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Dodger Thoughts on the Radio
2005-07-07 11:14
by Jon Weisman

I can be heard on AM 1540 today at either 1:05 p.m. or 1:25 p.m., talking about the Dodgers and about Dodger Thoughts, as a guest of former Dodger announcer Ross Porter. Many thanks to Porter for the invitation. Porter himself is guest-hosting in place of Petros Papadakis between 12 and 2 p.m. today and Friday.

It appears you can listen via the Internet by following this link.

Update: Porter was extremely generous in the interview in many ways. He explicitly promoted the site, even getting the URL mentioned. He praised not only me but the commenting readers as some of the most knowledgeable Dodger watchers around. And he showed how dedicated a Dodger Thoughts reader he is, which I have to think means something to the casual Dodger fan listening.

I'm feeling increasingly comfortable in these assignments, which was good today because this was my longest interview yet - about 12 minutes. I still stammer more than I'd like, but the nervousness is gone, so at least I can focus on fixing the "you knows." And enunciating. And being funnier.

The rundown was something like this:

1) Introduction, where Porter says the Internet features no better writer about the Dodgers than me. Poor, poor Internet.

2) Asking about Baseball Toaster, the host site for Dodger Thoughts.

3) How Dodger Thoughts got started - I explain the origins about my brother being my initial audience and leave out the part about me being bored at work the day I began it.

4) Discussing the comment threads - I extoll our community while trying to make it clear we're not Web weirdos. Venture that many people find it weird to watch a game now without having Dodger Thoughts alongside - perhaps my most aggrandizing comment for the site, but something I've certainly heard people say.

5) Porter read a healthy portion of my Tuesday post on Hee Seop Choi verbatim. He had done so periodically last year, but this was the first time I actually heard him myself.

6) Talk about how I write several times a week - I say I never write when I don't have anything to say, but I often find something. The polarizing topic of Choi alone seems to account for weekly appearances.

7) Asked what the top topic of late has been, I say it's the "is the season over" question, framing the discussion the way I like it: Not buyer vs. seller, but whether the Dodgers should be focused on buying for 2005, 2006 or both.

8) Porter brings up Adam Dunn as an example, and I concur that the Reds outfielder has been a hot topic among the commenters, though I myself tend to speak more philosophically and have yet to take a position on individual trade targets.

9) What's the other hot topic? Oh, there's some talk about Jim Tracy, I say. Passionate defenders as well as people who feel, uh, strongly about him the other way. Lineups and bunts are mentioned, at which point I save a ramble by getting off perhaps my best line of the day - that whether the bunt is right or wrong, the Dodgers just flat out can't seem to do it.

10) Porter asks me about the atmosphere at Dodger Stadium has been like. Restless, to say the least, though I don't know if it's only because of the losing or because of other factors.

For most of the interview, I was trying to be sure not to ramble too long, but on the last two questions I must have started thinking I could talk forever. Porter had to wrap things up quickly after that - otherwise, for sure I would have started talking about The Godfather - but we got the URL in one more time before the chat ended.

Among every other reason I wish the Dodgers had retained Porter is the selfish one that he has been one of the biggest champions of this site. It was really great to appear on his show today - not only a pleasure, but thanks to Porter, awareness and appreciation for the site may well increase. (Of course, we'll know this place is bigtime when I don't take the time to break down every interview I give.)

Anyway, to those who listened, thanks. And if you're a new reader arriving here after hearing about Dodger Thoughts on the radio, welcome!

