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No. 16
2005-09-28 14:07
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

In other matters of earthshattering importance ...

Who do you nominate to wear Paul Lo Duca's old No. 16 if Dodger manager and Lo Duca homagist Jim Tracy leaves after this season?

In the minors, the number is worn by Henri Stanley, so I'm considering the major-league version up for grabs.

Oscar Robles has the appropriate late-blooming, rags-to-riches story. But I feel giving Robles the number would be only temporary. I somehow don't expect Robles to be on the team 13 months from now.

Maybe we should give it Edwin Jackson, to inspire him. It would be our way of making Jackson an Orel Hershiser-like Bulldog. Right now, Jackson's wearing an ungainly 58 that could very well be the source of his back spasms.

On the other hand, Giovanni Carrara will probably free up Hershiser's 55 itself after this season. We could steer that to Jackson directly. But then you put the pressure of following in Hershiser's footsteps directly on the young righthander.

Giving Jackson No. 16 is a subtler, sweeter, svelter gesture. The more I think about this, the more I picture Jackson excelling in, gracing, a lean, 'teen jersey.

Comments (160)
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2005-09-28 14:30:22
1.   Bob Timmermann
Best possible finish for the Dodgers:

Win last five to finish 75-87.
Arizona wins 2 of 3 in San Francisco.
Giants lose next 2 in San Diego.

Three-way tie for second!

Worst case scenario

Last last five to finish 70-92
Rockies win last five to also finish 70-92.

Maybe worse than the worst case scenario:

Dodgers lose next two to Arizona.
Giants win next two at San Diego.
Giants sweep Diamondbacks on final weekend.
Dodgers sweep in San Diego.

Giants win division with 79-83 record. San Diego finishes second at 78-84. Dbacks finish at 75-87. Dodgers at 73-89.

Really weird scenario:

Dodgers lose next two to Arizona.
Giants win next two at San Diego.
Arizona sweeps San Francisco.
Dodgers sweep Padres.

Arizona and San Diego have one game playoff at 78-84.

2005-09-28 14:32:28
2.   Screwgie
Who should wear No. 16 next year?

It's only appropriate that the number go to Hee Seop Choi.

2005-09-28 14:33:51
3.   Sam DC
If they trade for Brad Wilkerson they can give him the number and Bill Plaschke can write a very approving article.
2005-09-28 14:34:05
4.   Howard Fox
#16 should go to the player most likely to fade as the season wears on.
2005-09-28 14:36:49
5.   CanuckDodger
Jackson wearing #16? I guess I am a traditionalist on this: I don't think pitchers should wear numbers below #21. It used to bug me seeing Nomo and Ishii wearing numbers in the teens.
2005-09-28 14:45:08
6.   Eric L

A few HOF pitchers have had numbers in the teens (Whitey Ford #16, Bob Feller #19).

Was it a tradition in the past for pitchers not to wear lower numbers? Sort of like NFL guys wearing numbers in a certain range based on their position?

2005-09-28 14:47:46
7.   Icaros
Gio needs to give 55 up so Hershiser can wear it as manager next seson.

16 can go to the bullpen catcher.

2005-09-28 14:48:34
8.   gregsmokler
VISHAL! is that THE vishal?
2005-09-28 14:50:32
9.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, there was a tradition about the numbers. The WSJ ran a front-page article about it earlier this year, complete with a stipple drawing of Rob Bell (who wore 7 I believe.)

Josh Towers of Toronto is the only current pitcher with a single-digit numeral on his uniform.

I believe the book "The Dodger Way To Play Baseball" has suggested numbering schemes.

Lowest numbers go to catchers and infielders. Then up to outfielders. Pitchers tended to get bigger numbers in part because:
1) pitchers are bigger than most players and teams used to make the higher numbered uniforms bigger (I wore 88 in a 5th grade basketball league).
2) since teams would usually bring in a whole bunch of pitchers to try out each year, it was easier to give them numbers at the end of the series so as to not mess things up.

Alan Mills wore 75 because he wanted to remember his struggle in making it to the big leagues I believe.

2005-09-28 14:52:54
10.   Vishal
haha, yeah. man, i was nervous, and there was stuff i wanted to say but didn't, and i rambled about other things. i wanted to mention choi too but i guess i kind of referred to it tangentially in saying i wanted to get rid of tracy :)
2005-09-28 14:55:20
11.   Sam DC
Found KPCC on the web (!

Howard from Encino (Howard Fox?) just asked why did you trade LoDuca w/o something else lined up. Now you're scrambling at catcher.

DPD: (1) We're not scrambling -- Dionner great and Martin could play in mlb right now. (2) Brad Penny was the best pitcher likely to be traded last year and we needed him and got him -- it's a drag he got hurt. Look at St Louis series -- we needed him. Didn't actively want to trade LoDuca, it just was the only way to do the deal.

2005-09-28 14:56:28
12.   Vishal
and i know i came across as way pro-depo (moreso than i am even) but i figured he hears enough of the other side, so maybe he could use some support.
2005-09-28 14:57:21
13.   Sam DC
PDP: it's pronounced "Hoe-Chayver" Scott Boras is not difficult to deal with. We have a lot of time to negotiate with Hoechevar.

(odd -- he also said "Our season's already over.")

