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The Final Weekend
2005-09-30 14:44
by Jon Weisman

Tonight's Game

* * *

Three games to go (unless there are four):

National League Wild Card
87-72 Houston (Chicago at Houston, 5 p.m.)
85-74 Philadelphia (Philadelphia at Washington, 4 p.m.)

American League East
94-65 New York (New York at Boston, 4 p.m.)
93-66 Boston

American League Wild Card
93-66 Cleveland (Chicago at Cleveland, 4 p.m.)
93-66 Boston

* * *

Fred Claire has a tribute to former Dodger coach Monty Basgall, who died last week at age 82.

Comments (127)
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2005-09-30 15:14:43
1.   Linkmeister
Er, Go Tribe?

I'm a Yankee hater forever, and I've got Red Sox fatigue.

I think the Astros could give the Cards a run for their money, what with Clement, Pettite, Oswalt and Lidge.

2005-09-30 15:15:42
2.   Marty
For no reason, I'm rooting for Philly.
2005-09-30 15:16:46
3.   molokai
So what happens if the tribe win 2/3 and end up with 95 wins, while Boston wins 2/3 and all three teams end up with 95 wins?
2005-09-30 15:18:30
4.   Bob Timmermann

Boston would then travel to NY for a tiebreaker.

The loser would face Cleveland in another tiebreaker.

2005-09-30 15:18:57
5.   blue22
4 - Red Sox/Yanks one game playoff Monday. Winner gets the division and playoff ticket.

Loser plays the Indians for the WC.

2005-09-30 15:19:50
6.   Icaros
3 If that happens, all three teams are eliminated and the A's and Twins walk in.
2005-09-30 15:19:51
7.   Bob Timmermann
The worrisome thing for Boston and New York fans was Mark Buerhle's response to a question about the weekend series with Cleveland meant to the White Sox.

His response:


2005-09-30 15:21:41
8.   blue22
Nice lineup for the ChiSox. Ozzie must have a soft spot for the Indians.
2005-09-30 15:22:17
9.   blue22
7 - They do need to win at least one though to clinch the best record in the league though.
2005-09-30 15:23:15
10.   molokai
That was a nice tribute by Fred for Monty. I can remember Vinny always mentioning Monty Basgall and thinking at the time what a great baseball name.
2005-09-30 15:24:58
11.   Bob Timmermann
They must not be too happy in Boston or New York when they see this starting lineup for Chicago:

Podsednik LF
Anderson CF
Gload 1B
Borchard DH
Crede 3B
Perez RF
Widger C
Blum SS
Harris 2B

Cleveland has its regular lineup except with Jose Hernandez at 1B with a lefty starting for Chicago.

2005-09-30 15:25:36
12.   molokai
4 5
Thanks, sorry for being lazy but I knew someone would quickly set it straight for me.

This could wreck havoc in the CDM leagues which count these games.

2005-09-30 15:25:51
13.   Marty
Is that "old friend" Jose Hernandez?
2005-09-30 15:26:09
14.   Jon Weisman
8 - I don't know how you can say that when a guy with an .800 batting average from Stanford is batting cleanup!
2005-09-30 15:29:19
15.   Icaros
Of course the guy from Stanford can't actually play a position.
2005-09-30 15:31:51
16.   Jacob L
As opposed to the guy from Cal who can play several.
2005-09-30 15:33:25
17.   Bob Timmermann
The guy from Stanford wasn't too bad of a quarterback.
2005-09-30 15:34:12
18.   Bob Timmermann
The first guy out of the pen tonight for Chicago:

Robinson Checo.

2005-09-30 15:36:03
19.   Icaros
My alma mater's baseball program (Long Beach State) blows both Cal and Stanford out of the water.

Of course, a degree from my school is about as valuable as one from Bovine University, so I'd trade former schools with either in a second.

