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July 25 Open Chat
2005-07-25 08:57
by Jon Weisman
Comments (548)
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2005-07-25 09:07:53
1.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

July 25, 1889

It was Ladies Day at Washington Park in Brooklyn and the home team struggled a bit, but still managed to defeat the visitors from Kansas City, 7-5. Brooklyn improved to 49-27 and was 3 ½ games behind the St. Louis Browns in the American Association.

Brooklyn manager Bill McGunnigle decided to have his team bat first in this game (such an option remained on the books for the home team until 1950) because he wanted to bat against the new ball. However, Brooklyn failed to score in the first, so this strategy may not have been the wisest. Kansas City scored in the bottom of the first off of Brooklyn pitcher Bob Caruthers when Billy Hamilton (perhaps better known as Sliding Billy Hamilton, because he owned a children's playground equipment company) hit an inside-the-park home run. OK maybe Hamilton got his nickname for another reason. He did steal over 100 bases in three seasons, but that was in an era when runners were credited with stolen bases for taking an extra base on a hit.

In the third, Brooklyn got a single, three walks and a passed ball and failed to score. Kansas City made it 2-0 in the fourth when pitcher Jim Conway got an RBI single off of the umpire's leg.

Brooklyn went ahead in the sixth when two hits, a walk and a sacrifice produced three runs. But Kansas City went back ahead in the seventh on a pair of unearned runs.

But the game seesawed back in Brooklyn's favor in the 8th when catcher Joe Visner hit a 2-run home run. But Kansas City tied it up again in the bottom of the 8th without a hit as a series of errors brought in a run.

In the 9th, third baseman George Pinckney led off with a triple for Brooklyn and came home on a single by center fielder Pop Corkhill. Corkhill was somehow retired on the bases (news reports are unclear), but Caruthers hit a home run to provide an insurance run. Caruthers retired Kansas City in order in the bottom of the ninth to end the game.

1889 was Caruthers' career year. He went 40-11 with a 3.13 ERA and helped Brooklyn to its first (and only) American Association pennant. Brooklyn and St. Louis dueled all season and Brooklyn ended up winning with a 93-44 record, 2 games better than St. Louis. A forfeit by St. Louis to Brooklyn on September 8 proved to be crucial. St. Louis player manager Charlie Comiskey refused to bring his team to the game because he believed there was inadequate police protection at the game.

The Brooklyn offense was formidable, scoring 995 runs. Left fielder Darby O'Brien batted .300 and scored 170 runs. Right fielder Oyster Burns batted .304 and scored 153 runs.

1889 also marked the beginning of the Dodgers-Giants rivalry. However, it started in the postseason. The Giants had won the National League and the teams agreed to meet in a postseason exhibition series. The Giants won the series six games to three. The two teams pretty much just played until it got too cold and people stopped showing up for the games.

When the year was over, the players union of the day, the Brotherhood, formed its own league, called the Playes League. And the American Association champions decided to switch to the National League. The Dodgers-Giants rivalry would become a regular season affair.

Thanks to Brooklyn Eagle, and Retrosheet

2005-07-25 09:21:14
2.   Colorado Blue
Great stuff Bob! I especially love the 19th century games... 40-11! What did they have? 2 to 3 man rotations? Was the ball lighter? I can't imagine the toll on the arm. I guess the pitcher's mound was closer to homeplate then so that probably helped. May be the starting pitcher was responsible for the game outcome no matter how long he went, i.e. no such thing as a no-decision?

I didn't know the home team got to choose first up or not... until 1950 no less! I learn something new everyday.

2005-07-25 09:32:08
3.   Bob Timmermann
I think pitchers were 45-50 feet away in 1889. I don't know if they were throwing overhand yet. They weren't throwing as hard as they do no. And yes the pitchers pretty much finished every game unless they were badly hurt or the game was well out of hand.

Of Brooklyn's 140 games, the starter went the distance 120 times. The team used just five pitchers all season and two of the pitchers worked in just 12 games.

2005-07-25 09:34:57
4.   Bob Timmermann
Caruthers' 40 wins are the franchise record. The Dodgers NL record is 30 set by Tom Lovett in 1890. After the pitching distance moved back to 60'6", the franchise high has been 28 wins in a season, done three times, the last time by Dazzy Vance in 1924. The Los Angeles record is 27 by Sandy Koufax in 1966.
2005-07-25 09:38:17
5.   Colorado Blue
A well-spring of knowledge Bob Timmerman is!
2005-07-25 09:47:38
6.   Colorado Blue
Let's start a Jason Repko analysis...

I do not believe he is capable of even being the 5th outfielder strong gun and LoDuca look-alike qualities not withstanding.

However, he might suffice if we can get Drew back shortly. Werth as the 4th is perfect I think with Ledee in LF. I don't think experiments with Valentin and Perez as OFs is wise this season if we are intent on making a run at the division. I would rather platoon Valentin/Robles at 3rd which I guess leaves Perez starved for playing time (I'm assuming Izzy will continue to be the starting SS because all the arm angles he faces are correct).

So I will backpedal a little and say try Perez in LF some late inning not close games and see how he does... maybe even a spot start in LF or RF. If he seems comfortable I would promote him to 5th OF/backup IF and send Repko down. Bring up one of the young arms for some BP help which we desperately need.

Just my 2 cents.

2005-07-25 09:52:14
7.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Call up Broxton and Kuo, NOW. They will help out the pen immediatley.
2005-07-25 09:53:35
8.   Xeifrank
Random National Anthem incident callback

July 25, 1990

Fifteen years ago a chubby Rosanne Barr was asked to sing the national anthem before a San Dieog Padres game. Mrs Barr of TV fame and fortune proceeded to screech out the anthem, truly disgracing herself. The fans booed her off the field when she reached for her crotch and spit on the field after belting out her last note. Rosanne was never seen again near a baseball stadium, instead hired by WWF and changing her name to the Crow Bar.

2005-07-25 09:54:34
9.   Bob Timmermann
I expect that when Drew comes back, the outfield will be Werth-Bradley-Drew with Ledee getting occasional starts against tougher righthanders. Unless Werth continues to circle the drain. But Tracy says he won't start Ledee consecutive games.

I think Repko will get to stay up the rest of the year because I just don't think Drew will be ready before September 1 because:
1) he's JD Drew
2) that's just the way the season is going.

Repko does provide some good defense and Bradley looked really rusty in center field Sunday.

2005-07-25 09:54:36
10.   Xeifrank
7. Ok, but who are we going to send down? Erickson is untouchable... except to opposing batters.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 09:54:43
11.   fanerman
I wonder if Jose Valentin's 114 Rate2 is for real. If it is, that offers us even more flexibility. Let's see what happens in the next week...
2005-07-25 09:55:51
12.   Xeifrank
9. What about the Valentin in LF experiment? Is that still no the back burner? Was gone most of the weekend, didn't hear much on this story.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 09:56:48
13.   Peanuts in My Shoes
Any thoughts on the latest rumor of A. Perez and E. Jackson heading to Cincy for Dunn?
2005-07-25 09:59:04
14.   fanerman
The 114 Rate2 is in CF in like 14 games or something. 100 being average.

Perhaps a Werth/Ledee platoon. That way Werth only gets to see LH pitching. Well, maybe not a traditional platoon. A Choi/Saenz platoon. So Ledee doesn't play too much.

Where did you hear that rumor from? I'm just wondering how big it is.

2005-07-25 10:01:29
15.   Peanuts in My Shoes
From the most reliable of sources: the Riverside Press Enterprise ;)

"Antonio Perez could become lucrative trade bait as the non-waiver trade deadline approaches, and the Cincinnati Reds may be one of the teams interested.

Perez is batting .327 but has been relegated to spot starts due to Oscar Robles' emergence as a hot-hitting third baseman and Jeff Kent's reluctance to move to first. The Dodgers are 10 games under .500, but they trail the Padres by only 5½ games in the National League West with 64 games to go.

The Reds could be interested in Perez and pitcher Edwin Jackson in exchange for Adam Dunn, an outfielder who hit 46 home runs last year."

2005-07-25 10:01:30
16.   Xeifrank
Caught some Dodger talk on the radio yesterday. Mark Gooby was the host and some lady called up and made some good points about the Dodgers lack of being able to throw out any baserunners and how it killed them in the Mets series and has killed them on and off for most of the year. She wanted the Dodgers to trade for a better catcher. Didn't take Gooby more than 3 seconds to mention the LoDuca trade and how things have never been the same. Of course, no mention about our two good catchers in the minors. One probably making the team next year, then the better of the two the year after that. No consideration about consequences of blocking a position, and who would you trade for, and no mention of LuDuca's numbers since he's left the Dodgers and while he was on the Dodgers. Next guy that called also made some good points. Talked about how stolen bases in the overall scheme of things are an overrated stat and that OBP and SLG was more important. I still think that Jon should have his own Dodger radio show.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 10:03:16
17.   Bob Timmermann
If the Reds were to give up Dunn for just Jackson and Antonio Perez, I would have a very hearty laugh at the expense of the Reds.
2005-07-25 10:03:32
18.   Xeifrank
Perez/Jackson for Dunn would be a steal. Perez has no position to play and Jackson is to pitching what a full gas can is to a fire. Any trade for Dunn not involving ANY of our BEST prospects is a steal imvho.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 10:04:25
19.   Bob Timmermann
Did I miss some time period when Paul Lo Duca was good at throwing out runners?
2005-07-25 10:04:55
20.   fanerman
Perez/Jackson for Dunn would be a coup d'etat.

I don't know if that makes any sense or not.

2005-07-25 10:05:04
21.   Colorado Blue
13 - Drool,drool! If DePo could pull that off he's a freakin' genius! I like Perez, but he's expendable at this point. I don't Jackson is ever going to realize his "potential".

10 - Exactly! Bring up the young arms and send at least Repko down, maybe even Edwards (who is Edwards up here for anyway: Drew, Bradley? Maybe he all ready got sent down, I don't know). MB may be rusty, but that is to expected... he'll regain form if his finger is truly healed.

I agree Drew is problematic; however, if he ends up on the DL again, bring a 5th OF back up.

Of course, getting Dunn solves alot of these issues.

2005-07-25 10:06:32
22.   Xeifrank
19. Maybe the next random Dodger callback should remember a game in which the Dodgers threw out two attempted base stealers in one game. Might have to really go back in time for that one. :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 10:07:02
23.   regfairfield
I always assumed that Perez was going to be a utility guy at least until the end of this year, have him take over 3rd next year, then become our second baseman the year after that.

His emergence could be a reason to sell high on him, but he has the potential to be a very productive middle infielder.

2005-07-25 10:08:34
24.   Xeifrank
I don't think Dunn comes that cheaply now that the Cardinals have so many outfield problems/injuries. I know that Larussa probably doesn't like a big home run, lots of strike out person in the middle of his lineup unless his name is Mark, but Dunn could be on their shopping list too.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 10:09:00
25.   the OZ
17, 18, 20 - SHHHHHH!!!

[Speaking Loudly in the general direction of southern Ohio]:

Wow, I hope DePodesta doesn't give the Reds Antonio Perez and Edwin Jackson for Adam Dunn. Those are two great young future All-Stars. We should only give up one or the other, but not both. They're just too good. The Reds would be fleecing us just like the Marlins did last year!

2005-07-25 10:10:55
26.   Colorado Blue
Hasn't the statute of limitations run out on "see-I-told-you-so"s in regards to LoDuca? Not that they are correct to begin with.

What is LoDuca's scrappiness factor? He must make Eckstein look like an amateur... I cannot believe how important he is perceived as to a ballclub's ability to win.

2005-07-25 10:12:27
27.   fanerman
No worries. They wouldn't believe us if we tried convincing them we were robbing them.
2005-07-25 10:16:31
28.   Colorado Blue
Even ESPN cannot get over Lo Duca being traded:

Notice he's still in a Dogers uniform.

2005-07-25 10:16:39
29.   brendan glynn

Bob, do you happen know when was the last time a home team decided to bat first? that is wild that it was still an option in 1950.

2005-07-25 10:16:52
30.   Colorado Blue
Uh, that's "Dodgers".
2005-07-25 10:20:55
31.   Bob Timmermann
People have been looking into that and I don't think anyone has found a case of a home team batting first since the early part of the 20th Century.

It didn't even happen all that often in the 19th century and I had to doublecheck the boxscore because until the 1920s, it was common practice for newspapers to run linescores of games with the winning team listed on top regardless of whether or not it was the road team.

2005-07-25 10:24:35
32.   brendan glynn

makes sense. I thought maybe casey or leo might have tried it once. interesting stuff.

2005-07-25 10:26:56
33.   Bob Timmermann
Tony La Russa would be a manager who would try something like that now just because he found out he could.

It really makes no sense to do it today obviously.

2005-07-25 10:29:36
34.   FirstMohican
13 - Where did you hear that rumor?

The last thing I've heard was from

"We're continuing to be consistent," Red General Manager Dan O'Brien told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "The young players are the nucleus of our team. We want to retain them.

Since keeping a player who is up for arbi next year and a FA after that as part of a "nucleus" is obviously BS, the Reds GM is obviously indicating that he wants a whole hell of a lot for Dunn.

2005-07-25 10:30:02
35.   FirstMohican
34 - Obviously.
2005-07-25 10:30:37
36.   dzzrtRatt
The Jackson/Perez trade for Dunn has to be someone's wishful thinking. If it happens, and if the Padres really do trade Nevin for Ponson, then I'm going to apply to become the next GM for Cincinnati or San Diego.

Perez either needs to go back down to AAA to learn a position (second base would the most practical since we only have Kent one more year, and no obvious successor), or we need to trade him to an AL team where he could DH. Perez and somebody else for Aubrey Huff, perhaps.

2005-07-25 10:32:41
37.   FirstMohican
Re 34 - Oops... Didn't catch post 15.
2005-07-25 10:33:16
38.   regfairfield
Chuck LaMar would probably ask for Guzman, La Roche, and Broxton, plus cash for Huff.

If we did get him for Perez, LaMar would have effectively traded Jason Romano for Aubrey Huff.

