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Is This Mike On?
2005-08-30 15:27
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Bypassing the issue of Hee Seop Choi, we find that batting sixth and playing third base tonight is Mike Edwards, who has neither the offensive nor defensive statistics nor reputation to justify starting twice in three games.

In earlier months, we would have held out for an explanation for such a deployment, but we were often disappointed. That doesn't mean there isn't an explanation tonight. Electroshock me when it comes.

Second-Inning Update: From the comments ...

47. Jon Weisman
My dad sometimes has tried the rooting against the Dodgers in protest. I've never been able to get on board with that.

76. Jon Weisman
"Jason Phillips singles on a line drive to center fielder Jerry Hairston Jr. Oscar Robles scores. Jeff Kent out at home, center fielder Jerry Hairston Jr. to first baseman Derrek Lee to third baseman Nomar Garciaparra to catcher Henry Blanco to shortstop Ronny Cedeno."

In my rooting in 47, I chose the Dodgers over justice. Dodgers 1, Justice 0.

94. bigcpa
Is this Mike on?


99. Jon Weisman
Dodgers 2, Justice 0

Comments (307)
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2005-08-30 15:31:36
1.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

August 30, 1942

With World War II forcing teams to schedule more doubleheaders to decrease travel and allow more defense workers to see games, everybody in the majors played a doubleheader this day. And the Brooklyn Dodgers were at Forbes Field to play the Pittsburgh Pirates and they split the pair. The Dodgers won the first game 3-1, but lost the second one, 9-5. Brooklyn saw its once formidable lead in the National League cut to three games over the St. Louis Cardinals, although the Dodgers were 87-40, a .685 winning percentage.

In the opener, Joe Medwick drove in Brooklyn's first run on a fielder's choice that scored Pee Wee Reese in the third inning. In the sixth, Arky Vaughan singled home Medwick to put the Dodgers up 2-0. The Dodgers got their third run in the ninth on a throwing error by Pirates third baseman Bob Elliott. Vince DiMaggio drove in Pittsburgh's only run on an RBI single in the seventh. Whitlow Wyatt pitched seven innings for the win and Curt Davis pitched the final two for a save.

In the second game, the Pirates battered Brooklyn starter Larry French and drove him out of the game in the first inning. Johnny Allen, Newt Kimball and Hugh Casey didn't fare much better. DiMaggio drove in five runs. The Dodgers scored a run in the fourth and four in the eighth off of Pittsburgh starter Rip Sewell. A curfew ended the game after eight innings.

Because of World War II, many people overlook the spectacular pennant race in 1942 in the National League. The Dodgers and Cardinals both had tremendous seasons, but the Cardinals were just slightly out of this world, going 43-8 to end the season. The Cardinals won the pennant by two games with a 106-48 record. The Dodgers went 104-50. Only the 1953 Dodgers won more games (105). The Cardinals went on to win the World Series in five games over the Yankees. The Dodgers were in first place for 148 days.

The Dodgers offense was led by outfielder Pete Reiser, who batted .310, third best in the NL, and led the league in stolen bases with 20, but injuries, which would short circuit his career, limited him to just 125 games. First baseman Dolph Camilli led the team with 26 home runs and 109 RBI. He walked 97 times, third best in the National League. The Dodgers started four Hall of Famers: second baseman Billy Herman, third baseman Vaughan, shortstop Reese, and left fielder Medwick.

The pitching staff turned in a team ERA of 2.84. French had an ERA of 1.83 and went 15-4, mainly in relief. Wyatt led the team in wins with 19 and had a 2.73 ERA. Davis was 15-6 and 2.36.

When the season was over, club president Larry MacPhail, who supposedly told his team late in the year that it wasn't good enough to win the pennant, left the Dodgers to join the Army. The Dodgers looked for a replacement and found one in their rival St. Louis. Starting in 1943, Branch Rickey would be running the Dodgers front office, an event that would transform baseball.

Thanks to the New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-08-30 15:36:10
2.   SiGeg
Since Choi has hit Williams and Prior hard (1-3, HR vs. Williams; 2-3, 2B vs. Prior), I was hoping he'd get a start yesterday or today. But I figured it would have been yesterday, since I suspect Tracy doesn't like to start him against pitchers with a big reputation. Any chance we'll see him today?

(Notice that the sample size of 3ABs is, like, way way bigger than, say, a sample size of 2AB.)

2005-08-30 15:44:27
3.   Kayaker7
2 It's like 50% bigger. ;-)

But anyway...logic will not decide the lineup. Hurry up and leave already, JT.

2005-08-30 15:47:31
4.   Kayaker7
I was perusing through yesterday's chat, it mentioned nothing about JT pulling Werth aside, in the dugout. I guess few were watching on TV. Anyway, JT put his arm around Werth's shoulders, and gave him a long fatherly chat, pointing and gesturing at different things. He then gave him another fatherly pat on the back, and pushed him off the bench in a "go get 'em tiger," sort of manner. Nice to see.

Werth hit a solo shot shortly after the talk.

I wonder if he gives Perez or Choi that kind of nurturing.

2005-08-30 15:50:16
5.   Nagman
The Dodgers are 13-13 in August with two games left. Maybe our first winning month since April (15-8). Subsequent months have been 11-17, 11-16, 10-17... very consistent.
2005-08-30 15:59:31
6.   SiGeg
5 - A foolish consistency, I believe.
2005-08-30 16:03:12
7.   Yakface
I asked this earlier but I think at an unappropriate time, did anyone watch the SCSR last night?
2005-08-30 16:03:44
8.   OaklandAs
No Perez or Choi in tonight's lineup, and Werth batting leadoff with Cruz in the 8th spot...

CF Werth
SS Robles
2B Kent
LF Ledee
1B Phillips
3B Edwards
C Navarro
RF Cruz, Jr.
P Penny

and for the Cubs
CF Hairston, Jr.
SS Cedeno
1B Lee
RF Burnitz
3B Garciaparra
2B Walker
LF Murton
C Blanco
P Prior

2005-08-30 16:05:26
9.   Kayaker7
JT, do the honorable thing and just commit seppuku.
2005-08-30 16:06:06
10.   blue22
That just might be the worst lineup we can field right now (at least one that includes Kent).

I guess switch out Ledee for Repko. That would be worse.

2005-08-30 16:07:13
11.   Telemachos
I know nothing should baffle me this year, but that lineup does.
2005-08-30 16:07:16
12.   Kayaker7
From the Dodger's website game preview:

"Player to watch
Jason Phillips is 2-for-6 (.333) in his career against Prior"


2005-08-30 16:09:05
13.   GoBears
I think we know now that Choi's 3 straight starts were not because DePodesta laid down the law. They were simply a mangerial whim. Maddening. Meanwhile, he's returned to his unhealthy fascination with Jason Phillips.

And if Ledee was hurt enough to leave the game early last night, why not rest him for real, put Edwards in LF (if he must play), and play one of Saenz, Perez, or Aybar?

OK, here's my rose-colored-glasses view. They're showcasing Phillips's supposed versatility, in anticipation of a trade for an OFer before Thursday. Any takers?

