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Benching Jackie
2005-08-29 11:17
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

And on the seventh day, a god was benched.

Did you know that Dodger manager Walter Alston benched Jackie Robinson for Game 7 of the 1955 World Series? Barry M. Bloom writes about it today at

"I don't know why Jack didn't play. I really don't know," said Rachel Robinson, the great man's wife, who was in attendance at Sunday's 50th anniversary celebration. "That was 50 years ago, buddy." ...

Alston, who had his problems dealing with the sometimes-explosive Robinson, had considered benching him even before the World Series started. This after an injury-riddled season during which Robinson slumped to .256 with eight homers, 35 RBIs and 12 steals in 105 games, all either matching or setting low-water marks for his 10-year career.

Even so, Leo Durocher, Robinson's former manager, said Alston would be making a big mistake if he didn't start Robinson.

"The Dodgers are not yet ready to win without him, no matter what the calendar says," (Robinson biographer Arnold) Rampersad quotes Durocher as saying at the time. "Keeping the amazing leadership that is Robinson's on the shelf would be like pinch-hitting for (Babe) Ruth in the clutch."

But it happened. Robinson was 4 for 22 with a double, triple and two walks in the first six games of the '55 Series, and Alston replaced him with 27-year-old Don Hoak, who had walked in his only Series appearance to that point. Hoak went 1 for 3 with another walk, while Robinson never got off the bench until the final celebration.

In 1956, the finale of Robinson's career, he hit .275 in the regular season (107 OPS+) and then went 6 for 24 with a home run and five walks in the 1956 World Series.

Alston managed for 23 seasons and finished with a winning percentage of .525 or better in 19 of them. He was 20-20 in World Series games, winning four Series out of seven.

Comments (336)
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2005-08-29 11:40:35
1.   Icaros
Don Hoak=Mike Edwards
2005-08-29 11:50:34
2.   Murray
Not fair. Don Hoak was the starting third baseman on a World Championship team.
2005-08-29 11:53:54
3.   Eric Enders
Two of them, in fact.
2005-08-29 11:54:19
4.   Xeifrank
Rumor has it Jackie was benched for that game due to the arm angle of the opposing pitcher. Sorry, couldn't resist. Must be the pain medication talking. vr, Xei
2005-08-29 12:00:33
5.   Icaros
I meant to put a question mark at the end of #1. And who's to say Mike Edwards won't be able to make the same claim one day?

The Dodgers aren't out of it yet.

2005-08-29 12:00:49
6.   Bob Timmermann
It's a proven fact that the Dodgers can't win anything with an outspoken African-American player who can't get along well with his teammates.
2005-08-29 12:01:22
7.   Bob Timmermann
Is Mike Edwards getting traded to the Cardinals?
2005-08-29 12:02:24
8.   Icaros
7 Yes, for Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter.
2005-08-29 12:15:13
9.   Bob Timmermann
Both the Washington Post and New York Times reported that Robinson didn't start Game 7 because he had a sore Achilles tendon in his right leg. It bothered Robinson a lot in Game 6.

The quotes in the story from other players back it up. Newcombe seems to be the only player saying that Robinson should have played anyway.

But wasn't it more courageous for Alston to sit down a hobbled star in order in a big game so his team would be better off?

2005-08-29 12:21:14
10.   Bob Timmermann
Furthermore, Bloom in his article wonders why Karl Spooner got the start in Game 6. Spooner did get hit hard in that game, but in his previous appearance in Game 2, he had thrown three shutout innings with 5 Ks and just one hit.

It wasn't as if Spooner had no experience.

2005-08-29 12:25:13
11.   Bob Timmermann
Another weird thing about Game 7 of the 1955 World Series.

The Dodgers had two sacrifices in that game.

One by Duke Snider and one by Roy Campanella. They were actually back-to-back and Snider reached on an error. Brooklyn did get its second run as a result of the sacrifices.

2005-08-29 13:07:34
12.   Jon Weisman
Leo Durocher would appear to be playing the role of Tommy Plaschke.
2005-08-29 13:23:33
13.   Kayaker7
I keep hearing this arm angles commment attributed to Tracy, as a reason for not starting Choi, at some point in the season. Can someone confirm if Tracy actually said this, or is it an urban legend?
2005-08-29 13:24:38
14.   Vishal
13 i'm pretty sure tracy once said he sat choi against woody williams because of williams' confusing "arm angles"
2005-08-29 13:31:18
15.   Rob M
Slate article on the "cult of the GM."

2005-08-29 13:36:36
16.   the OZ
13, 14 - It was Brian Lawrence. Soft-tossing righty Brian Lawrence. Sheesh.
2005-08-29 13:36:55
17.   Bob Timmermann
Jackie Robinson played in all seven games of the 1956 World Series, so I don't necessarily think that Robinson sitting down in Game 7 in 1955 was part of any Tracy/Choi like situation between Alston and Robinson.

He played every inning of the 1956 World Series.

2005-08-29 13:40:37
18.   Im So Blue
Re: 13, 14, 16:

From Steve Henson in the LA Times, June 24, 2005:

Playing the Angles, Tracy Benches Choi

With three rookies and several players at unfamiliar positions, the Dodger lineup had an odd look. But even stranger was the absence of Hee-Seop Choi, whose 13 home runs rank second on the team, and Antonio Perez, whose .340 batting average ranks first.

Both players have made baserunning mistakes or failed to execute fundamentals in recent games, but Manager Jim Tracy said that neither was in his doghouse. Choi normally plays against right-handers, but he was 0 for 5 against Padre starter Brian Lawrence.

"I've got a good idea why Hee-Seop hasn't had success against him," Tracy said. "It's the repertoire of pitches he throws and his arm angles."

Lawrence throws from a low three-quarter arm slot and doesn't have great velocity or a sharp-breaking curve. His best pitches are a changeup and a sinking fastball.

2005-08-29 13:41:21
19.   Bob Timmermann
June 24, 2005 LA Times

With three rookies and several players at unfamiliar positions, the Dodger lineup had an odd look. But even stranger was the absence of Hee-Seop Choi, whose 13 home runs rank second on the team, and Antonio Perez, whose .340 batting average ranks first.

Both players have made baserunning mistakes or failed to execute fundamentals in recent games, but Manager Jim Tracy said that neither was in his doghouse. Choi normally plays against right-handers, but he was 0 for 5 against Padre starter Brian Lawrence.

"I've got a good idea why Hee-Seop hasn't had success against him," Tracy said. "It's the repertoire of pitches he throws and his arm angles."

Lawrence throws from a low three-quarter arm slot and doesn't have great velocity or a sharp-breaking curve. His best pitches are a changeup and a sinking fastball.

Tracy used Choi rather than the right-handed hitting Perez as a pinch-hitter against left-handed reliever Chris Hammond with one out in the ninth. Choi struck out.

"I had to keep Perez available in case we got an infielder hurt later in the game," Tracy said. "We wouldn't have had anybody to go to."

2005-08-29 13:42:31
20.   Bob Timmermann

Well I'm useless here.... :-)

2005-08-29 13:47:39
21.   Marty
We may have to bench you Bob for the betterment of the team...
2005-08-29 13:48:30
22.   Vishal
haha, i guess in my mind lawrence and williams are almost the same thing.

didn't he sit choi against williams too?

2005-08-29 13:49:11
23.   Marty
He sits Choi against almost everyone.
2005-08-29 13:50:41
24.   GoBears
23 I think Marty just coined a new (and hopefully temporary) nickname:

Hee-Sits Choi.

2005-08-29 13:53:12
25.   Im So Blue
20 Bob, you had warped back to 1955, so I thought I'd take I shot at 13... :)
2005-08-29 13:55:45
26.   Bob Timmermann
On the Padres, Choi has faced Eaton, Hammond, Hoffman, Lawrence (he's 1 for 3 this year), Linebrink, Peavy, Seanez, Stauffer, and Williams, in 2005.

He's 6 for 27 against San Diego this year.

2005-08-29 13:56:36
27.   jpeace
Tracy's stock appears to be rising with McCourt as DePodesta's is falling.

from an article at yahoo sports

Is there a better time to sell! Maybe we could sell both Tracy and Mccourt!

MSM loves team chemistry. But I'm still not convinced that good team chemistry would've helped this Dodger team.

