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Page 26
2005-10-05 16:39
by Jon Weisman

A new name has emerged in the search for the next Dodger manager, and for those of you who read about local sports in Los Angeles, you can call him the Eric Sondheimer candidate.

Torey Lovullo - Salvatore Anthony Lovullo to the Registrar's Office - was born in Santa Monica, grew up in Northridge, attended Montclair Prep and UCLA, and played in 116 games for the Angels in 1993 as part of a 12-year professional career. According to Steve Henson in the Times, Lovullo is one of five candidates to be interviewed next week by Paul DePodesta, along with Dodger director of player development Terry Collins, AAA Las Vegas manager Jerry Royster, ex-Detroit Tigers manager Alan Trammell and "a person is employed by another major league team that is not in the playoffs," which could imply Oakland coach Ron Washington. Other candidates could come in subsequent weeks, Henson added.

Let me interject a personal thought here, which is that I don't particularly care at this point who the next Dodger manager is as long as DePodesta is happy with him. This is not to canonize DePodesta a saint, but just to reiterate that I think it is of paramount importance to, as the phrase of the day has it, have everyone on the same page.

Collins said in so many words that he is on DePodesta's page, though the red flag with him is how quickly he fell out of favor in Anaheim and Houston despite winning records in both cities. Royster's record is less distinguished, though he certainly didn't have much talent to work in with the 51s or previously, the Milwaukee Brewers. In any case, his candidacy from within the Dodger organization implies that he might also be on the same page - let's call it page 26 so we can be on it, too.

Trammell is interesting because it's surprising to think that someone banished from Detroit would be the salvation here. As for the mystery candidate, if it is Washington, he comes with a Dodger pedigree from 30 years back and Moneyball employment of more recent vintage, though in my memory was portrayed in that book as somewhat resistant to some of the strategies Oakland general manager and DePodesta mentor Billy Beane favored. Presumably, he would have had to have made peace with those strategies to be considered.

Lovullo has two things immediately going for him - his local roots and his membership in one of baseball's top stories of 2005, the Cleveland Indians. Lovullo managed AA Akron to an Eastern League championship this season. There's something about his coming out of left field that makes him appealing to me, though one obviously shouldn't use that as an automatic endorsement. It is worth noting that Lovullo's interview indicates that DePodesta is considering people outside his immediate sphere - he has not yet met Lovullo.

Henson added that "DePodesta has scheduled one interview a day next week from Tuesday through Saturday — and he could meet with additional candidates later (including internal candidates)."

Again, I wouldn't get hung up on the name that ultimately gets picked. I wouldn't even get hung up on the search. Just point everyone to page 26 and that should be enough.

The bigger mystery is what reins the scarcity of talented free agents and the presence of Frank McCourt might put on player moves this offseason - and I'm not saying this to villify McCourt in advance (because I've certainly done enough of that in the past - now I try to be more open-minded, or at least less pessimistic). But maneuverability for DePodesta is just a much bigger factor at this point than who the new manager is, now that the old manager from page 16 is gone.

Update: According to, Jim Tracy had his first interview with Pittsburgh today. Tracy will receive competition from Ken Macha, who will not be returning to manage the A's next season after - like Tracy - failing to agree to terms on a contract that would have employed him in Oakland through 2008.

Comments (252)
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2005-10-05 17:07:05
1.   misterjohnny
What about Ken Macha?
2005-10-05 17:08:24
2.   Bob Timmermann
When the mystery candidate comes in, McCourt, DePodesta, and Ng all have to wear blindfolds and only get to ask one question at a time going clockwise around the table.
2005-10-05 17:11:43
3.   Bob Timmermann
Again, I wouldn't get hung up on the name.

I would get hung up on the name to the extent that even though the guy was around forever, no one could ever pronounce his name the same way.

Is it "Love-el-oh"? "Loh-voo-loh"? "Love-uhl-oh"?

2005-10-05 17:16:41
4.   Jon Weisman
1 - I'll quote myself from an earlier comment - I'd be surprised if a Billy Beane ways-parter ended up with DePodesta in Los Angeles.

2- Kitty Carlisle, next question.

3 - It's also easy to misspell.

2005-10-05 17:23:56
5.   Bob Timmermann
It would have been Arlene Francis, not Kitty Carlisle.

Kitty Carlisle - not dead. She's 95.

2005-10-05 17:26:19
6.   Telemachos
The sad thing is, I can practically see the Plaschke articles on each candidate (should they of course be awarded the job).

I really hope the standard Depo is aiming for is a Cox/Shuerholz one -- not necessarily one of superior/subordinate, but where two men share a common vision and work together towards building a tremendously strong franchise.

2005-10-05 17:26:56
7.   Jon Weisman
5 - Okay, but Kitty did appear as a guest panelist.

My parents sat next to Kitty at a charity dinner less than three years ago.

2005-10-05 17:29:58
8.   Nagman
Is Pinella even a possibility? I don't think the Rays are in the playoffs. He would appreciate a higher payroll.

Not that I'd be behind it in any way, but it seems DT'ers can't even fathom it. I don't recall any extended discussion here involving Sweet Lou.

2005-10-05 17:32:17
9.   Jon Weisman
8 - I think no matter what your opinion of DePo is, Pinella doesn't seem like someone he would hire.
2005-10-05 17:32:30
10.   molokai
How come Terry Collins didn't get a highlight?
Looks like an interesting cross section of talent. Would love to be a fly on the wall during those interviews to document what they say and then later compare it to how they actually manage.

I would really get a kick if Trammel replaced Tracy. How funny would that be, especially after reading this from Marty from below

2005-10-05 17:33:49
11.   Bob Timmermann
Torey Lovullo and Alan Trammell were teammates on the Tigers.

Lovullo is about 5 months older than I. And we were at UCLA at the same time.

Maybe we had a class together.

2005-10-05 17:35:37
12.   Bob Timmermann
Jake Peavy thinks he can pitch in Game 4 of the Division Series.

Sorry, I figured that some playoff chatter would move over here.

2005-10-05 17:36:44
13.   Telemachos
12 He must be high from his pain-killers.
2005-10-05 17:37:35
14.   Telemachos
Oooh, the ChiSox are making it interesting. 4-2, runners on first and third with two out.
2005-10-05 17:37:43
15.   LetsGoDodgers
Unsubstantiated rumors ebb and flow about McCourt redeveloping Chavez Ravine and moving the Dodgers downtown.

If memory serves correct, Torey Lovullo used to have the nickname "Downtown".

Seems like a match to me. :)

2005-10-05 17:38:11
16.   Icaros
11 Don't you think you would have remembered a name like that being called during roll?
2005-10-05 17:38:20
17.   Bob Timmermann
Graffanino made an error. This never would have happened if the Red Sox had started Alex Cora!
2005-10-05 17:39:34
18.   molokai
Yeah baby, we have liftoff. Sorry I know I may be the only one here rooting for the White Sox but it is time for them.
2005-10-05 17:39:42
19.   Bob Timmermann
Yeah, they called roll all the time at UCLA. We had those tiny, intimate classes where you got to know the instructors on a first name basis.

Not like CSULB. Where you just a nameless, faceless number.

2005-10-05 17:40:47
20.   Bob Timmermann
But David Wells is still in line for a quality start.
2005-10-05 17:43:56
21.   Icaros
19 Alright Mr. Snottypants, they at least call roll the first day, don't they? I figured you would have every name of every classmate you've ever heard committed to memory.

That way you can list them in your spare time or when you are bored at work.