Now it's Robert in South Pas -- (Robert T ??!!!??, neah, just said our pitching stafff is quite impressive)

2005-09-28 14:58:20
14.   gregsmokler
this question was a softball for him to skewer tracy, but he doesn't pass the buck...
2005-09-28 14:59:55
15.   Sam DC
Last update; will leave the rest to Adam M --question: "how can a guy like Repko -- with all that talent -- still be sitting on the bench while you run a bum like Valentin or Philips out there everyday?" (paraphrased)
2005-09-28 15:00:20
16.   Bob Timmermann
The only people who can call me Robert are buried six feet under.
2005-09-28 15:04:29
17.   Sam DC
found it too late -- Vishal, what did you say?
2005-09-28 15:09:41
18.   Howard Fox
11 um no, not me...contrary to popular belief I work for a living...

I wouldn't call DePo or any other member of management on the radio...I'd like to keep my season tickets.

2005-09-28 15:10:50
19.   Howard Fox
16 no problem, Robert, I'll keep that in mind
2005-09-28 15:15:10
20.   Bob Timmermann

OK, Howie

2005-09-28 15:17:00
21.   jasonungar05
Psycho: The name's Francis Sawyer, but everybody calls me Psycho. Any of you guys call me Francis, and I'll kill you.

Leon: Ooooooh.

Psycho: You just made the list, buddy. Also, I don't like no one touching my stuff. So just keep your meathooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I'll kill you. And I don't like nobody touching me. Any of you homos touch me, and I'll kill you.

Sergeant Hulka: Lighten up, Francis.

2005-09-28 15:25:38
22.   Howard Fox
The only people who can call me Howie are buried six feet under.
2005-09-28 15:28:57
23.   Howard Fox
21 that happens to be one of my favorite movies
2005-09-28 15:38:25
24.   popup
Remembering Sandy:

On the 50th anniversary of his major league debut, I thought I would look back at all 12 appearances by Sandy Koufax in his rookie season. The Book Koufax, written by Sandy and Ed Linn, retrosheet, and The New York Times are the main references I have used. Obviously, Bob Timmermann is the inspiration, though the quality of his recaps are not going to be matched by me. Nevertheless, I do hope these brief glimpses back to the start of Sandy's career are of some interest.

Sandy Koufax made his major league debut on June 24, 1955 in Milwaukee in a game against the Braves. With his club trailing 7-1 in the 5th inning, Brooklyn manager Walt Alston brought in the 19 year old Koufax for 2 innings of work against the hard hitting Braves.

Sandy pitched himself into and out of trouble in his first major league inning. The Braves loaded the bases with no one out on a single, a throwing error by Sandy, and a walk. With the bases loaded, Bobby Thomson struck out swinging to become Sandy's first career strikeout victim. Joe Adcock followed and hit into an inning ending double play. Koufax retired the Braves in order in the 6th inning, recording his second career strikeout against his mound opponent, Lew Burdette.

The Dodgers eventually lost the game 8-2. In his debut Sandy allowed 1 hit, 1 walk, recorded 2 strikeouts and allowed no earned runs in 2 innings of work. Not a bad beginning for what would turn into a sensational career.

Thanks to retrosheet and Koufax, written by Sandy and Ed Linn.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-09-28 15:39:51
25.   Vishal
i said a lot of stuff (but not as concisely as i'm about to do, unfortunately)...

1)moneyball is about efficiency, not low budgets necessarily, and that oakland's . (correcting a comment a previous caller made)

2)that he gets a lot of unfair criticism from the media, and i talked about how the injuries this year have been pretty much unprecedented and unpredictable (that even "injury prone" jd drew, for example, is on the DL because of nothing that is related to his injury history).

3)and that jim tracy's managing style is incompatible with depo's roster and that i hope we have a new manager next season.

2005-09-28 15:40:43
26.   Vishal
er, sorry, i was writing in pieces.. to continue the first thought that oakland's low budgets are of necessity, and that since depo has more money to work with, so much the better
2005-09-28 15:45:25
27.   Jon Weisman
24 - Nice. Thanks, Stan.
2005-09-28 15:45:40
28.   Adam M
FWIW, the DePo interview summary is up on previous thread at Post 100:

Apologies to any of the DT stalwarts "transcribed" therein - it is good-natured ribbing, and any offense is unintended.

Interestingly, HSC's name didn't come up once...

2005-09-28 15:48:20
29.   Icaros
It looks like Adam had a fun time writing that transcript and all, but does anyone have one that's a little more, uh, accurate?
2005-09-28 15:54:21
30.   Howard Fox
29 I was going to say the same thing...nice try Adam...
2005-09-28 15:56:26
31.   Howard Fox
29 further, I don't understand the need to make Bob, Vishal and me look like ill spoken jerks, we can do that without your help, thank you...
2005-09-28 16:00:15
32.   jasonungar05
comedy just isnt the same anymore.

"were American Soldiers, we have been fighting for 200 years. Were 10-1"

2005-09-28 16:04:11
33.   popup
#27, you are welcome Jon. I am trying to remember Dodger 16's without going back to look at pictures and scorebooks. Wasn't Rick Monday #16? Ron Perranoski from the Dodgers of my youth. I don't really remember any other ones.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-09-28 16:10:34
34.   dzzrtRatt
The reference to Orel Hershiser reminds me: I heard Joe McDonnell yesterday drop a broad hint that Hershiser was coming to LA as either manager or pitching coach. He said he's working on a big story that he can't break until after the season's over. He didn't mention Orel's name, but his hint was unmistakable. He also said that the Dodgers will clean house, letting go of the manager and all the coaches.

McDonnell, for the record, is a giant bag of rank smelling gas. I report, you decide.

