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July 22 Open Chat
2005-07-22 08:54
by Jon Weisman
Comments (564)
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2005-07-22 09:09:45
1.   Colorado Blue
From the previous thread: #442 - Nice one First! Actually I think DePo created a clone mutation of Lowe and Weaver and trade it for the entire TX outfield.
2005-07-22 09:15:04
2.   Colorado Blue
Zambrano has a 2.38 ERA in his last 10 starts... let us hope the Mets continue to give him less-than stellar run support.

On that note, let us also hope the Dads continue their woeful offensive output.

2005-07-22 09:16:03
3.   Colorado Blue
Does any notice I'm edging back towards DENIAL. Must... continue... ACCEPTANCE!
2005-07-22 09:16:33
4.   Colorado Blue
(Crickets chirping)
2005-07-22 09:23:33
5.   stubbs
things to do for Depo:
-get adam dunn-will tiffany, navarro and werth be enough?
-trade weaver if we are 8 or more out by next sunday.
-trade odalis if anyone will take him and give us anything of note.
-resign weaver this summer if numbers are right-3 years 18 million.
-move kent to 1st, robles to 2nd, start perez at 3rd and dunn in left field next year. hope russ martin is ready by next spring.
-bring up kuo and broxton now. why not let kuo throw his arm out in LA rather than jax.
2005-07-22 09:26:43
6.   regfairfield
Why do we have to trade Odalis again?
2005-07-22 09:28:27
7.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Here's a quote of Beane via a USA Today article I find on Baseball Primer on DePo:

"Paul has seen the ups and down of developing young players and trusting the three, four years they've had in the minor leagues and discounting their first few months in the majors," Beane says. "Developing young players can be a lot of fun, but you've got to have the discipline to live with their mistakes and understand their trend line isn't always going to go straight up."

I suppose this helps explain the patience DePo had with Grabowski--that, and the lack of much better alternatives with all our injuries. I still think that the string was way too long. And someone needs to tell this to Tracy with regards to Choi.

The USA Today article, weirdly complimentary to DePo for a mainstream rag, is at:


2005-07-22 09:28:42
8.   Sushirabbit
(trees whispering in the breeze)

I elected to stay in denial. My wife has been telling me not stay up and watch the games. "Honey, I'm worried about you"...
:-) (not really, work is worse than the Dodgers if one can imagine that).

Two in a row! Tivo is great, I can settle in on the couch and speed watch if I want or just half-sleep through it.

Whoever thinks Kent should move to first needs to seriously reconsider that notion. If nothing else the ball gets to you that much quicker at 1B, and the only thing I can see is that he occasionally shows a little slowness in reaction time compared to his old mvp self. I'm all for the notion of stability up the middle at this point.... as if there is such a thing this year!

2005-07-22 09:29:14
9.   stubbs
contract backloaded, he crumbles in big games, knee jerk signing by depo. did anyone really think we'd bring him back after his NLDS performance?
2005-07-22 09:30:54
10.   Sushirabbit
If we get the donkey stick him at 1B
2005-07-22 09:32:42
11.   Colorado Blue
8 - I think I've come around in regards to Kent... he should stay at second UNTIL his contract is up... if, at that time, we have no prospect at 1B I say sign 'em up.
2005-07-22 09:34:46
12.   regfairfield
Odalis Perez vs. Only Worth While Pitcher on Market

VORP since 2002:

2002 - 59.9
2003 - 19.3
2004 - 49.7
2005 - 1.9
Total - 130.8

2002 - 40.9
2003 - 1.6
2004 - 26.8
2005 - 19.7
Total - 89.0

It seems that Odalis and Burnett are the same age, yet Burnett has never had a better season that Odalis, and Burnett's best season is worse than Odalis' second best.

Are you suggessting trading a good, yet slightly injury prone pitcher for a slightly better, yet far more injury prone one. Or is the prospect of having Derek Thompson and D.J. Houlton as the 4-5 starters appealing to you?

2005-07-22 09:35:34
13.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 9

I'll give OP the benefit of the doubt after the NLDS since his mom had just gotten cancer. The media didn't report that until much later, so I like everyone else thought he had just choked.


2005-07-22 09:41:42
14.   Sam DC
Game Report 7/21 Dodgers 1 Phillies 0

1. Citizens Bank Park has an incredible climbing, sliding playground thing, with a brewpub stand in the wings. Missed innings 1-4 (was late, so only missed 2- top 4), but fun was had by all.

2. Repko's throw to third had them ooing and aahing (though to me it was a very good, but readily makeable by lots of major leaguers play). After the out, all the Phillies fans asked me (and my festooned in blue crew) who he was, and my boy got to say, as I've taught him, "Jason - they're all named Jason". (Though this was, of course, not exactly accurate.)

3. After getting to my seat in the bottom of the fourth, I noted the no hits, no errors on the board. During the bottom of the fifth, jinx bedamned, I had to find out, so I subtly asked my Abreu-jersey wearing neighbor if any Phillies had walked? No clue. "Why you care?" (If he was a Dodger fan, TJ Simers could get an article out of that.) Asked guy behind me, "sorry just got here." Gave up at that point. Flame away, but I had to know.

4. Bottom of the Ninth, home team down by 1 -- really loud music. Video clip -- Jim Carrey as Riddler from Batman Forever -- "Now the game begins." Cheers. Video clip -- Bull Pullman from Independence Day -- "We will not go gentle in the night. We will not go down without a fight." More cheers. Dodger pitcher running in from bullpen. Music stops -- odd moment of quiet, guy behind me says really loud "Thank f-ing God Eric Gagne's not playing this year."

5. Brazoban throws two out of like his first 5 pitches posted as 98 mph on the scoreboard. Same guy says to me "So, um, who's that."

Fun game.

2005-07-22 09:55:03
15.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

July 22, 1954

Duke Snider and Pee Wee Reese homered and Sandy Amoros had three hits as the defending National League champion Brooklyn Dodgers pounded the Cincinnati Reds at Crosley Field, 8-5 before a crowd of 5,408. Despite the win, the Dodgers were still six games behind the first place Giants with a 56-37 record.

Carl Furillo scored the first run for the Dodgers. He had his sixth straight hit, a single to lead off the second and Amoros, filling in left field for the injured Jackie Robinson, doubled to right to score Furillo. The Dodgers scored twice more in the fourth off of Cincinnati starter Karl Drews, on a double by Amoros and singles by Roy Campanella, Don Newcombe, and Jim Gilliam.

The Reds cut the score to 3-2 in the fourth when Ted Kluszewski hit his 26th homer of the season with Roy McMillan aboard. Snider homered in the fifth to make it 4-2 Brooklyn and Reese hit his homer in the 7th off of Moe Savaransky to make it 5-2. Another run scored on a double play to make it 6-2.

The Reds closed the gap in the bottom of the seventh when they converted an error by Gilliam into a pair of unearned runs. Manager Walter Alston brought in Jim Hughes to relieve Newcombe and he got out of the inning.

The Dodgers scored two more runs in the 9th on an RBI single from Duke Snider, which gave Hughes a cushion in the 9th and made Gus Bell's home run in the bottom half merely cosmetic.

Alston was the biggest change to the Dodgers in 1954. Charlie Dressen had won two straight pennants and finished an agonizingly close second in his three years managing the Dodgers. Prior to the 1954 season, Dressen asked owner Walter O'Malley for a multi-year contact. O'Malley's response was to fire Dressen and promote little-known minor league manager Alston to the position. While the decision was not well received at the time, Alston would go on to be the winningest manager in Dodgers history.

But in 1954, the Dodgers could not overcome the Giants. They finished 92-62 and were five games back. The hitting was not as good as the 1953 squad and the pitching staff couldn't keep up with the Giants, surrendering 190 more runs than their neighbors in Manhattan.

Injuries were a problem. Robinson played in just 124 games. Campanella slumped to a .207 average. There was no regular third baseman with Don Hoak playing the most there.

The pitchers were a mixed lot. Carl Erskine went 18-15 but with an ERA of 4.15. Billy Loes went 13-5 with a 4.14 ERA. Newcombe was just 9-8 with a 4.55 ERA. Hughes made a league-leading 60 appearances with 24 saves.

Two rookie pitchers debuted. One had a spectacular start. Karl Spooner threw 2 complete game shutouts in his only games of the year and struck out 15 batters in his first game. He struck out 12 in his second game.

The other rookie was a young lefthander from Pennsylvania named Tom Lasorda. He appeared in four games with no decisions and gave up 5 runs in 9 innings of work. More would be heard from him later.
Thanks to New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-07-22 09:56:18
16.   Bob Timmermann
So what about the planned Dodger Stadium renovations that were detailed in the LA Times today.

Also ESPN insider had two stories about the Dodgers. But I won't discuss them unless somebody pays me.

2005-07-22 10:01:57
17.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 16

The renovations for the most part sound fine. I don't mind ads, but many do, so those need to be more tastefully done. Most importantly, McCourt needs to make sure he doesn't have a fiasco similar to the botched sightlines with those new seats. But I most especially liked the idea of larger restrooms and trying to find a way of improving traffic flow in the lot. The valet parking may be a start--I certainly won't be able to afford something like that, but if that can implove traffic flow overall, it definitely should be done. Escalators are also a good idea.


2005-07-22 10:07:36
18.   regfairfield
The renovations sound fine with the exception of the ad-board and the soundsystem. I don't want to be constantly bombarded with noise like I am at Anaheim Stadium. Also, three Stadium Clubs seems like overkill, doesn't it?

Since almost all these things mention expansion, I wonder what will be removed.

2005-07-22 10:08:30
19.   fanerman
PSA: Hee Seop Choi is the Dodgers first baseman for the forseeable future.
2005-07-22 10:09:38
20.   Benaiah
16 - Bob do you accept Billy Ashley rookie cards and Dodgers 2005 NL West Champions shirts? I was amazed to see Jeff Kent on the front page, anything interesting and not totally asinine in those Insider articles?
2005-07-22 10:11:56
21.   regfairfield
Nothing we didn't already know.

Gillettes article was pretty good, while Crasnick's article started off neutral, then suddenly turned towards Lo Duca, chemistry, and J.D. Drew not being a gamer.

2005-07-22 10:14:28
22.   Colorado Blue
1- Also ESPN insider had two stories about the Dodgers. But I won't discuss them unless somebody pays me.

Given ESPN's track record I must ask if they are even worth paying for?

2005-07-22 10:16:09
23.   the OZ
Here's the ESPN Insider headlines teasers:

Crasnik: "For Dodger fans pining in Chavez Ravine, the 2005 L.A. story is injury, poor chemistry and a 43-52 record reflecting it. But the NL West offers hope"

Gillette: "Dodgers' GM calculatingly cold"

and this (possibly non-Dodgers-related because I can't access premium Insider content) gem from Steve Phillips: " How to handle a wayward club" [snicker]

Based on the headlines, ESPN's writers are copying and pasting the pre-framed stories they wrote a year ago, complete with "In the 2003 book 'Moneyball'..." lead-ins, in Gillette's case.

Yeah, no one's ever written THAT before.

2005-07-22 10:18:09
24.   db1022
#21 - I wouldn't say Gillette's article was good, maybe "unbiased" is a better term. Our standards for the mainstream media are skewed due to people like Crasnick, Plashke, and the like. Gillette makes valid points that most of us agree with, but it reads like an encyclopedia article. Of course regular DT readers are spoiled.
2005-07-22 10:19:07
25.   regfairfield
Phillips' article is actually kind of funny.

I don't know why Gillete's article got that title, because it's certainly not anti-DePo.

2005-07-22 10:19:19
26.   stubbs
i love insider, great work entertainment. plus it gives you the simmons archives.
2005-07-22 10:20:20
27.   regfairfield
24 - Very true. I suppose by very good, I meant "never once said 'gamer', or 'chemistry'".
2005-07-22 10:31:18
28.   Colorado Blue
23 - Uh, it sounds like ESPN operates with the same business model as the Church of Scientology...

Anyway, I would be extremely curious as to how Crasnick analyzed the Dodger clubhouse and determined there is a "lack of chemistry". Does he site specific examples? What method did he use to measure and quantify "chemistry"?

For answers to those questions and more all you have to do is join ESPN's 3rd layer of obfuscation at the incredibly ridiculous price of you'll-know-once-we-bill-your-credit-card.

2005-07-22 10:35:32
29.   db1022
#28 - Here's your "proof":

"It's also no great revelation that DePodesta focuses more on stats than personalities and "chemistry" and how players might mesh as a unit. The running joke in Los Angeles is that Bible-toting Drew and standoffish Kent have yet to be introduced.

Drew -- who signed a five-year, $55 million contract this past winter -- didn't exactly enhance his "gamer" credentials even before getting plunked with a Brad Halsey pitch two weeks ago. On June 26, he was unable to pinch hit late in a 5-3 loss to the Angels. When he went 2-for-2 the next day against the Padres, some people in the organization wondered whether he couldn't have sucked it up and come off the bench to take a hack.

And naturally, word got around.

"If you have a five-year contract and you're on the active roster, at worst you go up to the plate and swing the bat and they pinch run for you," said an official from an AL club. "This is the city where Kirk Gibson basically needed a wheelbarrow to take him to home plate, so something like that doesn't go over real well." "

2005-07-22 10:36:46
30.   Xeifrank
Weaver is looking very good...
vr, Xei
2005-07-22 10:37:49
31.   the OZ
I just read Crasnik's article thanks to a buddy at work who has no ideological qualms with cutting and pasting ESPN content.

Same old, same old. His anecdote to support "no chemistry" is that people in LA joke about the "Bible-toting Drew and standoffish Kent have yet to be introduced." Then he moves on.

He sort of admonishes DePodesta for trying to "build a bench on the cheap, and he's paying for it." Does he think it would be better to spend a ton of money on backup players? I dunno. But I'm trying to find out how these "cheap" bench players DePodesta acquired are hurting the Dodgers:

Saenz .342 .473 .280
Ledee .344 .411 .277
Perez .392 .429 .324
Bako .362 .300 .250 (40 ABs)

"Extra" backup players acquired by DePodesta:

Robles .419 .459 .351
Edwards .318 .381 .286
Rose .286 .281 .219 (32 ABs)

Yeah, he should have spent more money on backup catchers - look at that terrible line from Bako and Rose.