2005-10-05 17:46:08
22.   Adam M
6 - tomorrow's Plaschke today:

Lovullo: Who?
Royster: Retread
Collins: Retread
Trammell: Retread
Washington: Yes-man

However one could easily foresee the following comments:

*Torre: failed NL manager, no Mike Scioscia
*Scioscia: poaching the Angel magic can't replace it
*Sparky Anderson, Leyland, Piniella: anger management problems
*La Russa: self-centered managers won't cut it in LA
*Cox: Not "clutch" enough
*Connie Mack: Not an LA guy
*Bill Belichick: Success in New England, but a failure in Cleveland. Will LA fans tolerate a .500 manager?
*Vince Lombardi: Obession with winning blinds him to character, chemistry, and the Dodger Way
*George S. Patton: Won't bunt enough
*Dwight David Eisenhower: Alienated Plaschke with comment that "There's a new Supreme Allied Commander"
*Theodore Roosevelt: might not have pulled Niedenfuer
*U.S. Grant: Alcoholic = bad character!
*Abraham Lincoln: No successful Dodger manager has ever had a beard; frequent battles with wife would never have been tolerated by Bill Stoneman
*Napoleon Bonaparte: Took haughty attitude towards scrappy roleplayers
*George Washington: Not an LA guy
*Gaius Julius Caesar: Too dictatorial
*Genghis Khan: Reliance upon armies on horseback conflicts with traditiona Dodger philosophy of pitching and defense, won't work at Chavez Ravine.
*Jesus of Nazareth: Sorry, but there is no way but the Dodger Way, the Dodger Truth and the Dodger Life.

2005-10-05 17:46:13
23.   LetsGoDodgers
If Joe Torre is (unfairly) canned after the playoffs, I'd like to see him get an interview with DePo et. al. Sure, he's not the SABR poster boy, but he is good with pressure, good with egos, and good with an every-evolving roster.
2005-10-05 17:48:15
24.   Icaros
18 I have no problem with the White Sox winning as long as they beat the Angels or Yankees in the ALCS.

I also want them to admit that they win games because of their superior pitching, not because of Smartball.

2005-10-05 17:49:49
25.   blue22
Bob Geren is also "a person is employed by another major league team that is not in the playoffs".

Go, Bob Go!

Hotheads like Terry Collins burn out fast, regardless of their record. However, he could be the kick in the pants this team needs, as long as he's not counted on for more than 3 years.

2005-10-05 17:52:32
26.   Mark
Please, no Joe Torre...
2005-10-05 17:52:46
27.   Icaros
25 I don't think the Dodgers need a kick in the pants. That might cause another injury.
2005-10-05 17:53:34
28.   Telemachos
Sox are now beating the Sox 5-4 (White ahead of Red).
2005-10-05 17:54:56
29.   bigcpa
I just ran Trammell through the Saber-Detector. Holy Small Ball!

AL Sac Bunts 2003-2005
1 Detroit 159
2 Chicago Sox 154
3 Kansas City 149
4 LA Angels 148
5 Baltimore 137
6 Cleveland 132
7 Minnesota 130
8 Seattle 118
9 Tampa Bay 101
10 NY Yankees 90
11 Oakland 66
12 Texas 56
13 Toronto 52
14 Boston 50

2005-10-05 17:55:49
30.   Telemachos
Reading the actual Steve Hensen column on the LAT online, that Trammell picture is one for the ages.
2005-10-05 17:56:17
31.   Marty
I'm thinking if Torre were to get axed you wouldn't see him manage again. He's got a bad pump and nothing to prove. You might see him in the booth again though.
2005-10-05 17:58:38
32.   blue22
31 - Wouldn't he also have to give up his guaranteed money from King George?
2005-10-05 17:59:38
33.   Romyrick
22 Jesus might be a good PR move.
2005-10-05 18:01:11
34.   Sam DC
The article says that Collins is "believed to be the frontrunner." Although it is not clear who is doing the believing.
2005-10-05 18:02:08
35.   Telemachos
29 Mildly surprising that the other "Moneyball" teams (Oakland, Toronto, Boston) are in the top 15.
2005-10-05 18:05:02
36.   dzzrtRatt has Terry Collins as the front-runner.

I seem to recall that some key Angel players demanded Collins' resignation--can't recall much more. But the guy's 56 now. Maybe he's not such a hothead anymore.

22 Brilliant!

2005-10-05 18:06:23
37.   dzzrtRatt
33 Too divisive.
2005-10-05 18:06:56
38.   Sam DC
29 That's an incredible difference between 1 and 11.
2005-10-05 18:10:23
39.   Icaros
35 That's just AL.
2005-10-05 18:11:26
40.   bigcpa
35 This is AL only! So the bottom 5 are what you'd expect.
2005-10-05 18:13:28
41.   dzzrtRatt
Collins would come in with an incentive to excel--showing up Mike Scioscia, who replaced him.
2005-10-05 18:14:05
42.   Sam DC
I don't know if anyone's watching the Red Sox game, but that last throw from third made me think, "Gee, it's good to have a tall guy play first base."
2005-10-05 18:15:15
43.   Telemachos
39, 40 Duh. Obviously I didn't read that very carefully.
2005-10-05 18:16:39
44.   Icaros

Can you post the NL list?

2005-10-05 18:18:16
45.   Telemachos

Another rant (this one from Jay Mohr) on evil Depodesta and how poor Jim Tracy deserved better.

2005-10-05 18:19:18
46.   Bob Timmermann
Bobby Jenks and I were born in the same hospital!

Holy Cross, now Providence Holy Cross.

At least the graphic on TV said he was born in "Mission Hills, CA" and unless he was born at home or on the San Diego Freeway, we've got a match!

2005-10-05 18:19:46
47.   das411
*ahem* Didn't somebody mention Lovullo on here like a week ago? Something, he saw in the Philly papers...?

Hey Bob, has a defending WS Champion ever gotten swept out of the playoffs before?

2005-10-05 18:20:35
48.   bigcpa
41 Did you say Collins was handy with Excel? He's perfect!
2005-10-05 18:21:12
49.   dzzrtRatt
Jay Mohr would be perfect to play the title role in Jim Tracy's biopic, "Am I the Manager? Yes."
2005-10-05 18:23:11
50.   Bob Timmermann
1913 - A's win World Series
1914 - A's get swept by Braves in World Series

1962 - Yankees win World Series
1963 - Yankees get swept by Dodgers

1965 - Dodgers win World Series
1966 - Orioles sweep Dodgers

1974 - A's win World Series
1975 - A's get swept by Red Sox in ALCS

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-10-05 18:23:30
51.   Icaros
47 We'll give you credit if you see to it that we get Abreu for a fair price.
2005-10-05 18:24:57
52.   CanuckDodger
Would anybody be against Collins getting the manager's job knowing that a few years ago he was arrested for drunk driving in Georgia? It happened in the middle of the day, while Collins was either going to, or coming from, scouting Dodger minor leaguers on the low A team. The L.A. Times might have a field day with this info if they get it, especially with all the talk from McCourt about caring about character now.
2005-10-05 18:26:32
53.   Bob Timmermann
I think Collins is considered the frontrunner because they are using alphabetical order.
2005-10-05 18:26:33
54.   Sam DC
And the Red Sox are down to Olerud, Graffanino, Damon.
2005-10-05 18:27:20
55.   Bob Timmermann
If only Cora, might Cora could get a whack at bat. I'd put even money with Mighty Cora at the bat.
2005-10-05 18:28:05
56.   molokai
Nice to see a manager use his best relief pitcher to face the meat of the lineup and not wait until the 9th inning. Ozzie talks alot but his handling of his pitching staff this year has been lights out.
2005-10-05 18:28:50
57.   Icaros
52 Wow. Getting a DUI mid-day is quite an accomplishment, especially when one is driving to or from work.
2005-10-05 18:31:01
58.   Bob Timmermann
In the playoffs, you manage differently, so I don't think Guillen is being all that daring. Torre would often give Rivera longer outings in the postseason.

And it usually works out OK.

2005-10-05 18:32:16
59.   Bob Timmermann
Bobby Jenks has two kids. The oldest one is named Cuma.


