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'Hello, Redhead, What Do You Say?!'
2005-07-28 09:10
by Jon Weisman

Today's 12:10 p.m. Game

* * *

If the Dodgers' 4-1 World Series victory over Oakland in 1988 was improbable if not impossible, to coin the magic words, the Dodgers' 4-0 sweep of the Yankees in 1963 was unprecedented - the first sweep of the Bronx Bombers in postseason history. Despite winning 99 games in the regular season, the Dodgers still shocked the baseball system in shutting down the Yankees, who had won 104, on four runs in four games. The total game time for the series was 8 hours, 17 minutes.

As you can imagine, the mood in the Dodger clubhouse was ebullient. And thanks to Dodger Thoughts reader Stan from Tacoma (aka Popup), who periodically shares tapes from his fine collection with me, I enjoyed Vin Scully's postgame interviews from the 1963 winners' locker room early this morning.

Scully doesn't work the postgame talkfest on the air these days, but his performance in 1963 was every bit the tour de force that his game broadcasts are, seamlessly moving from Dodger to Dodger at a quick but unfrenzied pace. Almost no interview lasted more than a minute, yet every one was completely vibrant - it's as if Vinny is painting a clubhouse landscape with short and free strokes of the brush.

Here are some highlights:

  • Sandy Koufax, who pitched two complete games in a five-day span, allowing a total of three runs and 12 hits while striking out 23, is the first up, followed by Don Drysdale. Koufax, minutes removed from winning a series-clinching game backed by only two Dodger hits (Junior Gilliam scored the winning run after reaching third base on an error in the bottom of the seventh), is energetic and articulate - rendering his temporary post-retirement hiring by NBC much more explicable - while Drysdale, who won a 1-0 shutout 24 hours earlier in Game 3 and later enjoyed a more durable broadcasting career, sounds a little more like Foster Brooks. Koufax said he had a better curveball than fastball in his 5-2 victory in Game 1, in which he struck out 15, then found the opposite to be the case in Game 4.

  • Dodger executive Buzzie Bavasi, or "E.J.," as Scully formally refers to him, is proud not only of the team but of the Dodgers' beautiful stadium (only two seasons old) and that "people around the world could see it."

  • Vin opens his chat with Ron Perranoski, whose two-thirds of an inning in the ninth frame of Game 2 accounted for the entire contribution by Dodger relievers in the Series, by saying, "I understand they suggested you should bring your golf clubs out of the bullpen."

  • Right fielder Frank Howard, whose fifth inning home run in Game 4 according to Vin reached the second deck, passes along praise not only to the entire team but every person in the Dodger front office and organization.

  • The voice of team executive Fresco Thompson is so hoarse, Tommy Lasorda would sound like smooth Lou Rawls by comparison.

  • The Davises, Tommy and Willie, are apparently side-by-side as Vin comes to them. Tommy initiates the interview with his own effusive comment: "Oh, we have great pitchers, don't we, Vin?" Later, Scully starts things off with Willie with an enticing "Let's hear the big baritone," to which Willie responds on cue with a full-throated "Yeaaaaahhh."

  • Game 2 winner Johnny Podres, who allowed one run in 8 1/3 innings, calls Koufax "the greatest I've ever seen" and adds, somewhat surprisingly, that sweeping the great Yankees was a bigger thrill for him than clinching the Dodgers' first World Series title in Brooklyn in 1955 with his Game 7 victory.

  • Double-play combination Dick Tracewski and Maury Wills are interviewed in tandem. Vin notes how special this is for Tracewski, who spent about a decade in the minors. Wills, who went 2 for 15 with a walk and a stolen base, states "I didn't show what I was capable of showing," but doesn't let that detract from the team's performance or celebration.

    The series of interviews ends with a warm John Roseboro sidling up to Vin. (No, I don't have video, but I'm almost sure it was a sidle.) "Hello, Redhead, what do you say?!" Roseboro exclaims.

    A prince of a moment.

    * * *

    The Adam Dunn Scouting Expedition ... otherwise known as the first get-together of Dodger Thoughts commenters, appears to have been a success, despite the L that the Dodgers hung on the whole thing. Rob McMillin wrote it up on 6-4-2 this morning - I encourage others to leave their remembrances in his comments as well as here.

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    2005-07-28 09:24:31
    1.   brendan glynn
    Jon, you were truly missed last week. What a wonderful post for today. I, like most, cannot get enough Scully stories. Keep them coming.

    Headed to the stadium today to root the Dodgers on. Have a great day everybody

    2005-07-28 09:30:12
    2.   Bob Timmermann
    Bavasi might have been proud to show off Dodger Stadium, but in his New Yorker piece after the season was over, Roger Angell panned the stadium. He didn't like all the colors.

    Howard's homer into the loge was the first one to make it there. And in 1963 it was about 15-20' further down the line

    2005-07-28 09:37:08
    3.   scareduck
    Great stuff. I've been meaning to have the wife clean some of these up a bit and get them online.
    2005-07-28 09:38:25
    4.   JeffinTokyo
    Bob, Why am I not surprised the New Yorker roaster Chavez Ravine?

    Killer Tomato (as Steiner calls him) joined the Howard Club today.

    Jon, with posts like today, it is clear to me that the shark is in the refrigerator, the motorcycle is chilling, the live bait is jiggling, and this website is very far from the jumping ramp.

    2005-07-28 09:39:00
    5.   JeffinTokyo
    roasted not roaster
    2005-07-28 09:44:28
    6.   Xeifrank
    My post from last night... 367. Xeifrank
    I can see it now. LA Times sports page headline reads... "Reds Steal Game"
    Headline reads: Reds Steal One From Dodgers.
    So predictable.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 09:47:10
    7.   fanerman
    Rob posted a picture of the Adam Dunn Scouting Expedition Team on 6-4-2. So... who's who?
    2005-07-28 09:48:01
    8.   JeffinTokyo
    6. the real challenge would have been to come up with a headline that did not have "steal" in it.
    2005-07-28 09:51:20
    9.   Xeifrank
    8. I had one of those in a later post which said "Red Takes Five". I liked that one better. More original. But with the LA Times being so predictable and all... vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 09:56:46
    10.   Marty
    My post from the last thread on last night's game:

    A great time was had at the ballpark last night. A great bunch of guys. Many thanks to Suffering Bruin for putting it together. We were treated to a fun, though disappointing game. After seeing Dunn both Monday and Wednesday, I'm not so keen on giving up the farm for him. Dodger stadium may really cut down his offensive numbers (large sample size, right?). He also looks very slow in the field. First base is the only place for him it seerms to me.
    I was on field-level Monday and reserved level last night and the food/beer selection is much better on reserved for some reason. You can get Gorden Biersch beer and garlic fries, where all I saw on field-level was dogs and Budweiser.

    2005-07-28 09:56:56
    11.   JeffinTokyo
    how about "Reds Run Freel over Dodgers"
    2005-07-28 09:58:54
    12.   Bob Timmermann
    My brother once wrote a headline for the UCLA Daily Bruin that read "Bruins Welp themsleves to a Schrempf cocktail"

    He said he was going to use it regardles of how the game ended.

    2005-07-28 10:01:27
    13.   JeffinTokyo
    12. Classic. It almost reaches the ny post level of "Headless woman found in bottomless bar"
    2005-07-28 10:06:13
    14.   Xeifrank
    11,12,13. It's amazing how creative some people can be. Then there's the LA Times. :(
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 10:11:52
    15.   Telemachos
    I suppose I should give a lukewarm thanks to Adelphia Cable and their dubious service.

    Last night, I lost cable service with 2 out in the bottom of the eighth. Since I have a cable modem at home, that was out as well... nor, bizarrely, do I get good radio reception in my apartment. So I was left with no way to follow the game (short of going out to my car and listening there, I suppose).

    I was annoyed at the time -- but in retrospect it saved me a few moments of major frustration.

    2005-07-28 10:12:23
    16.   Telemachos
    P.S. Can our catchers perhaps throw out a runner, once in awhile?
    2005-07-28 10:13:08
    17.   Marty
    7. I'm the fat guy on the far left.
    2005-07-28 10:13:42
    18.   JeffinTokyo
    Last year and during the off season, DePo sang the praises of Hee Seop. Then, this season he has watched as Tracy has basically benched his prize acqusition.

    Do you think this is causing a rift between Tracy an DePo or are they on the same page?

    My feelng is that they are not on the same page, and such decisions will lead to Kirk Gibson (or the former intern who shot t-shirts out of cannons with DePo) being named manager of the Dodgers next year.

    2005-07-28 10:19:20
    19.   Xeifrank
    T.J. Simers has his Dodger article in the LA Times today. He only takes two shots in fun at Choi. Jeff Kent really got a couple of good punch lines in on Simers, and told TJ to go write about hockey. And DePodesta's computer wasn't mentioned until the last sentence. I thought the reference to Erik Karros was pretty funny though. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 10:19:30
    20.   Jon Weisman
    I doubt that it helps, Jeff, but don't forget who signed Olmedo Saenz for 2005. It was DePodesta.
    2005-07-28 10:20:52
    21.   Marty
    Jon, no gameday link?
    2005-07-28 10:21:43
    22.   fanerman
    Are the line-ups out yet?
    2005-07-28 10:21:53
    23.   Xeifrank
    18. I think from a strategy and player management point of view that Depo and Tracy don't see eye to eye and that Depo would like to replace Tracy. But I think that Tracy probably gets alot of respect from his players making firing him during the season a very unpopular move with his players and with the public. I think 3-4 years into his reign, Depo should have his fingerprints pretty much on everything (Players, Manager and Prospects). vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 10:22:16
    24.   Jon Weisman
    I wanted my morning post to get a little airtime. I was going to do a separate chat thread, but I guess there's no reason not to put it here.
    2005-07-28 10:22:39
    25.   Bob Timmermann
    The top three teams in the NL West all play day games today.

    AZ at CHI
    CIN at LA
    STL at SD

    I hate it when there aren't many night West Coast games to choose from. The only late game today is Cleveland at Seattle.

    I hope Extra Innings has that Kansas City at Tampa Bay matchup. That should be a thriller.

    2005-07-28 10:24:15
    26.   Bob Timmermann
    The headline for yesterday's game was "Freel steals the show in Hollywood".

    So that's why Phillips couldn't throw him out. He couldn't throw the ball from Dodger Stadium out to Hollywood.

    2005-07-28 10:27:28
    27.   DXMachina
    I watched a copy of the seventh game of the '65 Series that I got from the other night, and had similar thoughts about Scully's postgame interviewing ability. Sadly, there weren't all that many to see, Koufax, Lou Johnson, and Alston, followed by O'Malley and Warren Giles. It left me wanting many more.
    2005-07-28 10:29:31
    28.   JeffinTokyo
    Jon, DePodesta signed Saenz to a minor league contract prior to last season, well before trading for Choi. And, considering his stats, I doubt he expected him to do more than platoon or pinch hit against lefties.

    I must admit that I have been pleasantly surprised by the killer tomato.

    2005-07-28 10:29:50
    29.   Bob Timmermann
    Time to take an intentional walk on the wild side

    Random Dodger game callback

    July 28, 1974

    Reliever Mike Marshall's throwing error in the 10th allowed pinch runner Leo Foster to score the winning run and the Atlanta Braves prevailed at home over the Dodgers, 3-2, before a crowd of 23,485 at Fulton County Stadium. The Dodgers were still 65-37 and 3 ½ games ahead of Cincinnati.

    The Dodgers took a 1-0 lead in the second when Bill Russell singled home Ron Cey. In the third, center field Jim Wynn hit his 23rd home run of the season to give starter Geoff Zahn a 2-0 lead.

    The Braves tied the game in the fifth, Ivan Murrell led off with a single and Marty Perez followed with another to send Murrell to second. Atlanta manager Clyde King, who had recently replaced Eddie Matthews, had shortstop Craig Robinson bunt the runners over. Vic Correll grounded to short and Murrell scored to make it 2-1 Dodgers. Pinch hitter Paul Casanova then blooped a ball to left that Bill Buckner and Russell both converged on, but neither could glove it and the tying run scored.

    In the bottom of the sixth, Davey Johnson singled and Darrell Evans hit into a force play. Dusty Baker followed with a single to left that Buckner misplayed and Evans went to third. Manager Walter Alston brought in his ace reliever Marshall. Marshall got Murrell to pop up to left, but Buckner lost the ball in the sun and it fell in, but Wynn alertly picked up the ball and forced out Baker at second while Evans held at third. Ralph Garr flew out to end the threat.

    The Dodgers were able to get only two hits the last seven innings and the Braves finally broke through in the 10th. Pinch hitter Henry Aaron popped up to lead off the inning. Pinch hitter Frank Tepedino followed with a single and Foster ran for him. Johnny Oates then laid down a bunt down the first base line. Steve Garvey picked it up and appeared to tag out Oates, but Oates was called safe. Garr followed with a bouncer back to the mound that Marshall tried to go to second with to start a double play, but he threw it in to center field and Foster scored the winning run.

    There would not be many losing days for the Dodgers in 1974 as they finished with a Los Angeles best record of 102-60 (.630) and beat out the Reds by four games. The Dodgers got an MVP performance out of Garvey and a Cy Young from Marshall.

    Garvey batted .312 a drove in 111 runs and hit 21 home runs. Marshall pitched in a major league record 106 games and threw 208 1/3 innings, all in relief. He won 15 games and lost 12 with an ERA of 2.42 and 21 saves.

    Of course there were many other stars. Wynn might have been the true MVP of the Dodgers. He was acquired in the off-season from Houston in a trade for Claude Osteen. Wynn batted .271 with a .387 OBP. He slugged 32 homers and drew 108 walks.

    Andy Messersmith was the best starting pitcher, going 20-6 with a 2.59 ERA. Don Sutton went 19-9 with a 3.23 ERA. The staff had an ERA of 2.97.

    The Dodgers made their first ever appearance in the National League Championship Series and handled the Pittsburgh Pirates in four games, with Sutton winning games 1 and 4.

    In the World Series, the Dodgers faced the Oakland A's in the first-ever all-California World Series. Despite the Dodgers great pitching, the A's were just a little bit better. Oakland won its third straight World Series, the first time that had happened since the Yankees had won five straight from 1949-53. Four of the five games were decided by scores of 3-2. The Dodgers won 3-2 in Game 2 when Marshall picked off "designated runner" Herb Washington and then struck out Angel Mangual to end the game. But it was Rollie Fingers who was the relief hero, earning Series MVP honors.

    The 1974 Dodgers were a surprising sneak preview of the champion teams that would follow a few years later. They were going to have wait their turn behind the great Cincinnati Reds teams for a couple of seasons.

