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Drewless Dodgers Elevate Chen
2005-07-04 15:19
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

For those who wondered how many Dodger outfielders would have to be injured for Chin-Feng Chen to get another chance, the answer is ... well, I can't count that high, but x = today. Chen, who was outrighted off the 40-man roster in the offseason, gets his spot back as Paul Bako moves on to the 60-day disabled list (and, it should probably be noted, most likely out of Dodger life forever.)

Chen has 10 home runs in 61 games with Las Vegas this season, split almost equally in left and right field.

(This report comes from the Dodger press notes, which also tell us that if Cesar Izturis actually plays in the All-Star Game, he will be the first "I" position player in the game's history. Before Izturis, there was no I in All-Star Team - until relief pitcher Jason Isringhausen made it.)

With the injury to J.D. Drew, the Dodger offense - particularly the power - becomes even-more top-heavy toward the infield. Several have wondered whether Drew's absence will decrease excuses for Hee Seop Choi not to play, but unless Jim Tracy is willing to play Mike Edwards or Antonio Perez more frequently in left field (or shortstop, I suppose), I can't see how Drewlessness would change things for Choi.

More to the point of Choi's playing time is whether Tracy will stick to his plan to preserve the health of Olmedo Saenz by limiting his innings. Given that the Dodgers have no clear No. 3 hitter (assuming Jeff Kent remains at No. 4), this remains to be seen.

Saenz, by the way, is an example of a player who would be more valuable to a contender than to a budding also-ran. I'm sure there are people who want Saenz around in 2006, and I'm not sure I'm not one of them. I remember being amazed at how many people were so sure Saenz didn't belong on the roster as Spring Training was ending. At the same time, though, Saenz is the kind of guy who appears to the naked eye unaffected by pressure, making him worthy of a July or even post-waiver August auction. And given that Antonio Perez offers an equivalent player at third base, except for brandishing speed instead of power, the Dodgers might to well to parlay their Saenz redundancy somehow and leave the corners to Choi, Edwards and A.P. (and soon, Jose Valentin).

Update: See what I mean. Choi sits against righty Byung-Hyun Kim. Saenz bats fourth at first base, effectively settling that debate. Repko bats eighth and plays center field.

I know all the reasons why Antonio Perez shouldn't learn left field on the job in Denver, but none of them currently win me over. I guess I need to see him fail there first.

Comments (303)
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2005-07-04 16:08:51
1.   Marty
Byung-Hyun Kim is listed as the Rockies starter. Hope springs eternal...
2005-07-04 16:14:06
2.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Lets go Dodgers, lets get 'em tonight. Pads already lost and Arizona is losing right now.

Time to pick up a game, fellas.

Go Dodgers!

2005-07-04 16:16:32
3.   Linkmeister
Despite (or maybe because of) all the angst in the most recent thread, it occurs to me that the Dodgers starting lineup on opening day has now lost 4 players (Drew, Valentin, Bradley, Izturis) due to injury for extended periods this season. Werth has replaced Ledee, so call that a wash. (I'm working from memory here; I've not looked anything up, so if I'm wrong, somebody say so.) With all that, it seems to me we're lucky to be as close as we are to both .500 and the division lead.
2005-07-04 16:16:44
4.   Jim Hitchcock
Byung-Hyun Kim is listed as the Rockies starter. Hope springs eternal...

Nice of them chaps to spot us a handicap. Very sporting!

2005-07-04 16:17:26
5.   Linkmeister
And why isn't this game on FSNW2?
2005-07-04 16:17:57
6.   Howard Fox
3-you are correct, not to mention Odalis and Gagne
2005-07-04 16:18:37
7.   Howard Fox
5-it is as far as I can tell
2005-07-04 16:21:13
8.   Marty
According to my TV sked, it's on KCOP 13
2005-07-04 16:22:43
9.   Vishal
hah, as a fan of CFC, i guess there's a silver lining. also, i think i agree with you about dealing saenz. if we're out of contention near the deadline, he could be very valuable to another team, much moreso than to us.

#5, it's on channel 13 in LA

2005-07-04 16:22:58
10.   Marty
No Choi today.
2005-07-04 16:24:26
11.   Marty
I'm guessing arm angles, plus atmospheric pressure is keeping Choi out today.
2005-07-04 16:24:26
12.   Howard Fox
if we're a seller, could Saenz, Izturis, Weaver all be gone?
2005-07-04 16:26:48
13.   Howard Fox
11-I'm guessing it's more like downward pressure on Choi's AVG, OBP, OPS, whatever, not to mention his prowess defensively
2005-07-04 16:27:52
14.   Howard Fox

7 homers in 4 days can only carry you for so long....then it's "so long"

2005-07-04 16:28:22
15.   Steve
Overheard in San Francisco a couple of minutes ago:

"Danny Graves, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Paging Danny Graves. Mr. Danny Graves, please pick up the white courtesy phone."

2005-07-04 16:28:34
16.   Marty
Howard, you're responding to yourself :)
2005-07-04 16:29:03
17.   Howard Fox
the white zone is for loading and unloading only
2005-07-04 16:29:49
18.   Howard Fox
16 - I know, I get confused's the Weaver in me coming out
2005-07-04 16:32:04
19.   Steve
Deivi Cruz and Jason Ellison out-suck Matt Belisle! YAY!
2005-07-04 16:33:52
20.   Jim Hitchcock
Are you admitting to Weefer madness, Howard?
2005-07-04 16:34:59
21.   Marty
What's the over/under on a Dodger injury today?
2005-07-04 16:56:33
22.   Vishal
it absolutely blows me away that oscar freaking robles can crack the starting lineup and choi cannot.
2005-07-04 16:58:12
23.   coachjpark
Your comments about Olmedo Saenz are right on the money. He's the type of guy that a contender could definitely use... perhaps to an AL team as a DH against lefties or a powerful pinch-hitter off the bench.

What is mind-boggling to me, as a baseball fan and as a Korean, is that Hee Seop Choi is not in the lineup. Not only is Jim Tracy inept, he is very insensitive to Koreans everywhere anticipating this match-up between Byung Hyun Kim and Hee Seop Choi. Kim is the type of pitcher that Choi could exploit by being patient. This perhaps may be Kim's last start for Colorado, so it's extra maddening not to see this matchup.

It's clear that Jim Tracy, along with his other 3 Jims on his coaching staff, has a propensity for starting Ja(y)sons - Werth, Grabowski, Phillips, Repko -- and "professional" hitters.

2005-07-04 16:58:32
24.   Linkmeister
Groan. In Hawai'i we don't get them local LA stations like KCOP (our channel 13 is Japanese-language, I think).
2005-07-04 17:07:52
25.   Jim Hitchcock
Half hour tarp delay, Link...the game will start at 8:30 your time.
2005-07-04 17:11:43
26.   Linkmeister
Tarp delay? Shades of the 1985 WS! Vince Coleman to the white courtesy phone!
2005-07-04 17:20:17
27.   Steve
Since treating him as deity hasn't worked, my next strategy is to refer to him as "Jason Choi" to get him some ABs.
2005-07-04 17:22:14
28.   coachjpark
If Saenz & Kent both get injured, Tracy will find a way NOT to start Choi,

3B - Mike Edwards
SS - Oscar Robles
2B - Antonio Perez
1B - Jason
RF - Jayson
CF - Jason
LF - Jason (Chen Chin-feng's new American name)
C - Jason

Tracy on why Choi would not make the lineup even with an injured Kent and Saenz:

"Do I have confidence in the fact that the young Korean can take advantage of the fact that he has been given the opportunity to show that he belongs in the major leagues on a consistent basis? Absolutely.

Do we think that it's a good idea to expose Choi to the idea that he's the everyday first baseman and take away what he has done by giving him at-bats in a scenario where he has the possibility of jeopardizing his being sexy? Absolutely not."

2005-07-04 17:33:48
29.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
28-IMAO That is hillarious!
2005-07-04 17:34:18
30.   Fearing Blue
Perhaps they're starting Saenz in Colorado every day to showcase him for a trade?
2005-07-04 17:34:59
31.   bokonon42
OH YEAH! One day late, but still a good idea.
2005-07-04 17:37:04
32.   bokonon42
I don't care if it means Scott "The Enforcer" Erickson has to come in to the game, Weaver's got to hit Helton.
2005-07-04 17:38:58
33.   Fearing Blue
#32: I would be so furious with Weaver. The benches have been warned today. Hit someone tomorrow.
2005-07-04 17:39:34
34.   Marty
Weaver needs to hit someone here.
2005-07-04 17:40:04
35.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
We need to get into a good bench clearing brawl tonight.

We need something to fire us up.

I want to see J.T. get fired up tonight. Throw some bases around, kick some dirt on an ump.

2005-07-04 17:41:57
36.   Marty
Menu tonight for those keeping score:
Carne Asade and marinated, boneless, skinless Mexican Chicken. Fresh cilantro, shredded cheese, home-grown heirloom tomatos and Chardonnay. If I drink too much wine, all bets are off :-)
2005-07-04 17:42:41
37.   bokonon42
I'd forgotten about the last series, but Vin just reminded me. Colorado was plunk happy last time. I don't suppose anybody around here needs it pointed out to him, but hitting batters is dangerous.