2005-07-22 10:38:18
32.   sanchez101
I thought gillete's article was good, his main premise that its probably to soon to judge depodesta a stirring success or failure is faily enlighted for a sportswriter. Crasnick's article on the other hand seemed to rely heavily rumor. He seems to reach, like many others, for some reason to prove that the dodgers were destined for this. Unfortunatly, all he can come up with is; well the they took a long time to sign tracy, and drew didnt pinch hit that one time, oh and tj simers doesnt seem to like whats going on.
2005-07-22 10:40:14
33.   Eric Enders
Attending my first two Dodger games of the season on Saturday and Sunday at Shea.... last year the Dodgers were 0-3 with me in attendance, so this doesn't bode well.
2005-07-22 10:43:28
34.   Bob Timmermann
I think watching DJ Houlton pitching against Pedro Martinez doesn't bode well either.

Sunday should be a better game.

2005-07-22 10:43:46
35.   db1022
#31 - We should've spent more on the backups for the backups. After all, every team should prepare for their starter to go down, then their backups to go down. A strong AAA roster was vital to the success of the Yankees earlier this decade. :-p
2005-07-22 10:46:36
36.   Benaiah
All of the columns are pasted in here:

They are mashed together but most of the info is rehashed so I wouldn't worry about it.

2005-07-22 10:48:02
37.   the OZ
32 - Yeah, half of Crasnik's piece was repeating things that were reported in other places. There seems to be very little original research or background work that was done - he references the work of other reporters in a couple instances. I felt like I was reading an RSS feed of stuff I'd already seen. Not surprising that it was stale and repetitive.
2005-07-22 10:49:16
38.   Benaiah
31 - Cransnik is a moron, when he talks about the bench he is referring to Repko, Grabbo, Ross, Chen et al who aren't our bench as much as our AAA roster. The bench has been decent, the problem is that the bench has been starting do to so many injuries.
2005-07-22 10:50:30
39.   Bob Timmermann
There's always the wit and wisdom of Hal Bodley of USA Today
2005-07-22 10:54:59
40.   the OZ
39 - Per the MLA Handbook on writng about DePodesta/Dodgers, "Moneyball" is mentioned in the second sentence.
2005-07-22 10:56:21
41.   the OZ
Can we just agree that (1) most columnists are either lazy or stupid, at least part of the time, and (2) we think we're smarter than them?

Because we could save a lot of bandwidth by accepting these premises and moving forward, I sense.

2005-07-22 10:59:40
42.   Bob Timmermann
But then Steve wouldn't be able to have a blog.
Or else he'd just spend all his time writing about what he had for breakfast.
2005-07-22 10:59:41
43.   Colorado Blue
Geez, I want Crasnick's job... I could do it in my sleep! On second thought, I probably couldn't live with myself aspiring to such low standards. What a bunch drivel... ok, here's my version if the Dodgers were 10 games in 1st and 20 games above .500:

"Although J.D. Drew is deeply religious and Jeff Kent is a rough-hewned scrapper they've managed to overlook each other's vast differences in personality and put the best of interest of the team first. There is no better example of clubhouse leadership than Drew's quiet, unassuming demeanor where his play speaks for itself and Kent's willingness to pull a teammate aside and give him a talking to if need be.

"As the Dodgers continue their roll to the W.S. the other NL contenders better get used to the fact nothing short of nuclear meltdown can dissolve the ideal chemistry that is the Dodger clubhouse."

2005-07-22 11:03:02
44.   Colorado Blue
39 - Thanks Bob. A breath of fresh air.
2005-07-22 11:05:13
45.   Bob Timmermann
It's only a matter of time before Bodley gets his award at Cooperstown.

Speaking of that, Gammons will be making his acceptance speech for his award at the HOF induction ceremonies on July 31.

2005-07-22 11:09:54
46.   db1022
#43 - If the Dodgers were 10 in front, every other article would be a love letter to the genius of Jim Tracy. His ability to overcome the .XML feed of a roster that Depo has given him, and instead translate them into a "baseball team" is testament to his reputation as one of the 3 best managers in all of baseball.
2005-07-22 11:12:37
47.   Colorado Blue
45 -I'm not sure if there is sarcasm intended given the sideways comparison to Gammons, but I thought the article took, if not a somewhat obvious, at least an objective view with some importance placed on facts.

Never heard of Bodley before so I do not have a background context to put him in.

2005-07-22 11:14:07
48.   Bob Timmermann
Bodley has been USA Today's baseball columnist for a long, long time. He is well-known as a Bud Selig apologist.
2005-07-22 11:14:49
49.   Colorado Blue
46 - Yeah, there's always the Tracy good-guy overcoming adversity angle, but I'm still hoping that I can sell my version to Crasnick next year.
2005-07-22 11:15:40
50.   Colorado Blue
48 - That is not favorable. What planet is Bud from again?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-07-22 11:18:38
51.   Bob Timmermann
I'm not sure if Bodley was ever on a team's baseball beat, which is one of the requirements for the Spink Award (remembered its name!) from the HOF.

Some people who are likely to win it in upcoming years, mainly because it will be their time, will be Tracy Ringolsby and Rick Hummel. I imagine that Jayson Stark will get it one of these years, but he's relatively young.

Ringolsby is the guy with the big cowboy hat who works for one of the Denver papers. Hummel was the Cardinals beat writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for a long, long time.

2005-07-22 11:27:05
52.   Mark Linsey
Interesting tidbits from the articles-

"Given that Dodgers pitching coach Jim Colborn and hitting coach Tim Wallach are both extremely well-regarded and could have gone elsewhere if not for their loyalty to Tracy, that makes you wonder."

No evidence is cited for this comment, but if it's true then that must make the cost of firing JT considerably greater.

"The Los Angeles Times' Tim Brown recently reported that Tracy's two-year contract extension includes an out clause allowing him to leave after this season."

I must have missed Brown's original article. This is interesting...we might not need to fire him after all.

2005-07-22 11:43:41
53.   the OZ
Steve will have to change his site to ""
2005-07-22 11:49:43
54.   ddger
Tracy's lineup is getting more predictable these days. So it's not quite as challenging to predict the lineup now.

Anyone want to try the LINEUP MATCH GAME today.

2005-07-22 11:55:12
55.   Bob Timmermann
My guess

I'm guessing that Tracy will give Phillips another day of rest.

2005-07-22 11:56:42
56.   Colorado Blue
I'll give it a whirl:
Robles (3B)
Izturis (SS)
Werth (RF)
Kent (2B)
Choi (1B)
Edwards (LF)
Phillips (C)
Repko (CF)
Weaver (SP)
2005-07-22 11:56:56
57.   ddger

The following criteria will be used to determine whose lineup was the most accurate to the actual lineup.

1st tiebreaker: Correct players in the actual lineup.

2nd tiebreaker: Correct players in the actual spot in the batting order.

3rd tiebreaker: Correct positions in the actual position played.

2005-07-22 11:58:01
58.   Colorado Blue
55 - Did I miss a pitching change?
2005-07-22 11:58:34
59.   ddger
55. Is Penny starting today? I thought it was Weaver?
2005-07-22 11:59:25
60.   Colorado Blue
55 - Also, good call on Ledee in the lineup... should of thought of that... but hitting clean-up; interesting.
2005-07-22 12:00:33
61.   ddger
56. Any reason why Werth might bat 3rd today?
2005-07-22 12:01:13
62.   ddger
No A. Perez sighting today?
2005-07-22 12:01:18
63.   Bob Timmermann
I meant Weaver in my guess. Am I allowed a change?
2005-07-22 12:02:21
64.   ddger
63. Yes you can. You can indicate position too.
2005-07-22 12:03:25
65.   Bob Timmermann
Robles 3B
Izturis SS
Kent 2B
Ledee RF
Werth LF
Choi 1B
Rose C
Repko CF
Weaver P
2005-07-22 12:03:47
66.   Colorado Blue
61 - As good as anyone after Kent to hit there; he's been a little hotter lately.
2005-07-22 12:04:53
67.   ddger
The opposing Met starter is Victor Zambrano (RH). I'm not sure of his arm angle though.
2005-07-22 12:06:07
68.   Bob Timmermann
Hardly anyone on the Dodgers has faced V. Zambrano since he's been in the AL most of his career.
2005-07-22 12:06:43
69.   ddger
Bob, that will make it harder for Tracy to come up with a lineup then.
2005-07-22 12:09:57
70.   ddger
Our crosstown rivals (Angels) made a nice pickup in Paul Byrd this offseason for about 5M and he's been very good so far (9-6 with 3.71 ERA). Maybe, Depo should have signed him instead of Lowe or Perez.
2005-07-22 12:11:35
71.   Colorado Blue
70 - Darned hindsight.

Yeah, picking Werth 3rd was probably not good especially since Ledee will probably be in the lineup.

2005-07-22 12:20:46
72.   Sushirabbit
Does anyoneknow if 69 different lineups in first 95 games is a record?

And Tracey does seem like the type of guy who would go for breaking such a record, so maybe he's trying to get ledee hit on the hands with a Zambrano up&in.

2005-07-22 12:21:48
73.   LAT
14. Sam, the guy behind you in Philly shouldn't feel bad when I'm at Dodger Stadium most people ask "So, um, who's that" referring to Dodger players.
2005-07-22 12:32:38
74.   Bob Timmermann
Zambrano is a good candidate to hit somebody. He has 9 HBP. And he has 4 WPs this season. Remember that when there's a runner on 3rd!
2005-07-22 12:34:08
75.   fanerman
He could also hit Jeff Kent on the wrist.
2005-07-22 12:36:45
76.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, Weaver's hit 10 batters this season!

My advice for batters tonight:


The MLB leader in HBP for pitchers is Casey Fossum with 13. Sandy Koufax hit just 18 his career.

On the other hand, Don Drysdale hit 154.

2005-07-22 12:40:39
77.   Colorado Blue
154 of them on-purpose.
2005-07-22 12:41:34
78.   LAT
This is not mine, it comes from FirstMohican at the end of yesterday's thread. Very funny stuff FirstMohican. But it explains why Phillips was not in the line up yesterday and maybe not today. Clearly, he is in Vegas at the Debbie Reynolds Hotel filling in for Rip Taylor in his one man confetti show.

2005-07-22 12:46:54
79.   Bob Timmermann
Scattered thunderstorms expected in New York today, although I would assume that the game would get played.

The Dodgers have been pretty fortunate with the weather this year. No postponements yet and I think only a couple of games that have started a little late. There was one in Denver. Were there any others?

2005-07-22 12:59:37
80.   coachjpark
Robles (3B)
Izturis (SS)
Kent (2B)
Choi (1B)
Werth (RF)
Ledee (LF)
Rose (C)
Repko (CF)
Weaver (SP)
2005-07-22 13:04:19
81.   Xeifrank
My (and Howard too) Over/Under for tonight's game for Jeff Weaver is 6-2/3
vr, Xei
2005-07-22 13:14:26
82.   db1022
July 31 is quickly approaching. What's the threshold for buying/selling in terms of games behind the Padres?

Pads and Dodgers have the same schedule for the rest of the month - it's our turn at the Mets, the Pads get the Phils. Then both teams are home to host the Reds and Cards.

I say if we're inside 5 games (make up 2 games in the next 8 games) we definitely go for it.

If we drop 2 games over the next 8, may be time pack it in.

So, 8.5 back - sell. 4.5 back - buy, baby, buy!

But what about in between? Depo almost needs to have two trades (at least) in place as the 31st comes up.

2005-07-22 13:32:37
83.   Steve
Nothing for breakfast, but I just went out and had "Pizza Medals" for lunch. Good dough. Sauce was spicy in a way that very little food in Utah is spicy (my wife ordered a Reuben in a restaurant here once, and the waitress warned her that it was "spicy").

I cannot think of a reason in the world that Brother Kent would dislike J.D. Drew because he owns a bible. That is nonsense.

2005-07-22 13:37:04
84.   Steve

Robles 3b
Izturis ss
Kent 1b
Ledee rf
Perez 2b
Phillips c
Werth lf
Repko cf
Christy Mathewson in Jeff Weaver's uniform - p

2005-07-22 13:38:50
85.   fanerman
oh what the heck. I'm bad at these but here's a line-up

Robles 3B
Izzy SS
Kent 2B
Ledee RF
Werth LF
Choi 1B
Philips C
Repko CF
Weaver P

2005-07-22 13:42:24
86.   the OZ
Robles 1B
Izturis SS
Kent 2B
Phillips C
Ledee LF
Edwards 3B
Werth RF
Repkowski CF
Weaver P
2005-07-22 13:44:19
87.   Colorado Blue
81 - Xei: did you get my picks for the weekend? Just making sure as you mentioned only yourself and Howard.
2005-07-22 13:46:05
88.   Colorado Blue
86 - Robles 1B? You have a direct line to Tracy's thoughts? Maybe I missed Robles at 1B in some other game...
2005-07-22 13:49:33
89.   the OZ
That's what my Ouija(?) Board said. The best way to mimic Tracy's lineups is to mimic his methods for choosing them.
2005-07-22 13:53:43
90.   Colorado Blue
89 - Genius, pure genius!
2005-07-22 13:55:53
91.   Bunting is for losers
83 - Nice 'Brother Kent' reference
2005-07-22 13:57:09
92.   FirstMohican
83 - Where'd the Kent vs. Drew rumor come from?

They seem similar to me. Both relatively quiet, neither very emotional.

2005-07-22 14:12:49
93.   Steve
92 -- i thought ESPN was selling it. did i misread something here?
2005-07-22 14:16:29
94.   the OZ
93 - No, it was in Crasnik's "Hearsay" article about the Dodgers.

Most of Crasnik's recent column would be inadmissable in court on those grounds.

