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Disabled List (Not Really)
2005-07-20 06:30
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

So this is what it's like. Caring about my team heading south, but unable to do anything about it, unable to fulfill my role. Deactivated.

Well, I'm sneaking into the game, just for a moment. After all, I'm not injured. But I have spent a good deal of time horizontal - in bed an extra hour (as my mother-in-law takes the early-morning shift with my son), laying by other people's pools, resting on the couch (after the kids are asleep in their various rooms) watching television, talking or reading - not watching baseball or going on the computer. Sounds pretty grand, doesn't it. Of course, the work I put off piles up during these moments, so I can already think about where the catchup time gets directed.

But I wonder what's going on with the team nightly, and last night I caught the later innings through text updates on my cell phone. And what a bitter way to go down. I imagine what the discussion is like on here, but don't check in at all.

The larger question is less about whether the Dodgers can make it back to .500 or division title contention (practically the same thing, with the Padres falling to .532) and more about whether the Dodgers can avoid a 90-loss season. And that larger question would almost be enough to make one stop caring about the myriad of smaller questions plaguing the team, from A to Z, or at least Y(hency).

But not me. I wonder about all the small questions. And when I get activated again for full-time duty, I'll be back to wondering about them all with you.

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2005-07-20 06:46:10
1.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Message to Yhency: Quit throwing the heater right out over the plate to lefties.

Goodness, first Vizquel and now Howard.

I can't take this any longer.


2005-07-20 06:48:29
2.   Kilgore Trout
Thought that my 10-hour time differential would get me the first post today, but Jockstrap beat me to it.

Just wondering why people think the Valentin/Perez outfield experiment is going to come at the expense of Werth. I'm pretty sure that their playing time is going to come at the expense of Scrapko and Ledee.

2005-07-20 07:04:12
3.   Colorado Blue
First, nice to see Jon's in the ACCEPTANCE stage... welcome!

2 - And what is the point of all the mass experiments and lineup changes? If the answer is to try and figure a fit for the players on the 40 man, then just pick a freakin' lineup with small tweaks here-and-there and weed out the haves and have-nots! Tracy is setting everybody up to be a have-not IMHO.

These "experiments" are going to come at the expense of everyone involved: Valentine/Perez are suddenly candidates for LF??? What's up with that???!!!

2005-07-20 07:12:56
4.   Colorado Blue
I think Tracy should "experiment" with Yhency back in the outfield. Werth can be the closer until his swing comes back.
2005-07-20 07:19:59
5.   Kilgore Trout
3 - I think Tracy is still not in the ACCEPTANCE stage, and therefore is trying desperate measures to try to get some useful bats in the lineup, and get some of the triple AAA guys back to the bench.
2005-07-20 07:26:08
6.   Marty
Since Grabowski was outrighted, cleared waivers and decided to accept a minor league job on his own, does that mean he's off the 40-man roster? And if so, who did we add to it?
2005-07-20 07:34:22
7.   Bob Timmermann
This is the Dodgers current 40-man roster:

Don't count Dreifort, Bako, and Valentin.

So someone has to be new.

2005-07-20 08:13:23
8.   JJoeScott
So someone has to be new.

I think they added Wilson Alvarez back onto the 40-man?

2005-07-20 08:25:47
9.   Kilgore Trout
Check out the date of birth given for Dejesus at

Looks like another Dodger prospect lying about their age.

2005-07-20 08:31:14
10.   fanerman
Back when it was only our offense that let us down, at least we didn't have any surprises. If we weren't winning by the 9th inning, we were disappointed, but at least we didn't have any late inning let downs. Now that our bullpen is in horrible shape, games like last night are just that much more bitter.
2005-07-20 08:39:09
11.   dzzrtRatt
re: 10

which is another way of saying, welcome back to the pack. Outside of the Yankees and Angels, most teams experience blown saves frequently. We've been living on an enchanted isle since Gagne picked up the closer's mitt in 2002. Hopefully we can find our way back there.

Remind me, did this group want to trade Gagne before he got hurt?

2005-07-20 08:39:15
12.   Colorado Blue
I think Tracy should try Duaner at 3B.
2005-07-20 08:44:16
13.   fanerman
I didn't. I don't remember who did. Like some other people, I figured that Braz and Duaner would regress based on their peripherals. I didn't think they'd be this lousy though.
2005-07-20 08:47:23
14.   fanerman
Duaner at 3B and Braz in the outfield. Well, Duaner can use his super power of throwing his glove at the ball to increase his lateral range...
2005-07-20 08:57:41
15.   Colorado Blue
14 - That's exactly what Tracy was quoted as saying.

I do not believe we should trade Gagne. We need to experiment with him behind the plate next year as a possible replacement for Phillips.

2005-07-20 08:59:33
16.   Colorado Blue
15 - Opps... actually that should be "platoon mate with" instead of "replacement for".
2005-07-20 09:00:12
17.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

July 20, 1905

In the worst year in franchise history (and where is the special 100th anniversary celebration?), Brooklyn managed to still anger its fans despite beating the Cincinnati Reds, 2-1 at Washington Park. Brooklyn improved to 24-57, but was still cemented into last place, 33 games behind the first place Giants.

Originally, July 20 was supposed to be a doubleheader, but Brooklyn owner Charlie Ebbets moved the doubleheader to the 22nd at the last minute. With only one game on tap, a large portion of the crowd left in protest, having arrived two hours early expecting a double bill. The announced attendance was 1,500.

Brooklyn scored both its runs in the fourth when they bunched together four hits off of Cincinnati starter Orval Overall. Brooklyn starter Elmer Stricklett gave up just one unearned run for the game. Shortstop Phil Lewis sailed a throw into the stands to let Admiral Schlei score the Reds lone run. Lewis made five errors on the day.

1905 was the nadir for the Dodgers franchise. The team finished 48-104 and was 56 ½ games behind first place New York. Brooklyn managed to score just 506 runs and gave up 807 runs.

The only Brooklyn batter who showed up among any of the league leaders in offense was outfielder Harry Lumley, who hit 7 home runs, good for third best in the NL. But the team consisted mostly of a bunch of players who were not good in 1905 or good at any other time.

The exception to this was center fielder Jimmy Sheckard, who batted .292. After the season was over Sheckard was dealt to the Cubs for four players and cash. And after playing on a .316 team, Sheckard would get to play for a 1906 Cubs squad that went 116-36 (.736), the best winning percentage in the 20th Century.

For manager Ned Hanlon, who would be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1996, his Brooklyn managerial career ended badly. Hanlon managed the Dodgers to two pennants after leading the Baltimore Orioles to three of them in the 1890s. But Hanlon lost a power struggle for control of the franchise (one of the new owners was Charles Ebbets). Hanlon would move on to manage the Reds in 1906 and 1907, but finished in sixth place both seasons.

Brooklyn had some rough months in 1905. The team went 3-20 in June and 4-22 in September. The record could have been even worse if the team hadn't run off wins in 7 of the last 8 games in the month of October. Rookie pitcher Harry McIntire went 8-25 and led the NL in hits allowed (320) and earned runs (127).

The team could not get any worse because it would be hard to believe that there would be worse players around. But respectability was a long way off.

But I think this team needs a little bit more in the way of remembrance. In addition to the players already mentioned, the proud members of the 1905 Brooklyn Superbas were: Catchers Lew Ritter and Bill Bergen. Infielders Doc Gessler, Charlie Malay, John Hummel, Ed McGamwell, Charlie Babb, Ad Yale and Emil Batch. Outfielders John Dobbs, Bob Hall, and Red Owens. And pitchers Doc Scanlan, Mal Eason, Fred Mitchell, Oscar Jones, and Doc Reisling. Mitchell would be the last man from the team to pass away, dying in 1970.

The only members of the 1905 Dodgers who would ever play in a World Series were Sheckard, Gessler, and McIntire, all of whom made it for the Cubs.

And remember that things could be worse. While the 2005 Dodgers are 41-52, through 93 games, the 2005 Brooklyn Superbas were 28-65.
Thanks to the New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-07-20 09:02:15
18.   Bob Timmermann will be hosting an online chat with Bill Bergen later today.

I'll post a transcript.

2005-07-20 09:17:33
19.   the OZ
Wilson Alvarez should have never left the 40-man roster since he wasn't on the 60-day DL. He won't be taking an 'open' spot.
2005-07-20 09:19:50
20.   stubbs
I know its early and it wouldnt have mattered anyway considering how bad the team is playing, but a few of us were pushing to pick up Paul Quantrill when he became available. So far, he is given up 1 run in 10 innings for the Pads.
2005-07-20 09:25:09
21.   Steve
Erickson has given up 1 run in his last 11 2/3 innings.
2005-07-20 09:26:47
22.   fanerman
Oh dear... It IS going to happen. Our new closer, Scott Erickson.
2005-07-20 09:28:13
23.   dzzrtRatt
re 21

It would serve us all right if Erickson became a money closer for the rest of the year.

At this point, maybe Tracy ought to try it. Erickson might suck, but at least he's got arm angles.

2005-07-20 09:31:12
24.   JeffinTokyo
Bob, as always, I enjoyed the Dodger callback. Let's hope 2005 is this century's nadir for the Dodgers.
2005-07-20 09:34:48
25.   Steve
Oh no. Don't hang the Erickson should be closer tag on me. I'm just pointing out that you can have crappy pitchers who have decent results if you pick out a few innings. Even the Devil himself has ten good innings in him.

It's tough, but we just gotta let the young guys pitch where we're out of the race. If we have to go outside the organization for arms in 2006, that will be expensive and wasteful. Jon wrote a piece a few weeks about "adjustments" and that is what we have to see if Brazoban can do here. He needs to be given more opportunities to pitch, not fewer, and he needs a very long leash. We've seen him pitch well, this is his first long spell of ineptitude, and it comes at a time when it is not really costing us anything at all.

So it's not very like me to preach patience, but with Braz and Sanchez particularly, this is the time to dig in and see if they can work their way out of it.

2005-07-20 09:35:48
26.   Steve
And Schmoll too. That guy has wicked stuff if it is working.
2005-07-20 09:37:28
27.   fanerman
Yeah I know what you mean. As I read that comment, I had to check for the name a couple times because I was asking myself, "is that really Steve talking?"
2005-07-20 09:37:31
28.   Bob Timmermann
The postgame comments indicated that the Dodgers are going to stick with Brazoban as the closer for the time being. Seems to make sense?

If the team were actually in the race, it would make more sense to go and rearrange the deck chairs in the bullpen, but why bother? Time to see if Brazoban is the next Eric Gagne or the next Dave Patterson?

2005-07-20 09:40:36
29.   Steve
The other issue of course, is that we want to use Braz as trade bait. My motives are not always pure. :)
2005-07-20 09:42:19
30.   Howard Fox
29 - I could be wrong, I usually am, but I don't think his recent performances are increasing his trade value.
2005-07-20 09:44:27
31.   Howard Fox
I am unclear as to why we stick with Werth so long and APerez sits. Nothing like cooling off a hot hitter.

Kind of reminds me of Choi sitting for a few days after his 7 homer in 4 day streak.

2005-07-20 09:46:11
32.   JeffinTokyo
When Gagne comes back next year, I hope it is as a starter. Our best pitcher should pitch more than 60 innings per season. Furthermore, the Dodgers should position themselves to win the World Series, not just make the playoffs. That's why I want Gagne to be in a position to pitch 25-35% of the innings during the post season, which he would do if he starter 2-3 games per series.

As for how he will do as a starter, I believe that the way he recently pitched with the wounded wing provides a good indicator. Before being DL'ed, even though he was only reaching the low 90's, he was still very effective. He proved to me that he can pace himself and still be effective as a starter.

As for replacing him as at closer, I hear there is a guy at AA throwing 98.

2005-07-20 09:46:55
33.   Bob Timmermann
So where does A Perez play?

Despite what people here say, Cesar Izturis is starting at shortstop. Robles is hitting well and he fields better at third base than Perez. Kent has to start at second.

If Perez hasn't learned the outfield yet, it could be a repeat of the Al Oliver Experiment.