Comments (124)
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2005-07-07 11:28:28
1.   LAT
Jon, looking forward to putting a voice with the written word.
2005-07-07 11:29:30
2.   Icaros
What if his voice is that of a 25-year-old Jerry Lewis?
2005-07-07 11:32:54
3.   Jon Weisman
Some might consider that a step up, Icaros.
2005-07-07 11:38:21
4.   Icaros
I guess you'd be wasting your talent by writing if that were the case.
2005-07-07 11:43:26
5.   Icaros
Not that you aren't an excellent writer, just more money in radio I'd imagine.
2005-07-07 11:50:13
6.   Jon Weisman
I'll take anything I can get ...
2005-07-07 12:26:15
7.   Xeifrank
Great news Jon! I'm sure you will do well. Not living in the greater LA area, I may not be able to hear your interview but will try the online link and hope that I can get it to work. Knock em dead!
vr, Xei
2005-07-07 12:29:26
8.   Xeifrank
Cool, the link works and they just mentioned Jon's name in the teaser.
vr, Xei
2005-07-07 12:49:47
9.   Steve
Finally, someone will get to the bottom of that Franklin Stubbs rumor.
2005-07-07 13:05:51
10.   Xeifrank
Jon is on RIGHT NOW, explaining "toaster"
vr, Xei
2005-07-07 13:06:51
11.   tomb
Go Jon!
2005-07-07 13:07:10
12.   Xeifrank
wow, this is great exposure for DT and the members of DT.
vr, Xei
2005-07-07 13:08:11
13.   Xeifrank
Great! They are talking about Jon's commentary on Choi being JT's backup first baseman.
vr, Xei
2005-07-07 13:14:07
14.   Xeifrank
Porter is asking what complaints do we have... Jon nails it with us complaining about JT and his in game decisions.
vr, Xei
2005-07-07 13:16:42
15.   Xeifrank
Great job Jon! I think you did a great job and represented yourself and this site very well. :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-07 13:18:44
16.   tomb
Nice work Jon. It's strange to hear someone on the radio making inciteful comments. Sad, but true.
2005-07-07 13:21:03
17.   the OZ
16 -

Insightful comments are strange on radio.

Inciteful comments are the norm, unfortunately.

2005-07-07 13:22:01
18.   Vishal
i only caught it starting at the tail end of the choi discussion, but you did well, jon! congratulations.

the only thing is, one could tell that you were trying hard to choose your words carefully. nothing wrong with that though :)

2005-07-07 13:23:25
19.   tomb

True that.

2005-07-07 13:26:23
20.   dagwich
Well done, Jon. I think you did a great job. Being on the East coast, I never get to hear Dodger discussion on the daytime sport talk radio so this was a real treat.

It was also great to hear Ross Porter's voice again. He seemed very positive about the site and complimented you and the level of discussion here. By far the most positive words I've heard about Dodger-related issues in quite some time.

When he asked what else do we talk about other than Choi, you mentioned the JT issues...but I thought you might get into the Godfather II stuff.

2005-07-07 13:33:43
21.   Gen3Blue
Wow!! with the recent infield setups I don't want to see any more ground balls.
I can only take so much suspense.
2005-07-07 13:36:39
22.   jpeace
Dang, I must have just missed it. It's good hearing Ross again though. There should be some sort of petition to get him back.
2005-07-07 13:40:43
23.   tomb
So Mr. Porter, what is your d-thoughts moniker?
2005-07-07 13:50:37
24.   Jacob L
Wow! Sorry I missed the broadcast. You know, work. Glad to hear it went well. Having a DT-type discussion on the radio is sort of like an invasion. Must have been jarring for 1540's regular listeners, and it'll be interesting to see what kind of traffic is brought here by Jon's appearance.

I, too, think its time for the Dodgers to bring back Ross from his exile. It'd be a PR coup in a season that's slipping away. An olive branch to longtime fans. Whatever Lon Rosen was hoping to accomplish, (a) he's gone now, and (b) the employment of Monday, Downing et al can't be getting it done.

2005-07-07 13:58:35
25.   Peanuts in My Shoes
If Buss can bring back Phil jackson after one season, surely McCourt can bring back Ross Porter.

Anyone else catch his admitting he may have been wrong about the jerseys in Simers' article this morning?

2005-07-07 14:10:31
26.   Suffering Bruin
Ladies and Gentlemen,

From July 25 to July 28, Year of our Choi 2005, the Dodgers will be
playing host to the Cincinnatti Reds. I propose that we make one of those
nights a "Dodger Thoughts Adam Dunn Scouting Excursion." Actually, Icaros
proposed this but I'm stealing his idea.

Here's how this is going to work.

1) Starting today, we're going to have a vote on which of the four games
to attend. You can vote via-email at Please enter
"Dodgers vs. Reds vote" in the subject field and in the message, enter
the game you think we should all attend. Jon Weisman's vote, should he
choose to attend, will carry a lot of weight. Voting ends midnight Friday

2) Saturday morning, all who responded will get a mass e-mail from me
announcing the winning date with instructions on what you should do next.
Those instructions will read like this:

"Hi. It's me, Suffering Bruin, and by vote we've decided to make the
Dodger Thoughts Adam Dunn Scouting Excursion for (winning date). If
you want to attend this game, you must respond to this e-mail by 12pm
Sunday. That's tomorrow so don't delay! I plan on purchasing Reserved
Level seats for the game on Sunday afternoon; you can reimburse me at the
gate. You'll be responsible for getting to the game though I'll be
borrowing a mini-van and I'm happy to arrange a carpool. Thanks for your
support of the Dodger Thoughts Adam Dunn Scouting Excursion."