Well, there you go, Weaver hit the leadoff man. Wait, they didn't boot Weaver? HA! Golden opportunity to get two in one inning.

2005-07-04 17:43:13
38.   Marty
Also, I'll be watching/mostly listening to the Rose Bowl fireworks show from my back yard after dark. Happy 4th everyone!
2005-07-04 17:43:25
39.   chumsferd
All choi has to do is legally change his name to some form of Jason.

Jay! Son! Choi!!
Jay! Son! Choi!!

2005-07-04 17:44:01
40.   Jim Hitchcock
I always thought skinless Mexican chicken was longhand for chihuahua...
2005-07-04 17:44:02
41.   student of the game
As Vin just pointed out: the last time the Dodgers played the Rockies, the Dodgers were hit 7 times- the Rockies none.
2005-07-04 17:44:14
42.   Langhorne
I don't like the warning rule. Throw the manager out but by automatically ejecting the pitcher you effectively take away inside pitches and allow batters to crowd the plate. It effects the game too much. But I guess there were no warnings since no one seems to have been tossed. Good for the umpire.
2005-07-04 17:45:09
43.   Marty
40. LOL. These are bigger.
2005-07-04 17:47:26
44.   los angeles dragons
Kent seems to cause a raucous almost---if not just as
frequently as Bradley did last season.

Why isn't anyone saying he needs help with anger management, self-control, et cetera?

2005-07-04 17:48:52
45.   Marty
Kent hasn't got the flair that Milton has. He hasn't thrown bag of balls, torn his shirt off or slammed a bottle at a fan's feet yet. He still has a lot of time though.
2005-07-04 17:48:59
46.   coachjpark
If we trade for Adam Dunn, DePo should really consider getting Jason Romano in the deal as well....
2005-07-04 17:50:43
47.   Benaiah
121 In the last thread, on the importance of RBIs. - Many in the SABR community treat ribbies like the red headed step child of hitting stats. However, in reality RBIs and Runs are an outcome stat that should result from good player performance; the dig is that often the correlation between RBIs and OPS isn't perfect. Thus, while RBIs and runs may not be a fair evaluator of player performance, they are for the most part what the team gets out of a player's performance. Drew might have been tearing the cover off the ball, but due to bad luck or poor performance with men on base, Drew hasn't turned that much of his performance into runs and RBIs. What this means is that despite the gaudy BB, SLG and HR, the Dodgers only gained 36 RBI and 46 runs so far this year. It is possible that given the opportunities that Drew has been given, this is the best that anyone on the roster could hope to muster. I don't think so, but it is possible. This is not to say that Drew won't be missed, or that if he had continued at his current rate of performance he wouldn't have resulted in a much better outcome, only that so far he hasn't won that many games for us despite his hot bat. Maybe, the Dodgers can replicate similar outcome stats despite the lack of similar player performance. I hope so anyway.
2005-07-04 17:51:15
48.   bokonon42
Kent's ruckuses haven't yet included throwing anything at fans. Having a little chat with the pitcher who just hit you is a fine baseball tradition.
2005-07-04 17:51:27
49.   coachjpark
Can Hee Seop catch? He probably would fare better than Phillips.
2005-07-04 17:53:52
50.   bokonon42
47- Hitting behind Izzy and Repko is bad for RBIs.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-07-04 17:53:59
51.   DaveP
how about fire Tracy and name Choi as "Player/Coach". might be the only way to get his name in the lineup.
2005-07-04 17:54:17
52.   los angeles dragons
45: Agreed. But outside of the "Big Incident" with Bradley at Dodger Stadium last season, I don't see a huge difference in overall behavior when comparing Kent this season and Bradley last season.

Maybe because everyone (players, fans, and Vinny) is angry at this point in the season and Kent is our man to express it.

Or maybe cuz he's white.

2005-07-04 17:58:23
53.   Jim Hitchcock
52 - Oh, please.
2005-07-04 17:59:31
54.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, when I said RDGC would return tomorrow, I meant tomorrow for me, which is today, but was two days in the future for you folks then, but today that day is tomorrow, while for me that day will still be today for quite some time.
2005-07-04 18:00:29
55.   Icaros

Can you go back to yesterday and get Drew out of the lineup?

2005-07-04 18:00:49
56.   bokonon42
52- I guess it's possible, but Bradley has had trouble off the field, too, not just the Big Incident. He's served jail time. Also, Bradley has acknowledged having an anger problem. So if it's a racist double standard, it's not that Bradley's being unfairly treated, just that Kent's getting away with it?
2005-07-04 18:02:20
57.   Steve
I'm sorry. What is Kent getting away with, other than perhaps being the only person who cares that we are being thrown at with borderline reckless abandon?
2005-07-04 18:03:17
58.   Bob Timmermann
Which yesterday do you want me to go to? I only have so many time portals left to travel through?

Do you want me to go through the one that kept Werth from getting hit in spring training?

Or the one to keep Gagne from spraining his knee in spring training?

Or the one that made Tracy decide to send up a pinch hitter for Bradley so he couldn't hurt his finger?

Or the one to take Drew out of the lineup?

Or should I just shoot the whole works and have Tommy Lasorda not pull Fernando for a pinch hitter in the last game of the 1982 season and send up Jorge Orta and then have Terry Forster relieve?

2005-07-04 18:06:32
59.   Linkmeister
Heck, Bob, why not Pete Reiser not crash into walls, thus being the equivalent of Mickey Mantle for about fifteen years starting in 1938 or so?
2005-07-04 18:06:49
60.   Jim Hitchcock
58 - If we all toss in our frequent flier miles, can you hit 'em all?
2005-07-04 18:08:02
61.   Steve
Can you stop in 1985 and tell Lasorda to walk Jack Clark?
2005-07-04 18:08:04
62.   Bob Timmermann
Like Sam Beckett on "Quantum Leap" I can only revisit events that have happened since I've been born.

I need an Al to give me advice.

2005-07-04 18:10:22
63.   Marty
61. If We had walked Clark, Niedenfuer, that fat tub of Forster goo would have served one up to someone else.

As you can maybe tell, I hate Niedenfuer. In fact I don't Niedenfuer.

2005-07-04 18:10:36
64.   Steve
Dodger Quantum Leap is a green light for 13 episodes, with a possible two-year pickup.

I also nominate 1995. Your mission is to have Lasorda put Todd Worrell in in the Top of the ninth in Game 2 of the NLDS instead of Kevin Tapani.

2005-07-04 18:11:26
65.   Bob Timmermann
That sacrifice equals the sum total of sacrifices I saw in the three games I went to in Japan.

There were two failed sacrifice attempts, where the batter couldn't get it down. One of them ended up being a single and the other was a ground out.

2005-07-04 18:11:38
66.   Jim Hitchcock
61 - Ouch. That still hurts.
2005-07-04 18:12:32
67.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers had walked Clark, the reliever would have been Reuss to pitch to Andy Van Slyke.
2005-07-04 18:13:46
68.   Steve
And maybe you should just spend some time following Kevin Malone around. That would be a more long-term assignment, not easily condensed into a 60 minute episode. Perhaps a War & Remembrance-type miniseries.
2005-07-04 18:14:17
69.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob, did getting the Kim Jong II haircut help in negotiations?
2005-07-04 18:15:12
70.   Bob Timmermann
I am going to have to ask United if it's OK to bring enriched uranium in my carryon luggage.
2005-07-04 18:16:53
71.   Icaros
BTW Bob,

I broke free of The Curse of Jason Ellison Friday night.

And I got to sit in the controversial New Seats. They were amazing, one row between me and the camera well. No sight problems from where I was. Choi was sitting on the bench not 15 feet from me. I was sad for him.

2005-07-04 18:17:44
72.   Marty
Bob, let's hear it for selective memeory :-)
2005-07-04 18:18:12
73.   Benaiah
50 - Drew actually has less ABs with runners on than Phillips, Kent or Izturis. Kent is hitting in a better RBI spot and has played in far more games, but Izzy and Phillips are just luckily recieving more runners. That said, Kent has converting .35 RBI for every AB with runners on, compared to 26.5% (Phillips), 25.7% (Drew), 25.8% (Choi, 23.1% (Bradley) and an enemic 18.1% for Izzy. Saenz (37.7%) actually has converted AB with runners on into RBI at a greater rate than Kent. These rates obviously don't account for many confounding variables like # of runners on bases, or what base(s) the runner(s) is on. Looking at performance with RISP, Kent gets 61.4% of his ABRISP into RBI, versus , 46.9% (Phillips), 34.8% (Bradley), 34.5% (Drew), 33.3% (Choi) and only for 25.4% by Izzy. Saenz beats Kent again (62.8%). The problem is that the Dodgers with the second most ABs with RISP is Izzy who barely converts any of those into RBIs. I don't know about the significance of this stat, but it would seem to indicate some of the variance in RBI totals.
2005-07-04 18:19:50
74.   Jim Hitchcock
I was sad for him.

It's that kind of empathy that makes Icaros such a great bartender.

