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Partial Credits
2005-09-27 11:39
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Dodger VORP Leaders (pitching excluded), according to Baseball Prospectus:

1) Jeff Kent, 63.0 (626 plate appearances)
2) J.D. Drew, 31.1 (311)
3) Milton Bradley, 23.7 (316)
4) Jose Cruz, Jr., 19.5 (159)
5) Olmedo Saenz, 19.4 (342)
6) Antonio Perez, 17.8 (272)
7) Hee Seop Choi, 13.9 (359)
8) Ricky Ledee, 13.0 (262)
9) Willy Aybar, 12.8 (81)
10) Jayson Werth, 10.8 (382)

Three of the top 10 have spent the entire season with the Dodgers, four have gotten a half-season's worth of plate appearances.

Aybar and Cruz currently have higher VORP rates than Kent. Aybar's rate is 10th in baseball among those with 10 or more plate appearances.

Continued ...

11) Dioner Navarro, 9.5 (181)
12) Jeff Weaver, 5.5 (76)
13) Oscar Robles, 5.1 (382)
14) Bryan Myrow, 1.6 (16)
15) Cesar Izturis, 1.3 (478)
16) Paul Bako, 1.2 (47)
17) Brad Penny, 1.1 (61)
18) Jason Phillips, 1.1 (433)
19) Derek Lowe, 1.0 (74)
20) Jason Repko, 1.0 (283)

Myrow making more cumulative offensive contributions than Izturis. Hmm ...

* * *

Ross Porter is sitting in for Fred Roggin today on 1540 AM between 2 and 4 p.m.

Update: David Singer, executive producer for "The Big Show with Mason and Ireland" on 710 AM, said that Paul DePodesta will be interviewed at 3:25 p.m.

Comments (284)
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2005-09-27 11:50:06
1.   Bob Timmermann
Random Dodger Game Callback

September 27, 1957

The Milwaukee Braves had long clinched the National League pennant and the Brooklyn Dodgers were just playing out the string as Philadelphia rookie Jack Sanford went the distance to pick up his 19th win of the season, defeating the Dodgers, 3-2, at Connie Mack Stadium. The Dodgers were 83-69 and 11 games behind the Braves. They would split their final two games to finish 84-70 and 11 games out.

Brooklyn manager Walter Alston started rookie right-hander Bill Harris. The Phillies got two runs in the second. Granny Hamner singled and Bob Bowman followed with a walk. Ted Kazanski singled in a run. Then Joe Lonnett grounded into a force play to score another run. Willie Jones homered in the sixth for the Phillies third run. Sandy Koufax pitched one inning of shutout relief.

Sanford had a shutout going with two outs in the ninth. He gave up a double to Gino Cimoli and Sandy Amoros homered to right to make it 3-2. Sanford struck out nine in the game to bring his season total to 188, most in the league. The top three strikeout pitchers in the NL in 1957 were all rookies: Sanford and Moe Drabowsky and Dick Drott of Chicago.

The newspapers in Los Angeles and New York were more interested in where the Dodgers would play in 1958. The Los Angeles Times had stories where Los Angeles city officials wondered if the necessary approvals to get the Dodgers land to build a stadium. The New York Times had stories about attempts by New York officials making last ditch efforts to get the Dodgers to stay. The City of Los Angeles announced that its float in the Rose Parade would depict a fanciful baseball scene. Walter O'Malley and Horace Stoneham floated the idea of expanding the NL to ten teams and adding a team in Seattle (and some other unnamed city.)

The 1957 Dodgers were an aging squad. 39-year old Pee Wee Reese moved from shortstop to third base. 36-year old Roy Campanella played his ninth season of over 100 games behind the plate (which tragically would be his last.) Duke Snider, who was a relatively young 31, hit 40 home runs and drove in 92. Gil Hodges hit 27 home runs and drove in 99.

Johnny Podres led the NL in ERA at 2.66 while going 12-9. 21-year old right-hander Don Drysdale went 17-9 with a 2.69 ERA. Clem Labine saved 17 games to lead the NL (although no one knew it at the time).

The wait to see what the disposition of the Dodgers for 1958 would not last long. On October 8, 1957 the Los Angeles City Council agreed to enter into a contract with O'Malley to move the team to Los Angeles. The Dodgers and Giants would soon head west. And so here we are.

Thanks to the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Baseball-Reference, and Retrosheet.

That's all folks. Thank you.

2005-09-27 11:54:40
2.   Jon Weisman
Standing O for Bob!
2005-09-27 11:56:38
3.   Bob Timmermann
Really, I just want polite golf applause.
2005-09-27 11:56:39
4.   Adam M

Hear, hear!


2005-09-27 12:12:48
5.   Eric Enders
Thanks, Bob. These things were great. To be continued next season?
2005-09-27 12:15:08
6.   Vishal
[golf clap]


thanks so much for doing this bob. they were delightful :)

2005-09-27 12:16:58
7.   Bob Timmermann
I don't see how that would work since I wouldn't have anything new to write about the past seasons.
2005-09-27 12:17:38
8.   Eric Enders
Aybar's 1.031 OPS would rank fourth in baseball behind Derrek Lee, Pujols, and ARod, if he had enough at-bats to qualify.

It's a pretty pathetic comment on the Dodgers offense that Aybar, projected to 650 PA, comes out with 214 hits, 99 walks, and yet only 99 runs scored. The 313 times on base would be 67th on the all-time MLB single season list, tied with Babe Ruth and Ted Williams.

2005-09-27 12:18:21
9.   Eric Enders
Well, you could pick different games, right?
2005-09-27 12:20:46
10.   Eric Enders
The Sally League top 20 Prospects came out today, so there's a big color photo of Scott Elbert on the front page right now.

"1. SCOTT ELBERT, lhp, Columbus Catfish (Dodgers)
Age: 20 Ht: 6-2 Wt: 190 B-T: L-L Drafted/Signed: Dodgers '04 (1)

The Dodgers sent Columbus both of their 2004 first-round picks, Elbert and third baseman Blake DeWitt, and SAL observers were impressed with both. Elbert finished the season in such strong fashion—he went 5-1, 1.96 in his final 12 starts—that he earned top billing on this list as an athletic lefthander with quality pitches and enough control to dominate with them.

As the year progressed, Elbert showed increased ability to harness his 88-93 mph fastball and his power curveball with plenty of depth. His curve doesn't have 12-6 break and sometimes has more sweeping action like a slider, but it's a swing-and-miss pitch that locked up even experienced hitters.

His changeup made great strides and is average at times. One American League scout saw command issues with Elbert's secondary stuff and a mechanical breakdown that left him leaving those pitches up in the zone, but the consensus was that he has the athletic ability to refine and maintain a sound delivery.

"He made quick bats look like palm trees through peanut butter," Greenville manager Chad Epperson said. "He had velocity, mound presence and composure. Early in the year he started to open his shoulder a little, but he cleaned it up, and if he stays in his delivery he has a very bright future.""


"7. BLAKE DeWITT, 3b, Columbus Catfish (Dodgers)
Age: 20 Ht: 5-11 Wt: 170 B-T: L-R Drafted/Signed: Dodgers '04 (1)

DeWitt didn't put up flashy numbers in his first full pro season. Instead, he earned the respect of SAL managers by grinding his way through the season, never letting the game get the better of his pretty lefthanded swing.

DeWitt lets the ball get deep and trusts his hands, allowing him to sting line drives to all parts of the park, though he still needs to learn to pull the ball more. He showed the ability to make adjustments, such as better recognizing breaking balls, allowing him to bat .312 over his final 47 games before a late promotion to high Class A. His defense at third base, a new position for him as a pro, wasn't consistent, and one scout mentioned a move to second base could be in his future.

"I liked his approach and I liked his swing," an AL scout said. "He has hands that work, but the power always will be a little suspect because of his size.""

