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Happy Kirkday
2005-10-15 10:31
by Jon Weisman
Comments (165)
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2005-10-15 10:40:39
1.   Bob Timmermann
How many hits did Kirk Gibson have for the Dodgers in the 1988 postseason?
2005-10-15 10:47:16
2.   Eric Enders
I'm gonna guess... 5. Or maybe 4.

Three game-winning homers, though.

2005-10-15 10:49:39
3.   Bob Timmermann
5 is the correct answer.

4 in the LCS, 1 in the WS.

3 HRs (Games 4,5 of the LCS and Game 1 of the WS)

2005-10-15 10:54:13
4.   Vishal
that's some kinda slugging percentage.
2005-10-15 10:59:32
5.   Bob Timmermann
Gibson slugged .519 in the 1988 postseason.
2005-10-15 11:03:53
6.   popup
Remembering Sandy:

Sandy Koufax made the start in game five of the 1965 World Series with the series tied 2-2. Jim Kaat started for the Twins.

The Dodger offense scored early and often. Two runs in the 1st and two more in the 3rd staked Sandy to a 4-0 lead.

Sandy was perfect through four. The first Twins baserunner of the day, Harmon Killebrew, reached on a single in the 5th, but he was erased on a doubleplay.

The Twins only serious scoring threat came in the 9th. Frank Quilici and Sandy Valdespino hit back to back singles to put runners at first and second. Sandy struck out Zolio Versalles and then the Dodgers turned a doubleplay on Joe Nossek's line drive to Maury Wills to end the game.

Sandy struck out 10, walked 1, and allowed 4 hits in his complete game 7-0 victory.

Thanks to retrosheet.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-10-15 11:06:53
7.   Vishal
that's pretty good but i guess i didn't take into account his at-bats that didn't produce a hit at all
2005-10-15 11:16:04
8.   Bob Timmermann
Gibson still had the highest slugging percentage for any "regular" (as much as the Dodgers had a regular lineup in the 1988 postseason).

Hatcher slugged .500.

2005-10-15 12:50:52
9.   John A
I grew up closer to Anaheim Stadium than Chavez Ravine and at times I kind of liked the Angels, though never as much as the Dodgers. But the L.A. Times has so frequently used the Angels as a stick to beat the Dodgers this season that I find myself pulling for the Chisox in the ALCS. Call it Plaschke backlash.
2005-10-15 12:55:57
10.   Bob Timmermann
Interestingly, Plaschke and Simers (or at least Plaschke) didn't accompany the Angels back to Anaheim. They are in South Bend today for the USC-Notre Dame game. The LA Times is probably hoping that the Angels win one more game so the series has to go back to Chicago, so they don't have to fly everybody back and forth.
2005-10-15 12:57:34
11.   fanerman
4 - That's some kind of Isolated Power, you mean.
2005-10-15 12:59:51
12.   natepurcell
reggie bush is incredible
2005-10-15 13:11:31
13.   Bob Timmermann



2005-10-15 13:14:30
14.   natepurcell
i think im going to watch the usc/ND game more than the stl/hou game today...
2005-10-15 13:30:21
15.   Romyrick

Thats for sure

2005-10-15 13:31:05
16.   alex 7
would anyone know anybody with vhs tapes of the 1988 Dodgers / Mets NLCS? Talking about it earlier reminded me I never saw those games (too young). The world series that year was the first time I remember watching the Dodgers on TV.
2005-10-15 13:42:08
17.   natepurcell
the recoming comming of ed Mccaffry on the fighting irish is pretty good.
2005-10-15 13:42:42
18.   natepurcell
oh wow. i mean. second coming

i dont even know how i wrote that.

2005-10-15 13:51:23
19.   King of the Hobos
I've scanned through the various boxscores of the Venezuelan Winter League, but couldn't find too many Dodger names. The one I noticed was Harold Eckert, who, in an un-Eckert like fashion, pitched 5 innings, allowing 2 hits, and striking out 5, leading the Aguilas del Zulia to a 2-0 victory
2005-10-15 13:55:31
20.   Bob Timmermann
I don't anyone who would have a complete broadcast of all 7 games of the 1988 Series.

Obviously, ABC has all of them. But if someone was taping them at home, they would have had to have done some scrambling. They all started at odd times. I think Game 3 may have had its start delayed. Regardless, it took 3:44 to play.