2005-07-04 18:21:26
75.   Benaiah
Who would have thought that through three there would be a pitcher's battle? Maybe with all the rain the air is heavy.
2005-07-04 18:21:58
76.   Icaros
I'm the son of a nurse, Jim.
2005-07-04 18:22:41
77.   Bob Timmermann
I saw Seung-Yeop Lee of the Chiba Lotte Marines hit a home run last night in the Tokyo Dome that hit a billboard with Shigeo Nagashima's picture on it. My friends told me that he got one million yen for doing that.

The ball didn't really go too far, about 410-420 feet, but the sign got in the way. Without the sign and the wall behind it, that ball would have gone a long way.

Nippon-Ham's marquee attraction, Tsuyoshi Shinjo, who is officially called just "SHINJO" in Japan (one name, all caps and never written in Japanese) struck out four times, lost a ball in the roof of the Tokyo Dome in the 10th inning that ended up as a triple and then in the bottom of the 10th, he avoided striking out again.
Instead, he hit into a DP.

2005-07-04 18:24:26
78.   Linkmeister
Gameday sez:

6 mph Out To RF
Partly Cloudy, 84*

2005-07-04 18:24:40
79.   Icaros
I'm all for hitting a batter in retaliation, but why the leadoff guy, especially when even Cesar Izturis could steal bases at will against LA?

Hitting Kent should equate to hitting Helton or Wilson.

2005-07-04 18:25:09
80.   coachjpark
Chen Chin-feng!
Chen Chin-feng!

Not as catchy as Hee Seop Choi! Hee Seop Choi!
But as long as Tracy's at the helm, it'll have to do.

Friday, June 9th, when Hee Seop hit the walk-off against Mulholland, the parking lot was insane... HONK HONK HONK! HONK HONK HONK!

2005-07-04 18:27:15
81.   Steve
79 -- I don't know if you saw it, but it wasn't on purpose. Weaver threw inside but the guy put his elbow into it. Whether he did it on purpose or not, Helton should buy him a car.
2005-07-04 18:28:44
82.   Bob Timmermann
Guys like Eckstein and Biggio and Cora who get hit a lot, don't get hurt because they're trying to get hit and just turn a shoulder into it.
2005-07-04 18:28:49
83.   Steve
And by the way, I can't believe you would compare Jeff Kent to Preston Wilson. Ugh. Leave that talk to the Tim Browns of the world. :)
2005-07-04 18:30:24
84.   Benaiah
I hope that our lineup isn't so toothless as to allow Kim to get a QS at home.
2005-07-04 18:30:52
85.   Bob Timmermann
So, should I put Brad Halsey on my Enemies list now?
2005-07-04 18:31:45
86.   Icaros
81 - Thanks. I'm not watching, but I'm glad that even Weaver isn't that stupid.

Shouldn't a D-Back or two have been taken out last night, by the way?

I'm really up for some violence these days. Let's see how scrappy Repko and Robles really are.

2005-07-04 18:33:52
87.   Icaros
And by the way, I can't believe you would compare Jeff Kent to Preston Wilson. Ugh. Leave that talk to the Tim Browns of the world. :)

No, I certainly didn't mean to compare the two, just their places in their teams's batting orders.

2005-07-04 18:33:57
88.   Steve
Shouldn't a D-Back or two have been taken out last night, by the way?

At least.

2005-07-04 18:34:36
89.   Steve
OK, barkeep.
2005-07-04 18:34:48
90.   Icaros
Should've hit Wilson.
2005-07-04 18:39:20
91.   coachjpark
I'm a traitor.

This past week, I traded Hee Seop Choi (and Brian Schneider) for Greg Maddux in my 4X4 13 NL only fantasy baseball league, weekly set league.

In addition, I picked up Byung Hyun Kim up for this week.

Even this Dodger fan realizes that a lineup of Jasons will not muster many runs.

2005-07-04 18:40:14
92.   Fearing Blue
Here is the updated NL West DL Analysis (WARP-based) with J.D. Drew's injury and Odalis Perez rejoining the rotation. The format is Estimated Games Missed * WARP / Game = Total WARP Lost. I've also totaled the Daily WARP loss for players still on the DL.

Brad Penny: 3 * 0.167 = 0.501 Total; 0 Daily
Odalis Perez: 9 * 0.143 = 1.287 Total; 0 Daily
Eric Gagne: 23 * 0.055 = 1.265 Total; 0.025 Daily
Wilson Alvarez: 22 * 0.052 = 1.144 Total; 0.021 Daily
Elmer Dessens: 8 * 0.096 = 0.768 Total; 0 Daily
Darren Dreifort: 0 * 0 = 0 Total; 0 Daily
Dodgers Pitchers = 4.965 Total; 0.046 Daily
Milton Bradley: 32 * 0.055 = 1.76 Total; 0.055 Daily
J.D. Drew: 0 * 0.063 = 0 Total; 0.06 Daily
Jose Valentin: 40 * 0.033 = 1.32 Total; 0.025 Daily
Jayson Werth: 39 * 0.042 = 1.638 Total; 0 Daily
Antonio Perez: 18 * 0.037 = 0.666 Total; 0 Daily
Ricky Ledee: 10 * 0.025 = 0.25 Total; 0.01 Daily
Jason Grabowski: 5 * 0.009 = 0.045 Total; 0 Daily
Paul Bako: 10 * 0.028 = 0.28 Total; 0.008 Daily
Dodgers Hitters = 5.959 Total; 0.158 Daily
Dodgers Total = 10.924 Total; 0.204 Daily

Woody Williams: 6 * 0.156 = 0.936 Total; 0 Daily
Adam Eaton: 3 * 0.143 = 0.429 Total; 0.031 Daily
Tim Redding: 6 * 0.005 = 0.03 Total; 0 Daily
Padres Pitchers = 1.395 Total; 0.031 Daily
Mark Loretta: 38 * 0.054 = 2.052 Total; 0.051 Daily
Ramon Hernandez: 14 * 0.039 = 0.546 Total; 0.037 Daily
Khalil Greene: 19 * 0.032 = 0.608 Total; 0 Daily
Phil Nevin: 11 * 0.027 = 0.297 Total; 0.026 Daily
Dave Roberts: 10 * 0.039 = 0.39 Total; 0 Daily
Geoff Blum: 6 * 0.021 = 0.126 Total; 0 Daily
Eric Young: 26 * 0.011 = 0.286 Total; 0 Daily
Freddy Guzman: 8 * 0.033 = 0.264 Total; 0.003 Daily
Padres Hitters = 4.569 Total; 0.117 Daily
Padres Total = 5.964 Total; 0.148 Daily

Brandon Lyon: 20 * 0.034 = 0.68 Total; 0.015 Daily
Greg Aquino: 27 * 0.013 = 0.351 Total; 0 Daily
Jose Valverde: 11 * 0.033 = 0.363 Total; 0 Daily
Oscar Villarreal: 23 * 0.033 = 0.759 Total; 0.01 Daily
Russ Ortiz: 3 * 0.099 = 0.297 Total; 0.022 Daily
D-Backs Pitchers = 2.45 Total; 0.047 Daily
Jose Cruz Jr.: 22 * 0.029 = 0.638 Total; 0 Daily
Luis Gonzalez: 2 * 0.043 = 0.086 Total; 0 Daily
Luis Terrero: 9 * 0.016 = 0.144 Total; 0 Daily
Jerry Gill: 8 * 0 = 0 Total; 0 Daily
D-Backs Hitters = 0.868 Total; 0 Daily
D-Backs Total = 3.318 Total; 0.047 Daily

Jason Schmidt: 3 * 0.152 = 0.456 Total; 0 Daily
Armando Benitez: 27 * 0.039 = 1.053 Total; 0.018 Daily
LaTroy Hawkins: 7 * 0.03 = 0.21 Total; 0 Daily
Jesse Fopert: 1 * 0.015 = 0.015 Total; 0.003 Daily
Al Levine: 5 * 0.007 = 0.035 Total; 0 Daily
Giants Pitchers = 1.769 Total; 0.021 Daily
Barry Bonds: 72 * 0.103 = 7.416 Total; 0.093 Daily
Moises Alou: 12 * 0.037 = 0.444 Total; 0 Daily
Edgardo Alfonzo: 18 * 0.026 = 0.468 Total; 0.025 Daily
Marquis Grissom: 24 * 0.015 = 0.36 Total; 0.011 Daily
Giants Hitters = 8.688 Total; 0.129 Daily
Giants Total = 10.457 Total; 0.15 Daily

2005-07-04 18:42:51
93.   los angeles dragons

Yes, Bradley did serve three days in jail over a traffic stop where he failed to sign the ticket. But seriously, what black guy hasn't been in jail? He only got three days because he had the cash to hire a proper barrister.

As I said, outside of the "Incident" at Dodger stadium, Bradley was ejected 3 times last year, all because he argued calls with umpires or threw a bat.

But we've seen Kent do that and a whole lot more in the span of a few weeks.

Where's the outcry? The censure? What about Kent's "attitude problem?" Instead, I've only heard through the media about Kent's "fire" and that he's fighting back against "questionable" calls.