2005-10-05 18:32:43
60.   Strike4
If someone can accurately predict the annualized cost required for each managerial candidate, then we'll know who Depo will be pressured to pick. I believe the moneyball pastiche applies to the manager position too, e.g., an owner should optimize among cheap choices.
2005-10-05 18:32:58
61.   Sam DC
Cuma, Cuma, Cuma, Cuma, Cuma, Cuma Chameleon . . .
2005-10-05 18:33:41
62.   molokai
Still nice to see.
2005-10-05 18:33:46
63.   Telemachos
R. Sox 1-5 hitters are 8/19.
Their 6-9 guys are 0/13.

This has been Today's Useless Stat of the Day.

2005-10-05 18:35:54
64.   das411
50 - Thanks Bob. Hmm, Dodgers and A's involved in all four...saber teams....

51 - Ic, we had a deal all worked out until your end balked on including APerez :)

57 - Sounds like there is a game of Can-You-Top-This going on:

And for those who are interested, Sid Crosby just picked up an assist. Pretty sure he is the first player born in 1987 to score an NHL point.

2005-10-05 18:36:09
65.   Icaros
61 I think that's one too many Cumas, Sam.
2005-10-05 18:37:22
66.   Bob Timmermann
For Game 4 of the NLDS last year, Tracy said Gagne was available for 3 innings. He wasn't going to go down without firing all the torpedoes.

Of course by that time, the Dodgers were out of ammo.

2005-10-05 18:37:31
67.   Sam DC
65 missed it by that much (and I went back and forth in my head many many times . . .)
2005-10-05 18:38:38
68.   Sam DC
Can they get to Ortiz?
2005-10-05 18:39:19
69.   Sam DC
2005-10-05 18:39:30
70.   Bob Timmermann
Kind of the White Sox to leave me time to make something for dinner before the next game!
2005-10-05 18:39:54
71.   Icaros
64 I didn't balk at it. I'll give you Antonio and Odalis Perez.
2005-10-05 18:40:11
72.   Adam M
Jenks should have walked Renteria just to bring Ortiz up. But that's just my preference.
2005-10-05 18:40:51
73.   Linkmeister
Unlike the 1920s, the White Army defeated the Red Army today. Who's gonna be John Reed and chronicle this?
2005-10-05 18:42:56
74.   Bob Timmermann

Howard Zinn

2005-10-05 18:43:44
75.   Bob Timmermann
Now, I have time to go shopping for that baby gift for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
2005-10-05 18:43:52
76.   Adam M
Sign at [can't type the name] Park:

I'ts our turn"


2005-10-05 18:44:28
77.   dzzrtRatt
52 If Collins was "coming from" scouting Dodger minor leaguers on the low A team, then it wouldn't concern me too much. A couple of beers under the hot sun can do that to you, especially once you're past 40. My tolerance for alcohol, and the tolerance of almost everyone I know, diminished suddenly as we got older.

If he was "going to" the game already lit up then he's got a problem.

2005-10-05 18:44:48
78.   molokai
Luckily the Angels have Josh Paul to pitch run for Molina instead of a Lidge like arm in Jenks. That was pretty ballsy putting down Manny/Varitek/Nixon/Damon/Renteria in his 1st ever playoff game.
2005-10-05 18:49:08
79.   Linkmeister
Howard Zinn? Hmmm. He would have been on the Red Army's side back then, I think. We need a monarchist.
2005-10-05 18:49:32
80.   Linkmeister
Got it! Studs Terkel!
2005-10-05 18:58:57
81.   bigcpa
44 As Jim Healy would say... "Iiiisss iiit true?"

NL Sac Bunts by Non-Pitchers 2003-2005
1 San Francisco 141
2 Colorado 135
3 St. Louis 134
4 NY Mets 117
5 Montreal 114
6 Chicago Cubs 113
7 Milwaukee 109
8 San Diego 108
9 Atlanta 107
10 Florida 104
11 Houston 104
12 Cincinnati 104
13 Arizona 99
14 Philadelphia 95
15 LA Dodgers 89
16 Pittsburgh 82

2005-10-05 19:00:34
82.   Icaros
81 Thanks.
2005-10-05 19:01:51
83.   molokai
A team that plays in Colorado is 2nd in the league in sacrifice bunts?
2005-10-05 19:03:15
84.   Bob Timmermann
Clint Hurdle loves that bunting! Royce Clayton had a lot when he was there.
2005-10-05 19:03:45
85.   das411
And oddly enough, the Chisox are trying to end a curse that started in...1917...and have to overthrow the current kings to do so.

Who are the Gm 3 starters for Sox^2? Chief Garcia vs Wakefield?

71 - You throw in OPerez, we throw in Lieberthal. Just warning you.

2005-10-05 19:05:36
86.   Bob Timmermann
The Red Sox web page says Game 3 would be Garcia vs. Wakefield.
2005-10-05 19:09:30
87.   Bob Timmermann
I found this in the Newberg Report profile of Jon Daniels:

Hershiser told T.R. Sullivan of the Fort Worth
Star-Telegram that he'd "certainly be interested" in the Dodgers' vacated
managerial job if that club asked him to interview.

2005-10-05 19:21:28
88.   Bob Timmermann
The story mentioned above

Registration is required.

2005-10-05 19:36:41
89.   Sam DC
Well, Bob. I guess you sent everyone running to call DePodesta and tell him the news about Orel . . .
2005-10-05 19:40:32
90.   Bob Timmermann
Does he have a cell phone number in Italy? Those would be some big roaming charges.
2005-10-05 19:46:36
91.   Sam DC
"Steve Finley . . . the worst year of his big league career . . . he's got some pop . . ."

I guess these things logically fit together, but it's not a comfortable fit.

2005-10-05 19:47:27
92.   Romyrick
Paul didnt kill a cop in revenge of his fathers attempted murder did he?

And if so, do you think he could put a hit out on Plascke and Simers?

2005-10-05 19:56:34
93.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, the Kings scored 4 goals in the first period in Dallas!

They since have gone on to give up five unanswered goals.

2005-10-05 20:00:41
94.   das411
Is anyone else seeing just how overrated Orlando Cabrera really is?

and was John Lackey this weird-looking back in 2002?

2005-10-05 20:04:10
95.   das411
93 - Bob, is Jere-ME Roenick whining about everything yet?

And was it -cough cough- Roman Cechmanek that gave up the 5 straight? Cause that would be such a surprise...

2005-10-05 20:13:44
96.   King of the Hobos
Sorry if this has been posted, I haven't read through all the posts yet

I think the "person [that] is employed by another major league team that is not in the playoffs" is not specifically Washington, but rather Washington OR Geren, thus the ambiguity. If DePo named the candidate as Geren, then it would be widely assumed Washington is the new manager for the A's, or vice versa. I have a feeling Beane has long had his new manager in mind, he just hasn't announced it yet, and DePo is aware of it

Also, looking at Akron's stats, they were 3rd in most SBs and CSs, and 2nd in overall attempts. Not sure if that implies a lot of hit n runs or not, or rather a fast team. They also struck out a lot, and didn't walk much, although that could easily be due to player ability. Lovullo's team was great with pitching. This all probably means nothing, and I'll admit I'm intrigued with his involvement with the Indians, although I'm not sure what exactly he's responsible for, if anything

2005-10-05 20:15:40
97.   Bob Timmermann
Roenick had a couple of goals in the first period. But Roenick has had a relatively low profile in L.A. But he's a hockey player in L.A. He's not going to get a lot of publicity. There was a profile of him in the LA Times today.

The designated King to be hated by the press, and even Plaschke has gotten into the game and he writes about hockey twice a year, is Sean Avery.

Roman Cechmanek isn't in the NHL this year I believe. He's certainly not on the Kings.

