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Vegas Closes
2005-09-06 15:35
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

How do they spell relief outside the casinos of Las Vegas? E-N-D-SPACE-O-F-SPACE-S-E-A-S-O-N.

Nick Christensen of the Las Vegas Sun tracks the travails of the Dodgers' AAA affiliate at season's end:

Autumn will be here shortly, and the sooner all those involved can forget about the 2005 baseball season, the better.

At 57-86 after Sunday's 8-5 loss to Salt Lake, the 51s finished with the second-worst record in the Las Vegas franchise's 23-year history, a game ahead of the 56-87 record put together by the 1994 squad, which was affiliated with the Padres.

The last time the Dodgers' Triple-A team had a winning percentage below .400 was in 1965, when the Spokane Indians went 57-90.

On the bright side, first baseman Brian Myrow's promotion today, though perhaps insignificant to the Dodgers' greater fortunes, meant the world to him. According to Christensen's article, Myrow had been considering retirement earlier this season:

He held back tears as he explained what it meant to him to get his first call to the major leagues after seven years in the minors.

"The difficult thing is honestly feeling like you're going to look back on your career as a career minor leaguer, and the time that you would have wasted, that you didn't give to your family," he said. "Whenever you try to maintain focus, you're trying to make it look like you're not wasting your time."

Myrow turned 29 Sunday.

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2005-09-06 16:41:07
1.   Adam
That quote does make you feel good for these guys who are getting a chance at the big show. Good for them, and I wish them the best. However, I still wish that some of the young studs from AA were going to get a look instead.
2005-09-06 16:48:02
2.   King of the Hobos
This makes it a lot hrder to criticize Myrow's promotion. I wonder if this is just a nice gesture by the Dodgers, or if they're hoping he'll replace Saenz if he leaves (he may go to an AL team to become a fulltime DH). Either way, I hope he has more success than Grabowski or Edwards for the sake of the Dodgers. If he could play 3B a little better (I think his skill level is around Saenz's, maybe worse), I'd guess he gets the call over Edwards earlier in the season
2005-09-06 16:50:40
3.   King of the Hobos
Vero update: Now 3-2 as Palm Beach scored some runs on 3 hits and a walk in the 4th. Pilkington is having a good game outside that inning. After Kemp's homer, the Dodgers have had a hard time hitting
2005-09-06 16:58:55
4.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger game callback

September 6, 1897

Two teams muddling along in the middle of the 12-team National League played a doubleheader at Eastern Park. When the day was over, Brooklyn and Chicago had combined to score 41 runs and make 58 hits and 18 errors. Brooklyn won the morning game 14-7 and Chicago won the afternoon game by a 12-8 score. The split kept Brooklyn in seventh place with a 50-63 record, 28 ½ games behind Baltimore and Boston. Chicago was 51-63.

Brooklyn had 20 hits in the morning game. All nine starters had at least one hit. Center fielder Mike Griffin had four. Right fielder Fielder Jones and third baseman Billy Shindle had three each. Jack Dunn went the distance on the mound, "scattering" 12 Chicago hits. Dunn, who batted .221 on the season, batted eighth during the game. Shortstop Germany Smith batted ninth and hit .201 on the season.

In the afternoon game, Brooklyn starter Brickyard Kennedy was driven from the game when Chicago hit a pair of home runs off of him in the fourth. Jimmy Ryan and Bill Dahlen both connected for solo shots. Brooklyn manager Billy Barnie brought in Chauncey Fisher to finish up. Griffin left the second game after getting hit by a pitch.

Brooklyn finished the season with a 61-71 record, which was good for a tie for sixth place with the Washington Senators. But Brooklyn was 32 games behind pennant winner Boston. Most teams got a boost in their record because last place St. Louis went 29-102.

The Brooklyn outfield led the offense. Jones batted .314 with a .392 OBP in the leadoff spot. Griffin, who usually batted second, hit .316 with a .416 OBP. Left fielder John Anderson batted .325 and slugged .455.

The pitching staff was mediocre. Kennedy led the team with an 18-20 record and a 3.91 ERA. Dunn was 14-9 with a 4.57 ERA. Harley Payne was 14-17 with a 4.63 ERA.

An 18-year old rookie, Jimmy Sheckard, made his major league debut on September 14. Sheckard would play in the majors for 17 seasons, 8 of them in Brooklyn and would be the only Brooklyn player ever to lead the NL in both home runs and stolen bases in the same season.

Thanks to the New York Times, and Retrosheet

2005-09-06 17:02:43
5.   blue22
Regarding Bonds' pending activation, some guy on the radio reported that the Giants should've activated him last week, making him eligible for post-season rosters.

Was he on the 60-day DL this whole time? Would he be eligible for the post season if the Giants (Choi forbid) were to make it?

2005-09-06 17:07:32
6.   Bob Timmermann
I don't know if they changed the loophole that the Angels used in 2002 (and I don't think they did), but I believe the Giants would just have to submit a roster with some other injured outfielder on it and replace him with Bonds.

In the battle for third place in the NL West, this score in: Arizona 1, Pittsburgh, Top of the 4th

2005-09-06 17:07:47
7.   Bob Timmermann
Whoops, that's Arizona 1, Pittsburgh 1
2005-09-06 17:11:06
8.   blue22
6 - That's what I thought, but the host of the radio show sounded convincing in his interpretation.
2005-09-06 17:12:58
9.   Bob Timmermann
Here's what the rule was like in 2002:

2005-09-06 17:19:13
10.   King of the Hobos
After a 1 out double, a WP, walk, HBP, and 2 infield singles, the Palm Beach Cardinals took a 4-3 lead over Vero Beach. The Dodgers have 7 outs left, down by one run. Kemp is 2-2 with a walk and homer, and the rest of the team has 3 hits
2005-09-06 17:23:23
11.   blue22
9 - What a brutally confusing rule.

This would really only apply if Bonds was on the 60-day DL (in which case he would not be currently on the 40-man). Otherwise, I don't see why he wouldn't be eligible.

2005-09-06 17:26:32
12.   Bob Timmermann
Presently, the Giants have only one player on the 15-day DL, pitcher Tyler Walker.

So, one of the current Giants outfielder who would need to come up lame for Bonds to make a playoff roster I believe. So I think Jason Ellison and Todd Linden better check their hamstrings.

2005-09-06 17:30:43
13.   King of the Hobos
My Vero feed died. With Raglani on 2nd, Rohan singled, but Raglani was thrown out at home. Hoorelbeke in to pitch for the Dodgers, but without the feed, I'll have to update using the box score
2005-09-06 18:08:01
14.   King of the Hobos
After Raglani was thrown out at the plate to end the 7th, the Dodgers failed to get another hit. They now must win the next 2 games (both in Vero) to advance. Good 4-3 game, Pilkington takes the loss, and Parisi gets the win. Danny Muegge is scheduled to pitch the next game, tomorrow at 4 pm pt
2005-09-06 18:10:23
15.   King of the Hobos
I predict the Dodgers score no runs, as this team is worse hitting than yesterday

LF Werth
SS Robles
2B Kent
1B Phillips
RF Cruz
3B Edwards
C Navarro
CF Repko
P Penny

With Tomko pitching, one would think we'd try to win...

2005-09-06 18:11:55
16.   King of the Hobos
As for the Giants

CF Winn
SS Vizquel
1B Snow
LF Alou
3B Feliz
RF Linden
C Matheny
2B Castro
P Tomko

2005-09-06 18:12:29
17.   Bob Timmermann
Barry Bonds is not listed as a player eligible for the Giants tonight.
2005-09-06 18:13:20
18.   King of the Hobos
16 Make that Chavez at 2B, Angel Chavez
2005-09-06 18:15:56
19.   GoBears
15 Wow. With the exception of Kent, and I guess Cruz ahead of Grabowski, that's pretty much the worst possible lineup from the parts available. Great bench again, tho.

Oh wait - I promised not to comment any more on JT's lineup choices.

OK, never mind.

2005-09-06 18:19:08
20.   Steve
Now everybody hold off on the snide comments and distortions. Jim Tracy is doing the best he can with what he has.
2005-09-06 18:21:15
21.   Adam
Look at the positives. At least Valentin, and his pitcher's bat, isn't playing.
2005-09-06 18:21:57
22.   Jon Weisman
"hold off on the snide comments and distortions"

Actually, I don't think it's asking too much to abide by this part.

2005-09-06 18:24:13
23.   Eric L

At this point, isn't kind of like beating a dead horse?

2005-09-06 18:24:38
24.   Bob Timmermann

Well, that should keep the comments light tonight.

2005-09-06 18:25:03
25.   Steve
Well, distortion = "statement Person X disagrees with." But as far as snide comments, I can't think of a daily occurrence that welcomes more snide comments than the release of Jim Tracy's ever-more-absurd-than-the-day-before lineup card.
2005-09-06 18:26:06
26.   Bob Timmermann
The horse has been beaten, then sent to the glue factory, then turned into glue, and then used to hold together two pieces of plywood that were in turn used to beat a second dead horse.
2005-09-06 18:27:21
27.   Suffering Bruin
But Jo-o-o-o-n! I just saw the lineup and I wanna be snide! (Doing my best eight-year old voice).

Seriously, I want Myrow to hit a deep one tonight. I love stories like his; a guy crying his eyes out because he gets to play major league ball and fulfill a dream. Never mind the team is struggling and there's acrimony all over the place; he's happy.

Go Brian!

2005-09-06 18:29:08
28.   Suffering Bruin
And Jon? That was one terrific post earlier today. Just fantastic.

I'm frankly rather envious...

2005-09-06 18:29:47
29.   Bob Timmermann

Apparently a day at Locke High and he's still alive.