2005-07-25 10:37:21
39.   Steelyeri
I heard someone (from ESPN) mention that the reds were asking for four players for Dunn. One Major league ready position player,one major league ready pitcher and two top prospects (a pitcher and a pos. player). Jackson and perez would probably be part of the deal. We would probably have to throw in a pitcher (please let it be duaner) and one more prospect.
2005-07-25 10:39:36
40.   Xeifrank
39. If I am the Reds. Billingsley, Broxton or Tiffanee or no deal.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 10:46:48
41.   fanerman
Good thing you're not the Reds.
2005-07-25 10:47:43
42.   db1022
39 - Edwin, APerez, Duaner, and Navarro?

And if you really pushed, we could swap Yhency for Duaner?

2005-07-25 10:50:30
43.   Colorado Blue
There's no way Perez and Jackson alone for Dunn... If we could give up one more decent prospect and Duaner I'd be ok with that. I'm not sure I'd give up a top shelf pitching prospect though.

BTW: how is are OF minor league depth? If it's non-existent then we may have to bite the bullet.

2005-07-25 10:55:33
44.   FirstMohican
Could there really be so many teams looking at Dunn to where they'd want 2+ top pitching prospects from the Dodgers?

What contender interested in Dunn has a farm system even close to ours?

2005-07-25 10:55:42
45.   Marty
I'll be at tonight's game, so we'll see if Mr. Dunn is all he's cracked up to be :)
2005-07-25 10:55:59
46.   the OZ
Again, it's better to wait until the offseason, when the Reds have less leverage and will be on the hook for a $10M player if they can't unload him. The pressure on the owner's pocketbook should be enough to help drive the price down, in addition to the fact that be a FA after 2006 (right?).
2005-07-25 10:56:47
47.   db1022
44 - I think the tougher part is to extend his contract. A Sexson/Glaus type deal should get it done.
2005-07-25 10:57:44
48.   the OZ
I don't think we need Dunn this year. Next year, he could be a nice piece on an offensive juggernaut. This year, is seems kind of silly to give up very much for him.

For Jackson and A Perez = yes. But that's unlikely, as has been discussed.

2005-07-25 10:58:36
49.   Xeifrank
46. I thought the whole point of the deal was to finish 6 games under .500 and win the NL West this year!
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 10:59:49
50.   the OZ
48 wasn't clear enough. If we're trading for him THIS year with the expectation that he'll be more valuable in 2006, then why waay overpay now when he'll cost less to acquire next year if 2006 is the real goal, anyway.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-07-25 11:02:50
51.   the OZ
50 isn't in response to you directly, Xei. I'm just being really post-inefficient this morning and keep having to re-clarify myself.

Price for 8 Months of Dunn (2005-2006) = 2 prospects, 2 MLB-ready players, $10M 2006 salary
Price for 6 months of Dunn (2006 only) = say, 1 or 2 players plus $10M salary; no "A" prospects.

Time to take a break.

2005-07-25 11:03:04
52.   fanerman
Off topic, but has Jon said when he'd be able to resume his normal blogging duties? My internet connection at home is not working and I'm wondering if there was an update over the weekend.
2005-07-25 11:05:25
53.   FirstMohican
I haven't been keeping up the last few days... is everyone pretty much resigned to '06?
2005-07-25 11:05:36
54.   Bob Timmermann
Jon will be booting his in-laws out of his house in the middle of the week.
2005-07-25 11:05:58
55.   dzzrtRatt

Chuck LaMar would probably ask for Guzman, La Roche, and Broxton, plus cash for Huff.

If LaMar is such a tough bargainer, why are the Devil Rays so terrible?

It would more than Perez to get Huff, but not Guzman, LaRoche and Broxton.

Your post does suggest what DePo's problem is, however. Any GM who makes a deal with DePo for an impact player who fails to get Guzman, LaRoche, Broxton, Billingsley or Tiffany will be seen as a eunuch. Our second line prospects are better than most team's first-line, but the perception will be that DePo wins the trade if he manages to keep all his best future players.

2005-07-25 11:06:44
56.   Colorado Blue
50 - I think he's more valuable this year if the Dodgers are serious about winning the NL West. He's making $4.6M this year. He's still in arb. after this year right? Would he really get a raise of over %100 ($10M) next year. There must be a max. he can get? Suppose it's 50%. Then he's making $6.9M next year... not bad for either side.
2005-07-25 11:06:52
57.   db1022
51 - If you thought that the price would drop so dramatically, then I would be inclined to agree. If its Edwin, APerez, Duaner, and Navarro now, or we wait until this offseason and do just Edwin? I'm not sure it would be such a discount.

It also depends on how much hope you hold out for this year.

2005-07-25 11:07:43
58.   Bob Timmermann
We vary between Denial and Acceptance. But I can repeat my paradox about how no one can accurately say that they are in Denial.

But all this talk of Adam Dunn makes me think we are in Bargaining.

We seem to have gotten out of Depression. That was the big feeling right before the break. I think Kelly Wunsch's injury set most of us on a downward spiral.

2005-07-25 11:09:57
59.   db1022
55 - I think the post you are citing is regarding the Rays laughable demands for their borderline available players (Huff, Baez, etc). Boston said the Rays wanted top prospect Henri Stanley for Baez, who would be a 7th inning guy for them.
2005-07-25 11:10:30
60.   Colorado Blue
I was in ACCEPTANCE, but if sub-.500 is good enough to win the west then count me in the BARGAINING/DENIAL categories!
2005-07-25 11:11:53
61.   regfairfield
55 - LaMar has gone crazy since he pulled off one of the Kazmir trade.

Figuring that every GM is as stupid as Jim Duquette, he is asking the world for everyone. After all, if one person is dumb enough to give up their top prospect for a mediocre pitcher, everyone must be,.

Reportedly, he wanted Hanley Ramirez for Danys Baez.

2005-07-25 11:12:25
62.   fanerman
That about sums it up for me.
2005-07-25 11:13:17
63.   fanerman
I'm guessing that was a typo and you meant Hanley Ramirez, not Henri Stanley, who we acquired from Boston for Dave Roberts.
2005-07-25 11:14:41
64.   Colorado Blue
Dunn is not going to come cheap:

• Ranks 3rd in NL in HR (28)
• Ranks 4th in NL in R (70)
• Ranks 3rd in NL in BB (71)
• Ranks 7th in NL in SLG (.586)
• Ranks 5th in NL in OPS (.979)

His OBP is .393! Amazing for a guy who strikes out so much.

2005-07-25 11:15:15
65.   the OZ
In a year when everyone in the division is racing from the pennant, I'm just not all that excited about going all-out to be the team that is the least terrible. I'm rooting for us to put together a good August/September (which is totally possible), but giving up one of our top AA pitching studs for an extra 2 months of Dunn in the hopes that he'll get us back to .500 seems like a net loss.

This team should be peaking in 2007-2008. I don't want to leverage those seasons for a slightly better 2005.

2005-07-25 11:15:54
66.   regfairfield
You forget that the Reds have the second worst GM in baseball. That could prove to be a big factor.
2005-07-25 11:22:06
67.   db1022
63 - Oops. That's the one.
2005-07-25 11:23:18
68.   Xeifrank
64. Shhhhhhh! Remember, mums the word.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 11:24:39
69.   Bob Timmermann
Home teams batting first --

Retrosheet says they have a documented case of it happening in 1903 (I couldn't find out who). There is a story that the Cubs did it once in 1908.

The 20th Century cases were not because of a team wanting to face a clean baseball, but apparently more of a football reason. Teams would think of batting first because they felt that they had a good offense, they were facing a weak pitcher and they could demoralize the other team by putting up a bunch of runs early and making the other team play catchup.

I suppose that idea might make a little sense in the Deadball Era if you thought your team's starter was significantly better, but it still seems risky.

2005-07-25 11:25:14
70.   Xeifrank
Last night on Baseball Tonight or one of those reality shows, Harold Reynolds when talking about the nose dive the Padres and the NL West was taking, started to say how the division was opening up and the first team he mentioned as contenders was the SF Giants. He said if Bonds gets healthy the Giants could win the division. I guess mathematically they could, but...
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 11:27:34
71.   db1022
65 - Work with me here, as I'm putting on my "Best Case Scenario" hat for a second:

The Wild Card comes from the NL East. Let's the Braves win the division, and Washington gets the WC. The Dodgers squeak into the West, and the Cards steamroll through the Central.

The Dodgers could open against the Braves, fielding this lineup:

Izturis/Robles - SS
Drew - RF
Kent - 2B
Dunn - LF
Bradley - CF
Choi - 1B
Valentin - 3B
Phillips - C

(or some combo of that)

and field a 3 man rotation of Penny, Lowe, and Weaver.

Bullpen still stinks and, unless some young'ns come up and make an impact, will be our downfall.

I do like our chances with that lineup and rotation against Atlanta.

2005-07-25 11:28:21
72.   Colorado Blue
70 - It is SOP for ESPN to toot the Gnats horn when possible. I think Joe Morgan made it a condition in his contract.
2005-07-25 11:29:28
73.   Colorado Blue
Speaking of the bullpen, does anyone know when Wunsch is expected back?
2005-07-25 11:32:01
74.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Wunsch isn't supposed to come back until spring training.
2005-07-25 11:32:58
75.   Benaiah
73 - Next year

71 - The bullpen would be a weakness, however, between Sept callups and Perez as LR I think we will be better than we are now. Assuming Depo isn't insane our bullpen won't have Erickson in it if we made the playoffs. Maybe Broxton or Kou will be in the pen a la Yhency last year.

2005-07-25 11:34:04
76.   Steelyeri
73, 74.

Yes. I beleive that Wunsch's injury was similar to Schilling's bloody sock deal. Spring Training is the earliest we could expect him back.

2005-07-25 11:34:36
77.   brendan glynn

The Wunsch Incident nearly broke me.

2005-07-25 11:37:39
78.   Colorado Blue
74, 75 - Thanks... I guess I didn't follow THAT one closely enough... He must have really tore-up his ankle.

Really, do we have any middle/long relief worth a dime? I still have faith in Yhency, but have lost it in Duaner/Erickson/Gio. These three could be moved to no ill effect.

Oops, I mean two CAN be moved, three with no ill effect.

2005-07-25 11:43:24
79.   Xeifrank
Isn't it great that some of us are talking about the Dodgers playoff batting order, rotation and bullpen. How many other teams this far under .500 can think the same thing? Looks like the USS Denial has set sail on a three hour tour with Captain Erickson at the helm nonetheless.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 11:44:55
80.   Colorado Blue
Does that make DePo Gilligan?
2005-07-25 11:45:02
81.   db1022
75 - Bring up Kuo, and maybe make a trade if you really want to go for it (Urbina?). Ditch Carrara and Erickson.

There was a Urbina/Padilla for Odalis (+$$$) mentioned in the NYPost last week.

2005-07-25 11:46:12
82.   db1022
79 - Stay within 5-7 games back until the unbalanced schedule kicks in. Then its time to get hot.
2005-07-25 11:47:13
83.   Bob Timmermann
Tracy would be The Professor carving a radio out of driftwood.
2005-07-25 11:47:55
84.   Steelyeri

I am pretty confident that Depo will get us an undervalued releiverTM before the trade deadline. Like he did last year with dessens and scott stewart, also see Duaner before last season and Wusch before this season. He seems to be able to pull these guys out of nowhere.

2005-07-25 11:48:13
85.   Benaiah
79 - Ha Yeah. I have to say I love this division this year. Normally I would be despondant (see two weeks ago) but now we see the glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel. If we manage to win 4 or 5 of the games before the trading deadline (big if considering we are playing the two best offenses in the NL) then we could be within 4 of the Fathers.
2005-07-25 11:48:16
86.   Colorado Blue
... and of course we all know Thurston Howell III and "Lovie" are.
2005-07-25 11:49:57
87.   Howard Fox
so everyone here appears to believe we can go 38-26 the rest of the way and win the west with an 82-80 record?

no one is more of a die hard than I, but I can't see us going at a .594 clip the rest of the way, given we are currently (since 12-2) playing at a .381 pace

2005-07-25 11:52:10
88.   Xeifrank
... and Tommy Lasorda would be the guy who arrives at the island with a speed boat, but Depodesta would trade it away for 3 innertubes because they cost less and have a higher VORP.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 11:54:17
89.   Colorado Blue
88 - LOL :)
2005-07-25 11:55:50
90.   Colorado Blue
88 - Yeah. 1 for him , 1 for Ginger, and 1 for Maryann.
2005-07-25 11:56:23
91.   brendan glynn
I'm going on record and saying the NL West will be won with a losing record.
2005-07-25 11:57:58
92.   Benaiah
87 - It is possible that a sub 500 record will win the West. Depending on how we do against the Padres and the Snakes, we might be able to win with less than 80 wins.
2005-07-25 12:00:04
93.   Howard Fox
91 - won't happen, the Padres or D'backs will somehow win 85
2005-07-25 12:01:40
94.   brendan glynn

Ok it's a friendly bet (because if it was for money I'd need odds)

2005-07-25 12:02:16
95.   fanerman
Howard Fox,
I think we're all being very hopeful. That somehow the hitting comes together with Bradley and Valentin back (and a possible deal), the starting pitching starts getting consistent and stays healthy (Penny, Weaver, Lowe, Perez, Houlton), and we get some much needed bullpen help.

Then we beat up on the NL West so we don't have to get THAT many wins.

2005-07-25 12:02:42
96.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 91

Our division stinks, but I don't think it's that bad. Regression to the mean should dictate that the Padres will come out of their tailspin to some extent.

We still have a chance this season, but I still have no enthusiasm for giving up any strong minor-leaguers. Call up Kuo and Broxton for the pen and hope for the best. If we can't make up anymore ground before the deadline, trade Weaver, Olmedo, and A. Perez for a corner OF for next season. But I for one have no expectation that DePo will give up what it will take to get Dunn.


