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Izturis Blaked Out Until Summer 2006
2005-09-07 20:42
by Jon Weisman

Are you familiar with the hardships of 25-year-old tennis player James Blake?

"In April 2004, the onetime Davis Cup member slid headfirst into a metal net post while chasing a drop shot in practice in Rome," wrote Douglas Robson for USA Today. "The impact broke a vertebra in his neck, and Blake missed the French Open and Wimbledon. Had he not moved his head at the last moment, doctors said he could have been paralyzed."

Blake's father died three months later.

And a week after that ...

"Blake landed in the emergency room with tubes coming out of his body after coming down with shingles, a viral infection often caused by extreme stress," Robson wrote. "His head swelled and the left side of his face was paralyzed."

Cesar Izturis is also 25, and he can feel fortunate, as far as I know, that his struggles aren't as bad as Blake's. He can feel fortunate, as far as I know, that his throwing arm should be as good as it once was, if not better, after the Tommy John surgery that was announced tonight.

But right now, he has to be shellshocked at the way his year has gone from nearly starting an All-Star game to complete inability to perform. Izturis has always struck me as a solid guy - another good character who seems to get overlooked as potshot after potshot is taken at the Dodger chemistry, a guy whose biggest sin was somehow looking like a leadoff hitter to Jim Tracy - and I wish him the best over the next 10 months.

As I write this, James Blake leads Andre Agassi in the U.S. Open quarterfinals, two sets to one. The match is being shown live on USA Network.

Update: Agassi rallies to win in a fifth-set tiebreaker, 3-6, 3-6, 6-3, 6-3, 7-6 (8-6). And DirecTV loses USA's coverage of the match in the middle of the fifth set. Amazing and amazing.

Update 2: In happier news, Eric Gagne's rehabilitation is going nicely, and he will start playing catch in about 10 days, according to Ken Gurnick at

Odalis Perez is playing long-toss and is about 10 days away from throwing pitches in the bullpen, Gurnick adds.

Update 3: And oh yeah - this!

April 12, 2005
SF 500 300 000-8
LA 210 002 004-9

September 7, 2005
SF 200 000 420-8
LA 400 010 013-9

The Dodgers win their 63rd and clinch a non-100-loss season.

Comments (118)
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2005-09-07 20:56:48
1.   Suffering Bruin
I'm switching to the tennis.
2005-09-07 20:57:25
2.   Suffering Bruin
Two sets to one now, Blake. Agassi took set three 6-3.
2005-09-07 21:02:03
3.   Jon Weisman
Yeah, it's gonna be interesting.
2005-09-07 21:20:17
4.   Xeifrank
wow! A tennis post, thanks Jon! Well done. As an avid tennis player and fan I am glued to the Agassi/Blake match on USA Network tonight. A US Open championship is definitely within his grasp. His match against Agassi has tightened up a bit, but the winner gets an unseeded American in the semi-finals. Blake's comeback can probably only be outmatched by Lance Armstrongs in the sporting scene (health / injury wise). Whoever wins this match I will be very happy for them and root for them to take home the title. Agassi, once a brat as a young player is now a very classy guy.
vr, Xei
2005-09-07 21:51:03
5.   Vishal
"a guy whose biggest sin was somehow looking like a leadoff hitter to Jim Tracy"

well put, as usual. i know steve hates him and i know he's overrated by a lot of the mainstream guys, but if he's healthy (and therefore playing to his usual level defensively) and batting 8th, i would love to have him remain on the dodgers, and he would be worth his contract.

2005-09-07 22:01:22
6.   Uncle Miltie
Stop praising Izturis, you're making oldbear sick.
2005-09-07 22:28:58
7.   joekings
Although I was pulling for Blake that was an outstanding match, it's a shame someone had to lose.
2005-09-07 22:30:11
8.   Eric Enders
I want to reiterate here how disgusted I am at the way some people on this site have treated Izturis lately. Demonizing him on a daily basis, rooting for him to get hurt, and then cheering when he does... I don't quite know what to say. I realize that a lot of this is misplaced Tracy-hatred, but still...

Look, this is a 25-year-old who is the best defensive shortstop in the league and has also improved offensively every year as a Dodger, until two months ago. He's still young -- he might turn into Omar Vizquel, or he might turn into Rafael Ramirez. But in neither case does he deserve to get dumped on to the degree that he has been lately.

I would also point out that those who have advocated benching Izturis are guilty of exactly the same thing they criticize Jim Tracy for in regard to Choi: Giving up on a promising young player because of a single, extended midseason slump.