    The Dodgers set an unusual record in 1974. Manager Walter Alston ordered the fewest intentional walks for any team since the figure was totaled. The Dodgers issued just 9 free passes all season. And Bill Russell led all hitters in receiving intentional walks too. He had 25, the most of any Los Angeles Dodger player and just one fewer than Duke Snider's franchise record of 26, set in 1956. Russell had 20 intentional walks in 1973. His two-year total of 45 intentional walks tied him Snider and Eddie Murray (1989-90) in that obscure department. Russell was walked intentionally 106 times in his career, the most of any Dodger.

    Thanks to Los Angeles Times, and Retrosheet

    2005-07-28 10:32:02
    30.   Jon Weisman
    28 - And after Choi was acquired, and Saenz's contract expired, DePodesta re-upped Saenz for 2005, did he not?

    Not a big deal - I'm just saying ...

    27 - 1965 WS postgame is next on Stan's audio tape.

    2005-07-28 10:33:16
    31.   Nagman
    25 - I'm not sure we should refer to the Pads, Dbacks, and Dodgers as "top 3" of the division, that's giving them too much credit.
    2005-07-28 10:36:59
    32.   Bob Timmermann
    Dodger batters vs. Brandon Claussen
    Bradley 0-2
    Izturis 0-2
    Phillips 1-2
    Weaver 0-2
    Werth 0-1

    Reds batters vs DJ Houlton
    Aurilia 2-2, 2B
    Casey 0-1
    Dunn 0-0, BB
    Freel 1-1
    Griffey 1-1, 2B
    Kearns 1-2, HR
    Larue 0-2
    Lopez 2-2, 2B

    Not a lot to go on. Houlton just pitched in mopup against the Reds early in the year.

    Claussen pitched 3 innings against the Dodgers in mopup last year.

    2005-07-28 10:39:05
    33.   Bob Timmermann
    Shawn Green starting in center today in Wrigley for the DBacks.

    Tony Clark is starting at first instead of Conor Jackson.

    2005-07-28 10:40:41
    34.   stubbs
    Sept. Lineup if we trade for Mora and Drew comes back which would be a medical miracle.
    Have to admit it looks pretty nice.

    1. Perez-3B
    2. Mora -LF
    3. Drew-RF
    4. Kent-2B
    5. Bradley-CF
    6. Saenz-1B
    7. Navarro/Phillips C
    8. Izturis-SS

    2005-07-28 10:43:43
    35.   Jon Weisman
    I assume you're idealizing somewhat, Stubbs. I agree with getting Perez in the lineup, but don't you think Tracy has basically given up on him as a third baseman?

    With Robles fading as one would expect, we'll probably see Valentin get a lot of 3B action in September.

    2005-07-28 10:44:49
    36.   Xeifrank
    34,35. Yeah, everyone seems to be forgetting about Valentin. Is there some rumor about Mora now? vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 10:45:19
    37.   fanerman
    How bad can Perez be at LF?
    2005-07-28 10:45:49
    38.   JeffinTokyo
    Bob's Flashback was great as alwayss.

    Jaw dropping numbers:
    28 games over .500 in late July.
    2.97 ERA for the season.

    Is this (the possibility of duplicating these stats in this day and age) the real life, or is it just fantasy?

    2005-07-28 10:45:57
    39.   Borchard504
    10) The voice of reason about Dunn, plus he has his beer priorities straight.
    2005-07-28 10:46:38
    40.   fanerman
    Check out the Hardball Times today. They have an article about "taking the extra base." I think you'll find it useful. I know I did.
    2005-07-28 10:46:51
    41.   Daniel
    Here's the latest on Dunn from a Jayson Stark chat...

    "Jayson Stark: (1:22 PM ET ) The Astros gave up on getting Dunn two weeks ago, when the Astros asked for four players for him - two off their big-league club (including Backe), and their two best prospects. So this has no affect on that. PLUS _ and this is an answer to every Adam Dunn question on this list (all 700 of them): At this point, Adam Dunn is NOT available. Period. To anyone. For anything. That's what everyone has been told, anyway."

    2005-07-28 10:47:16
    42.   the OZ
    Melvin Mora can play third, right? I'm assuming that's why DePodesta wants him - to fill in and be productive until the Kids are ready in 2007. Valentin becomes a Super-utility guy, Mike Edwards goes away.
    2005-07-28 10:47:37
    43.   DodgerJoe
    Re: 36

    Baltimore wants pitching and the Dodgers have Odalis and Weaver. To give them up, the Baltimore Sun says that the Dodgers would want Mora in return.

    Probably just a rumor

    2005-07-28 10:49:28
    44.   fanerman
    If Perez can adequately play LF... I'd suggest this line-up when Valentin comes back:

    LF - Perez
    CF - Bradley
    RF - Ledee
    3B - Valentin
    SS - Izzy/Robles
    2B - Kent
    1B - Choi
    C - Nav.. I mean Philips

    Though I wonder, what are the cons of bringing Navarro up?

    2005-07-28 10:52:10
    45.   stubbs
    I thought Perez looked pretty good Tuesday night at 2B, but that takes Saenz out of the lineup.

    Is Kent at 3B not even on the radar? How bad could Perez really be in LF, its not like Mike Edwards has any idea what he is doing out there during his few games in LF.

    2005-07-28 10:54:48
    46.   Eric L
    Just to pick nits...

    According to retrosheet, Saenz was signed by the Dodgers on Jan 2, 2004. DePo wasn't the GM at the time and wouldn't be the GM for another 6 weeks.


    Jon's point still stands. DePo re-upped Saenz for this season.

    2005-07-28 10:54:54
    47.   the OZ
    Ramon Hernandez is opting for surgery on his wrist. Prognosis as of now is a 3-6 week recovery.

    2005-07-28 10:55:05
    48.   Xeifrank
    40. Fan, thanks i will take a look-see.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 10:57:13
    49.   fanerman
    Addendum to #44

    Since Ledee shouldn't start every day from what I've been told, he can "platoon" with Werth. Except Werth becomes LF and Repko becomes RF since Werth doesn't like RF. Or perhaps Valentin can play CF and Bradley can move to RF.

    OF combos can then be:

    Choi is our 1st baseman.

    I wonder if Kent can play 3B, as well.

    2005-07-28 10:57:44
    50.   Colorado Blue
    44 - That's not your suggested batting order I hope... Kent hitting behind Izzy is probably not going to happen.

    I like the fielding lineup except there is no way JT is going to platoon ANYBODY with Izzy on a regular basis. 1B will remain a Saenz/Choi platoon.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2005-07-28 10:59:47
    51.   JeffinTokyo
    Jon, yeah Depo re-signed Saenz. to platoon and pinch hit, not play every day.

    My point is, if Depo controlled the starting lineup, it would probably be quite different from what Tracy throws up there. I just wonder if this is causing a conflict.

    Personally, I hope it is, and that it leads to a change in managers.

    My dad and I go back and forth on this. He is pro Tracy, while I think he is a well-intentioned drag on the team. My 2006 wish for him is that he is happy in life, financially secure, and as far away from Dodger Stadium as possible.

    2005-07-28 11:00:17
    52.   fanerman
    That's just going from left to right across the field. No way it's the hitting order.

    I know 1B will remain a platoon, but I wanted to emphasize Choi.

    I didn't mean to suggest a platoon with Robles and Izzy. Just that Robles can play at SS. He can also play 3B, but he probably shouldn't be playing as much as he has been is all.

    2005-07-28 11:00:38
    53.   stubbs
    Lets say for fun the Red Sox trade Manny Ramirez. How much would you give up for the best run producer in the game?

    Guzman, Bradley and Brazoban?

    2005-07-28 11:01:41
    54.   Jon Weisman
    "How bad could Perez really be in LF?"

    This was my question weeks ago, but apparently, he is truly awful. A recent article ( quoted John Shelby as saying that Perez was missing balls that Shelby was fungoing to him in left field, even though Perez knew where they were coming.

    2005-07-28 11:03:17
    55.   Jon Weisman
    Kent is not and has never really been on the 3B radar at all, as far as I can tell. Again, he hasn't played an inning there in 10 years - the idea that they'd move him to a position requiring quicker reflexes and longer throws seems pie-in-the-sky at this point.
    2005-07-28 11:03:54
    56.   Joe Morgan
    There is no way Tracy will play Choi today.
    2005-07-28 11:04:29
    57.   fanerman
    Well there goes that idea.

    I wouldn't give up Bradley. He's younger, cheaper, and plays better defense.

    Manny makes over $20 million a year. That's way more than Bradley and Drew. It's just way too much.

    2005-07-28 11:04:53
    58.   stubbs
    55-Agreed, just curious considering the mismash of players and positions we have right now. At least we are strong up the middle, Izzy, Bradley and last nights hero. 2 of 3 isnt bad.
    2005-07-28 11:05:32
    59.   Jon Weisman
    For those of you (not me) who think J.D. Drew dogs it, the Boston papers are all over Manny today as Chief of the Mutts.
    2005-07-28 11:06:26
    60.   JeffinTokyo
    Kent anywhere but second base is counterproductive, offensively and defensively.
    2005-07-28 11:10:34
    61.   fanerman
    Last year, did anybody see "The Trade" coming (somebody brought this point up before)? I don't remember hearing anything about it until it actually happened.

    I wonder what's going on, if anything.

    2005-07-28 11:10:37
    62.   Xeifrank
    Lifted off of Cyril Morong's website. How important are stolen bases you might ask? Not very! But last night they sure were.
    Stealing is not correlated much with scoring at the team level, either. The table below summarizes the correlation and r-squared that various stats had with team runs per game from 2001-03

    Stat Correlation R-squared

    AVG 0.858 0.736
    SLG 0.917 0.842
    OBP 0.891 0.794
    OPS 0.950 0.903
    SB/G -0.032 0.001
    Net SB/G 0.136 0.018
    SB% 0.303 0.092
    - a correlation of 1.0 means the two stats have a perfect correlation.

    2005-07-28 11:13:50
    63.   stubbs
    59-I dont think Drew dogs it. Its just Manny is a monster compartively with runners on base and has played at least 137 games 8 times and 147 games 6 times in his career.
    2005-07-28 11:14:44
    64.   Nagman
    How would DT'ers feel if nothing happened besides maybe a non-glamorous, relatively inconsquential deal? Depo was quoted as saying a lot of deals he's working on depend on other deals... if it all falls though, this is the hand we're dealt.

    Hey, but that may be good enough to win the division. Crazy thought... can a team be sellers and also win the division?

    2005-07-28 11:16:27
    65.   Xeifrank
    Any trade for Manny is going to have to have the Red Sox paying a significant portion of his salary, kind of like what the Dodgers and Diamondbacks are doing with their new centerfielder. So what would I be willing to give up for Manny (for args sake)? It depends greatly on how much of his salary Boston would be willing to pay. The more they pay, the better prospect package you'd have to put forth. I don't see Manny coming to the NL. If his defense is so bad, put him at DH and trade your current DH for a decent LFer. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 11:16:27
    66.   Jon Weisman
    61 - I agree. I wrote a piece about my fatigue with Hot Stove League last winter and the fact that the rumors had so little bearing on reality (a piece that rubbed some people the wrong way, as it happens). Anyway, speaking for myself, I'm just content to wait and see what happens rather than follow every reporter's misinformation.
    2005-07-28 11:17:05
    67.   Nagman
    Rotoworld is reporting the Dodgers have asked Toronto about the availability of somebody named Reed Johnson (their fourth OF who I am unfamiliar with). Rotoworld says he is a "better version of Jason Repko". Does that mean more scrappy?
    2005-07-28 11:17:10
    68.   JeffinTokyo
    64. Fanerman, I was in So Cal during the trade last year. As I recall, rumors of it didn't hit the airwaves until the day of the trade. That day, I was in the car heading to San Diego to attend the Dodgers-Padres game, and the rumors were all over talk radio. The previous day, I don't think I heard anything.

    So, I would agree with your implication that, whatever the Dodgers do this year on the trade front, it very well could be a surprise.

    2005-07-28 11:17:40
    69.   db1022
    If we're going to be conservative (as in "No Dunn"), I'll take Lawton and Guardado, and Broxton/Kuo.
    2005-07-28 11:18:09
    70.   stubbs
    65-Lets say they take back the Odalis contract (10 mil per for 06/07) and we give them:

    Odalis and X , Y and Z.

    2005-07-28 11:19:01
    71.   Joe Morgan
    64. Even if we did nothing I still think we'd have a decent chance of winning the division. We'll have bullpen help from Broxton and Kuo, Navarro can come in and split time with Phillips, and Drew will be like a waiver period mega deadline deal. Of course, it will take Drew a couple weeks but I still think we'd have a very good chance. Randa helps the Pads, but they need to fix their catcher situation. Jackson may help the Dbacks, but they will soon discover how important CF defense is with shawn green playing there.
    2005-07-28 11:20:42
    72.   Xeifrank
    67. Reed Johnson has a .798 OPS as a LF/RFer, his OPS is ~50 points above his career OPS and 100 points higher than last years. I believe he is 28/29 years old.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 11:20:47
    73.   Jon Weisman
    Lineups are in: Perez at second, Saenz at third batting cleanup, Phillips at first (!!!), Edwards in left, Rose at catcher. Kent rests.
    2005-07-28 11:21:18
    74.   Colorado Blue
    I will go on the record as saying that if DePo picks up Ramirez and a good portion of his $20M in any deal involving prospects and god-knows-what-else (not MB please) he should be fired immediately.
    Ramirez is great offensively, no question. But he's 33 and definitely on the downward slope of being an everyday player.

    Now an AL team picking him up for DH is another story...

    2005-07-28 11:22:30
    75.   Xeifrank
    69. I'd be down with that... but of course it all depends who we are giving up.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 11:23:05
    76.   Xeifrank
    73. Looks like we're throwing in the towel. Why not just start Erickson and get it over with!!! vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 11:23:21
    77.   fanerman
    Same here.

    Phillips at 1st? Why oh why oh... okay. I will try to remain calm...

    2005-07-28 11:24:58
    78.   the OZ
    Well, winning isn't everything.
    2005-07-28 11:25:15
    79.   Colorado Blue
    As for standing pat, I'm ok with that. I would rather pick up some help for the division run AND the future, but pragmatically I could see why DePo wouldn't make a move weighted towards '05 help only.
    2005-07-28 11:25:18
    80.   Jon Weisman
    Now, Bob, about Tracy's Saenz pledge?
    2005-07-28 11:26:29
    81.   Nagman
    What's the over-under on Reds baserunners taking third base on a groundout, once the play goes to Phillips?
    2005-07-28 11:28:06
    82.   stubbs
    on paper we have no chance today.
    2005-07-28 11:28:13
    83.   Bob Timmermann
    Why Choi is resting.