2005-09-06 18:33:02
30.   werthgagne31
that lineup has 4 guys in it that should be, and 4 that shouldn't be in it.
whats even worse is that tracy has the lineup set as good bad good bad ect.
the 1 3 5 7 hitters are good and the 2 4 6 8 hitters are bad.
what a laugh LOL.
2005-09-06 18:37:23
31.   Adam
30 I hope when you use the word "good," you mean it in a purely relative sense. Because, objectively, 7 of the 8 do not qualify as good.
2005-09-06 18:37:28
32.   Bob Timmermann
2-2 between Arizona and Pittsburgh going to the bottom of the 9th.

The Pirates have 13 hits to score their 2 runs. And both runs came on solo home runs.

2005-09-06 18:39:19
33.   Suffering Bruin
29 :)

Too funny. Actually, because of a paperwork snafu (shocking in this district, I know), I won't be starting until next Monday. But I've been visiting. Here's some impressions...

1. Every teacher, each and every one, has been involved in some kind of physical altercation. 99% of the time it's because the teacher is breaking up a fight. All of the teachers have a story about being hit, again, usually from breaking up a fight.

2. Locke is known as the worst school in the country. It's not because of the violence though that is certainly a problem; it's the academics.

3. All-time Locke academic story happened last year. Some students were taking an AP English class and the teacher kept talking about the need for "biology". She kept stressing this and the students didn't know what she was talking about. She started to describe the biology. It took awhile, but the students figured out what she meant was "bibliography." Ouch.

4. Most dangerous time to be at Locke: immediately after school and at night, both because of drive-by's. It's ten times worse at night, FWIW.

I'm sure I'll be fine. Thanks for remembering...

2005-09-06 18:39:33
34.   King of the Hobos
31 Navarro is "good." Maybe not "great" but certainly not bad, There's not many catchers in the league that I'd rather. Comparatively, he's fantastic
2005-09-06 18:43:31
35.   King of the Hobos
33 I've thought my various English teachers may be not the brightest people (AP included), but none were near that bad. That's just terrible

Good luck there, looks like you'll need it...

2005-09-06 18:43:37
36.   Bob Timmermann

Second Locke High trivia question:

What WNBA star attended Locke High? Also a former Olympian.

2005-09-06 18:46:08
37.   Suffering Bruin
36 I'm gonna let someone else take that one. She is worshipped at the school by the female teachers who have been there a while.

There aren't that many who have been there a while...

2005-09-06 18:46:11
38.   franklin
Olympian: Valerie Brisco-Hooks
WNBA: Cynthia Cooper
2005-09-06 18:46:44
39.   werthgagne31
31-- for who we have on the roster is what i mean, i think werth,kent,cruz,and navarro should be in the lineup, but choi,seanz,perez,and ledee should also be in the lineup instead of the 2 4 6 8 hitters that are in there.
2005-09-06 18:47:35
40.   Bob Timmermann
Cynthia Cooper is who I was looking for.

When I was in tenth grade, the girls basketball team at my school (Kennedy) was pretty good and we played Locke in the final. They ran into Cynthia Cooper. Kennedy lost.

2005-09-06 18:48:16
41.   Suffering Bruin
Well that was fast...
2005-09-06 18:48:22
42.   werthgagne31
i forgot to add in 39 that what i'm saying is if we are still trying to win games.
2005-09-06 18:48:29
43.   Telemachos
All I ask from this point on is passion and excitement. The entire team seems to be numb, and has been for the last week or so.
2005-09-06 18:49:34
44.   Bob Timmermann
Free baseball in Pittsburgh.

The Pirates got another hit but couldn't score.

Arizona has five hits, but three of them are double.

Pittsburgh has fourteen hits, two home runs and fourteen singles.

Have no fear. Jose Mesa is in the game!

2005-09-06 18:49:46
45.   scooplew
What a play Fielder Jones made in the 4th inning! Now I know how he got his nickname. I wish Brickyard Kennedy knew the slide step. With Harley Payne's stuff, he would be dynamite with one more pitch. Despite his stats, I think Jimmy Sheckard was brought up too quickly. Billy Barnie hasn't done as well as he should have with this team.
2005-09-06 18:53:17
46.   Jim Hitchcock
33 - Already percolating in the back of SB's mind are the thoughts of the book he will someday write. When the movie is made, it will not be called The Principal XIV, and neither James Belushi or Morgan Freeman will be available for starring roles, which is okay with SB, since who he really wants is Tom Berenger...
2005-09-06 18:54:02
47.   franklin
"Locke High School is an exciting place" -opening line of Locke High School website

I'll bet. Good luck, SB

2005-09-06 18:55:30
48.   still bevens
43 Unfortunately I was at the game last night and the lethargy was palpable. It seemed like the crowd, the team, everyone was just not that into it. If I didnt have tickets for the SD game on the 2nd of October that would probably have been my last game of the season. Hopefully I can end it on a high note.
2005-09-06 18:55:57
49.   Bob Timmermann
Billy Barnie got fired in 1898 about 1/4 of the way through the season.

Would today's stadiums pipe in the song "Brickhouse" when Brickyard Kennedy pitched?

2005-09-06 18:56:08
50.   franklin
OT-- does anyone know if they broadcast Dodger games live in Hawaii?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-09-06 18:57:37
51.   Jim Hitchcock
35 - BTW, guess what subject SB teaches, King :)
2005-09-06 19:01:55
52.   Jon Weisman
Bonds not activated yet, it appears?
2005-09-06 19:04:32
53.   King of the Hobos
51 I'm sure SB is brilliant, unlike my teachers =)
2005-09-06 19:10:40
54.   Steve
49 -- No doubt he deserved it.
2005-09-06 19:12:25
55.   Jim Hitchcock
Great catch!
2005-09-06 19:17:00
56.   King of the Hobos
Not a good start for the Dodgers offense
2005-09-06 19:18:53
57.   Bob Timmermann
Steve Shields lost for the Angels tonight.

He's 8-11 in relief.

That would put him third on the Dodgers in victories and second in losses.

2005-09-06 19:20:45
58.   King of the Hobos
"In a hurry, Pedro Feliz..."

Why was he in a hurry? He still got Phillips by 20 ft...

2005-09-06 19:20:48
59.   Louis in SF
Saw the last few innings last night and it was awful. My only hope now is when the Giants activate Barry, he comes out and shows he is not ready for primetime and while the Dodgers have bought the farm already, I can only hope that the Giants get close enough, only to have the Dodgers lose 2-3 to the Padres and have the Giants finish a few games out-seeing the Dodgers take 2-3 up here would also be great.
2005-09-06 19:22:03
60.   Linkmeister
50 We get FSNW2, so we get the televised games live on that channel (assuming you buy basic cable). We don't get the Dodgers on the radio at all. On weekends we get one if not both Giants games on the radio.
2005-09-06 19:25:12
61.   alex 7
off topic, but SB, are you the Raiders fan?
2005-09-06 19:26:15
62.   Bob Timmermann
Rockies send 9 men to the plate in the first to score 3 in San Diego.

Arizona and Pittsburgh are in the 11th.

2005-09-06 19:28:33
63.   King of the Hobos
I have no problems with him. Nice to see him finally homer for the Dodgers
2005-09-06 19:35:10
64.   Bob Timmermann
In theory, the Dodgers now have six guys who can play third base:

If Tony La Russa were managing this team, he'd play all of them.

2005-09-06 19:37:04
65.   King of the Hobos
The DBacks have taken the lead as Snyder singled in Tracy. 3-2 top of the 12th
2005-09-06 19:40:06
66.   King of the Hobos
Someone want to explain this to me: Snyder singles to right fielder Craig Wilson. Tracy scores. Snyder to 2nd. Throwing error by catcher Doumit, assist to right fielder Wilson

How did Wilson get an assist with no out? I'll admit I don't know all the specifics

Nice double for Penny. Looks like he decided to make it good hitters at 1-3-5-7-9

2005-09-06 19:41:20
67.   alex 7
Penny trying to join Weaver as pitchers who will out-hit Phillips and Izturis this year.
2005-09-06 19:41:26
68.   King of the Hobos
64 In theory, both Grabowski and Myrow can play 3B. Myrow's even listed as a 3B
2005-09-06 19:44:48
69.   King of the Hobos
Royce Clayton somehow singled in another run, 4-2 DBacks
2005-09-06 19:46:13
70.   oldbear
I'm beginnging to accept someone's other rationale for the lineup:

The Dodgers are trying to tank games in order to get a higher draft pick.

Mike Edwards, Robles, Repko, Phillips, lol...


2005-09-06 19:46:22
71.   Gen3Blue
(64)Theory is really bad, although I haven't seen Aybar so its unfair to him. The others all have obvious defensive defficiencies.

Wow our offence is looking great,eh

2005-09-06 19:49:41
72.   oldbear
Jason Phillips very nice. His RISP #'s are tumbling.
2005-09-06 19:50:36
73.   Bob Timmermann
A fielder gets an assist if the official scorer feels that the runner would have been out if the other fielder had not dropped the ball.

You can also be considered caught stealing if the fielder drops the ball tagging you out.