2005-08-30 16:11:07
14.   King of the Hobos
Phillips and Edwards back to back in the 5 and 6 spot is horrible. Looks like Aybar is getting the Perez treatment, Edwards has no reason to play 3B, much less bat in front of Navarro and Cruz
2005-08-30 16:13:35
15.   SiGeg
Wow, that's a bad lineup.
I'm surprised Ledee is starting again already.
I predict a huge win for us because...what the heck.

Phillips is 2-6, 2B against Prior, so Tracy just couldn't find a spot for Choi, no matter how much he wanted to.

Notice the sample size of 6ABs is TWICE as large as the 3ABs for Choi! For those of you who don't understand statistics, that means it's twice as significant.

(For those of you who do understand statistics, it means nothing of the sort, of course.)

2005-08-30 16:14:26
16.   King of the Hobos
13 We were selling the show casing bit around July 31st, look what it did for us.

If we win tonight, it will be because Penny pitches a great game and the top 4 do something productive

2005-08-30 16:16:21
17.   Kayaker7
14 Maybe JT wants to put on a hit and run play.
2005-08-30 16:17:51
18.   Yakface
8-Do really want to goto a bar in Arcata to root for that line up? Yeh screw it, I've been doing it all summer.
2005-08-30 16:17:58
19.   SiGeg
Saenz must be hurting. Has anyone heard anything?
2005-08-30 16:19:49
20.   Kayaker7
That's it. I'm not going to watch the Dodgers game tonight. I'm going to save myself for the A's/Angels game.
2005-08-30 16:22:33
21.   Mark
Assuming that we win all of our remaining games, we finish the season at 91-71, or roughly where we were all predicting our season to be.

Assuming we play .500 ball, we finish the season at 76-86, which would put us in a great spot for the wildcard, assuming that no other teams played any games from this point forward.

2005-08-30 16:25:08
22.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
18-Arcata, Ca.?? Sidelines???
2005-08-30 16:28:04
23.   coachjpark
Perhaps Phillips will be traded?
2005-08-30 16:28:17
24.   Yakface
22-Yeh. I was thinking of watching out at bear river but then the boss said I had to work till 5 instead of 4 so probably sidelines.
2005-08-30 16:31:21
25.   subclub
how many games has phillips played first base in now? this is insane.
2005-08-30 16:31:42
26.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
24-you live in Eureka??
2005-08-30 16:32:41
27.   Steve
If Navarro can't throw anybody out either, and Tracy loves Phillips so much, why doesn't he just catch?
2005-08-30 16:32:42
28.   Yakface
26-I live and work in Arcata, Im the guy in the Dodger hat.
2005-08-30 16:33:09
29.   DaveP
20 - I'm with you on that one. JT and his ridiculous lineups have finally worn me down. If Depo can't lay down the law and get the best guys on the field, I'm about done with him, too.

For those interested in the Suns, Russell Martin hit another HR today (3rd this week).

I'll get my Dodger fix by reading DT comments later.

2005-08-30 16:34:15
30.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
LOL-I'm a student at HUMBOLDT. From Pasadena originally.
2005-08-30 16:37:17
31.   Yakface
30-Ha, Im from Rowland Hgts/La Habra.
2005-08-30 16:39:44
32.   molokai
Part of my family is in Ferndale just south of you. All big Dodger fans. That is the best Cal State campus I've ever seen.

I'm having such a hard time rooting for the Dodgers to win with these lineups. I want Jim Tracy to fail but still I'm driven to watch and root. Since the drug industry has something for everyone it would be nice if they could come up with a JT pill so I could enjoy my team again. I can never remember being so appalled at the lineup choices by a manager.

2005-08-30 16:45:28
33.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I didn't realize their were so many Northern California Dodger fans.
2005-08-30 16:46:37
34.   molokai
I expect they all migrated from SoCal, I know mine did.
2005-08-30 16:46:54
35.   Telemachos
Isn't the basic reason we root for the Dodgers is so they'll win? Does it matter if they win for logical reasons or for crazy stupid reasons?

The way baseball works (as a business) I don't think the success (or failure) of Jason Phillips on a day-to-day basis means the departure of Tracy -- nor that a Tracy replacement would do a better job.

All of which means, I grit my teeth at JT's decisions, but that isn't going to stop me from rooting for the team.

2005-08-30 16:47:21
36.   Telemachos
33/34 -- I'm an original NoCal.
2005-08-30 16:49:22
37.   Steve
Does it matter if they win for logical reasons or for crazy stupid reasons?

Yes, particularly this year, because the ends will end up justifying the means.

2005-08-30 16:51:27
38.   Jim Hitchcock
36 - You must be a mutant. I'm just sayin'...
2005-08-30 16:52:01
39.   Icaros
I thought Tracy said he was going to start playing Perez at third except when Lowe or Weaver pitches.

With Penny out there, Edwards probably won't get a ball hit to him all night anyway.

2005-08-30 16:55:29
40.   Steve
If Edwards wants balls hit to him, he should probably stand in the basket, or rent a rooftop.
2005-08-30 16:56:45
41.   DaveP
35 - last I checked, they aren't winning. Given that, yes, it does matter how they are losing. I would prefer that the manager of the team I root for actually be competent and play the guys that give the team the best chance to win. Call me crazy, but I'd like to see the team get to the playoffs. Tracy continuing to play the most ridiculous lineup possible weakens our chance.

The resulting frustration drives me to other dodger related outlets - I have become a fan of the Jax Suns (I've probably listened to 25 of their games and watched 10 online this year) and hit refresh about 3,000 times a day on this website.

That said, I still watch as many Dodger games on TV as anyone. I own my own business and work from a home office quite often so have the pleasure of catching almost every day game on tv in the background as I work.

As I posted above, I'm so frustrated with these lineups that I'll start following the Suns as the primary game when they conflict (guess only a few more for the suns this season, though).

2005-08-30 16:57:39
42.   molokai
Can't resist. Some of the great writing that BP does on the GOTW. Just a small paragraph. All DT fans should have a subscription. JMO

"But wait, there's more Belliard. With the Indians bringing in lefty Scott Sauerbeck to face Catalanotto, the Jays counter with righty-swinging Alexis Rios. On the first pitch, Rios does just what the Jays want him to, whacking a liner up the middle--only Belliard makes another sparkling play, snaring the liner and nearly turning an impossible 4-3 double play. The Indians then bring in Bobby Howry to face Wells. By now both the Indians announcers and the entire dugout are buzzing over Belliard's defensive display. On the second pitch, Wells lines another shot up the middle--and Belliard grabs it again, making a spinning play on a short-hopped screamer and throwing him out to end the inning. In the inning Bellliard makes dazzling plays for three different pitchers, and all three go to greet him, smiling--nearly laughing--at how their unassuming second baseman has suddenly turned into Ozzie Smith in a cameo appearance at the deuce."

2005-08-30 16:59:57
43.   Icaros
40 Yeah, that's funny, but the point I was really trying to make is that I've seen entire games where there isn't a ball hit to third, and to sacrifice much-needed offense (forget the fact that Edwards is in reality worse on defense than Perez anyway) for more defense at third is insane.
2005-08-30 17:00:08
44.   Bob Timmermann
Since the last offer got lost...
I have three FREE tickets to the crucial division - deciding Saturday Sept 10 day game against the Padres. Field Level section 42.

If anyone is interested, just give a holler.