    This is what Claussen's arm looks like:

    2005-07-28 11:28:24
    84.   JeffinTokyo
    Clausen is a lefty, so I have no problem with Choi on the bench. BUT, that's a pretty weak defensive infield.

    I think Tracy is trying to keep Phillip's confidence up. Maybe not a bad idea. Still, I'd rather see Werth in the limeup. And if he is hurt, then use it as a chance to
    bring up one of the studs.

    2005-07-28 11:30:01
    85.   Colorado Blue
    Phillips at 1B? Tracy might have figured out he wouldn't have to throw a lot... that MAY BE a bigger advantage than having Choi face a lefty.
    2005-07-28 11:32:52
    86.   Jon Weisman
    84 - Ugh - another confidence matter to discuss :) Guess you weren't around late last night.

    Phillips' confidence issue is a) all about his throwing and b) not really a confidence issue. Phillips is at first today because of the lefty pitching, Werth being hurt (forcing Edwards into the outfield) and this apparent but bummer of a need to rest Kent.

    2005-07-28 11:34:32
    87.   Bob Timmermann
    Hi my name is Jim and I'm a Saenzaholic

    Hi, Jim.

    I've been Saenz-free for zero days.


    2005-07-28 11:35:15
    88.   King of the Hobos
    I have another theory...Tracy has been told to showcase Phillips and his versatility, similarly to the Reds and Aurilia
    2005-07-28 11:35:21
    89.   fanerman
    Phillips over Choi isn't a no-brainer? Even against a lefty? Blah.

    Watch... the Kreuter Phenomenon will take place and Phillips will hit an important home run.

    2005-07-28 11:36:05
    90.   DaveP
    I'd put my money on Billinglsey and the Suns against Houlton and today's Dodger lineup.
    2005-07-28 11:37:50
    91.   Midwest Blue
    88 - Don't buythat. We haven't tested Navarro in the bigs yet so we can't get rid of Ragarm yet.

    This is truly a pathetic line-up. What away to give Cincy an opening. Houlton better be lights out today or we're losing another one.

    What's the O/U?

    2005-07-28 11:37:51
    92.   fanerman
    #89 should read "Phillips OR Choi"
    2005-07-28 11:37:56
    93.   bokonon42
    So Choi gets 1AB against the homer-giving-upest team in the MLB? Position to succeed, position to succeed, position to succeed.
    2005-07-28 11:38:59
    94.   Colorado Blue
    Either Phillips is just plain lousy at throwing because of physical limitations, or he needs to work harder...
    If it's the latter, then there's hope he develops a better work ethic. If it's the former, well, I hope he got his college degree.
    2005-07-28 11:39:00
    95.   JeffinTokyo
    confidence is a state of mind. If Phillips gets a couple of knocks today, last night's agony will fade much faster than if he lingers on the bench, pondering his acute bipolar Mackeysasserism.
    2005-07-28 11:40:00
    96.   fanerman
    We should start chanting:

    Now just the seniors:

    2005-07-28 11:41:23
    97.   Colorado Blue
    95 - Yeah, but was last night an anamoly? I don't think so. I don't think Phillips has any confidence issue that his offsensive abilities are going to resolve... if he's lousy at throwing, well then see 94.
    2005-07-28 11:41:57
    98.   Jon Weisman
    95 - So the next time Choi gets a start, he should play as badly as possible so that he will get another start the following day to salvage his confidence?

    Just teasing ...

    2005-07-28 11:43:30
    99.   Xeifrank
    Over/Under picks for today are in...

    7/28, Cincinnati vs DJ Houlton
    Colorado Blue: 5-2/3
    Joekings: NA
    Louis in SF: 5-2/3
    Xeifrank: 6
    Howard: 6
    CT Bum: 5-2/3

    2005-07-28 11:45:36
    100.   Midwest Blue
    Hey, I'll take 7 2/3. I feel lucky.
    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2005-07-28 11:47:37
    101.   Xeifrank
    100. 7-2/3 stolen bases? :) vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 11:48:18
    102.   fanerman
    Can Mike Rose throw out the occasional runner?
    2005-07-28 11:49:32
    103.   JeffinTokyo
    97. Colorado, I'm only trying to rationalize Tracy's decision. Personally, I would have Phillips as my backup catcher.

    But, if he can improve his frame of mind with a couple of hits today, maybe he will have a little bit more jump in his step (and throw) tomorrow.b Wishful thinking I suppose, but I'm a Dodger fan. What do you expect?

    2005-07-28 11:50:09
    104.   Midwest Blue
    102 - Apparently 1/3 of a runner =)
    2005-07-28 11:51:20
    105.   db1022

    Apparently we "need" to trade Kent to the Twins.

    Also, the Yankees "need" to trade for Griffey. What's Cashman got to lose, he's out of a job next year anyway.

    2005-07-28 11:51:37
    106.   stubbs
    Claussen- 5 2/3.
    2005-07-28 11:53:56
    107.   Rick in the UK
    Isn't Kent a 10-5 player? How the hell does he get traded? He'd have to agree to it. I wish I was a sports writer so I could just make stuff up on the fly and get a nice fat paycheck at the end of the week.
    2005-07-28 11:54:38
    108.   Midwest Blue
    If you trade Kent, you might as well trade Bradley, Weaver, Odalis, A. Perez, Brazoban, Guzman and Billingsly. With that combo we might get back Griffey, Manny Ramirez, A.J. Burnett and Lowell.

    And Depo could change his name to Kevin Malone.

    2005-07-28 11:55:40
    109.   Rick in the UK
    I'm pretty confident Griffey will retire a Red. Evidentally he has a wound which won't heal that frequently leaks onto his jersey.
    2005-07-28 11:56:24
    110.   JeffinTokyo
    Rick, Kent hasn't been with the Dodgers for 5 years, which would be required to be a 10-5 player.
    2005-07-28 11:56:28
    111.   Midwest Blue
    109 -- Tasty. And I was about to go to lunch...
    2005-07-28 11:57:24
    112.   Rick in the UK
    But he was with the Giants for more than five. Isnt the rule, if you have played for 10 seasons or more, and been with a team for more than five, any team?
    2005-07-28 11:57:53
    113.   db1022
    10 years in the league, last 5 with one team.
    2005-07-28 11:58:15
    114.   Bob Timmermann
    You have to be with your current team for 5 years and have 10 years of service overall.
    2005-07-28 11:59:30
    115.   Bob Timmermann
    The only holdup with trading Kent is that newly signed free agents can't be traded without their permission until midseason.

    If DePodesta got Johan Santana out of the deal, I would be quite happy.

    2005-07-28 12:00:14
    116.   JeffinTokyo
    Can someone explain the infield fly rule to me?
    2005-07-28 12:00:16
    117.   fanerman
    Sounds good to me.
    2005-07-28 12:00:22
    118.   JeffinTokyo
    Can someone explain the infield fly rule to me?
    2005-07-28 12:00:50
    119.   King of the Hobos
    Rose has 2 CS's...out of 16 attempts this year
    2005-07-28 12:02:11
    120.   the OZ
    105 - Mr. Dayn Perry seems to think we could use more pitching prospects, and that the Twins can provide them.

    Kent for Joe Mauer or Santana? Great. But why would the Twins make that deal?

    2005-07-28 12:02:15
    121.   JeffinTokyo
    just kidding, just kidding regarind the IFFR.
    2005-07-28 12:03:21
    122.   db1022
    runners on 1st and 2nd (or loaded), less than 2 out, any flyball with a reasonable chance of getting caught by an infielder - the batter is immediately called out. Runners advance at their own risk. If the ball is dropped (a la Richie the other night) I don't believe the runners would've had to tag on that.

    It prevents an IF from intentionally dropping the ball, then throwing to 3rd and to 2nd for a double play.

    2005-07-28 12:03:47
    123.   db1022
    121 - too late, I'm a nerd.
    2005-07-28 12:03:49
    124.   stubbs
    i thought it was the 10 yr 5 months rule, then kent could reject it.
    2005-07-28 12:04:56
    125.   stubbs
    Terry Mulholland would have loved the 10 yr 5 monther.
    2005-07-28 12:06:06
    126.   Bob Timmermann
    The infield fly rule covers situations where there are runners on 1st and 2nd or bases loaded with none or one out. If the batter hits a fair ball that can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, the umpire declares the batter out. The runners can advance at their own peril. (I love that phrase).

    It keeps the infielders from deliberately dropping popups to get double or triple plays.

    2005-07-28 12:06:44
    127.   JeffinTokyo
    sorry db. That's a great explanation. I will copy it and hand it out the next time I go to the game and some tosser behind me asks his buddy the same question. (And I know I am not the only one here that has heard someone ask that question at the Stadium).
    2005-07-28 12:06:52
    128.   Bob Timmermann
    But I got to use BOLD!
    2005-07-28 12:07:02
    129.   Berkeley Doug
    A little off topic, but doesn't the picture of the author of the FOX story remind you of a young John Travolta?
    2005-07-28 12:08:21
    130.   JeffinTokyo
    Thanks to Bob as well.
    2005-07-28 12:09:50
    131.   fanerman
    The game is starting.
    2005-07-28 12:10:25
    132.   fanerman
    Lead-off double for Freel. Soon to be a triple?
    2005-07-28 12:10:26
    133.   King of the Hobos
    Houlton looks to continue his inability to pitch in the first inning
    2005-07-28 12:10:32
    134.   db1022
    Bob gets bonus points for bold and "at their own peril". Makes it sound so dangerous!
    2005-07-28 12:10:34
    135.   JeffinTokyo
    Feel Freel to scream.
    2005-07-28 12:11:06
    136.   Brad Bogner
    Time for Freel to steal.
    2005-07-28 12:11:14
    137.   King of the Hobos
    A bunt? Freel could have easily stolen 3rd and Lopez could have batted
    2005-07-28 12:11:34
    138.   JeffinTokyo
    why would you bunt in that situation?
    2005-07-28 12:12:10
    139.   Eric L
    Speaking of the Fox Sports article..

    How much of a burden is Kent's contract? He only signed a 2 year deal. It's not like it is a Dreifort or Brown contract.

    Why do reporters make up asinine reasons for trades?

    2005-07-28 12:12:15
    140.   Xeifrank
    126. Thnx for adding the "fair ball" caveat. In our softball league I play SS and whenever I get an easy popup hit to me, especially if it is near 2nd base with a runner on first, I always drop the ball or let it bounce one time. Half the time the batter doesn't run out an easy popup. I've gotten atleast one double play out of this. Another thing I use to do when I played 2nd base back in the hey day (baseball not softball) is when a runner would steal 2nd on a hit and run and I was covering 2nd, after the hitter hit the ball I'd throw my hands up in the air and yell "I got it, I got it". Two times I got the runner to run back to 2nd base on line drive hits to right field, for an easy force out at 2nd base. It's also amazing how so many people don't watch their base coaches.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 12:12:34
    141.   fanerman
    A sac bunt in the 1st inning to get a runner to 3rd. Scrappy.
    2005-07-28 12:13:04
    142.   overkill94
    That's one thing I never understand is bunting a guy as fast as Freel over to third. Let the guy hit, then if he doesn't move him over, have him steal on the first pitch to the next batter.
    2005-07-28 12:13:49
    143.   Xeifrank
    Dumb bunt. Why play for one run against Houlton? and why this early? We obviously don't have the only dumb manager. Does that make anyone feel better? vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 12:15:13
    144.   JeffinTokyo
    I feel better.
    2005-07-28 12:15:36
    145.   Brad Bogner
    Why exactly are you guys complaining about the break the Dodgers received on the bunt?
    2005-07-28 12:16:07
    146.   Joe Morgan
    143. that makes me feel better. Houlton will give up some runs early, and the Reds are foolish to not try and take advantage.
    2005-07-28 12:16:48
    147.   King of the Hobos
    Despite the run, that's the fastest I've seen Houlton pitch in the 1st in quite awhile. Am I the only one who thinks they drag on forever?
    2005-07-28 12:17:10
    148.   King of the Hobos
    2005-07-28 12:17:40
    149.   Joe Morgan
    See, that is why you don't just play for one run in the first inning.
    2005-07-28 12:17:46
    150.   overkill94
    Wow, that fox sports guy is an idiot. Why would we want more pitching prospects? We have some good middle infield prospects, but none are sure things except maybe Guzman who will probably be moved. As someone else said, Kent doesn't have a "burdensome" contract over the next two years, it's only one more year and it's only 10 million. How do these guys get paid?
    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2005-07-28 12:17:58
    151.   JeffinTokyo
    I love day baseball. So does Cesar.
    2005-07-28 12:18:07
    152.   Jim Hitchcock
    Well, Vishal, there's that second Izturiz HR we were talking about last night.
    2005-07-28 12:18:20
    153.   Brad Bogner
    I thought Saenz had a bad back? Why does he keep playing on afternoon games, and Kent is rested?
    2005-07-28 12:18:51
    154.   Telemachos
    I love it when DT updates faster than my Yahoo!Sports page at work. :)
    2005-07-28 12:18:52
    155.   Johnson
    Darn. I was kind of hoping Izturis would go the whole season with his only homerun in his first AB. Oh, well. I'll take the run.
    2005-07-28 12:19:05
    156.   subclub
    one before the all-star break, one after. not bad!
    2005-07-28 12:19:15
    157.   King of the Hobos
    That's how Izzy started his 2 month streak...
    2005-07-28 12:19:32
    158.   Brad Bogner
    Perry, who wrote the FoxSports article is a major idiot. He always writes absolute garbage, and some of his stunning preseason predictions were "The Yankees payroll will top 200 million." The Nostradmus in him just gives me chills.
    2005-07-28 12:19:49
    159.   Jon Weisman
    I was sure Izturis' second HR would come on the last at bat of the season.
    2005-07-28 12:20:01
    160.   the OZ
    Jim Brower pitching for the Braves against the Nats.

    Jim Brower's July ERA: 2.16. Perhaps Leo Mazzone IS that good.

    2005-07-28 12:20:46
    161.   Joe Morgan
    I predict bradley will try to steal
    2005-07-28 12:21:17
    162.   Johnson
    Jon, with the injury problems we've had, you probably should just not say anything. ;-)
    2005-07-28 12:21:43
    163.   Brad Bogner
    Anyone realize that since Bradley did his best Bo Jackson impersonation on Tuesday with the broken bat over the thigh, he's stroking the bat well?
    2005-07-28 12:21:59
    164.   Jon Weisman
    So what were the hot (or cold) topics of conversation among the Dunn Expeditionists last night?
    2005-07-28 12:22:28
    165.   Bob Timmermann
    Saenz had said that his back has been feeling better since he got an extended rest.

