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And It Was Late in the Evening
2005-09-02 09:09
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Hong-Chih Kuo will be joined by catcher Mike Rose as the first minor leaguers to expand the Dodger roster in September.

A brief rundown of the highs and lows of September callups since 2000 follows. This does not include players who were already on the team when rosters expanded:


  • Chin-Feng Chen: 0 for 6, three walks, four strikeouts, one run
  • Jose Flores: 0 for 4, one walk, two strikeouts, one failed sacrifice that raised hackles
  • Antonio Perez: 3 for 13, one hit by pitch, one double, five strikeouts, five runs, one stolen base
  • Joe Thurston: 0 for 8, four strikeouts
  • Tom Wilson: 1 for 8, three strikeouts, one run

  • Edwin Jackson: five games, 13 innings, 22 hits, 15 runs, six walks, 10 strikeouts, 10.38 ERA


  • Chad Hermansen: 0 for 2, two strikeouts
  • Koyie Hill: 1 for 3, one double, two strikeouts
  • Wilkin Ruan: 1 for 8, four strikeouts
  • Joe Thurston: 2 for 10, one walk, one strikeout, two runs

  • Steve Colyer: eight games, 11 innings, 12 hits, three runs, five walks, 10 strikeouts, 2.45 ERA
  • Edwin Jackson: four games, 22 innings, 17 hits, six runs, 11 walks, 19 strikeouts, 2.45 ERA
  • Rodney Myers: four games, nine innings, 10 hits, seven runs (six earned), four walks, five strikeouts, 6.00 ERA


  • Luke Allen: 1 for 7, one double, three strikeouts, two runs
  • Chin-Feng Chen: 0 for 5, one walk, three strikeouts, one run
  • Dave Ross: 2 for 6, one double, one home run, one walk, one HBP, two strikeouts, two runs, two RBI
  • Wilkin Ruan: 3 for 11, one double, three RBI, two strikeouts
  • Joe Thurston: 6 for 13, one double, one run, one RBI, one strikeout, one sacrifice, one sacrifice fly (4 for 5 on season's final day)

  • Victor Alvarez: two games, eight innings, five hits, two runs, one walk, five strikeouts, 2.25 ERA
  • Robert Ellis: three games, 2 2/3 innings, six hits, three runs, zero walks, sero strikeouts, 10.12 ERA
  • Jeff Williams: six games, 4 2/3 innings, four hits, one run, three walks, six strikeouts, 1.93 ERA


  • Jeff Branson: 2 for 10, two strikeouts, one run
  • Chris Donnels: 2 for 12, one home run, two walks, two strikeouts, one run, two RBI
  • Phil Hiatt: 6 for 17, one double, one home run, one walk, six strikeouts, one run, two RBI
  • Brian Johnson: 0 for 1

  • Dennis Springer: two games, eight innings, seven hits, two runs, one walk, one strikeout, 2.25 ERA, one historic homer


  • Hiram Bocachica: 3 for 10, two strikeouts, two runs
  • Paul Lo Duca: 1 for 13, one walk, two strikeouts, one RBI, one sacrifice, one sacrifice fly, one caught stealing

  • Eric Gagne: four games, 21 1/3 innings, 18 hits, six runs, 12 walks, 15 strikeouts, 2.53 ERA
  • Onan Masaoka: nine games, 7 1/3 innings, six hits, six runs, five walks, nine strikeouts, 7.36 ERA
  • Luke Prokopec: five games, 21 innings, 19 hits, 10 runs (seven earned), nine walks, 12 strikeouts, 3.00 ERA
  • Al Reyes: five games, 5 2/3 innings, two hits, zero runs, one walk, eight strikeouts, 0.00 ERA
  • Jeff Williams: three games, 2 2/3 innings, four hits, four runs, two walks, one strikeout, 13.50 ERA

    And just for fun ...


  • Fernando Valenzuela: 10 games, 17 2/3 innings, eight hits, two runs (zero earned), five walks, 16 strikeouts, 0.00 ERA

    Top 10 September Callups, 2000-2004
    1. Edwin Jackson, 2003
    2. Phil Hiatt, 2001
    3. Eric Gagne, 2000
    4. Steve Colyer, 2003
    5. Luke Prokopec, 2000
    6. Al Reyes, 2000
    7. Joe Thurston, 2002
    8. Jeff Williams, 2002
    9. Dave Ross, 2002
    10. Wilkin Ruan, 2002

    Bottom 10 September Callups, 2000-2004
    1. Edwin Jackson, 2004
    2. Joe Thurston, 2004
    3. Paul Lo Duca, 2000
    4. Jeff Williams, 2000
    5. Robert Ellis, 2002
    6. Chin-Feng Chen, 2002
    7. Onan Masaoka, 2000
    8. Jose Flores, 2004
    9. Wilkin Ruan, 2003
    10. Tom Wilson, 2004

    Thanks to Retrosheet.

    * * *

    Remember, kids: Just because one guy makes it on Letterman for losing a bet to drink a gallon of milk within an hour doesn't mean you all would. Drink in moderation, and stay in school.

    And don't be trying to scam other people's money with false promises of buying the Dodgers or any other team, either.

    (Martin Elliot) Levin, formerly of Grand Haven, allegedly told Steven L. Adams he would put the money in a Boston investment group that was going to make an offer to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers. When that didn't happen, the money was then going to be used to buy a share of the Tigers.

    Generation Test: Sounds like Adams would have been better off putting his money in "Fred's Bank."

    Oh wait - maybe not.

    Police earlier said Levin, who told Adams he had movie star friends and was a Russian lumber baron, obtained an additional $25,000 that was supposed to be invested in a company that supposedly buys and leases bank buildings.

    Generation Test 2: "I'm a Russian Lumber Baron and I'm okay ..."

    Update: Barry Bonds is virtually bat-ready to be activated, according to media reports, but still needs to work on baserunning and fielding agility. The Giants happen to finish their season series with the Dodgers early this year, with three games next week and four from September 15-18, so it will be a race to see if the Dodgers see Bonds at all. The Giants' final week of games in 2005 are against San Diego and Arizona.

    As for the immediate future, the Rockies have activated shortstop Clint Barmes and right fielder Brad Hawpe from the disabled list. Barmes is 9 for 23 with a walk against the Dodgers this year; Hawpe is 15 for 31 with three homers and four walks (1.382 OPS).

  • Comments (600)
    Show/Hide Comments 1-50
    2005-09-02 10:13:47
    1.   Berkeley Doug
    Wow! I have never been first. Nothing to say other than GO DODGERS!
    2005-09-02 10:21:28
    2.   Yakface
    I'm listening to the oct 2nd, 2004 game on gameday. Those comeback Kids were pretty magical.
    2005-09-02 10:21:45
    3.   Sam DC
    Four of the bottom ten callups last year and still squeaked out the division.
    2005-09-02 10:22:54
    4.   Eric Enders
    I also have nothing much to say other than, very nice post, Jon.

    Chen was the first Taiwanese MLB player ever. Kuo is, what, the third?

    2005-09-02 10:24:07
    5.   Eric Enders
    I wonder what a list of Top 10 September callups in MLB history would look like. I'm assuming Fernando would make that list.
    2005-09-02 10:25:51
    6.   Jon Weisman
    3 - I noticed that, too. Ironic, huh? Or, helps to have a lead going into the month, huh?
    2005-09-02 10:27:34
    7.   Jim Tracy
    Paul Simon song stuck in my head. I love it. Thanks Jon.
    2005-09-02 10:34:17
    8.   Eric Enders
    FWIW, I think I like Perez 2004 better than Ruan 2002 for the 10th spot. Their hitting was more or less the same, but Perez gave us a couple of big pinch hits and some pinch running appearances in the middle of a tight pennant race.

    5 of Ruan's 11 PAs in 2002 came on the last two days of the season, after the Dodgers had been eliminated.

    2005-09-02 10:37:17
    9.   Warren
    Any update on Hochevar? Lots of reports this morning that PDP and Boras were chatting last night. I should think that by now he either went to class or didn't.
    2005-09-02 10:38:21
    10.   Kayaker7
    All I recall about Pill Hiatt was that he hit a monster homerun...then he proceeded to strikeout the rest of the way.
    2005-09-02 10:39:50
    11.   Eric Enders
    Today's Times reports that we have until after the weekend is over to sign Hochevar. That conflicts with what we've heard previously, right? Anybody know which is correct?
    2005-09-02 10:42:34
    12.   Jon Weisman
    8 - Yeah, you're probably right. I almost included Perez, but he did make a lot of key outs, so in some ways he did some harm to go with his good. But you may be right.

    9, 11 - Yeah, new information (or misinformation). Supposedly, now there's a chance that Hochevar could still skip classes today but be in limbo. I pity this guy's GPA if he stays.

    10 - Hiatt had a bad early season callup that year but then had some pinch hits in September.

    2005-09-02 10:45:07
    13.   Eric Enders
    So, the Dodgers' 2006 season-opening rotation will be:

    A) Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Odalis Perez, Jeff Weaver, DJ Houlton

    B) Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Odalis Perez, Jeff Weaver, Edwin Jackson

    C) Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Odalis Perez, Jeff Weaver, Chad Billingsley

    D) Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Odalis Perez, Edwin Jackson, DJ Houlton

    E) Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Odalis Perez, DJ Houlton, Chad Billingsley

    F) Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Odalis Perez, Edwin Jackson, Chad Billingsley

    G) Other (please specify)

    2005-09-02 10:48:14
    14.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm just thinking it will be G, but I can't specify. I think there is going to be a trade in the offseason for a new starter.

    Penny, Lowe, and Houlton will be back IMHO.

    2005-09-02 10:53:27
    15.   Jon Weisman
    April 2006: Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Odalis Perez, (trade), Houlton/Jackson/Billingsley

    June 2006: Penny, Lowe, (trade), Billingsley, Houlton/Jackson. Perez on the DL.

    2005-09-02 10:53:30
    16.   Sam DC
    Read something pretty interesting in Tom Boswell's WashPost chat today. Responding to a question about barroom arguments over Raffy's records, he wrote: "I sometimes think that sports is the last forum in American life where the general public has enough interest, information and passion to have a sophisticated discussion of a subject with any moral complexity."

    I don't know exactly what I think of this and/or if I find it obnxious/elitist, but I will go so far as saying that I see some truth in the related point that the widely-shared social experience of sports allows all sorts of people to talk in an informed and engaged way about it, even if they come from different walks of life, backgrounds, etc. And lots of people know more about sports than they do about more newsy issues. (Of course, celebrity gossip probably tops sports on that score.) Don't know if today is really different than the past, or if it's really true that other things don't also support that sort of connection, but it's interesting. Obviously, the horror of New Orleans and other such events provide such a shared experience, albeit sometimes only briefly.

    2005-09-02 10:59:15
    17.   Eric Enders
    I guess I'm even more elitist than Boswell, because I definitely disagree with the statement that the American public has enough interest, information, and passion to have a sophisticated discussion about sports.

    Interest, yes. Passion, yes. Information, well, no.

    What passes for sophisticated discussion in the sports world is John Kruk, Stephen A. Smith, and Jeff Brantley. No thanks.

    2005-09-02 11:00:52
    18.   Monterey Chris
    2006 Starting Rotation: Kevin Brown (possible comeback player of the year), Dreifort (possible comeback player of the year), Ishii (possible comeback player of the year), Perez (possible comeback player of the year), Erickson.
    2005-09-02 11:01:47
    19.   Eric Enders
    18 - You forgot Chan Ho! Not signing him was the key to building the Dodger farm system, or so says Kim Ng in today's paper.
    2005-09-02 11:05:37
    20.   Dodgersrock24
    2. I watch that game every day. Two reasons, one it happened on my dad's birthday, and two it just makes me happy to see the GIANTS lose.
    2005-09-02 11:05:40
    21.   Bob Timmermann
    Buster Olney, in blog, is one of the first writers I've seen who claims that if the Padres win the NL West that they might be a troublesome to team to face in the playoffs. I think King Kaufman thought that also.

    If the Padres can get their rotation set up so Peavy goes in Game 1 and Eaton in Game 2, that's not easy to get past.

    The Padres bigger problem is going to be their inability to score a lot of runs.

    2005-09-02 11:08:26
    22.   Eric Enders
    12 (b) - I'm sure some students sell their notes at Tennessee just like they do at any other self-respecting college.

    Near my school were a couple of businesses where you could buy lecture transcripts sorted by class and date. Except they printed them on red paper, so your friends would have to buy their own instead of photocopying yours.

    2005-09-02 11:09:30
    23.   Icaros
    19 What paper is this quote from Kim Ng (Tom Hagen) in?
    2005-09-02 11:11:56
    24.   Eric Enders
    Hagen's quote can be found in this article. It's a good read -- mostly for the quotes; there's no information in it that we didn't already know.

    2005-09-02 11:12:12
    25.   Bob Timmermann
    UCLA has had such a business in place for decades. It's run by the student union. I never bought them.

    I just didn't bother taking notes when I went to college. I don't know if I can ever recall having to go back and read notes from a class to learn something.

    It's easier just to remember the stuff the first time you hear it.

    2005-09-02 11:13:17
    26.   Kayaker7
    19 By not signing Chan Ho, they threw money at Dreifort instead. As horrible has CHP has been since, he's been light years better than Dreifort. I don't see the connection between letting CHP go and the improvement of the farm system.
    2005-09-02 11:15:04
    27.   Icaros
    24 Thanks, Eric.

    25 I hated classmates like you.

    2005-09-02 11:15:45
    28.   Kayaker7
    Oh, I see now. I just read the article. It is saying that by letting CHP go, the Dodgers were compensated with a draft pick. Thus starting the improvement...
    2005-09-02 11:16:17
    29.   Eric Enders
    26 - I think the gist of Ng's point was that the Dodgers got Greg Miller and Zach Hammes in exchange for Chan Ho Park.

    Zach who?

    2005-09-02 11:16:19
    30.   Icaros
    26 They used the compensatory pick from Chan Ho to draft Greg Miller.
    2005-09-02 11:16:20
    31.   Kayaker7
    25 I always took notes, but I never read them again, because I couldn't read my handwriting.
    2005-09-02 11:16:39
    32.   Icaros
    Late again...
    2005-09-02 11:17:09
    33.   Jon Weisman
    25 - "It's easier just to remember the stuff the first time you hear it."

    If you have the attention span of a Superfriend.

    2005-09-02 11:18:46
    34.   Icaros
    29 Isn't Zach Hammes's sister married to Nomar Garciaparra?
    2005-09-02 11:18:48
    35.   Eric Enders
    I've generally found that the act of writing something down makes me remember it much better than simply hearing it. On the rare occasions when I did take notes in college, I never looked at them later. Writing it down to begin with was usually enough to store it in memory.
    2005-09-02 11:20:31
    36.   Icaros
    Bob has a notebook filled with the outcomes of every case heard on The People's Court.
    2005-09-02 11:21:14
    37.   Eric L

    Of course, Dan Evans and Kim Ng weren't around when Dreifort was re-signed. That one still goes on Malone's illustrious resume.

    2005-09-02 11:24:08
    38.   Bob Timmermann
    I always believed that you write things down precisely so you don't have to remember them. You put the info down on paper and then you don't have to store it in your memory.

    Icaros would have hated it when I went to go see a movie the night before one of my finals instead of studying for it.

    I got an A in the class too.

    (It wasn't a very hard class though.)

    2005-09-02 11:26:11
    39.   Sam DC
    Which superfriend had the long attention span? I always get him mixed up with the one with who was very very limber.
    2005-09-02 11:26:37
    40.   Sam DC
    36 I'm in Bob's notebook.
    2005-09-02 11:28:15
    41.   Eric Enders
    New intro for Vinny. Screw that good-evening-wherever-you-may-be crap.

    "What you are witnessing is real. The participants are NOT actors. They are actual baseball players with a game pending in the National League. Both parties have agreed to have their dispute settled here in our forum -- Dodger Stadium!"

    2005-09-02 11:29:49
    42.   Bob Timmermann
    Another reason I didn't take many notes was also the same as 31.

    If anyone has tried to read anything written with my own hand, you will wonder if I actually got out of the second grade.

    Bob's typical elementary school report card:
    English A
    Math A
    Science A
    History A
    Social Studies A
    Handwriting C
    Art C
    P.E. C (although I got an F in that subject on one report card in 9th grade.)

    2005-09-02 11:30:15
    43.   Icaros
    When I attended a game with Bob this season, he kept telling me over and over what a good driver he was.