The only game you really need to see is Game 4. That game was extraordinarily nerve-wracking to watch. It's fun now in retrospect. But it was agony to watch.

2005-10-15 14:00:07
21.   King of the Hobos
19 Another Dodger player on the Aguilas. Jesus Soto, an infielder who played at Ogden this year batted 9th and played SS, and went 0-3 with a K
2005-10-15 14:12:50
22.   alex 7
ouch, what a hit.
2005-10-15 14:35:20
23.   Bob Timmermann
And the cardinal lies down with the lamb.

With bad results for the cardinal.

2005-10-15 14:35:42
24.   King of the Hobos
More winter league fun. Down in the DR, Duaner Sanchez and Beltran Perez are playing under "Jhon Shoemaker" for the Gigantes del Cibao. Brazoban is pitching for the Tigres del Licey once again. Season doesn't start for a few days

That's the Gigantes site, the main story is on Beltran Perez (and has a nice picture of him. I have no idea what the article says, as I don't know Spanish). There's a picture of Duaner in a Gigantes hat towards the bottom

2005-10-15 14:38:54
25.   Bob Timmermann
Jhon Shoemaker must have been inspired by the play of Jhonny Peralta this year to change his name.
2005-10-15 14:44:05
26.   fanerman
Wasn't there a report that a couple Dodgers (Jackson?) were spending the offseason with Eric Gagne?
2005-10-15 14:45:42
27.   Bob Timmermann
Is Eric making poutine every night or something?
2005-10-15 14:52:45
28.   King of the Hobos
26 Jackson and Duaner were suppose to be with Gagne. Haven't heard any updates. Sanchez said at the time that he won't pitch in the DR until he's done with Gagne. He seems to be one of the bigger "stars" on the Gigantes team though. He's second on the poll, above Pedro Feliz, although I don't know what the question is (¿Qué pelotero de los Gigantes te apasiona más ver en acción?)

And I think that's the wrong Beltran Perez. Someone who could read the article may be able to tell for sure

2005-10-15 14:55:31
29.   Bob Timmermann
Which Giants player do you most want to see in action?

That is the question from above.

2005-10-15 14:55:56
30.   King of the Hobos
Bruntlett is not a "young star on the rise." He's not young, a star, or on the rise
2005-10-15 14:55:59
31.   Bob Timmermann
Or more exactly: Which Giants players are you most excited to see in action?
2005-10-15 14:56:59
32.   Romyrick
The article on Beltran Perez poorly translated by (this used to be one of my hobbies)

SAN FRANCISCO OF MACORIS.- The right launcher Beltrán Pérez declared to be prepared to take the role of opener of the Giants of the Cibao in the next season of the Dominican winter baseball planned to be initiated October 19. Pérez stood out that this year has arrived in you optimize conditions to the training of the Dominican winter ball. " I Am in fullness of conditions I stop to carry out my work and in favor of the team'' affirmed Pérez.

It said that this year the joint cibaeño has a great depth in the pitcheo respected one of the better of the league. " We Have a large quantity of launchers with arms in excellent conditions that will be of a lot of aid in the next season''.

"With us one must count always they have underestimated us and your you can observe that in the three last years we have classified to the following round" affirmed. Reseño that in it passed season of the baseball in the United States juice with the team of Saw Beach branch office class of the Dodgers of los Angeles where I compile three triumphs and two failures and an effectiveness 3.78.

Of its side in the double classification TO with participated with the team Jacksonville averaging two triumphs and three reverses and effectiveness of 2.90, with a play saved, launched 31 entrances permitting 22 hits, with 11 careers, 16 bases by balls and 32 punches.

"I am a launcher with more experiences than in passed season I am prepared to carry out my work and to come out with the positive mind in each party of the tournament" emphasized Pérez.

2005-10-15 14:59:53
33.   Romyrick
I think we should ammend the word pitcher in baseball and replace it with the word "Launcher".
2005-10-15 15:02:52
34.   fanerman
33 - I second that.
2005-10-15 15:22:13
35.   King of the Hobos
Well, it says he played for the Saw Beach team, and his 3 triumphs, 2 failures, and effectiveness of 3.78 is all on par with the Beltran Perez of Jacksonville. Not really sure why it uses his Jacksonville stats when discussing Vero Beach, but that is the Dodgers Beltran Perez. His birthdate on the roster page is off though, unless there's 2 Beltran Perez's

And that's an impressive 32 punches for "Jacksonville" (actually Vero). Looks like he can be the successor to Brown and Carlos Perez

And I fully endorse changing the name to launchers

2005-10-15 15:35:41
36.   Linkmeister
I think "launch" is trademarked for the hitters.