2005-09-28 16:11:33
35.   King of the Hobos
Is Adam's transcript real? If it is, are we entirely sure it was DePo? I can't see it. DePo will not say stuff like "herpes is tangible" or "nuttier than a shithouse rat." Was this all a joke and I missed where that was mentioned?
2005-09-28 16:14:38
36.   King of the Hobos
34 We could get a coaching staff of Orel (pitching), Washington (3rd or manager), Gibson (hitting), Shoemaker (1st or manager?), Royster (bullpen?), Kennedy (bench?), and Karros (whatever's left, 1st or 3rd and put one of the others at manager). Make everyone happy!
2005-09-28 16:15:11
37.   Howard Fox
34 okay, I am going to be really nice about this...ready? Joe McDonnell is a horse's ass...

Trust me, I was extremely careful how I phrased that...

2005-09-28 16:15:16
38.   blue22
34 - Yes, but is he inaccurate?

He seems to have pretty good sources.

2005-09-28 16:15:59
39.   Howard Fox
didn't Steve Henson intimate Kirk Gibson as our manager?
2005-09-28 16:16:19
40.   blue22
35 - Pretty sure it was a joke. Some of it was even funny.
2005-09-28 16:16:37
41.   Howard Fox
38 and if you don't believe his sources are good, just ask him...
2005-09-28 16:18:17
42.   Adam M
29 - Sorry, the whole thing just seemed more than a little absurd to me: Felde clearly doesn't know much about the Dodgers, and the DT callers were the only ones with actual points or questions, so I had some fun with it. A "straight" summary is below:

Kitty Felde: Why have you become such a lightning rod?

Paul DePodesta: Change is hard, most recent change the Dodgers have experience was not willful: I inherited 16-20 potential FAs when I took over. We decided to change the foundation to create long-term success like the Dodger dynasties of yore. Sadly, that foundation encountered a lot of problems this year. However, true success takes more than 2 years to build.

KF: Is "look toward 2007-2008" the master plan?

PD: Yes. However, we reject the idea of "rebuilding" and asking fans to accept short-term failure. Dodger fans deserve better. In 2004, the balancing act worked, this year it didn't. Once the kids come up and start to develop, the balancing act should go away.

KF: The kids do look great: Duaner Sanchez - amazing. Jose Cruz Jr. - also amazing. Will you keep them?

PD: Navarro is awesome [note: pretty sure I transcribed this non sequitur right--someone may have confused Dionner with Duaner]. Houlton, Robles, Kuo, Broxton, Osoria, Schmoll all showing impressive growth. Logan White and Terry Collins deserve the credit. Dodger farm system as loaded as it's ever been. AA guys starting to trickle in. This September was actually very exciting for us, seeing the young guys develop.

KF: Are you a Moneyball computer nerd? For example, why not just re-sign Jose Lima? He gave the fans a lot of intangibles, and would have signed fairly cheap.

PD: This is a misconception: we use computers, but it's really just another tool. Our scouting staff is one of the largest in the game, and crucial. Character and chemistry are also factored into our decision-making. And sometimes winning creates chemistry, and chemistry sometimes sustains winning. You won't lose 100 games and praise the chemistry of a team.

KF: Unless you're a Cubs fan. Callers?

Caller Chris: Anti-Moneyball. Dodgers paid paid Derek Lowe $64 M, signed JD Drew who never completed a full season, minor leagues [garbled - disconnected]

PD: Lowe got $36M not $64M, and he had the lowest ERA on our staff this season. No regrets.

KF: Your payroll is 100M, so Lowe gets 36% of that?

PD: No. JD Drew had performed consistently until this year. Drew, Bradley, Gagne, Izturis are all in their 20s, had career lows in appearances due to injuries this year. This is just an exceptionally bad break, and they can and should bounce back.

KF: Despite his struggles, I really like Milton Bradley and his love for the game - will he be back?

PD: Bradley's knee surgery went well, he's rehabbing now. Hopefully he will get healthy, then we will see about where he fits into the team.

KF: Callers?

CALLER VISHAL: Pro-DePo, Moneyball is misunderstood; it's about efficiency. Injuries were the real problem with the Dodgers this year. Also, Jim Tracy is a bad manager for this philosophy.

KF: Care to talk about Jim Tracy's contract situation?

PD: I like Jim Tracy's managing very much. Everybody now knows about the opt-out clause; we're dealing with it.

KF: Do you feel you treated Ross Porter, etc. badly?

PD: There were some early missteps in communication with departing staff. Now, we interview every player in spring training, and even do exit interviews. Moneyball is about efficiency. Everyone will be on the same page.

KF: Did Gagne hurt his arm because he was used too much? Do you deserve some blame for that?

PD: Gagne got a lot of use in the seasons prior to my arrival, I don't think that's the problem.

CALLER HOWARD: What about The Trade? Why can't you still get a decent catcher?

PD: 15 months is a long time to nurse a grudge. Navarro is great. Russell Martin is also great. Re: The Trade, we needed a starting pitcher more than a catcher.

KF: How much do players or their agents get involved in trades?

PD: Very little. It's mostly club-to-club unless a no-trade clause or pending contract extension is in play.

KF: Luke Hochevar?

PD: Hochevar is not in class, not eligible for spring baseball at UT, our window to sign him is now very long.

CALLER ROBERT: Why not playing Repko and Aybar more? Why does Valentin get so many ABs? There is a lack of guys who can reliably move runners over. Phillips sucks.

