57
53.   Icaros
Is it wrong for me to ask who is playing in tonight's "game"?
2005-06-30 13:50:10
54.   ddger
If Erickson stays and Osoria is sent back to minors then I guess we will never get rid of Erickson this year. Conspiracy theory is getting more and more likely.
2005-06-30 13:50:44
55.   Midwest Blue
Jon - Did I miss your explanation of how this simulated game is going to be unfurled or is that coming?
2005-06-30 13:52:20
56.   ddger
It's slow day without a Dodger game.
2005-06-30 13:53:28
57.   Icaros
Jon, is it starting at 9:00 p.m. because the gamemaster needs time to get nice and liquored up?

Should the rest of us do the same?

2005-06-30 13:53:54
58.   FirstMohican
Jon, are you going to be upset if Choi doesn't start tonight?
2005-06-30 13:54:51
59.   ddger
I guess someone must be relaying some of these posts to Tracy. He DIDN'T WANT Perez to BUNT. We've been screaming for this for a whole month. Hope Tracy will take some more advice from this website.
2005-06-30 13:56:35
60.   Midwest Blue
JT -- Good home remedy to relieve headache: Use bat across scull. Try it.
2005-06-30 13:56:53
61.   ddger
Maybe Jacksonville plays tonight.
2005-06-30 14:04:55
62.   Jon Weisman
53 - the Dodgers will be one of the teams

55 - no, it should be self-explanatory when the time comes

57 - milk and cookies are at 8:30 p.m.

58 - I certainly won't be the one to break the news to him.

2005-06-30 14:06:00
63.   Jon Weisman
Correction: milk and cookies at 8 p.m., lullabies at 8:30 p.m.
2005-06-30 14:06:44
64.   Linkmeister
"Use bat across scull."

But, will my eight win the Henleys if my boat is crushed?

2005-06-30 14:07:12
65.   rageon
I'd take Quantrill over Scott Erickson any day. And besides simply comparing him to Erickson, it's possible he's got some uses. Some guys just don't do well in New York (see e.g. Jeff Weaver), and some guys have been effective in Los Angeles and not been in other places (see e.g. Gio Carrara, Tom Martin, Quantrill?).

I'm sure another team will sign him up first, but unless he's completely lost it, I'd give him a shot.

Speaking of the Yankees, I guess we could have used Sturtze after all. There's something I never would have thought I'd say.

2005-06-30 14:09:26
66.   Midwest Blue
64 -- Translation, please?
2005-06-30 14:09:31
67.   Jim Hitchcock
63 - After the kiddies are asleep. can Icaros be the honorary, bartender?
2005-06-30 14:10:50
68.   Midwest Blue
67 - He might as well. He's hiding in Jon's closet right now typing on a wireless laptop.
2005-06-30 14:13:07
69.   Vishal
38. the question is, when is the whole nationals team going to stop being lucky??

by all rights, they should be below 500, having scored fewer runs than they have allowed. we'll see if the second half treats them as kindly as the first have has.

also, in case anyone from the LA Times is reading this: my family had been LAT subscibers for many, MANY years, and this year we finally canceled our subscription to what had been my favorite newspaper. the main reasons? 1)the rapidly declining quality of the editorial/opinion section (moneyball was a good read, but i do NOT need to see michael lewis' name and assorted cartoons taking up space in lieu of of actual public policy analysis) and 2)bill plaschke and the perceived anti-dodger bias at the LAT sports section more generally.

2005-06-30 14:13:58
70.   the OZ
How much are tickets to tonight's game? Is it Jon Weisman Bobblehead Night? Does anyone want to carpool to save money on parking?
2005-06-30 14:14:47
71.   heato
Weaver didn't succeed in New York because he was a headcase. Quantrill didn't succeed in New York because he is old and has been overused. Last year Quantrill and Gordon carried the Yankees when their rotation sucked. I'm not even sure that he would be much of an upgrade over Erickson.
2005-06-30 14:14:53
72.   stubbs
#19-thats from one of the best snl skits of the last 10 years with Tim Meadows playing Stuart Scott and Ray Romano playing a new sports center anchor.
2005-06-30 14:16:10
73.   Jim Hitchcock
71 - I was planning on riding my unicycle...
2005-06-30 14:16:20
74.   Vishal
er, first HALF has, that should read. and toss in the decimal . before 500.
2005-06-30 14:17:38
75.   Jim Hitchcock
Whoops, 70.
2005-06-30 14:18:29
76.   Icaros
67, 68 - LOL.
2005-06-30 14:25:50
77.   fanerman91
How are the individual outcomes gonna be decided in the fake game again? I forgot.
2005-06-30 14:28:02
78.   Fearing Blue
#61: Jacksonville is playing today at 4:05 PST. It's a home game, so there should be an audio and video broadcast. Does anyone know the URL for the video broadcast? The audio broadcast is linked off of the Suns webpage,
2005-06-30 14:31:51
79.   stubbs
jon-why not take a flier on Quantrill...the NL couldn't figure him out and he was a horse for us???
2005-06-30 14:34:08
80.   fanerman91
Re: 77,
Nevermind. Just saw 62. My apologies.
2005-06-30 14:36:49
81.   Jim Hitchcock
77 - It's not fake, It's virtual...kinda like the drinks Icaros will be serving up :)
2005-06-30 14:37:30
82.   Steve
73 -- A Harvey Mudd graduate!