2005-09-06 19:51:49
74.   Gen3Blue
Yah! as ridiculous as it seems, the draft pick scenario is the only rational way to explain the D's line-up. You could make a case for batting Perez or Weaver before Phillips at clean-up.
2005-09-06 19:51:56
75.   King of the Hobos
The DBacks have won 4-2 despite Pittsburgh's 15 hits
2005-09-06 19:55:40
76.   Gen3Blue
I like the way Vin said "why on earth would anyone pitch to Kent", and then F. had him walked.
2005-09-06 20:03:44
77.   oldbear
Now I'm hurting that we arent going to make the playoffs because Lowe/Penny would have actually given us a legit shot.
2005-09-06 20:12:00
78.   oldbear
1b- Jason Phillips- .665 OPS
CF- Jason Repko- .635 OPS
3rd- Mike Edwards- .653 OPS
SS- Oscar Robles- .702 OPS

1b- Hee Seop Choi- .799 OPS
CF- Ricky Ledee- .805 OPS
SS- Antonio Perez- .801 OPS
3rd- Olmedo Saenz- .880 OPS


2005-09-06 20:14:09
79.   King of the Hobos
The Rockies have increased their lead by a run. If we can miraculously win this game and the Schmidt game, then sweep the Padres, after they are swept by the Rockies, then I'll go back into denial. We'd also be 2 games out at that point
2005-09-06 20:15:45
80.   King of the Hobos
haad gets his first RBI, Chavez gets his first RBI. The Dodgers are being charitable. Now the Giants can give Myrow and Aybar their first hit
2005-09-06 20:16:42
81.   King of the Hobos
80 Wasn't paying attention, I looked at the screen after writing hit for Chavez, and I thought it was Haad so I replaced hit with RBI...nonetheless, it's suppose to be hit for Chavez
2005-09-06 20:20:49
82.   werthgagne31
78-- exactly what i'm saying.
but it doesn't really matter cause the season is over, but it would be nice to see what a perez choi kent ledee seanz cruz navarro werth lineup would produce.
2005-09-06 20:21:31
83.   Odysseus
78 we all know that. it's been that way every single game. I would say that you could make a case for not starting ONE of Choi, Perez or Saenz (and Robles would be the one I would leave in that scenario) for defensive purposes.

Additionally, given Ledee's injury, I would also say the case can be made for leaving Repko in.

But starting all four of those guys, and batting Phillips fourth is inexplicable.

Except that Tracy's been doing it ALL YEAR LONG

2005-09-06 20:22:33
84.   Odysseus
82 it does matter because players some of those players, Choi and Perez in particular, could help us in the future, assuming we have a manager who will use them
2005-09-06 20:24:16
85.   Odysseus

would suggest that Orel Hershiser is not afraid to play young players (actual young players, not Jim Tracy pretend young players)

2005-09-06 20:24:47
86.   Midwest Blue
79 King, I'm guessing you're a glass half-full kinda guy.
2005-09-06 20:24:52
87.   Odysseus
After my venting, I'm just trying to help

"Pitching coach Orel Hershiser does not believe the 22-year-old Volquez is overwhelmed by being in the majors.

"You can see it in his face," Hershiser said. "He's relaxed. He knows what he needs to do. If anything, he is underwhelmed. He'll be fine.""

2005-09-06 20:25:16
88.   Jim Hitchcock
That's frozen lemonade, much as I love lemonade (and limeade), that stuff is horrible.
2005-09-06 20:26:09
89.   Midwest Blue
61 Alex, I'm the Raider fan. And I read your "future" article today on Raider News. Pretty good. I hope you're right.
2005-09-06 20:26:34
90.   KLV
Not to pile on (which of course means that's precisely what I'll do), but it behooves Tracy to play Choi and Perez because they might be part of the solution and the starting lineup going forward into 2006. Philips and Edwards will not. It's like he's just filing out the lineup card to spite the FO.
2005-09-06 20:27:42
91.   Odysseus
More on Hershiser

"Hershiser, intelligent, passionate and ambitious, has made it clear that he does not want to be stereotyped as just a pitching coach and would be interested in eventually either becoming a manager or a general manager."

2005-09-06 20:29:02
92.   Odysseus
90 that's a good way to get yourself fired. If that's the case, I encourage him to continue, if it means that the FO will in fact remove him and hire a good manager
2005-09-06 20:29:06
93.   oldbear
Where do you guys think Jason Repko will be playing next year?

Vegas 51's?
Another team.
Another AAA team?

I cant see Repko on next year teams.

2005-09-06 20:29:36
94.   Midwest Blue
Professor Poindexter says: There is an inverse correlation between Penny's pitching performance and the Dodgers offensive production tonight.
2005-09-06 20:30:13
95.   King of the Hobos
Maybe if Tracy leaves for Cincy, he'll decide he wants Phillips, Edwards, Repko, and Izzy, or he'll step down. The Cincy FO, afraid of losing their new manager who will assuredly take them to the World Series, will immediately trade Dunn in desperation for those guys (maybe throw in other players Tracy doesn't like, hopefully Harang)
2005-09-06 20:30:30
96.   King of the Hobos
Not a smart move by Werth
2005-09-06 20:30:40
97.   Christina
Evening, all. I'm really hoping for a win tonight - I need the boost after days of being obsessively immersed in Katrina news. No, I haven't moved from denial to acceptance, but I want us to at least beat the Gnats.

89 Raiders fan here too, and feeling optimistic about this season so long as Collins doesn't get injured. I've seen enough of Marques to last me a lifetime.

2005-09-06 20:31:13
98.   King of the Hobos
93 Washington. Possibly Cincy if Tracy goes there
2005-09-06 20:31:25
99.   capdodger
A triple? Is that how they scored it?
2005-09-06 20:31:46
100.   Uncle Miltie
Werth is not an everyday player.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-09-06 20:31:57
101.   Christina
97 Nothing like having to correct one's own post for embarrassment factor. I meant I haven't moved out of the acceptance camp to denial. I may be tired, but I'm not delusional.
2005-09-06 20:33:27
102.   alex 7
Thanks Blue. Was trying to remember who it was to email them, but figured it out and sent you an email.

So anyone follow college baseball last year and know of some solid shortstops or OFers that might interest the Dodgers?

2005-09-06 20:34:02
103.   KLV
Agree with 100. Werth would make a fine #4 outfielder, which is not a bad thing to have when J.D. Drew is one of your starters. But I hope he's not penciled in as a starter in 2006.
2005-09-06 20:36:02
104.   alex 7
Earlier in the season I was giving Werth a free pass for a while because I figured with an injured wrist, he probably hadn't been able to do much lifting in his rehab and thus his lack of power could be attributed to that. But he's had enough time back now to where he should be showing what he's capable of, especially with the weak schedule L.A.'s had lately.

Maybe he's just a .250 hitter with some pop and running ability who can't play OF that well.

2005-09-06 20:37:27
105.   Jim Hitchcock
101 - Evening, Christina...we knew what you meant :)

99 - It was properly scored. Werth never touched the ball, hence no error.

2005-09-06 20:38:16
106.   Xeifrank
Anyone any good at reading lips? Wonder what that was that Penny said as he left the mound at the end of the inning. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:38:59
107.   Midwest Blue
Welcome back, Christina. I think it's the rare Dodger fan (non-Hobos) who are still in denial.

And yes, it looks like a potentially fantastic football season in Oakland. Hope you get to see them live. Alex, what's the spread?

2005-09-06 20:39:07
108.   Christina
105 Thanks, Jim.

As far as Werth tonight goes, it could be worse. The Mariners just took a 3-2 lead because--Curse of Steve alert!--Mark Kotsay made two errors in the same inning. Perhaps he should go back to the DL.

2005-09-06 20:39:50
109.   Xeifrank
100 & 103. Get use to it with Bradley most likely getting the boot at the end of the year. I could see us getting one decent new OFer like Giles or Matsui, but a 2nd new OFer any better than Werth? Not likely.
vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:40:46
110.   Odysseus
On the other hand, this

suggests that Jim Tracy is better than most (and that Bobby Valentine is by far the best manager in the last 25 years)

2005-09-06 20:41:26
111.   Christina
107 I have a ticket for the first home game - second deck, first row end zone territory, which is my favorite vantage point to watch a game. After that, it will depend on my budget. Sadly my radio station doesn't have season tickets for the Raiders like they do for the A's.
2005-09-06 20:42:09
112.   Midwest Blue
How close was Kent's fly to the warning track?
2005-09-06 20:44:08
113.   Bob Timmermann

Probably about 10 feet short of the track.

2005-09-06 20:44:20
114.   Midwest Blue
111 Fantastic. Someday, I dream of seeing them live in Oakland, preferably in a SB season. I saw them beat the snot out of the Colts in Indy a few years back. There were more Raiders fans than Colts (naturally).
2005-09-06 20:44:42
115.   oldbear
Is Penny hurt? He only threw 82 pitches.
2005-09-06 20:45:17
116.   King of the Hobos
Is Penny hurt?! That awkward follow through of Vin's seems to say yes. I'm not liking our chances
2005-09-06 20:45:20
117.   Uncle Miltie
"but a 2nd new OFer any better than Werth? Not likely."
109- how hard is it to replace an average defensive corner outfield with a .730 OPS.

Why isn't Penny pitching?

2005-09-06 20:45:21
118.   Xeifrank
Hate to beat a dead horse, (Sarcasm) but I'm glad to see Jason Phillips batting cleanup and playing first base against a RHP.(/Sarcasm) vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:45:30
119.   Midwest Blue
113 Thank you, Mr. T.
2005-09-06 20:46:17
120.   natepurcell
this would really suck if penny got hurt.
2005-09-06 20:46:28
121.   oldbear
Also a perfect time to doubleswitch Phillips out of the game, but Tracy is asleep at the switch.
2005-09-06 20:47:09
122.   los angeles dragons
Does Jason Phillips have any talent whatsoever? No, really, does he?
2005-09-06 20:47:40
123.   King of the Hobos
Penny has stiffness in the lower back. Hopefully it's not serious
2005-09-06 20:47:44
124.   Uncle Miltie
Penny: Stiffness in his Pback.
2005-09-06 20:48:04
125.   oldbear
Penny left the game due to back problems. Like it matters... Were done anyway.