2005-08-30 17:01:58
45.   Steve
43 -- one thousand times yes.
2005-08-30 17:02:34
46.   Bob Timmermann
If having Werth bat leadoff is an experiment why does he have to face Clemens and Prior in his first two games at that spot?

That's like giving a new Army recruit an atomic weapon to practice with.

2005-08-30 17:02:43
47.   Jon Weisman
35 - My dad sometimes has tried the rooting against the Dodgers in protest. I've never been able to get on board with that.
2005-08-30 17:03:10
48.   ddger
44 Bob, I would like to go.
2005-08-30 17:03:36
49.   Icaros
44 I'd be all over a CoJE sequel, Bob, but it would now be too far to drive (sniffle).
2005-08-30 17:05:57
50.   Bob Timmermann

Were you one of the people I gave a gmail invite to? If so, just drop me a line about it.

I'm not nearly as arcane in person. I tend to sit pretty quietly at games as Icaros can attest to.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-08-30 17:06:09
51.   Icaros
Maybe the Dodgers are on the verge of acquiring Mark Prior and JT wants to boost up his value.
2005-08-30 17:06:19
52.   bokonon42
44- Anything you can do to sweeten the offer? 8^)
2005-08-30 17:08:07
53.   King of the Hobos
I know that I call him Oscar Gwynn...
2005-08-30 17:08:12
54.   Icaros
50 I was a little embarrassed when Bob tore off his shirt like Hulk Hogan and tried to start the wave.
2005-08-30 17:09:15
55.   King of the Hobos
Fisrt pitch swinging ain't so bad...
2005-08-30 17:09:21
56.   SiGeg
On the radio, Al Downing just said, "This is the kind of lineup that can give Prior trouble."

No, it's not. But let's hope it does anyway.

2005-08-30 17:09:47
57.   Jon Weisman
Hi, my name is Jon, and I first heard of Matt Murton at 5:11 p.m.
2005-08-30 17:10:40
58.   Bob Timmermann
Matt Murton has been a cause celebre among Cub cognoscenti for a while.

Can I drop in any more foreign words?

2005-08-30 17:10:41
59.   ddger
50 Yes, thanks again for the gmail invite.
2005-08-30 17:11:05
60.   Jon Weisman
56 - What could Downing have possibly meant by that? That the Dodger hitters would come out to the mound and pants Prior?
2005-08-30 17:11:12
61.   joekings
I like how there is only two outs but Monday is already conceding we won't score this inning.
2005-08-30 17:11:15
62.   Steve
57 -- Funny, because Dusty Baker was just saying the same thing.
2005-08-30 17:11:21
63.   Bob Timmermann
Then you know where to find me.
2005-08-30 17:11:36
64.   Icaros
56 I think he just meant prior trouble, as in, prior to the game, the Dodgers are already in trouble.
2005-08-30 17:11:41
65.   King of the Hobos
57 Rookie who Baker hates, and the reason they traded Hollandsworth. You say 5:11, yet your post was posted at 5:09
2005-08-30 17:12:34
66.   King of the Hobos
Phillips was clutch there, although Kent's play was ugly there at the end
2005-08-30 17:12:46
67.   joekings
Glen Hoffman strikes again! Seriously how hard can it be to coach third?
2005-08-30 17:12:47
68.   Icaros
Hoffman with more nice work...
2005-08-30 17:13:41
69.   Vishal
of COURSE jason phillips comes through. lol
2005-08-30 17:13:45
70.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh the old 8-3-5-2-6 putout.
2005-08-30 17:14:45
71.   Nagman
With Edwards coming up, a good gamble? (I'm not watching the game).
2005-08-30 17:15:16
72.   Icaros
70 Isn't there a Dodgers/Angels blog which goes by that moniker?
2005-08-30 17:15:16
73.   King of the Hobos
Why would Hoffman contemplate stopping Kent with Edwards on deck? I would have waved him in on a bunt single...(not sure how Phillips could do that, but that's beside the point)
2005-08-30 17:15:34
74.   stubbs
Antonio Perez is the 2nd best hitter on the team and Lowe isnt pitching...there is no excuse for a marginal triple a player to be starting...none.
2005-08-30 17:15:35
75.   Uncle Miltie
Bradley: "Kent you are stupid"
2005-08-30 17:15:39
76.   Jon Weisman
"Jason Phillips singles on a line drive to center fielder Jerry HairstonJr. Oscar Robles scores. Jeff Kent out at home, center fielder Jerry Hairston Jr. to first baseman Derrek Lee to third baseman Nomar Garciaparra to catcher Henry Blanco to shortstop Ronny Cedeno."

I have a new name for Rob McMillin's blog: The only question I have is, where the hell was Murton on the play?

In my rooting in 47, I chose the Dodgers over justice. Dodgers 1, Justice 0.

2005-08-30 17:16:05
77.   Icaros
71 To gamble would have been one thing. To stop halfway was hurtful.
2005-08-30 17:18:35
78.   stubbs
Hi, my name is Corey Patterson, I am behind someone named Matt Murton on the depth chart.
2005-08-30 17:18:50
79.   joekings
Good old small ball saves us.
2005-08-30 17:19:11
80.   Brendan
just another routine fly to center. Whew
2005-08-30 17:19:13
81.   Uncle Miltie
Werth is not a CF
2005-08-30 17:19:41
82.   Jon Weisman
Bunting after a leadoff double at Wrigley Field? Mercy.
2005-08-30 17:19:47
83.   SiGeg
60 His explanation was that "there are a lot of line drive hitters" in the lineup. I think he mentioned Robles and Ledee.

(Trying to come up with insightful things to say on the radio is the type of job that could give Downing trouble.)

2005-08-30 17:20:23
84.   Icaros
According to Steiner, Cruz Jr. is just now starting to feel comfortable in a Dodgers uniform.

Seems like he's played for every other team in baseball by now, do the Dodgers use a different material?

2005-08-30 17:20:57
85.   Jon Weisman
Will Matt Murton surpass Merton Hanks as the most famous Mu/erton in the world of sports?
2005-08-30 17:21:34
86.   joekings
First Phillips now Edwards, the world is turned upside down.
2005-08-30 17:21:35
87.   ddger
Tracy is genius?
2005-08-30 17:21:35
88.   Icaros
2005-08-30 17:21:55
89.   SiGeg
I knew Edwards was the right choice to start. Didn't you.
2005-08-30 17:21:58
90.   King of the Hobos
That's Kreuter on the highest level...
2005-08-30 17:22:32
91.   Nagman
Maybe, just maybe, we're all wrong.
2005-08-30 17:22:48
92.   Jim Hitchcock
Uh, what was it it you guys were saying about Phillips and Edwards again...?
2005-08-30 17:23:06
93.   Uncle Miltie
Jim Tracy is a genius
2005-08-30 17:23:09
94.   bigcpa
Is this Mike on?


2005-08-30 17:23:18
95.   patsweetpat
I wrote, back at the start of the game, that starting Edwards was the right call. Go back and check.

(Actually, please don't go back and check. I wrote no such thing).

2005-08-30 17:23:27
96.   SiGeg
Never doubt Al Downing.
2005-08-30 17:24:02
97.   Bob Timmermann
Somewhere Chad Kreuter cackles maniacally.
2005-08-30 17:24:12
98.   Icaros
85 There haven't been too many athletes I've despised as much as Merton Hanks over the years.

