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On Sale Now! The Best of Dodger Thoughts
2005-11-28 13:00
by Jon Weisman

Cover 11.25 jpegI am pleased to announce the release of The Best of Dodger Thoughts, a 325-page book featuring the top selections from this website since its creation in the summer of 2002.

It's a keepsake that any Dodger fan will want to have on his or her bookshelves. Unlike the chronological archives of Dodger Thoughts, The Best of Dodger Thoughts is organized thematically, with sections on:

  • The 2002-2005 seasons
  • Dodger history
  • Key Dodger players
  • Dodger atmosphere: the stadium, the fans, the broadcasters
  • Coaching and managing
  • Ownership
  • The GM's Office
  • Baseball and writing
  • Plus, a foreword by longtime Dodger broadcaster and Dodger Thoughts supporter Ross Porter.

    In addition, there is a special 30-page bonus section featuring many of the best Dodger Thoughts reader comments. That's right - many of your words are compiled within the book, an enthusiastic celebration of your contributions in making Dodger Thoughts great.

    Besides providing immediate enjoyment for you this offseason, The Best of Dodger Thoughts will also have long-term worth as a historical resource. It is a you-are-there record of an important chapter in Dodger history, and also a document of an important chapter in sportswriting history - the first printed compendium of blog coverage of the Dodgers. It will only become more valuable as time passes. For both longtime readers of the website and those who have never seen it, The Best of Dodger Thoughts will be well worth owning.

    So join the thousands of happy, peppy people and step right up to purchase copies of The Best of Dodger Thoughts for yourself or for others as a holiday gift at Your purchase price of $25.00 (it was originally priced at $24.99, but the extra penny entitles you to free Super Saver Shipping) will mostly cover the printing costs of the book, with the remainder to support the ongoing presentation of Dodger Thoughts online.

    Support Dodger Thoughts and enjoy Dodger Thoughts.

    Buy The Best of Dodger Thoughts today! Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

  • Comments (69)
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    2005-11-28 14:27:18
    1.   Eric Enders
    Awesome -- you've sold one already. My dad will enjoy getting this for Christmas.
    2005-11-28 14:33:19
    2.   jasonungar05
    my mom as well, indeed.
    2005-11-28 14:37:10
    3.   Xeifrank
    Will it have our DT login name posted with our quotes?? I would be interested in knowing which DT posters made the 30 page insert. I might buy a copy for Jim Tracy! :)
    vr, Xei
    2005-11-28 14:56:53
    4.   Jon Weisman
    "Will it have our DT login name posted with our quotes??"

    - In all but a few cases. There was one place where I solicited comments via e-mail, before the site had comments enabled.

    2005-11-28 15:04:43
    5.   popup
    Jon, I just clicked on the buy now button and got a message that the page could not be displayed. Great to see you in print. One way or the other I will buy a copy of the book.

    A suggestion, though it won't do me any good. It would be great if you could do a book signing at a local bookstore so the regulars on the site could say hello. I live too far away for that to do me any good, but if I lived in So Cal (even as far away as Mr. Bud Black) I would make a point to go to a book signing.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-11-28 15:06:29
    6.   Steve
    God Bless Ross Porter.
    2005-11-28 15:11:26
    7.   Jon Weisman
    Thanks, Stan. Is anyone else having trouble with the "Buy Now" button?
    2005-11-28 15:23:51
    8.   Steelyeri
    Congratulations on the release Jon. Looks like a great read. Can't wait to get mine.
    2005-11-28 15:24:30
    9.   Jacob L
    Congratulations, Jon. I'm looking forward to getting a copy.
    2005-11-28 15:32:06
    10.   molokai
    Congratulations. I just start reading you in summer of 2004 so it will be fun to go back and see what you had to say in the prior years. We should all buy an extra copy and send it to the LA Times Sports department.
    2005-11-28 15:36:53
    11.   jasonungar05
    it seems to work...for me
    2005-11-28 15:40:53
    12.   Steve
    I wish Juan Pierre's "Buy Now" button was broken.
    2005-11-28 16:09:03
    13.   Borchard504
    Should the "buy now" be working for Grady Little?
    2005-11-28 16:27:33
    14.   gvette
    Does Timmermann get his own addendum?
    2005-11-28 16:32:11
    15.   Bob Timmermann
    Timmermann was too disorganized to get his act together.