2005-07-20 09:47:14
34.   Howard Fox
32 - Brazoban is throwing 97
2005-07-20 09:48:30
35.   Howard Fox
re: APerez, how much could it hurt the team to have his weak glove in left, just to get his bat in there...we are on a pace for over 90 losses as it is...
2005-07-20 09:51:09
36.   JeffinTokyo
34 Howard, good point. Actually, I haven't given up on Braz. Once he masters a second or third pitch, he will be alright. With that in mind, what about making him a starter the rest of the year? He would get lots more innings, and they would be low pressure. He could learn to be a pitcher, which would make him an even better closer, if he returned to the role.
2005-07-20 09:55:38
37.   Howard Fox
Personally, I think Brazoban is the sacrificial lamb this year.

We are toast for 2005, he and Sanchez and Gio and Alvarez get beat up this year. In 2006 they are replaced as bullpen regulars by Schmoll, Wunsch, Gagne and a couple others from the minors.

2005-07-20 09:56:38
38.   sanchez101
I was poking around the BP website and when i came across their current adjusted stadings, their third order wins showed the dodgers only 5 games back of the padres and ahead of the D-backs. Im going to use this as evidence that they have any comeback waiting for them. But it reminded me of something depodesta has said a couple times, that the team is usually close to winning, but then something terrible happens at in the latter innings. They really havent been blown out as much as you would expect given their record over the last two months. Again, i dont take this as a sign that they can come back, but as a reason to watch. Its fairly amusing to see how the dodgers will screw themeselves. See the dodgers as less of a baseball team as high drama, or perhaps a black comedy, im not sure which, it much more funny, more relaxing, and more interesting. I just assume their going to loose at this stage. I cant really even get mad at the players anymore.
2005-07-20 10:01:09
39.   Mark
Today on Dodger Thoughts, a lively discussion as to why we should have offered Angel Pena a long-term contract...
2005-07-20 10:01:51
40.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers offered Angel Pena a long-term contract, but he ate it instead of signing it.
2005-07-20 10:04:12
41.   Sam DC
Obituary watch -- no more power from Scotty, I'm afraid.


I'll be at the Philly game tomorrow. Field level in the left field corner. Abundant Dodger blue. And everytime an outfielder makes a play, I'll just yell "Allright Ja(y)son." No problem.

2005-07-20 10:04:37
42.   JeffinTokyo
Angel Pena did have a long term contract, unforunately for him it was a minor league one.

That being said, didn't he have a big season in the Dominican this past winter. After the improbable success of Robles, I'm open to just about anything

2005-07-20 10:06:36
43.   sanchez101
on a more serious long range not (aka dont blame Depodesta/we still have a future) dayn perry has a nice article about the dodgers on BP. Probably one of the last dodger-related articles we'll see this season. His conlcusion is that depodesta isnt really to blame for the dodgers mediocrity (im being nice), the team was headed that way even if they had kept loduca/green/beltre/finley ect. Its depressing, but kind of supports my nonsensicle thesis that the dodgers were destined for mediocrity. The 2005 Dodgers: The Baseball Team Destiny Crapped Upon.
2005-07-20 10:08:41
44.   heato
When Broxton was moved to the bullpen, I remember him saying that he was going to focus on two pitches rather than the four he threw as a starter. I imagine he had a fastball, curveball, slider, and changeup repertoire. I realize that most closers usually only throw two pitches, but hasn't Gagne shown how valuable four strong pitches can be to a closer. If Broxton has a chance to be a closer with three or four good pitches, why would he give it up?
2005-07-20 10:10:22
45.   the OZ
Schmoll is my favorite Dodger reliever. I hope last night's game wasn't a case of him forgetting those better mechanics he supposedly honed in AAA.

Schmoll's whole deal in the low minors, before he was called up due to injuries on the big club, was that he threw a ton of strikes. When he's struggled, it's because his command was totally out of whack, and he got wild (last night is one example). This started happing before he was optioned to LV in late spring.

He's been playing pro ball very a very short period of time, and might not fully trust his stuff against MLB hitter yet. I really hope he gets through the nexus, because he could be a great setup guy for our championship runs in 2007-2009.

A submariner throwing 91? Awesome.

2005-07-20 10:11:09
46.   JeffinTokyo
If someone can tell me how to do a shortURL I will send a link on an article reporting that "old friend" Rupport Murdoch just spent $580 million on a 2-year old Internet company (Intermix Media).

What amazes me is the fact that a company that practically no one has ever heard of is apparently worth more than the Dodgers, Dodger Stadium, and Dodgertown combined. In a sense, it puts things in perspective.

2005-07-20 10:19:18
47.   the OZ
Revenue (and especially profit) for baseball teams without their own cable networks is a pittance compared to what can be made in the right kind of Internet/Media business, which has long-term licensing applications and very few marginal costs (you buy the IP once, then sell it a million times. The Dodgers have to buy each and every hot dog and malt that they sell).

I'll take a peek at Intermedia and see why it's worth so much to Mr. Murdoch.

2005-07-20 10:19:52
48.   Xeifrank
According to the defensive spectrum LF and 1B are the two easiest positions to play. I don't see any reason why you couldn't try Valentin and Perez in LF, especially when we are realistically playing for 2nd thru 4th place. If you need to move someone to LF to get their bat in the lineup then more power to the Dodgers. I don't think Werth is getting the boot, more likely Repko is (LF-Valentin/Perez, CF/RF-Bradley,Werth). Then when Drew comes back you re-evaluate the situation again. I'm still not sure about Izturis yet, but at the very least he should be dropped to 8th in the lineup and Phillips 7th. Keep Kent at 2B, platoon Choi/Saenz at 1B and if Robles cools off move Valentin back to 3B. The Dodgers are like a bowl of alphabet soup. Letters all over the place, spelling nothing but with a couple of swipes of the spoon f-a-i-l-u-r-e is easily spelled.
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 10:22:27
49.   Steve
That was my point, Howard. He needs to pitch his way out of this to regain his value.

I am just ideologically opposed to picking up other teams' waste when we have our own waste.

But since we're talking about Angel Pena, I always hated him too.

2005-07-20 10:24:01
50.   JeffinTokyo
OZ, I see you point. Intermedia's biggest brand name is, which it supposed to be pretty popular. At the same time, I would think that Fox could create its own version and use its marketing prowess to raise the profile. The Dodgers, on the other hand, are not an interchageable commodity.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-07-20 10:25:59
51.   the OZ
The fact that anyone needs to change positions to make room for Oscar Robles is the perfect microcosm of everything that's gone wrong this season.
2005-07-20 10:29:32
52.   JeffinTokyo
It seems odd to move a guy (Valentin) coming off knee surgery to a new position that requires more running. Furthermore, he is not a long term part, so any at bats he gets this year take away from young guys. Pinch hitter and spot starter would seem to be the best fit for him at this time.
2005-07-20 10:31:50
53.   natepurcell
cbills is pitching right now. if anyone wanted to watch.

go to for the radio link

2005-07-20 10:34:24
54.   the OZ
Fox is a multi-billion-bajillion dollar company. Why compete with someone when you can buy them? $500M is chump change to NewsCorp - to start from scratch would probably be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Intermix owns online marketing channels. Online marketing companies has proven to be exceptionally profitable. It's like money from a faucet. It also creates a synergy with Fox's own proprietary Internet media outlets - in this case, 2+2=5. I doubt Fox spins them off at a profit, because of the potential for long-term profit in the acquisition itself.

You are dead on about the Dodgers not being an interchangable commidity. This is what I find funny about the "McCourt is cheap and only looking to make maximum profit" arguments - baseball is an amazingly unprofitable use of a few hundred million dollars. The opportunity cost is huge. If McCourt were serious about continuing to make tons of money, he'd never have bought the Dodgers in the first place.

2005-07-20 10:36:51
55.   Xeifrank
52. Valid points. I'm sure they won't attempt to put Valentin in the outfield unless they think his knee can handle it. As far as giving the young guys more at bats, I don't really see any of the young guys on the roster (besides Choi) as long term options either. I think management still feels they are in this race (and they should). They are only 8.5 games out of first place with two teams to catch. With Valentin, Bradley and then Drew all coming back, I think you have to play to win, not play to give youngsters at bats. Are they likely to win the division... of course not, but stranger things have happened. I can't think of any, but I'm sure someone can come up with something. :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 10:38:28
56.   Xeifrank
54. 2=2=5? Now I know why I wasn't cut out to be a business major! :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 10:39:16
57.   Xeifrank
53. Thanks Nate... and in 56 it was meant to read 2+2=5?
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 10:41:15
58.   Sam DC
Jeff -- to get a short link, or a "tiny url," you just got to and it's pretty obvious what you do.
2005-07-20 10:42:38
59.   Sam DC
Wow -- in Boston, the first six Red Sox of the game reached -- 5-0 in the bottom of the first, Tampa Bay starter Hendrickson chased after getting only one out.
2005-07-20 10:43:37
60.   Bob Timmermann
Valentin has played 24 games in the outfield in his career, but not since 2001. That year he moved around between shortstop, third base and center field.
2005-07-20 10:43:40
61.   Sam DC
Take it back -- Pinella pulled Hendrickson before he got any outs at all. Now 6-0 and the inning is over.
2005-07-20 10:45:36
62.   fanerman
So Valentin's 112 Rate2 may just be a small sample size thing?
2005-07-20 10:47:29
63.   popup
#33 and Bob T..... Kent at first or even better Kent traded for pitching that will help next year. Same for Weaver. I hope DePo can turn those two into players who will contribute in 2006 and beyond. I would like to see Perez at second for the rest of this year.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-07-20 10:49:40
64.   Telemachos
Back to Braz: seems to me that while he throws awfully hard, his fastball has little or no movement. If you can time your swing, or catch up to it, you'll hit it a mile. Obviously, another pitch would help, but even adjusting his fastball so it would have some movement would do wonders (even if it meant throwing a couple of mph slower).
2005-07-20 10:55:43
65.   the OZ
It's location more than anything else with El Brazero, based on my observations. He's throwing the ball outside of the zone, or over the middle. If he were hitting his spots, the lack of a good 2nd pitch wouldn't be as significant.
2005-07-20 10:58:03
66.   natepurcell
rough inning for billingsley. had 2 outs and had 0-2 on the next two batters but couldnt finish them off. i think bills doesnt trust his defense so he is trying to strike every guy out thus, being too fine with his pitches.

3IP 2H 2ER 2bb 4K

2005-07-20 11:03:46
67.   fanerman
Why wouldn't he trust JtD, future gold glover?
2005-07-20 11:04:34
68.   natepurcell
guzy loves his bananas, thats why
2005-07-20 11:09:03
69.   natepurcell

finally, 3 run bomb to right field.

first hit in like 15ABs.

2005-07-20 11:10:51
70.   fanerman
Woohoo. BTW, is he of any relation to the Braves LaRoche?
2005-07-20 11:14:13
71.   natepurcell
yea, they are brothers.
2005-07-20 11:14:14
72.   Bob Timmermann
The LaRoches are brothers.
2005-07-20 11:14:37
73.   Marty
70. Little brother
2005-07-20 11:14:55
74.   Marty
I'm slow today
2005-07-20 11:16:33
75.   the OZ
I posted this in a thread awhile back, but Jayson Stark reported that the older Adam LaRoche would put a batting helmet on young Andy and shoot BBs at him when they were kids. This according to their mother.
2005-07-20 11:17:25
76.   fanerman

I think that builds up scrappiness.

2005-07-20 11:22:44
77.   Nagman
The thought of Schmoll as closer crossed my mind last night. Anybody think he is capable? A bit sketchy last night but he seems to have good stuff and velocity as someone mentioned above.

I've lost all confidence in Braz.

2005-07-20 11:23:11
78.   natepurcell
billingsley is laboring. the heat is really getting to him.
2005-07-20 11:30:16
79.   natepurcell
i think hes done.

91 pitches
4IP 4H 3ER 4BB 4K

hot muggy day really got to billingsley. hopefully, scouts from other teams were not impressed and dont want him in a trade anymore.