    He also said the only airline he'll fly is Qantas.

    2005-09-02 11:30:59
    44.   Ryan Jerz
    38 I did that once too. Of course, the class was called "Theory of Baseball" and the toughest question on the final had a diagram of a field, with a player at each position. We had to number each position based on their order of priority on a fly ball. IIRC, there was a rather hearty debate as to whether the pitcher should be 8 or 9 in that instance (with the catcher being the reverse).
    2005-09-02 11:32:45
    45.   Icaros
    40 With Wapner, Rusty, and Lewellyn?
    2005-09-02 11:33:16
    46.   Eric Enders
    I was pretty much like Bob, except apparently better in Art.

    Come high school, those A's in math and science turned into B's and C's.

    My good relationship with mathematics ended more or less when they started substituting letters for numbers. The last math class I ever took was my junior year of high school.

    2005-09-02 11:33:38
    47.   Kayaker7
    34 You mean Mia Hamm? Looks like a different spelling.
    2005-09-02 11:34:10
    48.   Icaros
    47 I was kidding.
    2005-09-02 11:35:46
    49.   Kayaker7
    48 So was I.

    Nah, I thought you were serious. ;-)

    2005-09-02 11:36:47
    50.   Eric Enders
    There should be some sort of T-shirt or something featuring Mia Hamm and ex-Texas governor Ima Hogg.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2005-09-02 11:37:05
    51.   Penarol1916
    46. That's how I was with science, greatest decision I ever made was going to a college where I had no science classes to take. I was also the same as you in that the act of writing down notes meant that I actually remembered them and would never have to study.

    The real question about Hochevar is, what kind of senior would have had a class on a Friday anyway?

    2005-09-02 11:40:48
    52.   Eric Enders
    Yeah, my aversion to higher level math is pretty intense. In fact, the University of Texas says they'll give me another bachelor's degree (in journalism) if I go back and take a three-hour math class.

    No thanks.

    2005-09-02 11:43:10
    53.   Icaros
    The real question about Hochevar is, what kind of senior would have had a class on a Friday anyway?

    Especially one on the baseball team.

    I took a night class at Long Beach State one semester with about half of the baseball team: The History of Women in Sport.

    The teacher tried to tell us that there were plenty of women good enough to play Major League Baseball who weren't allowed due to sexism.

    2005-09-02 11:45:02
    54.   Icaros
    49 Didn't mean to insult your sarcasm detector, Kayaker, but I've had people take me seriously on a lot of silly things in the past.
    2005-09-02 11:46:21
    55.   Eric Enders
    53 - I'd disagree with the word "plenty," but that's not really too farfetched a statement.

    Absent sexism -- and therefore absent the cultural pressures that encourage girls to play with dolls instead of baseballs -- there would probably be a handful of women athletic enough to play in the major leagues.

    They would be mostly junkball pitchers and speed-reliant middle infielders, but still.

    2005-09-02 11:47:54
    56.   Icaros
    I'd probably be more tolerant of Cesar Izturis if he were female.
    2005-09-02 11:55:09
    57.   Sam DC
    45 Yup. It's a longish story, but the title of our episode was "The Case of the Locksmith Who Went Too Far". I won.
    2005-09-02 11:56:21
    58.   Icaros
    57 Sounds like an episode of Divorce Court.
    2005-09-02 11:58:34
    59.   Eric Enders
    Or a Hardy Boys title.
    2005-09-02 11:59:52
    60.   Colorado Blue
    55 - Absent sexism -- and therefore absent the cultural pressures that encourage girls to play with dolls instead of baseballs -- there would probably be a handful of women athletic enough to play in the major leagues.

    My daughter is always encouraged to try many different sports and recreational activities. She loves dolls and art classes. Period.

    If anything I think the pressure is more the other way: it is perfectly acceptable for girls to play all kinds of sports and is mostly encouraged. However, boys who prefer dolls usually cause their parents concern once they are older than 3. My youngest son loves playing with his sisters dolls and wear her shoes and clothes... he'll be 4 in November. I have 2 months to straighten him out!

    2005-09-02 12:02:21
    61.   Bob Timmermann
    My brother bought his 6-year old daughter her first pair of soccer cleats for her AYSO league. She put them on in the house and started tap dancing in them.

    I don't foresee a big sports future for her. She will harbor dreams of being a dancer. I wonder if she knows that she's probably going to be about 6'2" when she's fully grown.

    2005-09-02 12:02:31
    62.   Yakface
    60-I thought it was Women that want to be equally as powerful as men not men wanting to be equally dainty as women?
    2005-09-02 12:08:21
    63.   Penarol1916
    6'2" is a good size for a professional dancer, my 7-year old's dance teachers are all very tall women.
    2005-09-02 12:15:19
    64.   Bob Timmermann
    This girl however is eventually going to suffer the family curse of being incredibly klutzy. Unless her mom's genes pass along to her a sense of coordination.

    I would not be like Matt Leinart. There's no way I would just take one class and have it be ballroom dancing. That would be terrifying to me. I'd rather take something like linear algebra.

    2005-09-02 12:21:42
    65.   Yakface
    With Barmes and Hawpe back and Clint Hurdle talking about a sweep, I'm starting to wonder why are the Dodgers the most hated club in all of baseball?
    2005-09-02 12:23:48
    66.   GoBears
    65 why are the Dodgers the most hated club in all of baseball?

    They hate us because we don't even KNOW why they hate us.

    2005-09-02 12:32:35
    67.   Colorado Blue
    62 - Exactly! See the enormous societal pressure I'm under to un-dainty my 3 year-old boy in 2 months.
    2005-09-02 12:34:26
    68.   Colorado Blue
    65 - Hurdle is a good guy, but he's letting his team's August record go to his head... Barmes was hurt pretty bad. I don't think he's gonna be the spark plug Hurdle is anticipating.
    2005-09-02 12:35:44
    69.   Bob Timmermann
    The Dodgers are just the most hated team in the NL.

    They have a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng way to go to catch up to the Yankees in the hatred department. Very long way.

    Everybody hates the teams that are successful. Why people are still hating the Dodgers now is different. It's just a holdover from the past.

    But here is a list of teams that the Dodgers have been a close pennant race with or faced in the playoffs since 1969:

    The Dodgers have never been in a close race with Arizona in my opinion.

    The Nationals fans don't remember or likely even acknowledge that the Dodgers beat their team back in 1981.

    The Cubs and Dodgers never have been in a race of any consequence. Same thing with the Marlins. The Brewers were in the wrong league most of the time.

    2005-09-02 12:36:59
    70.   molokai
    That dismal September callup list just shows what a hole our minor league system has been. That stops today.
    I guess my memory is failing because I thought Dreifort was signed the same winter that Chan Ho was let go.
    2005-09-02 12:38:45
    71.   Yakface
    I dont about the Yankees statement, maybe since I'm younger I feel the hate more, I goto a bar with a Dodger hat people talk smack someone has a yankees hat noone pays them any mind, It could be my threatening 5,9 beer gut but somehow I doubt that.
    2005-09-02 12:39:02
    72.   molokai
    The Dodgers have been less then great for to long to hated by anyone other then Giant fans anymore. A manager asking for a sweep is a big deal? They should hope to sweep every team.

    The Lakers are hated.

    2005-09-02 12:39:09
    73.   Colorado Blue
    69 - Haven't the Cardinals been more successful than the Dodgers. Nobody seems to hate them.
    2005-09-02 12:39:11
    74.   Bob Timmermann
    Dreifort was chosen in the 1993 draft. Park was signed in January of 1994. They did come up together.
    2005-09-02 12:40:31
    75.   Bob Timmermann

    Ask Cubs fans what they think of the Cardinals. They hate them. Cardinals fans have really taken their "Best Fans in Baseball" to heart and they can be really annoying to be around.

    2005-09-02 12:41:38
    76.   Marty
    I think Hurdle is talking sweep because he was peeved about the Dodgers saying they were going to sweep them the last time they played. He was quoted as saying something like "well let's see if they can do it if they want to talk about it". I believe Colorado took 2 of 3 that series.
    2005-09-02 12:43:20
    77.   Bob Timmermann

    If that's the case, then Hurdle has every right to talk about a sweep. I don't think anyone wants the team he manages to be written off as an automatic win for the other side.

    The Rockies had the second best record in the NL West in August and I think they have the best record in the division since the ASG.

    2005-09-02 12:43:26
    78.   Yakface
    76-Why not be mean to the padres.
    2005-09-02 12:44:21
    79.   Colorado Blue
    75 - No doubt, but outside of Cubs fans and maybe other Central teams, I don't hear much vitriol spewed in their direction. Your second point is interesting though and I have not experienced it myself. If the Cardinals take it all this year then the "Best Fans in Baseball" will become more national and they will be hated...
    2005-09-02 12:45:31
    80.   Marty
    My list of hated teams:

    The Giants
    The Yankees
    The Celtics (not so much anymore)
    The Cowboys (from my Ram days)
    Notre Dame (always, no matter how bad they are)

    2005-09-02 12:46:10
    81.   GoBears
    At this point, I think the LA part is more hated than the Dodgers part. Travel around the country -- it's amazing how much LA is despised by people who've never been here. Mostly for Hollywood, partly because of weather-envy. It's especially funny to me up in the Bay Area. And how many Bay Area folks have never been south of Monterey, yet still hate LA. My (now-) wife had to get over that when we moved down here after college. We were in SD for a few years before coming to LA, so I think that eased the transition. At least she's a Dodger fan now.
    2005-09-02 12:47:01
    82.   Bob Timmermann
    Nobody hates the Padres is the problem. They just don't bother anyone. They have a very low profile. The fact that they've won a grand total of one World Series game in their franchise's history consigns them to the back of everyone's memory.

    C'mon people! Don't we remember how much we hated Juan Bonilla? Or Kurt Bevacqua?

    2005-09-02 12:47:04
    83.   Colorado Blue
    75 - Cardinals fans have really taken their "Best Fans in Baseball" to heart and they can be really annoying to be around.

    Interesting point... if they win it all this year then the "Best Fans in Baseball" will become more nationally irritating and they will be hated.

    2005-09-02 12:48:06
    84.   Colorado Blue
    Sorry about post 83... 79 had momentarily failed to post and I thought it was lost forever.
    2005-09-02 12:51:48
    85.   Bob Timmermann
    St. Louis fans, in part because Joe Buck works national broadcasts, believe that:
    1) They are the most loyal fans
    2) They all arrive on time
    3) They never leave early
    4) They always cheer their own team
    5) They don't boo the opponents
    6) They are smart enough to cheer a good play by the opponents

    Whether or not this is true is something others can judge. But plenty of Cardinals fans leave games early. And they boo players they don't like.
    The Cardinals benefit from having only paper of any consequence in their area and its civic boosterism resembles that of L.A. papers of the first half of the 20th century.

    2005-09-02 12:53:50
    86.   Ken Arneson
    I used to really hate the Dodgers. Then I discovered that I really only hated Tommy Lasorda.
    2005-09-02 12:59:35
    87.   Bob Timmermann
    And people used to really hate the Bash Brothers A's. Mainly because people hated Jose Canseco. And Tony La Russa to some extent.

    Now people are defecting from their old teams to root for the A's. Which is a pretty unusual phenomenon in baseball for people who don't move to a new home.

    2005-09-02 13:02:58
    88.   Marty
    A lot of people outside L.A. had intense hatred of Garvey for his (false) squeaky-clean image. He may have been hated as much, for different reasons, as Lasorda.
    2005-09-02 13:05:47
    89.   Kayaker7
    86 I used to hate the Dodgers because I lived in Texas as a child, and had to watch the Dodgers narrowly beat the Astros every year.
    2005-09-02 13:05:51
    90.   Penarol1916
    Just the existance of Joe Buck is enough to make me hate Cardinal fans. Let me tell you, the 4 years I spent living in Missouri during high school were eye opening enough about how over-rated Cardinal fans are. They just look really good compared to the fans of their rivals, the Cubs.
    2005-09-02 13:08:35
    91.   Bob Timmermann
    Cardinals fans drink a lot less than Cubs fans. A whole lot less. And in St. Louis, they almost require you to buy a beer at the game too.
    2005-09-02 13:09:19
    92.   Uncle Miltie
    The Cardinals have great fans. They appreciate it when an opposing player makes a great play. At the Dodger Stadium, many fans boo or remain silent when an opposing player makes a spectacular play. I still remember Chad Hermansen making a great diving catch a couple years ago in St. Louis and the fans giving him a standing ovation.
    2005-09-02 13:10:57
    93.   Jon Weisman
    92 - "At the Dodger Stadium, many fans boo or remain silent when an opposing player makes a spectacular play."

    I don't agree with this statement.

    2005-09-02 13:11:05
    94.   Icaros
    Hey, Dodgers fans cheered when Dennis Martinez threw a perfect game against them.
    2005-09-02 13:13:30
    95.   confucius
    All teams have fans that come late and leave early. You notice the teams that sell out because there's such a difference between the first and fifth inning. The marlins probably go from 10,000 to 15,000 during the first through fifth inning so it's not as easy to notice people coming and going when most seats are empty anyway.
    2005-09-02 13:14:36
    96.   confucius
    I hope the dodgers use kuo this weekend. I'm so excited to see him pitch because I've never seen a suns game before.
    2005-09-02 13:15:09
    97.   Colorado Blue
    I hate the Giants, I have/will always hate(d) the Giants. I love the Dodgers. I have/will always love(d) the Dodgers.
    I like the Rockies. I have not always liked the Rockies. Since I've moved to Denver I've developed a certain affinity for them. I consider them my second favorite team which is difficult given that they are division rivals; however, not so difficult this year given they're level of sucky-ness.
    I have no inner torment when the Dodgers play the Rockies...
    My oldest son started tee-ball this year. His team was the Phillies. He is now a die-hard Phillies fan. He has enough respect for his father that he acts apologetic when he roots for the Phillies when they play the Dodgers.

    I have no idea why I decided to share all this...

    2005-09-02 13:16:15
    98.   Bob Timmermann
    93 94
    I agree with the people who are disagreeing with 92

    The Cardinals fans aren't bad people. They are fans. They are better than most in some areas, but they aren't perfect.

    If the Cardinals were having a really bad year, they would boo more. Amazingly, Tony La Russa has lasted a long time in St. Louis despite being widely disliked by Cardinals fans. Primarily because La Russa doesn't live in the area.

    Despite my Cardinals bashing, they are one of my favorite teams in the majors because of ancestral ties.

    2005-09-02 13:17:48
    99.   Marty
    Bob, La Russa is disliked for not living there, or survived because of not living there?
    2005-09-02 13:19:46
    100.   Bob Timmermann
    A story about what Dodger Thoughts readers do on off days:

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2005-09-02 13:19:53
    101.   confucius
    One thing I overlooked was the difference between field level fans and reserve level fans. I learned if you sit on the field it feels like October all year. In the bleachers or reserve section you don't feel the same tension because of some people's indifference to the game. The 12 dollar fan is there to have a good time more than to sweat out every pitch, IMO.
    2005-09-02 13:21:55
    102.   Bob Timmermann
    La Russa is considered a "West Coast" guy and inherently suspicious in St. Louis.

    Now Red Schoendienst, there's a local guy who was a great manager!

    And Mike Shannon, another local, who is beloved by Cardinals fans despite being one of America's most incomprehensible radio announcers.

    2005-09-02 13:23:05
    103.   Xeifrank
    Nothing is wrong with being in denial at the moment. The Dodgers still control their own destiny. They are 6 games out with 6 games left to play vs the Pads. Sure the chances are slim and nun, but what does a nun have to do with baseball anyways!
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 13:23:12
    104.   Bob Timmermann

    Have you ever sat in field level near the foul poles? That doesn't have an October feel. Those seats have more a "Family Visiting Hours" at the County lockup feel.

    2005-09-02 13:28:56
    105.   Odysseus
    What you need to know about Cubs fans:

    "A Lincoln Park Trixie has been described as "the prototype of the blond, late-twenties woman with a ponytail who works in PR or marketing, drives a black Jetta, gets manicures and no-foam skim lattes." The location (Lincoln Park) refers to one of the more fashionable and expensive neighborhoods in Chicago.

    The term was brought to the attention of BTF by Cub fans to describe the prototypical female bandwagoner Cub fan, usually denoting someone with the aforementioned qualities who is good-looking and utterly clueless about baseball other than knowing how to say "Go Cubs!" By convention, the boyfriend of a "Trixie" is named Chad."