2005-07-25 12:05:02
97.   fanerman
More on #95,
And we think it's about bloody time the Dodgers regress to the mean. Because I don't think anybody here thinks we're a .300 something team.
2005-07-25 12:18:01
98.   Bob Timmermann
Does the math work out so that the division winner can have a losing record? I suppose there are enough out of division games for all the teams to do so.

On this date in 1973, the NL East standings were this:
St. Louis 51-45 .531
Chicago 52-46 .531
Pitt. 46-49 .484 -4.5
Philly 46-51 .474 -5.5
Expos 44-51 .463 -6.5
New York 42-51 .452 -7.5

2005-07-25 12:23:57
99.   Rick in the UK
I think this division does stink. Haven't the Pads lost seven in a row? Sounds like us. We seemed to have hit a sort of plateau in terms of ability. I think we shall comfortably coast into 3rd place.
2005-07-25 12:28:43
100.   Vishal
re: dunn now(expensive) or dunn later(cheaper)

i think we're not considering the possibility that dunn's window of availability may not be that long. if we don't get dunn now, he may do a trade and sign with houston and be unavailable this offseason. that may not be the worst outcome in the world, considering how barely we are in contention in the worst division in baseball, but if the conclusion is that we do want him for next year, we may have to pay the price of getting him now to get him at all.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-07-25 12:34:08
101.   Howard Fox
this entire season (aside from the 12-2 bit) we have been totally out of sync...some hitting, some pitching, never in the same game...(forget the Phillie game a few days ago, that was only one inning)

to expect us to play at nearly a .600 pace to finish over .500, is asking alot...

and re: Dunn...I'll go on record here, it won't happen...

have I ever steered you wrong before???

2005-07-25 12:38:39
102.   Xeifrank
If the Dodgers were in the AL Central, we'd all be in "acceptance" because the Dodgers would only be 20.5 games out and quite a ways out in the WC.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 12:39:46
103.   bigcpa
Dunn's .319 EQA is 8th in the NL and 3 pts better than Vlad. There is not a fluid market for these guys. DePo gets this. If he does change teams this week I'll go on record that DePo will actually return Bowden's calls. He'll have Kim Ng take care of all Weaver inquiries.
2005-07-25 12:42:53
104.   dzzrtRatt
But if we were in the AL, we'd be even worse than that, because we'd play more games against the Red Sox, Yankees, Angels, White Sox, A's and Twins, who are all better than almost any team in the NL. The division's malaise reflects the entire National League's, which is becoming like the NFC in football.
2005-07-25 12:46:20
105.   Bob Timmermann
Why would DePodesta be calling Jim Bowden about Adam Dunn? Shouldn't he be answering calls from Dan O'Brien?
2005-07-25 12:47:16
106.   Sam DC
103 -- not sure what Bowden's "plans" are, but he can be one acid tongued dude. has an interview up where he really lets loose. money quote: "People that make excuses are losers. I have no place for losers. I don't want to hear about the food. I don't want to hear about the clubhouse. I don't want to hear about the size of the wall, the color of the grass and the depth of the mound. I want to see production and wins. I don't care about that other [stuff]. Winners go and win. Losers complain. I don't want to be around complainers and losers. So for those who want to complain and want to lose, they should come and ask to be traded."

2005-07-25 12:47:40
107.   Howard Fox
105 - he's good with numbers, bad with names
2005-07-25 12:50:33
108.   regfairfield
106 - Strong words from a man who actually makes me question whether or not the Milton signing was the worst of the offseason.
2005-07-25 12:53:35
109.   bigcpa
You know what I meant!
2005-07-25 12:54:12
110.   Bob Timmermann
Jim Bowden didn't sign Eric Milton. He runs Washington. He signed Cristian Guzman.

Get your free agent disasters right!

If it weren't for Guzman and Milton, then Lowe would be the guy with the big free agent bust tag on him.

2005-07-25 12:54:27
111.   Im So Blue
From Tony Jackson in the Daily News:

"Finally, with a week to go before the trading deadline, did the Dodgers climb sufficiently back into the National League West title chase that they should be looking to upgrade? Or are they still sputtering to the point that they should dump salary and prepare for 2006?

The answer to that one depends largely on whom you ask. But one source with knowledge of the inner workings of the organization, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said fans shouldn't expect much in the way of trading-deadline additions, that owner Frank McCourt and general manager Paul DePodesta aren't planning to add much to a payroll that already falls somewhere between $88 million and $92 million, depending on how it is calculated.",1413,200~28541~2979830,00.html

2005-07-25 12:54:43
112.   brendan glynn

I wonder about that as well but didn't let it stop me.

2005-07-25 12:55:08
113.   Bob Timmermann
Also, I don't care much for Jim Bowden mainly because he seems to be really full of himself. I wonder if he's friends with Steve Phillips.
2005-07-25 12:55:32
114.   bigcpa
Now explain to me how Dan Duquette and Jim Duquette are actually two different people.
2005-07-25 12:55:35
115.   Howard Fox
110 - that's pretty lowe
2005-07-25 12:56:51
116.   Howard Fox
114 - well, you see, it has to do with the chromosomes
2005-07-25 12:57:55
117.   regfairfield
110 - Right, the Guzman signing was so bad I actually have to question if it was worse than the Milton signing.

There were far worse signings than Lowe this offseason:


We have to go a long way before we hit Lowe.

2005-07-25 12:59:51
118.   brendan glynn

You should have seen Bowden walking around the Winter Meetings in Anaheim. You would think he was running for Prom King in high school.

2005-07-25 12:59:59
119.   Howard Fox
117 - or bottom, as it were
2005-07-25 13:00:22
120.   Bob Timmermann
I think the NL West loser can have fewer than 82 wins. The Mets in 1973 were 81-79 and playing a makeup doubleheader against the Cubs on the Monday after the regular season. If the Cubs had swept they would have forced a tie between the Mets and Cardinals at 81-81. However, the tiebreaker would have pushed one of the teams to 82 wins. The Mets went 20-8 in September and October and had winning records against just three teams: Pittsburgh, St. Louis and San Diego
2005-07-25 13:00:50
121.   bigcpa
The Russ Ortiz deal gets extra credit for being an inexcusable signing the day it happened.
2005-07-25 13:00:55
122.   brendan glynn
wait I meant steve phillips, not bowden in 118.
2005-07-25 13:02:02
123.   Howard Fox
if a losing record will take the west, don't rule out the Giants
2005-07-25 13:03:00
124.   brendan glynn

Great, 81 wins and see what happens in a one game playoff. dodgers are due to win one of those.

2005-07-25 13:03:52
125.   brendan glynn

see Howard. you are coming around. 81 81 81!!!!

2005-07-25 13:13:59
126.   Sam DC
111 --- It's interesting that the inside source apparently paints the decision whether or not to deal as a payroll issue. That is a pretty loaded presentation of the issue given commonly-held suspicions re McCourt being cheap and/or not living up his $100 million payroll "promise." Admittedly, I did not follow the link, but it seems diconnected from baseball reality to look at the question whether nor not to deal solely through the lens of salary, and not through the lens of make-a-run-now v. build-for-the-future. After all, are there any pure or mostly salary deals out there for the taking?
2005-07-25 13:16:11
127.   Marty
118. Wasn't Bowden the one who insisted Lasorda be present before he met with Dan Evans, just to embarrass Evans?
2005-07-25 13:23:05
128.   fanerman
I've never heard that story before. What's the deal?
2005-07-25 13:24:18
129.   alex 7
And we'd only owe Dunn half of his current salary which would translate to what, $3 million or so? Subtracting the salary of whichever major leagues we traded, the net gain wouldn't be that big. You'd also think the crowds would bulge a little bit with a big pickup like that. Add to that jersey sales, promotions, and I'm thinking the money isn't a problem.
2005-07-25 13:33:12
130.   Marty
128. As I recall at Winter meetings whatever year was Evan's first, Bowden would not sit down and talk to Evans unless Lasorda was present. My memory is fuzzy, but I think I'm correct.
2005-07-25 13:35:23
131.   sactofan

Don't you have better things to do than worrying about Dunn... like getting in touch with old friends and sharing statistics unrelated to baseball?

2005-07-25 13:38:17
132.   alex 7
nice to meet you too sactofan
2005-07-25 13:44:09
133.   Xeifrank
Took a glance at the RedReporter blog to see if there was any good Adam Dunn chatter. They had a link up to an ESPN story saying that Dunn would be a perfect fit for the A's, but the A's probably didn't have the $$$ to make such a deal. Then there was this interesting tidbit about the team in town tonight...
Here's a stat that might surprise you: The Reds' catching tandem of Jason LaRue and Javier Valentin lead the National League's highest OPS at the position by nearly 100 points. Valentin, 29, would be attractive to several teams in need of catching help. LaRue, 31, is somewhat pricey at $3 million. ..........
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 13:47:16
134.   Marty
Two Valentins to go with our 5 Ja(y)sons would be sweet.
2005-07-25 13:48:02
135.   brendan glynn

you are right about that story, Marty.

2005-07-25 13:51:02
136.   Bob Timmermann
Javier Valentin is Jose's brother.
2005-07-25 13:51:04
137.   dzzrtRatt

Bowden later said it was his idea of a witty line, suggesting that Lasorda was "Mr. Dodger," and you couldn't really be talking to the Dodgers unless Lasorda was there.

Evans took it, rightly, as an insult, and immediately stood up and smashed Bowden in the face. Stunned by the unexpected blow, he fell to his knees, at which point Evans kicked him in the head. Now prostate on the ground, his mouth full of a mixture of blood and tooth shards, Bowden burbled something about Campanis, so Evans got really mad and jumped in the air, landing his knee directly on Bowden's throat.

Finally, Lasorda came in and broke it up, proving that maybe Bowden had a point after all.

2005-07-25 13:56:07
138.   dzzrtRatt
It's when writers like Tony Jackson try to goad McCourt/DePo on the payroll issue that I start thinking they might try to do a Dunn deal, or something like it. Otherwise, Sitrick & Co. will have to explain why McCourt promised to spend $100 million, but fell about $12 million short. That might be a tough sell.
2005-07-25 13:58:16
139.   Bob Timmermann
Now prostate on the ground,

That must have been one heck of a punch by Dan Evans to do that.

2005-07-25 13:58:27
140.   brendan glynn

You have a gift. write that novel (o at least a cheap paperback summer read)

2005-07-25 13:58:47
141.   Xeifrank
Looked up a few OPS of catchers to see where Phillips stacked up.

Valentin .925
Varitek .913
Stinnet .847
J.Lopez .841
LaRue .786
Piazza .781
LoDuca .758
Matheny .756
V.Martinez .747
Phillips .653

wow! Phillips is awful with the stick, and awful throwing out runners. I know throwing out runners also relies on your pitchers ability to hold them on base and deliver the ball quickly to home, but this really shows a glaring hole. Someone remind me again why Phillips is playing every day, and sometimes hitting 4th thru 6th? Could Navarro be any worse? This Valentin guy sure is putting up nice numbers as the Reds platoon catcher. Not the same number of at bats as Phillips, which means a regression to the mean, but nice numbers nonetheless. If Valentin can play outfield it would be nice to trade for a better catcher if it didn't block our youngsters. Phillips is a stop gap, but we need a better stop gap imvho.
vr, Xei

2005-07-25 14:00:53
142.   regfairfield
I have a strong feeling that Phillips playing 85% of the games after Paul Bako got hurt contributes greatly to his .600 OPS in the same time frame.
2005-07-25 14:03:34
143.   dzzrtRatt
139 -- yeah, he literally turned him inside out!

I should have said 'horizontal.' That way, a typo couldn't have undone me like this one did.

2005-07-25 14:03:51
144.   fanerman
If we want a new catcher, just bring up Navarro, I say.
2005-07-25 14:05:02
145.   Howard Fox
141 - yeah, but he sure looks cool in those glasses
2005-07-25 14:05:49
146.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe it was CAP-Cure week and Evans was just giving Bowden an exam the hard way.
2005-07-25 14:06:40
147.   Xeifrank
Howard your opponent went with 6-1/3, I got you with Lowe going 6. Good luck.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 14:07:56
148.   natepurcell
okay wow, i just saw the PE trade rumor.

i would even throw in navarro for them if they wanted something to seal the deal.
aybar> perez
billingsley> jackson

where do i sign?

2005-07-25 14:08:43
149.   Xeifrank
144. Demote Rose and bring up Navarro? It's not like we are keeping Rose on the roster for his veteran leadership. Is there some reason why it's Rose over Navarro? I'm sure there are reasons, there must be. But do they outweigh that .653 Izturis like OPS?
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 14:10:28
150.   ddger
Tonight's opposing pitcher is RH Aaron Harang.

Anyone want to try LINEUP MATCH GAME (or reading Tracy's mind)?

Decisions for today:

How long will Robles continue to bat leadoff?

Will Perez and Choi get a start?

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-07-25 14:10:37
151.   fanerman
Maybe to protect his trade value because DePo thinks his stock will plummet if he sees time in the majors, since he's trying to do the deal Nate described.
2005-07-25 14:10:41
152.   Xeifrank
148. The last thing the Reds need is another catcher. The Reds are like the anti-Dodgers. Our strengths are their weaknesses our weaknesses are their strengths. haha! Then why aren't they running away with the NL Central? This post will self destruct in 10 seconds.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 14:11:20
153.   fanerman
#151 is in response to #149. Oops.
2005-07-25 14:12:09
154.   Bob Timmermann
I think Rose is up because Tracy would be uncomfortable giving Navarro enough playing time to help his development. So they are going with Rose, who will respond better to sitting on the bench a lot.

For the record, I will say something I never thought I would say:

I miss Paul Bako!

2005-07-25 14:12:36
155.   natepurcell
actually 152,

the reds DO need a catcher.
they dont have a catcher for the future.

2005-07-25 14:12:48
156.   Colorado Blue
Speaking of Izzy; what role might he play in possible trade scenario to get Dunn? Probably none to answer my own question. Felipe Lopez seems solid enough.
2005-07-25 14:17:05
157.   Colorado Blue
154 - I miss Paul Bako!
Or even sadder: Brent Mayne.
2005-07-25 14:19:50
158.   Xeifrank
Anybody good at softball? We need a warm body for an 845pm game tuesday night in the ventura area.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 14:20:09
159.   Bob Timmermann

Let's not get carried away here.