Call up Billingsley and let him pitch the rest of the way for Penny.

2005-09-06 20:48:11
126.   natepurcell
blah, lower back stiffness.

at least its not the nerve flaring up or anything to do with his arm/shoulder.

2005-09-06 20:48:34
127.   Xeifrank
117. Not hard to replace, but might be hard to replace with anyone much better keeping in mind their salaries. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Werth as our #3 OFer but he's already a replacement level player in my mind. Maybe you can get lucky and pick up another replacement level player who does a little better but then again perhaps Werth has a breakout year left in him?? vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:48:47
128.   King of the Hobos
Repko was close to giving up a run right there, good thing he played it right
2005-09-06 20:49:05
129.   natepurcell
calling up billingsley might be a good idea, but they are in a championship hunt. i would like to give them a shot to win it.
2005-09-06 20:49:05
130.   Uncle Miltie
Repko's reputation just saved us a run for now...
2005-09-06 20:49:17
131.   Jon Weisman
As far as the double switch goes, Oldbear - it would imply a desire for Carrara to go multiple innings. Do we really want that?
2005-09-06 20:49:20
132.   Midwest Blue
At this point, Why can't Perez play 1B We could have switched Phillips out for him as Old Bear suggests.
2005-09-06 20:49:22
133.   oldbear
There's a Grabowski Principle. Tomko with a hit off Carrara.
2005-09-06 20:49:51
134.   Bob Timmermann
This situation does not inspire a lot of confidence.

But, I have good news! I got my new scorebook in the mail today! I can christen it on Saturday!

2005-09-06 20:49:58
135.   Xeifrank
125. I wanted Billingsley up a long time ago, but others pointed out that we don't want to start his biological clock or something. Ask Bob. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:50:01
136.   los angeles dragons
Besides speaking English (quite well for a Dodger)?
2005-09-06 20:50:44
137.   Xeifrank
Guess who has stranded 60% of the Dodgers runners tonight. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:50:46
138.   natepurcell
i think i would like cruz back nextyear at around ledee's salary.
2005-09-06 20:50:47
139.   Christina
133 If it had been Weaver, it would've been a home run!
2005-09-06 20:51:06
140.   Uncle Miltie
Tracy gets burned
2005-09-06 20:51:10
141.   Kayaker7
133 Yup. This is getting ugly.
2005-09-06 20:51:29
142.   Midwest Blue
I think it was Penny's upset stomach, not his back. He's as disgusted with his offense as we are.
2005-09-06 20:52:05
143.   King of the Hobos
1 run is quite the deficit, not sure we can come back...
2005-09-06 20:52:10
144.   Xeifrank
Giants playing some beautiful smallball. Nice squeeze. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:52:26
145.   oldbear
129. Nate what I cant understand is why the Dodgers would send him to the AFL?? That makes no sense to me.

If you want to give Billingsley more innings, let him do it with the big club in September.

There's no reason to pitch Billingsley in late October/November.

2005-09-06 20:52:51
146.   Uncle Miltie
2-1 (as long as the Giants don't get anymore runs) is a nice win for the Giants.
2005-09-06 20:54:16
147.   Xeifrank
With the Pads down 4-0 to the Rockies, it's now time for them to get a little nervous about the Gnats. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:54:31
148.   Midwest Blue
Tracy: "See, I told you the bunt works. Let's do it more often!"
2005-09-06 20:55:23
149.   Odysseus
Jim Tracy is also highly rated here

2005-09-06 20:55:43
150.   Kayaker7
Thanks God Felipe like small ball. That could have been much worse. Of course, Tracy knew that would happen, having been Alou's bench coach.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-09-06 20:56:14
151.   Jim Hitchcock
I can christen it on Saturday!

Will there be a ceremony?

2005-09-06 20:56:22
152.   dzzrtRatt
110 Note, his numbers are cumulative. I think that means Valentine achieved his +22 total in 13 seasons, while Tracy achieved his +9 in just three. By this scoring, Ron Gardenhire is the best manager in all the land, Jim Frey was woefully underrated, Kevin Kennedy would be a decent replacement for Tracy, except Tracy himself is, uh, looking pretty good.

If I had a computer, I'm sure I could refute this.

Also, when 2005 is figured in, Tracy will drop like a stone. Nobody who puts JP in the cleanup spot can be called a "good" anything.

2005-09-06 20:57:24
153.   Midwest Blue
149 But he's behind Don Zimmer on that list (?)
2005-09-06 20:57:35
154.   Xeifrank
Tme to watch some US Open replay.
vr, Xei
2005-09-06 20:57:46
155.   natepurcell
in all liklihood, billingsley might not even go to the AFL.

in the end of 2003, miller, jackson and hanrahan were all assigned to the AFL and none of them went.

but if he does go, i think its because they are seriously looking at him for next years rotation. the AFL favors hitters notoriously. so the thought process maybe that if he can do well there, he might be ready for primetime.

2005-09-06 20:58:23
156.   dzzrtRatt
149 that calculation puts Lasorda pretty far down.

The two charts agree on one thing-- don't hire Jimy Williams!

2005-09-06 20:58:54
157.   Nagman
As Jon said a few weeks ago in summarizing the race in the NL West... expect something crazy to happen because it likely will.

The Giants coming back to take this thing qualifies as crazy.

2005-09-06 20:58:58
158.   Midwest Blue
Here comes our home run power (!?!)
2005-09-06 20:59:20
159.   Bob Timmermann
The new scorebook goes up to 15 innings! The old one (which will see its last game tomorrow night) only goes to 12.

Let's play 15 Saturday!

2005-09-06 21:00:38
160.   Nagman
159 With the two offenses that'll be going at it, be careful what you wish for.
2005-09-06 21:00:39
161.   Christina
159 Only if there's enough alcohol on hand, Bob.
2005-09-06 21:01:09
162.   Jim Hitchcock
159 - Hey, I'm up for that! Break it in properly.
2005-09-06 21:02:03
163.   Xeifrank
Does the new scorebook have Phillips pre-pencilled in batting cleanup for the rest of the season? vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:02:10
164.   Uncle Miltie
Does anyone here approve of Edwards swinging 2-0? Or batting 6th? Or being in the majors?

The slumping Navarro draws a walk.

Bring in Ledee or Choi

2005-09-06 21:02:11
165.   Jim Hitchcock
161 - Beer + hot sun = nap.
2005-09-06 21:02:11
166.   oldbear
A. Why wasnt Edwards pinch hit for?
B. Why is Edwards swinging on 2-0?
2005-09-06 21:02:14
167.   Bob Timmermann
15th inning Saturday.

Chris Oxspring and Franquelis Osoria dueling in a 0-0 tie. The Dodgers will win on a walkoff home run by Bryan Myrow.

2005-09-06 21:02:18
168.   capdodger
Oh boy.... Repko up against the tiring Tompko.
2005-09-06 21:02:31
169.   Nagman
Anybody watching the Padre game on Gameday that was confused with the scoring on the last play, the Padre catcher threw a live ball into the dugout after a throw home on a sac fly, thinking it was dead. Helton who had gone from 2nd to 3rd was awarded home plate.
2005-09-06 21:02:52
170.   Bob Timmermann
It's the last game of the season, so it won't have any prejudices.
2005-09-06 21:03:02
171.   King of the Hobos
Izturis had an MRI, extremely worried about the results. Says this is more than soreness

Apparently there were rumors in the industry that Hockevar was close to signing, and seeking a new advisor (ie agent, they're advisors because you can't have agents, someone else can explain it better). White would not comment whether it was true

Ledee could not start today

Crew is taking BP with soreness. Whether he will return will be determined soon

2005-09-06 21:03:13
172.   Uncle Miltie
Myrow? Walk or a strikeout
2005-09-06 21:03:54
173.   capdodger
You know... cause this is a bad place to pinch hit with Choi. Or Saenz. Or Perez. Or....
2005-09-06 21:04:12
174.   Bob Timmermann
That's the second stupid throwing error for Olivo in two games. On Sunday he bounced a return throw to the pitcher off the head off of Russell Branyan and the Brewers got a base on it.
2005-09-06 21:04:38
175.   Midwest Blue
159 I like my pain short. Nine is fine (but liquor is quicker).
2005-09-06 21:04:59
176.   Kayaker7
Who's this Myrow that is batting for Repko?
2005-09-06 21:05:33
177.   Bob Timmermann
You didn't read Jon's post at the top did you?
2005-09-06 21:05:36
178.   Jim Hitchcock
Sweaty palms, sure. But sweaty gloves?
2005-09-06 21:05:37
179.   natepurcell
where did you hear that about hoch?
2005-09-06 21:06:30
180.   capdodger
176 Dunno... But I dig his name. Byron Myrow.
2005-09-06 21:07:09
181.   King of the Hobos
Too bad he didn't do better. I was really hoping he could do something. Nice lengthy AB, just couldn't finish
2005-09-06 21:07:31
182.   Uncle Miltie
Did the Giants win the World Series or did Tomko just get Albert Pujols out? That's what it looked like when he pumped his fist.
2005-09-06 21:07:45
183.   Kayaker7
177 So, he's our new firstbaseman?
2005-09-06 21:07:49
184.   Christina
Myrow caused Gamecenter to freeze. I guess they had no info on him. It is stuck on Repko's AB.
2005-09-06 21:07:54
185.   oldbear
At least Myrow had a clue up there. Which is more than I can say for some on this team.
2005-09-06 21:08:17
187.   capdodger
Never mind... His name's Brian. That's not cool.
2005-09-06 21:08:36
188.   Xeifrank
Choi/APerez are now playing 2nd fiddle to a career rookie just called up today. I thought I saw Choi in the dugout with an apron on serving coffee?? vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:09:51
189.   King of the Hobos
179 The notes on It was also Drew, not Crew
2005-09-06 21:10:02
190.   Kayaker7
188 Choi changes out the light bulb in the clubhouse, him being so tall and all.
2005-09-06 21:10:25
191.   capdodger
Oh boy!!! Grabowski to lead off the 8th.
2005-09-06 21:11:09
192.   oldbear
The Big Grabowski has been taken out of captivity and released back into the wild.
2005-09-06 21:11:34
193.   Midwest Blue
Hey, if Tracy never gives Myrow another at bat and his career ends with that at bat, wouldn't his major league career be exactly like Night Train lane in the movie Field of Dreams?.
2005-09-06 21:11:38
194.   Bob Timmermann
Grabowski is likely a stalking horse to make Alou put in Eyre. Then Tracy can use Perez.
2005-09-06 21:12:41
195.   oldbear
Too bad Dessens wasnt used more at the beginning of the year. He's our best reliever.
2005-09-06 21:12:49
196.   Midwest Blue
[188, 190] LOL
2005-09-06 21:12:56
197.   Christina
Gamecenter finally finds a pic of Myrow to slap up and ends the inning.