2005-09-27 12:23:28
11.   DaveP
Can someone please explain to me how Jason Grabowski is on the Dodger active roster, let alone the 40 man?

His VORP this year is -7.6 and in about 300 career at bats he has a whopping .198 batting average. .506 OPS in 120 at bats this year. Horrendous defense. I must be missing something.

2005-09-27 12:24:49
12.   dzzrtRatt
7 You could publish them.

You'd better copyright the concept.

For 2006, you could migrate to another site-- Random Yankee/A's/Cubs game callback. I'm sure many would follow you; while never abandoning DT of course.

2005-09-27 12:25:08
13.   Eric Enders
Grabowski hit the crap out of the ball in Vegas, not that that means much.
2005-09-27 12:26:58
14.   dzzrtRatt
How many of Saenz, Cruz, Jr., & Ledee do you think we'll be able to keep? How many does DePo want to keep?
2005-09-27 12:29:56
15.   still bevens
I can see Cruz Jr and Ledee coming back, but only if Ledee can heal properly in the off-season. I still say they should trade Saenz to the AL while his value is still high.
2005-09-27 12:30:09
16.   molokai
From BP today:
Seattle Mariners Breakdown:
"Losers of eight out of 11 are dogged in their resolve to play all 162 games to satisfy the schedule makers. A strong week from Adrian Beltre (.292/.393/.583) can't disguise his disappointing overall batting line (.256/.304/.418 overall), but with 4.7 WARP1 on an $11.2 million salary, he's only overpaid by $826,000 according to Nate Silver's marginal gains formula (being 9 Fielding Runs Above Average saves his bacon)."

Evidently he is fielding like a demon to make up for his hitting woes.

2005-09-27 12:37:53
17.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgers record in RDGCs

Baltimore (old NL version) 1-1
Braves (Boston, Milwaukee, Atlanta) 3-9
Chicago 11-8
Cincinnati 11-3
Cleveland (NL version) 1-1
Detroit (AL) 1-0
Florida 2-0
Giants (NY and SF) 8-6
Houston 1-0
Kansas City (AA) 1-0
Louisville (AA and NL) 1-2
NY Mets 1-3
Montreal 4-0
Philadelphia 3-5
Pittsburgh 11-8
San Diego 2-3
St. Louis (AA and NL) 13-8
Washington (old NL version) 1-1

Most wins by a Dodger pitcher in RDGCs
Nap Rucker and Sandy Koufax - 4

No Dodger pitcher lost more than two.

Most home runs: 3 by Duke Snider, Gil Hodges, Eric Karros and Raul Mondesi

Grand slams: Luis Olmo, Maury Wills, Gary Sheffield

2005-09-27 12:42:14
18.   Vishal
i'm glad the dodgers had a winning record in the RDGC season, at least :)
2005-09-27 12:45:27
19.   Bob Timmermann

Thank the Reds for being bad much of the time.

2005-09-27 12:52:55
20.   Icaros
Are there any big name free-agents the Dodgers can sign off the RDGC market for next year?
2005-09-27 12:57:20
21.   Bob Timmermann

Trevor Hoffman? He's the only active opponent who has a save in a RDGC. He has two of them!

Hoffman can set up for Gagne!

2005-09-27 12:58:10
22.   Icaros
21 I'd prefer Sandy Koufax.
2005-09-27 13:03:36
23.   Marty
I'm guessing Koufax has lost some MPH on his fastball.
2005-09-27 13:05:49
24.   Paul B
Interesting post, Jon. Just to put another spin on the numbers:

Kent (626 PAs) 63 VORP
Izturis (478) 1.3
Phillips (433) 1.1
Robles (382) 5.1
Werth (382) 10.8

Those are our plate appearance leaders for the year. Chalk it up to what you will (act of God, bad GMing, bad managing) but it goes a long way to explaining/understanding why the Dodgers are where they are. A quick check showed that they were the only team in baseball whose 2-4 guys in plate appearances weren't in the top 10 on the team in VORP (and #5 Jayson Werth could still get nudged out of the ten spot by Navarro). I think the Dodgers are also the only squad with only one of its top-10 VORP guys with more than 500 PAs. (San Diego and Rockies have two, SF has three. The Yankees have eight.) A rough season, no matter how you slice it.

2005-09-27 13:08:25
25.   Paul B
In the interest of completeness, 6 of Arizona's top 10 VORP guys have more than 500 PAs.
2005-09-27 13:10:00
26.   Bob Timmermann
Do you think Koufax can "throw his age"?

He's 69 right now.

2005-09-27 13:12:03
27.   Icaros
23, 26 - I was thinking we could transport in a version of Koufax from the early 60s, via Bob's paintbrush.
2005-09-27 13:13:47
28.   kegtron
As usual I'm going to start my apoligizing if this has already been mentioned.

This website has snapshots of ballplayers partying it up. Includes a nice shot of Orlando Cabrera with a handful and Manny being Manny.

2005-09-27 13:14:26
29.   Eric Enders
If Sandy Koufax were here, he might be the only DT member who CAN'T throw his age.
2005-09-27 13:14:54
30.   kegtron
By not my, and those are 3 different posts from the same blog.
2005-09-27 13:15:15
31.   Bob Timmermann
I've been clocked as high as 45 mph on speed guns, so I'm safe for the next six years.
2005-09-27 13:19:14
32.   ElysianPark62
Elbert had bats swinging "like palm trees through peanut butter." I love it! Good one!
2005-09-27 13:29:45
33.   Marty
Hmmm, could I throw 49? I'm relatively sure my arm would fall off if I tried.
2005-09-27 13:34:16
34.   Icaros
I'll have to increase my velocity one MPH in about six weeks. Hope I can do it.
2005-09-27 13:38:18
35.   Marty
I was thinkning the same thing. I'll need to break the 50 mph barrier in a couple months. Not exactly Chuck Yeager territory.
2005-09-27 13:44:13
36.   Adam M
16 - Further proving there is little shame in being outbid by Bill Bavasi...who is rapidly racking up an incredible track record of bad FA signings: Mo Vaughn, Spiezio (who scarcely fogged a mirror during his M's tenure), Aurilia (ditto), Beltre, ye gods. Richie Sexson, perhaps the only bright spot, nonetheless remains one checkswing away from retirement for the rest of his career. Bavasi also traded Carlos Guillen for effectively a bag of balls, and traded for a gimpy Omar Vizquel.
2005-09-27 13:53:51
37.   Howard Fox
Just curious, but what is Junior's batting average, OBP, OPS since coming to the Dodgers?

Do you think he will be here next year?

2005-09-27 13:54:17
38.   King of the Hobos
10 As a continuation of that, the yet to be "released" FSL rankings have another Dodger at #1

1. Andy Laroche
5. Matt Kemp
8. Justin Orenduff
10. Tony Abreu
11. Chin-lung Hu
17. Chuck Tiffany

(change "sal" in the SAL rankings to "fsl" to get these)

2005-09-27 13:58:57
39.   Bob Timmermann
Today in the playoffs:

Teams that could be eliminated tonight:
Mets (with a loss or Houston win)
Oakland (with a loss)
Arizona (with a loss and a Padres win)
Florida (with a loss or Houston win)

The Dodgers magic number to avoid fifth place is 2.

The Dodgers chances of moving into second aren't great unless they sweep Arizona since the DBacks play the Giants the final weekend.

2005-09-27 14:02:01
40.   Icaros

.329/.409/.579 - .988 OPS

2005-09-27 14:02:40
41.   Sam DC
Thanks again, Bob. Learned alot on RDGCTV this season.

Gigantor gets the start for DC tonight.

2005-09-27 14:03:12
42.   King of the Hobos
I can throw my age. I could probably throw twice my age. That's not saying much though...
2005-09-27 14:05:13
43.   King of the Hobos
41 Last time that was anounced, Bergmann was named starter hours before the game started. says [tba], I'll just assume they haven't heard either way
2005-09-27 14:10:24
44.   Sam DC
43 This is what I was looking at:

(It's a story on for the tinyurl blocked.)

