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It's as Simple as This
2005-07-29 22:17
by Jon Weisman

When they're winning
I have hope
When they're losing

2005-07-29 23:25:09
1.   Midwest Blue
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Sorry Erickson,
The Bull smells better than you
2005-07-29 23:35:17
2.   jpeace
Goodbye Erickson
Broxton Navarro called up
Do we trade Phillips?
2005-07-30 00:37:20
3.   DougS
Make sure you get a good look at Navarro at the big league level before you do anything with Phillips.
2005-07-30 05:07:43
4.   coachjpark
We can't trade Phillips.... he's playing first base for us.

Can anyone explain the reasoning behind putting Phillips at first base?

2005-07-30 06:46:05
5.   bill cox
Phillips bat is useful to have around.How much does Navarro play anyway at his age,especially if he struggles at the plate.Its nice to see the early harvest of our farm system.
Broxton was impressive,throw out the two bloops and he was pretty overpowering.
I wonder who else we'll see this year.I'd guess we'll see Osiria again,maybe Delwyn Young in September.I'd like to see Loney also so the doubting Thomases can see his glove work and that sweeet line drive bat.
2005-07-30 07:26:46
6.   Steelyeri
That lineup looks 100 times better with bradley and ledee in there. Kent does great when he actually gets some protection and some pitches to hit. I would also like to see Choi back in there at first. Last night's game gave me lot's of hope for this season.
2005-07-30 08:18:42
7.   gvette
Jonathan Broxton
Really did okay
Let's just hope
He stays away from Hometown Buffet

Times change. Remember when Al Campanis (stupidly) unloaded Sid Fernandez to the Mets because he thought El Sid was too big?

Most impressive thing was Broxton's off speed. Even Eckstein can make contact with a 95+ fastball, but the curve is the difference maker.

2005-07-30 08:52:06
8.   bill cox
Gvette,I don't see Broxton having a weight problem.He's a big boy with huge legs and a big frame.Think plow horse or the guy pushing the plow.He should be alright.
I guess weight is relative.Claire got rid of Pedro because he was too frail.Lets hope Depo doesn't think Kuo is too small to throw gas.
2005-07-30 09:04:28
9.   bill cox
Another guy has a pitcher's body is Joel Hanrahan.I think he needs a pitcher's mind though,figure out where to locate his pitches.
2005-07-30 09:11:59
10.   jpeace
I'm just saying good hitting catchers aren't crucial for a playoff run. I personally thought things would fall apart after the LoDuco trade. Never happened.

Unfortunately Dioneer doesn't have any major league catcing experience. But if this weren't the case, I don't think Phillips is unmovable because of his offence.

2005-07-30 09:14:45
11.   CanuckDodger
Broxton has been heavier, fatter. After the 2003 season, most of which he spent on the DL, Broxton lost 30 pounds in the off-season and showed up for 2004 spring training looking pretty much like he does now. With a frame as big as Broxton's, weight can be put on easily and quickly if he does not take care.

The next gigantic reliever we see come up from our farm -- though who knows how long it will be -- may be Jose Diaz, who is called "Jumbo" Diaz within the Dodger organization. Same height as Broxton, but heavier. A couple years ago, when Diaz was in Rookie ball, a fan at a game overheard a Dodger trainer get big laughs out of the bullpen pitchers with the remark that he had a dream that the Dodgers fired him for letting Jumbo get too fat. Jumbo's fastball was clocked as high as 100 MPH last year. He had 74 K's in 45 IP between low and high A, but needed Tommy John surgery before the 2004 season was done. He just returned to action a while ago, and has 7 K's and no hits or walks in 3 IP in high A. His fastball has been clocked as high as 99 MPH recently.

2005-07-30 09:39:12
12.   gvette
#8 Broxton is just a big framed guy,that's the way it is, and clearly he and the Dodgers are aware of the pitfalls of too much body fat, based on his past history.

David Wells has pitched into his 40's with that type of body, Sid Fernandez was successful for years, while someone like Joey Hamilton always had to fight it.

2005-07-30 11:14:28
13.   tjshere
Poetry, Eh? Hey, I'm the king of culture. Anyone for limericks?

There was a fine pitcher named Scott
But talent he's no longer got
He went D F A
Now the Dodgers, I'd say
Are due to start winning a lot


2005-07-30 13:00:28
14.   natepurcell
jumbi diaz= bartolo colon.
2005-07-30 13:22:13
15.   CanuckDodger
Colon is short (5-foot-11). Diaz is 6-foot-4.

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