"The game was tied until Fisk launched his foul-line-hugging home run."

"Mantle launched a tremendous 565-foot home run in Griffith Stadium yesterday."

"Stargell launched the first home run completely out of Dodger Stadium."

2005-10-15 15:35:51
37.   Bob Timmermann
Here's my attempt using my half-assed Spanish:

Righthanded pitcher Beltran Perez said he is preparing to take over the role of starter for the Cibao Giants for the next Dominican winter baseball league, slated to start October 19. Perez has stood out as he arrived in top training condition for winter ball. "I am in great condition to do my job and help out the team," Perez affirmed.

He said that this year the Cibaeno team has a surplus in the pitching area and is considered one of the best in the league. "We have a lot of pitchers with arms in excellent condition that will be much help in the coming season."

"With us we are always underestimated and you can see that in three seasons we have made it to the next round," Perez said. Looking back to the past season in U.S. baseball, he played with Vero Beach, a minor league team for the Los Angeles Dodgers where he compiled a 3-2 record and a 3.78 ERA.

From his time in AA, he played with the Jacksonville team picking up 3 wins and 2 losses and an ERA of 2.90 with one save. He threw 31 innings allowing 21 hits with 11 runs, 16 walks and 32 strikeouts.

"I am a pitcher with more experience that in the last season prepared me to do my job and leave with a positive frame of mind for each game of this tournament," Perez emphasized.

2005-10-15 15:37:56
38.   Romyrick
Is anyone familiar with the "Tony La Russa Baseball" series?

Don Daglow and Eddie Dombrower are baseball simulation game designers whose sabermetrics-based games have introduced "new statistics" to expanded audiences. They are best known for Intellivision World Series Baseball (1983) and Earl Weaver Baseball (1987). Daglow also designed Baseball (1971), Tony La Russa Baseball (1991) and Old Time Baseball (1995).

I've been wanting EA to have a sabermetrically inclined baseball game but it doesnt look like that will ever happen. Has anyone played the Tony La Russa Baseball games and can you give me any insight on them?

2005-10-15 15:49:31
39.   Bob Timmermann
Oh look, UCLA falling behind early to a bad team on the road.

Why am I cursed with following such a team?

[bangs head against table repeatedly]

2005-10-15 15:49:51
40.   Uncle Miltie
If you go to the team's roster:
It says that Beltran Perez was born on 24/08/74.

His listed birthday in the U.S. is October 21, 1981. So which one is it?

2005-10-15 15:52:33
41.   Bob Timmermann
Looking at his photo, I would be surprised if Mr. Perez were really 31.

Might be a typo there. I wonder why all the players wear #7.

2005-10-15 15:53:22
42.   King of the Hobos
The Dodgers intended to acquire the one born on October 21, 1981. I haven't heard anything about his age being wrong, so I would assume that's still his birthdate
2005-10-15 15:55:47
43.   Bob Timmermann
Further down the list, there is a Jorqe Vasquez with a 1974 birthday. And his photo makes him look like he's 31, so I think it's just a case of getting some fields confused when inputting data.
2005-10-15 16:20:22
44.   regfairfield
38 The Tony LaRussa baseball games, while they were far ahead of their time, with managers that actually played correctly (I remember being amazed that the runners would automatically go 3-2 with 2 out) but had the downside of not being very fun.

The last game in the series made a disastrous switch to 3D, and that was the last we heard of it.

The best baseball game ever still is High Heat 2000, which had the advantage of being the only game I've ever played where you can actually work the count and walk people unintentionelly, while not having the soul crushing bugs the later versions did.

2005-10-15 16:26:41
45.   Uncle Miltie
44- have you played High Heat Baseball 2002? Great gameplay, mediocre graphics. 2003 was the last year they made the game.
2005-10-15 16:26:45
46.   Bob Timmermann
Methinks my Bruins are having a bit of a letdown in the Palouse today.

Unless the 21-0 deficit in the first quarter is part of some sort of plan.

