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Struggling with RISP - a Psychological Issue?
2005-08-04 19:36
by Jon Weisman

Jim Tracy's career statistics with runners in scoring position: .267 on-base percentage, .104 slugging percentage. He was 5 for 48 with 10 RBI, 11 walks and 20 strikeouts. So you can understand why he might be sensitive.

With the bases empty, Tracy had a .393 on-base percentage and .520 slugging percentage.

Hee Seop Choi hits all right - he hits too close to home.

(Just teasing, of course.)

Comments (98)
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2005-08-04 16:07:40
1.   Xeifrank
Luke, I am your father!
2005-08-04 16:57:11
2.   scareduck
Great minds with but a similar thought --

2005-08-04 16:59:24
3.   landed sailor
This is unrelated to Jim's trauma, but relevant to the overarching interest in the Dodger's minor league heroes.

I've recently moved from LA to Knoxville, TN (and I've been reading DT since before the LoDuca trade, so label me the ultimate lurker as this is my first post), but the Suns have been playing the Tennessee Smokies and the local press has been paying close attention. Below is a link to today's article on Edwin Jackson. Registration is required to view it. There's nothing much new in it -- some comments from the J-ville pitching coach I hadn't seen before -- but if anyone's interested:,1406,KNS_329_3976841,00.html

Jon, I read Dodger Thoughts daily. Thanks so much for the smartest Dodger site on the internet.

2005-08-04 19:15:08
4.   Suffering Bruin
I realize people may think I've jumped the shark. It's a mite bit embarassing that I don't know what Jumped the Shark means (paging Timmerman). But I still say, to any and all who will listen, that Choi is absolutely key to the success of this team. Play him. Every damn day. See what happens.

He'll be no worse than Phillips which is not exactly a ringing endorsement. I think he'll be much better and the evidence backs me up.

Not to mention his supernatural powers that influence the success and failure of the boys in blue because of his mere presence...

2005-08-04 19:33:18
5.   scareduck
4 - your wish is my command:

2005-08-04 19:50:14
6.   jpeace
6 Maybe it's true. No Choi. Dodgers lose badly.

Do the Dodgers have a team Psychologist? If not, i nominate Jon.

Charlie Steiner might also have some issues to deal with from his days at broadcasting school. Like getting an F in showing more interest in the play by play rather than the major league scoreboard.

2005-08-04 19:58:32
7.   popup
Might be interesting to do a poll of D.T. readers as to who should manage the Dodgers. I will vote for Dan Rohn who manages the triple A team in Tacoma. I am sure that is the only vote he will get. I would bet that if the internet existed in 1953 no one would have voted for Walt Alston.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-08-04 20:06:35
8.   Bob Timmermann
Tomorrow in Toronto, Dave Smith of Retrosheet will be giving a presentation comparing the 1955 and 1965 Dodgers and determining whether the former was better at scoring runs or the latter was better at preventing runs.

As for Walter Alston in 1954, I think one of the New York papers ran a headline that said "Walter Who?" or something to that effect. Dressen was enormously popular and very successful. He just wasn't popular with Walter O'Malley.

Alston had managed many of the Dodgers in the minors, including Roy Campanella, and actually made Campanella the acting manager one game after Alston was ejected.

2005-08-04 21:15:37
9.   Sam DC
A DC-related craft-of-sportswriting tangent -- In my view, the Nationals' beat writer, Barry Svrluga, is very gifted. I think his writeup of tonight's (grim from our perspective) game was excellent -- gets out the facts (at least those of most interest to a Nationals fan) and weaves them into a story that would be interesting to a reader who had watched the game or had seen the details on a ticker on BB Tonight or whatever.

A link, for those interested. Curious if folks agree or dis- with my view.

2005-08-04 22:05:23
10.   oldbear
What journalism school did Michael Ventre attend? He needs his money back.

A complete hatchet job on the Dodgers, McCourt, DePo on

I've seen more enlightened writing on than this column.

2005-08-04 22:12:46
11.   popup
Bob T, please let us know the results from the comparison of the 55 and 65 Dodgers. The 55 Dodgers were just a bit before my time, though I do remember the 65 Dodgers distinctly. Seems to me that it would be a difficult comparison; Ebbets Field was a bandbox and Dodger Stadium was just the opposite. Both teams were well suited to their home park. I doubt that the 55 Dodgers would have had much success against Sandy if the two teams played against each other. Then again, the 55 Dodgers could certainly claim Sandy for their own and I can guarantee you the 65 Dodgers would never touch him.