2005-07-25 14:22:00
160.   the OZ
Xei - where in Ventura?
2005-07-25 14:22:20
161.   Colorado Blue
159 - Just a sanity check on your threshold...
2005-07-25 14:23:21
162.   Xeifrank
OZ, either Camino Real Park or Harry Lyons Park, I have to find out from El Capitan.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 14:25:33
163.   Howard Fox
158 - sorry I'll be at the stadium winning a car
2005-07-25 14:27:11
164.   Vishal
which is it, xei? do you need someone good or just a warm body? :)
2005-07-25 14:29:11
165.   the OZ
Hmm, I'm in the Eastern part of the county, so the city of Ventura's a bit of a stretch for me. I was hoping you meant Ventura COUNTY.

Maybe you can get Hee Seop Choi. He's not doing anything tomorrow night... :)

2005-07-25 14:30:00
166.   fanerman
How did Paul Bako get injured again? I have forgotten.
2005-07-25 14:32:16
167.   db1022
I think Brook Jacoby still lives in Ventura. I could find his address for you.

I live in Ventura, but sadly am unavailable tomorrow night. I'm quite good too (at least in the "anonymous-person-on-the-internet-so-you-can't-prove-me-wrong" kind of way).

2005-07-25 14:39:40
168.   ddger
Is Carlos Alvarez related to Wilson Alvarez? How is Carlos's stuff?
2005-07-25 14:46:03
169.   DaveP
Anyone know why LaRoche started at 1B yesterday for Jacksonville? Was this something to do with wanting to give Loney a night off or are they considering LaRoche at 1B?

I'm guessing Guzman will get a few nights off since he charged the mound after getting hit by a pitch yesterday.

2005-07-25 14:49:36
170.   Xeifrank
164,165. Doesn't have to be really good. Just won't be a cheap out and can field a position half way decent. Need cleats (non metal) and glove. Camino Real Park, Field #1, tuesday 845pm, email me if interested.
2005-07-25 14:50:17
171.   Sushirabbit
All this catcher reminiscing has me thinking maybe trading LoDuca away was a bad deal. But even he wasn't great at throwing out runners... come to think of it I can't remember a Dodger that was especially good at it. Wait, wasn't Charles Johnson a Dodger for a few minutes?
2005-07-25 14:52:01
172.   Bob Timmermann
Bako tore up his knee when he was caught in a rundown between bases trying to take an extra base on a hit. He made a sudden stop and blew out a ligament in his knee.

I doubt that the Alvarezes are related. That's a pretty common name. Is Carlos Alvarez from Venezuela?

2005-07-25 14:55:56
173.   Bob Timmermann
Charles Johnson even won a Gold Glove as a catcher for the Dodgers. But he won it more on reputation. His throwing arm's reputation exceeded its ability.

A Dodger has won a Gold Glove at every position except third base.

With Rolen missing most of the year, I wonder if someone will inherit his Gold Glove spot.

2005-07-25 14:57:01
174.   Dave
Thanks for a really good laugh. I'm at that age where I often wish my prostrate was on the ground. (I know, that's sick (and sad))
2005-07-25 15:02:31
175.   db1022
173 - Edgardo Alfonzo?

CJ won the Gold Glove the season he was with us? I remember being very disappointed in his throwing that year. He also looked very slow. That was probably his last year where his reputation preceded his abilities.

2005-07-25 15:03:02
176.   natepurcell

see chad pitch now!

2005-07-25 15:04:27
177.   Jim Hitchcock
Try saying prostrate with prostate five times really fast...
2005-07-25 15:05:21
178.   the OZ
Prostrate Prostate
2005-07-25 15:07:57
179.   natepurcell
anyone watching chad pitch?
2005-07-25 15:08:42
180.   fanerman
Once again, I'm stuck at work. Though I'd like to.
2005-07-25 15:09:33
181.   ddger
Nate, I'm watching him for the first time. He looks really smooth on his delivery. How can you get the speed of his pitches?
2005-07-25 15:10:53
182.   natepurcell
well the announcer will say the speed sometimes.
2005-07-25 15:10:55
183.   DaveP
179 - yeah, I'm watching.
2005-07-25 15:11:24
184.   the OZ
I'm 'stuck' at work, too. But it's not enough to keep me from watching...
2005-07-25 15:12:12
185.   natepurcell
i love watching chad pitch. he only threw one cb in that first inning, but im sure hes just saving it for later.
2005-07-25 15:13:30
186.   ddger
Nate, would you be willing to give up Chad as part of package for Dunn?
2005-07-25 15:14:10
187.   natepurcell
Nate, would you be willing to give up Chad as part of package for Dunn?

no. id kill myself if we did that.

2005-07-25 15:15:10
188.   Bob Timmermann
I'm thinking that Vinny Castilla might get the Gold Glove at third if Rolen doesn't get picked. And he still might get it despite missing most of the season.
2005-07-25 15:15:37
189.   ddger
Which prospects are untouchable in trade for Dunn?
2005-07-25 15:16:57
190.   natepurcell
billingsley, laroche, martin, broxton
2005-07-25 15:17:27
191.   natepurcell
maybe guzman, im sure about him yet.
2005-07-25 15:18:00
192.   ddger
190. How about Guzman?
2005-07-25 15:19:46
193.   natepurcell
i mean, im not sure about guzman yet.
2005-07-25 15:19:52
194.   ddger
190. I'm pretty sure that Cincy wants at least 1 of these 4 if not 2 to trade Dunn. It will be a miracle if Depo can get Dunn without trading any of those 4.
2005-07-25 15:23:33
195.   natepurcell
laroche just showed great plate discipline in that at bat. down 0-2, fought back and got himself a walk. great job andy.
2005-07-25 15:28:37
196.   natepurcell
chads curveball is wicked today!
2005-07-25 15:29:18
197.   Icaros
The camera angle for the Suns game is tripping me out. The mound looks like it's 30 feet from home plate.
2005-07-25 15:29:23
198.   Xeifrank
Why doesn't someone put together an Adam Dunn trade contest. In the event that the Dodgers trade for Adam Dunn, name four players that would get sent to the Reds. The person matching the most names of Dodgers getting dealt for Dunn wins. Can only pick four players.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 15:29:54
199.   the OZ
Billingsley breezed that inning. 2 groundouts and a strikeout on a changeup off the plate.

Loney looks really tall. He may yet develop some power if he fills that frame out a bit. I'm less of a Loney pessimist now.

2005-07-25 15:30:19
200.   natepurcell
what do we win?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-07-25 15:30:55
201.   natepurcell
I'm less of a Loney pessimist now.

i love loneys swing and the way he moves around 1b.

2005-07-25 15:31:20
202.   db1022
188 - Ah Castilla! I used to marvel at how Castilla and Caminiti's throws would hit the 1B in the chest, no matter the angle or position the throw came from.

I'd have to think that his D has slipped a bit this year, given his age.

My bet is Rolen still gets it. Palmeiro got the gold glove at 1st a few years ago, while logging some 17(?) games at the position.

2005-07-25 15:31:46
203.   the OZ
OK, how sad [or great] is this? We're posting on an Internet site while watching Minor-league baseball game on the other side of the continent that we're watching over the Internet, as well.
2005-07-25 15:31:50
204.   Icaros
199 - I think someone said that that was LaRoche at first today.
2005-07-25 15:32:27
205.   db1022
201 - You mean he "looks" like a ballplayer? Don't let Billy Beane hear you say that...
2005-07-25 15:34:02
206.   the OZ
LaRoche is at 3rd. Loney at 1st. Guzman at SS.
2005-07-25 15:35:26
207.   natepurcell
201 - You mean he "looks" like a ballplayer? Don't let Billy Beane hear you say that...

but he also has good makeup!

today laroche is at 3b, 2b young, 1b loney, c martin, cf ruggianno.

i dont know if guzy is playing SS or DHing.

and OZ, this isnt sad, this is our future!

2005-07-25 15:35:27
208.   DaveP
204 - LaRoche was at 1B yesterday. First time at 1B in his career so was just wondering why they had him there. Everything back to normal today.
2005-07-25 15:38:32
209.   fanerman
Are they ever going to move Young out of 2B? If he has no chance at 2B in the majors, why not just move him now (unless they want to move him to SS, 3B, or 1B)?
2005-07-25 15:39:15
210.   db1022
198 - Edwin Jackson, Dioner Navarro, Duaner Sanchez, Antonio Perez
2005-07-25 15:42:33
211.   natepurcell
Are they ever going to move Young out of 2B? If he has no chance at 2B in the majors, why not just move him now (unless they want to move him to SS, 3B, or 1B)?

actually, young has improved a lot there. during the all star game, the annoucners talked about how young had great work ethic and took groundballs for hours on a day to try and improve.

2005-07-25 15:42:38
212.   Icaros
I'm glad that was LaRoche at third, then. He has a cannon for an arm on the play I saw.
2005-07-25 15:43:33
213.   the OZ
Bill's's's's changeup is really working today.
2005-07-25 15:43:47
214.   fanerman
#211 - Nate,
So he still has a shot at it? Last I heard (a few weeks ago or something), the consensus was that he just could not play there.
2005-07-25 15:44:18
215.   natepurcell
now billingsley is showing off that nasty slider of his. not fair for the smokies.
2005-07-25 15:45:14
216.   Icaros
Does this opposing team have any stud players? CB is making these guys look terrible.
2005-07-25 15:45:40
217.   natepurcell
young still has a shot at it. hes probably just as good as perez right now. So if perez has a shot at it, so does young.

but aybar is better than both defensively.

and tony abreu down at vero, is supposebly very very good defensively.

i dunno about denker yet.

2005-07-25 15:46:12
218.   natepurcell
Does this opposing team have any stud players? CB is making these guys look terrible.

its the diamondbacks AA affliate.

2005-07-25 15:48:44
219.   FirstMohican
Chen DFA'd.

2005-07-25 15:49:41
220.   FirstMohican
Can anyone link to the game if it is webcasted?
2005-07-25 15:50:51
221.   db1022
Where are the two DBacks top hitting prospects - AAA?
2005-07-25 15:51:19
222.   FirstMohican Mets want Kent.

2005-07-25 15:51:50
223.   Marty
Since I'm guessing there is a mix of National and American AA clubs in a league, how do they deal with the DH in the minors? Same way as the bigs, home field determines with "interleague" matchups?
2005-07-25 15:51:52
224.   Icaros
I'm sure this Donovan guy is Tracy's favorite Jacksonville Sun.
2005-07-25 15:52:59
225.   Icaros
What is Delwyn Young, 4'8"?
2005-07-25 15:53:29
226.   natepurcell
Since I'm guessing there is a mix of National and American AA clubs in a league, how do they deal with the DH in the minors? Same way as the bigs, home field determines with "interleague" matchups?

if a national league team is playing an american league team regardless of who is at home, each team can use a DH.

2005-07-25 15:54:57
227.   natepurcell
dewlyn is short, probably like 5'10. but he packs a punch, 14 homeruns already.
2005-07-25 15:55:25
228.   Bob Timmermann
I think BOTH teams have to be NL teams for the pitchers to hit and at AA, I believe that two NL teams can opt to use a DH.

At AAA, it's a little different.

2005-07-25 15:56:15
229.   fanerman
5'10" isn't short for a 2B is it?
2005-07-25 15:58:54
230.   Icaros
Young's lack of height will put him on JT's good side.
2005-07-25 16:00:08
231.   Icaros
Call up Russell Martin!
2005-07-25 16:00:25
232.   natepurcell
martin throws out a runner, breath of fresh air right there.

for those who are watchimg, what pitcher would you compare chad to?

2005-07-25 16:02:08
233.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 198

Edwin Jackson, Dioner Navarro, Yhency Brazoban, Antonio Perez

I have a bad feeling DePo will gamble and give up Guzman, which may be the right decision, but which I'd rather not do.


2005-07-25 16:02:37
234.   Marty
232. Today, he reminds me of J.R. Richards.
2005-07-25 16:02:45
235.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 233

BTW, although I think there's a decent chance DePo will trade for Dunn, I'm still less than totally enthusiastic about it.


2005-07-25 16:03:12
236.   Marty
A LaRoche bomb
2005-07-25 16:03:19
237.   natepurcell
2005-07-25 16:03:25
238.   DaveP
that was an opposite field bomb!
2005-07-25 16:04:09
239.   Marty
Someone won free burritos for a year on that homerun.
2005-07-25 16:04:28
240.   Icaros
I didn't know LaRoche batted righty. I figured he'd be the same as Adam.
2005-07-25 16:05:00
241.   fanerman
Free burritos? How?
Nice job by LaBomb!
2005-07-25 16:05:59
242.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
RE: 241

One of those weird minor-league promotions at Jax. I wonder how that works--there must be some kind of quota on the burritos. 3 a week perhaps?


2005-07-25 16:06:27
243.   Icaros
Is Guzman playing?
2005-07-25 16:06:46
244.   Marty
241. Some TV contest they were talking about just before the homer. Any homer that inning was good for one free burrito at some place in Jacksonville. A LaRoche homerun that inning was good for free burritos for a year.
2005-07-25 16:07:05
245.   natepurcell
it was the cordova homerun inning. every 4th inning, if they hit a homerun, a contestant wins a year of free burritos from cordova mexican grill.

on laroche:

thats what im talking about baby! after the first 10 games or so, AA pitchers were getting KILLED going in on laroche. he would absoultely murder them. then they started going away away away and now laroche needs to adjust. it looks like he is trying too.

by the way, see that linedrive by loney? so pretty!

