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Unconfidential to KSPN 710
2005-11-01 18:43
by Jon Weisman

Next time, I'll be lighter. Snappy!

Comments (91)
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2005-11-01 18:58:44
1.   Nolan
This Just In:

Pat Gillick will be the Philles' new GM.

Again, the McCourts show that they have no plan and no clue. Wasn't this supposed to be their guy? According to reports, although the Dodgers gained permission, they hadn't yet contacted (much less interviewed, much less extended an offer to) him.


2005-11-01 19:01:57
2.   Rick
So, how did the interview go Jon?
2005-11-01 19:16:17
3.   Bob Timmermann
I guess they didn't like his Walter Brennan impression.

"No brag, just fact, Frank McCourt is just second best."

2005-11-01 19:46:47
4.   John A
1. Not only do the McCourts lack a plan, it may be dawning on them that Tommy Lasorda doesn't have one, either.
2005-11-01 19:55:05
5.   Jon Weisman
2 - Oh, fine, I think - except that they were in a pretty lighthearted mood and I was a little more straightforward. Which is fine, but I could have been more fun.
2005-11-01 19:59:16
6.   Goozmani
So Frank McCourt fires Depo, with no sort of back-up plan? I could live with Hershiser assisting Ng, and Valentine in the dugout. But if he even THINKS about hiring Jim Bowden, I swear, I'll just.. well I dont know what I'll do. It wont be pretty though.

Lets hope he can somehow get Theo to fall in our lap. And whats this about Valentine being GM and manager? WHAT?! Geez Frank I didn't think your stock could get any lower. Prove me wrong.

So here we are, no manager, no Gm. Seemingly like neither are even close.

So can we Sign Giles? Trade Milton Bradley to the city of brotherly love for Bobby Abreu. I really wish Depo would have traded Izturis. Where am I going with this?

Congrads on the interview and thanks again for this wonderful place.

2005-11-01 21:30:51
7.   King of the Hobos
Gillick worked for Seattle as consultant through his Toronto home, and rumor is he wants to keep doing that with the Phillies. That would be a lot harder to do if he were GM of the Dodgers.

I don't think he was the only guy the Dodgers were targeting, he just happened to be the only one named. I'm not going to complain until the Bowden rumors get serious

2005-11-01 21:31:04
8.   Fallout
1. Nolan
Pat Gillick will be the Philles' new GM. Again, the McCourts show that they have no plan and no clue. Wasn't this supposed to be their guy?

Yeah, but it sounded good when he said it.

2005-11-01 21:34:43
9.   dzzrtRatt
5 McCourt is lucky inasmuch as the Epstein departure from Boston is the dominant baseball story in the media, leaving McCourt's foolishness to the inside pages. Casual LA sports fans are over it--too much good stuff happening, no point in dwelling on the bad. They'll check back in March, maybe. So that might explain why M & I didn't seem all that focused on what Jon had to say.
2005-11-01 21:39:18
10.   Bob Timmermann
And we have also learned that the influence of Bill Plaschke in L.A. compared to that of Shaughnessy in Boston is pretty small.
2005-11-01 21:42:33
11.   trainwreck
I can not believe on the Dodgers homepage it mentions hiring Valentine as GM/manager. Not that I think it will happen, but someone was dumb enough to even suggest that horrible idea which does not work in other sports and has not even been attempted in baseball if I am correct.
2005-11-01 21:45:57
12.   sanchez101
11. I wouldnt put it past Lasorda, hes too old to be GM (among other reasons), but he still wants to make big decisions and he would be a "senior advisor" to Valentine. Wow, i really hate lasorda right now.
2005-11-01 21:48:26
13.   King of the Hobos
If Lasorda must function as some sort of consultant to the GM, I'd want Valentine as GM/manager, just to laugh at how badly it fails. If Lasorda is running this team, it would already be a lost cause, so why not have some fun?
2005-11-01 21:52:18
14.   trainwreck
I'd say the same thing with Bowden or I would just cry and be miserable.
2005-11-01 21:55:41
15.   molokai
On the flip side at least the GM would play the players he traded for:)
2005-11-01 21:56:25
16.   King of the Hobos
14 Maybe we could name Bowden GM/manager. Heck, while we're at it, we can sign him to play as well. If he wants to call out players (many of whom he acquired) for not playing well, he could go out and show them how it's done
2005-11-01 21:57:00
17.   sanchez101
13,14. I see your point, when this season really fell apart i could really take joy in watching guys like phillips and edwards flail around.