2005-07-20 11:34:57
80.   Sam DC
Old friend Juan Castro is 2-2 with 2 2X 2today for Minn against Balt.
2005-07-20 11:38:16
81.   fanerman
How hot was it out there?
2005-07-20 11:39:09
82.   natepurcell
young just crushed a 3run homerun to right center.
2005-07-20 11:40:14
83.   natepurcell
How hot was it out there?*

the heat index is 101

2005-07-20 11:41:07
84.   b1ued0dger
The Suns really like to hit 3-run homeruns. Delwyn Young just hit a 3-run homerun, to give the Suns a even bigger lead.
2005-07-20 11:41:18
85.   b1ued0dger
The Suns really like to hit 3-run homeruns. Delwyn Young just hit a 3-run homerun, to give the Suns a even bigger lead.
2005-07-20 11:45:57
86.   natepurcell
loney with a line drive in the left center gap for a double.

gap power is great to see from loney.

2005-07-20 11:49:10
87.   fanerman
Great indeed.
2005-07-20 11:49:47
88.   the OZ
2005-07-20 11:54:19
89.   natepurcell
oleruds career averages:


lets pray that is the case.

2005-07-20 11:54:41
90.   Xeifrank
I wonder which game will get more DT posts, the Jax Suns or the LA Dodgers?
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 11:55:16
91.   fanerman
That would be sweet.
2005-07-20 12:07:50
92.   Marty
What about Olerud?
2005-07-20 12:10:37
93.   fanerman
James Loney = John Olerud

We hope.

2005-07-20 12:25:56
94.   ddger
Nate, I'm watching Jax on internet and listening to radio on internet also but the radio broadcase seems to be delayed. Are you having same problem.

Can I get audio with the video without listening to radio broadcase?

2005-07-20 12:30:31
95.   natepurcell
its delayed for me too.

sometimes the video features the audio, its pretty random.

i think kuo is coming in next. that should be fun.

2005-07-20 12:32:00
96.   b1ued0dger
#94 - I know this isn't directed at me but I am having the same problem.
2005-07-20 12:32:50
97.   natepurcell
woohoo kuo is in!
2005-07-20 12:41:03
98.   natepurcell
throwin in the low to mid 90s. doesnt want to let it fly yet. its okay though, 1-2-3 inning with a K.
2005-07-20 12:41:40
99.   Bob Timmermann
Big game at SBC underway. Braves fail to score in the first against Noah Lowry of the Giants (aka Best Pitcher on the Giants since the Dodgers couldn't hit him). Dodgers and Giants are in a flat-footed tie for third.

The tension is palpable.

John Smoltz flinging for the Braves.

2005-07-20 12:48:57
100.   natepurcell
wow, kuo looks darn good.
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2005-07-20 12:52:09
101.   natepurcell
2IP 0H 0ER 0BB 3K for the save for kuo

all our prospects on the suns are in the .280-.300 range for BA.

2005-07-20 12:53:55
102.   Bob Timmermann
And a little child shall lead them, 21-year old Jeff Francouer homers to put the Braves up 2-0, scoring 46-year old Julio Franco ahead of him.
2005-07-20 12:59:22
103.   natepurcell
i am really suprised francouer is producing this well in the majors. in AA, he wasnt doing all that great, basically average for a top prospect.
2005-07-20 13:03:49
104.   Fearing Blue
#103: Francoeur has only had about 20 at-bats in the majors. I think it's a little early to make any real determination. Compare what LaRoche did when he first joined Jacksonville to what he's been doing recently for a prime example.
2005-07-20 13:12:29
105.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgers vs. Cory Lidle.
Did you know Cory Lidle was born in Hollywood? Do you think he was born at Kaiser or the old Cedars?

Choi 0 for 3
Kent 6 for 22, 3 HR
Ledee 2 for 10
A Perez 0 for 4
Phillips 1 for 4
That is all

Phillies vs. Lowe
Abreu 2 for 5
Bell 2 for 12
Burrell 2 for 2
Lieberthal 1 for 4
Lofton 9 for 24, 1 HR
T Perez 1 for 2
Rollins 0 for 1

2005-07-20 13:34:46
106.   natepurcell
i just realized that braves are platooning francouer with langerhans/johnson so thats helping him a lot.
2005-07-20 13:43:32
107.   sanchez101
how is kuo's breaking ball, i havent heard of him throwing one this year. He used to have a curve ball didnt he? Here's a painfull question: If the dodgers substituted broxton/kuo for sanchez/brazoban a week or two ago, how many more games would the dodgers have won?
2005-07-20 13:55:02
108.   sanchez101
Looks like Greg Miller is back pitching for vero beach. Started today, went 1 2/3 with 4 walks and 2 k's. Good to see him back in full season ball. Anyone see him?
2005-07-20 13:58:16
109.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 101

I'd like Kuo to be with the big-league club, but I'd rather they not use him as a LOOGY. I think it'd be better to start him in middle relief--he doesn't seem to have much experience with pitching almost every two days, which is how Tracy likes to use his LOOGYs. Having two lefties in the pen (Kuo and Alvarez) might persuade Tracy to discard the practice of LOOGYs altogether.


2005-07-20 13:59:27
110.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 108

I think I saw a comment of Logan White's where he claimed that Miller was throwing as well as he did pre-injury, although that line isn't terribly impressive.


2005-07-20 14:04:37
111.   the OZ
You gotta dance with who brung ya. We HAD Wunsch, but alas, no more. He could pitch practically every day, and had to because we didn't have any other typical lefty relievers, so circumstances dictated that he had to pitch short stints.

If I remember correctly, Alvarez isn't exactly a lefty-killer. His recent splits indicate that lefties hit him BETTER than righties, maybe because a cut fastball is one of his better pitches. Alvarez should probably be used as a standard reliever instead of a platoon LOOGY.

I like to pretend that I don't like LOOGYs - pitchers should be able to get batters out, regardless of handedness. But a real lefty-killer in the bullpen is a valuable asset to a good team. On this team, it's not nearly as important.

You're right, Kuo would be a great option against LH hitters if there was another good traditional lefty reliever on the roster.

2005-07-20 14:07:05
112.   natepurcell
kuo isnt really a loogy. kuo also cant be a workhorse like a loogy appearing in consecutive days.

kuos curveball is nasty though.

carlos alverez isnt really a loogy either. his changeup is so devastating that he can nuetralize right handed hitters with it.

2005-07-20 14:14:13
113.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 111

I agree that LOOGYs can be useful, but the LOOGY has to be a good pitcher in the first place. My worry is that Tracy seemed to sometimes want a LOOGY just for the sake of having a LOOGY--see Mike Venafro and how he kept on trotting out Tom Martin last season before DePo traded him.

My only worry is that Kuo or Alvarez might be pigeonholed into inappropriate roles. I sometimes felt Alvarez wasn't used enough, because Tracy was too committed to keep him in reserve for a long-relief stint in extra innings. My worry is that Kuo, if the org. realizes he can't pitch as often as a LOOGY, will be put in a similar role.


2005-07-20 14:15:32
114.   Xeifrank
If someone asked you who the Dodgers closer would be in 2007 (non Gagne), who would you say it would be? Kuo? Brazoban? FA?
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 14:15:35
115.   Xeifrank
If someone asked you who the Dodgers closer would be in 2007 (non Gagne), whou would you say it would be? Kuo? Brazoban? FA?
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 14:17:30
116.   sanchez101
I might be getting ahead of myself, but if kuo has a mid-upper ninties fastball, and a good breaking pitch, if he can stay healthy eventually couldnt he be billy wagner. Both guys are short lefties with heat. Am i missing something?
2005-07-20 14:17:42
117.   Marty
Adding Kuo may help in subtracting Erickson as well.
2005-07-20 14:18:30
118.   Marty
And if he turns out to be really good, we can start calling him as Kuofax!
2005-07-20 14:21:22
119.   Steve
Felipe is falling asleep at the switch, or at least unwilling to pull Lowry for his crappy bullpen. It appears that third place is safe for another day.

And I write this, John Smoltz pulls a Glenn Hoffman.

And Francois is 3 for 3. He'll be treated to cheese and wine after the game.

2005-07-20 14:23:34
120.   the OZ
116 - Durability seems to be the concern after the injuries. Kuo, in theory, might be unavailable for back-to-back games. We'll know more about his limits after he's thrown more innings/games this season
2005-07-20 14:23:47
121.   mag357
anyone have a good site that list players that will be free agents at the end of the year? how about a good site with a list of current major league salaries?
2005-07-20 14:24:06
122.   Monterey Chris
The Braves 1-5 hitters are 1 for 14 today. It is all 6-9 spots today.
2005-07-20 14:28:35
123.   Monterey Chris
Smoltz just passed Christy Mathewson on the all-time list for strikeouts.
2005-07-20 14:31:12
124.   sanchez101
I like the idea of Gagne leading a revitalized pen next year of kuofax, "bull" broxton, ghame over, and dirty sanchez. Gagne would be the boring one of the group and Vin would love it.
2005-07-20 14:32:14
125.   the OZ
123 - was it Tucker or Shabala? I guess Tucker must have tied it and Shabala was the go-ahead K?
2005-07-20 14:38:03
126.   Bob Timmermann
Was Jeff Fassero on the DL or did we all just forget about him?

I read also that Armando Benitez will soon be making his triumphant return to the Giants pen.

2005-07-20 14:54:20
127.   Monterey Chris
GIANTS LOSE...we hold on to 3rd place!!!
2005-07-20 14:54:42
128.   Bob Timmermann
My lineup guess
Robles 3B
Izturis SS
Kent 2B
Ledee RF
Phillips C
Choi 1B
Werth LF
Repko CF
Lowe P

Yep, it's last night's lineup. And I'm sticking with it.

2005-07-20 14:56:50
129.   Marty
I like


2005-07-20 15:02:51
130.   ddger
when was last time Tracy used same lineup?
2005-07-20 15:03:09
131.   Icaros
Before I left last week the news was that Kuo's arm had exploded again.

What was the official diagnosis with all of that?

2005-07-20 15:03:39
132.   ddger
Anyone else want to try LINEUP MATCH GAME? We can only play this while Tracy keeps changing lineup every game.
2005-07-20 15:05:09
133.   Xeifrank
I will go with Bob's exact lineup.
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 15:07:04
134.   the OZ
2005-07-20 15:07:35
135.   ddger
Lineup already came out.

Bob, you missed only on Ledee (Edwards is starting today).

At least Choi is starting back to back but still no Perez in starting lineup.

2005-07-20 15:08:45
136.   the OZ
131 - just a noise made by scar tissue. He's pitched quite well since. It was a big relief, almost exactly like Gagne's scar tissue issue, but Kuo didn't have any corresponding nerve problem.
2005-07-20 15:09:34
137.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 131

That is an interesting question. I never did hear an explanation for the "pop" he heard in his elbow. My guess, based entirely on my Jedi powers of foresight that have nothing to do with "evidence," is that it was just some scar tissue moving around. I know that he has had recurring problems with scar tissue, which may actually be the cause of the second Tommy John (I'm not sure of the latter point), so I suppose the pop he heard may relate to that.


2005-07-20 15:09:42
138.   Bob Timmermann
You have to appreciate a team that bats its outfielders in the 6-8 slots on an NL team. I remember Sparky Anderson having the Tigers outfield at one point batting 7-9.
2005-07-20 15:10:49
139.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 136

Oh, wow, it looks like my educated guess actually wasn't that far off for once.


2005-07-20 15:11:39
140.   ddger
138. Edwards is hitting ahead of Werth and Repko, that tells you how bad our outfielders are right now.
2005-07-20 15:16:24
141.   the OZ
140 - not as damning as "let's move Valentin and Perez to LF to make room for Oscar Robles."

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

It would be like the Padres losing Giles, Kleslko, and Nady all at the same time for 2 months or more, then moving Blulm to LF so Burroughs could play 3B because they desperately need his bat in the lineup.

I agree with whoever said it first: All NL West teams under .500!

2005-07-20 15:17:41
142.   the OZ
141 - Sorry, I've caught a bad case of the extra "L's".