2005-07-22 14:21:16
95.   Steve
Present state of mind exception? Admission? Statement against interest?
2005-07-22 14:23:15
96.   Xeifrank
87. Col Blue, got your picks thanks.
2005-07-22 14:25:00
97.   Xeifrank
Quick tease on 570am sports radio that the Dodgers were rumoredly shopping Jeff Weaver and that the Baltimore Orioles were supposedly interested. I'm not sure how the Dodgers getting closer and closer to the Padres in the standings would affect such a trade scenario were there some truth to it. I think the Orioles have a pitching prospect (Penn?) that many teams are interested in.
vr, Xei
2005-07-22 14:30:09
98.   bokonon42
I didn't realize Drew was a Christian. Man, DePo really does need to get rid of him. Christians are clubhouse poison. If he can't get Green back, maybe Texas would be willing to deal Kevin Mench.
2005-07-22 14:39:27
99.   JJoeScott
Even if we got close to SD, Weaver the Heartless will cost us a game and break all our hearts anyway. Deal 'em ....
2005-07-22 14:46:15
100.   FirstMohican
Dodgers are 4-6 in The Weaves' last 10 starts, and 9 of them were quality starts. The Dodgers averaged 3 RPG during the stretch while his UnERA has been 3.26.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-07-22 14:50:40
101.   db1022
This trade deadline is going to come right down to the wire. He's going to have the Orioles prepared to take Weaver for Penn and Bigbie, or try to get Lawton from the Pirates, depending on the couple of games leading up to the deadline.

Padres get the Cards first, while we should be beating the Reds. But the games leading up to the deadline is the reverse scenario. We could close the gap against the Reds, only to fall back against the Cards.

2005-07-22 14:51:42
102.   the OZ
95 - Overruled.
2005-07-22 14:53:05
103.   rageon
#95 - Stop, Steve!! I can't any more character evidence. If I tank on Wednesday, those things you mentioned will play a substantial part in it.
2005-07-22 14:58:08
104.   fanerman
At least we get the Cards before the deadline. It would suck to get to within 4.5 or so before the Cards, make the deal, then slip back to 7.5 back.

DePo isn't afraid of making a deal at the 11th hour, so we'll see what happens.

2005-07-22 15:02:15
105.   db1022
But to be on such a razor's edge as to being buyers or sellers...this could be as exciting as the season gets for us.

Of course, we could get swept by the Mets this weekend too. Ask the Padres how that felt.

Go Phils!

2005-07-22 15:03:03
106.   the OZ
The more I think about it, the more I want to keep O Perez and dish Weaver for a good ML player, or more likely a very good pitching prospect (i.e., Penn). Even before Odalis' performance yesterday, he's been an above-average pitcher and will make about what available average pitchers seem to get paid these days.

Why not get someone good for Weaver, then make him an offer during the offseason? He strikes me as lazy enough not to want to look for a new place to live and may sign with the Dodgers for less than $9M per year. He'd have to find a whole new dealer and everything.

2005-07-22 15:03:31
107.   Jim Hitchcock
83 - I still thnk my proposed business model of importing Louisiana style hot sauce into Utah is sure fire. If I can only get around the illegalities...
2005-07-22 15:04:04
108.   the OZ
If he left, that is. Not if he stayed.
2005-07-22 15:06:42
109.   the OZ
My favorite Utah memory is a big billboard along the highway with an ENORMOUS picture of a coiled rattlesnake's gaping jaws and fangs lunging toward the viewer. The caption:

"Pornography. It's Just as Dangerous."

'Pork. The Other White Meat' is ain't.

2005-07-22 15:07:20
110.   Midwest Blue

Robles 3B
Izzy SS
Kent 2B
Phillips C
Choi 1B
Ledee RF
Edwards LF
Repko CF
Weaver P

2005-07-22 15:12:57
111.   FirstMohican
Absurd. Anyone else realize how well Chris Carpenter is pitching? 17 of his 19 starts are quality starts. 9 times he's pitched 8 or more innings.

Having a pitcher that has about a 90% chance of getting you to at least the 6th inning, with 3 or less runs?

Oh by the way he's making 2 Mil this year. Wow

2005-07-22 15:15:29
112.   db1022
106 - To me, that is the worst case scenario in the Weaver situation - trading him now, and then signing him to a contract at season's end. I don't think that we'll be able to get any real impact players in a deal for him. Maybe Fearing or Nate can comment on where this guy Penn would rank amongst our current pitchers - I would think that he might not even be top 5 in our system, especially if Hochevar signs.

And, if we were to resign him, he'd want 3 yrs./$27M at least. Remember, there are few starters available this offseason. Burnett will get traded and extended. Weaver might very well be best pitcher available (unless I'm completely forgetting someone - Jason Schmidt?).

I think we deal him and be done with the season (and don't try to resign him), or go for it this year and offer him arbitration.

2005-07-22 15:20:36
113.   Steve
Weaver. He's just as dangerous.
2005-07-22 15:21:02
114.   natepurcell
i like penn. but, he would fall behind

on our pitching depth. have we traded lowe, odalis or weaver yet?

2005-07-22 15:21:21
115.   the OZ
We can flip Penn for other ML talent without yielding the blue chips, if that's the case.

One of the problems the Dodgers have is that everyone asks for these great prospects for players that, frankly, aren't worth it. The prospects are just SOOOOO good that it's difficult to get equivalent value in return. A Penn-type broadens the field of impact MLB players that we could get fair value for.

Deal him for sure, but what have we got to lose by making a fair offer as a FA? He might accept it. Radke, Koskie, and Clement did last winter. What we shouldn't do is RELY on re-signing him regardless of cost.

2005-07-22 15:21:55
116.   fanerman
In some link I read, probably from The Hardball Times, said that "the worst thing about Moneyball was that it made every arm chair sabermetrician think he can be a GM."

Anyway, I often wonder how the Dodgers would do if us Dodger Thought-ites became a sort of collective brain trust GM for the Dodgers.

Just a random thought.

2005-07-22 15:26:20
117.   FirstMohican
116 - We would've traded away Weaver yesterday, and be working on a trade to aquire Weaver tomorrow.
2005-07-22 15:26:36
118.   natepurcell
actually, i think i am selling penn short.

he has a lot of potential. but similar to jackson, he has had his pysche hurt when he got called up to the bigs. he has been bad since returning to AA. Penn would definately be a top 5 pitcher. but his cieling isnt as high as billingsley and miller. so you can put him anywhere after those two based on your preference.

2005-07-22 15:26:39
119.   db1022
I would be open to signing Weaver if we unloaded Odalis. I'm just not real comfortable with having 4 starters locked up long term, knowing we have all of these dynamic arms in the minors. I'd much prefer to have Weaver back on a 1 year deal.
2005-07-22 15:27:53
120.   db1022
#118 - I'm assuming we eventually sign Hochevar. Where would he rank?
2005-07-22 15:28:12
121.   FirstMohican
119 - Agreed. To me, having Odalis/Weaver is almost a wash. Weaver is probably a little better, more durable, but more expensive. Odalis is a lefty but he's surly.

I'm indifferent in terms of keeping one or the other, but not both. When are the kids going to get a chance?

2005-07-22 15:29:51
122.   natepurcell
i am still drooling over how the dodgers are hording pitching. it is actually unbelievable how many arms we have. imagine, by ST of next year:
chad billingsley
greg miller
luke hochevar
jonathan broxton
hayden penn
edwin jackson
justin orenduff
chuck tiffany
mike megrew
julio pimentel
scott elbert
blake johnson
hong chih kuo

all of them have cielings of a #3 pitcher and greater or a lights out bullpen arm. wow

2005-07-22 15:30:57
123.   Marty
"surly lefty" has a better ring to it than "crafty lefty"
2005-07-22 15:30:57
124.   natepurcell
#118 - I'm assuming we eventually sign Hochevar. Where would he rank?

probably right after billingsley and miller. some people dont realize how big of a steal it was in getting hochevar at pick #40.

2005-07-22 15:30:59
125.   the OZ
116 - nothing would ever get done. One of the central tenets of political science is three or more people are almost always incapable of consensus agreement on anything. That's why governments exist with all their crazy rules and procedures for setting policy.

A team run by collective brains would be totally paralyzed. That's why being a good GM, or executive in general, is so hard. You are forced to make decisions that affect the entire organization that not everyone agrees with, then show up at work the next day with those same dissenters and get to work on the next problem/task/issue in a professional manner.

Wow, I've taken your comment way too seriously. But you make a great point - 'sabermetricians' and other math-and-stats-type people are suddenly craving work in baseball. But stats and evaluation are probably less than half the battle, especially given the inherent uncertainty and randomness in player performance. I think that the ability to think clearly and make decisions, especially with an understanding of the labor market is the single greatest skill a GM can have.

A Steve Phillips-type is the opposite of this, letting the local newspaper make decisions for him while totally misjudging the value of specfic players to his team.

2005-07-22 15:36:05
126.   db1022
#121/122 - I just look at the Angels, who signed a mediocre SS to a long term contract thereby blocking the path for their top prospect.

I don't want to be the Angels.

2005-07-22 15:36:18
127.   fanerman
Yeah, that was my first thought. We'd probably have to set up some sort of branches with checks and balances to ever agree to anything, but then it'd take us forever to get anything done. And a certain sense of decisiveness is necessary to be a good GM.
2005-07-22 15:40:59
128.   LAT
125 Don't sell us short. I beleve we would have complete agreement about that Scott guy in the bullpen.
2005-07-22 15:42:33
129.   Langhorne
116 - We'd have no major league team but a load of great prospects with high potential. Kind of like now except it wouldn't be due to injuries but because we trade players who can start in the majors right now for prospects who may never make it.
2005-07-22 15:43:16
130.   LAT
128 I take that back. There would be a group satisfied with DFAing him. But another would want him drawn and quartered. Still another would want him burned a the stake. . .the possiblities are endless. Well a guy can dream can't he.
2005-07-22 15:44:48
131.   Icaros
LAT would be pushing too hard to reacquire Shawn Green as a birthday present to his daughter.
2005-07-22 15:45:55
132.   LAT
129 Yes but our payroll would only be $7M. ($300,000/25) making Frank the Weenie a richer man.
2005-07-22 15:48:11
133.   LAT
"Frank the Weenie." That would make Frank and Jamie "the Weenie and the Meanie." TJ would love that one.
2005-07-22 15:49:54
134.   Xeifrank
125. If Joe McDonell, Steve Mason and Collen Cowherd were the three headed GM of the Dodgers we'd still have LoDuca, Lima, Green, Beltre and Mota each future HOFers due to their chemistry and Eric Gagne wouldn't have gotten hurt. I think I'd prefer the three headed monster of Steve-Fearing Blue-Jon than to anyone else outside of Depo. This of course only if Steve gives up his yearning for a seat on the SCOTUS.
vr, Xei
2005-07-22 15:51:05
135.   LAT
131 Yes, Yes I would. Until all of you carried me up to the upper reserve level and threw me off.
2005-07-22 15:51:20
136.   overkill94
The best way I have of evaluating minor league talent is through John Sickels' web site, and he has Hayden Penn as a B prospect and the best pitcher in the O's organization (5th overall). This would have him behind Billingsley and Broxton and tied with Jackson and Tiffany (all of these rankings are coming into the season).
2005-07-22 15:53:18
137.   Xeifrank
127. Three branches of DT govt?

President - Jon?
VP - Bob "Haliburton" Timmerman?

SCOTUS: Steve and who else?

and the rest of us Senators. Sounds good to me. I think Steve would find the employment of Jim Tracy as unconstitutional.

vr, Xei

2005-07-22 15:53:22
138.   Steve
Has anyone else noticed that on the Crasnick teaser on ESPN, we went from no-chemistry basket cases to "still in the hunt in the NL West."
2005-07-22 15:57:24
139.   dzzrtRatt
re 116 Anyway, I often wonder how the Dodgers would do if us Dodger Thought-ites became a sort of collective brain trust GM for the Dodgers.

Are you sure we aren't? Jon might as well retitle this blog "Free Advice for Tracy, DePodesta and McCourt." Some folks here just spout opinions, but we have quite a few who take the trouble to construct logical, complete and coherent arguments to support their positions, including relevant documentation.

If in the dark of a sleepless night Paul DePodesta doesn't read through these comments, then he's not the geek I thought he was.

Hi Paulie, don't forget your cookies and milk!

2005-07-22 15:57:37
140.   overkill94
On a similar note, Rotoworld just unleashed their mid-season top-150 prospects and the Dodgers landed the most with 12 (D-Backs were closest with 9).

They are:
#5 - Guzman
#17 - LaRoche
#19 - Billingsley
#50 - Jackson
#51 - Martin
#53 - Tiffany
#57 - Miller
#79 - Loney
#89 - Broxton (not as much faith as Sickels apparently)
#99 - Orenduff
#132 - Navarro
#141 - Aybar

Not sure how Elbert and maybe Kuo didn't make the list.

BTW, Penn ended up at #67 on this list

2005-07-22 15:59:26
141.   overkill94
Since I apparently can't get away from all this prospect talk, the Yankees landed dead last on the list with 2 prospects and our rival Giants and Padres had 4 and 3, respectively.
2005-07-22 16:00:20
142.   Marty
137. The rest of us are the Greek Chorus
2005-07-22 16:03:00
143.   Bob Timmermann
I don't want to be Vice President. I want to be the Secretary of Transportation.
2005-07-22 16:04:51
144.   Steve
The Dodgers need a new secretary of Health and Human Services.
2005-07-22 16:05:03
145.   natepurcell
keep odalis, weaver and penny, trade lowe!

odalis weaver penny= all under 30

2005-07-22 16:05:07
146.   LAT

You may be aware of this but Tuesday, July 25 is Joe McDonald bobblehead night at the RC Quakes. But you better get there early becasue only the first 1,000 get the bobblehead. I'm guessing Joe will be there as well.

Who knew every Wed. at the Quakes game is honor Frank McCourt night. . .but they call it Weenie Wednesday where hot dogs are only a buck.