Another weird-looking guy on the roster, I see.

2005-09-06 21:12:57
198.   Kayaker7
194 LOL. Alou and Tracy are like that (crossing fingers).
2005-09-06 21:12:57
199.   Bob Timmermann

Confusing Archie "Moonlight" Graham with Dick "Night Train" Lane aren't we?

I would have liked to have seen Night Train Lane in "Field of Dreams". I suppose he would have had a lot of interceptions and leveled a lot of ends.

2005-09-06 21:13:23
200.   Odysseus
152 good points. I didn't read them in enough detail, I just wanted to see if there were metrics out there that measured managers. When I found them I posted them, even though some of the results seemed counterintuitive.

The first one was simply, I believe, the number of wins above or below Pythagorean wins.

Hardball Times called this insane, because all you would have to do is put bad pitchers in during a blowout and it could affect the results.

Tracy played in a lot of close games the last few years, and had a good record, so that explains some of that also.

Also, according to Pythagorean, Jim Tracy has slightly exceeded expected wins by...almost 1 win!

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-09-06 21:15:03
201.   Uncle Miltie
I hope Grabowski is back on the juice
2005-09-06 21:16:20
202.   King of the Hobos
For those who care about the minors, Martin and Guzman were named to the southern league season-end all star team, Denker to the FSL one (no idea why, he's been terrible for the Dodgers, didn't even play in today's playoff game), and ignored prospects David Sutherland and Russell Martin to Ogden (they're ignored for a reason, but they are prospects of sorts). No idea if they actually play season-end all star games. Also, Abreu won the FSl batting title (Hu was tied for second, with Kemp in fourth)
2005-09-06 21:16:51
203.   Midwest Blue
193 Ooh, Bob, I can never get one past you! I guess I must have football season the brain.

Is the analogy correct, though?

2005-09-06 21:17:30
204.   Uncle Miltie
Nope, Grabowski is Shawn Green and that fan fields like Jason Phillips
2005-09-06 21:17:33
205.   King of the Hobos
Grabowski and Myrow do the same thing. That's not a good comparison for Myrow's sake
2005-09-06 21:17:52
206.   Jon Weisman
195 - It would have helped if he wasn't on the DL.
2005-09-06 21:19:21
207.   oldbear
Grabs might have been better trying to coak a walk. Putting it in play (.162) hasnt worked for him this year.
2005-09-06 21:19:45
208.   Bob Timmermann
203 Moonlight Graham never got to bat though.
2005-09-06 21:19:59
209.   King of the Hobos
23? That's nothing...
2005-09-06 21:20:05
210.   Jon Weisman
CSAM alert, Bob!
2005-09-06 21:21:20
211.   Steve
Don't tell me. Don't tell me. The Dodgers are having trouble scoring runs.
2005-09-06 21:21:52
212.   Midwest Blue
208 Oh. I guess I'll have to re-rent it. Nevermind.

BTW: the Gameday pitch count says it all about this game: Foul, foul, foul.

2005-09-06 21:22:49
213.   Christina
211 - just turned off the A's game, did ya Steve?
2005-09-06 21:23:34
214.   Kayaker7
Scutaro singled, to keep the A's hope alive.
2005-09-06 21:24:08
215.   King of the Hobos
Very nice AB for Werth
2005-09-06 21:24:09
216.   Uncle Miltie
Nice at bat 4th outfielder. Not quite Alex Cora though.
2005-09-06 21:24:32
217.   Bob Timmermann
I just went through the old scorebook, which came into this world on August 15, 1999 at a Braves-Dodgers game.

The Braves won 5-4 in 11 innings. Mike Remlinger getting the win and Jamie Arnold taking the loss. John Rocker got the save.
Brian Jordan hit two homers for the Braves. Jose Hernandez drove in the winning run in the 11th.

The Dodgers are 20-23 in games I've seen them play in this time. This includes 1 exhibition game loss to the Angels. All but 3 games were at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers were 1-2 on the road. One win in St. Louis, a 2-hit shutout by Darren Dreifort and back-to-back losses in Colorado in 2003.

2005-09-06 21:24:46
218.   Christina
214 - you had to tell Steve that, didn't you? Now he'll turn it back on, activating the Curse of Steve, and the brief hope will be over.
2005-09-06 21:24:47
219.   oldbear
Nice at bat Werth. 12 pitch double.
2005-09-06 21:24:57
220.   King of the Hobos
Who else predicts a hit n run here?
2005-09-06 21:25:17
221.   Kayaker7
I wanna see the bases juiced for Jason Phillips.
2005-09-06 21:25:28
222.   Joon
202 Most likely there's a typo and Denker made the SAL all star team. LaRoche, Hu, Aberu, and Kemp made the FSL (postseason) all star team.

FSL all star roster:

2005-09-06 21:25:37
223.   Bob Timmermann

I would say no one.

2005-09-06 21:25:38
224.   Jim Hitchcock
It's going to bother me all night if I don't ask for an explanation of CSAM.
2005-09-06 21:25:55
225.   Kayaker7
A's lose.
2005-09-06 21:26:05
226.   Uncle Miltie
DP, HR or K for Kent
2005-09-06 21:26:22
227.   Uncle Miltie
I would walk Kent here
2005-09-06 21:26:23
228.   oldbear
How did Werth not score on that? Winn has no arm.
2005-09-06 21:26:30
229.   Bob Timmermann

It's a long, long, long story with many possible meanings.

I'll tell you Saturday.

I should get them all done by the sixth inning.

2005-09-06 21:26:35
230.   Nagman
226 Even money on the SF.
2005-09-06 21:26:49
231.   capdodger
Please cash him in now?
2005-09-06 21:26:53
232.   Bob Timmermann
Because he had to hold up to see if Winn would catch it.
2005-09-06 21:26:58
233.   Xeifrank
Gonna unintentionally walk Kent to get to Mr LOB? vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:27:14
234.   sanchez101
swami says: gints pitch around kent, then phillips hits into the double play to end the inning.
2005-09-06 21:27:43
235.   Xeifrank
Please pinch hit for Phillips if he comes up with bases loaded. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:28:11
236.   Uncle Miltie
Thank you for swinging at a borderline pitch Kent!
2005-09-06 21:28:11
237.   Kayaker7
Now, whose turn is it to fail? LaTroy or JP?
2005-09-06 21:28:16
238.   Xeifrank
Alright Kent... now Phillips' at bat isn't as crucial. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:28:16
239.   Joon
I'm watching the game too, I swear!

But yes, Denker is on the SAL all star team.

2005-09-06 21:28:24
240.   King of the Hobos
Good job by Kent, he knew Phillips was on deck and they were trying to walk him
2005-09-06 21:28:32
241.   capdodger
Good pitch. Better hitting.
2005-09-06 21:28:37
242.   Bob Timmermann
Thank you Mr. Alou for not bringing in Scott Eyre, who is actually a good relief pitcher.
2005-09-06 21:28:47
243.   Uncle Miltie
Kent knew who was on deck
2005-09-06 21:28:56
244.   King of the Hobos
235 PH regardless, and Tracy listened
2005-09-06 21:29:10
245.   Xeifrank
Old Maid gets the call. Double play time?
vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:29:16
246.   Bob Timmermann
It is weird seeing the starting cleanup hitter being pinch hit for when it is not a platoon switch.
2005-09-06 21:29:17
247.   Uncle Miltie
Please strikeout Phillips!
2005-09-06 21:29:37
248.   oldbear
Should pinch hit Choi for Phillips. Let Saenz bat against Scott Eyre whenever he comes in.
2005-09-06 21:29:43
249.   Uncle Miltie
Saenz I couldn't even tell the difference
2005-09-06 21:29:49
250.   Jim Hitchcock
229 - Way to peak my curiosity, Bob :)
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-09-06 21:29:51
251.   Kayaker7
Ah...the professional hitter.
2005-09-06 21:30:00
252.   capdodger
Right... JT doesn't trust phillips enough to hit in this situation. So he sends up Saenz.

Good thing we have this awesome bench.

2005-09-06 21:30:32
253.   Nagman
246 Don't have to qualify that with the platoon criteria. It's just sad that our cleanup hitter gets PH for.
2005-09-06 21:31:03
254.   Uncle Miltie
Better than what Phillips would have done
2005-09-06 21:31:06
255.   Bob Timmermann
Schedule for Saturday:

Innings 1-6: Bob gives theories about the meaning of "Celery stalks at midnight".
Innings 7-9: Bob talks about his TWO trips to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids, MI.