2005-09-27 14:13:11
45.   Bob Timmermann
For the Dodgers to finish in second, they need one of the following scenarios:

Scenario A:
Dodgers sweep Arizona and San Diego (76-86)
Padres win at least 2 of 3 against Giants and then Diambondbacks sweep Giants (75-87 for both AZ and SF). If the Padres win three straight then then the Giants could conceivably finish fourth (LA 76-86, AZ 75-87, SF 74-88)

Scenario B:
Dodgers win 2 of 3 against Arizona and sweep San Diego (75-87)
Padres win next 3 against the Giants and Giants lose 2 of 3 to Arizona.

Then LA, SF, and AZ tie for second at 75-87.

I'm thinking that the best the Dodgers can hope for is third place behind the Giants.

2005-09-27 14:14:32
46.   Bob Timmermann
If the Dodgers were to finish second, the Padres would win the division with a losing record.
2005-09-27 14:15:44
47.   Adam M
I was going to bring up Wily Mo Pena's recently expressed desire for a trade, but then I looked up Pena's numbers. Never mind. Although you could conceivably Sosa-ize him, it's not a gamble I'd like to take with this team, and a 5:1 K:BB ratio is a pretty steep mountain to climb. What are they putting in the water in Cincy?
2005-09-27 14:17:58
48.   D4P
Doesn't the Dodgers' position in the draft depend upon their record? If so, they should be trying to finish as low as possible in the division. Moving up a spot or two appears to be pretty meaningless.
2005-09-27 14:19:06
49.   Adam M
From 44-

"I feel good....For me, I want the season to start right now, but it's almost over. I'm going to keep going the last five games and improve the numbers." -- Cristian Guzman






2005-09-27 14:20:16
50.   blue22
48 - Also, waiver priority if we want Matsui. We're 3 games in front of Seattle, who would be our chief competitor for his services if the Yankees decide to pass on extending him.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-09-27 14:34:14
51.   Bob Timmermann
But 45 and 46 are some high quality math!
2005-09-27 14:38:15
52.   LAT
I assume we are talking 60'6". The only way I could throw my age or twice my age is if I got in Dr. Emmett Brown's DeLorian.

Bob, thanks for all the RDCBs. The ones that happened while I was kid brought back some special memories. In addition to RDCB, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for how much you have added to DT. After Jon, you clearly have the highest DT VORP. Your posts are always informative and pure class. You are one of the reasons this site is such a pleasure.

2005-09-27 14:40:14
53.   LAT
It would help if I used the correct initials: "RDGC"
2005-09-27 14:45:10
54.   Icaros
Good idea, LAT. I want to see the DT VORP. I hope I'm not in Izturis territory.
2005-09-27 14:45:10
55.   Bob Timmermann

Thank you. Just don't ask me about Jim Bowden or Frank Robinson.

Then my demeanor changes.

2005-09-27 14:50:20
56.   Marty
54 If you are Icaros, we'll trade you to a nationals blog before your perceived value drops.
2005-09-27 14:51:35
57.   Vishal
in case any body is interested, canadian fist-pumper extraodinaire eric gagne threw today on flat ground in the outfield. they say he might be back for spring training.
2005-09-27 14:52:31
58.   Icaros
56 But I don't want to go to a Nationals blog! What I may lack in "weird statistics" I more than make up for in heart and soul!
2005-09-27 14:52:42
59.   ElysianPark62
I would LOVE to see Matsui here. The Blue needs a power bat to protect Kent, and he is near the top of my list. However, I am not optimistic that the Yankees would dare let him go. There are few other OF's available, certainly not good power OF's, and the Yankees have precious little to trade for one.
2005-09-27 14:53:15
60.   Icaros
57 No, I don't think that interests anyone around here :-)
2005-09-27 14:54:00
61.   King of the Hobos
57 He says he'll be ready for the World Baseball Classic. I'm going to assume "they" know more than he does
2005-09-27 14:54:08
62.   LAT
54. No way Icaros. You get special VORP points because you knew who our favorite sportscaster looks like.

55. Does that mean Russ Ortiz's is off your list?

2005-09-27 14:54:36
63.   dagwich
I would be happy being a replacement level DT poster. Not toolsy or patient enough.
2005-09-27 14:56:17
64.   blue22
59 - Matsui is a nice fit. Not spectacular, but could be solid protection behind Kent.

I think his contract situation has too many hurdles to land him here though.

2005-09-27 14:56:34
65.   Vishal
did anyone listen to the depodesta interview?
2005-09-27 14:58:12
66.   LAT
65. No but I would have liked to have seen Ross Porter conduct that interview instead of the Mason and Ireland clowns.
2005-09-27 15:01:03
67.   Steve
58 -- the Nationals blogs are far smarter than the Nationals.
2005-09-27 15:05:24
68.   blue22
65 - Isn't it still 20 minutes away?
2005-09-27 15:06:41
69.   Adam M
64 - Is Matsui leaving the Yankees a realistic possibility? I thought they were pretty happy with him, and his heart, leadership, grit, work ethic, run production, character, clutch hitting, clubhouse presence, etc. Bernie Williams to the Dodgers seems more likely, not that I'd advocate that.
2005-09-27 15:10:27
70.   Adam M
Ross Porter + "in your face" sound effects = unhappy listener

Yaiee, that's bad radio.

2005-09-27 15:11:08
71.   Bob Timmermann
I think I can leave Russ Ortiz to the good people of Arizona who have him for three more seasons. He's suffered enough.

As for Bowden, here's what Claudio Vargas said in the 9/15/05 Arizona Republic:
"People tell me that the GM they have now, Jim Bowden, he's crazy," Vargas said. "He doesn't think before he does a lot of things."

This ran in the Washington Post in Decemebr of 2004:
Bowden's reputation with his staff, and in baseball, was that of someone who would try anything. He hired Jonathan Niednagel of an organization called the Brain Type Institute to analyze his players' tendencies, to determine who might make good coaches, something other clubs followed. Niednagel quickly respected Bowden's intellect.

"I refer to him as the Mozart of GMs," Niednagel said. "He's ahead of his time. He sees things most people do not see. He's sort of a Bill Gates type. . . .

"We could take 10 people in a room and lay out some evidence, and maybe six of us will sit around and talk about it all day, and four of us will get it in less than half a day and be able to get out and implement it. Jim, as quickly as anybody I've seen, will digest the information and see whether it's substantive. He's supremely strategic."

2005-09-27 15:12:44
72.   Steve
71 -- oh yeah, Bowden has a death grip on "reality"
2005-09-27 15:15:09
73.   Adam M
Porter gives Weisman props!
2005-09-27 15:16:20
74.   Steve
Why didn't we just play Brad Penny at first base for three weeks?
2005-09-27 15:16:59
75.   Telemachos
I've been away for a bit, so my apologies if this has already been discussed to death:

with Burnett's reject slam of the Marlins (and their announcement that they won't make any effort to resign him) --

(a) what does this say about the Marlins and their "Heart and Soul"? (assuming Burnett's mistake was merely telling the media and that he's not completely mistaken)

(b) do his comments hurt his FA value?


(c) does this increase the Dodgers' chance at making a bid for him?

(d) would McCourt risk another "bad apple" by going after Burnett?

2005-09-27 15:20:50
76.   Bob Timmermann

(a) The Marlins are a happy bunch when they win and an unhappy bunch when they lose. Like nearly every team
(b) Probably not
(c) No difference
(d) I doubt Burnett is a "bad apple" as more of an injury threat and a guy who walks too many

2005-09-27 15:22:07
77.   Icaros
No way Icaros. You get special VORP points because you knew who our favorite sportscaster looks like.

That's still my favorite night in Dodger Thoughts history.

2005-09-27 15:26:11
78.   LAT
77. Agreed. My favorite part was when Jim went to look her up on a work computer. I felt bad but it was funny. Christina sure made it interesting.