2005-07-22 16:06:13
147.   ddger
Thanks for participating in tonight's "Lineup Match Game"

And now, the results are:

Actual Lineup:

Robles 3B
Izzy SS
Kent 2B
Ledee LF
Philips C
Choi 1B
Werth RF
Repko CF
Weaver P

56. Colorado Blue (8
I'll give it a whirl:
Robles (3B)
Izturis (SS)
Werth (RF)
Kent (2B)
Choi (1B)
Edwards (LF)
Phillips (C)
Repko (CF)
Weaver (SP)

65. Bob Timmermann (8
Robles 3B
Izturis SS
Kent 2B
Ledee RF
Werth LF
Choi 1B
Rose C
Repko CF
Weaver P

80. coachjpark (8
Robles (3B)
Izturis (SS)
Kent (2B)
Choi (1B)
Werth (RF)
Ledee (LF)
Rose (C)
Repko (CF)
Weaver (SP)

84. Steve (8

Robles 3b
Izturis ss
Kent 1b
Ledee rf
Perez 2b
Phillips c
Werth lf
Repko cf
Christy Mathewson in Jeff Weaver's uniform - p

85. fanerman
oh what the heck. I'm bad at these but here's a line-up

Robles 3B (9
Izzy SS
Kent 2B
Ledee RF
Werth LF
Choi 1B
Philips C
Repko CF
Weaver P

86. the OZ (8
Robles 1B
Izturis SS
Kent 2B
Phillips C
Ledee LF
Edwards 3B
Werth RF
Repkowski CF
Weaver P

110. Midwest Blue (8

Robles 3B
Izzy SS
Kent 2B
Phillips C
Choi 1B
Ledee RF
Edwards LF
Repko CF
Weaver P

Congratulations, fanerman. You are the winner tonight.

fanerman correctly guessed all the players in the lineup tonight even though the lineup order was slightly off.

fanerman must be getting good at reading Tracy's mind.

Thanks again for participating you guys.

Wonder if we can predict the EXACT LINEUP one of these day.

2005-07-22 16:06:39
148.   natepurcell
how about we do this. we give weaver his 3 yr 27 mil deal.

but we PRETEND penny is the one making the 9 mil a yr and weaver is making pennys contract.

see, it works out :)

2005-07-22 16:07:23
149.   Langhorne
142 - Wouldn't that be Geek Chorus? We'd be on the side chanting VORP, OPS and other assorted numbers.
2005-07-22 16:09:09
150.   fanerman
Woohoo. Stealing the OZ's Ouija(?) board and giving him a fake worked!
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-07-22 16:09:45
151.   Jim Hitchcock
Joe McDonald. From bubblehead to bobblehead...
2005-07-22 16:12:49
152.   LAT
fanerman must be getting good at reading Tracy's mind

What did fanerman ever do to you?:-)

2005-07-22 16:13:02
153.   Langhorne
DePodesta Rex, with Joe Morgan as the Oracle.
2005-07-22 16:14:13
154.   FirstMohican
140 - I didn't see Franklin Guittierez on the list. Was he previously ranked high?
2005-07-22 16:14:44
155.   Marty
Gameday has that Kent flyout marker in the stands. Was it close?
2005-07-22 16:14:45
156.   FirstMohican
140 - I didn't see Franklin Gutierrez on the list. Was he previously ranked high?
2005-07-22 16:15:51
157.   the OZ
That's what I get for trusting a stupid online Ouija board.
2005-07-22 16:16:16
158.   Steve
Izturis would have scored, and should be sent home.
2005-07-22 16:16:50
159.   Bob Timmermann
Kent's flyball was caught just in front of the fence.
2005-07-22 16:17:44
160.   FirstMohican
159 - Gamecast shows Kent's out as being out of the ballpark.
2005-07-22 16:18:00
161.   Marty
My Gameday double-posted Ledee's hit. Just like Dodger Thoughts!
2005-07-22 16:18:09
162.   Steve
Charley Steiner just way oversold Jason Phillips' routine fly ball. I know this is common, but I'm only just getting used to it due to lack of exposure.
2005-07-22 16:18:37
163.   the OZ
OK, I'm seriously stumped as to why Phillips is batting ahead of Choi against a RHP. I can't even think of a Plaschkian reason why that makes any sense. Is it because Phillips strikes out so infrequently? Choi bests him at every other way of measuring offense, including speed and name-chantiness.
2005-07-22 16:18:43
164.   FirstMohican
160 - Didn't realize that I was responding to an answer to a question similar to mine. Apologies =)
2005-07-22 16:19:56
165.   Xeifrank
Tonight's over/under challenge guesses:

7/22 Jeff Weaver vs NY Mets
Colorado Blue: 6
Xeifrank: 6-2/3
Joekings: 7
CT Bum: 7-1/3
Louis in SF: 6-2/3
Howard: 6-2/3
Louis in SF 2-1-0
Xeifrank 3-2-2
Howard 4-3-0
CT Bum 3-2-2
Joekings 1-2-0
Colorado Blue 2-5-0

2005-07-22 16:20:12
166.   FirstMohican
It's good to find out that Zambrano doesn't have odd arm angles.
2005-07-22 16:20:14
167.   db1022
#163 - RLRLR
2005-07-22 16:20:41
168.   overkill94
Re 156:

I'm not sure if you just want to know how Gutierrez is doing or don't realize that we traded him to the Indians for Bradley, but either way he is at #64 despite struggling mightily in AA - .233/.294/.389 with a 65/23 K/BB ratio and 10 SB.

2005-07-22 16:21:02
169.   Steve
Steiner claims that The Man Who Would Be Scott Kazmir only threw five strikes in the first inning.

Steiner oversells every fly ball. I get it.

2005-07-22 16:21:08
170.   LAT
Why didn't Izzy tag on Kent fly ball?
2005-07-22 16:21:25
171.   Marty
What are the odds Randolph makes a dumb move before Tracy?
2005-07-22 16:21:46
172.   micktissue
Who makes out the Dodger line-up cards? I'm thinking it's made out by the kid who Choi used to beat up in grade school.
2005-07-22 16:22:08
173.   FirstMohican
168 - I was curious because from memory, he was previously a ranked prospect. Since he's been traded I've only heard bad things about his performance. If he's not on that list, then DePos move is great.
2005-07-22 16:23:06
174.   FirstMohican
168 - I shouldn't read half of the post before responding. My Edit->Find feature must not work for the string "franklin."
2005-07-22 16:23:58
175.   Bob Timmermann
Izzy didn't tag on Kent's fly ball because he was almost all the way to second base. It wasn't readily apparent that Beltran could chase it down.
2005-07-22 16:24:34
176.   LAT
169. I'm getting used to Steiner and actually like him. He oversells everything but he is funny at times. Monday on the other hand is so so so very bad. When Steiner is on TV and its Monday and Downing on the radio. . .ugh!
2005-07-22 16:25:23
177.   Marty
Al Downing. Worst. Announcer. Ever.
2005-07-22 16:25:37
178.   Bob Timmermann
It's Merengue Night at Shea Stadium!
2005-07-22 16:26:08
179.   db1022
I like Steiner just from the old Sportscenter days. The way he used to get laughing fits on camera was priceless.
2005-07-22 16:26:50
180.   Marty
2005-07-22 16:27:10
181.   natepurcell
our two lefty studs at vero and columbus are pitching gems currentlyl
2005-07-22 16:27:26
182.   FirstMohican
176 - I remember after a week into the season he was listing the NLW standings during a postgame recap.

After explaining the order of the first four teams, Steiner says "...aaaand the Rockies have already been mathematically eliminated."

I decided then that Steiner had a good chance at being liked in LA.

Much better than the Mondayesque "Line drive, its... here comes... the ball... going foul... IT'S GONE."

2005-07-22 16:27:41
183.   LAT
What is the give-away for merengue night? Tequella?
2005-07-22 16:27:44
184.   micktissue
Choi doubles and somewhere in the Dodger dugout a manager is wondering "What if ... ?"
2005-07-22 16:29:19
185.   FirstMohican
So... who's to say that if Choi batted in front of Phillips that he would've still had a double! =)
2005-07-22 16:29:19
186.   Steve
I am fine with Steiner. Lyons is stupid. Mostly you have to get used to the fact that if you aren't watching the screen, and Steiner starts to get excited about a flyball, you can relax a little bit.

Werth moves up a runner in front of Repko. And this is supposed to be a good thing.

2005-07-22 16:29:21
187.   Marty
Nice Olney
2005-07-22 16:30:23
188.   micktissue

Or visa versa ...

2005-07-22 16:30:29
189.   Steve
Yep yep
2005-07-22 16:31:16
190.   natepurcell
choi should have ran him over!
2005-07-22 16:31:17
191.   los angeles dragons
179: I don't know the Steiner from the days of old, but he still gets into fits of giggles every game.
2005-07-22 16:31:37
192.   overkill94
That's about all you can do in that situation with the pitcher coming up, Repko proves to be scrappy but totally non-clutch.
2005-07-22 16:31:53
193.   Bob Timmermann
Merengue Night means that there will be a post-game concert featuring Fernando Villalona, El Jeffrey and Sergio Vargas.
2005-07-22 16:33:27
194.   overkill94
I agree that Downing is quite possibly the worst announcer ever. It'd be one thing if he had good insight but a bad voice/presence or vice-versa, but unfortunately he has neither. Monday is tolerable, I actually like Steiner, and Lyons is a little too Hudleresque for me.
2005-07-22 16:34:01
195.   Bob Timmermann
Weaver ran to first in a really weird path. He was about two feet in foul territory and he never made it to first base. He went past it through.

I assume he didn't want to get into a collision with Mintiekiewicz.

2005-07-22 16:34:10
196.   natepurcell
elbert pitches a complete game shut out for columbus today.
2005-07-22 16:35:33
197.   LAT
179 & 191 That's because he is laghing AT how bad Monday is.
2005-07-22 16:35:51
198.   the OZ
That's Meintkiewicz, the greatest name no one knows how to spell since Krzyzewski.
2005-07-22 16:36:38
199.   fanerman
I still have yet to hear Steiner call a game. Wow.
2005-07-22 16:37:26
200.   LAT
Should be 2-0.
Instead its 0-0.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-07-22 16:38:16
201.   Bob Timmermann
Actually we were both wrong:
2005-07-22 16:38:28
202.   Benaiah
We are having a classic V Zambrano game so far. We have had runners in scoring position every inning and his WHIP is 1.5 including two doubles, yet we have no runs. I can't imagine being a Mets fan and having him and Ishii on the same team.
2005-07-22 16:38:31
203.   Steve
Watching Chase Utley and David Wright does not make me more patient.
2005-07-22 16:38:40
204.   LAT
Isn't "Meintkiewicz" spelled "I'm keeping this WS ball. Its mine all mine!"
2005-07-22 16:39:16
205.   the OZ
The Dodgers have Jason Phillips batting 5th.
The Mets have Mike Piazza batting 6th.
2005-07-22 16:39:52
206.   the OZ
My transposition of the I and E was a typo, I swear.
2005-07-22 16:40:16
207.   natepurcell
maybe if repko cant adjust to big league pitching, we can turn him into a power bullpen arm.
2005-07-22 16:40:30
208.   Steve
Mientkiewicz is spelled "S H A W N G R E E N"
2005-07-22 16:40:42
209.   Bob Timmermann
2-0 Phillies over the Padres in the 2nd!

Let the Denial phase begin!

2005-07-22 16:41:03
210.   Benaiah
Repko is a beastly outfielder! If only his bat had a little pop... That said, until Bradley comes back I am fine with playing him everyday since he roams CF with the best of them.
2005-07-22 16:42:06
211.   overkill94
Ryan "Big Daddy" Howard just put another one out to put the Phils up 2-0 on los Padres de San Diego.
2005-07-22 16:42:22
212.   Benaiah
Leave it to Weaver! Way to induce the GIDP!
2005-07-22 16:42:49
213.   micktissue
Downing always sounds irritated to me. As if each play is so completely obvious to him that he cannot possibly tolerate explaining it.

Monday reminds me a bit of John Miller in that he emphasizes phrases that by themselves are mundane, i.e., Floyd's weight.

If Vin is telling the same story it's so different as to be interesting. I think Monday strives too hard for validation and, unlike Steiner, feels he has something to prove.

Steiner bothers me at times because he sometimes talks too much off subject and loses the rhythm of the game.

2005-07-22 16:42:58
214.   fanerman
I'm fine with Repko for now because our other bats aren't that good anyway... except for Perez. But if anything, he should be taking Werth's spot.

You mean continue?

2005-07-22 16:43:26
215.   natepurcell
jackson is being hit around kinda of hard so far.
2005-07-22 16:44:21
216.   Bob Timmermann
Some of us are in Acceptance, others are in Denial.

I think I'll just settle in to Bargaining with a dash of Anger.

2005-07-22 16:44:41
217.   overkill94
Bob, is it really denial if we're within 5 come the deadline with Bradley and Valentin back and Drew a month away? Our line-up would be at least respectable again and our starting pitching has been improved (and healthy for once). The only hole I can see would be in the bullpen, maybe trade for Baez or Guardado and put Brazoban back in his 8th inning role?
2005-07-22 16:47:06
218.   Bob Timmermann
If you have to ask if it's denial, it's probably denial.

Asking someone if they are in denial cannot be answered honestly. The act of answering it changes your answer. Either you are denying your denial by saying no or accepting your denial by saying yes, in which case it isn't denial anymore.

2005-07-22 16:48:04
219.   LAT
208 "I know Shawn Green and Doug Mientkiewicz is no Shawn Green!"

Steve, its Friday afternoon and I'm doing timesheets. Only a couple more weeks of a time-sheet free existence for you.

2005-07-22 16:48:16
220.   Benaiah
Hey nate, what happened to Jackson and did Miller pitch today?
2005-07-22 16:48:47
221.   fanerman
Like in quantam theory. The very act of observing the electron changes the electron.

The Timmerman Uncertainty Principle.

2005-07-22 16:49:32
222.   Bob Timmermann
I'm very proud of coming up with my Uncertainty Principle in such a short time!
2005-07-22 16:51:15
223.   LAT
218 Bob, that hurt my head.
2005-07-22 16:52:35
224.   bokonon42
144- I read Thank You For Smoking last night, the Chris Buckley book. He'd rendered HHS the department of Helpless, Hopeless, and Stupid. I'd like to submit my resume for the post, please.
2005-07-22 16:53:51
225.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers hit a home run every time I make one of those statements like that time, I will be happy.