2005-09-06 21:31:15
256.   Kayaker7
250 That's "pique."
2005-09-06 21:31:16
257.   Midwest Blue
253 Microcosm of our season.
2005-09-06 21:31:16
258.   Xeifrank
Nice productive out by Old Maid. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:32:13
259.   alex 7
you think Phillips is crying? His best friend just betrayed him.
2005-09-06 21:32:55
260.   Nagman
259 He's rummaging thru his locker for those photos of Tracy he has.
2005-09-06 21:32:56
261.   Midwest Blue
2005-09-06 21:33:36
262.   alex 7
This sounds like something Jon would say, but I'll take a stab at it too...

If your cleanup hitter isn't good enough to face a lefty reliever in a pressure situation, why is he your cleanup hitter?

2005-09-06 21:33:39
263.   Bob Timmermann
Eyre is pitching, so Choi would be a very bad idea.
2005-09-06 21:34:00
264.   sanchez101
how many times has a 1st baseman batting cleanup been taken out for a pinch hitter? How many times have both guys been right handed.

isnt cruz stronger from the right side?

2005-09-06 21:34:02
265.   Jim Hitchcock
256 - Thanks. I used to know that.
2005-09-06 21:34:15
266.   Xeifrank
Only in "Tracy's World" does the cleanup hitter get pinch hit for. La-La-La-La... La-La-La-La... Tracy's world. Tracy loves his goggle boy, his crayons too... that's Tracy's world!!! vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:35:04
267.   alex 7
dangit, next time I'll scroll up more. Just saw that the lefty came in after Saenz at bat and that Nagman beat me to the comment. I'll leave now =)
2005-09-06 21:36:03
268.   Bob Timmermann
Cruz needs to go all Edward Rochester on Eyre.
2005-09-06 21:36:33
269.   Steve
The curse of the A's is that they can't hit the ball.
2005-09-06 21:36:34
270.   Xeifrank
Rally-kill on deck. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:37:25
271.   Uncle Miltie
Don't they know that Cruz can't hit the curveball
2005-09-06 21:37:31
272.   Kayaker7
Jose Cruz chant!!
2005-09-06 21:37:58
273.   Xeifrank
Cruz' foul pop up out of play might've been an out in the old seat configuration? vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:38:58
274.   sanchez101
tracy rationalization for using pinch hitting saenz for phillips is that saenz is more "usefull" coming off the bench whereas phillips is better to have earlier in the game.
2005-09-06 21:39:15
275.   Nagman
This may be the ugliest "good at bat" I've ever seen.
2005-09-06 21:39:24
276.   Midwest Blue
This seems like an impressive at bat on Gameday.
2005-09-06 21:39:49
277.   Kayaker7
That is a very loud cheer for a foul ball.
2005-09-06 21:40:12
278.   Xeifrank
wow! some fan saved Cruz. I would've called interference and booted the fan.
vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:40:19
279.   Midwest Blue
The second-coming of Alex Cora!
2005-09-06 21:40:23
280.   Eric L
The reverse Bartman...
2005-09-06 21:40:30
281.   Nagman
Linden got outjumped.
2005-09-06 21:40:45
282.   natepurcell
woohoo! good job fan! thats how you do it!@
2005-09-06 21:41:05
283.   King of the Hobos
He should have gone deeper, like the first AB. Now a Choi walkoff is set up at least
2005-09-06 21:41:27
284.   Xeifrank
Missed the home run by a good 10 feet.
vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:42:24
285.   Midwest Blue
As Dodger rallies go, that was a humdinger! Woo-hoo (blows on pinwheel)
2005-09-06 21:42:24
286.   Xeifrank
278. Ok, I wouldn't have booted the fan. But if that fan did that to Bradley, he'd have Arrowhead tattoed on his face. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:42:53
287.   King of the Hobos
The pesky Padres are now down 6-5. My plan to gain 5.5 games could be hard now...
2005-09-06 21:43:03
288.   Jim Hitchcock
278 - 'Twas a good call, XF.
2005-09-06 21:43:23
289.   oldbear
The A's seriously need to bench Nick Swisher. Swisher is in a 5-53 slump.
2005-09-06 21:43:30
290.   Bob Timmermann
Miguel Olivo's idiot play is looming large for the Padres now.
2005-09-06 21:44:32
291.   capdodger
278 The ball was in the stands. No booting no out. That's home field adv. at its finest.
2005-09-06 21:44:50
292.   Midwest Blue
Guess Duaner's only pitching the 9th because he's batting 3rd in the bottom of the inning.
2005-09-06 21:45:07
293.   Nagman
Does Edwards hit?
2005-09-06 21:45:13
294.   King of the Hobos
So does Edwards, Perez, or Aybar leadoff next inning? Aybar can go lefty, so he should do it in front of Edwards, plus he has better defense for extra innings. I'd choose Perez, but I know Tracy won't do that
2005-09-06 21:45:26
295.   Xeifrank
288/291. Pls read 286. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:45:46
296.   Nagman
Okay, I meant, does JT let Edwards go to the plate with bat in hand next inning? (I know the answer to my original question)
2005-09-06 21:46:06
297.   capdodger
285 I thought that they were goning to hang some curly numbers.
2005-09-06 21:46:32
298.   Uncle Miltie
You have to love Sanchez's new changeup
2005-09-06 21:46:51
299.   Nagman
297 Zero is a curly number. Seen lots of those. I'll take straight ones every now and then.
2005-09-06 21:47:26
300.   Xeifrank
Too bad Bonds wasn't activated for this game. Would be nice to see him come up to bat if the Giants could get first base occupado. vr, Xei
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-09-06 21:48:14
301.   capdodger
294 Weaver. I'm betting Weaver.
2005-09-06 21:48:19
302.   Bob Timmermann
We're you joking? Because the phrase is "crooked numbers".

I like to see 4 and 7 on the board.

2005-09-06 21:48:42
303.   Midwest Blue
Well, that was efficient.
2005-09-06 21:48:52
304.   Bob Timmermann
Manny Alexander is playing first base for the Padres now.
2005-09-06 21:48:55
305.   natepurcell
okay, duaner is god. he has officially become goggles #2.
2005-09-06 21:49:34
306.   King of the Hobos
What's a 5? Half Curly, half crooked/box?
2005-09-06 21:49:54
307.   Jim Hitchcock
295 - We were posting at the same time. Too late for me to take it back :)
2005-09-06 21:50:09
308.   King of the Hobos
304 It still amzes me that they traded someone who could be called a prospect for him
2005-09-06 21:50:10
309.   capdodger
I don't know... I don't really consider '0' curly. It's round, but if you can't put serifs on it, it's not a curly number in my book.
2005-09-06 21:50:35
310.   Midwest Blue
305 Once upon a time, there was a baseball legend they called "Ghame Over"...
2005-09-06 21:50:55
311.   Uncle Miltie
Edwards: groundball, strikeout, triple
2005-09-06 21:51:12
312.   Christina
It's nice that I no longer have to cringe or turn off the TV or Gamecenter when Sanchez comes in.
2005-09-06 21:51:20
313.   DaveP
has there been any new info on Hochevar other than what is reporting.

"Negotiations between the club and its unsigned top draft pick, Tennessee pitcher Luke Hochevar, are on hold. Dodgers scouting director Logan White would not comment on industry speculation that Hochevar nearly reached a contract agreement last week and had considered a change in advisors."

I would love to see him drop Boras.

2005-09-06 21:51:41
314.   capdodger
302 Nope. Dead serious and dead wrong. But crooked numbers would have been nice too.
2005-09-06 21:51:51
315.   Xeifrank
So Choi hits for the pitcher? Is there a LOOGY left for the Gnats? vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:51:58
316.   Uncle Miltie
Why does Vizquel spin? I agree with Kent, he makes plays look harder than they are.
2005-09-06 21:52:02
317.   Midwest Blue
That was not too predictable.
2005-09-06 21:52:18
318.   Steve
I guess Tracy's bench ends when he uses up Grabowski.
2005-09-06 21:52:28
319.   King of the Hobos
310 Yes but the Ghame was flawed. The Guame has changed (err... a change). Until the Ghame changes effectively (like yesterday), he will be flawed
2005-09-06 21:52:37
320.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder if Xavier Nady is hurt because he hasn't played tonight for San Diego and they've used three first basemen.
2005-09-06 21:53:14
321.   oldbear
I'm sure glad Mike Edwars, Jason Repko, and Jason Phillips were allowed to suck up 9 outs between the 3 of them.

Ridiculous how Edwards gets 4AB's, and AP gets none.

Phillips get 3 AB's. Choi gets none.


2005-09-06 21:53:49
322.   Christina
Please tell me we're not going to see a 15-inning game TONIGHT.
2005-09-06 21:53:50
323.   Midwest Blue
I'll take a Ledee walk-off, to go, please.
2005-09-06 21:54:12
324.   King of the Hobos
Ledee up. Choi's K yesterday has him benched. The question is whether or not he's still above Aybar, Perez, Rose, Weaver, the batboy, etc
2005-09-06 21:54:17
325.   Nagman
Nady is in.
2005-09-06 21:54:47
326.   Xeifrank
Looks like Bob might get his 15 inning game a few days early. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:55:04
327.   natepurcell
what can kuo be?

how about guome over?

2005-09-06 21:55:06
328.   Steve
There's Ledee walking off now.
2005-09-06 21:55:06
329.   alex 7
Anonymous fan in San Diego (or Minnesota)...
"I wonder if Hee Sop Choi is hurt because he hasn't played tonight for L.A. and they've used three first basemen."
2005-09-06 21:55:07
330.   Nagman
I guess Bochy has heard of something called a double switch.
2005-09-06 21:55:22
331.   capdodger
323 Is there really any other way to take a walk-off anything?
2005-09-06 21:55:23
332.   Midwest Blue
Well, I was hoping Ledee would have rounded the bases before he walked off the field. (sigh)
2005-09-06 21:55:54
333.   oldbear
Choi, Aybar, Perez, Rose, and Valentin remain on the bench.