Hi, my name is Icaros, and I've been a Rams fan my whole life.

2005-08-30 17:24:18
99.   Jon Weisman
Dodgers 2, Justice 0
2005-08-30 17:24:57
100.   Marty
As God is my witness, I thought Phillips could fly.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-08-30 17:25:26
101.   Jon Weisman
90 - It was. That may be the funniest moment of the season, actually.
2005-08-30 17:26:00
102.   Icaros
Let's see Edwards do something with RISP. That's what separates the men from the boys.
2005-08-30 17:26:54
103.   Vishal
and mike edwards homers!

the scrubs are mocking us.

2005-08-30 17:29:27
104.   ddger
Henson on today's LA Times mentions the five W's pitching for Chicago yesterday. He must be reading the DT since I think Bob commented on that yesterday.
2005-08-30 17:30:09
105.   natepurcell
i seriously do not know how mike edwards hit that homerun considering how much the wind is blowing is and how little power he has.
2005-08-30 17:30:37
106.   Jon Weisman
104 - It was also in the press notes. For that matter, it was pretty noticeable in the box score.
2005-08-30 17:30:42
107.   Marty
Does anyone know what the Cub's thinking was for throwing Wood just before he went into sugery?
2005-08-30 17:31:17
108.   King of the Hobos
The wind chose a very bad time to change direction
2005-08-30 17:32:00
109.   natepurcell
come on penny, dont join weaver and lowe in the homerun race.
2005-08-30 17:32:20
110.   DaveP
glad I decided to compromise and watch the dodger game afterall. Dodgers on the TV, Suns game full screen on the laptop and DT on the desktop.
2005-08-30 17:33:48
111.   Marty
107. Make that surgery I'm not sweet on Kerry Wood.
2005-08-30 17:34:26
112.   Marty
Murton's Gameday picture is a profile.
2005-08-30 17:35:55
113.   Icaros
Marty will be known as Marty Wonka from now on.
2005-08-30 17:36:41
114.   King of the Hobos
107 One last hurrah. If I'm not mistaken, the surgery was scheduled this early to ensure he's back next season, they've pertty much given up on the season. Hence the Lawton and Hollandsworth trades, and possibly Walker as well
2005-08-30 17:37:22
115.   Icaros
Murton looks like the little kid who gets shot by Henry Fonda in the beginning of "Once Upon a Time in the West."
2005-08-30 17:39:32
116.   Steve
Izturis : Dodgers :: Steve : A's
2005-08-30 17:39:34
117.   King of the Hobos
Would Dusty play Dusty Jr as a rookie?
2005-08-30 17:42:56
118.   King of the Hobos
Today's OPS for the 4th inning's hitters is 3.000. We're almost guarunteed to score
2005-08-30 17:43:43
119.   Bob Timmermann
Any remember what nickname Vin Scully gave to Dusty Baker when he started with the Dodgers?
2005-08-30 17:43:48
120.   scareduck
Jon - does the Edwards homer count as electroshock? Or merely the psychic variety of same?
2005-08-30 17:44:52
121.   Bob Timmermann
Next thing we're going to find out is that Jon has an imaginary friend who looks like Paul Bettany.
2005-08-30 17:44:58
122.   scareduck
117 - Hendry would trade Dusty, Jr. for Nomar Garciaparra (or insert your favorite big name but fading player) before that could happen.
2005-08-30 17:50:11
123.   natepurcell
penny looks like he is being more efficient.

he is throwing his fb 89-92 early in the count and is dialing it up to 96 when he needs to put them away. maybe he can go deeper into this game than usual.

2005-08-30 17:51:25
124.   dzzrtRatt
119 I don't remember his nickname, but I do remember that he was famous for playing "She's a Bad Mamma Jamma" in the clubhouse.
2005-08-30 17:51:30
125.   scareduck
121 - so long as he doesn't have a screenwriting contract.
2005-08-30 17:54:27
126.   King of the Hobos
Prior made 9 pitches that inning to halve their collective OPS
2005-08-30 17:57:01
127.   Telemachos
"Dodgers 2, Justice 0" - Priceless. :)

Going way back a few comments... I can't stand many of Tracy's decisions, but that doesn't stop me from rooting for the team (and by proxy, the players involved). Bitter though the taste may be, I don't actively root for Phillips to hit into a double play with RISP. Why assume that if he continued to do so, anything would change (particularly this year)?

Cheap whore that I am, I'd rather the Dodgers win any way they can, and then find another, better (and yes, more logical) way in the offseason for '06.

2005-08-30 17:58:01
128.   scareduck
127 - like throwing Jim Tracy to the sharks?
2005-08-30 18:00:41
129.   Telemachos
128- If Hee's will be Dunn, yea, verily.
2005-08-30 18:01:59
130.   natepurcell
penny is finally using his change up a good amount. its throwing cub hitters off balance. maybe now, he will use his secondary pitches more. he becomes a better pitcher when he doesnt try to chug fastballs by everyone.
2005-08-30 18:02:39
131.   Bob Timmermann
Vin called Baker "The Rage of Riverside" when he first came to the Dodgers.

He used to be really into alliteration, but since he stopped calling Ryan Klesko "The Whiz for Westminster" I haven't heard any new ones.

2005-08-30 18:04:47
132.   dzzrtRatt
I always hope Jim Tracy's wrong. When he keeps plugging Mike Edwards, Jason Phillips, etc. into the lineup, I hope they all go 4 for 4. I also hope that on the rare occasions that I buy a lottery ticket, I will win $75 million.
2005-08-30 18:08:11
133.   natepurcell
soo... is that 3 ks for werth in the lead off spot?
2005-08-30 18:08:29
134.   bokonon42
Bob- Didn't realize the 10th was a Saturday. I'd love to get in on a free ticket. bokonon42 at sign gmail dot com, if you're still giving them out.
2005-08-30 18:10:02
135.   natepurcell
for those that are watching the suns, ojeda is pitching for them, so far, i really like his stuff.
2005-08-30 18:13:19
136.   ddger
135 is he related to bob ojeda?
2005-08-30 18:19:29
137.   patsweetpat
Al Downing, god love him, just talked about how pitchers can help their own cause with effective bunting "and get that runner another 60 feet down the line."

I don't hate Al. I really don't. He seems like a nice man, and every now and then really does tell me something I didn't already know.

But then other times he says things that are so stupid...

2005-08-30 18:20:27
138.   King of the Hobos
Notice how when Kent is hot, the Dodgers start winning. Too bad he didn't start this against the Rockies
2005-08-30 18:22:03
139.   Telemachos
With Burnitz and Lee coming up next inning, I'm mighty happy to see that extra run.
2005-08-30 18:22:16
140.   natepurcell
i wish kent was like 30, instead of 37.
2005-08-30 18:23:38
141.   Steve
LA Times headline tomorrow:

"Most Wonderful Owner Ever To Grace Los Angeles With His Presence Arte Improves Team Again: Steals LOOGY Christiansen From Under DePo's Nose"

2005-08-30 18:25:28
142.   Gen3Blue
It may be too late to say it later--so I'd like to say I'm impressed with the way the Dodgers have played against a lot of good pitchers in the last couple of weeks. Someone pointed this out in the last couple of nights, but I can't remember who to give credit. A List of the last 14 pitchers faced is amazingly impressive.
2005-08-30 18:31:38
143.   Gen3Blue
138- isn't it fair to say Kents the only proven major leager on the offensive 8, except possibly Leedee.
2005-08-30 18:32:22
144.   scareduck
141 - easy.
2005-08-30 18:32:38
145.   Jim Hitchcock
You know, I accept the fact the Kent playing catch with Jr. was brought to our attention (and very likely staged) to offset the Bradley critism, but I still like seeing it.