2005-08-29 13:57:10
28.   Yakface
I dont remember which article, but I do remember reading PDP saying that if they got the same numbers from choi as he put up last year with Florida then he'd be happy, Tracy obviously has this locked in his memory so he's trying to keep choi's production this year with that of 04'.
2005-08-29 14:03:50
29.   Telemachos
I will be really really disappointed if McCourt ditches Depo -- that's the sign of over-reacting and sort-sightedness.

When the Dodgers signed Depo, I felt the same way as when my beloved Niners signed Mariucci, way back when (and to some degree, I feel the same way with Mike Nolan).

Hiring young, energetic, and smart people who have a reason to succeed is always a good move for a franchise.

2005-08-29 14:05:10
30.   Penarol1916
27. That comment looks like the comment from the article on fox sports website by Ken Rosenthal that was discussed in the previous thread.
2005-08-29 14:05:15
31.   GoBears
oldbear and Uncle Milty for the last few days have loudly (well, for a blog) criticized Dodgers, particularly Jeff Kent, for swinging early in the count. Here are his split, by count:

By Count OPS
Count 0-0 .903
Count 0-1 .806
Count 0-2 .586
Count 1-0 1.040
Count 1-1 1.136
Count 1-2 0.566
Count 2-0 .818
Count 2-1 .941
Count 2-2 1.420
Count 3-0 1.651
Count 3-1 1.306
Count 3-2 1.116
After 0-1 .761
After 0-2 .651
After 1-0 1.002
After 1-1 .816
After 1-2 .649
After 2-0 1.189
After 2-1 .842
After 2-2 .684
After 3-0 1.921
After 3-1 1.381
After 3-2 1.116

So he's good when he swings at the first pitch. He's very bad if he ever gets behind in the count, and very good if he gets ahead in the count. Also very good at 2-2 and 1-1.

So the question of whether or not Kent should swing at the first pitch basically comes down to this: if it's a strike, he should swing. If not, he shouldn't. Pretty simple. But for me the key is that he's bad if he starts 0-1.

2005-08-29 14:07:33
32.   Telemachos
GoBears, I'd qualify that by saying that he needs to be looking for a pitch, and if he gets it, swing away. Unfortunately, Kent seems occasionally over-eager and will either swing (and miss) at a questionable pitch, or hit something that he can't drive (and so he pops up).
2005-08-29 14:09:48
33.   the OZ
After the bludgeoning McCourt took upon buying the team, it's not really surprising that he's become very PR-conscious [perhaps overly so]. Last week's round of interviews seemed designed to appease his critics.

For the second time since McCourt took over, I am somewhat worried about the franchise. At first, I was afraid he'd demolish the Stadium and develop the land, though that fear has been assuaged. Now, I've begun to worry that he has become knee-jerk image-conscious and will make silly decisions for the sake of PR with Sitrick & Co. whispering in his ear. The last thing I want is an overly sensitive owner that wants to be perceived well as opposed to running a great, competitive team and letting the local newspaper/talk radio run the show.

Not unlike the same problems that killed the Mets.

2005-08-29 14:11:09
34.   Bob Timmermann

Charts like that can be deceptive because every batter is going to look really bad with two strikes. That's because you can't strike out with one or no strikes on you. So that removes a good chunk of your chances to be out.

You have to filter the strikeouts out of the 0-2, 1-2, 2-2, and 3-2 counts to get an accurate picture.

2005-08-29 14:14:08
35.   the OZ
31 - The only reason he OPS's at .900 at the first pitch is because he swings at the first pitch only when it's a good pitch to hit.

Assuming he's swinging at an increased number of 1st pitches (for the sake of argument) - if that's the case, it's likely that the .900 OPS on first-pitch swings will drop very quickly since it is likely that not all of them will be easily handle-able pitches.

It's like Scott Hatteberg was quoted in Moneyball - people said he should swing at more 1st pitches because he hit, like, .390 in those circumstances. In reality, he only swung at the first pitch when it was exactly what he was looking for. If he swung at a great number of first pitches, the result would not be duplicated.

2005-08-29 14:14:23
36.   GoBears
32 Nope - there's no need to qualify it. He has a .902 OPS when he swings at the first pitch, whether it's "his pitch" or not. He's better when he takes a ball, but much worse when he takes a strike (again, whether or not it's "his kind of strike").

Granted some of those 0-1 counts are the result of foul balls, but when the at-bat ENDS after 1 pitch, it's a pretty good thing, on average. It's also worth pointing out that he's hit twice as many HRs on the first pitch (6) than on any other count. I think we should trust his judgment, until he falls behind.

2005-08-29 14:18:14
37.   Sushirabbit
"That's the nature of the game. It's a game of adjustments. Guys will get you for a while and you will get them for a while," Kent said.

"Jeff Kent is an RBI machine. It's amazing the way he plays," said Los Angeles closer Eric Gagne, who pitched a 1-2-3 ninth for his sixth save in as many chances.

2005-08-29 14:18:34
38.   Joon
31, 36 - Is Kent's OPS trully .902 when he swings at the first pitch, or only when he swings at the first pitch AND puts the ball in play?

0-1 counts can also be the result of swinging and misses, not just foul balls or taking strikes.

2005-08-29 14:21:17
39.   GoBears
34-35. Bob is right, of course. And the same goes for walks on 3-ball counts. But either OZ misses my point, or I miss his. I'm not saying Kent should swing at the first pitch more often. I'm not using these data for any prescriptive purpose. I'm just saying that that when he does have a 1-pitch AB, he's pretty successful. So, as OZ says, he's likely swinging at good pitches. So to just criticize him for not "working" the count misses the point. If it's a strike, he SHOULD swing. BTW, he's had 81 1-pitch ABs this year, out of 451 total. 200 times, he's gone 0-1, and 170 times, he's gone 1-0. Natch, a lot of those 0-1 starts are probably foul balls.
2005-08-29 14:21:38
40.   Joon
Um, swinging and missing, I guess. I'm terribly bad at grammer.
2005-08-29 14:22:46
41.   GoBears
38. You're right, Joon. The .902 OPS refers to ABs that end after the first pitch.
2005-08-29 14:23:27
42.   Sushirabbit
oops...37 refs:
June 7, 2005
CBS wire

2005-08-29 14:25:08
43.   GoBears
33 I feel the same way as OZ on the McCourt thing. If he chooses Tracy over DePo, I'll lose interest in this team very quickly. Especially if he hires a Jim Bowden type.
2005-08-29 14:28:23
44.   Joon
41 - So, the end result of Kent's swinging at the first pitch is a combination of his one pitch at bats and some of his at bats after 0-1 when the strike is a result of his swinging; namely, somewhere between .901 and .761 OPS. Still not bad, obviously, but not as good as .901 sounds.
2005-08-29 14:30:39
45.   King of the Hobos
43 Bowden would make this team a playoff team. Assuming that all the team needed was about 10 more Repkos. He signs Castilla, Guzman, and every toolsey OF he can find, and wonders why his offense sucks...

If DePo left instead of Tracy, I would still follow the Dodgers. I'll even root for a team of Repkos if needed

2005-08-29 14:32:38
46.   Joon
44 - typo: .901 should be .903
2005-08-29 14:42:02
47.   bokonon42
Boston Herald is reporting that Mark Bellhorn is on his way to Oakland. Don't remember who it was, but somebody here wondered if he might look good in blue.

2005-08-29 14:47:38
48.   Joon
39 - I finally get what you're saying: No need to criticize Kent for having 1-pitch at bats when he's been very successful in such cases. I was just thinking about whether Kent has been good when he swings at the first pitch.
2005-08-29 14:52:10
49.   Jon Weisman
This will be the game chat thread.
2005-08-29 14:52:11
50.   Telemachos
Re: Kent -- he does well overall with his first-pitch swings... but he does even better when the count is deeper and in his favor and the pitcher is forced to throw a strike (and usually a fastball). When Kent is on, he looks for those first-pitch "get ahead in the count" fastballs and drives them. But when he's slumping, he'll go after the first-pitch outside slider or fastball off the plate just as much. (I guess I'm just saying he gets a bit over-eager when he presses).
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-08-29 14:56:57
51.   oldbear
39. Joos is right. You have to combine the numbers from being 0-1 count (when he swung and fouled one off) and the times he made a play on the 1st pitch.