It'd be something if Valentin and Rose are the next too come to the plate.

Tracy is just about giving the Front Office direct insubordination. This is ridiculous.

2005-09-06 21:56:03
334.   Xeifrank
324. Choi was pushing the dimsum cart in the dugout before the break. Looks like Tracy was having the chicken feet. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:56:11
335.   Bob Timmermann
So Manny Alexander got to come in and stand around first base to watch the pitcher walk two guys?

Ahh, baseball in September!

2005-09-06 21:56:30
336.   Nagman
Nobody does that kind of walk-off better than Werth. His saunter back to the dugout is almost fun to watch.
2005-09-06 21:56:30
337.   Uncle Miltie
Game over
2005-09-06 21:57:10
338.   Xeifrank
329. haha! very good. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 21:57:35
339.   Uncle Miltie
Gagne taught Brazoban his changeup? They must be mixing him up with Mota.
2005-09-06 21:58:08
340.   oldbear
Yhency please end this game. Justice deserves to win tonite. So far its Justice 2 Jim Tracy 2.
2005-09-06 21:58:11
341.   Midwest Blue
Tracy; Choi! More tea!
2005-09-06 21:58:21
342.   Steve
Dan Who?
2005-09-06 21:59:30
343.   King of the Hobos
Not a good start for the Ghame
2005-09-06 21:59:36
344.   capdodger
Justice has only 270 feet to go.
2005-09-06 21:59:43
345.   Uncle Miltie
Walks the rookie. Tracy doesn't want to win. Hopefully Winn bunts here,,
2005-09-06 21:59:53
346.   oldbear
Good start Yhency.
2005-09-06 21:59:53
347.   Midwest Blue
340 Justice is blind. And so, apparently, is Brazo-gaso-can.
2005-09-06 22:00:19
348.   Nagman
Yhency's in... it's going to be hard to score 5 in the bottom of the tenth.
2005-09-06 22:01:10
349.   Uncle Miltie
Bunt with Winn (.765) so Vizquel (702) and Snow (.723) can hit...

and it might work

2005-09-06 22:01:47
350.   Uncle Miltie
Take out Brazoban now!
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-09-06 22:01:49
351.   Midwest Blue
Yes, I am going to say it: Bring back Erickson!!
2005-09-06 22:02:11
352.   Uncle Miltie
I expect Vizquel to steal here...Werth should play shallow
2005-09-06 22:02:33
353.   Uncle Miltie
Walk Alou now!
2005-09-06 22:03:15
354.   Christina
351 Erickson is holding out for Penny's spot in the rotation.
2005-09-06 22:03:26
355.   Steve
JT Snow...first pitch swinger
2005-09-06 22:03:36
356.   alex 7
maybe has it, but I'm curious if Snow isn't hitting at least .310 in his lifetime against the Dodgers. Sure seems like it.
2005-09-06 22:04:26
357.   alex 7
Mr. Fastball pitcher vs Mr. Fastball hitter. Hmmm....
2005-09-06 22:04:42
358.   Xeifrank
Good night... my laptop battery only goes up to the top of the 10th inning apparently. Maybe I should be a new battery from the same place Bob got his new scorebook. vr, Xei
2005-09-06 22:05:03
359.   Uncle Miltie
stay with the change
2005-09-06 22:05:19
360.   Midwest Blue
"Hi. I'm Yhency Brazoban and I work for the opposition. Bring me in anytime you want to be assured of losing."
2005-09-06 22:06:12
361.   Uncle Miltie
Brazoban gets lucky. He should have stayed with the changeup
2005-09-06 22:06:51
362.   King of the Hobos
Nice inning by Brazoban, despite the leadoff walk. I wasn't paying attention, did he ever use that change from last night? I didn't see it but I didn't see every pitch...
2005-09-06 22:07:08
363.   Christina
360 Nice reverse jinx.
2005-09-06 22:07:10
364.   Midwest Blue
Way to get the heart pumping, Ghame.
2005-09-06 22:07:33
365.   Steve
The good news is that if Grabowski leads off, there is the off-chance of a Grabowski Principle
2005-09-06 22:07:55
366.   oldbear
Why didnt they run on Werth?
2005-09-06 22:08:06
367.   Midwest Blue
Choi! More tea!!
2005-09-06 22:08:32
368.   Uncle Miltie
The good news is that Edwards doesn't bat this inning
2005-09-06 22:09:22
369.   King of the Hobos
368 But Grabowski does, its the same thing
2005-09-06 22:10:04
370.   capdodger
He got out of it this time.


Tracy: Choi!! Get up to the plate!


Tracy: Hey! Where are you going with that bat? I think you're forgetting your dimsum cart. These extra inning games make the umps hungry.

2005-09-06 22:10:11
371.   Christina
While Choi is brewing tea for JT, what's he got Perez doing?
2005-09-06 22:10:34
372.   Midwest Blue
That was a strikeout with conviction.
2005-09-06 22:10:37
373.   oldbear
Grabs next time just dont bring a bat to the plate. You have better luck just standing there and not swinging at anything.
2005-09-06 22:10:50
374.   DaveP
Who pitches the 11th? Kuo?
2005-09-06 22:11:23
375.   Steve
I guess it was more like an off-off-chance
2005-09-06 22:11:28
376.   Nagman
Or at least start swinging when the pitcher starts his windup, you might have a chance.
2005-09-06 22:11:56
377.   Midwest Blue
Perez is collecting relief supplies for Katrina victims.
2005-09-06 22:12:12
378.   kodax
Doesnt Tracy have a stat in his computer that indicates that Grabowski would probably K a .160 average for instance?
2005-09-06 22:12:33
379.   Uncle Miltie
Robles HR?
2005-09-06 22:12:37
380.   King of the Hobos
I don't like Robles' chances of a walkoff. He needs to get on...
2005-09-06 22:13:32
381.   Christina
This would be a good time for Oscar's second HR of the year.
2005-09-06 22:13:37
382.   Nagman
Fuentes never makes it easy.
2005-09-06 22:14:08
383.   Midwest Blue
373 I just had this hilarious vision of Grabs standing at the plate flailing his batless arms at the ball.
2005-09-06 22:14:20
384.   oldbear
Phillips, Robles, Repko, Edwards, Grabs are 1-16 this game.

Choi, Perez, Aybar- 0-0.

2005-09-06 22:14:45
385.   Midwest Blue
Robles is a professional hitter.
2005-09-06 22:14:47
386.   King of the Hobos
Which game is Vin watching?
2005-09-06 22:14:54
387.   Midwest Blue
Robles is a professional hitter.
2005-09-06 22:15:08
388.   Uncle Miltie
374- nobody!!
2005-09-06 22:15:16
389.   King of the Hobos
That was crushed...
2005-09-06 22:15:20
390.   alex 7
Where's the "0 for 9!, 0 for 9!, 0 for 9!" chant in Dodger Stadium. We need Duke-like sophistication.
2005-09-06 22:15:29
391.   Christina
Please end this, Kent!
2005-09-06 22:15:29
392.   capdodger
2005-09-06 22:15:34
393.   Nagman
And once again, thank God for Jeff Kent.
2005-09-06 22:15:46
394.   Jim Hitchcock
Nice segue, Vimmy!
2005-09-06 22:15:51
395.   Christina
2005-09-06 22:15:56
396.   Midwest Blue
Just what he's paid to do! Would love to have four more moddy players like him!!
2005-09-06 22:16:00
397.   alex 7
2005-09-06 22:16:01
398.   regfairfield
God damn, that man is clutch.
2005-09-06 22:16:02
399.   oldbear
But Jeff Kent is still Jeff Kent.

Tracy- 4 Justice- 2

2005-09-06 22:16:14
400.   Steve
And that's why you play the .350 OBP guy, and why Jeff Kent can swing at whatever the hell he wants to swing at.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-09-06 22:16:14
401.   Midwest Blue
That's MOODY.
2005-09-06 22:16:21
402.   Jim Hitchcock
Whoops, I was typing with one eye on the TV...
2005-09-06 22:16:22
403.   Nagman
Nice bat flip.
2005-09-06 22:16:32
404.   Odysseus
2005-09-06 22:16:42
405.   Uncle Miltie
He swung 1-0...
2005-09-06 22:16:51
406.   Gen3Blue
Our only proven major leaguer!
2005-09-06 22:16:54
407.   capdodger
He crushed that one. There was absolutely no doubt about it.
2005-09-06 22:17:05
408.   natepurcell
do the 10 hugs jeff kent just gave to teammates count as a positive towards chemistry?
2005-09-06 22:17:15
409.   kodax
Yeah..but that homer probably convinced JT to use this lineup for the rest of the year.
2005-09-06 22:17:34
410.   King of the Hobos
Fuentes struck out Greene, 6.5 back!
2005-09-06 22:17:53
411.   Jim Hitchcock
See that grin on Kent's face as he came home? That was pretty cool.
2005-09-06 22:17:58
412.   alex 7
Thank Sabean for his bullpen creation.
2005-09-06 22:18:03
413.   capdodger
And the padres lose. So SF loses no ground.
2005-09-06 22:18:07
414.   Nagman
Questionable called third strike, but as usual, Khalil Greene's expression does not change. Not one bit. I'm not sure who would win a stoneface contest between Greene and JD Drew.
2005-09-06 22:19:11
415.   oldbear
The Rockies beat the Padres. If we win tomorrow and sweep the Padres, we'd be back in it.
2005-09-06 22:20:29
416.   Midwest Blue
Tracy: "Great win, guys! It was a team effort. Special props to Phillips, Edwards, Grabowski and Brazoban. Damit, where's that tea? CHOI!!"
2005-09-06 22:20:44
417.   King of the Hobos
409 Literally the only players who did anything offensively was Werth, Kent, Robles, and Cruz. All of them probably should be playing (Robles is borderline, but I don't mind him). Too bad Tracy has the excuse
2005-09-06 22:21:01
418.   alex 7
Blue, MODDY sounds just as cool.