PD: Repko had a half-season of AAA ball as of last year. Valentin was a win-now signing, 20+ HR a year for several years, and a real character guy, 5-time Clemente nominee.

KF: DOes the Angels going to the playoffs get your goat?

PD: Any team besides us going to the playoffs gets my goat.


2005-09-28 16:19:49
43.   deburns
33 I seem to remember "Scarface" Irv Palica wearing 16. Didn't Oisk wear 17?
As to the Koufax remembrance, I seem to remember a very early on game against the Reds in which he gave up two hits, struck out a lot, but was still very wild and very inconsistent. Maybe someone can ferret that out, or demonstrate even more clearly that I am totally losing it.
2005-09-28 16:25:07
44.   dzzrtRatt
34 Not a bad list, but it has one serious flaw. If Eric Karros returns to the Dodgers in any capacity, that might send me to another team.

I would instead encourage Karros to continue in his fantasy of being the next Bob Costas. I hope to be on a business trip to rural Missouri some day, to turn on the TV in my motel, and see Karros in a polyester jacket doing the sports for the local Fox affiliate.

2005-09-28 16:25:35
45.   Icaros
42 Thanks, Adam. I'm all for creativity and humor, but I didn't get a chance to hear the interview myself and was having a hard time discerning what was what.
2005-09-28 16:28:09
46.   Jon Weisman
42 - I think, if this is a fair approximation of what DePodesta said (I'm wondering what he really said instead of "15 months is a long time to nurse a grudge"), that DePodesta did incredibly well in this interview. Particularly with his opening comments. Ultimately, it will depend on fans' ability to listen, but I don't think you could ask him to communicate his positions much better.
2005-09-28 16:28:53
47.   Jon Weisman
Nomo wore different numbers during his two stints with the Dodgers, but I think he wore 16 the first time around. Am I wrong about this?
2005-09-28 16:29:36
48.   Howard Fox
44 a Fox affiliate would be too good a job for him...better he should be the sports correspondent for the weather channel, but why ruin that station...
2005-09-28 16:30:06
49.   natepurcell
in regards to hochevar, seems all his leverage is gone. we control his destiny now.

lets talk about BAs FSL chatwrap!

2005-09-28 16:32:32
50.   Howard Fox
47 I believe you are correct
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-09-28 16:33:27
51.   blue22
47 - 10?

2005-09-28 16:35:00
52.   sanchez101
49. I liked all the yankee fans crying about tyler clippard. I wouldve liked to see raglani,ruggiano, or pimentel on their top 20 list, but 6 dodgers is enough, any more is probably just greedy.
2005-09-28 16:38:07
53.   D4P
Seems to me like pretty much the same things he always says (which, of course, has to do with the fact that he always gets asked the same questions).
2005-09-28 16:41:14
54.   blue22
46 - Did he not say the "15 months" line?

It would've been a lot cooler if he did...

2005-09-28 16:47:52
55.   CanuckDodger
About that interview transcript, loosely defined, the guy who interviewed DePo didn't really deduce that Lowe's salary this year was $36 million, right? Right?
2005-09-28 16:49:12
56.   CanuckDodger
52 -- You are greedy, Sanchez. Greedy, greedy, greedy.
2005-09-28 16:49:31
57.   dzzrtRatt
53 Sometimes, consistency is a good thing.

What I hope this all adds up to is: DePo and McCourt are still in agreement as to the philosophy of how the Dodgers should be rebuilt, and also agreed on the real opportunities available for the short term until the farm system starts producing quality major leaguers.

This philosophy is the only one that will lead the Dodgers out of the wilderness of the past 16 years.

If Jamie McCourt or Sitrick listen to the Bill Plaschkes of the world and prevail upon Frank to fire DePo because he's done some unpopular things and has not achieved short term success (which he never promised in the first place) then I think we'll find ourselves stuck in this unsatisfying limbo for many years to come. It wouldn't surprise me if this happened, but it would be very disappointing.

The fate of Jim Tracy is a trivial issue compared with this. Jim Tracy can't win with a crummy team--what else is new? Fire him or don't fire him. But any decent manager could win with the kind of great team that we could see here soon if we stick with the plan.

2005-09-28 16:50:12
58.   Icaros
It would've been a lot cooler if he did...

Are you quoting Matthew McConaughey from "Dazed and Confused"?

2005-09-28 16:52:23
59.   GoBears
47 That's right. Nomo wore 16 in his first stint, with Sheffield wearing 10. When Nomo returned, LoDuca had 16, so Nomo went to 10 (Sheff was gone).

Vin repeats the story every time the Dodgers play San Diego that Akinori Otsuka wears 16 in honor of Nomo.

I couldn't care less if a pitcher wears a low number. In football, there are rules about numbers, not just norms. This is parly so that refs can see eligible and non-eligible receivers at a glance. This year, the NFL changed the rule for receivers, who had previously been confined to the 80s, to allow them to wear numbers in the teens as well. Everyone once in a while, you'll see an out-of-place number (like a linebacker in the 90s or a D-lineman in the 50s), but that's always because they changed positions and are allowed to keep the number they started with, at least for the season, maybe for their careers.

2005-09-28 16:53:06
60.   GoBears
uh, "partly"
2005-09-28 17:07:22
61.   DougS
Would a pitcher wearing 16 make him half a Koufax?... Just asking....
2005-09-28 17:09:49
62.   blue22
58 - guilty as charged.

I just watched the 10 year "making of" special on that movie. Looked like an awesome movie to work on.

