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September 24 Open Chat
2005-09-24 16:36
by Jon Weisman
Comments (188)
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2005-09-24 16:42:06
1.   trainwreck
Anyone have some information on the possible top draft picks for this year?
2005-09-24 17:07:52
2.   Bob Timmermann
Probably the last game that most of us here may actually remember being played in this series. Three more to go after tonight.

Random Dodger Game Callback

September 24, 1997

The Dodgers didn't have much margin for error in the NL West race on this night at Dodger Stadium and the margin almost completely disappeared as the San Diego Padres used home runs from Steve Finley and Ken Caminiti to beat the Dodgers 4-1 before a crowd of 39,184. The Dodgers fell to 85-73 and were 2 ½ games behind the first place Giants, who had a magic number of 2.

Finley started things off for the Padres with a first inning homer off of Dodgers starter Tom Candiotti. Los Angeles shortstop Greg Gagne tied the game in the second with an RBI single.

But after that, Padres starter Joey Hamilton shut down the Dodgers, allowing just five hits and one walk in eight innings.

In the fifth, Tony Gwynn singled and Caminiti followed with a home run to left-center. In the ninth, against reliever Darren Hall, pinch hitter Trey Beamon singled, stole second, and scored on a double by Finley off of reliever Scott Radinsky. Radinsky then hit Gwynn with a pitch, which made Gwynn slam down his helmet in anger and take a few steps toward Radinsky, although nothing further happened.

In the ninth, Trevor Hoffman relieved and he set the Dodgers down in order to close out the game for his 37th save.

The Giants had won earlier in the day in Denver on a ninth inning home run by Brian Johnson. The Giants catcher had hit a 12th inning home run on September 18 off of Mark Guthrie to beat the Dodgers 6-5 in what turned out to be the pivotal game of the season. The Dodgers lost 6 out of 7 in late September to allow the Giants to pull ahead in the division. The Dodgers ended up 88-74, 2 games out of first and 4 games out of the wild card.

The bad finish made fans forget that Mike Piazza put together one of the best offensive seasons by a catcher ever. Piazza batted .362 with 40 home runs and 124 RBI. He had an OBP of .431 and slugged .638. Amazingly, Piazza received just 3 first place votes for NL MVP. Colorado's Larry Walker won the award easily despite having numbers not much better than Piazza when the park effects of Colorado were taken into effect. Walker had an OPS+ of 177 while Piazza was at 186. (OPS+ is a park and league adjusted form of OPS. 100 represents an average player.) Piazza became the first Dodger to hit a home run completely out of Dodger Stadium, doing so on September 21 against Frank Castillo of Colorado.

The Dodgers had three other players reach 30 home runs in 1997. First baseman Eric Karros hit 31 while third baseman Todd Zeile and right fielder Raul Mondesi hit 30 apiece.
But the Dodgers were shaky up the middle. Gagne was solid, although unspectacular, batting .251. Wilton Guerrero played an erratic second base, batting .291, but he drew only 8 walks in 111 games. Eric Young was acquired from the Rockies for the stretch drive.

Center field was another problem. Brett Butler returned from cancer treatment, but missed time with injuries and could not cover enough ground in center. Roger Cedeno was given the job for a while, but could not cut it. Eventually, Otis Nixon was acquired from Toronto to finish the season.

The pitching staff was not bad, but not particularly good either. Hideo Nomo was 14-12, but had a 4.25 ERA. Ismael Valdes had an ERA of 2.65, but was just 10-11. Chan Ho Park looked to be coming into his own with a 14-8 record and a 3.38 ERA. Todd Worrell led the bullpen with 35 saves, but had an ERA of 5.28.

Rookie lefty Dennys Reyes made five starts for the Dodgers. He was the first southpaw to start a game for the Dodgers since Bob Ojeda did in 1992.

And to top it all off, Peter O'Malley announced that the Dodgers were for sale. An Australian media magnate was interested.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times and Retrosheet.

2005-09-24 17:22:43
3.   Linkmeister
Otis Nixon???? I have no memory of him playing for the Dodgers at all!

Hmm. 1997. What was I doing in September '97?

2005-09-24 17:23:26
4.   Bob Timmermann
From the last thread,

NL teams eliminated from the playoffs today: Chicago

Teams that must win or be eliminated: Milwaukee, Arizona, and New York

Team that must win and have help: Dodgers (San Diego must lose also.)

2005-09-24 17:27:33
5.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers acquired Otis Nixon from Toronto for a minor leaguer in August. A couple weeks later they sent Chad Fonville to the White Sox to get Darren Lewis.

It was a power-packed outfield.