It is odd and quite frankly sad that no one has really done anything to honor Sandy on the 50th anniversary of his debut. Earlier this year I wrote a letter to the Dodgers suggesting that something be done to commemorate Sandy this year but got no real response to my suggestion. I wrote a simliar letter to Fred Wilpon of the Mets and got no response at all. Maybe on September 9th Jon can do a Sandy tribute on this site for the 40th anniversary of his perfect game and the 50th anniversary of his mlb debut.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-08-04 22:26:07
12.   popup
Sam, thanks for the tip. That guy is an excellent writer. Quite frankly I would have enjoyed a story about how the Dodgers beat one of the best young pitchers in the league more though. I saw Patterson pitch earlier this year on t.v. and was quite impressed. Great arm and it looks like he is in command on the mound. Wish the Dodgers had him.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-08-04 22:27:45
13.   LAT
Bob T in case you missed this in the last thread:

Bob T, this one's for you:

Russ Ortiz's rehab start was not a screaming success:

Ortiz: 2 1/3 IP, 12 H, 1 BB, 1 K, 10 ER
And that was in Lancaster which is class A. He's expected to start in Tucson on Monday.

2005-08-04 22:29:39
14.   Ryan Jerz
That Ventre article is brutal. "Letting Beltre go was fatheaded, even though he's having an off year." Followed immediately by "You never know how a player would have done if he had remained in the situation where he felt confident and comfortable."

I think what we need here on DT is a page that shows some of the most uninformed quotes that people can find about this team. That would be really entertaining.

2005-08-05 05:54:18
15.   Penarol1916
9. I very much agree with you Sam. I think I was spoiled by the Post's sports section when I lived there and am now stuck with crap for writers and columnists in Chicago. I still tend to go to the for my primary source of news first thing in the morning.
2005-08-05 08:12:16
16.   Howard Fox
10 - you are right, what a jerk
2005-08-05 08:13:47
17.   Howard Fox
re: Choi - it's always a good thing to put a power hitter up as a pinch hitter late in the game, leading off an inning, isn't it?
2005-08-05 08:21:05
18.   regfairfield
It's an even better thing to have that player hit four times in a game.
2005-08-05 08:26:53
19.   fanerman
I agree 100% with Suffering Bruin, regfairfield, et al. Just play Choi...
2005-08-05 08:30:54
20.   gvette
10-Ventre used to do a weekly segment on a LA Sportstalk radio, Since his comments then parroted the anti-Dodgers/McCourt/DePo view of the hosts, his latest column isn't surprising.

11-Like Stan, I would be very interested in the 55/65 Dodger info. The 65 Dodgers hit 78 HRs as a team, but beat out the Giants with Mays/McCovey hitting 91 by themselves.

Can the Dodgers stay within five games of the lead AND lose 90 games this year?

2005-08-05 08:39:32
21.   Howard Fox
18 & 19 - the way Tracy sees it, if Choi pinch hits and makes an out, his %'s go down less than if he goes 0 for see, he is doing this for his self esteem...Tracy is so good with people...

20 - hard to say, lose 90 and stay within 5, certainly possible...but someone, by default, has to win during the interdivisional games in September

2005-08-05 09:01:50
22.   Bob Timmermann
Just dropping by here. Dave Smith's conclusion was that the 1965 Dodgers had an historically hot pitching streak at the end of the season. His presentation will be online pretty soon
2005-08-05 09:10:26
23.   fanerman
To lose 90 games and be 5 back, the winner of the West would still lose 80 games, right? That's still a little above .500.
2005-08-05 09:11:16
24.   fanerman
Wait... ignore that. I was being stupid. Ha. Ha. Ha.
2005-08-05 09:11:39
25.   Howard Fox
to lose 90 and be 5 back, the winner would finish 77-85
2005-08-05 09:12:16
26.   Howard Fox
and probably go to the world series to play the A's
2005-08-05 09:19:27
27.   fanerman
I think the winner of the West has to be above 500 (or at least close to it) because of interdivision play, as Howard Fox said.

Today is another slow day... maybe we have nothing more to say about the usual stuff.