I'm really trying to work through my default setting of cynical...

2005-08-30 18:35:37
146.   King of the Hobos
I was thinking before the inning, just get Cedeno and we can get out of the inning. I hope no more than 2 score...
2005-08-30 18:38:04
147.   King of the Hobos
Penny is getting amazingly unlucky. Good thing Kent homered, we'll be lucky to lead after this inning
2005-08-30 18:38:13
148.   Jim Hitchcock
Uh oh. Phillips is gonna get yelled at again...
2005-08-30 18:38:35
149.   Steve
144 -- Aren't you excited? Stoneman pulled off a big coup on that one.
2005-08-30 18:39:48
150.   Uncle Miltie
This game is falling apart.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-08-30 18:40:08
151.   fanerman
148 - What did Phillips do?
2005-08-30 18:40:36
152.   Linkmeister
Charley Steiner (I'm listening to the tube from the other room) just scared the heck out of me. He called the ball Ledee caught "DRILLED to left field" and then in a very small voice "Ledee tracks it down." He needs to watch fly balls better, as has been said before.
2005-08-30 18:41:21
153.   Steve
Gnashing of teeth! Weeping! Wailing! The first baseman can't play defense, blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, right. That will happen.

2005-08-30 18:41:34
154.   scareduck
149 - Stoneman is clearly in full stupid mode. You don't pick up a "major league tested player" when you have somebody just as good (and maybe better -- remember Salt Lake is at altitude) in your system. I'm not defending that. But neither is it clear that the Times is as pro-Angels biased as you're making them out to be, either.
2005-08-30 18:42:34
155.   ddger
For those watching the game, is our defense little shakey this inning?
2005-08-30 18:42:51
156.   scareduck
153 - not watching on TV, but wasn't the problem on that play Penny not continuing to first to cover?
2005-08-30 18:44:48
157.   Jim Hitchcock
151 - He went for a tapper in front of Kent that Kent could arguably have played. Penny slipped coming off the mound, leaving first base not covered.

152 - Link, it wasn't any better watching it.

2005-08-30 18:46:51
158.   Jim Hitchcock
153 - Steve, are you okay?
2005-08-30 18:47:13
159.   King of the Hobos
So do we root for the DBacks or Padres? This game is such a huge loss if we can't come back
2005-08-30 18:47:54
160.   natepurcell
i guess a 4 game win streak just wasnt meant to be.
2005-08-30 18:48:28
161.   Bob Timmermann
If Penny gives up back to back hits to Blanco and Macias, I will have to rebuild my Paul Lo Duca shrine.
2005-08-30 18:49:23
162.   Uncle Miltie
Penny just got hammered...and by Henry Blanco? I can't stand these Cubs announcers.
2005-08-30 18:49:29
163.   Bob Timmermann
Halsey starting instead of Vazquez tonight for Arizona. Giles is back in the lineup for San Diego.
2005-08-30 18:49:36
164.   fanerman
This is my fault. Sorry everybody. I'm being punished by the gods for something I must have done. This is just an appropriate way to cap a miserable day.
2005-08-30 18:50:46
165.   Uncle Miltie
Choi in to play first? Hopefully he is punishing Phillips...I know it was a double switch.
2005-08-30 18:51:05
166.   natepurcell
millers pitching for the suns, his stuff is aboslutely nasty today.
2005-08-30 18:51:50
167.   Steve
158 -- No. This Phillips at first base thing has bypassed organizational insanity and has become an affront to the very foundations of baseball.

On the plus side, one can hope that Christiansen is in uniform against the A's tonight.

2005-08-30 18:51:53
168.   King of the Hobos
162 Hammered=ground ball barely past Robles' glove...
2005-08-30 18:53:30
169.   bokonon42
I'm no fan of Phillips at first, but his miscue didn't deserve bench time. His OBP does. Anybody want to bet Saenz bats for Choi?
2005-08-30 18:54:47
170.   Uncle Miltie
168- it's a base hit and 2 RBI in the box score. Is it possible that Bob Brenly is a worse announcer than manager?
2005-08-30 18:54:57
171.   bokonon42
Choi bats. I can't remember another time this year when my paranoia was misplaced.
2005-08-30 18:55:18
172.   Gen3Blue
No its my fault; I obviously jinxed them with praise.
2005-08-30 18:55:26
173.   alex 7
you jinxed Miller nate
2005-08-30 18:55:35
174.   natepurcell
okay just as i say that, miller walks 3 to load the bases. arghh.
2005-08-30 18:56:00
175.   DaveP
166 - now if he could start throwing some strikes this inning :)
2005-08-30 18:56:17
176.   ddger
Penny has been awful last 3 outings (6,5,5 runs). He needs to start pitching like our ace if we want to stay in denial.
2005-08-30 18:56:22
177.   natepurcell
im sorry greg, i didnt mean to put my hex on you.
2005-08-30 18:57:09
178.   alex 7
lol, foul bunt? wish I could have seen that.
2005-08-30 18:58:54
179.   alex 7
don't worry nate. But do tell us how great the Cubs bullpen is.
2005-08-30 19:00:02
180.   Uncle Miltie
Nice to know the Ron Cey doesn't know the lyrics to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
2005-08-30 19:01:08
181.   DaveP
Miller owes Hanrahan dinner after the game.
2005-08-30 19:01:43
182.   Bob Timmermann
From Ken Rosenthal's column today about why he thinks Barry Bonds should be traded to the L.A.

"The Angels, for example, could offer up a number of possibilities -- center fielder Steve Finley, righthander Kelvim Escobar, shortstop Orlando Cabrera, first baseman Darin Erstad. Owner Arte Moreno and other Angels officials might recoil at Bonds' diva act, but with Bonds the Angels would own L.A. "

I think many Angels would hold a celebration if they dumped Finley and Cabrera and Erstad and replaced them with Bonds.

2005-08-30 19:05:05
183.   Bob Timmermann
I meant "Angels fans" in 182
2005-08-30 19:08:24
184.   Steve
182 -- Ken Rosenthal could have called Ross Porter with that idea.
2005-08-30 19:08:27
185.   King of the Hobos
with Bonds the Angels would own L.A.

Yeah, the Angels would attract all the Dodgers fans by acquiring our most hated enemy. Sounds right

2005-08-30 19:10:24
186.   Steve
There it is...I never thought I would see:

2005-08-30 19:13:02
187.   fanerman
Good ol' Eric Neel.
2005-08-30 19:13:41
188.   Bob Timmermann
The Dbacks pester the Padres 2-0.

They keep the race alive solely out of spite.