    Not only did the Reds sacrifice, they had one of their best hitters do it.

    2005-07-28 12:22:43
    166.   Xeifrank
    Who is this Jon guy you speak of? A new member? :)) vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 12:25:45
    167.   JeffinTokyo
    The way the ball is being knocked around, if Jim Harrick were around he might say, "This one is gonna be a ball burner."
    2005-07-28 12:27:42
    168.   Xeifrank
    Felix Hernandez the top rated pitching prospect in the minor leagues is suppose to get called up to the Mariners this saturday and will initially pitch out of the pen. I believe he is only 19 years old. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 12:27:43
    169.   overkill94
    I think those 4 "balls" to Aurilia missed by a total of 4 inches total.
    2005-07-28 12:28:41
    170.   Xeifrank
    Hopefully the Reds try a few more bunts!
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 12:28:58
    171.   Jim Hitchcock
    164 - I was seated on the aisle, so I wouldn't be a very good source.

    I do remember Icaros changing his seat `for luck' prior to Freel's walk, two steals, and scoring on the sac fly :)

    2005-07-28 12:29:26
    172.   Xeifrank
    The way things are going we might see our long relief specialist Scott Erickson. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 12:31:21
    173.   King of the Hobos
    172 Sooner than we might hope.
    2005-07-28 12:31:43
    174.   Jim Hitchcock
    I blame that HR on XF's lack of faith...
    2005-07-28 12:31:55
    175.   fanerman
    Well that was swell.
    2005-07-28 12:33:11
    176.   Jon Weisman
    As this is a game in which Erickson might pitch, a sincere question: which would have been the better acquisition for the Yankees, Hideo Nomo or Erickson?
    2005-07-28 12:33:18
    177.   Brad Bogner
    I have nothing to do at the office, except look forward to afternoon Dodger games, and here they are trying to throw it all away in the second inning.
    2005-07-28 12:33:30
    178.   fanerman
    Maybe since the 1st inning went by so fast, Houlton was still in "1st inning" mode.
    2005-07-28 12:34:38
    179.   los angeles dragons
    Erickson is a much better pitcher during the day as he is at night. We're in for a masterful performance courtesy of Scott imo.
    2005-07-28 12:35:41
    180.   overkill94
    Looks like it's gonna have to be a slugfest to win this one. With the way the dodgers were swinging in the first, i don't see that as out of the question.
    2005-07-28 12:37:39
    181.   fanerman
    Our 5-8 hitters are:
    2005-07-28 12:39:25
    182.   Benaiah
    DJ has allowed 17 ER in 20.2 IP in July (with a measly 8 Ks and 5 HR). He posted a decent 4.3 ERA in June, but a 7.40 ERA in July (and he isn't done yet) makes me think that we should use Dessens (remember him Tracy?) or bring up Stults or Hull from Vegas.
    2005-07-28 12:40:06
    183.   Fearing Blue
    For everyone who has been hoping for the Dodgers to do a silly trade (i.e. trading for a reliever), there's a good article at Baseball Prospectus (currently Free Preview):

    Here's what it has to say about Danys Baez:

    "Some of the worst deadline deals usually revolve around overpaying for closers, and Baez looks like he'll be no exception.

    Danys Baez H/9 BB/9 K/9 HR/9 ERA
    PECOTA 8.8 3.9 6.9 1.1 4.40
    Actual 8.4 5.0 8.6 1.2 3.18

    Baez' peripheral numbers have not really been any better than PECOTA had anticipated this year; in fact, depending on how you want to evaluate that walk rate spike, they've arguably been somewhat worse. But his ERA is more than a full point better than our preseason projection. The reason? Baez has allowed just a .210/.288/.274 batting line with runners in scoring position, versus a .238/.315/.425 line with the bases empty. A starry-eyed GM might refer to that as clutch pitching ability, and tell some story about how Baez' makeup has improved. We refer to it as good luck. Caveat emptor on a closer with a walk rate this high."

    The same general reasoning applies to Bob Wickman and Ugueth Urbina. Let someone else overpay for a reliever who may or may not be better than what we already have.

    2005-07-28 12:40:51
    184.   King of the Hobos
    Edmonds hits a 3 run homer with Carpenter pitching. At least things are looking up there
    2005-07-28 12:42:35
    185.   Xeifrank
    181. The OPS for those four are...

    Phillips: .659
    Edwards: .681
    Rose: .575
    Repko: .681
    Yuck! to say the least. vr, Xei

    2005-07-28 12:44:06
    186.   Xeifrank
    183. I don't see Paul "Moneyball" DePodesta trading FOR a closer. The MB book says the same thing. Closers are misused and overpaid/rated. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 12:46:30
    187.   Benaiah
    By the way what is up with this lineup? Is Tracy going out of his way to construct the worse lineup possible? He wants to load the lineup with Righties, but Kent, Ledee and Choi are better than Phillips or Edwards no matter who is pitching. This lineup is a nightmare and it is absolutely begging for trash like Claussen to shut it down (Claussen by the way has split much worse against Lefties this year albeit in a small sample size).
    2005-07-28 12:49:06
    188.   Bob Timmermann
    RIP, Washington Nationals 2005 season.
    2005-07-28 12:49:31
    189.   King of the Hobos
    Houlton looks like he's past 1st inning mode
    2005-07-28 12:52:10
    190.   Jon Weisman
    May collapse - Dodgers
    June collapse - Padres
    July collapse - Nationals (most saw this coming a mile away) with a dash of Orioles
    August collapse - running out of candidates. Diamondbacks?
    2005-07-28 12:52:44
    191.   fanerman
    I myself am hoping for a Kreuter Phenomenon (See post #89). If we bash these AAAA scrubs enough, one of them is bound to hit a home run.
    2005-07-28 12:53:43
    192.   fanerman
    I'd take a dash of padres and a dash of diamondbacks thank you very much.
    2005-07-28 12:53:53
    193.   King of the Hobos
    So many wasted 3-2 counts
    2005-07-28 12:56:14
    194.   bigcpa
    I was fortunate enough to pull up a chair next to Don Burns who recounted his visits to Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds. There was some discussion of the mind of Bill Plaschke and the responsibility of bloggers. Don cited the Heisenberg Principle of analyzing atoms, and how that pertains to the media. Vishal was an undergrad recently enough to recall this. That's the level of discourse I'd expect from a blogger roundtable.
    2005-07-28 12:56:28
    195.   King of the Hobos
    Cards just stretched the lead 4-0
    2005-07-28 12:57:57
    196.   Screwgie
    One thing's for sure: Choi is not being showcased for a possible trade this weekend.

    Hee's a keeper.

    2005-07-28 12:58:48
    197.   Jon Weisman
    "Don cited the Heisenberg Principle of analyzing atoms, and how that pertains to the media."

    I'm torn between responding with "Please elaborate" or just leaving my mouth agape.

    2005-07-28 12:59:01
    198.   Bob Timmermann
    I keep expecting you to get in to a really violent fight with Ernest Borgnine.
    2005-07-28 12:59:09
    199.   subclub
    i'm sure this has been discussed before, but on the radio broadcast, why do we get the wonderful vin for the first 3 innings and the mediocre steiner/monday (or whoever else) for the rest of the game?
    2005-07-28 13:00:36
    200.   Bob Timmermann
    You missed my proposal of the Timmermann Denial Paradox.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2005-07-28 13:00:39
    201.   fanerman
    "Don cited the Heisenberg Principle of analyzing atoms, and how that pertains to the media."

    How exactly does that pertain?

    2005-07-28 13:03:47
    202.   jpeace
    Oh God I cannot endure watching Phillips at first base. Anyone know why Choi isn't in today against a weak throwing lefty?
    2005-07-28 13:03:49
    203.   jpeace
    Oh God I cannot endure watching Phillips at first base. Anyone know why Choi isn't in today against a weak throwing lefty?
    2005-07-28 13:04:36
    204.   Jon Weisman
    I seem to be missing a lot lately. Which makes sense, given how little computer access I had recently.
    2005-07-28 13:05:25
    205.   bigcpa
    I brought up the internet reporting of exit polls in the 2004 election- and whether it influenced undecided voters. I think Don cited the Heisenberg Principle as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you're trying to measure the particles in an atom, the measurement itself alters the results.
    2005-07-28 13:05:49
    206.   fanerman
    The best answer we've come up with is either:
    1) Phillips = righty and Choi = lefty
    2) Phillips struggled last night and so tonight is attempting to get his confidence back.

    #2 leads to interesting possibilities. Such as Choi intentionally losing his confidence to get more playing time. Of course Buntermaker would just see that as a reason to bench Choi, but nonetheless, an intriguing situation.

    2005-07-28 13:06:55
    207.   fanerman
    the tonight should be a today.
    2005-07-28 13:07:17
    208.   everett
    something tells me houlton doesn't have his best stuff out there... does he look any better on TV than on gameday?
    2005-07-28 13:07:50
    209.   Jim Hitchcock
    194 - That was sorta frustrating for me, because I heard the remark about analyzing atoms, but couldn't make out the rest of the conversation.
    2005-07-28 13:07:54
    210.   King of the Hobos
    Mark Sweeney just doubled in 2 runs, 4-2 Cards
    2005-07-28 13:08:10
    211.   Xeifrank
    No way Houlton goes more than 6 IPs. The under (6-IPs) looks pretty safe. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 13:09:09
    212.   bigcpa

    Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle
    places an absolute, theoretical limit on the combined accuracy of certain pairs of simultaneous, related measurements.

    2005-07-28 13:09:34
    213.   Marty
    In between beers and peanuts, Icaros and I discussed Straw Dogs and the Godfather movies. Plus his escapades in Montreal.
    2005-07-28 13:10:35
    214.   King of the Hobos
    Greene just doubled in Sweeney, Carpenter chose a bad day to suck
    2005-07-28 13:13:48
    215.   los angeles dragons
    So is the point of the Aflac commercial (we've all seen hundreds of times) to make people believe they can get injured at work and then sit on their asses all day while getting paid?

    McCourt himself must carry this insurance for the Dodger players or else why would it be the most prominent commercial sponser of Dodger games?

    The quacking duck interrupts Vinny at least once every two innings, and that really pisses him off I'm sure.

    2005-07-28 13:16:35
    216.   Jim Hitchcock
    Marty, I seem to remember the food choice at field level as pretty good. I was pretty dissapointed not to be able to find frozen yogurt.

    Also was dissapointed to find they only had Gordon Biersch Light beer on the reserved level.Love the Dark. Oh well, it was still pretty good. Due to the long lines for it, my second beer was a Bud. Yuck.

    2005-07-28 13:17:22
    217.   Christina
    216 - what price are beers going for these days at Dodger Stadium?
    2005-07-28 13:17:55
    218.   Brad Bogner
    $7.50 for draft beer!
    2005-07-28 13:19:06
    219.   Benaiah
    62 - I did the same type of study for my stats class using the years 2002-2004 and this is what I found:

    Stat Correlation R-Squared
    Stolen Bases -.144 .02
    Home Runs .7396 .547
    Batting Average .8479 .719
    OBP .8801 .775
    SLG .9336 .872
    OPS .9610 .924

    R-squared measures the amount of variance in Y explained by the X. So OPS explains 92% of the variance in runs and luck, errors, baserunning and RISP only accounts for 8% give or take 3-5%. SB meanwhile accounts for all most nothing and further has a slightly negative correlation.

    2005-07-28 13:19:44
    220.   Jim Hitchcock
    Gordon Biersch is now $8.00 a pop. Up from $6.00 two years ago.
    2005-07-28 13:20:08
    221.   Marty
    $8 for the GB.
    2005-07-28 13:20:53
    222.   Marty
    Jim, at the stands on the left field side of field level, it was pretty slim pickings.
    2005-07-28 13:22:20
    223.   King of the Hobos
    John Rodriguez homered, 5-3 Cards (and Edmonds had just lined into a DP before)
    2005-07-28 13:22:31
    224.   Marty
    At least last year, the beer was actually cheaper in the Stadium club than out in the regular concession stands. You could get a big glass of Sierra Nevada for $7 when the "premium" beer outside was $8.
    2005-07-28 13:25:15
    225.   Jim Hitchcock
    OTOH, my Super Dodger Dog was appropriately burnt...
    2005-07-28 13:26:22
    226.   alex 7
    2005-07-28 13:26:25
    227.   King of the Hobos
    Luis Gonzalez homered, 3-0 Dbacks

    Will they ever get a hit against Claussen?

    2005-07-28 13:28:37
    228.   alex 7
    I understand not bringing guys up too soon and all that, but geez, Navarro isn't the next Ivan Rodriguez so we don't have to worry about shelling out THAT much $ one year earlier. There seems to be as much help in the minors (C and bullpen) than there is via trade. When Depo??

    Unless Depo knows he's bringing in some guys soon via trade, but still, any help for these games between would be nice.

    2005-07-28 13:30:53
    229.   Xeifrank
    Fun stat of the day.

    Cincy team OPS: .789
    Oakland teams OPS: .736

    Cincy runs scored: 919
    Oakland runs scored: 916

    Why are the A's scoring as many runs as the Reds? It's not like they steal bases, they're actually quite poor at it.

    Cincy: 265/337/452
    A's: 265/336/402

    Looks like the Reds aren't getting enough bang for their buck out of the SLG%. More than likely they are getting unlucky with their HRs and hitting a bunch of solo jobs (unlike today). vr, Xei

    Also, going into today the Dodgers have scored two more runs than the White Sox. haha @ "smartball"

    2005-07-28 13:33:32
    230.   Steamer
    Excuse if this is repeated among the other 228 comments, but would love to get in touch with Stan in Tacoma to hear those tapes.
    2005-07-28 13:35:32
    231.   Jon Weisman
    So it basically boils down to one bad pitch by Houlton?
    2005-07-28 13:35:33
    232.   db1022
    Dunn's "fly out to deep right"? Did it look gone?

    Dodger Stadium plays pretty small during the day.

    2005-07-28 13:37:31
    233.   FirstMohican

    Runs YTD:
    Dodgers, 437
    ChiSox, 485

    The CIN/OAK runs don't look right either. Am I mistaken?