2005-10-15 16:29:41
47.   King of the Hobos
46 The deficit was 4 seconds into the 2nd quarter. I expected better of you, Bob
2005-10-15 16:31:11
48.   Bob Timmermann
I'm trying to follow 3 sporting events simulatenously.

I'm sorry....

2005-10-15 16:31:42
49.   Bob Timmermann
Including the NLCS which the 'Stros now lead 2-1 (games that is). 4-3 final.
2005-10-15 16:32:51
50.   Bob Timmermann
And even Cal lost at home today to OSU, 23-20.

This might not be the big day for the Pac-10....

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2005-10-15 16:36:42
51.   Uncle Miltie
NO! USC wins!
2005-10-15 16:38:22
52.   Bob Timmermann
Woo hoo! I don't have to host my Notre Dame fan friend who said he would stay at my place for the Notre Dame-Texas Rose Bowl!
2005-10-15 16:39:20
53.   Uncle Miltie
52- you are a UCLA and you are happy that USC won?
2005-10-15 16:39:45
54.   Bob Timmermann
If USC's winning streak had been ended by Notre Dame, I would have been a very sad man....
2005-10-15 16:42:15
55.   Marty
Wow! What a finish. I'm exhausted.
2005-10-15 16:45:26
56.   Bob Timmermann
I am a UCLA fan. But I dislike Notre Dame far more than I dislike USC.

Delenda est South Bend.

2005-10-15 16:46:49
57.   Bob Timmermann
At least UCLA woke up. But they're still down 21-7.
2005-10-15 16:51:52
58.   trainwreck
It would be nice if UCLA could play some defense. I want USC to be undefeated and of course I want UCLA to be undefeated when the play each other at the end of the season so everything is on the line. Mean that much more if UCLA can end USC's streak.
2005-10-15 16:53:04
59.   Bob Timmermann
Perhaps UCLA only took the offense along up to Pullman. Maybe Jarrad Page is scared of the mean people in Pullman.

However, it's not like this performance is all that unusual or unexpected based on recent seasons for UCLA.

2005-10-15 16:54:36
60.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA is using Jerome Harrison as sort of a scout team performer for Reggie Bush. They accomplish this by not tackling him.
2005-10-15 16:55:25
61.   trainwreck
UCLA football is nothing but unfullfilled hopes.
2005-10-15 17:05:29
62.   Bob Timmermann
Let's turn this thread into Bruins Thoughts. We need to focus our displeasure on someone.
2005-10-15 17:06:36
63.   Icaros
What blame can UCLA lay at Jim Tracy's door?
2005-10-15 17:08:27
64.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA just recruits players who fit into a spreadsheet, not players with heart and soul. That's why USC has been better.

Well, then there's the matter of the USC players being a whole lot more talented.

2005-10-15 17:10:45
65.   trainwreck
USC team is full of players with intangibles, tools, and confidence...oh wait that actually really matters in football.
2005-10-15 17:11:40
66.   Uncle Miltie
64- USC is pretty loose when he comes to admitting athletes. Let's just say that one guy from my high school went to USC (to play football) and he had a very hard time graduating high school.
2005-10-15 17:12:08
67.   LAT
Good AFLAC Trivia question for this game. (Although most here probably saw it.)

Murice Drew leads the nation in punt return yardage. Who is the only Bruin to lead the nation in punt return yardage for an entire season?

Answer has a Dodger connection.

2005-10-15 17:13:43
68.   Bob Timmermann

Aww, that's a gimme.

2005-10-15 17:16:40
69.   LAT
Bob, that question is right in your wheelhouse. Is it misleading to say he has had his number retired.
2005-10-15 17:17:51
70.   trainwreck
67- I actually got that question right. I knew Jackie Robinson played so many positions for UCLA football he had to be the only guy with a chance to lead nation in punt return yardage.
2005-10-15 17:22:03
71.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA did not retire Jackie Robinson's number for football. Or basketball. Or baseball.
2005-10-15 17:25:34
72.   LAT
Yes but MLB did. That's why I asked would it be misleading? I guess the answer is, yes it is.

Santana not looking so good

2005-10-15 17:26:45
73.   Uncle Miltie
Yes! Konerko with another HR!
2005-10-15 17:27:03
74.   King of the Hobos
Konerko yet againupsets Angel fans everywhere

Do they now put all their resources into signing him?