2005-09-30 15:37:13
20.   Jacob L
Ever since 1991 (remember that!), I've had a real problem with teams laying down in games that affect races. I suppose there are mitigating circumstances with the White Sox, seeing as how they just clinched yesterday, and they need to get set for their own playoff series, but still.
2005-09-30 15:37:55
21.   LAT
Yesterday, I think, I heard on 710 that if the Red Sox and Yankees tie, they have a playoff and the winner of that series gets the Eastern Div. and Clev. get the wind card because the loss the Red Sox encounter against the Yankees would count as one more loss than Clev. has. This seemed crazy to me. They kept using the term "championship season". As in "Boston would have one more loss in the championship season than Cleveland." Could this possibly be right or did I completely misunderstand this.
2005-09-30 15:39:15
22.   Bob Timmermann
Read Mike's Baseball Rants for an explanation. The rule changed in 2003.
2005-09-30 15:40:22
23.   Bob Timmermann
There's no reason why you can't lead a long and pointless life just like those of us who went to Berkeley or Stanford or UCLA.
2005-09-30 15:41:52
24.   Jacob L
17 Maybe Borchard can earn the "best qb in Chicago" title much as, for several years Charlie Ward of the Knicks was the best qb in New York.
2005-09-30 15:41:52
25.   Jon Weisman
15 - I don't know what you're talking about. He can play quarterback.
2005-09-30 15:41:55
26.   Bob Timmermann
The Nationals are pretty much going with the Varsity squad against Philadelphia tonight. Except Zimmerman is playing third instead of Castilla, but that's an improvement anyway.
2005-09-30 15:42:46
27.   jasonungar05
talk about useless degree:

I am a CSU CHICO History Major (1995)

2005-09-30 15:44:37
28.   Adam M
19 - What do you mean? A man with a degree from Long Beach State is the most powerful man in Hollywood!

And no, I don't mean Johnny Grant.

2005-09-30 15:45:43
29.   Icaros
28 Yeah, but he didn't even do anything to earn it. I was there. It was all a sham for school publicity!
2005-09-30 15:46:21
30.   Adam M
27 - I have a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. My degree is an oxymoron!
2005-09-30 15:46:49
31.   Icaros
23 I've got the pointless part down, still working on the long.
2005-09-30 15:48:29
32.   King of the Hobos
John Sickels has a "You're the GM" feature for the Dodgers at his blog. Nothing special, but I've always found it interesting how different people view the team

2005-09-30 15:51:20
33.   King of the Hobos
This is one of those conversations that I dislike, as I have nothing to say. I haven't even decided where I'm going to school to get a degree so I can lead a long and pointless life
2005-09-30 15:51:38
34.   Adam M
29 - Strangely, Steven Spielberg is maybe the best argument for not finishing college, and no publicity stunt or having him wear a "BEACH" hat courtside a Staples will change that. The guy dropped out, camped out in an abandoned office on the Paramount lot (?), and flat hustled his way into making billion-dollar movies. Does LBSU expect us to believe he should have spent that time snoring through Freshman Psych?
2005-09-30 15:54:56
35.   Icaros
Chris Carter, creator of "The X-Files," is also a Long Beach State alum.
2005-09-30 15:57:44
36.   HomeDePo
just because chris carter, steven spielberg, some baseball players, and a handful of NBA superstars can drop out of college or not go and still be filthy rich doesnt mean you can.
2005-09-30 15:58:27
37.   Icaros
One of the greatest moments in recent Long Beach State (though now it's supposed to be called California State University, Long Beach) history is when Arnold Schwarzenegger came to campus for a speech during the recall election and was hit with an egg.

He came to the podium, looked at the egg on his shoulder and said, "This guy owes me bacon."

2005-09-30 15:59:12
38.   Icaros
36 I think Chris Carter got his degree.
2005-09-30 16:02:30
39.   molokai
I've made a decent living with just as useless a degree from Cal State Los Angles. My grammar is terrible but then I don't spend much time worrying about such things. Is it possible that people who worry about grammar also worry about to many other unimportant things, or is it just my way of rationalizing my incredible ineptness with the language of my birth.
2005-09-30 16:03:02
40.   Bob Timmermann
Well, I can watch an inning or two before I have to head off to South L.A. for a battle between Fremont and Grant.