If you combine those, Kent's below his seasonal averages.

2005-08-29 15:03:45
52.   Sushirabbit
I guess I meant two things:
1) maybe Kent is making an adjustment (you'd have at career numbers I guess)
2) isn't it his job to bat runners in as opposed to taking a walk? Not that he can't take a walk when appropriate, but with runners in scoring position it seems like he (and Olmedo) are the guys you want swinging the bat.
2005-08-29 15:05:17
53.   Telemachos
52- I'm not saying he should try to walk, merely that when the count is in his favor, his OPS jumps into "truly awesome" territory.
2005-08-29 15:10:45
54.   los angeles dragons
Is J.D. Drew still a Dodger?
2005-08-29 15:12:03
55.   the OZ
39 - A belated rejoinder:

I think we're on the same page, GoBears. My point was poorly articulated. What I was trying to say is in regard to a commentor complainging about Kent's apparently increasing number first-pitch swings (I have no idea whether he is first-pitch swinging any more frequently than he has in the past).

If Kent IS swinging at the first pitch more often than he did while posting a .900 OPS, it's likely that he's swinging at more bad pitches than getting more good pitches to hit. If this is the case, I would expect his performance on first-pitch swings to suffer going forward.

2005-08-29 15:28:37
56.   Mark Linsey
"Is J.D. Drew still a Dodger?"

He could be a lot better at dodging pitches thrown at his wrist, if that's what you're asking.

2005-08-29 15:54:34
57.   King of the Hobos
47 And now says the Yankees. I liked him in Blue, but I'll have to hate him if he goes to the Yanks.
2005-08-29 15:59:52
58.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

August 29, 1922

Not wasting much time, Brooklyn and Pittsburgh took just 2 hours and 31 minutes to play two full games in a doubleheader at Forbes Field. In the end, the teams split the twinbill with the Dodgers winning the opener 3-2 and the Pirates winning the second 6-0. Brooklyn was out of the race at 59-63 and in sixth place, 16 games behind the first place Giants.

In the opener, Bernie Neis hit his only home run of the season with Tommy Griffith aboard to give the Dodgers a 2-0 lead. Griffith drove in Brooklyn's other run on a sacrifice fly. Brooklyn starter Dutch Ruether held on for the win despite giving up a home run to Pittsburgh second baseman Cotton Tierney.

In the second game, Pittsburgh control artist Babe Adams faced Brooklyn's Leon Cadore. Pittsburgh scored twice in the first inning on an RBI triple from Max Carey and a squeeze bunt single by Carson Bigbee. Pie Traynor tripled home two runs in a 3-run third for Pittsburgh and Rabbit Maranville singled home Pittsburgh's final run. Adams gave up six hits and walked none. Adams walked just 15 batters in 171 IP that season.

Pittsburgh was managed by Bill McKechnie, who was in his first year with Pittsburgh, taking over for George Gibson on July 1. McKechnie would manage four NL pennant winners and win two World Series champs, one with the Pirates in 1925 and another with the Reds in 1940. McKechnie would eventually be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

1922 was not Brooklyn's year. Two years after winning the National League pennant, Brooklyn slumped to 76-78 and sixth place, 17 games behind the Giants. Brooklyn had offensive stars in Zack Wheat, who batted .335 with 16 home run and shortstop Jimmy Johnston who batted .319. But the Deadball Era was ending and power was going to be the name of the game. The Dodgers hit just 56 home runs in 1922, fourth best in the league. The Dodgers were also sixth in runs scored.

Ruether was the team's best pitcher, going 21-12 with a 3.53. But a newcomer to the team would be a bigger story. A 31-year old journeyman minor leaguer named Dazzy Vance made his Brooklyn debut in 1922. He would go 18-12 with a 3.70 ERA. Vance would go on to have one of the finest pitching careers of any Dodger not surnamed Koufax. Vance's legacy was damaged by being stuck on bad teams and not being able to put in enough high quality years because he didn't blossom until late in his career. Vance was one year older at the start of his Dodgers career than Sandy Koufax was at the end of his Dodgers career.

The Giants were now the dominant team in the National League and in the midst of a 4-year streak of NL pennants including two World Series titles. The Dodgers were going to be loveable losers for quite a while.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, and Retrosheet

2005-08-29 16:05:31
59.   db1022
57 - Don't the Yanks and A's have the same record? Who gets dibs on the waiver priority?
2005-08-29 16:06:17
60.   OaklandAs
Perez gets another start at 3B, but Phillips is still at 1B against the Cubs...

Perez, 3B
Robles, SS
Kent, 2B
Ledee, LF
Phillips, 1B
Werth, CF
Navarro, C
Cruz, Jr., RF
Houlton, P

2005-08-29 16:06:29
61.   db1022
59 - Nevermind. He already cleared.
2005-08-29 16:07:48
62.   db1022
60 - At least Cruz is getting the start over Repko and Valentin consistently.

And apparently Werth did not impress in the leadoff spot...

2005-08-29 16:11:02
63.   bigcpa
I would gladly pay $100 to know what was going through Tracy's mind when Choi's double proved the winning run yesterday. Is there really no point in this season when he will rethink this issue?
2005-08-29 16:12:29
64.   King of the Hobos
Choi doubles and is the winning (and only) run (discounting the PR), so he is benched against a righty. And why is Phillips in the 5 spot (or worse, clean up)? The Perez/Choi Principle holds through

Cruz is now batting .256/.370/.359 (39 ABs) as a Dodoger, and strikes out as much as Werth, yet he's batting 8th. Switch him and Phillips, and this is at least an ok line up.

2005-08-29 16:12:40
65.   still bevens
The Jayson Werth experiment is a project I will gladly give up on after 1 day.
2005-08-29 16:14:59
66.   King of the Hobos
Dusty decided to be really mean to Barrett, sandwiched between crap

CF Hairston
2B Walker
1B Lee
RF Burnitz
3B Garciaparra
LF Hollandsworth
SS Neifi
C Barrett
P Williams

2005-08-29 16:15:42
67.   Rob M
Nothing irks me more than Phillips starting at 1st. I love seeing Perez in there, but Robles, Valentin or Saenz in front of him isn't as maddening as seeing Phillips in front of Choi.
2005-08-29 16:15:43
68.   the OZ
Phillips .241 .292 .673
Cruz .221 .349 .768
Werth .242 .329 .715

Which one of these players would YOU bat 5th?

Phillips? I think not.

2005-08-29 16:18:14
69.   Jon Weisman
68 - and Choi isn't even on your list.
2005-08-29 16:18:17
70.   bigcpa
Who you calling crap?!

Neifi .694 OPS
Phillips .673 OPS

2005-08-29 16:19:31
71.   King of the Hobos
Just remembered that I was hoping to see Aybar, but I won't complain about Perez. Assuming the Perez/Choi Principle holds true, I'd hope Aybar gets the start with Choi (mid Sept i'd guess)
2005-08-29 16:21:15
72.   OaklandAs
Tracy still loves Phillips' high batting average with RISP (.309 AVG/.360 OBP/.557 SLG in 97 AB), so he'll keep him in the middle of the lineup until he fails noticeably in those situations.
2005-08-29 16:21:59
73.   Bob Timmermann
Only five more games with no Vin. These three and two Saturday games on Fox.
2005-08-29 16:23:17
74.   the OZ
Perhaps Phillips is on a hot streak in August, so Tracy is playing the hot hand. That would be a valid reason, maybe, right?

Phillips .256 .310 .771
Choi .353 .439 .998

Whoops. Guess not.

2005-08-29 16:23:38
75.   King of the Hobos
At least the Cubs have to be through this as well, their 2nd highest OPS is batting 8th. And while our bench has Choi and Saenz, they get a bench with OPSs of .673, .650, .626, .625, and .000 (Cedeno, Blanco, Patterson, Macias, and AAAA McClain)
2005-08-29 16:25:55
76.   King of the Hobos
73 I picked a good game to miss, Steiner and Lyons or whatever ESPN has to offer. Hope the Dodgers can muster some offense, and Houlton can hold off the Cubs offense (shouldn't be too hard).
2005-08-29 16:27:50
77.   King of the Hobos's Player to Watch:

Choi is 1-for-3 with a homer lifetime against Williams. The rest of the active roster is a combined 4-for-24 (.167) in their careers against Williams

2005-08-29 16:32:21
78.   jpeace
I think the link to the today's game is mistakingly linked to yesterday's win.
2005-08-29 16:36:33
79.   Jon Weisman
78 - almost fixed it before someone noticed. Fixed now.
2005-08-29 16:36:45
80.   Bob Timmermann
Willy Aybar has been given #15.