    2005-07-28 13:37:50
    234.   bigcpa
    Cincy has scored 515 runs to the A's 482. I think you're looking at hits. Oakland has closed the gap by hitting 17 pts better with RISP and has managed to get 8% more RISP to begin with.
    2005-07-28 13:38:21
    235.   Xeifrank
    219. Interesting. My favorite college stats class was "Gambling Statistics". We studied and calculated the house edge in the basic Vegas casino games like Keno, roulette, sports. Blackjack and craps were more complicated and you needed a computer to compute. My teachers claim to fame was a program he and another professor wrote that predicted if a pro football team would beat the point spread. The concept behind his program was flawed as it looked at historical data, and of course the teams change so much from year to year. But nonetheless they put him on a local radio station each week to pick a few games. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 13:38:38
    236.   Jim Hitchcock
    231 - It looks that way, as the Dodger bats have gone somnambulant.
    2005-07-28 13:38:42
    237.   db1022
    233 - He did say "going into today". What's the White Sox score today - 48 to 4?
    2005-07-28 13:38:59
    238.   alex 7
    one bad pitch. If the "start a reliever and bring in the starter after 2" thing catches on, it'll be due to DJ.
    2005-07-28 13:39:47
    239.   Xeifrank
    233. Oops. Forget anything I ever said. Wrong column. Back to the drawing board. :)
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 13:40:08
    240.   FirstMohican
    237 - Yeah uh, my bad...
    2005-07-28 13:41:00
    241.   FirstMohican
    239 - How can we trust any of the stats you've ever given us???? =)
    2005-07-28 13:41:33
    242.   db1022
    240 - Don't put anything past Ozzie Guillen and his SmartBall TM. If he needs 48 runs today, he just needs to put his mind to it.
    2005-07-28 13:41:53
    243.   Christina
    So 0-for-40 or whatever Oscar Robles gets sent to PH, and he gets hit by a pitch? Hee. At least he got on base...

    With games like this, I have to find the humor where I can.

    2005-07-28 13:42:37
    244.   FirstMohican
    If I see "In play, out(s) recorded" one more damned time I'm going to go insane.
    2005-07-28 13:42:52
    245.   FirstMohican
    2005-07-28 13:42:58
    246.   db1022
    John Donovan at has his buyer/seller article out.

    "Los Angeles Dodgers Why they should get out: Don't expect the Dodgers to roll over. GM Paul DePodesta has too much invested. But injuries have killed these guys, and inconsistent starting pitching, and injuries, and a lackluster offense at times. And then, of course, injuries. Forget the NL West standings: The Dodgers are nine games below .500. Pull the plug already.

    Who they should move: Somebody should want lefty Odalis Perez, a good bargaining chip. The Dodgers have some talented minor-leaguers, too, and could package Perez with some of them for a big hitter they need."

    2005-07-28 13:43:15
    247.   alex 7
    they get your hopes up...
    2005-07-28 13:43:53
    248.   Fearing Blue
    All of the talk about how Repko is getting to be a better hitter is wishful thinking. He's actually striking out quite a bit more in July than over the rest of the year 27 Ks in 71 ABs (38.0% of his ABs). What he has been in July is extremely lucky as 47.7% of his balls in play have dropped for hits (21 hits out of 44 balls in play).
    2005-07-28 13:45:35
    249.   fanerman
    Fearing Blue,
    Where do you get your stats from?
    2005-07-28 13:45:48
    250.   FirstMohican
    Giovanni's new nickname is now "The Towel," and he does not relieve, rather Tracy throws him in.
    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2005-07-28 13:46:36
    251.   FirstMohican
    249 - He keeps score at home, right?
    2005-07-28 13:46:53
    252.   Marty
    Man, I'm sick of seeing Gio's mug on Gameday.
    2005-07-28 13:47:09
    253.   stubbs
    carrara has been the towel for about 5 years now.
    2005-07-28 13:47:43
    254.   Marty
    250. I like it! I was about to name him "the white flag" but yours is better.
    2005-07-28 13:49:20
    255.   the OZ
    236 - Somnambulant would imply that they're at least sleepWALKING, which is at least SOMETHING. I would argue that they're just plain asleep.
    2005-07-28 13:49:51
    256.   King of the Hobos
    Good news is San Diego has given up a few more runs and St Louis still has the bases loaded
    2005-07-28 13:50:59
    257.   Fearing Blue
    #249: For the most part, I just and Baseball Prospectus, but occasionally I'll look at Yahoo or CNNSI as they have slightly different splits. The monthly splits are available at and I added in Repko's 2 ABs today:

    2005-07-28 13:51:11
    258.   King of the Hobos that a triple?
    2005-07-28 13:51:19
    259.   Marty
    If Freel goes on a busted pickoff, I'll bet Phillips can't throw him out from first.
    2005-07-28 13:52:41
    260.   stubbs
    Gio reminds me of Scott Radinsky-decent era but would always allow inherited runners to score or give up runs at the worst possible time.
    2005-07-28 13:53:58
    261.   stubbs
    this makes u feel good going into the 7th and 8th:

    O. Saenz 3B 0-2
    J. Phillips 1B 0-2
    M. Edwards LF 0-2
    M. Rose C 0-2
    J. Repko RF 0-2

    2005-07-28 13:54:38
    262.   bigcpa
    FB- do you have a source to do "meta-splits" e.g. RISP in July?
    2005-07-28 13:55:14
    263.   Jim Tracy
    261 - Just means they are all due to get a hit.
    2005-07-28 13:57:35
    264.   everett
    geez, 4 pick off attempts and a pitch out ...
    2005-07-28 13:57:56
    265.   the OZ
    257 - Doug, have you noticed that the splits have been unavailable for several weeks? Do their splits work for you currently?

    Sometimes I try to look up things like runs in a given inning, HRs allowed with 2 outs, etc, especially after games like last night. MLB used to offer those splits, but now it's like their site is broken.

    2005-07-28 13:58:15
    266.   Screwgie
    261 -

    Wow. Claussen is making our lineup look like a bunch of minor league scrubs.

    2005-07-28 13:59:28
    267.   everett
    we are a bunch of minor league scrubs...
    2005-07-28 14:01:25
    268.   fanerman
    Edwards singles!
    2005-07-28 14:01:48
    269.   db1022's page2 must be big Atlanta Braves fans. They have Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz all as surer bets to make the HOF than Big Unit.

    1 and 1a is Bonds and Clemens.

    2005-07-28 14:02:04
    270.   stubbs
    other than his last two starts in which he gave up a combined 16 runs, Claussen has been good this year. Whats the word on kent?
    2005-07-28 14:03:17
    271.   Brad Bogner
    Why didn't Tracy pull a double switch right there, and have Kent bat for Rose, and then move Phillips to catcher, and kent to first? I mean, I love watching Rose botch every opportunity today with runner's on as much as the next guy...
    2005-07-28 14:03:38
    272.   fanerman
    I think Kent is just getting a day off.
    2005-07-28 14:04:39
    273.   fanerman
    I would think it would have been better to give Kent a rest on a Cardinals game. We actually have/had a shot at this one.
    2005-07-28 14:05:49
    274.   Brad Bogner
    Tracy has to figure that since the Pads are losing, it would be great to try and steal this win. Might as well bring in Kent the last couple of innings, and see if he could've jump started this offense, and maybe gotten a run or two in the 7th. Now the Dodgers are forced to use all the rookies in the 8th and 9th to scramble together some hits and runs. Doesn't make sense to me.
    2005-07-28 14:07:03
    275.   Christina
    Well, the pitching spot is coming up to bat after this, so perhaps Kent will PH for Gio.
    2005-07-28 14:07:16
    276.   Screwgie
    270 -

    16 runs in the last two games?

    The Dodger lineup today has definately been a confidence boost for Claussen.

    2005-07-28 14:07:40
    277.   Brad Bogner
    Yeah, but I think they were betting off using Kent with Edwards on first, to try and string a couple of runs together.
    2005-07-28 14:08:21
    278.   Brad Bogner
    But then again, nothing is definite, especially from Tracy, who used to rest the Giant killer LoDuca on days when Chan Ho Park would pitch to Chad Kreuter.
    2005-07-28 14:08:57
    279.   natepurcell
    whos going to stick around for suns thoughts at 4?
    2005-07-28 14:09:10
    280.   alex 7
    Dunn's trade value taking a slight dip at the right time if we're going to get him.
    2005-07-28 14:09:45
    281.   fanerman
    #279, Nate
    I'll be here.. though I won't be watching.
    2005-07-28 14:10:30
    282.   dzzrtRatt
    It's games like this one that make me regret all the times I've teased my European relatives about how boring soccer is.
    2005-07-28 14:11:48
    283.   db1022
    280 - Dunn is not available. Jayson Stark has spoken.
    2005-07-28 14:12:58
    284.   Brad Bogner
    All it takes is the Dodgers defense to make the pathetic Reds feel like they can be winners in the future.
    2005-07-28 14:13:12
    285.   Xeifrank
    Arizona is making a good push to be only 2 games back after today. That move of Green to CF is really paying dividends already. He's like a vacuum cleaner out there... in that he sucks alot (drumroll please). I'll be in town all week.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:13:25
    286.   fanerman
    Has Choi gotten 2 hits in his last 2 pinch-hit at-bats?
    2005-07-28 14:13:34
    287.   FirstMohican
    Dodgers at bat and i see "Pitch 3 - In play, no out recorded"

    Can someone tell me what's wrong with my GameCast? =)

    2005-07-28 14:14:01
    288.   Christina
    286 - yes. Last night was an infield single, IIRC.
    2005-07-28 14:14:39
    289.   Fearing Blue
    #262/265: I just checked and their splits seem to be working for me. The site allows you to do limited double-splits.

    2005-07-28 14:16:09
    290.   Fearing Blue
    #279: I'm going to miss Suns Thoughts. The Mrs. and I are going away for a couple days starting this afternoon and she won't let me bring my computer :).
    2005-07-28 14:17:20
    291.   Xeifrank
    282. I like watching and playing soccer. People complain it's boring to watch but great to play. Well, I would prefer playing any sport to watching it, as long as I was decent at it. Your post struck me, along time ago a friend from Germany was visiting me and I put on a Laker game on the car radio. He laughed and said how could you listen to basketball on the radio. Yesterday I was trying to avoid hacksaw and the Angel game and flipped to one of the other sports stations and an LA Galaxy soccer game was on the radio. I laughed and said out loud, how could you listen to a soccer game on the radio. I guess I know how my friend felt. Maybe it just takes some getting use to, but I have no problem with baseball, hockey or basketball on the radio, but something like soccer, tennis or golf would just be awful on the radio. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:17:46
    292.   Brad Bogner
    Time for Milton to redeem himself after that out with guys on 2nd and 3rd in the 6th.
    2005-07-28 14:17:57
    293.   alex 7
    either of those two hits to left catchable?
    2005-07-28 14:18:22
    294.   Brad Bogner
    A trip to Europe will let you realize that soccer's one of the greatest sports out there. Bar none.
    2005-07-28 14:18:32
    295.   Xeifrank
    Do we have a rally in the 8th? Oh please do tell! for those of us with no radio or tv access. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:18:56
    296.   fanerman
    How deep was deep right?
    2005-07-28 14:19:00
    297.   Jon Weisman
    Is it remarkable to anyone else that Choi is still third on the Dodgers in homers?
    2005-07-28 14:19:16
    298.   everett
    bradley is hurting his "clutch" hitting stats...
    2005-07-28 14:19:40
    299.   fanerman
    Fly out to deep right. Inning over. According to
    2005-07-28 14:20:00
    300.   alex 7
    sigh. when it came off the bat on gameday, I thought for sure it was gone.
    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2005-07-28 14:20:10
    301.   regfairfield
    The two guys in Tracy's dog house come through.
    2005-07-28 14:20:14
    302.   natepurcell
    he hit it to the warning track. close, but not what we needed.
    2005-07-28 14:21:02
    303.   Fearing Blue
    #294: I think there was a typo in your last sentence. It should have been "Bar one."
    2005-07-28 14:21:43
    304.   Xeifrank
    So we have Saenz, Phillips and Edwards in the 9th? I think I'd rather have Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my! Wonder if the mighty Kent will PH? Mind as well save him for Rose or Repko or the tying run is at the plate type of PH at this point. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:21:56
    305.   Fearing Blue
    I'm confident that Saenz, Phillips, and Edwards will get it done in the 9th.
    2005-07-28 14:24:11
    306.   Jim Tracy
    today wouldn't suck this much if we had won last night. somehow 4 games back sounds a lot better than 5.
    2005-07-28 14:24:57
    307.   stubbs
    i cant believe with a day off monday and a late game tomorrow against a lefty, that kent didnt play today.
    2005-07-28 14:25:09
    308.   Xeifrank
    How about Saenz and Phillips and pray for rain! Oh wait, it's an official game...
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:25:11
    309.   fanerman
    Come on Kreuter Phenomenon!
    2005-07-28 14:25:19
    310.   Christina
    306 - like Steve pointed out last night, it also doesn't suck as much if you've never moved out of acceptance.
    2005-07-28 14:25:43
    311.   stubbs
    it should have read-and against a lefty today.
    2005-07-28 14:26:00
    312.   Xeifrank
    307. Like I said when the lineups came out. Tracy is throwing away this game. FJT or BUST!
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:26:56
    313.   King of the Hobos
    I wanted Valentin to play...

    The Padres are down 9-3, so it's not all bad

    2005-07-28 14:28:05
    314.   scareduck
    Fire Jim Tracy. Bring up the Suns!
    2005-07-28 14:28:05
    315.   LetsGoDodgers
    LaRue is killing me
    2005-07-28 14:28:08
    316.   fanerman
    Another shot by LaRue. Woohoo.
    2005-07-28 14:28:23
    317.   Bob Timmermann
    The Dodgers will be donating 2 500-yuan books of CNOOC Oil Scrip to the Jason La Rue Boys Club of Covington, Kentucky today.
    2005-07-28 14:28:23
    318.   DXMachina
    Maybe we should be trying to trade for LaRue.
    2005-07-28 14:29:07
    319.   Xeifrank
    311. No need to correct your typos, if I corrected mine we'd be breaking records with number of posts.