[Coulgh, Coulgh]

2005-07-20 15:18:17
143.   the OZ
142 - So have the Dodgers, as it turns out. A lotta "L's" lately.
2005-07-20 15:21:12
144.   ddger
Our stopper "Lowe" is going for us today. Hope he's figured out what he was doing wrong for the last 2 months. What took him so long.
2005-07-20 15:27:59
145.   Marty
Our "stopper" is Lowe
Our "cleanup hitter' is Phillips
Our "closer" is Brazoban

Pretty impressive.

2005-07-20 15:28:47
146.   ddger
Does anyone know what pct of starts are QS? Are the dodgers around the middle of the pack?
2005-07-20 15:30:52
147.   Bob Timmermann
Anybody remember June 6? It was the last time that Lowe won a game.
Anybody remember May 17? It was the last time Lowe beat an NL team.
2005-07-20 15:31:20
148.   Jim Hitchcock
Icaros - Don't remember the exact diagnoses, but it wasn't severe as expected.

So, what did you like better about Montreal, the food or the dames :)

2005-07-20 15:32:20
149.   Benaiah
145 - Ha

Since this is a blog here is a site of someone ranting against blogs:

(warning, profanity and general meanspiritedness)

2005-07-20 15:42:50
150.   Benaiah
Nate and FB, did you see Bryan Smith's top 75? There were five Dodgers in the mix, down from 8 or 9 at the beginning of the season.
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2005-07-20 15:43:20
151.   Xeifrank
145. I thought Brazoban carries the gas can?
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 15:53:09
152.   natepurcell
Nate and FB, did you see Bryan Smith's top 75? There were five Dodgers in the mix, down from 8 or 9 at the beginning of the season.

i saw that. its just that bryan smith isnt really a scout, so he doeesnt go around seeing these guys live instead of just looking at stats. So his weight in his rankings are more stats orientated and hes ranked a lot of guys higher who are in the upper minors even though they might not have as high of cielings as some prospects in the lower minors.

2005-07-20 15:54:39
153.   Bob Timmermann
Highlights from today's mystical chat with the hero of the 1905 Dodgers, catcher Bill Bergen.

Q: Bill, in 1905, you batted just .190? What accounted for your off year
BB: Off year? .190 was a good year for me! I batted just .170 for my whole career.
Q. Yes, but most people consider .190 bad.
BB: Not me. I thought I was great.
Q. Bill, how did you like manager Ned Hanlon.
BB: Ned thought I handled pitchers well and that I was a thoroughly professional catcher.
Q. But he got fired after the dismal 1905 season?
BB: Yes, of course he did. But I liked the man who followed him, Patsy Donovan. He played me more.
Q. Ah, I see. You got into 103 games in 1906. But you batted just .159.
BB: Well, I hit into some tough luck. Al ot of my weak ground balls seemed to end up in fielders gloves.
Q. Tell us about your home runs.
BB: Ahh, they were mighty clouts. It helped that the outfielders fell over too while I circled the bases. It did that twice. Take that Duane Kuiper!
Q. Bill, what sort of advice would you have for the Dodgers of 2005
BB: I miss that Grabowski kid. He was my sort of hitter.

2005-07-20 15:56:07
154.   natepurcell
also, i love how every prospect list ignores denker and matt kemp. they have performed better than a lot of the prospects on the list AND are young for thier leagues.
2005-07-20 15:59:13
155.   Benaiah
154 - I asked Smith a question about that. He is going to do an Honorable Mention list and I am guessing that their will be several Dodgers on it (Young, Broxton, Navarro, Kemp, Denker, Abreu et al).
2005-07-20 16:02:37
156.   Steve
129 -- I don't like about 2/3 of those guys, but that's ok.
2005-07-20 16:04:08
157.   Bob Timmermann
Liking around 1/3 of a starting lineup is pretty high for you.
2005-07-20 16:07:06
158.   Bob Timmermann
Izturis actually successfully stole a base?

Did Lieberthal drop the pitch?

2005-07-20 16:09:45
159.   Benaiah
What happened to the home run?
2005-07-20 16:10:02
160.   DaveP
158 - Izturis just had a huge jump. Lieberthal didn't even make a throw.
2005-07-20 16:11:05
161.   DaveP
Kent went from home run (foul ball that was initially ruled a home run - he even rounded the bases) to striking out. That's a bit of a let down.
2005-07-20 16:12:21
162.   Bob Timmermann
That explains why Kent was batting for such a long time.
2005-07-20 16:12:41
163.   the OZ
Cory Lidle's 4.07 ERA is pretty good, especially considering his home park. Even more impressive is his 2.00-something road ERA.

Oddly enough, Lidle has allowed more HRs on the road (4) than at home (3), where he was a 5.00-something ERA.

2005-07-20 16:16:06
164.   Bob Timmermann
The doubles precludes Rollins from stealing second.
Good thinking on Lowe's part.
2005-07-20 16:16:32
165.   Steve
But I especially, completely, hate Derek Lowe, so maybe we should count him double.
2005-07-20 16:18:42
166.   Bob Timmermann
No Olney for Lofton!
2005-07-20 16:19:29
167.   joekings
164- But he can still steal third.
2005-07-20 16:19:32
168.   Steve
But it does not preclude him from stealing third.
2005-07-20 16:19:47
169.   Langhorne
I noticed in the top half of the inning that Hoffman is back coaching third base and he is wearing a batting helmet. Vin will be happy.
2005-07-20 16:20:29
170.   Steve
Good play by Choi since Derek Lowe was sleeping on the mound.
2005-07-20 16:20:42
171.   Bob Timmermann
No Olney for Utley!

I really wanted to type that because it looks funny.

2005-07-20 16:21:57
172.   bokonon42
Derek Lowe, Super stud.
2005-07-20 16:22:25
173.   Xeifrank
Tonight's Over/Under Challenge picks...
7/20 Derek Lowe vs Phillies

Colorado Blue: 7
CT Bum: No pick

Howard: 4 2/3
Xeifrank: 6

Joekings: 6 1/3
Louis In SF: 6

Howard 3-2-0
CT Bum 2-1-2
Xeifrank 2-1-2
Louis in SF 1-0-0
Joekings 0-1-0
Colorado Blue 1-4-0

2005-07-20 16:22:59
174.   natepurcell
choi showing off his range. he has been a lot better around the 1b bag lately. or least, to me he has.
2005-07-20 16:25:55
175.   fanerman
I haven't seen him, but that's what others have been saying, too.
2005-07-20 16:30:37
176.   Steve
Is it me, or is Repko even starting to look like LoDuca?
2005-07-20 16:32:29
177.   Benaiah
As bad as Werth has been his OPS is the fourth highest in the lineup tonight. It is slightly better than Edwards, but way better than Repko, Phillips or Izzy.
2005-07-20 16:33:28
178.   Fearing Blue
Minor League Update
Statistical summary format is AVG/OBP/SLG for hitters and ERA/IP/K/BB for pitchers.

Las Vegas 51s (AAA):
The 51s lost both games of a double-header with Colorado Springs. I had the pleasure of seeing both games live, so I'll add in my personal observations.

The 51s lost the first game 7 - 2.

The entire 51s offense came by way of a 2-run homerun from second baseman Willy Aybar. Overall, Aybar went 2 for 3, adding a hard line drive caught on a leap by the left fielder and a pop fly single to right center (.300/.369/.450). Aybar is listed at 6'0" 175 lbs., but he's probably closer to 190 lbs. He has a lean, athletic build, and as a middle-infielder, I don't see him adding much more bulk to his frame. Still, he seems to have legitimate pop in his bat as his homerun was to straightaway center (400') and cleared the wall by another 10'. Aybar looked good at the plate, with a smooth line-drive stroke, though he is a switch-hitter and I only got to see him bat left-handed. In the field, he appeared to have good range, soft hands, and a strong enough arm for third base. At second base, he made a nice turn on a double-play from a throw he caught at his belt. Aybar will be 23 years old next year, and I could see him contributing in a utility role initially. Unfortunately for Aybar, but fortunately for the Dodgers, with Izturis, Kent, Robles, Perez, and Aybar there will be lot of depth the infield.

Dioner Navarro was back in the 51s lineup for the first time since July 6th. The Sky Sox announcer pronounced his first name Dee-own-air, which surprised me. Navarro is listed at 5'10" 190 lbs., but that's probably high on the weight. Compared to the other players on the field, he definitely appeared small, both in height and weight. My guess is that he could easily add at least 10 - 15 lbs. of bulk to his frame, a la Pudge Rodriguez. In the game, Navarro went 0 for 3 with a line out to right field, a pop up to shorstop, and a GIDP to shortstop (.274/.372/.409). Two baserunners stole on him, but the baserunners appeared to have good jumps off of the pitcher, and Navarro made strong, accurate throws. After the game ended, Navarro gave his bat to a young kid in a Dodgers hat sitting in the front row, which was very cool. It turns out Dioner swings a New York Yankees Robin Ventura model bat. The lesson learned is that it's a great idea to dress your 9 - 12 year old son in full Dodgers regalia, take him to a 51s away game, and sit next to the visitor's dugout. Besides getting his hat signed by just about everybody on the team, the kid got multiple balls and Dioner's bat. Not a bad day at the ballpark with Dad.

Jose Valentin played the first 5 innings in the field and left the game for a pinch runner in the top of the 6th. Overall, Valentin went 1 for 3 with a line out to center field, a ground out, and a looping single to left (.500/.500/1.000). Valentin is wearing a tight brace on his right knee under his pant leg. The brace looks like it goes from about mid thigh to mid calf, but is relatively lightweight. Valentin's speed seemed fine, but I didn't get to see his lateral mobility tested on any plays. After leaving the game, Valentin sprinted up a set of stairs to exit the stadium, so I'm guessing he's not in much pain, if any. After Valentin left the game, Aybar moved over to third base where he played the second game as well.

Milton Bradley played all 7 innings of the first game. Bradley went 1 for 2 with a walk, a groundball single, and a ground out (.400/.455/.400). All three of Bradley's at-bats came left-handed. Bradley also made a nice throw from center fielder to catch a runner at home, but Dioner Navarro dropped the ball on a bounce. After the first game ended, Bradley stayed on the field to do some extra wind sprints. He was the only one out on the field, and he was probably doing a little extra work to get himself in game shape. Bradley did not play in the second game.

Norihiro Nakamura went 0 for 1 with 2 walks and a GIDP to third base (.270/.341/.535). His swing seems a little quieter than when he was in the majors, but he still appeared to be overmatched. Even on his two walks, he had bad swings on a couple foul balls. Seeing him sit on the edge of the 51s dugout alone and thinking of the article by Nick Christensen was actually quite upsetting. Nakamura tends to sit on the steps of the dugout alone and he doesn't interact much with his teammates. I can't even begin to imagine his struggle going from a superstar in Japan to toiling in relative obscurity in the minor leagues. I cheered for Nori a few times, but I'm not sure that he noticed me. Nori played the first game at first base and sat out the second game. He does look smoother at first base, though he misplayed a bunt to leadoff the bottom of the 1st inning.

The pitching for the Suns was not very good in the first game, even though I got to see two of the pitchers I was hoping to see, left-handers Eric Stults and Luis Gonzalez. Stults started the game and allowed 6 runs (5 earned) on 9 hits (1 homerun) and no walks with 2 strikeouts in 4 innings (6.11/28.0/22). Stults is a big left-hander, listed at 6'2" 225 lbs., which seemed about right. He threw a fastball in the high-80's, a changeup in the mid-70's, and a third pitch, perhaps a slider, in the low-80's. Stults was getting hit hard with his fastball, fooled a few hitters with his changeup including his two strikeouts, but couldn't locate his third pitch. Stults was also the victim of some horrible defense, besides the one official error. In the first inning, Nakamura misplayed a bunt that was ruled a hit. In the second inning, shortstop Jose Flores called for a popup behind third base, but it ticked off his glove and dropped for a hit. In the third inning, right fielder Nick Theodorou badly misplayed a line drive into a double, taking multiple steps in before retreating back and having the ball go over his head. I'm beginning to think it's not just the thin air that's hurting the pitchers in Las Vegas.