All I can say is that the LA sports scene will be pretty bleak once Bush and Leinart are drafted.

2005-11-01 21:58:47
18.   bigcpa
Jack McKeon was GM/Mgr in San Diego from '88-'90.

Thought I'd share this from the Baseball Prospectus 2004 Annual. By the time it hit shelves DePodesta had been hired. Now it reads like Groundhog Day.

"The Dodgers are an organization steeped in tradition, but for them, the bad outweighs the good. They're a franchise that experienced an extended period of success 40 years ago, and have never quite gotten over it. It was then that the front office made up its mind on how a successful franchise should be built and run, and they've kept doing things that way because-by God- that's the way you do things. That's the Dodger Way...

From a drafting strategy that puts more emphasis on tools than performance, to a front office that refuses to acknowledge that offense makes up just as much of the game as pitching and defense does, the Dodgers are clinging to ideas that the Flat Earth Society would find ridiculous."

2005-11-01 22:02:16
19.   slackfarmer
11. They also list Hershiser as a potential assistant to Valentine and Lasorda. It's been clear for a long time that Tommy is a twit, but I'm sort of surprised that Orel would allow himself to get wound up in the Lasorda cabal. I thought he was smarter than that.
2005-11-01 22:02:27
20.   capdodger
18 The closing line of The Great Gatsby keeps popping into my head regarding the Dodgers:

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

2005-11-01 22:05:10
21.   dzzrtRatt
Here are Gurnick's exact words: "It has been speculated that the Dodgers would offer Valentine both titles -- manager and general manager -- with Lasorda serving as his senior consultant and Orel Hershiser as an assistant."

Where do you think he got that? Tommy Lasorda is the "it" doing the "speculating." It's a trial balloon! With Gillick and probably Bowden out of the picture, this is the only remaining scenario where Tommy doesn't get sidelined. It makes no sense otherwise.

I don't even think McCourt is dumb enough to try a combined GM/Manager with a trinity running the team. That's not "leadership." That's confusion.

For one or two days, McCourt was bamboozled by Tommy into thinking that the glorious Tommy-tinted past was what fans wanted. That whim cost DePo his job. But now it gets serious. He should take a poll of Dodger fans to find out how many even know who Bobby Valentine is, or what his connection was to the team. Even Orel Hershiser is just a name to fans under 25. Which means that marketing director Drew McCourt, 23, doesn't have a clue how exactly he'd market this new setup.

"They're, like, these really cool guys who won the championship in the olden days. Or that's what they told me anyway."

"Thanks, kid. But I'll be buying Galaxy tickets this year."

"Cool! Can I come?"

2005-11-01 22:09:46
22.   popup
Sorry I missed Jon on the radio. The last person I remember being GM/manager was Paul Richards in Baltimore in the 1950s. I can't believe it would even be an option in these days of multi million dollar player contracts.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-11-01 22:27:20
23.   Louis in SF
Any thoughts about Collins being given a shot at GM. He knows the minor league personnel, was a manager, and if he was on the same page as DePodesta he could use some of the same analysis. It certainily makes more sense then some of the Lasorda speculation.
2005-11-01 22:30:21
24.   trainwreck
If McCourt did not want him as manager he is not going to want him as GM.
2005-11-01 22:33:07
25.   Xeifrank
Posted this on the wrong thread earlier...