You can describe it as a battle between:
a) Republican candidates for president
b) Civil War generals
c) one school whose most famous baseball player is probably Bobby Doerr and the other one has Rod Beck as its banner carrier.

2005-09-30 16:03:48
41.   Adam M
32 - If I could summarize the consensus of You Are the GM - Dodger Edition, it would be:

1) Dump Tracy
2) Offer Weaver arbitration at best
3) Non-tender Milton Bradley, or trade for low-level prospects if possible
4) Don't panic and implode a great farm system - the NL West is up for grabs next year
5) (and this one was surprising to me) Trade Jeff Kent to further stock the system. The Red Sox seemed to be the most talked-about taker.
6) Trade for Adam Dunn (got a lot of heat, though)
7) ABSOLUTELY sign Burnett
8) Sign Konerko.
9) Sign Joe Randa.
10) "Sign Paul Byrd. I think he is every bit as good as Kris Benson." [just thought it was an interesting comment]

DT's own Uncle Miltie seemed to have the most level-headed plan of anyone. Props to you, sir.

2005-09-30 16:05:07
42.   Telemachos
34 I believe it was Universal, not Paramount.

Speaking of drop-outs, Steve Jobs managed one semester at my alma mater (no-name Reed College in Portland, OR), before dropping out. I'm not sure if he ever went back to school to finish a degree.

2005-09-30 16:05:41
43.   molokai
I hope Uncle Miltie had a better plan for the Dodgers then he did for the Red Sox. Course my plan for the RedSox also got panned.
2005-09-30 16:05:47
44.   Icaros
39 My grammar is nearly impeccable because I was forced into being an English teacher for awhile.

The only unimportant things I care about are the outcomes of professional sporting events.

2005-09-30 16:08:20
45.   Adam M
36 - Just saying that Spielberg's post BA career isn't exactly a dynamite selling point!
2005-09-30 16:11:52
46.   bigcpa
An Angel fan sent me this:

an official MLB merch Angels AL West Champs T-Shirt with... the downtown LA skyline in the background.

Have an air sickness bag handy:

2005-09-30 16:15:51
47.   molokai
That is great, most long time Angel fans have a sense of humor having endured such tough times for so many years.
2005-09-30 16:16:33
48.   Kayaker7
46 They're not back to back champs. The Anaheim Angels won last year. This year, it's some team from Los Angeles of Anaheim.
2005-09-30 16:27:57
49.   King of the Hobos
Yankees has the bases loaded with one out, and managed one run (1 out single)

Indians have men on the corners, 2 outs. They had the man on 3rd with no outs

2005-09-30 16:29:14
50.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers need 5 doubles and 5 HBP in the last 3 games to tie the team records in those categories.

The pitching staff is 10 short of the single season HR allowed record. But I think 3 games in PETCO should keep that record safe.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-09-30 16:29:16
51.   molokai
If the NY or Boston can win a WS with those pitching staffs I don't think we hear that old refrain "pitching and defense" wins for a long time.
2005-09-30 16:29:36
52.   bigcpa
46 I should have noted that there was another official MLB shirt reading "L.A. Angels Division Champs" with no mention of Anaheim. That one has been pulled since it would aid the city's case against the team.
2005-09-30 16:40:51
53.   Bob Timmermann
Off to South L.A. have a fun time all and I hope Gio Carrara pitches tonight because I know it makes everybody happy!
2005-09-30 16:41:43
54.   Adam M
52 - Did the "Los Angeles Dodgers of Los Angeles" shirt ever get made? I'd buy that one.
2005-09-30 16:55:37
55.   Steve
Jon, thanks for making it so much easier to retire.
2005-09-30 17:00:17
56.   Adam M
More embarrassing news for the Dodgers. One of DePo's low-priced pickups is moonlighting as a mascot. I think I smell a Plaschke column:

2005-09-30 17:12:07
57.   Icaros
57 That's hilarious. It even looks like our Grabowski.
2005-09-30 17:12:35
58.   Icaros
I meant 56.
2005-09-30 17:35:25
59.   Sam DC
And Preston Wilson gets his magic 90th RBI. May his agent and Frank Robinson pop the bubbly tonight.
2005-09-30 17:53:26
60.   DaveP
If Tracy goes, is John Shoemaker (Suns manager) a candidate to replace him? I've seen his name mentioned here so figure it would be helpful to put his bio up (pre '05 championship):
"Shoemaker, 48, served as the Dodgers' assistant minor league field coordinator in 2004 and managed the team's Class AAA affiliate in Las Vegas in 2003. He has worked in the Dodgers' minor leagues for 28 years, as a player, manager and defensive instructor, in 2002. In his 14 seasons as a minor-league manager, Shoemaker has posted a 843-877 (.490) record and has won two league championships while reaching four league finals. He took the Suns to a 83-56 record in 2001, giving him the highest career winning percentage of any Jacksonville skipper in the SL era. The Vero Beach resident played baseball and basketball at Miami (Ohio) University and was drafted in the sixth round of the 1978 NBA Draft by the Chicago Bulls."

2005-09-30 18:15:58
61.   Steve
The Grabowski Institute has a mascot for our NAIA games now.
2005-09-30 18:17:58
62.   Gen3Blue
Yeah -Red Sox 5-1. Back from a fried motherboard disaster week. It is unbelievable buying a new box these days. When you turn it on, all the software and service people are after you simultaneously--Norton,Mc,Aol,Msn all at once, even though you haven't set up online yet. And E-Machine wanting me to make my Recovery disks at the same time. It is unseemly and humorous. They know only the first few subscriptions make the big bucks.
2005-09-30 18:24:27
63.   HomeDePo
60 - that would be an affordable and reasonable way to fiz the managerial situation. does he use sabermetrics? good idea.
2005-09-30 18:31:59
64.   Marty
A very strange sunset tonight with all the smoke from the fires.
2005-09-30 18:33:05
65.   King of the Hobos
Just a note, Shoemaker had Guzman situated in the 7 spot. That was his regular line up spot, even in the post season. And Donavon led off for no other reason than he was fast. He stole a lot of ABs from the prospects, along with the bases

Is Williams a righty? Yes. Should Kent play? Yes. Should I give him a rest? Yes. Can we afford Cruz clean up? No. Is Saenz better than Choi? Yes. Can we win 90 games like this? No
-I'm guessing this was Tracy's plan, but it's just a guess

3B Aybar
2B Perez
SS Robles
1B Saenz
RF Cruz
C Navarro
LF Werth
CF Repko
P Lowe

2005-09-30 18:38:36
66.   Gen3Blue
65--Is that the actual for tonight? Or your take.
2005-09-30 18:47:41
67.   King of the Hobos
66 Actual
2005-09-30 18:49:14
68.   DaveP
65 - Guzman actually batted cleanup 70 times and in the 7 spot 20 times (many of which came after the minor shoulder injury). It's fair to say he was used regularly as the 3-5 hitter (8 times in 3 spot and 8 more in 5 spot).

Donovan was a little more than just fast, as well. He stole 62 of 75 bases with a .355 OBP and .405 SLG. Granted, he's not a prospect, but he was a solid option at the top of the lineup.

I don't know if Shoemaker would make a good manager for the Dodgers - just providing some info on him since he's been mentioned.

2005-09-30 18:56:40
69.   DaveP
65 - I'm pleasantly surprised to see Perez get some experience at 2nd, even though Kent hammers Williams.

from the game preview: Jeff Kent is 15-for-44 (.341) lifetime against Williams with five doubles, a triple and three homers.