Here's Bradley 2004 Baseball rap sheet (no pun intended):

Dodgers | Bradley Bounced
Sat, 24 Apr 2004 23:37:54 -0700

The Associated Press reports Los Angeles Dodgers OF Milton Bradley was ejected by plate umpire Sam Holbrook Saturday night, after arguing a called third strike to end the first inning.
Dodgers | Bradley Returns from Injury, but Gets Ejected
Tue, 1 Jun 2004 23:12:00 -0700

Updating previous items, Associated Press reports Los Angeles Dodgers OF Milton Bradley (ankle) returned to the lineup Tuesday, June 1, after missing the previous two games because of an injured left ankle. However, Bradley was ejected in the sixth inning for arguing balls and strikes with the home plate umpire.
Dodgers | Bradley Suspended
Thu, 3 Jun 2004 15:20:44 -0700

ESPNews reports Los Angeles Dodgers OF Milton Bradley has been suspended four games for his actions during a June 1 game against the Milwaukee Brewers. The suspension is set to begin Friday, June 4. Bradley can appeal the suspension.
Dodgers | Bradley Ejected Again
Sat, 3 Jul 2004 15:33:28 -0700

The Long Beach Press-Telegram's Tony Jackson reports Los Angeles Dodgers OF Milton Bradley was ejected Friday, July 2, for throwing his bat. The ejection was Bradley's third this season.

Let's hope nobody throws a bottle at Kent.

2005-07-04 18:44:30
94.   los angeles dragons
This is my final post on the topic.

Back to Weefer madness!

2005-07-04 18:46:09
95.   Benaiah
Very clutch Weaver! I am starting to think Weaver has toughened up a bit. The last couple of games he has pitched out of jams, rather then just ducking for cover.
2005-07-04 18:46:42
96.   Steve
What exactly is it that we've seen Kent do? I truly ask this not in the spirit of argument, but of befuddlement. I really don't have any idea what you're talking about. If you don't want to respond that's ok, because you've said it's your last post, but I just don't get it.
2005-07-04 18:47:01
97.   Bob Timmermann
I asked my friends here what "moneyball" is translated into Japanese as.
The answer was "moneyball".
2005-07-04 18:49:44
98.   Bob Timmermann
I was going to stay here until the Dodgers scored a run, but I may go off and ride the world's longest escalator instead.
2005-07-04 18:52:46
99.   Linkmeister
Re: Moneyball

No surprise there. After all, McDonalds' primary product is called "le hamburger" in France.

2005-07-04 18:52:54
100.   Benaiah
98 - Could be a long wait. If Kim doesn't start getting rocked soon I am going to lose it. Back on Friday, when we were fresh off the series win over the pads and we dominated the D'backs 7-0 I thought we were finally on the right track. Alas, I was mistaken.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-07-04 18:55:58
101.   Bob Timmermann
You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France?
2005-07-04 18:57:28
102.   coachjpark
July 11th - Rockies release Byung Hyun Kim
July 15th - Byung Hyun Kim joins Dodgers and his locker is naturally situated next to Kent

Kim: What's up dud?
Kent: You want a piece of me?
Kim: No, I just call you dud?
Kent: You want a piece of me?
(Choi restrains Kent)
Choi: Hey, Jeff. Kim meant doodoo not dud.
Kent: You want a piece of me?
(Tracy calmly enters locker room.)
Tracy: If what you are doing now is indicative of what we can expect on the mound from you from a standpoint of motivating the team, I think it's a very positive element that we can add to our team chemistry.
Choi: That's right, Jim. BK will do well for us.
Tracy: Hee Seop, I appreciate your willing to serve as a mediator in this dispute. But do I think that you serving as a calming influence in this heated exchange will take away from what you have accomplished at the plate this year? Absolutely. That's why we're going with our professional hitter today.

2005-07-04 18:59:30
103.   Bob Timmermann
I have a very bad feeling about this.
2005-07-04 19:00:07
104.   los angeles dragons
I'm not sure I can give you proof of the incidents surrounding Kent (i.e. in the form of articles or documentation) because they haven't become "newsworthy" items as Bradley's did.

But in watching virtually every game over the past several weeks one cannot help but notice Kent has gotten away with lots and bitching AND several in-your-face arguments (some of them protracted, esp for baseball) with umpires as well as just today charging the mound and taunting an english language learner who holds the record for most hit batters with the words, "Do you want a piece of me?"
LOL did Kent expect Byung-Hyun Kim to understand him? He probably thought Kent was offering him a pizza.

2005-07-04 19:00:19
105.   bokonon42
I think Bradley takes more grief than he deserves. I don't think much of it is because he's black. You put up the rap sheet from last year, but he Cleveland traded him for a mess of pottage; there was a reason for that, right? There are people who don't like black people. I don't remember where, but somebody published some of the hate mail Barry Bonds gets and plenty of it was racist. But I think it's possible (I know it is, actually) to worry about Bradley's behavior for reasons other than his skin color.
2005-07-04 19:01:02
106.   bokonon42
101- Would it be a Royale with cheese?
2005-07-04 19:02:24
107.   Bob Timmermann
I would respond with more "Pulp Fiction" dialogue, but I somehow don't think it's what Jon is looking for.

We're all just thinking those words....

2005-07-04 19:02:25
108.   Linkmeister
Nope. When I was in France I was eating French food. In Munich I went into a Wendys and asked for a single burger and got chili, though. As it was raining buckets (it was October) I didn't argue.
2005-07-04 19:03:45
109.   bokonon42
104- The biggest difference between Kent and Bradley is age. Kent's been in the league forever. Veterans are always on a longer leash.
2005-07-04 19:04:14
110.   Bob Timmermann
OK, if the Dodgers don't score in the top of the 6th, I'm off to the world's longest escalator.
2005-07-04 19:04:48
111.   Benaiah
103 - Weaver! A K and an IFF. Wow very clutch.
2005-07-04 19:08:27
112.   Nagman
I am very slowly starting to see why Robles has stuck around.
2005-07-04 19:09:37
113.   Benaiah
Perez is not hitting well against Kim at all. That was almost exactly what happened in the first inning too, only this time they failed to turn two.
2005-07-04 19:11:03
114.   Benaiah
Wow, that was ugly.
2005-07-04 19:11:08
115.   Bob Timmermann
"Jeff Kent singles on a popup to shortstop Desi Relaford"?

Lost in the sun?

2005-07-04 19:11:51
116.   KAYVMON
Turning point of the season, for sure.
2005-07-04 19:11:52
117.   Benaiah
Undoubtably the flukiest hit I have ever seen.
2005-07-04 19:13:28
118.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-07-04 19:13:31
119.   Nagman
Windy. Landed on the pitchers mound.
2005-07-04 19:14:39
120.   Fearing Blue
#155: Kent hit a very high popup that landed just behind the pitchers mound. Relaford and Miles both went to cover second and Kim got out of the way. Relaford realized the problem too late and rushed in for the catch, but the ball dropped.
2005-07-04 19:15:23
121.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks for the explanation.

So I guess that turning point was just to point further downhill.

Off to the big escalator.

2005-07-04 19:16:02
122.   Linkmeister
I wonder how we stand in the hitters' strikeout stats.
2005-07-04 19:16:21
123.   Nagman
Having lost to both Lima and Kim would surely be the most embarrassing factoid of this season.
2005-07-04 19:16:46
124.   Steve
Be careful of your pants cuffs Bob. I hate getting that greasy stuff on them.
2005-07-04 19:16:52
125.   Linkmeister
And that play sounds like one Billy Martin made in a WS back in the 50s, except he caught it.
2005-07-04 19:19:21
126.   Nagman
Didn't somebody say warnings were issued?
2005-07-04 19:20:16
127.   Linkmeister
Team strikeouts: 8th in MLB, with 541 before tonight.

2005-07-04 19:23:34
128.   DaveP
anyone wonder why Kent only half-heartedly went out towards the mound in the first.

Byung-Young Kim is a black belt in tae kwon do.

Maybe Kent didn't want to get "Robin Ventura'd" or has an aversion to baseball spikes to the kidney.

2005-07-04 19:27:31
129.   Steve
Desi Relaford? Why would you go inside on Desi Relaford?
2005-07-04 19:29:37
130.   los angeles dragons
Kent not only tagged out the baserunner but I think he sucker-punched him in the gut as well!
2005-07-04 19:33:54
131.   bokonon42
128- Yeah, and he's 5'9", right? Plus Kent was still holding a bat. Kent didn't go out because he didn't want to be suspended.
2005-07-04 19:35:50
132.   bokonon42
130- Do you actually dislike Kent, or do you just think Bradley's gotten a raw deal, in comparison?
2005-07-04 19:37:44
133.   coachjpark
What I tell you.... Chen for Choi... terrible!
2005-07-04 19:37:56
134.   DaveP
131 - I was kidding. I would have been seriously pissed if Kent went out and got himself suspended. that is what Erickson is on the team for.
2005-07-04 19:38:53
135.   Benaiah
WHAT! Putting in the AAAA player for the guy with the second most HR on the roster?
2005-07-04 19:39:13
136.   patsweetpat
I'm typing this before I see the outcome of this at-bat. But lifting Choi in favor of some dude who went .252 in AA is an insult. This is a flat-out insult.
2005-07-04 19:39:23
137.   coachjpark
Taiwan cheers. Korea mourns.
2005-07-04 19:40:33
138.   joekings
Tracy is a genius!
2005-07-04 19:40:46
139.   bokonon42
134- lol

Was Choi ever officially in the game? He was just on deck, right? Can he can still come back and pinch hit?