2005-09-24 17:32:28
6.   HomeDePo
i heard jeff kent will demand a trade if we do not pick up any marquee free agents... that is a scary thought
2005-09-24 17:38:35
7.   bigcpa
Kent for Zito.
2005-09-24 17:40:35
8.   Bob Timmermann
Rockies lead the Giants 1-0
White Sox over the Twins 7-1.
Cleveland over KC 3-1.
2005-09-24 17:41:45
9.   King of the Hobos
6 Was this something new? A few weeks ago, he said he had no interest in rebuilding the team, and would ask to be traded only if we started rebuilding. Is he now demading key FAs? Because I have my doubts about how active we'll be on the FA market
2005-09-24 17:42:04
10.   HomeDePo
7 - how about kent for harden... more years left (im not complaining too much about zito, though)
2005-09-24 17:43:12
11.   Linkmeister
Otis made a lasting impression:

42G .274BA

2005-09-24 17:43:18
12.   King of the Hobos
Twins had to start Mays way they can come back from a 7-1 deficit unless the White Sox pitchers are really nice (this is a team playing Juan Castro at 3B...)
2005-09-24 17:43:39
13.   HomeDePo
9 - well he came to LA thinking we had a team. as we all know, Kent wants to win NOW and to screw the future. if we are planning for 2007 then Kent might want to go to a team made to win right now.
2005-09-24 17:44:53
14.   HomeDePo
continuing post 13, he came here when we had Shawn Green and we might have gotten Beltre. We may be better off for the future now, but Kent does not give a #$%!
2005-09-24 17:54:12
15.   Bob Timmermann
Otis Nixon hit his only home run as a Dodger in the infamous 9/18/1997 game. He hit in the first inning off of Terry Mulholland.

The Dodgers had 5 runs on 15 hits in 12 innings in that game.
The Giants had 6 runs on 12 hits, but they did get 10 walks.
The Giants still have two starters from their 1997 team who still start for them today: Bonds and Snow.

2005-09-24 18:04:10
16.   HomeDePo
it just got very quiet...
2005-09-24 18:25:27
17.   Sam DC
Hi all -- been off a couple of days. Lots of scintillating action 'round here I expect. Odd still no lineup 40 mins before gametime. Tracy trying to remember how to spell "Choi"?

On the Nationals front, 'cause I know you all care, was at the game last night and after the Nationals got a 2 out 2 run home to tie the game in the bottom in the Ninth, Robinson rather oddly sent Gary Majewski his pitcher up to bat. Explaining to a 4 year old why that confused me was time consuming.

Tonight, down 5-2 in the bottom of the eighth, the Nationals got a one out walk. Robinson brought in a pinch runner (Junior Spivey!) and then the next batter sac bunted him over to second so that Cristian Guzman could take a whack at brining him in. Now I only saw this on gameday, and I'm assuming the rookie Brandon Watson who laid down the bunt was trying to sneak on with a bunt single, but with Robinson at the helm, I just can't be sure.

Just some grass-is-not-necessarily-greener fodder to fill up the pregame quiet.

2005-09-24 18:38:39
18.   Bob Timmermann
A Perez
O Perez
2005-09-24 18:39:29
19.   King of the Hobos
Similar line up as yesterday. Another lefty, so another day of Saenz. Werth in LF and Repko in CF, batting 7 and 8 respectively
2005-09-24 18:39:53
20.   Bob Timmermann
Pirates starting

J Wilson
C Wilson
O Perez

2005-09-24 18:50:35
21.   Bob Timmermann
Rockies up on the Giants 5-0 in the 7th and Sunny Kim has faced 1 batter over the minimum.

Padres already up on the DBacks and Russ Ortiz 2-0 in the first.

2005-09-24 19:04:27
22.   Sam DC
No homer for Hafner tonight, unless CLE gets a couple on in the ninth to get him another shot.
2005-09-24 19:07:38
23.   King of the Hobos
22 If Peralta can get on base, then Hafner still has a chance
2005-09-24 19:07:53
24.   Bob Timmermann
Lou Johnson is talking about how he had an incredible September for the Dodgers in 1965.

He batted .272 with 2 homers.

But with the Dodgers pitchers that year, that was positively Ruthian.

2005-09-24 19:09:35
25.   King of the Hobos
Peralta does not get on base. Hafner's last chance is in the hands of the Cleveland bullpen (which has to give up 7 runs)
2005-09-24 19:10:12
26.   Bob Timmermann
Kim has given up 3 hits through 8 in Denver and it's 6-0 Rockies. Bonds was 0 for 3 and is out of the game.
2005-09-24 19:13:32
27.   Bob Timmermann
D-Rays get 2 in the first against Washburn and the Angels.
2005-09-24 19:15:25
28.   King of the Hobos
Saenz goes for the impossible play...Kent had an easyout. Just making Perez work harder (he needs to keep his pitch count down)
2005-09-24 19:19:08
29.   King of the Hobos
And Werth makes a far from perfect play to allow the run. The defense is responsible for the run, yet it's earned, and Perez gets to work extra hard
2005-09-24 19:19:11
30.   Sam DC
Saenz goes for the impossible play

Sometimes, you just know Gameday is not doing the game justice.

2005-09-24 19:20:12
31.   Bob Timmermann
Rockies 6, Giants 0 - Final

San Diego magic number: 4

2005-09-24 19:21:06
32.   Bob Timmermann
Keeping Perez's pitch count down is irrelevant to the score. He's only going to throw 45, so he isn't going to be around long anyway.
2005-09-24 19:22:16
33.   King of the Hobos
30 A routine grounder right at Kent, but Saenz made an impressive yet needless dive to get the ball, then threw it away
2005-09-24 19:22:53
34.   Bob Timmermann
Milwaukee and New York live to fight another day with victories.