Luis Gonzalez came on in relief to start the 5th inning. Gonzalez is also a big left-hander, listed at 6'0" 205 lbs, but his weight seemed disproportionately distributed in his upper body. Gonzalez's fastball sits around 89 - 90 mph, though I believe he hit 91 once or twice on the gun. Gonzalez struggled to start the 5th inning, giving up a 4-pitch walk and a clean single to right, allowing the baserunner to move to third. Gonzalez still could have gotten out of the inning unscathed, but for a little more shaky defense. The third batter in the inning hit a groundball to Valentin, forcing the runner at third base to hold up. Valentin threw to Aybar covering second and the runner at third base broke for home. Aybar double-clutched and then fired to Navarro who dropped the ball on a hop allowing the runner to score. Gonzalez retired the next two batters on a strikeout and a fly out. In the 6th inning, Gonzalez promptly loaded the bases on a single and two walks before getting out of the inning on a double-play and a strikeout.

In the second game, the 51s lost 4 - 3.

Even though the game was consistently close, the second game was not as interesting with Navarro, Bradley, and Valentin out of the starting lineup. Willy Aybar started the game at third base and went 0 for 2 with a walk (.300/.369/.450). In the 5th inning, Aybar made a great charging play on a swinging bunt, but his throw pulled first baseman Brian Myrow off the bag. Myrow is the best hitter on the team, but at 5'11" 190 lbs. he makes for a small target and doesn't have a good stretch at first base. Myrows went 0 for 2 with a walk, a run scored, and a strikeout in the game (.281/.398/.524). Cody Ross started in right field and went 2 for 3 with 2 doubles and a strikeout (.264/.358/.496). On Ross' second double, the Sky Sox tossed the relay throw past second base all the way into right field. Third base coach and manager Jerry Royster sent Ross all the way around, where he was nailed at the plate in true Hoffman fashion. In the 5th inning, the 51s scored 2 runs on a single and then back-to-back stand up triples by center fielder Todd Donovan and second baseman Joe Thurston. Donovan went 2 for 4 with a strikeout (.366/.426/.439). Donovan is listed at 6'1" 180 lbs., which seems about right since I would describe him as skinny. Nonetheless, the kid sure can fly. Donovan leads the minor leagues and is second in professional baseball to Scott Podsednik (48) with 47 steals between AA and AAA. Donovan's triple was a line drive to the gap between left and center, and he was already standing on third base by the time the ball hit the cutoff man. Thurston went 2 for 4 overall with his triple bounding into the right field corner (.297/.337/.418).

Mike Neu was pitching well for the 51s until he got into trouble in the 5th. Through the first 4 innings, Neu allowed 1 run (earned) on 3 hits and a walk with 3 strikeouts. In the 5th inning, Neu walked two and left with a man on first and third and one out (3.76/40.2/32/32). Franquelis Osoria came on in relief to pitch the final 1.2 innings. Osoria got a potential inning-ending double-play ball on his first batter, but Thurston's turn pulled Myrow off the bag. Myrow was pulled off the bag twice in the game and both time it looked like a taller, more flexible first baseman could have made the play. In the inning, Osoria allowed 2 runs to score (both charged to Neu) and subsequently let the winning run score in the 6th. Osoria kept the ball down, but allowed 4 singles on low-liners and hard ground balls with no walks or strikeouts in 1.2 innings pitched (2.57/42.0/25/7).

Jacksonville Suns (AA):
The Suns beat Birmingham 2 - 1.

The Suns managed only 5 hits and 2 walks against Birmingham pitching. Backup shorstop Sergio Garcia went 1 for 4 with a solo homerun (.284/.374/.422). Center fielder Jon Weber went 1 for 3 with a walk, a strikeout, a caught stealing, and an error (.316/.379/.498). Second baseman Delwyn Young went 1 for 4 with a run scored and a strikeout (.292/.343/.474). Designated hitter Andy LaRoche extended his hitless streak to 3 games, going 0 for 3 (.287/.362/.511). First baseman James Loney went 0 for 3 with 2 strikeouts (.277/.357/.393). Catcher Russell Martin went 1 for 3 (.313/.434/.414). Third baseman Joel Guzman went 1 for 3 with an RBI and a strikeout (.282/.346/.488). Guzman also committed a throwing error, his 24th overall of the season. Right fielder Justin Ruggiano went 0 for 2 with a walk and a strikeout (.257/.333/.343).

Jacksonville pitchers were able to overcome 3 errors to hold Birmingham to just one run. None of the Suns pitchers gave up walk and they combined for 9 strikeouts in the game. Starter Wiliam Juarez pitched 6 innings, allowing 7 hits with 3 strikeouts (3.63/67.0/48/31). Justin Orenduff pitched a scoreless inning for the win in his first relief appearance. Orenduff allowed just 1 hit while striking out 2 (5.91/21.1/22/10). Closer Jonathan "The Bull" Broxton was overpowering in recording the save, regularly hitting 98 and 99 mph with his fastball. Broxton allowed just 1 hit with 4 strikeouts over 2 innings (3.44/89.0/95/28). Broxton's second-to-last pitch of the night was clocked at 101 mph, the fastest pitch recorded in ballpark history.

Vero Beach Dodgers (High-A):
No game scheduled.

Columbus Catfish (Low-A):
The Catfish lost 6 - 5 to Kannapolis.

The Catfish have now lost the first three games of the series, even though they out-hit Kannapolis 11 - 8 in the game. Right fielder Sergio Pedroza went 0 for 2 with a strikeout (.238/.273/.286). Pedroza was pulled for Ryan Carter to start the top of the 4th inning. Carter went 1 for 3 with a solo homerun (.280/.333/.493). Carter is putting together a solid year with Columbus at 22 years old. The Dodgers drafted Carter in te 14th round of the 2001 draft. The 2004 season marks Carter's first year in A-ball after spending the last three years in Rookie ball. Second baseman Travis Denker has continues to demonstrate his powers of invisibility, smacking around Sally League pitching while getting little recognition from Baseball America. In the game, Denker went 2 for 4 with a walk, a double, and a strikeout (.294/.409/.529). Third baseman Blake Dewitt also had a good night, going 2 for 4 with a walk and a homerun (.270/.320/.424). Dewitt's 10 homeruns are now second on the team to Denkers 19.

The biggest problem for the Catfish was walks as Columbus pitchers combined to allow 11 walks in the game. Starting pitcher Zachary Hammes allowed 3 runs (all earned) on 6 hits and 5 walks in 4.2 innings with no strikeouts (4.60/60.2/44/46). Dimas Reina pitched 2.1 innings of relief and hurt himself defensively, allowing 2 uneared runs on 3 walks and a throwing error on a force attempt (0.00/2.1/0/3). Wesley Wright then came in for his team-leading 24th relief appearance. Wright pitched 1.2 innings, allowing 1 run (earned) on 2 hits (1 homerun) and 3 walks with 2 strikeouts (2.22/48.2/51/26). Wright, a 20 year old right-hander, was selected by the Dodgers in the 7th round of the 2003 draft. Wright's first year with the Dodgers was 2004 in the Pioneer League where his 66 Ks, 23 BBs, and 3 HRs in 44.1 IP were much more impressive than his 6.29 ERA. As a reliever for Columbus, Wright has continued performing well, striking out over a batter an inning and only allowing 2 hommeruns in 48.2 innings pitched. Kyle Wilson came on with two outs and the bases loaded in the top of the 9th to strikeout the only batter he faced (5.59/16.0/19/8).

Ogden Raptors (Rookie):
The Raptor beat Helena 10 - 9 in the bottom of the 10th inning.

The Raptors hitters reached base 27 times in the game (12 hits, 8 walks, 4 hit-by-pitch, and 2 errors). Shorstop Juan Rivera went 2 for 6 with a run scored and a strikeout (.266/.349/.330). Second baseman Jesus Soto went 1 for 2 with a hit-by-pitch, a run scored and a strikeout (.304/.347/.473). Soto was pulled for defensive replacment Shane Justis in the top of the 6th after being hit by a pitch and scoring in the bottom of the 5th. The other three Raptors to be hit-by-pitch were Adam Godwin, Shane Justis, and Jason Mooneyham. Godwin went 3 for 5 with a run scored and an RBI (.313/.370/.396). Justis, a 22 year old backup infielder, went 1 for 2 with a run scored and a strikeout (.206/.250/.294). Mooneyham had a rough night, going 0 for 5 (.216/.318/.351). First baseman David Sutherland showed tremendous patience, going 0 for 2 with 4 walks, 2 runs scored, and an RBI (.421/.515/.486). It would be nice if Sutherland could trade some of his plate discipline for power. Third baseman Russell Mitchell went 1 for 5 with a walk, a triple (his first of the season), a run scored, and 2 RBIs (.325/.361/.640). Catcher Juan Apodaca went 2 for 5 with a walk, a double, 2 RBIs and a strikeout (.318/.348/.624).

Starter Cory Wade struggled, allowing 6 runs (all earned) on 7 hits (2 homeruns) and 1 walk with 5 strikeouts over 5 innings (5.48/21.1/17/3). Aaron Klusman pitched 2 scoreless innings of relief, allowing 1 hit and 1 walk with no strikeouts (1.69/16.0/11/2). Jordan Pratt struggled with his control in 1 inning of relief, allowing 1 run (earned) on 1 hit and 2 walks with no strikeouts (1.10/16.1/22/6). In his third stint with Ogden, 20 year old Pratt has been performing well, but is likely no longer a prospect. Ramon Troncoso blew the save in the top of 9th, allowing 2 unearned runs on a single and two infield errors. The Raptors came back to score 1 run in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game. Troncoso allowed two baserunners on a double and hit-by-pitch to start the 10th, but held Helena scoreless for the win on 3 straight ground outs (.

GCL Dodgers (Rookie):
The Dodgers punished the GCL Nationals, beating them 19 - 2.

The Dodgers managed to reach base a ridiculous 34 times in the game (25 hits, 7 walks, 1 hit-by-pitch, 1 error). The Dodgers 5 extra-base hits finally pulled the team out of the cellar in the GCL for extra-base hits. Now, onto the individual fesitivities. Center fielder and leadoff batter Jeremy Brown went 2 for 4 with 2 run scored and a strikeout (.308/.413/.385). Shortstop Ivan DeJesus went 3 for 3 with a walk and 4 runs scored (.338/.377/.400). Designated hitter Eduardo Perez went 3 for 5 with a double, 3 runs scored, and 3 RBIs (.333/.412/.467). Third baseman Josh Bell went 3 for 4 with a run scored, an RBI, and a strikeout (.319/.364/.431). Third baseman Carlos Santana took over, going 0 for 0 with 2 walks, a run scored, and an RBI (..333/.404/.513). Catcher carlos Medero-Stultz went 3 for 4 with a run scored, an RBI, and a strikeout (.333/.386/.513). Catcher Kenley Janson took over, goiing 1 for 2 with 2 RBIs (.333/.350/.513). Both 19 year old Medero-Stultz and 17 year old Jansen are demonstrating interesting offensive potential at the catcher position. First baseeman Jose Nunez had the best night at the plate amongst a number of very good nights. Nunez went 4 for 5 with a walk, 2 doubles, a homerun, 2 run scored, and 3 RBIs (.209/.393/.372). Left fielder Scott Van Slyke went 3 for 4 with a run scored in his second start with the Dodgers (.444/.444/.444).

All of the Dodgers pitchers pitched well in the game. Starter Miguel Sanfler went 5 innings, allowing 2 runs (1 earned) on 6 hits and 3 walks with 6 strikeouts (1.99/22.2/23/11). Kalen Gearhart pitched 2 scoreless innings of relief, allowing just 2 hits with 2 strikeouts (5.00/9.0/6/5). Gearhart was signed by the Dodgers as an amateur free agent in 2004 and is on his second stint with the GCL Dodgers. Guiseppe Norrito held the Nationals scoreless for the final two innings. Norrito, a 22 year old right-hander, allowed 1 hit and 1 walk while striking out 4 in only his 2nd appearance for the Dodgers (2.25/4/6/1).

2005-07-20 16:35:01
179.   Xeifrank
177. and with Valentin, Bradley and Drew back he suddenly drops off the radar, unless he can play catcher.
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 16:39:31
180.   Fearing Blue
Upcoming vacation schedule for Minor League Updates:

Friday, July 22nd - Tuesday, July 26th: Moving out of Colorado Springs

Thursday, July 27th - Saturday, July 29th: Leaving son with grandparents for a short getaway. My wife has informed me that there will be no computers.