Skimming over the last 200 or so comments, I have a few things on my mind. First off, I am very jealous of the person who went to Jr High school with J.Alba. Secondly, yes UCSB is a party school. I was there for a few years, back when they had a great basketball team with Brian Shaw and would always upset UNLV. Nothing like attending a game at the ThunderDome back in the hayday. Thirdly, I am still in denial about Depodesta. All this talk about Bowden, LaSorda, Valentine and Hershiser is gnawing at me. My denial is so bad, that I think this was all a plot hatched by the McCourts or someone smarter than them. They fire Depodesta and hire a couple of big face names like Hershiser and Valentine, but Depodesta is really the guy pulling the GM strings behind the scenes. Kind of like the guy in the Wizard of Oz... please pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!!!!!!!! AGHHHHHHHHHH! vr, Xei

2005-11-01 22:35:02
26.   dzzrtRatt
According to the NY Times, Epstein will be in Boston tomorrow, holding a news conference to explain why he broke off from the Red Sox.
2005-11-01 22:35:21
27.   capdodger
At this point in time, that could be a plausible explanation.
2005-11-01 22:36:06
28.   King of the Hobos
I have this feeling that "To work for the Dodgers" will not be brought up at the press conference.
2005-11-01 22:40:23
29.   Steve
Dusty Baker for GM!
2005-11-01 22:47:55
30.   Steelyeri
re: valentine as GM/manager.

Isn't there a rule that the GM can't also be the manager?

2005-11-01 22:48:18
31.   capdodger
28 - If that were the case, it would be the textbook definition of tampering.
2005-11-01 22:48:43
32.   Steelyeri
re: 30

Please let there be a rule like that, please!

2005-11-01 22:49:34
33.   Steelyeri

It would be pretty funny though.

2005-11-01 22:51:53
34.   Steve
I thought Epstein was a free agent with no contract, therefore no tampering.
2005-11-01 22:58:19
35.   capdodger
34 It wouldn't be if McCourt called him at or after 12:01 AM on Nov. 1. Since that time, you're correct, he has been a free agent. Before that time, however, he had a contract. If he quit the Sox because he had been told the Dodgers would hire him, that would be tampering.
2005-11-01 22:59:37
36.   Steve
Yep, you are right. Let's hope they have the tampering rules memorized, and don't tamper with certain already employed GMs.
2005-11-01 23:03:59
37.   capdodger
36 Given the Senior-Advisor-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named's track record with transaction rules...
2005-11-01 23:07:51
38.   m-unit
I don't chime in very often, but I've had a few days for this to sink in. I haven't lived in LA for 7 years but have always been a hardcore Dodger fan.

So after a few days, I'm more upset than ever. I'd rather have Murdoch in the owner's box.

At any rate, I'm just saying goodbye. Starting today, I'm rooting against my beloved Dodgers. I hope they sink like a rock into sweet mediocrity.

Thanks for all the memories Jon...

2005-11-01 23:12:35
39.   Bob Timmermann
So how did the Dodgers former manager know that he could get a good job out of Pittsburgh before he was let go?
2005-11-01 23:23:25
40.   dzzrtRatt
36 Could we make a citizen's arrest?
2005-11-01 23:27:33
41.   Steve
"good" job in Pittsburgh...?
2005-11-01 23:29:28
42.   Steve
I think it's ok to root against the Dodgers once Jason Phillips has actually played first base. Failure becomes deserved and necessary at that point. But rumors of putting Jason Phillips at first base I don't think trigger the Phillips Principle.

We just have to get the word out that Jim Bowden kills kitties.

2005-11-01 23:33:13
43.   dzzrtRatt

...takes you to a column by Eric Wilbur of, speculating that Epstein would avoid the Dodgers like the plague, because of Tommy. He's more likely to go somewhere more "anonymous," like San Diego or Tampa Bay.

2005-11-01 23:34:35
44.   fanerman
NOT San Diego! PLEASE!
2005-11-01 23:35:48
45.   bokonon42
I'm not sure if this violates the librarian/borrower privilege, but I was a library aide in the eighth grade, and a certain girl, let's call her Jessica A., was a big fan of V.C. Andrews. I think. There was another Young Adult author (with initials instead of a regular name) who was big with the pre-teen girls, whose name I've not been able to tease out of Amazon. Something about Fright? Like a series of Fright books? Anyway, this could be a bum tip. But I think it was V.C. Andrews.

She wasn't Big Time, back then, but I think she'd been in a movie I never saw, and maybe a t.v. show that I didn't watch. She was a Jr. High celebrity. And I was a library aide. Story of my life. . .