2005-10-15 17:28:08
75.   LAT
Boy, they are loving Lasorda in Chicago.
2005-10-15 17:30:09
76.   trainwreck
Private schools have it easy. Especially in the Pac-10 where Cal and UCLA have high standards academically for their students (of course nowhere near as high as the regular student).
2005-10-15 17:34:08
77.   Bob Timmermann
Private schools have it easy in college sports? Really?

I think it varies by school and sport and level of competition.

Northwestern and Vanderbilt are not exactly athletic powerhouses.

2005-10-15 17:35:29
78.   Bob Timmermann
From finding some old photos online, I think Jackie Robinson wore 28 for UCLA football and 18 for UCLA basketball.

So in a sense, Jackie's basketball number has been retired because in college basketball you can't have a digit larger than 5.

2005-10-15 17:36:43
79.   Bob Timmermann
Angels really made Garcia sweat a lot there didn't they?
2005-10-15 17:47:37
80.   trainwreck
I mean in regards to acceptance it is easier for them to slide people in, if you know what I mean. Vanderbilt is not bad at basketball and Northwestern used to be a good football program. The reason some private schools are not good at athletics is either they do not care about athletics much or they do not have the reputation as a good sports school so athletes do not want to go there.
2005-10-15 17:50:15
81.   Marty
My father made me a USC fan even though he never went there. I've been hooked ever since the 1964 Notre Dame game. I got to personally see the 51-0 wipe out by Notre Dame in 1966, sealing my hatred for them.
2005-10-15 17:50:37
82.   Bob Timmermann
When Northwestern came out for the Rose Bowl a few years back, their alums were the most annoying fans I'd run into.

They irritated me so much, they made me root for USC in that game.

You would think fans of a school that hardly ever won wouldn't walk around with the amount of arrogance they did. You couldn't get them to say hello. They just kept to themselves, except when they were complaining about how much they didn't like the Rose Bowl facility.

Back to Evanston with all of you!

2005-10-15 17:51:22
83.   Marty
Chicago University was a football power back in the day. They decided to give it up though.
2005-10-15 17:52:43
84.   Bob Timmermann
Chicago used to be in the Big 10 and then when they dropped it, it was the Big 9 for a while because Michigan didn't want Michigan State to join.
2005-10-15 17:55:10
85.   Bob Timmermann
"Back in the day" for Chicago being its membership in the Big 10 from 1896 until 1940.
2005-10-15 17:55:34
86.   Marty
I always get a kick out of the big ten fans who come for the Rose Bowl. When Northwestern was here, it seemed everyone in Pasadena wore purple. When Wisconsin comes, it's all red.
2005-10-15 17:56:13
87.   King of the Hobos
Men on the corners, 1 out, 1 run in, Finley up

No more runs came in

2005-10-15 17:56:32
88.   Marty
Somebody on the local news recently used "back in the day" to refer to something that happened in the 90's
2005-10-15 17:56:34
89.   Bob Timmermann
Chicago won a national championship in football in 1905.

That was a very productive decade for Chicago sports teams!

2005-10-15 18:01:17
90.   Jon T
I say Ozzie makes Konerko bunt here; smartball, you know.
2005-10-15 18:01:42
91.   Jon T
See - didn't move the runner over...
2005-10-15 18:02:03
92.   jeongers
Bizarre double play, but did Joe Buck just say, "With Steve Finley's speed, there's no way he gets doubled up"?

Cabrera just sends a throw par avion.

2005-10-15 18:03:20
93.   Marty
Dinner tonight should be good. I'm braising oxtails. They've been cooking for 6 hours so far and look terrific. Got some beans in there with them. I'll start the mashed potatos pretty soon.
2005-10-15 18:03:47
94.   LAT
If it turns out to be a W. Sox-Astro WS, I doubt I'll watch a single game.

If I were an Angel fan I really would be upset with Finley

2005-10-15 18:04:30
95.   das411
So where is Vish? I DID get the 3 runs for StL right, at least...

If anybody here is looking for another sport to follow, I HIGHLY suggest women's volleyball. Not only is one of the 3 teams ahead of us our near you guys, but one of our girls totally spiked one into the Gatorade jug and knocked over all of the full cups on top of it. This was about two seats over from where I was. Awesome. 8-)

2005-10-15 18:04:46
96.   Marty
Oh, and wine from Adelaida vinyards in Paso Robles
2005-10-15 18:05:41
97.   jeongers
Smartball strikes again . . .
2005-10-15 18:06:24
98.   Jon T
94 - According to FOX's broadcast of the Astros/Cards today, Clemens mom predicted the score of the Astros game the day she died, and said "Sholess Joe Jackson" a lot that day too... which apparently means that it will in fact be a Sox-'stros series.
2005-10-15 18:07:09
99.   Icaros

What time should people stop by?