2005-08-30 19:16:52
189.   Bob Timmermann
Only the Nationals could acquire Deivi Cruz and get an offensive upgrade at shortstop. Relatively speaking, he's Miguel Tejada compared to Guzman.
2005-08-30 19:18:41
190.   Steve
That play by Walker was not as good as Steiner claims it was.
2005-08-30 19:21:11
191.   alex 7
Russell Martin sees six pitches before his leadoff hit for the Suns in extra innings. Todd Donovan follows with a hit. Jon Weber due up next.
2005-08-30 19:22:09
192.   brandesh
Sometimes, late at night, when nobody is listening, I call him Oscar Robuls.
2005-08-30 19:22:50
193.   alex 7
whoops, someone else bunted the guys over, and now Jon Weber is drawing the intentional walk. Bases full for LaRoche now, bottom of the 8th (extra innings) 2-2 tie.
2005-08-30 19:24:24
194.   DaveP
193- Sergio Garcia bunted them over. I liked that they let Donovan swing away with 1 on and nobody out. He singled and then Garcia bunted them both over.
2005-08-30 19:24:36
195.   Bob Timmermann
Not a save situation, so I see a bad moon arisin'!
2005-08-30 19:28:33
196.   Bob Timmermann
At least the Giants are losing.

I interviewed Scott McClain when I was in Japan nice guy. He's a very large man.

2005-08-30 19:34:25
197.   King of the Hobos
Padres now up 3-2. So do we want to keep a fractional third place or stay 4.5 back? Assuming Dempster shuts the offense down
2005-08-30 19:36:15
198.   Gen3Blue
Just saw a promo for some west coast new/sports broadcast with KK. I don't know how it looked out there, but there are a lot of EC fans glad Kennedy never got his hands on the Dogders.
2005-08-30 19:37:42
199.   alex 7
Broxton's a man among boys in AA. Going to the 9th in Jax.
2005-08-30 19:39:28
200.   DaveP
199 - he dominated once again. His last appearance against the marlins before he was sent down was about as impressive as you'll see from a relief pitcher.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-08-30 19:40:06
201.   DaveP
I'd still like to see Broxton get a shot at the starting rotation next spring.
2005-08-30 19:41:09
202.   Uncle Miltie
Does anyone else hope Saenz doesn't get a hit, for Tracy's sake.
2005-08-30 19:41:52
203.   Gen3Blue
Saenz or Choi?
2005-08-30 19:42:17
204.   Suffering Bruin
203 I just got here and I can't believe what I'm seeing. I am with you...
2005-08-30 19:42:50
205.   natepurcell
wow, did everyone just see that play on the bunt? (suns thoughts)
2005-08-30 19:43:15
206.   Suffering Bruin
Should've been Choi. Saenz has a hard time with the biting slider (granting he's got company) and that's Dempster's best pitch.
2005-08-30 19:43:36
207.   DaveP
205 - yeah, still cracking up over that one.
2005-08-30 19:44:07
208.   Uncle Miltie
I changed my mind, I hate these announcers
2005-08-30 19:44:43
209.   DaveP
Russell Martin ended the first game today with a walk off HR. Now has a chance to end this game.
2005-08-30 19:44:55
210.   Gen3Blue
Never mind.
2005-08-30 19:45:45
211.   King of the Hobos
The wind made that finale much more painful, as Saenz looked like he had some decent contact on it. Why was Saenz in there to begin with?
2005-08-30 19:46:06
212.   Uncle Miltie
walkoff walk?
2005-08-30 19:46:18
213.   alex 7
martin's got a 3-0 count with the bags full in extra frames.
2005-08-30 19:47:39
214.   HomeDePo
47 - gotta try that because rooting for them is JUST NOT WORKING... i put on a wristband (white dodgers band) before the Oswalt game and they are 3-1. a good omen
2005-08-30 19:48:03
215.   natepurcell
theeeeee suns win!!! theeee suns win!!

russ martin is the player of the day

2005-08-30 19:48:42
216.   alex 7
the lovefest hobos. Ya gotta stop the lovefest between Tracy and professinal hitters like Saenz, Valentin, and Izturis. At least Saenz is a good hitter, but yeah, I'd want to see Choi in that position. Penny just shot himself in the foot today. No other reason to blame.
2005-08-30 19:50:08
217.   Steve
Justice 6, Dodgers 3
2005-08-30 19:50:24
218.   Gen3Blue
Any news on Russell Martin. I just got dumped so far dowm the page page it took me a while to scroll up to text-Imean 10 times farther than usual.
2005-08-30 19:51:05
219.   natepurcell
russ martin drew the GW walkd on a 3-2 count.
2005-08-30 19:52:43
220.   Gen3Blue
That helps the pain of the Blues.Amen.
2005-08-30 19:53:15
221.   GoBears
Wow. That was completely unforgiveable. Let's see.

1. Choi is a lefty, has more power than Saenz, and 2 lefties have just gotten hits off Dempster.

2. The wind is blowing out to RIGHT FIELD, and knocking down balls in left.

3. Ergo, Saenz has less chance of hitting the ball well, and EVEN IF HE DOES, the wind will do the job for Dempster.

There have been lots of Tracy decisions that have been dumb, some in hindsight, some at first blush. Others have been defensible IF you buy into Tracy's antiquated and/or misguided view of the game (defense matters most, go with small-sample percentages, etc).

But this was unconscionable. He gets exactly what he wants - his best LH homerun threat up with a chance to tie the game, and spits on it. Absolutely freakin' ridiculous.

What is more, if Choi had received a walk, or otherwise extended the inning without homering, then he'd still have Saenz to use! This way, had Saenz singled or doubled, he'd be out of pinch hitters. There is no way, small ball, moneyball, small samples, playing not to lose, NOTHING short of an undisclosed injury to Choi, that makes that move make sense.

OK, I'm done. For the season. I promise not to say another word about Jim Tracy's lineups or in-game "managing."

2005-08-30 19:54:09
222.   Suffering Bruin
I don't think the wind did that much to the Saenz ball; looked to me like he got it on the end of the bat.

I got nothing against Saenz, he's been great this year. But a right-handed pitcher was on the mound. You're supposedly terrific LHPH is coming up to face him. And you send up a guy who:

a) is right-handed and...
b) struggles with hard stuff outside.

I won't write off that Tracy knows something about Choi that I don't. Choi might be doing things in the dugout or off the field that makes sensible baseball folk say, "We can't ever count on this guy in a big situation."

Personally, I think this is crazy. Choi should've been hitting, period.