2005-11-01 23:42:25
46.   scareduck
42 - isn't that what Fire Jim Bowden is for?
2005-11-01 23:44:31
47.   trainwreck
Is it necessary to be so secretive?
2005-11-01 23:45:30
48.   slackfarmer
44. Let's hope the McCourt curse doesn't lead to the absolute worst case scenario -- Bowden GM in LA, Byrnes GM in AZ, Epstein GM in SD,and Depo assistant GM in CO.
2005-11-01 23:46:38
49.   slackfarmer
How do you ad a link to the comment number you are referencing?
2005-11-01 23:47:13
50.   bokonon42
47- I don't really know. It was a long time ago, so I don't remember if I signed any confidentiality agreements. When the Patriot Act was passed, the part about the FBI having access to library records got a lot of play, so I assume they're otherwise secret. Right?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-11-01 23:48:18
51.   bokonon42
49 Bracket the number, like this: [X].
2005-11-01 23:54:48
52.   Bob Timmermann
I'm afraid that revealing someone's borrowing record is indeed a crime in the state of California unless the record has been subpoenaed by an authorized law enforcement agency.

However, I would assume the statute of limitations on any such crime has passed. Although I don't know if you would do the counting from the time the material was checked out or from the time it was revealed.

I don't know if such questions are on the bar exam. And I don't even know if it really is a crime or whether or not it is just more of a shield law for librarians.

2005-11-01 23:55:08
53.   jasonungar05
29 lol
2005-11-01 23:57:22
54.   slackfarmer
51 Thanks.
2005-11-02 00:03:32
55.   Bob Timmermann
California Government Code Section 6254
Except as provided in Sections 6254.7 and 6254.13, nothing in
this chapter shall be construed to require disclosure of records
that are any of the following:
(j) Library circulation records kept for the purpose of
identifying the borrower of items available in libraries, and library
and museum materials made or acquired and presented solely for
reference or exhibition purposes. The exemption in this subdivision
shall not apply to records of fines imposed on the borrowers.
2005-11-02 00:07:38
56.   bokonon42
Great. So I've broken the law showing off for you vagrants. If anybody asks, just say Tim Russert told you.
2005-11-02 00:16:25
57.   trainwreck
Do not worry I am too dumb to understand what you were talking about.
2005-11-02 00:19:12
58.   bokonon42
57- Good point. What I actually said didn't break the law, I don't think. It's only when read in context that the identity of the person whose records I was disclosing could be inferred. I'm innocent. I didn't say her name!
2005-11-02 00:32:32
59.   natepurcell
from hensons article:

Another candidate, former Houston GM Gerry Hunsicker, apparently also is no longer available. The St. Petersburg Times is reporting today that he will accept a front-office position with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

this absolutely sucks. no one respectable is going to want to touch the dodger gm position. ahhhhh mccourt you moron. you made a great move.

2005-11-02 00:32:36
60.   Steve
FJB will have to be pursued, if at all, by someone else. I'm just handling his inevitable hiring the only way I know how.
2005-11-02 00:49:41
61.   bokonon42
Epstein has a press conference tomorrow at 1p.m. (EDT, I assume)
2005-11-02 00:54:13
62.   natepurcell
in hensons article he states that depo and epstein are very close and depo is one of the 10 guys in baseball that theo trusts.

therefore, he isnt coming to LA.

this is a bad dream. a bad bad badddd dream.

2005-11-02 00:58:11
63.   Steve
Yeah, see I was trying to say this yesterday. Epstein and DePodesta are, like, friends. Epstein can have any job he wants next year. Why would he take our crappy job, even if McCourt could in fact figure out some bizarre reason why he would want Epstein and not DePodesta.

Bobby Valentine as manager and general manager is a great idea. A



I think this is the one we want to hook onto. At this point, it's ABB

2005-11-02 01:01:04
64.   Steve
What about John Hart? Henson, in the part of the sentence I could read without retching, said that he affirmatively has "interest" in the gig. Two questions:

1) What about Hart on his own merits?

2) If Jim Bowden is ______, then John Hart is ______.

2005-11-02 01:02:09
65.   natepurcell
john hart signed chan ho park to that ridiculous contract. he could be just as bad as bowden.
2005-11-02 01:02:46
66.   natepurcell
Hart is also NOT media savvy. in fact, he probably 10x worst than depo with the media.

arghhh, hunsicker, please save us!