2005-10-15 18:08:33
100.   Marty
Well, people will start showing up any minute. I've made enough for six.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-10-15 18:10:17
101.   Icaros
100 I should learn to cook so people will want to visit me.
2005-10-15 18:12:53
102.   Icaros
Pitch counts after three innings:

Santana - 67
Garcia - 35

2005-10-15 18:13:33
103.   Curtis Lowe
Noone has mentioned yet that Finleys bat his Pierzyncheats glove.
2005-10-15 18:14:21
104.   King of the Hobos
Now that the first 5 interviews are done, should we expect an announcement in the next few days? Or will we just learn that there's another batch of people to be interviewed?

I'm afraid the lack of Dodgers baseball has made me overly anxious to learn what the 2006 coaching staff will be

2005-10-15 18:15:22
105.   Marty
I've found I really enjoy cooking since I moved into the house I'm in and have a real kitchen. I don't try anything too adventurous on guests without making it once before for myself. I still haven't mastered the art of making a few dishes and having them ready at the same time.
2005-10-15 18:16:00
106.   Jon T
103 - I flipped back to the game right as that play was happening, so I'm not sure exactly what happened/what the rule is; anybody want to explain?
2005-10-15 18:17:44
107.   Jon T
Curtis Lowe = fantastic username.
2005-10-15 18:18:43
108.   trainwreck
I hope we find out soon who the coach is. I am pulling for Luvollo just because I like the idea of a young upstart manager.
2005-10-15 18:20:57
109.   Linkmeister
95 We had an "only in Hawai'i" moment earlier today when the UH Rainbow Wahine volleyball game against Boise State was on the radio, and the Astros-Cards game was to be joined in progress after that.

We take our women's volleyball very seriously out here.

2005-10-15 18:24:02
110.   Curtis Lowe
106- They showed that his bat hit Pierzynskies glove and thats why he was doubled up at first, Finley was busy telling the home plate ump that his bat hit the glove so he didnt get to first as fast as he would have had the ump been paying attention. It would have been interference and Finley would have been awarded first, bases loaded 1 out.

107- Yes it is.

2005-10-15 18:32:13
111.   jeongers
Sorry for the newbie question, but can someone provide a link that explains how you link to a previous post when replying to a specific post? That feature is fresh . . .
2005-10-15 18:33:57
112.   Jon T
So the Angels have something else to whine about, I guess. This is probably the most controversial umpiring these playoffs that I can remember.
2005-10-15 18:35:07
113.   Bob Timmermann

You just want a UCLA guy as manager. :-)

2005-10-15 18:38:29
114.   Jon T
Another apparent bad call goes for the White Sox on that Podsednik pickoff play.
2005-10-15 18:43:24
115.   Bob Timmermann
Who are the Game 5 starters in the ALCS? Same as Game 1? Byrd and Contreras?
2005-10-15 18:47:01
116.   trainwreck
That does not hurt. ;)
2005-10-15 18:48:33
117.   trainwreck
Ughh that was a critical 4th down we needed.
2005-10-15 18:50:53
118.   SMY
I didn't see the play but Finley probably should have run first, argued later, if that's what was going on.

So Pierzynski cost the Angels on another controversial play, and then hit a home run. My Plaschke imitation from yesterday might come true after all.

2005-10-15 18:51:47
119.   Bob Timmermann
Lovullo would be the first UCLA baseball player to become a manager.

There have been two from USC: Marcel and Rene Lachemann.

None from Cal.

Stanford has had one: Bob Boone.

2005-10-15 18:53:23
120.   trainwreck
I would care about these bad calls if it was not for the fact they are screwing over the Angels.
2005-10-15 18:55:29
121.   trainwreck
Know any good UCSB alums? I only know of Michael Young and Barry Zito who went here for his freshman year.
2005-10-15 18:56:13
122.   dagwich
Bob, interesting that earlier you mentioned you were monitoring several games at once. You are often so quick to find information and supply scores that I picture you as "The Man That Fell To Earth", watching a big bank of TVs and taking it all in. I was wondering when you were going to take our water back to your planet.

