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Happy Birthday to The Boy
2005-08-03 07:00
by Jon Weisman

One year old, and still hasn't been dropped. Though he did get conked by a ceiling fan when I was lifting him over my shoulders last week - whap whap whap. I'm glad I wasn't arrested for parental stupidity (and much more glad he survived)!

But what a sweet kid. Happy birthday, pal!

2005-08-03 07:47:47
1.   TFD
Jon: Congrats! Enjoy 'em while you can. They grow up fast.


2005-08-03 07:56:22
2.   Jeromy
Congratulations on your 1 year landmark. My wife and I just had our 4th child on July 7, so I'm anticipating celebrating this week that she will be one month old. Time sure flies!
2005-08-03 07:57:31
3.   Steelyeri
Congratulations Jon. It's great being able to watch them grow up. Isn't it?
2005-08-03 08:23:48
4.   Vishal
congratulations to you and yours, jon. parenting must be an incredibly difficult job.
2005-08-03 08:52:30
5.   db1022
Congrats Jon. My son just turned one in late May. It's a fun age :)
2005-08-03 08:54:13
6.   dzzrtRatt
Congratulations Jon! It just keeps getting better. It's difficult, Vishal, but nothing makes you prouder than helping your child become a person with his/her own passions, skills and ideas.

From his birth til this birthday, the worry was, what could you do to him? Now you're entering the phase in which you worry about what he could do to himself. Not quite sure when that phase ends. It's been going on 14 years for my boy and I'm beginning to think it never stops.

2005-08-03 08:54:32
7.   JJoeScott
Congrats, mine is 6 mos. today. (And, yes, with his big sister I did pull the ceiling fan trick once - scary!!!)
2005-08-03 09:09:47
8.   Colorado Blue
Nice sentiment Jon.

I can remember with great clarity the birth of all 3 of my kids... my oldest son (5 yrs.) just finished his first season of T-Ball. He begged me to take him to see the Phillies-Rockies (his team was the Phillies of course). He watches Dodger games with me, asks poignant questions, and then asks if we can go outside and play catch... life is good!

2005-08-03 09:14:18
9.   Colorado Blue
RE: Ceiling fan header.

I haven't actually done that, but when my oldest son was 5 mos. old I flipped him out of his car seat carrier and he proceded to land flat on his face. I was horrified and my wife nearly killed me.

However, to this day he keeps his eye on the ball and is not afraid of it hitting him. I attribute this to my gross negligence and which goes to show that everything happens for a reason. :)

2005-08-03 09:28:21
10.   jasonungar05
Congrats Jon. I was recently married in May and I am looking forward to having kids. (next year, cross my fingers) Sometimes I feel like a kid myself still, but heck I am closer to 40 than 20 and thats a bit scary.
2005-08-03 10:15:50
11.   Xeifrank
Jon, congrats to you and your family. My daughter turned one just over a month ago. She proceeded to smear cake all over her face, it was quite a site. I'm training her to be a ballplayer (don't tell the wife). She loves beachballs, picking up flowers and leaves, dancing, pointing to her belly button and watching sesame street. Have fun!
vr, Xei
2005-08-03 13:49:44
12.   dan reines
"whap whap whap"?

three whaps?

man, jon. you need to work on your reflexes.

i did the same thing over there at lacma when my daughter was 9 months. we were in the children's wing, and i put her on my shoulders and walked her into a heating duct and split her lip.

it took two weeks for the cut to heal and go away, but it seemed like two years.

congratulations, jon.

2005-08-03 15:14:00
13.   Jon Weisman
It was more like this:


So you can understand the problem ...

Thanks, everyone.

2005-08-04 15:15:55
14.   BlueMamma
Congratulations, Jon, and to the boy too! We did the ceiling fan thing with our oldest at age 2, and now at 7, she's reading at a 6th grade level - no worries there.

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