On the list of things wrong with the 2005 Dodgers, Cesar Izturis is very, very far down the list.

2005-09-07 22:35:21
9.   Jon Weisman
8 - right there with you, Eric.
2005-09-07 22:41:35
10.   Louis in SF
Great post Jon, I was in a bar watching the tennis and faced the ugly contract issue between USA Today and CBS. But did come home to hearing Oscar Robles tie the game.

The comment about Cesar is dead on. He has done amazing considering his talent, and in my mind last year he overachieved. In many ways as an 8th pace hitter or a second place he is not bad guy at all. Given this team the injuries, so many other things he is a great guy to have around....Dodgers win and listening to the pain in Jon Miller's voice for the Giants is wonderful

2005-09-07 22:46:58
11.   Xeifrank
I didn't hear too many people call for the benching of Izturis. The main rant I heard was bench either him or Robles, and if you don't bench Izturis then atleast bat him 8th. That was the camp I was in. Hate to see such a bad injury, I had given him a pass on his poor year. I think he had done more than regress to the mean due to injuries that plagued him most of the year. The guy is het to hit his prime years and he doesn't eat up too much salary. vr, Xei
2005-09-07 22:55:57
12.   Brendan
"a single, extended midseason slump" although technically right that statement minimizes the HORRENDOUS SLUMP that he had. EPIC would be another great word.

So we can't say anything about Tracy and we can't say anything about Izzy. what can we say? (I'm half joking with that sentence). No one should wish injury on anyone though. A nice chest cold maybe.

What a game.

2005-09-07 23:10:34
13.   Xeifrank
12. Not knowing how much of the season he was actually playing hurt. I will refuse judgement on Izturis without having all the facts. Dr Steiner mentioned atleast 2 or 3 ailments he was fighting this season.
vr, Xei
2005-09-07 23:14:17
14.   molokai
I'm sorry Izzy got hurt and will require surgery. I'm not sorry that he won't be our starting SS in 2006. I don't think I ever demonized him but I don't consider him very good. He's had 487 ab's at an age where he should be improving and all we have is the worse hitting infielder this side of Christian Guzman. That is not hyperbole, the statistics back it up. The fact that Mr. Tracy did not recognize the black hole of Izzy's bat from May on is bizzare in its own right. Maybe it was just a slump based on his injuries. A young SS with back problems which is why he was on the DL is still not something I'd be betting my future on.
I don't think Robles is our future SS. He will be a great utility player but I hope Mr Depodesta does a better job of finding us a SS in 2006 then he did in finding us a 3b in 2005. Maybe he'll just resign Jose to be our 2006 SS since they seem so impressed by his performance to date that he still somehow finds himself in the lineup. If we have to I can live with Izzy or Robles when were starting a quality major league outfield and a real 1st baseman.

Hee Sop Choi may very well to prove to be nothing more then a great chant but we won't know until he is allowed to play like Izzy was.
2005-09-07 23:14:28
15.   Linkmeister
Well, if you're tired of listening to Paul Volcker talk about the oil-for-food scandal and you go out to the kitchen to wash up the dinner dishes, you couldn't pick a better time than right after Robles hit the tying home run. Saves all the angst about Weaver getting the gopher ball bug again. ;)
2005-09-07 23:16:41
16.   oldbear
8. Izturis isnt the best defensive SS in the NL.

I dont think people just look at this year as a slump for Izturis. I've looked at his entire CAREER as a slump. He's NEVER been a good hitter. He never will be.

Does it matter if he's "improving"? At best case scenario Izturis improves into a .680 OPS player? Pardon me for not getting excited about a player improving from a bad one into an AVERAGE one.

I'd rather take an already average one, and hope he becomes good.

I dont think Izturis fielding compensates for being a terrible hitter. Which he has been for 9 years of his career.

There are better options out there. Robles, Perez, and Guzman to name 3.

Izturis is Juan Castro but luckily got enough playing time to win a GG once.

Trade him before the mainstream realize how useless he is too. They are beginning to realize that about Jimmy Rollins, Christian Guzman, and the like.

2005-09-07 23:21:03
17.   Eric Enders
"8. Izturis isnt the best defensive SS in the NL."

You're welcome to that opinion. However, I, the Gold Glove voters, most defensive metrics, and the vast majority of people who have watched him play, all disagree with you.

2005-09-07 23:26:21
18.   Steve
Well, that was a game.
2005-09-07 23:27:48
19.   Bob Timmermann
Going to Saturday's game really destroys what would be a nice symmetrical end to the season for me with two 9-8 wins over the Giants both highlighted by Armando Benitez meltdowns and crucial Giant errors.