2005-10-05 20:17:30
98.   natepurcell
i think Lovullo is the "unknown/out of left field" canidate that most DT posters think depo will bring in. As for me, as long as his favorite page in a novel is pag 26 and he despises page 16, then he can be the manager of my favorite team anyday.
2005-10-05 20:22:04
99.   Bob Timmermann
The Angels could score off of Wang if they can string together 3 walks and an infield single.
2005-10-05 20:23:30
100.   Telemachos
87 I can't get over it -- I'm extremely intrigued by the Hershiser possibility, though I agree that it's imperative for the new manager and Depo to be of the same mind in baseball matters. I hope Orel at least gets a phone interview -- if, by chance, they're compatible, t'would be very cool.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-10-05 20:23:59
101.   das411
Sean Avery? Didn't he try to come back with the Tigers a couple of years ago? I guess since he was part of THE AWAKENING in Atlanta all those years ago...

live dugout interview with Bud Black, fyi

2005-10-05 20:26:52
102.   das411
Nevermind, he didn't say much that wasn't about Lackey.

But Jon Miller is confused about why there are so many managerial openings since the season ended and Bud Black is still coaching with the Angels. Oy.

2005-10-05 20:33:15
103.   Sam DC
As a definitional matter, isn't Orel Hershiser also "a person is employed by another major league team that is not in the playoffs"?

(Sorry if someone else already made that pretty obvious point, but I didn't see it.)

2005-10-05 20:36:43
104.   natepurcell
matsui just got figgied.
2005-10-05 20:40:55
105.   das411
Morgan just referred twice to the Yankees' "two hundred thousand dollar payroll." Time to find the mute button.
2005-10-05 20:44:10
106.   Robert Fiore
How about a simple Sense of the Message Board question: Is DePodesta going to pick a veteran (major league) manager or a new untried one? I'd lean toward the latter.

Was Tim Wallach DePodesta's choice for batting coach? I forget.

And also, is some link in the Baseball Toaster chain working particularly slowly today?

2005-10-05 20:46:19
107.   blue22
103 - That's actually depressing. The two guys I'm rooting for both fit that description - Hershiser and Geren - but it would seem that at least one will be left off the list.
2005-10-05 20:46:47
108.   Telemachos
106 I'll wager an unknown... and that he (and McCourt) will get vilified for (a) wanting a "yes man" and (b) wanting somebody cheap.

Ironically, I remember when Tracy was first hired he was considered a cheap "yes man".

2005-10-05 20:48:07
109.   Bob Timmermann
Joe Morgan is a keen student of baseball history and he thinks the Yankees infield of Martinez-Cano-Jeter-Rodriguez is TWICE as good as that of McInnins-Collins-Barry-Baker!
2005-10-05 20:50:44
110.   Icaros
GG defense in center field for Fins.
2005-10-05 20:52:12
111.   Bob Timmermann
Watching Steve Finley play tonight, it's clear that he wouldn't have much value no matter where he was playing.

Steve Finley is 4 months older than Torey Lovullo.

2005-10-05 20:57:51
112.   Steve
Alan Trammell?

Foolio indeed.

2005-10-05 21:00:01
113.   Bob Timmermann
The crowd in Anaheim is really, really, really, really quiet for a playoff game.
2005-10-05 21:01:37
114.   Steve
But really loud for an Anaheim crowd.
2005-10-05 21:02:07
115.   Bob Timmermann
A True Yankee would have made that play.
2005-10-05 21:06:34
116.   Romyrick
Vlad meant to ground out so that runner could move over to 2nd base.
2005-10-05 21:08:12
117.   das411
Can't they just show that infernal monkey every time Vlad comes to the plate? He is one of the few players in the game who is in scoring position as soon as he steps into the batters' box.

Others include Man-Ram, Ortiz, ARod, and I guess Pujols.

Rickey could do it from the on-deck circle though.

2005-10-05 21:09:56
118.   King of the Hobos
Good thing Molina came through in the clutch, although I didn't think that was much of a hit
2005-10-05 21:10:11
119.   Im So Blue
106 Wallach was Tracy's choice...
from, 2/18/04, Wallach returns as hitting coach

"Tim is a quality baseball man and a quality human being," said manager Jim Tracy, who made the hire after also interviewing Jim Lefebvre, Dwayne Murphy and Bob Mariano.

DePodesta was announced as GM on 2/16/04

2005-10-05 21:10:11
120.   Bob Timmermann

It was a productive out!

Hypothetical: Could Jason Phillips score from second on a hit to center if Bernie Williams were playing there or would both Phillips and the ball die from exhaustion on the trip to home plate?

I suppose the ball has the advantage in that you can relay it. You can't relay Jason Phillips.

2005-10-05 21:16:57
121.   Romyrick
everytime Jason Phillips is on 2nd base, you must bunt - Jim Tracy ( FORMER Los Angeles Dodger manager)
2005-10-05 21:20:05
122.   Icaros
Foolio indeed.

I taught Steve a new favorite word.

2005-10-05 21:21:21
123.   Icaros
Why, Joe, why?
2005-10-05 21:21:42
124.   Bob Timmermann
A-Rod was out from here to (insert funny metaphorical place here).
2005-10-05 21:23:49
125.   Eric Enders
As much as I hate to say it, I have a sneaking feeling that the Royster interview may be a case of DePo protecting himself from a fine from Bud Selig. Which therefore leads me to believe that The Fifth Man is not Washington.

I hope I'm wrong, of course, and I have no real reason for suspecting that other than a gut feeling.

2005-10-05 21:27:24
126.   confucius
I wonder if Joe Morgan has any game notes in front of him. Sometimes it sounds like he doesn't follow what is foing on with either team.

And A-Rod was out from here to the 57 freeway.

2005-10-05 21:27:48
127.   King of the Hobos
120 Maybe he can relay with Hoffman, just let him pass off the baton or batting gloves or something. We'd have scored more runs...we could make Lasorda 3B coach/Phillips relay partner, and I'd be confident that the Dodgers score more runs
2005-10-05 21:28:22
128.   Icaros
125 So what are the rules on that? One of every five candidates interviewed must be non-white?

What if you just know who you want from the start? Do you have to waste some other guy's time just because he is a minority?

2005-10-05 21:30:04
129.   ROC
Hmm. Kirk Gibson is also "a coach currently employed by a non-playoff team". I wonder if he could be all fire & brimstone on the surface, with SABR-chewy center? Nah, prolly not. Would the clock reset stay permanent if that happened?

I'm still pulling for Wash (despite the book). The DUI moved Collins from runner-up to N/A.

2005-10-05 21:30:14
130.   Telemachos
I'm going nuts switching back and forth from the game to LOST.

LOST is airing a maniacally, psychotically cool episode.

2005-10-05 21:31:16
131.   confucius
"Wang is going to get rocked if he does not get replaced soon."
-My crystal ball.
2005-10-05 21:31:26
132.   Bob Timmermann
The Tigers said they interviewed Juan Samuel before they hired Jim Leyland.

I believe that interview of Samuel could best be described as "perfunctory".

2005-10-05 21:31:56
133.   confucius
130. Tivo tivo tivo
2005-10-05 21:32:45
134.   Bob Timmermann

Tonight is why God made VCRs and DV-Rs

2005-10-05 21:35:46
135.   confucius
120. If Philips were permitted to use a segway scooter he would be a much better player.
2005-10-05 21:37:10
136.   das411
2005-10-05 21:38:03
137.   Bob Timmermann
Wang is having a Derek Lowe-like game. Give up a homer. Good control. Let everybody who reaches on an error score.
2005-10-05 21:39:46
138.   Icaros
I understand the desire to make jobs available to all races and creeds, but in the end the people in charge are going to hire who they want regardless. It's not like a token interview is going to magically get the job when he is only being interviewed to avoid a fine.

To me, this process is even more insulting to people like Juan Samuel than just ignoring them in the first place.