2005-07-04 19:40:54
140.   coachjpark
Hee Seop would have hit a grand slam. I suppose Chen's first MLB base hit will do...
2005-07-04 19:40:58
141.   patsweetpat
As I was saying: absolutely the right call by Tracy.
2005-07-04 19:41:07
142.   coachjpark
Choi is done.
2005-07-04 19:41:10
143.   Jim Hitchcock
133 - We won't hold you to that...
2005-07-04 19:41:37
144.   DeucesAreWild
Fire Repko! Let's go CFC!
2005-07-04 19:41:58
145.   coachjpark
Why use Hee Seop as a pawn like that though? That's insulting.
2005-07-04 19:43:15
146.   coachjpark
I'm a fan of Chen... but it comes at the expense of Choi. I don't like that. Tracy could have put Edwards in or put Chen in there to start off.
2005-07-04 19:43:36
147.   los angeles dragons

No I love Kent and I think he has emerged as a sort of leader in part because of his passion and sometimes anger on the field.
I was comparing with Bradley in terms of how that passion and anger is interpreted by the media and in turn how the fans react to it.

2005-07-04 19:44:09
148.   joekings
Why did Perez hesisate? If he's running all out he might have made it.
2005-07-04 19:44:29
149.   Jim Hitchcock
145 - You're carrying the Korean nationalism thang a little too far.
2005-07-04 19:45:09
150.   coachjpark
I have one of Chen's minor league bats. One of my good buddies was his translator while he was struggling in AA. So this is good news for Chen and he could contribute as a right-handed pinch-hitter, so that's good.

But why sacrifice the Korean in the process?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-07-04 19:45:32
151.   Benaiah
Why is Perez bunting when they are giving away hits? I hate Tracy and AP on that one.
2005-07-04 19:46:12
152.   coachjpark
I suppose I am. I make no qualms about it. :)
2005-07-04 19:46:52
153.   student of the game
Does anyone remember reading a quote from Paul Depodesta regarding bunting? He said something about it having value, but that he wouldn't use it if he played in Coors Field. Yet here we are...
2005-07-04 19:48:28
154.   Benaiah
Man Coors just turned into the funny farm. Being a Rockies fan must be like what I felt last night all year. Your flaky pitcher turns in 6 shut out innings and the bullpen comes in to promptly blow it.
2005-07-04 19:48:47
155.   joekings
That was a professional at-bat.
2005-07-04 19:49:02
156.   coachjpark
That's why Choi should have started in place of Saenz!
2005-07-04 19:49:10
157.   Steve
BUNTING! It's like Bugs Bunny Baseball out there and we're bunting?
2005-07-04 19:49:17
158.   DaveP
151- if Tracy continues to insist on bunting, at least update the book with this line:


2005-07-04 19:49:48
159.   Benaiah
That was awful Saenz! Hit it in the air at least.
2005-07-04 19:50:03
160.   coachjpark
He would have

1) Walked
2) Struck out
3) Hit a home run!

2005-07-04 19:50:48
161.   coachjpark
Tracy's head is filled with helium, so you really have to give him a break.
2005-07-04 19:52:03
162.   Steve
Tracy not only gives up our .300 hitter, but Jeff Kent too, since the IW was a lock. What an idiot.
2005-07-04 19:56:25
163.   jpeace
Yeah, what a colossal waste.
But Go Chen!!
2005-07-04 19:58:51
164.   Steve
Wunsch takes the fall! Good going Kelly. You're my LOOGy for life.
2005-07-04 20:01:57
165.   Benaiah
Nice job Tracy. Using the LOOGY, who is going to come out anyway, to make a point. That said, putting two men on late in a tie game in Coors could prove disastrous. Hopefully this will at least keep teams from throwing at us in the future.
2005-07-04 20:03:23
166.   bokonon42
The shouting kids are getting old.
2005-07-04 20:05:58
167.   bokonon42
If Wunsch had hit Helton in the head, maybe that'd be a statement. A side-arm curveball that doesn't break hitting him in the butt; feh. Better than nothing I guess.
2005-07-04 20:06:11
168.   Jim Hitchcock
They were really going to town, weren't they?
2005-07-04 20:08:29
169.   los angeles dragons
What does LOOGY mean?
2005-07-04 20:11:14
170.   Fearing Blue
From the Rockies announcers, this is the first time in baseball history that there have been four Ja(y)sons in a lineup in a row.
2005-07-04 20:11:40
171.   Fearing Blue
We're looking bad for making Carvajal available in the Rule 5 draft.
2005-07-04 20:12:04
172.   Benaiah
I had no interest in voting for the final player in on the AllStar game until I found out Jeter was one of the candidates... Who should I vote for out of the list of Torii Hunter, H Matsui, C Crawford and S Podsednik. Note: I don't care who is doing the best, only who has the best chance of beating Jeter.
2005-07-04 20:12:31
173.   Jim Hitchcock
Jason Grabowski. The most feared hitter in the Dodger's arsenal...
2005-07-04 20:12:58
174.   Benaiah
169 - Lefty One Out GuY
2005-07-04 20:13:25
175.   Fearing Blue
#173: Pitchers fear the called-third strike look of disbelief.
2005-07-04 20:19:46
176.   bokonon42
172- I would have guessed Matsui, and maybe that's still true, but you've got to guess the Yankee fans are going to go overwhelmingly for Jeter. So maybe Hunter.
2005-07-04 20:21:24
177.   Jim Hitchcock
Is the Colorado bullpen the local Christmas tree relocation depot?
2005-07-04 20:28:23
178.   Xeifrank
Just turned on the game 3-3 in the 9th. What happened with the Dodgers bunt attempt? In what situation did JT decide to bunt in? Was it a fireable offense?
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 20:30:13
179.   DaveP
Robles for President
2005-07-04 20:31:11
180.   Xeifrank
I bent Tracy tries to bunt Robles to third! :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 20:33:24
181.   Xeifrank
Let me please state the obvious... a homerun by Jeff Kent would be huge!
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 20:36:20
182.   student of the game
178- It was first and second, no out. The Dodgers had already scored three runs in the inning, and Perez sacrifices- second and third, one out. Hurdle intentionally walks Kent, then Saenz hits into DP.
2005-07-04 20:37:06
183.   jpeace
I agree,
Robles for President of Mexico. We are seeing some great ABs from him tonight
2005-07-04 20:40:57
184.   Xeifrank
182. Thanks. Classic FJT material. Gonna have to get a bigger boat to hold it all.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 20:41:58
185.   Xeifrank
Gonna be a battle of bullpen depth. This could get ugly if it goes extra innings. Did Erickson make the road trip?
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 20:43:33
186.   Xeifrank
wow, Carrara sure getting squeezed by the ump.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 20:44:20
187.   los angeles dragons

Oh did he. Erickson was the first to rush out of the bullpen during a Kent-provoked skirmish in the opening inning.

2005-07-04 20:44:25
188.   Suffering Bruin
Just checking in here. I would like to say that not starting Choi against Kim is SAD.
2005-07-04 20:45:08
189.   Xeifrank
whew! Extra innings... by 5 feet.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 20:45:22
190.   Suffering Bruin
And that was pretty close...
2005-07-04 20:46:06
191.   Xeifrank
187. Please fill me in on what happened and what caused the Kent "skirmish"
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 20:46:14
192.   Benaiah
That would have been out anywhere else. Well it might not have gone as far anywhere else I guess.
2005-07-04 20:49:09
193.   bokonon42
Kent provoked a skirmish by getting hit in the ribs by BH Kim? He took a half-dozen step toward the mound, after the HBP, and the benches cleared. No punches thrown, nobody ejected.
2005-07-04 20:49:23
194.   Jim Hitchcock
192 - What was the point of that post :)
2005-07-04 20:52:29
195.   bokonon42
Beanballs and benches clearing melees are part of the game. I think you're taking the whole thing a little more seriously than you ought to, Dragons. Jamming your cleats into somebody's leg would be a felony assault if you did it at the mall, but it's just part of the game when you're trying to break up a double play.
2005-07-04 20:54:57
196.   los angeles dragons

Kent was just showing off his carte-blanche to cause commotion on the field after being beaned on the back by Kim, who has 11 hit batters this season.

Kent went 1/4 of the way but was held back by umpire/catcher. He was saying, "Do you want a piece of me?" to pitcher as he approached.

Both benches and bullpens cleared and it nearly escalated into a full-on donnybrook.

2005-07-04 21:02:07
197.   los angeles dragons
I have/had nothing against Kent whatsoever.

I enjoy him throughly.

Just thought Bradley had been judged differently for not much different conduct and that it was perhaps worth pointing out.