Steiner said on the postgame show that Peavy was 50/50 for his next start and I think with the lead that the Padres have, I think Bochy should rest him. The Padres are in a good position to run out the clock.

2005-09-07 23:29:00
20.   Bob Timmermann
Since we've migrated here,
I'll post my recap here as well:

I have returned. The first thing I can say is: I really should have gone to the bathroom earlier.

But now my recap:
I must say that I was seated in front of some very nice people who really weren't too up on baseball, but liked to act like it.

Here were a sample of their comments today:
"J.T. Snow's father was a quarterback for the Rams. Now he's a Senator."
"Why doesn't Jason Grabowski play more?"
"Good thing Grabowski is running here. He's really fast."
(Man returns to seat to find J.T. Snow on second with none out in the 8th) "No one out and runner on 2nd. This guy should be bunting." (Moises Alou was batting)
"Four straight walks? Who would keep a stat like that."
"The Giants are bringing their closer in too early" (upon the entrance of Tyler Walker)

I think my experience at Dodger games this year has been like something out of Greek mythology. I have been cursed by someone. The only three games I have seen the Dodgers win in person this year were 9th inning, come from behind wins. Two of them by 9-8 scores! The other 7 games were just miserable affairs.

Or maybe this is more like Faust.

I'm not sure.

2005-09-07 23:31:06
21.   Bob Timmermann
Did anyone else notice that Jayson Werth missed by one the major league record for consecutive walks by a batter. Five guys walked seven straight times. Unsurprisingly, one of them is Barry Bonds. The others are Billy Rogell, Jose Canseco, Mel Ott and Eddie Stanky.
2005-09-07 23:32:49
22.   oldbear
Jack Snow is a radio announcer for the St. Louis Rams. He was a WR for the LA Rams.

Go Rams! Looking forward to a thrashing of the 49'ers this weekend.

2005-09-07 23:34:05
23.   Jim Hitchcock
18 - It was, wasn't it. Glad you and Bob saw it. There was all sorts of speculation on how you'd react to Repko's bunt attempt.

19 - Well, you could act as chauffer for DDger and bokonon, but I really want to see your new scorebook...

2005-09-07 23:34:34
24.   Steve
Bob, what were you thinking when Alou went out to the mound after Tyler Walker walked Kent on four pitches and Saenz was coming up? As a follow-up, what were you thinking when you realized the lefty was coming in?
2005-09-07 23:36:53
25.   Eric Enders
"He's had 487 ab's at an age where he should be improving and all we have is the worse hitting infielder this side of Christian Guzman. That is not hyperbole, the statistics back it up."

Well, all due respect, that statement is the very definition of hyperbole. Middle infielders who currently have a worse OPS than Cesar Izturis, minimum 200 at bats:

Willie Bloomquist
Alex Cora
Cristian Guzman
Miguel Cairo
Jamey Carroll
Tony Womack

If you add park factors into the equation, then Jack Wilson, Angel Berroa, Aaron Miles, and Desi Relaford are also worse hitters than Izturis.

And since it's kind of silly to base these things on one partial season, here are the middle infielders who were worse hitters than Izturis in 2004, minimum 200 at bats:

Adam Everett
Cristian Guzman
Royca Clayton
Angel Berroa
Marco Scutaro
Felipe Lopez
Orlando Cabrera
Alex Gonzalez
David Eckstein
Rich Aurilia
Alex Cintron
Ramon Martinez
Juan Castro
Bill Hall
Jose Reyes
Neifi Perez
Mark DeRosa
Willie Bloomquist
Desi Relaford
Enrique Wilson
Pokey Reese
Nick Green
Aaron Miles
Jose Castillo
Willie Harris
Marlon Anderson
Craig Counsell
Jose Lopez
Rey Sanchez

2005-09-07 23:37:48
26.   Eric Enders
22 - I think we all know that. Thing is, most of us also know he's not Jack Kemp.
2005-09-07 23:38:08
27.   Steve
And here is the list of Dodger shortstops who are better hitters than Cesar Izturis:

Oscar Robles

2005-09-07 23:38:24
28.   Bob Timmermann
When Alou was bringing in Eyre, I thought to myself "For the first time this season, Alou is making a move that makes sense!"

Walker had nothing. Eyre has been tremendous against the Dodgers all year (Cruz's homer notwithstanding.)

I knew the lefty coming in had to be Eyre and I knew the Dodgers were doomed that inning.

