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Dodgers Reportedly Call Up Broxton, Navarro
2005-07-29 15:10
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Update: Scott Erickson has been designated for assignment. Mike Rose goes back to the minors.

Update 2: You ain't seen the last of me? Erickson says he is willing to accept an assignment to AAA Las Vegas and wait for a September 1 recall if he clears waivers, according to Ken Gurnick at, adding that he's surprised the move "took this long."

Update 3: Gurnick reports that Joe Thurston was traded to the Yankees for a player to be named later. And Derek Thompson had his second Tommy John surgery today, and is out until midseason 2006 at the earliest.

I'll miss Joe for sentimental reasons.

Update 4: With runners on first and third, one out and Milton Bradley at bat in the bottom of the seventh, Matt Morris fielded a comebacker. He looked at Cesar Izturis on third base, had him hung out to dry in between third and home, but inexplicable turned to throw to first base in the worst fielding play I've seen by a pitcher since Duaner Sanchez threw his glove at the ball.

* * *

Those of you who read the Dodger Thoughts comments have seen Dodger minor leaguers discussed to an atom-splitting level. But if you want a quick primer on today's two reported Dodger callups - pitcher Jonathan Broxton and catcher Dioner Navarro - here it is. (The Dodgers themselves had not made an official announcement as of 3 p.m. about the callups or whom they were replacing.)

The 5-foot-10, 189-pound Navarro, still only 21, has battled some physical issues this season - according to Nick Christensen of the Las Vegas Sun, Navarro was 2 for 18 since being activated from the disabled list July 18 - but has played 75 games overall for AAA Las Vegas, with an on-base percentage of .366 and a slugging percentage of .390. Offensively, he is lacking power for now - but down the road, some may catch up with him. Though his professional high in home runs is only 8, he did hit 31 doubles in 2003 at age 19, split between A and AA ball. Navarro's biggest strength is his strike zone command - 38 walks against 24 strikeouts. Defensively, he is obviously more promising than Jason Phillips, but we'll see if the Dodger pitchers still need to hold runners on better.

Broxton, four months younger than Navarro but six inches taller and around 50-100 pounds heavier, has been a stud ever since he became a second-round pick for the Dodgers in 2002. Averaging more than a strikeout per inning with a career ERA of 3.14 entering this season - primarly as a starter - Broxton has recently been used out of the bullpen for AA Jacksonville in anticipation of the Dodgers needing his help. In 28 games (15 in relief), Broxton has a 3.36 ERA and in 91 innings, has allowed 77 hits (just four home runs) and 29 walks while striking out 99. As a reliever, he has struck out 28 in 19 innings and has been clocked at 100 miles per hour, according to Baseball America, which also published a quote from an American League scout praising both Broxton's fastball and "power curve."

Broxton becomes the third home-grown player on the Dodgers 25-man roster, joining Jason Repko and Steve Schmoll (assuming neither is sent down).

* * *

For an unabashed look at the riches of the Dodger Stadium Dugout Club, stick a toothpick in this hors d'oeuvre from Dave Mcnary of Variety. (No sign of paragraph breaks anywhere in this online version, but I'm inserting my own in a humanitarian gesture.)

...A seat in the club runs an all-inclusive $400 (booze is extra), but one of McCourt's biggest reasons for undertaking $20 million in upgrades was to attract people who may never pay at all. McCourt wants to see the same sort of wall-to-wall celeb lineup who attends Lakers games.

He's well on the way. On a recent evening, when the Dodgers suffered a blowout loss to the San Francisco Giants, club attendees included celebs Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Lovitz, Robert Wuhl and Alyssa Milano; sports agents Scott Boras and Dennis Gilbert; former players Dave Winfield and Bill Buckner; and Dodgers icon Tommy Lasorda. Other regulars include Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Tom Hanks, Pat Sajak, Penny Marshall, Mary Hart, Wayne Gretzky and Peter Chernin.

The McCourts' four sons also are conspicuous, with most of the credit for bringing Hollywood into the Dodgers' fold going to Drew McCourt, the low-key marketing director who decided to work for his dad after getting an astrophysics degree from Columbia U. The 23-year-old has been charged with glad-handing Hollywood studios, agencies, top-tier producers and music industry execs, luring them into premium seats by promising that most elusive commodity, exclusivity.

Still, in wooing Hollywood, the McCourts have a tough job. As one of the few sports facilities built in the 1960s that has aged with some grace, even minor changes to Dodger Stadium provoke anxiety among devoted fans -- many of whom would never consider paying $400 for a seat.

"We've got an asset that's very unique within the baseball world," says Drew McCourt, who grew up going to Red Sox games at Fenway Park. "But we don't take it for granted that Hollywood's going to show up. We have to make this area attractive enough so the team's performance doesn't really matter whether people show up."

Comments (728)
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2005-07-29 15:40:28
1.   LAT
We have to make this area attractive enough so the team's performance doesn't really matter whether people show up."

This cannot be a real quote. The goal is to turn DS into an exclusive night club so no one will pay attention to the the product on the field. Ugh, I hate the McCourt's

2005-07-29 15:42:57
2.   DaveP
I noticed that as well. Chalked it up to a 23 yr old with no significant business experience being allowed to speak to reporters. I understand what he's trying to say, but certainly not the way to get the message across.
2005-07-29 15:43:46
3.   Marty
But LAT, Owen "The Butterscotch Stallion" Wilson is there. Who cares if a game is going on :)
2005-07-29 15:44:15
4.   fanerman
Bahaha. Butterscotch Stallion. What's the story to that one again?
2005-07-29 15:46:33
5.   natepurcell
little reminder for the suns thoughts crew, orenduff is pitching today. game stats at 405 PT.
2005-07-29 15:47:57
6.   Marty
4. That's the nickname Defamer gave him. Who knows what it means, but it cracks me up everytime I see it.
2005-07-29 15:50:32
7.   Jon Weisman
I think Drew must have felt he was speaking to a specific audience that would feel flattered by being catered to, not realizing that people with actual interest in the team would be reading. But certainly, it's at best a shortsighted thing for a team executive to say.
2005-07-29 15:52:26
8.   Jim Hitchcock
I watched `The Royal Tennebaums' last night, and it kind of put the nickname in context. He came across as a little fey.

LAT, the last sentence of Jon's post makes me think it's time for another meeting of the Torches and Pitchforks Marching and Chowder Society, with dear old Drew as honored guest.

2005-07-29 15:54:58
9.   scareduck
7. Not at all. It is Hollywood's holiest of holy grails to be able to get the sucke-, er, customers into the theaters regardless of the quality of the product; here, Drew McCourt merely signals that he is one of them.
2005-07-29 16:02:02
10.   natepurcell
today is chads 21st birthday.

happy birthday chad!!

joe block asked chad if hes going to get sloshed tonight and chad said no, thats not my thing. good to know hes a good kid :)

2005-07-29 16:02:39
11.   Jim Hitchcock
9 - You mean, Batman meets Alien Meets Predator meets Jason on Friday the 13th isn't the absolutely greatest movie ever made???
2005-07-29 16:02:48
12.   King of the Hobos
Jacksonville game starting. Broxton confirmed (yet again) but still no other information.
2005-07-29 16:03:34
13.   natepurcell
the chick singing the national anthem looks like a cutie.
2005-07-29 16:05:23
14.   Rob M
That was an unfortunate comment from Drew. Unfortunately, it fits in perfectly with the McCourt bashing perpetrated at the LAT. How did the McCourts get this reputation anyways? Because of the rumors that they were poorly funded to buy the Dodgers in the first place? McCourt has certainly spent $, on payroll and stadium upgrades. They don't spend like the Yankees, but who does? I'm so much happier with family ownership than I was with corporate (Fox).
2005-07-29 16:07:09
15.   Jon Weisman
9 - I don't think we're disagreeing.
2005-07-29 16:08:28
16.   LAT
That's what you get for putting an unqualified 23 yr old astrophysics major in charge of marketing. He does not know what he is doing or what he is saying.

This year excluded, Jerry Buss knows that if you put a good product on the court, the stars will come. Everyone, especially Hollywood, wants to be around a winner. Why can't the wannabe McCourts see this?

2005-07-29 16:10:37
17.   natepurcell
oops, not good start by orenduff. walk, then a triple.
2005-07-29 16:10:49
18.   stubbs
outlets are reporting the Padres are close to shipping Phil Nevin to the Rangers for our very own Chan The Ho Park. This trade is contingent on Park waving a no-trade clause.
2005-07-29 16:10:55
19.   Screwgie
Ineptitude in public relations seems to run deep in the McCourt bloodline.

Perhaps instead of hiring an expensive public relations firm, they should have just hired actors to play themselves at games and press conferences -- that way they'd get both celebrities and great PR in one swoop.

2005-07-29 16:12:41
20.   Nagman
The Padres continue to collect ex-Dodgers. Reported on 1190AM (here in SD), Nevin for Chan Ho Park is on the verge of being a done deal.
2005-07-29 16:13:11
21.   fanerman
How many more years are left on Chan Ho's contract?
2005-07-29 16:13:34
22.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

July 29, 1953

One of the greatest teams in Dodgers history struggled a bit with seventh place Chicago at Wrigley Field, but still won, 6-5 before 11,625. The Dodgers improved to 64-33 on the season and were eight games ahead of second place Milwaukee.

The Dodgers started their scoring in the fourth. Duke Snider led off the inning against Turk Lown with a home run, his 20th. Jackie Robinson followed with a triple. Gil Hodges struck out, but Roy Campanella singled through a drawn-in infield to make it to 2-0. Carl Furillo singled Campanella to third. Billy Cox then squeezed home Campanella to make it 3-0. Jim Gilliam doubled home two more runs to put the Dodgers up 5-0 and sent Lown out of the game in favor of Johnny Klippstein.

Chicago got a run in the bottom of the 4th when Pee Wee Reese made a throwing error trying to complete a double play and Dee Fondy came around from second to score. The Dodgers scored a run in the fifth off of Klippstein when Campanella doubled home Hodges.

In the seventh, Randy Jackson of the Cubs tripled past by a diving Snider. Tommy Brown singled home Jackson to make it 6-2. Dodgers starter Russ Meyer (not the film director) then walked Hal Jeffcoat, (then a center fielder, but he would convert to pitching in 1954). Carl Sawatski then pinch-hit a 3-run home run to make it 6-5.

Manager Charlie Dressen brought in Clem Labine to relieve in the 8th. In the 9th, the Cubs had runners on 1st and 3rd with two outs and Frankie Baumholtz hit a fly ball to deep center that Snider ran down in front of the 430' sign for the final out.

The Dodgers had a tremendous 1953, winning a franchise record 105 games, They scored 955 runs, 141 more than any other team in the majors.

Roy Campanella had an MVP season, hitting 41 home runs and driving in 142 runs while batting .312. Snider hit 42 homers and drove in 126 while batting .336. Furillo led the NL with a .344 batting average. Robinson batted. 329 and Hodges hit .302 with 31 homers and 122 RBI. Jim Gilliam won the Rookie of the Year award with at a .278 average and a league-leading 17 triples.

The pitching staff had a 4.10 ERA, but had no complaints about run support. Carl Erskine was 20-6 with a 3.54 ERA. Meyer was 15-5 with a 4.56 ERA.

Despite the fabulous regular season, the World Series was another disappointment as the Dodgers lost their seventh straight World Series and their fifth in a row to the Yankees. The Series lasted six games. Brooklyn lost the first two games at Yankee Stadium, 9-5 and 4-2. They bounced back to win the next two at Ebbets Field, 3-2 and 7-3.

In the crucial fifth game, the Yankees knocked out rookie Johnny Podres early and built up a 10-2 lead after 7 ½ innings. They tried to rally against the Yankee bullpen, but Allie Reynolds got the last two outs for an 11-7 Yankee win.

The Yankees won the World Series in Game 6 when Billy Martin singled home Hank Bauer in the bottom of the ninth for a 4-3 win.

Despite the great season, Dressen would not be invited back to manage the Dodgers in 1954. The greatest regular seasons would finally be followed up by outstanding postseasons.

Thanks to New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-07-29 16:14:35
23.   natepurcell
if anyone is watching, i cant tell if orenduff is throwing change ups or sliders. either way, its working, he struck out the last 2 batters to end the inning.
2005-07-29 16:15:54
24.   King of the Hobos
Orenduff really likes using his changeup today, although that's not so bad considering he struck out the final 2 batters.

If the Padres get Chan Ho, shall we get Fernando Tatis?

2005-07-29 16:16:40
25.   stubbs
i believe Ho has one more after this, but i could be wrong.
2005-07-29 16:16:50
26.   natepurcell
orenduff has a nice easy loose delivery.
2005-07-29 16:17:36
27.   DaveP
Chan Ho has a 5.66 ERA and has given up 130 hits in 109 innings this year. Who is in charge down in San Diego, the summer intern?

I encourage the Padres to continue collecting the Dodger castoffs. Maybe they'd be interested in Erickson after he gets DFAd today (assuming he does - haven't heard anything).

2005-07-29 16:17:47
28.   Screwgie
Actually, since Chan Ho Park only pitches well at Dodger Stadium, this might be some wierd kind of mad genius move on the part of Towers.
2005-07-29 16:18:24
29.   ddger
Looking forward to Park against Choi unless Tracy screws that up too.
2005-07-29 16:18:47
30.   stubbs
we need to sign Fernando Tatis for the padres he still alive? gotta be better than jose valentin and friends.
2005-07-29 16:19:05
31.   DaveP
28 - I don't think the words "pitches well" and Chan Ho have been used in the same sentence in about 5 years.
2005-07-29 16:19:06
32.   DaveP
28 - I don't think the words "pitches well" and Chan Ho have been used in the same sentence in about 5 years.
2005-07-29 16:19:21
33.   fanerman
Like what? Choi may be distracted by a fellow countryman?
2005-07-29 16:19:57
34.   Steve
Carrying over from the last thread, if Dilbeck or Modesti either wrote for a newspaper that had a circulation base outside of four square blocks of Northridge, either could be just as dense screaming about nothing on Around the Horn as Bill Plaschke.
2005-07-29 16:23:15
35.   Jon Weisman
Chan Ho Park is owed roughly $16 million for 2006, I believe. Nevin is also signed through 2006, though he is also owed a $2 million bonus in January 2007. Still, I have to think the money imbalance is definitely in Texas' favor if this trade goes through, unless they float some cash the other way.
2005-07-29 16:23:39
36.   Bob Timmermann
I would have a hard time picturing Kevin Modesti screaming at anyone.
2005-07-29 16:24:50
37.   ddger
Is SD that desperate to get rid of Nevin? Can we use his bat although I doubt SD will trade with us.
2005-07-29 16:26:40
38.   bokonon42
I bet the McCourts are the only people in the world who are bummed that HBO cancelled Arliss.
2005-07-29 16:26:47
39.   Marty
All the Padres need now is Jose Offerman
2005-07-29 16:26:49
40.   fanerman
So why would san diego do this trade? Other than the "mad genius because Park pitches well at Dodger Stadium" theory, I don't see how Park qualifies as "pitching help" or "payroll help."
2005-07-29 16:26:55
41.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt San Diego would trade with one of their rivals and the Dodgers have plenty of first basemen.
2005-07-29 16:27:14
42.   Jon Weisman
Oh, I forgot to mention I find this proposed trade shocking. And by the way, why would Phil Nevin go to Texas if he rejected Baltimore?
2005-07-29 16:28:16
43.   fanerman
I thought Nevin only could void the no-trade clause with 8 or so teams, Baltimore being one of them. I assume Texas is not.
2005-07-29 16:28:37
44.   Nagman
Texas is not on his "list".
2005-07-29 16:28:47
45.   ddger
Can Nevin catch or play 3rd decently?
2005-07-29 16:29:07
46.   Bob Timmermann
Nevin said he would go to a team that has spring training in Arizona.