2005-11-02 01:05:13
67.   Steve
Well, everybody signs a ridiculous contract or ten. That's par for the course. Mostly I am concerned about whether we will end up with Scott Podsednik.
2005-11-02 01:06:19
68.   Steve
And one of McCourt's biggest mistakes would be believing he needs a media-savvy GM. Why play to the city's weaknesses? It's like going to Rome to eat Chinese Food.
2005-11-02 01:14:30
69.   dzzrtRatt
McCourt, you've done it. You PR genius you. First, you let everyone know you're going after Pat Gillick. He immediately signs with the perpetual also-rans, the Phillies. Then you let everyone know that, in a pinch, you'll accept Gerry Hunsicker. But he'd rather work for Tampa Bay, which until three days ago was known as a dysfunctional organization, but is now a model of stability compared to your proud McCourt brand. Finally, you let it be known that you've got your eye on that kid who made good in Boston: Theo Epstein. Except you just fired his best friend in a humiliating, dishonest fashion. Smart thinkin'.

If there is such a thing as a tenant of a McCourt building, all I can say to them is: Break your lease! Run for your lives!

2005-11-02 01:16:49
70.   LAT
Thanks Bokonon. So when Theo becomes manager of the Dodgers and the wife agrees to the "Jessica A." threesom, I can seduce her with a hot discussion of her borrowing record.

While this may be a violation of Government Code 6254, there is not a court in the land that would convict me given the circumstances. This is called the "good cause exception.' Could there be any better cause?

Where has Icaros gone? This discussion would be right up his alley.

2005-11-02 01:18:40
71.   dzzrtRatt
It suddenly occured to me what could happen. Everyone will turn McCourt down. Out of desperation, he'll have Jamie dial up Paul DePodesta...and order him back to work.
2005-11-02 01:30:08
72.   dzzrtRatt
The Daily News has, oddly, filed a story that suggests Epstein is still a possibility, changing places with the Times, which was more bullish on Epstein yesterday but not today.

So McCourt's desperate. Gotta be a pony in this pile somewhere. Epstein says, "Frank, I'll do it, under one condition. You fire Tommy Lasorda, and you have no conversations with Lasorda whatsoever. Give him to Scioscia, or Steinbrenner, or Sabean, but keep him away from Dodger Stadium. You do that, and I'll be your GM."

Does McCourt fold 'em?

2005-11-02 01:38:36
73.   LAT
Gillick and Hunsicker must love Frank. His ineptitude scored them their jobs faster and probably got them 20% more salary.

The way GM canidates are taking refuge in any port not called Dodger Stadium, the longshot, Ms. Ng is looking more like a live play. At this point, I would take her over Bowden, Hart or anyone named McCourt. You have to assume she has an appreciation for the farm system and knows Depo's plan. It would be a good PR move for Frank and would one-up Arte, (thereby making the score 92 for Arte, 1 for Frank)

2005-11-02 01:49:11
74.   bokonon42
Success! It only took, what, two hours? But I figured out the other possible favorite author of an unnamed classmate I may or may not have had. R.L. Stine. Don't know if this would be an effective way of wooing said classmate, but it might help out anybody looking to pick up a twelve year old girl. Twelve years ago. Any time machine owning pedophiles on the board? Answers to that question will be saved and passed on to prosecuters as part of my plea bargain for the unlawful library record disclosure conviction I will now spend the rest of my life fearing.
2005-11-02 01:55:37
75.   bokonon42
I quick look at the imdb forum for Actress A suggests that her tastes have taken a substantial turn in the decade plus since I would have had any way to know about them. Fetish Factor 2?
2005-11-02 02:39:39
76.   Vishal
[74] i was just gonna tell you it was probably R.L. Stine you were thinking of. so much for being helpful.
2005-11-02 02:43:02
77.   Vishal
[67] i would only be okay with that if scotty p could play a decent middle infield. in left field he is useless.
2005-11-02 03:42:36
78.   dzzrtRatt
Up late working, I decided to finally watch the video of McCourt's announcement. What a terribly confused performance. He reminded me of a bad presidential candidate dropping out of the race after winning 1 percent of the vote in all the primaries, trying to claim that his campaign was, despite all appearances to the contrary, a success. McCourt talked about winning, but from the terrified look in his eyes, you get the feeling he really isn't sure he can ever make the Dodgers win. The fact that every GM prospect he wanted would run for the tall weeds was something he didn't even know yet, but he already looks defeated. He has no idea what he's doing--and he knows he's a fraud, deep down. No wonder he keeps firing his PR people. They can't make him into a better, smarter, stronger person. They can't make him un-McCourt.