2005-08-05 09:37:52
28.   Brendan
From the LA Times Dodger Report:

Dodger Manager Jim Tracy is likely to load up the line-up with left handed batters because lefties are batting .335 against Fogg

Will the Times question Jim Tracy if he doesn't start Choi today? Will Tracy continue to dig his own grave by not playing the best offensive players? Stay tuned.

2005-08-05 09:40:17
29.   Brendan

You know that is what is going to happen, Howard. Just know it. And the Dodgers will be kicking themselves for the lost opportunity.

2005-08-05 09:43:04
30.   Brendan

I think Bob showed that the winner of the West has to at least go 82-79 because of the schedule. I think I'm not sure if I recall correctly.

2005-08-05 09:45:39
31.   King of the Hobos
30 While I don't remember what Bob said, that would be the worst record a team has had and gone to the playoffs, sans the strike year. Notice they played 161, I don't think you can really predict a team playing 161 games
2005-08-05 10:01:12
32.   Brendan

You're right.

2005-08-05 10:02:38
33.   Howard Fox
I could see the Padres going 80-82 and winning the west...I could also see someone winning with west with 90 wins...if any of the west teams gets luke warm in September, watch out...
2005-08-05 10:05:03
34.   kent
4- According to John Madden, the most popular player on any struggling team is the back-up QB. He says the fans are always convinced that, if only the coach would play the #2 guy, everything would turn around.

When Choi has played on a more regular basis he has not been a savior. Just maybe, your faith in his impact is unduly optimistic.

2005-08-05 10:10:23
35.   fanerman
We don't believe Choi will save the team, but he is the best option we have at first base.
2005-08-05 10:17:17
36.   Vishal
the "savior" stuff is kind of a running joke here where choi gets equated with god. i don't think anyone feels that playing choi would automatically make this a winning team, but it would help a little.
2005-08-05 10:17:53
37.   fanerman
It's a step in the right direction.
2005-08-05 10:18:04
38.   gvette
22-Bob, that paper should be interesting, although to subscribe the final standings in 65 as the result of an "historically hot pitching streak" doesn't explain the identical results in 66.

Was 66 the result of freakishly career years by Phil Regan, Lou Johnson, Lefevbre, etc ? Was it karma from the swinging Sunset Strip 60's? The cosmic result of Lefevbre and Al Ferrara playing henchman on Gilligan's Island and Batman??

At this point it may be more interesting than following this disheartening bunch of 05 Dodgers.

2005-08-05 10:21:49
39.   Tim B
Neyer goes off on the Dodgers line up today.
Teaser headline :Izturis is not a leadoff hitter
He doesn't say anything that hasn't been said here already.
2005-08-05 10:32:46
40.   regfairfield
I am a bit upset that he failed to mention the Dodgers have much better players on the bench.
2005-08-05 10:36:46
41.   fanerman
Yeah, nothing new. Only 2 paragraphs were about the Dodgers.

He was placing most of the blame on DePo and not Tracy, hinting that we should have better players, even despite the injuries. While he said Tracy was sick of watching Choi strike out, he didn't mention that Choi was a better option at 1st base than Phillips. He didn't mention that A. Perez was batting 330 something and sitting on that last seat on the bench next to Choi.

As I've said before, this team can only stand 1 of Izzy and Repko in the line-up at the same time.

I'd use this as an opportunity to put my 2.31 cents in, but the line-up I'd say has been said already.

2005-08-05 10:39:51
42.   Howard Fox
I don't agree that Choi is our best option at 1B. I would prefer Kent there and APerez at 2B, defensive deficiencies or not.
2005-08-05 10:46:42
43.   kent
I suppose most of you already know about this, but at you can go to Dodger news and access articles about the Dodgers from news papers all over the country. It can be fun to get the other side's take on a rumored trade or alledgedly bad call etc.
2005-08-05 10:48:30
44.   fanerman
I would prefer Choi, Perez, and Kent in the line-up at the same time, defensive deficiencies or not.
2005-08-05 10:48:57
45.   kent
42- Word has it that my namesake does not wish to play 1st on a regular basis and the Dodgers don't wish to upset their most consistent player.
2005-08-05 10:51:55
46.   Marty
This is good for a laugh. Gary Sheffield goes off on the yankees about lack of chemistry and family values, among other things:

2005-08-05 10:53:54
47.   fanerman
Kent at 1st and Perez at 2nd would also represent downgrades at 2 positions. And 2nd base is probably a more important position defensively than 3rd.

