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'Chum in the Water'
2005-07-07 09:52
by Jon Weisman

Today's 12:05 p.m. Game

* * *

The current major league standings, pro-rated to 162 games.

87-75 .539 NL East
84-78 .522 AL Central
83-79 .514 AL West
80-82 .491 AL East
79-83 .488 NL Central
73-89 .451 NL West

This is just a random idea off the top of my head, but in the face of the unbalanced schedule (which I happen to like for its emphasis on division rivalries, but which is unfair as far as determining wild cards), what if the wild cards went automatically to the second-best team in each league's best division.

* * *

I continue to hold fast in my belief that there's no way Jeff Weaver signs a contract extension with the Dodgers during the 2005 season. He might return to the Dodgers after becoming a free agent in the offseason, but no way he and the Dodgers shake hands before then.

But if nothing else, the parties continue to talk, according to Bill Plunkett of the Register:

Weaver described the situation as putting "chum in the water." But neither side has risen to the bait, yet. ...

"That phrase is probably accurate," DePodesta said. "We're certainly at the beginning stages. ... They have given something to us, nothing very definitive in nature." ...

Neither side would say who took the first step to initiate the discussions. But it is unusual for a prospective free agent represented by Boras to negotiate let alone sign during the season, an indication that Weaver might be the motivated seller in this relationship. ...

Weaver is making $9.35 million this year. Boras dismissed the idea of a "hometown discount" that would have Weaver taking less from the Dodgers than he could get on the free-agent market just to stay in Los Angeles.

That would mean the Dodgers might have to make Weaver not only their highest-paid starter (ahead of Derek Lowe, scheduled to make $9 million in the second year of his deal with the Dodgers) but also their highest-paid pitcher (over Eric Gagne who will make $10 million in 2006).

I just don't see it happening.

* * *

For posterity, the salaries of Wednesday's starting lineup:

$316,000 Oscar Robles
$316,000 Mike Edwards
$337,000 Jayson Werth
$351,500 Hee-Seop Choi
$320,500 Antonio Perez
$339,000 Jason Phillips
$327,000 Jason Grabowski
$316,000 Jason Repko

* * *

Ross Porter will be talking baseball as a guest host on 1540 AM today and Friday between 12 noon and 2 p.m.

Comments (420)
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2005-07-07 10:01:38
1.   Fearing Blue
Minor league update posted in last night's game thread. I'll keep posting them at the end of the game thread so they're easy to find.
2005-07-07 10:09:28
2.   CT Bum
Not a bad idea Jon re: 2nd place team in the division with the best record getting the wild card. But I would imagine that would take some of the excitement out of the wild card race, so I don't think MLB would go that route. Nice idea though.

I agree about Weaver. There is no way Weaver signs before the end of the season. I can't see Boras allowing that to happen.

2005-07-07 10:11:11
3.   Bob Timmermann
Your method of choosing the wild card would be really hard for people to keep track of. There is also the problem of not all the divisions in each league having the same number of teams. It would be interesting to see though if a team like the Yankees was waiting to see if they were the wildcard, but needed to wait to see if Tampa Bay won its last game or if a Kansas City win gave the wild card to the Twins.

But Good News!
According to
if the Dodgers win 77 of their next 78 games they will win the NL West!

2005-07-07 10:12:19
4.   heato
If Weaver really wants to stay in LA badly enough that he would offer a discount, he could always fire Boras and then sign the extension. I know it's highly unlikely to happen, but a precedent exists. Jake Peavy fired Boras and subsequently gave San Diego a huge discount when he signed a four-year extension.
2005-07-07 10:14:55
5.   Jon Weisman
3- Keeping in mind that I myself am not convinced my idea is a good one ...

"Your method of choosing the wild card would be really hard for people to keep track of."

Well, it would just take AP dispatching the leading division news, which figures not to be too difficult and perhaps will be well-established by September.

"There is also the problem of not all the divisions in each league having the same number of teams."

-- currently a problem with division races, but no one seems to mind.

2 - "But I would imagine that would take some of the excitement out of the wild card race, so I don't think MLB would go that route. "

This is probably the bigger problem.

2005-07-07 10:15:16
6.   Jon Weisman
By the way, just added the link for today's game, so this is the Game Chat thread for today.
2005-07-07 10:15:16
7.   Steve
yick. bleh. phooey.
2005-07-07 10:15:52
8.   JJoeScott
Blasphemy: I think there should be TWO Wild Card teams. Make 'em play a best-of-three, starting the day after the season ends, for the right to play the team with the best record.

Serves two purpose.
1. Even more pennant race excitement. (Arguably.)
2. It will make it harder for a WC team to win a WS since they will have inverted their pitching rotations in order to win the Wild Card series.

I think it's too easy for a good Wild Card team - usually a team that's added a solid #1 or #2 starter - to defeat the league's best-record team.

2005-07-07 10:16:36
9.   Jon Weisman
Duke Snider is chatting on
2005-07-07 10:18:05
10.   Jon Weisman
I am fine with the previously circulated idea of the wild card playing all its games on the road, by the way.
2005-07-07 10:18:39
11.   Colorado Blue
Grabowski makes 11K more than Robles? Where's the justice in that...
I knew Grabs was just an overpaid-3rd-strike-looking-prima-donna!
2005-07-07 10:21:02
12.   Bob Timmermann
I guess the best division winner would probably be known by mid-September since there are so many games when they get added up.

You would run the problem of penalizing a good team that's in a division where one of the tailenders throws up the white flag and has a fire sale.

2005-07-07 10:23:37
13.   Dan Rydell
I think having 2 wild card teams is a good idea. A 3-game series isn't even necessary. Just a 1-game winner take-all. The wild card teams will have to use their ace, so whoever advances still can't use their starter twice (unless he pitches on 3 days rest or something).
2005-07-07 10:24:27
14.   Jon Weisman
"You would run the problem of penalizing a good team that's in a division where one of the tailenders throws up the white flag and has a fire sale."

Yeah - that's true. Although if you're fattening up against that team, which was bad enough to want to have a fire sale in the first place, you have that advantage, which is sort of the whole point of the idea.

2005-07-07 10:25:06
15.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

July 7, 1928

On a sweltering Saturday afternoon at Wrigley Field over 35,000 people watched Brooklyn and Chicago split a doubleheader. The Dodgers won the first game, 5-3, thanks in part to a homer from Del Bissonette, but the Cubs took the second, 6-2, in just 100 minutes as the two teams seemed eager to cool off.

The first game was a matchup between Brooklyn's Buzz McWeeny and Chicago's Sheriff Blake. The Cubs had the lead early on a 2-run homer by Hack Wilson in the fourth, his 24th of the season. Brooklyn made it 2-1 in the fifth when Babe Herman singled in Max Carey.

Brooklyn then got three straight singles from McWeeny, Carey, and Harvey Hendrick to tie the game at 2-2. Charlie Root relieved and gave up a sacrifice fly to Herman to make it 3-2 and Bissonette followed with his homer to make it 5-2.

McWeeny was gassed after running the bases and Rube Erhardt relieved, who walked one batter and was taken out by manager Wilbert Robinson in favor of Watty Clark. Clark gave up two singles, the last one to Woody English scoring a run to make it 5-3. Not taking any more chances, Robinson brought in his ace starter, Dazzy Vance, to relieve and he got out of the inning and finished up the game, giving up just one hit over three innings.

In the second game, Brooklyn started rotund Jumbo Elliott (6'3", 235 officially, but he wasn't called Jumbo for nothing) against Art Nehf (who was around 170 lbs). Elliott gave up seven hits and four walks, but had to go the distance as the Brooklyn pitching staff was depleted. Elliott gave up two runs in the first and three in the fifth. Jake Flowers drove in both Brooklyn runs.

With the split, Brooklyn was 39-35 and 7 games behind first place St. Louis and in fifth place. Brooklyn would finish 77-76, 17 ½ games behind the Cardinals and in sixth place.

If there had been a Rookie of the Year award in 1928, Bissonette would have been an easy winner. He batted .320 with 25 home runs and 106 RBI and played in all 155 of the Dodgers games. Bissonette held the Dodger franchise record for home runs by a rookie until Mike Piazza broke it in 1993. Injuries kept Bissonette from ever having a year better than 1928. He played four full seasons and a part of a fifth, before ending his major league career in 1933.

The Dodgers had a strong lineup with Bissonette at first and Herman in right field. Carey, toward the end of a Hall of Fame career, patrolled center fielder. Future Hall of Famer Dave Bancroft was at shortstop, although his best years were behind him also. Pacific Coast League hero Jigger Statz, got his last chance in the majors with the Dodgers, but made it into just 77 games and batted .234 with no home runs. Hall of Fame manager Al Lopez made his big league debut in 1928 for the Dodgers, playing in 3 games at the end of the year at the age of 19.

Vance turned in a superlative year on the mound. He went 22-10 with a 2.09 ERA, lowest in the league. Vance had an ERA+ (ERA adjusted for league average and park effects) of 191, the best in Dodgers franchise history. The NL ERA was 3.99 in 1928. McWeeny went 14-14 with a 3.17 ERA. Brooklyn used just nine pitchers all year.

Thanks to the New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-07-07 10:25:13
16.   Jon Weisman
Dan Rydell, are you still in therapy? How have the years been treating you?
2005-07-07 10:25:50
17.   Fearing Blue
#12: How about for determining the Wild Card, you multiply the team's winning percentage by the division's winning percentage? Second-best team in the best division has the problem that a division with one great team and all the rest .500 teams could easily get the Wild Card.
2005-07-07 10:26:18
18.   Marty
Chum on the water makes me think of Grand Funk Railroad.

And I don't like thinking of Grand Funk Railroad...

2005-07-07 10:27:21
19.   Colorado Blue
8 - I kinda like the idea except that conceivably 1 wildcard could have the 2nd best record in the league; quite a penalty for playing in the best division. I say eliminate the divisions, balance the intra-league schedule, and take the 4 best teams.

Of course, under this scenario the Dodgers would have to out-perform more teams from this point forward in order to get the 3rd or 4th spot...

2005-07-07 10:28:59
20.   Bob Timmermann
You kids have never heard of Grand Funk Railroad?

The wild, shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner...the bone-crushing bass of Mel Schacher...the competent drum work of Don Brewer...

2005-07-07 10:31:07
21.   Steve
Buzz McWeeny? That's my new Jeff Weaver nickname.
2005-07-07 10:32:02
22.   JJoeScott
Actually a one-game-winner-take-all would be outstanding. Especially if it's, say, a Red Sox vs. Twins (Schilling vs. Santana) type game.

No disrespect to the Dodgers meant.