2005-07-25 16:07:53
246.   Xeifrank
200. Free registration to the Jason Grabowski Baseball Academy & Soup Kitchen.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 16:08:24
247.   DaveP
243. Yes, he's at SS.
2005-07-25 16:08:37
248.   sanchez101
just tuned in to see laroche homerun, now loney single. With the new found control like to compare billinglsey to sheets. Similar size, 93-95 fastball, good breacking stuff, solid-enough change, good control, tons of k's. Basically your run-of-the-mill power righthander.
2005-07-25 16:09:20
249.   natepurcell
i see more bonderman in billingsley then sheets.
2005-07-25 16:11:49
250.   natepurcell
well, we know loney wont ever still many bases, how slow did he look?
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-07-25 16:13:14
251.   Xeifrank
222. The Mets want Kent? Of course they do! :) I didn't know he was available. vr, Xei
2005-07-25 16:13:20
252.   natepurcell
thats a neat game they are playing in between innings....
2005-07-25 16:14:17
253.   Xeifrank
Got db1022 and Wayne's Adam Dunn 4 for 1 trade guess. Any other takers? No prize money, just fame and recognition.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 16:14:27
254.   FirstMohican
251 - Sure you did! Everyone's avail.
2005-07-25 16:14:44
255.   Icaros
Guzman does have Strawberry's body type. I can't believe he plays SS.

I hope he doesn't share Darryl's love for blow.

2005-07-25 16:16:23
256.   FirstMohican
253 - APerez, Brazoban, Werth, EJack - But I don't think it'll happen.
2005-07-25 16:18:56
257.   Xeifrank
LA Times says D.Erstad is the "face" of the Angels. I was wondering who the face of the Dodgers was. Do you think Plaschke will let us know? So we can trade him!
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 16:20:55
258.   natepurcell
billingsley is rolling along. how many Ks is that? anyone keeping track?
2005-07-25 16:22:28
259.   Icaros
The face of the Angels is one of the weakest hitters in their lineup?

I guess that's the same logic that says the Dodgers are Cesar Izturis's team.

2005-07-25 16:22:47
260.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels need a better face than Erstad. Why can't they have Vladimir Guerrero as their face? Despite his recent slump, he is, you know, good.

The face of the Dodgers is easy to pick. It's Eric Gagne. His face advertises the team. Even the ads with a little kid with the Gagne goatee are pretty cute.

2005-07-25 16:23:20
261.   ddger
We're approaching 100 posts for Suns game. Should there be a website for Suns games.
2005-07-25 16:24:51
262.   fanerman
What? You mean this isn't "Suns Thoughts - Jon Weisman's outlet for dealing psychologically with the Jacksonville Suns and baseball.
2005-07-25 16:25:10
263.   Icaros
Well, like all Dodgers pitchers, Billingsley can't bunt.
2005-07-25 16:25:51
264.   the OZ
This IS the website for JAXsuns games.
2005-07-25 16:25:52
265.   Steelyeri
261= should have a chat room right under the little screen there.
2005-07-25 16:26:15
266.   FirstMohican
261 -
2005-07-25 16:26:47
267.   Steelyeri
263- like dodger hitters as well.
2005-07-25 16:27:15
268.   Steelyeri
266- LOL, good one.
2005-07-25 16:27:23
269.   ddger
Martin runs lot better than Phillips.
2005-07-25 16:27:31
270.   Marty
Martin seems pretty fast for a catcher.
2005-07-25 16:28:07
271.   Marty
And I'm pretty slow for a poster
2005-07-25 16:28:46
272.   Steelyeri
Young hit one out now.
2005-07-25 16:29:05
273.   Marty
Let's just bring up the whole team.
2005-07-25 16:29:05
274.   natepurcell
holy crap young just smashed that ball. that homerun went farrrr
2005-07-25 16:29:06
275.   Icaros
That was a monster shot for Young.
2005-07-25 16:30:50
276.   Steelyeri
51's Feelings could be a web site as well.
2005-07-25 16:30:59
277.   Xeifrank
260. Plashke writes "If Darin Erstad is the face of this team, and Garret Anderson is its temperature, and Vladimir Guerrero is its heartbeat, then Washburn is its conscience."

So if Gagne is the Dodgers face, Bradley might be our temperature, not sure we have a temperature, and for sure not a conscience. I think those are the four factors that make up the sabermetric stat of "chemistry".
vr, Xei

2005-07-25 16:31:04
278.   Marty
I see some thunderstix in the crowd.
2005-07-25 16:31:43
279.   Icaros
Who wins a seven game series between the Suns and the Dodgers?
2005-07-25 16:32:02
280.   Xeifrank
277. meant not sure we have a heartbeat. :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 16:32:15
281.   Marty
Bartolo is the colon of the Angels.
2005-07-25 16:32:33
282.   Steelyeri
278- You see any young beachballs we could promote?
2005-07-25 16:32:45
283.   Xeifrank
279. The Dodgers would win by taking 2 out of 7. Only in the NL West can you win by losing more than you win. vr, Xei
2005-07-25 16:33:01
284.   Icaros
I think Choi takes Loney in a foot race.
2005-07-25 16:33:17
285.   natepurcell
earlier in the season, the announcer says martin was the second fastest player on the team next to todd donovan (the guy with the 47 stolen bases)
2005-07-25 16:33:42
286.   fanerman


2005-07-25 16:33:51
287.   the OZ
Is 'Catfish Cogencies' the Low-A site?
'Raptor Ruminations' for the Ogden kids?
2005-07-25 16:34:31
288.   Icaros
277 - So is Plaschke wanting the Dodgers to trade for the Tin Man, Scarecrow, or Cowardly Lion?
2005-07-25 16:34:57
289.   GoBears
hi guys,

Back from Europe. Good beer. No baseball. So, did my sabbatical work? Did the Dodgers win 8 straight? Perhaps not.

I'm watching the Suns game. I wonder if our young hitters are really as good as they've looked, or if the opposing pitcher is just that bad. Either way, it's fun to root for guys who are doing well.

2005-07-25 16:36:24
290.   Steelyeri
281- in that case the Angels seem to have colonitis. You know, Inflamation of the Colon.
2005-07-25 16:36:38
291.   the OZ
Billingsley - 7 Ks in 5 IP.
2005-07-25 16:37:14
292.   the OZ
Make that 8 Ks in 5.1 IP
2005-07-25 16:37:21
293.   ddger
Anyone know Martin's pct for throwing out runners attempting to steal.
2005-07-25 16:37:34
294.   Xeifrank
For those of you watching/scouting our minor league teams. Keep an eye out for how many times the managers sac bunt in the first and second innings. We need to be on the look out for a Buntermaker replacement too.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 16:39:18
295.   GoBears
9 thru 5.2
2005-07-25 16:40:25
296.   the OZ
JtD's 6'8"-ness just snagged an impossible line drive for the third out.
2005-07-25 16:40:59
297.   ddger
Chad looks great tonight.

Maybe he is aware that we are all watching him through webcast?

2005-07-25 16:41:10
298.   natepurcell
guzman with a good play. snaring a line drive by using all of his 6'6 frame.
2005-07-25 16:44:19
299.   GoBears
Who is this Meadows kid? Is he a prospect too? Haven't heard his name, so I'm guessing not.
2005-07-25 16:45:44
300.   fanerman
I don't know of any other sports related blogs that get this many posts for a major league game, much less a minor league one.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-07-25 16:46:27
301.   natepurcell
meadows is 27/28. hes just a filler. albiet, a very good filler, upper tier in the league in bb, OBP and slg
2005-07-25 16:47:26
302.   GoBears
Thanks nate. That's what I figured, age-wise.
2005-07-25 16:48:15
303.   natepurcell
yea baby, martin steals a base. 9th on the year.
2005-07-25 16:49:11
304.   fanerman
Russell Martin, Canadian Mountee Of Walks... And Heart... And Stolen Bases?
2005-07-25 16:49:13
305.   the OZ
Martin steals second base.
2005-07-25 16:49:16
306.   ddger
I almost forgot that the Dodgers are playing tonight? :)

Today's number of posts might set a new record.

2005-07-25 16:50:11
307.   Icaros
In the spirit of the infamous Godfather Trilogy discussion I started a month ago, I picked up four films from the library today that I've never seen:

MASH, The Big Chill, Apocalypse Now Redux (I've seen the original), and Straw Dogs.

Anyone heard of these?

2005-07-25 16:52:20
308.   Marty
Straw Dogs is a very interesting Peckinpah movie with Dustin Hoffman. MASH is a terrific Altman movie, inspiration for the TV show. I hate the Big Chill. Apocalypse Now Redux reminds why they have editors. The original is a better movie I think.
2005-07-25 16:52:20
309.   the OZ
Big Chill is boring. It's Breakfast Club for NY 30-somethings.

Apocalypse Now is one of the most ambitious and interesting films ever made. Amazing.

2005-07-25 16:52:32
310.   natepurcell
i think today we will break the post record. you can thank, chad, andy, delywn, russ, joel and the rest of the suns for that.

and you can thank adam dunn for that, for i know there will be at least 100 posts dedicated to what adam dunn does tonight.

2005-07-25 16:53:38
311.   the OZ
308 - Yeah, Redux is REALLY long.

One of my old film professors was on set throughout the filming of Apocalypse Now, and said that the "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" line was ad-libbed by Robert Duvall.

2005-07-25 16:55:35
312.   Marty
"That smell, that gasoline smell. It smells like victory. (Whistfully) Some day this war is gonna end".


2005-07-25 16:56:10
313.   GoBears
That was an interesting factoid - Billingsley has never gone more than 7 IP in his career. So maybe calls to bring him up right away are premature. Needs to at least start going 7 IP consistently.

Hey, 10 Ks!

2005-07-25 16:56:20
314.   ddger
Is this Chad best game in the minors?
2005-07-25 16:56:53
315.   Icaros
Big Chill is boring. It's Breakfast Club for NY 30-somethings.

Well, I'm almost a 30-something, and I love the Breakfast Club, but I've never been to NY. I think I picked it up specifically for Tom Berenger's Kent-like mustache. I can't believe he's the same guy from Platoon.

2005-07-25 17:01:18
316.   Marty
Icaros, I think Straw Dogs may be the nugget in that bunch for you. It was considered a very disturbing movie when it came out. I saw it opening night at the Pantages. Musta been early -mid 70's
2005-07-25 17:01:23
317.   GoBears
Yeah, I agree with the other posts. MASH and Apocalypse Now are two of the best movies ever made. Big Chill was awful, even for its time. I'm old enough to have seen it in the theater. Snooze-fest. Ooh, but so "HONEST!!!" Puke. I wasn't a big Breakfast Club fan, but it was a lot more interesting than Big Chill. And better acted.
2005-07-25 17:14:57
318.   Marty
I think we melted down the site for a bit there...
2005-07-25 17:15:42
319.   overkill94
Heh, this guy Matt Morgan on the other team was on my high school team. He wasn't that good in high school, I don't know how he even got drafted, let alone made it to AA.
2005-07-25 17:16:02
320.   Xeifrank
Tonight's over/under challenge guesses.

7/25, Cincinnati vs Derek Lowe
Colorado Blue: 6
Joekings: 6-1/3
Louis in SF: 6-2/3
Xeifrank: 6-1/3
Howard: 6
CT Bum: 6-1/3
Louis in SF 3-1-2
Howard 5-3-2
CT Bum 4-3-3
Xeifrank 4-4-2
Joekings 2-3-1
Colorado Blue 4-6-0

2005-07-25 17:17:05
321.   Bob Timmermann
For 8 days, the Dodgers went 4-4.

By NL West standards, that's a hot streak. You probably missed it when Moises Alou got upset about a loss by the Giants to the Dodgers in which a questionable umpire's call went the Dodgers way.

Alou was upset because he thought the Giants had something special going.
At the time, they had won two straight.

2005-07-25 17:17:19
322.   natepurcell
have chad go 9!!! come on!!
2005-07-25 17:17:30
323.   overkill94
Yes we did Marty, I thought it was the Jax feed killing me, but then it kept happening over and over.
2005-07-25 17:18:44
324.   Xeifrank
319. What's he doing tuesday night at 8:45pm?
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 17:20:18
325.   natepurcell
yea i think this was chads best game this year.
2005-07-25 17:20:25
326.   Ryan Jerz
Just read the D-Rays released Nomo. Could he possibly be worse than Erickson?
2005-07-25 17:21:59
327.   Bob Timmermann
Yes. But he wouldn't be as annoying.
2005-07-25 17:23:43
328.   FirstMohican
326 - I actually think the Dodgers refuse to release Erickson, only because they fear the Padres might aquire him. =)

Quantrill, Ponson, Erickson? Watch out NL West.

2005-07-25 17:25:14
329.   natepurcell
so does anyone still want to trade billingsley now?
2005-07-25 17:25:32
330.   FirstMohican
328 - Add Ricky Henderson to that list?
2005-07-25 17:27:22
331.   FirstMohican
Who's pitching for Jax?
2005-07-25 17:30:10
332.   Fearing Blue
In response to an earlier post by Nate, I would consider trading Martin in the right deal. For instance, it is rumored that the Blue Jays are looking at him (Ted Lilly perhaps?). Overall, Martin's offensive value is entirely wrapped up in his ability to draw walks, since he doesn't have much pop (.097 ISOp). Thus, in my opinion, the true difference between the abilities of Martin and Navarro is a lot smaller than the perceived difference.
2005-07-25 17:31:18
333.   natepurcell
martin for ted lilly would be terrible.
2005-07-25 17:31:40
334.   bigcpa
Lilly is out with a sore shoulder.
2005-07-25 17:31:45
335.   natepurcell
orlando rodriguez is pitching right now.
2005-07-25 17:32:13
336.   Steelyeri
ESPN just reported Nevine blocked the Orioles trade. That means no ponson to The Mads. Darnet!
2005-07-25 17:33:34
337.   Bob Timmermann
"Phil, it's Kevin Towers. I just talked to Bruce. He said because of your veteran status you can have any seat on the bench you want now."
2005-07-25 17:33:44
338.   Steelyeri
336- I meant Nevin
2005-07-25 17:33:46
339.   FirstMohican
The announcer keeps saying that it was Chad's longest outing. says he's had a CG. What gives?
2005-07-25 17:33:50
340.   bigcpa
The White Sox are floating Brandon McCarthy in a Burnett offer. If that falls through let's do Weaver for McCarthy straight up.
2005-07-25 17:34:25
341.   Marty
I can't point my finger at it (which is why I would make a great GM), but I really like Martin over Navarro. He impressed me in Spring Training, plus he's fast and seems to be good defensively.
2005-07-25 17:34:29
342.   ddger
336. Can we pay Nevin about 1M to waive his no trade clause?
2005-07-25 17:37:32
343.   natepurcell
The announcer keeps saying that it was Chad's longest outing. says he's had a CG. What gives?

that CG was a 7 inning game. it was a long rain delay before the game and the game didnt start until 10PM eastern time so they made it a 7 inningf game.