    2 run dinger. Seriously, how many IPs does Erickson have this month? Tell me again, why we carry a pitcher we never use! vr, Xei

    2005-07-28 14:29:27
    320.   Jim Tracy
    what did we ever do to jason larue? he better have some more home runs up his sleeve for san diego.
    2005-07-28 14:29:44
    321.   db1022
    Hello, Acceptance, my old friend.
    2005-07-28 14:30:32
    322.   Bob Timmermann
    5 games, 9 IP for Erickson in July.
    2005-07-28 14:30:52
    323.   Xeifrank
    317. haha! very funny. I'm actually headed to mainland China for the last two weeks of the season. Plan on touring the major league parks over there, like you did in Japan. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:31:54
    324.   Xeifrank
    322. And our record in those 5 games? 0-5?
    Thanks! vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:32:30
    325.   stubbs
    Shawn Green 4 for 4 with a walk. It feels good that im helping pay for this with my 2 beer purchases tomorrow night. bring up Navarro before i vomit on myself.
    2005-07-28 14:33:01
    326.   db1022
    Did Erickson pitch today?
    2005-07-28 14:34:09
    327.   Bob Timmermann
    With the revaluation of the yuan (or the reminbi as the Financial Times calls it), I can't tell if 500 yuan is worth anything.
    2005-07-28 14:34:23
    328.   Monterey Chris
    Is Erickson another example of Tracy refusing to use players that DePo has placed on the roster?
    2005-07-28 14:34:40
    329.   Xeifrank
    326. I saw him on the bullpen putting green, working on his short game. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:36:06
    330.   Bob Timmermann
    Unless the Dodgers score five runs in a hurry, Scott Erickson won't need a shower.
    2005-07-28 14:36:43
    331.   Xeifrank
    327. 8.11 RMB to 1 USD, use to be 8.28, 2.11% change. Would love to get my picture taken on the Great Wall with a DT T-Shirt. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:37:01
    332.   Bob Timmermann
    I think Tracy and DePodesta just keep Erickson around so we have somebody to complain about.
    2005-07-28 14:37:22
    333.   db1022
    OK, Yahoo was showing Dessens as pitching the ninth, but you guys made it sound like Erickson was actually on the mound.
    2005-07-28 14:39:52
    334.   Jim Tracy
    Only 18 hours ago, I was thinking (quite realistically) that we'd be within 2 games of the Padres. We had a 4-1 lead, and SD was tied with the Cards. Now we've given away two games to a team that had won 11 games on the road all year. And now come the Cards!!! This could be a long weekend.
    2005-07-28 14:40:03
    335.   regfairfield
    324 - That's like saying the Braves have an .800 winning percentage when Danny Kolb pitches the ninth.
    2005-07-28 14:40:26
    336.   fanerman
    I've come to talk with you again
    2005-07-28 14:40:49
    337.   Xeifrank
    4 thru 8 hitters went 1 for 18, unless of course I have my stats all messed up again. I don't fully blame Buntermaker for this... well maybe i do.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:41:26
    338.   fanerman
    I know I do.
    2005-07-28 14:41:47
    339.   Xeifrank
    336. Whisper the sound of acceptance.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:42:40
    340.   scareduck
    323: should be interesting. Stay away from the Leni Riefenstahl-style monuments they're sure to be building for 2008 and everything will be just okey dokey...
    2005-07-28 14:42:56
    341.   Xeifrank
    The Reds just got 15% of their road wins for the whole season in the last two games.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:43:54
    342.   Jim Tracy
    It is sad that a team like Houston may not make the playoffs because either SD, AZ or LA will.
    2005-07-28 14:44:01
    343.   Xeifrank
    340. ?
    2005-07-28 14:44:54
    344.   natepurcell
    oh wow theres a live video of columbus at rome today at 4. go here and go to the rome video feed.

    we can see denker, dewitt and pedroza

    2005-07-28 14:45:56
    345.   Linkmeister
    I forgot the game was on and tuned in just in time for LaRue's homer in the 9th. Can't this team do anything right?
    2005-07-28 14:46:34
    346.   db1022
    Pitching matchups for this weekend:

    Penny vs. Morris
    Lowe vs. Suppan
    Perez vs. Mulder

    Not a lot of marging for error. Would really like to see us take 2 of 3.

    2005-07-28 14:48:43
    347.   db1022
    Did Adam Dunn get on the team bus? Someone should follow him to see if he leaves town.
    2005-07-28 14:51:01
    348.   scareduck

    1936, here we go again...

    2005-07-28 14:55:37
    349.   Xeifrank
    348. Are you comparing China to the Nazis? If so, I think I need to disappear from the board for a while.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 14:57:50
    350.   Bob Timmermann
    I think he was comparing the architectural style of the 2008 games to stuff used in 1936.
    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2005-07-28 14:57:52
    351.   Linkmeister
    I think he's suggesting that China will build massive monuments to celebrate its newly-burgeoning power just in time for its hosting the Olympics.
    2005-07-28 14:58:35
    352.   subclub
    i asked this earlier in the thread but i think it got lost:

    why does kfwb tease us with 3 innings of vin scully before switching over to steiner/monday?

    2005-07-28 14:59:36
    353.   db1022
    its a simulcast (sp?) for the first 3 innings. Has been for a few years (at least).
    2005-07-28 14:59:56
    354.   Bob Timmermann
    Because that's the way things are. I don't think the Dodgers want to be all Vin, all the time.
    2005-07-28 15:02:47
    355.   Bob Timmermann
    Meanwhile this weekend in San Diego
    Friday - Luke Hudson 1-5, 8.83 vs. Pedro Astacio, 2-9. 5.84
    Saturday - Aaron Harang, 6-9, 3.97 vs. Brian Lawrence, 5-10, 4.21
    Sunday - Presumably Eric Milton vs. Woody Williams
    2005-07-28 15:09:12
    356.   Bob Timmermann
    Phil Nevin must not be enjoying his new job. He got kicked out while catching in the 9th inning for arguing a call.

    With the Padres losing 10-3, it's been a long day.

    2005-07-28 15:13:37
    357.   Im So Blue
    352, 354:
    Vin will do TV for a whole game, with the radio simulcast for the first 3 innings. It's his way of reducing his workload/stress level.

    In the old mostly radio days, Vin would do innings 1-2-3 and 7-8-9, with Jerry Doggett announcing 4-5-6.

    2005-07-28 15:17:02
    358.   Bob Timmermann
    Like these days?
    2005-07-28 15:18:49
    359.   subclub
    I guess in some way that makes sense. But is his workload measurably lighter in the last 6 innings? Does he suddenly become less descriptive when he's only talking to the tv audience? It doesn't seem like it (at least to me). Don't get me wrong, we could have it worse that Steiner/Monday (something I'm reminded of every time Al Downing fills in). The whole situation has just always confused me.
    2005-07-28 15:23:12
    360.   Bob Timmermann
    You have to think of Vin Scully as "premium content". TV commercials bring in more revenue so Fox wants to have the best person doing TV all the time.

    But it's hard to do a simulcast with today's TV production styles. Only the old veterans were any good at it. Chick Hearn could do it. Scully can do it.

    I think the idea is. If you pay extra for cable, you get Scully all the time. If you just want to listen on the radio, then it's Steiner/Monday/Downing.

    2005-07-28 15:33:38
    361.   Jon Weisman
    Cesar - stop homering. Dodger record when Cesar homers: 0-2.
    2005-07-28 15:35:27
    362.   Colorado Blue
    360 - I knew MLBEI was so darned expensive for a reason.
    2005-07-28 15:36:13
    363.   Mark
    Trade the farm for Manny Ramirez! He'll love Los Angeles!
    2005-07-28 15:45:08
    364.   Bob Timmermann
    There's also the "Ice cream" argument to made about Vin on the radio and TV all the time.

    It would be a lot for all of us to digest. And it would be a chore for him to come up with all that original material.

    2005-07-28 15:46:29
    365.   popup
    Jon, thanks for the post about the interviews after the 63 World Series. It is difficult to assess this and perhaps it is just my imagination, but to me it is evident how much the Dodger players of that era liked and respected Vin. Vinny was able to get more than just soundbites from the players he interviewed. I don't think anyone has ever been better at play by play than Vin nor do I think anyone is a better interviewer. I am glad you enjoyed the tape.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-07-28 15:48:23
    366.   Xeifrank
    Dodgers have lost the last 13 games that Scott Erickson has pitched in. Most of those have been mop up appearances in games that were already out of reach. But it goes to show that we are carrying a pitcher on our roster that we have absolutely NO CONFIDENCE in, in that he ONLY pitches in games where the outcome is already determined (loss). If that's the case, why not just call someone up from the minors and give them a shot and some experience. There's gotta be someone down on the farm who is available. Scott Erickson has less value to this team than any of us DT members do. Erickson is drawing a $525k paycheck and we draw nothing. Yet we add just as much value. Nothing! vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 15:51:04
    367.   Jon Weisman
    365 - Thanks all go to you, Stan. I agree that the players clearly felt a cameraderie with Vin. I'm moving on to 1965 on my way home from work.
    2005-07-28 15:51:48
    368.   the OZ
    366 - No, we help Jim Tracy by pointing out his mistakes and offering constructive criticism. That's something. :)

    We also fill Hee Seop Choi with confidence!

    2005-07-28 15:52:32
    369.   db1022
    366 - Most "longmen" come in only when the game is out of hand, especially in favor of the opponent.

    Think about it - if the game gets out of hand early, the starting pitcher for the losing team gets yanked quickly. The starter who benefits from the early lead will usually be allowed to put in a nice easy 6 or 7, at which point it might not be a situation to bring Erickson in.

    2005-07-28 15:59:20
    370.   scareduck
    366: Erickson has a 3.00 ERA In July. It's not much, but it's something. He may actually have value -- a very little bit -- as a reliever. But he's had too many bad outings for me to believe that he can repeat this month. For sure he's out of baseball next year.
    2005-07-28 16:01:55
    371.   natepurcell
    wow the columbus/rome game is a fox sports feed. this is impressive. great video quality
    2005-07-28 16:03:32
    372.   bigcpa
    I like the idea of targeting Melvin Mora. He's signed for $3.5M this year and $4M next year. He plays 3b and LF, he hits LHP and RHP and he's 33. Seems like a versatile guy to bridge us to LaRoche/Guzman. Here's my proposal:

    Dodgers get Mora
    Orioles get Burnett, Lowell
    Marlins get Weaver/Dodger prospect

    2005-07-28 16:04:07
    373.   natepurcell
    okay its catfish thoughts tonight. the suns dont play today i messed up. they play tomorrow.

    but columbus does and heres the video feed link

    go to the south atlantic league, go to the rome video feed. it works.

    2005-07-28 16:09:11
    374.   the OZ
    OK, Catfish Cogencies. Let's do this.

    Pedroza rips a hard single.

    2005-07-28 16:10:29
    375.   fanerman
    I hardly know anything about the Catfish.
    2005-07-28 16:11:02
    376.   the OZ
    Denker's batting stance reminds me of 2004 Beltre - I little bit closed, starts on his back foot.
    2005-07-28 16:11:44
    377.   Bob Timmermann
    If someone offers you poached catfish, pass.
    2005-07-28 16:12:37
    378.   fanerman
    The side bar has been updated! I was looking for something to browse while at work and I noticed Choi Central, which wasn't there before.
    2005-07-28 16:13:12
    379.   natepurcell
    i wish i found this yesterday when elber was pitching.

    denker smacks a line drive single.

    2005-07-28 16:13:23
    380.   Xeifrank
    369. Good points. Find me another reliever who has pitched in 13 straight losses, who is not on the Rockies, Royals or Buccaneers. Sorry my religion doesn't allow me to say Devil Rays. Oops!

    Let's take a look at the Dodgers bullpen and see what the team record is in games they've pitched over the same time as Erickson's streak. This will give us a kind of "confidence" factor (or CF) that Tracy has in them. Sorry if I left someone off the list. But take note of two at the bottom of the list.

    Erickson 0-13 (5/15 - 7/27)
    Player / Record / CF
    Gagne 11-2 / 0.846
    Schmoll 5-2 / 0.714
    Brazoban 18-12 / 0.6
    Wunsch 9-16 / 0.36
    Sanchez 10-25 / 0.286
    Dessens 2-5 / 0.286
    Alvarez 3-8 / 0.273
    Carrara 7-24 / 0.226
    Erickson 0-13 / 0.000

    2005-07-28 16:14:15
    381.   natepurcell
    dewitt swung at a bat pitch. with the count 1-0, swing at YOUR pitch blake. its okay though, he'll learn.
    2005-07-28 16:17:54
    382.   natepurcell
    plummer has no velocity what so ever, hes topping out at 85. hes going to get killed.
    2005-07-28 16:18:31
    383.   Xeifrank
    372. Trade Weaver? Are we giving up on 2005 then? Unless there is another trade to bring in a decent starter or we're going to call up one of the AA pitchers, I wouldn't trade one of our top three SPs (unless we are fully in acceptance, which I'm unfortunately not).
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 16:19:43
    384.   natepurcell
    the announcers are getting a crack out of a player with the last name of "pope" playing in Rome.
    2005-07-28 16:20:06
    385.   the OZ
    Huh. A guy named "Pope" plays for Rome. The announcers just made note of it. That's too perfect.
    2005-07-28 16:21:44
    386.   Xeifrank
    385. Atleast he doesn't live in the woods!
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 16:31:03
    387.   the OZ
    385 - Or play for the Cardinals!
    2005-07-28 16:31:29
    388.   fanerman
    From the USS Mariner,

    #1 in both leagues. Vin Scully and his 100.0 VORB more than make-up for Rick Monday's -25.3 VORB.

    Of course they rank the White Sox #1 in the AL, so take it with however much salt you wish.

    2005-07-28 16:32:33
    389.   Jon Weisman
    378 - You're quick - I just did it. The sidebar, as many have noticed, gets neglected and neglected by me. But every now and then I get around to it.
    2005-07-28 16:33:57
    390.   fanerman
    You say quick. I say slacking. Let's call the whole thing off.
    2005-07-28 16:38:17
    391.   natepurcell
    big tiff going for vero today. hopefully he puts in a solid promotion. he should get promoted soon.
    2005-07-28 16:38:18
    392.   Xeifrank
    The Choi Central blog is funny. Here is the headline from it..."Choi sits again. Man... Tracy is KILLING my blog."
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 16:38:36
    393.   natepurcell
    i mean, solid performance
    2005-07-28 16:41:04
    394.   the OZ
    All of our SAL guys look really skinny. They'll start lifting weights eventually, right?
    2005-07-28 16:41:52
    395.   Nagman
    Padres picked up David Ross from the Pirates.
    2005-07-28 16:42:09
    396.   fanerman
    Forgive me, but what does SAL stand for?
    2005-07-28 16:42:39
    397.   DaveP
    nate - do you know anything about Mark Alexander? Closer for Vero. He was drafted out of college so a little older, but check out his stats this year. 74 Ks in 49 innings with 1.6ERA and 18 saves.

    Might be time to promote both Tiffany and Alexander.

    2005-07-28 16:42:57
    398.   the OZ
    Pedroza homers!
    2005-07-28 16:43:16
    399.   natepurcell
    pedrozzzaaa!! 2run homerun!
    2005-07-28 16:43:21
    400.   the OZ
    South Atlantic League. Low-A ball.
    Show/Hide Comments 401-450
    2005-07-28 16:44:04
    401.   the OZ
    Also called the Sally League.
    2005-07-28 16:44:31
    402.   fanerman
    Ahh. I'm more familiar with the Sally League name.
    2005-07-28 16:45:19
    403.   scareduck
    392: could be worse; there's a blog for Angels fourth outfielder Jeff DaVanon.
    2005-07-28 16:45:36
    404.   natepurcell
    dewitt almost killed the pitcher.

    but dewitt, denker and pedroza all look good so far.