That was also around the time of the Marty aspargus discussion. Anther good thread.

2005-09-27 15:27:14
79.   Icaros
Bob's poster value is really high right now, but he's about to turn 40. If we send him to another blog, maybe in a package with his cousin Jim Hitchcock, I bet we could get enough top-notch prospects to last us twenty years.
2005-09-27 15:28:13
80.   Bob Timmermann
So I'm about the right age for the McCovey Chronicles is what you're saying?
2005-09-27 15:31:54
81.   Icaros
80 We're not trading you to a division rival, Bob. I'm thinking an AL team where you can be a DH (or DP).
2005-09-27 15:33:32
82.   Adam M
Somebody get Ken Rosenthal a Kleenex.
2005-09-27 15:33:58
83.   Bob Timmermann
Oh no, that means I'm going to Baltimore!
2005-09-27 15:34:59
84.   Icaros
83 I hear there are some really nice places to live in Maryland.
2005-09-27 15:35:49
85.   Marty
Baltimore blogs this year were probably pretty fun. They have a lot to complain about.
2005-09-27 15:36:38
86.   Adam M
Crab cakes and football, that's what Maryland does!
2005-09-27 15:37:54
87.   Marty
Baltimore is a very interesting city. A lot of nice old buildings. The two stadiums are nice too. They also have some of the worst slums I've ever seen. If you go down by Anapolis, it's beautiful.
2005-09-27 15:38:40
88.   LAT
85. Marty, signing Sosa, they get what they deserve. That said, what's for dinner?
2005-09-27 15:39:43
89.   Bob Timmermann
Did anyone see the story in the LA Times California section about how the mayor of Anaheim and members of the City Council haven't attended an Angels game all year and they say they will continue their boycott in the postseason.

Gotta admire their perserverance. But they could be getting some sweet tickets!

2005-09-27 15:39:52
90.   Marty
Make that Annapolis
2005-09-27 15:40:08
91.   Steve
If Bob goes to the AL, he won't blog as well. Arm angles or something.
2005-09-27 15:40:49
92.   Adam M
85 - Lee Mazzilli alone is worth a season's worth of complaints.
2005-09-27 15:41:54
93.   Marty
LAT, probably something easy, like grilled chicken. Friends of mine have been raving about Lost, so I bought the first season on DVD and have been watching it the last few nights (ignoring the Dodgers!). That show grows on you.
2005-09-27 15:42:08
94.   blue22
85 - No doubt. This Baltimore season was

- new rivalry with the Nationals
- Raffy's finger waving at Congress
- Sosa in orange
- the hot start
- Raffy going for 3000/600
- Raffy getting busted for roids
- Mazzilli getting axed
- Burnett's near trade
- Ponson getting busted/released
- Sosa's brutal decline
- Raffy selling out Tejada and getting banished from the team

Did I miss anything?

2005-09-27 15:43:30
95.   Icaros
Do you guys think we could get Tejada for Bob?
2005-09-27 15:44:45
96.   Adam M
88- Saddest stat of the year?

Sammy Sosa with the Orioles (BA OBP SLG OPS):
.221 .295 .376 .671

Jerry Hairston with the Cubs:
.261 .336 .368 .704

2005-09-27 15:44:49
97.   Marty
95 With or without the B12 injector with the kung fu grip?
2005-09-27 15:45:31
98.   LAT
93. I have never seen Lost and my cousin is a writer for the show. Maybe after the season is "offically" over.

94. Nice quick summary. And I thought we had it bad.

2005-09-27 15:46:18
99.   Icaros
97 Either or. We need our own cheater to compete with Bonds.
2005-09-27 15:46:43
100.   Adam M
94 - Brian Roberts hitting the wall:

.345 .416 .591 1.007

.274 .351 .419 .770

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-09-27 15:47:46
101.   Marty
Once again Dodger Thoughts has made me incredibly productive at work. I'm waiting for them to block the URL.
2005-09-27 15:49:38
102.   Steve
It's 3:50. Was there any sign of Paul DePodesta?
2005-09-27 15:52:07
103.   DaveP
102 - he was definitely on, but I turned the radio on just as the interview was ending and they were asking if he used his computer to catch his wife.. doubt I missed anything substantive.
2005-09-27 15:52:11
104.   Icaros
102 I heard he got caught up in a wicked game of Dungeons and Dragons.
2005-09-27 15:53:45
105.   dzzrtRatt
He was on earlier. I heard part of it. Mostly anodyne stuff. He denied the charge that he chose his wife after reviewing a spreadsheet on his laptop. On a more serious note, he said the free agent pickings are slim this off-season, so he wouldn't predict what kinds of players he was going to pursue, if any. He sounded relaxed, in it for the long term, not henpecked by Jamie at all. Maybe he's a good liar, but I don't see him resigning out of misery.

If he addressed Jim Tracy, I missed it.

2005-09-27 15:58:48
106.   dzzrtRatt
More DePo:

He said Gagne is on track to be available for all of next year. But Izzy will return in July at the earliest, possibly as late as September. He said he liked and was confident in Robles, but didn't commit to him being the starter at short. Didn't hear AP's name come up as an alternative. (I think AP as a starter at any position next year for any team is a DT-land fantasy, but that's an editorial comment.)

2005-09-27 16:00:25
107.   dzzrtRatt
Ireland had a dumb question about building a team around one player. Who is that one player, he asked. DePo said you need a foundation of 4-5 players. Per DePo, for 2005, they were supposed to be: Kent, Drew, Bradley, Gagne, Penny, Lowe and Weaver.
2005-09-27 16:05:31
108.   Marty
What is it with media's seeming amazement/incomprehension with the idea of a spreadsheet? They've been common in business since the early 80's. Using laptops and spreadsheets does not a computer nerd make. They need to come up with something better to mock. And I work in the media!
2005-09-27 16:07:00
109.   Steve
They need to come up with something better to mock.

Like chemistry

2005-09-27 16:11:36
110.   Marty
They actually mock lack of chemistry :)

I could have been clearer also. The media seems to mock new-fangled technologies/ideas. Laptop computers and spreadsheets are hardly new.

2005-09-27 16:11:57
111.   blue22
Does Tracy's 7 day window to opt out start at the end of the regular season, or the post-season?
2005-09-27 16:13:57
112.   FirstMohican
108 - I'd guess in a number of years the media will be over it.

Sometimes I think that the sports media is really out of touch with fans, but then I remember Dodger Talk callers, so maybe they're perfectly in touch with a number of them.

2005-09-27 16:19:49
113.   Adam M
110 - If I understand correctly, Plaschke, Simers, Adande, etc. don't work out of the downtown Times office, but primarily telecommute. I have a feeling they're not dictating their pieces or using Telex. In private, they and DePo probably swap notes on whether the OpenOffice 2.0 beta is ready to supplant MS Office.
2005-09-27 16:25:12
114.   bigcpa
Anyone else laugh out loud at this Tracy-ism in today's Times?

"I have a very good job right now," he said. "I have no interest in pursuing anything unless the out clause is exercised."

An outsider reading this would have no clue that Tracy is the one holding the out clause.

2005-09-27 16:27:09
115.   blue22
114 - "I love my job, unless I decide to quit, at which point I hate my job."
2005-09-27 16:29:45
116.   bigcpa
115- Excellent translation. Let me try:

"I feel good going into next week knowing I'm in position to quit."

2005-09-27 16:31:16
117.   Adam M
Translation: "My contract legally prohibits me from exploring other jobs for several more days!" Which is true.
2005-09-27 16:32:01
118.   Icaros
"I will be managing the Dodgers next year, unless I am not managing the Dodgers next year."
2005-09-27 16:34:14
119.   the OZ
Anybody have a great route to the Stadium from the 10 FWY? I've moved from Simi Valley to Westwood, and want to find the 'best' route.