Just where Nevin would play is unclear. I think Mark Texeira is a wee bit better than Nevin.

2005-07-29 16:29:17
47.   DaveP
42- maybe Texas isn't one of the teams on his no-trade list.

I can't imagine this proposed trade is legit. It's too ludicrous to be real.. isn't it?

2005-07-29 16:29:29
48.   natepurcell
because nevin has a limited trade clause and balt was one of the teams he could reject a trade too. maybe texas isnt on the list.
2005-07-29 16:29:42
49.   bokonon42
Steve, are you through being examined? How'd it go?
2005-07-29 16:29:49
50.   Tim B
#42 - Nevin has a limited no-trade that does not include Texas.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-07-29 16:29:57
51.   b1ued0dger
Suns announcer just called Justin Orenduff a proffesional pitcher.
2005-07-29 16:30:55
52.   fanerman
How high is Orenduff's projected ceiling?
2005-07-29 16:32:56
53.   Jon Weisman
Little League Umpire says: "No Spanish allowed on the field."

2005-07-29 16:32:57
54.   Bob Timmermann
Most are 8' high in the U.S.
2005-07-29 16:33:05
55.   natepurcell
laroche is so unlucky lately. he just hammered that ball. but left fielder was playing deep. boooo.
2005-07-29 16:33:25
56.   bokonon42
This is astounding:

"Broxton, who was the Dodgers' third pick (second round) out of Burke County High School in 2003, has been primarily a starter during his 31-year minor league career" (linked in the last thread)

2005-07-29 16:33:57
57.   ddger
52. Probably #3 or #4 starter.

Who first came up with the phrase "professional hitter" and "situational hitter".

Was it Tracy or someone else?

2005-07-29 16:34:12
58.   Bob Timmermann
So Broxton is the second coming of George Brunet?
2005-07-29 16:34:38
59.   Steve
Like passing a kidney stone for three hours, twice a day, for three days.

I think if my name was tied to trade talks for Sidney Ponson and Chan Ho Park, I would seriously consider coming up with a Grabowski-like shoulder "injury" and sitting out the rest of the year

2005-07-29 16:35:01
60.   natepurcell
How high is Orenduff's projected ceiling?

his stuff isnt as electric as billingsley or jackson, but he could be a very solid #3 pitcher.

2005-07-29 16:35:51
61.   bokonon42
It should allay FB's worries about his being brought up too soon, anyway.
2005-07-29 16:37:03
62.   fanerman
About whose being brought up too soon?
2005-07-29 16:37:55
63.   Bob Timmermann
Grabowski is not injured. He's playing in Vegas and batting .424.
2005-07-29 16:39:01
64.   Steve
There should be posters at every entrance to Dodger Stadium with Peter Chernin's mugshot and an admonishment for anyone seeing this man to report it to the authorities immediately.
2005-07-29 16:39:08
65.   bokonon42
62- Broxton's. FB (right? I get confused with screennames, but I thought it was him/her) has been on something of a crusade to let the minor leaguers develop more. He offered the excel files proving his case to anybody who asked for them.
2005-07-29 16:40:18
66.   Steve
63 -- I was referring to the mysterious ailment that put him on the DL the first time he should have been DFAed.
2005-07-29 16:40:34
67.   natepurcell
wow jax stadium is packed. big crowd tonight.
2005-07-29 16:41:05
68.   fanerman
Ahhh I see. I wouldn't mind seeing those excel files.
2005-07-29 16:41:40
69.   natepurcell
guzman showing a lot of hustle, beating out an infield single.
2005-07-29 16:42:22
70.   b1ued0dger
Very scrappy.
2005-07-29 16:42:22
71.   b1ued0dger
Very scrappy.
2005-07-29 16:42:32
72.   natepurcell
oh i said this last nite. my buddy is an intern for the mariners and he has excess to minor league split stats. he sent me an excel document with our prospects splits. anyone want to see any certain splits?
2005-07-29 16:43:53
73.   Jon Weisman
Well, Nate, why don't you just give us Broxton and Navarro for starters.
2005-07-29 16:45:11
74.   natepurcell
for broxton and navarro, i only have home and away splits.
2005-07-29 16:45:44
75.   natepurcell
home: 124AB 298/401/427 7 2b 3hr 22BB 10K
away: 117AB 231/328/350 5 2b 3hr 16BB 14K
2005-07-29 16:46:55
76.   b1ued0dger
How many homeruns does Navarro have at home.
2005-07-29 16:47:32
77.   fanerman
That away line is not very enticing...
2005-07-29 16:48:58
78.   natepurcell
home: 162AB 265/348/414 15 2b 3hr 22bb 20k
away: 162AB 327/376/457 11 2b 2hr 14bb 26k
2005-07-29 16:49:41
79.   natepurcell
aybar is wierd huh? hes hitting better AWAY from vegas.

delywn young promoted to vegas!!

2005-07-29 16:49:43
80.   King of the Hobos
Delwyn Young promoted--to Vegas
2005-07-29 16:50:55
81.   fanerman
This is pretty exciting. Hearing all these promotions.
2005-07-29 16:50:57
82.   King of the Hobos
Joe Thurston has been traded
2005-07-29 16:51:06
83.   natepurcell
wow. joey ballgame was traded today.... wonder who we got.
2005-07-29 16:51:36
84.   natepurcell
DT is the firs to break the thurston trade story and young promotion!!
2005-07-29 16:51:50
85.   bokonon42
77- Especially since the home line is at Las Veges (Coors West). But we have to remember that Jason Phillips is pretty bad, too: .237/.289/.362.
2005-07-29 16:51:51
86.   gvette
Drew McCourt has a degree in Astrophysics? Does that make him some sort of rocket scientist, as in "You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that expensive field level seats shouldn't be obstructed."?

Perhaps our young rocket scientist has studied the Lakers and knows that celebrities are front runners and care about being cool and being seen, and are not likely to attend when the team sucks like last year at Staples.

So that's why he's trying to emphasize a "cool vibe" not tied to team performance. Most of us on this site will never get into the club anyway, unless Jon makes it big, and leaves our names for the doorman.

2005-07-29 16:52:12
87.   b1ued0dger
Suns announcer said that Delwyn Young has been called up to AAA. What is Depo thinking! Depo just handed the Birmingham Barons the Southern League pennant.
2005-07-29 16:52:24
88.   natepurcell
guzmans splits:

away: .331BA 169AB 15 2b 8hr 14BB 44K
home: .236BA 182AB 11 2b 5hr 20bb 62K

April 23GS .288BA 80AB 5 2b 4hr 13bb 25k
May 26GS .297BA 101AB 9 2b 7hr 11bb 34k
June 24GS .301BA 93AB 7 2b 1hr 9bb 24K
July 22GS .234BA 77AB 5 2b 1hr 1bb 23K

vs left handed pitching:
103AB .291BA 5 2b 7hr 19BB 32K

vs right handed pitching:
248AB .278AB 21 2b 6hr 15BB 74K

103AB .301BA 11 2b 2hr 11BB 23K

2005-07-29 16:54:47
89.   natepurcell
home: 49AB 184/286/449 1 2b 4hr 7bb 17k
away: 68AB 324/418/529 5 2b 3hr 11bb 14k

home: 185AB 265/337/405 11 2b 5hr 20BB 43K
away: 179AB 296/373/385 10 2b 2hr 22BB 26k

home: 140AB 300/421/386 3 2b 3hr 25BB 22K
away: 156AB 301/416/404 10 2b 2hr 28bb 28k

home: 173AB 267/319/471 8 2b 9hr 13bb 49k
away: 199AB 322/369/523 17 2b 7hr 14bb 37k

2005-07-29 16:55:20
90.   natepurcell
notice how the jax homepark plays as an extreme pitchers park to all our hitters.
2005-07-29 16:58:17
91.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Anyone else see this gem from Dilbeck today?
"That much ballyhooed Dodgers' minor-league system?
It has several bright prospects in Double-A or lower, but none wowing scouts and screaming can't-miss.
Baseball America's latest ranking of the top 20 minor-league prospects does not list a single Dodger, although four make a 27-member honorable mention."
Bzzzt! He was looking at BA's weekly Prospect Hot Sheet, not the preseason list of prospects. There's a big difference, as BA itself states.
"It's our weekly snapshot of baseball's hottest prospects, combining prospect status with recent performance. This list isn't a replacement or an update to our Top 100, because it often will change drastically from week to week based on performance. We aren't replacing Delmon Young or Felix Hernandez as the top prospects in baseball; rather, we are giving you a snapshot of the hottest prospects."
2005-07-29 16:58:22
92.   Landonkk
Pads deal Nevin for Chan Ho. CBS Sportsline confirming the deal which is contigent on Park waving his no trade clause.
2005-07-29 16:58:42
93.   Jon Weisman
They didn't say where Thurston was traded?
2005-07-29 16:58:49
94.   natepurcell
hmmm with young promoted, i assume tony abreu will be promoted from vero to jax, and denker from columbus to vero.
2005-07-29 16:59:24
95.   still bevens
Whats the url for the Jacksonville video feed?
2005-07-29 16:59:29
96.   Jon Weisman
Can't imagine Park not wanting to escape Arlington. Wow. And as usual, the ever-churning rumor mill didn't see this coming, did it?
2005-07-29 16:59:30
97.   King of the Hobos
Just noticed, Tony Abreu is not in the Vero Beach line up. I'm guessing he'll replace Young. Denker is in the Columbus lineup
2005-07-29 17:00:21
98.   natepurcell
2005-07-29 17:00:56
99.   b1ued0dger
#95 -
2005-07-29 17:02:47
100.   Steve
91 -- Why let facts get in the way of a coordinated disinformation campaign?
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-07-29 17:06:07
101.   natepurcell
nice DP turn by guzman.
2005-07-29 17:06:30
102.   Landonkk


2005-07-29 17:06:35
103.   natepurcell
some vero splits:

Vero Beach
home: 208AB 322/347/462 13 2b 4hr 7bb 27K
away: 181AB 337/371/442 9 2b 0hr 8bb 28k

home: 171AB 281/303/404 12 2b 3hr 4bb 12k
away: 191AB 325/378/440 8 2b 4hr 13bb 15k

home: 148AB 365/405/818 12 2b 17hr 10bb 30k
away: 136AB 213/243/360 4 2b 4hr 4bb 35k

home: 120AB 367/408/825 5 2b 16hr 8bb 12k
away: 129AB 302/355/488 9 2b 5hr 11bb 26k

2005-07-29 17:07:07
104.   natepurcell
erickson is gone!??!?! wow
2005-07-29 17:07:09
105.   gvette
The only explanation is that Padre upper management must have really hated Nevin. Anyone with a checkbook could have picked up Chan Ho last winter for the cost of his salary.

Can't wait to see how Chan Ho reacts to having to pitch in "pressure" games for the first time in years.

2005-07-29 17:08:21
106.   fanerman
2005-07-29 17:08:40
107.   ddger
102. I hope that's true. It took us 102 games to DFA Erickson. Who's next? Carrara?
2005-07-29 17:08:47
108.   Landonkk
No mention of the Thurston trade.
2005-07-29 17:09:54
109.   ddger
Mrs. Erickson must have stopped inviting Depo to dinner lately.
2005-07-29 17:11:02
110.   gvette
Scott now has time to fix his illegal hot tub in Tahoe!

Once it's fixed, Scott and Lisa can invite Carolyn and Derek up for a weekend.

2005-07-29 17:11:30
111.   natepurcell
yay laroche with a line drive single.
2005-07-29 17:11:42
112.   Landonkk
I guess we can now expect to see those pictures of Depo with the underage goat?
2005-07-29 17:12:30
113.   natepurcell
double for loney!!

2nd and 3rd 1 out. martin and guzy coming up.

2005-07-29 17:14:58
114.   natepurcell
martin walks. bases loaded 1 out for guzman.

come on joel, be patient, get your pitch.

2005-07-29 17:17:21
115.   King of the Hobos
Grand Slam for Guzman!!!
2005-07-29 17:17:35
116.   natepurcell
2005-07-29 17:17:43
117.   Landonkk
cool.. I'll let natepurcell announce it......
2005-07-29 17:18:15
118.   natepurcell

dont bring that weak ass curveball into his kitchen! whammy!

2005-07-29 17:19:18
119.   natepurcell
dana shields, wins free burritos for a year as well.
2005-07-29 17:19:49
120.   Bob Timmermann
Alou with a 2-run homer in the first to give the Giants a 2-0 lead over the Brewers. The Giants are propping up the remains of Kirk Rueter on the hill tonight.
2005-07-29 17:22:13
121.   ddger
Is Kuo new closer for Suns now?
2005-07-29 17:23:05
122.   ddger
It might not be long before we have to bring up Kuo to replace Alvarez.
2005-07-29 17:25:11
123.   natepurcell
kuo isnt really a loogy though. he cant go back to back nites. his workload would need to be light.
2005-07-29 17:26:13
124.   ddger
Kuo can be our situational LOOGY.
2005-07-29 17:27:17
125.   Landonkk
Apparently somebody on the Red Sox board is saying that a deal involving Weaver and Dunn is about to go down. Absurd, unless it is part of a 3 way deal.
2005-07-29 17:27:44
126.   natepurcell
which red sox board?
2005-07-29 17:29:35
127.   Landonkk
the one. I know, I know.. I wasn't even going to bother posting it but I thought it was amusing.
2005-07-29 17:30:20
128.   ddger
If Broxton does well, then we can start bringing up Suns pitchers instead of promoting them to AAA.
2005-07-29 17:32:58
129.   Steve
Joel the Destroyer is powerful and strong.

As to Erickson, I'm openly weeping with joy right now. My kids want to know what's wrong.

2005-07-29 17:33:07
130.   Adam
How long before the Yankees pick up Erickson?
2005-07-29 17:34:36
131.   King of the Hobos
I realize it has no credibility, but I wouldn't mind Weaver and Thurston to Boston, they send players to Cincinnati, and we get Dunn
2005-07-29 17:34:56
132.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees will be starting Shawn Chacon Saturday. They actually brought Wayne Franklin back up today.

And they're being shutout by Ervin Santana of the Angels through four.