2005-10-05 21:40:02
139.   confucius
If the Yankees lose it is Torre's fault. IMO
2005-10-05 21:41:24
140.   Telemachos
130 yes yes yes. Alas, I'm currently stuck in the 20th century and no TiVO.

I've been reduced to occasionally checking here and Yahoo!Sports for updates... JJ Abrams owns my soul.

2005-10-05 21:42:04
141.   Bob Timmermann
After the game, a woman will come up to Wang and say,

你好, 我是Carolyn 。我喜欢您打棒球的方式!

2005-10-05 21:43:00
142.   Uncle Miltie
GA ths clutchmaster pops up
2005-10-05 21:43:15
143.   Bob Timmermann

Ever applied for a government job, Icaros? There are perfunctory interviews all the time.


Because them's the rules!

2005-10-05 21:44:50
144.   confucius
138. In the case of Pro Sports where the people who are going to be qualified are so few the formality of interviewing someone you know you will not hire seems ridiculous. In other jobs I think interviewing people from a wide variety of backgrounds is absolutely necessary in the development of our society. IMO
2005-10-05 21:46:21
145.   Romyrick
I can see it now.....

If Scioscia didnt tell Vlad to ground out, they never would have beat the yankee's.

2005-10-05 21:46:22
146.   bigcpa
Funny how the sac bunt could've ended the inning with Vlad in the on-deck circle. Do you really want to setup O.C. to get the big hit?
2005-10-05 21:47:05
147.   confucius
140. Picture in picture is cool for watching sports because you don't need sound. If that is an option you are afforded.
2005-10-05 21:47:10
148.   Icaros
143 I just don't like interviewing for jobs and not getting them. If it becomes clear that I had no chance in the first place, I'd be even more pissed.

I'm not saying anything new, though, just thinking aloud. Go Juan Samuel!

2005-10-05 21:49:17
149.   confucius
148. I do agree that it is a slap in the persons face to interview them knowing that they don't have a snow balls chance.
2005-10-05 21:50:07
150.   Telemachos
147 Nah, I'd rather not have the distraction. I just need to upgrade to actually getting a TiVO one of these days.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-10-05 21:52:31
151.   Bob Timmermann
I work for the government and I've been that person interviewed who had no chance at the job. But I've also been interviewed when I knew the job was mine unless I picked up a knife and killed the interview panel.

Fortunately, I've had more of the latter than the former.

Last Monday marked my 17th anniversary as a worker drone in public libraries as a fulltimer.

Man, I'm really old.

But not as old as Steve Finley or Torey Lovullo!

2005-10-05 21:53:54
152.   dzzrtRatt
130 I feel I am far too late to ever understand an episode of "Lost." The only thing I can figure out about it is it has a lot of flashbacks.

Is there a website where someone explains in a linear fashion what's happened so far and what it means?

Now I know why people gave me that exasperated look when I raved about "Twin Peaks."

2005-10-05 21:53:56
153.   bigcpa
Did anyone happen to see that Joe Sheehan at BPro predicted Padres in 4??
2005-10-05 21:55:01
154.   Icaros
Hire Bob Timmermann!
2005-10-05 21:56:44
155.   confucius
Al Leiter? Another mistake by Torre.
2005-10-05 21:57:06
156.   dzzrtRatt
151 Congratulations.

When I worked for the government, the idea of staying at any job for 20 years seemed beyond my comprehension. Now, I really wish I had stayed in it. If I'd stayed in my first government job til now, I'd have 22 years in, and would be feeling pretty good. Ah, the impetuousness of youth.
2005-10-05 21:57:40
157.   confucius
153. Wow, What happened to drug testing?
2005-10-05 21:58:13
158.   Romyrick
Selfish post:

I really need the Yankee's to win because i'll be driving to LA tommorow and i really dont want to hear happy sports talk radio hosts

2005-10-05 21:58:24
159.   Bob Timmermann

Thanks, but I'm quite happy in my job. I would really hate to be manager of the Dodgers and have Steve second guess me all the time.

I would force the Dodgers players to listen only to music on my iPOD and every day I would force them to listen to 10 minutes of Mongolian throat singing.

2005-10-05 22:00:09
160.   confucius
152. Lost is basically like Giligan's Island sans the cool song at the beginning, and the babes.
2005-10-05 22:01:15
161.   MikeB
Courtesy of Baseball Prospectus - From Feb. 23, 2005, Excerpt from Interview with Jon Daniels (new GM of Texas Rangers --

"BP: As you noted, a lot of the pitchers who had success last year didn't have a huge pedigree. How much of the credit should go to (pitching coach) Orel Hershiser and his work with the pitchers? What types of lessons has he been able to pass along to the staff?

Daniels: (Hershiser) likes to say that he was a suspect, not a prospect. He was given a chance because someone else got hurt. He went into the Dodger rotation and never gave up that spot. He wasn't a power pitcher, but he had a heavy sinker and hard slider and made them work. Then he had the shoulder injury, and he was really the first of his kind to come back from that kind of surgery and really reinvent himself. He won a lot of games for the Indians in the mid-90s, helped get them to the World Series.

Orel's a very analytical guy. He's very into the biomechanical side of the game, very well versed in the field, with scouting experience. All of these are experiences that allow him to get through to people. He can get through to someone like Ryan Drese; he remembers what it was like to change his approach to get over the hump. With someone like Brocail, a veteran guy, he can help him, too, because he can share his experience of getting over shoulder surgery, what he needed to do, and Doug can use those lessons to get over the hump himself. It's not just Orel, either. (Bullpen coach) Mark Connor has worked with so many Cy Young winners--Guidry, Halladay, Schilling. It's a group effort, all the people in the organization helping with the pitching--they call themselves the pitching department.

BP: The method that got a lot of attention was the idea of keeping the ball down. How much did the pitching staff emphasize this idea?

Daniels: Especially in our ballpark, that was definitely a focus. Drese comes to mind. Orel helped John Thomson immensely the year before. In the bullpen you had Brian Shouse throwing from the left side--his sinker let him have some staying power. It's helped some guys who maybe needed a different look."

Note: Daniels is 28, youngest GM in baseball history, a graduate of Cornell, Finance Major.

2005-10-05 22:01:23
162.   Bob Timmermann
The sad part is that once I have 25 years in (it's with two different government levels, but the years all count the same for pension purposes), I can't retire because I'll be only 47. I don't think I can take any pension payouts until I'm 50. And probably by then, it will move up to 55.

And by that time, I will have gone mad.

2005-10-05 22:05:30
163.   Bob Timmermann

The Wikipedia article on "Lost" is actually pretty informative and can catch you up.

And there are more babes in "Lost" than "Gilligan's Island".

It was fortunate that in that plane crash, mostly the very attractive people survived.

2005-10-05 22:05:47
164.   confucius
162. Only if you're working at the post office by then.
2005-10-05 22:06:49
165.   Jesse
fun place...

2005-10-05 22:07:26
166.   confucius
Rodriguez usually makes it close then pulls it out at the end. I'll assume that is what he is doing now.
2005-10-05 22:07:38
167.   Icaros
Golden Handshake Bob Timmermann!
2005-10-05 22:08:57
168.   confucius
163. Plan crashes and television shows are real random like that. Who would have thought that only ugly people die young.
2005-10-05 22:09:13
169.   Icaros
It was fortunate that in that plane crash, mostly the very attractive people survived.

Oh, just like real life.

2005-10-05 22:09:15
170.   Bob Timmermann

There's a plan I can get behind!

But what should I do for my 40th birthday? Should I go to Disneyland or go to the office Christmas party at work?


2005-10-05 22:10:49
171.   Bob Timmermann
To be fair, one of the most important characters on "Lost" is Hurley and he's a bit, um, rotund.
2005-10-05 22:14:42
172.   Icaros
But what should I do for my 40th birthday?