2005-09-27 16:35:44
120.   Marty
113 No, they are in the office quite often. The TV studio is there for one thing.
2005-09-27 16:37:33
121.   Steve
The TV studio is there for one thing.


2005-09-27 16:37:59
122.   bigcpa
- 10 to 110 N
- Stay to the right- "Downtown exits"
- Exit 3rd St back over fwy
- Right on Beaudry
- Left on Sunset
- Right on Elysian Park
- Enter far left and park in 23 for easy out on Sunset
2005-09-27 16:39:47
123.   Marty
122 Those are great instructions. The hardest part is step 1.
2005-09-27 16:39:51
124.   King of the Hobos
111 It starts Monday
2005-09-27 16:41:17
125.   the OZ
122 - sincere thanks.
2005-09-27 16:41:17
126.   Steve
122 -- That's how I go.
2005-09-27 16:42:48
127.   bigcpa
124- OK, alt. route:

- Venice east
- Left on Fig
- Left on 3rd

but I take 10E at 6pm 80% of the time.

2005-09-27 16:44:47
128.   bigcpa
126- I thought you were in a different time zone?
2005-09-27 16:46:26
129.   King of the Hobos
So far after 2 innings, Gigantor is beating the D-Train 4-0. Heart & Soul struck out with 2 on and 1 out in the 2nd. Hitting behind him in the 8 spot, Willis walked. Maybe they should be switched...
2005-09-27 16:48:30
130.   Steve
I am everywhere, and nowhere.

Heart&Soul = available in limited quantities from April to August 15 only.

2005-09-27 16:49:26
131.   blue22
129 - Marlins 2nd baseman Mike Lowell commits a costly error with two out.

Who da thunk?

2005-09-27 16:52:52
132.   Marty
Florida already has 3 errors and it's only the third inning.
2005-09-27 16:54:12
133.   Marty
Lo Duca's OPS is a cool .550 this month.
2005-09-27 16:56:11
134.   blue22
132 - That will happen when you have a 3B playing 2B, a LF playing 3B, a DH playing 1B, and a muscular, blood-pumping organ playing catcher.
2005-09-27 16:58:19
135.   natepurcell
as a prelude to the jacksonville 5, we give you the vero beach 6:

2005-09-27 16:59:01
136.   blue22
And that doesn't even consider that D-Train and his .601 OPS has hit 8th, 7th, and 8th in his last 3 starts.
2005-09-27 16:59:54
137.   Adam M
133 - Color me shocked. Thankfully, Lo Duca has the good manners to delay his annual collapses until after most of the hack baseball writers have already packed it in.
2005-09-27 17:01:33
138.   Steve
LoDuca is like the Green Corn Tamales at El Cholo, except they last through October.
2005-09-27 17:05:14
139.   Bob Timmermann
I'm afraid to check out Bronx Banter.

Al Leiter has come in to relieve Mike Mussina in the 2nd with Baltimore up 5-1.

2005-09-27 17:05:30
140.   Adam M
Q: What do Lo Duca and public pools have in common?
2005-09-27 17:08:44
141.   Steve
I don't know. What do Lo Duca and public pools have in common?
2005-09-27 17:09:25
142.   Bob Timmermann
Tommy N is going to be very very angry at our Lo Duca bashing.

I just hope he expresses his displeasure at a time other than 3 am.

2005-09-27 17:11:19
143.   D4P
Interestingly enough:

Choi's OPS in September

Prior to 2005


2005-09-27 17:11:41
144.   Bob Timmermann
2-1 Detroit over Chicago in the 5th
5-1 Baltimore over New York in the 2nd
1-0 Tampa Bay over Cleveland after 3
3-0 Boston over Toronto in the 4th

Washington get ready to apply the coup de grace to the Marlins, leading 6-0 in the 4th.

Mets leading the Phillies 3-0 in the 3rd. I can hear the booing from here.

2005-09-27 17:16:11
145.   Adam M
141 - Come Labor Day, they're both drained.
2005-09-27 17:18:15
146.   Bob Timmermann
Almost simultaneously, Greg Zaun and Gary Sheffield hit 2-run homers to make it 3-2 Boston over Toronto and 5-3 Baltimore over New York.

I'm not sure that the game in Baltimore will finish before the Dodgers-Dbacks game does.

2005-09-27 17:18:57
147.   Bob Timmermann
And Julio Lugo hit a 3-run homer to put Tampa Bay up 4-0 in Cleveland.
2005-09-27 17:19:04
148.   bigcpa
Ugh- Lugo 3-run shot. 4-0 TB. The Tribe are the key to my Yankee-less playoff fantasy.
2005-09-27 17:20:46
149.   natepurcell
we need more prospect talk.

anyone else mad that denker didnt even make the SAL top 20 even though he hit 310/417/556 as a 19 yr old?

2005-09-27 17:23:37
150.   Bob Timmermann
A Cleveland-NY tiebreaker would be played in Cleveland.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-09-27 17:24:06
151.   b1ued0dger
2005-09-27 17:27:24
152.   blue22
AL Cy Young Watch:

Good ol' Ryne Sandberg chimes in on the AL Cy Young (among other awards):

He mentions Garland (17-10) and Colon, before ultimately giving it to Buehrle. Apparently Colon hasn't been as consistent as Buehrle (who is 6-7, with an ERA around 4 since the ASB, but who's counting).

No mention of Johan Santana. You may have heard of him - defending Cy Young winner, leads the majors in strikeouts, leads the AL in QS's and OppBA, and is 2nd (for now) in ERA.

Santana against the Royals at the HHH tonight.

Colon might have one more "tune-up" start, albeit against the Rangers in Texas most likely.

Rivera doesn't look to gain any ground tonight considering 139.

2005-09-27 17:34:00
153.   Adam M
Speaking of Cy Young, one should note the irony of Clemens possibly losing a Cy Young due to his poor W-L record and run support, after winning an award for basically those reasons a few years ago.
2005-09-27 17:40:51
154.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees and Orioles pitchers have already combined to throw over 150 pitches and there are no outs in the fourth inning.
2005-09-27 17:47:40
155.   Bob Timmermann
Rivera could see some action.

It's 7-5 Yankees now after a Sheffield slam.

2005-09-27 17:52:37
156.   Bob Timmermann
Bruce Chen of the Orioles has thrown 98 pitches through just four innings.
2005-09-27 17:54:38
157.   FirstMohican

A vote for Santana 2nd in ERA 1st in ERC, DIPS, Quality Starts, and K's per game...

Too bad he doesn't get the run support Colon does (+1.3 R/G), or he'd probably have 20 wins too.

2005-09-27 18:02:06
158.   Bob Timmermann
Special Weisman alert:

Joe Borchard pinch-hitting for the White Sox!

2005-09-27 18:03:16
159.   dzzrtRatt
155 My goodness, the posters over at Bronx Banter like to curse! They curse at bad news, and at good. The word M------f----- seems to apply to both joy and pain. Kind of like how Aloha means hello and goodbye.
2005-09-27 18:04:35
160.   Bob Timmermann
Tejada RBI single makes it 7-6 Yankees in the 4th.

Aaron Boone singles in a run in Cleveland to put his team on the board, but they still trail Tampa Bay 5-1.

Borchard reached on an infield single to load the bases with one out in the 8th in Detroit with the Tigers ahead of Chicago 3-1.

2005-09-27 18:04:47
161.   confucius
Sonya Lo Duca is the heart and soul of my pants.
2005-09-27 18:06:00
162.   confucius
159. Yankee fans are insane. You have to love that about them.
2005-09-27 18:07:08
163.   Bob Timmermann
With the bases loaded pinch-hitter Geoff Blum (hero of the Padres big May) bounced into a DP to end the inning.

Tampa Bay and Kazmir got out of the 6th with just 1 run scored. It's 5-1 Tampa Bay.

Jay Gibbons hit a 2-run homer off of Al Leiter to make it 8-7 Orioles.