Sell the team, people. It's just going to drive you to an early grave. You aren't qualified, and when you talk about high expectations, excellence and winning, you really haven't the first clue what any of those pretty-sounding words even mean. It's not a job for just anybody. Give it up. Or as you would say, "it's time for the Dodgers to move on."

2005-11-02 04:21:17
79.   dagwich
Funny how everything relates back to an episode of Seinfeld. Remember the one where George loses his job (whether he quit or got fired, I don't remember) but then realizes that if he just shows up back to work like nothing happened maybe everything will be OK? Maybe Depo can do that.

And I think investigating library borrowing history is allowable under the Patriot Act.

2005-11-02 04:35:43
80.   John A
Has anybody seen any press reports on Forrest Gump's interest in the Dodger GM job?
Oops...Forrest already OWNS the team.
2005-11-02 05:47:27
81.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
I think we all need to hope that McCourt and Tommy will have to suffer the final humiliation of Bowden turning their offer down, and then hopefully Ng will be offered the job.


2005-11-02 05:57:04
82.   D4P
If McCourt and Tommy aren't humiliated yet, they never will be.
2005-11-02 06:17:07
83.   SMY
Is anyone else sort of morbidly curious as to how spectactularly the McCourts can crash and burn, at this point? I have to admit that I am.
2005-11-02 06:18:49
84.   Dr Love
Is anyone else sort of morbidly curious as to how spectactularly the McCourts can crash and burn, at this point? I have to admit that I am.

Absolutely. If it's gonna be a terrible ride, it should at least be something to remember.

2005-11-02 06:26:01
85.   Colorado Blue
Oops...Forrest already OWNS the team.

Yeah, he got the McCourt-jesters to take a 49% interest in BubbaGump Inc. for the Dodgers and Dodger Stadium.

2005-11-02 06:27:31
86.   Colorado Blue
85 - Forgot to add that Lt. Dan was not too happy with this arrangement: he felt that the McCourts would have settled for a 35% interest.
2005-11-02 07:06:50
87.   Fletch
Here is a not so flattering article on Hunsicker

Word is he is headed to Tampa Bay.

2005-11-02 07:18:54
88.   Dr Love
Word is he is headed to Tampa Bay.

It's all but offical:

As for the article you posted, it should be noted that Drayton McClane wasn't the easiest owner to work with. Hunsicker wanted to expand the payroll but McClane had him pare it down, it's why Billy Wagner was dealt.

2005-11-02 08:15:08
89.   gvette

1)If Ng is supposed to teach heir apparent Hershiser the ropes, who is going to be there to teach her (as a first time GM) the ropes? Why would she accept a job as a place holder for someone else?

2)What exactly is her philosophy on player personnel? (To say that it is just like the best parts of DePo or Evans is speculation, unless you have something to back it up)

3)Why is she more qualified than other potential internal candidates (Roy Smith/Logan White/Terry Collins)?

4)How does she fit the supposed need for someone media friendly? Has anyone here even heard her interviewed?

5) If the media fried DePo over being inexperienced, why would Ng get a pass? (Remember the political correct rules of journalism sometimes don't apply to the sports page when code words like "moody" "troubled" and "lazy" (Garret Anderson)apply to minorities, not to mention a "size zero dress size".

2005-11-02 08:32:40
90.   Sushirabbit
82 et. al

The PR problem is really the (them crazy)McCourts themselves.

It seems like just yesterday I was quivering with fear when Murdoch bought the team and my Yankee friend was chuckling and saying, "now you will know what it is like to have Steinbrenner as an owner." If only it were that good again.

2005-11-02 08:51:50
91.   DodgerBlueBruce
I hope whoever becomes the man wearing the pants in the GM's office doesn't have a closet full of leather ones.
You know of whom I speak.

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