2005-07-07 10:36:06
23.   Dan Rydell
Therapy's been very good to me. I'm still in but I should be done soon. It's a long process. I've built a wall. A wall whose bricks are made of pain and mortar of tears. And that other thing. But it's okay. I'm hunkered down for a long period of wall demolition. Anyway, the show's doing great. We're still a 3rd place show on a 3rd place network, but we're creeping up on FOX and ESPN.

HWSNBN will preach against that with a passion.

2005-07-07 10:36:18
24.   FirstMohican
20 - "Competent drum work" seems like an insult. Since I was never into the band, I can't tell for sure.
2005-07-07 10:37:42
25.   Bob Timmermann
I would think the Dodgers chance of being the wild card this year are remote as they are 8th in the wild card "race".

The NL East would have to really go south for any NL West team to get into the wild card spot. Only Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati have losing records against the NL West.

2005-07-07 10:38:56
26.   Bob Timmermann
Did Grand Funk Railroad do a version of "Smoke on the Water"?
2005-07-07 10:41:04
27.   Marty
26. That was a big hit for them
2005-07-07 10:41:29
28.   Bob Timmermann
Teams in the NL that have outscored their opponents:
St. Louis
San Diego

That is all.

2005-07-07 10:43:20
29.   Bob Timmermann
But "Smoke on the Water" was Deep Purple's big hit. Who wrote it?
2005-07-07 10:44:43
30.   molokai
#4 another reason to like Peavy

Grand Funk "Closer to Home" was one of my early favorite albums but I must admit my recollections were a bit colored by certain mind altering substances. Years later I've replayed the CD and only the song "I'm your Captain" still strikes a strong chord.

2005-07-07 10:44:58
31.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops left out Milwaukee on that list.

The Brewers have outscored their opponents by 20 runs! And they have the exact same record as the Dodgers.

2005-07-07 10:47:08
32.   molokai
Smoke on the water
Words & music by Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice

We all came out to Montreux on the Lake Geneva shoreline
To make records with a mobile - We didn't have much time
Frank Zappa & the Mothers were at the best place around
But some stupid with a flare gun burned the place to the ground

Smoke on the water - A fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

They burned down the gambling house - It died with an awful sound
Funky & Claude was running in and out, pulling kids out of the ground
When it all was over, we had to find another place
Swiss time was running out - It seemed that we would lose the race

Smoke on the water - A fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

We ended up at the Grand Hotel - It was empty, cold and bare
But with the Rolling Truck Stones Thing just outside making our music there
With a few red lights an' a few old beds, we made a place to sweat
No matter what we get out of this, I know... I know we'll never forget

Smoke on the water - A fire in the sky
Smoke on the water

2005-07-07 10:47:57
33.   Dan Rydell
So they're a bit lucky then?

There are only 5 teams in the NL that have outscored their opponents? The rest of the league hovers in mediocrity.

Are nearly all of the teams still within their Pythagorean projections?

2005-07-07 10:48:51
34.   molokai
What budding guitarist didn't learn the licks to that song?
2005-07-07 10:50:27
35.   Bob Timmermann
Non baseball-related creepy thing:

So I'm watching "The Shining" that I had recorded last night. Scatman Crothers character is coming back to the hotel and there is creepy music.

Then I notice that a lamp I had turned out has just started to go on without me turning the switch.

Turns out that my cat had peed on the switch and got it stuck in the "on" position. It was a floor switch.

I'm buying a new switch today.

2005-07-07 10:52:01
36.   Nagman
#34, "licks" should be singular for that particular song.

GFR loses points for "Locomotion".

2005-07-07 10:52:14
37.   dzzrtRatt
32...are those really the lyrics to "Smoke on the Water"? I've heard that song 5000 times and never even bothered to figure it out. It sounds like a diary entry. I'll have to pull out my CD of Machine Head and listen closer. To me, the lyrics to that song are:

uhh uhh anhhh/ uh uh ah-ahhn/uhh uhh anhhh/anh uh uhhhhh...

2005-07-07 10:52:40
38.   Bob Timmermann
The Nationals are at +9.
The Dbacks are +6.
The Braves are -4.
The Brewers are -4.

The Dodgers are +1

2005-07-07 10:52:40
39.   chumsferd
I think that any playoff team selecting system is gonna hang someone out to dry. The old system was even worse as far as screwing a team over.

Baseball is not like hockey or basketball, where the best team usually comes out of a 7 game series.

Also, has anyone been watching the A's lately? They had injury problems early in the year and were forced to play youngsters, but they're getting people back and are incredibly hot now. We get bradley, Kent, and izturis back and we might be able to go on a streak of our own. To only be 4.5 back right now is a miracle.

2005-07-07 10:57:46
40.   Icaros
I thought I took care of that cat problem for you, Bob. What gives?
2005-07-07 10:58:09
41.   Bob Timmermann
The Red Sox have DFA'd Jay Payton. Could he be a candidate to join the Dodgers Wheel of Outfielders?
2005-07-07 11:00:18
42.   Icaros
41 - He'll go to the Giants.
2005-07-07 11:00:58
43.   molokai
# 36 - yes, after they did "locomotion" I couldn't listen to them for 20 years.
2005-07-07 11:01:22
44.   molokai
#40 Nine lives?
2005-07-07 11:01:42
45.   student of the game
41. And they (RedSox) just acquired Alex Cora from the Indians.
2005-07-07 11:02:55
46.   Marty
29. Bob, I'm all wet. I was confuseing them with Deep Purple.
2005-07-07 11:03:24
47.   molokai
Nice move, they needed a backup infielder.
2005-07-07 11:03:38
48.   Bob Timmermann
So what does the ending of "The Shining" mean? What's the significance of seeing Jack Nicholson in the old photo? Did he do the earlier killings in a past life?
2005-07-07 11:04:37
49.   FirstMohican
What need do the Dodgers have for Jay Payton?
2005-07-07 11:05:02
50.   Monterey Chris
There is another system that could be used to even out the wild card race. Taking the Dodgers, for example...take their winning percentage against the American League, NL East, NL Central and NL West. Average the four together and you will then eliminate the value of playing many more games within your own division.

Part of the problem with decreasing value of games within your own division is that most of September's games are within your own division. Thus, the games that are devalued are the games that are usually coming at the most interesting time of the year.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-07-07 11:05:14
51.   molokai
I don't think the Giants will bother. Have to believe that Payton would be an upgrade on Repko/Ross/Grabowski.

Good news on Ledee and Bradley. Maybe help is on the way.

2005-07-07 11:05:47
52.   Icaros
What need do the Dodgers have for Jay Payton?

I don't know, but we fans can always use a new person to say mean things about.

2005-07-07 11:06:23
53.   Bob Timmermann
Alex Cora is a proven winner! He is a big improvement over the Red Sox other backup infielders.

They really didn't have a suitable backup for Renteria. They used Ramon Vazquez earlier in the year and he looked really bad in the field.

2005-07-07 11:07:38
54.   Dan Rydell
What's the news on Ledee and Bradley?

I would think Jay Payton is better than the 4-headed monster of Ross, Repko, Grabowski, and Edwards.

2005-07-07 11:08:26
55.   Icaros
Are you trying to tell me that Boston traded Dave Roberts for two worthless players? For shame!
2005-07-07 11:09:32
56.   Bob Timmermann
And now Dave Roberts is hurt again and only playing sporadically.
2005-07-07 11:10:26
57.   Jon Weisman
Ledee will be back Friday. Bradley took some pain-free swings but is still weeks away.
2005-07-07 11:12:20
58.   Jon Weisman
Ross Porter just interviewed me for the AM 1540 talk show he is guest hosting between 12 and 2 today. The interview will air at either 1:05 p.m. or 1:25 p.m.
2005-07-07 11:12:45
59.   Dan Rydell
Nice to hear. Sooner or later, someone may start confusing us with an actual Major League baseball team.
2005-07-07 11:12:54
60.   Humma Kavula
I had no idea that Smoke on the Water was about Montreux until I went to Montreux.

My favorite thing about Montreux: its beauty.

My second favorite thing about Montreux: Chateau de Chillon.

My third favorite thing about Montreux: the statue of Freddy Mercury.

2005-07-07 11:13:18
61.   Bob Timmermann
So we can assume that since this was written in bold, we all have to listen?
2005-07-07 11:14:12
62.   Dan Rydell
Anyway that interview can be accessed online?
2005-07-07 11:14:36
63.   Icaros
Yeah, Payton's okay when our entire outfield is on the DL, but how long would we be stuck with him?

He had a good 2003 in Colorado (.866 OPS), and a lousy 2004 in SD (.693 OPS). I wonder what explains that?

2005-07-07 11:16:11
64.   Dan Rydell
I was just about to ask, what would acquiring Payton entail?
2005-07-07 11:17:23
65.   Jon Weisman
It's in bold only because I was still using my radio voice. I have since cleared my throat.
2005-07-07 11:26:17
66.   Jon Weisman
Olmedo Saenz has increased the dollar value of the Dodger starting lineup today dramatically. But Mike Rose replaces Jason Phillips, taking the experience level down a notch.
2005-07-07 11:29:03
67.   Nagman
But the overall speed of the lineup remains about the same.
2005-07-07 11:31:10
68.   ddger
58. Jon, looking forward to hearing the interview.

Hope Lowe starts pitching better (at least worth his contract) since we're really going to need great pitching rest of the season if we want to stay in the race.

2005-07-07 11:32:02
69.   Bob Timmermann
2005-07-07 11:34:16
70.   ddger
Repko is batting 2nd today. I guess Tracy thinks that Repko is out of his slump with 2 hits yesterday. We have Ross and Rose in 7th and 8th. Our bottom of the order is pretty useless today. Why don't we give Chen more opportunities instead of Ross.
2005-07-07 11:34:55
71.   Bob Timmermann
Desi Relaford is playing shortstop for Colorado today. After last night's performance by Eddie Garabito, Clint Hurdle has decided that Garabito is not a major league shortstop.
2005-07-07 11:36:20
72.   ddger
71. Yeah, that was disgraceful performance last night. I also think Edwards is definitely not a 3rd baseman or outfielder either. He is man without position.
2005-07-07 11:37:16
73.   Jon Weisman
I know why the Dodgers have fallen below .500 - what's the Cubs' excuse?
2005-07-07 11:38:44
74.   ddger
Poor Lowe, he is going to have to pitch great today to have a chance with the lineup OR was last night an aberration.
2005-07-07 11:38:47
75.   Bob Timmermann
All-Star replacements are starting:

Billy Wagner is replacing Pedro Martinez. Pedro isn't hurt, but he is starting Sunday and didn't feel he should go if he couldn't pitch.

Jimmy Rollins is taking Cesar Izturis's place.