Boston leads Toronto 5-4.

2005-09-27 18:07:46
164.   Bob Timmermann
Mets fans are far angrier than Yankees fans.
2005-09-27 18:09:51
165.   confucius
164. With good reason.
2005-09-27 18:11:15
166.   Bob Timmermann
It's going to be a long night in Baltimore

Here's the line score so far

NYY 102 4
BAL 230 3

2005-09-27 18:13:55
167.   D4P
And how happy tastes like sad.

(That was for you, Bob Timmermann)

2005-09-27 18:14:49
168.   Bob Timmermann

Thanks, except I don't get it.

2005-09-27 18:17:12
169.   Bob Timmermann
Jimmy Rollins got a single to lead off the 7th to keep his hitting streak alive. And he's the tying run at second with one out.
2005-09-27 18:18:18
170.   D4P
When GOB made Michael "taste the sad", and then "taste the happy", Michael indicated that the happy tasted like the sad.
2005-09-27 18:18:56
171.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh, thanks.
2005-09-27 18:22:22
172.   Vishal
hahah, bronx banter is hilarious. those yankee fans sure are a classy lot. nothing like their reputation :)
2005-09-27 18:32:53
173.   Bob Timmermann
Meanwhile back in L.A. ...
2005-09-27 18:33:10
174.   dzzrtRatt
The cliche used to be, "Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for U.S. Steel." Things have changed for U.S. Steel.
2005-09-27 18:35:12
175.   D4P
I wonder why Tracy is finally letting Choi start.
2005-09-27 18:45:25
176.   Vishal
175 well, tonight is korean-american night at dodger stadium. maybe he doesn't want to start a riot :)
2005-09-27 18:47:21
177.   natepurcell
is anyone comfortable with aybar at 3b next year? do you guys want to bring in a vet like randa or mueller?
2005-09-27 18:51:18
178.   Bob Timmermann
White Sox lost 3-2.
Cleveland is trailing 5-3 going to the 9th.

Orioles up 13-7 on the Yankees in the FIFTH (it's still going on.)

2005-09-27 18:51:32
179.   D4P
Maybe McCourt should designate every home game "Korean-American night" next year. That might be the only way (short of firing Tracy) to get HSC into the starting lineup.
2005-09-27 18:52:20
180.   Bob Timmermann
Yankee pitchers have thrown 154 pitches in five innings.
2005-09-27 18:55:37
181.   D4P
Well, Purcey, if Aybar continues OPSing at 1.031, then I would be quite comfortable with him. If he regresses to his AA OPS (around .770?) as you've predicted, then I would be less comfortable.

Did that help?:)

2005-09-27 18:56:35
182.   Vishal
i'm decently comfortable with aybar if we get an upgrade over werth in the outfield and perez gets enough at-bats. i don't really see the appeal of mueller, but if someone comes up with a better idea i'm all ears.
2005-09-27 19:03:27
183.   Steve
I'm more comfortable with Aybar if the other options are Randa or Mueller.
2005-09-27 19:04:29
184.   Bob Timmermann
Cleveland gets its first two runners on base in the 9th against Baez and Tampa Bay.
2005-09-27 19:08:23
185.   Bob Timmermann
Victor Martinez single makes it 5-4. First and 3rd and 1 out.
2005-09-27 19:08:57
186.   Bob Timmermann
Mets beat the Phillies, 3-2.

Braves win the NL East.

2005-09-27 19:09:32
187.   dzzrtRatt
180 This game is destroying Yankee arms they're going to need later this week. Not to mention Torre's confidence in them.

177 Comfortable with Aybar at 3B next year? Depends. What I would need to know is, first, whether Aybar will continue to be anywhere near the kind of leadoff hitter he's been this year so far. If so, that's something we haven't had in a long time. Second, how much power can we expect from others in the lineup? If Kent & Drew are joined by another 1 or 2 power hitters near their level, then it's fine to have Aybar at 3B. If not...I still wouldn't want Mueller or Randa. Mueller has less power than Aybar, and Randa 17 home runs. If those are my choices, stick with Aybar and see if maybe he can at least equal that.

2005-09-27 19:10:50
188.   Bob Timmermann
And Belliard hits into a game-ending DP. Tampa Bay wins 5-4.

Toronto ahead of Boston 6-5.

Could be that all the top AL teams lose tonight. Which is good news only for Chicago.

2005-09-27 19:13:28
189.   Bob Timmermann
Bonds 3, Padres 0 in the 1st.
2005-09-27 19:19:38
190.   Steve
Adam Eaton -- the Poor Man's Jeff Weaver
2005-09-27 19:20:38
191.   natepurcell
choi showing off for his fans.
2005-09-27 19:21:02
192.   Vishal
choi singles! that must've gotten a big cheer. wish i was there to hear it.
2005-09-27 19:21:05
193.   D4P
Choi: 1/4th of the way to the cycle.
2005-09-27 19:21:31
194.   Bob Timmermann
So what's the over/under for the number of hits the Padres get tonight: 4?
2005-09-27 19:24:10
195.   Steve
It improved his September OPS at least
2005-09-27 19:24:18
196.   dzzrtRatt
off Tomko? Got to be more like 8.
2005-09-27 19:24:26
197.   Bob Timmermann
And the Marlins are officially eliminated from the playoffs now.
2005-09-27 19:26:40
198.   Steve
197 -- That's going to be hell on their chemistry.
2005-09-27 19:28:15
199.   Vishal
well i can't stick around to watch, but i hope hee seop hits one out. good night, gentlepersons.
2005-09-27 19:28:43
200.   King of the Hobos
177 I'm comfortable with Aybar, but I'd like to acquire someone like Branyan for the bench if we stay with Aybar. Need someone better than Edwards as backup 3B in case Laroche isn't ready. (Branyan would mean no Myrow. Somehow, I don't seem to mind so much)
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-09-27 19:28:57
201.   Vishal
and good night to steve, too. :)
2005-09-27 19:32:38
202.   Marty
198 The Marlins are kind of bubbling over like the test tubes in my chemistry set when I would pour every ingredient in "just to see what happened"
2005-09-27 19:38:16
203.   Bob Timmermann
The Randy Winn for Governor campaign continues.
2005-09-27 19:42:14
204.   Bob Timmermann
So it's 13-8 Baltimore in the bottom of the 7th.
When did that game start?

The record for a 9-inning game in time is 4:27 done by our beloved Dodgers against the Hateds on October 5, 2001. Dodgers won 11-10. Some guy named Bonds hit some home runs.

2005-09-27 19:58:48
205.   molokai
Angels will coast to the Al West while everyone else wears themselves out. Shouldn't be to difficult to see the Los Angeles Angels headed for the World Series once again. Luckily for me I'm also an Angel fan so if the Tribe can't make it I will have someone to root for.

I'd be comfortable with Aybar at 3b next year if we can't sign Nomar to a one year deal. His BA will regress big time but his eye is for real and his defense has been solid. I like him more as a 2nd baseman but I could live with him at 3b for one year. Funny how our unheralded prospect has just lit it up and made watching the Sept games a little more fun. D Young will be the next prospect to surprise everyone when he switches to the outfield.

2005-09-27 20:04:26
206.   HomeDePo
205 - my dad was born in cleveland so i have more than one reason to root for the tribe
2005-09-27 20:04:33
207.   Steve
This is bizarre. It's a problem coming up with an answer other than "I was an idiot to ever rule it out in the first place, so I have to justify it with some more BS"

2005-09-27 20:25:20
208.   popup
Bob, I just signed in. I know I have said this before but it does bear repeating: your recaps have been one of the best features on what I consider the best baseball website I have seen. Many thanks.

The question about Aybar I think is being answered by Aybar. The guy has talent. I could see that when Vegas visited Tacoma. I would not go out and get someone to take his place. I am very much a believer in bringing along young players and giving them every chance to win a job. I don't think a job should be handed to them, but also I don't want them to be blocked at the major league level. Some of those young players will produce and some of them won't. My cystal ball is not the best. I can't be sure about Aybar, but if I was sure I think it would spoil the fun.