Wednesday, August 3rd - Sunday, August 7th: SABR convention.

Monday, August 8th - Tuesday, August 9th: Moving to Boston, MA and may be without internet access.

If anyone would like to pick up the updates during these times, please feel free.

2005-07-20 16:41:29
181.   Bob Timmermann
There won't be any RDGCs from July 31-August 7 either.

The minor league updates require a lot more work than the RDGCs sees because Fearing Blue can't write up a whole bunch in advance.

Unless he really does and hopes that none of us pay attention to Ogden!

2005-07-20 16:41:41
182.   dzzrtRatt
Phew...Broxton! I hope we get a look at him in LA sometime in the next few weeks. It would be nice just to hear the buzz that would create.

Between Broxton, Yhency and (someone suggested) Edwin Jackson as possible closers, looks like whoever proposed Gagne as a starter in 2006 might gain some traction.

I note from Gameday that two reprobates, Izturis and Werth, got the first two Dodger hits.

2005-07-20 16:46:23
183.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 178

I was also sorry to hear about Nori's plight. It's getting to the point where he should probably just go back to Japan.


2005-07-20 16:46:47
184.   joekings
If Robles isn't running on that play, i think it may have gone through.
2005-07-20 16:46:49
185.   LAT
Of course Oscar'a BA avg. is going to regress, but like him or not, there is no denying the guy knows how to work the count and that will not regress.
2005-07-20 16:46:52
186.   DaveP
I was hoping to see a hit from Izzy there to raise his average above .100 over the last 25 games. no such luck.
2005-07-20 16:53:06
187.   Fearing Blue
#181: Faking the personal account of the game would be even more impressive :). The updates take about an hour and a half each, so I'm guessing they'll shrink considerably when I start graduate school September 7th. When does the minor league season end?
2005-07-20 16:53:07
188.   Marty
Anybody watching on TV? How does Lowe look tonight?
2005-07-20 16:54:04
189.   Fearing Blue
#181: So Bob, are you going to spend a whole week in Toronto?
2005-07-20 16:54:14
190.   Bob Timmermann
In the NL West Race From the Pennant

Atlanta 4, San Francisco 1 FINAL
Washington 1, Colorado 0 3rd
New York 4, San Diego 0 2nd

2005-07-20 16:56:32
191.   bokonon42
188- Lowe is looking studly as all get out. The way he tricked Lofton into hitting his own runner with the grounder--just phenomenal. Kidding aside, 3Ks, right? He's looking good.
2005-07-20 16:57:03
192.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, I'm spending the whole week, but I have friends there. I am actually going to be one of the room monitors at the convention. Why the Toronto people aren't finding someone is an interesting question. I believe there are only two rooms for presentations.
2005-07-20 16:59:17
193.   the OZ
Wow. Gameday is really choking on the Padres-Mets game.

Bottom 2 (Mets at bat)
"With Damian Jackson batting, Unknown (0) scores on a balk. Unknown (0) scores on a balk."

Damian Jackson is Padre. The Mets were at-bat.

They also have Woody Williams being pulled after 2 innings for...Trevor Hoffman, evidently in to pitch the 3rd inning.

The Padres are losing 3-0 against Glavine.

2005-07-20 16:59:51
194.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, the Mets are head only 3-0
2005-07-20 17:01:59
195.   Bob Timmermann
Yahoo has Reyes scoring on a balk by Wiliams. But the balk is not listed in the box score. And Mike Cameron's at bat never happened.
2005-07-20 17:02:46
196.   Bob Timmermann
OK, now the Mets are up 4-0 after Piazza doubled in Wright.
2005-07-20 17:03:36
197.   Steve
there is no denying the guy knows how to work the count and that will not regress.

I agree. This is a skill certain overrated shortstops lack...

I want Chase Utley. But I hate Chase Utley because we drafted him and he screwed us. I'm conflicted.

2005-07-20 17:08:45
198.   Steve
Never mind. Utley was Repko-like getting thrown out at third.
2005-07-20 17:10:21
199.   Telemachos
I wasn't near my office TV just now.... how on earth do you get thrown out going second to third on a single?
2005-07-20 17:12:02
200.   DaveP
199- repko got a bad jump on the ball, recovered and made a diving attempt to catch it. ball bounced off him and directly to Izzy who bear-handed it and threw to 3rd to get Utley.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-07-20 17:12:37
201.   Bob Timmermann
How does anyone not named Bengie Molina or Jason Phillips get thrown out there? Did Utley have to hold up to see if Repko could catch it?
2005-07-20 17:14:21
202.   DaveP
201- yes, he held up. It should have been caught easily. Repko went back instead of and then nearly caught it with the dive (ball bounced off his forearm).
2005-07-20 17:14:39
203.   Benaiah
178 - Thanks for the update FB. We have Carlos Santana playing for our rookie ball team (reminds me of a Cake song: If I were John I would gladly give up musical genius, just to have you as my personal Venus).
2005-07-20 17:16:43
204.   Jacob L
Is it possible, now that Werth has regressed to mediocrity if not worse, to have the P.A. announcer say his name in a normal tone of voice?
2005-07-20 17:16:56
205.   Bob Timmermann
Thanks all.
2005-07-20 17:17:00
206.   Benaiah
202 - It is nice to recieve a little good luck instead of endless amounts of pain and suffering.
2005-07-20 17:17:50
207.   Benaiah
Well it was Werth the wait.
2005-07-20 17:18:08
208.   Jacob L
The funny thing is, whenever I rip on somebody, he hits a home run. I have to mean it, though.
2005-07-20 17:18:20
209.   Bob Timmermann
Werth is being rehabilitated faster in our eyes than the czars were after Communism broke down in the Soviet Union!
2005-07-20 17:18:50
210.   DaveP
and even more good luck. Howard dropped Werth's foul ball liner earlier in the at bat because he was trying to drag his foot across the bag for a double play. Werth then hits 2 run homer :)
2005-07-20 17:19:44
211.   Benaiah
204 - We have all been down on Werth, but with that hit his OPS gets back up to the league average or thereabouts. He has had few enough at bats that a 2B and HR raised his OPS 30+ points.
2005-07-20 17:21:48
212.   natepurcell
the butcher boy just carved up a mean T-bone single.
2005-07-20 17:23:22
213.   natepurcell
how freakin amazing is oscar! mexstein you are the greatest!
2005-07-20 17:23:40
214.   Jim Hitchcock
No, Charlie, it's 3-0...really.
2005-07-20 17:24:04
215.   Marty
Wow, we are an offensive juggernaut.
2005-07-20 17:24:28
216.   dzzrtRatt
Werth looked at the weather forecast for Las Vegas today and decided he better pick it up.

Where would the Phillies be in the standings if they played in the NL West. I don't think they'd be first. Some major talent out there, but a flawed team.

2005-07-20 17:24:55
217.   the OZ
Walking Repko, a single to Lowe...a HR by Izturis would net the rare Triple Grabowski for Mr. Lidle.
2005-07-20 17:25:00
218.   Marty
I predict an Olney from Izzy
2005-07-20 17:26:17
219.   Jim Hitchcock
This is like an outbreak of thoroughly professional hitting, or something.
2005-07-20 17:26:35
220.   Jacob L
The somewhat frequent occurrence whereby I launch into a heated diatribe about a player's lack of ability and said baseball playing gentleman immediately homers or makes some other sizable contribution is known as the "Kreuter Phenomenon"
2005-07-20 17:27:08
221.   Fearing Blue
#211: Werth's .741 OPS would place him between 18th and 19th out of the 20 qualified left fielders, ahead of only Winn and Podsednik. I wouldn't exactly call that league average.
2005-07-20 17:27:12
222.   DaveP
was that the "Abreu won't get his uniform dirty" that we've been hearing about? I thought for sure he was going to catch that one.
2005-07-20 17:27:26
223.   dzzrtRatt
Okay, Jacob, time to rag on Kent. His mustache-so porny!
2005-07-20 17:27:27
224.   Marty
Please don't run Izzy
2005-07-20 17:27:35
225.   ddger
Let's get lot of runs so Braz will not have to pitch today.
2005-07-20 17:27:44
226.   bokonon42
Izzy's second SB on the night.
2005-07-20 17:28:15
227.   Marty
224. Unless you make it.
2005-07-20 17:28:16
228.   natepurcell
is it safe to say that we will win this game?
2005-07-20 17:28:30
229.   natepurcell
PS jeff kent just killed the rally :(
2005-07-20 17:28:41
230.   Bob Timmermann
Even stranger, and I haven't gone outside since lunch, is that the little weather icon I have on my Firefox browser says it is raining in Downtown Los Angeles. That's not the case is it?
2005-07-20 17:28:58
231.   Marty
That stolen base must have caused the pitcher to groove one.
2005-07-20 17:29:27
232.   DaveP
what's our record when leading by 7 in the 5th?
2005-07-20 17:29:47
233.   Jacob L
re 223,

The Kreuter Phenomenon cannot be intentionally invoked (see 208). I've tried.

2005-07-20 17:29:51
234.   Steve
1) When did the Phillies trade for Shawn Green?

2) Why would this be unexpected against Cory Lidle?

3) Where is Izturis going? He's already bought out his arbitration years.

2005-07-20 17:30:23
235.   Bob Timmermann
I never believe the Phillies are out of it against the Dodgers.

2005-07-20 17:31:14
236.   Steve
235 -- you had to remind us -- and future enemy John Kruk delivered the crowning blow too.
2005-07-20 17:31:15
237.   ddger
No lead is safe with out bullpen these days.
2005-07-20 17:31:42
238.   Marty
230. I'm across from City Hall and it's not raining here.
2005-07-20 17:31:43
239.   ddger
Is there Erickson sighting today?
2005-07-20 17:32:11
240.   Benaiah
221 - True that. Isn't the overall league average OPS 750 though (or thereabouts)? I am not saying he is the bambino redux, but on this team that 741 OPS ranks 6th out of all hitters (I didn't count but I am guessing he is behind Kent, Robles, Choi, Perez and Saenz).
2005-07-20 17:32:23
241.   DaveP
we might have to credit this outburst to Duaner Sanchez. he's had the rally cap on all inning.
2005-07-20 17:32:30
242.   Jim Hitchcock
I'll never forget where Iwas when Isaw this inning...
2005-07-20 17:32:40
243.   scareduck
Seven-run lead. Instant poll: How will Yhency Brazoban lose the lead tonight?

1) Consecutive grand slams.

2) Enter with the game 7-4, grand slam makes the Phillies winners.

3) Dodgers get another four runs, 11-4, Brazoban gives up FOUR consecutive grand slams.

2005-07-20 17:32:53
244.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps it's a localized phenomenon. It's raining on 5th and Grand, but not at 1st and Spring.
2005-07-20 17:33:36
245.   Benaiah
Why is Duaner wearing his hat inside out? Looks like cancer Kent was chatting with him, hate to have a-holes like that in the clubhouse (sarcasm).
2005-07-20 17:33:52
246.   Jacob L
Not raining at 7th and Fig.
2005-07-20 17:33:59
247.   ddger
243. Erickson is our closer tonight. :)
2005-07-20 17:36:20
248.   Steve
You can't stop Mike Edwards, you can only hope to contain him.
2005-07-20 17:36:32
249.   DaveP
I'm guessing Lidle isn't too pleased with Howard over at 1B. If he makes the relatively easy catch on Werth's foul ball, while dragging his foot on the base, it's 2 out and nobody on. Instead Lidle gives up 7 straight runs without an out. that's a serious melt down.
2005-07-20 17:37:36
250.   scareduck
244: seriously? It's raining downtown?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-07-20 17:37:47
251.   Bob Timmermann
Cory Lidle, welcome to Dodgers Baseball 2005!
2005-07-20 17:38:13
252.   Marty
249. It's hard to give good teams extra outs. Ask Erickson :)
2005-07-20 17:38:42
253.   scareduck
There's something to be said for batting around.
2005-07-20 17:38:57
254.   Steve
OK, which one of their guys is going down when Erickson comes in? I vote for Jimmy Rollins, just because he's a punk.
2005-07-20 17:39:09
255.   Bob Timmermann
Accuweather INSISTS it's raining downtown.