I guess this means Shawn Green really isn't coming back.

2005-08-29 16:42:17
81.   Monterey Chris
Or Davey Lopes
2005-08-29 16:42:31
82.   Jon Weisman
Dioner Navarro, Oscar Robles and Jeff Weaver were nominated for NL Player of the Week (August 22-28), losing to David Wright.

Is it an honor just to be nominated?

2005-08-29 16:44:47
83.   Yakface
How could weaver have not gotten NL player fo the week? He's a pitcher who had 3 Rbis and 16innings of great pitched baseball.
2005-08-29 16:45:32
84.   Icaros
80 LAT's daughter has found a new least favorite player.

Poor Willy...he never had a chance.

2005-08-29 16:47:15
85.   Jon Weisman
Wright batted .481 (13-for-27) with three home runs, five RBI, 10 runs scored and 25 total bases to help lead the Mets to five wins in seven games during a West Coast trip. He topped all NL players in hits, slugging percentage (.926), on-base percentage (.533) and total bases, while his 10 runs tied for the league lead.

That's pretty good.

2005-08-29 16:47:16
86.   Bob Timmermann
Choi lost out to Shawn Green on the weekend he hit six home runs.

The Dodgers don't have what it to takes to win Player of the Week.

It takes more than talent. It takes character.

2005-08-29 16:47:20
87.   the OZ
82 - A "Player of the Week" nomination is probably about as gratifying as being a love interest's second choice for "Flavor of the Week".
2005-08-29 16:47:33
88.   Icaros
83 He has this month's High Times centerfold, though, and was also named NORML's "Blazer of the Week."
2005-08-29 16:48:04
89.   Jon Weisman
The first paragraph in 85 is from wire services. The second paragraph is my commentary.
2005-08-29 16:49:29
90.   Yakface
86- Im not the peeved about Weavers loss this week I mean he didnt pitch any complete gaems or anyhting, but when Choi got beat out by Green that was retarded.
2005-08-29 16:49:35
91.   Icaros
89 Yeah, that first paragraph just didn't read like your work, Jon.
2005-08-29 16:49:39
92.   natepurcell
i kinda was hoping aybar would play. we didnt bring him up to sit.
2005-08-29 16:50:28
93.   Icaros
90 I think you mean, "That was disabled."
2005-08-29 16:55:16
94.   natepurcell
not good, JtD got suspended.
2005-08-29 16:55:39
95.   Jon Weisman
92 - is that comment tongue-in-cheek?
2005-08-29 16:57:26
96.   Yakface
93-I meant that the association of NL player of the week voters are slow to learn.
2005-08-29 16:59:21
97.   Jim Hitchcock
Ah, yes, the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

All things considered, I'd rather be on Catalina.

2005-08-29 16:59:29
98.   Icaros
96 I know. I was making fun of the fact that we can't say "retarded" anymore without offending the entire world.
2005-08-29 16:59:43
99.   Bob Timmermann
Other illustrious players to wear #15 after Lopes and before Green:

Tom Prince
Dave Hansen (first tour of duty)
Chris Gwynn
Gilberto Reyes

2005-08-29 17:01:11
100.   Icaros
Holy Moses, Bob Brenly is a Cub announcer? I'm glad I have class tonight.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-08-29 17:02:45
101.   Icaros
95 Did you mean to say that to me? If so, the answer is yes.
2005-08-29 17:03:52
102.   scareduck
98 - then say "Sofa king we Todd did".


2005-08-29 17:04:31
103.   scareduck
100 - there are advantages to missing certain games.
2005-08-29 17:05:06
104.   still bevens
98 Funny I was just listening to a track on the new MF Doom album called "Sofa King"
2005-08-29 17:05:10
105.   Jim Hitchcock
102 - Okay, I did that, and now my tongue is stuck...
2005-08-29 17:05:33
106.   Icaros
102 Yeah, that's a good one...I mean a bad one, very bad. Terrible. Bad, bad, bad.
2005-08-29 17:06:23
107.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
94 - He is? Why? And who suspended him, the Southern League or the Dodgers?
2005-08-29 17:06:57
108.   Icaros
103 But I really wanted to watch Jason Phillips play a gutsy first base.
2005-08-29 17:09:01
109.   Jon Weisman
101 - No, I was saying it to Nate. Because Willy Aybar was clearly not brought up to be a starter.
2005-08-29 17:10:18
110.   Icaros
109 Oh, forget I said anything, then.
2005-08-29 17:10:59
111.   scareduck
94 - JtD? Expand, please?
2005-08-29 17:17:47
112.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I'm Back. Did you guys miss me. I just got back from a month vacation in Aruba, yes thats right, Aruba.

Prices have never been cheaper. The Aruban tourist people have dropped prices. Go to expedia, travelocity, or cheap tickets and book a vacation to Aruba, you wont be dissapointed, especially with the bargain basement prices.

Don't miss out on the unbelievable deals they are practically giving away.

2005-08-29 17:19:07
113.   db1022
111 - Nothing here:

2005-08-29 17:19:15
114.   Icaros
I find the image of a sweaty jockstrap sitting in a window seat rather funny.
2005-08-29 17:19:36
115.   Bob Timmermann
Did Bob Costas interview you?

You won't understand that since you were actually in Aruba.

2005-08-29 17:19:48
116.   Jim Hitchcock
I think we've all had about enough of Aruba...
2005-08-29 17:20:06
117.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
2005-08-29 17:21:09
118.   Jim Hitchcock
I keep seeing Harey Carey's face in the moon, and Bill Veeck's in the ivy...
2005-08-29 17:22:27
119.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Yeah, but you can't let a group of thugs deter you from going somewhere on a vacation.
It was a very unfortunate situation, but you can go there for practically nothing right now. Take advantage.
2005-08-29 17:22:33
120.   Icaros
No comment on Phillips's single off the wall...
2005-08-29 17:23:20
121.   Bob Timmermann
I'm listening to the Cubs radio and Ron Santo was shocked that Phillips couldn't make it to second.

Santo could outrun Phillips.

2005-08-29 17:24:16
122.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
LOL, someone should tell JP to lean forward a little.
2005-08-29 17:24:29
123.   Jacob L
120 Yegads, did he single off the wall AGAIN?!? He did that in a game I went to against the Reds last month, and that was to straight away center. Anyhoo, I'm sure it was scrappy.
2005-08-29 17:24:46
124.   regfairfield
99 I knew that Tom Prince game bat would be worth something someday.

Best 50 bucks I ever spent.

2005-08-29 17:24:55
125.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Yeah, but you can't let a group of thugs deter you from going somewhere on a vacation.
I dunno, the American media can get wicked when its hungry for a story.
2005-08-29 17:25:11
126.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Hey JP, quit trying to show off your massive chest when you run.
2005-08-29 17:26:04
127.   jtshoe
This may have been mentioned already, but I think I know why Choi sits and Philips plays. Tracy must figure the Dodgers are out of it anyway, so why not have a little comic relief allowing Philips (when he can get on base) to run the bases.
2005-08-29 17:26:39
128.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
its = it's
I'm a punctuation pedant.
2005-08-29 17:26:43
129.   Icaros
At what specific MPH can it no longer be called "running"?
2005-08-29 17:27:33
130.   scareduck
121 - for those who don't know, Santo has lost both legs below the knee to diabetes.
2005-08-29 17:27:43
131.   regfairfield
How can someone that slow actually be considered a professional athlete?

I think if I ran around the bases backwards I could beat Phillips.

2005-08-29 17:27:54
132.   Nagman
A sac fly will have to be to the wall for JP to score.
2005-08-29 17:28:11
133.   Jacob L
I'm assuming Werth's single would not have scored Phillips had he been on second.
2005-08-29 17:28:11
134.   Bob Timmermann
Santo thinks the Dodgers should squeeze.

That would be horrible!