Moddy - adj. As cold, unpersonable, and calculating as a mod file.

2005-09-06 22:21:39
419.   oldbear
Was Barroids in the dugout? Would have been nice to see Kent give him a grin rounding the bases...

As crappy as this season has been, nothing is better than a walk off HR to beat the Giants.

2005-09-06 22:22:28
420.   Christina
It's doubly satisfying for me to see the ex-Giant hammer the nail in the coffin tonight. Especially since I really can't stand Bonds, so I always supported Kent by default. Bwahahahaha!
2005-09-06 22:22:35
421.   Bob Timmermann
[cold slap of reality]

Jason Schmidt starts tomorrow

[/cold slap of reality]

2005-09-06 22:24:13
422.   Gen3Blue
2005-09-06 22:25:43
423.   Midwest Blue
Hey, I had the right call, but wrong player. This win is my win, MINE! I might just have to go back to denial.

Just kidding. We're still toast =)

2005-09-06 22:26:20
424.   King of the Hobos
421 Not if Robles gest to him first. I can see why he has no power though, he is possibly the worst hitman I have ever seen
2005-09-06 22:26:21
425.   Christina
423 Hee.

All I wanted was for us to beat the Gnats tonight. I got that. I can go to bed happy now.

2005-09-06 22:27:53
426.   Steve
416 made me laugh
2005-09-06 22:28:34
427.   capdodger
421 Maybe Schmit will trip on the steps coming out of the bullpen after warming up tomorrow and have to miss a start. :-P
2005-09-06 22:29:22
428.   Eric L

I believe that Kent missed the positive team chemistry hug minimum by 5. He needed to get to the majority of the roster and not pick favorites.


2005-09-06 22:29:34
429.   Midwest Blue
Jason who? We have our lovable surfer boy and a power packed line-up waiting for him. He doesn't stand a chance. Bring on Bonds. I want to see Duaner mow him down, too. (I'm fine. The high will wear off in a few hours.)
2005-09-06 22:29:38
430.   Bob Timmermann
[second cold slap of reality]

I will be attending the game.

[/second cold slap of reality]

2005-09-06 22:30:14
431.   capdodger
427 Or maybe they'll pitch some guy named Schmit or Schmitt instead of Schmidt. Alou is old. He might misread the lineup card or something.
2005-09-06 22:30:27
432.   los angeles dragons
416 lol
2005-09-06 22:31:01
433.   Steve
See you there, Bob!
2005-09-06 22:31:55
434.   Bob Timmermann
I'll look for the flaming effigy.
2005-09-06 22:32:04
435.   natepurcell
duaner has been almost flawless in his new role. i think he will end the year with an sub 3 era.
2005-09-06 22:33:10
436.   Midwest Blue
"This is Vin Scully saying goodnight from Dodger Stadium, where the Dodgers beat the Giants in dramatic fashion 4-2."
2005-09-06 22:33:40
437.   Jon Weisman
I can't believe how much you all were roasting Brazoban. He allowed a 3-2 walk, a bunt, a 60-foot single, a popout and the only hard hit ball, a grounder to Kent.

I know he's been doing badly lately but man, talk about overreaction.

2005-09-06 22:34:07
438.   Jim Hitchcock
433 - Any luck, Grabs'll get a start tomorrow!
2005-09-06 22:34:21
439.   Steve
Yeah, Jerry's going too. :)
2005-09-06 22:35:42
440.   Steve
All Brazoban Roasters should be forced to watch an hour long video of Dan Kolb's Funniest Home Videos
2005-09-06 22:36:24
441.   capdodger
See if you can get an "F-J-T" chant going at the Stadium. Only when you can motivate or fool the blind masses into voicing their displeasure will you truly be the leader of a revolution.
2005-09-06 22:46:31
442.   King of the Hobos
Anyone going to be here tomorrow? I can talk to myself without typing...
2005-09-06 22:48:39
443.   Louis in SF
Great to see Kent beat the Giants, Jon great post about Tracy. I really wonder about Ron Washington the former Dodger and now A's coach-I believe Billy would give him a shot. It would be great if we got lucky tomorrow and beat Schmidt.
2005-09-06 22:53:21
444.   King of the Hobos
These aren't looking so bad tomorrow, we have the pitcher with more wins and the difference in ERA is a whole 0.15

Perez is 5-7 against Schmidt, but he can't play with Weaver pitching apparently, according to Tracy. After him, there's not much. The only homer belongs to Izzy and his first AB this year. It's amazing how far Izzy has fallen. Weaver is hitting 1.000 against Schmidt, 1-1 with a RBI. Choi is 0-13

We just need Francis to beat Eaton...

2005-09-06 22:54:37
445.   GoBears
437 My thought in reading thru the Brazoban-bashing was, "hmm, clearly some people either didn't read Jon's post, didn't take it to heart, or have already forgotten about it."

I mean, "bring back Erickson?!" Puhleeze.

Oh, and for those who like to comment on every pitch, we get it: no one should ever swing at the first pitch, on 2-0, 3-1, or 3-0. Unless it works, in which case we don't talk about it.

Still and all, however it happens, winning is more fun than losing.

2005-09-06 22:54:49
446.   Uncle Miltie
437- he walked a guy with 1 major league at bat
2005-09-06 23:05:06
447.   Jon Weisman
446 - I stick by my comment.
2005-09-06 23:23:49
448.   Bob Timmermann
Padres magic number - 21
2005-09-07 08:37:39
449.   Steve
I thought the point of getting to 2-0 or 3-1 was to get a good pitch to hit.
2005-09-07 08:59:09
450.   Kayaker7
According to Baseball Prospectus, the Dodgers have a 2.4% chance of making the playoffs. That, to me, is not significant enough to trot out a lineup designed to win now. We should start putting out a lineup with an eye to the future.
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2005-09-07 09:09:30
451.   Steve
It's the bitterest sort of irony that the lineup that would be designed to win now, and the lineup with an eye to the future, are one and the same.
2005-09-07 09:21:08
452.   Kayaker7
More bad news:
2005-09-07 09:21:19
453.   Bob Timmermann
I would agree with Steve. There aren't a lot of attractive options for the Dodgers lineup. The Jacksonville players are way too young to make a significant impact. If they were ready, don't you think they would have been called up already?

If I showed up at Dodger Stadium and saw a lineup full of Jacksonville Suns players taking on the San Diego Padres, I would be irritated.

Meanwhile, it's Viva Robles as it looks increasingly like Izturis is going to miss the rest of the season.

2005-09-07 09:24:36
454.   Bob Timmermann
The RIOT number site has a funny typo

2005-09-07 09:27:32
455.   Kayaker7
454 I don't see the typo.

453 I actually like Robles more than Izturis. Izturis has been very painful to watch, with the bat. His slightly better defense does not make up for his hitting woes.

2005-09-07 09:28:50
456.   Kayaker7
454 You mean the "in" for the number of games to clinch playoffs?
2005-09-07 09:28:58
457.   Bob Timmermann
The RIOT number site has the Dodgers listed as already clinching a playoff spot.
2005-09-07 09:31:33
458.   Kayaker7
LOL. I thought "in" was an abbreviation for "infinite."
2005-09-07 09:34:53
459.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, no team has clinched a playoff spot yet. The Cardinals are the closest at 8, although the RIOT number just figures out what you need to TIE.

Last year La Russa wouldn't let his team celebrate a playoff spot until they were more games ahead of the Cubs than games left (they were in second at the time, the Astros had a late rally). Even after people explained to him that there was no way for the other teams to overcome the deficit because of games remaining against each other and even if the Cardinals finished in a tie, they would have gotten a playoff spot (and NL Central title) because they won the season series against the Cubs and Astros.

Tony La Russa is an odd man.

2005-09-07 09:41:08
460.   Kayaker7
459 Trying going sabermetric with that guy.
2005-09-07 09:48:35
461.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals clinched last year on September 19.

At that point they were 97-50 and the Cubs were in second at 81-65. The worst St. Louis could have finished would have been 97-65. The best the Cubs could have been was 97-65. But the Cardinals had won the season series against the Cubs. QED.

I think the Cardinals went on to lose three straight games much to the annoyance of the clubhouse manager who had to wait to break out champagne and souvenir caps.

2005-09-07 10:12:06
462.   Monterey Chris

In case of a tie, I thought there is a one-game play-off. Isn't this the case?

2005-09-07 10:26:26
463.   Bob Timmermann
The Cardinals and Cubs would have both made the playoffs in the situation described in 461, so the Cardinals would have automatically been named the division champ and the Cubs would have been the wild card.

There is only a playoff for division champs without the best record or for wild card ties.

2005-09-07 10:48:48
464.   Monterey Chris

Now it makes sense...thank you.

2005-09-07 21:08:55
465.   Midwest Blue
445 Go Bears, for the record, my "Bring back Erickson" remark was a joke. There is no way Brazoban will get worse than Erickson.

However, Braz is having BIG problems right now and I wouldn't bring him in in a tight game until he fixes his problems. I don't have confidence in him right now and I think he is lacking confidence too.

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