Perez at 3rd would represent a downgrade of only one position. I don't think Choi is worse than Phillips, Saenz, or Kent (or Edwards and Ledee) at 1st base. Plus he's worked on his defense.

2005-08-05 10:54:26
48.   jasonungar05
totally Faneram. I mean were 12 below .500 would hurt to at least give it a try?


2005-08-05 10:55:18
49.   Howard Fox
I would take Perez in the lineup over Choi
2005-08-05 10:55:50
50.   Telemachos
45- Kent's been one of the truly consistent and bright spots for the Dodgers the whole year. I'd venture to say that it's worth keeping him happy.

I don't have the stats handy, but others have argued that Kent's numbers are excellent for a second baseman but not as good compared to first baseman.

And, of course, with fanerman, I think that it's worth putting our most offensive-oriented lineup on the field -- it still won't be Murderer's Row, but geez....

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-08-05 10:56:40
51.   Howard Fox
I'd take Robles over Izzy at SS. And let him lead off.

He looks more comfortable at the plate, and he works the pitcher and the count better.

2005-08-05 10:57:40
52.   Howard Fox
again re: Choi - absence makes the heart grow fonder...

once a stiff, always a stiff

2005-08-05 10:58:05
53.   SiGeg
Wouldn't it be nice if Perez vs. Choi were the actual issue? At least that might mean that Tracy was putting his second or third best lineup out there.
2005-08-05 10:59:28
54.   SiGeg
52 I'd get stiff, too if I were sitting down that much.
2005-08-05 10:59:58
55.   Telemachos
51- Being realistic, though, there's no chance in hell that Tracy benches his Gold Glove-winning All Star shortstop. Best case scenario is that Robles can occasionally spell Izzy off the bench.

It was worth keeping Robles in the lineup while he was hot. But now, I think it's Perez' turn, occasional error or not.

2005-08-05 11:00:23
56.   fanerman
I disagree but I can see where you're coming from. But why can't we have both of them in the line-up?

So would I. I wouldn't mind Robles at 3B when defense is warranted either (ie, when Lowe is pitching, when Weaver is about to have a meltdown, etc). I don't mind Izzy playing as long as Repko isn't at the same time.

2005-08-05 11:03:04
57.   fanerman
I don't think that's fair to say. Choi's had about the equivalent of a season in the half in the league. He's still very young. He's getting better (at least working on the holes in his swing and game). I'm not even sure if I'd have called him a stiff in the past. He certainly played well in Florida. Didn't have much of a chance in Chicago. Not getting a chance here. It's too early to call him a stiff, is the point.
2005-08-05 11:09:35
58.   Howard Fox
56 - when Lowe is pitching, you need very tall outfielders and strong contraceptive devices

57 - the Dodgers have a history of first basemen with great potential who become nothing, Choi joins that crowd

2005-08-05 11:09:43
59.   alex 7
I'll take a stiff with a similar OPS as Bradley any day.
2005-08-05 11:10:45
60.   dzzrtRatt
Tracy is like a lot of bad managers (and a few good ones) who has his pets and his mutts, and that's that. The chemistry that's important to Tracy is chemistry with him. His optimal lineup is comprised of guys he'd like to have a beer with. Choi doesn't make it because, I guess, he's not a guy Tracy wants to reward.
2005-08-05 11:11:25
61.   Howard Fox
hey, Repko began as a SS in his career, let him play there, at least his batting is steadily improving, not like Izzy or Robles...
2005-08-05 11:11:30
62.   JJoeScott
52 58 Howard Fox = A Much Needed Voice of Reason!
2005-08-05 11:11:34
63.   alex 7
I can see why some people get upset in here. Fox, what's your opinion based on? What makes someone a stiff or "nothing"? Other than BA, which offensive stat do you not like on Choi? And would you call Bradley a stiff when he has a similar offensive season going on?
2005-08-05 11:12:14
64.   alex 7
So we need Choi to start drinking more!
2005-08-05 11:13:04
65.   db1022
63 - It's not his stats. Those are ok. He just looks all weird at the plate.

It's LA, aesthetics are very important.

2005-08-05 11:13:21
66.   JJoeScott
I still don't understand the obsession with A. Perez playing third base. Simply, from watching him there, he is NOT a third baseman.

Now why Valentin isn't back at third base, and someone else in left field, THAT is a question to ponder?