2005-07-25 17:37:48
344.   das411
Hey guys, longtime lurker first-time poster here.

This deal probably should have been made two weeks ago, but how about the following:

To Dodgers:
Bobby Abreu, Ugueth Urbina, filler(?)
To Phillies:
Andy LaRoche, Dioner Navarro, Ricky Ledee (hold on, I'll explain) and maybe a B-grade pitching prospect

LA picks up an outfield bat to fill in for Drew and get on base for Kent, plus a closer, with Playoff Experience no less. If the next week doesn't pan out, both can be spun again Piazza-style for prospects.

Phillies fill their two gaping holes at 3B and C after this season, maybe pick up a decent SP to work into the rotation in 06-07, and...well, Ledee likes Philadelphia and was actually one of our better bats off the bench.

We might even throw in Jason Michaels for you, to add to your Ja(y)son collection...


2005-07-25 17:38:23
345.   Steelyeri
I'm so blue posted an article about an "inside source" from the Dodgers front office stated "in a condition of anonymity" that McCourt won't let Depo spend any more money this season. Well, there was an OC Register article this weekend that quoted McCourt saying that Depo has the green light to spend as much as it takes to win, or something like that.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

DePodesta gets the 'green light'
McCourt tells his GM he has no constraints to make deals before the trade deadline.

The Orange County Register

NEW YORK – If Dodgers general manager Paul DePodesta doesn't make a significant move before next weekend's trading deadline, it won't be because owner Frank McCourt told him he couldn't afford it.

"I've given him a green light to do whatever he feels will improve the ballclub," McCourt said on the field at Shea Stadium before Friday's 6-5 Dodgers victory. "There are absolutely no constraints."

DePodesta has said repeatedly there is "dry powder" left in this year's budget to add players. But McCourt would not talk about how midseason additions this season might affect the payroll budget in future seasons.

"I'm not going to telegraph what our plans are," McCourt said. "I don't do it with any of my other businesses, and I don't think it's wise for us to telegraph our plans to agents or other teams.

"We're going to spend whatever it takes to win."

2005-07-25 17:41:20
346.   natepurcell
"To Phillies:
Andy LaRoche, Dioner Navarro, Ricky Ledee (hold on, I'll explain) and maybe a B-grade pitching prospect"

laroche in a deal= nate goes beserk.

2005-07-25 17:41:33
347.   db1022
345 - He's obviously lying. He couldn't even afford names on the backs of the jerseys.
2005-07-25 17:42:19
348.   Benaiah
219 - Not a big surprise that Chen got DFA's I guess. He was taken off the roster earlier this year and only made it back on due to a massive influx of injuries. Hey, at least he can say he got a hit and an RBI in the big leagues.
2005-07-25 17:42:37
349.   db1022
I can't even tell if I'm glad or upset that this Padre trade didn't go through.
2005-07-25 17:42:44
350.   FirstMohican
347 - I like the fact that I can't tell if you're joking.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-07-25 17:45:47
351.   db1022
350 - If I was serious, do you think I'd be in here? :)
2005-07-25 17:47:06
352.   Steelyeri
350- I've seen people get in fist fights on the internet due to the fact that it's so hard to pick up on sarcasm. Particularly on DT this seems to be an issue sometimes. :-)
2005-07-25 17:47:57
353.   Fearing Blue
#341: Both Martin and Navarro are known for their defensive prowess. Besides, Navarro is a year younger and in AAA. At 22 years old, Martin is on the higher end of the normal age spectrum for AA.

#333: As far as trading Martin for Lilly, I believe Lilly is still arbitration eligible for another season. If he were a free agent, he would likely fall into the not-Burnett (Weaver, Millwood, etc.) class of free agent pitchers. Coming off an injury-filled season, we should be able to renew him at well-below market value, freeing up the majority of our money to add an impact bat in the outfield. In the end, the trade would make us better for 2006 without a significant longterm impact because of the availability of Navarro.

2005-07-25 17:48:03
354.   db1022
I could do the winky face, but that's not very subtle. :-p
2005-07-25 17:49:42
355.   das411
346 - Well, it could be JtD instead, but it looks like Jimmy Rollins will be manning SS here for a while 8-)
2005-07-25 17:49:54
356.   Marty
Well, I'm off to the stadium to see the "big" club. I'll drink a beer for you guys. Looking forward to seeing Dunn in action.
2005-07-25 17:52:48
357.   Steelyeri
see ya marty. have fun. see if you could convince dunn to bust a ricardo rincon for us.
2005-07-25 17:58:48
358.   willhite
seems to me that the only way we get Dunn is to take Casey with him. Might mean we'd have to throw in Hee Sop. Any takers?
2005-07-25 18:03:05
359.   bigcpa
The Padres were allegedly targeting Casey as a Nevin replacement.
2005-07-25 18:04:53
360.   willhite
Looks like they won't have to do that now. Maybe we take Casey off the Red's hands and then spin him for Nevin.
2005-07-25 18:09:08
361.   regfairfield
How did the Padres get so incompetent so quickly?
2005-07-25 18:09:12
362.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 349

I'm also unsure how to react to the Padre mishap. I don't mind some front-office disarray for our division rival, but not getting to tee off against Ponson seems a definite minus. Towers must be even more furious at Nevin--didn't those two have a shouting match last season over PetCo's dimensions?


2005-07-25 18:10:01
363.   Benaiah
360 - Why would we want Nevin? Spin him for not having him on the team anymore.
2005-07-25 18:12:10
364.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Just out of curiosity, has anyone read the for-pay article by Buster on the A's resurgence? It's on the front page of the MLB site for ESPN.

Wasn't the argument of the anti-Beane crowd always that the A's succeeded because of the Big Three, and not because of either Beane or sabermetric methods? And to wit, that the break-up of the Big Three would show Beane to be more lucky than good? I'm just curious as to what Buster's explanation is for this recent hot streak by the A's.


2005-07-25 18:13:53
365.   regfairfield
I heard him on the radio at 3:30 in the morning. He didn't credit the on base philosphy, but called Beane a good GM for being willing to make change.
2005-07-25 18:14:11
366.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 360

If we deal Choi, I'd rather we put Dunn at 1B. Keep Werth in LF--there's still hope yet for him. If we have to take Casey, spin him off someplace else for anything we can get. Baltimore, perhaps? The Mets?


2005-07-25 18:15:33
367.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 365

That's interesting. Beane's trades in the off-season seemed to underwhelm most of the ESPN crowd except for Gammons--good for Olney to give him some credit.


2005-07-25 18:16:58
368.   willhite
363 - Nevin has grit. You can never have too much grit. After all, anyone can grab a player with high home run totals. All you need to do is give away half of your farm system. But grit................think of Nevin and Kent getting mad at the same time. McCourt wouldn't even have to pay for a fireworks show.
2005-07-25 18:18:58
369.   Strike4
345 - Methinks McCourt doth protest too much. Why would he possibly spend a penny more on the roster when the Dodgers are heading towards record attendance? As this site has enthusiastically endorsed, Dodger management are not fans per se. I interpret this to mean the McCourts don't truly care whether the Dodgers win, but do care how much money stays in the McCourts pocket. Only when attendance and other revenues are at risk of declining will there be a willingness to increase the cost of the payroll. (P.S., I hope I'm wrong, and that McCourt is embarrassed to field such an awful product they've put together)
2005-07-25 18:21:03
370.   Bob Timmermann
The piece about the A's is in Olney's blog. He talked to Beane about the Athletics rotation and Beane went on and on about how good each pitcher was.

The return of Bobby Crosby was also a big deal for Oakland according to Olney.

2005-07-25 18:22:47
371.   willhite
370 - Olney was right about that one
2005-07-25 18:23:07
372.   natepurcell
If we deal Choi, I'd rather we put Dunn at 1B. Keep Werth in LF--there's still hope yet for him. If we have to take Casey, spin him off someplace else for anything we can get. Baltimore, perhaps? The Mets?

the mets would be a great idea. the mets badley neeed a new 1b along with a new catcher.

2005-07-25 18:23:34
373.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I just read the ESPN article on Nomo being DFAed and felt genuinely sad. It said he isn't going to pitch again in Japan, so he may just end up hanging it up now. I can't imagine any big-league team will bother to take a flyer on him.

Re: 370

Thanks, Bob.


2005-07-25 18:25:27
374.   natepurcell
is there a difference between larry bigbie and jay gibbons? In my mind, they are the same person.
2005-07-25 18:25:36
375.   willhite
Nomo is a real warrior. It would be nice to honor him before a game some time.
2005-07-25 18:37:35
376.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgers vs. Harang
Bradley 1-5, 2B
Choi 2-7, 2 2B
Izturis 0-6
Kent 5-13, 2 HR
Ledee 0-6
Penny 1-4
Weaver 0-2

Reds vs. Lowe
Casey 1-3
Dunn 1-3
Freel 0-3
Griffey 4-10, HR
Kearns 1-3
LaRue 0-1
Lopez 1-3
Ortiz 0-1
Valentin 0-6

2005-07-25 18:39:49
377.   Bob Timmermann
Starting lineups

Lopez SS
Dunn LF
Casey 1B
Griffey CF
Kearns RF
Aurilia 2B
Encarnacion 3B
LaRue C
Harang P


2005-07-25 18:51:58
378.   Vishal
hm, no bradley.
2005-07-25 18:56:08
379.   Bob Timmermann
Bradley looked good Saturday, but he looked pretty rusty Sunday, especially in the field.
2005-07-25 18:58:00
380.   Vishal
well, sitting him on the bench isn't going to help him get un-rusty. if his finger aches though, that makes sense.

did he look rusty on more than one play, or was it just that one catch he blew?

2005-07-25 19:00:19
381.   Bob Timmermann
He blew two plays in my opinion Sunday.
2005-07-25 19:02:26
382.   Bob Timmermann
2-1 Giants over the Cubs in the 7th
2-2 Dbacks and Brewers in the 7th

Padres are off today.

Rockies are home but have rain problems against the Mets.

2005-07-25 19:08:23
383.   Bob Timmermann
2nd and 3rd, two outs, tie game, top of the 7th in Milwaukee.

Shawn Green facing Ben Sheets.

Ground out 3-1.

2005-07-25 19:10:29
384.   Benaiah
377 - I see Robles is still in the lineup. A couple of people talked about his "slump" earlier, but the guy hasn't had a hit in 3 games, that is hardly a true slump. He is still batting nearly 350 for the month and while he is due for regression, regression doesn't mean that he will hit .000 for a month a la Izzy, but rather than he probably won't continue to hit .350. Regression to the mean doesn't have to entail absolute suckiness, he could conceivably hit around .300 for the year (though he probably won't).
2005-07-25 19:11:40
385.   natepurcell
dunn is a behemoth of a man.
2005-07-25 19:12:21
386.   Bob Timmermann
Aaron Harang is a very big guy too.
2005-07-25 19:12:59
387.   Benaiah
Nice to see Lopez and his .500+ SLG batting leadoff. Casey should be batting leadoff since he has a similar OBP with a far lower SLG, but no he is hitting third. Apparently Tracy isn't the only one who doesn't know how to fill out a lineup card.
2005-07-25 19:13:38
388.   Bob Timmermann
Brewers take a 3-2 lead on the DBacks in the 7th on a homer by JJ Hardy against Tim Worrell.
2005-07-25 19:13:59
389.   Benaiah
Casey proves my point.
2005-07-25 19:17:05
390.   Benaiah
Nice to see the stadium half empty in the first, I am sure it will be nearly full by the 4th.
2005-07-25 19:17:56
391.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona's relievers have an ERA of 5.78. The Dodgers are a relatively good 4.43
2005-07-25 19:19:24
392.   Benaiah
Tonight we get rid of that pesky 1/2 game between us and the Padres. If we win we will be the closest we have been since... we were 4 1/2 out before we went on that losing streak weren't we?
2005-07-25 19:25:20
393.   Bob Timmermann
LaTroy Hawkins is making his triumphal return to Wrigley Field now.
2005-07-25 19:29:06
394.   Benaiah
I was just looking through the team stats at the Hardballtimes and the Dodgers are poor or middling in most categories with a few exceptions:

tied for 3rd in the NL in pitches per PA

Lowest LD% allowed in the NL

4th best GB/FB ratio (pitching).

Our main pitching problems are the horrible amount of Ks and a slightly above average amount of HRs.

The problem with the hitting seems to stem from below average Batting Average, On Base Percentage and Slugging. Or in other words, the specfic problem with the offense is the hitting.

2005-07-25 19:34:14
395.   Bob Timmermann
The runners aren't going! Please!
2005-07-25 19:37:04
396.   Benaiah
The IF fly for Werth is the beginning of the end. Please get a run or two out of bases loaded with no outs Blue!
2005-07-25 19:37:58
397.   Benaiah
Is this the night of the Dunn scouting Bob? Since it seems like a two horse town tonight.
2005-07-25 19:37:58
398.   Bob Timmermann
Phillips scored from first on a double.

Well, I'll be.

2005-07-25 19:38:31
399.   Bob Timmermann
The Dunn scouting trip is supposed to be on the 27th.

I think everybody just wanted to follow the Jacksonville game.

2005-07-25 19:38:48
400.   Brad Bogner
Dunn Scouting is Wednesday. Hopefully he'll be wearing Dodger Blue.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-07-25 19:39:32
401.   bokonon42
Juan Encarnacion shows up on the Hardball Times top twelve list of Clutch hitters! How can you moneyball witchcraft practitioners not love him.