However, one of Washington and New York will be eliminated tomorrow since they play each other.

And Washington, New York and Milwaukee could all be eliminated with a Houston win.

Philadelphia lost to Cincinnati 3-2 to fall 2 games in back of the Astros in the wild card.

The Marlins are on life support.

The Padres lead AZ 2-1 in the third.

2005-09-24 19:23:20
35.   King of the Hobos
32 I was more concerned with giving him more than 1 inning. This is Perez, bad things happen when he starts giving up runs (look at his last start vs the Pirates)
2005-09-24 19:24:36
36.   DaveP
who is scheduled to go long relief? I'd like to see Broxton go about 3 innings tonight.
2005-09-24 19:25:35
37.   Bob Timmermann
Dessens is scheduled to come in after OPerez.

That should be ODPerez tonight to be more clear.

2005-09-24 19:33:33
38.   DaveP
Is Aybar really that slow or did he not get a jump on a 3-2 pitch?
2005-09-24 19:33:50
39.   King of the Hobos
Does anyone know why Khalil Greene was removed for PR Manny Alexander?

Also, does anyone know why Aybar and Kent were running on a 3-2 count to Saenz?

2005-09-24 19:34:39
40.   King of the Hobos
38 Aybar is not particularly fast, somewhere around average
2005-09-24 19:35:27
41.   Bob Timmermann

I'll say no to both.

I will guess that Greene's toe must be bothering him.

The running on the 3-2 count has led to a large degree of head scratching. But after this year, I've sort of developed grooves in my scalp.

2005-09-24 19:36:03
42.   Bob Timmermann
AZ ties San Diego on Luis Gonzalez's second homer of the game. It's 2-2.
2005-09-24 19:36:14
43.   King of the Hobos
40 He was 1-7 in Vegas, 2-9 overall in stealing. It's not his speciality

Nice play for A. Perez

2005-09-24 19:38:17
44.   Bob Timmermann
Aybar sounds like he got a case of the Robleses when it comes to stealing.
2005-09-24 19:38:30
45.   Steve
Something tells me I'm glad I had to eat those tickets tonight.
2005-09-24 19:40:52
46.   Bob Timmermann
USC was behind Oregon 13-0 today. They won 45-13.

TCU beat BYU in the battle of initials 51-50 in a game that went to OT.
I just like the name of BYU's coach:

Bronco Mendenhall.

Now that's a football name.

2005-09-24 19:42:44
47.   Steve
This just in: TCU's running back believes the officiating crew correctly ruled that he crossed the goal line on the winning touchdown before fumbling the ball away.

This is an exclusive. Must credit Steve.

2005-09-24 19:45:45
48.   King of the Hobos
oldbear's not going to be happy if he comes here tonight, 3 wasted 3 ball counts for 3 outs (Aybar does have the walk though)
2005-09-24 19:47:01
49.   Sam DC
Steve Finley, batting eighth and hitting .216 hits a 3-run homer -- Angels 4 DRays 2.
2005-09-24 19:47:32
50.   King of the Hobos
Finley homered to give the Angels a 4-2 lead. Yes, this is Steve, not Chuck, or some other Finley
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-09-24 19:48:11
51.   Sam DC
46 Although Bronco does not do well in the battle of the intitials.
2005-09-24 19:48:58
52.   Steve
49 -- As when Phillips does it, the Angels will ultimately pay for that. It's only the Devil Rays.
2005-09-24 19:49:11
53.   DaveP
47 - Steve, did you follow the game today? 2nd half collapse was pretty weak. Considering I attended undergrad in the Detmer days and they were still decent when I went back for grad school, it's amazing how far the program has fallen. Olsen bolting for UCLA didn't help things.
2005-09-24 19:49:26
54.   confucius
Instead of getting the young guys like Choi or Broxton some experience Tracy will give the playing time to Saenz and Dessens. He's a wise manager.
2005-09-24 19:50:36
55.   Bob Timmermann
Much of the Rocky Mountains area has been rolling around in schadenfreude the last few years as BYU has gone downhill in football.

When BYU got slaughtered in Hawai'i a few years ago, that was like V-J Day for that state.

2005-09-24 19:51:35
56.   Kayaker7
54 It is amazing how Tracy continues to confound logic. I tell myself that I won't be surprised, yet I am.
2005-09-24 19:52:06
57.   Steve
53 -- I didn't. I just read the AP article and thought it odd that they would ask the running back's opinion. Nor did they ask anyone who might have a contrary opinion. The best year they had while I was there was 5-6, which didn't put football first on the list of things to do in Provo.

Which made Provo pretty boring.

2005-09-24 19:52:07
58.   Bob Timmermann
That throw was Knoblauchian!
2005-09-24 19:53:16
59.   Bob Timmermann
From the AP story on the BYU-TCU game:

``On my headset, our coaches told us it was a fumble. But I trust the replay system. They reviewed it and made the call,'' BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall said.