2005-08-30 19:54:50
223.   Bob Timmermann
No joy in the Canal Zone, Mighty Olmedo has flied out.
2005-08-30 19:55:14
224.   Suffering Bruin
221 said it a heckuva lot better than me. Read his post.
2005-08-30 19:55:27
225.   natepurcell
hmmm, i guess i made the right choice in turning off the dodger game after penny gave up the lead because from the postings, it seems tracy made some tracy like decisions later in the game that would have made me quite upset..
2005-08-30 19:57:31
226.   DaveP
so Steve Finley's eye doctor advises him not to squint at the computer screen on his daily train ride to the park (from San Diego). Yeah, that's why he's hitting .195 since the break. Either that or he is old and can't play any more.
2005-08-30 20:00:07
227.   natepurcell
the suns are the best baseball team in the minors... true story.
2005-08-30 20:02:50
228.   Suffering Bruin
The Suns might be the best baseball team in the Dodger organization. True story.
2005-08-30 20:04:44
229.   Marty
Oakland 1 Angels 0
2005-08-30 20:04:49
230.   King of the Hobos
DBacks have tied it 3-3. The DBacks are less of a threat, so I guess I'm rooting for them. Giles has been the only runs for the Padres (3 run homer), I'd much prefer him injured right now
2005-08-30 20:05:40
231.   Rich Lederer
I concur with GoBears (221). After that move, either Choi or Tracy has got to go. No use having them both in the same dugout any longer. They obviously cannot co-exist.
2005-08-30 20:06:59
232.   Xeifrank
Just woke up from my long nap... looks like the Dodgers lost the nightcap. A doubleheader split vs the Cubs today isn't a bad result. :)
ps - Roddick loses in 1st round.
vr, Xei
2005-08-30 20:08:01
233.   Kayaker7
I don't even want Choi coming up in critical situations anymore. Not because I don't think he can't handle it, but baseball being what it is...he'll fail many more times than he suceeds. But it would only give more ammunition to Tracy and the naysayers to cut him down.
2005-08-30 20:10:57
234.   King of the Hobos
How many homers does Lowe give up at Wrigley? Perez has no chance at playing tomorrow (Lowe), nor does Choi (Ruscsh is a lefty). Hard to say if Saenz gets the start over Phillips. I'd guess Edwards yet again gets the start over Aybar. Not sure if missing the first half will be good or bad...
2005-08-30 20:15:01
235.   SiGeg
Choi was 1-7 off Dempster with 3Ks.
Saenz was 1-3 including a HR.

That's Tracy's very best defense.

We've reached a verdict: Fire Jim Tracy!

2005-08-30 20:15:32
236.   Kayaker7
This was not Tracy's finest hour...not that there were many fine hours this year. Taking out Phillips was a smack in the face. The damage was already done. If Tracy valued his bat to much, Phillips should have stayed in the game.

I was glad to see Choi bat, but disappointed to see him pulled in the 9th.

2005-08-30 20:25:38
237.   Brendan
Interesting funny take on the bradley'kent feud. what is your take on this Uncle Miltie?

By Scoop Jackson
Page 2

Dear Mr. Kent,

Love your game, big fan. Heard that you had a little issue with Milton Bradley the other day. Heard he said some "not so friendly" things about you. Those things happen from time to time, ya know. If I were you, I wouldn't sweat that. Teammates are like family -- you can't choose 'em.

I also heard that you can't deal with black people. I'm sorry … African-American is what was said. Now Jeff, since I'm a fan and I want to see you continue to ball at an All-Star-like level, I'm going to pass along some advice on how to deal with us, since, you know, I've been black for a long time.

The first thing you gotta understand is that sometimes we be trippin'. Now I'm not saying that Milt was wrong, I'm just telling you that we black people tend to "bug out" or "snap" at times. No reason, no excuses. Our women do it more than the men. But somehow we give them reason, they say. But that's a whole 'nother story. Anyway, get used to the "snappin'" -- that's just us"

2005-08-30 20:28:22
238.   Uncle Miltie
237- that was written before the latest incident
2005-08-30 20:33:00
239.   Louis in SF
Does Phillips have pictures of Tracy. I didn't see the 6th inning but gather the Dodger defense was not great.
2005-08-30 20:34:06
240.   Brendan

I assumed it was. just wondering what you thought of the opinion. I'm not nor will I discuss the other issue with bradley. there's no point.

2005-08-30 20:36:28
241.   Kayaker7
239 Phillips made a couple of questionable judgments on grounders. One in particular, he went for a groundball in front of Kent. First base was unoccupied, when Penny slipped, and could not cover. The announcers felt Phillips should have stayed put, and let Kent handle it. Apparently, Tracy thought it was bad enough to take him out of the game. Like I said in a previous post, the damage was already done. Pulling him was harsh, I thought.
2005-08-30 20:37:58
242.   Brendan
the two paragraphs I posted are not the entire tone of the article. those were just the headline grabbers.
2005-08-30 20:39:44
243.   fanerman
241 - Maybe Tracy will start Choi again for "defensive reasons" that may compensate for his "offensive deficiencies."
2005-08-30 20:40:31
244.   Uncle Miltie
227- "the suns are the best baseball team in the minors... true story."
Lets Compare:
C: Martin/Navarro, Advatange: Dodgers, until Martin can prove that he can hit at the major league level
1B: Loney/Phillips/Saenz/Choi, Dodgers, if Loney came up today, he probably wouldn't be as productive as Jason Phillips (offensively)
2B: Abreu/Kent, Dodgers
SS: Guzman/Robles, Dodgers, Guzman probably couldn't OPS .700 in the majors right now and Robles is probably a better defender
3B: LaRoche/Edwards, Suns, Edwards is terrible offensively and LaRoche is probably a better defender
OF: Dodgers, even when Repko is in the OF
SP: Dodgers, except Billingsley is better than Jackson
RP: Dodgers

Dodgers win, sorry Nate ;)

2005-08-30 20:40:59
245.   Kayaker7
242 I thought the article was very effective in conveying the nuances of being black. It was funny and well-written. It was written in a gently teasing manner, as if addressing Kent. I like it.
2005-08-30 20:43:05
246.   fanerman
244 - Rebutting 228 and Suffering Bruin, not 227 and Nate, right?
2005-08-30 20:43:27
247.   Telemachos
Driving home and listening to the final inning on the radio, I actually cursed out loud when they announced Saenz was coming up. It made no sense, no matter how you slice it (and GoBears, you said it beautifully in 221).

I also wonder whether we might have mounted a comeback earlier had either Choi, Perez, or Saenz played the entire game.

The only possible explanation I can think of is that Tracy is somehow resting some players so they can be ready for tomorrow's early game. (I think Saenz probably will be at first, Phillips catching, and Edwards at third... with Lowe pitching obviously Perez can't play third. Possibly, instead, Kent at first, Perez at second, and Saenz at third).

2005-08-30 20:44:37
248.   Bob Timmermann
The Joker strikes.

Padres 4, DBacks 3.

2005-08-30 20:45:38
249.   Brendan

I agree.

2005-08-30 20:47:46
250.   Xeifrank
at the end of 7 1/2 innings...
Moneyball: 1
Smallball: 0
vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-08-30 20:48:15
251.   Uncle Miltie
240- funny article. I'm surprised that ESPN hired Scoop Jackson. Tracy wouldn't exactly consider him a "professional writer". Scoop is right on some of the racial issues, for example:
Black folks, we snap off; black folks, we sensitive.

I wish Bradley the best with his new team. I've met him before and he seemed like a nice guy, though he is very quiet. I hope that he and his wife's problems have been resolved like he said in the statement issued today to the press.