Update: While not on the list, Jason Repko is obviously the clutchest son of a gun ever to lace a pair of cleats.

2005-07-25 19:39:41
402.   Benaiah
Nice going Repko! Lopez shouldn't have pumped, if you can't throw out Jason Phillips you don't deserve to be in the majors.
2005-07-25 19:41:54
403.   stubbs
werth vs. repko
moneyball vs. scrappyball
stats versus scouting
luck vs clutchness

tracy 1 depodesta 0 tonight.

2005-07-25 19:42:51
404.   Benaiah
I wonder if Robles's confidence is shaken up? He took two strikes down the pike (the first one was junk but still) and didn't look like his normal working the count self.
2005-07-25 19:45:46
405.   Bob Timmermann
The Giants are bringing in their FIFTH pitcher of the inning in the bottom of the 8th in Chicago.

The Cubs have the bases loaded, but haven't scored.


Walker has the job of trying to retire Neifi with the bases loaded.

2005-07-25 19:46:09
406.   Bob Timmermann
And Neifi ties it up!
2005-07-25 19:46:46
407.   Benaiah
403 - Not to disagree, but why is Werth moneyball and why is Repko scrappy? Other then Repko not ever hitting well in the majors and Werth being extremely solid last year both of them seem to be 4th OF pressed into a starting role. I don't think Werth is some stats darling.
2005-07-25 19:48:59
408.   Benaiah
Lowe runs his scoreless (earned runs anyway) streak up to ten innings pitched. I am starting to have hope that he really did find a flaw. I know that alot of people expected him to be as bad as he was for the last month, but he certainly was and is capable of more.
2005-07-25 19:50:39
409.   stubbs
not totally serious. werth is more a OPS guy wheras Repko is the consumate Tracy player. Plays hard, can fly around the field and has a good attitude. This board doesnt take kindly to the attitude guys who have crappy OPS.
2005-07-25 19:58:38
410.   brendan glynn
it is quite possible the dodgers could be 2.5 or three and half games out by this weekend(LA vs Cincy SD Vs Cards). I think that will force McCourt and Depo's hand to make a trade to bolster the offense and possible bullpen help(although that might come from Jax).
2005-07-25 19:58:42
411.   Benaiah
Werth was an OPS guy, but I think most people have soured on him now. I love Repko's defense and I think that he is a productive player who will be in the majors for years as a backup.
2005-07-25 20:01:02
412.   brendan glynn
Bob gave the answer to the AFLAC question earlier today.
2005-07-25 20:01:54
413.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals are going through a Dodger-like wave of injuries. Walker went on the DL today. Rolen could miss the rest of the season. Sanders is out with a hairline fracture of his leg.

I think I might be missing someone.

The Cardinals have had better replacements than the Dodgers and also a lot better pitching.

2005-07-25 20:05:46
414.   stubbs
413-the also have the best player in baseball and a much better defense.
2005-07-25 20:06:40
415.   brendan glynn

but X-Stein is still healthy so all is ok

2005-07-25 20:07:26
416.   stubbs
413-i wonder how much effect having molina versus phillips has? Molina is generally considered the best defensive catcher in baseball right now.
2005-07-25 20:07:44
417.   Bob Timmermann
Jamie Walker gave up two singles sandwiched around a sacrifice. So Alou has him intentionally walk Lee to load the bases and he's going with his seventh pitcher of the night with the game on the line:

Jeff Fassero.

Ahh, the NL West!

2005-07-25 20:08:16
418.   Benaiah
413 - Though with Rolen out that defense obviously suffers. However, just having Pujols gives them a big leg up. Barring injuries Albert is a mortal lock for Cooperstown. He is such an amazing hitter... he is just dreamy. I hope that all of those injuries don't preclude them beating the stuffing out of the Padres (only to really bother them in the series after that).
2005-07-25 20:08:23
419.   brendan glynn

I think molina is out for the year as well.

2005-07-25 20:08:57
420.   stubbs
that pitch to repko puts drew out for 6 weeks.
2005-07-25 20:09:04
421.   Benaiah
416 - Molina? I thought Pudge was still the best, or is that ESPN hype?
2005-07-25 20:09:12
422.   Bob Timmermann
Molina is on the DL now. I knew I had forgotten one. Yadier is the Molina brother who can actually run a bit.
2005-07-25 20:09:57
423.   stubbs
419-really? wow the NL is WIDE open this year.
2005-07-25 20:10:12
424.   Bob Timmermann
Giants lose 3-2. Burnitz hits a Sac Fly to score the winning run.
2005-07-25 20:10:22
425.   Benaiah
420 - That is one argument I really dont get Stubbs, how can you fault Drew for getting hit and breaking a bone? Repko didn't get hit the same way Drew did, or he would have broken a bone too.
2005-07-25 20:11:40
426.   brendan glynn

That is like saying Jeb is the Bush that can actually speak a bit.

2005-07-25 20:11:47
427.   Bob Timmermann
Molina is not out for the season according to what I read. He's out for a while.

He's out for 15 days in Dodgers DL time.

2005-07-25 20:12:11
428.   Benaiah
Does that count as an Olney? Are there accidental Buster's?
2005-07-25 20:12:52
429.   stubbs
425-sorry i couldnt resist the drew shot, that is my depo pet peeve.

Molina was throwing out some ridic percent of runners- like 65%. Apparently also handles the staff really well. ESPN did a feature on him being the best and in the same one on how bad phillips and kendall were.

2005-07-25 20:14:47
430.   Vishal
414. the cards have a-rod?
2005-07-25 20:15:22
431.   brendan glynn
ST. LOUIS -- Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina will not be activated from the disabled list this weekend, when he is eligible to resume playing. Molina, who is recovering from a hairline fracture on the pinkie finger of his left hand, will likely miss another two weeks.

You are right Bob. I had heard fracture and assumed the worst. I might have confused Molina and Sanders as well

2005-07-25 20:16:04
432.   brendan glynn


2005-07-25 20:17:31
433.   stubbs
Id take Pujols over ARod 100 times out of 100.
2005-07-25 20:17:51
434.   Bob Timmermann
Yadier Molina has allowed 11 runners to steal and caught 20.

His backup, Einar Diaz, has allowed 9 runners to steal and caught 5.

Yadier is up there in Henry Blanco territory.

2005-07-25 20:18:58
435.   Bob Timmermann
Sanders is supposed to come back in September. I imagine that Sanders and Walker and Rolen will have their returns determined more by how big or small the Cardinals lead in the Central is.
2005-07-25 20:19:01
436.   brendan glynn

I go with Arod because of the more important defensive position. although Pujols is younger(or so they say)

2005-07-25 20:20:03
437.   stubbs
if jason phillips called 31 pitch outs with guys stealing would he get 20? 10?
2005-07-25 20:20:03
438.   brendan glynn

Damn they don't make fracture's like they used to.

2005-07-25 20:21:36
439.   Bob Timmermann
Sanders just had a hairline fracture. I think he is travelling with the team. He seems to walk around OK.
2005-07-25 20:22:13
440.   stubbs
id just rather have Pujols on my team with the numbers being so close. Arod at SS is a different story...he has had some problems at 3B.
2005-07-25 20:23:59
441.   brendan glynn
Was that LAT and his daughter?
2005-07-25 20:24:20
442.   bokonon42
Stubbs- I googled 'ridic'. Are you Romanian?
2005-07-25 20:24:33
443.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt a team built around either Pujols or Rodriguez is going to be hurting for offense either way.

Of course, Steinbrenner would prefer both. But he would want Pujols to play the outfield because Tino Martinez is a "True Yankee".

2005-07-25 20:26:13
444.   Sam DC
Admittedly, I have not read the 443 (or more by the time I'm done typing) comments that proceed this one, but does it seem to anyone else like the Choi talk around here has sort of fizzled? Acceptance? Denial? Even we get tired of the same old same old (neah)?
2005-07-25 20:27:37
445.   Ryan Jerz
Does anyone have numbers on Werth's weight between this and last year? I might be crazy, but he looks a lot more slender (less muscular) than he did last year.
2005-07-25 20:29:23
446.   stubbs
444-the omission in the Daily News that all the pitchers were complaining about how bad Choi's defense was and wanting him off the field might have helped.

442-not romanian, but sometimes an abbrev. makes things go quicker. thanks for taking the time to google though. Shows you really do care.

2005-07-25 20:29:53
447.   Sam DC
Also forgive me for asking a question I well could google (or read comments), but what happened to Bradley? Didn't he come back (I know he came back, they showed him on BB Tonight making a catch in the sun while they were making fun of Carlos Beltran for not being able to do same)?
2005-07-25 20:30:13
448.   bokonon42
444- I think it's partly bordeom with the topic, but it's also got to be acceptance that it's one of the more minor catastrophes this season has inflicted on the Bums. Olmedo isn't great, but he's fine.
2005-07-25 20:31:09
449.   brendan glynn

I think everyone here realizes you couldn't get anything for him because of the lack of playing time. Might as well keep him and hope Tracy ends up the loser in this battle.

2005-07-25 20:31:14
450.   capdodger
Must have been a slow day in Dodger history, eh?
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2005-07-25 20:31:32
451.   Bob Timmermann
Bradley is just getting rested according to Vin because Tracy said he doesn't think he's in full game shape yet.
2005-07-25 20:32:03
452.   Bob Timmermann
That's because the current Dodgers don't recognize 1889 as being part of their history!
2005-07-25 20:32:49
453.   bokonon42
446- You're welc.
2005-07-25 20:35:38
454.   Bob Timmermann
My proposal for having a Centennial celebration of the Dodgers worst ever team was not met with great joy by the Dodgers promotional people.
2005-07-25 20:36:05
455.   capdodger
Where do they draw the line, Bob?
2005-07-25 20:37:04
456.   brendan glynn
those twins would freak me out if I was their parent.
2005-07-25 20:38:20
457.   bokonon42
Casey sort of looks like a white Jose Lima.
2005-07-25 20:40:56
458.   brendan glynn

I think you have stunned the board with that observation.

2005-07-25 20:41:38
459.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers start their own history from the time they joined the NL in 1890.
2005-07-25 20:43:12
460.   brendan glynn
rich Aurillia is struggling today
2005-07-25 20:49:35
461.   Bob Timmermann
That inning was reminiscent of 2003.
2005-07-25 20:54:41
462.   Sam DC
Thanks Bob (452).

So, have the folks going to the game Wednesday figured out yet what you're going to do to get on television, in a mature and tasteful fashion?

2005-07-25 20:58:36
463.   Gen3Blue
Afraid I see a pattern here. Ahead 4-0 early, and despite many chances we can do no more. Lowe looks good, but if he starts throwing fly balls we may not have enough runs or bullpen. And poor Werth, who really tries, leaves quite a few, among others.403-409 has a point. Somehow you want to combine a Repko and a Werth in the ideal young outfielder. Whats this I hear about Dunn, how can it be done?
2005-07-25 20:59:56
464.   alex 7
that's it, Saenz for Dunn straight up and the Reds should consider themselves lucky. This ends all Dunn trade talk.
2005-07-25 21:00:31
465.   alex 7
looks like guys are in a hurry to experience the feeling of a win.
2005-07-25 21:03:02
466.   Jim Hitchcock
462 - Well, Sam, I'm planning on bringing a sniper rifle for beachball patrol...
2005-07-25 21:03:17
467.   Bob Timmermann
If the Reds are going to start hitting fly balls against Lowe, they better hurry.
2005-07-25 21:04:53
468.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Just now tuning in.
So, Lowe wasn't kidding when saying he and Colborn fixed a flaw in his mechanics?
2005-07-25 21:06:09
469.   Bob Timmermann
Nothing like facing the Reds away from GABP to fix one's mechanical flaws too.

The Reds have looked helpless.

So will Lowe pitch the 9th?

2005-07-25 21:06:47
470.   natepurcell
So, Lowe wasn't kidding when saying he and Colborn fixed a flaw in his mechanics?

seriously, he has looked ridiculously better in his last two outings. is it that easy? one simple fix and bam, you are cy young again?

2005-07-25 21:09:22
471.   alex 7
Sure would be fun to pick the brain of these coaches. Most of us understand baseball well enough, but some of these coaches are on another planet as far as their intricate knowledge.
2005-07-25 21:10:02
472.   Bob Timmermann
Since Schmoll is warming up and Lowe is picking on a blister as well as sitting on the bench with his belt undone and his fly open, I would say that there will be a pitching change in the 9th.
2005-07-25 21:10:36
473.   brendan glynn
not possible to hit a farther single in dodger stadium than phillips just did. being that slow and not hugely fat must really suck
2005-07-25 21:10:41
474.   Gen3Blue
Poor Phillips keeps getting on to jam the bases--10 more feet would have done it. Weren't those twins in Village of the Dodgers.
2005-07-25 21:11:14
475.   Jim Hitchcock
There's blood on mah finger...
There's blood on the ball...
But if you do yank me...
There'll be blood on the wall...
2005-07-25 21:11:34
476.   alex 7
at 97 pitches and with 8-9-1 due up, I think he deserves a shot at the CG.

Someone mentioned earlier that Werth looked a lot slimmer this year. I hadn't thought about that, but it seems obvious now that a guy with a broken wrist won't be working out his upper body much in the months he was out. Might take him till the end of the year to get his upper body strength back to what it was at this point last year.

2005-07-25 21:11:44
477.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
It's worth noting that many players absolutely refuse to make changes when they're struggling. Look at Kerry Wood - he keeps heaving the ball the same way despite his delivery apparently ruining his arm. (Wasn't that one of Steve Stone's criticism that got him kicked out of Heaven, er, Wrigley, that Wood was stubborn?)
2005-07-25 21:12:09
478.   Bob Timmermann
Is that a variation of the song that you would hear at the Country Bear Jamboree?

I miss the Country Bear Jamboree a lot.

2005-07-25 21:12:52
479.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
with his belt undone and his fly open
David Cone tried this once, and he only got trouble for it.
2005-07-25 21:15:00
480.   brendan glynn

it is still there isn't it?