2005-07-04 21:03:20
198.   Xeifrank
The Scott Erickson appearance expectancy is up to 10%.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:03:46
199.   bokonon42
197- Fair enough.
2005-07-04 21:04:20
200.   Icaros
I go for a long walk and come back to a tie game, neat.

Nice to read that Tracy is still our resident genius.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-07-04 21:05:10
201.   Xeifrank
Grabowski principle??
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:05:17
202.   Icaros
An ominous GP...
2005-07-04 21:06:36
203.   Xeifrank
JT goes with the Sac bunt again, it worked let's see if we can knock him in. Just heard Vin describe the Choi pinch-hitting fiasco. What a dope.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:07:24
204.   Icaros
Gotta love the sac bunt to set up Edwards and Robles.
2005-07-04 21:08:33
205.   Xeifrank
Edwards makes yet another productive out. :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:09:06
206.   Suffering Bruin
203 - Well, the fiasco resulted in two RBI's unless I misread gamecast.

Which of course doesn't mitigate the astounding decision to sit Choi against his fellow countryman and high school teammate who happens to throw right-handed and submarine at that.

2005-07-04 21:09:31
207.   Suffering Bruin
Robles Carew
2005-07-04 21:09:37
208.   bokonon42
Well, I don't know about President, but if Robles ever runs for State Senate in my district, I'll vote for him.
2005-07-04 21:09:46
209.   Icaros
Hey look, all of a sudden Robles is just as good as Izturis.
2005-07-04 21:10:13
210.   Xeifrank
Who woulda thunk it!

1) Grabowski gets a hit
2) Dodgers successfully sac bunt
3) Robles singles him home

Grabowski principle must be in effect vs the Rockies and Witasick(sp?) for giving up the hit to JG.
vr, Xei

2005-07-04 21:10:40
211.   Benaiah
Robles! I am halfway hoping that Izzy is slow coming back. Robles isn't going to hit like this every night, but Izzy isn't likely to get one hit in 6 ABs right now.
2005-07-04 21:11:05
212.   Xeifrank
206. It was a fiasco in the sense that Choi didn't get to take a swing.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:11:05
213.   student of the game
205. I think he has just taken the team lead in "Olney's."

Robles comes to Tracy's rescue.

2005-07-04 21:11:14
214.   Icaros
Hey SB, haven't talked to you in awhile.

How are things?

2005-07-04 21:11:55
215.   coachjpark
Robles is BETTER than Izturis.. right now...
2005-07-04 21:12:29
216.   Xeifrank
Robles hands JT a get out of jail card.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:12:42
217.   coachjpark
206, 212 - I hear you, man, I hear you.
2005-07-04 21:13:16
218.   Suffering Bruin
212 - I might've miscommunicated badly there, Xei. I agree with you--Choi should have started this game and I cannot think of any reason why he shouldn't have unless Tracy has given his fealty to the fatuous line of thinking that in this trying time "veteran" leadership is needed.
2005-07-04 21:13:40
219.   Xeifrank
Do the Rockies have any plans on changing pitchers any time soon... before this game gets out of reach?
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:13:52
220.   Icaros
Perez really makes pitchers work.
2005-07-04 21:15:03
221.   Xeifrank
Ghame Over or Ghame On time :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:15:11
222.   Icaros
Time for Gagne to shut the door now.
2005-07-04 21:15:23
223.   Xeifrank
220. My wife makes me work.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:15:25
224.   Suffering Bruin
Here we go, Yhency. We do not need a repeat of last night, thank you...
2005-07-04 21:17:27
225.   Icaros
My wife makes me work.

Tell her to grab a bat, then. We need her.

2005-07-04 21:18:39
226.   Xeifrank
Who needs Drew, Bradley, Gagne, Choi and Izturis... when you have Grabowski, Edwards and Buttermaker.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:19:42
227.   los angeles dragons
I want this game to continue into perpetuity so that Robles can just keep hitting and hitting
2005-07-04 21:19:50
228.   jpeace
Seems like the Chois are with the Dodgers tonight. Every ball that is hit hard seems to fly straight into the glove of a Jason.
2005-07-04 21:20:29
229.   Suffering Bruin
Nice finish!
2005-07-04 21:20:39
230.   Xeifrank
wow! What a play by Kent to end the game. He's got some serious range factor. Nice comeback win.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:20:40
231.   Icaros
Cora would've made that play, too.
2005-07-04 21:21:21
232.   student of the game
According to (below), Depodesta did not travel with the team. He stayed in LA to try to figure out what to do with this team. Does that mean that Choi will not play this week? If so, is it conclusive that there is a rift between the front office and the manager? Or if not a rift, at least a serious disagreement?

2005-07-04 21:21:45
233.   Icaros

Why the cold shoulder? (#214)

2005-07-04 21:21:49
234.   Xeifrank
231. Blindfolded and one hand tied behind is back.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:23:09
235.   Nagman
I was watching fireworks, left in the 7th, came back just in time to see the last 3 outs. Sounds like it was a scrappy win. Viva Oscar, good for him.
2005-07-04 21:23:53
236.   bokonon42
Do GMs usually travel with the team?
2005-07-04 21:24:17
237.   Xeifrank
232. Didn't read the link but if you are saying that just because Depodesta didn't travel with the team that there is a rift between him and Buttermaker... I don't quite get it. What makes you think there is a rift just from Depo staying in LA? I would assume he needs to be around his top assistants to set a course for the rest of the season.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:25:14
238.   Sam DC
I'm sorry, I've been in the hot sun all day. From the comments here and scouring Gameday, I'm led to understand that Choi was brought in as a PH, then pulled after Sun Tzu Hurdle countered with a lefty? Too funny. I think Tracey must have done that just for the benefit of people fulminating on this board. I can see him in his office: "Get this, Hoffman. Today, I'm gonna put him in but still not let him get an at bat. If that doesn't get that suffragette bruin idiot to stop calling over here, nothing will."
2005-07-04 21:25:39
239.   jpeace
What a win. Happy 4th of July everyone!
Choi bless America!
2005-07-04 21:26:43
240.   Xeifrank
238. Sun Tzu Hurdle. Funny stuff, keep it up.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:30:32
241.   student of the game
237. I am suggesting that Tracy might not be playing Choi because Depo is not currently telling him to do so. From what I understand, they (Depo and tracy) have daily meetings to go over things. I just wonder if the lack of Depo's oversight lead to Choi's treatment.

236. I don't know if the GM normally travels but the article is reporting that he didn't travel, so I assume that he normally does.

2005-07-04 21:31:07
242.   Suffering Bruin
238 - I like the idea...




JIM TRACY: Don't answer that damn phone!


2005-07-04 21:32:12
243.   Suffering Bruin
By the by, Byung Kim knows about three types of self-defense. He would've really hurt Jeff Kent.
2005-07-04 21:34:10
244.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey, SB...Icaros has been trying to say hi.
2005-07-04 21:36:18
245.   Icaros
Nobody listens to the bartender.
2005-07-04 21:37:04
246.   Xeifrank
243. Can he stop a 34 inch 33 ounce wood bat swung at his knees?
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 21:38:33
247.   Suffering Bruin
244 - Hi to Icaros! I don't know if anybody has been trying to use my e-mail but the UCLA server was out of commission for a good part of June. That combined with the move put me in ISP Hades. I think I invited Icaros to send an e-mail and I never could respond. I would welcome another.

OT - A neighbor is currently practicing on his bagpipes. Who's got a rock?

2005-07-04 21:39:33
248.   Suffering Bruin
245 - Many apologies for missing post #214. I'm still waiting for the drugs to take affect...
2005-07-04 21:40:49
249.   Jim Hitchcock
No bagpipes. Got a Les Paul and a Mesa Boogie amp. Guaranteed to drown out bagpipes.
2005-07-04 21:42:29
250.   Suffering Bruin
I like what Robin Williams said about bagpipes. "Sounds like a cat in a blender."
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-07-04 21:43:00
251.   Icaros
248 - Send some my way.
2005-07-04 21:43:35
252.   Suffering Bruin
ADD drugs, Icaros. They'd only make you hyper.
2005-07-04 21:44:51
253.   bokonon42
From the article alluded to in 232:

"Bradley tested his torn finger ligament in Los Angeles with 25 dry swings and reported no setbacks."

2005-07-04 21:45:21
254.   Icaros

I sent you an e-mail asking if you wanted to go to one of the games against Detroit.

Looking at the schedule, that was some time ago :-)

2005-07-04 21:47:55
255.   Suffering Bruin
254 - (currently red in face)

The wife always said I was flaky but sheesh...

I am really sorry about that one. Next game is on me. E-mail is up and running so please feel send me another message. It would be great to catch a game with a fellow poster. But not on a day when they're passing out thundersticks. I'm serious--I'd rather die.

2005-07-04 21:49:53
256.   Icaros
255 - Should we try to catch Bagpipe Day?
2005-07-04 21:52:43
257.   Suffering Bruin
I said I was sorry, dammit! :)
2005-07-04 21:53:23
258.   bokonon42
And can you feel the love tonight?
It is where we are.
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer,
That we got this far.
And can you feel the love tonight?
How it's laid to rest?
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds,
Believe the very best.
2005-07-04 21:53:54
259.   Suffering Bruin
Seriously, it turns out that it wasn't a neighbor just now but some guy who had a bagpipe and gave an impromptu concert for folks going back home from a fireworks show.