2005-07-07 11:40:07
76.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs played better when they didn't have Mark Prior starting.
2005-07-07 11:41:07
77.   ddger
We could use Phillips in the starting lineup today but Tracy must feel that he needs the rest more.
2005-07-07 11:42:29
78.   Bob Timmermann
ESPN lists Carlos Baerga as weighing 165 lbs.

The Baseball Cube says he weighs 215 lbs.

I'm going with the latter.

2005-07-07 11:43:00
79.   Fearing Blue
#70: Werth has stated that he's not comfortable in right field and my guess is that Tracy finally listened. Chen can only play left field, so that means Grabowski or Ross in right field, with Repko in center.
2005-07-07 11:43:37
80.   ddger
Do the players really need to rest on day games after night games. Especially when the team really needs them.

Didn't they play day games after night games in the past.

How did all those old timers play all those games without resting on the day games following night games.

2005-07-07 11:44:42
81.   Dan Rydell
It's a rule of thumb for catchers. Not so much the other fielders.
2005-07-07 11:44:51
82.   ddger
78. Does Yhency really weigh 170 lbs as listed. He looks like he definitely weighs over 200 or he has a large pot belly.
2005-07-07 11:45:33
83.   Fearing Blue
#72: Mike Edwards is a useful pinch-hitter off the bench, but otherwise a man without a position. At third base, his are really slow and he doesn't move well to the ball. In the outfield, he doesn't get good jumps or have a good arm. In 23 games, Baseball Prospectus has Edwards at an 83 Rate2, which is brutal. Even Saenz is better with an 86.
2005-07-07 11:46:02
84.   Jon Weisman
Chen has split time in left and right fields in Las Vegas this year. I simply think today's lineup is a reflection of Cody Ross being higher on the depth chart than Chen - Ross was called up first, after all.

Tracy still seems comfortable batting Repko second against lefties, but no longer against righties. All the talk about it being unfair to bat a rookie in the No. 8 slot has faded, though.

2005-07-07 11:46:08
85.   Fearing Blue
#83: Should say "his reactions are really slow", and "In 23 games at third base,".
2005-07-07 11:47:43
86.   ddger
83. Other than Repko today, I don't think we have any above average defensive players. Everyone is average or below average and with Lowe pitching today, our defense might let down Lowe again.
2005-07-07 11:48:42
87.   Fearing Blue
#84: Tracy's public statements about Chen seem to imply that Tracy thinks Chen is a barely adequate defender. I interpreted that as "left field or nothing" in the majors, but I could be wrong.
2005-07-07 11:50:55
88.   Bob Timmermann
There's no way Brazoban weighs 170. I remember when I used to weigh 170. It was when I was in grad school and operated on a tight budget. And I'm 6'5". I looked really skinny.

I'm around 210 now and I've been around 230 before.

I think went from 170 to about 225 in about three months after grad school whne I moved in with my parents and rediscovered the concept of unlimited food.

2005-07-07 11:53:57
89.   ddger
Can Perez be our full time 2nd baseman? If yes, then we should consider moving Kent to 1st when he comes back. Kent's defense has really gone downhill lately. He has 10 errors so far after starting out so great.
2005-07-07 11:54:17
90.   molokai
Cody Ross and Mike Rose will hit their 1st Dodger home runs but Lowe will be unable to handle the success.
2005-07-07 11:54:48
91.   Fearing Blue
#86: Werth is generally considered a slightly above average left-fielder, but your point is still valid.

Just for fun, here are this year's Defensive Rates for our starting lineup:

C: Mike Rose (50 Rate2 in 7 games)
1B: Olmedo Saenz (80 Rate2 in 32 games)
2B: Antonio Perez (84 Rate2 in 9 games)
SS: Oscar Robles (100 Rate2 in 11 games)
3B: Mike Edwards (83 Rate2 in 23 games)
LF: Jayson Werth (100 Rate2 in 26 games)
CF: Jason Repko (113 Rate2 in 13 games)
RF: Cody Ross (121 Rate2 in 7 games)
P: Derek Lowe (122 Rate2 in 18 games)

It looks like our outfield is actually pretty good, which should really benefit Derek Lowe... sigh.

2005-07-07 11:55:45
92.   Icaros
Goodness, Bob. You're darn skinny now as it is. How was it biologically possible for you to weigh 170?

I'm 5-10 160, and I've always been a walking pipecleaner.

2005-07-07 11:57:46
93.   ddger
91. can you explain the Defensive Rates and how they are computed. thanks.
2005-07-07 11:59:19
94.   Jim Hitchcock
Damn. I missed the GFR discussion.

Don Brewer was an exceptional drummer. After Bob Seger fired the original Silver Bullet Band (he waited till they made some big bucks, then replaced them with more versatile instrumentalists), Brewer becamehis drummer. No idea if he still played the snare drum with his head during solos.

Molokai and Nagman are correcton the GFR's high and lowpoints, IMO.

Bob, Jack Torrance appearing in the photograph at the end just meant he had joined the `permanent' staff of the hotel. Remember Grady the bartender (also a previous caretaker, and father of the two little girls who he murdered) said to Torrance "'ve always been here" ?

Also, a good idea to avoid the remake, which King himself produced. The kid who plays Danny in that is horribly annoying...

2005-07-07 12:02:31
95.   patsweetpat
I still say the Wildcard should be ditched. It takes the piss out of the pennant races.

I endorse Costas' proposal in "Fair Ball": Ditch the Wildcard, and give the team in each league with the best season records a first-round bye (into their respective LCSs). This'd be a truly valuable reward for an excellent regular season. The current reward (home field advantage in the LCS) is pretty weak.

And down with Interleague Play! It ruins the novelty of the All Star Game and the Fall Classic!

But I go on.

2005-07-07 12:03:17
96.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks. Now I get it.

My only exposure to "The Shining" before was watching "The Simpsons" version. Grady was the old caretaker. The old bartender was Lloyd and he was played by Joe Turkel who was also in "Paths of Glory".

The shots of the little kid riding around on his tricycle through the hotel were a lot like the shots going through the trenches at the start of "Paths of Glory".

2005-07-07 12:04:21
97.   Benaiah
We have 3 people batting below .210 playing today, 4 including Lowe. Only two hitters have an OPS over 800 and 3 have OPS under 700, including Ross and Rose who check in at .340 and .526 respectively. This team has two decent #2 hitters (Perez and Werth), and #6 hitter (Saenz) in the 3,4,5. Other than that, there are 3 guys I would consider batting behind Weaver. This is the scariest lineup I have ever seen. At least it checks in at a decent price.
2005-07-07 12:04:32
98.   Bob Timmermann
Mike DeJean has rejoined the Rockies. Woo hoo!
2005-07-07 12:04:36
99.   Jim Hitchcock
92 - Try getting mono. After a couple of weeks of that in HS I went from 160 to 130lbs. And I'm 6'2".

I've long since recovered.

2005-07-07 12:05:49
100.   Bob Timmermann
Oscar Robles - HIT MACHINE!
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-07-07 12:06:24
101.   Dan Rydell
Worse than yesterday's offensive juggernaut?
2005-07-07 12:06:56
102.   Jon Weisman
Oscar Robles is having the Antonio Perez May.
2005-07-07 12:07:37
103.   Jim Hitchcock
Yeah, forgot about LLoyd. Been many a moon since I'd seen it.
2005-07-07 12:08:03
104.   Jim Tracy
Who turned Robles into Ichiro?
2005-07-07 12:09:13
105.   ddger
I was wrong about Robles. He was worth 200K to keep him.
2005-07-07 12:10:40
106.   patsweetpat
By the way, if our chances of signing Weaver at season's end are no better or worse than any other team's, should we just trade him now, and get what we can get for him?

We can still hop back into the Weaver lottery this winter.

I know it's a stupid idea, but I figure "sell high", right?

2005-07-07 12:10:45
107.   Humma Kavula
Secret to Dodger offense: get rid of all the starters.
2005-07-07 12:10:49
108.   Benaiah
I think we are going to score a ton of runs. I mean this is an awful team, but this is Colorado and the freak show season.
2005-07-07 12:11:26
109.   Jim Tracy
108 - Bold prediction with the bases loaded.
2005-07-07 12:12:47
110.   ddger
That DP took us out of a big inning. It must be VERY HARD NOT to hit groundballs into DP when runners are on base.
2005-07-07 12:12:52
111.   Benaiah
109 - Yeah I know. I am a coward what can I say. However, I am going to go so far as to predict that our nothing lineup beats either Clemons or Oswalt. I just have this feeling.
2005-07-07 12:14:05
112.   ddger
Saenz felt SEXY today and hit like SISSY.
2005-07-07 12:14:18
113.   Benaiah
110 - Saenz is a big risk to turn two lately. He is so slow that the IF barely has to try to get two.
2005-07-07 12:14:40
114.   Icaros
99 - Pick that up in the locker room, Jim?
2005-07-07 12:15:04
115.   ddger
111. It will be a small miracle if we beat one of them. I'll be happy if we can win one.
2005-07-07 12:15:26
116.   Jim Tracy
Bena - Just giving you a hard time. I hope your prediction is true though :)

Totally agree about Saenz.

2005-07-07 12:15:32
117.   alex 7
back to normal with RISP for this team.
2005-07-07 12:16:25
118.   Jim Tracy
As long as we win one today and one in Houston and SD does not sweep COL, we'll be ok going into the ASB.
2005-07-07 12:18:11
119.   Bob Timmermann
I hope that didn't break our Olmedo!
2005-07-07 12:18:42
120.   Jim Tracy
Wouldn't it be nice if Helton's bat wakes up starting tomorrow night?
2005-07-07 12:20:04
121.   ddger
We could have started Choi even though it's LH starting pitcher. It seems that this season going AGAINST THE BOOK works more often than not.
2005-07-07 12:20:08
122.   Jim Tracy
8 pitch inning... I like that a lot, especially in Colorado.
2005-07-07 12:20:30
123.   Benaiah
118 - Yeah I think that 2-2 with the Padres doing the same is a hopeful prediction. Given that we are facing Oswalt and Clemons, we need to win the other two games.
2005-07-07 12:21:32
124.   joekings
Kennedy is looking shaky.
2005-07-07 12:21:58
125.   Bob Timmermann
Vin was confusing Mike Rose and Cody Ross. But then again, so was I.
2005-07-07 12:22:12
126.   ddger
123. Today's game is crucial since we're going against Kennedy.

Think, we were interested in getting Kennedy. Good thing, common sense intervened.

2005-07-07 12:23:01
127.   ddger
Hope we don't let Kennedy off the hook today. Let's not waste our opportunities.
2005-07-07 12:24:51
128.   Jim Tracy
125 - That's why we need names on the jerseys. heavy sarcasm
2005-07-07 12:24:56
129.   fanerman91
This is Romantic. Straight out of Tennyson. The "Charge of the Light Hitting Brigade."