3) Those who decide to attend will get a confirmation e-mail from yours
truly that I have purchased a Reserved Level seat for the game.

Icaros and I will most certainly be attending but more are invited. Let
me know folks. Our team needs not just any Dodger fan but the people who
spend way, way, WAY too much time thinking about them. As if we'd have it
any other way, right?

I'll look forward to your e-mails.


Suffering Bruin

"Our father, who art in Choi, hallowed be thy name. Forgive us our
thoughts about Tracy, as we forgive Tracy who trespasses against us..."

2005-07-07 14:30:41
27.   Dodgerkid
And with that Choi = God has jumped the shark.
2005-07-07 14:51:11
28.   Suffering Bruin
Kid, I jumped the shark many moons ago...
2005-07-07 14:55:03
29.   bigcpa
Figures... baby-cpa is due July 21 so I'm probably out.

Jon-congrats on the pub. Anyone got an mp3?

2005-07-07 15:08:21
30.   Formerly R
Letting Ross Porter go is easily the worst Dodger front office decision of this millenium.

I can live with Steiner and his cliche-riddled play-by-play. He studies the game reasonably well and he knows what's going on around the rest of the league.

But Rick Monday...? Oy. I didn't think it could be possible but I actually think he's worse than ever. My ears bleed at the sound of his voice.

Rick, Gil Meche = Gil MESH. Not Gil MECH-ee.

I could go on and on but I'll just simply say that somebody MUST do something about Monday's need to draw sentences out...for...dramatic...emphasis.

I'm convinced that this is year one of the Curse of Ross Porter. Look at what's happened to this team. Can this be the result of anything but a curse?

Frank McCourt, do what's best for the franchise. Slay the curse. Re-hire Ross Porter.

2005-07-07 15:15:21
31.   Icaros
I want Al Downing gone before Rick Monday. That guy is like our own personal Joe Morgan.
2005-07-07 15:22:31
32.   fanerman91
"Fire Jim Tracy" needs to change its name to "Hire Ross Porter." Then the rumors will spread like wildfire.

Seriously though, wouldn't it be so cool if Ross Porter posted here and we knew which one of us he really was?

2005-07-07 15:24:08
33.   Icaros
I can do a pretty good impression of Porter's voice. But it doesn't come off too well in print.
2005-07-07 15:24:47
34.   Steve
hmmm...use my "mob"-making powers for the forces of good, not evil?
2005-07-07 16:09:45
35.   franklin
What a difference a month makes...return from the field to find Jon talking to Ross Porter, Oscar Robles as clutch lead-off man, and the Blue languishing in third place (well, that's no different).

Jon-- major congratulations on the interview

bigcpa-- a late but hearty thanks for the Team Depo shirt!

2005-07-07 16:15:57
36.   bigcpa
Sure thing. I have 4 extra but maybe I'll hold them to 2006 and sell high.
2005-07-07 16:24:01
37.   fanerman91
What sizes are they? I might want one...
2005-07-07 16:32:11
38.   stubbs
I have little doubt that Bob Timmerman is Ross Porter and now is as good a time as ever to admit that I am Rick Monday.
2005-07-07 16:33:29
39.   Bob Timmermann
I remember when Ross Porter did the local sports for KNBC.

When he left for the Dodgers job, Bryant Gumbel took over.