2005-08-29 17:28:32
135.   Brendan
You bat Werth leadoff one game because he can steal a base and the next game you stick him behind a base clogger like phillips. Tracy makes me laugh.
2005-08-29 17:28:41
136.   Jim Hitchcock
D.J.! Bad!
2005-08-29 17:29:09
137.   regfairfield
That's for bailing us out there Jeromie.

Had Houlton swung at ball four and then got out, I would not be happy.

2005-08-29 17:29:29
138.   Nagman
Shame Navarro swung at the first pitch.
2005-08-29 17:29:41
139.   Icaros
I'm assuming Werth's single would not have scored Phillips had he been on second.

Probably wouldn't have scored him from third.

2005-08-29 17:30:03
140.   Jacob L
Nothing wrong with going station to station, as long as you can get walks from the 8 and 9 spot.
2005-08-29 17:30:41
141.   regfairfield
Wow, it would be great if that guy had four at bats a day.

How many other teams have their second, third, and fourth best hitters on the bench regulary?

2005-08-29 17:31:09
142.   Brendan
I recognize myself in the way burnitz plays right field.
2005-08-29 17:32:22
143.   Icaros
I recognize myself in the way burnitz plays right field.

Remember when he played CF for LA?

2005-08-29 17:35:53
144.   regfairfield
Is there a reason why Nomar is playing third?

Is Dusty that desperate to get Neifi's bat in the lineup?

2005-08-29 17:36:06
145.   Jim Hitchcock
This is one screwwy inning.
2005-08-29 17:36:28
146.   Jim Hitchcock
2005-08-29 17:36:51
147.   Bob Timmermann
Aramis Ramirez is injured, so Baker was trying to get his bat in the lineup.

And you thought Antonio Perez had trouble at third!

2005-08-29 17:36:59
148.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
144-Aramis Ramirez is on the DL.
2005-08-29 17:38:14
149.   Icaros
This inning reminds me of some softball teams I played on.
2005-08-29 17:38:57
150.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Thanks for dropping by, Mr. Williams.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-08-29 17:39:30
151.   scareduck
144 - or the ball into centerfield.
2005-08-29 17:39:52
152.   regfairfield
147 Curse not having Internet access for a week.
2005-08-29 17:40:33
153.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
[145, 146] - I'm disappointed, in that you weren't channeling Elmer Fudd.
2005-08-29 17:41:12
154.   Nagman
Let's get about 20, funny things happen at Wrigley.
2005-08-29 17:41:16
155.   Gen3Blue
And the announcer was bemoaning the fact that Kent was pitched to. He said-wow nobody in the lineup jumps out at you but Kent after all the injuries to the Dodgers.
And I thought yes, but some teams seem to be giving us games lately and the circus continued. Some God of baseball is looking down on the Dodgers with favor!
2005-08-29 17:41:17
156.   Brendan

I do, I was lucky enough to see him play cf in anaheim. It was bad luck just seeing something like that.

2005-08-29 17:42:11
157.   jpeace
DJ finally gets the run support. If the Dodgers continue to blow the game open maybe we'll see Aybar!
2005-08-29 17:44:46
158.   Telemachos
I tune in for the first time today...


2005-08-29 17:45:02
159.   natepurcell
JtD was suspended by the southern league i think. yesterday, he was ejected for arguing a call and it probably escalated from that.
2005-08-29 17:47:15
160.   Jim Hitchcock
153 - I reserve rascally rabbit for my parrot. He doesn't kmow any better.
2005-08-29 17:48:47
161.   Linkmeister
58 As a corollary to the mention of Leon Cadore:

On May 1, 1920, at Braves Field, Brooklyn's Cadore faced Joe Oeschger in the longest major league game ever played. Curveballer Cadore allowed 15 hits, walked five, and struck out seven. Brooklyn scored one run in the fourth; Boston answered with a run in the fifth. After 26 innings, with both starters still pitching despite the cold, damp weather, darkness fell, and the game was called, tied 1-1. Cadore went on to win a lifetime high of 15 that season. (ADS)

2005-08-29 17:52:16
162.   Gen3Blue
Burnitz is now -1
2005-08-29 18:02:08
163.   Gen3Blue
Wow thats kind of shallow to play a Jeff Kent.
2005-08-29 18:05:52
164.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Ledee is hurt? That's not good.
2005-08-29 18:14:31
165.   still bevens
164 Ah yes, the wrath of God. Haven't felt that since.. I dunno. LAST WEEK.
2005-08-29 18:20:23
166.   Fearing Blue
Was it Buster Olney who said that Izturis is the most irreplaceable Dodger?
2005-08-29 18:21:58
167.   Fearing Blue
#166: It's a good thing my Master's will not be in any form of writing. Perhaps "least replaceable" would make more sense.
2005-08-29 18:25:18
168.   Bob Timmermann

Yes, it was Olney who said Izturis' loss would be impossible for the Dodgers to make up.

I'm going to dig up his list.

2005-08-29 18:25:46
169.   Marty
If you are going to retire Santo's number, how can you not retire Ferguson Jenkin's? Didn't he have like 5 straight 20-win seasons?
2005-08-29 18:29:09
170.   alex 7
Is it ok if I call Houlton our ace when I talk Dodgers among friends? Would anyone object?
2005-08-29 18:30:29
171.   Uncle Miltie
Werth continues to show why he is not a CF.
2005-08-29 18:30:50
172.   alex 7
besides Boras of course.
2005-08-29 18:33:52
173.   Bob Timmermann
Olney's indispensable players:

Arizona: Luis Gonzalez
Atlanta: Chipper Jones
Baltimore: Miguel Tejada
Boston: Manny Ramirez
Cubs: Derek Lee
White Sox: Paul Konerko
Cincinnati: Adam Dunn
Cleveland: Victor Martinez
Colorado: Todd Helton
Detroit: Carlos Guillen
Florida: Miguel Cabrera
Houston: Lance Berkman
Kansas City: Mike Sweeney
Angels: Vladimir Guerrero
Dodgers: Cesar Izturis
Milwaukee: Carlos Lee
Minnesota: Joe Mauer
Mets: Carlos Beltran
Yankees: Derek Jeter
Oakland: Eric Chavez
Philadelphia: Bobby Abreu
Pittsburgh: Jason Bay
St. Louis: Albert Pujols
San Diego: Mark Loretta
Seattle: Adrian Beltre
Tampa Bay: Carl Crawford
Texas: Michael Young
Toronto: Vernon Wells
Washington: Jose Guillen

Olney wrote the list on May 24 in the light of Loretta going on the DL

2005-08-29 18:37:14
174.   Linkmeister
I don't have the inclination, but it would be interesting to see how many of the players on that list have been on the DL this year, for how long, and how their teams stack up in the standings.
2005-08-29 18:37:35
175.   alex 7
had to smile at Beltre. As if the Mariners would be sooo much worse without him and his salary.

Is Sweeny still underrated? Haven't heard anything about him this year. Having a down year?

2005-08-29 18:40:57
176.   Uncle Miltie
Houlton for leadoff hitter!
2005-08-29 18:42:52
177.   Bob Timmermann
So Lasorda is singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" tonight? That should go over well.

He can finish the song by yelling "Let's get some character!"

2005-08-29 18:45:17
178.   Uncle Miltie
Ugh..3 home runs. At least they were all solo.
2005-08-29 18:47:03
179.   Uncle Miltie
Predict what Lasorda will say after the song.

Let's go get some more runs, Dodgers!
Go Dodgers!

2005-08-29 18:48:31
180.   Vishal
173. LOL

jeff kent, jd drew, eric gagne, brad penny, milton bradley... who needs 'em? banjo-hitting, unspeedy, low-OBP, shortstop izturis whose only asset is that he's somewhat above average with the glove? INDISPENSABLE.

dj needs to stop giving up so many homers, solo shots or no

2005-08-29 18:49:28
181.   Bob Timmermann
Going back to the very original thing that Jon posted, the story about Jackie Robinson not playing in Game 7 of the 1955 World Series, a coworker remarked that he found it strange that 50 years after the fact a guy writes an article insinuating that Walter Alston was racist. Why?

Of course Roger Kahn thought that Alston was an anti-Semite who maltreated Koufax.

Just what did Walter Alston do after his death to earn such contempt?