I have seen nobody coming in to my building who is wet from anything other than sweat.

2005-07-20 17:39:28
256.   DaveP
this inning is getting ridiculous. Repko with a triple..
2005-07-20 17:39:48
257.   Steve
That pitch was a "Wayne Franklin Special"
2005-07-20 17:40:09
258.   Marty
If we score very much more, we're going to rupture our Pythagorean.
2005-07-20 17:40:27
259.   Bob Timmermann
2005-07-20 17:40:32
260.   ddger
Too bad there isn't any rollover runs for baseball.
2005-07-20 17:42:28
261.   gvette
Actually, there were some (slight) showers near Pasadena about an hour ago. Didn't lower the temp. under a 100 though.
2005-07-20 17:43:36
262.   Marty
Gvette, no thunder or lightning though?
2005-07-20 17:44:53
263.   Benaiah
We scored 1 less run in that inning than we had in the 42 that proceeded it. Hopefully that was a sign of good things to come, not us using up our runs for the week.
2005-07-20 17:45:25
264.   natepurcell
should we start the robles for ROY campaign now?
2005-07-20 17:47:29
265.   Jim Hitchcock
If Steiner says "...playing with house money" one more time tonight, I'm going to chew my arm off.
2005-07-20 17:47:42
266.   Steve
Robles for ROY. Trade Izturis.
2005-07-20 17:47:55
267.   popup
That Dodger inning reminded me of the big inning the team had in Cincinnati. Man the start of this season seems like it was years ago.

Stan in Tacoma

2005-07-20 17:48:11
268.   bokonon42
255- So, Moises Alou hasn't been by?
2005-07-20 17:48:27
269.   dzzrtRatt
When Lowe took the mound, did Charlie Steiner say, "let's see how Derek Lowe handles prosperity."?

If the Phillies need pitching: Weaver for Abreu, straight up.

2005-07-20 17:48:54
270.   scareduck
255: Accuweather isn't, huh? Yahoo says it's sunny and humid.
2005-07-20 17:49:49
271.   DaveP
-264. YES
2005-07-20 17:50:26
272.   Steve
2005-07-20 17:50:56
273.   capdodger
Huh... What's gotten into Robles?
2005-07-20 17:51:31
274.   scareduck
268: hee!
2005-07-20 17:53:48
275.   scareduck
Izturis' first multihit game since June 1.
2005-07-20 17:56:18
276.   gvette
#262 Marty, actually, I just heard thunder over the foothills. The Dodgers score 9 runs, there are thunderstorms in 100 degree heat... it's getting way to Old Testament for me!!! Are locusts next?
2005-07-20 17:57:13
277.   scareduck
Phillips and Choi's 0-fer night start to look very lonely.
2005-07-20 17:57:43
278.   scareduck
276: no, but Tommy Lasorda might come out of retirement.
2005-07-20 18:00:58
279.   Steve
Kerry Wood leaves the Cubs game early with a stiff shoulder after giving up three slamma-lamma-ding-dongs.
2005-07-20 18:01:19
280.   scareduck
Anybody else notice the "this is LA Baseball" campaign has morphed to "no better place to play"?
2005-07-20 18:03:18
281.   bokonon42
Somebody was looking for a list of (potential) free agents this off season. Can't vouch for it, but this looks right to me.

2005-07-20 18:04:52
282.   DaveP
Lowe is a ground ball machine tonight. nice to see.
2005-07-20 18:05:20
283.   scareduck
279: Wood? Stiff?
2005-07-20 18:05:52
284.   gvette
#278 Rob, tough choice, plague of locusts vs. the return of Tommy, especially if he brought along his special show biz pal Tony Danza.
2005-07-20 18:06:38
285.   Jim Hitchcock
280 - What cracks me up is that the stupid commercial campaigns (i.e. the bobblehead dolls, the idiot on the bus bench) play for a full season, yet they yank the classy one halfway through.
2005-07-20 18:08:54
286.   Benaiah
Lowe is having a nice game as well. He has shaved a fifth of a run off of his ERA and given me reason to believe, or hope anyway, that he really did find the flaw and fix it.
2005-07-20 18:09:40
287.   Steve
So sayeth the boxscores (about Wood)
2005-07-20 18:10:04
288.   ddger
286. Why did it take almost 2 months. Colburn should have noticed it earlier.

Maybe Braz should look at the tapes and correct his flaws.

2005-07-20 18:11:10
289.   ddger
Can we get a complete game. It's been a long time.
2005-07-20 18:15:18
290.   ddger
Guess Erickson can come in and mop up if Lowe can't finish.
2005-07-20 18:16:44
291.   Benaiah
289 - I think his pitch count is too high. Bring in Erickson or somthing in the 8th.
2005-07-20 18:18:36
292.   Benaiah
Perez the defensive specialist! I don't think that he would have gotten the out anyway, but it still didn't look very pretty.
2005-07-20 18:19:07
293.   Benaiah
Ha, couldn't have a D Lowe game without one of those.
2005-07-20 18:19:22
294.   stubbs
How many times does Perez have to walk for his Vorp to overcome those two runs?
2005-07-20 18:21:35
295.   scareduck
287: I know, I just couldn't help myself faced with an adolescent weenie joke.
2005-07-20 18:21:41
296.   ddger
Lowe must hate seeing Perez field when he is pitching. Perez always seem to make an error when Lowe pitches.
2005-07-20 18:22:04
297.   Steve
Seems like he could do that in left field as easily as he can at second base.
2005-07-20 18:23:04
298.   scareduck
294: good question. Not sure Rate2 manages to deal with that.
2005-07-20 18:23:32
299.   heato
How are unearned runs defined? Shouldn't all of the runs scored after a two-out error be unearned?
2005-07-20 18:23:47
300.   ddger
Is there any place to hide Perez when he is on the field?
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-07-20 18:24:19
301.   Jim Hitchcock
297 - Bobble a grounder to second?
2005-07-20 18:25:17
302.   stubbs
My major Depodesta question is this. it has been quite evident in his moves that he values a bat over glove. that is, what it is, but i just dont get why he would spend the 9 million on a ground ball sinkerball pitcher rather than a power pitcher...just very inconsistent thinking.
2005-07-20 18:27:54
303.   bokonon42
Odd phrasing; Psycho, explaining that Robles could be at 3B for a while, said Valentin might "need some time to get his feet wet back."
2005-07-20 18:28:23
304.   Steve
301 -- Yeah, that kind of thinking won't really get me through my confirmation hearings will it.
2005-07-20 18:29:08
305.   bokonon42
302- Which "power pitcher" did you have in mind?
2005-07-20 18:30:04
306.   scareduck
302: Name the quality power pitchers available last year. I think one valid criticism of DePodesta is that he has been very reactionary, and Lowe's signing exemplified that.
2005-07-20 18:30:12
307.   ddger
I don't think Valentin will make that much difference. After all, he is about a .220 hitter anyway and his defense is not that good either.
2005-07-20 18:30:59
308.   Steve
Eric Milton was available
2005-07-20 18:31:23
309.   scareduck
308: Steve, I said "quality".
2005-07-20 18:32:25
310.   ddger
How about Matt Clement?
2005-07-20 18:33:29
311.   Adam
Is there any pitcher in the major leagues more likely to give up a homerun after an error extends an inning? It seems like every start lowe does it. Maybe once he sees that it won't affect his ERA he just grooves it.... (I have to complain about something in this game)
2005-07-20 18:34:40
312.   capdodger
310: No amount of money was going to cause Clement to come to LA. He wanted to play elsewhere.
2005-07-20 18:35:25
313.   Steve
Oh I thought you said "quantity!"
2005-07-20 18:35:35
314.   stubbs
wade miller, carl pavano, pedro martinez...all better fits with our d.
2005-07-20 18:36:09
315.   ddger
311. Lowe is trying to get a flyball so his infielders don't have to make a play.
2005-07-20 18:36:33
316.   Steve
312 -- I was going to write something like that, but decided someone else would.

In any case, the last power pitcher DePodesta acquired, it was controversial.

2005-07-20 18:37:07
317.   Steve
Carl Pavano!

Oh Lord

2005-07-20 18:37:39
318.   scareduck
307: his HRs will make a difference, but at this point he's in trouble:

Valentin...................... .094
Edwards..................... .281
Perez........................... .293

His production isn't all that, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him "gradually" re-enter the lineup, especially as the starting lineup gets better.

2005-07-20 18:37:43
319.   capdodger
316 -- That, too...
2005-07-20 18:38:40
320.   scareduck
310: Clement was indeed on the market, but Boston got to his desire to play in the Northeast. So he wasn't really available for the Dodgers once the Red Sox announced their intentions.
2005-07-20 18:43:19
321.   ddger
Braz must be happy that he doesn't have to pitch today. If he were to pitch badly today, it would have been third straight game and his confidence might be totally destroyed if not already. The day off can give him chance to recover hopefully.
2005-07-20 18:43:30
322.   Steve
Russ Ortiz was available
2005-07-20 18:43:55
323.   scareduck
322: Ortiz is a soft-tossing righty.
2005-07-20 18:44:01
324.   ddger
Was P. Martinez available to LA?
2005-07-20 18:45:29
325.   Steve
(sarcasm meter set to kill)
2005-07-20 18:45:38
326.   bokonon42
Only a year and change till Chan Ho Park's a free agent. Start drooling now.
2005-07-20 18:46:07
327.   capdodger
P. Martinez has a well documented grudge against the Dodgers, so it would have taken far more than $9 million.

Besides, the Mets will be choking on that contract in a year or two.

2005-07-20 18:48:55
328.   Linkmeister
It's very annoying to have left the room with the TV to go back to the office and do some work, only to return and find that I've missed a nine-run inning for the right team.

There, now that's off my chest.

2005-07-20 18:49:35
329.   Steve
Martinez was going to the New York Mets. Another example of the freedoms of "free" agency.

I evevn love Robles' crossing after a win. Good stuff.

Who was available last year and signed for big money? Lowe sucks. Pavano sucks. Ortiz sucks (despite what Ryne Sandberg says). Milton sucks. Clement and Martinez don't, though that's hardly relevant.

My own sense is that the only name that makes sense to criticize DePo for not signing is Esteban Loaiza, and I wouldn't call him a difference maker.

2005-07-20 18:50:06
330.   Steve
2005-07-20 18:53:44
331.   ddger
It seems that signing FA starting pitchers are BIG RISK and most of them turn out badly than good. We should just bring up our prospects and take our chances. At least McCourt will save lot of money.
2005-07-20 18:55:36
332.   ddger
When was the last time we had success with FA signing of starting pitcher?
2005-07-20 19:47:18
333.   Sam DC
Well, at least after tonight I can hold my beaten-into-the-earth-by-this-season head up a little bit high at Citizen Bank Park tomorrow.
2005-07-20 19:50:08
334.   Louis in SF

Nomo in 2003,he was great and kept the Dodgers in the race in 2003, while 2004 was not good he was huge in 2003.

2005-07-20 19:51:19
335.   Steve
Sam, did you notice that Ryan Church doubled in the ninth tonight off of Brian Fuentes? Apparently, Frank lost his main man, Jamey Carroll, off the bench and had to bat Church.
2005-07-20 19:56:43
336.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 334

Nomo was also very good in 2002. He gave us two great years and one awful one, and even the awful one didn't have to be as bad as it turned out if Tracy hadn't kept on sending out his samurai warrior to fall on his sword every fifth day. The results of Nomo's contract was I think about the best you can expect for a free agent starter--not too long (3 years, including the vested option), and excellent production for two out of the three years. Brown also had some great seasons as a Dodger, but the contract was just too long and became an albatross--the same may happen with Pedro's deal with the Mets. Still, at four years, the Mets may get away with it. Even after last season's inflation of prices, it shows us just how crazy the era before was when A-Rod and Brown were getting their deals.

I agree with ddger. Avoid free agent starters like death and try all the internal options first. But DePo can't quite do that right now until our prospects are ready for the show, and that won't occur until 2007 at the earliest.