2005-09-24 19:55:52
60.   Bob Timmermann
Ramon Hernandez brings the Dodgers a little closer to extinction with a 3-run homer to put the Padres up 5-2 in the 4th.
2005-09-24 19:55:53
61.   Steve
59 -- You're right. There it is.

In any event, you can't have much sympathy for a team that loses in overtime on a botched extra point.

2005-09-24 19:59:06
62.   Bob Timmermann
You might have just caught an edition of the story where they hadn't put in the BYU quotes yet.

Or maybe you were just too lazy to read to end the end of the story.

Or too depressed.

Yeah, but missing the PAT in overtime is pretty bad.

2005-09-24 19:59:55
63.   Steve
2 and 3!
2005-09-24 20:01:50
64.   Uncle Miltie
58- that's what I said to my friend!

Aybar with another walk

2005-09-24 20:02:20
65.   Steve
Good work by the Nats getting rid of Sunny Kim. Bowden and Robinson are geniuses who kept the Nats right in it to the very end.
2005-09-24 20:08:26
66.   King of the Hobos
Brian Lawrence out of the game, Breslow in. DBacks have the bases loaded with 2 outs, down 5-3 in the 4th
2005-09-24 20:13:40
67.   Sam DC
65 You can't have a guy like that around blocking the arms of the future like John Halama or Hector Carrasco or you're never going to find out what those guys can bring you.
2005-09-24 20:14:03
68.   Bob Timmermann
I think Vin is pronouncing the guy's name wrong.

I think Macowiak pronounces the "w" as a "v".

Will we get to see J.J. Fumaniak though?

2005-09-24 20:14:26
69.   King of the Hobos
Walking him would have been wiser, looks like elimination day
2005-09-24 20:15:42
70.   Steve can just go ahead and walk Eldred with the pitcher's spot coming up. But don't think I'm secondguessing or anything.
2005-09-24 20:15:58
71.   Bob Timmermann
But Sunny Kim turned his back to Frank Robinson on the mound? And Frank Robinson is a man! A man's man. And Sunny Kim is not a man's man. He's just a man. Sometimes the radiating effect of Frank Robinson's manliness makes me feel so wimpy that I fall to the ground in desperation.
2005-09-24 20:18:03
72.   oldbear
That was a terrible pitch and a terrible decision to allow the 8th place hitter to hit a 3 run HR with the pitcher on deck and 1st base open.

If this game mattered, I'd be fuming. But alas, who cares?

I want to see Antonio Perez play the whole game, and Broxton pitch tonite.

2005-09-24 20:19:18
73.   Sam DC
71 And the guy's first name is "Sunny." Really, does anything more need to be said?
2005-09-24 20:20:17
74.   Sam DC
The Finley doubles!
2005-09-24 20:21:38
75.   Bob Timmermann
Well, his real first name is Sun-Woo, but it's still not manly enough for Frank Robinson. You need to have a manly first name to pitch for him. Like Joey.
2005-09-24 20:21:39
76.   Steve
Sunny Robinson has a nice ring to it.
2005-09-24 20:22:43
77.   Sam DC
Gameday now says that, with Finley on third and one out, the first pitch to Chone Figgins was a pitchout. Worried that a suicide squeeze was on?
2005-09-24 20:23:52
78.   King of the Hobos
72 Eldred has no business batting 8th with his power, the Pirates are treating him like Choi, he's lucky Daryl Ward isn't playing 1B
2005-09-24 20:25:27
79.   Steve
78 -- The Pirates' temp is showing Tracy what his lineup should look like next year.
2005-09-24 20:30:30
80.   oldbear
How did Werth manage to hit that home run off Pedro? That truely seems like a miracle in retrospect of how he's performed the rest of the season.

He needs his power back.

2005-09-24 20:38:18
81.   King of the Hobos
Jose Guillen, Chad Cordero, Nick Johnson, Brad Wilkerson, Vinny Castilla and Brian Schneider are done for the season. The Nats plan to sit them, although I'm not sure why. I think Robinson can explain it to you: "There comes a time -- and this is the time, as far as I'm concerned -- that ... it's time to say, 'Hey, guys, that's it. Take the rest of the year off"

Preston Wilson will not sit, the Nats want to give him more RBIs so he looks better to other teams so they get a draft pick

2005-09-24 20:40:01
82.   Bob Timmermann
Remember when Dessens was our best reliever? How long was that for? Did it last for over two weeks?
2005-09-24 20:41:17
83.   King of the Hobos
Will Tracy take out Werth/Repko? Or Perez?

And Dessens is making the decision to pick up his option a little harder, although it would probably be for the best to pick it up

2005-09-24 20:42:13
84.   King of the Hobos
Now Edwards will leadoff the 5th, I was worried it would be some worthless player
2005-09-24 20:44:07
85.   Bob Timmermann
I've been informed that I'm not going to a ceramics festival at a monastery in Valyermo tomorrow, so I can stay home and watch the Dodgers game.

I'm not sure if this is an improvement.