2005-07-25 21:15:46
481.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Bear Country Jamboree... Big Al rocked.
BCJ was a great place to go when you were tired and needed a mellow attraction that didn't have a huge line. Same with PeopleMover (sponsored bu Goodyear).
2005-07-25 21:16:07
482.   brendan glynn
oh, I'm told that it is not still at Disneyland. that was a favorite of mine as well.
2005-07-25 21:16:54
483.   brendan glynn
will Robles go O for 5 games? I bet he walks again and Izzy goes o for tonight
2005-07-25 21:17:33
484.   Bob Timmermann
The Country Bear Jamboree was taken out of Disneyland about 3 years ago. There is a really, really, really lame Winnie the Pooh ride in its place.

It's so lame that my then 5-year old nephew found the whole experience of riding through it pointless.

The Country Bear Jamboree provided a place to cool off and nap at Disneyland.
It might still be around in Florida.

2005-07-25 21:18:09
485.   Mark Linsey
Not too often that you see a team give out an IBB in order to pitch to the leadoff batter.
2005-07-25 21:18:11
486.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Gameday says: Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe left the game due to an injured hand/wrist.
2005-07-25 21:18:43
487.   Bob Timmermann
I'm pretty sure Lowe has a cut or a blister.
2005-07-25 21:18:54
488.   Xeifrank
Tonight's Over/Under Challenge Update

7/25, Cincinnati vs Derek Lowe
Actual: 8
Colorado Blue: 6
Joekings: 6-1/3 (Win)
Louis in SF: 6-2/3 (Win)
Xeifrank: 6-1/3
Howard: 6
CT Bum: 6-1/3 (Win)
Louis in SF 4-1-2
CT Bum 5-3-3
Howard 5-4-2
Joekings 3-3-1
Xeifrank 4-5-2
Colorado Blue 4-7-0

2005-07-25 21:19:23
489.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
2005-07-25 21:20:08
490.   Xeifrank
Missed the end of the Suns game, what was Billingsley's final line? Thanks.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 21:21:37
491.   natepurcell

8IP 2H 0ER 1BB 10K

i think the blood from the blister gave lowe a little bit extra sink on the ball. he should throw with a blister every start.

2005-07-25 21:22:27
492.   Xeifrank
Nice to see the Dodgers getting so much offensive production out of the pitchers spot in the lineup (Repko) tonight. And just the night I rip into Phillips, he decides to prove me wrong. That's the way it usually works. The day I ripped Robles was the start of his offensive turnaround. Any ideas who I should rip next?
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 21:23:02
493.   Bob Timmermann
The animal heads that talked at the Country Bear Jamboree live on in a sense in Anaheim. They are painted on a scene in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

If it is open, I will always ride Mr. Toad if I go to Disneyland. It just has to be done. Few other amusement park rides offer a trip to hell.

2005-07-25 21:23:52
494.   Bob Timmermann
You don't to want to overuse the Kreuter Effect.
2005-07-25 21:24:11
495.   Xeifrank
After tonights game the Reds might be willing to trade Dunn to us for Repko, Phillips, Saenz and Schmoll.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 21:24:53
496.   Jim Hitchcock
Mr. Toad was the C ride...
2005-07-25 21:25:00
497.   brendan glynn

you just named my favorite ride.

2005-07-25 21:27:13
498.   ddger
Is Saenz that much better on defense than Choi?
2005-07-25 21:27:42
499.   Xeifrank
Both Arizona and the Giants lost tonight, bad news for Harold Reynolds and Joe Morgan. Missed the first part of the game tonight. The one hit the Reds got (Aurilla), was it a cheap hit? Thanks.
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 21:28:21
500.   Bob Timmermann
Aurilia had a clean single. Just sort of looped it in to left.
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2005-07-25 21:28:27
501.   brendan glynn
wow a shutout
2005-07-25 21:29:30
502.   Bob Timmermann
Two shutouts in the last five games!
2005-07-25 21:30:03
503.   ddger
We should continue to put our best defense on the field when Lowe pitches. Anthony (Butcher) Perez should not start when Lowe pitches.
2005-07-25 21:30:06
504.   brendan glynn

wow wow

2005-07-25 21:31:04
505.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently Antonio Perez doesn't start even if DJ Houlton is starting.
2005-07-25 21:31:19
506.   bokonon42
I just figured out why Hee Seop didn't play tonight. He was heart broken.,2933,163537,00.html

2005-07-25 21:31:30
507.   Xeifrank
2:19 fast game. vr, Xei
2005-07-25 21:32:26
508.   Jim Hitchcock
Five games out. There's that pesky hope factor popping up again.

Sure wish we had Gagne.

2005-07-25 21:33:14
509.   ddger
Are we at bargaining now?
2005-07-25 21:34:48
510.   Bob Timmermann
We could be at bargaining. What do you want in exchange for me being that way?
2005-07-25 21:34:49
511.   Bob Timmermann
We could be at bargaining. What do you want in exchange for me being that way?
2005-07-25 21:35:10
512.   capdodger
Hmm... I remember an article back around the Lowe signing. I think it was a Tom Meagher article. The article concluded that Lowe was either two runs better than his ERA indicated or two runs worse.

I miss the old Fourth Outfielder.

2005-07-25 21:37:13
513.   Xeifrank
Anybody worried about Dunn's offensive numbers being inflated by the park he plays in and how they might deflate quite a bit if he plays half his games in Dodger stadium. Hey, we're back to bargaining again. vr, Xei
2005-07-25 21:47:17
514.   ddger
511. Bob, try to bargain with Depo for a trade without giving up half of our prospects.
2005-07-25 21:48:10
515.   Bob Timmermann
While some of us disagreed with Sarah Morris's take on Adam Dunn, you should read her piece on about the Dodgers bullpen. She seems to agree with everybody here. No love for Carrara or Alvarez from her.
2005-07-25 21:49:44
516.   Bob Timmermann
I'd bargain, but what's in it for me?

In real life, I can't bargain for anything. I really should walk around with a big sign on me that says "Pigeon".

2005-07-25 21:50:28
517.   ddger
Our biggest need is bullpen, then a bat.
2005-07-25 21:56:11
518.   FirstMohican
513 - I'm more concerned about his month by month numbers...

Buying high?

2005-07-25 21:57:55
519.   FirstMohican
Has any team with an offense as good as Cincy's been shut down this bad? This has got to be one of the best pitched games this year.
2005-07-25 21:58:49
520.   FirstMohican
517 - I think we have minor leaguers that can help our bullpen. Any suggestions as to why we haven't seen anyone yet?
2005-07-25 21:59:09
521.   Xeifrank
With the A's winning something like their 9th game in a row, taking the lead in the AL wild-card race and pulling to within 5 games of the Angels you aren't hearing to many of the "Moneyball/Billy Beane" bashers anymore, especially the numbskulls on espn radio.

517. Bullpen help is in the minors as others posted about earlier today. I think Kuo was the main name, and one other was thrown out, along with the demotion of Erickson and Carrara. I agree that the Dodgers need bullpen help, but it seems like it already may be available, atleast for replacing the two duds. Will be interesting to see what kinds of moves if any Depo makes.

vr, Xei

2005-07-25 22:02:59
522.   Xeifrank
Phillips says the biggest key to Lowe's success tonight was getting ahead in the count. Sinker is tough to layoff when the count is 0-2, but when it's 2-0...
vr, Xei
2005-07-25 22:04:50
523.   bokonon42
515- "Last year when Paul DePodesta traded Guillermo Mota, arguably the best setup man in the National League, he proved to me that he does not put much importance on the bullpen."

I bet the Marlins would be willing to give him back. Package him with sweet, sweet, breakout-to-be Juan Encarnacion. . . I know Nate doesn't want to hear anybody offering up Billingsly, Larouche, and Martin, but I think that'd be fair.

2005-07-25 22:04:52
524.   Bob Timmermann
Chicago Tribue reporting that the White Sox are very interested in Jason Schmidt and/or Scott Eyre.

Washington Post reporting that the Orioles want Matt Lawton in exchange for Larry Bigbie.

2005-07-25 22:05:33
525.   Sam DC
I'll be offline a week or so starting now. Be well, don't kidnap Adam Dunn on Wednesday, and may we have a week of Dodger-pitched 1-hit shutouts in my absence. sam
2005-07-25 22:08:31
526.   FirstMohican
525 - You jinxed the string of 1-hit shutouts, thanks.
2005-07-25 22:09:56
527.   Bob Timmermann
The wire service story says that the Red Sox pitched a one-hitter against the Reds earlier in the year. Back on June 14, Wells, Timlin and Foulke combined on a 1-hitter.

Lowe had a game score of 84, which might be the best for the team this year.

2005-07-25 22:19:26
528.   Steve
My hotel has wireless. Derek Lowe should have picked a different week to pitch a one-hitter. And I'm not quite sure what to say about Repko.
2005-07-25 22:23:52
529.   Bob Timmermann
I'm watching a 1958 What's My Line. The first contestant on was Duke Snider. Laraine Day guessed him very quickly from the sound of his voice.

She called him a Brooklyn Dodger, but John Daly had to correct her and tell them that they were the Los Angeles Dodgers now.

2005-07-25 22:43:10
530.   Marty
Just got back from the game. Nice field level seats just past third base about half way up. I just missed a foul ball in the 6th or 7th.

My observation of Dunn: He's absolutely HUGE. He towers over everyone else on the field. However, not such a great night for him. A walk and two weak grounders. Can't remember what he did his last AB.

The Cincy team is pretty bad. A few balls, I thought they could get to, plus the 2nd baseman had a really bad night. Two dropped balls and he hesitated in the 3nd, allowing Phillips to score from first (!)

2005-07-25 22:45:20
531.   Marty
Make that "hesitated in the 2nd"
2005-07-25 23:00:33
532.   Strike4
Just had a scary thought. What if we suddenly realized that Beane has been winning before and after Depodesta's time, and it turns out that Depo was simply a guy who fed data to Beane for awhile? Eeek, maybe teambuilding requires judgment more than statistics. Maybe McCourt just wants plausible rationales for a low budget team.
2005-07-25 23:19:17
533.   jasonungar05
so can Dunn hit vs Pitchers with strange arm angles?

I see no difference in Choi and Dunn. Except one is allowed to play. Sure Dunn will hit 46HR and bat .217 with 125ks and 100 walks, but I see no reason why choi can't do that. Maybe not 46hr, but 30 somethingiish given the park factors. Choi plays better defense. Dodger talk said Billingsly and Guzman for Dunn. Screw that.

2005-07-25 23:28:52
534.   regfairfield
Dunn is not a .217 hitter.

He provides a massive on base percentage, (far greater than Choi's) and, since he's actually getting paid money, will not get sat down for asinine reasons.

2005-07-25 23:31:21
535.   Mark Linsey

It's possible. But really, I wouldn't take Beane's post-DePo success as any sign that DePo wasn't important in the A's successes. More likely, it's a sign that people who are very good at statistical evaluation of talent are comparatively easy to find versus other components of a baseball organization. Think of how many bloggers alone could be reasonably successful assistant GMs if given the chance.

I think Beane's flair for negociation has certainly been just as instrumental to the A's success as an embrace of sabermetrics. But I also think we haven't seen much evidence so far to indicate that DePo is a weak negociator. Most would agree that he hasn't yet been fleeced in any deal, and has certainly shown an ability to execute both big trades and big free agent signings. The aborted three-way trade with NY and AZ is sometimes cited in support of this argument but I tend to think that was mostly exaggeration and deliberate leaks by a certain NY exec who liked to think he could call the shots even for GMs on other teams.

2005-07-25 23:34:56
536.   dzzrtRatt
Is it just me, or does Derek Lowe appear to have lost weight?
2005-07-26 00:17:27
537.   natepurcell
Dodger talk said Billingsly and Guzman for Dunn. Screw that.

is that what the host was suggesting or the callers?

2005-07-26 00:25:30
538.   Bob Timmermann
From the Dayton Daily News story about Adam Dunn:

""I've heard that Paul DePodesta (Dodgers GM) is looking to get some help to win the NL West," (Rich) Aurilia said. "I could help that team.""

And just how would Rich Aurilia effect such a change?

But it would be fun to see Steve self-immolate.

2005-07-26 00:28:29
539.   natepurcell
yes rich, depo is looking for help. but him and many other dodgers fans do not consider a rich aurilla aquisition at the deadline "help".


2005-07-26 00:53:58
540.   dzzrtRatt
Aurilla might have noticed the men's room on the Reserved level needed hosing out. He should probably talk to Jamie McCourt who handles that stuff.
2005-07-26 07:05:24
541.   brendan glynn
Maybe Rich Aurilia is offering to help out Depo and the Dodgers by going to the Padres. That would assure the dodgers that at least the Padres wouldn't win the West.
2005-07-26 07:22:00
542.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I know a great job we can give Aurilia.
He can be our newest bat boy.
We will give him #69 with "Richie" on the back.
2005-07-26 07:24:10
543.   brendan glynn

I like it

2005-07-26 08:09:22
544.   FirstMohican
You know, if the Reds eventually package Richie and Dunn in a trade to the Dodgers, they should've done it yesterday morning.

Maybe ESPN might even have mentioned the perfect game in passing.

2005-07-26 08:12:48
545.   FirstMohican
Wouldn't he look great in Dodger blue?

2005-07-26 08:42:33
546.   fanerman
PSA: Hee Seop Choi is our first baseman. That is all.

Okay maybe not. Unfortunately I had to miss last night's chat as well. Still no internet. If I can't watch the games (being away from socal), I'd be content to at least have Dodger Thoughts.

2005-07-26 08:49:38
547.   fanerman
This may already have been done, but let us take a moment and reflect on this line of beauty:

Billingsley: (W, 8-4), 8.0 IP, 0 ER, 10 K, 1 BB

2005-07-26 08:52:16
548.   fanerman
Nothing against Mr. Lowe of course. Just those 10 K's and 1 BB is enough to make me think about starting to drool.

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