2005-09-30 18:59:01
70.   King of the Hobos
Indians down 1-0 in the bottom of the 9th, but have men on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. The not-so-killer Bs are coming up, Belliard-Broussard-Boone-Blake. And Hafner is out of the game (PR "old friend" Fraklin Gutierrez is at 3rd)
2005-09-30 18:59:19
71.   Sam DC
Old friend (sorta) Franklin Gutierrez in to pinch run for Hafner in CLE, down 1-0 in the bottom of the ninth.

Houston and Chicago tied in the eighth. Philly up 4-2 in the eighth.

2005-09-30 18:59:56
72.   Sam DC
Hobos, that's twice we've done that. Who are you?
2005-09-30 19:01:04
73.   King of the Hobos
RBI groundout, tie game
2005-09-30 19:05:00
74.   Sam DC
Nomah with a chance to break up the tie in Houston.
2005-09-30 19:05:17
75.   King of the Hobos
72 I can't reveal that information

68 I guess I just didn't like Guzman 7th, injury or not. And I just don't like Donavon.

I don't like Brousard much. And now the Indians are Hafner-less

2005-09-30 19:06:49
76.   gregsmokler
nice make-up call ump
2005-09-30 19:08:08
77.   Sam DC
Swinging 3-0, Nomah doubles, Neifi! scores, Lee thrown out at the plate. 2-1 Cubs. with the phils still up down the street.
2005-09-30 19:12:37
78.   DaveP
so who would you play next year:

34 yr old catcher (at start of '06) with 8 yrs mlb and near $5 million salary. '05 stats with big league club:

.284 avg 6 HR 57 RBI in 444 ABs and .716 OPS.

26 yr old (at start of '06) rookie catcher. '05 stats with AAA Albequerque:

.324 avg 19 HR 54 RBI in 219 AB and 1.131 OPS

My prediction: Lo Duca gets traded from the budget conscious Marlins and Josh Willingham gets the starting catching job.

2005-09-30 19:17:00
79.   King of the Hobos
78 Realize Albuquerque is no better than Vegas or Colorado Springs. And Willmingham only had 219 ABs. And he's supposedly terrible defensively
2005-09-30 19:23:53
80.   Sam DC
Red Sox win so the AL East is tied.
Houston gets 2 back in the bottom of the eighth, up 3-2, but the Cubs now have 1st and 3d no outs in the ninth. Still tied in CLE. Nick Johnson up with man on third 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth in DC, Nats now just a run down. Sheesh, where's Timmermann when you need him?
2005-09-30 19:28:59
81.   DaveP
79 - I noticed it was high altitude, but didn't note it there since he tore up AA at Carolina the previous two years (both over 1.000 OPS). He's a converted SS so I assume his defense is lacking at catcher. Have you seen any reviews of his defense either handling pitchers or thowing out runners? I'm sticking to the prediction that Lo Duca gets traded in the offseason.

Why pay $5 million for an aging catcher with no power when you have a guy that mashes in the wings, unless the guy just can't call a game.

2005-09-30 19:30:46
82.   King of the Hobos
"Old Friend" Gutierrez walks in place of Hafner with one out. Martinez up with the chance to win it
2005-09-30 19:31:41
83.   Sam DC
PHI wins.
Still tied in CHI -- now runners on first and second with one out. Theriot (?) at the plate.
Gutierrez draws a 4 pitch one out walk in CLE.
2005-09-30 19:33:00
84.   King of the Hobos
Martinez singled, now it's all up to the Not-So-Killer Bs (they need a better nickname). Well, it's all up to them assuming they don't want to play anymore innings
2005-09-30 19:34:34
85.   Gen3Blue
Nice Forum Jon. Previous years I would have blown up and not stayed with the team. I'm enjoying the young players, although they are having a rough go of it. I've missed a lot this week--anyone know whats up with Penny?
2005-09-30 19:34:51
86.   Sam DC
Ooops -- when I wrote 83, the Cubs had already gone up 4-3. Heading to the bottom of the ninth -- If they can hold Houston's WC lead will be down to one.
2005-09-30 19:34:55
87.   King of the Hobos
81 If Willmingham can catch, I'd guess LoDuca is gone too. I guess it depends whether the Marlins front office thinks he can catch. I remember hearing his name when we were looking for a catcher in ST
2005-09-30 19:37:31
88.   King of the Hobos
Belliard battles for the walk. Bases loaded for the 3 other Not-So-Killer Bs
2005-09-30 19:37:48
89.   DaveP
85 - Penny had a long bullpen session and reported mild discomfort in the forearm so they decided there was nothing to be gained by making the last start. Tracy said it wasn't a big deal and there was just no real reason to make the last start.
2005-09-30 19:39:14
90.   King of the Hobos
Jason Bay was finally caught stealing by Damian Miller