2005-07-07 16:34:37
40.   Howard Fox
me too
2005-07-07 16:35:53
41.   Howard Fox
I remember when Keith Olberman was doing local sports for KTLA
2005-07-07 16:36:44
42.   Howard Fox
actually, I remember when Tom Brokaw was a local anchor for KNBC
2005-07-07 16:38:05
43.   Jon Weisman
I remember when Stan Chambers was a reporter for KTLA.
2005-07-07 16:39:00
44.   Howard Fox
I rememeber when Jamie Chambers was one also
2005-07-07 16:40:03
45.   Peanuts in My Shoes
It's still strange to me to see John Beard on FOX-11.
2005-07-07 16:42:31
46.   Bob Timmermann
I remember when I just had an experimental TV set and all I got to see was Philo T. Farnsworth reading the phone book.
2005-07-07 16:43:58
47.   Howard Fox
46 - yeah that was a great show
2005-07-07 16:45:28
48.   Howard Fox
I remember when Howard Beal was just a regular newscaster.
2005-07-07 16:48:54
49.   Steve
I remember when Steve Garvey did a morning show with Regis Philbin. Or something like that.
2005-07-07 16:51:17
50.   Howard Fox
Regis who?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-07-07 16:52:34
51.   Steve
He's on our Columbus Low-A squad. Good situational hitter.
2005-07-07 16:53:08
52.   Jon Weisman
I had an internship at AM Los Angeles in the summer of 1986. It was Steve Edwards and Christina Ferrare, who replaced Regis and Cyndi Garvey, I believe.

Tom Snyder had a KABC talkshow at that time as well.

2005-07-07 16:53:49
53.   bigcpa
I gots 2 L's and 2 XL's for $10+shipping. Email at

And I'm more than a little disappointed that TEAM DEPO has not made a "lively boys" appearance in the Times as of yet.

2005-07-07 16:53:56
54.   Howard Fox
52 - that was after Snyder left KNBC
2005-07-07 16:56:11
55.   Howard Fox
I think at one time, everyone was on KNBC, except Jon, of course
2005-07-07 16:59:34
56.   Howard Fox
actually I was on the Sheriff John show once
2005-07-07 17:01:46
57.   Jon Weisman
My brother was once on Wonderama. He was visiting relatives on his first trip to New York.
2005-07-07 17:08:06
58.   Howard Fox
boy it sucks when the dodgers play in the afternoon away....
2005-07-07 17:24:58
59.   JJoeScott
Wonderama was my favorite childhood show.

"Kids are people too ..."

2005-07-07 17:36:13
60.   Jim Hitchcock
I remember when Stan Chambers was a reporter for KTLA.

Got that beat. I remember when Clete Roberts was a reporter for KTLA.

Who, you ask? Roberts was the model for the grizzled, hard bitten reporter. He even wore a trenchcoat. Even got his autograph when he was doing a story at LAX one time.

Uh, don't read too much into those las two sentences...

2005-07-07 17:51:44
61.   gvette
Caught the interview this afternoon. Once again, Ross showed what a class act he is, by plugging Jon's site, and saying nice things about the people who post here.

It so reminded me of the professional way that Ross handled Dodger Talk that I almost expected Ross to ask Jon at the end of the interview whether he "wanted to take a shot at the trivia question?"

2005-07-07 18:02:07
62.   Fearing Blue
The Suns game is a good pitching duel so far. Both pitchers have struck out 4 batters in 2 scoreless innings. Chad Billingsley is pitching for the Suns.
2005-07-07 18:06:31
63.   Bob Timmermann
Astros and Padres tied 1-1 in the 4th for those following the NL West Pennant Retreat.
2005-07-07 18:07:41
64.   Bob Timmermann
Alex Cora is playing shortstop for the Red Sox in Baltimore tonight.
2005-07-07 18:09:38
65.   Fearing Blue
#63: I also like the NL West Race from the Pennant.
2005-07-07 18:12:51
66.   Bob Timmermann
2-1 Padres after a Xavier Nady home run.
2005-07-07 18:17:12
67.   Bob Timmermann
4-1 Padres now in the 5th and there will likely be more to come.
2005-07-07 18:19:27
68.   Bob Timmermann
So long Kelly Wunsch for a while.


"As bitter as this loss was, the news is likely to get worse. Wunsch will probably become the team's 18th disabling injury of the first half and provide a distressingly convenient roster move to allow for the activation of left-hander Wilson Alvarez.