    2005-07-28 16:46:55
    405.   natepurcell
    braves cfer jansen, made a andruw jones esque play.

    ironically, jansen is also from the same dutch own island as andruw.

    2005-07-28 16:48:54
    406.   natepurcell
    mark alexander is having a great yr for vero as thier closer. he should get a promotion. he is 24 yrs old already.
    2005-07-28 16:49:53
    407.   fanerman
    24 seems very old, even for a college player. Did he spend 2 years in rookie ball?
    2005-07-28 16:57:45
    408.   DaveP
    Tiffany has given up 3 HRs through 2 innings already today.
    2005-07-28 17:00:10
    409.   natepurcell
    and that has been his achilles heel, the homerun ball.
    2005-07-28 17:07:13
    410.   natepurcell
    they run too many braves commercials.
    2005-07-28 17:12:16
    411.   the OZ
    405 - On this site, i see 'dutch' and immediately my brain registers 'clutch'
    2005-07-28 17:16:36
    412.   DaveP
    wow. Tiffany got shelled today. 2.1 innings and gave up 5 HRs! he's now out of the game.
    2005-07-28 17:17:14
    413.   fanerman
    Wow. It's been a long day for Dodgers everywhere.
    2005-07-28 17:17:46
    414.   natepurcell
    3 doubles hits in a row for our trio.

    pedroza gb singl down first base line
    denker line drive gb double down 3rd base line
    dewitt line drive into the right center gap.

    after watching dewitt, i am not worried about him at all. i think hes going to be good and will take off next yr in vero.

    2005-07-28 17:18:16
    415.   natepurcell
    jk i mean 3 hits in a row, pedroza didnt double.
    2005-07-28 17:22:05
    416.   DaveP
    Lucas May and JtD have combined for 52 errors at shortstop this year (columbus and jacksonville).
    2005-07-28 17:24:19
    417.   natepurcell
    thats why they moved lucas may to left field :)
    2005-07-28 17:25:54
    418.   Jon Weisman
    Ross was hitting .211 in AAA ball. Wow. Can't believe he's that lost.
    2005-07-28 17:31:09
    419.   gvette
    Looks like the Padres acquired Dave Ross and his .222 average to be part of their Nevin/Fick catching rotation.

    Dave Ross, Rudy Seanez, Denys Reyes; Is there no ex Dodger so lame that the Padres won't take a chance on him?

    2005-07-28 17:31:11
    420.   natepurcell
    wow i just looked at tiffanys line. thats quite possibly the worst outing of his professional career.
    2005-07-28 17:36:48
    421.   scareduck
    418: Jon, read his ESPN scouting report... it's pretty sad, really:

    "Ross can turn on mistakes on the inner half, but that's about the extent of his batting prowess. He cannot catch up with above-average heat and has little chance against anything with a wrinkle."

    2005-07-28 17:49:56
    422.   Jim Tracy
    Jesse Orosco has a lot of wrinkles. David Ross must have no chance against him.
    2005-07-28 17:52:47
    423.   CanuckDodger
    Since there is a 10 MPH wind blowing out over the center field fence in Vero Beach tonight, I wouldn't worry too much about the 5 HR's Tiffany gave up. Pitching in Wrigley Field is like that on some days.

    And, Nate, you were worried Plummer was going to get hammered. He seems to be doing just fine. Is he still topping out at 85 MPH? He was throwing 92-93 after we drafted him in 2002. He has had arm problems the last couple years, so that could have sapped his velocity.

    2005-07-28 18:00:34
    424.   natepurcell
    i think maybe the gun was a little slow. the other starting pitcher was topping out at 87 and sitting 85-86.

    and dont worry about the 5 homeruns given up? i wouldnt worry IF its an isolated incident, but his homerun rate this yr and last yr in the sally are both troubling.

    2005-07-28 18:03:24
    425.   natepurcell
    but after watching dewitt and denker, i am not worried about those two at all.
    2005-07-28 18:11:36
    426.   CanuckDodger
    Oh, I did not say that Tiffany's HR rate is not higher than it should be. I am just saying that the homers today seem to have been wind-blown. In 16 previous appearances this year he gave up something like 10 or 11, so 5 in one day is obviously a huge statistical aberration that can't be taken too seriously -- because it IS an aberration.
    2005-07-28 18:12:53
    427.   CanuckDodger
    How does Denker look in the field, playing 2B?
    2005-07-28 18:27:21
    428.   natepurcell
    hasnt had many balls hit his way. he turned a DP, looked good doing that. he'll stick at 2b.
    2005-07-28 18:38:57
    429.   Bob Timmermann
    The Giants have one hit through 5 2/3 innings against Victor Santos of Milwaukee.

    However, it was a 3-run homer by pitcher Brad Hennessey and the Giants lead 3-0.

    2005-07-28 18:40:43
    430.   Bob Timmermann
    The Angels have used a 5-man infield twice the last two nights.

    It worked tonight with the bases loaded and one out and the game tied at Toronto.

    Primarily because Frankie Rodriguez struck out the next two batters.

    2005-07-28 18:42:15
    431.   natepurcell
    rome announcers love denker. calling him a "throwback" player and how his plate discipline (67BBs) in the sally is unheard of for a kid his age.

    man i really like dewitt, he has a sweet sweet swing. he hits a rocket off the right field wall. his 23rd double of the season. the announcers said dewitt is tied for the league lead in doubles now.

    2005-07-28 18:51:22
    432.   Jim Hitchcock
    Ha! At the end of the terrific (but short) profile of Vin Scully on Real Sports, it showed Vinnie singing a few lines of `I Love L.A.' while sitting in the pressbox.
    2005-07-28 18:54:13
    433.   Bob Timmermann
    The Yankees are beefing up the pitching staff. They picked up Shawn Chacon from Colorado. The Rockies acquired Ramon Ramirez and Eduardo Sierra.
    2005-07-28 18:56:47
    434.   King of the Hobos
    Looks like Castillo wants every Dodger team to lose
    2005-07-28 18:58:59
    435.   natepurcell
    Looks like Castillo wants every Dodger team to lose

    its okay, denker, dewitt and pedroza all had an awesome day at the plate.

    2005-07-28 19:00:56
    436.   King of the Hobos
    Denker and Dewitt looked shaky on defense on the last 2 outs
    2005-07-28 19:01:55
    437.   natepurcell
    oops, the runner was safe! oh well, catfish win!

    at least denker got in front of it and blocked it with his chest instead of waving at it.

    2005-07-28 19:14:32
    438.   natepurcell
    anyone that watched the catfish game, what are your impressions of dewitt and denker?
    2005-07-28 19:15:17
    439.   King of the Hobos
    Good news, Valentin hit a leadoff homer Izzy-style. According to the announcers, it was a homer just about anywhere it was so deep, so no Vegas effect
    2005-07-28 19:18:12
    440.   King of the Hobos
    I only watched the last 2 innings of the Columbus game (wish I'd started earlier), but both were good in their one at bat that I saw. Dewitt's double was just pretty. Defense wasn't so hot, but I only saw one chance per
    2005-07-28 19:39:39
    441.   Im So Blue
    [Sorry for not responding to the followup Q's. Didn't mean to be rude. Right after I posted, I went out for a few hours.]

    358: Yep, exactly.

    359: On TV, Vin doesn't need to describe everything that happens, because you can see it for yourself. He doesn't have to follow the action on the field as carefully. He can do more of his storytelling, and comment on the cute kids in the stands.
    On the radio, he will paint a picture of the action on the field, so that listeners can get a picture in their minds of what is going on.

    360: The "premium content" is what got cable TV into my home. I grew up a Dodger fan back in the 60's, but lost interest in the 90's. I started following the Dodgers again in 2001 while my husband kept tabs on the Mariners that year. I wanted my kids to also enjoy the game, listening to Vinny like I did when I was young.

    2005-07-28 19:46:36
    442.   brendan glynn

    Nate or Canuck,I didn't watch the catfish but I would like to know your impressions or Pedroza. I saw him a few times at Fulerton and he reminds me of a left hand hitting Jose Guillen. The same body type but also quick wrists and everything he hits, he hits hard.

    Had you seen him before? what are your thoughts if any?


    Well Played, Bob.

    2005-07-28 19:53:33
    443.   bill cox
    Interesting note in VB game.A position player finished up on the mound for both teams.Nicholson (also homered )for Lakeland or whoever that other team was and Jimmie Rowan for VB.If I'm not mistaken Rowan started at AA this year,had a cup of coffee in Vegas and is now back in A ball.That's a bit of a roller coaster ride for ya.
    Trade front.Getting Dunn would be nice for us,but other than getting top prospects which we don't want to spend what's in it for the Reds.They aren't one arm short of contending.More like most of a staff short.(hey maybe we can give them Perez,Weaver,Lowe and Houlton for Dunn,Griffey,Kearns and Ryan Freel-we give them a few Jasons to man the outfield)
    Seriously there are some teams a starting pitcher short of contending.Obviously the Yankees but they don't have trade bait unless they want to ship Matsui to us.
    The Rangers now are hitter heavy and pitcher short.If we could convince them one of our starters other than Penny is a stopper in disguise I wonder what it would take to pry Soriano away from them?
    2005-07-28 20:05:37
    444.   Identity Crisis
    The Ogden (rookie ball) game is on right now...The stream is EXTREMELY choppy though =(
    2005-07-28 20:09:54
    445.   Identity Crisis

    I believe that is the link for the radio broadcast...which isn't as choppy as it was a moment ago.

    2005-07-28 20:12:07
    446.   bokonon42
    KFWB Dodger Talk reporting that Broxton has been called up. Anybody know anything about it?
    2005-07-28 20:16:23
    447.   King of the Hobos
    No, but I'll keep an eye open. I didn't expect Broxton up so soon, I wonder if it's just part a bigger happening, or DePo finally decided to DFA Erickson. Or, God forbid, Werth to the DL
    2005-07-28 20:17:00
    448.   natepurcell
    ,I didn't watch the catfish but I would like to know your impressions or Pedroza.

    i like pedroza. he was a very good hitter at CSU. But at fullerton, the only knock on him was that he could not hit lefties well. he had something like a 220BA against lefties. He has a quick, strong wrist but his swing is a little long. But so far, he has shown that his power is translating well from metal to wood bats. It looked like sally league pitching was a bit too advanced for him at first but maybe he is coming around now with his 3-5 game tonight. he is 21 and not old for the SAL, so his performance here should be a better indicator of future success then his performance in rookie league.

    neverless, its nice to get an outfield prospect into the system thats filled with infielders and pitchers.

    2005-07-28 20:21:23
    449.   Bob Timmermann
    What's the allure of Alfonso Soriano? I don't see it.

    He would be a terrible fit in L.A. He would be a slightly faster Antonio Perez. That's about it.

    2005-07-28 20:25:36
    450.   Identity Crisis
    Ogden just won the first half title in the pioneer league.
    Show/Hide Comments 451-500
    2005-07-28 20:30:02
    451.   King of the Hobos
    Angels and Blue Jays going into the 17th inning, both sides only have 7 hits each.
    2005-07-28 20:30:42
    452.   Jon Weisman
    I just put the kids to bed and was surprised to find no Angel comments through #450. Then #451 came on.
    2005-07-28 20:32:19
    453.   bokonon42
    Is anybody floating Soriano to L.A.? That would be awful. Harold Reynolds said he was underrated, on Baseball Tonight, so that's got to be the kiss of death. HR also said that he was an "official member of the Arizona bandwagon."
    2005-07-28 20:32:53
    454.   Jon Weisman
    Yankees get Shawn Chacon - eschewing Scott Erickson! Still looking for the Broxton news.
    2005-07-28 20:41:45
    455.   the OZ
    443 - That's Jimmy Rohan, not Rowan, right?

    Yeah, he was in AAA briefly, but seems to have been busted back to Vero. Jimmy Rohan played his high school ball locally for the Valencia Vikings. I have a family member that works for the school, and said that Rohan once hit a ball over the outfield fence and all the way to the pitcher's mound at an adjacent softball field - probably a 480+ foot shot as a 16 or 17 year old.

    Just goes to show you how hard it is to become a major leaguer, when you have to be that good in HS to even become organizational filler.

    2005-07-28 20:43:38
    456.   King of the Hobos
    Valentin just threw out a runner at home, he looks good in the field.
    2005-07-28 20:52:59
    457.   bokonon42 (registration required; or bugmenot)

    "Jonathan Broxton could become the third Jacksonville Suns relief pitcher to join the Los Angeles Dodgers in the past two years. And it could happen soon ... very soon."


    "As far as Suns pitching coach Ken Howell is concerned, Broxton is ready to advance, not to Triple-A ball but to the Dodgers.

    " 'There's absolutely nothing else for him to do here ... he needs to be in the big leagues,' said Howell, who spent seven years in the majors with the Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies.

    "That decision could come on a recommendation from Dodgers vice president and assistant general manager Kim Ng, who happened to be in the stands Tuesday.

    "She's part of the strategy team that recommends promotions, trades and other moves within the Dodgers' system.

    "When asked how soon she called to tell other Dodgers officials about Broxton's feat, Ng replied, 'Immediately. ...That was a great night for the organization and for Jonathan and his family.'"

    2005-07-28 20:56:48
    458.   bokonon42
    KFWB doofus (not A. Martinez, some other guy whose name I didn't pick up) reported it once, gave Broxton's stats (paying special attention to W-L), and implied that he was fat, a little after 8p.m. He repeated the first and last bits right about half past. I can't stand to listen to him anymore, so if he comes around to reporting that it's just a rumor, I won't hear it. Could be legit, though. Nobody tell Fearing. . .
    2005-07-28 20:58:36
    459.   bokonon42
    And it turns out, I'm an idiot. That article I pointed to was written 7-22. So, not exactly news.
    2005-07-28 21:00:12
    460.   bill cox
    Soriano may not have a position ala Perez and he may or may not be faster,but he's got a little bit more power wouldn't you say.
    It's quite likely academic any ways if we get smacked around by the Cards this weekend,buying would seem to be a waste other than tinkering.
    2005-07-28 21:06:37
    461.   DaveP
    457 - the "feat" referenced there is when Broxton threw the fastest recorded pitch at Suns stadium (101 mph fastball). He's also been clocked at 100mph this year.

    Broxton turned 21 last month. I think the only question about this guy is whether or not he's more valuable as a starter.