2005-08-05 11:15:30
67.   Telemachos
67- Choi in left! The solution to all problems. :)
2005-08-05 11:15:59
68.   alex 7
who would you stick in LF JJ that would make the lineup and team better? Perez is NOT a 3B as much as Phillips is NOT a 1B as much as Izturis is NOT a leadoff hitter as much as Robles is NOT an everyday 3B etc, etc. The point is one of those names above can hit. So if none of them are exceptional 3B, at least play the kid that can hit.
2005-08-05 11:16:46
69.   JJoeScott
63 It's the new-millennium debate: Scouting versus Statting.

As someone who watches a LOT of baseball each year, the more I watch Choi play, the less I want to watch Choi play. No doubt, Tracy feels the same.

2005-08-05 11:16:48
70.   Howard Fox
63 - first of all, why would anyone be upset because I am expressing an opinion?

secondly, I am a numbers guy, I do it for a living, and I will be the first one to tell you that there is more to sports than just numbers...

that being said, after 45 years of watching players, I can see which look like they belong and which ones don't...APerez looks like a player, as does Robles, as does least to me they do...Werth, Choi, they don't look that way to me...that is just my opinion...

2005-08-05 11:16:56
71.   db1022
66 - Where's Perez play then? His bat is (seemingly) too good to keep out of the lineup. My vote was to trade him, but that option is history.

And I think Tracy is trying to get Valentin in the lineup. I'd rather have him in there then Edwards, and Repko for now, until Werth gets back.

2005-08-05 11:17:45
72.   JJoeScott
68 Simply, we don't have a leftfielder on the roster, as I see it. That's on DePo.

Phillips IS a first baseman, albeit not a very good one.

2005-08-05 11:18:58
73.   fanerman
Because Perez is worse in LF (apparently couldn't catch a fly ball to save his life) and we figure that we don't have much to lose in trying Perez at 3B.

As to the question to ponder... after Bradley, Valentin, and Ledee... our out fielders are Repko and Edwards.

I can understand why people don't like Choi. But I don't understand how people can see Choi in the field, see his replacements in the field, look at his numbers, and think, "this guy deserves a better chance" and not talk about how ugly his swing is, or how he's a stiff and his potential will never pan out because that's what happens to other Dodgers first basemen. Why don't we just find out? We're 10 or so games under .500. What do we have to lose?

2005-08-05 11:19:21
74.   Howard Fox
72 - how can that be on many outfielders can you have on a roster? both Werth and Drew are on the DL...
2005-08-05 11:19:26
75.   db1022
70 - Sorry, Howard, if you felt I was attacking you there. It just seems that is a general argument for keeping him out of the lineup. Nothing personal.

And if you are a numbers guy, why can't you see that Choi deserves a chance to play? I assume that you at least admit he deserves it over Phillips.

2005-08-05 11:20:35
76.   JJoeScott
70 Again, I concur with you about all five players you cite. We are certainly in the minority here. (Might be the only ones.)
2005-08-05 11:20:58
77.   db1022
75 - Oops, sorry Howard, I thought you were referencing my response. Obviously you weren't. My bad.
2005-08-05 11:22:10
78.   Howard Fox
75 - cause as I said, he looks uncomfortable afield and at the plate...he just doesn't look the part...pretty lame answer I know, but decisions have been made for far worse reasons...
2005-08-05 11:25:08
79.   JJoeScott
74 Clarifying: That we don't have or didn't trade for a suitable fourth-outfielder-type replacement to play left field is on DePo. Ledee, a fourth outfielder type, is still too hurt to play everyday.

Whether none of the these types of guys were available at the trading deadline -- i.e., my spare part for your spare part -- I admit to not knowing.

2005-08-05 11:25:20
80.   kent
61- Repko started at ss and switched because he couldn't handle that position. So now you want to take a great defensive OF and move him back to a position he couldn't play????

According to Tim Wallach, Choi has issues at the plate that will always be with him. I suspect that this is why JT lacks confidence in him.

2005-08-05 11:25:41
81.   Howard Fox
at this point, if I were in Tracy's shoes, and I'm not, so it's easy for me to say, I would recognize that no matter what I do, I will not have a strong defensive team out I would consult DePo's computer and find the best offensive team possible and go with it for a while and see where it leads...

our pitchers, for the most part are doing ok, somehow we have to get some offense going...