2005-09-07 23:39:31
29.   Eric Enders
Since Steve's being a smartass, so will I: You forgot Antonio Perez.
2005-09-07 23:40:18
30.   Bob Timmermann
Also Repko was left in to bunt after Perez walked. If Perez had made out, Phillips would have batted in the 7th.
2005-09-07 23:40:32
31.   Steve
I had two reactions. The first, before he made the hand signal, was that why would you bring in Tyler Walker to walk Kent, then bring in Hawkins to pitch to Saenz? It looked crazy. Then he put up the left hand, then I saw who was coming in, and I said, ahhhh...crazy like a fox.
2005-09-07 23:41:32
32.   Steve
It's true. Why take it out on me?
2005-09-07 23:42:47
33.   Bob Timmermann
Hawkins must be hurt or had pitched too much because you would have thought he would have been brought in to bail out Benitez.
2005-09-07 23:46:08
34.   Steve
It looked to me like no one was warming up after "Accordion" came in.

Benitez had absolutely nothing. If the gun was right, Weaver's fastball was being clocked at 92 and the fastest it appeared Benitez was clocked was 91.

2005-09-07 23:47:54
35.   Bob Timmermann
The fastest pitch of the night was 95 by Brazoban.

The Giants bullpen was quiet once Accardo came in. I don't know who they had left. If Hawkins was unavailable, there were slim pickings. I think they could have used Scott Munter.

2005-09-07 23:47:54
36.   ddger
Bob, I guess today's win means that we're still in the race and this Saturday's game is very important right? I hope we win Friday and go for the sweep this weekend.
2005-09-07 23:47:56
37.   sanchez101
What defensive metrics show izzy as the best defensive shortstop? Last year winshares had him as the 7th best SS. Last year BP gave him as one run below average. This year he was 5 runs above average, good but hardly the best, and laughably far from justifying his .223 EQA.

I have no problem with robles, im suprise the LA media doesnt adore him considering how similar he is to Alex Cora. Like Cora I think he could be best used in a platoon. Im not sure if robles has a platoon split, but if their is, why not bring back Jose Hernandez? Robles has been fine at short defensively; BP rates him as average defensively(rate: 100).

2005-09-07 23:49:52
38.   Eric Enders
The entire Giants bullpen seemed tired. Hawkins was looking fatigued last night, Today, Accardo got stung for the second night in a row, Benitez had nothing, Eyre was pitching for the third straight day.
2005-09-07 23:51:01
39.   Bob Timmermann
And the Giants pen is without their best puncher.
2005-09-07 23:52:25
40.   Steve
And Accordion's throw to "second base" was about the worst I've ever seen. It landed in the right center field gap.
2005-09-07 23:53:16
41.   Eric Enders
Two classic Vinny moments in this series.

Tonight, "Brhency Yazoban!"

I was surprised nobody mentioned the other one, two nights ago. Cute kid shot of a 5-year-old girl in the stands with two Toy Story dolls, both male. She's got them doing some passionate French kissing. Vinny: "Oh, I see. They're veeeeeery good friends."

2005-09-07 23:54:03
42.   Eric Enders
I guess Jason Phillips has been giving Accardo lessons on throwing to second base.
2005-09-07 23:56:24
43.   Bob Timmermann
Has the Elmer Dessens Marching and Chowder Society disbanded after tonight?
2005-09-07 23:56:52
44.   Steve
I wasn't sure, and maybe Bob will correct me, but it looked like Accordian may have made a flinch to first, like he had 1) forgotten the score was tied and that he needed to get the lead runner, or 2) that he knew Kent was going, and couldn't decide which base to throw it to, and therefore threw it between them.
2005-09-08 00:00:03
45.   Steve
I rooted for Mike Edwards tonight. My friends think I turned a corner.
2005-09-08 00:01:17
46.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Accardo was going to second but was thinking about it too much because Kent was going. So he was thinking "should I really be doing this?"

But I was sitting in the blue on the third base side so I couldn't tell just how bad the throw was. I saw the highlight of Robles' homer. I guess the ball bounced off the fans in the RF corner? Nobody seemed to argue.

2005-09-08 00:02:56
47.   Icaros
I'll admit to being under the false impression that there were two outs when Saenz came up and thinking, "What the Hell is he doing?" when Accardo threw to second (or right center field, as it were).

Did anyone else notice Kent laughing as he strolled into third on that play?

2005-09-08 00:04:47
48.   Tommy Naccarato
Eric, I did, nobody picked up on it.