    Now for the question everyone's asking, is there a website?

    There was. There's now an archive

    But all it says is (good news Trixie fans) is that there will soon be a smashing new presence for Chicago's most elite social organization.

    2005-09-02 13:31:46
    106.   Xeifrank
    Southern California in general is hated by northern California. It isn't just our sports teams that are hated. Having gone to school in NoCal (bay area) I heard the name calling and saw up close and personal how much they hated SoCal teams like the Dodgers and Lakers, and how they called SoCal "lala land" and the people "fake". When they asked me if people in SoCal hated them and their sports teams, I just kind of laughed and said they don't really know you guys exist. We have better things to do.
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 13:33:16
    107.   Xeifrank
    I see John Lithgow is at the US Open watching Serena Williams today. I'm wonder if the "Big giant head" approves of his attendance. vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 13:33:53
    108.   Colorado Blue
    Some of the rudest and most obnoxious fans at Coors sit on the lower infield level. They are there to be seen and heard on their cell phones. They stand in the aisle and move around during innings.

    I've actually moved to the upper reserved sections and had a better time. There is always at least one guy actually keeping score. And given that it is the Rockies the seats are always nearly empty.

    2005-09-02 13:34:10
    109.   confucius
    Thanks to Bob I'm no forced to spend the rest of my day reading articles from The Onion. They're unbelievably addicting.
    2005-09-02 13:38:52
    110.   Odysseus
    Funny for law geeks

    2005-09-02 13:39:18
    111.   ryu
    Favorite team: Dodgers.
    Second most favorite team: Giants
    Least favorite teams:
    1. Angels
    2. Yankees
    3. Red Sox
    2005-09-02 13:41:41
    112.   Colorado Blue
    111 - Most unusual and paradoxical 1st/2nd favorite teams I've come across. However, your hated list seems normal ;)
    2005-09-02 13:46:51
    113.   Marty
    I should add I was brought up to hate UCLA, but now only find them mildly annoying.
    2005-09-02 13:53:33
    114.   popup
    Dick Nen belongs on a list of the most important September call-ups. His homerun against the Cardinals in 1963 sealed a Dodger pennant.

    The world in general and baseball in particular are full of dumb rules. What possible justification does failing to attend class have in keeping eligibilty to sign a professional baseball contract? If anything, the rule should be the other way around; if education is important to society, attending classses rather than skipping them should be rewarded.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-09-02 13:54:10
    115.   ryu
    I guess in the years since I've followed baseball, the Dodgers and Giants haven't really been all that great (except SF's World Series appears a few years back). The Giants are really just another team out there, but their stadium really kicks butt.
    2005-09-02 13:54:41
    116.   ryu
    appears = appearance
    2005-09-02 14:01:45
    117.   GoBears
    115 Yeah, "The Big Splash" is a terrific park. But the easy way to learn to hate the Giants is to live up there for a while and get to know Giants fans. That'll do it. After 4 years up there for college, during the 49ers heyday, I learned to loathe a team I previously had not cared about. Because the press and teh fans are (1) fair-weather, choosing whichever team is better at the time, in football and baseball, and (2) unbelievably provincial. Really, for a city that has pretensions to worldliness, SF and its environs might as well be on Mars for as much as its locals generally know or care about any place else.

    I know that's an overgeneralization, and I know there are exceptions to the rule. But that's the rule. And the newspapers perpetuate it ad nauseum.

    2005-09-02 14:08:39
    118.   Kayaker7
    117 Ha ha. Sounds like the Redskins fans.
    2005-09-02 14:10:34
    119.   Dave
    Marty - you kinda have to be a Pepperdine volleyball fan to have any reason to hate UCLA these days, don't you think?
    2005-09-02 14:14:13
    120.   Marty
    For Jon's generatikon test #2:

    I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay.
    I sleep all night and I work all day

    I cut down trees. I skip and jump.
    I like to press wild flowers.
    I put on women's clothing
    And hang around in bars.

    I cut down trees. I wear high heels,
    Suspendies, and a bra.
    I wish I'd been a girlie,
    Just like my dear Papa


    2005-09-02 14:14:33
    121.   Langhorne
    Jon, I don't want you to think your Generation Test went unnoticed.

    "I'll...I'll put it here, white suit, right front pocket."

    I was a teenager when that album was released. I wore it out.

    2005-09-02 14:15:40
    122.   Marty
    119 Yes. They are more like a fly to be swiped away than a rival these days. But the pendulum will swing back sooner or later. Then I can hate them again.
    2005-09-02 14:31:56
    123.   Penarol1916
    105- They shut down the Trixie site? Even though it was a joke, it was great since I had just moved to Lincoln Park when it came out.

    117- Honestly, pretty much every town, and especially its sports fans and coverage is incredibly provincial, regardless of how worldly or cosmopolitan that city claims to be.

    2005-09-02 14:38:55
    124.   Terry A
    102 LaRussa's west-coast ties don't sit well with some Cards fans, but I think what raises their hackles most is his tendency to manage as if he is re-inventing the game: infielders in the outfield, pitcher batting eighth, lack of rhyme or reason behind pitching changes, etc.

    A few years ago he brought in a LOOGY to face (I think) Lance Berkman in a key late-season game. Berkman homered, and Cards fans to this day lament LaRussa's decision to "go down [Jeff] Tabaka road."

    The unofficial anti-LaRussa Cards' forum is:

    My lone criticism of Cards' fans: too many mullets.

    2005-09-02 14:43:49
    125.   trainwreck
    I am a northern california guy who loves LA teams and goes to school in SB and I can tell you Northern California people do not hate Southern California, in reality they just hate LA (everyone seems to love San Diego). For some reason all these people think LA is a shitty place to live because of the mass population and percieved crime, which makes no sense since Bay Area has those same problems as it all comes down to what area you live in. People at SB from Southern California talk shit about Northern California too. Neither of it makes sense to me. This No Cal and So Cal bs pisses me off. So if you meet anyone who brags about where in California they come from consider them a giant douche.
    2005-09-02 14:45:11
    126.   Art H Tracy
    I'm heading out to see the Clippers (Yankees) v.
    Mud Hens (Tigers) in a bit. Any of y'all minor league afficionados find any of the players on these teams particularly interesting?
    2005-09-02 14:46:45
    127.   Terry A
    More 102: Mike Shannon is my second lone criticism of Cards' fans. They universally love the guy... and he's SUCH an idiot.

    When the Cards were out West a few weeks back, he kept referring to our boys as "the disco Dodgers" because of the flashing lights and loud music in DS. It was almost funny once, but by the second inning (and, by extension, Shannon's seventh or eighth "frosty cold Bud") it was hugely annoying. Jack Buck kept Shannon under his thumb, but the Great Wayne Hagin just eggs him on.

    2005-09-02 14:47:23
    128.   Terry A
    Red card for trainwreck.
    2005-09-02 14:57:08
    129.   Odysseus
    123 Trixies everywhere no have no place to go for tips on handbags, Jettas, and lattes.

    And obviously, your comment about provincialism does not apply to Vin.


    Or a San Diego water polo fan.

    Jim Tracy, meet Karl Dorrell, Karl Dorrell, meet Jim Tracy. I hope you both enjoy your new careers.

    2005-09-02 15:02:01
    130.   Kayaker7
    125 Are you twreck from the Dodgers board?
    2005-09-02 15:04:03
    131.   Bob Timmermann

    I don't know if Hagin eggs Shannon on. Supposedly, the two men don't care much for each other.

    Certainly Todd Helton doesn't care for Wayne Hagin.

    When Hagin got the Cardinals radio job, the Cardinals made it a point to tell people that Hagin's wife was from Illinois and grew up near St. Louis.

    St. Louis and Hawai'i have one thing in common I've learned. They are both places where people are very concerned about which high school you attended.

    I've also learned in recent days that St. Louis claims to have the second biggest Mardi Gras parade in the country behind New Orleans, so it could be time for the Mound City to step up to the top spot.

    2005-09-02 15:05:12
    132.   Bob Timmermann
    We're a PG-rated site.
    2005-09-02 15:23:29
    133.   Jon Weisman
    125 - Yeah, Trainwreck - we keep it clean for the kids of all ages. But otherwise, welcome...
    2005-09-02 15:24:47
    134.   trainwreck
    yeah haha, sorry did not know I could not swear
    2005-09-02 15:28:32
    135.   Marty
    But if you like to dress up in women's clothing, it's OK!
    2005-09-02 15:35:35
    136.   Kayaker7
    134 I appreciate your insights from the Dodgers board. But I don't like going there very often. What with all the talk about chemistry and character, I get nauseous after a couple of minutes. You talk stats and all you get for your efforts is a bunch of 1 ratings on your post.
    2005-09-02 15:37:02
    137.   Jon Weisman
    Milton Bradley is officially out for the season: He's been transfered to the 60-day disabled list.

    And now, ladies and gentlemen - Bob "RDGC" Timmermann!

    2005-09-02 15:43:24
    138.   trainwreck
    Yeah it gets frustrating. But I feel compelled to challenge the majority there and try to proove them wrong. Someone on DePo's side has to stick up for him there.
    2005-09-02 15:43:52
    139.   Bob Timmermann
    Random Dodger game callback

    September 2, 1988

    Dodgers starter Tim Leary, who had given up just six home runs all season, surrendered four of them to Mets hitters as Ron Darling shut out Los Angeles, 8-0, at Shea Stadium before a crowd of 44,889. The first place Dodgers lost to the other first place team in the National League. They were now 77-56 and 6 ½ games ahead of second-place Houston.

    Leary's long night started in the third inning, when two Mets rookies had solo home runs. Shortstop Kevin Elster led off with a home run and two batters later, second baseman Gregg Jefferies hit another to make it 2-0 New York. Elster added a 2-run shot in the fifth inning to make it 4-0.

    The Mets broke it open in the seventh. Elster led off with a walk and went to second on a wild pitch from Leary. One batter later, Mookie Wilson homered to make it 6-0 and knock Leary out of the game. Lefthander Ricky Horton relieved and gave up a single to Jefferies who went to third when left fielder Kirk Gibson misplayed the ball. Keith Hernandez singled home Jefferies. After Darryl Strawberry struck out, right fielder Mike Davis misplayed Kevin McReynolds fly ball for an error to score Hernandez with the eighth Mets run.

    The Dodgers had only one chance to score against Darling. With one out in the first, catcher Mike Scioscia doubled and Gibson got a double when Strawberry lost track of his fly ball, but Scioscia could only make it to third. Davis then hit a fly ball to Wilson and Scioscia tried to tag and score, but was thrown out to end the inning.

    In the 1988 regular season, the Mets would beat the Dodgers 10 out of 11 times with one game in New York rained out. (It was two days after this game.) The Dodgers only win was a 4-3 victory at Shea on June 1 and the Mets had the tying run on second with one out in the 9th inning of that game when Lee Mazzilli lined into a game-ending double play.

    Of course, as most of us should know, 1988 ended pretty well for the Dodgers. The team finished the regular season with a 94-67 record. That was seven games better than second place Cincinnati.

    The heroes of 1988 are already legendary in Los Angeles. Who was the greatest hero that year? Was it Orel Hershiser with his record-setting 59-inning scoreless inning streak at the end of the season and his 23-8 record and 2.26 ERA? Was it Gibson's MVP performance of 25 home runs and 106 runs scored with a .377 OBP (along with the fact that not many people liked Darryl Strawberry).

    But what of the other big contributors of 1988? Leary went 17-11 with a 2.91 ERA. Tim Belcher was 12-6 and 2.91. Jay Howell saved 21 games with a 2.08 ERA and Alejandro Pena had a 1.91 ERA in middle relief. Long man Brian Holton was 7-3 and had a 1.70 ERA.

    GM Fred Claire, in addition to signing Gibson as a free agent in the off-season, made a controversial trade on August 16. He pulled off a waiver deal with the Cardinals that sent first baseman Pedro Guerrero, limited to 59 games because of injuries, to St. Louis for left-handed pitcher John Tudor. Tudor would go 4-3 with a 2.41 ERA down the stretch.

    The postseason was both magical and tumultuous. The Mets won Game 1 of the NLCS at Dodger Stadium, 3-2 with three runs in the ninth off of Hershiser and Howell. But the Dodgers scored five early runs against David Cone in Game 2 and won 6-3 to even the Series.

    After a day of rain, Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda started Hershiser again in Game 3, but the Mets rallied for five runs in the eighth off of the Dodgers reliever, spurred on by the ejection of Howell for having pine tar on his glove. The Mets won 8-4.

    Game 4 was some of baseball's finest theater. The Dodgers trailed 4-2 in the 9th when center fielder John Shelby worked a leadoff walk against Dwight Gooden. Scioscia followed with a homer to right to tie the game. In the 12th, Gibson homered off of reliever Roger McDowell to put the Dodgers up 5-4.

    The bottom of the 12th was a classic. Running out of relievers, Lasorda brought in Leary to start the inning. He gave up a singles to Mackey Sasser and Mazzilli to put runners on first and second with none out. Jefferies flied out. Lefty Jesse Orosco, a pitcher that Lasorda had lost confidence in, came into relieve, and walked Hernandez to load the bases. After a tongue lashing by Lasorda, Orosco retired Strawberry on a popup. With McReynolds up, Lasorda brought in Hershiser to relieve and he retired McReynolds on a fly ball to center to end the game.

    The Dodgers won Game 5, 7-4, went back home and lost Game 6, 5-1, but Hershiser sent the Dodgers to the World Series with a 6-0 shutout win.

    Then the Dodgers got to the World Series and faced the Oakland Athletics. The Dodgers won in five games. Game 1 was pretty exciting. At least that's how I remember it. Well, at least the end of Game 1 was exciting.

    Thanks to the Los Angeles Times, and Retrosheet

    2005-09-02 15:55:43
    140.   trainwreck
    Why do you guys think we called up Kuo? Since we are worried about the rule 5 draft, why bring up a guy who was not on the 40 man roster? Plus we start the arbitration clock on him and arbitration and rule 5 seem to be the reasons why we barely called anyone up. Think we are going to just go with a young 40 man roster next year?
    2005-09-02 16:01:04
    141.   Uncle Miltie
    125- I'm from LA and I go to school in Northern California. When I say I'm from LA, people do not usually react in a positive manner. Some people up here have said that LA is "a (fill in the blank) hole". I've heard others complain about the smog in LA.
    2005-09-02 16:02:32
    142.   Jim Hitchcock
    Bob's middle name is Rudgerc? Okay, it sound German.
    2005-09-02 16:03:10
    143.   Jim Hitchcock
    2005-09-02 16:03:28
    144.   Icaros
    140 Kuo is 24 I believe, a few years older than most guys in AA due to years of arm surgery/recovery.

    I think they probably feel it's okay to start his clock now since this is about the time he should have been ready anyway.

    Also, Jim Tracy has really been pining for a new LOOGY.

    2005-09-02 16:12:55
    145.   Eric L

    I was just thinking about typing the LOOGY thing before I read your comment.

    2005-09-02 16:15:55
    146.   Joon
    140 Kuo is one of those people the Dodgers would want/need to protect from the rule 5 draft, so he was going to occupy a spot on the 40 man roster sooner or later.

    And what Icaros said in 144.

    2005-09-02 16:26:01
    147.   Bob Timmermann
    Elsewhere in the NL West today:

    The Padres send Brian Lawrence to the mound in Milwaukee to face Chris Capuano.

    The Giants have Jason Schmidt pitching against Brandon Webb in Phoenix. Giants can move into third place with a win.

    2005-09-02 16:33:42
    148.   Eric L

    And with Bradley being transferred to the 60 day DL today, they didn't need to move anyone off the 40 man roster.

    2005-09-02 16:36:38
    149.   molokai
    Totally agree.

    I think Kuo is here because we can use him. We could have used him a month ago. Just hoping his arm holds it together this month. Were going to sweep boys. Bet the over on Sunday.

    2005-09-02 16:44:50
    150.   King of the Hobos
    Tracy has to stop this madness

    CF Werth
    SS Robles
    2B Kent
    LF Ledee
    1B Phillips
    3B Edwards
    C Navarro
    RF Cruz
    P Weaver

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2005-09-02 16:45:54
    151.   Bob Timmermann


    S Kim

    2005-09-02 16:46:05
    152.   King of the Hobos
    And our opposition:

    SS Barmes
    CF Sullivan
    1B Heltn
    LF Holliday
    RF Hawpe
    3B Atkins
    C Closser
    2B Miles
    P S Kim

    2005-09-02 16:46:51
    153.   Bob Timmermann

    So you want Susan Powter as the manager?