2005-09-28 17:10:58
63.   Icaros
62 Yeah, I think that was the first film to make 70s retro cool again.
2005-09-28 17:12:49
64.   blue22
59 - I noticed that an awful lot of WR's are having teen numbers now - Keyshawn was the first of these new guys. Now Moss, and some of the rookies receivers are doing it.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think receivers should be in the 80s.

2005-09-28 17:14:27
65.   confucius
61. No. :)

Navarro, Perez or Aybar should wear it because they are worth a damn. Lower numbers are better, so the best players should get them.

2005-09-28 17:15:12
66.   confucius
64. Could not agree with you more.
2005-09-28 17:15:46
67.   blue22
63 - But they didn't go over the top with the 70s references. The only wink-wink to the audience was when they were talking about the previous generations (the 50s, 60s, etc) and the redhead chick says something about how the 70s "obviously suck", even though the whole movie is about drugs and partying.

Today's movies are too blatant about the retro aspect (yes, I'm looking at you "Starsky and Hutch").

2005-09-28 17:18:43
68.   Bob Timmermann
L.A. Dodger 16s
Jim Tracy
Paul Lo Duca
Hideo Nomo
Rick Monday
Charlie Manuel
Gail Hopkins
Ron Perranoski
Bill Sudakis
Danny McDevitt
2005-09-28 17:18:57
69.   SiGeg
About that interview transcript, loosely defined, the guy who interviewed DePo didn't really deduce that Lowe's salary this year was $36 million, right? Right?

It really seemed like she did, actually.

I think, if this is a fair approximation of what DePodesta said (I'm wondering what he really said instead of "15 months is a long time to nurse a grudge")

I heard the interview, and this seems like a fair summary to me. DePodesta did a fine job. I don't recall him saying "nurse a grudge." I think he said, in reaction to the question about The Trade, "We're going back 15 months now...". I understood this as, "Do we STILL have to talk about THAT???" But, it was a mild comment, whatever was meant by it, and it was cut off by the interviewer saying that Dodger fans have a long memory.

2005-09-28 17:21:09
70.   Icaros
67 I think most of today's movies "obviously suck."
2005-09-28 17:22:38
71.   Marty
Dazed and Confused pretty much nailed what my high school was like. Even though it's set in Texas, it could have been Souther Califonia.
2005-09-28 17:24:17
72.   blue22
71 - Wouldn't that have been "Fast Times" then? Or is that too into the 80s?
2005-09-28 17:27:46
73.   Icaros
Marty was already old and jaded by the time Fast Times took place.
2005-09-28 17:29:22
74.   Bob Timmermann
Presuming that the Padres and Astros hold on to their playoff spots, the NLDS Series schedule (no times yet, just days) would be:

San Diego vs St. Louis - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Houston vs Atlanta - Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

The AL has too many different options to figure out yet. But both series are set up to run Tuesday, Wednesay, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

The ALCS will start on October 11 and the NLCS on October 12.

The World Series will start on October 22.

2005-09-28 17:37:36
75.   dzzrtRatt
2005's NL playoffs are just like 2004's, with the Padres filling in the decrepit NL West sacrificial lamb role played last year by the Dodgers. The outcome will probably be the same-- St. Louis v. Houston in the NLCS, St. Louis in the WS.
2005-09-28 17:37:36
76.   Dave
Adam M

I just wanted to say "Thanks" for the transcript(s). Personally, I thought the first version was just as informative as the last and much more entertaining.

I'm not sure why folks expected a complete and accurate transcript, hard to do when you're listening to a radio show.

Personally, I couldn't listen and I appreciate that you did and took the time to pass along your take.

2005-09-28 17:38:03
77.   Jon Weisman
64 - If you were really, really old-fashioned, you'd welcome a numbers free-for-all in football.
2005-09-28 17:39:59
78.   Jon Weisman
Pennant race update:

Toronto 7, Boston 1 (4th)
Tampa Bay 0, Cleveland 0 (7th)
Chicago 4, Detroit 1 (7th)
New York 1, Baltimore 1 (6th)
Philadelphia 5, New York 2 (5th)
Houston 0, St. Louis 0 (2nd)

2005-09-28 17:45:15
79.   Bob Timmermann
The receivers in the NFL are wearing numbers in the teens because they were running out of 80s.
I think they can only wear 18 or 19.

Even high school football has specific numbers you can wear. You want a numbers free-for-all, go to Canada. You see receivers wearing numbers in the 70s and quaterbacks in the 20s.

The NFL doesn't want teams to retire numbers unless the player has done something wonderful.

2005-09-28 17:49:12
80.   natepurcell
what are peoples guesses to which suns are on BAs southern league top 20?
ill go on the safe side with 7-

but it could easily include jackson, miller, kuo and ruggiano. and probably orenduff maybe since he was pretty high on the FSL one.

2005-09-28 17:55:24
81.   Adam M
46 - No, you're right, that was a paraphrase, as was most of the "transcript." DePodesta sounded a little taken aback with Howard's question, and I believe his exact words were, "That was a trade that happened 15 months ago." Then he talked about how great Navarro and Martin were turning out to be, then explained why they needed to do The Trade: to get a front-line starter. I don't recall Jason Phillips being singled out for praise.

On the whole, he handled it very diplomatically, getting the points across he wanted to get across, never getting negative, and not once did he sound rattled. He also did some pretty nice sidesteps on issues like re-signing Cruz. Honestly, this is the best way to defuse the Google Boy nonsense.