2005-08-05 11:25:54
82.   alex 7
fox, I didn't imply people get upset because of opinions, but because sometimes opinions don't include any reason that allows someone to counter it. At least now you state that it's based on who looks like a player.

Then again, I never thought guys like Boggs, Gwynn, Tony Batista, etc looked like great athletes or baseball players. So curious what makes someone look right? Robles over Choi despite the numbers because of his swing, or approach, or smoothness on the field? Aren't numbers and thus runs what wins games?

2005-08-05 11:26:31
83.   SiGeg
There's nothing wrong with expessing opinions. But if they aren't backed by any evidence, why should anyone take them seriously? And if you have no reason to believe anyone (who doesn't already agree with you) will take the opinion seriously, what's the point?
2005-08-05 11:27:32
84.   db1022
80 - We should all have "issues at the plate" that result in a .800+ OPS.
2005-08-05 11:27:52
85.   fanerman
Every hitter not named Barry Bonds has issues at the plate.

I think that's the biggest point. Back in 2003, we didn't have better offensive options so putting out the best defensive team made some sense. That's not the case this year.

2005-08-05 11:29:35
86.   Jon Weisman
A propos of this conversation, I have a new post above. Join me there!
2005-08-05 11:29:43
87.   alex 7
Isn't it assumed that if Choi can hit 14 HRs with 230 abs, he'd likely hit 25-30 over a full season along with his .330+ on base percentage?

And as far as the scouts vs stats debate, isn't it the scouts who saw Choi play and recommended him as someone to be signed? What potential will Choi never live up to? I assume most scouts figured this guy could hit 25-30 HRs and get on base often.

2005-08-05 11:32:32
88.   Howard Fox
82 - and how do you decide who is worthy or not?

some players have a presence and some don't...some exude confidence, some don't...some have a knack for getting to a batted ball, some don't...some make contact at the plate, some don't...

all I'm saying is you watch a player and not too long a time, and you see his tendencies and you can tell if he will amount to anything...

look at Drew, I never worried when he started 0 for 25 this season...he has a nice swing, looks comfortable at the plate, has that presence...

some guys have it, some guys don't...

2005-08-05 11:33:36
89.   kent
85- Wallach was being nice about it, he all but said Choi will never be a consistent hitter at this level.

81- How well do you think our pitchers will do if we dilute our defense at a position as critical as SS?

2005-08-05 11:34:06
90.   Howard Fox
87 - makes no sense...remove his 7 hrs in 3 days and what does he project to now??
2005-08-05 11:35:16
91.   Howard Fox
89 - right now, our pitchers should worry more about keeping the ball in the park than who is fielding grounders...
2005-08-05 11:39:23
92.   fanerman
That's acting like the 7 home runs didn't matter, when they did (and they tended to help the Dodgers). If you take out his hot streak, why not take out his cold streak?

There are many players like that. Above average ones, to.

2005-08-05 11:43:48
93.   Howard Fox
92 - I'm not saying the 7 hrs in 3 days don't matter....

what I am saying is that if you hit a homer a week, and one weekend you have an out of body experience, you can't project multiple out of body experiences later in the year...

you project that he will continue to his one a week, not 3 more 7's...

2005-08-05 11:47:15
94.   db1022
93 - Considering his playing time right now, a homer a week would be an out of body experience for Choi.

Give him a chance.

2005-08-05 11:54:39
95.   Howard Fox
Give peace a change is what we are saying...
2005-08-05 14:38:38
96.   Kayaker7
89- Can I ask where you heard/read this comment from Wallach?
2005-08-05 15:13:39
97.   bokonon42
Every swing has a whole in it. That's why batting averages are in the 20%-35% range, not the 75%-90% one. Choi has consistantly hit professional pitching. Look at his minor league stats. He gets his hits, he hits them a long way when he does, and even when he doesn't get a hit, he often walks. Choi is a big leaguer, whether he looks pretty to everybody here, everybody anywhere else, or no one.

Choi's numbers this year are better than every of Karros's years save two. Greg Brock never had one. Franklin Stubbs didn't ever have one. And, anyway, by this logic, doesn't that make every of the Dodgers' farm pitchers future Cy Young winners, since so many have been?

2005-08-05 21:53:21
98.   Kayaker7
97 Yeah, I agree. I don't care if Choi is swinging the bat with his teeth, and violating every fundamental rule of hitting, if he is putting up these numbers. Sometimes nice aesthetics can fool you into equating it with effectiveness.

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