2005-07-29 17:35:04
133.   bokonon42
Oh happy day
Oh happy day
Oh happy happy day;
Oh happy day
When DePo sent
Oh when he sent
When DePo sent
He sent Erickson away!
2005-07-29 17:35:47
134.   LAT
110. You say Carolyn and Lisa in the hot tub like its a bad thing. (Preferably without D.Lo and Scotty)
2005-07-29 17:37:21
135.   LAT
130. That's no joke. If they picked up Nomo, they are willing to try anything.
2005-07-29 17:37:55
136.   Jim Tracy
shouldn't we trade for dunn as late as possible after giving him a chance to hurt san diego a little bit? i doubt he helps the dodgers beat st. louis right now as we stand.
2005-07-29 17:39:57
137.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers would need some lead time to construct an Adam Dunn-sized jersey. The last person who made one that big, for Frank Howard, was let go in 1964. A young Bill Plaschke wrote an article talking about how sad it was that the Dodgers had to fire someone whose only job in life it was to make really, really, really big uniforms.
2005-07-29 17:40:27
138.   gvette
#130 If the Yankees are willing to take on Al Leiter, Nomo, and Shawn Chacon, you would think that Erickson would be a natural to complete the set.

The Dodgers have had a few really bad pitchers over the years (Mulholland, Goltz and Stanhouse come immediately to mind) but Erickson stands alone for the classless way he tried to blame everyone else for his problems.

That tape measure shot he gave up to Terrero of the D'Backs earlier this year is probably still in orbit somewhere near the Space Shuttle.

2005-07-29 17:40:52
139.   ddger
It's funny but for some reason getting rid of Erickson at this point doesn't give me as much pleasure as if we got rid of him earlier in the season.

It's like a wound that gets less painful as time goes by. It would have been much less painful if we could have gotten rid of it as soon as it occurred.

Still, it's a relief to finally get it over with.

2005-07-29 17:42:28
140.   Jim Tracy
Wow, ESPN is talking about a 3 way deal:

Mets get - Manny Ramirez and Danys Baez
Red Sox get - Aubrey Huff and Mike Cameron
Devil Rays get - Yusmiro Petit, Lastings Milledge, Kelly Shoppach and Anibal Sanchez.

Wow, this would be an amazing deal for the Devil Rays. The Mets are amazingly stupid. Who would they rather have in the outfield in 2007? Ramirez at 20 mill or Milledge at 350K. And this definitely hurts the Sox chances of a WS repeat. Crazy as it sounds, it looks like the A's might be the team to beat in the AL.

2005-07-29 17:43:10
141.   natepurcell
martin rbi double.
2005-07-29 17:43:19
142.   King of the Hobos
Martin just doubled in 2 runs!
2005-07-29 17:43:35
143.   Adam
wow, a rotation, of redding, may, leiter, nomo and erickson would be awesome!
2005-07-29 17:43:42
144.   Linkmeister
Bob, I think Vinnie said yesterday that Howard weighed about 220, whereas Dunn tips the scales at 260-270. So even Frank's uni wouldn't fit (unless they were the old flannels; doubleknits wouldn't do it).
2005-07-29 17:45:08
145.   Jim Tracy
Regarding the Nevin trade, I would rather see Ponson come to the Pads than Park. I know Park has sucked over the last few years, but this is one of those situations where he will try to redeem the last five years by beating the Dodgers in a meaningful game. Plus, I bet he blames the Dodgers for his woeful time at Texas because we didn't pay him $70mm.
2005-07-29 17:45:37
146.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Morgan has anointed the A's as the best team in baseball now. So it must be true.

And I thought a trip back to 1953 would make everyone happy.

All it took make everybody happy was seeing Erickson get kicked to the curb and for a minor leaguer to hit a grand slam.

There is still the small problem of how the Dodgers can actually manage to win tonight.

2005-07-29 17:46:27
147.   Bob Timmermann
BBref has Hondo's weight as 255. He might have been 220 in his Dodger days, but he got bigger in DC.
2005-07-29 17:47:23
148.   ddger
Did anyone play at 300lbs?
2005-07-29 17:48:29
149.   LAT
wow, a rotation, of redding, may, leiter, nomo and erickson would be awesome!

and all this to compliment the Yanks $200,000,000.00 payroll.

2005-07-29 17:48:37
150.   Jim Tracy
Mo Vaughn?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-07-29 17:48:46
151.   Bob Timmermann
I'm sure somebody has tipped the Toledos at 300 in MLB history, but I doubt anyone has owned up to it. Terry Forster was pretty fat.
2005-07-29 17:48:47
152.   Jim Tracy
of course not for the dodgers
2005-07-29 17:49:54
153.   ddger
Well, Depo has finally started making the moves (Broxton, Navarro). I doubt any more BIG moves after all McCourt did say that they will "tinker" with the roster.
2005-07-29 17:50:21
154.   brendan glynn
george scott was a big guy but I'm not sure how tall he was.
2005-07-29 17:51:02
155.   ddger
Isn't Broxton about 275lbs.
2005-07-29 17:51:27
156.   natepurcell
orenduff looks really good tonight. his slider is filthy.
2005-07-29 17:51:48
157.   ddger
At least moving Broxton up would be considered BIG move.
2005-07-29 17:53:05
158.   Eric L
What about El Guapo?

BB-ref lists Garces at 250 but he had to weigh more.

2005-07-29 17:53:46
159.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, Garces had to weigh CCC lbs.
2005-07-29 17:54:00
160.   ddger
Who was the tallest player? Was it Randy Johnson at 6.10
2005-07-29 17:55:21
161.   Bob Timmermann
Jon Rauch is listed at 6'11".
2005-07-29 17:56:45
162.   gvette
By the time that Frank Howard ended up as a DH for the Tigers in the early 70's he was probably in the 275/280 range. I saw him last year at a Sports Collector show last year, and even in his sixties,he is still an exceedingly large human being.

Cecil Fielder and Mo Vaughn may have been close to 300. Some of the guys who played in the fifties like Ted Kluszewski, Smokey Burgess and Steve Bilko were pretty hefty.

2005-07-29 17:56:51
163.   ddger
Who was the shortest pitcher?
2005-07-29 17:57:59
164.   Jim Hitchcock
Cecil Fielder was rather pudgy. His sister, Corey, however, was built like the proverbial brick ....
2005-07-29 17:58:04
165.   ddger
What was Babe Ruth's playing weight?
2005-07-29 17:58:21
166.   Bob Timmermann
There were lots of pitchers in the 19th century who were 5'3" and 5'4".

Bobby Shantz is sort of the short guy standard for the 20th Century. He was 5'6"

2005-07-29 17:58:34
167.   Linkmeister
Probably the Unit. Debusschere was 6'6" and Gene Conley was 6'8". Both of them were better known for NBA careers than MLB.
2005-07-29 17:59:04
168.   Bob Timmermann
BBref lists Ruth as 6'2", 215.
2005-07-29 17:59:47
169.   Bob Timmermann
BBref puts Rauch at 6'10"

2005-07-29 18:00:14
170.   ddger
168. That's hard to believe. Usually listed weight is not the actual playing weight. Look at Braz. He's listed at 170lbs.
2005-07-29 18:00:31
171.   Bob Timmermann
Not overly short, but check out the weight.

2005-07-29 18:01:44
172.   ddger
Do they update the listed weight every year?
2005-07-29 18:02:20
173.   Jim Tracy
If Braz is 170, I am 90
2005-07-29 18:03:21
174.   Steve
As usual, the media is going to miss the point of the Manny Ramirez trade, if one happens. The question is not whether Manny Ramirez will produce. The question is why Omar Minaya went out and bought one $20,000,000 outfielder, and all he did is put himself in a position to tear apart his farm system in search of another one.

Minaya, as usual, gets a F--

2005-07-29 18:03:23
175.   Jim Tracy
171 - I wonder how he got stuck with "Candy"
2005-07-29 18:04:08
176.   ddger
We had Candy Maldonado once.
2005-07-29 18:04:19
177.   Jim Hitchcock
171 - Fess up, in the world did you know where to go to find that?
2005-07-29 18:05:04
178.   Eric L

I'm thinking that the 215 (if it is even correct) is probably what Ruth weighed towards the beginning of his playing career.

2005-07-29 18:05:10
179.   natepurcell
so mets give up cameron, milledge and petit. and they get manny and baez?
2005-07-29 18:06:11
180.   Jim Tracy
Steve, that's my whole point. What is the upside with Manny and what is it with those other two guys? They are nowhere close to the WS for a couple of years at least, and this will only set them back. Will Mets fans look back in 2008 and say they could have had Wright, Milledge, Petit and Kazmir on their current squad.. along with Beltran?
2005-07-29 18:06:32
181.   Marty
Is it really true? Is Erickson gone? If I could do cartwheels, I'd be doing one right now.
2005-07-29 18:07:45
182.   natepurcell
beltran perez, a pitcher we got for shawn green is pitching now. kuo is warming up in the pen.
2005-07-29 18:08:28
183.   Jim Hitchcock
181 - Stick to somersaults, Marty :)
2005-07-29 18:08:59
184.   Eric L
The Metsies over at BTF are gonna go into cardiac arrest if the trade goes through. Wanna bet that they are gonna be pissed at Minaya but blame the Wilpons?

If it does happen, at least they are getting Manny, unlike trading Kazmir for the bad Zambrano.

2005-07-29 18:09:12
185.   Marty
To continue the last thread a bit, here is what I wrote to Eric Neel about my Scully rememberances:

Vin has been a part of my life since I was 8 in 1964. It's funny, Vin makes me think of the 1960's even more than the Beatles do. I can clearly remember walking down my street on Summer evenings and hearing Vin's, and sometimes Jerry Doggett's voice coming from every window it seemed. Everyone back then was a Dodger fan and it was Scully as much as anyone on the team I think that was responsible. I got to see a few memorable games in the Sixties, the 65 pennant clincher, a 65 series game, Drysdale's 5th straight shutout, but the most memorable game for me was when I was hundreds of miles away camping in the mountains. My family gathered around the campfire and listened on a transistor radio to Vin's call of the Koufax perfect game in 1965. I still remember the thrill of "hearing" Harvey Kuean (sp?) strike out.

Later on, in the 70's I got to meet Vin a few times. One of my best friend's father worked in the Spanish broadcast booth for many years as a moonlighting job. He could get 4 loge tickets for each home game so we were going to a lot of games then. Often, after the game we would go up to the press booth and see his dad. Most of the time we would just pass Vin by and not bother him, but a few times he would stop by and talk to us. Once he had a hot dog with us. He was the nicest person you'd want to meet. We were late teenagers then and I'm sure pretty obnoxious, but Vin didn't seem to care. I'll always remember those days. By the way, when you talk to Vin, tell him Ken Johnson says hi.

I've been listening to Vin now for more than 40 years. I don't know what I'll do when he finally retires. It will be like losing that last piece of childhood. I'm not looking forward to it.

As far as phrases, habits etc. I love his referral to the marching and chowder society for any fans of a particular player. I use that phrase myself on occasion and I'm sure it's Vin's fault!

His homerun call to me is perfect. I've always liked his call when multiple runs score (iiinnn comes this guy, iiinnn comes that guy). I love that he isn't a homer and gives the opposing team its due.

2005-07-29 18:10:51
186.   dzzrtRatt
Matt Stairs? DePo wants Matt Stairs?
2005-07-29 18:12:52
187.   Jim Hitchcock
Great story, game we go to I'm sitting next to you.
2005-07-29 18:13:05
188.   Jim Tracy
184 - I could argue that, long term, Manny will be a worse deal for the Mets than the Zambrano deal. Ast least he is cheap and has an upside. Manny is only doing to regress defensively, can't DH in the NL, his contract is obscene for another three years, and the Mets will give up a Gold Glove OF along with two premier prospects. And for what? If they had a chance to win this year or next, you could argue it's worth it, but there is no chance that's happening.
2005-07-29 18:15:22
189.   Steve
Plus, with Beltran hitting behind him, he won't have any support in the lineup.
2005-07-29 18:15:42
190.   natepurcell
laroche just hit a 415 shot to deep center.

too bad the fence is 420 feet away. laroche is getting robbed.

2005-07-29 18:15:43
191.   Marty
186. Where did you see that?
2005-07-29 18:16:21
192.   Marty
189. Though there would be someone to bunt over to second base.
2005-07-29 18:18:50
193.   Steve
191 - Rosenthal wrote it yesterday. It put another player on my self-immolation list.
2005-07-29 18:19:35
194.   Eric L

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that it is a good deal. Manny is going to regress and get paid alot while doing so.

While Zambrano is youngish, cheap, and has upside can't the same thing be said for Kazmir?

Both deals (if Manny happens) just go to show that the Mets' brass is delusional.

2005-07-29 18:19:35
195.   Nagman
Larry Bigbie was pulled from the game in the 3rd inning, feeding speculation...
2005-07-29 18:21:13
196.   natepurcell
kuo is in for the suns.
2005-07-29 18:21:14
197.   Jim Tracy
Beltran will probably hit 3rd and Manny 4th followed by Wright/Floyd. Still, his BA goes down (adjustment to pitchers and parks), RBIs go down (lineup around him), injuries go up (no 15-20% of games every year as the DH; he'll be in LF all the time) and the NY media will eat him alive.

What happens when he needs to pee while playing LF at Shea?

2005-07-29 18:23:33
198.   Jim Tracy
194 - I think your last sentence hits the nail on the head. And people complain about DePo and the McCourts!!!
2005-07-29 18:24:16
199.   Adam
197: no yorkers piss on the street all the time...
2005-07-29 18:24:37
200.   Steve
ESPN says Nevin is going to DH for Texas. I would say that San Diego doesn't get much, but Texas gets nothing. The parts do not add up to a whole. What's the opposite of zero-sum?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-07-29 18:26:45
201.   Jim Tracy
200 - a black hole?
2005-07-29 18:26:58
202.   Jim Tracy
199 - lol
2005-07-29 18:32:54
203.   natepurcell
denker was taken out of his game. i think he might be promoted.
2005-07-29 18:33:50
204.   Steve
203 -- I think he was traded for Larry Bigbie.
2005-07-29 18:33:57
205.   jasonungar05
Park is owed approximately $20 million through 2006


2005-07-29 18:35:36
206.   natepurcell
think he was traded for Larry Bigbie.

bananas in ears.

2005-07-29 18:35:53
207.   tjshere
I was really jazzed over Broxton's call-up till it crossed my mind that Depo may have brought him up to give him a quick showcase prior to the trading deadline. Perhaps at someone's request? Someone like the Reds?

Adios to Mr. Lisa. Gone and hopefully forgotten. My only question now is who's going to take over as the biggest jerk on the club?

2005-07-29 18:38:43
208.   bokonon42
200- I've heard asynergy, although it's not readily accepted in this sense. It's used in medical circles to describe "absence of coordination of organs or body parts that usually work together harmoniously." I've heard dyssynergy and anti-synergy, too.
2005-07-29 18:39:21
209.   Steve
My only question now is who's going to take over as the biggest jerk on the club?