2005-09-28 18:00:56
82.   Bob Timmermann
Devil Rays take a 1-0 lead on a sac fly in the 8th.
2005-09-28 18:14:01
83.   Dave
I have a question about the idea that it doesn't matter what kind of manager we have next year.

If the GM is acquiring players based on the over and under-valuation of certain assets available in the marketplace, doesn't that require the field manager to employ those assets in a manner consistent with realizing the potential of those assets the GM has acquired? To say, "It doesn't matter what the manager does, because no one could have won with such a lousy team," implies that it is not necessary to always use whatever assets you have to your best advantage.

The Dodgers are waiting for prospects to develop, and when they do, the Dodgers want a field manager that will know how to use those players appropriately. Shouldn't the team be developing a field manager at the same time as they are developing the players?

Isn't it clear that the current field manager either cannot or will not manage his team according to the philosophy of the GM? If so, should the GM not find a candidate this off-season that he believes will conform to his philosophy and the 2006 season as an opportunity to evaluate that ability?

2005-09-28 18:17:04
84.   Bob Timmermann
If Chicago wins tonight (and they're ahead 5-2 in the 8th), they will be guaranteed nothing worse than playing in a tiebreaker game for the wild card.
2005-09-28 18:33:00
85.   King of the Hobos
Preston Wilson has 5 RBIs today for 89. Someone mentioned earlier that he was RBI-less since Robinson announced Wilson would actually play
2005-09-28 18:35:04
86.   Bob Timmermann
I hope you have as much fun watching on TV as I will in person.


2005-09-28 18:40:48
87.   das411
Toronto 7 Boston 2 bottom 7th, and...David Ortiz just tried to bunt his way on base.

Also, Tampa has beaten Cleveland 1-0.

Chris Berman's universe is collapsing.

2005-09-28 18:42:47
88.   King of the Hobos
Perez seems to be platooning now...

3B Aybar
SS Perez
2B Kent
1B Saenz
RF Cruz
C Navarro
LF Werth
CF Repko
P Houlton

2005-09-28 18:46:10
89.   Sam DC
85 Ah, just getting here and I see my newsflash is already beat.

I heard the final third or so of DePodesta and thought he presented himself and the team extremely well. His answers to questions were direct, informative, and thoughtful, and he was respectful of all callers and friendly too. (The 15 months thing came off fine, not defensive.) Encouraging.

2005-09-28 19:03:37
90.   Fallout
68. Bob Timmermann

Gail Hopkins???

I know him as being a part time pitching coach at Pepperdine around 1971-2. To steal a line, the only thing that he knew about pitching was that it was hard to hit.
I shouldn't say more.

2005-09-28 19:09:19
91.   Fallout
90. Fallout
68. Bob Timmermann

SORRY--Wrong guy. He was the coach when I signed to go to Pepperdine in 1968. But, when I got there he left to go play baseball.

2005-09-28 19:22:53
92.   King of the Hobos
Winn couldn't steal a base, and it cost the Giants at least one run in the 1st. Although with Astacio vs Schmidt, the Giants should have plenty of times to score the few runs they'll need to stay alive
2005-09-28 19:24:20
93.   D4P
Chad Tracy: Best bargain in baseball?

.913 OPS for $335,000.

Come to think of it, Tony Clark's not a bad bargain either.

1.020 OPS for $750,000.

2005-09-28 19:24:30
94.   King of the Hobos
Kent swings 3-0 for a groundout...good thing the season's over, or there'd be a lot of angry DTers
2005-09-28 19:33:27
95.   Nagman
Kent's has swung 3-0 quite a bit all season to varying degrees of success. Does anybody know if he's been green lighted (lit?) this much during his career and swung at so many 3-0 pitches? Or is it just here?
2005-09-28 19:52:47
96.   Adam M
93 - Yes, but would you bet on Clark being able to do it again?
2005-09-28 19:53:26
97.   DaveP
Kent was 2-6 with a 3 run HR and 22 walks on 3-0 counts this year. Don't see how anyone can have a problem with him getting the green light there.
2005-09-28 20:01:24
98.   King of the Hobos
97 That doesn't include swing and misses for a 3-1 count. No idea how many he's had
2005-09-28 20:06:36
99.   DaveP
98 - I was going to update it with more stats, but got lazy. doesn't change much. he does well on 3-0 and after, as you'd expect from a hitter like him. Now if we're talking about Repko, Werth, etc, then I could see having them take.
2005-09-28 20:07:47
100.   DaveP
on another subject, anybody know why Billingsley doesn't show up on the Phoenix AFL roster? I thought I read he was going to pitch in the fall league, but he doesn't show up along with the other dodgers.

Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-09-28 20:10:47
101.   DaveP
The Dodgers on the AFL roster are:

Beau Dannemiller
Eric Hull
Greg Miller
Tony Abreu
Andy LaRoche
James Loney (taxi squad - Wed and Sat only)
Matt Kemp

2005-09-28 20:25:38
102.   King of the Hobos

Simple, Billingsley has wored too much. He's at about 20-30 IP more than last year already (that's about the maximum you want), and they don't want to run the risk

It appears as if our emergency starter next year will be Hull. If he pitches well, good bye via Rule V one might think. Dannemiller...I have no idea why he's going. I guess the they're hoping he does well so he's a possible bullpen candidate, although I'd rather he not be one

2005-09-28 20:31:59
103.   DaveP
102 - just a month ago it was announced that Billingsley and Jackson would be pitching the AFL. Neither show up in the roster I found so I'm wondering if they were pulled due to work load or the roster is incomplete.