    I'll send anyone one of the files for free if they can tell me how to add photos that I scanned in to my computer into iPhoto 4.0.3 though.

    2005-11-28 17:12:45
    16.   jff123
    Bob, is that a trick question? You open iPhoto and just drag them in. If they're in a folder, then they'll all stay in the same film roll.
    2005-11-28 17:15:11
    17.   Vishal
    that's wonderful, jon! congratulations, thanks for putting it together, and i look forward to getting my copy :)
    2005-11-28 17:18:49
    18.   Bob Timmermann

    I wouldn't be asking the question if that approach hadn't worked yet.

    There were 23 photos I scanned. And 15 of them were imported in. 8 weren't. And they seem just like the other 15.

    2005-11-28 17:21:17
    19.   jff123
    Jon, congratulations on your book. It looks great. I love your writing, but have only been reading this list for a year now. I look forward to reading what I've missed. I'll leave giant hints around the house about wanting it for Christmas.
    2005-11-28 17:23:01
    20.   jff123
    Bob, I figured it was something more difficult than that. I have always been able to import all my scans. Are the photos all the same format?
    2005-11-28 17:26:18
    21.   Bob Timmermann
    I don't mean to hijack Jon's PR thread which he deserves.

    If anyone has any tips contact me at btimmermann AT

    2005-11-28 17:40:09
    22.   Uncle Miltie
    Man, I really miss Ross Porter. Steiner stinks and his act got old very quickly. What makes Ross so great is that he doesn't have the greatest voice, but his baseball knowledge is extensive.
    2005-11-28 18:29:24
    23.   molokai
    Ross seems to be good guy but I never liked him much as an announcer until I had to sit through this year. You never know what you have until you don't have it.
    Seems fair that the guy who fired Ross was fired within the year by McCourt.
    2005-11-28 18:34:45
    24.   Vishal
    [23] there's a good joan jett song, "you don't know what you've got (till it's gone)"
    2005-11-28 18:40:55
    25.   popup
    #22, Uncle Miltie, Porter's voice and delivery are much smoother than Steiner's. With Ross I could always picture in my mind what was going on in the game. Steiner and Monday leave me with no clue what is happening on the field. Rick Monday was worse last year than he was when he was on his own in the booth.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-11-28 18:49:03
    26.   Bob Timmermann

    Some of us think of a different song with the line "Don't it always it seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone."

    See Mitchell, Joni, "Big Yellow Taxi".

    2005-11-28 18:59:00
    27.   Bob Timmermann
    Manny Acta joins the Dodgers Star Search competition for manager.
    2005-11-28 19:09:01
    28.   trainwreck
    I know nothing about Acta's style, but he is 36 and I like the idea of a young fresh manager. He moves to top of the list for me.
    2005-11-28 19:14:12
    29.   popup
    #27, Bob, what are the odds of Colletti getting fired before the end of the year?

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-11-28 19:22:39
    30.   Bob Timmermann
    I think how long Colletti stays depends upon whether or not Simon Cowell likes him.
    2005-11-28 19:25:40
    31.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    Way to go, Jon!
    2005-11-28 19:26:54
    32.   Uncle Miltie
    25- I'm not criticizing Ross, it's just that he doesn't have that Vin Scully/Al Michaels/Dan Shulman type of voice...not many do. I voted for Ross for the Hall of Fame this year.

    I'd also like to add that Dan Shulman is the most underrated announcer in sports.

    2005-11-28 19:27:07
    33.   Vishal
    ah, i like joni mitchell, but she's kinda before my time so i don't have as much exposure as i'd like. i should rectify that.

    does simon cowell's job depend on any kind of likeability principle?

    2005-11-28 19:39:40
    34.   Michael Green
    When I was eight years old in 1973, I heard my first Dodger broadcast and decided that I wanted to be Vin Scully--not succeed him, BE him. Well, I thought the 3rd and 7th innings were the worst to listen to. That Jerry Doggett, I thought--what an idiot.

    Then Ross Porter came aboard in 1977 and I thought he used too many statistics. I got tired of him and thought, "You know, Jerry's pretty good." Don Drysdale was a Dodger great but not the greatest broadcaster, and Rick Monday was less of a great and just not that good a play-by-play man. That's when I figured out Ross was good.