(It's on the last thread)

Bob, Glad to see you have accepted reality. Now lets get Weaver and Cruz signed for next year before we make the same blunder as last.

2005-09-08 00:05:10
49.   Steve
Did you see the fan almost hit Saenz throwing the foul ball back on to the field?
2005-09-08 00:06:28
50.   Tommy Naccarato
It's fun to laugh at the Giants. Especially when they are your ex-team! :)

I hate the Giants. I also hate the Yankees.

I detest them both.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-09-08 00:07:19
51.   Bob Timmermann
The fans throwing the foul balls back on the field was a bit disturbing. One fan also almost hit Eyre.

Security hauled those people out.

It's a foul ball! Keep it!

2005-09-08 00:07:48
52.   Icaros
49 Didn't see it almost hitting Saenz, but I did see that lousy Orange and Blacker get sent packing by security.
2005-09-08 00:08:20
53.   Eric Enders
My rant at all the Izturis-Phillips-Robles-haters earlier today got me thinking: One of the most admirable things about Vinny is that it's virtually impossible to tell which players he personally likes and dislikes, outside of his misplaced admiration for Pedro Feliz. (Although Vin's Felicidad, if you will, was less evident in this series than in the past, because Pedro's in a slump.)
2005-09-08 00:09:04
54.   Steve
In fact, they drew a restatement of the Dodger Stadium code of conduct from the PA Announcer. After it happened about four times.

But I was sitting in comfortable environs. And only one apparent fight -- and I didn't see it. But when half the left field line stands and starts looking toward the bullpen, they're not watching Elmer Dessens warmup.

2005-09-08 00:11:07
55.   Icaros
I've grown to dislike the Angels more than the Yankees. It has been too long since LA met NY in a World Series. 1981 is probably my earliest baseball memory, but I was in first grade.

The LA Times has cultivated my venom for the squad in red.

2005-09-08 00:12:11
56.   Eric Enders
It's very hard for me to dislike the Angees with Scioscia and Mickey Hatcher in their dugout.
2005-09-08 00:12:29
57.   Steve
I have always considered your venom very cultivated, Icaros.
2005-09-08 00:12:39
58.   sanchez101
Kent really is having a ball playing and beathing the giants. I bet it was his idea to make sure that the team photo prevented Bonds' simulated game.
2005-09-08 00:13:08
59.   Steve
Shall I tell on myself? Why not? I'm in a good mood.

Mickey Hatcher was my favorite Dodger.

2005-09-08 00:14:42
60.   Eric Enders
Article on tonight's Vero Beach game:

'Twas already mentioned on the other thread, but they were one strike away from their season being over when Blake DeWitt pulled a Kirk Gibson.

2005-09-08 00:21:05
61.   natepurcell
hoch almosted signed, but boras weasled his way back into the talks.

2005-09-08 00:21:10
62.   Eric L

I blame my hatred of the Angels on the Times as well. I never really liked the Angels, but I used to enjoy watching them. I was even happy for them in '02 (then again, one of my good friends is an Angel fan so I was probably more happy for him).

As far as the Yankees, I'm young enough to not really care about them too much. I was all of 6 months old when they beat the Dodgers in '77.

As for tonights game, I'm glad I was there. The left field pavilion was even somewhat behaved. I should report that the guy who "threw" back Matheny's home run ball didn't really throw back the ball that Matheny hit. He threw back another ball.

The only guy I saw get ejected from the pavilion tonight was a Giants fan. I guess he thought that he could throw stuff at people and get away with it.

2005-09-08 00:24:07
63.   Icaros
For the record, I will always have love for Hatcher and Scioscia, even Alfredo Griffin.

My beef is not with them, more with those Brown, Plaschke, and McDonnell fellows.

And I'm sure "cultivated my venom" didn't make a lot of sense, but it's late.

2005-09-08 00:24:35
64.   Eric Enders
I was just over reading the McCovey Chronicles threads from the last couple nights... good stuff.

Some excerpts:

"The winning streak had to end at some point, but it didn't have to end in Los Angeles. It certainly didn't have to end with Jeff Kent flipping his bat and flashing his patented 'Mona Lisa, if Mona Lisa were an Orange County-raised asswrench who thought she was a Texan'-smirk. Oh, the humanity."

"I did some research, and there's no specific law against ripping a man's moustache off with your bare hands. There is also no law against forcing the man to eat his own moustache after you've ripped it off. They're both just your average case of assault and battery.

Just throwing that out there."