NO Quantrill! Quantrill = Danny Graves's downside. Better to develop a kid with promise like Osoria than yet another of DePo's favorite washed-up retreads. With that said, Perez's return will almost certainly send Osoria down anyway.

I like the game idea, but if it's just going to be Cody Ross, Jason Grabowski and Cesar Izturis striking out all night, I've kind of had my fill of that this year. I'm hoping for some kind of Dodger/Giant classic rivalry game, so's I can heckle Willie McCovey.

2005-06-30 14:40:18
83.   Midwest Blue
The kids from Jax (LaRoche, Guzman, Loney, Young) are called up for this game. And it turns out they can hit MLB pitching already!!
2005-06-30 14:44:22
84.   stubbs
Pinch hit homerun from Franklin Stubbs.
2005-06-30 14:46:28
85.   Mark
Personally, I'm hoping for '65 Dodgers versus '03 Yankees, just to see Derek Jeter get demolished by a Koufax curveball.
2005-06-30 14:48:13
86.   Linkmeister
66: from

1. A long oar used at the stern of a boat and moved from side to side to propel the boat forward.
2. One of a pair of short-handled oars used by a single rower.
3. A small light racing boat for one, two, or four rowers, each using a pair of sculls.

Henley-on-Thames is the site of the Royal Regatta in Oxfordshire.

So I was slightly wrong, because you don't have eight oarsmen in a scull; four seems to be the max before it gets a new name. ;)

2005-06-30 14:55:59
87.   Jon Weisman
79 - Quantrill is two years removed from those days. I buy into the idea that he will do better in the NL West than the AL East, but aside from the Erickson issue, is he likely to be better than anyone else on staff? He has been miserable.
2005-06-30 14:56:08
88.   GoBears
69: Vishal - in case ya missed it, see comment #25. Nats are the "luckiest" (or most efficient) team in the majors so far. D-Bax are next.
2005-06-30 14:59:18
89.   Jon Weisman
82 - "but if it's just going to be Cody Ross, Jason Grabowski and Cesar Izturis striking out all night, I've kind of had my fill of that this year."

Shoot - back to the drawing board!

77 - Choi only knows.

2005-06-30 15:02:32
90.   fanerman91
One of my favorites from "Pet Sounds", actually.
2005-06-30 15:03:04
91.   Vishal
88. yeah, i know. i was checking out standings vs. "expected standings" the other day myself actually. i think the braves are probably going to win the NL east. again.

the white sox have been really lucky too, but even without their luck they still would be over .600.

2005-06-30 15:05:53
92.   Steve
89 -- Well, as long as Grabowski is going to whiff, make sure you add in the "Caught on the Inside Corner at the Knees" Face. That never fails to entertain.

Another issue with Quantrill is related to Erickson -- if he ends up being as bad as Erickson, how would we ever get him off the roster?

2005-06-30 15:13:02
93.   Midwest Blue
86 - Ahhhhhh.

Home remedy for excessive irony: A bat across the noggin'

2005-06-30 15:16:02
94.   Vishal
i love dreaming about adam dunn in dodger blue. if anyone else is so inclined to salivate, then here's ken rosenthal talking about how the reds are "shopping" him. the dodgers are listed as potential trade partners, but they're not at the top of his list:

2005-06-30 15:18:08
95.   scareduck
I am so tired of not having threaded comments.
2005-06-30 15:18:30
96.   ddger
Curious as to why Odalis Perez is making one more start at AAA and pitch in the thin air in Colorado where he has been terrible. This can't help Perez's confidence. Tracy always says "he wants to put him in a position to succeed". I don't think this is the best scenario. Is Tracy conceding this game.
2005-06-30 15:20:35
97.   stubbs
Gio has rebounded pretty well, but he was shaky for awhile there. Also, Dessens and Alvarez are fragile, so I wouldnt mind picking up Quantrill as veteran insurance in case we are actually in this race. The buyer versus seller decision for Depo is going to be a real tough one...I for one would like us to sell. Jon-You think $ saved this year would rolled over to next year or spent a new guest house for Mccourt in Homby Hills?
2005-06-30 15:21:01
98.   bigcpa
If anyone is pioneering new ways of employing closers it's not Oakland. Justin Duchscherer just got 5 outs on 13 pitches (11 strikes, 2 balls) with a 6-2 lead. They just pulled him for Huston Street to close out the non-save.