There's only one left, but since he's only used his evil powers against Scott Erickson so far, he gets a pass until further notice.

2005-07-29 18:40:50
210.   Jim Tracy
208 - So that's what happened to Chan Ho Park?
2005-07-29 18:41:25
211.   Jim Tracy
Steve, the Larry Bigbie trade? Is that true?
2005-07-29 18:41:45
212.   Steve
208 -- That sounds more like Grabowski to me.
2005-07-29 18:42:30
213.   jasonungar05
without cheating..who can guess which of these guys has the highest OPS

Miguel Tejada
Jason Giambi
Manny Ramírez
David Ortiz

2005-07-29 18:42:34
214.   Steve
211 -- No! At least, I hope not! Just a little revenge for those of you who insist that Joel the Destroyer is not a shortstop.
2005-07-29 18:43:48
215.   natepurcell
kuo strikes out 3 in 2 innings, no hits no runs allowed.
2005-07-29 18:44:39
216.   natepurcell
if it helps steve, JtD laid the thunderstick down on the padres AA team today.
2005-07-29 18:46:04
217.   b1ued0dger
I'm going to go againts the odds and say Giambi has the highest OPS of the 4.
2005-07-29 18:46:48
218.   natepurcell
it probably is giambi, his OBP is quite high.
2005-07-29 18:47:03
219.   Fearing Blue
#65: I don't have a crusade to keep prospects in the minors. The point I've tried to make is that "prospects" don't typically perform above league average until they are 24, 25, or 26 years old. The bullpen is a little bit of a different beast since you can succeed as more of a thrower than a pitcher (e.g., Brazoban). Steve has made the best comment so far on Navarro and Broxton, saying that we should each write a patience pledge 100 times. Neither player is likely to be this team's savior this season but they certainly should play a huge role in our future (2006 and beyond).
2005-07-29 18:47:32
220.   natepurcell
oh wow, we get a fireworks show treat after the suns game. how nice.
2005-07-29 18:47:58
221.   Fearing Blue
#72: Hey Nate, if you feel comfortable forwarding them on, I'd love to take a look at the minor league splits for the Dodgers system. My email address is Thanks!
2005-07-29 18:48:59
222.   Jim Tracy
214 - lol... i'll never say that again
2005-07-29 18:49:33
223.   Bob Timmermann
I remember Candy Cummings on a list of trivia about members of the Hall of Fame. I'm pretty sure he's the lightest member.

A future RDGC will have a mention of the shortest manager in baseball history. But it's not until September.

2005-07-29 18:49:35
224.   dzzrtRatt
I was away and missed a lot of the deadline action.


Firmly in denial now.

2005-07-29 18:51:46
225.   Fearing Blue
#215: I wonder if the Dodgers plan to move Kuo back into the starting rotation. It seems with his inability to throw on consecutive days, the regularity of a starting role may actually be beneficial. Plus, I could see him contributing as a starter next year when we should have a need for another starter.
2005-07-29 18:51:48
226.   Bob Timmermann
Brewers went ahead of the Giants 5-2. Five runs in the fourth for the Brewers after they were reminded that it really was Kirk Rueter pitching.
2005-07-29 18:52:37
227.   natepurcell
sent FB.
2005-07-29 18:53:20
228.   Eric L
Jay Powell (Braves) just fell to the ground in pain (arm injury) after throwing a pitch. It looked pretty nasty.
2005-07-29 18:54:08
229.   natepurcell
well kuo has been throwing in 2 inning spurts. i could see the dodgers building up his arm strength to give him a shot at starting.
2005-07-29 18:54:58
230.   Bob Timmermann
Did Powell have one of those fractures that befell Dravecky, Saunders, Browning, et al.

Chris Reitsma is one of the few pitchers who has ever come back from those.

2005-07-29 18:57:08
231.   Eric L
It just happened and I don't have my DVR downstairs (dumb move). It looked like one of those type of injuries (I'll play the role of Will Carroll), but it could have been the elbow too.

As I tell my staff with incident reports, stay vague. As of now, Powell has suffered and injury to his arm.

2005-07-29 18:57:17
232.   jasonungar05
It is Giambi. It's better than Kent or Vlade
2005-07-29 18:57:35
233.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 225/29

Well, if his arm's better suited for starting, I'm all for Kuo going back to the rotation. He'd have far more value as a starter than a reliever.

And although I don't mind Broxton spending one, even two seasons as a power arm in the pen on the big-league squad, I hope the org will consider returning him to the rotation at some point.


2005-07-29 18:57:36
234.   Bob Timmermann
Chip Caray said something I thought I'd never hear:

"Bobby Cox wants to keep the bat of Daryle Ward on the bench."

2005-07-29 18:59:30
235.   fanerman
I hope they try to move Broxton to the rotation as well.
2005-07-29 18:59:48
236.   Bob Timmermann
Bobby Cox is now using Jim Brower as the closer.
2005-07-29 19:00:03
237.   rageon
Steve, how bad was the bar exam? I had to do 6 essays, and I think 5 of the 6 were on the topics I was least prepared to write. They basically picked the topics least likely to appear on the exam over the past 20 years and decided use them. I'm just glad it's over with. And I'm glad the Minnesota pass rate is ridiculously high.

For those of you who actually care, here's the most heavy/light/tall/short players in history:

Jumbo Brown 295
Calvin Pickering 275
Jeff Juden 265
Garland Buckeye 260
Joey Meyer 260
Steve Rain 260
Frank Thomas 257
Frank Howard 255

Eddie Gaedel 65
Sparrow McCaffrey 120
Baltimore Leitner 120
Candy Cummings 120
Larry Cocoran 120

Randy Johnson 82"
Eric Hillman 82"
Jon Raucn 82"
Chris Young 82"
Terry Bross 81"
Johnny Gee 81"
Mark Hendrickson 81"

Eddie Gaedel 43"
Yo-Yo Davalilo 63"
Harry Chappas 63"
(there are about 10 others at 5'3", so I just listed those two, as they were the only ones born post-1900)

2005-07-29 19:02:06
238.   natepurcell
bigbie for brynes

2005-07-29 19:02:33
239.   fanerman
Fearing Blue,
Somebody here mentioned that you have an excel file that explains why we shouldn't rush the "kids" up. Could you send it to me?
2005-07-29 19:03:11
240.   Bob Timmermann
Hillman and Bross both ended up finishing their careers in Japan. I saw them both pitch their. They obviously towered over all their teammates. And despite their height, they couldn't throw any harder than a 2005 Scott Erickson.
2005-07-29 19:03:32
241.   LAT
Gotta love that the heaviest is named "Jumbo". Also like that one of the shortest is "Yo-Yo". Need one of the lightest to be named "Slim."
2005-07-29 19:08:37
242.   Bob Timmermann
Yo-Yo's given name was Pompeyo.

Younger brother Vic was a whopping 5'7", 155 lbs.

2005-07-29 19:18:00
243.   Bob Timmermann
Padres jump out 1-0 in the first over the Reds.
2005-07-29 19:18:58
244.   Steve
237 -- I think they are trying to mess with Bar-Bri's heads. California's essays basically re-ran the February 2005 Bar, and threw in multiple questions about a couple of subjects.
2005-07-29 19:19:14
245.   Bob Timmermann
Phillips starts at first base
Navarro starts at catcher
Edwards starts in left field

There's a lot of AAA guys on the field for both teams.

2005-07-29 19:20:19
246.   natepurcell
why isnt choi playing? this is such hogwash.
2005-07-29 19:20:34
247.   Brian Y
Another choi-less day. DePo might as well trade the guy somewhere he will actually play cuz it's not happening with JT.
2005-07-29 19:21:41
248.   Bob Timmermann
Nunez 3B
Rodriguez LF
Mahoney C


Phillips 1B
Edwards LF

2005-07-29 19:25:31
249.   jasonungar05
I said, give it one refresh and choi comments will be there. If Bob builds it, they will come.

not that I disagree, it's insane. trade him or play him

2005-07-29 19:27:38
250.   Bob Timmermann
Giants cut their deficit to 5-4 with a 2-run homer by Pedro Feliz in the 8th.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-07-29 19:27:52
251.   Steve
I am officially now for not trading, because the manager does not understand how to use the players we have. He does not deserve new ones. Nobody who plays Jason Phillips at first base against an RHP with Hee Seop Choi on the roster deserves to be within 60 miles of a major league stadium, not to mention pretending to be a victim of innocent circumstance, begging his manager to pick up Matt Stairs.
2005-07-29 19:28:42
252.   bokonon42
FB- Crusade was a stupid word to pick, sorry about that. I didn't mean to imply that your concerns were irrational; I've read each of your posts about the age when rookies start to produce with interest. I only singled you out because it seemed like you were the most vocal proponent of taking the cautious approach to minor leaguer promotions.
2005-07-29 19:29:27
253.   LAT
I really enjoyed earlier this week when the Padres were playing the Cards and every night it was likley the Pods would lose. At the same time, we played the Reds with the possiblity that we would beat the Reds and make up ground.

The reality that the tabel has turned and we could lose ground is not nearly as fun. Let's hope St. Louis' AAA line up will let us steal the first one.

2005-07-29 19:34:27
254.   jasonungar05
for me it's not even about the hitting (choi/phillips)'s about defense.
2005-07-29 19:35:53
255.   Screwgie
Maybe they're holding Choi out because he is going to be traded. Maybe that's why there's interest in Stairs - as a firstbaseman to compliment some stud in leftfield (I know -- dream on).

I hope so, because like Steve said, it is absolutely insane to start Phillips against RHP. Either Choi or Tracy needs to be gone by Monday.

Sadly, I doubt either will be.

2005-07-29 19:35:56
256.   Marty
Tracy must really think Choi is worthless. I don't see how he can think Phillip's bat is better than Choi's. I don't get it, but until he's on another team I don't think he's going to get any playing time. Especially as long as we are "contending".
2005-07-29 19:37:04
257.   Steve
On a hunch, I looked up Phillips v. Morris. Sure enough, he has a .500 career BA against him.
2005-07-29 19:37:18
258.   fanerman

Comment #44.

I hate being right, the few times I am.

2005-07-29 19:37:45
259.   fanerman
Uh-oh. That last link may be a little long... Oops. Sorry.
2005-07-29 19:38:51
260.   fanerman
I agree. The line-up we're capable of putting out is not bad. But the line-up we do put out is.
2005-07-29 19:39:01
261.   Bob Timmermann
6-5 Giants now on a 2-run RBI double by Ray Durham in the 8th.
2005-07-29 19:40:05
262.   Jon Weisman
I hate that Choi is not making this start
2005-07-29 19:40:06
263.   Steve
I was going to rip Dilbeck, but can't find his article. Linky please?
2005-07-29 19:42:57
264.   King of the Hobos
Dang Pujols
2005-07-29 19:43:02
265.   Bob Timmermann
I'm a full-service guy:,1413,200%257E23148%257E,00.html
2005-07-29 19:43:46
266.   Bob Timmermann
2-run homer in San Diego by Dunn puts the Reds ahead 3-1.
2005-07-29 19:44:20
267.   Bob Timmermann
It was a 3-run homer.
2005-07-29 19:44:23
268.   Steve
265 -- This makes you an accomplice you know.
2005-07-29 19:44:56
269.   rageon
I'm sure I wasn't the only one expecting Tracy to pull this crap with Phillips the moment the Cinci game was over. Tracy obviously thinks that Phillips' bat needs to be in the lineup. But starting him over Choi is just completely idiotic. The way Saenz has hit this season, it's hard to argue with splitting time between him and Saenz, but Phillips is just unacceptable. There is simply no positive way to spin Phillips' performance at the plate. None.
2005-07-29 19:45:21
270.   Nagman
It was an absolute bomb, above the first section of seats in right.
2005-07-29 19:45:22
271.   King of the Hobos
Good job Dunn. I guess we can be patient in getting him
2005-07-29 19:47:30
272.   Bob Timmermann
Giants lead 7-5 going to the bottom of the 8th. The Brewers bullpen apparently is no longer a hidden strength.

Nor is Jeff Kent's defense.

2005-07-29 19:47:54
273.   Steve
I would rather see Repko at first than Phillips.
2005-07-29 19:48:28
274.   King of the Hobos
Juan Apodaca is having a fun season, Columbus-Ogden-Las Vegas. Valentin walked in his first AB, and had his second outfield assist in 2 games

And c'mon Kent, we don't need that

2005-07-29 19:51:20
275.   rageon
273 - While we're at it, I'd rather much rather than Perez in the lineup than Phillips. Even if it means Kent at 1st. Actually, when you think about it, who on the bench isn't a better hitter than Phillips?
2005-07-29 19:52:42
276.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps Mr. Microphone will lead the comeback.
2005-07-29 19:53:47
277.   Steve
It has several bright prospects in Double-A or lower, but none wowing scouts and screaming can't-miss.

Can anyone think of a Plaschke statement that was more openly dishonest than this one? If this was defamatory, it would be a slam dunk case for libel.

2005-07-29 19:54:33
278.   King of the Hobos
Good thing Morris isn't on his game
2005-07-29 19:54:46
279.   Bob Timmermann
The official scorer must hate Albert Pujols or Milton Bradley to score that an error.
2005-07-29 19:55:25
280.   Bob Timmermann

Was the statement said with "knowing falsity"?

2005-07-29 19:55:28
281.   rageon
Wow, looking at our 5-8 hitters really isn't the most encouraging thing in the world, is it?
2005-07-29 19:56:15
282.   Bob Timmermann
Infield hit makes it 3-2 Reds.
2005-07-29 19:56:24
283.   LAT
277 Steve, now that the bar is over, you are supposed to forget all that legal mumbo-jumbo.


2005-07-29 19:56:38
284.   King of the Hobos
2005-07-29 19:56:56
285.   King of the Hobos
Good ol' Phillips
2005-07-29 19:57:43
286.   Marty
That's what we need from our 1st baseman when the pitcher is obviously laboring. a first-pitch chopper to third.
2005-07-29 19:57:46
287.   rageon
280, so I guess that means that Dodger prospects don't count as public figures?

I've GOT to get out of bar-review mode...

2005-07-29 19:58:06
288.   Screwgie
The thing is, Depo has to realize that Choi or Saenz or Kent with Perez at second, are all better options than Phillips at firstbase -- and yet nothing happens to correct the situation.

If something doesn't break this weekend with a trade or a firing, one would almost have to shift the blame away from Tracy (he can't help who he is) to Depo. Policy is established from the top down.

2005-07-29 19:58:20
289.   Steve
That's our first baseman. But since Tracy is untouchable, and the media hates Choi, he gets all the credit for doing the obvious in playing Ledee, and nobody says anything about this Phillips garbage. What a crock.
2005-07-29 19:58:33
290.   brendan glynn

#5 looks ok today

2005-07-29 19:59:04
291.   Fearing Blue
#239: Sure thing, fanerman. Send me your email address at the email address I posted earlier. It's a work in progress. My goal is to look at all the players on each team's 40-man roster and see what the typical development patterns are. So far, I've only looked at the Dodgers, Angels, and Braves.
2005-07-29 19:59:24
292.   LAT
I can't remember is it Buster or Margan who says a base clearing HR like that is a rally killer. The truth is Phillips coming to the plate is a rally killer.