2005-09-08 00:25:49
65.   Steve
No, no. Just playing off different definitions of the word.

1) "To bestow attention, care, and labor upon, with a view to valuable returns"

2 "to impart culture to; to civilize; to refine."

2005-09-08 00:26:44
66.   Eric Enders
For whatever reason, I dislike the Angee fans a lot more than I dislike the Angees themselves. They seem a lot more baseball-ignorant than Dodger fans but don't get anywhere near the bum rap.
2005-09-08 00:27:09
67.   Eric L
I'll add on to what Icaros said..

Mike Scioscia is one of my favorite Dodgers ever. Even though I don't like the Angels that much these days, I can't really root against Mike.

In retrospect, there was no way I was rooting against the Angels in 2002. I wanted Mike to win and I wanted the Giants to lose.

2005-09-08 00:30:48
68.   Linkmeister
That Hochevar story is bizarre.
2005-09-08 00:31:56
69.   Eric Enders
One of my most prized baseball possessions is an autographed Mike Scioscia game-used bat from the 1988 NLCS. I bribed a batboy $10 for it in 1989 and was able to meet Scioscia and get him to scribble on it several years later.

He's one of my favorite players ever... however, since Scioscia was a computer science major in college, I had hoped he would turn out to be a more sabr-friendly manager.

2005-09-08 00:32:59
70.   Linkmeister
Goodness, that vituperation towards Kent is more akin to what I've seen (and even thought) myself towards our illustrious President and his FEMA boss than I've seen towards baseball players.
2005-09-08 00:34:07
71.   Steve
It's like a retelling of The Aristocrats joke, except the punchline goes:

What do you call it?

Jeff Kent!

2005-09-08 00:34:50
72.   Brendan

that's great stuff, eric. I love their misery.

2005-09-08 00:35:02
73.   Icaros
65 I see, Steve. I'm now flattered at your comment in #57, for you are the current King of Baseball Blog Venom in my book.

66 It is the fans, isn't it Eric? All along it has really been about the fans, and the LAT.

And I was as happy as anyone in October 2002, but I feel I've been paying for it ever since.

2005-09-08 00:37:00
74.   Eric Enders
That Hochevar article is a job very well done by Tony Jackson. (Haven't said that in a while.)
2005-09-08 00:37:32
75.   Eric L

Good thing your not in So Cal Eric.

Growing up here, the Angels fans made me dislike the team more than anything else. They don't bug me so much anymore, but they used to talk alot of mess when they were not a very good team.

I do thank the Angels for giving one of my favorite phrases to use against obnoxious Giants fans. When they start talking their mess, I just like to say "Game 6". It's even better than "1954".

2005-09-08 00:37:44
76.   Linkmeister
From the LAT game story: "Izturis, 25, has had no blood flow to a bone in the elbow for about 12 years."

Er, I stalled on a hernia operation for about six years, but 12?

2005-09-08 00:38:14
77.   Bob Timmermann
Interesting Simers column today also. Might not be to everyone's taste.
2005-09-08 00:40:35
78.   Bob Timmermann
For the record, I have nothing against the Angels or their fans.

The Angels beat BOTH the Yankees and the Giants in the playoffs in the same year.

Anybody who does that is owed an eternal debt of gratitude by me.

2005-09-08 00:40:39
79.   Eric Enders
I'm shocked, shocked to discover that a Simers column is not to everyone's taste.

Here are your winnings, Mr. Plaschke.

2005-09-08 00:40:45
80.   Icaros
Interesting Simers column today also. Might not be to everyone's taste.

I love Bob's witty use of understatement.

2005-09-08 00:41:46
81.   Steve
Two posts from MCC that elucidate on the earlier thoughts posted:

I don't think there's a law...
...against forcing him to eat the mustache a second time after he craps it out, case anyone was wondering.

I'm also not aware
of any law that would prevent you from feeding it to his dog after Kent craps it out, waiting for the dog to crap it out, then forcing Kent to eat it again

2005-09-08 00:42:07
82.   Eric Enders

The 2003 Florida Marlins are still waiting for your Christmas card.

2005-09-08 00:46:29
83.   Eric Enders
Henson got scooped badly by Jackson on the Hochevar story today. Henson wrote a bare bones summary with no new information.
2005-09-08 00:49:54
84.   Bob Timmermann
Well, I sort of like the Marlins too except there far away and never appear on television except if they make the playoffs.

There was a woman in my section who wore a t-shirt with 16 on the back and "I Miss Paul" printed on it.