I know why. Though our VORP may be in the negatives, our Scrap Over Replacement Player is at an all-time high.

2005-07-07 12:25:26
130.   Jim Hitchcock
114 - I hope you're confusing that with atheletes feet, Icaros :)
2005-07-07 12:25:50
131.   Jim Tracy
Wow, the Dodgers really are pounding the ball.
2005-07-07 12:26:51
132.   JSN
i've given up trying to understand this team.
2005-07-07 12:26:58
133.   JSN
i've given up trying to understand this team.
2005-07-07 12:27:23
134.   JSN
sorry about the double post.
2005-07-07 12:27:26
135.   alex 7
This has got to be killing Hurdle. Ownership too. I wonder how the Rockies press handles this.
2005-07-07 12:27:38
136.   Jim Hitchcock
Yow! Let's get all this pesky scoring out of the way in time to listen to Jon's interview.
2005-07-07 12:27:53
137.   Icaros
Scrappiest. Team. Ever.
2005-07-07 12:27:58
138.   Jon Weisman
132, 133 - Just remember the opponent, and it gets easier.
2005-07-07 12:28:01
139.   Jim Tracy
135 - Maybe we can trade them Plaschke and Simers for Francis.
2005-07-07 12:28:04
140.   Bunting is for losers
Listening to Ross Porter... It's weird hearing him even mention the Lakers...
2005-07-07 12:28:17
141.   ddger
Unbelievable. Baseball Gods must be smiling on us today.
2005-07-07 12:28:19
142.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers have swung and missed once so far.
2005-07-07 12:28:40
143.   Jim Tracy
Ichiro got another hit.
2005-07-07 12:29:08
144.   Bob Timmermann
Saenz has the only swinging strike so far.
2005-07-07 12:29:27
145.   JSN
True, Jon. True.
2005-07-07 12:29:45
146.   Jim Tracy
If Robles played in Colorado, he'd be the best shortstop in the league.
2005-07-07 12:30:00
147.   Icaros
130 - I don't know...where'd you go to school?
2005-07-07 12:30:21
148.   ddger
This looks like batting practice.
2005-07-07 12:30:29
149.   Bob Timmermann
So two swinging strikes from Saenz and one was a check swing.

That's some mighty bad pitching.

2005-07-07 12:31:21
150.   ddger
Today's performance definitely took Kennedy off our radar.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-07-07 12:31:38
151.   DeucesAreWild
Can we stay in Denver for awhile?
2005-07-07 12:32:08
152.   ddger
If Lowe can't hold this lead, he doesn't deserve his paycheck today.
2005-07-07 12:32:22
153.   Jon Weisman
3-2 count, two outs. Saenz is off on the pitch. Will the motion be perceptible?
2005-07-07 12:32:39
154.   Jim Tracy
We have 8 hits in 11 PAs. I know we are in the second inning but this game has a similar feel to that game against Wilson and the Reds.
2005-07-07 12:32:47
155.   Jim Hitchcock
147 - Westchester HS.
2005-07-07 12:33:56
156.   Bob Timmermann
Last night in the Giants game, Duane Kuiper said Mike Matheny was trying a delayed steal. Then they looked at the replay and they realized he was actually breaking on the pitch, but was just so slow, it looked like a delayed steal.
2005-07-07 12:33:58
157.   Jim Tracy
Sorry, 13 PAs.
2005-07-07 12:34:27
158.   ddger
This feels weird the last 2 days. I'm not used to having a big lead starting the game.
2005-07-07 12:34:59
159.   alex 7
re:146 you just gave Depo an idea.
2005-07-07 12:35:17
160.   Icaros
155 - I can take the joke no further, sorry.
2005-07-07 12:35:25
161.   Bob Timmermann
So Ross Porter is filling in for Petros Papadakis. Are there two people more dissimilar than those men?
2005-07-07 12:36:00
162.   molokai
me like robles
2005-07-07 12:36:07
163.   ddger
161. It's like Abbott and Costello.
2005-07-07 12:36:17
164.   alex 7
re:150 or lowered the asking price considerably. Remember Hampton and Kile took turns looking like this in Colorado.
2005-07-07 12:37:38
165.   Jim Hitchcock
160 - Is okay. Mentioning Westchester has that effect on people :)
2005-07-07 12:37:53
166.   Bob Timmermann
No wonder Jim was so interested in Deep Impact, he's a former Comet!

Alma mater of former great major leaguers like Vic Darensbourg.

Westchester does a lot better in sports that involve larger leather covered spheres.

2005-07-07 12:38:00
167.   fanerman91
Another 8 pitch inning.
2005-07-07 12:38:44
168.   ddger
Today's score gives us chance to listen to Ross and Jon's interview.
2005-07-07 12:38:52
169.   alex 7
what's with all their 1st pitch swinging? Club trying to quit or just think those are really the best pitches they'll see that at bat. Wait, forgot about option 3 - plain bad hitters.
2005-07-07 12:41:47
170.   Telemachos
Lowe has only thrown 16 pitches through 2 innings? Wow.

Not to jumping on the Scrappy Bandwagon, but if and when our regulars get healthy, we are suddenly going to have a very deep bench. That which doesn't kill you, and all that.

2005-07-07 12:41:48
171.   ddger
Wish we can fast forward to 8th inning with same score.
2005-07-07 12:42:46
172.   Telemachos
Er, that should be "Not to be jumping..." Dammit.
2005-07-07 12:43:13
173.   Bob Timmermann
Once the Dodgers start playing better teams, you can remove the s from scrappy.
2005-07-07 12:44:10
174.   ddger
As Tracy puts it, these players are "PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS" since they are in the Major League.
2005-07-07 12:45:46
175.   ddger
I'm listening to Ross right now. I realize how much I really miss that guy on Dodger games. Can we bring him back like the Lakers did with Jackson.
2005-07-07 12:45:48
176.   Jon Weisman
Icaros, meet Telemachos. Telemachos, Icaros.
2005-07-07 12:46:25
177.   Bob Timmermann
Roy Smalley and Rob Picciolo also played baseball at Westchester.
2005-07-07 12:47:35
178.   ddger
I think Ross Porter is one guy who would fit right in with Dodger Thoughts. I wouldn't be surprised if he reads it regularly or if he participates.
2005-07-07 12:48:33
179.   fanerman91
What if he's posting right now...?
2005-07-07 12:48:54
180.   Bob Timmermann
It's a little known fact, but Steve is really Ross Porter.
2005-07-07 12:49:16
181.   Humma Kavula
9 pitches that inning for Lowe.

25 pitches total so far, 20 for strikes.

2005-07-07 12:49:17
182.   ddger
Anyone know which userid Ross uses?
2005-07-07 12:49:34
183.   fanerman91
9-pitch inning. 25 pitches in 3 innings.
2005-07-07 12:50:16
184.   ddger
183. Lowe wants to get complete game shutout to make up for other games.
2005-07-07 12:53:24
185.   Steve
139 -- They already have Plaschke in the Big Stupid Cowboy Hat (don't remember his name). Don't think they need another one.
2005-07-07 12:53:59
186.   Benaiah
176 - How did the interview go? I couldn't listen to it unfortunately.
2005-07-07 12:54:09
187.   molokai
I just love how Frank Robinson uses his bullpen. Actually let Cordero pitch in a tie ballgame. Go figure.
2005-07-07 12:54:20
188.   fanerman91
Robles also knows how to take a walk.
2005-07-07 12:54:24
189.   Monterey Chris
While we are playing against an awful team, I seem to remember many trips to Colorado to play against an awful team where we came out on the losing side of the series.
2005-07-07 12:55:01
190.   Jim Hitchcock
Hey, thanks, Bob! I remember a Roy Smalley, though he was nearly 4 years older than me. Never knew he had turned pro.
2005-07-07 12:58:26
191.   Steve
180 -- I'm going to have to find a new alias now, Bob. Dammit.
2005-07-07 12:58:34
192.   ddger
What's going on with Repko the last 2 days.
2005-07-07 12:58:45
193.   Bob Timmermann
You're thinking of Tracy Ringolsby.

He's not as sanctimonious as Plaschke.

2005-07-07 12:59:24
194.   ddger
Maybe when Repko hit the wall few days ago, he awoke a different hitter.
2005-07-07 13:00:03
195.   alex 7
ddger, Repko's about to get traded straight up for Joe Kennedy.
2005-07-07 13:00:14
196.   Steve
193 -- that's him. Yesterday on the pre-game show he was taunting Sean Burroughs, which was kind of amusing.
2005-07-07 13:01:01
197.   ddger
195. Hmmmm. I'm going to have to think about that trade.
2005-07-07 13:02:13
198.   bokonon42
Saenz has spent an above average amount of time sitting in dirt today. Repko must be bringing out the scrap in him.
2005-07-07 13:04:29
199.   Humma Kavula
Jon's on now.
2005-07-07 13:04:35
200.   Jim Hitchcock
Interview starting.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-07-07 13:04:42
201.   Bob Timmermann
Ooh, it's time. Jon is on!
2005-07-07 13:06:56
202.   Jerry
"Very distinctive personalities" -- that's you, Steve.
2005-07-07 13:07:07
203.   Langhorne
Jon, I hope you understand that I muted Vin to listen to you.
2005-07-07 13:07:38
204.   Benaiah
Could someone post what he says. I can't listen to it here (online).
2005-07-07 13:08:51
205.   fanerman91
I'm in the same situation.
2005-07-07 13:09:15
206.   bokonon42
204-Right now, Ross is reading one of Jon's posts. Verbatim. Now, everytime I read anything Jon writes, I'm going to hear it in Porter's voice.
2005-07-07 13:10:48
207.   bokonon42
Now Jon is pretending that the 'number one topic' on this site is how the Dodgers deal with injuries. As we all know, it's really The Godfather.
2005-07-07 13:11:19
208.   Jerry
Ross just read Jon's Choi post from a couple of days ago. Jon's telling Ross what the hot topics are among the readers -- whether the season is over; the Drew injury; how to approach the trade deadline.
2005-07-07 13:11:43
209.   Langhorne
I thought the #1 topic lately was Godfather II.
2005-07-07 13:12:37
210.   Jerry
Jon's confessed that the site has become an Adam Dunn shrine.
2005-07-07 13:13:50
211.   alex 7
Hope Tracy noticed it's possible to move a runner over without a sacrifice bunt.
2005-07-07 13:14:34
212.   ddger
Jon brought up Tracy's Bunt discussions.
2005-07-07 13:14:35
213.   Langhorne
Very diplomatic about Tracy.
2005-07-07 13:14:51
214.   Jim Hitchcock
Tracy and bunting!
2005-07-07 13:15:37
215.   ddger
211. Tracy is just playing safe too much. He doesn't take any chances. He plays everything close to the vest and by the book.
2005-07-07 13:16:07
216.   ddger
Jon's interview is winding up now. He did great job.
2005-07-07 13:17:15
217.   Steve
Jon Weisman followed by Don Sutton. And there you have it.