Why couldn't Morris pitch like this in the play-offs last year.

2005-07-29 20:00:14
293.   Bob Timmermann
Chris Welch, the Reds analyst had this advice for Luke Hudson facing Joe Randa.

"Just throw Randa something he can drive into the gap in left center and have Junior track it down."

2005-07-29 20:00:30
294.   Marty
Lyons said it.
2005-07-29 20:01:22
295.   Bob Timmermann
Morris lost in the playoffs to the Dodgers last year. He couldn't get out Shawn Green.
2005-07-29 20:01:40
296.   rageon
290, guess so. That's the way it goes, I guess. If I was singing anyone's praises, I'm sure they would have stuck-out.

288, agreed, Depo needs to assert some control here. I've said this before, but Beane would never allow his manager to pull this stuff for so long. Depo might have an edge on Billy in the brains department, but I think he's lacking the guts to make things happen.

2005-07-29 20:02:40
297.   Marty
Beautiful! That's why Phillips is out there FIRE JIM TRACY!
2005-07-29 20:02:45
298.   Albert in Hong Kong
That was Phillips' fault.
2005-07-29 20:02:50
299.   King of the Hobos
Yet again, Good Ol' Phillips
2005-07-29 20:03:07
300.   rageon
292 - Wasn't ARod the first guy to come up with that craziness? I could have sworn it was something he said back in his Seattle days.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-07-29 20:03:07
301.   Bob Timmermann
Kent is going to be doing some yelling in the dugout when this inning is over.
2005-07-29 20:03:11
302.   Fearing Blue
#262: Having Choi on the bench for this game is quite upsetting for me as well. He is/was my favorite player this year, and it's sad to realize that this is the end of the line.
2005-07-29 20:03:34
303.   capdodger
Now Phillips gets in the way.

Maybe if he screws up enough, Tracy will sit him because of his defense.

2005-07-29 20:03:49
304.   Steve
293 -- Steve Lyons says that. It sounds like a Morgan-ism too, but I have no personal knowledge of that.

Remember, there are two reasons that Tracy will use regarding Phillips playing first. I have travelled this particular Heart of Darkness many time, and can profile the mind:

1) The most costly .300 BARISP in the history of major league baseball belongs to Jason Phillips.

2) With Werth not available, Tracy would argue that by benching Choi and Perez, he has a deeper bench for that "one big at-bat."

Of course, that assumes the one big at-bat will come, and that Choi/Perez couldn't do more damage in eight at bats than in two.

And there's Phillips with the error. Jeff Kent made up for his, as we said he would when the season began anyway.

2005-07-29 20:03:53
305.   natepurcell
that is what tracy gets for playing phillips at first. absolutely ridiculous.
2005-07-29 20:03:54
306.   LAT
Seems to me the 1st inning is usally the toughest for Penny. Hopefully that's the case tonight.

While I wish Phillips would just be pulled right now, and Phillips F--ed that play, Kent should have still made the catch.

2005-07-29 20:04:27
307.   MSarg29
That play by Phillips was ridiculous.
2005-07-29 20:05:59
308.   sanchez101
296. I agree, a chair needs to be thrown into tracy's wall. If depo wont do it, maybe kent or penny will. How about phillips to SD for ross?
2005-07-29 20:06:02
309.   brendan glynn
I hope Ms. Milano is out of town tonight. Ugly night in the Penny household
2005-07-29 20:06:24
310.   King of the Hobos
That "one big at-bat" belongs to Saenz
2005-07-29 20:06:28
311.   Bob Timmermann
If Kent has had a 2 error game already this year, then his last 2 error game was in 1998.
2005-07-29 20:06:55
312.   capdodger
306 - In all fairness its hard to catch the ball when your first basemen is poking your wrist just as the ball is falling in.
2005-07-29 20:07:01
313.   Bob Timmermann
311 makes more sense if I used the right case and tenses in that sentence.
2005-07-29 20:07:33
314.   natepurcell
the error should have been on phillips for running into kent.
2005-07-29 20:08:26
315.   LAT
295 Geez Bob, you'd think I, of all people, would know that.

I think at 43 I am the youngest Alzheimer patient ever.

2005-07-29 20:08:44
316.   capdodger
314 - That's what Vin thought, too.
2005-07-29 20:08:46
317.   King of the Hobos
I believe Kent did have a 2 error game this year--playing first base
2005-07-29 20:09:01
318.   Albert in Hong Kong
Kent's going to have a long talk with Phillips and/or Tracy after this inning.
2005-07-29 20:09:19
319.   bokonon42
Man, does Navarro ever look young.
2005-07-29 20:09:23
320.   King of the Hobos
Good job by Navarro on the block
2005-07-29 20:09:29
321.   brendan glynn
there is no way Navarro weighs 189 unless he is 5'6
2005-07-29 20:09:39
322.   Steve
The politicians manning the scorecard are at it again.
2005-07-29 20:10:17
323.   fanerman
So what have Phillips' transgressions been so far? I had to go out for a second.
2005-07-29 20:10:37
324.   King of the Hobos
I realize Nunez is a scary hitter...but did we need to walk him to face Pujols with 2 one?
2005-07-29 20:10:42
325.   brendan glynn
strange he threw the curve in the dirt 3-2, two out with Albert coming up
2005-07-29 20:10:57
326.   MSarg29
a 3-2 breaking ball by penny w/ Pujols on deck. Jeez.
2005-07-29 20:11:00
327.   Steve
Clearly the thing to do there is pitch around Nunez to get to Pujols. Good job.
2005-07-29 20:11:29
328.   brendan glynn

of course I didn't know he would do that

2005-07-29 20:11:46
329.   King of the Hobos
That should have been "on" in 324. Apparently Penny knew what he was doing
2005-07-29 20:11:47
330.   Bob Timmermann
You are correct. It was the first game after the break against the Giants.

Kent fumbled one grounder and then caught a throw from Houlton with his forearm.

2005-07-29 20:12:06
331.   capdodger
Kent better rip into somebody in the dugout.
2005-07-29 20:13:12
332.   natepurcell
kent better yell at buttermaker to put a real first basemen out there and he better yell at phillips for looking so damn goofy with his goggles.
2005-07-29 20:13:13
333.   brendan glynn
Navarro is coming up. I say he walks
2005-07-29 20:13:48
334.   Steve
Oh, by the way, LAT, your advice on the Comm. Property question helped. I just gave W everything.
2005-07-29 20:13:52
335.   Bob Timmermann
So 8/7/1998 would be Kent's last 2-error game as a second baseman.

Padres have the bases loaded with no one out and Brian Lawrence up.

2005-07-29 20:14:35
336.   brendan glynn
wow phillips is out by twelve steps if he hit that. nice job navarro
2005-07-29 20:14:50
337.   Albert in Hong Kong
Hey ho Navarro. Infield hit.
2005-07-29 20:14:54
338.   Bob Timmermann
Lawrence hits into a DP and the tying run scores.
2005-07-29 20:14:55
339.   fanerman
Is Kent yelling? It's his birthright. Now more than ever.
2005-07-29 20:15:14
340.   King of the Hobos
Navarro starts his Dodger career positively. If that were Phillips, Grudzielanek could have stood up and flipped it to Pujols
2005-07-29 20:16:00
341.   Bob Timmermann
Brewers close to 7-6 in the 9th on a Brady Clark homer.
2005-07-29 20:16:11
342.   LAT
Phillips would have beated that out as well . . .NOT.

If he keeps it up Phillips is closer to flipping burgers at the BK Lounge than he thinks

2005-07-29 20:17:15
343.   King of the Hobos
Kent had a conversation, really wasn't yelling. That'll come after the game...
2005-07-29 20:17:34
344.   brendan glynn
Izzy dives and beats morris to the bag.
2005-07-29 20:17:43
345.   MSarg29
The one time it may have made sense to slide into first by Izturis.
2005-07-29 20:17:47
346.   LAT
Scrappy play by Izzy
2005-07-29 20:17:47
347.   fanerman
That's fair enough...
2005-07-29 20:17:50
348.   capdodger
That's one of those dives at first that is a good idea.
2005-07-29 20:18:00
349.   Bob Timmermann
"Old friend" Dave Roberts strikes out to end the inning.

I think I've lost track of the ex-Dodgers on the Padres:


Anybody else?

2005-07-29 20:18:47
350.   capdodger
343 - A conversation with whom? Goggles or buntermaker?
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-07-29 20:19:16
351.   natepurcell
hit and run failed us again.
2005-07-29 20:19:19
352.   MSarg29
wow that takes the wind out of the sails
2005-07-29 20:19:25
353.   fanerman
Pedro Astacio
2005-07-29 20:20:16
354.   natepurcell
2005-07-29 20:20:20
355.   King of the Hobos
The Pads already got rid of Dennys Reyes...
2005-07-29 20:20:27
356.   brendan glynn

pedro astacio?

2005-07-29 20:20:28
357.   Bob Timmermann
I knew there was somebody else. I think Astacio is pitching tomorrow.
2005-07-29 20:20:58
358.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres got rid of both Reyes and Falkenborg.
2005-07-29 20:21:13
359.   King of the Hobos
350-Goggles is the one the camera showed us
2005-07-29 20:21:20
360.   LAT
334 Steve, Congratulations! You are now officially a California Family Law Specialist.
2005-07-29 20:21:35
361.   DadofMondy
Is it possible to think when the right time is to slide head-first into first? That's the first time I can remember Izturis doing it at the right time this year.
2005-07-29 20:23:04
362.   Jim Hitchcock
Nice catch by Edwards, eh, Steve? :)
2005-07-29 20:23:40
363.   Bob Timmermann
Reds have 2nd and 3rd with nobody out and the fans in San Diego sound really angry.
2005-07-29 20:24:19
364.   DadofMondy
Has there been an official announcement as to why Choi is not playing?
2005-07-29 20:24:32
365.   DadofMondy
I mean, at all, recently?
2005-07-29 20:24:52
366.   King of the Hobos
Sac fly, Cincy up 4-3
2005-07-29 20:25:00
367.   Bob Timmermann
Sac Fly by Griffey scores Freel to make it 4-3 Reds.
2005-07-29 20:25:04
368.   capdodger
Does it seem to others that Penny's overthrowing? Maybe that he's too ampped for this game? His control is usually better than this.
2005-07-29 20:25:41
369.   natepurcell
tracy hates choi? thats the only reason i can think of.
2005-07-29 20:26:29
370.   Steve
I don't understand the concept of doing it at the "right time." Aren't you all just saying that he was safe? Isn't the theory that it always slows you down to slide into first, and therefore he would have been safe anyway? What made it the right time other than the fact that he was safe?
2005-07-29 20:26:49
371.   Bob Timmermann
Adam Dunn is a monster.
2005-07-29 20:27:08
372.   King of the Hobos

6-3 Reds

No reaseon to get him until Sunday

2005-07-29 20:27:13
373.   LAT
Who would have thought you'd have nice defensive plays from Edwards and Oscar but two Es on Kent. I guess its cause Phillips is closest in proximity to Kent.
2005-07-29 20:27:22
374.   Nagman
Whatever they want for Dunn... another BOMB.
2005-07-29 20:27:42
375.   sanchez101
between the hard hitting cardinal offense, and the shaky defense, perhaps penny's being more fine and relying less on contact.
2005-07-29 20:27:59
376.   DadofMondy
As a player, when I'm in centerfield thinking about it, the only time it occurs to be the "right" play is when you evade a tag on the play, which Izturis seemingly did.
2005-07-29 20:28:53
377.   MSarg29
370 - it was probably the right time to slide just because he probably would of been tagged if he went in standing. I hate sliding head first, i do think it slows you down, but I think he would of been tagged.
2005-07-29 20:29:10
378.   King of the Hobos
Dunn has 2 homers in Petco, I really don't think Dodger Stadium would limit his homers, espeially considering Dodger Stadium does nothing to prevent homers despite what analysts say
2005-07-29 20:29:36
379.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers are going wild in catchers interference this year. That's the second time the team has reached on it this year!
2005-07-29 20:29:53
380.   sanchez101
if we cant aquire him, at least dunn can help by breaking out against SD. Lets hope he's putting on a show, trying to get out of CIN.
2005-07-29 20:30:22
381.   DadofMondy
I looked for studies on it one night, but couldn't find any on the specific "sliding into first base"... It just makes zero sense to slide in when you will slow down... all my coaches told me "never". Yet, they seem to love it when guys do it. Shows "hustle".
2005-07-29 20:30:25
382.   Steve
OK. I have to sit with my daughter, so I'm not watching the game on TV yet. That's why I missed Edwards's catch, Jim. :)
2005-07-29 20:30:40
383.   Jim Hitchcock
Had to catch up on thread reading. Congratulations, Steve. Way to go, buddy!
2005-07-29 20:30:44
384.   LAT
Come on Ricky. If Dunn can do it twice you can too.
2005-07-29 20:31:22
385.   King of the Hobos
Ledee just missed that, I'll give Tracy credit for playing him today
2005-07-29 20:31:43
386.   capdodger
Do something Ricky. Otherwise it's up to Phillips. Darn.
2005-07-29 20:31:53
387.   sanchez101
What are the chances phillips hits into double play? I hope he strikes out.
2005-07-29 20:32:14
388.   DadofMondy
Vinny couldn't stop putting down Dunn during the last series. He really only looks at batting average. The .400 in the OBP column evades the old redhead.
2005-07-29 20:32:25
389.   capdodger
Here's the GIDP machine...
2005-07-29 20:32:48
390.   King of the Hobos
Phillips has partially made up for his problems...
2005-07-29 20:32:58
391.   sanchez101
wow, morris must be really struggling :)
2005-07-29 20:33:14
392.   LAT
383 Jim, I haven't read the entire thread is Steve's daughter a new arrival?
2005-07-29 20:33:21
393.   Bob Timmermann
7-3 Reds.
2005-07-29 20:33:52
394.   capdodger
Hmm... Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Unless it's a 24-hr clock.

2005-07-29 20:34:03
395.   MSarg29
awful at bat by edwards.
2005-07-29 20:35:46
396.   bill cox
Ding Dong the witch is ...Thus ends the most inexplicable thing in my Dodger memory of oh 45 years.How did Scott Erickson remain on the roster this long?
See you around Mike Whatever your name is.A rose is a rose is a rose unless its a third rate AAA catcher.
Broxton ought to be a nice add,I saw him play a couple times this year.His lower body is huge,classic power pitcher physique.
I like Delwyn Young at Vegas also.Next time we need a callup,here's a guy who hits the ball very hard.No Jason this guy.He's an intriguing player.
Reading Marty's Scully reminders,my favorite was a commentary on Tom Neidenfuhr after giving up a longball."The tragedy of Tom Neidenfuhr has reached truly Shakespearean proportions"You won't catch commentary like that from most of the buffoons in the booths.
2005-07-29 20:35:55
397.   Bob Timmermann
Welcome to the big leagues Dioner. They throw better offspeed stuff here.
2005-07-29 20:36:18
398.   Steve
I think he is referring to finishing the bar. I have enough new arrivals and don't need anymore.