2005-10-05 22:15:11
173.   Bob Timmermann
2005-10-05 22:15:12
174.   King of the Hobos
Some news sure to shape the NL West next year

The Diamondbacks announced tonight that the contracts of pitching coach Mark Davis and first-base coach Brett Butler will not be renewed

How it shapes it, I'm not sure

2005-10-05 22:16:29
175.   confucius
171. Something tells me he's about to take a turn for the worst.
2005-10-05 22:18:34
176.   Romyrick
Lost = Its a show about purgatory, expect good things happen.
2005-10-05 22:20:04
177.   Steve
Mongolian throat singing! I'm getting the domain name registered now!
2005-10-05 22:20:46
178.   Telemachos
152 Fortunately, the first season is now available on DVD, so you're a quick rental away from getting a sense of things quickly. :)
2005-10-05 22:23:08
179.   King of the Hobos
I just realized something--if Royster was named manager, would Delwyn Young ever get benched? According to Royster, he's an amzing hitter, probably the best in our system. On the bright side, we wouldn't have to worry about Royster using Grabowski to block him
2005-10-05 22:29:57
180.   Romyrick
Hobos- nice to see your still alive, this is Ross.
2005-10-05 22:33:07
181.   Icaros
Man, without the FJT Movement, life feels empty.
2005-10-05 22:38:13
182.   Bob Timmermann
My DV-R's hard drive just died and ate tonight's episode of "Lost".

There will be an angry man visiting his cable TV office Friday.

2005-10-05 22:39:16
183.   Telemachos
Bob, I'm downloading the episode now. I'd be happy to burn you a copy if you like.
2005-10-05 22:40:48
184.   Icaros
182 Watch out everybody, there's an angry public servant on the loose!
2005-10-05 22:41:06
185.   rageon
Lost was quite bizarre tonight, that's for certain.

Is anyone else as annoyed with the Michael character as I am? It's probably because of the guy who plays him, as his character on Oz was a bothersome waste of time.

2005-10-05 22:43:55
186.   dzzrtRatt
160 Any coconut cream pie on "Lost"?

Do any of the attractive women try to seduce any of the men only to learn that, despite years of celibacy, the men aren't interested?

181 Comedians cried when Clinton left office, but have profited even more from the misadventures of his successor. God takes care of DT posters, and he will provide a new target soon.

2005-10-05 22:47:10
187.   Icaros
186 I don't want to be able to belittle the new guy. If the Dodgers start winning again, I'll turn to Felipe Alou, since I'm moving to his city.
2005-10-05 22:49:21
188.   Bob Timmermann

Since this wouldn't be a regular thing, I will gladly accept a copy.

But if you want to contact me about you can reach me at to work out the details.

I think it's time to switch to TiVO.

Time-Warner is giving me a $20 credit. URGH!

2005-10-05 22:53:52
189.   Steve
Good Lord, I want nothing more than to leave the new guy completely alone.
2005-10-05 23:04:56
190.   Icaros

Are you moving back to California to practice?

2005-10-05 23:15:06
191.   Bob Timmermann
ABC is repeating "Lost" on Saturday, so I think I will be OK.

I was tempted to dump the DV-R and get a TiVO, but I think I would just be exchanging one headache for another.

2005-10-05 23:26:23
192.   dzzrtRatt
189 It doesn't have to be the manager. He might turn out to be a prince of a fellow.

It'll probably be McCourt. He's had an easy ride with Tracy catching most of the flak from DT, and DePodesta catching most of it everywhere else. It could also be Charley Steiner and Rick Monday. This is a target-rich environment.

2005-10-05 23:27:33
193.   Telemachos
191 -- Groovy.

Forgive my techno-ignorance in these matters, but isn't TiVO a DVR?

And perhaps most importantly, does Depo use one along with his new fangled computers and spreadsheets?

2005-10-05 23:31:19
194.   regfairfield
Branch Rickey used a VCR, and that's how it should be.
2005-10-05 23:33:18
195.   capdodger
Sure does... He's got them all printed out on his bedsheets...
2005-10-05 23:33:24
196.   Bob Timmermann
TiVO is a type of DVR. I bet Depo has one. I bet Plaschke has one too. There are probably very few pieces of technology that both men don't have.

Plaschke probably doesn't have an iPOD.

I bet DePodesta reads more books.

2005-10-05 23:39:12
197.   Icaros
I have yet to own a cell phone.
2005-10-05 23:40:26
198.   rageon
I imagine that reading lots of books is the reason DePo is running a baseball team and I'm interviewing for jobs at 3-person law firms in rural Minnesota.

On the DVR subject, I've got a ReplayTV, as do my father, sister and a few other friends. We all enjoy ours quite a bit. I think of it as a "Geek's Tivo", because there's a lot more that it can do than the Tivo, especially if you can plug it into a internet connection. Such as sharing recorded TV shows with other people (so Bob could get his episode of Lost sent straight to his ReplayTV). Maybe it's a little more complicated than the Tivo, but my sister gets along fine with hers...and that's saying a lot. Plus, it doesn't make those damn "boop boop" noises when you click on a button.

2005-10-05 23:42:31
199.   rageon
Oh, I forgot to add this. For anyone getting a new DVR unit (Tivo or Replay), go with the monthly subscription. The odds that you use it long enough to pay it off aren't the best, as you will need a new one to handle HDTV in the near future anyways.

I'm such a geek; I'll stop now.

2005-10-06 01:59:15
200.   dzzrtRatt
Jim Fregosi wants to manage the Dodgers.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-10-06 06:05:54
201.   Terry A
200And so do I. I'm thinking our chances are about the same. :-)


The Collins DUI thing was covered in the Times (and other LA media), IIRC. There was some speculation that he'd lose his job over it. The good news to be gleaned from that is it means the managerial candidacies of Raul Mondesi, Carlos Perez and Guillermo Mota still have momentum.

Royster does feel like a "quota" candidate, which is unfortunate. Maybe he'll be mollified with a majors-level coaching job?

2005-10-06 06:10:23
202.   Penarol1916
191. I hope they continue that practice as I've decided to dump Lost as it goes head-to-head with Veronica Mars, a show that actually goes somewhere and answerw questions rather than just jerking around its audience while JJ Abrams tries to figure out what he's doing.
2005-10-06 06:47:15
203.   dagwich
159 Bob, if you are a fan of throat singing you probably saw the movie "Genghis Blues". Funny you should mention throat singing -- the "star" of the movie, Paul Pena, died just in the past few days. The NY Times did an informative obit on him.

BTW, I enjoy listening to throat singing, and have some on my Ipod as well. You are not alone!

2005-10-06 07:40:16
204.   Bob Timmermann
I have seen "Genghis Blues". Missed the obit though.

RIP Hamilton Camp.

He used to hang out with Bob Gibson.

Not that Bob Gibson though.

2005-10-06 08:08:48
205.   Jon Weisman
My brother wrote a little about Hamilton Camp here:

He had a memorable performance on WKRP, too.

2005-10-06 08:16:50
206.   blue22
201 - Does MLB have a mandatory minority policy, like the NFL, or is it simply preferred?
2005-10-06 09:12:58
207.   Sushirabbit
Is Macha a lock in Pittsburgh? And why would anyone want to manage in Pittsburgh? (I refer to the team, it's ownership and organization, not to the great city.)

Is there any chance he would be considered for the Dodger spot? Not that I recommend it.