    2005-09-02 16:54:14
    154.   Nagman
    Wow, that's the earliest the lineups have been up in a while. Tracy must feel pretty good about it.
    2005-09-02 16:54:59
    155.   Uncle Miltie
    Nice lineup..speedy leadoff hitter, clutch hitters behind Ledee..and bad moneyball players hit at the bottom of the lineup.
    2005-09-02 16:56:41
    156.   Bob Timmermann
    Tracy has had two days to work on them. It's good that the Dodgers have the guy with the bad hamstring playing in the spacious Coors outfield instead of the guy with the bad knee.

    At least the guy with the bad hamstring can hit.

    2005-09-02 17:10:19
    157.   Steve
    155 -- Which "bad moneyball player" did you have in mind at the bottom of the lineup? Hee Seop Choi, Olmedo Saenz, or Antonio Perez?
    2005-09-02 17:10:23
    158.   jtshoe
    No Choi again. One weird thing I can't figure out is that Tracy, when he plays Choi, seems to bat him in more important spots higher up in the line up than Philips. This would seem to indicate that he thinks he's a better hitter?
    2005-09-02 17:10:34
    159.   King of the Hobos
    At least with Rose, we can PH for Phillips without any problems. Not that Tracy would do that, but he could. And why is Edwards starting his 3rd game in a row in the 6 spot? He's not our best defensive 3B (Aybar) or offensive 3B (Perez), so he must have the same photos that Phillips has
    2005-09-02 17:13:38
    160.   jtshoe
    Is Choi arbitration eligible? Maybe they're just trying to keep his 06 salary down. $-)
    2005-09-02 17:15:22
    161.   Steve
    Somehow I don't think the words "bad smallball hitter" are used to describe erstwhile leadoff hitter Cesar Izturis, or is he still "above average offensively" and "a .300 hitter?"
    2005-09-02 17:15:48
    162.   King of the Hobos
    Tracy must think Phillips will clear the bases of RISP, as Edwards bats .146/.205/.195 with RISP. The odds Phillips makes it to second without an error is so low, that Edwards figures to get no men on, or one on first, as he hits .295/.324/.403 in those situations
    2005-09-02 17:17:24
    163.   oldbear
    Next year DePo needs to have a "no scrappy" policy in place.

    Just fill the team with either legit prospects, or guys that can hit.

    No more Mike Edwards, Jason Repko's, Jason Phillips, Cesar Izturis...

    Edwards is terrible. He's like the Dodgers version of Marco Scutaro, except worse. Both have no business being on a MLB club, unless they are the 25th man.

    2005-09-02 17:20:12
    164.   Steve
    No more Mike Edwards, Jason Repko's, Jason Phillips, Cesar Izturis...

    Three I agree with. Phillips could be useful as a catcher, but has to be ditched as part of a further round of Tracyproofing the roster.

    2005-09-02 17:20:15
    165.   Bob Timmermann
    You know who the Dodgers need in this game? Robin Ventura.

    He was 5 for 6 with 2 home runs in his career against Sunny Kim.

    The only current (as in on the roster now, not the DL) Dodger with more than 4 ABs against Kim is Cruz who is 2 for 7, with 1 HR.

    2005-09-02 17:20:40
    166.   oldbear
    163. Also I mentioned this last nite. But Macha took some stupid pills or Billy Beane was out of town, because he batted Scutaro 2nd last nite...!

    At least put Ginter in there because there's a chance he'll knock a few out of the ballpark. Scutaro does nothing but make outs and provide little power.

    Hopefully Crosby, Harden, Kotsay are back before too long.

    2005-09-02 17:24:15
    167.   oldbear
    164. Phillips only use is at most platooning against LHP. Against LHP he's OPS'ing over .800, which is pretty good for a catcher. And seeing as how Navarro cant throw anyone out either, I'm beginnign to think Phillips isnt that terrible at holding runners, but that our pitchers are just horrible at doing it.

    JP should never ever play 1st base. Kent, Saenz, Choi all better options. But Tracy once again picks THEE worst option.

    And honestly, whats worse: Robles/Izturis, or Edwards/Robles on the left side of the infield. Its still bad either way.

    I thought for sure when Izturis was DL'ed that Tracy couldnt possibly mess up the lineup.

    But he did. He 1st went to Valentin. Then he's gone to Mike Edwards...

    Tracy is working backwards. Using the worst options 1st.

    2005-09-02 17:24:17
    168.   King of the Hobos
    Carlos Lee just missed a 3 run homer by a few feet well up the foul pole. Lawrence isn't looking so great, lots of balls
    2005-09-02 17:26:38
    169.   Uncle Miltie
    157- I was being sacastic. This is what my lineup would look like:
    1. Perez 3B
    2. Choi 1B
    3. Kent 2B
    4. Ledee LF
    5. Cruz CF
    6. Navarro C
    7. Werth RF
    8. Aybar 3B
    2005-09-02 17:27:10
    170.   Uncle Miltie
    2005-09-02 17:28:22
    171.   Uncle Miltie
    Make that Perez at SS
    2005-09-02 17:30:13
    172.   Steve
    The sarcasm is lost when there are so many people who believe it. I like your lineup in 169.
    2005-09-02 17:34:52
    173.   Steve
    David Bell hit a grand slam today. But the Nationals are a "contender."
    2005-09-02 17:34:56
    174.   oldbear
    169. Thats what I'd go with. Good place to let Aybar get comfortable too, while not expecting too much.

    Tracy loves scrappy career minor leaguers with little talent, because he himself was one.

    2005-09-02 17:39:39
    175.   Bob Timmermann
    That takes David Bell off the list of "guys who have hit the most homers without a grand slam".
    2005-09-02 17:40:27
    176.   Uncle Miltie
    174- yea, but did Tracy ever bat 6th in the lineup in the major leagues? He probably sees himself when he looks at young Mike Edwards.
    2005-09-02 17:40:46
    177.   Steve
    Well, it's a lineup that people might expect Tracy to win with, and it's important to keep expectations low. As it is he can take credit for "making lineups out of driftwood" when they win and him and Lasorda can blame DePodesta when they lose.
    2005-09-02 17:41:27
    178.   Steve
    I can't believe David Bell was on any list including the words "most homers."
    2005-09-02 17:41:36
    179.   ddger
    Perez and Choi seem to be in Tracy's doghouse most of the season. Does anyone know how many times they've started together?
    2005-09-02 17:41:49
    180.   Bob Timmermann
    The only time Tracy played regularly as a starter was for a month in 1980 and he usually batted fifth.
    2005-09-02 17:43:46
    181.   King of the Hobos
    Rickie Weeks hit an infield single with the bases loaded, 1-0 Brewers
    2005-09-02 17:45:37
    182.   King of the Hobos
    JJ Hardy hit a deep fly to the warning track for another run, 2-0 Brewers
    2005-09-02 17:45:38
    183.   Steve
    The A's play the Yankees this weekend. I have a bad feeling about that.
    2005-09-02 17:46:54
    184.   Bob Timmermann
    The A's are facing Al Leiter, Aaron Small, and Shawn Chacon.

    Oooohhhhhh.... Scary......

    2005-09-02 17:47:18
    185.   Bob Timmermann
    Early shower for Brian Lawrence.
    2005-09-02 17:47:28
    186.   King of the Hobos
    Overbay single, 3-0 Brewers
    2005-09-02 17:50:30
    187.   ddger
    Very early exit for Lawrence. I don't think Tracy will ever remove a starting pitcher in the 2nd inning down 3-0.
    2005-09-02 17:51:46
    188.   Steve
    The A's are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they generally put their best possible team on the field. On the other hand, what you see is what you get. The Dodgers could be better if they played their real lineup. The A's definitely do not have a cavalry.

    Eric Milton is getting the crap beat out of him again.

    2005-09-02 17:52:05
    189.   Jon Weisman
    187 - He had the chance or something like it in the NLDS last year, didn't he?
    2005-09-02 17:52:07
    190.   King of the Hobos
    Lawrence out for Oxspring. His 2 outs that went in play were a line drive right at a fielder, and a deep fly ball. One of his Ks was to the pitcher, and another was right after Lee hit a ball just foul near the top of the foul pole

    Oxspring is an Australian who's a AAAA of sorts, but pitched very good in the PCL. Walks Lee, then Jenkins hit it out

    7-0 Brewers

    2005-09-02 17:52:49
    191.   Steve
    In fact, Tim Hudson just tripled in two to make it 6-0 Braves.
    2005-09-02 17:52:54
    192.   Uncle Miltie
    Bruce Bochy is a genius. He brings in a rookie to make his major league debut to clean up a mess. Grand slam (and the Brewers announcers stink)
    2005-09-02 17:52:55
    193.   Jon Weisman
    Well, Lawrence has five runs against him in the box score now, so it all looks more logical :)
    2005-09-02 17:54:45
    194.   King of the Hobos
    192 As a follow up to that last comment, their restaurant skit is ridiculously stupid
    2005-09-02 17:55:27
    195.   Steve
    I would have brought in Craig Breslow.
    2005-09-02 17:59:43
    196.   King of the Hobos
    Olivo had no business tagging up. Line drive to Lee, and he tries to go to 3rd. Lee had him 20 ft away from 3rd
    2005-09-02 18:02:03
    197.   Steve
    I can't believe you would attack his hustle. That desire to take the valueless extra base will pay off in the long run, even if 1000 times 0 still equals 0. Or something.
    2005-09-02 18:06:25
    198.   Jim Hitchcock
    Woo hoo! 7-0 Brewers!

    Not that it matters...

    2005-09-02 18:06:51
    199.   ddger
    189. I think in the first game, O Perez was taken out in 3rd down 6-0.
    2005-09-02 18:08:23
    200.   Steve
    In the home opener, Weaver went forever until finally getting blasted off the mound by Pedro Feliz.
    Show/Hide Comments 201-250
    2005-09-02 18:09:14
    201.   Telemachos
    I have Jenkins on my fantasy team (benched tonight). Grand slam.

    I have Jorge Cantu on my fantasy team (benched tonight). He hits a 3-run jack.


    2005-09-02 18:10:51
    202.   Bob Timmermann
    Run Oscar run! Pete Runnels is waiting for you!
    2005-09-02 18:10:54
    203.   Jim Hitchcock
    Byung-Hyun Kim, we're gonna send you to the moon!
    2005-09-02 18:11:24
    204.   Bob Timmermann
    Wrong Kim Jim.
    2005-09-02 18:13:04
    205.   Jim Hitchcock
    Damnit! I worked so hard to spell Byung-Hyun correctly!
    2005-09-02 18:13:40
    206.   King of the Hobos
    I prefer the 4-2 on the score board
    2005-09-02 18:14:56
    207.   King of the Hobos
    205 He's tomorrow. Then we get Day. The opposing pitchers have a total of 9 letters in their last names
    2005-09-02 18:17:30
    208.   King of the Hobos
    If Phillips can't do anything here, this will be an extremely disappointing inning
    2005-09-02 18:18:12
    209.   King of the Hobos
    Clutch first pitch pop up
    2005-09-02 18:18:27
    210.   Brendan
    that was one of the best lines by Vin. "I don't think he split an infinitive"
    2005-09-02 18:20:09
    211.   alex 7
    I don't even feel like we underachieved that inning. I'm not the least bit bummed about it. Is that what acceptance feels like?

    Is Joel the Destroyer playing tonight?

    2005-09-02 18:20:41
    212.   Sam DC
    Kim and Day -- both cast off by the Nationals this season, so they could start John Halama and an injured Tony Armas in critical playoff-hunting games.
    2005-09-02 18:21:38
    213.   Linkmeister
    Rats. I've got a conflict here; Dodgers game on at the same time one of my alma maters is playing football. Go 'Zona!
    2005-09-02 18:22:45
    214.   Bob Timmermann
    This is why God made Picture-in-Picture.

    You can set up so you can not follow either game!

    2005-09-02 18:22:58
    215.   Steve
    Terminal clutchosity
    2005-09-02 18:23:20
    216.   King of the Hobos
    211 Still no JtD
    2005-09-02 18:25:37
    217.   King of the Hobos
    Could a 1B with any speed have caught that?
    2005-09-02 18:26:31
    218.   Sam DC
    Meanwhile, looking at the sidebar on the right I see that Jon needs one more win to get his season average up to .500 Good luck Jon!

    I am supposed to go see Ismael Valdez pitch against someone -- maybe the Nationals'll pick up Sir Sydney by then -- on Monday, but wife is making noises about using the tickets herself. I have an autographed Ismael Valdez baseball (was sitting right by the bullpen one day and got him, Pedro Borbon, Alan Mills, Todd Hundley and Rick Dempsy all to sign -- it was the day of the huge brawl with Seattle, where Grudz . . . anek got into it with, um, what's his name, played first for seattle, went to Baltimore, David _____ ?)

    2005-09-02 18:27:11
    219.   King of the Hobos
    Who didn't expect that? A great chance to go up a game and we're down early
    2005-09-02 18:27:33
    220.   Uncle Miltie
    Nice Kent costs the Dodgers 2 runs by getting in Cruz's way. Cruz might have dove if Kent hadn't come jogging in at the last minute.
    2005-09-02 18:27:54
    221.   Jim Hitchcock
    It really hurts that Helton was only batting .246 two series ago.
    2005-09-02 18:28:02
    222.   Bob Timmermann
    Alex Cora just had an epic 12-pitch AB with Baltimore reliever Chris Ray.

    He popped up to short at the end of it.

    2005-09-02 18:28:35
    223.   Steve
    2005-09-02 18:29:31
    224.   Sam DC
    223 Kisses!
    2005-09-02 18:29:52
    225.   Icaros
    At least this might help put an end to all of this "Maybe we should resign Jeff Weaver" nonsense.
    2005-09-02 18:30:08
    226.   King of the Hobos
    222 6 more pitches and it would be gone

    Sure would have been nice for Kent/Ledee to at least drive in Werth. This is Colorado, so I'm not too worried, we have a pretty good 7-4

    2005-09-02 18:30:16
    227.   alex 7
    david segui
    2005-09-02 18:30:35
    228.   Steve about a hearty handshake?
    2005-09-02 18:30:40
    229.   Uncle Miltie
    If this team doesn't play well in September, can we blame Kent for his lack of "leadership"?
    2005-09-02 18:31:54
    230.   King of the Hobos
    Edwards is a monster in the 2nd with no one on. Kreuter effect indeed
    2005-09-02 18:32:07
    231.   Icaros
    2005-09-02 18:32:07
    232.   Jim Hitchcock
    Thank you, Oldbear!
    2005-09-02 18:32:31
    233.   Uncle Miltie
    Jim Tracy is looking forward to a nice hug in the dugout.
    2005-09-02 18:32:36
    234.   Bob Timmermann
    Helton has four homers and 13 RBI against the Dodgers this year which is also what he has done against the Padres.
    2005-09-02 18:32:51
    235.   alex 7
    it has to happen like this. Guys like Edwards and Phillips keep doing juuuuust enough to make Tracy feel like it's the right call to start them.
    2005-09-02 18:33:48
    236.   Steve
    When good things happen, that are actually bad...
    2005-09-02 18:34:20
    237.   Icaros
    Maybe Mike Edwards is the future of this organization.
    2005-09-02 18:34:24
    238.   Sam DC
    228 How about a laurel, and hearty handshake?
    2005-09-02 18:34:25
    239.   ddger
    Why couldn't we get a HR with runner on base like last inning? Tracy should have Edwards batting 5th today.
    2005-09-02 18:35:45
    240.   Icaros
    239 Edwards isn't clutch like Phillips is.
    2005-09-02 18:35:57
    241.   Uncle Miltie
    Boo! A walk. Maybe Tracy will steal to get that bad moneyball taste out his mouth.
    2005-09-02 18:35:58
    242.   Steve
    Funny thing is, I'm pretty sure Antonio Perez can do that too, because I've, um, seen it:

    But go ahead and argue that Mike Edwards is a good defensive third baseman.