That .300 BARISP is going to be the end of us all by the time October rolls around.

2005-07-29 20:36:20
399.   Ryan Jerz
Just checked in, and I see that Dioner got a hit, how's he looked?
2005-07-29 20:36:38
400.   Jim Hitchcock
392 - LAT, I was assuming he passed the bar.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-07-29 20:37:40
401.   fanerman
Tracy is justified. Even when we win, we lose. Of course the optimist would say, "even when we lose, we win." But I'm not much of an optimist right now.
2005-07-29 20:37:47
402.   natepurcell
that curveball was pretty filthy. its okay navarro.
2005-07-29 20:37:58
403.   Bob Timmermann
To complete a metaphor from earlier in the year, Pilate finally gave the mob Barrabas.
2005-07-29 20:38:41
404.   Jon Weisman
Dunn really has done right by the Dodgers this week, huh? Or has someone already said that?
2005-07-29 20:38:48
405.   King of the Hobos
399-Navarro's looked good behind the plate, had a nice block. His hit was up the middle but Grudzielanek stopped it. Phillips is out by a mile if he hit it
2005-07-29 20:38:56
406.   brendan glynn

only two times for catcher's interfer, Bob? seems like there have been more

2005-07-29 20:39:48
407.   Steve
The results don't come out until November. They have to read 9,000 exams.

Results do not, of themselves, justify.

2005-07-29 20:41:19
408.   fanerman
So both Navarro and Martin are fleet-footed? Or is Navarro just compared to Phillips?
2005-07-29 20:42:01
409.   King of the Hobos
Penny needs to get some control..a walk on a pitcher attempting to bunt...
2005-07-29 20:42:08
410.   MSarg29
walking Matt Morris. I'm getting sick.
2005-07-29 20:42:16
411.   Steve
Can we get LoDuca back for Penny? (mild sarcasm to make a point) Holy crap.
2005-07-29 20:43:15
412.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe you're thinking of the Angels. I think Erstad has reached on CI three times this season.
2005-07-29 20:43:55
413.   fanerman
Has anybody checked out the Score Bard? We could do that. And we'd be much faster.
2005-07-29 20:44:21
414.   LAT
398. Passing the bar. Giving birth. There really isn't much diffrence. Both are with you the rest of your life. Both bring you sorrow and joy. Both will take the most time, care and effort of anything you do in your life. But there is one huge diffrence: one makes you money the other is a money spigot.

Congrats. I'm sure we'll be seeing your name in the Daily Journal in November. You have to be going into the K&E lit. dept. Putting you in transaction or tax would be a waste of talent.

2005-07-29 20:44:25
415.   brendan glynn

that could be it. I've been to a bunch of angel games this year

2005-07-29 20:45:06
416.   King of the Hobos
If Morris had bunted we'd be in the same situation, so the walk wasn't so bad in hindsight
2005-07-29 20:45:45
417.   fanerman
Scrappy double play. Moved the runner over.
2005-07-29 20:46:11
418.   Jim Hitchcock
407 - You'll make it, Steve...congratulations on passing a milestone, anyway :)
2005-07-29 20:46:25
419.   Steve
And that was the National League's starting shortstop in the All-Star Game.
2005-07-29 20:46:39
420.   brendan glynn

because we have been subjected to the horror that is Phillips running we are unable to give an unbiased answer.

2005-07-29 20:48:28
421.   brendan glynn
I cringe every time I see those Garvey hair replacement ads on the new LED board.
2005-07-29 20:48:58
422.   Xeifrank
Tonight's DT Over/Under picks:

7/29, Cardinals vs Penny
Colorado Blue: 7
Louis in SF: 7-1/3
Howard: 7
Joekings: 6-1/3
CT Bum: 7
Xeifrank: 6-2/3
Howard 8-4-2
Louis in SF 5-3-2
Joekings 5-4-1
Xeifrank 6-6-2
CT Bum 5-6-3
Colorado Blue 5-9-0

2005-07-29 20:50:42
423.   King of the Hobos
Valentin can't be too far away, 2-2 with a walk and an outfield assist. Maybe he'll force Edwards to 1st
2005-07-29 20:50:49
424.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Speaking of hair, check Morris' mug shot on Gameday. Looks like a lumberjack.
2005-07-29 20:50:49
425.   sanchez101
navarro isnt fast, even for a catcher, which gives you an idea about phillips. I do know that martin does have good speed, or so ive heard. I think he's second on the team in sb's.
2005-07-29 20:50:57
426.   JSN
brendan, I hear you on that.
2005-07-29 20:52:51
427.   LAT
I know its only the 5th and even though Penny doesn't look all that sharp I want him to stay out there as long as possible. A three run lead against St. Louis and our bullpen. . . the tension may kill me.
2005-07-29 20:52:51
428.   bill cox
I see Xaviar Paul is starting to hit a little bit.Nate or FB what was the cause of his flatlining earlier in the year?Was he recovering from an injury?
2005-07-29 20:53:20
429.   Bob Timmermann
Saenz is the other Dodger this year to reach first on CI. It was in San Diego on June 21 with Robert Fick catching.
2005-07-29 20:53:38
430.   fanerman
Yeah Martin is pretty fast.

Nice to know about Phillips then.

2005-07-29 20:54:06
431.   King of the Hobos
That just made Eckstein's DP that much better
2005-07-29 20:54:24
432.   LAT
Greatful it was only a solo.

Ricky is to leaping what Phillips is to speed. No ups there.

2005-07-29 20:56:46
433.   LAT
Vin laughing that Navarro bothered to go out to see Penny. Got out there and realized he had nothing to say. I was thinking Penny was going to tell him to get back to the dish
2005-07-29 20:57:43
434.   fanerman
2005-07-29 20:57:54
435.   Bob Timmermann
Jim Bowden is quoted in the Washington Post that the Nationals are going to stand pat and try to win the NL East with the players they've got.

Good luck with that Jim.

Bowden also denied that the Nationals were going to acquire Tony Womack.

2005-07-29 20:58:07
436.   MSarg29
speaking of Loduca, he had 3 rbi's tonight.
2005-07-29 20:58:36
437.   LAT
Dunn pops up. The guy sucks.:-)
2005-07-29 20:58:51
438.   Fearing Blue
#428: I haven't read anything, but Paul didn't hit too much last year either, with a .743 OPS in Columbus and 127 Ks in 465 ABs. He may not have been ready for Vero Beach to start the season, though it is nice to see him pick things up a little recently.
2005-07-29 20:59:47
439.   MSarg29
that should be scored as a passed ball.
2005-07-29 20:59:50
440.   LAT
Right between the wickets. That's a wild pitch?
2005-07-29 21:00:34
441.   fanerman
Poor Navarro. I hope Tracy doesn't bench him indefinitely to give him the most opportunities for success.
2005-07-29 21:01:53
442.   King of the Hobos
Bradley did a good job preventing the run at least
2005-07-29 21:02:41
443.   MSarg29
435 - funny that Bowden said that to the Post. I saw him on Cold Pizza this morning and he was speaking nonesense about out bidding Omar.....even making phoney phone calls during the interview.
2005-07-29 21:03:29
444.   capdodger
439,440 - It hit the dirt before the mitt. That will almost always be scored a WP.
2005-07-29 21:03:47
445.   Steve
436 -- Those 3 RBIs pull him to within two of Phillips.
2005-07-29 21:04:04
446.   CanuckDodger
Bill and FB, Dr. Xavier missed part of spring training and the month of April with a lower back injury. I don't know if he has been playing through pain the last three months, but at any rate 2005 is kind of a lost season for him. He is still young enough to repeat high A next season without any stigma attaching to it.
2005-07-29 21:04:32
447.   LAT
Can Schmoll go 4 2/3?
2005-07-29 21:04:48
448.   King of the Hobos
Looks like Broxton has a legitimate chance to make his major league debut, although it will probably be sometime after Carrarra gives up the lead
2005-07-29 21:06:07
449.   capdodger
Penny's curve isn't really working tonight.
2005-07-29 21:06:47
450.   Xeifrank
I guess the Dunn Expedition crew should've gone to the Padres game tonight. 2 home runs, glad he saved em for tonight.
vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2005-07-29 21:06:53
451.   MSarg29
445 - Its all pretty sad really.
2005-07-29 21:07:07
452.   Xeifrank
Bring in Broxton!
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:07:25
453.   King of the Hobos
How does Mahoney keep getting on base?
2005-07-29 21:07:56
454.   LAT
Tony going to let Morris hit?
2005-07-29 21:08:01
455.   Steve
That was completely incompetent.
2005-07-29 21:08:06
456.   Bob Timmermann
Thank you Mr. La Russa.
2005-07-29 21:08:08
457.   Xeifrank
Now watch Morris single in two after missing the squeeze. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:08:18
458.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-07-29 21:08:38
459.   MSarg29
a suicide squeeze w/ the pitcher up? I thought the hit and run on 3-1 last at bat was bad.
2005-07-29 21:08:43
460.   brendan glynn
If I were Penny I drop Graz they next time he comes up. or whomever is pitching then
2005-07-29 21:09:23
461.   LAT
Penny can't find the zone with P at bat.
2005-07-29 21:09:35
462.   Xeifrank
460. because of the shot the runner took at Navarro? Was that Grudz?
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:10:37
463.   King of the Hobos
Nice pitch. Now time to open the lead back up
2005-07-29 21:10:42
464.   brendan glynn

Yes. he was out and then did a little shoulder slam

2005-07-29 21:10:44
465.   LAT
Shadd-up Morris and get to the mound. You got that call once or twice tonight.
2005-07-29 21:11:01
466.   Steve
A classic Jim Tracy let the pitcher hit with a chance to blow the game open situation.
2005-07-29 21:11:06
467.   capdodger
Cardinals Scrappily run themselves out of an innning
2005-07-29 21:11:12
468.   Bob Timmermann
8-3 Reds.
2005-07-29 21:11:43
469.   Paul B
LaRussa truly is the greatest of geniuses...
2005-07-29 21:12:48
470.   LAT
I just tivo it and Brendan is right Grudz gave Navarro a pretty good unnecessary shot
2005-07-29 21:13:28
471.   Bob Timmermann
The Reds have hit three home runs tonight in San Diego. Two no doubters by Dunn and another shot by Edwin Encarnacion.
2005-07-29 21:14:02
472.   Steve
Broxton's up!
2005-07-29 21:14:11
473.   LAT
Nate and FB are about to wet thier pants. Brox up and throwing.:-)
2005-07-29 21:14:12
474.   MSarg29
lets make them pay for not pinch hitting for Morris.
2005-07-29 21:14:22
475.   Xeifrank
#51 is up in the pen... is that Broxton. Big Dude! DP sucks!
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:14:30
476.   Bob Timmermann
There's no way Broxton weighs 240.

No way in the world. He's a whale!

2005-07-29 21:17:06
477.   Xeifrank
Penny pitches one more?
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:17:21
478.   natepurcell
broxton is close to 270.

ahhhh put the bull in!!!! come on bull!!!

2005-07-29 21:18:14
479.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Roberts looks to have reached first base on a pitch over his head that hit his bat, but not him.
2005-07-29 21:18:59
480.   natepurcell
yess!! the bull is in!!
2005-07-29 21:19:03
481.   brendan glynn
Bring On The Bullllllllll
2005-07-29 21:19:05
482.   King of the Hobos
The Bull is in
2005-07-29 21:19:17
483.   LAT
Until about a year ago Gradz lived around the corner from me. He is actually a nice guy. Politely indulged my daughter's endless SG questions. He would never discuss it (and I tried) but his wife says the row he and JT had was really serious and physical. Gradz loved LA but will never play anywhere JT is again. Absolutly hates the guy. (Can anyone here relate?). Anyway he built some moster house in OC. Wife was very very hot.
2005-07-29 21:19:20
484.   Xeifrank
How old is Broxton again?
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:19:42
485.   Benaiah
Well this is what we have been waiting for!
2005-07-29 21:20:36
486.   MSarg29
squeezed him there.
2005-07-29 21:20:59
487.   JSN
Welcome to the bigs.
2005-07-29 21:21:02
488.   Xeifrank
3rd pitch was a definite strike... then a bloop single. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:21:11
489.   Steve
2005-07-29 21:21:16
490.   LAT
Shouldn't #51 be playing tackle for the Oka Sooners?
2005-07-29 21:21:25
491.   brendan glynn

I'm sure he was just frustrated by the play but still a bush move

2005-07-29 21:21:31
492.   Albert in Hong Kong
Broxton, meet the big leagues.
2005-07-29 21:21:35
493.   Benaiah
Eckstien with his usual blooper garbage. Get some K's bull!
2005-07-29 21:21:36
494.   Bob Timmermann
I'm betting tomorrow we see

Broxton (BS, 1)

2005-07-29 21:21:46
495.   Xeifrank
Thanks Vin... 21 yrs old. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:22:10
496.   Xeifrank
Walk and a Pujols bomb? Hope not.
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:22:22
497.   Benaiah
He is staying in the mid 90s, where is the upper 90s heat we have been hearing about?
2005-07-29 21:23:07
498.   capdodger
Come on kid. Throw strikes.
2005-07-29 21:23:24
499.   LAT
A pitcher who makes his ML debut throwing to a catcher making his debut. These minor leaugers are about to meet the best hitter in the majors...........
2005-07-29 21:23:28
500.   brendan glynn
a relief pitcher paying attention to the runner? wow
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2005-07-29 21:23:38
501.   MSarg29
483 - Thanks for the info. Pretty interesting stuff.
2005-07-29 21:23:55
502.   Xeifrank
LaRussa is f-ing up with all these blown hit n runs. Making his hitters swing at bad pitches and not drawing walks cuz of it. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:24:13
503.   Steve
Hit and run costs them ball 3. Why would you hit and run when it would be just as easy to steal second outright?
2005-07-29 21:24:19
504.   fanerman
Hahaha. Oh man...
2005-07-29 21:24:25
505.   Ryan Jerz
At least Dioner's feet look quicker than Phillips'.
2005-07-29 21:25:32
506.   King of the Hobos
Nunez isn't helping anything...
2005-07-29 21:25:53
507.   Xeifrank
hmmm... too many fast balls. They're sitting on it.
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:26:08
508.   JSN
Crap. Two bloopers.
2005-07-29 21:26:15
509.   King of the Hobos
What's it with bloop singles to center? 494 might be on to something
2005-07-29 21:26:16
510.   Bob Timmermann
Just checking, but doesn't have a picture yet for Broxton. He doesn't even get an LA logo. He just gets the MLB logo. They do have a photo for Navarro.
2005-07-29 21:26:22
511.   natepurcell
my heart is pounding right now..
2005-07-29 21:26:31
512.   MSarg29
two bloops. Typical.
2005-07-29 21:26:36
513.   Xeifrank
What pitch will Pujols homer on? 2nd?
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:27:07
514.   Benaiah
I have never seen so many bloops in my life! I thought the Cards were sluggers? Today all of their offense is coming on short fly balls and grounders.
2005-07-29 21:27:12
515.   capdodger
513- 5th
2005-07-29 21:27:12
516.   LAT
505. I thought the same thing. He popped up really fast. haven't seen that in a while
2005-07-29 21:27:32
517.   alex 7
this is genuinely fun to follow right now. Even more so than usual.
2005-07-29 21:27:38
518.   Jim Hitchcock
483 - LAT, I'm confused. Grudzalaniek and Tracy had a problem?
2005-07-29 21:27:47
519.   Bob Timmermann
Except for the home run Pujols hit.
2005-07-29 21:27:52
520.   Benaiah
This is a definite "Welcome to the big leagues" moment.
2005-07-29 21:27:59
521.   brendan glynn
I say he makes Pujols look stupid here
2005-07-29 21:28:11
522.   fanerman
Yeah. And what does SG stand for?
2005-07-29 21:28:26
523.   King of the Hobos
I prefer the K over the homer
2005-07-29 21:28:37
524.   MSarg29
YES! Great breaking ball.
2005-07-29 21:28:37
525.   brendan glynn
Ha. I'm finally right with a guess
2005-07-29 21:28:40
526.   Steve
521 -- Wow. Good call.
2005-07-29 21:28:46
527.   JSN
Woooooooooooo Hooooooooo
2005-07-29 21:28:54
528.   alex 7
lol, not a bad guy for your first K.
2005-07-29 21:28:55
529.   LAT
"Got him. And David has beated Golaith again."