2005-07-20 19:59:47
337.   Steve
I thought Nomo was a series of one year contracts, but I haven't looked that up, I could be wrong.
2005-07-20 20:06:20
338.   Bob Timmermann
I missed the last innings of the game. My carpool driver asked if I wanted to join her family at Olvera Street for dinner. I figured that a 9-0 lead was safe. Which was true.

Delightful dinner at La Golondrina.

And it did not rain.

But it's freakin' hot. And freakin' muggy.

2005-07-20 20:34:25
339.   Xeifrank
DT Over/Under Challenge Update...

7/20 Derek Lowe vs Phillies
Actual: 7 IPs

Colorado Blue: 7 (Win)... Nice pick!
CT Bum: No pick

Howard: 4 2/3
Xeifrank: 6 (Win)

Joekings: 6 1/3 (Win)
Louis In SF: 6

Xeifrank 3-1-2
Howard 3-3-0
CT Bum 2-2-2
Louis in SF 1-1-0
Joekings 1-1-0
Colorado Blue 2-4-0

2005-07-20 20:36:28
340.   Xeifrank
Nice inning tonight. I'd say nice game, but it was really more of a nice inning. Enjoy the muggy weather.
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 20:50:31
341.   bokonon42
Out in Phoenix, Paul LoDuca steals second standing. Thing of beauty.
2005-07-20 20:53:09
342.   bokonon42
And Juan Encarnarcion (as I understand, he prefers that spelling) takes Brandon Webb deep. 14 HRs and 55 RBIs for Juan. Tempting.
2005-07-20 20:55:15
343.   Bob Timmermann
Just back away there bokonon42. Back away. That's Juan Encarnacion you're talking about.

Bradley is coming back soon, so the need for an outfielder is decreasing.

And JD Drew had the cast taken off of his wrist today.

2005-07-20 21:02:35
344.   bokonon42
ESPN predicts that Ercarnacion will hit five triples this year. He's only hit three. So he's got two more triples in him. How much do triples rock? We'd be crazy to pass up those triples. Both of them. I'm not saying give them Billingsly, Tiffany, JtD, LaRouche, and Broxton, but maybe any two plus cash?
2005-07-20 21:06:05
345.   bokonon42
Perfect bunt single by Royce Clayton. Is Arizona actually happy with him? Maybe they could use Izzy.
2005-07-20 21:08:00
346.   Bob Timmermann
HBP update

The Dodgers are up to 46 HBP on the season, second in the NL behind Washington (51) and third in the majors (Toronto has 53).

The Dodgers are on pace for 79 HBP, which would set a Los Angeles franchise record.

Livan Hernandez of Washington hit 4 batters tonight.

2005-07-20 21:15:13
347.   bokonon42
ESPN also projects that Oscar Robles will end the year hitting .355. And that he'll be caught stealing four more times, without actually getting a SB. Still, based on their projections, I'd be comfortable batting him fourth from here on out.
2005-07-20 21:28:57
348.   Steve
I will not kidnap Juan Encarnacion and put him in a big jar in my basement.
2005-07-20 21:31:39
349.   Adam M
Compared with their current cleanup guy, bring it on!
2005-07-20 21:32:30
350.   Steve
Which reminds me, I've already done it, but we should all go over to The Juice and see if Scott Long is still watching tonight's barnburner. I understand Mr. Clutch had another RBI single tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-07-20 21:32:50
351.   sanchez101
Once Bradley and Valentin are back (presumably by late next week) what is the difference between this squad and the one that went 12-2? Gagne wasnt there. Drew was there, but wasnt doing anything to help at the plate. On the other hand, at the time we didnt have penny, alvarez, perez, robles, or werth. Remember when erickson started every five days? Ya, they were lucky, not as good as their record. But they were, i think, a winning club. Assuming bradley and valtentin come back healthy and productive, whats to stop them from picking up a game or two in the standings by early aug. Supplement that with a trade for a big bat (Dunn would be nice) and call up a rookie flame thrower (broxton and/or kuo). Maybe they could come with in a couple games of SD by the time drew comes back in early sept. Arent we due for some luck. Is this false hope? It doesnt seem that far fetched. Prove me wrong.
2005-07-20 21:33:34
352.   DaveP
346 - Is Livan Hernandez crazy? He's now saying he doesn't need it, but he's mad and 99.9% sure he's having season ending knee surgery! Here is the URL and a few snippets from this nut job:
"I'm not happy for three years. After the season, I'm going to tell you" why, said Hernandez, 12-4 with a 3.44 ERA and the unquestioned staff ace.

"It's 99.9 percent I'm not going to pitch no more" this season, he said. "I'm done, I think, so let's see what happens. ... I'll go to sleep and I'm going to make a decision tonight."

2005-07-20 21:37:12
353.   Steve
Mr. Rubber is hurt! I'm stunned. Really. I am. Really.
2005-07-20 21:37:54
354.   Xeifrank
Went to pickup a $5 pizza from Little Caesers during the game tonight. During a break in the Dodger game flipped the radio over to 710 espn sports radio, and my (least) favorite host Joe McDonald was on the air. What was he talking about? Of course the Dodgers. Blamed the Dodgers woes on injuries and piss poor management. Typical swipe at Depodesta from JM. Then he took a caller whose theory was the Dodgers problems began when they traded (drum roll please) Paul LoDuca and Mota to Florida for Penny and Choi. I figured, ok here we go again, but as long as he doesn't say the word "chemistry" I will let it slide. First thing he says is, "doesn't the Dodger GM know how important chemistry is!?" You can't plug team chemistry into a computer. JM agreed and said what a terrible trade it was, nothing about the guy they traded for got injured or the fact that they did win the division. Then he mentioned that Depo got lucky on the Steve Finley trade. haha! I'm sure the old lady in the car next to me could hear the scream. Then the caller went on about Jose Lima and what he brought to the team in chemistry and he got guys fired up in the dugout and had a really hot wife. That's why I come to this message board when I want to discuss the Dodgers with people that have a brain. This Joe McDonald, Collin Cowherd(sp?) and Steve Mason are complete idiots.
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 21:41:38
355.   Xeifrank
351. I see you are still in the denial stage. :) Actually, some good points. If the Dodgers can get to within 4 to 5 games of the Padres by the time they start playing them head to head again, then anything can happen. I haven't give up on the Blue Crew yet either, even though I've probably said I did many times.
vr, Xei
2005-07-20 21:46:18
356.   ddger
355. Agree. As long as SD keeps losing and doesn't want to win the division we will be in it until eventually we run out of time. But realistically we not only have SD to chase anymore but we have to fight off SF and AZ so that will make it even more difficult. Anything is possible but it highly improbable that we can really win this division.
2005-07-20 21:57:58
357.   ddger
While our starting pitching is starting to pitch better our bullpen has become disasterous. With our lack of offense we rely more on our bullpen than ever and we can't continue to blow these close games due to our bullpen. I expect the bullpen to be a problem rest of the reason and it could be major reason why we will not be able to stay in the race much longer until somehow our pen makes a miraculous recovery.

I think our bullpen needs to be addressed more than a position player if Depo wants to stay in the race. When the bullpen loses game after game it becomes very demoralizing and it's harder and harder to stay upbeat and confident. Eventually it will wear us down. Confidence is a big factor in our performance and once you lose that then you start doubting yourself and you play worse and worse.

2005-07-20 22:04:30
358.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants bullpen has actually become respectable, last Saturday's meltdown notwithstanding. The Giants probably have a better pen than the Dodgers.

And that's just sad.

But the Dodgers bullpen is better than Arizona's.

2005-07-20 22:11:06
359.   Marty
354. Xei, NEVER listen to Joe McDonald. He's an arrogant idiot. But the real question is what on earth are you doing at Little Caesars? There is so many decent pizza joints around, you can do better :)
2005-07-20 22:12:31
360.   ddger
The main reason that SD will win is their bullpen is outstanding even though their starting pitching and lineup is similar to ours.

Last year it was basically a 6 inning game with Gagne. How many times have we lost the game in the 6th and 7th inning this year?

2005-07-20 22:25:29
361.   the OZ
I feel like a patient recovering from a painful surgical procedure, and just when the pain was getting to be too excruciating to bear, the doctor came in and turned on the morphine. Ahhhhh. That's tonight's game for me, in a nutshell.

I hope it doesn't wear off for a couple days. Cause they're going to be a whole lot more hurting before this season is through.

2005-07-20 22:59:41
362.   Jim Hitchcock
Request name of doctor.

Jim H

2005-07-20 23:06:55
363.   the OZ
Drs. Kent and Lowe. Also looking forward to future visits from Drs. Bradley and Valentin.
2005-07-21 00:08:40
364.   dzzrtRatt
Re 351...

This "acceptance" phase everyone is in is purely defensive, a cushion to ward off disappointment, outfield padding for the collective psyche.

The saber guys talk about what winning percentage the Dodgers would need to pass San Diego, and how improbable it is that this team, with its paucity of VORP, excessive BABIP, and the Jim Tracy effect, cannot, statistically, acheive that percentage.

It's July 21, and nobody really knows anything. DePo makes the trade for Dunn tomorrow, whole new ballgame. DePo trades Weaver for some 2006 pieces, yet another scenario. Lowe straightens himself out? Broxton comes up and does a K-rod or FV? Houlton is the reincarnation of Bob Welch?

A lot depends on whether Bradley, Valentin and eventually Drew come back and have to themselves back into peak form--or if they arrive en fuego.

Even more depends on whether San Diego continues to give it away every night. If they lose this division, especially to the Dodgers, there will be hell to pay down there.

2005-07-21 00:12:14
365.   LAT
354. I have a vauge recollection that Jon sat on a panel with Joe McDonald a number of months ago (at the Sportsman's Lodge) and said he was actually very nice and low key. On the other hand, I could be imagining the whole thing. Does anyone else remember this?
2005-07-21 00:18:02
366.   LAT
363 Before anyone gets too excited about Dr. Valentine let's remember he was never the answer and will not be our saviour when he returns. He does have some pop and is an upgrade over the AAA platoon at 3B but he is not going to carry this team. Bradly, maybe. Drew, yes. Valintine, I think not.
2005-07-21 04:01:32
367.   dzzrtRatt
according to Ken Rosenthal of Sporting News...

"The Dodgers are willing to move righthander Jeff Weaver or lefthander Odalis Perez, preferring to keep only one of them long-term. Weaver, a free agent after this season, would be attractive as a rental if the Dodgers fail to sign him long-term -- he has a 2.71 ERA since May 29, and has worked at least six innings in 11 consecutive starts. Perez, on the other hand, is signed through 2007, was sidelined nearly two months with shoulder trouble and recently lashed out at an unnamed teammate. The Nationals pursued Perez last offseason, and their G.M., Jim Bowden, is looking for starting pitching. Hmmm . . . "

2005-07-21 04:32:04
368.   Sam DC
367 - That's realy funny. I was last night arguing with a friend that the Dodgers should send Perez to the Nationals for Ryan Church, Gary Majewski, and a top, though not elite, prospect (no Fearing Red or NationalPurcell around to tell me who that would be however). My buddy thought the Dodgers would never make that deal, but it looks more than fair from the Dodgers side to me.
2005-07-21 04:33:07
369.   Sam DC
Off to the train to Philly - don't expect much of a game report; I'll be chasing the big kid and trying to find shade for the little kid more than actual game watching today I expect.
2005-07-21 04:45:30
370.   Sam DC
For Steve: Nationals scrappy baserunning management goes, ahem, awry.

2005-07-21 05:20:38
371.   Sam DC
Goin' for the cycle (OK -- the 5 am Pacific time cycle is not terribly impressive), but also for Steve's FFR files, we had a JD Drew Special here in Washington last night. Bottom of the eighth, down by 1, Jamey Carrol leadoff walk (not a hit, ick), and Robinson has Jose Vidro sac him to second. My house shook from the groans coming out of RFK. Um, Frank, still need two runs to win, you know. Think you're gonna get a better chance than man on base, Vidro, WIlkerson, Guillen coming up?
2005-07-21 07:11:16
372.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Hooray Dodgers!

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