    I don't think I'm mature, but I've grown up enough to figure out this: we always think whoever works with Vin isn't the greatest because Vin was and is the greatest. Jerry was and Ross is an excellent broadcaster, and I should have recognized that from the outset. Steiner has his merits, but he does not compare with either of them as a play-by-play man. Nor is it fair to compare him. But do we ever miss Ross ... especially when Steve Lyons is on doing color or Rick Monday is doing play-by-play.

    If the McCourts had had any brains, if they wanted to shake up the broadcasts, they would have had Ross do play-by-play and Rick do color. I think it would have worked very well. But the McCourts would prefer to blow up the place, so ....

    2005-11-28 19:40:08
    35.   popup
    #32, I agree about Dan Shulman. There are several good young broadcasters in baseball. I like the guy in Oakland, Ken Korach, and Dave Flemming in San Francisco. It would be a good idea for the Dodgers to be on the lookout for a good young broadcaster of their own.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-11-28 19:48:06
    36.   popup
    #34, I think Jerry Doggett and Ross are both good #2 broadcasters. I think Jerry was very good when he was in Brooklyn.

    I am mistified what anyone sees in Steiner. His interviews are all over the place as are his play by play calls. Much of the time I have no idea what he driving at in his commentary.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-11-28 19:55:17
    37.   Uncle Miltie
    And Ross Porter has amazing communication skills. Name someone else who got along with Gary Sheffield.
    2005-11-28 20:08:23
    38.   Bob Timmermann
    When I hear of Charlie Steiner or Matt Vasgersian being described as Vin's "heir apparent", all I can say is this:

    I don't know or what "bejeezus" is, but it's been scared out of me.

    2005-11-28 20:10:31
    39.   Marty
    Congratulations Jon! I'm looking forward to getting my copy of the book. leaves a lot to be desired however. It seemed that every time my screen was updated either the quantity ordered would change or the shipping method would change to a more expensive one. I had to be very careful that I got exactly what I wanted ordered. Maybe it had something to do with my using Firefox, but I'd be curious if anyone else noticed that kind of thing.

    2005-11-28 20:16:51
    40.   GoBears
    Congratulations, Jon. Well done.
    2005-11-28 20:23:53
    41.   D4P
    It is not the least bit apparent to me that Steiner is Vin's heir.
    2005-11-28 20:24:13
    42.   D4P
    GoBears - Are you still here?
    2005-11-28 20:56:06
    43.   Jon Weisman
    I just got the news that for orders $25 and up, you can get free shipping. So I upped the priced of the book a penny.

    Marty, I'm sorry about the problems you've been having.

    2005-11-28 21:08:52
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    Yeah, and where does that penny go? I bet it just goes to Jon to buy another ivory-handled back scratcher!
    2005-11-28 21:09:07
    45.   scareduck
    28 - I was unaware there was an expiration date for managers.
    2005-11-28 21:10:04
    46.   scareduck
    38 - it is safe to say that if Vinny retires, the only consistently good thing about Dodger baseball will have left the club.
    2005-11-28 21:21:31
    47.   Uncle Miltie
    Jon is just like McCourt; the product is the same, yet the prices are raised.
    2005-11-28 21:25:38
    48.   dzzrtRatt
    46 Well, maybe, but this team has great fans, and they will abide. Jon's one of the great fans, and he's done more to give other fans an outlet for all the reactions one can have to a baseball team than anyone in Dodger history. I look forward to getting this book, and congratulations!

    Steiner is the Charlie Rose of baseball broadcasters. Smart, talented, but way too much in love with the sound of his own voice, and way too convinced we give two $&!+s about what he thinks.

    2005-11-28 21:28:19
    49.   Jon Weisman
    44 - See my vest, see my vest, oh please, won't you see my vest ...
    2005-11-28 21:31:49
    50.   popup
    #47, talk about an invidious comparision. I know you did not mean that literally. Jon is to McCourt as Vin is to Steiner. Actually I don't dislike Steiner as much as McCourt so I guess I need a different comparison.

    Stan from Tacoma

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2005-11-28 21:39:14
    51.   Kayaker7
    49 I'm calling PETA.
    2005-11-28 21:39:29
    52.   popup
    dzzrt, good comment. I have only seen Charlie Rose a few times and he does seem to have all of Steiner's faults. I am puzzled how people can make a living by talking incoherently. A simple sentence that makes sense seems to be beyond both of them.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-11-28 21:45:36
    53.   Sam DC
    I too had some Lulu troubles, but persisted my way through them. Interestingly, it kept bumping my order up from 1 to 2. Finally, I took the hint . . .