I really don't want the Dodgers to become the Yankees and Red Sox of the National League West. I will be happy if the young players are brought to the big leagues and given a chance to succeed. If the Dodgers take the route of bringing free agents in and trading kids for players with expensive contracts that small market teams can no longer afford, my days as a Dodger fan will be numbered. Vin in his prime could probably keep me interested a team of expensive free agents; I am sure Steiner and Monday can't. These days I am pulling for Cleveland. I would really enjoy a Indian/Dodger World Series with all the good young talent that would be on display.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-09-27 20:38:26
209.   D4P
Steiner talks too much about the Yankees and the Red Sox.
2005-09-27 20:47:12
210.   King of the Hobos
Weaver was pitching around Glaus with Clayton on deck, but he's getting tired. This is the situation where Osoria should be used, should we be playing to win
2005-09-27 20:55:53
211.   Bob Timmermann
The Yankees threw 222 pitches tonight in just 8 innings of work.

The game took 4:16 to play.

2005-09-27 20:57:13
212.   natepurcell
robles is the slowest MI in baseball.
2005-09-27 20:58:27
213.   D4P
That's only because Tracy hasn't played Phillips at 2B or SS yet. But give him time.
2005-09-27 21:02:43
214.   King of the Hobos
Can the Dodgers score a run off the Arizona bullpen?
2005-09-27 21:04:29
215.   Bob Timmermann
You think Robles is slower than Rich Aurilia?
2005-09-27 21:06:48
216.   fanerman
Will Choi finish the season with an OPS over or under 800?
2005-09-27 21:08:30
217.   Uncle Miltie
215- yes
2005-09-27 21:08:48
218.   natepurcell
and why didnt we pitch kuo against tracy?
2005-09-27 21:09:06
219.   Uncle Miltie
Typical Weaver. I thought he was going to end his Dodger career without giving up a bomb.
2005-09-27 21:09:30
220.   D4P
118 pitches for Weaver...might be getting tired?
2005-09-27 21:09:33
221.   King of the Hobos
Yet again, Tracy has kept Weaver in too long. Boras must be livid right now
2005-09-27 21:10:19
222.   Steve
Weaver doesn't get tired. He's bionic.
2005-09-27 21:10:27
223.   natepurcell
actually nevermind, i love what tracy is doing.

tracy is purposely leaving weaver in to get creamed to lower his FA market value. genius tracy.. genius...

2005-09-27 21:10:32
224.   fanerman
Why is Weaver pitching now anyway? 116 pitches? He was over 100 when the inning started. His post-90 pitch struggles are well-documented...

Well, well-documented by us I guess. And that's the point.

2005-09-27 21:10:39
225.   Bob Timmermann
Weaver needs to hit 2 more to tie the team record.

I don't think he'll make it.

2005-09-27 21:12:21
226.   Steve
Why would you even pitch to Tracy? Just walk Tracy and pitch to Luis Terrero, which translated into English is "Jason Repko." Apparently, Clark has already left the game anyway.
2005-09-27 21:12:51
227.   natepurcell
i dont think tracy was ever this good in the minors.. im going to check on that right now.
2005-09-27 21:13:57
228.   Bob Timmermann
Terrero pinch ran for Clark in the 7th once Clark got to third. Because Clark can only run 270 feet unless he hits a home run.
2005-09-27 21:15:09
229.   Bob Timmermann
Last call coming up in Oakland.
2005-09-27 21:15:42
230.   King of the Hobos
223 Anything to piss off Boras. But a note to Boras, this is Tracy's doing, not DePo's. You should give DePo a huge discount on a player of his choice
2005-09-27 21:16:06
231.   Steve
God bless you Ramon Hernandez.
2005-09-27 21:17:04
232.   natepurcell
You should give DePo a huge discount on a player of his choice


2005-09-27 21:17:34
233.   fanerman
230 - Maybe losing Tracy will make Boras happy and inclined to give DePo a discount.
2005-09-27 21:18:10
234.   King of the Hobos
Are only Koreans allowed to get base hits on Korean-American Night? We really should have traded for Park and the Kims to play the outfield
2005-09-27 21:18:27
235.   fanerman
231 - 7 RBI's with 2 swings of the bat. Not only is he hurting the Giants, he's upping his price tag.
2005-09-27 21:19:27
236.   Bob Timmermann

Three swings of the bat. His first RBI was on an Olney ground out.

2005-09-27 21:19:48
237.   natepurcell
navrros looks like hes getting a little tired/beat up.

just another reason why we should keep both martin and navarro through their arby years.

2005-09-27 21:20:33
238.   fanerman
236 - D'oh! I missed that.
2005-09-27 21:20:39
239.   D4P
I thought Heart & Soul was the only catcher that broke down in September.
2005-09-27 21:21:43
240.   fanerman
239 - Are Choi's struggles part of the Curse of the Heart and Soul-ino?
2005-09-27 21:22:14
241.   fanerman
240 should have a September in there somewhere.
2005-09-27 21:22:45
242.   D4P
I've referred in the past to the "Curse of the Del-ino"
2005-09-27 21:22:52
243.   Bob Timmermann

3 teams going to the Big Dance now: St. Louis, Atlanta, L.A. of Anaheim.

2005-09-27 21:24:06
244.   DaveP
at least we're getting a look at this Carrara kid to see what he can do for next year.
2005-09-27 21:24:08
245.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh the old 1-4-6-4 DP!
2005-09-27 21:25:21
246.   Jon Weisman
Congrats to the Angels ...

Couldn't Glaus simply have stood on first base on that play, and if Kent caught the throw from Carrara with his foot on the base, been safe (while Clayton was out)?

2005-09-27 21:26:38
247.   Sam DC
Sorry Steve.
2005-09-27 21:28:23
248.   fanerman
When can the giants be eliminated from the post season?
2005-09-27 21:30:21
249.   D4P
If someone gets on base, will Tracy pinch hit for Choi?
2005-09-27 21:30:59
250.   Louis in SF
ANyone know what DePo said on the "Big SHow"..Did he even hint at anything?
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2005-09-27 21:31:53
251.   fanerman
249 - Probably. There's a young kid named Philips who deserves a show to prove himself in a clutch situation when there's nothing to win but pride and 3rd place.
2005-09-27 21:31:55
252.   Bob Timmermann

Yes, Glaus would have been safe. However, if Kent had caught the ball and tagged Glaus first with his (Kent's) foot off the bag, he (Glaus) would have been out. Then Clayton would have been out after Kent stepped on first.

Glaus had many options. None of them were good.

In Game 7 of the 1960 World Series, Mickey Mantle was on first and did something similar. In 9-8 game, with runners on first and third and one out, Yogi Berra hit a grounder to first baseman Rocky Nelson, who stepped on first and prepared to throw to second to double off Mantle to end the game. But Mantle had dove back into first. And the tying run came across.

Which Bill Mazeroski made irrelevant.

2005-09-27 21:32:46
253.   Bob Timmermann
The Padres magic number is 4. If they win 2 of the 3 remaining games against the Giants that will do it.

The Dodgers magic number now to avoid last is 1.

2005-09-27 21:36:52
254.   Jon Weisman
252 - still, the best bet in that situation is to stay on first and hope the infielder steps on the base first.

I was all set for 18 innings of 0-0 ball. Oh well.

2005-09-27 21:37:13
255.   Bob Timmermann
Escaping fourth place is very unlikely now for the Dodgers.
2005-09-27 21:39:25
256.   Bob Timmermann
I'm heading out to the stadium tomorrow so I want 18 innings of 0-0 ball!
2005-09-27 21:40:25
257.   DaveP
Robles' batting average continues to tumble and could easily end up below .260 at this rate.