Oakland finishes out June 14-2 and is 20-8 since May 29th.

2005-06-30 15:23:13
99.   Landonkk
Off Topic:
Can somebody explain to me how Izzy went from being ahead of Eckstein by 40k votes two days ago to now trail by over 300k?

Izzy isn't exactly deserving anymore, but this quick and dramatic change sure shocked me.

There is a link to the updated info at

2005-06-30 15:23:34
100.   bigcpa
Check that... 11-1 streak and 21-8 since May 29th.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-06-30 15:23:46
101.   fanerman91
The question I would ask is who exactly would we be selling?
2005-06-30 15:25:14
102.   Steve
Justice is a dish best served cold. I'm guessing our friends in red were very, very active over the last 48 hours.
2005-06-30 15:25:36
103.   Vishal
95. rob, i like this layout much better than threads. if there are 50 different threads, it would be really difficult notice new comments and add your own. all the comments on the Sportsblogs sites are so hard to keep up with; it's just one big mess. i stopped posting on athletics nation because it was such a pain to follow along. this way it's a lot easier. people refer to post numbers, and that works just fine.
2005-06-30 15:26:12
104.   Steve
97 -- Insurance is supposed to reimburse you for fires already started, not start them.

101 -- Quantrill.

2005-06-30 15:26:27
105.   fanerman91
If Izzy isn't an all-star, there goes the "all-star and #8 hitter" argument (though he could still be selected by La Russa or whoever). Just move him to #8 already...
2005-06-30 15:27:31
106.   fanerman91
2005-06-30 15:29:46
107.   bigcpa
Barring some wargames hack job that 300k is a typo. Standings on Monday:

1. Izturis, C. Dodgers 940,944
2. Eckstein, D. Cardinals 896,531
3. Garciaparra, N. Cubs 712,410
4. Barmes, C. Rockies 569,605
5. Reyes, J. Mets 472,310

Eckstein would have to be at 1.3 million votes get 3/4 of the new votes to have a lead like that.

2005-06-30 15:32:45
108.   Jon Weisman
97 - you mean another new guest house? You never know ...
2005-06-30 15:36:27
109.   Jim Hitchcock
97 - What, is KAto Kaelin looking for new digs :)
2005-06-30 15:39:49
110.   Midwest Blue
99 - I know jim Tracy thinks Chois has something to do with this. DARN THAT CHOI!!
2005-06-30 15:40:32
111.   Steve
I just voted for Hee Seop Choi myself.
2005-06-30 15:41:17
112.   Midwest Blue
110 - Chois: that must have been the French pronunciation.
2005-06-30 15:47:18
113.   Vishal
speaking of choi and the all-star game, does anyone have any confirmation of the rumor that hee-seop is gonna be in the home run derby?
2005-06-30 15:54:21
114.   fanerman91
Choi Only Knows (what I'd be without you)
2005-06-30 15:56:57
115.   ddger
107. As long as Izturis is leading the voting, he'll probably keep batting leadoff. Izzy should bunt at least once a game until he breaks out of slump. He should have been bunting more anymore.
2005-06-30 16:03:08
116.   Midwest Blue
Hot rumor: Rangers to deal wild Kenny Rogers for a humble and respectful Choi -- and a dozen Dodger Dogs!
2005-06-30 16:04:32
117.   the OZ
113 - The roster isn't even up in's press section, so either:

(1) the roster isn't finalized and they have nothing to publish or
(2) they only want to feed one story at a time, and won't release any other "Home Run Challenge benefitting the Prostate Cancer Foundation" details until the all-star balloting is finished tonight.

For what it's worth, Choi is not listed in the "Century 21 Mascot Home Run Derby" participants, who include:

• Fred Bird - St. Louis Cardinals
• Junction Jack - Houston Astros
• Mariner Moose - Seattle Mariners
• Mr. Met - New York Mets
• Rangers Captain - Texas Rangers
• Paws - Detroit Tigers
• TC - Minnesota Twins
• Wally the Green Monster - Boston Red Sox

2005-06-30 16:05:26
118.   fanerman91
For what it's worth, Choi is not listed in the "Century 21 Mascot Home Run Derby" participants...