That's pretty cool, even for bagpipes...

2005-07-04 21:54:53
260.   Suffering Bruin
258 - Dorothy Parker to Elton John. Not bad...
2005-07-04 21:58:41
261.   Icaros
Who is the guy on DodgerTalk who just referenced Dodger Thoughts?

He's on right now, wondering why Choi doesn't play.

2005-07-04 21:58:46
262.   bokonon42
The Parker I could have come close to reproducing perfectly from memory. The Elton John I had to look up.
2005-07-04 22:02:05
263.   Xeifrank
261. Someone referenced DT on the Dodgers post-game radio show? How cool... I wish someone would reference FJT dot com also.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 22:03:18
264.   Suffering Bruin
262 - Parker from memory? I'm impressed.

Did you catch the movie about Parker? Starred Jennifer Jason Leigh. I didn't see it but heard it was pretty good.

2005-07-04 22:06:31
265.   Suffering Bruin
Logging off 'till tomorrow.

Icaros - please send another e-mail! Talk to you soon...

2005-07-04 22:08:17
266.   Louis in SF
The decision not to start Choi does seem to be very odd, since they are in trade mode, you would think they would want to show case him, especially if he ends up being traded. HOwever, that didn't happen, so maybe he won't get traded. As far as DePo not traveling that is definitely a sign that he is working the phones. When you hear he is joining the team it could mean that they are ready to pull the trigger on a trade......What does Cleveland need that the Dodgers could offer?
2005-07-04 22:09:24
267.   Steve
266 -- unless, as Jon suggests, we're showing Saenz off.
2005-07-04 22:17:06
268.   Xeifrank
266. I can't imagine Choi being traded or show cased to be traded. I think Buntermaker would be fired before Hee was traded.
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 22:17:45
269.   coachjpark
That was me on Dodger Talk
2005-07-04 22:18:34
270.   Icaros
The Dodgers wouldn't be able to get crap for Choi at this point.
2005-07-04 22:19:44
271.   Icaros
269 - I was thinking it might've been you. I liked your line about not being a Korean nationalist.
2005-07-04 22:19:50
272.   coachjpark
Showcase Saenz...let Hee Seop play!
2005-07-04 22:21:05
273.   coachjpark
Haha... I said ultra-Korean nationalist... I totally miss Ross Porter and his "Uh-huh" on Dodger Talk... I must have called about 4 different times asking about the progress of Chen Chin-Feng....

I liked the way Ross pronounced Byung Hyun Kim... Buy young Ha young Kim

2005-07-04 22:22:28
274.   Jim Hitchcock
271 - Hey, so I indirectly got some exposure on Dodger Talk!

How did they respond to mentioning Dodger Thoughts?

2005-07-04 22:23:50
275.   Icaros
I thought it was more of a "Bee-Young Hi-Yoon Kim."
2005-07-04 22:24:58
276.   Icaros
How did they respond to mentioning Dodger Thoughts?

Who is they? A. Martinez?

2005-07-04 22:26:51
277.   coachjpark
A (They) didn't really say anything. I just ranted and raved about Chen and Hee Seop. He was being very politically correct in saying that Tracy was "trying to field the best possible lineup" and that's why Choi was not in the lineup.
2005-07-04 22:26:58
278.   Jim Hitchcock
I was gonna say A Martinez, but I wasn't sure if hehosted after all the games. Haven't listened to it in a couple of years.
2005-07-04 22:26:59
279.   Steve
Dodger Thoughts:

Come for the baseball, stay for the unicycles

2005-07-04 22:27:37
280.   Xeifrank
What was exactly mentioned about DT on Dodger Talk?
vr, Xei
2005-07-04 22:28:19
281.   Icaros
Haven't listened to it in a couple of years.

Well, you've really missed a lot (rolls eyes).

2005-07-04 22:30:46
282.   coachjpark
I (Coachjpark) mentioned on DodgerTalk to A Martinez that it was odd that Hee Seop was not in the lineup and how there were some frustrated fans as well on Dodger Thoughts that shared my sentiment.

That was all.

2005-07-04 22:31:17
283.   Icaros
This isn't the first DT mention on Dodgers radio, of course. Ross Porter used to read Jon's posts on the air fairly often.

I think that's how I heard about this place.

2005-07-04 22:32:01
284.   Jim Hitchcock
281 - Much prefer hanging out with the intellegencia here pretending like I belong :)
2005-07-04 22:33:13
285.   coachjpark
Ross was, and is, classic. Anyone know what he's up to. The way that the Dodgers treated Ross was absolutely, totally inexcusable. Charley Steiner may be a professional, but what's the point in hiring a play by play guy when you have such a quality guy in Ross?
2005-07-04 22:37:07
286.   coachjpark
By Ross, I mean Ross Porter... not David Ross or Cody Ross
2005-07-04 22:45:32
287.   LAT
Baseball Tonight--Harold Reynolds: "Dodgers already overachiving. They won't be there at the end of the season." Unfortunatly, HR is the only one of the Baseball Tonight crew I respect.
2005-07-04 22:46:44
288.   Fearing Blue
Minor League Update:

Las Vegas 51s (AAA):
The 51s lost 5 - 1 to Fresno.

The 51s only run was scored on a double by backup catcher Mike Nixon followed by an RBI-double by the pitcher, Heath Totten. Third baseman Willy Aybar went 1 for 4 with 2 strikeouts. Catcher Dioner Navarro did not start, but went 0 for 1 as a pinch-hitter. The team has been struggling to score runs since three of their top outfielders have been called up to help the big league club (Jason Repko, Cody Ross, and Ching-Feng Chen).

Heath Totten was pitching well through the first 6 innings, allowing only 1 run (earned) on a solo shot by Mike Cervenak, before falling apart in the 7th. After getting a flyout to start the inning, he allowed a triple, single and a two-run homerun (3 earned runs) before being pulled for Mike Venafro. Venafro failed to retire the two batters he faced, allowing 1 run (earned), before giving way to Mike Neu and Thomas Nall. Neu and Nall held Fresno scoreless through the final 1.2 innings.

Jacksonville Suns (AA):
The Suns won 4 - 1 over Mobile.

The best offensive performance on the night came from catcher Russell Martin, who went 2 for 3 with a double and a sacrifice, scoring once and driving in two. Martin's batting average is up to .322 on the season, 7th in the league. Andy LaRoche and Joel Guzman were both held hitless for the night, with LaRoche striking out twice and Guzman once. Delmon Young went 1 for 4 with a double, scoring a run. James Loney also scored a run, going 1 for 4 with a single, but dropping his average to .270 on the season.

Eric Hull had a solid pitching performance, likely cementing his status as the Suns 5th starter. Hull pitched 5.2 innings, allowing 1 run (earned) on 5 hits and 2 walks, while striking out 9. The lone run came on a solo shot by Mobile's first baseman Joe Gerber. Hull was pulled with two men on and two out in the 6th inning, but a strikeout by reliever Carlos Alvarez stranded the baserunners. Jonathan Broxton and Southern League All-Star Luis Gonzalez pitched 3 scoreless innings to lock up the victory. Broxton pitched a perfect inning striking out 2 for the hold. Broxton has been a bit up and down since being converted to a reliever, even though his velocity has been up in the 96 - 98 mph range. Gonzalez pitched 2 innings, allowing a single and a walk, while striking out 2, lowering his team-leading ERA to 1.71 on the season. Gonzalez is a 22-year old lefty who has closed for the Suns most of the season. Even though he has a spectacular ERA, his peripherals leave something to be desired (32 Ks, 23 BBs, and 1 HR in 44 IP).

Vero Beach Dodgers (High-A):
The Dodgers won 6 - 4 over St. Lucie.

Second baseman Tony Abreu and center fielder Matt Kemp led the Dodgers offensive attack. Abreu went 3 for 5, with a triple, 2 RBIs, and a run scored. Kemp went 3 for 4 with a walk, falling a homerun short of a cycle, scoring twice and driving in a run. Other Dodgers prospects, shortstop Chin-lung Hu, Justin Ruggiano, and Cory Dunlap were held hitless on the night, though Dunlap drew a walk and Ruggiano was hit by a pitch. Left fielder Anthony Raglani was 1 for 4 with an RBI single in the 7th. He came around to score on Kemp's triple.

Chuck Tiffany was the starter and had an interesting night on the mound. Tiffany pitched 6 innings allowing 10 baserunners (8 hits and 2 walks) with a triple and a homerun, but he only allowed 2 runs (both earned) while striking out 9. Left-hander Matt Merricks, the returned Rockies Rule 5 draftee, came in to pitch two innings of relief, allowing 2 runs (both earned) on a walk and a 2-run homerun in the 8th. Merricks struck out 2 and did not allow any other baserunners. Prior to the season, Merricks was ranked as the Rockies 29th best prospect, but with the Dodgers pitching depth, he likely would not break the top 30.

Columbus Catfish (Low-A):
The Catfish lost 3 - 2 to Hickory.