    2005-07-28 21:09:50
    462.   Bob Timmermann
    I commented on Chacon and the Angels much earlier.

    But then I fell asleep. Then my connection went dead. Then I got a phone call.

    Then I saw the Blue Jays win.

    I'm very happy that the Nationals have lost 16 of 21. It couldn't have happened to a worse group. Unless it was a team composed of 25 Russ Ortizes.

    2005-07-28 21:19:22
    463.   bokonon42
    460- More power, fewer walks--.322 OBP lifetime.

    And (affecting smartballer) .270 AVG with RISP, but .218 AVG with RISP 2 outs. That shows he is un-clutch.

    2005-07-28 21:23:13
    464.   atg12
    Don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet but according to Will Carroll on Baseball Prospectus, "Two names that have recently started grinding through the [rumor] mill: Chad Billingsley and Corey Patterson."
    2005-07-28 21:29:27
    465.   Steelyeri
    464- Also, tommorow BP will host a chat with Billy Beane @ 2pm.
    2005-07-28 21:32:05
    466.   bokonon42
    Hey! Baseball Prospectus has a "free preview" going now till August third. All their secret stats, and articles are accessable for free.
    2005-07-28 21:33:04
    467.   King of the Hobos
    I've only been listening to the vegas game off and on, any of you know why Theodorou is playing catcher? I'm guessing Nixon was injured (he hit his first AAA homer before he was removed) and no idea about Navarro.
    2005-07-28 21:33:14
    468.   bokonon42
    It's also possible that they're accessible. Hard to say.
    2005-07-28 21:38:11
    469.   Xeifrank
    If the Broxton call up rumor is true, that's great. I assume he'd be pitching out of the bullpen for us. Erickson would HAVE to be the one demoted. He has a confidence factor (CF) of 0.0 since May 15th.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 21:47:12
    470.   bokonon42
    Plaschke plays GM:

    "You want to trade Jeff Weaver before he bolts as a free agent? Fine. Get a good bat and a veteran reliever in return.

    "You want to trade Odalis Perez because, hmm, maybe you should not have signed him in the first place? Again, only for a bat and an arm."

    2005-07-28 21:47:22
    471.   Eric L

    I'm listening to the Vegas game right now.

    According the announcers "It appears that Navarro has been called up".

    That at least explains why he isn't playing tonight.

    2005-07-28 21:49:05
    472.   the OZ
    471 -


    2005-07-28 21:50:02
    473.   brendan glynn
    Broxton and Navarro? I think it's going to be an interesting few days. I bet Erickson survives though
    2005-07-28 21:51:49
    474.   Eric L
    If it is true that Navarro has been called up, is Mike Rose going back down? With Navarro already on the 40 man roster, I assume that the Dodgers won't have to DFA Rose (not sure that he has much value anyways).
    2005-07-28 21:52:09
    475.   Xeifrank
    wow, a wealth of call up info on DT tonight. Navarro and Broxton perhaps. That's a great first step. I would assume Rose and Erickson would be demoted. The thing I fear is Buntermaker using this as an opportunity to play Phillips at first base more often. I think the team finally realized that Phillips is too much of a defensive liability, for throwing out baserunners. Phillips probably becomes the backup catcher, Depo just needs to sit Buntermaker down and say no to first base.
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 21:53:24
    476.   Xeifrank
    473. How does Erickson survive? What sane GM would keep him rostered. Sure, Carrara isn't much better. I prefer to get rid of both of them. Bring Kuo up too if he's healthy. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 21:53:58
    477.   King of the Hobos
    Theodorou doesn't sound like he's done too badly at catcher. Is there any position he doesn't play?
    2005-07-28 21:54:35
    478.   DaveP
    475 - could be a trade opening up roster spots, rather than need to DFA people.
    2005-07-28 21:55:46
    479.   brendan glynn

    Becuase he is the Undead and the Undead cannot be killed.

    2005-07-28 21:56:18
    480.   DaveP
    my ideal trade: Erickson and Gio to the Padres for nothing but a promise to use them extensively down the stretch.
    2005-07-28 21:56:36
    481.   Eric L

    As someone noted, perhaps Werth is going on the DL?

    If not, a couple of players are getting their walking papers. Erickson and Rose seem to make the most sense, but who knows.

    2005-07-28 21:57:20
    482.   natepurcell
    werth had his knee drained today. he might be a canidate for the DL.
    2005-07-28 21:59:44
    483.   Bob Timmermann
    What happens though to the LA Times when Oakland jumps over the Angels in the standings?
    2005-07-28 22:01:04
    484.   bokonon42
    If they were traded (Broxton and Navarro) is there any reason they would have been called up first? Is it possible that both KFWB guy, and Vegas guy were using 'called up' loosely?
    2005-07-28 22:01:11
    485.   sanchez101
    i didnt think that they would call up broxton straight from AA. Last year brazoban spent 10-12 innings in Las Vegas on his way to the majors. But who knows?
    2005-07-28 22:02:30
    486.   Eric L
    Do they admit that the Angels moves during the offseason weren't super duper great?

    If Bill Stoneman makes a move in the next few days, I'll be shocked.

    2005-07-28 22:03:14
    487.   Xeifrank
    483. Moneyball vs Smallball. Smallball means you put up small numbers in the run column. Moneyball means you collect money in playoff shares. LA Times will have to start covering other sports like football, hockey and the Lakers more often if the Angels fade. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 22:03:27
    488.   sanchez101
    personally i wouldnt mind 3 catchers, loose erickson. At worse you could use navarro as a late innings defensive replacement
    2005-07-28 22:04:25
    489.   Xeifrank
    Broxton/Navarro/Others for Dunn?
    vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 22:05:43
    490.   Xeifrank
    488. I don't see the Dodgers carrying 3 catchers until September 1st. Rose can't hit, Phillips can barely hit and can't throw anybody out on the bases. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 22:05:45
    491.   Eric L
    Doesn't the Times already cover the Lakers enough?

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Lakers but you would think that they were the only pro sports team in LA.

    2005-07-28 22:06:00
    492.   sanchez101
    as an A's fan, i would love to see the angels send kotchman and mcpherson to KC for Sweeney
    2005-07-28 22:06:10
    493.   sanchez101
    as an A's fan, i would love to see the angels send kotchman and mcpherson to KC for Sweeney
    2005-07-28 22:06:23
    494.   Steve
    We should all be forced to write 100 times

    "I will be patient with Broxton. I will be patient with Broxton."

    2005-07-28 22:06:46
    495.   brendan glynn

    this isn't last year. don't mean to sound smart but sometimes you have to make different moves for different situations.

    2005-07-28 22:07:47
    496.   Eric L
    What would be the point of calling them up if they are involved in a trade?

    According to the Dodgers website, Broxton isn't on the 40 man roster. If you call him up just because of a trade, it would mean that someone else would be bumped for no real reason.

    2005-07-28 22:08:05
    497.   brendan glynn


    2005-07-28 22:09:26
    498.   Xeifrank
    496. Where does it say they've been called up? Until we see something official, it could be that they got called up, could be that they got traded. I have no idea, just throwing this out there. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 22:10:26
    499.   sanchez101
    490. All i was saying was that using navarro as a third catcher would be better use of a roster slot than erickson and whatever role you decide to attach to him (maybe they have him training to be a bullpen coach?)
    2005-07-28 22:10:26
    500.   Steve
    Let the DFA derby begin.
    Show/Hide Comments 501-550
    2005-07-28 22:11:02
    501.   brendan glynn

    I reread your post and realized you were not saying that they wouldn't bring him up because of Braz, sorry about that

    2005-07-28 22:12:13
    502.   Xeifrank
    Steve's blog is going to be an interesting read if indeed Erickson gets DFA'd. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 22:12:53
    503.   bigcpa
    Per Will Carroll at BP who quotes ESPN radio Chicago, Cubs close to a deal for Soriano and would move him to LF.
    2005-07-28 22:13:50
    504.   Steve
    Is Valentin coming back too? Does that mean we need three spots? I would assume that we don't carry three catchers, which means Rose goes, although Phillips' .300 with RISP keeps him in the lineup until 2009. So you figure Erickson goes, and then who?
    2005-07-28 22:14:58
    505.   brendan glynn

    werth DL, maybe

    2005-07-28 22:15:35
    506.   Eric L

    I think I misunderstood you a bit. You could very well be correct that they were traded. That would also explain why Navarro isn't playing tonight.

    2005-07-28 22:15:48
    507.   Steve
    Werth DL, again? What happened this time?
    2005-07-28 22:16:14
    508.   King of the Hobos
    The Vegas announcer said Valentin probably won't be up until Monday, although I may have misheard him.
    2005-07-28 22:16:43
    509.   Eric L

    According to -

    "Outfielder Jayson Werth was unavailable, still hobbled by an inflamed bursa sac in his left knee that had him limping noticeably."

    2005-07-28 22:16:47
    510.   King of the Hobos
    Werth had some fluid drained in his knee today
    2005-07-28 22:16:56
    511.   stubbs
    I love it, Tracy is going down swinging.

    Where is the dry better be coming by Sunday.,1,3407061.story?coll=la-headlines-sports

    2005-07-28 22:18:15
    512.   stubbs
    504-I think its Phillips D that keeps in the lineup. But I ask you Steve, who should Tracy be playing at catcher?
    2005-07-28 22:18:32
    513.   sanchez101
    i would love for broxton to skip over las vegas, i dont think that it really matters. Have kuo follow him. Hell, trade weaver and call billingsley while your at it. Calling up AA guys seems to have worked for Atlanta. Just throwing that out there, the quality of the jacksonville broadcasts are pretty grainy.
    2005-07-28 22:18:43
    514.   bokonon42
    I will be patient with Broxton. Unless he's replacing somebody I like, in which case I will whinge and simper about chemistry.
    2005-07-28 22:20:23
    515.   Steve
    512 -- That was less a comment about Phillips playing catcher, and more a comment about the uselessness of hitting with RISP
    2005-07-28 22:22:36
    516.   Xeifrank
    Dodger pitching prospects don't need to pitch at AAA. It's common for pitchers to skip AAA anyways. vr, Xei
    2005-07-28 22:23:12
    517.   Steve
    It appears that a week after Rex Hudler was trying to get Jose Molina to bunt, Jose Molina actually tried to bunt tonight. The Angels are weird.
    2005-07-28 22:28:31
    518.   Steve
    2005-07-27 21:53:39
    347. stubbs
    this jason phillips madness has to stop...i know defense isnt a top priority here, but someone agree with me please

    By the way, who do you think should be playing catcher?

    2005-07-28 22:29:44
    519.   sanchez101
    rex and steve must have been suffuring from exhaustion. rex claimed that the angels should get manny; steve countered by saying that josh paul would be just as good. Really, the only reason i watch the angels is to hear stuff like this.
    2005-07-28 22:30:59
    520.   stubbs
    that was a comment towards the fact navarro is in triple a
    2005-07-28 22:33:06
    521.   sanchez101
    if i didnt think it would affect the pitchers (and i dont, but what do i know) i would hand navarro the job tommorrow. Better defense, probably better offensively but cant be worse. Let the navarro era begin
    2005-07-28 22:33:28
    522.   Steve
    520 -- Apparently not anymore!

    But we should have to write 100 times "I will be patient with Navarro."

    2005-07-28 22:34:01
    523.   bokonon42
    518- Doesn't stubbs have a right against self-incrimination?
    2005-07-28 22:35:24
    524.   bigcpa
    Just observed that BP rates Phillips as -9 Batting Runs vs. Avg and -9 Fielding Runs vs. Avg. As a reference Yadier Molina checks in at -11 BRAA and +11 FRAA, Ramon Hernandez -2 and -2, Johnny Estrada -8, +6. Lots of net zeros out there.
    2005-07-28 22:35:45
    525.   King of the Hobos
    Game over, 51s win. I'll listen to the post game show in hopes someone brings up Navarro
    2005-07-28 22:38:00
    526.   sanchez101
    2005-07-28 22:39:28
    527.   stubbs
    523-i've been pushing for navarro with my anti phillips comments. steve was commenting on how useless RISP AVG with his.
    2005-07-28 22:39:33
    528.   bokonon42
    .266/.366/.396 at LV. I don't think Navarro's likely to be better than Phillips offensively. This year. But Phillips isn't that great, and maybe Tracy wouldn't bat Navarro fourth or fifth.
    2005-07-28 22:40:38
    529.   sanchez101
    navarro contributed +9 FRAA last year between two levels, and has 1 error so far this season and has thrown out 1/3 baserunners.
    2005-07-28 22:41:07
    530.   bigcpa
    DePo and Beane have this issue in common:

    70 SB, 16 CS

    71 SB, 14 CS

    2005-07-28 22:44:21
    531.   sanchez101
    wow, someones worse than phillips with the running game. Still, id rather have the extra 67 points of obp. Its not so much that phillips defense is so bad, it that he really isnt contributing anything. How far is his batting line off from ross/mayne las year?
    2005-07-28 22:47:09
    532.   King of the Hobos
    I learned the hard way that the Vegas post game is nothing but a 10 second recap of every team in the MLB and the PCL. Nothing about the game (it got a 10 sec recap as well...) or the state of Dodger affairs
    2005-07-28 22:47:11
    533.   Steve
    But Phillips isn't that great, and maybe Tracy wouldn't bat Navarro fourth or fifth.

    That's really the key point here.

    2005-07-28 22:48:46
    534.   DaveP
    531- want even worse than that? how about 16 SB, 2 CS (Mike Rose).
    2005-07-28 22:49:14
    535.   Steve
    How come nobody has brought up that Rosenthal is trying to make Matt Stairs the New Jeromy Burnitz 2.0
    2005-07-28 22:52:38
    536.   bigcpa

    We're 21st in Catcher OPS this year with Anaheim, Atlanta, StL and Houston in our wake.

    2005-07-28 22:56:43
    537.   DaveP
    534 - correction: 14 SB, 2 CS. don't want to short change Rose.
    2005-07-28 22:57:36
    538.   stubbs
    536-where is the duke on the list?
    2005-07-28 23:00:56
    539.   sanchez101
    536. that makes me happy to see Ross in SD. Thats like one run in the standing right there
    2005-07-28 23:01:48
    540.   sanchez101
    oops replace run with win
    2005-07-28 23:16:35
    541.   natepurcell
    my buddie who works for the mariners just sent me minor league splits of all the prospects in our org.

    anyone would like to know any splits?

    2005-07-28 23:34:52
    542.   CanuckDodger
    Nate, post splits for as many prospects as you have time for, please.
    2005-07-29 17:50:39
    543.   Fearing Blue
    Definitely post if you have time. Or you can send them to me at Thanks Nate!

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