It's all part of the Dodgers Thought Philosophical Principles:

1) The Grabowski Principle
2) The Chad Kreuter Effect
3) The Timmermann Uncertainty Principle

2005-07-22 16:54:05
226.   capdodger
218 - Isn't that a version of the "Liar's Paradox"? That always made my head spin.
2005-07-22 16:54:08
227.   natepurcell
jacksons pitching right now. miller pitched on weds, wont probably pitch til sunday.
2005-07-22 16:54:36
228.   natepurcell
holy smokes tiffany has 9ks after 4IP.
2005-07-22 16:55:23
229.   fanerman
What's happening to Jackson?
2005-07-22 16:55:23
230.   capdodger
Which one was The Kreuter Effect?
2005-07-22 16:56:10
231.   natepurcell
What's happening to Jackson?

went through a rough 2nd inning. lol

2005-07-22 16:57:03
232.   Benaiah
228 - Wow. He struggled a bit after his hot start right? It is good to see he is back in business.
2005-07-22 16:57:05
233.   LAT
Who says there's no chemistry. Drew was praying Mr. Whats-his-name would hit that HR.
2005-07-22 16:57:27
234.   Bob Timmermann
The Kreuter Effect came up earlier in the week. It's the effect of a player you sincerely badmouth in public performing well.
2005-07-22 16:58:37
235.   Benaiah
Ha Watching Phillips run to third was hilarious. It took him around 5 or 6 seconds. Even if the ball was in the OF I think they could have gotten him if they had tried.
2005-07-22 16:58:39
236.   fanerman
#234 - Bob,
Isn't it a prerequisite that the player is considered "bad"? I'm not exactly sure and want to clarify.
2005-07-22 16:58:41
237.   Nagman
It used to be very amusing when Downing hosted a call in show and somebody would inevitably ask him how it felt to give up the record setting HR to Hank Aaron. He would get very irritated, maybe he still is and that's why he sounds that way.
2005-07-22 16:59:15
238.   natepurcell
werth swung at a first pitch fastball right down the middle! see werth, good things happen when you swing at fastballs right down the middle.
2005-07-22 17:00:16
239.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume the player would have to be bad for the Kreuter Effect to take place judging by the player it is named for.

I think it came up after Repko got an RBI sometime.

2005-07-22 17:01:14
240.   fanerman
Denial! Denial! Everybody say it with me!
2005-07-22 17:01:33
241.   Bob Timmermann
There's going to be a whole lot of stealing by both teams this weekend.
2005-07-22 17:01:38
242.   Steve
219 -- I wish Shawn Green had to do timesheets.
2005-07-22 17:01:38
243.   LAT
238 Yes but he had his eyes closed.
2005-07-22 17:02:31
244.   Steve
Someone tell Weaver there are two outs.
2005-07-22 17:02:42
245.   overkill94
Wow, I didn't realize our old friend Reggie Abercrombie got released by the D-Backs and claimed by the Marlins, I was confused when I saw him in today's Jax box score. The Finley trade is looking better and better with all three prospects we gave up performing poorly.
2005-07-22 17:03:22
246.   micktissue
As long as Repko is saving at least one run a night with his play in the field, I don't mind a swinging strikeout.
2005-07-22 17:03:37
247.   Steve
Remember ladies and gentlemen, the Mets traded Scott Kazmir for this lump of coal.
2005-07-22 17:03:49
248.   overkill94
Sign Weaver long-term! We need that type of bat in our line-up, not to mention is invaluable pinch-running.
2005-07-22 17:03:52
249.   Bob Timmermann
That inning was very Dodger-like except stuff like that happens when the Dodgers are pitching.
2005-07-22 17:04:29
250.   natepurcell
Remember ladies and gentlemen, the Mets traded Scott Kazmir for this lump of coal.

thats why i hope we could get at least petit and milledge for odalis from them.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-07-22 17:04:40
251.   Steve
Rob over at 6-4-2 says Bradley is rejoining the team tomorrow.
2005-07-22 17:04:50
252.   micktissue
I might be mistaken, or mixing metaphors, but is this (breaks going the Dodgers' way) the sound of the other shoe dropping?
2005-07-22 17:04:53
253.   fanerman
Maybe DePo's models help him guess which prospects are overrated.
2005-07-22 17:06:56
254.   Steve
224 -- I commend to you Buckley's earlier book "The White House Mess." At least that's what I remember it being called.

Given his long and deeply-held support for Shawn Green, I nominate LAT for Secretary of Veterans' Affairs

2005-07-22 17:07:21
255.   LAT
Gameday says Werth stole second AND third. Who are we the Angels? Now if Phillips can get an SB I know the end is near.
2005-07-22 17:08:30
256.   Bob Timmermann
The Mets didn't even make a throw to third base. With the pitcher batting and two outs, there wasn't much sense.
2005-07-22 17:08:49
257.   the OZ
Sounds like DePo's models are both beautiful AND smart. So why's he so obsessed with Mr. Lisa?
2005-07-22 17:09:05
258.   Borchard504
248 - ditto - The Weave has been solid and when he wasnt, he was determined to be better. LA needs more players like that, no matter what the PR is about them. Look how Milton Bradley turned out.
2005-07-22 17:09:24
259.   fanerman
Mr. Lisa... SHIVER
2005-07-22 17:09:58
260.   Langhorne
The problem with Vin is that he's too good. He can tell a long, involved story and still relate everything that's going on in the game. That's because he worked in radio for so long. Steiner can't adjust his tie without losing track of the game. Mr. Lyons seems to have quite the mancrush on Mr. Repko. I'd hate to see how Hudler would react to Jason the Scrappy. He's just the kind of player Rex loves. I think on the catch Repko made when he crashed into the scoreboard in right field, Hudler's head would have exploded.
2005-07-22 17:10:42
261.   Benaiah
Repko has a 300/339/360 since July 4 (note I didn't see Olneys in the game by game listing on so his OBP is lower than that. While his overall high 600 OPS is not fantastic AVG is still more important than walks or power (by that I mean that AVG is more important than walks by themselves or power by itself, not better than SLG or OBP which includes AVG) and a ~.290 hitter in the 8 isn't awful.
2005-07-22 17:10:53
262.   Bob Timmermann
I suppose Repko will stay with the team until Drew gets back. I would assume that Chen is on the next plane to Vegas.
2005-07-22 17:13:38
263.   LAT
Veterans' Affairs? How do I parley that into a cushy consulting gig after my term is up. I could make Julio Franco my Chief of Staff. Maybe not, he would have to reveal his true age of 67 yrs old.
2005-07-22 17:14:40
264.   Bob Timmermann
It's too bad that Julio Franco had to wait for the Dodgers to bring up Jackie Robinson before he could get his chance to play in the majors. He must have lost 3-4 good years!
2005-07-22 17:15:28
265.   LAT
264 LOL Bob
2005-07-22 17:16:00
266.   DaveP
Edwin Jackson's line isn't looking so hot tonight.

3 7 5 4 1 1

2005-07-22 17:16:30
267.   the OZ
Ryan Howard's single puts the Phillies ahead 3-0 over the Padres. Two on, none out, bottom of the order up for PHI.
2005-07-22 17:16:51
268.   Benaiah
By the way Steve, that article you posted about Fox was incredible. What a dispicable and totally expected outcome from a Fox show.
2005-07-22 17:18:12
269.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Morgan would have complained that the White Sox would have scored their runner from second on that play.
2005-07-22 17:19:35
270.   Steve
2005-07-22 17:22:50
271.   Bob Timmermann
It's an Olney-palooza tonight for the Dodgers!
2005-07-22 17:22:56
272.   natepurcell
mccourt is in attendance. his face is all red. he looks really intense.
2005-07-22 17:23:31
273.   Steve
A Screw Plaschke Game! I love these!
2005-07-22 17:23:44
274.   DaveP
Choi is putting on a clinic in hitting and defense today. this should earn him at least a pinch hit later in the week.
2005-07-22 17:23:57
275.   natepurcell
is this going to be "win streak"?
2005-07-22 17:24:11
276.   Jim Hitchcock
This is starting to freak me out a little...
2005-07-22 17:25:55
277.   LAT
Who knew Oscar had to go cold for the rest of the team to get hot.
2005-07-22 17:26:07
278.   db1022
Fewest wins by a playoff team in recent history? Didn't the Twins win 87 games and win the WS in 1987?
2005-07-22 17:27:18
279.   Sam NYC
I haven't seen many Dodger games this year and none since the Cubs Series. I've watched the last three Dodger games just because I've been in the cities that they've been playing in. Anyone care to buy me Extra Innings ;) ?
2005-07-22 17:27:34
280.   Icaros
I didn't realize that Jose Offerman was on NY's bench. Someone needs to make sure that he and Antonio Perez do not meet.

The universe may implode or something.

2005-07-22 17:28:32
281.   Benaiah
Well Choi was out, but Ledee would have scored anyway, so unless Werth brings Choi in the only damage is extra pitches by the Mets bullpen but I think they are in mop up mode anyway.
2005-07-22 17:29:40
282.   bokonon42
Our loving savior narrowly avoids getting punched out at the plate for the second time tonight.
2005-07-22 17:29:50
283.   Jim Hitchcock
Boy, that was some follow through by Beltran.
2005-07-22 17:30:45
284.   natepurcell
guzman should have had a banana on that play. but kind homescoring, jacksons getting rocked.
2005-07-22 17:31:05
285.   FirstMohican
281 - Hah.
2005-07-22 17:32:14
286.   overkill94
Re 281:

I thought the same thing at first, but after watching the replay the ump got it right, Cairo made the sweep tag too early.

Anybody else starting to get excited? For once we're actually winning by more than 2 runs, and it is happening for the 2nd time in 3 days.

2005-07-22 17:32:49
287.   LAT
6-0 is still not safe enough for Erickson.
2005-07-22 17:33:17
288.   Steve
Jason Repko, Killer of Innocent Innings
2005-07-22 17:33:39
289.   db1022
According to GameDay, there hasn't been an inside pitch all inning. Most every Dodger hit has been the other way or up the middle.

I don't think the Dodgers will be allowed to get so comfy against Pedro.

2005-07-22 17:33:45
290.   Bob Timmermann
In the 162 game seasons, the record low is 82 by the Mets in 1973. They were 82-79 and the only team in the division over .500.

However, with as little as four days left in the season it was possible that the NL East would have finished in a 5-way tie. Everybody but the Phillies was a contender that year.

In a full 162 game season, the fewest wins a Dodgers first place team has had was 91 by the 1983 team.

In the 154 game season, the fewest wins by a Dodger first place team was 88 by the 1959 team and two of those were in a playoff.

Going the other way, the 1962 Dodgers won 102 games (101 before the playoff with the Giants) and finished second. And the 1942 Dodgers won 104 games and finished second.

2005-07-22 17:34:44
291.   brendan glynn

I love when the outfielder goes ass over teacup making that throw

2005-07-22 17:34:53
292.   Bob Timmermann
Padres tied the Phillies 3-3.
2005-07-22 17:35:09
293.   Benaiah
287 - Weaver is at 47 pitches so I think that it will be awhile before we have to bring in ole rubber arm.
2005-07-22 17:35:34
294.   db1022
Thanks Bob.

82-79 might just earn us a trip to St Louis again (but send Odalis to the pen this time around?)

2005-07-22 17:35:52
295.   Bob Timmermann
Choi has scored another indirect KO tonight. Scott Rolen has gone back on the DL and may have to miss the rest of the year.
2005-07-22 17:37:39
296.   Benaiah
294 - The thing is that more than likely the WC will be from the East, so we would play the East winner if we somehow won the division. Imagine playing the Nats... I am not saying it will happen, but man o man if it did!
2005-07-22 17:37:58
297.   natepurcell
some promotions:
eric hull promoted from jax to vegas.
beltran perez, one of the pitchers we got in the green deal, has been promoted to jax from vero.
2005-07-22 17:39:20
298.   DaveP
297 - and Donovan was sent back down to Jax even though he was performing extremely well in Vegas. Is he just too old to be in the Dodger plans even though he's playing well?
2005-07-22 17:41:36
299.   Albert in Hong Kong
Lyons jinxed that.
2005-07-22 17:41:41
300.   joekings
so much for cruise control
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-07-22 17:41:46
301.   natepurcell
298- no clue.
2005-07-22 17:42:27
302.   Steve
Mientkiegreen hitting .222 -- that's about par for the course
2005-07-22 17:42:54
303.   Vishal
adam everett just stole home in the astros-nats game, apparently.

if houston holds on and the braves win today, the nationals will be out of first place.

2005-07-22 17:43:36
304.   joekings
19 HR for Weaver already, thats amazing.
2005-07-22 17:43:41
305.   Bob Timmermann
Weaver making sure we don't all move into Denial.
2005-07-22 17:44:04
306.   Jim Hitchcock
`Old friend' Jose Offerman. Only not.
2005-07-22 17:46:04
307.   Bob Timmermann
"The Dodgers didn't like Offerman at short," Steve Lyons.

Umm, yeah, that's one way of putting it Steve.

2005-07-22 17:47:02
308.   Steve
Sort of like saying "The fans don't like Lyons in the booth"
2005-07-22 17:48:15
309.   Benaiah
Padilla has thrown 105 pitches through 5 innings despite only 4 hits and 2 walks, but he is back out for the 6th against the Pads. Hopefully he is Livian like in his ability to pitch into abuse.
2005-07-22 17:48:50
310.   scareduck
297: either you need to fix your presentation of ironic sarcasm or you have those clubs listed backwards for Perez.

Isn't that Padilla guy supposed to be doing time in Gitmo for trying to bomb things? Looks like he's out and giving up bombs for the Mets...

2005-07-22 17:49:06
311.   rageon
LA has got to give up more homeruns to terrible hitters than anyone else.
2005-07-22 17:50:26
312.   Vishal
307. more like "god himself was offended by the idea of offerman at short"
2005-07-22 17:52:45
313.   rageon
...or "Jim Tracy doesn't like Choi in the lineup."
2005-07-22 17:53:22
314.   Bob Timmermann
I've got to go ransom my car from the shop. My pointless minutiae will be on hold for a while.

And I want to get something to eat.

2005-07-22 18:00:49
315.   Albert in Hong Kong
This is going to get fun.
2005-07-22 18:00:52
316.   scareduck
And now Weaver gives up a home run to a GOOD hitter. Should that make me feel better?
2005-07-22 18:02:39
317.   Vishal
[sarcasm]thank goodness it was a home run and not a double. beltran's shot ought to have killed the rally.[/sarcasm]
2005-07-22 18:02:45
318.   Albert in Hong Kong
The Mets have left only 1 man (Wright) on base while the Dodgers have left 7.

Same old same old.