Well that's comforting.

2005-06-30 16:09:05
119.   Fearing Blue
The Suns game is about to start. Does anyone know the URL for the video broadcast?
2005-06-30 16:09:10
120.   Vishal
if the dodgers had a mascot, would it be a blue dodger dog? i'm thinking like a blue version of clifford or something.
2005-06-30 16:10:07
121.   Jon Weisman
There's some prefakegame information posted in the above thread. Please feel encouraged to continue your non-fictional Dodger chat here. Fictional game chat is now open.
2005-06-30 16:10:55
122.   fanerman91
Do you think the introduction of a Dodger mascot would be akin to removing the organ player at the stadium? Further bastardization of the game?
2005-06-30 16:15:32
123.   Benaiah
I don't know if this has been posted before but Bob Timmerman made 3/4 of the way down mentioning Yomiuri Giant's uniforms.
2005-06-30 16:16:33
124.   the OZ
Probably. I can imagine Plaschke and his minions writing hundreds of anonymous letters begging for a mascot to Drew McCourt, while ready to submit a column about the Dodgers selling out that he had prepared months in advance.

But, yeah, a mascot probably would be a bad, bad idea.

2005-06-30 16:17:18
125.   the OZ
Unless Choi became the 1B/Mascot, like the player/managers of yesteryear. Then it would be cool.
2005-06-30 16:17:55
126.   ddger
Fearing Blue,

try this link

2005-06-30 16:20:49
127.   Jim Hitchcock
The only mascot I would support would be Jay Johnstone.
2005-06-30 16:21:19
128.   Langhorne
Andy LaRoche and Russ Martin will be in Detroit as part of the All-Stars Futures game.
2005-06-30 16:28:30
129.   Landonkk
There is apparently a rain delay in Jacksonville. As I leave tomorrow on the second leg of my Dodger farm system tour, I just checked the forecast and found that it is supposed to rain the entire week. Nice luck.

FYI - My Tour Schedule:
May 26 - AAA Las Vegas (W, 7-2)
July 2 - AA Carolina vs. Jacksonville
July 3 - A Port St. Lucie @ Vero Beach

Pray to your respective rain gods that I get the last two in..

2005-06-30 16:32:38
130.   Christina
I'm going to see Howl's Moving Castle tonight with a friend, so sadly I'll miss the fake game, which looks like it's going to be great fun. At least I can read the thread later.

And while no real Dodgers game today to follow along at work instead of, y'know, actually working bummed me out, at least the A's won. I'd like to express special thanks to dear ol' Heart & Soul Adrian Beltre, who let the As tie the game when he wildly threw the ball past Sexson into the A's bullpen.

2005-06-30 16:46:58
131.   Linkmeister
I question the description of the 51s jerseys in that uniform story. "Gonzo Hawaiian Style?" Alien Aloha, maybe, what with that Casper the Friendly Ghost head all over them.
2005-06-30 17:09:29
132.   brendan glynn

If we HAD to have a Mascot I guess this would be ok. At least not really weird and play off the hot dogs. "What about the children"

2005-06-30 17:10:53
133.   brendan glynn

the 51's and Suns have very questionable uniforms. I can't get myself to purchase any of their Caps and they each have three or four options.

2005-06-30 17:30:25
134.   molokai
# 129
Let us know how your trip goes. I'm thinking of making a trip to Vegas to catch the Clipper Summer league and the 51's and then go to Jacksonville in late July for a 3 game set.

Sun game just got cancelled. Great no Dodger game and no future Dodger game.

2005-06-30 17:41:29
135.   oldbear
Break up the Oakland A's. Winners of 14 of 16 games.

I think they catch the Angels by mid August. Anyone disagree?

2005-06-30 17:48:44
136.   everett
Helped by three errors from Seattle third baseman Adrian Beltre, Oakland completed its second straight sweep after taking three games from San Francisco last weekend. Seattle lost its fifth straight.

is this fiction? nope...

2005-06-30 18:04:44
137.   db1022
135 - Angels lost a heartbreaker last night to end their winning streak.

Not quite as competitive today. Santana follows up a strong start against LA's team by getting shelled today.

2005-06-30 19:20:55
138.   jasonungar05
Sure am glad I drafted and then dropped Kevin Mench the third week of the season from my fantasy team.
2005-06-30 19:21:07
139.   bill cox
to break the continuity of thought here,but does anyone know the status of Greg Miller? A search of lists him on the Gulf Coast Dodgers roster,unless that's a different Greg Miller.
2005-06-30 20:00:50
140.   brendan glynn

I disagree. The A's won 20 in a row a few years ago and only gained a game on the Angels. Angels have one of the best complete pitching staffs in in baseball. that is not how you go on many losing streaks. August much to early to be caught.