2005-09-24 20:44:44
86.   Uncle Miltie
84- he's a part of our future
2005-09-24 20:48:34
87.   King of the Hobos
Doesn't Vin usually feel it necessary to announce that Alfonseca has a 6th finger? I wonder if he knows about Osoria's, I don't think I've ever heard him mention it
2005-09-24 20:49:09
88.   Bob Timmermann
Osoria has six fingers on one hand?
2005-09-24 20:49:52
89.   Sam DC
87 [insert Inigo Montoya joke]
2005-09-24 20:51:55
90.   oldbear
Antonio Perez- hit machine.

I wasnt paying attention. Is Jason Repko hurt?

2005-09-24 20:52:16
91.   King of the Hobos
88 BA says he does. At least, Fearing Blue posted something from a BA scouting report in June

"Osoria doesn't throw as hard as Carvajal but shows the ability to command a nast sinker. Osoria has a sixth digit on his right hand, but doesn't use it to grip the ball."

It's post 218 in this thread:

2005-09-24 20:52:55
92.   King of the Hobos
90 Double switch, Tracy wanted Osoria to get more than 2 outs
2005-09-24 20:53:31
93.   Bob Timmermann
Repko was taken out as part of a double switch.
2005-09-24 20:53:56
94.   das411
Off topic somewhat, but has the board discussed Eric Neel's piece on Robb Nen?

Whatever your feelings about the Giants, you've gotta respect a guy willing to do that for his teammates...

2005-09-24 20:54:41
95.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres still lead 5-3 in the 7th, so the race to see how the Dodgers get eliminated is on. Will the Padres win first or the Dodgers lose first?
2005-09-24 20:56:24
96.   Sam DC
94 when the board's musing on manly baseball nicknames and famous six fingered people from literature and sports, it's pretty safe to go off topic, I'd say.
2005-09-24 20:57:56
97.   Bob Timmermann
I predict that the Padres will win 83 games this year.

There you go.

2005-09-24 21:02:46
98.   Bob Timmermann
Games like this are always difficult to sit through if you are at the stadium. Because of the postgame concert, you have a lot of people who are:
1) not interested in the game very much
2) staying until the very end

Fan Appreciation Day can turn ugly if the Dodgers are getting beat that day. You can give away a lot of cars, but you still have 50,000 grouchy people.

Am I the only person here who remembers when the Dodgers would give away a catamaran on Fan Appreciation Day and to publicize the giveaway they'd tow it around the warning track in the 5th inning the last few weeks of the season? To me, it was how I knew that baseball season was almost all over.

2005-09-24 21:06:34
99.   Sam DC
Actually Bob, at this point, you may just be the only person here. G'night.
2005-09-24 21:07:24
100.   Bob Timmermann
I feel so alone.

So alone.

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2005-09-24 21:08:33
101.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
98 - I remember the catamaran, Vin announcing its presence anyway.
2005-09-24 21:09:05
102.   King of the Hobos
100 I'm here, but I can leave if you'd rather be alone
2005-09-24 21:13:03
103.   Bob Timmermann
1st and 3rd with 1 out in AZ. Shawn Green at bat.

Yep, you guessed it.


2005-09-24 21:17:07
104.   King of the Hobos
Tracy said some stuff about Kuo and Myrow:

"Exposure is the best teacher," Tracy said. "It doesn't always work out the way you want it to, but with time and exposure, they grow."

"Steve Schmoll was throwing the ball great and I didn't take him out for that reason," Tracy said. "I wanted to see Kuo on back-to-back days." (Tracy already has Kuo penciled in as the 2006 LOOGY)

Tracy told Myrow to protect the runner in a hit n run PH yesterday

"I purposely ... started him, just to see how he'd respond," Tracy said. "And he hit the ball long and foul, but the point is, you've got to protect the runner."

"He has not had a bad at-bat since he's been here," Tracy said. "His stock has risen, from my standpoint."

"The last five or six games, I've been doing some things that go against the norm of what I usually do," Tracy said, "because there are some things I want to visualize for myself going into the winter." (translation: I'm doing things to different so I don't have to visualize myself unemployed...? Anyone got anything better?)

"I like what he's done," Tracy said. "The guy can hit, there's no question about it."

2005-09-24 21:21:08
105.   King of the Hobos
And Weaver only gets one more start, and Penny and Perez will be used in the same game. It looks like the rest of the season will be something like: Lowe, Jackson, Weaver, Houlton, Perez/Penny, Lowe, Jackson, ????
2005-09-24 21:23:55
106.   Bob Timmermann
2005-09-24 21:24:53
107.   Bob Timmermann
AZ with the bases loaded and one out in the 8th with Luis Gonzalez up against Otsuka.
2005-09-24 21:27:07
108.   King of the Hobos
On the second pitch, Gonzo singled in a run
2005-09-24 21:27:19
109.   Bob Timmermann
Gonzo singles in a run. 5-4 Padres. Bases still loaded with 1 out for Tony Clark.
2005-09-24 21:27:21
110.   confucius
I think you're right Bob. Mackowiak usually is pronounced with a v. I hate it when Vin makes mistakes.
2005-09-24 21:28:48
111.   Uncle Miltie
The umpire screwed Aybar. He should have walked.
2005-09-24 21:29:04
112.   Bob Timmermann
Ostuka has pitched very poorly against Arizona this year.