2005-07-22 18:02:51
319.   ddger
Finally when we score some runs for Weaver he doesn't give us a quality start.
2005-07-22 18:02:59
320.   los angeles dragons
Weaver was distracted by the jet-engine aeroplanes flying overhead. Give him a break.
2005-07-22 18:03:00
321.   natepurcell
beltran this yr is not a good hitter.
2005-07-22 18:03:41
322.   alex 7
Depo's gonna be mad. Tracy allowed scouts to see Weaver's lack of heart and scrappiness. After all those solid games by starters, don't we have everyone available to come in early?
2005-07-22 18:04:08
323.   LAT
WTF, I leave my office its 6-0 in NY and 3-0 in Philly. By the time I get home both are 1 run games.
2005-07-22 18:05:19
324.   Benaiah
Well I have to say I am officially worried. In the fourth I was laid back and thinking about how sweet it is to be back from the edge of acceptance but I am shivering and waiting for the big choke now.
2005-07-22 18:05:31
325.   Steve
I would like to win this game, and yet end any nonsense about having anything more to do with Jeff Weaver after 2005.
2005-07-22 18:06:18
326.   Marty
323. I was going to say the exact same thing.
2005-07-22 18:06:54
327.   alex 7
Choi shall settle things down again.
2005-07-22 18:07:03
328.   Steve
Is Beltran a good hitter?
2005-07-22 18:10:57
329.   joekings
Guesses on whether Weaver comes back out.
2005-07-22 18:11:20
330.   Telemachos
That was an extraordinarily ugly AB by Our Lord and Savior.
2005-07-22 18:13:13
331.   Icaros
Very un-quality, Jeff.
2005-07-22 18:13:41
332.   capdodger
Duaner-time. Oh Joy!!
2005-07-22 18:16:01
333.   LAT
Pull Duaner. He throws a softball like that to Doug M and it stays in the park we are just plain lucky. It won't hold. Get himout now.
2005-07-22 18:16:56
334.   Steve
We want Schmoll! We want Schmoll! Bring us your Schmolls!
2005-07-22 18:18:24
335.   Marty
For those who are planning on the Adam Dunn scouting trip this Wednesday, I just talked to Suffering Bruin, and everything is still on. He says an email will go out tonight. I'm looking forward to it.
2005-07-22 18:18:56
336.   LAT
I don't like the way this looks. Something will go wrong
2005-07-22 18:21:32
337.   joekings
I remember when our bullpen was good, I miss those days.
2005-07-22 18:22:12
338.   DaveP
336 - it already did. Duaner is in instead of Schmoll.
2005-07-22 18:24:58
339.   joekings
Duaner has not learned. All we need now is another balk.
2005-07-22 18:24:59
340.   capdodger
Nothing will go wrong until a two-strike count.
2005-07-22 18:25:03
341.   natepurcell
OMG sanchez just tried the stupid fake to third, fake to first crap again.
2005-07-22 18:25:30
342.   LAT
Forget about the runner at 1B focus ob the batter
2005-07-22 18:26:01
343.   overkill94
2005-07-22 18:26:10
344.   joekings
2005-07-22 18:26:33
345.   joekings
Padres just tied the Phillies again.
2005-07-22 18:27:02
346.   scareduck
325: please explain, Steve, what Weaver-replacement you might consider and where you would get him from. Extra credit: if you plan on executing a trade, explain the players and/or cash involved.
2005-07-22 18:27:08
347.   overkill94
Anybody else have Adelphia in the West LA area and have the game go to some Adelphia interview for like 10 minutes? I tried changing channels but it was the same interview on every channel, I was just waiting for the guy to start shouting propaganda or something.
2005-07-22 18:27:12
348.   LAT
Let me be the first to say I never doubted Duaner for a second. He is the man.
2005-07-22 18:27:13
349.   Benaiah
That steal was so obviously coming that Sanchez's attempts to keep him on base were comical. What I don't understand is why our pitchers throw to first instead of slide stepping?
2005-07-22 18:27:23
350.   capdodger
And exhale.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-07-22 18:28:24
351.   Benaiah
I am glad we didn't use Schmoll yet, not we can use him next inning against the 3-4-5.
2005-07-22 18:29:02
352.   LAT
347 Maybe it was the Father Rigas from his prison cell.
2005-07-22 18:29:35
353.   Benaiah
By the way, Kent is a 3B short of the cycle, obviously the odds are not on his side, but he is garanteed one more AB.
2005-07-22 18:30:03
354.   LAT
Insurance Insurance Insurance Needed Now!
2005-07-22 18:30:55
355.   LAT
if only he play defense
2005-07-22 18:31:36
356.   LAT
could, LAT could. Its not funny if you leave words out.
2005-07-22 18:32:13
357.   scareduck
"This is where Robles is very, very dangerous."

I guess not.

2005-07-22 18:32:54
358.   Benaiah
Ha I was thinking the same thing LAT. I don't care what anyone says about regression, Perez can hit. This offseason he should spend everyday doing fielding drills because he could make the big bucks as a middle infielder if he could actually play in the middle of the infield.
2005-07-22 18:33:58
359.   Ryan Jerz
Just curious, anyone else getting brutal performance from even the audio is cutting out, not hat missing steiner and psycho is worth complaining about.
2005-07-22 18:34:19
360.   Icaros
355 - I bet that's exactly how Perez himself would say that sentence, though, if you replaced "he" with "I".
2005-07-22 18:35:02
361.   LAT
Thank goodness its Piazza behind the plate.
2005-07-22 18:35:15
362.   LAT
Schmoll warming
2005-07-22 18:37:51
363.   KAYVMON
Wilson Alvarez is my favorite Dodger. Im so happy hes coming in.
2005-07-22 18:38:56
364.   capdodger
359. Yeah. The MS option was awful so I switched over to real. The audio keeps cutting out, but the video keeps going.
2005-07-22 18:39:46
365.   LAT
Why do they tell us Schmoll is warming and then bring in Wilson Beachball?
2005-07-22 18:39:47
366.   Ryan Jerz
explain this one to me, please. Alvarez before schmoll?
2005-07-22 18:40:30
367.   LAT
never mind
2005-07-22 18:40:50
368.   natepurcell
what was the point of that? alverez for one batter? isnt floyd up next... the lefty...
2005-07-22 18:40:55
369.   joekings
Does this mean Alvarez is the new LOOGY?
2005-07-22 18:40:56
370.   Bob Timmermann
Beltran is now 1 for 13 in his career against Alvarez.

Floyd is 4 for 5, so Tracy isn't pressing his luck.

2005-07-22 18:41:18
371.   Ryan Jerz
364. Unfortunately, i will never put real on my computer. this is abnormal. it's usually nails, with a few hiccups, but tonight it's brutal.
2005-07-22 18:41:21
372.   Benaiah
I just switch over to real and it is working better (though I don't know about the audio since I am watching it in a computer lab).
2005-07-22 18:42:21
373.   DaveP
I'm guessing they wanted Beltran hitting from the right side. He has 1 HR in 84 at bats against lefties.
2005-07-22 18:42:54
374.   Bob Timmermann
Padres have back-to-back doubles in the eighth without scoring a run.
2005-07-22 18:43:28
375.   KAYVMON
Y'know growing up in LA and never really being excited about seeing those "famous people", I was really stoked on meeting Steve Schmoll's girlfriend best friend at school this year. Maybe, it was because she was kinda cute.
2005-07-22 18:44:38
376.   capdodger
368: It's a decision based on small sample size. That's all.
2005-07-22 18:44:42
377.   natepurcell
tracy went with the arm angles of schmoll isntead of the lefty lefty matchup of alverez;.
2005-07-22 18:45:22
378.   LAT
374 Abreu must have made a hell of a throw to get the runner
2005-07-22 18:46:11
379.   Vishal
375. the best friend of steve schmoll's girlfriend is NOT a famous person.

i could tell you that i met the cousin of bob timmerman's wife, and you would know who i'm talking about, but that doesn't make her famous. :)

2005-07-22 18:46:57
380.   Bob Timmermann
It was Chavez with the throw, but Hernandez didn't break well on the play. The Phillies got out of the inning without giving up a run. 6-6 heading to the bottom of the 8th.
2005-07-22 18:47:41
381.   LAT
SD on 3B, 2 outs Dave Roberts up. He will screw us every ex-Dodger does. Its an unwritten law or something.
2005-07-22 18:48:32
382.   LAT
Roberts fouls out. I never doubted the Phills.
2005-07-22 18:48:35
383.   bokonon42
379- You totally missed the point. KAYVMON, how hot was she?
2005-07-22 18:49:01
384.   Bob Timmermann
If you met the best friend of my wife, you'd have a scoop.

C'mon do you think a guy with as much useless knowledge on his hands could actually be married?

2005-07-22 18:49:15
385.   Midwest Blue
Tell Colburn to get off that phone. I want JT to keep Schmoll in for the 9th. Give Braz a breather (keep his value up, too).
2005-07-22 18:50:23
386.   Bob Timmermann
Who's Clay Hensley who is pitching for the Padres? Where did he come from? I think Seanez is on the DL. But isn't Rudy Seanez always on the DL?
2005-07-22 18:51:52
387.   LAT
I think it was Jim who yesterday told us to relax with Yhancy coming in becasue he couldn't blow three saves in a row. I hope the same logic applies to 3 out of 4.
2005-07-22 18:53:28
388.   Bob Timmermann
Charlie Manuel is actually using his best reliever in a tie game in the 9th!
2005-07-22 18:53:59
389.   LAT
Come on Choi, bust this game open
2005-07-22 18:54:13
390.   rageon
#371 & #372 - I've always thought that Real's products were pretty much concentrated evil with a fancy interface. I haven't needed to use it in quite a while, so I'm not sure how well it will take to the streaming audio/video you are listening to, but I've used "Real Alternative" in the past. It pretty much lets you use Media Player Classic to open Real files. You can search for "Real Alternative", or you can download it here:

2005-07-22 18:54:18
391.   DaveP
Adam Dunn is 3 for 3 with 2 HRs and 3 RBI tonight.
2005-07-22 18:54:55
392.   Vishal
hahah, they say there's someone out there for everyone, bob :)
2005-07-22 18:55:05
393.   LAT
Come on Werth, bust this game open
2005-07-22 18:56:47
394.   Bob Timmermann
Well, I have a girlfriend. She's even been to Dodger games with me although she doesn't like baseball.

Icaros knows every state she's visited.

2005-07-22 18:57:01
395.   LAT
Steiner: "Ledee with good speed at second and Phillips with no speed on first."
2005-07-22 18:57:50
396.   joekings
Buckle up your seatbelts.
2005-07-22 18:58:18
397.   Midwest Blue
Ghame Over or Game over?
I'm going to be EXTREMELY upset if Yhency blows this one.
2005-07-22 18:58:56
398.   LAT
According to Steiner, Phillips is the first one to admit he is the slowest man in baseball. Will he also admit he is the worst catcher at throwing out runners.
2005-07-22 18:59:17
399.   los angeles dragons
Isn't there a type of surgery that can improve Phillip's running speed?
2005-07-22 18:59:50
400.   LAT
396 Joe, are you really Ralph Lawler?
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2005-07-22 18:59:55
401.   Icaros
394 - No I don't. I only know the one state she hasn't visited.
2005-07-22 19:00:45
402.   Vishal
399. gastric bypass? liposuction?

phillips isn't that fat, but losing some of it is bound to help his footspeed.

2005-07-22 19:00:52
403.   LAT
Thank goodness Piazza runs so slow he is actually going backwards
2005-07-22 19:00:57
404.   Bob Timmermann
The ex-Dodgers screwing us theory takes another hit as Eric Young makes the last out in the 9th with a runner on 3rd. 6-6 going to the bottom of the ninth.
2005-07-22 19:01:55
405.   Vishal
c'mon, it's miguel cairo! strike this fool out.
2005-07-22 19:03:40
406.   Vishal


2005-07-22 19:03:44
407.   Vishal


2005-07-22 19:03:45
408.   joekings
2005-07-22 19:03:46
409.   Jim Hitchcock
Scoop Choi!
2005-07-22 19:03:52
410.   Icaros
Choi sucks on D.
2005-07-22 19:04:00
411.   LAT
Great defensive play by Choi
2005-07-22 19:04:12
412.   natepurcell
2005-07-22 19:04:20
413.   Vishal
hah, i swear i only posted that once.

funny how a meaningless game in the middle of a meaningless season can still be exciting and tense-making.

2005-07-22 19:04:57
414.   LAT
On replay it was really a tough play cause the umpire didn't get all the way out of the way
2005-07-22 19:04:57
415.   Midwest Blue
That Choi guy sucks. I don't know why Tracy plays him.
2005-07-22 19:05:05
416.   alex 7
he is soooo getting traded to an NL East team now. I wonder if Depo has a list ranking GMs from "least Harvardized" to smartest, making the first call for a trade proposal easy.
2005-07-22 19:05:43
417.   Linkmeister
Was that the second or third play Choi made like that tonight?
2005-07-22 19:06:38
418.   Bob Timmermann


Dodgers rookie save record.

Wow, what a meaningless record.

2005-07-22 19:06:39
419.   Icaros
What's funny is that those three defensive stops tonight have likely done more to improve Choi's chances with Tracy than any of the HRs he's hit this year.
2005-07-22 19:06:51
420.   Vishal
416. who, brazoban?

btw, "wham bam brazoban" is brilliant. but sometimes it's the opposing team who's on the receiving end, and sometimes it's us.

2005-07-22 19:06:54
421.   LAT
412. Good one nate. You should sent that one to Stiener he would use it every save opportunity.
2005-07-22 19:07:25
422.   capdodger
Third by my count.
2005-07-22 19:08:08
423.   alex 7
was referring to brazoban missed the play by choi, sounds like it was down the line?
2005-07-22 19:09:40
424.   LAT
15 hits. Nice to see the offense wake up a little but could still use some more runs for that many hits.
2005-07-22 19:10:01
425.   alex 7
yes vishal. after someone posted that long list of rookie pitchers / relivers the Dodgers should have next spring training, not to mention Schmoll and possibly Hocheavar, I can't see Brazoban sticking around if he has value anywhere near what Mota had.
2005-07-22 19:10:53
426.   Midwest Blue
Braz definitely prime trade bait right now.
2005-07-22 19:11:19
427.   natepurcell
have jon relay it to henson, have henson relay it to steiner.

wham bam brazoban will be revealed to the whole world.