    Good luck with the venture Jon. I hope some of your colleagues give you a good shout out for this, as I know you would for them.

    2005-11-28 21:57:14
    54.   popup
    Jon, will the book be available elsewhere? I am still having problems. When I hit the buy now button, it tells me I will be directed to a secure screen. When I click ok, the screen then says the page I am trying to view is unavailable.

    Maybe the book should be available elsewhere for the computer challenged. You could call the non internet version the Ned Colletti edition.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-11-28 22:14:42
    55.   Sam DC
    There is a headline near the top of right now that reads: "Bigger Butts Need Longer Needles."

    Call me a something, but I am surprised that the paper would use the word butt in a headline w/o real neeed.

    Let alone that they concluded this was a piece they needed to pick up off the wire.

    2005-11-28 22:31:08
    56.   Linkmeister
    55 Hey, if a butt was good enough for George, Duke of Clarence...

    I wonder what malmsey tasted like (without George, of course).

    2005-11-28 22:44:51
    57.   Jon Weisman
    I'll try to look into the purchasing problems at Lulu tomorrow.

    I did notice, while I was testing out the site this morning, that each time I clicked on the "Buy Now" link, it was increasing the quanity in my shopping cart - which makes sense although it wasn't what I intended. So something similar to that might have been going on with a couple of you.

    Anyway, I'll try to get some answers. Thanks for your patience.

    2005-11-28 22:55:19
    58.   Bob Timmermann
    I was going to publish a companion volume "Worst of Dodger Thoughts", which would have been 200 pages of

    I can't believe Tracy had (Insert name here) bunt!

    over and over and over and over.

    But I thought it would have too much of a "Shining" feel to it.

    2005-11-28 23:27:50
    59.   dan reines
    Awesome, Jon. Been reading you since Spring Training, '03. You remain the most consistantly excellent sportswriter in town...
    2005-11-28 23:52:53
    60.   sanchez101
    thats not saying much, its almost an insult
    2005-11-29 00:33:23
    61.   LAT
    Congrats Jon. You are going to have to update the sidebar. Looking forward to buying a copy. I'm sure it will be great fun to read them and think "I remember that one. . ." (It may be the only fun part of the 2005 season). Let's hope for a better 2006 and The Best of Dodger Thoughts II.
    2005-11-29 03:44:11
    62.   Sam DC
    I'm all for bold, but this (A-Rod to centerfield?) is just odd.

    2005-11-29 07:19:22
    63.   Sam DC
    I guess the real idea in the article linked at 62 is Jeter to center, A-Rod to short. I guess, though you've got a pretty good side of the infield over there, not sure how you're improving by messing with it. Is it easier to find a third baseman than a centerfielder? For the Dodgers sake, I guess I hope so. Anyhow, they're discussing this over at Bronx Banter if anyone's interested.
    2005-11-29 08:13:47
    64.   Jeromy
    I'm looking forward to receiving my copy of the book. When ordering, I did see that the quantity increased, but it was easily corrected. I also didn't experience the free shipping option. I think it was $2.99. Regardless, congratulations!
    2005-11-29 08:18:13
    65.   Jon Weisman
    64 - you have to select the Super Saver Shipping from among your options. If anyone else has trouble with this, let me know. I'm going to try to troubleshoot some of this stuff today.
    2005-11-29 08:53:06
    66.   Slikk
    Jon -

    I have read for over 2 years but hardly comment -- this deserves a comment!

    Congratulations on this great achievement, you are a terrific writer to read and an inspiration to not only Dodger fans but also to those who aspire to write as well. Great job on the book and hope the road to DTII grows even wider as the days go by.

    2005-11-29 09:08:40
    67.   Bob Timmermann
    I ran into the same problem as Marty when I ordered although I was able to tweak the order back to 1.
    2005-11-29 12:13:05
    68.   Strike4
    Woo hoo, Christmas gift idea is easy with Jon's book! Nothing quite like internet invoices... this one doesn't add but at least the total's the lower number at $25.00.
    2005-11-30 11:11:09
    69.   Kevin Maxwell
    Thank you Jon. My 1st Christmas gift to MYSELF!!

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