The only real bright spot on the game for Columbus was center fielder Jamie Hoffman's night at the plate. Hoffman went 3 for 4 with two triples and a run scored. At 20 years old, Hoffman is a regular starter for the Catfish, but he hasn't done much on the season, with a .303/.379/.397 batting line. Second baseman Denker and third baseman Dewitt each went 1 for 3 with a single and a walk. Backup shortstop Dominique Laurin hit a solo shot to account for the Catfish first run of the night.

Scott Elbert had a rough night on the mound, allowing 13 baserunners (10 singles, 1 double, and a walk) in 5.2 innings pitched. Somehow, he only gave up 2 runs (both earned), while only striking out 2. The 19-year old left-hander has been one of Columbus' better starters on the year, striking out 60 in 61 innings, while walking 30 and allowing 5 homeruns. His 3.42 ERA has been buttressed by a really low number of hits (49), which is likely unmaintainable. Steve Nelson, a 22-year old right-handed reliever, took the loss after allowing an uneared run in 2.1 innings pitched. Nelson has only pitched 11 innings on the season and is not considered a prospect.

Ogden Raptors (Rookie):
The Raptors won 12 - 3 over Casper.

In the game, three Raptors hit a homerun, surpassing the total for the GCL Dodgers on the season. Shortstop Shane Justis, the Dodgers 21st round pick in 2005, hit his 1st homerun, a 2-run shot in the 2nd. Third baseman Russell Mitchell hit his 4th homerun, a 3-run shot in the 2nd. In 13 prior games with the Raptors, Mitchell had a batting line of .339/3.56/.607. Mitchell was a 15th round pick out of high school in the 2003 amateur draft. After a solid half-year for the GCL Dodgers in 2003, he performed poorly for Vero Beach and Columbus in 2004. Before joining Ogden, he was primarily a backup in Vero Beach. Right fielder Sergio Pedroza hit his 3rd homerun, a 3-run shot in the 3rd. Pedroza went 3 for 4 with a walk overall, raising his average to .591 in 6 games while scoring three times and driving in four. Catcher Juan Apodaca was the only position player without a hit on the night. He went 0 for 5 with a strikeout, dropping his average to .357. Coming into the game, 18-year old Apodaca's batting line was .405/.426/.703 in 37 ABs. 18-year old Jesus Soto started at second base and went 2 for 5 and scored twice. He has also started games at shortstop this season. The Dodgers 11th round pick, Adam Godwin, went 1 for 2 with 2 walks and 3 runs scored. With a batting line of .091/.167/.091 in 11 ABs, he has had a slow start to his professional career.

Marlon Arias, a 20-year old left-hander, started the game for the Raptors. He pitched 5.2 innings, allowing 3 runs (2 earned) on 4 hits (1 homerun) and 3 walks, while striking out 7. The best pitching performance came from recently signed 5th round draft-pick, John Meloan from the University of Arizona. In his first appearance for the Raptors, Meloan pitched 2 innings of scoreless, 1-hit relief, striking out 3.

GCL Dodgers (Rookie);
The Dodgers lost 2 - 1 to the Nationals.

I had previously stated that the Dodgers were waiting for their first homerun. It turns out that I was waiting to learn how to read. The Dodgers have hit 2 homeruns in 9 games on the season, but they are still last in the league with only 11 extra-base hits. On the night, the Dodgers only managed 6 hits with one going for a double. The 19-year old designated-hitter, Carlos Santana, and the 20-year old left-fielder, Eloy Gutierrez, each had two hits on the night, with Santana recording the team's lone extra-base hit.

Greg Miller pitched extremely well in his second rehab appearance with the Dodgers. Miller, a 20-year old lefty drafted in the first round of the 2002 draft, pitched 3 scoreless, no-hit innings, walking 2 while striking out 6. Miller has been out since August of 2003 with 2 shoulder surgeries. Miller can get his fastball up to 95 mph and has a plus slider, power curveball and a changeup to complete his arsenal. If Miller can stay healthy, he'll quickly rejoin Billingsley, Orenduff, Jackson, et. al. as one of the Dodgers premier pitching prospects. Prior to the season, Baseball America ranked him as the Dodgers 7th best prospect, even after missing all of last year recovering. Miguel Sanfler, a 20-year old left-handed reliever, pitched 3 innings, allowing 2 runs (both earned) to get the loss. Arismendy Castillo, a 20-yeard old right-handed reliever, held the Nationals scoreless through 2 perfect innings (2 Ks), but the Dodgers were not able to come back.

2005-07-04 22:56:26
289.   natepurcell
meloans on the mound now eh? great news. anyone know the status of 2nd round pick josh wall?
2005-07-04 22:56:35
290.   Linkmeister
#249, Jim,

I've got a Rickenbacker and a Pignose amp myself. I don't think the amp works anymore, though. ;)

2005-07-04 23:05:46
291.   Jim Hitchcock
I remember you mentioning the Rick before. Always liked them. Pignoses were awesome.
2005-07-04 23:10:01
292.   Fearing Blue
#289: Of the Dodgers' first 15 picks, Baseball America has listed that the following have not signed:

1S: Luke Hochevar
2: Josh Wall
9: Michael Davitt
14: Scott Van Slyke

Hochevar's negotiations were expected to be drawn out due to the Boras factor. Baseball America thinks Davitt is likely a draft-and-follow. Van Slyke said he would go to college if not drafted in the first 5 rounds, so the Dodgers will either have to overpay for the slot or draft-and-follow. Wall seems to be the odd-man-out. I haven't heard anything about his negotiations so far.

2005-07-04 23:12:48
293.   Linkmeister
Yeah, but I bought while living on Kwajalein, sharing a room with somebody. Couldn't really let it out. Then I got out of the habit of practicing.

Ah well. If I ever have a place with white walls and wooden parquet floors, the Rick will look nice hanging on the wall.

2005-07-04 23:17:14
294.   bokonon42
264- Don't be too impressed. DP and Philip Larkin are the only two I've ever spent any much time with. Old poetry is too hard, and new poetry doesn't make enough sense. Give me sing-songy, pre-post-modern snidery any day.

I have a slightly irational hatred/fear of the biopic. And I worry that if I knew any too much more about Miss Parker, my enjoyment of her words might suffer.

2005-07-04 23:17:55
295.   Jim Hitchcock
Remember being young, playing for hours a day, knowing you'd never give it up?

Life has a way of interrupting that.

But it was worth it. Every minute.

2005-07-04 23:45:56
296.   Fearing Blue
As an easy trade that would help both teams, how about trading Olmedo Saenz to the Orioles for Larry Bigbie? The Orioles have been getting a .645 OPS from their DH slot, which is way below Saenz's .811 career OPS. For the Dodgers, the improvement from Repko/Ross/Cheng/Grabowski to Bigbie should make up for the loss of Saenz's bat in the lineup 3 days a week. Additionally, Bigbie would still be under team control a couple more years, and he would make a great left-handed fourth outfielder with a little bit of upside when the rest of the outfield gets healthy.
2005-07-05 01:06:40
297.   bokonon42
296- Is Bigbie that much better than Ledee? He'd be a little cheaper this year, but isn't he arbitration eligible?
2005-07-05 01:24:05
298.   Kilgore Trout
Ledee might or might not be better, but for now he's still on the DL, and they're saying that when he does come back, he'll just be pinch-hitting for a while.

Which leaves us with the all-Ja(y)son outfield for who knows how long.

2005-07-05 02:02:44
299.   bokonon42
Yeah, I guess I'm not really in the mood for salvaging this season. I'd be content to watch Werth and an Edwards/Jason, CFC/Jason platoon till Ledee gets back. Repko and Grabowski have earned their 2006 plane tickets to Las Veges or where ever else. If DePo can finegle Dunn, Choi bless him. But stocking up on left handed fourth outfielders doesn't seem like a great strategy.
2005-07-05 02:13:21
300.   bokonon42
Just to push this thread to the three hundred mark:

To put one brick upon another,
Add a third and then a forth,
Leaves no time to wonder whether
What you do has any worth.

But to sit with bricks around you
While the winds of heaven howl
Weighing what you should or can do
Leaves no doubt of it at all.

~Philip Larkin

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-07-05 02:17:39
301.   bokonon42
The winds of heaven bawl, actually, they don't howl. Which makes sense, since all doesn't rhyme with howl very much. I should know better than to trust my feeble memory. And I should know better than to show off.
2005-07-05 02:21:52
302.   Kilgore Trout
299 - I was just pointing out that Ledee is not the solution; I was not recommending that the Dodgers trade for Bigbie, or anyone else for that matter.

I'm actually in favor of not being a "buyer" or a "seller" but just staying pat and giving Werth, Choi, and Repko playing time.

2005-07-05 08:31:32
303.   Fearing Blue
#298/299: Bigbie projects as better than Ledee and certainly much better than the rest. Yes, Bigbie will be arbitration eligible, but based on this season, we should plan on having extra outfield depth for next season. Additionally, as I mentioned, we probably don't lose any offense this year as Bigbie minus Repko/Ross is roughly equivalent to Saenz minus Choi/Perez. Plus, getting rid of Saenz forces Tracy to see what he's got in Choi.

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