2005-07-29 21:29:31
530.   fanerman
Nice entrance, kid!
2005-07-29 21:29:48
531.   Bob Timmermann
SG = Greatest right fielder in Dodger history
2005-07-29 21:29:48
532.   Albert in Hong Kong
Albert looked stupid there.
2005-07-29 21:30:00
533.   Steve
And then we are yanked back into reality.
2005-07-29 21:30:27
534.   subclub
oh man the k was nice but i'm not so excited about the WP.
2005-07-29 21:30:29
535.   Benaiah
Pujols was so disappointed he didn't run for first! By the way is it possible to get the runner at third on a force out in that situation (dropped strike three)?
2005-07-29 21:30:30
536.   capdodger
Filthy pitch...
2005-07-29 21:31:10
537.   Xeifrank
The dam is about to bust!
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:31:21
538.   sanchez101
ive never seen a 250 pound david before
2005-07-29 21:32:02
539.   LAT
531 Amen.

I don't like the IBB.

532 Albert, never call Mango stupid, you will only make him mad.

2005-07-29 21:32:19
540.   brendan glynn

I was going to answer but couldn't get myself to type it out.

2005-07-29 21:32:26
541.   Xeifrank
BS, 1
2005-07-29 21:32:26
542.   King of the Hobos
Too bad about the BS, but it could have been worse
2005-07-29 21:32:54
543.   Bob Timmermann
As I predicted earlier ....
2005-07-29 21:32:56
544.   Ryan Jerz
535. Not unless it's for the third out.
2005-07-29 21:33:10
545.   Benaiah
Not a great way to begin for Broxton, but he seemed a little nervous, hopefully that was an aberration.
2005-07-29 21:33:23
546.   King of the Hobos
personally I like BS 1, W 1-0
2005-07-29 21:33:43
547.   Bob Timmermann

It can be worse

It can be (BS, 1, L, 0-1)

2005-07-29 21:33:51
548.   brendan glynn
that breaking ball has a little Gagne look to it. just a little bit
2005-07-29 21:33:57
549.   Xeifrank
If it wasn't for the two bloop hits, intentional walk and sac fly, it would be a perfect performance from Broxton. :)
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:34:13
550.   sanchez101
im really impressed by broxton's breaking ball. all we heard about was his fastball
Show/Hide Comments 551-600
2005-07-29 21:34:42
551.   Xeifrank
isn't Gagne's a splitter?
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:35:52
552.   capdodger
Damn. I hate bloop singles.

Of course, if the Dodger get ahead in the bottom of the inning, Broxton would be in line for the win.

2005-07-29 21:36:01
553.   Bob Timmermann
Heading to the top of the 9th in San Diego

Reds 8
Padres 3

The NL West is sinking, sinking, sinking...

2005-07-29 21:36:04
554.   Steve
Nothing that avoiding an ill-advised breaking ball to a banjo hitter couldn't have fixed.
2005-07-29 21:36:11
555.   Xeifrank
Oh, by the way, I was working out in the yard today and discovered a new planet. Go figure! vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:36:15
556.   MSarg29
Grudz looked befuddled by that fastball. Broxton really pumped that up there.
2005-07-29 21:36:30
557.   King of the Hobos
His only mistake was the WP. Line drive in the box score or not, they were 2 bloop singles. And not too many pitchers strike out Pujols in their debut
2005-07-29 21:36:36
558.   Benaiah
He did manage to K two (including the best hitter in baseball) and his only real mistake was the wild pitch. The bloops were unlucky more than anything.
2005-07-29 21:36:43
559.   natepurcell
guys. that was really exciting. my stomach was in knotts.

go bull!!

2005-07-29 21:37:06
560.   LAT
All things considered the Bull did ok. Could have been alot worse. The scary part is who comes out for the 7th
2005-07-29 21:37:08
561.   brendan glynn
went through the heart of the order and only some bad luck(bloopers) and his own wild pitch hurt him. kid looked good. is there anyone better in the bullpen right now better than broxton talent wise? No.
2005-07-29 21:37:23
562.   Xeifrank
Giants are the only NL West team to have won or winning. Why is Phillips batting?
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:38:11
563.   Xeifrank
561. Not until Kuo gets called up. Then it's pretty even. :) vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:38:39
564.   Bob Timmermann

Was the planet the red one over on the left?
If so, I saw it yesterday.

Sorry. I already got dibs on the name.

It's called Planet Minutiae.

2005-07-29 21:39:11
565.   capdodger
551, Gange's out pitch is a change.
2005-07-29 21:39:13
566.   Langhorne

Don't forget the wild pitch.

2005-07-29 21:39:42
567.   fanerman
a vulcan change
2005-07-29 21:40:10
568.   brendan glynn

It is the one that Vin calls the Bugs Bunny curve. the real slow one with the big drop. I think a splitter has to be thrown like a fastball. this is a slow curve. He doesn't have the crazy movement like gagne but it wasn't bad

2005-07-29 21:40:36
569.   fanerman
Well I'm soon off to an incredibly late dinner. Man... waiting for people sucks. Anyway, have fun. Hopefully we can squeeze out a win.
2005-07-29 21:40:43
570.   capdodger
The worst part about Phillips playing first is that he will play the entire game. There's no way Tracy takes him out because if Navarro goes down, then who catches.
2005-07-29 21:41:10
571.   brendan glynn

Yes, that's it. the Vulcan change. thanks

2005-07-29 21:41:47
572.   Nagman
I'm watching the StL feed on EI and Hrabosky was asked if he enjoyed coming to Dodger Stadium. He said definitely, and they always made sure they had a radio in the bullpen to listen to Vin.
2005-07-29 21:41:57
573.   Jim Hitchcock
555, 564 - Have you two changed the mushrooms in your spaghetti sauce lately?
2005-07-29 21:42:40
574.   King of the Hobos
Duaner in, hopefully this is one of his good nights
2005-07-29 21:43:15
575.   Paul B
I'm sure it's been touched upon, but can someone remind me why Jimbo has gone to such lengths to keep Phillips's bat in the lineup? At catcher, fine. At 1B? Ugh.

(And no, you don't REALLY have to remind me. It's all fairly self-evident...)

2005-07-29 21:43:47
576.   LAT
Hopefully Christina is at the A's game.
2005-07-29 21:43:47
577.   King of the Hobos
Can we finally get Mahoney out?
2005-07-29 21:44:40
578.   Paul B
Hah! The first Duaner to Dioner joke!
2005-07-29 21:46:44
579.   King of the Hobos
Why can't Duaner do that more often?
2005-07-29 21:46:49
580.   Nagman
Maybe LaRussa will let Morris throw 130+ pitches like he let Marquis the other night.
2005-07-29 21:47:55
581.   brendan glynn
i wouldn't mind a zanchez,broxton, braz finish to games.

I wouldn't change the channel

2005-07-29 21:47:58
582.   Jon Weisman
See Erickson and Thurston updates up top.
2005-07-29 21:48:08
583.   Bob Timmermann
All over in San Diego.

Reds win 8-3.

2005-07-29 21:49:37
584.   Jon Weisman
At the seventh-inning stretch, in under seven hours, this comment thread is fourth all-time. The next threshold is 647.
2005-07-29 21:50:22
585.   Bob Timmermann
I guess he's not on his way to becoming Hee-Seop Mota.
2005-07-29 21:50:22
586.   brendan glynn
Chan Ho's pitch was that first one.
2005-07-29 21:50:59
588.   Langhorne
Why no double switch? We could've taken Edwards out. Now we burn a pitcher and a PH.
2005-07-29 21:51:10
589.   King of the Hobos
I haven't noticed any conversation about it, so you guys might want to check Jon's updates. Erickson will accept an assignment to Vegas (c'mon yankees, claim him). And Thurston was traded for everyone's favorite PTBNL from the Yankees
2005-07-29 21:51:24
590.   MSarg29
The ump is calling the high strike tonight. Particularly on high breaking balls.
2005-07-29 21:52:08
591.   Bob Timmermann
As long as the Yankees don't give the Dodger Tony Womack, the Dodgers have already won that deal.
2005-07-29 21:52:55
592.   brendan glynn
Thurston to the Yanks? do you think they are trading that Cano kid? I read that everyone is asking for him in trade talks and Yankee minors are threadbare. I think big mistake if they do, he looks really good.
2005-07-29 21:53:18
593.   Xeifrank
582. We haven't seen the last of Erickson? Why? Is he going to become a weatherman or something? vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:53:26
594.   Jon Weisman
How many successful Dodger hit-and-runs have I witnessed this year? Two, maybe?
2005-07-29 21:53:33
595.   King of the Hobos
As much as I and all of you hate 'em, I don't mind a successful hit n' run every now and then
2005-07-29 21:53:44
596.   LAT
589. Do the Yankees have any players to be named later. I think they have already traded every player in thier farm system . . .twice.
2005-07-29 21:53:46
597.   Xeifrank
Hit n Run single. Buntermaker is a fenius!
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:54:02
598.   MSarg29
This trade of Thurston smells like a favor to an organization guy who just wouldnt get a chance. The last time we traded a guy to the Yanks as a favor was Sturtze. The Yanks have sure liked him.
2005-07-29 21:54:02
599.   Jim Hitchcock
Morris has the Toby Ziegler look and expressions down pat.
2005-07-29 21:54:23
600.   capdodger
Look at that... A perfect hit and run.
Show/Hide Comments 601-650
2005-07-29 21:54:34
601.   Bob Timmermann
If the Yankees think they are going to the playoffs with Joe Thurston at second base instead of Robinson Cano, they better get a king's ransom in a trade.

Cano is actually good.

Joe Thurston is not replacement level.

2005-07-29 21:54:35
602.   bokonon42
582- That is priceless. Erickson is such a gamer!
2005-07-29 21:56:07
603.   Jon Weisman
I'm sure Thurston is just for the system, not to replace Cano (whose name, I heard for the first time on the Angel broadcast tonight, is accented on the second syllable.)
2005-07-29 21:56:27
604.   Xeifrank
wow! Nice play (NOT) Morris.
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:56:48
605.   LAT
Merry Christmas!
2005-07-29 21:56:48
606.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-07-29 21:56:50
607.   King of the Hobos
What the hell did Morris just do? Other than give us a run
2005-07-29 21:56:55
608.   Bob Timmermann
I think Matt Morris was seen talking to Arnold Rothstein before the game.
2005-07-29 21:56:57
609.   Jon Weisman
2005-07-29 21:57:36
610.   MSarg29
Thank you Morris. Bradley has to do a better job than that.
2005-07-29 21:57:47
611.   Xeifrank
Darwin meet Morris.
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:57:47
612.   brendan glynn
WOW. Edmonds almost duplicated that catch he had in KC with the Angels
2005-07-29 21:58:09
613.   Jim Hitchcock
Sweet! Make him pay!
2005-07-29 21:58:15
614.   Ryan Jerz
So, what was Izturis thinking?
2005-07-29 21:58:18
615.   LAT
How long is tony going to leave in the game? Forever?
2005-07-29 21:58:53
616.   Bob Timmermann
Why in the world is Matt Morris still pitching? Why didn't anyone come out to talk to him to calm him down?

I'm just stunned. C'mon Sport Sullivan is around. Maybe Matt Morris's middle name is really Cicotte.

2005-07-29 21:59:20
617.   brendan glynn
601 & 603

I saw him play in Anaheim over the weekend. He was very impressive.

2005-07-29 21:59:24
618.   Xeifrank
Yahoo says Morris has only thrown 75 pitches. What is his real count? That can't be right
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 21:59:37
619.   Nagman
Not to mention Ledee has hit him hard tonight.
2005-07-29 21:59:49
620.   King of the Hobos
Marquis did make 130+ pitches...
2005-07-29 22:00:33
621.   Xeifrank
614. He takes his team out of the double play by giving himself up. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 22:00:58
622.   Bob Timmermann
But the Cardinals actually have good relief pitchers. It's not like there's a staff of Gio Carraras are sitting out in the St. Louis bullpen.
2005-07-29 22:02:21
623.   Bob Timmermann
Since this was brought a long, long, long time ago, Jay Powell of the Braves did not break his arm tonight. He did blow out his elbow and most likely his career is over.
2005-07-29 22:02:33
624.   Xeifrank
622. I guess you didn't read LaRussa's book. I didn't either. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 22:02:34
625.   Jon Weisman
Bob - I don't think I've ever seen you so aghast.
2005-07-29 22:02:44
626.   Langhorne

Say it ain't so, Matt.

2005-07-29 22:02:57
627.   brendan glynn
I forgot about SCHMOLL!! Sorry Steve

Broxton, Schmoll, Braz. Now that's not bad

2005-07-29 22:03:11
628.   King of the Hobos
Tracy sure didn't hesitate to give Schmoll the 8th inning duties. While I'm happy about it, it's not a Tracy-esque move
2005-07-29 22:03:47
629.   Bob Timmermann
I'm feeling quite ghastish tonight.
2005-07-29 22:04:45
630.   King of the Hobos
Not our LOOGY again. When will Jim learn?
2005-07-29 22:05:51
631.   brendan glynn

Tracy is all over the map. he says or acts like he has guidelines but throws them out the window at the strangest times for no apparent reason

2005-07-29 22:06:07
632.   Bob Timmermann
Wilson Alvarez facing Jim Edmonds with runners on base will make me feel even more ghastish.
2005-07-29 22:07:20
633.   MSarg29
629 - Maybe a pharmacist could help you w/ that.
2005-07-29 22:07:55
634.   Ryan Jerz
Man, that 1-1 pitch was a beauty.
2005-07-29 22:08:13
635.   MSarg29
great job schmoll.
2005-07-29 22:08:14
636.   natepurcell
our young pitchers have made the best hitter in the game look like jason phillips.
2005-07-29 22:08:17
637.   King of the Hobos
Schmoll just saved this game. Alvarez vs Edmonds...
2005-07-29 22:08:46
638.   Xeifrank
Unlikely that we see Pujols again. That's good. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 22:09:05
639.   brendan glynn
Come Yhency. follow the example laid out in front of you.