Speaking of technology, how's the Prius working out for you?

And the USC-ND game was a pure classic. I have no dog in the fight, it was just good college football.

And you'll be thrilled that I happened to drive by Coach K's house today, and there was the man himself getting out of his black BMW. He scowled at me as I drove by.

2005-10-15 18:57:43
123.   Bob Timmermann
Looking at other Pac-10 schools, the only other school that has produced a manager is Arizona, which is where Terry Francona played.
2005-10-15 18:58:19
124.   jeongers
119 - Bob, do you have some kind of Super Google that's currently in Beta? Because damn . . .
2005-10-15 18:59:36
125.   Bob Timmermann
I like to see how much RAM my brain has.

The Prius is very nice (it's not part of the recall, those were older ones). I have a little over 200 miles on it. The onboard computer says its gettings around 43-44 mpg.

2005-10-15 19:00:26
126.   Bob Timmermann

Baseball-reference has a link to where players went to college.

2005-10-15 19:02:02
127.   jeongers
Much has been made of today being Kirkday (the FOX broadcast mentioned it, too). But let's not forget to send a warm happy birthday to Virgil, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the Clayton Anti-Trust act. Thank you, World Book's Dashboard Widget . . .
2005-10-15 19:04:05
128.   Bob Timmermann
I just put Tiger in and am trying to maximize my widget use. They seem a little slow to react.
2005-10-15 19:09:11
129.   Bob Timmermann
Auggh. College football overtime. I'm very conflicted about this setup.
2005-10-15 19:10:56
130.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA wins the toss for overtime and the ref asks "What choice do you want?"

"We'll defer."

"That's not one of the choices."

2005-10-15 19:11:46
131.   das411
127 - I like the way Joe Buck handled that, btw, did anybody else catch that?

109 - Link, I wish they did that here! I am thinking I made the right choice in going to the PSU women's vball match instead of watching the end of our football game. Ugh.

2005-10-15 19:12:28
132.   Uncle Miltie
Bob what's going on with the UCLA game. I went out for dinner and UCLA was getting whooped. I'm up in Northern California so I can't see the game.
2005-10-15 19:13:21
133.   jeongers
126 - I refuse to believe you get your information from such readily available sources. It points out my low web-surfing optimization.

128 - Unfortunately, I use dial-up, so I can't tap into a lot of the benefits of the widgets. I like Tiger overall, though, and the new iTunes is nice. Now if only the hardware will hold up.

2005-10-15 19:16:35
134.   Bob Timmermann
WSU leads 41-38 after their first try in OT.

UCLA taking over.

2005-10-15 19:16:53
135.   jeongers
They are running wild on Molina.
2005-10-15 19:17:18
136.   Bob Timmermann
If you want further detail, basically WSU stopped being able to run the ball well and Olson has thrown 5 TDs.
2005-10-15 19:18:46
137.   Bob Timmermann
Washington State is also trying to corner the market on personal fouls.
2005-10-15 19:20:45
138.   Bob Timmermann
I really wish UCLA would win games much easier than this.

Not that I'm unhappy!

2005-10-15 19:22:48
139.   trainwreck
Atleast they are winning these games. The UCLA of just about every other year would have lost these last three games.
2005-10-15 19:27:16
140.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA picked the wrong weekend to have a dramatic OT win on the road. Not only is it the same day as the Angels in the ALCS. You've also got USC's even more dramatic win over Notre Dame. And UCLA was playing in Pullman, a city where few sportswriters dare to go.
2005-10-15 19:29:05
141.   Curtis Lowe
Weird, i didnt watch any of the UCLA game unitl they were down by 10, I goto my neighbors house and they get the Field Goal then the touchdown then they win. Why cant my magic rub off on the Dodgers? I guess it did when I was a kid( I was at the Mets playoff game when Gibson hit the Game winning homer and at game 1).
2005-10-15 19:31:12
142.   trainwreck
Haha the commentators were talking about how barely any opposing fans go there. Is the place just a dump?
2005-10-15 19:33:11
143.   Bob Timmermann
Opposing fans don't go to Pullman because it's in the middle of nowhere. There's also not an airport in Pullman. You have to fly into Spokane and drive a while or fly to Moscow, Idaho.