Here is a link where Jon previously posted the announcement in one of his updates:

2005-09-28 20:34:08
104.   King of the Hobos
Notes: (they actaully have new information)

The Dodgers will have a new pitching coach. They now have Coach Gagne. Sanchez and Jackson will both spend the offseason in Arizona with the new coach and strength coach Todd Clausen. Apparently Gagne offered his home (or a home) to anyone that wanted to work with him over the off season, and Sanchez and Jackson wanted to do it. Sanchez will explain it:

"We had a serious conversation about my future and Gagne said I haven't worked hard enough to be who I want to be," said Sanchez. "He offered me a house to stay in. Clausen will set up the program and I'll be there every day until I leave to go home."

"If I don't [pitch in winter ball], my arm gets in trouble," he said. "No more than 10 or 15 innings."

"I'm excited about it," Sanchez said. "I've never had an offer like that. He's trying to help, why not take it? He's always talking pitching, always offering me help. He knows I don't open my mouth. I just listen."

And some classic Tracy:

"I'm not going to talk about it," said Tracy. "Was there a meeting? Yes. Will I discuss the parameters and expound on it? No."

Saenz wants to stay with the Dodgers:

"We lose, and we lose bad, but I believe it will not be the same situation next year," said Saenz, "This is Los Angeles. It's one of the biggest cities in the United States and they're going to try to fix it. This isn't a small-market team. I want to stay here."

2005-09-28 20:35:40
105.   King of the Hobos
103 The original announcements rarely are accurate. I'm guessing Billingsley and Jackson were pulled due to workload, although I don't know for sure. A few years ago, they had Miller, Jackson, and Hanrahan ticketed for the AFL, and not one of them went
2005-09-28 20:38:09
106.   DaveP
come on Kuo. crank up the fastball. 88 - 90 mph so far.
2005-09-28 20:40:49
107.   DaveP
104 - great to see Sanchez and Jackson heading to Gagne's for summer workouts. Wish Broxton would take advantage of the offer, too.
2005-09-28 20:42:50
108.   Uncle Miltie
Jackson is a Boras client (like Gagne), so maybe Boras is the one who suggested it
2005-09-28 20:45:06
109.   Icaros
Kuo worked more often and threw way harder when we were watching him in Jacksonville. I wonder what's up. Is he trying too hard to not walk batters?
2005-09-28 20:46:50
110.   Icaros
Maybe the gun is a little slow. He threw 90 right past the last two batters.
2005-09-28 20:47:00
111.   DaveP
it seems like he loses about 3mph or 4 mph when he works on a day or two rest. Even then he was throwing mid to high 90s in Jacksonville.

Even at reduced velocity today, he's looking solid. I hope dodger management is taking note that he's doing this to right handers, as well. not just a LOOGY.

2005-09-28 20:47:51
112.   Icaros
That was strike three to Glaus!
2005-09-28 20:47:51
113.   DaveP
110 - Houlton was showing around 88-90 tonight which seems about right for him. I think he's just not throwing as hard tonight.
2005-09-28 20:50:57
114.   capdodger
109 Could be. I think the Fox radar gun is low or all the other guns are high. Broxton lost a bit of velocity as well when he came to LA.
2005-09-28 20:53:32
115.   D4P
Have they always played "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" at the Stadium? That's pretty cheesy...
2005-09-28 20:59:48
116.   capdodger
Green trying to force Alvarez into early retirement. Booo!!
2005-09-28 20:59:50
117.   DaveP
bummer. that's probably the end for Alvarez.
2005-09-28 21:00:52
118.   D4P
It's all Depo's fault for trading Green.:)
2005-09-28 21:01:58
119.   Uncle Miltie
Jim Tracy is begging Depodesta to fire him. Bringing in Alvarez in a 1 run game? He pitched a decent inning in his last outing, so why not let him go out in a positive way?
2005-09-28 21:06:23
120.   DaveP
GameCenter shows Hanrahan pitching. I know it's Osoria, but is Hanrahan even on the active roster?
2005-09-28 21:06:24
121.   DaveP
GameCenter shows Hanrahan pitching. I know it's Osoria, but is Hanrahan even on the active roster?
2005-09-28 21:10:15
122.   capdodger
118 - No. It's Jim Tracy's fault because... because.... because he's Jim Tracy.
2005-09-28 21:16:13
123.   King of the Hobos
120 I haven't see Hanrahan mentioned anywhere (including roster). I've wanted him up (why not? he's on the roster), but he doesn't appear to have been promoted
2005-09-28 21:16:22
124.   D4P
Steiner just said "And over in the National League..." This guy seems to forget sometimes that he no longer works for the Yankees. He hasn't cut the cord yet.
2005-09-28 21:24:13
125.   DaveP
Braz is throwing 95mph so I think we're safe in saying Kuo just wasn't throwing very hard tonight. No matter - he looked good tonight even at 90.

Better get Broxton and Duaner warming up.