    2005-09-02 18:37:24
    243.   Steve
    It's early yet, but this line is something less than exasperating:

    .300 .407 .440 .847

    2005-09-02 18:38:22
    244.   Icaros
    I used to work for a Sunny Kim. She was female.
    2005-09-02 18:39:54
    245.   Steve
    Are you sure she spelled it with a "u?"
    2005-09-02 18:41:33
    246.   Jim Hitchcock
    What are you implying, Steve? :)
    2005-09-02 18:43:08
    247.   Bob Timmermann
    Alex Gonzalez (the Tampa Bay one, not the Florida one) now has the most ABs with the bases loaded of active players without a grand slam.
    2005-09-02 18:43:19
    248.   Steve
    I'm implying 9-0 Milwaukee, of course
    2005-09-02 18:44:29
    249.   808Bears
    195 Craig Breslow: a lefthanded Ron Darling? The Padres seem to like their pitchers well educated. IIRC they have another pitcher who is a MIT grad...
    2005-09-02 18:46:19
    250.   Jim Hitchcock
    Alex Gonzalez (the Tampa Bay one, not the Florida one)

    There's something about that sentence that perplexes me, but I don't know what it is...

    Show/Hide Comments 251-300
    2005-09-02 18:46:29
    251.   Steve
    Capuano doubles off of Oxspring, second and third and one out for Milwaukee.
    2005-09-02 18:46:29
    252.   Uncle Miltie
    I can jump higher than Phillips with 50 pounds weights tied to my legs
    2005-09-02 18:48:38
    253.   Gen3Blue
    Who was that Werth? trying to throw to third before he had the ball.?
    2005-09-02 18:48:42
    254.   Steve
    It's just not a Jeff Weaver game if the opposing pitcher isn't on base twice.
    2005-09-02 18:49:30
    255.   King of the Hobos
    252 As can most elephants
    2005-09-02 18:51:28
    256.   Jim Hitchcock
    I can jump higher than Phillips with 50 pounds weights tied to my legs

    Remind me never to rent the apartment below you, Uncle.

    2005-09-02 18:52:36
    257.   Uncle Miltie
    I knew Kent would swing at the first pitch.
    2005-09-02 18:55:11
    258.   Gen3Blue
    Great peice of hitting by Leedee now that no ones on base.
    2005-09-02 18:55:18
    259.   Uncle Miltie
    That was clutch
    2005-09-02 18:56:17
    260.   Jim Hitchcock
    Reading Eric Ender's book last night, I wa reminded that Micky Hatcher kept a pair of swim goggles in his locker. Was that ever adequately explained?
    2005-09-02 18:59:00
    261.   King of the Hobos
    Another man on for Helton. I like the score board yet again, too bad it's being operated by a drunk
    2005-09-02 19:04:12
    262.   Uncle Miltie
    What's with all this hit and running at Coors Field?
    2005-09-02 19:04:37
    263.   Bob Timmermann
    DBacks lead the Hateds 1-0 in the battle for third.
    2005-09-02 19:04:56
    264.   Uncle Miltie
    Weaver's back!
    2005-09-02 19:05:04
    265.   King of the Hobos
    Maybe we'll see Kuo tonight. This had to happen on a night that the Brewers are destroying the Padres
    2005-09-02 19:06:27
    266.   ddger
    Weaver's 6 or more inning streak is in jeopardy.
    2005-09-02 19:07:32
    267.   ddger
    I hope our weak hitting lineup can start scoring.
    2005-09-02 19:08:33
    268.   Gen3Blue
    As much as I'm beginning to accept Weave-I sort of knew it wouldn't be pretty in Colorado.
    2005-09-02 19:09:03
    269.   Steve
    Have no fear! Mike Edwards is leading off.
    2005-09-02 19:10:27
    270.   ddger
    Tracy was hoping for a low scoring game and put his defensive oriented lineup but he forgot that this was Colorado.
    2005-09-02 19:11:12
    271.   oldbear
    At least JUSTICE is prevaling. A team playing Phillips/Edwards ahead of AP/Choi/Saenz doesnt deserve to win.
    2005-09-02 19:11:56
    272.   DaveP
    270 - and that his defensive oriented lineup isn't all that defensive at the corners.
    2005-09-02 19:13:38
    273.   ddger
    All we needed from Weaver was decent outing to give us a chance but Weaver really blew it tonight.
    2005-09-02 19:13:56
    274.   Bob Timmermann
    Mariners score in the 1st against the Angels.
    2005-09-02 19:16:17
    275.   ddger
    I'm afraid that Tracy's going to try to stay with Weaver to continue his 6 inning streak. Weaver will probably end up giving up couple more runs and put this game out of reach.
    2005-09-02 19:16:53
    276.   ddger
    Should we have PH for Weaver?
    2005-09-02 19:18:01
    277.   ddger
    Tracy better hope that Weaver will give us 4 shutout innings and we come back and win this game.
    2005-09-02 19:18:13
    278.   Uncle Miltie
    GS Robles?
    2005-09-02 19:18:52
    279.   Bob Timmermann
    I would have left Weaver in. He can eat up innings and the Dodgers don't have a lot of exciting options otherwise.
    2005-09-02 19:19:05
    280.   ddger
    I'll just take 2run single.
    2005-09-02 19:20:10
    281.   Uncle Miltie
    That was a ball
    2005-09-02 19:20:27
    282.   Icaros
    279 You don't find Elmer Dessens exciting?
    2005-09-02 19:20:31
    283.   Uncle Miltie
    Oscar is an idiot
    2005-09-02 19:20:59
    284.   King of the Hobos
    Why was Robles allowed to swing? I can't believe it, we deserve to lose it hitting like this
    2005-09-02 19:21:04
    285.   Bob Timmermann
    Al Leiter seems to be a balm for Oakland bats already.
    2005-09-02 19:22:01
    286.   Bob Timmermann
    I think Dessens is being saved for the game that Jackson starts.
    2005-09-02 19:22:32
    287.   ddger
    Robles should have taken that pitch and try to draw a walk. Kent was coming up next anyway.
    2005-09-02 19:22:49
    288.   Uncle Miltie
    And at a borderline pitch...Oscar thinks he's a homerun hitter now
    2005-09-02 19:24:22
    289.   Jim Hitchcock
    I'm afraid that Tracy's going to try to stay with Weaver to continue his 6 inning streak.

    That's supposed to be sarcasm, right, DDger?

    Oscar is an idiot

    Hey, even the greats fail 2/3's of the time.

    2005-09-02 19:24:28
    290.   Icaros
    Good argument, Jim. Way to work out there.
    2005-09-02 19:25:11
    291.   Bob Timmermann
    I wonder how the umpires can actually judge fair/foul on plays like that bunt. It's so fast and there are people all over the place blocking your view.
    2005-09-02 19:25:25
    292.   Icaros
    Wow, did you see Phillips get down on that throw to first? Savvy.
    2005-09-02 19:25:51
    293.   Bob Timmermann
    Jim was engaging in a Jim Tracy-like rhetorical argument.
    2005-09-02 19:26:17
    294.   Icaros
    290 was directed toward Tracy, not Hitchcock.
    2005-09-02 19:27:24
    295.   Icaros
    Exciting Osoria warming up.
    2005-09-02 19:28:27
    296.   Icaros
    Don't worry guys, Phillips up third next inning.
    2005-09-02 19:28:42
    297.   Uncle Miltie
    Do the Rockies really consider Sullivan part of their future?
    2005-09-02 19:28:55
    298.   Jim Hitchcock
    293 - No kidding. That's Bull Durham rubbing off on me :)
    2005-09-02 19:29:56
    299.   Adams
    The real question is whether or not Osaria will make it down the dugout steps safely...

    Also, it just seems that Weaver and Lowe are too of the weakest minded pitchers I've ever seen. When they have their good stuff and things are going well, they just roll along and pitch great. But, if anything goes, they don't have their best stuff, or, God forbid, someone commits an error...then they just blow up. You can almost see it in their eyes. That Helton homer was a perfect example...

    2005-09-02 19:30:58
    300.   Bob Timmermann
    33 pitches in the first for Al Leiter

    So far ....

    The bases are loaded with 2 outs and it's 4-0 Oakland.

    Show/Hide Comments 301-350
    2005-09-02 19:31:22
    301.   King of the Hobos
    Why are they swinging? 3-1, 2-0, and Kim isn't throwing anywhere near the zone. This is getting out of hand
    2005-09-02 19:31:32
    302.   Uncle Miltie
    Nice want to talk about selfish? How about swinging 2-0 down 4 runs, trying to pad your statistics.
    2005-09-02 19:31:55
    303.   Jim Hitchcock
    291 - I've always wondered that too. It's got to be a go with your first impression, that's my story and I'm sticking to it kind of thing.
    2005-09-02 19:32:35
    304.   oldbear
    297. Its sad but tonite I like the Roxs lineup better than ours. Hawpe, Helton, Holliday, Barmes are pretty good players.

    Kent meanwhile looks like he just wants to pad his HOF #'s rather than try to get on base. Swings at a borderline 2-0 pitch when we need base runners.

    Fire this entire coaching staff at the end of the season. Please

    Dont "Take" signs come from the bench? Although honestly, if you're in the MLB, you should really know when to swing away and when to take without someone telling you.

    2005-09-02 19:33:11
    305.   Bob Timmermann
    I really should stop by the Yankees-A's Game Chatter to see what they're saying about Leiter now.

    It's 6-0 Oakland now in the first.

    2005-09-02 19:33:50
    306.   Uncle Miltie
    Now Sunny has a chance to win.
    2005-09-02 19:34:09
    307.   Adams
    304 I doubt that many managers would give Jeff Kent a take sign. He'd probably attack them if they did, anyhow...
    2005-09-02 19:35:37
    308.   Icaros
    299 I think Perez is worse in that regard than both Weaver and Lowe.
    2005-09-02 19:36:02
    309.   Steve
    Well, I feel better now.
    2005-09-02 19:36:45
    310.   Adams
    So, the A's have already scored more runs in 2/3 of an inning than they did in a whole series against LAA.
    2005-09-02 19:37:39
    311.   Adams
    308 Oh, yes...I forgot about him. I guess he's been hurt so much that he just sorta slipped my mind.
    2005-09-02 19:38:26
    312.   DaveP
    if Depo actually plans on resigning Weaver, this might be the night to meet with Boras.
    2005-09-02 19:38:32
    313.   Icaros
    I'd like to redirect everyone to my earlier comment: 225
    2005-09-02 19:38:33
    314.   Uncle Miltie
    308- I disagree, Odalis is mentally tough compared to Weaver and Lowe.
    2005-09-02 19:38:51
    315.   ddger
    289. Of course, but as sad as it may be, it might come true.
    2005-09-02 19:40:54
    316.   ddger
    This is another one of those games that Jon has mentioned where Tracy gave up the scoring opportunity earlier by not PH for a starting pitcher and the pitcher gives up more runs to put the game out of reach.
    2005-09-02 19:42:03
    317.   ddger
    314. but is he as physically tough?
    2005-09-02 19:42:29
    318.   Icaros
    314 I don't know, Perez is the one who always throws his hands in the air and pouts whenever he gives up a home run.

    But really, a discussion of who is flakiest between these three is like arguing who was the dumbest Stooge.

    2005-09-02 19:42:30
    319.   Uncle Miltie
    Take out Weaver, make a double switch, bring in Choi, put him in the 9th slot.
    2005-09-02 19:42:36
    320.   Adams
    316 I think he gave up the scoring opportunities when he drew up that pathetic lineup.
    2005-09-02 19:43:49
    321.   Uncle Miltie
    318- yea I thought about that, but he doesn't seem as bothered when one his defender makes a mistake. Weaver and Lowe fall apart.
    2005-09-02 19:44:27
    322.   ddger
    313 Is there any way to go to the link directly if that link is not on the same page.
    2005-09-02 19:45:24
    323.   Marty
    314 I think Odalis is the least mentally tough of the three. As Icaros said he's got that annoying habit of throwing his arms up on a home run, like saying "and now THIS". He's also not physically tough either. His middle initials should be D.L.
    2005-09-02 19:47:34
    324.   Uncle Miltie
    323- and Weaver puts his head down and avoids all teammates and coaches in the dugout, while Lowe blames the defense and throws stools, cutting his hand.
    2005-09-02 19:47:38
    325.   ddger
    I don't Odalis minds going on DL often since he's being well paid.
    2005-09-02 19:48:11
    326.   Adams
    323 Yes, but it seems like Odalis doesn't get as flustered by errors as Lowe or Weaver. It seems like whenever an error is committed, Lowe's next pitch is a fastball down the middle. As if he's saying, "Hey center fielder, you can't make an error on a ball that's sitting in the bleachers..." Maybe I'm just projecting my frustrations with this pitching staff's sucktitude, but...
    2005-09-02 19:49:11
    327.   Jim Hitchcock
    I'm with Marty.

    322 - You have to have the page showing, DDger.
    Refresh, of course, cancels that.

    2005-09-02 19:49:27
    328.   ddger
    Tracy must be thinking way ahead of us.

    From the start, he was already thinking about tomorrow's game by resting his relievers and his offensive stars.

    2005-09-02 19:49:36
    329.   Marty
    324 I hear you :)
    I'm just REALLY tired of Odalis. At least Weaver and Lowe go out there every 5 days. They seem to stink it up 3 of those 5, but they pitch.
    2005-09-02 19:50:42
    330.   ddger
    Weaver is hoping that his at bat doesn't come up so that he can pitch 1 more inning.
    2005-09-02 19:50:50
    331.   Adams
    Is Dioner Navarro the only bright spot of this entire season?
    2005-09-02 19:51:15
    332.   Marty
    And next year, making 10 million to be on the D.L., he gets to move into Dreifort's locker.
    2005-09-02 19:51:54
    333.   Uncle Miltie
    329- but when healthy, Odalis is probably the best of the 3
    2005-09-02 19:52:47
    334.   Jim Hitchcock
    324 - When it comes to blaming the defense, you're talking Odalis. And Lowe laughed just after the stool throwing (I don't like the sound of that!) incident, and continued to pitch just fine.
    2005-09-02 19:53:21
    335.   Uncle Miltie
    Weaver will now go sulk in the dugout.
    2005-09-02 19:53:26
    336.   Jim Hitchcock
    333 - No way.
    2005-09-02 19:53:38
    337.   oldbear
    323. Actually I believe that OP is flustered by the Cardinals. They are definitely in his head. He just nibbled and nibbled, has always been totally psyched out against them.

    However, he's thrown a lot of good games against the Giants.

    I'd vote Weaver as most flakiest, but I think Tracy has a hand in that bc he's left him in too long also on occasion.

    2005-09-02 19:54:05
    338.   Adams
    333 Again, though, to quote Icaros, arguing about who is the better of the three "is like arguing who was the dumbest Stooge."
    2005-09-02 19:54:09
    339.   ddger
    Weaver blames the manager for not asking him if he was tired or not. :)
    2005-09-02 19:54:10
    340.   Marty
    That's not sulking, that's sneaking in a bong hit.
    2005-09-02 19:54:14
    341.   King of the Hobos
    Will Choi be wasted and pulled for Saenz?
    2005-09-02 19:55:45
    342.   Adams
    341 Only if we're lucky...if Tracy had his way, Repko would get playing time at first base...
    2005-09-02 19:56:04
    343.   Uncle Miltie
    Darn, Tracy is using Choi as a decoy again! If he brings in a righty, please be Perez and not Saenz.

    334- while Lowe blames the defense, Odalis has actually stood by some of his teammates after making errors (Repko, A. Perez). After an inning in which Repko misjudged a flyball, Perez patted him on the back as to say "it's ok"

    2005-09-02 19:57:50
    344.   Adams
    343 Either that, or he was punching him in the kidneys...we'll never know though...
    2005-09-02 19:58:23
    345.   Marty
    Odalis defends the defense, but likes to call out the offense. I'd love it if they could somehow move him to Florida so he could be with Loduca again.
    2005-09-02 19:58:31
    346.   ddger
    I would have let Choi bat, with his power he could have gotten us a lot closer. But Tracy just wasted our best power hitter off the bench.
    2005-09-02 19:58:36
    347.   Nagman
    Maybe if we all pray for a double switch, it'll happen.
    2005-09-02 19:59:46
    348.   Uncle Miltie
    Please pinch hit for Robles!
    2005-09-02 20:01:37
    349.   Bob Timmermann
    Why do I have a feeling that Robles doesn't get a hit here, the comments here are going to get very ugly.
    2005-09-02 20:01:49
    350.   Jim Hitchcock
    Oscar is an idiot.

    There, I'm cured.