2005-07-22 19:13:15
428.   Steve
Meanwhile, the Nats lose 14-1 to Houston.
2005-07-22 19:13:26
429.   Vishal
i don't see him being moved by the deadline, though. brazoban would get traded in the offseason i think. if we're still in it he's the only real option we have for closer. there's schmoll i guess but our bullpen is bad enough as it is, and we need the depth if we're still in the race. on the other hand, if we are conceding the division, brazoban is gone, i agree.
2005-07-22 19:15:48
430.   Bob Timmermann
The Nats are in second now pending the outcome of the DBacks-Braves game. 0-0 in the 2nd. Vargas vs. Hudson.

Going to the bottom of the 10th in Philly, still 6-6.

2005-07-22 19:17:05
431.   Albert in Hong Kong
Great game today. Three consecutive wins for the first time in at least a month and a half.

6-6 in extra innings in Philly.

2005-07-22 19:17:27
432.   Steve
ESPN/Peter Gammons says that the Marlins and O's are talking again, sparked by a window apparently opened where Sidney Ponson gets sent to...Tampa Bay.
2005-07-22 19:18:06
433.   Langhorne
Steve, will there be a nice congratulation to JT on his 400th win?

That is the most agile I've ever seen Choi. I never would have thought he could make a play on a ground ball in foul ground and get the out. Shame on me. I'm sending myself to bed without any eel.

2005-07-22 19:18:30
434.   natepurcell
why on earth would tampa want ponson... why on earth would ANYONE want ponson?

maybe we shouldnt be sellers... crap i dont know what to do anymore.

2005-07-22 19:19:35
435.   LAT
Lead off walk in Philly.
2005-07-22 19:19:38
436.   Bob Timmermann
June 4-6. The last 3-game winning streak. 2 against the Brewers and one against the Tigers.

The Dodgers last won 3 straight road games from April 18-20, which was the end of the 12-2 start.

2005-07-22 19:21:46
437.   Bob Timmermann
2nd and 3rd and no outs in Philly.
2005-07-22 19:22:28
438.   DaveP
Philly has bases loaded and nobody out.
2005-07-22 19:22:32
439.   Albert in Hong Kong
in Philly, for Philly. If the Phillies aren't the Dodgers, this should be game.
2005-07-22 19:22:42
440.   LAT
434 "why on earth would tampa want ponson... why on earth would ANYONE want ponson?"

Maybe a small child in Tampa is trapped under a mountian of food and only one person can save the little one.

2005-07-22 19:22:59
441.   Steve
Cincinnati will kill to have a 400-win manager.
2005-07-22 19:23:13
442.   alex 7
vishal, what if we trade Brazoban and bring up Broxton and Kuo? I'm not sure Brazoban is so polished as to be that much more of a "pitcher" than Broxton. If anything, Brox has a starting pitcher's repertoire no?
2005-07-22 19:23:47
443.   natepurcell
wow im switching over to the angel yankee game, and lackey is averaging 9K/9IP this year. wow
2005-07-22 19:24:16
444.   Steve
David Bell is a very, very evil man and a terrible baseball player, and that Manuel was playing him instead of Chase Utley in May is a very sure sign that Manuel is an idiot.
2005-07-22 19:24:17
445.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, David Bell, the old 5-2-3 DP. No wonder you're so beloved in Philly.
2005-07-22 19:24:23
446.   Albert in Hong Kong
5-2-3 double play, now it's two outs.
2005-07-22 19:25:15
447.   alex 7
lol, of course they don't score.
2005-07-22 19:25:26
448.   jasonungar05
props to trace for managing a nice game tonight.

Bob pointed out: Beltran is now 1 for 13 in his career against Alvarez. Floyd is 4 for 5

when a manager uses numbers to back his gutsy and seemingly stupid moves its all good. When a GM does, its moneyball. LOL

2005-07-22 19:25:37
449.   natepurcell
Maybe a small child in Tampa is trapped under a mountian of food and only one person can save the little one.

maybe. or maybe tampas GM's little kids favorite player is ponson and he is briging ponson over to spoil his kid.

2005-07-22 19:25:38
450.   Albert in Hong Kong
Otsuka is celebrating like he just won the game. Argh.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2005-07-22 19:25:42
451.   Steve
It took the Phillies three pitches to go from bases loaded no one out to the 11th inning. Gee, I wonder why they're not competitive.
2005-07-22 19:25:44
452.   joekings
The Phillies had bases loaded nobody out, and failed to score.
2005-07-22 19:26:14
453.   Gen3Blue
I may have missed some comments,if so I apologize. But I am surprised this is not a central issue. At a critical time for this decimated franchise, they are being deprived of Brad Penny for the better part of 2, maybe three starts. While a little leaguer from the fifties cringes at someone turning the wrong way at first, did he really do anything to deserve being ejected--let alone being suspended for five games. This is critical to playoff chances given the situation. Please, someone tell me he did something awful I didn't see to rank up with Kenny Rogers; and this isn't a thin_skinned move by some no-esteem Ump.
2005-07-22 19:26:37
454.   Icaros
This just in: Phillies suck.
2005-07-22 19:27:28
455.   LAT
Sure Phillies triple and HR against Dodgers but can't cash in a single run with bases loaded and 0 outs.
2005-07-22 19:29:10
456.   Vishal
and the phillies fail to score. GAH!

442. i personally would have very little trouble with the idea of trading brazoban and replacing him with broxton and kuo this season. however, i just don't think it's very likely that it will happen. getting rid of the only real major league experienced fireballer while we're still supposed to be in the division race will only cause an unnecessary firestorm. i guess it would depend on who we got in return, but i don't think brazoban's trade value is as high as it would be at the end of the season anyway, especially if he settles down a little. plus we could use him. i think we need to DFA erickson and carrara and bring up brox and kuo.

2005-07-22 19:29:11
457.   Marty
Nice win tonight. Icaros, did you see my earlier post that the Wednesday game is still on? I actually had Monday field level seats fall into my lap today, so I'll be seeing the Reds twice.
2005-07-22 19:29:12
458.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
We just need to hope the Padres suck more. If the Phillies still win and the Padres end up having to burn out their pen, it might still work out for us.

If the Padres win and we're within five games back, I'm like Nate in being totally confused as to whether or not we're buyers or sellers. I'm still expecting the sudden surge of hope I'm feeling right now to be dashed by a three game losing streak, but with the unbalanced schedule and the Padres' seeming ineptitude, we actually seem to have a chance.


2005-07-22 19:30:39
459.   Bob Timmermann
Penny will miss at most one start and if the Dodgers can manipulate the suspension around off days, it will be zero starts.

It was a bad decision by the umpires, but that's life.

2005-07-22 19:32:40
460.   Bob Timmermann
The Dbacks lead 2-0. Counsell scored from second on a bunt single by Clayton and Glaus later drove in Clayton with a ground out.
2005-07-22 19:32:59
461.   Vishal
ooh, quantrill is in! the phillies might pull this one out yet.
2005-07-22 19:33:12
462.   Bob Timmermann
OK, "old friend" Paul Quantrill is in for the Padres.
2005-07-22 19:34:04
463.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 461

I actually feel bad for Quantrill. It's my impression that Torre basically wrecked his knee with overuse.


2005-07-22 19:34:35
464.   Bob Timmermann
Marlins lead the Giants 3-0 on homers by Cabrera and Lowell.
2005-07-22 19:36:26
465.   overkill94
How does a 5-game suspension mean Penny misses 2 or 3 starts? By my calculations he gets an extra day of rest off, it's more an issue of him losing money than the Dodgers being affected at all.
2005-07-22 19:37:11
466.   LAT
449. Nate any GM that would bring back a player to satisfy his child should be thrown off the top of the stadium.
2005-07-22 19:39:00
467.   natepurcell
449. Nate any GM that would bring back a player to satisfy his child should be thrown off the top of the stadium.

damn, earlier, we were talking about what would we do if DT was one collective dodger GM unit. we came up of bringing shawn green back to satisfy your child. oops, scratch that plan then.

2005-07-22 19:39:10
468.   LAT
Daughter just sat down to watch the D'Backs game and brought a box of Apple Jacks with her. Those things are awful but I can't stop eating them.
2005-07-22 19:40:19
469.   Bob Timmermann
Padres lose again.
2005-07-22 19:40:23
470.   CanuckDodger
Hey, Nate, since I invented "Wham! Bam! Brazoban!" (yes, there are exclamation points) on the Fanhome board, I am afraid I shall have to insist on a licensing fee if you are going to use it here. Have your people call my people and we'll work something out.
2005-07-22 19:40:36
471.   Steve
466 -- On fire?
2005-07-22 19:40:41
472.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Phillies win! Utley hit a HR with 2-out and one on off Paul.


2005-07-22 19:41:08
473.   Steve
2005-07-22 19:41:45
474.   brendan glynn
If Bradley picks up where he left off. Dare to dream this team is back in it.
2005-07-22 19:42:26
475.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres are now 50-47.
2005-07-22 19:42:35
476.   Steve
To think we could have had Quantrill for a song.

Of course, it would have been Mozart's Requiem.

2005-07-22 19:43:17
477.   natepurcell
wow we are only 5.5 games back. amazing.

if we get to 4.5 by the end of the weekend, we have to be buyers.

and to canuck, i dont ever remmeber you making that up :)

2005-07-22 19:44:09
478.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 474

Yep, but we still have the Snakes to worry about.

Padre fans must be furious right now.


2005-07-22 19:44:19
479.   overkill94
Way to go UCLA alum!

Is it bad/sad that I'm starting to get excited again? Not only have we actually been getting some breaks lately, but our bullpen is seemingly improved with Schmoll and Alvarez and Bradley and Valentin should be back soon to bolster the line-up. Plus, the Padres just plain suck.

2005-07-22 19:45:39
480.   natepurcell
Minor Leaguer hurt: Left-hander Derek Thompson, who had a 3.50 ERA in four games (three starts) in late May and June after being promoted from Double-A, was told by Dr. Frank Jobe that he has a torn elbow ligament and needs Tommy John surgery, which will end his season.

The news is particularly disappointing to Thompson, who was acquired after the 2002 Rule 5 Draft and missed the entire 2003 season with a similar injury. At that time, the decision was made to repair a partial tear instead of transplant a new ligament.

2005-07-22 19:46:05
481.   LAT
Stupid question: Why isn't the final score of the Phills game 7-6 instead of 8-6? Once Jason Michaels scores the game is over isn't it? How does the run by Utley count if the game is over before he crosses home plate
2005-07-22 19:47:12
482.   Bob Timmermann
Because that's the rule. They changed it back in the 1920s. Babe Ruth would have had 715 home runs if the present rule was in place.
2005-07-22 19:47:37
483.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I remember that Jon had a good analysis show how historically difficult it is for a team to come back from the deficit we've had. The interesting thing is, though, that with the unbalanced schedule, I think the landscape has changed quite a bit. I think we still have plenty of games within the division, and if Lowe and Perez can get in a groove, we might actually have a chance.

I'm still against a trade that gives up major prospects, though, and I'd still pass on Dunn. A division title will still be meaningless, even if we beat the odds. I'd rather just try my luck with the kids from the farm than make a move for help.


2005-07-22 19:49:09
484.   Steve
480 -- There were rumors of this a few weeks ago, right before he got sent down. Strange that they came true now.

I did not know that in 1995 and 1996, Paul Quantrill was a starter. In 2005, he appears to be a finisher.

2005-07-22 19:49:12
485.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 480

Well, there goes one trade chip.


2005-07-22 19:49:59
486.   LAT
Bob is that true even if its not an HR. For example men on 2B and 3B and Utley hits a triple. Is it still two runs in?
2005-07-22 19:51:00
487.   LAT
Mark Grace laughing how he still gets shivers when he looks out to left-center and thinks about David Ross.
2005-07-22 19:51:42
488.   brendan glynn
robles 3b
Werth lf
bradley cf
kent 2b
choi 1b
phillips C
Izzy ss

Ledee/Edwards/Repko bench, outfield
Perez/Olmedo bench infield.

team is starting to shape up a bit

2005-07-22 19:52:47
489.   db1022
#481 - Robin Ventura's walk off grand slam in the playoffs a few years back was only credited as a single since he stopped running after he touched first. His run didn't mean anything, and I think it was a series-winner.
2005-07-22 19:53:15
490.   Bob Timmermann
You only get credit for all the runs on a home run that goes over the fence.

So once a game gets to extra innings, the home team can't win by more than 4 runs. But the visitors can win by a lot more.

You could have a situation though like the 1999 NLCS when Robin Ventura hit what would have been a walkoff grand slam. Except his teammates came out to congratulate and he never finished his tour of the bases. So Ventura was called out for not touching all the bases and given credit for just a single.

2005-07-22 19:53:17
491.   LAT
Cereal Police through bullhorn: "Mr. LAT put the Apple Jacks down and step away from the box."

Making myself sick.

2005-07-22 19:54:27
492.   brendan glynn

I knew I was getting too giddy. thanks nate.

2005-07-22 19:54:54
493.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
>>Bradley was ejected for arguing from the dugout after being called out on strikes.<<

From the official website Notes. I'm not sure if I should worry about this--could just be a AAA ump being lame.


2005-07-22 19:56:34
494.   brendan glynn

I still hear bad gambling beats about that game. Right up there with Chris Weber calling for a TO when Michigan was out of them in the NCAA's.

2005-07-22 19:56:42
495.   Bob Timmermann
Not wanting to be a buzzkill here, but the Mets are starting Pedro Martinez tomorrow.
2005-07-22 19:57:08
496.   CanuckDodger
Nate, yeah, I made up "Wham! Bam! Brazoban!" back early in the season and proposed it on the Fanhome board as an alternative to the "Ghame Over" phrase that was really catching on, as I thought "Ghame Over" was too similar to Gagne's calling card. The Fanhome poster who calls himself Choi has been using it at Fanhome off and on since then.
2005-07-22 19:58:55
497.   Bob Timmermann
My brother was covering the Final Four the year that Weber called the TO that didn't exist and he said that it was clear that several players on the Michigan bench told Weber to call time out.

But it was unlikely that Michigan could come back in that game because UNC had committed only three fouls and Michigan probably never would have gotten a shot off as UNC would have kept taking fouls until time ran out.

2005-07-22 19:59:41
498.   Bob Timmermann

Yeah, but Ghame Over has t-shirts!
You want fame. You gotta have a t-shirt!