2005-06-30 20:12:59
141.   Fearing Blue
#139: Greg Miller is working on a rehab program and had a slight setback last I heard, but nothing serious. I believe the Dodgers are now targeting end of July for him to join Vero Beach.
2005-06-30 20:15:22
142.   Fearing Blue
Quick update from the 51s. Odaliz Perez is pitching well tonight. I'm listening to the game. So far, he's thrown around 70 pitches over 4 innings of work. He's allowed no runs, a double, and a walk, while striking out 4.
2005-06-30 20:17:52
143.   Jim Hitchcock
82 - Hey, a Gonzo Unicycle Madness reference!
2005-06-30 20:23:12
144.   Fearing Blue
Update from Ogden:

Sergio Pedroza is 4 for 4 with 2 HRs and 6 RBIs so far tonight for Ogden. Last night was his first game and he went 2 for 2 with a walk. Quite a start to his professional career.

2005-06-30 20:25:58
145.   Fearing Blue
#142: Odalis Perez just threw his 79th pitch to record his 5th K and complete his 5th inning. He only faced one batter over the minimum through the night (the walk was erased on a double-play). Perez is done for the evening as a relief pitcher has just come in to pinch hit for him in the bottom of the 5th. Are we sure Tracy didn't take a quick trip to Las Vegas?
2005-06-30 20:27:09
146.   Fearing Blue
#145: Of Perez's 79 pitches, 46 were strikes.
2005-06-30 20:31:54
147.   brendan glynn

I've seen Sergio a few times at fullerton. the guy has quick wrists and seems to have extra pop than the other college hitters around him. Little powder keg. reminds me of Jose Guillen.

2005-06-30 20:45:22
148.   Fearing Blue
#147: The fact that he's a college hitter means he should beat up on the Rookie league pitchers. I wonder if he'll stick around Ogden all year or move up to Columbus at some point.
2005-06-30 21:23:42
149.   heato
Aargh! Tomko gets a save as the Giants win 9-2.
2005-06-30 21:24:08
150.   heato
I'm glad the D-backs lost, but what is with the save?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-06-30 22:12:38
151.   mcrawford
So, I'm going to the Dodgers-D'Backs game tomorrow night. (I've lived in SF for several years now, so obviously haven't gone regularly to Dodger Stadium for a while.)

Are there any great ways to get to the game from the 101S, other than the 134S to the 5S, exit Stadium Way? Any cheeky places to park? Tasty places to eat before the game, or to bring food in the ballpark? If we've done this before, you can just tell me to look in some other thread.

2005-06-30 22:43:14
152.   Fearing Blue
#151: I have not driven to Dodger Stadium in a long while, but 6-4-2 has some route recommendations:

There are two places for a french dip that have been discussed recently. One is Phillipe's which is famous for their lamb french dip with spicy mustard. I have never tried it, but it comes highly recommended by many on this board.

2005-06-30 23:33:11
153.   LAT
151 and 152. Blue is correct. Phillip's is the top. Make sure you try the mustard but it will make your eyes water. And pie, the must be pie!!! Most are good. I like the pumpkin pie best. Fruit pies are also good. I don't go for bannana cream that is reserved for the sanctity of the Apple Pan where the Bannana Cream Pie is the Holy Grail of pie everywhere.
2005-07-01 00:53:44
154.   GoBears
Yeah, I don't get the Apple Pan thing. I live walking distance from the place. I really don't see the splendor of the pies. The apple pie, in particular, was actually pretty bad. Haven't tried the banana cream yet - perhaps I'll give it a shot on LAT's recommendation.
2005-07-01 08:17:30
155.   Jon Weisman
I love burgers at the Apple Pan, but no, it's not my favorite place for apple pie.
2005-07-01 09:23:46
156.   stubbs
the burgers are so good. the yellow vanilla ice cream on the pie is what makes it good.

the Adam Dunn article from the LA Times today was exciting in that we have to give up prospects anyway in rule 5, so they are eager to swing a deal.

2005-07-01 09:29:23
157.   jasonungar05
interesting..from the LA times today

Instead, a baby-faced Dominican rookie who is one inch shorter and 64 pounds lighter than Gagne ambles in from the bullpen, the faint sound of merengue music wafting through the air. The crowd, no disrespect intended, yawns.

Game Over?

For Yhency Brazoban, it's more like Ghame On.

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