2005-09-08 00:51:10
85.   Icaros
83 Is that kind of like getting shut down by Byung Hyun Kim twice in the span of ten days?
2005-09-08 00:52:06
86.   Eric L

The only reason I miss Paul is because people won't shaddup about it.

I sort of got attached to the Marlins because the t-ball team I coached for a couple of seasons was the Marlins. It made it easy for me to root for them in '03. Besides, as any good coach, I had a bunch of Marlins gear.

2005-09-08 00:52:11
87.   Bob Timmermann
That'll teach Steve Henson about the dangers of taking a few days off.
2005-09-08 00:54:14
88.   Eric Enders
That Simers column is actually pretty good, for Simers. He becomes the first journalist (AFAIK) to challenge Tracy on his Antonio Perez BS.

Anybody know who Weaver was flipping off in the dugout? I'm laying 3:2 odds right now it was Moustache Man.

2005-09-08 00:54:19
89.   Bob Timmermann
I also appreciated the Marlins for knocking the Cubs out of the World Series.

I don't know what Cubs fans will be like when the team finally wins a World Series (it will happen sometime....), but are their fans more annoying than Red Sox fans were?

2005-09-08 00:55:06
90.   Bob Timmermann
Anybody know who Weaver was flipping off in the dugout? I'm laying 3:2 odds right now it was Moustache Man.

Everybody loves Jose Valentin!

2005-09-08 00:57:03
91.   Uncle Miltie
83- the Daily News has a much better sports section and obviously has better inside sources. I think both Henson and Jackson are good writers.
2005-09-08 00:57:51
92.   Icaros
Anybody know who Weaver was flipping off in the dugout? I'm laying 3:2 odds right now it was Moustache Man.

Was Kevin Kennedy doing some field reporting? Man, they just need to get over it and let Carolyn Hughes do her job again.

2005-09-08 00:57:53
93.   Eric Enders
I think Henson is pretty good much of the time, too.
2005-09-08 00:58:15
94.   Eric L

My best friend's dad is a Cubs fan.. I certainly hope they won't be as irritating as Sox fans.

With all the grief the Cubs have given him over the years, I certainly hope that he gets to see them win the big one.

2005-09-08 01:01:22
95.   Eric Enders
By the way, I found out what Kent's offseason job is.

2005-09-08 01:03:15
96.   Steve
And by the way. Memo to Steve Lyons: I don't know why you media turkeys don't salute the flag like the riff-raff do, but at least get your hands out of your pockets.

Thank you,

The Management

2005-09-08 01:04:01
97.   Eric Enders
I have the feeling Steve wouldn't approve of me sitting down during "God Bless America" whenever I go to a game.
2005-09-08 01:07:07
98.   Eric Enders
Actually, it looks like it was a bad night for Henson all around. It's pretty clear that he wrote his lead with a Dodger loss in mind and then tried to patch it up by changing a few words.

Didn't work.

All reporters write their stories before the game is over, but most of them do a better job of hiding that fact.

2005-09-08 01:08:39
99.   Steve
Only if you have your hands in your pockets.
2005-09-08 01:08:43
100.   Bob Timmermann
I was using my cellphone to check the Arizona score during the National Anthem Wednesday.

And when I was at the Tokyo Dome with some friends for a game, I didn't stand up for the Japanese National Anthem. Mainly because my friends didn't stand up.

I do take off my cap.

High school football season starts for me Friday and I have to be ready to stand at attention for the National Anthem because I'll be down on the field.

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2005-09-08 01:09:47
101.   Bob Timmermann

Didn't help that the game ended so late either.

Wait a minute, I'm up at 1 am and I need to go to bed? Just when do you sleep Eric?