2005-10-06 09:18:39
208.   blue22
207 - Sounds like its Macha or Tracy. Tracy started interviewing before Macha was fired in Oakland, so Tracy isn't the lock that he appeared at first.
2005-10-06 09:19:25
209.   Bob Timmermann
I think baseball has a lot of rules and policies that it says are mandatory, but can be dispensed with whenever it feels like it.
2005-10-06 09:22:04
210.   dzzrtRatt
re: Hamilton Camp. His name does not come up in "Chronicles, Part One," the Bob Dylan book of autobiographical sketches, but he's about the only Greenwich Village folkie not mentioned in the incredible first section. I noted from one of the obits that he and Bob Gibson were Albert Grossman's original choices to be the two men in Peter, Paul and Mary. The obit says they didn't want to work with a 'girl singer.' What it leaves out is they probably also didn't want to change their names to Peter and Paul. Grossman's vision was of a group of folkies whose earnest qualities were underscored by New Testament names.
2005-10-06 09:25:10
211.   Bob Timmermann
Cut to Acme Labs:

Paul DePodesta: Frankie, are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Frank McCort: I think so Brain, but if they called them "Sad Meals", kids wouldn't buy them.

2005-10-06 09:40:31
212.   Vishal
[211]if plaschke were the cartoonist, this would be the theme song:

"they're frankie and the brain,
they're frankie and the brain...
one is a pauper, the other's insane.
they're conspiratory mice,
their teams aren't nice; they're stinky, they're frankie and the brain, brain, brain, brain, brain

before each season's through
their team will be the worst
the budget will be screwed
the fans will think they're cursed

they're frankie and the brain,
yes, frankie and the brain
their computer-based campaign
it cannot be explained
to prove their lack of heart
they'll tear the team apart
they're stinky,
they're frankie and the brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, brain, BARF!"

2005-10-06 09:52:10
213.   Jon Weisman
202 - I adore both Lost and Veronica Mars. I'm apparently not nearly as impatient as some people have become with Lost.

First of all, it does answer questions - it's just that it raises additional ones as it goes. Last night was a prime example. Second of all, it's as much a character show as it is a mystery, if not more. So seeing how the characters respond in uncertain circumstances is part of the enjoyment. Can't spoil last night's episode for Bob, but I certainly think that one was a great illustration as well.

I do think the September 28 episode was its weakest ever, though.

Veronica Mars had a terrific season finale last season and the conclusion last week was a great launch for season 2.

185 - Augustus Hill rules! And they've got him squared off with Adebisi again!

Michael hasn't been in a good mood, to be sure, but I think it's a little harsh to be annoyed with someone whose son was kidnapped only one night before.

2005-10-06 09:53:55
214.   Bob Timmermann
Not being able to endlessly discuss a "Lost" episode will make me a very productive worker today.
2005-10-06 09:58:13
215.   Colorado Blue
214 - Me too, Bob.. with the notable exception that I'm a huge Harold Perrineau fan. MUST... RESIST... URGE... TO... STEER... DISCUSSION... TOWARDS... OZ... MATRIX... ETC!
2005-10-06 09:59:44
216.   blue22
Does anyone watch 'Rome'? I watched the first two episodes and thought it was ok.

I have the rest Tivo'd, but haven't brought myself to watch them yet.

2005-10-06 10:03:07
217.   Jon Weisman
Hopefully Xeifrank is still in China.
2005-10-06 10:05:41
218.   Bob Timmermann
Last week's "Rome" made me feel very, very, very, very, very (x10) small.
2005-10-06 10:07:29
219.   Penarol1916
213. Don't get me wrong, I like Lost, but if I have to choose between Veronica Mars and Lost, I'll choose Veronica Mars. Hopefully, ABC will rerun Lost on Saturday nights when I'm at home watching the kids anyway, so that conflict won't happen.
My lack of patience for Lost probably comes from the mess that JJ Abrams made of Alias after a decent 1st season. I just think he is good at coming up with a premise and sustaining it for a short burst, but he has no idea what to do to resolve things and advance the plot in a way that isn't completely ludicrous.
2005-10-06 10:10:11
220.   Bob Timmermann
Lost will be on Saturday at 8 pm.

I hope the new DVR will be operating then since I will be at a UCLA football game that starts at 4:30 and the chances of getting home before 8, even though I live a Repko throw's away from the Rose Bowl, are nil.

2005-10-06 10:19:28
221.   Colorado Blue
216 Yes, and it gets better. It's not Deadwood good, but still worth watching.
2005-10-06 10:20:19
222.   Colorado Blue
218 - Yeah, poor guy, what a lousy job he has.
2005-10-06 10:20:38
223.   Marty
I bought the first season of Lost to catch up since I hadn't seen any episodes last year. I'm really enjoying it, but it's no Deadwood. I'm outraged that Ian McShane didn't win the best actor emmy.

As for another poster's question on Rome. I'm watching it and it's not bad. Lots of nuditity. It follows pretty close to the Colleen McCullough books on Rome.

2005-10-06 10:20:53
224.   Telemachos
219 Actually, I'm already seeing signs that Abrams has matured (for lack of a better word) with LOST, compared to how he developed Alias.

Alias, for the first couple seasons, had a total breakneck pace that was practically impossible to sustain over the long run without essentially becoming a parody of itself (which has happened). There were so many plot twists and turns (in each episode, to say nothing of each season) that I think the characters and plot possibilities became exhausted.

But with LOST, Abrams is taking a much more deliberate approach, and although LOST episodes often end on an intriguing note, they often avoid the sheer cliffhangers that Alias used to end on (like literally ending an episode in the middle of a bomb countdown).

Furthermore, if you at least take Abrams and his gang of writers at their word, they have an story outline in place for at least the first 3 years of LOST. I don't see anything (to date) that indicates that they're making things up as they go along (unfortunate examples being Chris Carter and The X-files and Abrams and Alias). LOST is answering questions as it goes, it's just that each question opens up other interesting possibilities.

I also think LOST is more of a philosophical show than Alias is.

2005-10-06 10:22:59
225.   Jon Weisman
219 - That's funny - I went into Alias really wanting to like it, but absolutely could not get hooked on it at all. I thought the stories, like Jennifer's disguises, were far more preposterous than compelling.

But I think Lost has successfully created an Almost Anything Goes* atmopshere, and I am in no rush at all for a resolution. As for advancing the plot, if you look back, a lot has happened since that plane landed - and you have to factor the backstories into that.

*Who remembers "Almost Anything Goes?"

2005-10-06 10:27:04
226.   Bob Timmermann
I think "Almost Anything Goes" was some of Charlie Jones's finest work.
2005-10-06 10:30:35
227.   DaveP
Chuck Lamar has been fired. Tampa Bay is now in the market for a GM and manager.

2005-10-06 10:33:02
228.   DaveP
McCourt will involuntarily hurl when we reads this comment from the owner of the Devil Rays:

"As a first step, Sternberg said parking would be free at Tropicana Field next season."

2005-10-06 10:35:32
229.   Bob Timmermann
I have a friend who tried to drive to the Trop and park there. He said it was the most frustrating experience he had ever encountered. He said he almost gave up on the game, but he had his family with him.

Apparently, directions and signs are not important to the people of St. Petersburg.

On this topic, I was told by my friend who went to the USC game in Hawai'i that the Honolulu PD's idea of directing traffic is to sort of point half-heartedly in one direction and then take a nap.

2005-10-06 10:36:12
230.   Penarol1916
225. The backstories are what really get me, personally, I think they should be much more spare, I love Locke's flashbacks, and one or two of the flashbacks about Michael and his son were good, but in all honesty, most of the rest (particularly Kate's) have been niether interesting nor insightful.
I'm also not too pleased with where last night took us with regards to the film strip, honestly, that seems to be taking us down another road to ridiculousness.
2005-10-06 10:53:34
231.   Adam M
Went away for a few hours, and it's always amazing how many topics get touched on at DT. Some points:

* What good does firing Chuck Lamar accomplish? And why fire the manager 3 weeks before you fire the GM?

* Parking at Dodger Stadium is the obvious Achilles heel. If I were McCourt, and had more money, I would love to build a multilevel garage abutting the stadium with a fan concourse on top. And/or a tramline going from the hill to a parking lot in Chinatown. But now we're getting into Bongo's Fantasy Bedroom territory.