Strike 3 called on Brousard (who earlier grounded into the DP). Now up to Boone, but 2 outs

2005-09-30 19:41:19
91.   King of the Hobos
And Boone grounds out to 3rd. They better win this at some point...
2005-09-30 19:47:06
92.   Gen3Blue
89-thanks. I'm afraid Penny is still got to prove he can pitch like he used to.
2005-09-30 19:47:14
93.   Sam DC
Cubs close out it out. Houston leads Philly by one for the NL wild card.
2005-09-30 19:50:56
94.   Sam DC
Not surprisingly, the Yankee chat at Bronx Banter is pretty toxic.

In CLE, Casanova makes the third out to send it to the bottom of the 12th. To my mind, they should have gone with Valentino.

2005-09-30 19:52:25
95.   Sam DC
Meanwhile, LA 0, SD 1, Giles up with two on . . . The eyes of the nation are upon you, Brian!
2005-09-30 19:56:22
96.   Sam DC
So what happened -- my gameday died on Giles' "in play, run-scoring play"
2005-09-30 19:56:44
97.   King of the Hobos
Our power hitting 3 spot SS goes deep
2005-09-30 19:58:47
98.   King of the Hobos
Extra Innings decided to stop showing the Indians game, presumably because they decided to start showing the Dodgers game (same channel). That does me little good...
2005-09-30 19:59:18
99.   Gen3Blue
From Depos chat with Vin the other night it was pretty obvious he wants a team that can score some runs badly. I would look for that to be the focus of the off-season. He also seems to want the Jax nucleus to stay together for another year in the minors. Did anyone hear anything diff?
2005-09-30 19:59:32
100.   King of the Hobos
96 Single, and then Cruz pulled off both a fielding and throwing error for 2 more runs
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-09-30 20:02:15
101.   King of the Hobos
Indians game back. I missed the play, but the Indians manager is getting very close to being ejected
2005-09-30 20:06:38
102.   King of the Hobos
The squeeze failed in Chicago. Smartball failed...? Wow
2005-09-30 20:11:24
103.   King of the Hobos

Kent may have played his last '05 game, although Tracy was far from certain. Kent is however, a "professional person." Why can't I be a professional person? That's got to be the best profession ever, you get paid for just being a person. Tracy needs a dictionary methinks

Repko has an exercise program all planned out for the offseason. He will attempt to strengthen his legs, so he'll be faster. Note to Repko: work on your hitting, so your speed actually means something. Apparently he thought he should have caught that ball off his glove yesterday

2005-09-30 20:11:36
104.   Sam DC
Hitting doubles with men on base -- very effective.
2005-09-30 20:13:37
105.   King of the Hobos
Gload doubled in 2 runs, 3-1 ChiSox. This is just great, I'm guessing I could choke on my own puke if the AL playoffs are Angels-ChiSox-Yanks-BoSox
2005-09-30 20:17:07
106.   Steve
Repko has an exercise program all planned out for the offseason.

Unless this involves walking to Vegas, I'm not interested.

2005-09-30 20:18:44
107.   Gen3Blue
Down they go. Seeing this team without Kent is really unfair in the extreme. I dont know about Angels-Chisox, but back east here we are sort of counting on Yanks-Botox.
2005-09-30 20:19:27
108.   Gen3Blue
I meant Bosox. Honest.
2005-09-30 20:22:43
109.   King of the Hobos
Belliard homers!!!!