Neither of these are easy flights to get anyway.

2005-10-15 19:35:16
144.   Bob Timmermann
Since the Angels brought in Esteban Yan is that Mike Scioscia's way of hoisting the white flag?
2005-10-15 19:40:21
145.   Curtis Lowe
Guess my middle name.
2005-10-15 19:41:58
146.   Bob Timmermann
The phantom DP ... denied!
2005-10-15 19:42:00
147.   regfairfield
So, why did we wait until the 2005 playoffs to make the second baseman actually touch the base?

Not that it wasn't a makeup call.

No Lou, it wasn't a good call.

2005-10-15 19:44:29
148.   Bob Timmermann
Lou Piniella says he may just want to do TV in 2006.

Please somebody! Give him a managerial job! Please! Help us DePodesta! Spare us listening to Piniella on TV!

2005-10-15 19:51:33
149.   D4P
Piniella can't be worse than Steiner.
2005-10-15 19:53:12
150.   Bob Timmermann
Piniella is light years worse than Steiner. But it's not a fair comparison since Piniella isn't doing play by play. He's supposed to provide analysis and his comments are all things that are self-evident.

Mike Piazza was great on ESPN.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-10-15 20:01:25
151.   D4P
Do you like Steiner?
2005-10-15 20:04:37
152.   Bob Timmermann
Steiner is a lot better than listening to Lou Piniella. That's all.

This is known as "damning with faint praise".

2005-10-15 20:05:59
153.   D4P
Well, Piniella must be pretty horrible then.
2005-10-15 20:09:00
154.   trainwreck
Lou Piniella should be the new host of the Family Feud.
2005-10-15 20:09:05
155.   Spageticus
I agree, Piazza was better than passable. Pinella is almost as bad as that cur in San Diego.

Have you heard the Houston radio guys? I'm not sure who they are, but they are solid.

2005-10-15 20:10:39
156.   regfairfield
We could do a lot worse than Steiner. He's certainly no Ross, but he's probably better than at least half of the play by play guys out there.
2005-10-15 20:15:07
157.   D4P
I'll have to take your word for it, as I haven't listened to anywhere near "half" of the other play by play guys out there. But Steiner drives me crazy.
2005-10-15 20:46:28
158.   King of the Hobos
It's Dodger Day in Arizona. Phoenix only needs to use Miller to complete the 7 man Dodger squad (they usually use 2-3, not 6-7)
2005-10-15 20:50:36
159.   King of the Hobos
Unverified reports tell me that Miller is in California and is done for the season. That would hurt the above scenario. But on the bright side, one of the AAA roster fillers can pitch. Maybe they could get Eckert after he pitched 5 stutout innings in Venezuela today
2005-10-15 20:53:09
160.   King of the Hobos
From's Tot Holmes:

"General Manager Paul DePodesta said he could name a manager as soon as next week or continue the interviews with another dozen candidates he has on his list but has not revealed."

2005-10-15 20:53:17
161.   bill cox
Steiner indeed may not be Ross Porter,but after hearing alot of other clowns on XM broadcasts(they use the home announcers),I say stick with Steiner and Monday.Mike Shannon of the Cardinals is a dimbulb of the first magnitude.Some of these other guys are about as bad.
2005-10-15 21:50:56
162.   King of the Hobos
It's over in the desert

Kemp 0-5, 3 Ks, batted leadoff, didn't work so well
Laroche 2-4, K
Loney 2-4, 2B, HR, K, needless to say, he had a very good game
Abreu 2-4, K

Hull 5 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 3 Ks, impressive start in the AFL, I still expect him to be a NRI
Dannemiller 1 IP, BB

Hull and Dannemiler pitched 6 innings or 1 run ball against Kendrick, Morales, Wood, Butler, and Gordon and the rest of the amazing Surprise hitting

2005-10-15 22:22:22
163.   Linkmeister
Now that the Yankees are done, Fox ought to consider bringing Al Leiter into the booth. I remember that he impressed the heck out of me last year.
2005-10-15 22:44:20
164.   das411 reporting that Brett Hull has retired as of tonight.

That is going to be one impressive Hall of Fame class...

2005-10-16 06:00:52
165.   Borchard504
161 & others - After watching games all summer long online at, I can absolutely verify there's a lot of knuckleheads announcing. Very few come close to the quality LA has, Steiner included.

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