Tracy called the injury a subluxation of the peroneal tendon, then gave a clue about the prognosis when he said, "It's the same thing [Curt] Schilling dealt with," and he hasn't pitched since April. The popping Wunsch felt is probably the tendon popping out of the supporting ligaments. He could be out a while. "

2005-07-07 18:34:11
69.   gvette
#68 Scott Erickson has got to be luckiest man on the unluckiest team in baseball.
2005-07-07 18:40:10
70.   b1ued0dger
For those of you with broadband you can see the Suns game live here:
2005-07-07 18:44:34
71.   Bob Timmermann
Looks the Padres may not be as helpful tonight. They lead 7-2 after 5 in Houston tonight.
2005-07-07 18:53:26
72.   Steve
Bryan Corey?!
2005-07-07 19:00:19
73.   Sam DC
OK -- I'm late to the surreal party because my watch was melting. Wunsch gets called in to pitch to Helton and then sprains his ankle coming in from the pen? But actually he popped a tendon and is now done? Then Helton hits a 3 run homer to sink us. Then Choi throws his bat at the Rockies' owner?

I mean, really. I'm as philosophical as the next guy, but at some point it's just hard to know what to say.

2005-07-07 19:26:56
74.   Bob Timmermann
The Astros have crept to 7-5 in the 7th.
2005-07-07 19:29:48
75.   Bob Timmermann
You don't remember May 28, 2002 when Bryan Corey threw his only inning for the Dodgers?
2005-07-07 19:40:06
76.   Steve
I probably called his inning, but I don't remember it.
2005-07-07 19:45:45
77.   Bob Timmermann
May 28, 2002 Dodgers 8, Brewers 4

Houston lined to first; Sanchez popped to shortstop; Young
grounded out (third to first); 0 R, 0 H, 0 E, 0 LOB. Brewers 4,
Dodgers 8.

2005-07-07 23:29:09
78.   LAT
Was Kelly Wuench eating an orange before his last warm up pitch?
2005-07-08 07:21:54
79.   Xeifrank
Baseball and softball out of the Olympics starting in 2012? Wow! Seems like a huge mistake and a big blow to the international sports. Opening the door for olympic golf and karate. Here's the LA Times link.

vr, Xei

2005-07-08 08:37:33
80.   dzzrtRatt
For those who want to give up on 2005 and reload for 2006, here's a team that would grossly overpay for Brazoban, and maybe even Gio...

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (AP) -- Curt Schilling's first relief appearance looked a lot like his last start: not very good.

The injured Red Sox ace pitched a sloppy ninth inning in Triple-A Pawtucket on Thursday night as he began his conversion from starter to reliever. The 38-year-old right-hander allowed two runs -- one of them earned -- on two hits, striking out two....

Many in the crowd got up to leave, including Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein and two assistants from the team's front office who came to watch Triple-A's most expensive mop-up man. Schilling threw 13 of his 14 pitches for strikes and hit 92 mph on the stadium radar gun.

Schilling volunteered to go to the bullpen when it became obvious it would be a while before he could go deep into the game as a starter. At the same time, Red Sox closer Keith Foulke was heading for knee surgery, so the team was thinking along the same lines....

Red Sox manager Terry Francona said Schilling will combine with Alan Embree and Mike Timlin to replace Foulke, who had arthroscopic surgery to repair damaged cartilage on his left knee on Thursday. He is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

2005-07-08 09:02:33
81.   Sam DC
DJ Houlton v. some guy named Clemens. Good clean fun for the whole family.
2005-07-08 09:05:51
82.   Howard Fox
Prediction: Clemens has a bad outing, allows several hits and's hard to concentrate when you are laughing.
2005-07-08 09:11:01
83.   heato
Here's an O/U for everyone:

Dodgers K'd by Clemens O/U runs allowed by Houlton in the first two innings

2005-07-08 09:18:07
84.   Howard Fox
I think the Jr Varsity Dodgers will surprise everyone by scoring some runs tonite.
2005-07-08 09:18:45
85.   Vishal
i'm taking the over. especially if grabowski starts.
2005-07-08 09:24:56
86.   Howard Fox
Grabowski vs Clemens....should make the ESPN top ten of all time...
2005-07-08 09:29:28
87.   Benaiah
Would anyone be surprised in Clemons threw a perfect game with 25 Ks? There are no threats in this lineup. Plus given that everyone (besides Robles) just swings away the whole time I could see the Rocket running up some nasty totals tonight. That said, I am predicting the improbable win (hope springs eternal).
2005-07-08 09:31:06
88.   Benaiah
By the way, I would love to see Tracy say he didn't start Choi tonight because of a bad history against Clemons. No one on this team could possibly have a good history against him. Maybe Saenz has faced him a time or two, but other than that, probably most of these guys have never even had an AB against him (boy are they in for a treat).
2005-07-08 09:32:30
89.   Humma Kavula
The most likely result of this game is that both pitchers pitch reasonably close to their averages...