Coming into today's game he was 0-2. 7 IP, 6 ER.

2005-09-24 21:29:56
113.   Bob Timmermann
Vin said Macowiak with a "v" sound once. I think he corrected himself after he heard the PA announcer.
2005-09-24 21:30:17
114.   Bob Timmermann
7-5 DBacks
2005-09-24 21:32:44
115.   Bob Timmermann
Ostuka's ERA against the DBacks this year is now over 12.
2005-09-24 21:32:58
116.   King of the Hobos
I've been impressed with Tracy, he didn't rush to get Alvarez in every game he could. Hope Alvarez leaves the game in grand fashion
2005-09-24 21:35:02
117.   Kayaker7
104 That is scary. Tracy thinks Myrow can hit because he fouled off a ball, in a hit and run play. Nevermind that hit and run is a questionable tactic, but Tracy is obviously looking for a replacement for Choi already. Somebody must stop this maniac.
2005-09-24 21:37:03
118.   Bob Timmermann
Dbacks increased their lead to 8-5 before the Padres got out of the inning.

The Dodgers may get a stay of execution that could last about ... 30 minutes.

2005-09-24 21:37:12
119.   King of the Hobos
Perez got him, bad call by the ump
2005-09-24 21:37:33
120.   Kayaker7
115 It's "Otsuka." I thought it was just a typo, but I noticed that you were consistent.
2005-09-24 21:37:44
121.   Uncle Miltie
116- yea Tracy really knows how to handle the kids...Alvarez, Edwards, Carrara

I think Tike was out

2005-09-24 21:38:21
122.   confucius
I'm glad Alvarez is retiring, but I still like him for how well he pitched at the end of 2003. He pitched back to back shutouts once that year and he was a midseason call up. It is also nice to see a player know when they're done.
2005-09-24 21:39:10
123.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres have used 8 pitchers tonight.
2005-09-24 21:43:53
124.   confucius
I have to admit that I admire Bonds for potentially sitting down if they're eliminated. If I was him I would have tried to hit a few more homers before the end of the season. By sitting down he'll for sure be back in '07 in order to reach 756.
2005-09-24 21:44:00
125.   Bob Timmermann
Call from the governor:

Arizona 8, San Diego 5 Final

I still think that the final appeal will not be successful.

2005-09-24 21:45:23
126.   King of the Hobos
The Padres lost. I think this is a proper representation of the Dodgers:

2005-09-24 21:48:12
127.   confucius
125. :)
2005-09-24 21:48:19
128.   Bob Timmermann
Going back to an earlier theme though, the Dodgers are "mostly dead".
2005-09-24 21:50:25
129.   confucius
I love it when Vin tells the Solomon Torres story.
2005-09-24 21:51:57
130.   confucius
Saenz looked like a fat kid diving for a teetering milkshake.
2005-09-24 21:53:18
131.   confucius
Once when Vin was telling the Solomon Torres story he added,
"Solomon Torres
child of scorn.
Curse the day
that you were born"
2005-09-24 21:55:24
132.   Bob Timmermann
Do the Dodgers have all their timeouts left? They can still drive down the field for a tying field goal.
2005-09-24 21:58:26
133.   confucius
No Jim Tracy used them in losing a coaches challenge.
2005-09-24 21:58:34
134.   Bob Timmermann
I thought Broxton always struck out the best hitter on the other team?
2005-09-24 22:01:28
135.   King of the Hobos
134 I believe Bay is on the list of K'd, just not this time
2005-09-24 22:02:54
136.   Bob Timmermann
2005-09-24 22:03:11
137.   King of the Hobos
Not Broxton's best performance. Going back to the song in 126, we will soon be dead
2005-09-24 22:03:32
138.   oldbear
Broxton must be rusty from sitting in the bullpen the last week.
2005-09-24 22:05:10
139.   das411
Hey Bob, are you watching BBTN?

Kurkjian: "Well, I've heard several people tell me this past week that Renteria was the worst free agent signing of this season. First of all, Russ Ortiz was the worst free agent signing this winter..."

...and then some more useless drivel about the Yankees and Bosox.

BTW: Yes, there were definitely more Sox fans in Baltimore this weekend than O's. They kept glaring at me when Daniel Cabrera struck everybody out last night and I was the only person in the section cheering for him.

2005-09-24 22:05:18
140.   confucius
Broxton hasn't really pitched that well in the Majors so far.
2005-09-24 22:07:15
141.   Bob Timmermann
I wasn't BBTN, but anyone who thinks Derek Lowe was a bad acquisition has never looked at the numbers of either Russ Ortiz (who was pretty bad tonight) or Eric Milton (who actually threw a good game).

Jose Lima was a pretty bad free agent signing for a pitcher. His ERA is over 7.00.