Um, but it's still only 3-2.

2005-09-30 20:22:46
110.   Sam DC
If a team intentionally walked Rollins in all his plate appearances in one game would that end his streak?
2005-09-30 20:24:19
111.   King of the Hobos
Brousard hits it high and deep...well, not so deep. Popped it up on the first pitch
2005-09-30 20:33:49
112.   Jon Weisman
110 - No.
2005-09-30 20:35:56
113.   Sam DC
110, 112 No at-bats, I guess.
2005-09-30 20:41:59
114.   Sam DC
Actually meant to have a question mark at the end of 113. Anyhow, I'm gonna go see how he does tomorrow against John Patterson. Somewhat amazed the game still has playoff implications.
2005-09-30 20:42:20
115.   DaveP
Ichiro has 3 hits so far tonight, giving him 201 on the season. He's the first player in MLB history to get 200 hits in his first 5 years.
2005-09-30 20:47:11
116.   Gen3Blue
Warming is Rudi Seanez. Like Antonio Osuna, I think was a 100mph arm to give the D's an invincible reliever. It never seems to work-hope Kuo's not more of the same.
I seem to remember a string of Ist round picks in the 80s-90s with golden arms, none of which ever made the majors for the D's( one of them was Opperman or something similar.
2005-09-30 20:47:56
117.   Dark Horse
Did anyone else think Vin was about to say,

"Werth strikes out about 2.5 times..."

(long pause)

"...per game?"

Of course he said, "as many times as he walks."

More accurate I suppose, but it certainly doesn't feel that way.

2005-09-30 20:57:49
118.   Gen3Blue
Vin said it all in his last few statements.
Lowe had quite an effort, but Vin almost choked when he said "but the offense as usual"--he's so disgusted he almost lost his
legendary equinimity and poise.
2005-09-30 21:02:34
119.   bill cox
116-Don't forget Bill Bene and Kiki Jones among those golden arms.
2005-09-30 21:15:12
120.   King of the Hobos
The SCSR will preview who makes the team next year off the current team. What are the odds Repko makes the list?
2005-09-30 21:17:19
121.   King of the Hobos
Just realized there is quite a rarity tonight. Assuming the Dodgers don't pitch anymore in the game, all pitchers used by the Dodgers tonight have an ERA under 4.00, which seemed impossible this year
2005-09-30 21:17:40
122.   Gen3Blue
119-- Thats it!! They are part of that awful string; I swear there were 6 or seven of them and I don't think one ever pitched in the Majors.
2005-09-30 21:31:13
123.   Gen3Blue
I don't get more than a minute of leads into the SC sports report before DTV cuts my feed off. But tonight the S-caster said "well, Depodesta had to use all kinds of unknowns this year due to injury and roster changes, but some did well" I'd like to know who he thinks they were, but my screen went black. Good Night.
2005-09-30 21:31:46
124.   DaveP
120 - Gubicza saw Laroche's 9 HRs on the screen and said he's a young guy who will develop more power. Eden followed up with "he also hit 21 in A ball giving him 30 for the year".
2005-09-30 21:33:28
125.   King of the Hobos
123 They specifically mentioned Schmoll, Sanchez, Ayabr, and Navarro. You didn't miss much
2005-09-30 22:37:20
126.   Bob Timmermann
I see I didn't miss much tonight. The DBacks are about to wrap up no worse than a tie for second place.

Despite Randy Winn going 4 for 4 with 2 homers and a double.

2005-10-01 06:34:48
127.   Sam DC
This from Bronx Banter commenter "debris":

*I was thinking about this last night, vis a vis the MVP race.

You're down by a run, last of the ninth, two out, men on first and second. You can send up any hitter you want. Who do you send?

If I'm the Sox, no question. I send up Papi.
If I'm the Yanks, again, no question. I send up Sheffield.*

I feel the same way (about the stituation, not the implication that the response to that situation is determinative of MVP.

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