God I love prospects and pennant race time.

2005-07-29 22:09:24
640.   LAT
Jon is trying to protect the record. . .
2005-07-29 22:09:46
641.   Jim Hitchcock
Isn't ghastish caused by eating too much ghoulash(sic)?
2005-07-29 22:11:18
642.   King of the Hobos
Time for Phillips-Repko-Navarro
2005-07-29 22:11:53
643.   Steve
Every inning is a good inning to bring in Broxton or Schmoll. Every lefty is a trap to bring in Hideo Alvarez for the pummelling.
2005-07-29 22:12:05
644.   LAT
642. That strikes fear into the hearts of pitchers everwhere
2005-07-29 22:12:46
645.   brendan glynn
we are killing DT with our kindess. posters who love too much
2005-07-29 22:13:30
646.   natepurcell
edmonds, rodriguez, grudzz... in the 9th
2005-07-29 22:13:37
647.   Xeifrank
I see alot of myself in Jason Phillips... in the sense that niether of us can hit major league pitching or throw out a major league runner stealing 2nd base. Ouch!
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 22:15:11
648.   natepurcell
gooo rookiess!!!!
2005-07-29 22:15:58
649.   Langhorne
When's the first DT road trip to Las Vegas to see our man Erickson pitch?
2005-07-29 22:16:20
650.   brendan glynn
does yhency plug Grudz? didn't he do that to colorado after they kept hitting dodgers and one of them threw the a bat at him a couple of times
Show/Hide Comments 651-700
2005-07-29 22:16:35
651.   Jon Weisman
640 - People can stay in this chat. I just had some side thoughts I wanted to express for the masses, so to speak.
2005-07-29 22:16:35
652.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
It's been said before, but this season has been great for finding bench players.
2005-07-29 22:17:13
653.   capdodger
622 - Wasn't that what happened to the Giants pitching coach during his playing days? Or did he actually break his arm?
2005-07-29 22:17:26
654.   Benaiah
649 - Is his half a million contract garanteed? Can we recoup a couple of sawbucks to buy Depo a lapdance to get over Lisa?
2005-07-29 22:17:58
655.   brendan glynn

I didn't think you would be able to talk me into going somewhere to watch erickson do anything. But hell it's Vegas, I'm in.

2005-07-29 22:18:27
656.   sanchez101
tomato time!
2005-07-29 22:18:32
657.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Navarro has his post-walk bat flip down cold.
2005-07-29 22:19:37
658.   MSarg29
Hrabosky just said about Repko "he looks like a hustler"

Well said.

2005-07-29 22:19:44
659.   Ryan Jerz
Straight scrappy
2005-07-29 22:19:46
660.   Benaiah
Scrappy! I must say that Repko has grown on me.
2005-07-29 22:19:58
661.   capdodger
A very scrappy play.
2005-07-29 22:20:29
662.   Langhorne
Repko advances at his own peril. THAT'S SCRAPPY!
2005-07-29 22:21:05
663.   Bob Timmermann
Dave Righetti is the Giants pitching coach. He didn't break his arm. It was Dave Dravecky who broke his arm pitching. He later had it amputated as he had a tumor in it.

Other guys have just broken their arms pitching because it's just something that happens. Some people have arms that snap under strain.

2005-07-29 22:22:41
664.   LAT
How can the Giants be hanging around? They suck. I expected them to challege the Rox by now.
2005-07-29 22:22:41
665.   Jon Weisman
We pass May 10 (661 comments) to reach the No. 2 spot all-time.
2005-07-29 22:22:44
666.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Good ghravy, here comes Yhency.
2005-07-29 22:24:38
667.   Ryan Jerz
665. Jon, what's the record again?
2005-07-29 22:24:39
668.   brendan glynn
Tracy is a genius. Phillips at first is perfect
2005-07-29 22:24:55
669.   Bob Timmermann
October 1, 1991 was a game full of lots of ghastishness by me. The Dodgers beat the Padres 3-1.

This was the 8th inning:
PADRES 8TH: Shipley flied to left; Faries singled; VATCHER
BATTED FOR BENES; Vatcher walked [Faries to second]; MCDOWELL
REPLACED OJEDA (PITCHING); Jackson doubled [Faries scored,
Vatcher to third]; AZOCAR BATTED FOR WARD; Azocar flied to left;
Santiago grounded out (pitcher to catcher to first); 1 R, 2 H, 0
E, 2 LOB. Padres 1, Dodgers 3.

Then the 9th
Roberts grounded out (second to first); 0 R, 0 H, 0 E, 0 LOB.
Padres 1, Dodgers 3

2005-07-29 22:24:56
670.   Jim Hitchcock
Phillips shows scrappiness!
2005-07-29 22:25:23
671.   MSarg29
phillips is in there for his defense. i cant belive i just said that.
2005-07-29 22:25:31
672.   Xeifrank
Nice play by Phillips. I would've had it too! :) Nice to see Choi cheerleading. Hope he doesn't sprain something. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 22:25:34
673.   Langhorne
I knew starting Phillips at first was the right thing to do.
2005-07-29 22:25:48
674.   brendan glynn
LAT the record is 750
2005-07-29 22:25:50
675.   Jim Hitchcock
667 - 750.
2005-07-29 22:25:59
676.   King of the Hobos
I haven't been so happy to have Phillips in a game in quite awhile. Nice stop
2005-07-29 22:26:16
677.   sanchez101
so now we will hear about how phillips can really pick it at 1st. Why is it that even when phillips does something good, it hurts the team.
2005-07-29 22:26:39
678.   LAT
I guess that's proof that Phillips feet really aren'tnailed to the ground. That must be the fastest he has moved since the second inning when he was running away from kent.
2005-07-29 22:26:41
679.   Jon Weisman
669 - That ninth sounds fun to me, Bob.
2005-07-29 22:26:53
680.   brendan glynn
Who's bullpen is this? I say he buzzes Grudz
2005-07-29 22:27:47
681.   Fearing Blue
The standings don't understand the division leader having a record under .500. The Padres are listed as .5 games back from the division lead.

2005-07-29 22:27:53
682.   brendan glynn
well he should have
2005-07-29 22:27:59
683.   Xeifrank
Tying run at the plate. John Mabry the answer to Vin's trivia question at the plate. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 22:28:53
684.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Bob, what about the next night?
PADRES 8TH: GROSS REPLACED HANSEN (PITCHING); AZOCAR BATTED FOR HARRIS; Azocar singled to shortstop; Roberts singled to shortstop [Azocar to second]; Howell singled to third [Azocar to third, Roberts to second]; Jackson singled to left [Azocar scored (unearned, but earned for the pitcher), Roberts to third,
Howell to second]; CANDELARIA REPLACED GROSS (PITCHING); McGriff reached on an error by Murray [Roberts scored (unearned, but
earned for the pitcher), Howell to third, Jackson to second, McGriff to first]; MCDOWELL REPLACED CANDELARIA (PITCHING);
Santiago singled [Howell scored (unearned), Jackson to third, McGriff to second]; Teufel popped to second; Howard grounded out
(second to first) [Jackson scored (unearned) (RBI), McGriff to third, Santiago to second]; Shipley singled [McGriff scored] (unearned), Santiago to third]; Azocar singled [Santiago scored (unearned, but earned for the pitcher), Shipley to third]; Roberts flied to left; 6 R, 7 H, 1 E, 2 LOB. Padres 9, Dodgers 3.
Vin: "It's like being beaten to death by an angry moth."
2005-07-29 22:29:15
685.   Xeifrank
Mabry is 3-12 is at bats where he was the answer to a trivia question. vr, Xei
2005-07-29 22:29:26
686.   brendan glynn
get that fastball higher yhency
2005-07-29 22:29:32
687.   Jon Weisman
If you go to ESPN's standings page right now ...

... you find they are so confounded by San Diego leading with a losing record, they have the Padres at 0.5 games behind.

2005-07-29 22:29:35
688.   Langhorne

I wouldn't think anyone would cross the street to watch Erickson. Let's just hope that who starts in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

2005-07-29 22:30:03
689.   Xeifrank
I am predicting a game tying HR right here.
vr, Xei
2005-07-29 22:30:20
690.   Ben P
Grudz was really on top of those fastballs. Brazoban needs to develop confidence in another pitch or he will get lit up a lot more.
2005-07-29 22:30:23
691.   LAT
I think I too am feeling ghastishness or whatever that thing Bob was talking about
2005-07-29 22:30:58
692.   capdodger
Thanks Bob.
I remembered the image more than the name. I was more worried about wether people in kindergarten would like me.
2005-07-29 22:31:18
693.   King of the Hobos
Good enough. Good start to what figured to be a not-so-fun series
2005-07-29 22:31:22
694.   Jim Hitchcock
XF, I was ready to send you to the moon :)
2005-07-29 22:31:29
695.   Ryan Jerz
big win
2005-07-29 22:32:43
698.   natepurcell
that was one of the most exciting games this season. wow
2005-07-29 22:41:50
699.   fanerman
Nice win! If we can steal one more we'll be in good shape.
2005-07-29 22:41:50
700.   fanerman
Nice win! If we can steal one more we'll be in good shape.
Show/Hide Comments 701-750
2005-07-29 22:42:09
701.   Jon Weisman
Wow - we're back. The site needed 10 minutes recovery time.
2005-07-29 22:43:40
702.   LAT
That was a fun game. . .but only beacuse we won. Its times like that I really miss Gagne.
2005-07-29 22:44:47
703.   Jim Hitchcock
701 - Was the server critical of your poetry in your latest post, Jon? :)
2005-07-29 22:45:35
704.   LAT
701. After that game I needed 10 minutes recovery time too.
2005-07-29 22:45:38
705.   Bob Timmermann
You know, I posted that bad inning against the Padres also, but it made the site die.


2005-07-29 22:47:55
706.   Fearing Blue
#698: A bullpen of Carrara, Broxton, Sanchez, Schmoll, and Brazoban will always be exciting, but perhaps not always for the good of the Dodgers :).

Just wait until next year when it's some combination of Sanchez, Kuo, Broxton, Schmoll, Brazoban, and Gagne. Wow!

2005-07-29 22:54:03
707.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Padres at 0.5 games behind.
In this division, it's possible.
2005-07-29 22:56:35
708.   brendan glynn

FB if you were the manager in what order would pitch them?

2005-07-29 22:57:00
709.   brendan glynn

in that order?

2005-07-29 22:57:00
710.   brendan glynn

in that order?

2005-07-29 23:01:47
711.   LAT
By next year I would make Braz trade bait. I just don't think he has it unless he develops another pitch. Soon as the leauge sees more of him, I think they will get to him. We are staring to see it already.
2005-07-29 23:07:26
712.   LAT
Bob, this may have been asked but what is the fewest wins a team has had and won the division and/or wild card.
2005-07-29 23:08:21
713.   Bob Timmermann
Full season record low is 82 by the 1973 Mets.
2005-07-29 23:08:21
714.   Jon Weisman
'73 Mets - 82-79, I believe.
2005-07-29 23:08:55
715.   brendan glynn
73 mets with 82 wins for a pennant.
2005-07-29 23:11:16
716.   LAT
Thanks Bob but that was too fast. Did you know that or have to look it up? If the former you are wasting your time here you need to be on the game show circuit. If the latter, you must have gone through school looking for every class offering open book exams.
2005-07-29 23:12:18
717.   Jon Weisman
Okay, Bob beat me by 0:00.4
2005-07-29 23:12:33
718.   LAT
ok apparently lots of people knew that one. I'm still guessing Bob was partial to open book exams (as was I).
2005-07-29 23:17:21
719.   Bob Timmermann
I've just answered that question frequently lately.

I ran a comparison of the 2005 NL West to the 1973 NL East and the 1994 AL West.

I think the 73 NL East had a higher cumulative winning percentage.

2005-07-29 23:24:09
720.   brendan glynn
Bob told me two days ago. And I still had to think about it
2005-07-29 23:25:25
721.   brendan glynn
someone posted that the 95 dodgers had a .509 winning pct.
2005-07-29 23:30:31
722.   Midwest Blue
MAn, that was a great game tonight. I think the Dodgers as team showed the right amount of scrappiness to get this win. A couple of fielding errors, inconsisitent starter and lucky bloops were balanced out by dig-deep plays (Ledee, Izzy, the Bull, Duaner, Schmoll, Braz).

I think if this team is to be successful for the rest of this season we will see a lot more of these type of streetfighter games.

2005-07-29 23:32:36
723.   Midwest Blue
I also think that if the Dodgers win or show as much heart as tonight in tomorrow's game (if it's a loss) that DePo will put something significant on the line for a big bat. But who? I'm not convinced it will be Dunn.
2005-07-29 23:35:46
724.   Bob Timmermann
The 1994 Dodgers were .509.

The 1995 Dodgers were .542! That's the worst Dodgers team to make the postseason.

The franchise best is the 1899 team which was .682, they were .0006 better than the 1953 squad.

2005-07-29 23:36:49
725.   Midwest Blue
Finally, while we will probably not set a new record tonight, I think this season is gelling nicely for DT (and Jon). I think I am seeing a lot of new folks on this site and that may be because of the recent publicity DT has garnered.

Regardless, the talk is enthusiastic, genuine, and infectious. Logging onto DT is honestly a daily highlight. So keep it up!!

2005-07-29 23:39:13
726.   brendan glynn

That's it. thanks

2005-07-30 00:03:58
727.   Jim Hitchcock
725 - Like Jon said in the radio interview, it would be inconceivable to now watch a game without logging on if circumstances permit. I can never go back!

Good thing Jon has a huge living room...

2005-07-30 00:40:41
728.   Fearing Blue
#709: Yeah, I'd probably start in the order I listed unless / until Broxton shows he is capable of moving up the list. Then, it just becomes a matter of how far up he can move by the end of the year, or how far others can fall.
2005-07-30 00:48:51
729.   Bob Timmermann
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Cardinal GM Walt Jocketty was trying hard to swing a trade for Brian Giles.

I can't quite figure out why the Padres would even listen to Jocketty.

2005-07-30 00:50:24
730.   capdodger
I stumbled across DT a year ago minus a day when I was looking for reactions to The Trade(tm) that were of a higher caliber than, "The Dodgers just handed the Marlins the NL East." I found it here in Jon's posts and in the comments.

I can't imagine watching a game without checking the DT chatter.

2005-07-30 00:54:43
731.   capdodger
729 - This is odd indeed. Why would the Padres trade the second highest OPS on their team? I'd lilke to hear that phone call.

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