2005-09-24 22:07:31
142.   Bob Timmermann
"I wasn't watching BBTN"
2005-09-24 22:09:09
143.   Bob Timmermann
Do those of us still watching this game get some sort of medal?
2005-09-24 22:09:41
144.   confucius
I don't know why anyone would want Russ Ortiz on their team. He walks so many batters. It is absolutely maddening to watch your pitcher get himself into trouble inning after inning. Anyone remember Kaz Ishii?
2005-09-24 22:09:52
145.   Kayaker7
I'm only listening on the radio. So, only a ribbon for me.
2005-09-24 22:10:39
146.   confucius
No, we get a refund for all the money we wasted on this baseball team this season.
2005-09-24 22:10:54
147.   Uncle Miltie
Is Choi still alive? Maybe he should start his vacation early.
2005-09-24 22:11:42
148.   Bob Timmermann
But remember, Myrow hit a foul ball last night. Or was it two nights ago?
2005-09-24 22:12:12
149.   Bob Timmermann
Big upset in football:

Blackburn 2, Manchester United 1

2005-09-24 22:12:19
150.   Kayaker7
147 Since Tracy is trying different things to see what the players are capable of, he feels he knows what Choi is capable of already.
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2005-09-24 22:13:28
151.   King of the Hobos
147, please look at 104. Tracy seems to think Myrow is quite impressive in his (then) 11 PAs
2005-09-24 22:13:36
152.   Louis in SF
Dream scenario: Giants get close enough to the Padres-hoping to see both Ginats and Padres lose tomorrow. Giants play Padres for four begining of the week-the sweep, leaving them 1 behind with 3 to play with Arizona and Dodgers play the Pads. I have to figure out the math and final numbers, but would love to see the Dodgers screw the Giants and the D-Backs lead by Shawn Green still being paid by the Dodgers goes crazy in SF and the Dodgers figure out a way to help the D-backs get in and beat out the Giants and Padres!
2005-09-24 22:13:55
153.   Uncle Miltie
150- is he taking these players with him to his new team?
2005-09-24 22:14:39
154.   King of the Hobos
Sorry Vin, but can you go 1-1 with the glove?
2005-09-24 22:14:50
155.   das411
Unless pulling up Gameday about once an inning while I watch the mov's I took at the Flyers game tonight counts as "watching...the game..."

How many teams with better records than the Padres will not make the playoffs this year?

2005-09-24 22:15:31
156.   Bob Timmermann
Your scenario would require the DBacks to sweep the Dodgers next week. That's no fun.
2005-09-24 22:16:36
157.   oldbear
Broxton is fine.

10.2IP 19K's 0 HR's 9BB's

All he needs to do is work on his walk total, which is too high. He should get alot of innings this upcoming week out of the bullpen hopefully.

I honestly hope they move Brox back to a starting pitcher. I think he'd do better pitching 180-200IP, than 60-70 out of the pen.

2005-09-24 22:16:57
158.   Bob Timmermann

The king is dead! Long live the new king, whomever it may be.

2005-09-24 22:17:54
159.   confucius
Along with the best laid plans of mice and men, the 2005 Los Angeles Dodgers.
2005-09-24 22:18:00
160.   Kayaker7
158 I think the new king is a man of God.
2005-09-24 22:18:01
161.   Bob Timmermann
Presently, three teams would not make the playoffs in the NL who have better records than the Padres: Philadelphia, Florida, and Washington.

Washington is a 1/2 game record. The Mets have the same record as the Padres (77-77).

2005-09-24 22:18:52
162.   Bob Timmermann
Wow, my typing is way off tonight.

Washington's is a 1/2 game BETTER than San Diego.

2005-09-24 22:19:34
163.   das411
!!! Livan Hernandez hit his SECOND career triple off of Tom Glavine tonight!

and nobody commented on this??

2005-09-24 22:22:07
164.   confucius
157. I agree. He just hasn't been as good as he really is so far in the big leagues this year. I think he'll be great next year coming out of spring on the 25 man.
2005-09-24 22:22:43
165.   oldbear
Over/Under on Hee Seop Choi starts these final 8 games?

I vote 3 starts.

I can see Myrow, Saenz stealing some time from Chopper this week. Better yet, Choi will be pinch hit for on Korean-American night.

2005-09-24 22:23:22
166.   King of the Hobos
Unless the A's rally and come back, it looks like I'm officially an Indians fan for the next month.

Is it some sort of sign that Alvarez's final stand marks the end of the 2005 Dodgers?

2005-09-24 22:24:31
167.   Bob Timmermann
Isn't Korean-American night Tuesday? Tracy would pull Choi if Buddy Groom came in? Ugh.
2005-09-24 22:27:32
168.   das411
161 I meant both leagues Bob. That should keep you busy for maybe 30 seconds more...

Some random discussion topics:

When Carpenter's arm falls off again and Pujols has the inevitable "off-year", does Milwaukee make the playoffs next year?

Craig Biggio has 24 home runs on the year, NINE Indians have 15+ HRs, the only other team to do is...this year's Rangers, and this is the year homers were supposed to be down?!?

Can Bartolo Colon now say that he has won 20+ games for -one team, -two teams, -three teams, some combination of those...?

If Dontrelle Willis were a Dodger, where in the batting order would he be?