2005-07-22 20:00:35
499.   Langhorne
The Penny ejection and suspension is ridiculous. He will miss one start from the suspension and he lost at least half a game from the ejection. The ejection was enough. An off day won't help since players are suspended for games not days. And while I'm at it the Rogers suspension was way too light. In terms of games missed Bradley was lost for the same number of games for throwing a plastic bottle to the ground near people as Rogers was for assault and battery. Rogers should have been kicked out for the rest of the season. I know it'll never happen but I hope Rogers goes to jail.
2005-07-22 20:01:25
500.   natepurcell
fine canuck. we can share the royalties :)
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2005-07-22 20:01:58
501.   bokonon42
488- Pretty radical, but I'm don't you think a starting RF would improve it?
2005-07-22 20:02:13
502.   bokonon42
488- Pretty radical, but don't you think a starting RF would improve it?
2005-07-22 20:02:33
503.   CanuckDodger
Share? I am going to litigate!
2005-07-22 20:05:04
504.   brendan glynn

exactly. with the point spread and time left there was no way UNC would be able to cover. Except UNC hits their T's thanks to weber and get the ball and score. Wham! Bam! Millions change hands.

2005-07-22 20:06:08
505.   Bob Timmermann
No an off day would make a 5-game suspension a non-issue.

If you do it like this.

1 Penny
2 Lowe
4 Perez
5 Weaver
6 Houlton
7 Lowe
8 Penny

Or you just have one guy go on 3 days rest.

2005-07-22 20:07:03
506.   brendan glynn

Why should I name a starting RF? Tracy won't name a starting 1b. good enough for Tracy, good enough for me.

2005-07-22 20:08:32
507.   LAT
499. Langhorn, I agree with you. Apparently, this is not the first time Rogers has demonstrated self-control issues. Moreover, the fact that he lacks the control to keep his mouth shut to another camera man at his arraignment suggests it will happen again. What Bradly did deserved similar treatment becasue he had a series of control problems but Penny has not demonstrated any of these problems. I don't care if Rogers goes to jail but I wouldn't mind seeing the cameraman take six-figures off him.
2005-07-22 20:09:44
508.   Bob Timmermann
The guy I was always skeptical about was Ronnie Harmon of Iowa in the Rose Bowl against UCLA. He hadn't fumbled all year and he fumbled three times in that game.

However, in the case of Weber and Michigan, those gamblers must have been sweating it out if they played their bets that closely.

2005-07-22 20:12:44
509.   LAT
Wham! Bam! Millions change hands

Careful, Brandon you may owe nate or Canuck some $$$.

2005-07-22 20:13:32
510.   Gen3Blue
Per 499 the second game is the game Penny blew after being ejected in the 3rd inning. The next is one of his 5 game susp., and we'll see. He is unavailable for five games(not days). He was starting to get back, and this could mess him up. WHAT did he do!!! I must have missed it. This is a thing that could sink a marginal team, and I hope the organization won't ignore it, but will take proper political action- the only way one ever wins.
2005-07-22 20:14:24
511.   LAT
Umps blow a call in the Az game. Chad Tracy called out at first when he beat the throw by a full step.
2005-07-22 20:14:47
512.   Bob Timmermann
DBacks up 4-0 over Atlanta now.

Marlins and Giants are tied at 4-4.

2005-07-22 20:20:42
513.   Bob Timmermann
The SF Chronicle reports that the Angels are interested in Jason Schmidt.

This is based on the fact that a reporter saw Jason Schmidt's ESPN page up on Mike Scioscia's computer.

2005-07-22 20:24:41
514.   brendan glynn

I've heard the Harmon stories as well. I don't think weber was in that category. Just a mental mistake.

if you had bet on mich the only way you could have lost is turning over the ball and getting a technical and then UNC scoring. exactly ehat happened. if weber had shot and missed or had just turned it over, UNC doesn't cover.

Ventura not crossing home plate in 99 was just as stunning.


I think I'm right on the line.

2005-07-22 20:27:45
515.   Marty
Well, I'm going to go grill up a steak now. See everyone tomorrow. We can beat Pedro, andSD apparently can't beat anyone right now.
2005-07-22 20:56:39
516.   Sam DC
Did I just see on the ticker that David Eckstein had a walk-off squeeze bunt in the 11th inning v the cubs tonight. Pheremones are raging in Bristol, no doubt.

Off sport -- I know basically nothing about all the various forms of competitive bicycle racing (although I once did see the Tour de France go by). So, I am wondering, assuming no meteors strike and Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France, is it clear that he is the greatest bicycle racer ever? Can I just say that and not worry about some Marty Nothstein fan picking a fight?

2005-07-22 21:05:07
517.   Jim Hitchcock
I'm with you, Sam...really don't care a whit about bike racing, but damn!
2005-07-22 21:22:04
518.   Sam DC
The ESPNews clip of the Dodger game just ran. It ends with Choi's stab in the Ninth. Then it cuts to a shot of Jim Tracy smiling in the dugout and reaching out to warmly shake the hand of someone who is just off camera, then it ends. Whose hand gets shaken? By Choi, could it be?
2005-07-22 21:31:55
519.   LAT
Julio Franco comes into Az/Atl game. According to Fox:

Franco's ML debut was 1982:

ET and Gandhi released (Think how old Drew Barrymore is today.)

Cheers premieres-Coach long gone and Julio plays on

Falkland Islands War

Amarie Stoudemire Born.

LAT a sophmore in college. (Ok Fox didn't include this one)

The Guy is amazing. Growing up my father was a huge George Blanda fan because he played into his late 40s. Dad even had a Blanda jersey before jerseys were cool. My kids may have to listen to the same about Julio.

2005-07-22 21:33:48
520.   Bob Timmermann
All tied up at the BOB!
2005-07-22 21:33:56
521.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Snakes and Braves tied.

Hope lives!


2005-07-22 21:35:11
522.   LAT
Atl scores 4 in 9th to tie game
2005-07-22 21:36:44
523.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Melvin got ejected for arguing balls and strikes. Only started paying attention when the HR went out. Man, the NL West stinks.


2005-07-22 21:36:47
524.   Bob Timmermann
I was a senior in high school in 1982.
2005-07-22 21:37:51
525.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
A. Jones gets a single. Chipper up, man on 1st, 1 out, tie game.


2005-07-22 21:39:38
526.   Bob Timmermann
I remember taking a date to see "Gandhi". It was a good excuse to get a girl to fall asleep on your shoulder.
2005-07-22 21:40:24
527.   LAT
Will Melvin's tirade get him a suspension? If Penny got 5 games, Melvin should get one or two. That was Billy Martainesque.
2005-07-22 21:43:13
528.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, Melvin will get suspsended, but will anyone notice if Melvin is not there?

I was wondering who was left to make pitching changes. It's Jay Bell!

2005-07-22 21:43:55
529.   Sam DC
My gameday froze after ball one to chipper -- ?
2005-07-22 21:44:48
530.   Bob Timmermann
Braves have 1st and 3rd with 2 outs.
2005-07-22 21:45:02
531.   Sam DC
(telling me to go to bed no doubt)
2005-07-22 21:45:17
532.   capdodger
527 - That was a really good tirade. I rather enjoyed his demonstration of the location of the corners of the plate.

File this one in the "Who Watches the Watchers" portfolio.

2005-07-22 21:45:46
533.   LAT
Is it me or does it seem the umpires are taking on the managers and players more often. They used to walk away or just wait for the tirade to blow over but now it seems like they respond to every comment and action (read helmet throw). That ump was in Melvin's face as much as Melvin was in his.
2005-07-22 21:48:58
534.   Sam DC
I'm sure you all saw and slack-jawedly remarked upon the ejection in the Phillies/Dodgers game yesterday. Anonymous (to me) Philly -- their right fielder -- tossed his bat after striking out and the home plate ump just tossed him. It was pretty startling.

Thanks Bob (#530)

2005-07-22 21:49:17
535.   LAT
526 Curiously, Ben Kingsly doesn't look any older but the rest of us do.

Bob, you will be going to your 25 yr reunion about the time Franco starts thinking about hanging it up.

2005-07-22 21:49:30
536.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Has Kolb been pitching better as of late?


2005-07-22 21:50:19
537.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Green singles with one out.


2005-07-22 21:50:58
538.   Steve
533 -- This is definitely true

Shawn Green is going to homer here. That is Dan Kolb on the mound.

2005-07-22 21:52:36
539.   LAT
Daughter will take the single.
2005-07-22 21:52:58
540.   Bob Timmermann
My 25-year reunion would be in 2008 (Class of 82-83). I have never gone to any of my class reunions. Probably because the first one that was scheduled (my 10th) coincided with my mother passing away.
2005-07-22 21:55:13
541.   Bob Timmermann
I'm very happy that Al Leiter had a bad outing for the Yankees tonight in Anaheim. I can't stand it when the Yankees dig up some fossil, toss him on the mound, and get a few good starts out of him.

I think Leiter's first start was an example of reading the expiration date on milk. It's good for a few days after the date, but eventually it's going to spoil.

2005-07-22 21:55:25
542.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 540

I had a colleague who grumbled that at a recent college reunion, the youngsters there for their fifth reunion thought it'd be fun to pull fire alarms as a throw-back prank. It was not so amusing to the older alums who had small children.


2005-07-22 21:56:28
543.   Steve
The Braves dodge the Kolb bullet.
2005-07-22 21:57:59
544.   LAT
540 I have never been to any of mine either but that becasue I went to HS in Rhode Island and its too far to go back for one night.

Imagine if you are the Nats watching this game. Your team is going down in flames, you take some solice in the Brves down by 4 in the 9th and then tie game. Your hating life.

2005-07-22 22:03:08
545.   LAT
Gotta love all these extra inning games in the NL West. Wear out the bullpen and break their spirit
2005-07-22 22:03:29
546.   Steve
The Yankees, apparently, started Bubba Crosby tonight.
2005-07-22 22:07:12
547.   Bob Timmermann
Bubba Crosby is going to start in center most nights for the Yankees for the time being. Unless Bernie Williams has to play in the field. Apparently, Bernie is unable to catch fly balls standing in a corner. But he really can't catch a fly ball standing in center.
2005-07-22 22:07:13
548.   bokonon42
BOB sure is ugly on Gameday. I can't tell it apart from Minute Maid on tv, but on Gameday it looks like the grill of an electric Hyundai concept car.
2005-07-22 22:08:32
549.   Bob Timmermann
The Nats are still in first.
2005-07-22 22:09:51
550.   Steve
Jim Brower. So that explains that.
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2005-07-22 22:10:48
551.   Bob Timmermann
The graphic on Fox Arizona said Snyder hit the home run, although it was actually Cintron.
2005-07-22 22:11:31
552.   Jim Hitchcock
It's all starting to come together here. LAT stays late to do time reports, he hails from Federal Hill, and he refers to his legal establishment as The Firm...
2005-07-22 22:11:32
553.   LAT
Someone at EI fell asleep (1am EST) becasue they are showing the whole post game show.
2005-07-22 22:35:00
554.   Xeifrank
Congrats to Buntermaker on his 400th win as the Dodgers manager. Like I said the other night, things have turned around for this team. I can sense the team chemistry is growing and the team is doing all the little things we need to to win. Like getting down sac bunts in the all important first and second inning. You just don't see that happen from teams that don't have chemistry. Time to start printing those playoff tickets folks.
vr, Xei
2005-07-22 22:42:37
555.   dzzrtRatt
re 554... Has anyone at the Times suggested activating Milton Bradley will wreck the team's chemistry?
2005-07-22 23:02:49
556.   LAT
552 Jim, I am Tom Cruise. I am here to pass on the Gospel of L. Ron.

If you know it as the Hill you must know Providence. I love the place. The Hill is the best Italian Food in the Country.

2005-07-22 23:40:59
557.   the OZ
Oh, man, this is funny. Much earlier in the thread (#1-50, probably) I posted the headlines and teasters for ESPN's three or so articles on the Dodgers. I check ESPN, and they ALL CHANGED since tonight's win, along with the lead photo (Jeff Kent's follow-through has become the team exchanging fives after the win)

Crasnik: "Hollywood is famous for happy endings, and the Dodgers still hope to pen one of their own."

Gillette: "DePodesta under fire" [the article is more about how DePodesta shouldn't be judged too harshly. Yet.]

Steve Phillips: "Coping with bad times" [Snicker. He's the expert on poor management and bad times, which is, ironically, why he's writing about the bad times rather than continuing to incur them on the Mets]

The change in Crasnik heading is what I find most amusing. It used to read:

"For Dodger fans pining in Chavez Ravine, the 2005 L.A. story is injury, poor chemistry and a 43-52 record reflecting it. But the NL West offers hope"

2005-07-22 23:46:17
558.   the OZ
I just find it funny that the stories have been re-framed [at least Crasnik's - the other ones not so much] in the wake of a single win.

Of course, the only reason ESPN knows that the Dodgers won tonight is because they had to cover the Mets losing.

2005-07-22 23:46:28
559.   Jim Hitchcock
LAT, I only knew of Federal Hill through the movie :) But, Providence is the home town of one of my best friends, Jim Whitford. He's a good guy. I'd like to get up out there sometime.
2005-07-23 04:21:17
560.   bokonon42
From today's Times: "Milton Bradley's ejection from a triple-A game Thursday came after he struck out in the fifth inning and flippantly told the umpire he would never make it to the major leagues."

Is this one of those things where people bemoan the passing of the good ol' days that never were? Or did umpires really not used to be such little girls? I can't read lips as well as Vin can, but I remember loving to watch Tommy Lasorda "argue" with the umps over their lineage, sexual preferences, etc. Is this blowback from the Players Association refusing to strike when the umpires did?

2005-07-23 08:34:13
561.   JJoeScott
560 - hear hear!
2005-07-23 09:22:34
562.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think the umpires ever expected the players to go out on strike in sympathy with them. It might not even be allowed under the terms of the CBA.
2005-07-23 09:29:47
563.   brendan glynn
where does Tracy bat Milton today? The dreaded two slot for rookie call-ups and other returnee's from the DL? I'll laugh if he does.
2005-07-23 10:16:21
564.   dzzrtRatt
#557 -- I'm sure political pundits would love the same Orwellian privilege. That's the one advantage print media has over the Internet. Writers have to commit to a position. Now they can be front-runners, even in the same article. "Kerry's unstoppable momentum" can become "Bush Victory Never in Doubt" in mere moments and probably has.

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