2005-08-29 18:54:30
182.   Jim Hitchcock
Take me to the linguine,
Take me out to be fed,
Buy me canoli and crackerjacks,
Tell my wife Jo that I won't soon be back...
2005-08-29 18:54:48
183.   Fearing Blue
#181: I believe the correct answer is manage the Dodgers.
2005-08-29 18:59:24
184.   Bob Timmermann
That article made my write my third letter to the editor in 10 days! Except I wrote it directly to Barry Bloom.
2005-08-29 19:01:24
185.   Bob Timmermann
Brian Giles not in the starting lineup for San Diego tonight.
2005-08-29 19:01:54
186.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Four solo shots?
2005-08-29 19:02:59
187.   ddger
Bob, what's the record for most solo shots given up in game?
2005-08-29 19:03:25
188.   Gen3Blue
Take me out to the Ball-game
Take me out to the park
Trade all the prospects for some old hacks
I don't care if I ever get back.
2005-08-29 19:05:35
189.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Nice bunt. Nothing you can do about that.
JT, get the pen up.
2005-08-29 19:05:59
190.   Gen3Blue
Don't worry, I doubt Houlton can surpass Lowe and Weaver combined.
2005-08-29 19:11:24
191.   Gen3Blue
Burnitz is even. Watch him-he rarely did that well for the Dodgers.
2005-08-29 19:12:05
192.   Ben H
Is it just me, or is Jim Tracy looking a lot older than he did at the beginning of the season? Maybe it's something to do with the webcast, but he looked about 10 years older going out to get Houlton.
2005-08-29 19:12:52
193.   Bob Timmermann
Sloppy Thurston of the 1932 Dodgers gave up 6 solo shots at the Polo Grounds to the Giants.

The Dodgers won that day, 18-9.


2005-08-29 19:15:39
194.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
At the Pads game, sitting in the owner's suite are Dave Winfield and SecDef Rumsfeld.
2005-08-29 19:16:37
195.   ddger
193 Thanks. Tracy didn't leave Houlton long enough to match that today.

At least, Houlton went long enough to finally pick up a win unless our bullpen blow it.

2005-08-29 19:18:05
196.   Gen3Blue
2005-08-29 19:19:37
197.   Bob Timmermann
Edwin Jackson looked stunned in the dugout hearing Lasorda sing.
2005-08-29 19:19:42
198.   bokonon42
194- Does that mean the Padres' are back in their ugly camouflage uniforms?
2005-08-29 19:20:03
199.   Jim Hitchcock
194 - Let me guess, the Padres are wearing their cammies tonight, right?

Boy, Tommy was really bad...

2005-08-29 19:20:10
200.   scareduck
197 - that's what you call it?
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-08-29 19:21:23
201.   scareduck
Ah, K-K-Korey Patterson.
2005-08-29 19:22:15
202.   Bob Timmermann
Stupefied? Bewildered? Frightened?
2005-08-29 19:23:04
203.   scareduck
202 - no, "singing"?
2005-08-29 19:23:23
204.   Linkmeister
2005-08-29 19:23:52
205.   Jim Hitchcock
Bob, I think he was talking about the singing, not the reaction :)
2005-08-29 19:24:31
206.   bokonon42
Is it too soon to start jinxing Woody Williams's perfect game?
2005-08-29 19:24:42
207.   Bob Timmermann
Dbacks up 1-0.
2005-08-29 19:24:44
208.   Jim Hitchcock
Or maybe we should just say `vocal utterances'.
2005-08-29 19:24:49
209.   Gen3Blue
Hey --Tommie may have lost his sense of pitch, but he's in no danger of losing his sense of Dodger promotion, or self promotion for that matter!
2005-08-29 19:25:52
210.   bokonon42
Evidently not. Glaus solo HR 1-0 AZ, top second.
2005-08-29 19:25:56
211.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
The Pads are in blue tops, white pants.
2005-08-29 19:27:29
212.   Gen3Blue
210 was that for 206 -well put.
2005-08-29 19:28:38
213.   Jim Hitchcock
211 - Well, could be Rummy's there to try and establish democracy in San Diego.
2005-08-29 19:29:44
214.   Bob Timmermann
Rox lead the Hateds 1-0 on a Holliday homer.

When Sloppy Thurston gave up his six solo home runs, all of them were hit by Hall of Famers: 3 by Bill Terry, 2 by Mel Ott, and the other by Freddie Lindstrom.

Lindstrom is considered to be one of the least-deserving Hall of Famers however.

2005-08-29 19:30:34
215.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
213 - President Bush said we should not evacuate New Orleans because that send the wrong message to other hurricanes.
2005-08-29 19:32:14
216.   Marty
If we leave New Orleans, then the hurricanes win.
2005-08-29 19:32:54
217.   Linkmeister
215 Now that's a funny line!
2005-08-29 19:33:44
218.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
217 - Wish I could claim credit, but I stole it.
2005-08-29 19:34:03
219.   Linkmeister
Next he'll liken all those folks hiding in the Superdome to Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison and Franklin in Philadelphia in 1787 writing the Constitution.
2005-08-29 19:34:46
220.   Jim Hitchcock
The hurricane definitely did not have the will to stay the course.
2005-08-29 19:35:40
221.   Nagman
Since Sunday 8/21 thru tomorrow's game, the Dodgers have faced Pedro, Smoltz, Hudson, Burnett, Willis, Pettite, Osvolt, Clemens, and Prior, as well as a glimpse at Wood tonight.

Still, the best game may have been the one pitched by Vargas.

2005-08-29 19:36:39
222.   Bob Timmermann
With San Diego's recent political troubles, someone needs to establish democracy there.

What number mayor are they on now this year? I think they are up to three. And it will likely be four after the runoff.

2005-08-29 19:36:40
223.   natepurcell
matt cain, giants crown jewel is going for them tonight.
2005-08-29 19:36:56
224.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Lindstrom is considered to be one of the least-deserving Hall of Famers however.
Along with teammate George "Highpockets" Kelly.
2005-08-29 19:38:07
225.   Bob Timmermann
But George Kelly deserves to be in because of his really cool nickname.
2005-08-29 19:39:17
226.   Bob Timmermann
Carrara really isn't fooling anyone is he?

I mean besides Jim Tracy.

2005-08-29 19:39:25
227.   Nagman
221 sorry, that's since 8/14, obviously.
2005-08-29 19:40:21
228.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
222 - One of the former mayors is a relative. Roger Hedgecock. He's now a radio pundit and, IIRC, owns a restaurant in the Gaslamp District.
2005-08-29 19:40:23
229.   ddger
This game is getting very very interesting.
2005-08-29 19:42:00
230.   Bob Timmermann

Wishing to keep a spirit of comity here, I will withhold comment about Mr. Hedgecock.

2005-08-29 19:42:02
231.   ddger
We were leading 8-1 but tying run at bat now.

Why is Tracy staying with Carrara so long?

2005-08-29 19:42:14
232.   Uncle Miltie
not in a good way. what is Tracy doing?
2005-08-29 19:42:56
233.   Uncle Miltie
2005-08-29 19:43:16
234.   ddger
Whew.... we were lucky to get the DP.
2005-08-29 19:44:37
235.   Bob Timmermann
Ultimately Neifi turns out to be Neifi.
2005-08-29 19:45:11
236.   Tommy Naccarato
This teams reminds me of the Bill Garbarkowitz/Bobby Valentine/Wes Parker Dodgers.
2005-08-29 19:45:25
237.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
230 - Aw, I've never met the guy, so go nuts with the criticism/truth Bob. I do know he's a crook.
2005-08-29 19:45:53
238.   Bob Timmermann
5 Ws for the Cub pitchers tonight


2005-08-29 19:46:14
239.   Marty
I wish someone would throw Gio and Phillips into a hurricane.
2005-08-29 19:46:56
240.   ddger
Is Sanchez pitching the 9th. He's been pitching great lately but he's also making awful lot of appearances this year.
2005-08-29 19:46:56
241.   Tommy Naccarato
He was indicted wasn't he?
2005-08-29 19:47:54
242.   Tommy Naccarato
Marty, I couldn't agree more!

Lets go golfing!:)

2005-08-29 19:48:37
243.   Bob Timmermann

Nah, no need. It would lead to a nasty political debate.

But Hedgecock did have to leave office because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Tommy, the Dodgers in that era had winning records and even contended once (in 1971). This team isn't that good.