2005-08-30 20:52:32
252.   Xeifrank
Smallball just tied it up... Quinlan goes deep off of the former Gaucho. vr, Xei
2005-08-30 20:52:46
253.   Telemachos
Moneyball: 1
Smallball: 1

(Ironically, because of a home run)

2005-08-30 20:54:29
254.   Kayaker7
250 Smallball tied it up, with the longball.
2005-08-30 20:56:27
255.   Kayaker7
Yeah, it was an inside the ballpark bunt homerun.
2005-08-30 20:58:58
256.   Kayaker7
Darn, Chone didn't get Figgy widit. Someone shoot Rex Hudler.
2005-08-30 21:04:23
257.   natepurcell
i dont think i ever said the suns were more talented than the big league dodgers.
2005-08-30 21:07:45
258.   King of the Hobos
255 Has that ever happened? (Bob?) I've always wanted to see it

Zito has given up a couple of deepish fly balls, now he gets Guerrero...

2005-08-30 21:11:07
259.   Telemachos
And Vladdy strikes out.
2005-08-30 21:16:10
260.   Bob Timmermann
An inside-the-park bunt home run has probably only happened in the Little League sense that people have thrown the ball all over the field.

Which means it you've got a single and a bunch of errors.

2005-08-30 21:18:11
261.   King of the Hobos
Took Johnson 11 pitches, but he doubled. Colon doesn't have a lot left I would think
2005-08-30 21:19:55
262.   King of the Hobos
260 I guess an infield double is the best I'll ever get to see. Unless there's a huge collision

Hatteberg bunted, so the A's do in fact bunt

2005-08-30 21:21:37
263.   fanerman
Scott Hatteberg, Bunting Machine.
2005-08-30 21:24:40
264.   ddger
Should Depo have waited till end of the season to decide between Penny (6-9) and Weaver (13-8)? Weaver must be really motivated and is pitching awfully well right now.
2005-08-30 21:26:09
265.   fanerman
Payton fouls out. Can't sacrifice anymore...
2005-08-30 21:29:26
266.   King of the Hobos
Smallball prevails in the top of the 10th (or moneyball fails), now time for smallball to hit
2005-08-30 21:29:34
267.   Steve
I hate baseball.
2005-08-30 21:35:46
268.   King of the Hobos
Erstad reaches on a comebacker off Calero, now will smallball work its magic?

264 No, Penny came cheaper than he would have in the offseason, and is probably the better pitcher despite recent success

2005-08-30 21:39:24
269.   King of the Hobos
If Bynum tripped and fell, that may have been a homer with the short wall. I doubt Calero is 100% after that comebacker
2005-08-30 21:40:00
270.   Steve
For the record, it was Smallball that failed (again) in the Top of the 10th.
2005-08-30 21:40:00
271.   Jim Hitchcock
Steve, when baseball doesn't make any sense, wait till it no longer does ;)
2005-08-30 21:40:45
272.   King of the Hobos
Kendall throws it into CF as smallball does prevail. Ellis probably should have blocked it
2005-08-30 21:42:41
273.   King of the Hobos
270 No, moneyball just couldn't imitate smallball well enough. Had that been the Angels, they would have executed perfectly and scored the run ;-)
2005-08-30 21:42:53
274.   fanerman
Prevail? The stolen base yeah, but they didn't score.
2005-08-30 21:42:58
275.   Steve
Define "prevail"
2005-08-30 21:43:35
276.   Bob Timmermann
5-3 Pads in the 8th
2005-08-30 21:44:09
277.   King of the Hobos
The Padres have taken a 5-3 lead off the DBacks bullpen. Looks like we may stay in our 2nd place tie (or fractional third, however you look at it)
2005-08-30 21:44:21
278.   Steve
273 -- So Mr. Kruk, how important are wins as a pitching statistic? :)
2005-08-30 21:45:20
279.   King of the Hobos
Stolen base=prevail. I'm sure the Times would agree with me

And Kielty opens it up

2005-08-30 21:46:15
280.   Bob Timmermann
It's fractional third.
2005-08-30 21:46:16
281.   fanerman
Did moneyball just "prevail?"
2005-08-30 21:46:42
282.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Defensive switch from designated hitter to designated hitter for Casey Kotchman.
Uh, suuuuure. Whatever you say, Gameday.
2005-08-30 21:47:10
283.   King of the Hobos
The Giants won 4-3 as DeJean blew the save in the 8th
2005-08-30 21:48:23
284.   Steve
Time for the Street Sweeper(TM).
2005-08-30 21:48:33
285.   Bob Timmermann
The Hateds beat the Rockies 4-3. They move to within 1 1/2 games of the Dodgers.
2005-08-30 21:50:21
286.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Snakes get the leadoff man aboard.
2005-08-30 21:51:40
287.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Hoffman induces a double play.
2005-08-30 21:52:13
288.   Bob Timmermann
Alex Cintron is not a professional hitter.
2005-08-30 21:52:58
289.   ddger
285 As bad as we are this year, what's even more amazing is that we can't separate ourselves from the Giants. Are we as bad as the Giants or are they playing over their head.

BTW, I hope we are still in the race when we go to the game on 9/10.

2005-08-30 21:53:47
290.   fanerman
Trevor Hoffman is a professional pitcher.
2005-08-30 21:54:07
291.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Clark singles to center, keeping hope alive for the D-Backs.
2005-08-30 21:54:57
292.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Pads win, Snakes lose as Counsell pops out to right.
2005-08-30 21:55:49
293.   fanerman
280 - We all suck.
2005-08-30 21:55:54
294.   Bob Timmermann
Which race are we referring to? The race for 1st, 2nd or 3rd?

The Giants are getting some good pitching from Schmidt and Lowry so that might be able to push them in to 2nd or 3rd when the dust settles.

2005-08-30 21:56:03
295.   fanerman
280 should be 289 in 293.
2005-08-30 21:58:52
296.   King of the Hobos
Smallball strikes again. Now can it truly prevail?
2005-08-30 21:59:37
297.   ddger
At least one team in our divison should end up .500 to spare us any more embarrassment.
2005-08-30 22:00:23
298.   King of the Hobos
Walking Anderson to face Vlad probably isn't smart. That's not moneyball or smallball, it's just not that bright
2005-08-30 22:01:20
299.   Steve
298 - I agree, that was way too much respect to Anderson.
2005-08-30 22:03:14
300.   King of the Hobos
Apparently Street knew what he was doing. I shall never challenge his decision to walk someone again
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-08-30 22:03:53
301.   Steve
But the Angels showed good solid hustle and turned four double plays. So the BBTN guys will just give them a win anyway.
2005-08-30 22:15:46
302.   Uncle Miltie
The 'A' Team won...not the one located in Anaheim.
2005-08-31 07:40:36
303.   Bob Timmermann
All day games in the NL West Wednesday.
2005-08-31 08:07:01
304.   Monterey Chris
Good morning Bob.

By the way, somebody asked yesterday about an infield homerun...conclusion was it could only happen in the little league sense (single and 3 errors). Somebody else concluded that the best you could probably get on the infield is an infield double. However, I beleive the official scoring of a player making contact with the ball with a thrown glove is "infield triple." So we know we can at least get that far.

2005-08-31 08:45:34
305.   Howard Fox
I wasn't here yesterday, but I do recall Willie Davis having a bunt double in a World Series game, if memory serves.
2005-08-31 08:55:28
306.   Xeifrank
Do the Dodgers have another double header today? :) vr, Xei
2005-08-31 10:08:09
307.   Im So Blue
306 Sorry Xei, not today.
But tomorrow, they'll play the Cubs at 12 noon, and the Rockies at 6PM. :)
Both games are on FSN-West2.

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