2005-09-08 01:10:35
102.   Eric Enders
Damn, I knew I was forgetting something.
2005-09-08 01:13:23
103.   Steve
Ooooooooo...Perez is a career five for seven versus Schmidt. Dem's some fancy statistics makin'.
2005-09-08 02:55:13
104.   Eric Enders
Today's Suns playoff opener is likely to be rained out due to Tropical Storm Ophelia touching down in Jacksonville. The mayor has declared a state of emergency.
2005-09-08 04:23:09
105.   Eric Enders
Well, I guess I was the only one exhilarated enough by the win to stay up all night...
2005-09-08 04:27:55
106.   werthgagne31
i don't know if this has been talked about yet, but do we sign cruz as bradley's replacement, cause apparently bradley wont be back.
cruz as a dodger is 329 ave 424 obp 548 slg 971 ops with an rc27 of 850, all those numbers are best for a dodger, but a small 73 at bat sample size.
next year outfield of drew, cruz, giles with werth and ledee as backups.
giles is a no brainer.
bill mueller for a 2 year contract at 3b, if laroche is ready before mueller's 2 years are up, mueller becomes a bench/backup.
2005-09-08 04:28:54
107.   werthgagne31
i don't know if this has been talked about yet, but do we sign cruz as bradley's replacement, cause apparently bradley wont be back.
cruz as a dodger is 329 ave 424 obp 548 slg 971 ops with an rc27 of 8.50, all those numbers are best for a dodger, but a small 73 at bat sample size.
next year outfield of drew, cruz, giles with werth and ledee as backups.
giles is a no brainer.
bill mueller for a 2 year contract at 3b, if laroche is ready before mueller's 2 years are up, mueller becomes a bench/backup.
2005-09-08 04:55:21
108.   Eric Enders
It's been talked about all night... doesn't anybody read the threads?
2005-09-08 05:35:08
109.   Eric Enders
As for the rest of 107 -- if we could add Giles and Mueller, and keep Bradley, I'd consider that a successful offseason. That would give us a 25-man Opening Day roster of:

1. Robles SS
2. Choi 1B
3. Drew RF
4. Kent 2B
5. Giles LF
6. Bradley CF
7. Mueller 3B
8. Navarro C

Now that, my friends, is a major league lineup.

Aybar (goes down when Izturis returns)

SP Penny
SP Lowe
SP OPerez
SP Jackson (or Weaver if he accepts arb)
SP Houlton/Billingsley/random scrapheap starter

RP Sanchez
RP Brazoban
RP Dessens
RP Kuo
RP Schmoll/Broxton
RP Gagne

2005-09-08 05:36:14
110.   Eric Enders
And Jayson Werth can go to hell.
(Actually, I just forgot about him.)
2005-09-08 06:15:53
111.   Loogy
Regarding #95


2005-09-08 06:43:39
112.   Jim Hitchcock
Well, I guess I was the only one exhilarated enough by the win to stay up all night...

Morning, Eric. No, not the only one. I checked in about 2:00 AM and read the thread. Figured the site would go on it's nightly hiatus after that...

2005-09-08 07:53:01
113.   DXMachina
89 are their fans more annoying than Red Sox fans were?

Nobody's fans are more annoying than Red Sox fans. Their annoyingness has always been sort of biblically operatic, but since they beat the Yanks (and really, for them winning the Series was just a nice cherry on top of defeating the great Satan), they've dialed the annoyingness level up to eleven.


Lives in the middle of Red Sox Nation

2005-09-08 08:04:39
114.   molokai
25 I used 300 at bats since I thought we were talking about starting infielders. I was using VORP and MVLR. I guess if you drop below 100 you might even find more junk. Please show the defensive metric that shows Izzy the best defensive SS in the NL. I have never seen one. If your just being subjective about his defense I can understand why you want him to be the next Vizquel, the most overrated defensive SS of his generation.

78Totally agree but besides the gratitude of 2002 I actually like the Angels. Not sure what everyone has against Angel fans. Having been around the country they have by far the best looking female fans of any stadium. That has to count for something.

2005-09-08 08:08:01
115.   Sushirabbit
Just had to check in after last nights game.
I like everyone's lineup projections... somehow I just can't imagine the Dodger's getting a really good outfielder to sign... I'm thinking it will endup being Corey Patterson or someone like that. :-) That's supposed to be funny. Funny in a sad sort of way. Like I remember when I thought Corey was going to be it, the next superstar, and then he fell to the curse of the Dodgers and he was actually a Cub. I am almost sure he will be a Dodger next year. aaaaaaAieeeeee.............
2005-09-08 08:18:18
116.   Eric Enders
"Like I remember when I thought Corey was going to be it, the next superstar, and then he fell to the curse of the Dodgers"

I remember that, too... blond haired dude, could neither hit nor field but had a hell of a throwing arm!

2005-09-08 08:46:16
117.   molokai
Cory Snyder meet Jason Werth.
2005-09-08 11:10:16
118.   Adam M
DT made my day - I went to dinner/bed with the Dodgers headed towards near certain defeat.

Did anyone notice/comment on the fact the Dodgers are nominating Bradley for the Clemente Award?

Who'll give me odds on his candidacy? Anyone think they should have thought twice? If not, does this mean they're trying to make nice? They're kind of stuck here. Strangely, his recent behavior may not have much to do with the criteria of the award, but bad pub is bad pub.

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