I thought I did a fine job interviewing him too. I do miss me.

2005-07-07 13:17:55
218.   Jim Hitchcock
Wow, I'm really proud of Jon. In depth, well thought out answers to questions (how rare is that!), and not a bad radio voice. Hooray!
2005-07-07 13:18:05
219.   ddger
Back to the game. Kennedy is still staying in the game.
2005-07-07 13:19:41
220.   ddger
Jon, your voice sounded much younger than I imagined. I expected much older sounding voice based on the vast knowledge that you show on your website. Great job though.
2005-07-07 13:19:47
221.   Jim Hitchcock
217 - Are you saying you're a Ross by any other name?
2005-07-07 13:20:28
222.   Benaiah
Hopefully Jon will post a transcript or rundown (though judging by the past, I doubt it).
2005-07-07 13:20:41
223.   GoBears
Nice job, Jon. I was impressed with Ross too. Good questions. He really seemed to want you to jump all over Tracy, but diplomacy prevailed.
2005-07-07 13:20:57
224.   Bob Timmermann
Jon's voice has started sounding younger once he gave up his four pack a day smoking habit.

Pall Malls were his vice.

2005-07-07 13:21:01
225.   Jerry
221 - See #180
2005-07-07 13:21:47
226.   fanerman91
Aha! Evidence. Steve really is Ross Porter!
2005-07-07 13:22:03
227.   Fearing Blue
#93: Hey ddger, sorry for the delayed response. I had to catch up to the game on TiVO before I could start reading again :). Rate is a way to measure defensive impact in terms of runs contributed above or below average (100 is average). The idea is that delta from 100 is how many runs off of average the player would be in 100 games, thus a Rate of 104 is +4 defensive runs over 100 games. Rate2 is the same thing, but adjusted for ballpark context.
2005-07-07 13:22:28
228.   Steve
Bob let my secret out.

What a terrible call. Bad umpires finally give us one at second. With Lowe pitching too.

2005-07-07 13:23:26
229.   Fearing Blue
Congratulations on the interview, Jon. I wish I could have caught it. RealPlayer wouldn't play the link for me.
2005-07-07 13:23:43
230.   ddger
The defense is starting to fail Lowe. Good thing we got a big lead.
2005-07-07 13:23:57
231.   Steve
Hey guys, you're up by five, how about just picking up the ball. Darth.
2005-07-07 13:24:35
232.   Bob Timmermann
Perez gave one back to the Rockies there.

What happened to the Cora-Izturis combo of yesterday? Now they're fielding like Offerman and Reed.

2005-07-07 13:25:13
233.   ddger
227. Thank you for that info. Wonder how accurate those stats reflect the actual skills.

Hope Lowe has enough composure to get out of this inning without too much damage.

2005-07-07 13:25:40
234.   Langhorne
I've heard he's got a great face for radio, too. :)
2005-07-07 13:26:53
235.   Jim Hitchcock
BTW, Fearing...they kept showing the sky at sunset during the broadcast last night. I was feeling pretty jealous of you.
2005-07-07 13:27:04
236.   alex 7
Garabito's photo looks like Reggie Sanders. Not sure why that matters...

very distinctive personalities covers up my random posts.

2005-07-07 13:27:22
237.   Steve
Perez's defense kills me, and I didn't even think that was possible.
2005-07-07 13:27:30
238.   ddger
Come on Derek. Don't come apart again.
2005-07-07 13:28:39
239.   ddger
237. I don't think Perez will ever be decent defensive player. We'll just have to live with it and hope that he hits enough to overcome his defense.
2005-07-07 13:28:50
240.   Steve
Nice hustle, billion dollar man
2005-07-07 13:28:52
241.   JSN
What in the heck was Saenz thinking there??? Lets see if I can hurt myself, Lowe, and not get an out all at once?
2005-07-07 13:29:45
242.   Benaiah
Was he really squaring up to bunt with two outs and the tying run at the plate?
2005-07-07 13:29:55
243.   Marty
Sorry I missed the interview with Steve.

I'm taking credit for Robles resurgence. I posted that I never wanted to see him in a starting lineup again, and he goes on a tear.

2005-07-07 13:29:59
244.   Bob Timmermann
Let us never speak of that inning again.
2005-07-07 13:30:14
245.   ddger
2005-07-07 13:30:26
246.   Steve
Perez was nice enough to almost throw that one away too.
2005-07-07 13:30:46
247.   Benaiah
Ugly inning but at least this give Lowe one more UER. The guy is a machine at giving up runs without hurting his ERA.
2005-07-07 13:32:15
248.   Jerry
Steve never believes me when I tell him that Lowe's been pretty unlucky this year. I'm glad he saw that inning.
2005-07-07 13:32:30
249.   ddger
247. That's when you rely too much on the defense and his out pitch is groundball.
2005-07-07 13:32:41
250.   jasonungar05
I'm going to take a bunt. When I wake up, if the bunt is on the table, I'll know I have a partner. If it isn't, I'll know I don't.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-07-07 13:33:18
251.   ddger
We need to score more runs. I think Lowe won't make it past 7.
2005-07-07 13:35:01
252.   Bob Timmermann
If Robles is like Halley's Comet, I'm picking him for my fantasy team in 2081.
2005-07-07 13:36:06
253.   fanerman91
Scrappy bunt single by Repko.
2005-07-07 13:36:06
254.   ddger
Colorado pitching has settled down. We need to get our offense going again. We missed chance to knock Kennedy out early. Let's take advantage of CO bullpen.
2005-07-07 13:36:39
255.   bokonon42
Repko's going to steal right now.
2005-07-07 13:36:47
256.   Icaros
Oh man, as if Tracy didn't love Repko too much already.
2005-07-07 13:36:58
257.   Benaiah
251 - I hope that he can rally and record a couple more innings like the first few. However, Lowe plays with his hands around his neck as soon as the defense shows weakness so I am guessing that the over/under on the rest of the game is 1.2 IP (unless Tracy decides to leave him in until he blows the lead).
2005-07-07 13:37:51
258.   Icaros
Now he'll get a better view of Werth striking out.
2005-07-07 13:39:11
259.   Marty
Time for the old man to come up big
2005-07-07 13:39:19
260.   Steve
Colorado. Colorado pitching.
2005-07-07 13:39:35
261.   MSarg29
Bob - Just got here - Loved comment 20 - Homer's love for Grand Funk is appreciated here. The genius of the Simpsons is the fact that Homer can barely remember Maggie's name but has complete recall and opinions about GFR.
2005-07-07 13:40:22
262.   ddger
257. Lowe pitches great when everything is going right, but once the defense makes a miscue he can't seem to overcome it and starts coming unglued. He must give up a lot of his runs with 2 outs (maybe another indication that he can't make an out pitch like popup, easy flyball, or K since he's groundball pitcher.)
2005-07-07 13:41:24
263.   ddger
7 runners left on base by Saenz. Can Choi do any worse?
2005-07-07 13:42:32
264.   Fearing Blue
#235: 'Twas a beautiful night for a ballgame. They were worried about thunderstorms, but it ended up just a little cloudy and in the low 70s. Unfortunately, I missed the sunset.
2005-07-07 13:44:09
265.   Linkmeister
I really should check the schedule with my first cup of coffee. I didn't realize the game was on this morning (here).

Repko's 4-4?

2005-07-07 13:44:20
266.   JSN
Helton absolutely crushed that pitch.
2005-07-07 13:45:23
267.   Bob Timmermann
"Grand Funk Railroad paved the way for Jefferson Airplane, which cleared the way for Jefferson Starship. The stage was now set for the Alan Parsons Project, which I believe was some sort of hovercraft.

For more information on Grand Funk, consult your local school library!"

2005-07-07 13:46:42
268.   bokonon42
What's the dewey decimal number for Grand Funk?
2005-07-07 13:47:16
269.   ddger
2005-07-07 13:47:44
270.   scareduck
Hawpe stings eternal.
2005-07-07 13:48:13
271.   Bob Timmermann
Since Grand Funk is not its own genre, it wouldn't get one.

But look in the 780s somewhere. That's music.

2005-07-07 13:48:20
272.   ddger
Nothing is easy these days. Lowe can't stand properity.
2005-07-07 13:49:29
273.   Colorado Blue
Sounds like Lowe has lost that sinkin' feeling...

The local announcers said Helton put in the third deck... I saw MB do it last year from right behind home plate and I had to pick my jaw up off the ground.

2005-07-07 13:50:37
274.   ddger
And I thought we can relax and coast today. Now it's nail biting time with our bullpen coming up.
2005-07-07 13:52:10
275.   Colorado Blue
The only thing worse is the Rockies bullpen...
2005-07-07 13:52:23
276.   MSarg29
Not watching the game on tv, but I can't believe Kennedy did anything to endear himself to any desperate GM's today.
2005-07-07 13:52:31
277.   Colorado Blue
... Thank goodness.
2005-07-07 13:54:54
278.   Steve
Jerry, you were saying?
2005-07-07 13:55:30
279.   joekings
Looks like our offense has decided we've had enough runs for the day.
2005-07-07 13:57:59
280.   Steve
Too bad Repko's scrappy bunt single and stolen base didn't get it done.
2005-07-07 13:58:40
281.   bokonon42
How many different endings could there possibly be to Hide and Seek? You've got the regular ending, then you've got, what, three different types of Aliens? One version where it really is the little girl? Sorry; most of you probably aren't watching, there was an ad for the DVD release.
2005-07-07 13:58:51
282.   Bob Timmermann
Look for a bunt here from Gonzalez. Hurdle likes bunts.
2005-07-07 13:59:55
283.   joekings
I have a bad feeling about this inning.
2005-07-07 14:01:04
284.   MSarg29
don't worry Carrera is here.
2005-07-07 14:02:28
285.   Steve
Can't believe Lowe started the seventh. Jerry and Jim Tracy have to be the only fans he has left.
2005-07-07 14:04:36
286.   ROC
Wow, what a landmark day for DT. Great job by Jon on the radio, the secret (to most/me) of 'Steve' revealed. What a great community this is. Scrappy AAA players keeping the season alive all the while. How can it be topped?