2005-08-29 19:48:55
244.   Marty
juuuust a little bit outside
2005-08-29 19:49:22
245.   Tommy Naccarato
2005-08-29 19:50:22
246.   ddger
It looks like that Carrara will come back out for the 9th.
2005-08-29 19:50:42
247.   Bob Timmermann
Can Duaner Sanchez pitch in a non-save situation?

I'm not sure what's acceptable for him.

2005-08-29 19:50:44
248.   Marty
243. The worst of them all, Pete Wilson, apparently committed no crime. At least, none that I know of.
2005-08-29 19:51:17
249.   Tommy Naccarato
Oh, I remember them being a contender, but it was just as dissapointing baseball to watch though. They would tear your heart out.
2005-08-29 19:51:23
250.   Marty
246. Great. At least the game will stay interesting.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-08-29 19:52:05
251.   Bob Timmermann
Tommy, check out the Random Dodger Game Callback from the beginning of yesterday's game. It was for 1971.

Padres have tied the Dbacks 1-1.

2005-08-29 19:52:51
252.   Tommy Naccarato
He was a part of that same deal too wasn't he? Or it was something similar.

Never liked Wilson.

2005-08-29 19:53:03
253.   Jim Hitchcock
But Hedgecock did have to leave office because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

A long and honorable tradition in San Diego, to be sure.

2005-08-29 19:53:44
254.   bokonon42
Do you think if we could convince Wilson Alvarez to change is name to Walvarez, the Cubs would trade Prior for him?
2005-08-29 19:54:18
255.   Marty
He was mayor of San Diego, but way before the current bunch of crooks. I'm guessing he was actually a better mayor than he was a governor.
2005-08-29 19:55:06
256.   Tommy Naccarato
That would be the right thing to do, yes, but I haven't much more time. I've got to go to another meeting.
2005-08-29 19:55:27
257.   Jim Hitchcock
248 - Some would say having him as governor was criminal...:)

But he did have a comic side. He ran for President! Just like Pat Robertson!

2005-08-29 19:56:30
258.   ddger
Schmoll pitching 9th. Even Tracy with 4 run lead must not have confidence in Carrara.
2005-08-29 19:56:48
259.   Marty
If Pat Robertson said we should "take out" Pete Wilson, I wouldn't squawk.
2005-08-29 19:57:51
260.   King of the Hobos
Just sat down, although I've had radio for awhile...looks like Houlton decided with the big lead, he could get in on the HR race. If Jackson wants a part, he's got a pretty hard task in front of him

Save a 4 run comeback off Schmoll, no Aybar =(
Is he even at the park? Putting him at 3rd instead of Valentin made a lot more sense

2005-08-29 19:57:55
261.   scareduck
215 - easily the funniest thing I've read all week, maybe all month.
2005-08-29 19:58:24
262.   Nagman
I don't like seeing Schmoll when the other team is on a HR binge. His HR/IP I think (quick math) is similar to Weaver and Lowe's.
2005-08-29 19:58:27
263.   Bob Timmermann
Pete Wilson also was a senator. He first ran for governor in 1978. He didn't get out of the Republican primary because he was opposed to Proposition 13.

That was not a popular stance to take in 1978.

Or any year since then.

I used to be opposed to Prop 13 and asked for its repeal. Until I had to pay property tax on my late father's home. He bought it in 1962 and it's a ridiculously low amount. So I've become a true Californian and vote only in my own self-interest!

2005-08-29 19:58:37
264.   ddger
Schmoll hasn't been very effective lately. Hope Tracy doesn't have to use Sanchez tonight.
2005-08-29 19:59:09
265.   Gen3Blue
Oh no ---- Schmoll
2005-08-29 19:59:41
266.   Gen3Blue
Uh-Oh a Lefty
2005-08-29 20:00:35
267.   Bob Timmermann
We used to like Schmoll didn't we?
And we hated Sanchez?

And we wanted to burn Carrara in effigy? (Others wanted to skip the effigy part of it.)

I think the only reliever we like is Elmer Dessens.

2005-08-29 20:00:41
268.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
261 - It's not mine, so I'm just passing along the love.
2005-08-29 20:01:00
269.   Bob Timmermann
2-1 Dbacks.
2005-08-29 20:01:01
270.   Tommy Naccarato
And maybe even Pat can add Frank M to the list!
2005-08-29 20:01:04
271.   King of the Hobos
Good thing a pen (or ink) isn't an illegal substance...
2005-08-29 20:01:26
272.   Marty
Prop 13 is the third rail of California politics.

Which reminds me of a funny story. One of the reporters at the paper I work at was covering a Bush trip in Fargo ND. A local TV reporter sidled up to him and said "I know social security is the third rail of politics, but what are the other two?"

2005-08-29 20:02:37
273.   Tommy Naccarato
Funny thing 268 is that it sounds exactly like something he would say!
2005-08-29 20:02:49
274.   ddger
267. Until Elmer gives up a game winning 3Run HR.
2005-08-29 20:03:28
275.   King of the Hobos
267 I still like Schmoll, but he tends to get wild at inopportune times, and he needs to be a ROOGY
2005-08-29 20:04:18
276.   Uncle Miltie
More horrible defense from Werth. He turned a single into a double and a run.
2005-08-29 20:04:19
277.   ddger
Now it's save situation and Sanchez.
2005-08-29 20:04:56
278.   King of the Hobos
Werth has no repect for Schmoll's ERA, Although it wasn't a terrible idea
2005-08-29 20:05:00
279.   Gen3Blue
You Can't pitch Scmoll against lefties!! How hard is that to learn. I mean does anyone have the split.
2005-08-29 20:05:10
280.   Bob Timmermann
4-1 Dbacks now.
2005-08-29 20:05:37
281.   Tommy Naccarato
I bet you he even has a "strategerie" for 3rd rail politics!
2005-08-29 20:06:00
282.   bokonon42
4-1 Az; Does Chad Tracy usually bat 7th? Clayton 2nd?
2005-08-29 20:07:04
283.   Bob Timmermann
Schmoll is pretty much an equal opportunity bad pitcher.
2005-08-29 20:07:14
284.   ddger
WOW. 1 pitch save.
2005-08-29 20:07:21
285.   Tommy Naccarato
Way to go Duaner!
2005-08-29 20:07:56
286.   Tommy Naccarato
Gotta run!
2005-08-29 20:07:58
287.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs are now in sole possession of fifth place in the NL Central.
2005-08-29 20:09:01
288.   Bob Timmermann
I think Melvin likes to have Clayton in the #2 hole because he's a good bunter.


2005-08-29 20:09:14
289.   King of the Hobos
Sanchez has been amazing since he became closer. He hasn't allowed a run, earned or otherwise, since August 4th, 25 days! He more than just about anyone else has really helped this team in August. 1 run leads have become somewhat more secure

A 3 game win streak! Now we need to win Penny vs Prior

2005-08-29 20:11:02
290.   Vishal
schmoll, not counting tonight:

vs. left: 1.98 WHIP, .353 BAA
vs. right: 1.26 WHIP, .238 BAA

2005-08-29 20:12:04
291.   ddger
289. Tracy is in danger of overusing Sanchez (remember Gagne). Our other relievers have to pitch better in these one sided games so that Sanchez can be saved for the close games.
2005-08-29 20:13:10
292.   Steelyeri
5-1 D-backs on back to back homers.
2005-08-29 20:15:37
293.   King of the Hobos
291 Tracy needs to use Dessens for 2.2 innings so he can't be used. Brazoban is coming around, add him to Dessens/Sanchez, we have a decent pen

Since August 10th: 6.1 IP, 7 games, 4 hits, 1 BB, 6 Ks

2005-08-29 20:16:01
294.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps DePodesta will trade one of the setup men and Jason Phillips to the Marlins for A.J. Burnett and Mike Lowell.
2005-08-29 20:16:57
295.   King of the Hobos
I don't see what Padres players are complaining about, it's very easy to hit homers in Petco, now both Kaz Ishii and Kelly Stinnett have a homer there
2005-08-29 20:18:28
296.   Bob Timmermann
The Cubs fans are saying that Todd Hollandsworth is going to Atlanta. Not sure why they would need him.
2005-08-29 20:18:47
297.   Xeifrank
Things get interesting again if the D-Backs knock off the Pads tonight. At what point do you non-believers (acceptance) jump back on the bandwagon with those of us still in denial? As long as our GB is <= to our number of games left vs the Pads I will stay firmly in the denial camp. vr, Xei
2005-08-29 20:20:51
298.   Nagman
If you've ever heard the Padres TV guys, Matt Vasgersian and Mark Grant, I don't think anybody here would ever complain about anybody on the Dodger broadcasts. Their feeds are not available on MLBEI, not sure about

I think Vasgersian (he was rumored in the off season to get the job Steiner eventually got) is a decent play-by-play guy but Grant is a bonafide bozo.