    Show/Hide Comments 351-400
    2005-09-02 20:02:14
    351.   ddger
    Is there any way to automatically refresh at certain time interval (like every min) using Internet Explorer?
    2005-09-02 20:02:17
    352.   King of the Hobos
    Robles is not helping today
    2005-09-02 20:02:24
    353.   Uncle Miltie
    And Oscar fails again with the bases loaded...he thinks he's a power hitter
    2005-09-02 20:03:09
    354.   Jim Hitchcock
    I wish Icaros was here. I could use a drink.
    2005-09-02 20:03:32
    355.   oldbear
    THat 6th innning was one of the worst managed of the season.

    First off, Tracy wastes Choi AND Perez in the same dang pinch hitting spot.

    Then he LETS Robles face the left hander.

    Idiot. How easy would it have been to simply let Choi bat against the LHP? Then pinch hit AP for Robles. He could have even left both in the game.


    2005-09-02 20:03:43
    356.   Uncle Miltie
    And Oscar's OPS is now below .700.
    2005-09-02 20:03:45
    357.   ddger
    Bob, who holds the record for most LOB in a game.
    2005-09-02 20:04:09
    358.   Marty
    Yeah, let's put the guy with the least power up there with the bases loaded. A left hander to boot. I'd rather see Repko up there in that spot.
    2005-09-02 20:04:20
    359.   Bob Timmermann
    Through 2 innings, every Oakland starter save one has a hit. That guy, Nick Swisher, drew a walk.

    Baseball is weird.

    2005-09-02 20:04:55
    360.   Jim Hitchcock
    351 - Who knows? You need to dump Internet explorer for Mozilla/Firefox.

    Trust me on that.

    2005-09-02 20:05:23
    361.   King of the Hobos
    I think it's clear how osoria got in the game, has to be the goggles. I wonder if he gets extra savvy or scrappiness for the 6th finger
    2005-09-02 20:06:16
    362.   Telemachos
    I've lost count of how many games quality as Brutal Losses(tm) this year, but this one is certainly qualifying.
    2005-09-02 20:06:58
    363.   ddger
    355. Tracy was afraid that Williams (ERA over 7) might intimidate Choi so he used Perez. Sometimes this Lefty stuff is way overrated.

    Now, we're stuck with Robles/Phillips/Edwards for the rest of the game.

    2005-09-02 20:07:42
    364.   Uncle Miltie
    Nice inning by Osoria. Hopefully Kuo will pitch tonight
    2005-09-02 20:07:51
    365.   ddger
    360. Can you do that in firefox?
    2005-09-02 20:08:09
    366.   oldbear
    343. Good point about OP and him not blaming the defense. I bet everyone remembers when OP was tossing his no-hitter and Green didnt dive for the ball...

    If ever an instance to get on the team about defense, that would have been one.

    But I never heard Odalis say anything. I've always liked Odalis because he tells it like it is. Even last year at the park people would talk to him from the stands about how much Green sucked, and OP would just grin and agree.

    2005-09-02 20:08:16
    367.   King of the Hobos
    Nice inning for Franquelis. With his goggles, he figures to become a fairly regular pitcher. Does Kuo have goggles? Because he really needs them
    2005-09-02 20:08:42
    368.   Uncle Miltie
    357- probably Shawn Green
    2005-09-02 20:11:11
    369.   Icaros
    354 What do you want, Jim? Black Label on the rocks?
    2005-09-02 20:11:24
    370.   Bob Timmermann
    The Sporting News puts the record for most runners stranded by one batter at 12.

    Once by Glenn Beckert on 9/16/1972

    And again by Todd Helton on 4/11/1998

    The 1998 boxscore doesn't have a play-by-play.

    Oscar has a long way to go.

    2005-09-02 20:12:42
    371.   Kayaker7
    After that ugly 6th inning, I can't bear to watch on TV anymore. Here I am, listening on the radio and comiserating with you guys. Totally wasted a pinch hitter. I hate it when managers over value the lefty/righty matchups.
    2005-09-02 20:14:07
    372.   Bob Timmermann
    The Hateds took their lead on a 3-run homer by Durham off of Webb.

    The DBacks are looking to go belly up soon.

    2005-09-02 20:14:27
    373.   Uncle Miltie
    Good thing Phillips didn't hit a HR there. That would have gotten him another week of playing time at 1B.
    2005-09-02 20:14:40
    374.   Icaros
    As Phillips batted just then, I sincerely rooted for a Dodger to make an out for the first time in my life.
    2005-09-02 20:15:21
    375.   Icaros
    373 I think he's got that sealed up regardless.
    2005-09-02 20:17:06
    376.   oldbear
    367. Good spot to use Kuo because fastball pitchers have the most success in Coors. Its also a game thats out of hand.

    Dang I hope tomorrow's game features a better lineup.

    Almost seemed like we were beat before the 1st pitch was thrown.

    2005-09-02 20:19:43
    377.   Art H Tracy
    Just got back from watching Hideo dominate the Mud Hens (best hitter: 27yo rf with 807 ops.) I don't think he's as flaky as our 3 guys. Maybe Depo can pry him away from George.
    2005-09-02 20:20:12
    378.   Adams
    Why don't they let Aybar play? I mean, we've already had plenty of at bats to establish that Edwards sucks at third. All we can hope for this season is to get a little better of an idea of what we have in the minors...
    2005-09-02 20:20:32
    379.   ddger
    370 Thanks, Bob. 12 is a lot of LOB.
    2005-09-02 20:21:07
    380.   Kayaker7
    Muhaha! Where is your BA with RISP now, Mr. Phillips?!
    2005-09-02 20:22:26
    381.   ddger
    Edwards better stop hitting solo HRs in one sided games so that Tracy will stop remembering those HRs.
    2005-09-02 20:23:24
    382.   Adams
    381 There isn't much to remember he only has 3 HR this season...
    2005-09-02 20:23:38
    383.   Nagman
    I guess I should be glad MLB Extra Innings is not carrying this game (rare FSN2 game that is not on the schedule).
    2005-09-02 20:24:35
    384.   ddger
    382 I bet that was solo HR too.
    2005-09-02 20:24:57
    385.   Uncle Miltie
    Nice job Werth..what a CF!
    2005-09-02 20:26:36
    386.   Uncle Miltie
    Osoria doessn't have any command this inning
    2005-09-02 20:26:46
    387.   Nagman
    385 what'd he do? Or not do?
    2005-09-02 20:28:20
    388.   Bob Timmermann
    Beckert went 0 for 6 in his game. But the Cubs won that day 18-5.
    He left the bases loaded in the first. He left FOUR on in the third. The team batted around and he made two outs with two guys on each time. He left another guy on in the fifth. He left FOUR on in the seventh.

    Helton went 0 for 5 with a sac fly.

    2005-09-02 20:28:22
    389.   ddger
    385 Tracy still thinks Werth is an excellent defensive CF.
    2005-09-02 20:28:58
    390.   Jim Hitchcock
    354 - Whatever you're pouring, Icaros :)

    365 - No, but I trained my parrot to hit refresh, so that's a moot point to me.

    2005-09-02 20:29:00
    391.   oldbear
    Osoria is getting knocked around a bit. He looks out of gas.

    Ideally we'd play Aybar at 3rd, AP at SS, and Choi at 1st the rest of the year.

    Not only is that most likely our best lineup, but those 3 may actually have futures as everyday players in LA.

    Phillips, Edwards, Robles not likely.

    2005-09-02 20:29:21
    392.   Uncle Miltie
    387- overran a groundball single, allowing Closser to go from first to third on a single. Not that it matters now, Osoria just walked the pitcher.

    Kuo is coming in!

    2005-09-02 20:29:53
    393.   Kayaker7
    387 Bobbled the ball, allowing a run.
    2005-09-02 20:30:22
    394.   Bob Timmermann
    6-1 Hateds now in Arizona.
    2005-09-02 20:30:34
    395.   Nagman
    392 Hasn't Werth done that at least twice in the last week?

    NL West "leaders" are on the short end of a combined 20-3 score with more to come.

    2005-09-02 20:30:49
    396.   Jim Hitchcock
    BTW, Bob - are all the tickets for 9/10 taken?
    2005-09-02 20:30:54
    397.   King of the Hobos
    Kuo had a boring debut. Nice to see an ERA of 0.00 though
    2005-09-02 20:31:01
    398.   Uncle Miltie
    Kuo- 89, 91 MPH
    2005-09-02 20:32:36
    399.   Icaros
    390 I forgot that Jim is The Birdman of Southern California.
    2005-09-02 20:33:17
    400.   DaveP
    my brother is watching the Rockies broadcast of the game and he said that last pitch showed at 96. quite a difference in what Fox showed (91). 94,96 for the two pitches
    Show/Hide Comments 401-450
    2005-09-02 20:33:47
    401.   Bob Timmermann
    There's one ticket left for 9/10.

    ddger and bokonon42 have the other two.

    2005-09-02 20:34:01
    402.   Jim Hitchcock
    399 - Don't knock it. He works cheap :)
    2005-09-02 20:34:09
    403.   ddger
    Tracy's postgame:


    Isn't it common logic that when you're playing in Colorado, aren't you supposed to put your better offensive lineup?

    Tracy's answer:

    It is, but let me ask you if you had a sinkerball pitcher who has been pitching lights out lately, wouldn't you want to put your best defensive players and manufacture few runs and win the game?

    2005-09-02 20:34:41
    404.   sanchez101
    378 - The problem with your line of reasoning is that its logical. In the bizarro-fantasy world that is Jim Tracy's perception of things, it doesnt make sense.

    Whatching choi and saenz sit while phillips plays, and then watching edwards play ahead of the clearly superior aybar, an objective observer might think that Tracy's racist. Think about it, hes always finding stupid reasons to start guys like edwards and phillips, while allways finding stupid reasons to sit the guys that are foreign born. I dont actually think tracy's racist, but at this point he's either an idiot or a racist, and like i said; i dont think he's a racist.

    I wonder if Tracy will find ways to not play Kuo the way he does with Choi. My guess is that somepoint next season well be hearing about how Kuo cant handle guys with odd batting stances.

    2005-09-02 20:35:05
    405.   Adams
    403 No!
    2005-09-02 20:36:38
    406.   Kayaker7
    403 "It is important that we not cast spears at each other."
    2005-09-02 20:37:41
    407.   Adams
    Well, this game is over. I guess I can go back to rooting against the Angels.
    2005-09-02 20:38:03
    408.   Jim Hitchcock
    401 - Okay! I'll send you an e-mail. I've met, Roy, but it'd be great to meet you and Bokonon.
    2005-09-02 20:38:41
    409.   sanchez101
    403. you forgot that tracy always answers his own questions.
    2005-09-02 20:39:58
    410.   DaveP
    come on Cruz. I want to see Aybar get an at bat here.
    2005-09-02 20:40:11
    411.   Kayaker7
    407 For whatever reason, I started to hate this Angels this year. Just started hating them this year.
    2005-09-02 20:40:11
    412.   Uncle Miltie
    please don't get on cruz
    2005-09-02 20:41:08
    413.   Uncle Miltie
    410- I wanna see Kuo pitch another inning
    2005-09-02 20:42:02
    414.   oldbear
    Game over or not that was a great at bat by Navarro. 11 pitches in a game trailing 8-1 is what a true 'professional' hitter does.

    Mike Edwards 1st ball hacking... Not so much.

    2005-09-02 20:43:31
    415.   Uncle Miltie
    414- agree, Navarro has great plate discipline and works the pitchers
    2005-09-02 20:43:53
    416.   DaveP
    413 - good point. I was thinking it was the 9th for some reason. looking forward to Kuo against Helton.
    2005-09-02 20:44:02
    417.   King of the Hobos
    Tracy has no idea that Aybar can play 3rd it seems
    2005-09-02 20:44:28
    418.   Nagman
    With Aybar replacing Kent, we might not see Aybar hit either.
    2005-09-02 20:45:23
    419.   Uncle Miltie
    Kuo reminds me of Ishii
    2005-09-02 20:45:38
    420.   DaveP
    big difference on the guns being used on the fox broadcast and rockies broadcast. Rockies gun is showing 5mph faster
    2005-09-02 20:46:25
    421.   King of the Hobos
    Kuo needs to settle it down a bit, looks to be overpitching a bit
    2005-09-02 20:47:29
    422.   Xeifrank
    Welcome to the rarified air Kuo.
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:47:55
    423.   Nagman
    Big Game Broxton would've gotten Helton.
    2005-09-02 20:48:12
    424.   Xeifrank
    Send Kuo back down to the minors.
    j/k, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:48:19
    425.   Uncle Miltie
    Tracy you idiot! Let him get out of it.
    2005-09-02 20:48:29
    426.   King of the Hobos
    Tracy is being a little unfair, but Kuo really wasn't doing what he needed to. I just hope Schmoll will be at least a little kind with Kuo's ERA
    2005-09-02 20:48:38
    427.   Bob Timmermann
    I once "rarefied" on a list of the hardest words to spell.
    2005-09-02 20:48:57
    428.   Xeifrank
    419. In what sense? The BB?
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:49:17
    429.   Bob Timmermann
    I even "saw" the word "saw" on the list of words most frequently omitted from sentences. :)
    2005-09-02 20:49:20
    430.   ddger
    408 Jim, join us for the game.
    2005-09-02 20:49:36
    431.   Steve
    Justice cometh surely
    2005-09-02 20:49:49
    432.   Xeifrank
    427. Bob "The Board Spellchecker" Timmerman. How the heck you been?
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:50:39
    433.   Bob Timmermann
    Pinch hit double by Cintron pulls the Snakes to within 6-3 of the Hateds.
    2005-09-02 20:50:55
    434.   Louis in SF
    When Phillips made out in the first inning and I didn't see Choi in the lineup it brought to mind a childhood nightmere from my days following the 1969 and 1970 Dodgers...Alan Foster. Foster was 3-9 in 69 and 10-13 in 70. He always seemed to give up the key homerun and Alston kept him in the rotation as a starter 33 games started that year. The use of Phillips is the same way. I don't remember the alternatives in 69 and 70 to Foster-perhaps Bob Timmerman will, but the alternatives to Phillips are there in 2005!
    2005-09-02 20:51:48
    435.   Xeifrank
    434. Be careful, the spellchecker is going to get you! :) vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:51:50
    436.   Bob Timmermann

    Sorry, it's just that I saw the word "rarefied" on a list of "hard words to spell" and then I see it here.

    So I'm thinking, "Hey, there must be some truth to that!"

    2005-09-02 20:52:16
    437.   DaveP
    Kuo didn't look too hot tonight and definitely wasn't throwing as hard as he has at jacksonville. he probably needs a couple appearances to get comfortable.

    keep in mind this guy has thrown a grand total of 60 innings in 6 years since signing in '99!

    2005-09-02 20:52:36
    438.   King of the Hobos
    Hochevar is not going to school. We now have until after November to sign him to a Major League contract, although that doesn't seem particularly wise

    And Schmoll decides Kuo needs a high ERA

    2005-09-02 20:53:47
    439.   Uncle Miltie
    Good job Schmoll, you just made Tracy look bad.

    428- I posted that before the BB. His windup reminds me of Ishii's.

    Great, Tracy is warming up Sanchez in an 8 run game. Would he ever waste Gagne in a game like this?

    2005-09-02 20:53:53
    440.   Xeifrank
    436. haha! I'm surprised I came that close.
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:54:00
    441.   Jim Hitchcock
    430 - Hoping to. My only day games have been seeing Chan Ho pitch a two hitter and Don Sutton striking out five of the first six.

    I'm a vampire, at heart.

    2005-09-02 20:54:16
    442.   Nagman
    Wow. (I'm watching a real baseball game) The Astros were deprived getting the tying run to second on a horrible call on a force play. Sure enough, the next batter singles softly enough that the tying run surely would've scored.
    2005-09-02 20:55:29
    443.   Xeifrank
    439. Ok, just don't say they all look the same. :) vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:55:34
    444.   ddger
    Schmoll is quickly approaching Carrara's status now.
    2005-09-02 20:55:38
    445.   King of the Hobos
    Delwyn Young has extended his hit streak to 15 with a single and a double.

    Kuo's ERA: 54.00, Will Tracy still use him as a LOOGY?