But what's the fun in predicting that? I predict a Clemens implosion -- 6 runs in 1 2/3.

Why not?

2005-07-08 09:33:09
90.   Howard Fox
don't be surprised if Robles singles to start the game
2005-07-08 09:35:37
91.   Bob Timmermann
Active Dodgers vs. Clemens

Wilson Alvarez - 1 for 2 (I assume he's going to be activated today to replace Wunsch)
Hee-Seop Choi - 0 for 4
Jason Grabowski - 0 for 1
Jeff Kent - 1 for 7
Jason Phillips - 2 for 3
Olmedo Saenz - 0 for 3
Jayson Werth - 0 for 3

2005-07-08 09:36:33
92.   Bob Timmermann

Brett Mayne was 13 for 38 in his career against Clemens!

2005-07-08 09:37:19
93.   Howard Fox
okay, the daily pool: who gets injured today?
2005-07-08 09:37:31
94.   fanerman91
4 runs is pretty significant. Better for Choi not to start.
2005-07-08 09:38:52
95.   Humma Kavula
94. I agree. Saenz has obviously had less failure against Clemens than Choi.
2005-07-08 09:39:31
96.   Howard Fox
94, and Choi has a bad history against Clemens
2005-07-08 09:40:00
97.   fanerman91
No position player got injured yesterday. We're about due. So I bet it's Philips. He's the only "bonafide" starter we have left. Choi isn't a "starter." Saenz is sort of a tweener since Tracy's afraid of "breaking" him.
2005-07-08 09:40:24
98.   Humma Kavula
93. I'll put money on the spontaneous combustion of Nancy Bea Hefley.

I know, she's not even playing tonight. But since when did the Dodgers let that fact get in the way of an injury?

2005-07-08 09:40:34
99.   fanerman91
Re: 94...
That's a typo. Should say 4 "at-bats." Hope that makes more sense.
2005-07-08 09:41:07
100.   Howard Fox
and Saenz can't hit into many DPs if there aren't any runners on base, so effectively Clemens being on the mound is actually a good thing in this case, it takes away Saenz's weakness...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-07-08 09:41:29
101.   Howard Fox
99 - it still doesn't
2005-07-08 09:42:43
102.   Howard Fox
I bet its APerez who gets injured...they will claim that is why his fielding was so bad yesterday...bad shoulder
2005-07-08 09:43:19
103.   fanerman91
101, (Re: 99, 94)

4 at-bats is pretty significant. Better for Choi not to start.

The sentence doesn't make sense or the logic? Or the 4 referenced posts?

2005-07-08 09:44:01
104.   Bob Timmermann
Sorry, that's a typo for Saenz. Like Choi, he is also 0 for 4 against Clemens. Saenz has 2 BB and 0 K, while Choi has 0 BB and 3 K.

I also left out Brad Penny who is 0 for 2 against Clemens.

Aside from Houston (whom he has never faced) Clemens has pitched the least against the Dodgers of any team. One game, 7 innings, and he lost.

2005-07-08 09:45:08
105.   Howard Fox
for Tracy not to start Choi, he only needs to see that Choi has never hit against the pitcher...thus, Choi cannot start against rookies either
2005-07-08 09:45:29
106.   Steve
93 -- I'll take Jim Lett
2005-07-08 09:45:59
107.   Howard Fox
104 - so we can use Penny to pinch hit...he has a better history than Choi or Saenz
2005-07-08 10:01:37
108.   Xeifrank
Heard on sports talk radio yesterday that the Braves had something like 10 rookies on their 25 man roster. That struck me as quite amazing considering how well the Braves are playing (minus Chipper). It's pretty amazing that the Braves don't miss a beat, even with this many rookies on their squad. Anyone know how many rookies the Dodgers and Angels have on their 25 man squad? Thanks!
vr, Xei
2005-07-08 10:04:31
109.   fanerman91
Maybe next season...
BTW, what is the likelihood that we start seeing some of our vaunted prospects next season? Navarro at least?

When will that fantastic Fox Force Five of LaRoche, Guzman, Young, Loney, and Martin at least get to AAA? In time to get a 2006 September call-up at least for a couple of them?