Gwynn has been sitting in quite a bit this season, that's been okay.

2005-08-29 20:22:14
299.   bokonon42
294- That, obviously, would rawk. But I'd rather have D-Train and Miguel Cabrera. Maybe if DePo threw in Valentin?
2005-08-29 20:22:43
300.   ddger
297 Believe it or not, we are on a 3 game winning streak. We haven't won 4 in a row since our 12-2 start. If we win tomorrow and SD loses today and tomorrow, then I will be going back to denial
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2005-08-29 20:23:06
301.   King of the Hobos
I missed it, what happened to Ledee?
2005-08-29 20:24:00
302.   Steelyeri
It's been a long, long time since we've broken the 4 games behind barrier.
2005-08-29 20:24:22
303.   Bob Timmermann
I think Ledee was taken out early with a big lead because his hamstring was bothering him.
2005-08-29 20:24:41
304.   Steelyeri
301- came out because of a sore hamstring.
2005-08-29 20:24:49
305.   HomeDePo
One thing I hate about our announcers is that they love Jim Tracy. They call him the nicest man there could ever be to coach a team, which is BS. I can tell they hate DePo and are big izturis fans. We need to have smart announcers...
2005-08-29 20:25:19
306.   Xeifrank
Maybe the LAA would trade Finley back to the Dodgers and Tracy could platoon him at first base with Phillips. vr, Xei
2005-08-29 20:27:52
307.   Xeifrank
305. When was the last time you heard an announcer say he didn't like the manager of the team they were broadcasting for? Seems like all announcers pretty much belong to the MSM group. Not much thinking outside the press box. vr, Xei
2005-08-29 20:28:19
308.   HomeDePo
so what do you thing DePo will do to adjust this offseason? I hope McCourt does not become the next Steinbrenner, but I believe he could. As long as DePo stays and Jim Tracy leaves, I will be OK.
PS Gammons wrote a great article defending DePo and saying our long term health is great.
2005-08-29 20:28:21
309.   Bob Timmermann
I sense that the announcers like Jim Tracy, but I don't sense that Scully, Steiner, Lyons, or Monday dislike DePodesta at all. Al Downing might, but who cares about him?

I don't recall a Dodgers announcing crew badmouthing the front office during a game ever? Vin was skeptical about the Lo Duca-Penny trade at first, but he got over it.

2005-08-29 20:30:48
310.   Bob Timmermann
I doubt McCourt can become like Steinbrenner. I don't think McCourt is that evil. Or that rich.
2005-08-29 20:33:01
311.   HomeDePo
310 - maybe not the next Steinbrenner, but maybe a pain in the neck, back-seat driver who looks over everybody's shoulder except for Jim Tracys.
2005-08-29 20:33:07
312.   Steelyeri
Don't know if anyone has mentioned this recently but since coming to the Dodgers Jose Cruz Jr's line is .256/.370/.359/.729
(avg/obp/slg/ops). This along with very good defense. That's great considering we basically got him for free.
2005-08-29 20:33:51
313.   Telemachos
I haven't had a chance to listen to or watch any of the game's coverage today. Any word on J.D. Drew's status?

If he can get back within a week or two, this team is finally starting to look like it can put a few (small) winning streaks together.

2005-08-29 20:35:47
314.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think I've ever seen a 6-2-5 DP. That's what Mark Sweeney did with the bases loaded.
2005-08-29 20:35:53
315.   Nagman
I think the Times mentioned that the Dodgers did not consider having Drew join them on the Chicago-Colorado trip. The fact they are even talking about it must mean something.

Wow, Dbacks just got out of a bases loaded one out jam when Sweeney lined softly to short and Clayton short hopped it and none of the baserunners ran. DP.

2005-08-29 20:37:05
316.   Nagman
At least we're paying Green to help us tonight.
2005-08-29 20:38:03
317.   Steelyeri
The Padres had the bases loaded with one out and Mark Sweeney grounded into an inning ending DP. Still 5-1 Dbacks and even though it hurts Bob's ears when I say this, Let's go Russ!
2005-08-29 20:59:08
318.   Bob Timmermann
If Hitler could sign a treaty with Stalin temporarily, then I will root for Russ Ortiz for one night.
2005-08-29 21:05:15
319.   Jim Hitchcock
318 - Well, we all know how that turned out. Next thing you know, Russ'll be knocking on your door, asking to spend the night.
2005-08-29 21:08:12
320.   Bob Timmermann
I better not to tell my friend from Poland what I've done.
2005-08-29 21:19:20
321.   jasonungar05
Gold Star for Robot Boy 215. LOL

We need to be within 3 games for me make the jump.

Question: If the Dodgers today could get back any player (magically, he's in perfect health and in mid season form) who would you want. Nominees are


if Tracy grew a freaking brain and inserted 1 guy that we all want: But could only choose 1

Phillips-ha, ha...

2005-08-29 21:35:26
322.   King of the Hobos
321 Of the first 3, Drew. I'd love Gagne back, but Sanchez has been good enough to make me feel safe in the 9th. Another bat like Drew's would be nice for our depleted line up. I tend to like Drew slightly over Bradley

As for the second question, probably Perez. I know we all hate Phillips, but he has some power and can get some clutch hits (along with several clutch strike outs). However, I don't like Edwards at 3rd, he's Phillips with no power and a little more speed. Valentin can walk, but nothing else. I think Perez is a comparatively better than Valentin and Edwards than Choi is with Phillips, although I'd take them both in an instant. However, if Aybar was the starting 3B, I'd choose Choi.

2005-08-29 21:36:22
323.   Jim Hitchcock
Gagne. To solidify the bullpen. Drew will be back in a week or so anyway :)
2005-08-29 21:41:08
324.   Bob Timmermann
Hateds lose to the hot Rocks, 2-1.
2005-08-29 21:43:02
325.   Steelyeri
Overall, it looks like it's going to be a very good night for the Dodogers. I hope all goes well tommorow too.
2005-08-29 21:57:32
326.   bokonon42
DFA Jose Valverde.
2005-08-29 21:59:01
327.   King of the Hobos
Saenez gave up a run for the 4 run lead, so Valverde has to do his best to blow it. Giles up, 1 on, no outs, 2 already in
2005-08-29 22:06:12
328.   Albert in Hong Kong
That bottom of the 9th was one whew of a nail-biter. AZ wins.
2005-08-29 22:11:51
329.   Bob Timmermann
And the Dodgers are still in third place.
2005-08-29 22:41:54
330.   Steve
So, is Milton Bradley still black, or is everything not ok?
2005-08-29 23:11:27
331.   Linkmeister
For all you 'Ewa Beach fans, they just got home to a reception of 500-1,000 at the airport. Local TV just broke in to the (delayed) MNF game to show the arrival live. Here's the story of the preparation for the evening's events.

2005-08-29 23:22:01
332.   Jim Hitchcock
That's great, Link...I hope these memories stay fresh in the kids minds for the rest of their lives.

Man, I've got to get back to Hawai'i. Of course, there's still the specter of a 25 year old unpaid ticket for operating a motorcycle without eye protection hanging over me :)

2005-08-29 23:42:29
333.   Dodgersrock24
Is it true that Todd Hollandsworth was traded to the Braves during tonights game, because I saw on of his at-bats and he struck out.
2005-08-29 23:45:00
334.   Linkmeister
Listen, Jim, this is the same state (ok, the city issues traffic tickets, but the same principle applies) which doesn't cash income tax checks made out to it until six weeks after they're received. I think you can safely assume that ticket is long gone from the files. ;)
2005-08-29 23:47:29
335.   Linkmeister
333 That's true.

2005-08-30 00:24:00
336.   bokonon42
Milton Bradley: still black; Dodgers: still in third place.

Welcome back. I'm sure the A's will be glad your vacation's done. . .

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