In my dreams, Jon replaces Plascke at the Times & Ross replaces Jim Tracy, but is always mic'd for TV/Radio comments ;)

2005-07-07 14:04:47
287.   alex 7
glad the walk wasn't a double or HR steve. not sure what tracy was thinking letting him go out in the 7th.
2005-07-07 14:07:25
288.   Fearing Blue
The Rockies broadcast just posted a graphic showing that Werth had a very strong throwing arm, but Repko's arm strength was just average. I honestly think they made it up for Repko and Ross, because they listed them as both average for arm strength and accuracy.
2005-07-07 14:08:55
289.   Suffering Bruin
Ladies and Gentlemen,

From July 25 to July 28, Year of our Choi 2005, the Dodgers will be
playing host to the Cincinnatti Reds. I propose that we make one of those
nights a "Dodger Thoughts Adam Dunn Scouting Excursion." Actually, Icaros
proposed this but I'm stealing his idea.

Here's how this is going to work.

1) Starting today, we're going to have a vote on which of the four games
to attend. You can vote via-email at Please enter
"Dodgers vs. Reds vote" in the subject field and in the message, enter
the game you think we should all attend. Jon Weisman's vote, should he
choose to attend, will carry a lot of weight. Voting ends midnight Friday

2) Saturday morning, all who responded will get a mass e-mail from me
announcing the winning date with instructions on what you should do next.
Those instructions will read like this:

"Hi. It's me, Suffering Bruin, and by vote we've decided to make the
Dodger Thoughts Adam Dunn Scouting Excursion for (winning date). If
you want to attend this game, you must respond to this e-mail by 12pm
Sunday. That's tomorrow so don't delay! I plan on purchasing Reserved
Level seats for the game on Sunday afternoon; you can reimburse me at the
gate. You'll be responsible for getting to the game though I'll be
borrowing a mini-van and I'm happy to arrange a carpool. Thanks for your
support of the Dodger Thoughts Adam Dunn Scouting Excursion."

3) Those who decide to attend will get a confirmation e-mail from yours
truly that I have purchased a Reserved Level seat for the game.

Icaros and I will most certainly be attending but more are invited. Let
me know folks. Our team needs not just any Dodger fan but the people who
spend way, way, WAY too much time thinking about them. As if we'd have it
any other way, right?

I'll look forward to your e-mails.


Suffering Bruin

"Our father, who art in Choi, hallowed be thy name. Forgive us our
thoughts about Tracy, as we forgive Tracy who trespasses against us..."

2005-07-07 14:08:58
290.   ROC
270 - I was kinda starting to like Hawpe, the Rockie broadcast had him mic'd for "sounds of the game" and he was repeatedly praising a humble Robles directly and to thier 3B coach. The love left when his HR got them within a run.
2005-07-07 14:09:07
291.   ddger
It's only fair. Lowe didn't deserve a win today anyway.
2005-07-07 14:09:36
292.   joekings
Radio team is saying that Wunsch is hurt.
2005-07-07 14:09:50
293.   Bob Timmermann
In what alternative universe does Werth have a strong throwing arm?
2005-07-07 14:10:09
294.   scareduck
Kelly Wunch injured. This just keeps getting better and better. Next, they WILL bring Jackson back up from AA... along with the rest of the Suns.
2005-07-07 14:10:09
295.   Benaiah
291 - I don't know about that. He pitched well up until the 5th and in that inning alot of defensive miscues cost us.
2005-07-07 14:10:52
296.   Steve
Jerry, if you're reading this, that's the Thursday of the Bar...they're playing the Reds that night, not the Cardinals.
2005-07-07 14:12:15
297.   Suffering Bruin
Wunsch just srpained his ankle coming out of the bullpen. He can't pitch to Helton. On comes Osoria.

I mean, wtf...

2005-07-07 14:12:19
298.   Steve
Wunsch is hurt? So who's coming in? Erickson?

Too bad Derek Thompson isn't out there...

2005-07-07 14:12:19
299.   Bob Timmermann
I think Erickson must have tripped Wunsch on the way out.
2005-07-07 14:13:12
300.   ddger
Is quality start based only on earned runs. I don't think this can be called a quality start by Lowe.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-07-07 14:13:35
301.   joekings
Well you knew that was going to happen.
2005-07-07 14:13:45
302.   Suffering Bruin
299 - too bad he didn't trip Osoria.
2005-07-07 14:14:13
303.   Bob Timmermann
It's kind of funny in a way.
2005-07-07 14:14:55
304.   ddger
This is tough to take. I thought it would be a good day. This will mess up rest of my day.
2005-07-07 14:15:21
305.   ROC
Wunch twists his ankle on his last warmup pitch, Osoria pormptly gives up a 3-run bomb to Helton.

Quite the buzzkill.

2005-07-07 14:15:45
306.   Suffering Bruin
Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? I've never heard of such a thing. I mean, you can't make this up, right?
2005-07-07 14:15:47
307.   Jon Weisman
Wunsch just sprained his ankle coming out of the bullpen? You mean, he sprained it while walking?
2005-07-07 14:15:50
308.   brendan glynn

It is. it also relases me from thinking they still have a chance this year. thank you, Fate. I've been such a fool.

2005-07-07 14:16:19
309.   ddger
Tracy why bring in rookie to pitch against LH Helton with runners on base. This is not going by the book is it.
2005-07-07 14:16:32
310.   Fearing Blue
#307: I think he sprained it while coming down the stairs out of the bullpen.
2005-07-07 14:16:44
311.   Jon Weisman
Carrara's plan to get his seventh win has been foiled.
2005-07-07 14:17:42
312.   Bob Timmermann
Who were the other options after Wunsch got hurt?

Sanchez? Brazoban? Erickson?

2005-07-07 14:18:30
313.   Steve
I don't think it's in the book that your relief pitcher gets injured walking to the mound.

Well, that might be in our book, right next to the paragraph about the plan to get out of Derek Lowe's last three contract years.

2005-07-07 14:18:37
314.   ROC
307/310 - TiVo'd back on the Rockie broadcast...they it was the last warmup pitch, not the stairs.
2005-07-07 14:18:42
315.   ddger
If a pitcher is injured, don't you get enough time to warm up.
2005-07-07 14:18:44
316.   Bob Timmermann
Wunsch is not in the boxscore so I don't know if he will get credit for an appearance.
2005-07-07 14:20:09
317.   Suffering Bruin
Well, I'm a big fan of using the closer at crucial moments in the game and this certainly qualified as a crucial moment. I probably would've gone with Brazoban but the again if I'm in the locker room and I ask the managers what they would do if the LOOGY sprains an ankle in the bullpen I'd probably get laughed at.
2005-07-07 14:20:54
318.   Benaiah
315- It has to be the pitcher that was pitching. So you can't just claim that some idiot (Erickson) was hurt in the bullpen and take your time.
2005-07-07 14:21:21
319.   ddger
317. Agree, today was where you would use Braz in crucial situation. But again, Tracy never uses his closer until 9th.
2005-07-07 14:21:27
320.   fanerman91
Miracle time. "Charge Of The Light Hitting Brigade!"
2005-07-07 14:22:40
321.   Suffering Bruin
What's the verdict on warmup tosses? Did Osoria get all that he needed replacing an injured pitcher or was he allowed only eight?
2005-07-07 14:22:48
322.   Benaiah
I haven't lost faith in Lowe (he was pitching in Coors after all), but with no offense or defense to support him he isn't going to put the team on his back all that often. I wish we would have just gotten shut out, this is too painful for a thursday afternoon.
2005-07-07 14:22:57
323.   MSarg29
I'm glad I'm not watching this.
2005-07-07 14:23:15
324.   Bob Timmermann
I think Osoria had more time to warm up than Tony Brizzolara did in 1983.
2005-07-07 14:23:20
325.   ddger
320. I think we used up all our charges from our brigade. The opponents had more ammunition.
2005-07-07 14:24:30
326.   ddger
Wonder what Choi is hitting as PH.
2005-07-07 14:25:13
327.   Suffering Bruin
That AB by Choi sure was aggressive.
2005-07-07 14:26:05
328.   Benaiah
319 - Since we never have the lead in the 9th Tracy's use of the closer is as inept as most of "strategies"
2005-07-07 14:27:11
329.   Steve
Yeah, why a 65 win team needs a closer is a bit of a mystery.
2005-07-07 14:27:16
330.   joekings
Just when you think the losses can't get any more crushing, you get this.
2005-07-07 14:27:38
331.   Fearing Blue
#314: Yeah, they just played it again. It was on his last warmup pitch, but it looks like he may have made the injury more severe while coming down the stairs.
2005-07-07 14:27:53
332.   Suffering Bruin
Ah, Erickson! A perfect capper, no?
2005-07-07 14:28:31
333.   Icaros
I'm glad I'm leaving the country tomorrow morning, and I'm glad the city I'm visiting got rid of Major League Baseball this season.

I hope many of you can attend the Scouting Excursion.

2005-07-07 14:29:09
334.   Benaiah
This still beats that 10-3 game against Arizona. That one felt like the writing on the wall. Heavenly graffiti to the tune of "I hate you".
2005-07-07 14:29:29
335.   ddger
322. I'm quite disappointed with Lowe. We could have used a good if not great outing today. He has been the biggest disappointment in our starting pitching this year (at least Perez is injured). I expected at least 15 wins but he will be lucky to end up .500
2005-07-07 14:29:50
336.   fanerman91
I'd love to go... but alas, I'm in giant country (technically A's country... but that isn't really enemy territory).
2005-07-07 14:30:25
337.   Vishal
there's the white flag.

i want to go to the adam dunn droolfest! he better not get traded to another team before then.

2005-07-07 14:31:33
338.   Icaros
336 - I'll be moving back up that way in August myself.
2005-07-07 14:31:43
339.   Steve
Erickson comes in and gets more regressing to the mean innings.

FYI, Wunsch appears in the box score on gameday.

2005-07-07 14:32:56
340.   joekings
Maybe we should have brought in Erickson to start the 7th.
2005-07-07 14:33:22
341.   ddger
Today's game is another indication of Tracy's shortcomings as a manager. He should never have let Lowe go out for the 7th. He insists on getting 1 extra inning when that inning is the inning that turns the game around.
2005-07-07 14:34:15
342.   Brad Bogner
What kind of sick world do we live in when Erickson gets them 1-2-3, and all the others botch it tremendously?
2005-07-07 14:35:04
343.   Suffering Bruin
342 - A world where Erickson is never brought in with a lead.
2005-07-07 14:35:21
344.   Monterey Chris
341--Yeah...the bullpen looked so good.
2005-07-07 14:35:37
345.   Bob Timmermann
Wunsch is in the boxscore now, so he gets credit for an appearance.

For those keeping score at home.

2005-07-07 14:35:46
346.   Jim Hitchcock
Have fun in Montreal, Icaros. Man, French speaking girls...