    2005-09-02 20:56:32
    446.   Xeifrank
    11-1. We are as bad as the Padres tonight.
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:56:37
    447.   ddger
    Is it too late to forfeit this game?
    2005-09-02 20:57:17
    448.   Steve
    447 - The lineup card wasn't a forfeit?
    2005-09-02 20:57:27
    449.   ddger
    Maybe it's better to lose like this than a one run game.
    2005-09-02 20:57:47
    450.   Xeifrank
    Looks like whoever said the Rockies would have a big say on who wins the NL West was correct. In fact, maybe the Rockies will win the division THIS year!! vr, Xei
    Show/Hide Comments 451-500
    2005-09-02 20:58:29
    451.   ddger
    If the Rockies keep winning, no one in our division will wind up .500.
    2005-09-02 20:59:00
    452.   Bob Timmermann
    1970 was the very first RDGC! It was back in April.

    The Dodgers used just six starters that year.
    Sutton and Osteen were good. Foster was mediocre. Moeller, Vance, and Singer split up the rest.

    Fred Norman was on the Dodgers in 1970, but he hadn't started much in the majors yet and he was 27. He wouldn't become a good starter until he was on the Reds.

    When 1970 was over, Campanis traded Foster AND reliever Ray Lamb for catcher Duke Sims. And Duke Sims wasn't all that great. He had hit 23 home runs for Cleveland in 1969, but he hit all of 12 in his 2 seasons with the Dodgers.

    2005-09-02 20:59:02
    453.   Xeifrank
    448. Oh, you're too much! Give Tracy a break, he got us a playoff win last year. vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 20:59:52
    454.   Kayaker7
    Hey, the difference between the Rockies and the Dodgers is only one run. 11-1 is not that different from 1-1. ;-)
    2005-09-02 21:00:31
    455.   ddger
    The Padres must be really enjoying this game after they were embarrassed earlier. They just gained another day even with loss.
    2005-09-02 21:01:36
    456.   Fearing Blue
    #438: The Hochevar information is in the most recent notes:

    In the same article, there's the following Tracy gem regarding Kuo:

    "We brought him here for some left-handed hitting situations," said manager Jim Tracy. "Does that mean that tonight I'm going to rush him out there against Todd Helton? I'm not going to say yes, I'm not going to say no. We'll just see how things go."

    2005-09-02 21:01:55
    457.   Bob Timmermann
    They've finally reached the fifth in Oakland! It only took a little under two hours!
    2005-09-02 21:02:20
    458.   Xeifrank
    Giants could very likely leapfrog the DBacks and tie the Dodgers in the loss column. This would put them in very rarefied company? vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:02:39
    459.   King of the Hobos
    Valentin has started our epic 10 run comeback
    2005-09-02 21:03:21
    460.   Bob Timmermann

    Now you're talking!

    It's 6-3 Giants in the 8th. Alou has already brought in Eyre. He's probably ready to trot in four guys to pitch the 8th.

    2005-09-02 21:03:40
    461.   Steve
    2005-09-02 21:04:43
    462.   King of the Hobos
    The epic comeback continues!
    2005-09-02 21:05:04
    463.   Uncle Miltie
    What will Oscar do now?
    2005-09-02 21:06:00
    464.   Xeifrank
    If this was a fight it would be stopped. If this was a men's olympic speed skating race the Dodgers would slide and take out the Rockies. If this was a dance, the Dodgers would be wearing a skirt. If this was a movie it would be "Dumb and Tracy".
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:06:02
    465.   ddger
    Let's save our hits for tomorrow.
    2005-09-02 21:06:12
    466.   Uncle Miltie
    He swings 2-0 and gets lucky
    2005-09-02 21:06:15
    467.   King of the Hobos
    We're better than the Padres! All thanks to Ross, our all star shortstop
    2005-09-02 21:07:15
    468.   Steve
    464 -- What did the word "dumber" ever do to you?
    2005-09-02 21:07:46
    469.   Nagman
    Even the Gameday guy left the game.
    2005-09-02 21:08:57
    470.   Xeifrank
    Maybe this Jose Acevedo is a double agent or something. Is Jim Tracy running the scoreboard tonight? vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:09:22
    471.   ddger
    469 He figured no one was watching.
    2005-09-02 21:09:42
    472.   Xeifrank
    A productive out for Aybar. He bats leadoff tomorrow!! vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:10:01
    473.   King of the Hobos
    Aybar doesn't continue the epic comeback thanks to Miles
    2005-09-02 21:10:01
    474.   Uncle Miltie
    Great at bat by Aybar, even though he didn't get a hit
    2005-09-02 21:10:25
    475.   oldbear
    448. Touche

    438. Hochevar and Boras are getting worked by the Dodgers. He doesnt seem to have any leverage now (Hoch) that is. The Dodgers should keep their offer at 2.5 and tell Hoch to take it or leave it. If he leaves it, he still wont make up the lost money from this year for not signing.

    2005-09-02 21:10:55
    476.   Bob Timmermann
    Choose your favorite Dodger Ross:

    A) David
    B) Cody
    C) Porter

    2005-09-02 21:11:37
    477.   ddger
    Everyone's padding their stats now that the game is out of reach. Kent where are you?
    2005-09-02 21:12:11
    478.   Uncle Miltie

    Haha, Werth barely made it

    2005-09-02 21:12:18
    479.   King of the Hobos
    Ledee gets the RBI, but the epic comeback needs 8 runs on 1 out
    2005-09-02 21:12:27
    480.   Xeifrank
    Phillips up with RISP. vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:13:11
    481.   Louis in SF
    Bob, thanks for the reminder about little Freddy Norman as Vin used to call him. As I recall I always wanted Alston to pitch Norman more once it was clear how bad Foster was. But Foster was a top draft choice, I also always thought that Joe Moeller would have been better-not quite the same as the CHoi issue but a throw back to bad personnel use.
    2005-09-02 21:13:31
    482.   Xeifrank
    Surprise! Phillips makes the last out.
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:13:38
    483.   Steve
    This is where Phillips inevitably justifies his existence for the rest of the year.
    2005-09-02 21:13:45
    484.   Uncle Miltie
    Phillips is trying to hit a homerun down by 8...and his numbers with RISP go down again, Yes!
    2005-09-02 21:14:04
    485.   ddger
    476 Porter, David, Cody in that order.

    I really miss Porter's stats.

    Is it coincidence that Ross Porter and David Ross are no longer with the Dodgers?

    2005-09-02 21:14:17
    486.   Steve
    Or not. Nice game, Jason.
    2005-09-02 21:15:20
    487.   Bob Timmermann
    On, Oakland was credited with 11 runs in the first four innings this way
    6 4 2 -1
    2005-09-02 21:15:34
    488.   Kayaker7
    So, will Tracy finally abandon his fascination with BA with RISP?
    2005-09-02 21:15:42
    489.   DaveP
    so was it "take your kid to work night" in the scoreboard operations department?
    2005-09-02 21:15:53
    490.   ddger
    Any chance that Tracy is stubborn enough to use the same lineup tomorrow?
    2005-09-02 21:16:08
    491.   Kayaker7
    487 At least it all adds up. :)
    2005-09-02 21:16:19
    492.   Bob Timmermann
    San Diego magic number: 23
    2005-09-02 21:16:20
    493.   King of the Hobos
    At least the Dodgers didn't lose by as much as the Padres

    So how well will Houlton fair tomorrow? Considering relies so heavily on offspeed pitches, I'm not liking the prospects of tomorrow's game. Especially considering we'll ge the same lineup with Repko in for Cruz

    2005-09-02 21:17:14
    494.   Xeifrank
    488. He will just make up some other related stat like, BA with RISP with the score tied in the 4th inning. I think Phillips is hitting .600 in 5 at bats.
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:17:39
    495.   Nagman
    487 Maybe somebody ran the bases backwards on a homerun.
    2005-09-02 21:17:45
    496.   Bob Timmermann
    In Oakland, all computers seem to have Marco Scutaro batting in the fifth inning. He's been up there a while.

    Meanwhile, it's really 12-0 in the 7th.

    2005-09-02 21:17:45
    497.   Steve
    488 -- That's a rhetorical question, right?
    2005-09-02 21:18:02
    498.   Fearing Blue
    #475: I'm surprised more players don't do what Hochevar is doing. He's skipping the Fall with the intention of registering and playing baseball in the Spring if negotiations don't work out. I concede that he has lost some leverage, but not nearly as much as if he were guaranteed to miss the college baseball season.
    2005-09-02 21:18:43
    499.   King of the Hobos
    Cruz is now .308/.429/.442 as a Dodger. I predict that Repko becomes the starter when he reaches an OPS of .900
    2005-09-02 21:18:50
    500.   Dodgersrock24
    Dodgers 0-1 in September
    Padres 1-1 in September

    Everytime the Dodgers Lose and Padres Lose, the Dodgers are losing ground. I hate when the Dodgers play in Denver. At least they don't have to go to Denver anymore this season after this week. Dodgers have pitch around Helton because he just killing the Dodgers. It's only 1 loss but they need to win the next 2.

    Show/Hide Comments 501-550
    2005-09-02 21:19:20
    501.   Xeifrank
    Phillips left the most men on base for the Dodgers in tonights game. We would be no better off if Tracy started Bob Timmerman at first base tomorrow and batted him 5th.
    vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:19:55
    502.   Bob Timmermann
    If it's any consolation, Helton has been killing the Padres too.
    2005-09-02 21:21:43
    503.   Xeifrank
    K-Rod is in to blow a three run lead in the 9th in LA south. vr, Xei
    2005-09-02 21:22:35
    504.   DaveP
    490 - there is absolutely nothing to indicate that Tracy doesn't believe that he put his best lineup out there tonight.

    Tracy does a poor job of making out lineups and an even worse job of in game management. I think I might prefer to have the drunk intern running the Rockies scoreboard manage the dodgers for the rest of the season.

    2005-09-02 21:22:37
    505.   ddger
    501 You forgot Robles with 6.
    2005-09-02 21:22:50
    506.   oldbear
    Jason Phillips 0-5 performance and actually seeing Kuo on the hill made this 11-3 loss not totally meaningless.
    2005-09-02 21:23:24
    507.   King of the Hobos
    490 Of course not. Valentin and Repko will play instead of Ledee and Cruz. I also sense that Rose will start to give Navarro a day off
    2005-09-02 21:24:17
    508.   ddger
    Too bad that it will still take lot more 0 fers before Phillips RISP average goes way down for Tracy to sit him.
    2005-09-02 21:24:34
    509.   Steve
    I think I might prefer to have the drunk intern running the Rockies scoreboard manage the dodgers for the rest of the season.

    Everyone keeps saying that there isn't anyone to replace Tracy. This is kind of the point. Everyone can replace Tracy.

    2005-09-02 21:25:27
    510.   sanchez101
    phillips could strike out in every one ab with risp, it wouldnt change anything. Tracy doesnt look at the number to help him decide who's going to play when, he desides who he likes, then looks to the numbers to justify himself. If phillips continues to struggle at the plate, we will hear about how great a defender he is a first, or perhaps someting even more retarded than that.
    2005-09-02 21:27:52
    511.   oldbear
    When is Jay Payton going to become Jay Payton again?

    Chad Bradford for Payton might be the best in-season trade in a long time.

    2005-09-02 21:28:09
    512.   ddger
    507 Hmmm...we haven't seen Valentin last few days. Tracy doesn't want to upset him so he might get a start tomorrow. Since Kim is RH pitcher, Repko probably not. Ross is only emergency catcher.

    I hope you were kidding!!!

    2005-09-02 21:29:49
    513.   ddger
    512. Ross = Rose.
    2005-09-02 21:32:03
    514.   Bob Timmermann
    Giants are in third place now.

    6-3 win over Arizona.

    They pitch Lowry tomorrow too and should have a good chance at moving up to second.

    2005-09-02 21:34:23
    515.   ddger
    Do players get different bonus depending on where the team finishes or is it only if you make the playoffs?
    2005-09-02 21:36:23
    516.   Bob Timmermann
    I think second place teams that aren't wild cards get a small playoff share.
    2005-09-02 21:39:07
    517.   ddger
    516 That would help Phillips since he said he didn't make enough to take care of his family.
    2005-09-02 21:39:25
    518.   Jim Hitchcock
    Everyone keeps saying that there isn't anyone to replace Tracy. This is kind of the point. Everyone can replace Tracy.

    Note: Websites that change their name midstream have a low user recognition rate.

    2005-09-02 21:40:43
    519.   Bob Timmermann
    Found it.

    Of the playoff money, it's get divided up this way:

    WS winner - 36%
    WS loser - 24%
    NLCS loser - 12%
    ALCS loser - 12%
    Division series losers - 3% each - 12%
    Four other second place teams - 1% each - 4%

    This means that some teams in the NL East are getting shafted at the end of the year. Too bad.

    2005-09-02 21:42:25
    520.   ddger
    Just curious but about how much is that 1%.
    2005-09-02 21:42:27
    521.   bokonon42
    Whew. Looks like this was a good game to miss.

    Schemp was definitely the stupidest stooge, though, and I'll fight any man who says otherwise. I hate Schemp so much. . .so much!

    2005-09-02 21:43:53
    522.   ddger
    518 LOL. Steve will just have to start another website with
    2005-09-02 21:44:14
    523.   oldbear
    519. It'd be nice if all those playoff shares were donated too the hurricane relief fund.

    Good PR for baseball. And they could argue that they are literally playing to see whom the best team is, not for money.

    2005-09-02 21:46:32
    524.   ddger
    523 Great idea. At least the NL West should decline their share or donate to charity.
    2005-09-02 21:49:37
    525.   Bob Timmermann
    Last year the Red Sox got to split up about $15 million. So if the playoff pool is that large, that would leave each of the four second place teams that weren't wild card about $422,000 to split up.

    The Red Sox gave out the smallest winners shares since 1997 because they gave each player who was on the team at some time a full share. They all got around $226,000.

    2005-09-02 21:55:48
    526.   ddger
    525 Great info, Bob. Does that mean the total playoff pool for last year was about 42M? Wow, I didn't realize it was that much.

    Oldbear's idea is a great one but most likely won't happen.

    2005-09-02 21:56:55
    527.   das411
    511 Wait until the playoffs start. Boy, looking back now, the 2000 Mets were a really bad bandwagon to jump on. Starting OF of Payton, Derek Bell, and Benny Agbayani? Hard to believe that team made it as far as they did!

    Was the Matt Clement for Dontrelle Willis deal in-season? That one looked pretty good when the two teams met in the NLCS that year, but my blinding hatred of Jeff Conine prevents me from mentioning that deal

    2005-09-02 21:57:11
    528.   Jim Hitchcock
    OT. Forrest Gump. What a wonderful movie. Tom Hanks finest role. And GAry Sinise.

    "Ahm sorry ah ruined your Mew Years, Sgt. Dan. She tasted liked cigarettes."

    2005-09-02 21:57:36
    529.   Bob Timmermann
    It's $42 million if my math was right.

    $15 million is about 36% of $42 million isn't it?

    2005-09-02 21:59:02
    530.   Bob Timmermann

    Here's a tip for next Saturday. Don't bring up "Forrest Gump" unless you want me to strike you in rage.

    Not my favorite film....

    2005-09-02 22:02:17
    531.   ddger
    528 Saw that movie several times. It was one of my favorites. Hanks was great.

    Seems like Tracy's moves these days are "stupid is as stupid does"

    2005-09-02 22:02:45
    532.   Jim Hitchcock
    Sorry. Just mentioned it 'cause it was on TNT.

    Still like it, though. :)

    2005-09-02 22:03:15
    533.   Uncle Miltie
    523- Derek Lowe is going to need that money to pay child support
    2005-09-02 22:03:45
    534.   ddger
    Sorry, Bob I liked that movie too. But I won't mention it when you are around.
    2005-09-02 22:15:27
    535.   Bob Timmermann

    OK, I will deign to sit with you people anyway.


    2005-09-02 22:18:29
    536.   Jon Weisman
    I'm anti-Forest Gump, I have to say. I'm mostly agnostic about it, but I do think it was an incredibly overrated film - something about a character who, for 99 percent of the movie, never grows (that is to say, any growth that might have occurred in one scene completely disappears in the next), that I came to find very tedious. For the most part, the entire movie seemed like an excuse to string together a bunch of crazy skits and homespun aphorisms.

    But I get that many people loved the movie - just wasn't for me.