2005-09-28 21:25:02
126.   King of the Hobos
Brazoban should probably join Gagne as well
2005-09-28 21:25:03
127.   DaveP
that was predictable. like I said, let's get Broxton in and can forget about Duaner now.
2005-09-28 21:25:55
128.   D4P
Brazoban should probably join another team.
2005-09-28 21:25:56
129.   Uncle Miltie
Brazoban=Armando Benitez in the postseason
2005-09-28 21:30:08
130.   clopez
was this inning gonna go any other way?
it feels nice to finally just be able to laugh about it though.
2005-09-28 21:30:58
131.   D4P
I've been laughing for quite some time.
2005-09-28 21:39:43
132.   das411
Ok, it is 6-1 Padres over the Giants in the bottom 7th...and Ramon Hernandez and Joe Randa have loaded the bases on back-to-back bunt singles.


I'ma go stand over here now while heads start to explode on this board...

2005-09-28 21:47:17
133.   das411
Three more regular singles, a line drive DP and a groundout => 9-1 Pads after 7. And they are putting the plastic up in the clubhouse.
2005-09-28 21:47:38
134.   capdodger
132 I think that, somewhere in the fine print, if we let our heads explode then we've cashed in the losers dividend.
2005-09-28 21:52:50
135.   Steve
115 -- yes
2005-09-28 21:54:33
136.   D4P
Thanks. I guess I never noticed that before.
2005-09-28 21:55:13
137.   das411
Bonds has been pinch-hit for though, meaning his season is over.

The way he was running tonight, I can't say I blame him.

And now Todd Linden can tell his grandchildren he once pinch-hit for Barry Bonds

2005-09-28 22:04:38
138.   das411

I guess cause Hoffman will get the next few days off anyways, and they did show him close out their last two NL West wins.

2005-09-28 22:06:35
139.   Steve
Ding dong, the witch is dead.
2005-09-28 22:08:06
140.   das411
...and the Padres are your National League West Champions.

Sorry guys :(

Look at it this way though: second year in a row that the Giants have had to watch another team celebrate in front of them

2005-09-28 22:14:46
141.   regfairfield
That was the easiest ten dollars I ever made.
2005-09-28 22:18:32
142.   Steve
141 -- Drinks are on you!
2005-09-28 22:29:36
143.   Bob Timmermann
The Naccarato Prophecy has been fulfilled.

And Icaros is going to kick my ass.

2005-09-28 22:37:27
144.   Steve
Which do you fear more?
2005-09-28 22:42:36
145.   Icaros
No Bob, there will be no ass-kicking, just a year of silent judgement from afar.

And sadness.

2005-09-28 23:36:23
146.   LAT
Went to the game tonight. The place was as empty as the Grand Canyon. The announced attendence was 46K. If they actually had 10K I would be shocked. Let's put it this way, by the third inning I loooked around and thought to myself, is this what an Expo game was like. The good news was getting in and out was a snap. I'm guessing they are going to have a lot of Jeff Kent bobbleheads left over tomorrw night.
2005-09-28 23:44:32
147.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, I stayed until the end.

And now as I go to bed, a skunk has crawled underneath my apartment building and done what skunks do best.

Quite apropos, don't you think?

2005-09-28 23:45:19
148.   LAT
I have to confess there was something easy and relaxing about going to a game that meant nothing. More loser's dividend, I guess.

Can someone help me out here? I seem to recall that in past years, during the last week or so all merchandise, except jerseys, were marked down 50% causing long lines at The Top of the Park. Now the stuff is only makred down 20%, no real bargin. Am I right in my recollection of the 50%?

Also they had a ton of broken bats for sale. Nealy all of the Phillips, Werth, Grabs type. They were still selling a used Larry Barns bat. (are they kidding, they should pay us to take that junk away).

2005-09-28 23:49:18
149.   LAT
147. Perfect ending to this season, Bob.
2005-09-28 23:52:28
150.   Bob Timmermann
I just hope the smell dissipates by the time I wake up.

This has happened once before. I've gotten a direct hit. It ain't pretty.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-09-28 23:54:49
151.   LAT
Only thing for direct hit is tomato juice and lots of it--enough to bathe in.
2005-09-28 23:55:49
152.   Icaros
Maybe the skunk is just trying to woo your cat, Bob. I hear the French ones can be pretty romantic.
2005-09-29 00:02:41
153.   LAT
Considering they way Bob describes his cat, that would have to be one hard-up skunk.
2005-09-29 00:04:57
154.   Bob Timmermann
It's not a direct hit on me, it's just gotten under the building. So the smell is sort of just sitting around.

If it doesn't go away, I go to the pet store and buy every bottle of Nature's Miracle and douse it all over the carpet.

2005-09-29 07:06:52
155.   Steelyeri
If anyone wants to hear the Depo interview, follow the link and scroll down a bit...

2005-09-29 07:35:07
156.   Bob Timmermann
No skunk smell this morning!


2005-09-29 08:01:54
157.   Bob Timmermann
Congratulations to the Hanshin Tigers, champions of Japan's Central League

They will play the winner of the Pacific League in the Japan Series.

The Pacific League has playoffs. Second place Chiba plays third place Seibu in a best of three.

The winner plays first place Softbank in a best of five. If Seibu is the opponent, then Softbank gets spotted a game and just has to win two games. That's because Seibu finished more than 10 games out of first. (23 games back).

2005-09-29 08:27:59
158.   blue22
FSN reported after the game last night that Cincy had offered interim manager Jerry Narron the fulltime gig last night.

I don't think that changes things, since we all decided here that he wouldn't opt out, but still...

2005-09-29 09:01:06
159.   blue22
156 - You should be where I am (Westlake/Agoura). It smells like barbequed dog hair.
2005-09-29 09:09:32
160.   blue22
156 - You should be where I am (Westlake/Agoura). It smells like barbequed dog hair.

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