2005-07-07 14:35:54
347.   Steve
A regressing to the mean world -- they can't score five runs every inning.
2005-07-07 14:36:29
348.   Jon Weisman
I'm telling you, saving the game against the Bears turned Erickson's season around.
2005-07-07 14:36:57
349.   Steve
Can they?
2005-07-07 14:37:13
350.   oldbear
Is Elmer Dessens starting in place of DJ Houlton or something this weekend?

Because Dessens should be our 7th inning guy. He's our best reliever.

Any questions why he wasnt brought in instead of Gio Carrara or Osoria?

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-07-07 14:39:13
351.   Suffering Bruin
Advil. Lots and lots of Advil. Anything stronger is preferable but probably illegal so I'm going with Advil.
2005-07-07 14:40:48
352.   ddger
Bottom Line: As bad as Kennedy pitched today, the result was he gave up 5 runs in 5 innings while Lowe gave up 5 runs in 6 innings.
2005-07-07 14:41:22
353.   ddger
Maybe trading for Kennedy is not such a bad thought after all.
2005-07-07 14:43:43
354.   Benaiah
Now we have to beat either Clemons or Oswalt. Man I thought this one was in the bag. Our bullpen is so worthless, and Lowe is about as gutsy as Chris Webber. That said, I didn't think defense would matter much this year, but we give away alot of runs. When you have choke artists and groundball pitchers like Weaver and Lowe, you have to be able to get the easy outs.
2005-07-07 14:44:40
355.   bokonon42
Monday was sure Wunsch hurt himself during his last warmup toss. It sounded like he'd seen him do it. Caught a spike in the mound. The Bullpen coach was, apparently, waving his hat, trying to signal Tracy not to pull Gio. Then Monday gave a disquisition on how the bullpen and manager ought to have shortwave radios to prevent this sort of thing.
2005-07-07 14:45:49
356.   Jon Weisman
This game is something of a mirror image of the April 24 8-6 Dodger comeback victory at Colorado.

355 - Certainly, they have a phone or some such.

2005-07-07 14:46:04
357.   ddger
354. Agree completely. How about trading Lowe before deadline? Probably not many takers since we overbid ourselves for him anyway. Lowe's postseason performance blinded Depo when he made that offer.
2005-07-07 14:47:14
358.   Icaros
346 - Thanks, Jim. I know what you mean about the girls. Just confirming my reservation with the receptionist at the hotel yesterday gave me chills.
2005-07-07 14:47:17
359.   bokonon42
Right, but the phone isn't close enough, I guess? Monday was very passionate on the subject. He had thought out the problem of interference on whatever channel might be used.
2005-07-07 14:48:12
360.   ddger
I think we have worst winning pct when Lowe starts. That does not build much confidence for the rest of the team when your top of the rotation starter is performing so poorly.
2005-07-07 14:49:09
361.   Langhorne
Nothing is ever in the bag in Denver. Denver is bagless.
2005-07-07 14:49:15
362.   Steve
That's what Ross was missing. The technology side of baseball. :)
2005-07-07 14:49:57
363.   Bob Timmermann
How often does a relief pitcher get injured in between the time the manager calls for a replacement and the reliever has to come in?

This was just one of those things.

2005-07-07 14:51:02
364.   bokonon42
I was only listening as I'd stepped out for a Pall Mall, and a pace. That's when the bullpen hokey-pokey started. There was a cruelty about listening to the Helton homerun call; I was holding out hope that it was just Steiner overestimating a fly ball.
2005-07-07 14:51:11
365.   ddger
We wasted too many opportunities early in the game and it came back to bite us as our starting & relief pitching failed miserably. We can't be losing games when we score 5 runs.
2005-07-07 14:51:29
366.   oldbear
Well maybe Trace should carry a cell phone at all times...

That is pretty funny that the bullpen coach was waving his arms about not pulling him...

Ehhh... At this point you just laugh about the season, and keep hope alive that were 5 games back by the time we get back our team.

2005-07-07 14:53:10
367.   Steve
We should look at the bright side. We can blame it all on some curse like the Cubs and Red Sox were doing for a century. What should we call it?
2005-07-07 14:54:04
368.   Bob Timmermann
Wandy vs. Woody tonight in Houston.
2005-07-07 14:54:38
369.   Bob Timmermann
It's the Curse of Mike Davis. We haven't won a World Series since dumping him.
2005-07-07 14:55:22
370.   Steve
This is Ross Porter, signing off. Good day everybody from Provo, Utah.
2005-07-07 14:55:59
371.   Benaiah
366 - I hope we get back our team. If Bradley comes back in July, and brings Kent with him. Then at least we should be able to contend. At the very least we shouldn't be below .500 at the end of the year.
2005-07-07 14:56:00
372.   LAT
Icaros, have a good trip and remember, leave the camera in the hotel room when visiting places that only serve beer.
2005-07-07 14:56:54
373.   LAT
Yes, pitching sucked today but real probalem is 14 LOB.
2005-07-07 14:57:28
374.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers left 8 men on base today.
2005-07-07 14:58:08
375.   Howard Fox
I know I missed a lot of chat here, but...

This might be the final straw, at least in my eyes...should have won this one...

and now Wunsch is hurt?

if somehow we manage to win this division, weak as it is, we will all say in unison "There is a Choi"

2005-07-07 14:58:19
376.   ddger
Shame on you Lowe and Carrara. You guys are supposed to be experienced and respond to pressure. Our young inexperienced lineup scored enough to win today.
2005-07-07 14:59:06
377.   Langhorne
Have fun Icaros. I'm still very proud of the fact that I once asked a French woman to dance in French. Of course, she assumed that I knew French and started speaking it at me a mile a minute. I just smiled and nodded a lot.
2005-07-07 14:59:50
378.   oldbear
Ya know as crappy as this season has been, I bet the players that are on this team that otherwise wouldnt be sniffing the majors (Edwards, Repko, Robles, Ross, Osoria, Chen, Rose) -- those guys are having the time of their lives playing in the Bigs.

Translation: When the team sucks, always look for the human interest stories.

I was hoping for a human interest story more along these lines:

"Vin Scully so eloquently describing the MLB debut of LHP Ryan Ketchner, before a sell out crowd of 55,000 that he can see, feel, but not hear"

Maybe next year?

2005-07-07 15:01:01
379.   ddger
374. Saenz left 6 runners on base by himself.
2005-07-07 15:01:34
380.   Howard Fox
378 - I think Repko, Robles and Ross will be a big part of our bench strength in future years
2005-07-07 15:02:07
381.   Howard Fox
379 - would have been more if he doesn't hit into a DP
2005-07-07 15:03:29
382.   LAT
374 Bob according to Yahoo it was 14. I didn't watch the game and they have been wrong before so maybe it was 8.
2005-07-07 15:04:04
383.   ddger
378. I don't know if Ross will stay up here. I'm not that impressed with him. I guess that shows how weak we are at outfielders in our minor leagues.
2005-07-07 15:05:52
384.   Howard Fox
382-Yahoo counts by at bat, not by inning
2005-07-07 15:06:06
385.   Icaros
377 - Thanks. I can proudly say I've managed to learn absolutely zero French in preparation for my visit.

LAT, do you think they'll let me bring a sketchbook?

2005-07-07 15:06:37
386.   Howard Fox
383 - have you seen Ross defensively?
2005-07-07 15:07:45
387.   LAT
Sure, why not? Do you work in charcol, oil or jello?
2005-07-07 15:07:50
388.   Howard Fox
Icaros - pommes frites = french fries, at least you won't starve....or just say in a fake accent "those stinkin' americans"
2005-07-07 15:08:53
389.   al bundy
346, 358 - I've been doing a fair amount of travel to various european countries over the past year and Paris girls rank first on my list for the most attractive. High quality and lots of depth (unlike the Dodgers)! Hopefully that carries over to Montreal too but on that I have no experience.
2005-07-07 15:10:26
390.   Bob Timmermann
Montreal is one of the few places in the world where you want people to know you're American. That's because they will forgive your inability to speak French. If you're an Anglophone Canadian, you run into more resentment.
2005-07-07 15:10:32
391.   LAT
384 Howard, I'm not much of a stats guy but I think LOB by batter is a more accurate count. If the Dodgers load the bases with no outs and fail to score, that to me is 9 LOB, not three becasue of the last out. Is it normally calulated by the last out?
2005-07-07 15:10:55
392.   Icaros
387 - pudding.

388 - I'm planning on playing the part of a mysterious, grizzled, American expatriate.

2005-07-07 15:11:15
393.   Howard Fox
391-that is the way Yahoo counts it
2005-07-07 15:11:42
394.   ddger
386. I only saw him on TV couple of times. I think Repko is much better on defense and slightly better on offense. Ross could be replacment for Repko I guess.
2005-07-07 15:12:24
395.   Howard Fox
391 - normally, announcers will say they left 3 on base in your example
2005-07-07 15:12:35
396.   Icaros
390 - Got it. Do you think the locals will be offended by my Ghame Over shirt?
2005-07-07 15:13:02
397.   Howard Fox
394 - a backup for the backup's backup
2005-07-07 15:14:47
398.   LAT
387 puddins' good!

393 I assumed Bob's 8 LOB figure was based on innings not batter. Which way is it typically calculated? By innings or batter? Does Yahoo do it wrong? (Fearing Blue would be all over this if he were here.)

2005-07-07 15:16:33
399.   LAT
Howard, saw your 395 after I posted 398. Thanks. I think the announcers are wrong then.
2005-07-07 15:18:14
400.   dzzrtRatt
re 367

Really, throughout Dodger history, the team's been pretty bad more than it has been pretty good. The 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s were anomalies. Since '88, it's been all regression toward the mean.

So we can be the lovable losers for awhile. Ask the wealthy ex-owners of the Red Sox and Cubs. It's great for merchandising and practially guarantees sellouts.

We need a background myth. It all started the day the Dodgers...

Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-07-07 15:19:14
401.   ddger
These days I don't know who's the starter or backup. Tracy must use some random number generator to come up with the lineup.
2005-07-07 15:19:30
402.   al bundy
Langhonre, 377 - once she started talking at you, I'm surprised you didn't work in everyone's favorite French language question: Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)?
2005-07-07 15:19:33
403.   Bob Timmermann
The team LOB are strictly defined in the rule books. They exist to keep the scorebook balanced.

The LOB next to the batters name are the ones that each batter left on after an AB. The different sites compute them differently. Normally the batter will be credited with runners LOB if he makes an out (except for a sacrifice or sacrifice fly) and there are runners left on or if one of them gets erased in a DP.