(I'm almost afraid to see how that last one is answered...)

2005-09-24 22:27:38
169.   King of the Hobos
Anyone have any guesses who will start the last game of the season? It's suppose to be Weaver, but assuming the Padres have clinched, he'll hang up his cleats on Tuesday. Dessens? Broxton? Sanchez? Brazoban? Osoria? Hanrahan?
2005-09-24 22:30:12
170.   King of the Hobos
168 Considering some of the "talent" Weaver had playing ahead of him in the line up, Tracy would probably just stick to tradition (or clean up, it's a toss up)
2005-09-24 22:31:08
171.   Bob Timmermann
It doesn't really matter how many AL teams are better than the Padres though.

There should be at least 3 teams with better records than the Padres that don't make the playoffs.

The Yankees/Red Sox loser, Oakland, and Minnesota.

2005-09-24 22:31:47
172.   Bob Timmermann
Why wouldn't Weaver start the last game of the season unless he was hurt?
2005-09-24 22:33:52
173.   Louis in SF
156 Bob thanks for the quick math, I sorta thought that we would have to lose to the D-backs, but I guess to see and hear the pain of the Giants would be worth it. Also if we get a better draft position that would be worth if for me...In fairness to Tracy if he is auditioning Myrow for a pinch hitting role, could we infer that Choi is guranteed a platoon spot at 1st with either Saenz or someone else next year.
2005-09-24 22:35:11
174.   Bob Timmermann
Tracy might like Brian Myrow, but he's going to have a great spring training or have someone get hurt to get a spot on the team.
2005-09-24 22:35:54
175.   King of the Hobos
172 I thought we'd learned not to question Tracy's motives. From today's notes:

Tracy also announced Saturday that if the Dodgers' season finale does not impact the outcome of the National League West race, Jeff Weaver will not start

Maybe DePo told Tracy not to start him so we can piss off Boras?

2005-09-24 22:36:09
176.   oldbear
166. I'm going to root for the Indians also. I'll also be rooting for the White Sox to NOT make the playoffs.

In the NL I'll be rooting for the Astros. I'm just sentimental about the old guys like Roger Clemons, and Brett Favre that make you pull for them to dominate even at their old ages. And I think the Astros with their pitching could give the Cards fits.

2005-09-24 22:42:01
177.   tibbar
Speaking of the last game of the season. I hope that there is a good match up. I have tickets to all three games in San Diego. I hope the streak of Padres losing when I go to there games continues.
2005-09-24 22:43:07
178.   das411
171 Yeah but by my count there are THIRTEEN teams in the majors with more wins than SD and they could theoretically run the table and win the whole thing. Has anything remotely like this ever happened before??
2005-09-24 22:46:41
179.   Bob Timmermann
Well, no it hasn't obviously because the Padres are a historically weak division champ it looks like. Although they could still match the Mets 82 wins from 1973.

In 1973, 8 teams (from both leagues) had better records than the Mets.

2005-09-24 22:53:44
180.   King of the Hobos
Looks like Sergio Pedroza gets bored quickly and can fall asleep during a photo shoot

2005-09-24 23:00:26
181.   Steve
This is irony on so many different levels:

2005-09-24 23:15:58
182.   Linkmeister
That Nen story is quite something. Reminds me a little of another Giants pitcher: Dravecky.

But I didn't get this reference: "like Doyle Brunson at the tables at Binion's, or Gary Cooper in the streets of Hadleyville"

High Noon I get, but who/what the heck is the first reference? Are my pop culture skills failing me, or is this so obscure that I needn't feel dumb?

2005-09-24 23:17:12
183.   Bob Timmermann
Doyle Brunson is a professional poker player.
2005-09-24 23:46:05
184.   Linkmeister
Ah, thank you, Bob. Since I once asked the question "why is it a spectator sport?" you can assume I don't watch it on TV. Now I know.

2005-09-24 23:54:45
185.   Clive Clements
Ugh. I caught this at the end of the yahoo game recap: "Regarding the Dodgers' difficult season, Perez said, 'It's been tough for everyone in this clubhouse. We don't have the same chemistry as last year.'" Just add an "Indeed" to the end of that, and Plaschke's got the intro to his next column.
2005-09-25 00:44:08
186.   jpeace
does a losing team ever have good chemistry?
2005-09-25 07:10:59
187.   Vishal
can tracy manage to be blamed for the chemistry, or has that argument already been preempted by the GM's personnel changes?

ps. [165] - under. also, choi's lucky webb is starting on tuesday; he might have a chance. if it was a lefty, he doesn't start for sure, korean american night be damned.

2005-09-25 08:36:44
188.   Sam DC
Someone mentioned upthread that the Nationals would want Wilsont to get as many RBIs as possible to enhance his value on the FA market. The Post gamestory today confirms: "Robinson even talked to outfielder Preston Wilson about sitting out, but Wilson, a free agent at year's end, wants to reach 90 RBI. He has 84 now. 'I can respect that,' Robinson said."

It's not that Robinson doesn't believe in numbers, I guess, he just has a particular view of what numbers matter for what purpose.

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