* Plaschke's gotten so bad that blogs devoted to other teams have now taken to bashing him:

Interestingly, USSM also talks about the power-hitting left fielder issue. Their answer is: platooning Jacques Jones (who can rake RHP) with someone like Marcus Thames. A pretty interesting breakdown, and the guys on the site do their homework.

2005-10-06 10:58:21
232.   blue22
231 - It's always the right time to fire Chuck LaMar.

And don't they Raul Ibanez? What position does he play?

2005-10-06 11:02:34
233.   regfairfield
231 Why fire Chuck LaMar? Because there's no way you can get any worse.
2005-10-06 11:02:55
234.   regfairfield
232 Ibanez is on the Mariners.
2005-10-06 11:15:08
235.   Adam M
232 - Ibanez is a mediocre fielder, but he's hit quite well as a DH to convert them (they were initially very negative about the Ibanez signing). He could play 1B, but they've got Richie Sexson.
2005-10-06 11:34:44
236.   blue22
234 - Seperate points, sorry.

I was assuming USSM was talking about Seattle platooning Jones in LF, but Ibanez seems to be a good bat. Wasn't sure if he was their LFer.

2005-10-06 11:35:27
237.   dzzrtRatt
It would be a satisfying coda to the Jim Tracy story if it turned out that Pittsburgh preferred Macha (I would), Florida preferred Piniella (a no brainer there) and he got stuck managing in Tampa Bay.

216 "Rome." Finally, you're discussing a show I do watch. (It has more to do with when things are on. A 8 p.m. show has almost no shot with me.) It has opened up nicely. Compared with the Sopranos and Six Feet Under, it got off to a slow start--it seemed at first like "I, Claudius" but with porn--but the episode before last was truly great, and last week's wasn't a bad follow up. The two soldiers Pullo and Vorenus are great characters, and they're being put in intriguing situations. It doesn't give away anything too crucial to say that the choice of having Pullo become Octavian's "tutor" has led to some unexpected developments for both characters. The guy who plays Pullo is a find--a combination of Russell Crowe with Mel Gibson. Indira Varma, who plays the wife of the cuckoled Vorenus, is quite wonderful. I also liked the scene when Caesar is looking for auguries from the Roman priests, but ends up staging the flight of the birds so they'll bless his reign. A stunt worthy of James Carville or Karl Rove.

2005-10-06 11:41:43
238.   Identity Crisis
I just wanted to comment on Lost. Someone mentioned they were tired of Jack's character on the show. I said this exact thing about the character to my friend at around 9:45pm last night. By 10:00pm, I started to believe that he won't keep yelling about how everything is impossible for this whole season.

Also, I am fine with the pacing. I'm not in a race to get answers. I watched X-files for years and enjoyed wondering about Mulder's sister etc. I also watched Carnivale for the two seasons it was on and that first season was glacier like.

2005-10-06 11:41:49
239.   Identity Crisis
I just wanted to comment on Lost. Someone mentioned they were tired of Jack's character on the show. I said this exact thing about the character to my friend at around 9:45pm last night. By 10:00pm, I started to believe that he won't keep yelling about how everything is impossible for this whole season.

Also, I am fine with the pacing. I'm not in a race to get answers. I watched X-files for years and enjoyed wondering about Mulder's sister etc. I also watched Carnivale for the two seasons it was on and that first season was glacier like.

2005-10-06 11:44:09
240.   Linkmeister
229 I may be wrong, but I think the Honolulu cops at Aloha Stadium are extra-duty guys, paid for the event. That said, as I recall there are only about 8,000 parking stalls for a 50,000-seat stadium. There are various shuttle buses from points around town, but street parking in the "neighborhood" is kind of a joke. It's surrounded on three sides by major roads (including a freeway) and few cross streets.
2005-10-06 11:45:30
241.   rageon
213 I actually hadn't seen Oz until the past few months, during which time I've watched all six seasons. I disliked Michael during the first season of Lost and liked him even less on Oz, so when the 2nd season of Lost started, I was primed to hate him regardless of the storyline.

223 It's no Deadwood, but really, what is? Probably a couple of the seasons of Sopranos, but I can't think of much else.

225 I decided to give Alias a chance last season, and my opinion of the show goes down all the time. It's like every time they need something new to do, they either (1) turn a bad-guy good, (2) turn a good-guy bad, or (3) make everyone think a good-guy turned bad when he really didn't.

Regarding baseball news, there's really not many GMs in baseball that needed firing more than LaMar, so it's not exactly shocking news. Any attention I pay to a replacement will be curiosity whether they hire a retread/Jim Bowden type, or a young/sabremtric type.

2005-10-06 11:47:01
242.   Bob Timmermann
Good planning there. Perhaps everyone is going to go to Aloha Stadium on the extensive Honolulu subway network.

Or "The Bus".

2005-10-06 11:47:15
243.   Marty
The guy who plays Pullo is a dead-ringer for my father 50 years ago. I did a double-take the first time I saw him. Unfortunately, I got my looks from my mother's side of the family. :)

The one complaint I have for Rome is after hearing some of the accents, sometimes it seems Rome is located just west of London.

2005-10-06 11:56:35
244.   Jon Weisman
New playoff chat thread open up top.
2005-10-06 11:59:45
245.   Bob Timmermann
The actor who plays Pullo is married to Ruth Gemmell who played the same character that Drew Barrymore played in "Fever Pitch".

Except that was the English version and it was about soccer and didn't have Jimmy Fallon in it.

2005-10-06 12:06:15
246.   dzzrtRatt
There's a Brit version of "Fever Pitch"? I did not know that. I've boycotted the Jimmy Fallon movie because the freakin' book is about soccer fanatics who are nothing like baseball fanatics, not even the fanatics in Red Sox nation. It would be like setting "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" in Santa Fe, or "Death in Venice" in Newport Beach. It took me a while to check out "Short Cuts" because you don't set the stories of Raymond Carver in Los Angeles. (It was a good movie, though, despite that.)
2005-10-06 12:22:39
247.   Telemachos
The Brit version of "Fever Pitch" stars Colin Firth (!) and I've been told by some UK friends that it's a decent flick.

I highly recommend the book even if you aren't familiar with soccer (and certainly there's plenty of details about UK clubs and personnel that will totally go over the heads of anyone not familiar with British soccer from the 1970s and 80s). But the book delves wonderfully into the concept of fandom and it's easily applicable to any hobby or sport that one is devoted to.

2005-10-06 12:35:34
248.   das411
229 - Bob, my grandfather and I have gone to a few games in Tampa Bay each of the past few years, and pretty much have mastered the parking. The one time we had trouble was for the Yankees this summer, they had us go off a different exit and enter the lot from the other side. Other than that though, no problems.

And the walkway leading up to the ballpark is kind of cool. And it's hard to beat air-conditioned baseball or $25 walk up seats that are literally two rows from the field.

I think LaMar went today because they noticed us talking an Abreu trade and saw how much more we could get for him than he did :)

2005-10-06 12:49:03
249.   Vishal
i don't watch much television... but does anyone else watch "over there"?
2005-10-06 12:59:04
250.   Icaros
248 If it's the Stocker-Abreu trade you want to match, we'll give you Oscar Robles for Bobby straight up.
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2005-10-06 13:28:26
251.   Jon Weisman
249 - I do.
2005-10-06 18:47:59
252.   Vishal
it's the only show i really watch on a regular basis (well, there's this sitcom i watch, but i only watch it because my friend is in it).

it blows me away how fast the cycle has gotten; M.A.S.H. was about korea and it came out in the '70s. this one's about what's going on as we speak. and while the storylines aren't necessarily "ripped from the headlines" à la law and order, it's still all too real. i like how it's political without being necessarily unbalanced.

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