2005-07-08 10:04:47
110.   Howard Fox
108 - and with all that, when the Yankees make the playoffs, all the announcers will be able to say is how great a manager Torre is, getting there thru all the adversity

they won't mention the managing job done with the Braves or anyone else...

2005-07-08 10:07:24
111.   Xeifrank
Any chance that Houlton gets up for tonight's game against his ex-team and pitches the game of his life, shutting out the Astros and humiliating future HOFer Roger Clemens? Let me make my feelings on this known through a classic movie quote.
vr, Xei

Dumb and Dumber – when the girl says, "You've got a one in a million chance of sleeping with me,'"
and Jim Carrey says, "So you're saying there's a chance."
2005-07-08 10:07:52
112.   jasonungar05
93-it's not only who, but how and how long. How and how long nets bonus points.

I am going with Derek Lowe. I realize he played yesterday, but that shouldn't matter. My guess is he reaches under the dugout bench to grab sunflower seeds and is bitten on the ring finger of his pitching hand by a Southern black widow spider.

"We're hoping he'll respond well to treatment" = 15 Day DL

2005-07-08 10:13:40
113.   Fearing Blue
#91: I hope the Dodgers don't bring up Alvarez just yet. He wasn't happy with his mechanics in his last rehab appearance. He is scheduled to have another rehab appearance tonight. Since the injury is sort of a chronic issue, I'd rather give him the chance to get completely healthy before facing major league hitters. In the short term, Derek Thompson or Eric Stults would be a better choice if we need a long reliever. The Dodgers could also go with an 11-man pitching staff, without a lefty until Alvarez is back. In that case, they would probably activate Ledee to take Wunsch's spot.
2005-07-08 10:14:15
114.   Fearing Blue
The minor league update has been posted in yesterday's game thread.
2005-07-08 10:14:30
115.   Howard Fox
Is this just bad luck, everyone getting hurt, or is it poor training and coaching techniques?
2005-07-08 10:17:21
116.   Fearing Blue
#109: I'm doing some analysis on expected time to contribute above-average performance for minor league prospects. I'll post results later today. The short of it is that it doesn't look too promising for any of our top prospects to contribute significantly next year.
2005-07-08 10:19:47
117.   Howard Fox
116 - so what are you implying, that we should make moves with 2007 in mind?
2005-07-08 10:23:02
118.   fanerman91
We have the payroll to not make 2006 a repeat of 2005, ie, only one Ja(y)son in the outfield at a time (Green, Dreifort come off the books). I think the only thing implied is that they're only in AA now and need more seasoning in AAA before they'll help.
2005-07-08 10:24:17
119.   Fearing Blue
#108: Here's what I could come up with:

Rookies (9):

Yhency Brazoban
DJ Houlton
Franquelis Osoria
Mike Rose
Oscar Robles
Chin-Feng Chen
Mike Edwards
Jason Repko
Cody Ross

Second Year (3):

Duaner Sanchez
Antonio Perez
Jason Grabowski

Third Year (3):

Jason Phillips
Jayson Werth
Hee Seop Choi

It's impressive that Jayson Werth is the senior member of our outfield.

2005-07-08 10:28:59
120.   Fearing Blue
#116: It's pretty much what fanerman said. We have cash available that we should spend, so we should try to win in 2006. But, the help we'll receive from our farm system in 2007 is likely limited to a 5th starter, a couple middle relievers, and a backup position player or two.
2005-07-08 10:43:14
121.   Vishal
120. seriously?? that's it? if guzman, laroche, and the rest of our AA all-stars are all tearing it up this year in jacksonville, why wouldn't they be at AAA next year and be beating down the door to the majors by september callups in '06?

yet you're suggesting we have to wait until 2008 for any significant reinforcements from the minors. how far away are these guys?

2005-07-08 10:44:58
122.   fanerman91

I think the 2007 in 120 is a typo and should be a 2006. I hope.

2005-07-08 11:32:27
123.   Howard Fox
why is it that other teams move up these phenoms in a couple of years, and we have to develop them ad infinitum...(that is a word isn't it?)
2005-07-08 11:44:55
124.   dzzrtRatt
#123 I assume it's just a bunch of individual cases, not a team-wide policy. Perennielly bad teams force-feed their prospects into the majors for lack of anyone else to fill the slots, and generally it's not good for their careers. Tampa Bay has thought its prospects were its salavation for three years, but they keep going backward, and I have to think it's partly because their players get shell-shocked and stop developing.

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