2005-07-07 15:23:47
404.   Howard Fox
403 - so, in other words, the Dodgers lost today?
2005-07-07 15:26:47
405.   fanerman91
Fired Ross Porter?
2005-07-07 15:30:34
406.   Fearing Blue
#357: You guys are crazy. There are certainly times where you could credit the unearned runs to Lowe, but this is not one of them. He got three potential double-play balls in a row and our defensive odd couple booted them. And, his 3rd earned run was the baserunner he walked to start the 7th. If our bullpen wasn't junk it wouldn't be a given that all inherited runners score.
2005-07-07 15:32:29
407.   fanerman91
I agree #406.
Today (as has been most of the season) has been a product of back-ups of back-ups having defense just as bad as their offense.
2005-07-07 15:33:28
408.   Steve
406 -- Would you feel differently if you knew he had George Strait, Toby Keith, and Alan Jackson on his I-Pod?
2005-07-07 15:33:56
409.   Howard Fox
407- in other words, we take offense at our defense?
2005-07-07 15:34:40
410.   Howard Fox
408 - are they our new outfielders?
2005-07-07 15:36:56
411.   Steve
That's who we're trading to the Reds for Adam Dunn. O'Brien is a huge country fan.
2005-07-07 15:38:35
412.   Fearing Blue
#410: I bet at least one of them could out-hit Grabowski.
2005-07-07 15:44:44
413.   Bob Timmermann
Hmm, I read earlier that Houlton was going to be skipped Friday, but I guess I misread that somewhere.

Houlton vs. Clemens tomorrow night.


2005-07-07 15:55:42
414.   dzzrtRatt
# 405 probably something that goes back a little further. The Dodgers have been sucking for a long time.

Maybe we can blame former Mayor Richard Riordan. When Riordan demanded that Peter O'Malley to back off his idea of putting an NFL stadium in Chavez Ravine, that led O'Malley to sell the team. Without access to NFL revenues, O'Malley didn't see how he could afford to keep the Dodgers competitive. O'Malley led to Fox, which led to trading Piazza, which led to Kevin Malone, which led to...

2005-07-07 16:03:15
415.   scareduck
2005-07-07 16:04:46
416.   scareduck
401: no, a similar mechanism to this:

2005-07-07 16:16:14
417.   Marty
Rob, What is the url for your oil blog? I was reading it a few months back and liked it, but lost the address.
2005-07-07 16:17:10
418.   Fearing Blue
I just heard something that amused me on the Jacksonville webcast. Jeff Franceour was called up to Atlanta, so he won't be able to make the Southern League All-Star game. Instead of selecting Tydus Meadows from the Suns as a replacement (by far the most deserving), the All-Star committee selected an outfielder from the Mobile Bay Bears so they wouldn't have to buy a last-minute ticket for Meadows. You gotta love minor league baseball :).
2005-07-07 16:17:43
419.   Fearing Blue
#418: I forgot to state the obvious, which is that the All-Star game is being played in Mobile.
2005-07-08 10:07:19
420.   Fearing Blue
Minor League Update

Las Vegas 51s (AAA):
The 51s beat Fresno 8 - 3.

Las Vegas hit 4 homeruns en route to their third win in the four game series. Left fielder Henri Stanley went 2 for 5 with 2 solo homeruns. First baseman Brian Myrow went 2 for 4 with a double, a homerun, 2 runs scored, and 3 RBIs. Right fielder Tony Schrager went 2 for 4 with a homerun and 3 RBIs. Stanley and Myrow are two of the best hitters on the Suns, with .288/.361/.527 and .289/.404/.534 batting lines respectively. The other top hitter on the team is third baseman Norihiro Nakamura. Nakamura went 0 for 3 with a walk and a run scored in the game. On the season, Nakamura is batting .277/.343/.554. If the decimation of the major league roster continues, any of them could be called on to contribute. Second baseman Willy Aybar went 1 for 4 with a run scored. Dioner Navarro did not play.

Starting pitcher Ryan Rupe got a no-decision after allowing 3 runs (all earned) in 4.1 innings. Thomas Nall, a 24-year old right-hander, recorded the win with 4.2 innings of scoreless relief. Nall allowed 3 baserunners (2 hits and a walk) and struck out 3.

Jacksonville Suns (AA):
In the conclusion of July 5th's suspended game, Jacksonville beat Mobile 6 - 5.

The Suns added 2 runs immediately after the game resumed in the 6th inning. Catcher Russel Martin drove in the second run with a double. Through the final three innings, the Suns were held scoreless on 1 hit, but the pitchers made the lead stick.

Joel Hanrahan started the resumed game and pitched 3 innings, allowing 1 run (earned) on 3 hits and a walk, while striking out 3. Closer Jonathan Broxton pitched a scoreless 9th for the save. Broxton allowed 1 hit while striking out 2.

In the second game, Jacksonville beat Mobile 5 - 1.

The bats warmed up in the second game of the night, leading to 13 hits overall with 5 doubles. Center fielder Jon Weber set the table, going 3 for 5 with 2 doubles and 2 runs scored. Weber, a 27-year old left-handed outfielder, will be the starting center fielder for the Southern League All-Star game. At 27 years old, Weber is one of the better hitters on the team with a .322/.379/.513 batting line. With the recent promotion of right-fielder Justin Ruggiano, Weber and left-fielder Tydus Meadows are now only two non-prospects in the Suns regular fielding lineup. Meadows is also crushing the ball, leading team regulars with a .942 OPS. Third baseman Andy LaRoche has a 1.068 OPS, but he's only had 70 ABs with the Suns. LaRoche went 3 for 4 with a run scored in the game. Second baseman Delwyn Young and first baseman James Loney each went 2 for 4 with a double and 2 RBIs. Shortstop Joel Guzman went 1 for 4 with a double and 2 strikeouts. Guzman has been struggling at the plate this week after coming off a hot stretch the past couple weeks. Overall, Guzman is doing fine with a .284/.352/.500 batting line in 292 ABs. Somewhat surprisingly, catcher Russell Martin has a better OPS than Guzman (.879 vs. .852), though in the game, Martin went 0 for 4 with a strikeout. In his first game with the Suns, right fielder Justin Ruggiano went 2 for 4 with a solo homerun. Though Ruggiano is a little old for AA at 23, his pace through the minors has been impressive. Ruggiano was drafted in the 25th round of the 2004 draft out of Texas A&M University and has subsequently gone through Rookie Ball, High-A, and now into AA in just over a year.

Chad Billingsley had another impressive start, tossing 5 scoreless innings. Billingsley allowed 5 hits and 2 walks, while striking out 9. The defense wasn't much help as Guzman made 2 errors on the night (1 fielding and 1 throwing). Though Billingsley was often in trouble, he was able to reach back for a little extra on his fastball when he needed it. Carlos Alvarez pitched one perfect inning of relief, striking out 2. In hist first 5.1 innings of relief with the Suns, Alvarez has struck out 9 and walked just 1. Alvarez, an over-powering left-handed reliever, was signed as an amateur free agent in 2003 and is just 20 years old. Luis Gonzalez finished the game with 2 innings of relief for the save, allowing 1 hit and striking out 3. Gonzalez is a 22-year old left-handed reliever who has taken a more leisurely route through the system after being signed in the 11th round of the 2001 draft. Even with Kuo out, the Suns bullpen is very impressive with the back-end combination of Carlos Alvarez, Luis Gonzalez, and Jonathan Broxton.

Vero Beach Dodgers (High-A):
The Dodgers lost 5 - 4 to Sarasota.

The Dodgers scattered 12 singles over the course of the night with no walks or extra-base hits, leaving 7 men on base. Shortstop Chin-lung Hu was responsible for 1/3rd of the hits, going 4 for 5 with a run scored and an RBI. Second baseman Tony Abreu, right fielder Anthony Raglani, center fielder Matt Kemp, and first baseman Cory Dunlap each contributed a hit as well.

Starter Brian Pilkington took the loss, allowing 5 runs (2 earned) on 7 hits and 2 walks in 5.1 innings, while striking out 4. Pilkington, a 2nd round draft pick in 2001, is not overpowering but has good control, striking out 33 and allowing 7 walks in 50.2 innings on the season. Within the Vero Beach rotation, Charles Tiffany and Julio Pimentel are both better prospects. Matt Merricks pitched 1.2 innings of scoreless relief, allowing 1 hit while striking out 4. Prior to this season, Merricks, a 22-year old lefty, was primarily used as a starter. Since rejoining the Dodgers from Colorado, Merricks has been used solely as a reliever, pitching 7.2 innings in 4 games, striking out 11, walking 2, and allowing 2 homeruns.

Columbus Catfish (Low-A):
The Catfish game against Hickory was cancelled due to rain.

Ogden Raptors (Rookie):
The Raptors beat Idaho Falls 7 - 4.

Right fielder Sergio Pedroza and catcher Juan Apodaca did most of the damage, driving in 5 of the 7 runs for the Raptors. Pedroza went 1 for 3 with a double, a run scored, and 3 RBIs. Apodaca went 1 for 3 with a walk and a 2 run homerun. Shorstop Jesus Soto and left fielder Andrew Locke added solo homeruns to account for the Raptors other two runs. Perhaps more impressive, Soto also drew a walk, just his 3rd on the season. Soto was signed as an amateur free agent in 2003, and is repeating the Rookie league after playing last year for the GCL Dodgers. Locke was the Dodgers 19th round draft pick this year out of Boston College. In 13 ABs with the Raptors, Locke is hitting .231/.231/.462.

Starting pitcher Cody White got the win, allowing 4 runs (2 earned) in 5 innings pitched. Jonathan Meloan got the save, pitching a scoreless 9th inning, walking 1 and striking out 2. In 4 innings of relief with the Raptors Meloan has struck out 8 and given up 2 walks.

GCL Dodgers (Rookie):
The Dodgers beat the Marlins 5 - 2.

Left fielder Carlos Santana went 1 for 3 with 2 walks and 3 runs scored (.444/.500/.611). Third baseman Eduardo Perez went 2 for 4 with a double, an RBI, and 2 runs scored (.375/.487/.531). First baseman, Adolfo Gonzalez went 4 for 4 with a double and 4 RBIs (.412/.429/.559). Through 9 games, switch-hitting Gonzalez's slugging and on-base percentage have been propped up by his batting average, which likely won't be maintained. Fourth round pick, designated-hitter Josh Bell, went 0 for 2, but drew 2 walks (.297/.333/.324). Second round pick, shortstop Ivan DeJesus continued to struggle at the plate, going 0 for 5 (.222/.263/.250).

Starting pitcher, Ramon Paredes, pitched a solid 5 innings, allowing 2 runs (both earned) on 7 hits and no walks, while striking out 7. Gary Paris and Miguel Ramirez pitched 4 scoreless innings to hold onto the win. Neither Paris or Ramirez pitched very well, allowing a combined 7 baserunners.

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