I hope his nice showing this year earns him a utility infielder role, but I don't see him providing much value as a starting SS next year.

2005-09-27 21:40:48
258.   King of the Hobos
255 I don't like 4th, but I'm willing to do it for the draft pick. And the offseason waiver priority. And the Rule V (I bet DePo really likes that one)
2005-09-27 21:41:05
259.   fanerman
Maybe Perez can start at SS for awhile then.
2005-09-27 21:43:13
260.   Bob Timmermann
I have a feeling that Perez hurt his hand a bit when he got hit by a pitch Sunday.
2005-09-27 21:43:54
261.   King of the Hobos
257 I didn't listen to the interview, but dzzrtRatt said in 106 "He said he liked and was confident in Robles, but didn't commit to him being the starter at short"

The way he phrased it, it seems like DePo already has him penciled in as the utility player. I wonder if Depo has some amazing trick up his sleeve (or Nomah, whatever)

2005-09-27 21:48:01
262.   Bob Timmermann
J.T. Snow coming up as the potential tying run in San Diego.
2005-09-27 21:48:50
263.   King of the Hobos

'Cesar Izturis doesn't mean to doubt the word of the finest orthopedic surgeons in sports, but he's planning to return well ahead of the their schedule.'

Ummm...yeah. Plenty of time to get him some ABs and trade him to someone desperate. That's assuming we have a SS doing something, otherwise we keep him

"The doctors are surprised," he said. "I have no pain. Some people, they come out of the cast and can barely move. I feel I can do almost anything right now."

Izturis confirmed he had been playing hurt for a while, but anti-inflammatory medication had masked the problem.

"Now I can brush my teeth and brush my hair and it doesn't hurt," he said. "It feels nice and tight, like it's supposed to feel."

He couldn't brush his hair? And no one noticed this? Well, I'm not sure how much hair he has to brush, but that's besides the point

Penny is starting the last game of the season. Yawn. And perez could only pinch run tonight

And some Tracy quotes on the status of Kuo:

"There are cases where they walk out there and throw and immediately show consistency beyond their years," said Tracy. "That's what we're seeing right now."

"You could have had a 17-year veteran, and he couldn't have made a better pitch than he made to Bonds, or a better sequence of pitches," said Tracy. "And that home run might have spearheaded him. We've seen a different guy after the Bonds thing."

2005-09-27 21:49:00
264.   Bob Timmermann
And Snow grounded out to the inning.
2005-09-27 21:50:11
265.   fanerman
The last 2 times up Snow ended the inning with Bonds on deck and runners on.
2005-09-27 21:54:04
266.   Steve
Sam, I came to grips with the fact that the A's couldn't hit about three days after I started watching them.
2005-09-27 21:54:08
267.   Bob Timmermann
Arizona still can win the NL West.
2005-09-27 21:55:49
268.   oldbear
When's the last time an LA Dodger pitcher gave up at least 35 HR's during a season? Did Lima get that last year?

Funny, but I remember 4 distinct Jeff Weaver, late inning, HR giving up games.

--VS Reds- Ryan Freel game. Jacob Cruz hits game tying HR off him in 7th.

--VS Braves-- Adam LaRoche Grand Slam in the 8th.

--vs Giants-- Mike Matheny 3run HR in the 7th

--vs Dbax-- Chad Tracy 2 GW HR in the 8th.

Sayonora Jeff Weaver.

Honestly, in 3-4 years I'll probably have forgotten that Jeff Weaver ever pitched for the Dodgers. Sort of like Dave Mlicki of the mid 90's.

2005-09-27 21:59:27
269.   Steve
From the AP notes:

"Perhaps the most damaging loss for the Dodgers last winter was Adrian Beltre, who signed with Seattle as a free agent after hitting .334 with 121 RBI and a major league-leading 48 homers. His replacements at 3B this season -- Jose Valentin, Olmedo Saenz, Mike Edwards, Robles, Antonio Perez, Manny Aybar and Norihiro Nakamura -- have hit a combined .262 with 10 homers and 59 RBI when playing third."

They do realize that had we replaced Adrian Beltre with Adrian Beltre, it still would have been our most damaging loss of the winter.

And of course, that it's Willy Aybar.

2005-09-27 22:03:55
270.   Bob Timmermann
Padres magic number: 2
2005-09-27 22:05:09
271.   King of the Hobos
269 It was a damaging loss. Notice how it doesn't say "But Beltre would easily be matching his '04 numbers if [insert bad name for DePo] had just given him some money." It was just pointing out the obvious. It's notes, not an opinion article...
2005-09-27 22:05:09
272.   LAT
--VS Braves-- Adam LaRoche Grand Slam in the 8th.

I remember that one. Our resident wife beating, redneck hating center fielder hit a GS in the bottom of the 8th to negate LaRoche's GS. I sure hope we retain him.

2005-09-27 22:06:50
273.   Steve
It was not a damaging loss. Tracy not getting his head out of his ### and playing Antonio Perez everyday there for three months was a damaging loss.
2005-09-27 22:06:51
274.   fanerman
272 - Me, too.
2005-09-27 22:11:35
275.   das411
144 - Mets leading the Phillies 3-0 in the 3rd. I can hear the booing from here.

I caught that one Bob! Wow, our "ace" pitchers the last 3 years have been Millwood, Milton, and now Lieber, and ALL THREE have lost us Wild Cards! Time to start rooting for the Astros.

Does anyone else here pick a team to go all the way in the playoffs, just to grow out a playoff beard all October?

2005-09-27 22:41:27
276.   King of the Hobos
273 How is losing 48 (38 rather) homers not a damaging loss? Losing his '04 stats was a loss, no Dodger at 3B this year (Perez included) could not have matched '04. Nor could just about anyone not named Pujols. Statistically, it was a damaging loss.
2005-09-27 22:54:26
277.   Steve
276 -- then we agree.
2005-09-27 23:09:25
278.   LAT
From the AZ SnakePit Blog:

"Back to LA tonight. If the second half of our season has been a bit of a disappointment after our early success, what must it be like for the Dodgers, who were the reigning NL West champions? After a 12-2 start, they're now 16 games below .500 and, short of a sweep here, look likely to end the year behind Arizona, after finishing last season forty-two games in front of us."


2005-09-27 23:20:13
279.   Louis in SF
LAT in the Wednesday addition has Tracy asking formally for an extension, a little a head of the Daily News yesterday. WHat is also interesting DePodesta is quouted as saying that if the Dodgers decide to let Tracy go they will do it soon after the season, will not drag it out in respect to what Tracy has done.
2005-09-28 01:22:52
280.   Tommy Naccarato
Bob, is 1:00am O.K.?

Look, I'm not saying LoDuca was a great ballplayer. He was the best player at that position that the Dodgers had on their roster. They missed him all the way up until the time Navarro finally came in to his own.

LoDuca was never going to be a permanent fixture simply because he was getting up there in age playing a position that requires a lot of stamina. He played there every day except one game a week, then they even started using him at 1st base sometimes!

Catcher is a VERY hard position to play. It's a wear and tear position that requires just as much knowledge of the hitter, as a pitcher. LoDuca called a good game behind the plate for our Dodger pitchers. He made the pitchers feel comfortable on the mound. As soon as he was traded, look how many pitchers struggled with Mayne and Ross. Even Gagne struggled without him.

I think Navarro has the ability to be a much better catcher then LoDuca. Many of us also thought Edwin Jackson was the second coming. Let's hope he doesn't get traded right when he's coming into realization of the fruits of his abilities.

Steve, Insert your smart ass comment here:____________________________________________

2005-09-28 01:25:13
281.   Tommy Naccarato
What's my magic number at?
2005-09-28 06:04:26
282.   Bob Timmermann
2005-09-28 06:50:47
283.   Jon Weisman
280 - Steve. Don't.

Tommy, you're the greatest, but it does not help matters to taunt people.

2005-09-28 09:27:55
284.   Tommy Naccarato

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