    2005-09-02 22:27:58
    537.   Bob Timmermann
    But I wonder what Xeifrank thinks of it?
    2005-09-02 22:28:46
    538.   King of the Hobos
    Delwyn Young finished tonight 3-4 with a double. He is now hitting .345/.375/.510 in 145 ABs in Vegas. He hit .296/.346/.499 in 371 ABs in Jacksonville. For the entire year, he is hitting .310/.353/.502 with 34 BBs, 20 HRs, 36 2Bs, and 116 Ks (21% of his PAs)

    My question is what do we do with him next year? He clearly can hit in Vegas, although that's not saying much. Do we give him another year? Does he play the OF or 2B? Trade him? Keep him on the bench with Aybar? Trade Aybar and keep him? I'm not sure how his Ks will translate in the majors, and in the OF he loses a lot of value. His K rate actually went down in Vegas (22% in Jax to 20%)

    2005-09-02 22:33:38
    539.   King of the Hobos
    Also, Buddy Carlyle has taken the lead in the race for the coveted ERA title in Vegas. He has an impressive 4.88 ERA, beating out Alfredo Gonzalez at 5.01. Carlyle only gave up 1 run today while Gonzalez gave up 3. Neu comes in at 3rd (5.20), with Mahoms in 4th (5.32). Osoria doesn't qualify because he's so much better than the rest, and he's currently in Los Angeles. Orod has a 0.00 ERA, albeit in 3.1 IP. He has 1 K and 5 BBs, but has yet to give up a hit
    2005-09-02 22:38:31
    540.   Jim Hitchcock
    536 - Totally understand what you're saying, Jon. But I think that growth is not necessarily a universal human condition, as important as that characteristic is to the more, uh, evolved of us. And that is the story's strength...the triumph of an individual who absolutely lacks that most human of abilities.

    We do so love to cheer the underdog.

    And the music is great.

    2005-09-02 22:43:16
    541.   Jim Hitchcock
    P.S. In a very real way, the character Gump absolutely refuses to go from point A to point B. Anathema to normal script development. That is what makes the movie both unsatisfying, and unique.
    2005-09-02 22:54:13
    542.   Jim Hitchcock
    OTOH, the movie does ruthlessly attempt to hijack the emotions...but most moviestry to do that.

    At it's core, I view it as a fable; much like `Big Fish'.

    2005-09-02 22:54:19
    543.   Uncle Miltie
    538- Aybar and Perez should compete for the 3B job in spring training. Young should stay in Vegas at least to start the season and possibly learn a new positiion if his defense isn't acceptable at 2B.
    2005-09-02 23:01:53
    544.   bokonon42
    I hated Forrest Gump. Quick, what does, "stupid is, as stupid does," mean? Anyone? It doesn't mean anything. And everybody in the theater laughed. It's an unfunny non-joke.

    And every character in the movie who had any ambition, any idea of what to do with themselves that didn't include doing just as they were told, ended up dead, crippled, or AIDS ridden. Nice message, that.

    2005-09-02 23:26:10
    545.   Jim Hitchcock
    You see? Stupid is, stupid does was just the ad line for the movie. If that's all you got out of the movie, there was no point in seeing it at all, as that was all you were able to take away from it.

    Gump's character illustrated a child's wonder of the world. Is there anyone who doesn't have a sense of loss at losing that?

    Jenny was the rebel that Bokonon describes. She did die of Aids, but are you saying she got nothing, got nothing out of her life? I don't think so.

    And Sgt. Dan certainly strived to live a life of tradition, following orders, doing as he was told, which kind of refutes your second paragraph.

    Tell you what, bring a beachball to the game, you're going over the side...:)

    2005-09-02 23:56:52
    546.   dzzrtRatt
    Forrest Gump was one of those movies that should never be rerun on TV. People have fond memories of it because of Hanks, Gary Sinise, Sean Penn's wife, and some of the set pieces. It was a movie that also challenged some of the conventional liberal wisdom ever so slightly, and that made it seem refreshing, then. But it hasn't aged well. It is a ridiculous movie and Hanks' dumb guy drawl now seems really annoying. He was much better in Apollo 13, You've Got Mail, Philadelphia and Cast Away.
    2005-09-03 00:05:00
    547.   dzzrtRatt
    P.S. going back to Jon's post at the start of the evening...I'm so surprised Antonio Perez only got three hits during September of last year. I must have seen all three of them. I was under the mistaken impression that he hit the crap out of the ball every time he played. Guess that's why we need stats.
    2005-09-03 00:21:32
    548.   bokonon42
    545- I only saw it once, right when it came out, and my memory is generally shoddy. But I still think I'm right.

    Perhaps the message of the movie wasn't that life is scary, and that horrible things happen to people who try to think for themselves. That it was cloyingly saccharine, and utterly unfunny seems like reason enough to hate it.

    I'll bring the beachballs (and milk) if you'll pick up some thundersticks.

    2005-09-03 01:15:39
    549.   bokonon42
    I'm sure there should be some emoticons in there, but where to put them and which ones. . .

    I don't usually go out of my way to spit on the taste of others (in public). Lots of people really liked that movie. I just couldn't stand it. I hated Titanic and American Beauty, too, so I've come to accept that my taste is out of the mainstream. Anyway, Tom Hanks has a long way to go, yet, before working himself out of the doghouse that Bonfire of the Vanities earned him.

    2005-09-03 04:12:46
    550.   dagwich
    So I wake up early this Saturday morning, make my coffee and haul a cuppa joe over to the trusty computer, and read that New Orleans is under martial law. Rough stuff. Then I head tothe LA Times web site -- hey, maybe the Boys in Blue can beat the Rox -- ouch. Glad I watched "Dodgeball" last night instead (not really, but it was "date night" in our house).

    But look, what's this -- Bob T has cracked! He's got a letter to the Times in today's paper! And it's a "j'accuse!" on our buddy Plaschke. Well done, even if it's buried on page 2 on the web site of letters about the Dodgers.

    Maybe Bob is starting to live up to his "Mr. Smith" designation, and he is responding to the will of the people.

    Show/Hide Comments 551-600
    2005-09-03 05:09:11
    551.   Jim Hitchcock
    Hey, that's okay, Bokonon...rereading what I several hours after that drink Icaros poured me wore off, I had to laugh at myself. His finest work??? What pretentious BS. I sound like one of those film critics who wears turtleneck sweaters and drinks lattes with the foam scraped off.

    Besides, his finest work is Band of Brothers, if only as a producer :)

    Hey, Bob, congratulations! Well said.
    Did they print it unedited?

    2005-09-03 05:11:49
    552.   Jim Hitchcock
    P.S. One of my prized possesions is the directors cut of Bonfire of the Vanities. That, and Joe's Volcano.

    Yes, I'm kidding...

    2005-09-03 05:28:06
    553.   Jim Hitchcock
    2005-09-03 05:35:27
    554.   Jim Hitchcock
    The link to Bob's letter:

    2005-09-03 06:42:59
    555.   Jim Hitchcock
    Uh oh, looks like Windows is about to break my hard drive again. Last time it took over a week to rebuild it. If you don't see me for a few days, that'll be why. Damn.
    2005-09-03 07:56:03
    556.   Bob Timmermann
    Because my letter has been published, I will now become incredibly cocky. I will stick up for the little guy. I will fight the good fight.

    Whenever you see a columnist making outlandish statements, I'll be there. Whenever you see hear a talk radio guy making an outrageous claim, I'll be there.

    2005-09-03 08:06:47
    557.   Jim Hitchcock
    Sounds like you're in need of a good cape, Bob :)
    2005-09-03 08:09:41
    558.   Joe
    Saw the letter too, BT. Couldn't agree with you more.
    2005-09-03 08:16:08
    559.   Jon Weisman
    549 - "I hated Titanic and American Beauty, too, so I've come to accept that my taste is out of the mainstream"

    I would think that the groups of people who liked both of these movies would almost be mutually exclusive.

    My vote is definitively for the latter.

    2005-09-03 08:16:46
    560.   Joe
    Oh, that Angel letter ("Cracking Angel Code") is damn funny, too.
    2005-09-03 08:23:12
    561.   Marty
    Bob "Tom Joad" Timmermann
    2005-09-03 08:23:46
    562.   Jim Hitchcock
    559 - But you get to see DiCaprio impersonating an ice cube, sinking to to murky bottom! What's not to like about that!
    2005-09-03 08:26:53
    563.   Marty
    I've always liked DiCaprio, even in bad movies like Titanic. I was very impressed with him in This Boy's Life and Gilbert Grape. Which is high priase from me because I generally hate it when actor's play mentally diminished characters (I'm looking at you Hoffman and Penn)
    2005-09-03 08:29:01
    564.   Bob Timmermann
    I was surprised that there was more than one anti-Plaschke letter published. The longer one was pretty good.
    2005-09-03 08:29:20
    565.   Joe
    I hated Titanic until the part were the boat hit the iceberg. I did NOT see that coming.
    2005-09-03 08:38:11
    566.   Jim Hitchcock
    563 - I guess I could take him or leave him, Marty. He was okay in Catch Me if You Can, not so hot in Gangs of New Your, and out acted by Cate Blanchett in The Aviator. But what do I know.

    P.S. Hoffman?

    2005-09-03 08:43:43
    567.   Marty
    566. Rain Man. I loathed that movie.
    2005-09-03 08:43:56
    568.   Bob Timmermann
    It's like Casey says, a fellow ain't got a character of his own, just a little piece of a big character, the one big character that belongs to everybody.
    2005-09-03 08:48:09
    569.   Jim Hitchcock
    Interesting. The HOF turned down a `no strings attached' offer of Barry Bonds HR # 700 ball by an online gambling company, saying it "would never accept an offering by such a business.

    Guess they didn't want Pete Rose using that against them.

    2005-09-03 08:59:16
    570.   Jim Hitchcock
    568 - Did you mean `a soul of his own', or were you paraphrasing?
    2005-09-03 09:19:00
    571.   Bob Timmermann
    It was Tom Joad, as interviewed by Bill Plaschke.
    2005-09-03 09:27:59
    572.   Icaros
    Is Plaschke's the same high horse I accused Molokai of riding a couple weeks ago?
    2005-09-03 09:29:59
    573.   Bob Timmermann
    I think Molokai was just given the high hat.
    2005-09-03 09:39:48
    574.   Icaros
    I didn't know he played the drums.
    2005-09-03 09:48:10
    575.   Jim Hitchcock

    Next time I start to get maudlin about sappy movies, please cut me off.


    2005-09-03 10:18:46
    576.   dzzrtRatt
    No Fox national game today. Like anyone notices.
    2005-09-03 10:24:01
    577.   Bob Timmermann
    The Dodgers-Padres game will be on big Fox next week.

    You'll get to hear Thom Brennaman saying this:

    "There appears to be a disapperance over in the seats. It looks like a man is beating up three other men with a souvenir Bubba Gump Shrimp Company bat...."

    2005-09-03 10:29:29
    578.   Jim Hitchcock
    577 - Ouch!
    2005-09-03 10:30:13
    579.   Bob Timmermann
    For those without ESPN Insider access, Buster Olney offers this bombshell:

    He thinks the Yankees might not make the playoffs because of suspect pitching.


    2005-09-03 10:31:45
    580.   Bob Timmermann
    Do you want me to mail you the ticket? The other three of us are carpooling from scenic South Pasadena.
    2005-09-03 10:38:36
    581.   Icaros
    Yeah Jim, don't try to meet Bob at the gate. He'll walk right past you, even if you're wearing a "Ghame Over" shirt.
    2005-09-03 10:48:10
    582.   Bob Timmermann

    Yes, but that was back in the day when we thought the Dodgers had a chance to do something with the season. Back when there was hope. Back when Hee-Seop Choi hit home runs that landed in the top row of the RF Pavilion.

    Those were good times.

    They seem so long ago. Just another dream crumpled up and tossed under the seat like a cup for a $6 O'Douls.

    2005-09-03 10:48:36
    583.   Jim Hitchcock
    Sure, that would probably work best. I'll e-mail the address (assuming you got last night's e-mail.


    2005-09-03 10:51:23
    584.   Bob Timmermann
    The answer to that would be no.

    btimmermann at gmail dot com
    Double check the n's

    If you're a member of the family, you should know how the name is spelled!

    2005-09-03 10:52:40
    585.   Jim Hitchcock
    BTW, what's the best lot to park in (I really don't care how long it takes me to exit after the game)?
    2005-09-03 10:54:37
    586.   Icaros
    I realize now that Bob probably didn't see me because he was too busy trying to remember the name of every street in the San Fernando Valley.
    2005-09-03 11:02:20
    587.   Jim Hitchcock
    584 - And don'tcha know, that's exactly what I did. For the second time. And I know Timmermann has two n's in it. What an idiot.

    I didn't get a notice of non-delivery either, so I guess somewhere out there is a btimmerman scratching his head...

    2005-09-03 11:10:34
    588.   Bob Timmermann
    Rinaldi, San Fernando Mission, Chatsworth, Haskell, Lindley, Parthenia, Nordhoff, Tampa ....
    2005-09-03 11:11:07
    589.   Icaros
    I didn't get a notice of non-delivery either, so I guess somewhere out there is a btimmerman scratching his head...

    I can picture that as the caption for a Gary Larson cartoon.

    2005-09-03 11:13:41
    590.   Jim Hitchcock
    Bob had to have been an extremely tough opponent in car games as a kid.
    2005-09-03 11:17:56
    591.   Jim Hitchcock
    589 - Hah! Man, I miss The Far Side.

    The one that stays in my mind is where the dog leaves his two pals to visit the next yard over...

    ...and shouts "Yo, Jake! Got any magazines?"

    2005-09-03 11:18:44
    592.   Bob Timmermann
    That would be the case except I have three older brothers who are pretty similar to me.

    My mother was accused by other parents of being this monster parent who constantly forced her children to study and never let us outside.

    Which was pretty funny since my mother had no idea how we came out the way she did. She was asked about her parenting secrets once and she had none. Maybe we were all part of the 4400.

    2005-09-03 12:04:09
    593.   King of the Hobos

    This is an article on Norfolk manager Ken Oberkfell. One thing I found interesting:

    "One Major League executive who has seen Oberkfell in action, both as a player and as a manger, believes that would do well in the big leagues again if given the opportunity. While he did not wish to be named -- he doesn't want any praise for Oberkfell to be viewed as an indictment of his team's current manager -- the executive said Oberkfell's style is deceptive at first but quickly becomes attractive."

    I wonder if DePo ever saw him as a player, but wouldn't be nice if this was DePo? Especially if it is an indictment of the team's current manager

    Ruling out Washington/Macha and the former Dodger greats, would anyone here be interested in a mangaer like Oberkfell? A minor league manager who has proven he can win (albeit in the minors) and will allow the kids to play, or are we aiming at Washington/Macha, Former Dodger great, manager with experince, or bust?

    Also, this is not an endorsement for Oberkfell (who was a former Giant for a whole 83 games). I have no idea what his style is in game and whether he micro manages

    I noticed on the preview that the bracket things above the "," and "." make text disappear (I had them instead of quotes)

    2005-09-03 12:40:47
    594.   bokonon42
    Bob was a Royal Tenenbaum! This explains so much. I don't envy him the oedipal complex having Angelica Huston as a mother must bring with it, though.
    2005-09-03 12:48:00
    595.   Bob Timmermann
    I only wish my mom had adopted a sister who liked Gwyneth Paltrow.
    2005-09-03 13:24:43
    596.   Xeifrank
    Hmmm, lots of college football on the tube today. USC at Hawaii, kind of a dangerous place to play but with their rocket arm QB graduating should be an easy but high scoring win for SC. I see Cal is playing host to Sacramento State. Who made their schedule? Why don't they just play against the girls lacrosse team. vr, Xei
    2005-09-03 13:25:40
    597.   Xeifrank
    Bob? Are you starting at first base today? I think you could go 0 for 5 and leave four men on base. vr, Xei
    2005-09-03 13:41:14
    598.   Bob Timmermann
    I'm sure I'd love nothing more than being a right-handed hitter (and a bad one) standing in against Kim throwing 90 mph sliders at me.
    I couldn't go 0 for 5 because I would die of fear first.
    2005-09-03 14:57:11
    599.   King of the Hobos
    Duchscherer did not have one of his better games, Yankees up 7-0 after he couldn't help Saarloos out of the inning
    2005-09-03 15:33:09
    600.   King of the Hobos
    Aaron Small pitched a complete game shut out. The A's need some offense badly, especially when you get shut out by a 33 yr old AAAA journeyman who has made a total of 8 starts in his career

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