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The Loop Loses Lasorda
2005-11-23 12:17
by Jon Weisman

Ignorance is not bliss. In this case, ignorance is Tommy.

In Tuesday's Times:

What about Bud Black, whose pitching staff had the best earned-run average in the American League? That might be close enough for some Dodger fans who still can't understand how Mike Scioscia got away.

"Bud Black?" Lasorda screamed. "Bud Black?"

Lasorda was already irritated, standing there and waiting to see if any free turkeys were going to be left for him.

"Bud Black? Are you telling me you'd suggest someone to manage the Dodgers who has never managed a day in his life? You'd crucify us for that."

Hours later, the Dodgers ask for permission to interview Black.

How could Tommy Lasorda make that comment, unless he were no longer involved in the managerial search?

Will Lasorda now go around Dodger general manager Ned Colletti to voice his concerns about Colletti's interest in Black to Dodger owner Frank McCourt, the way he went around former Dodger general manager Paul DePodesta's last month?

Or was the entire controversy over DePodesta's managerial targets a smokescreen for a general desire by the anti-Depodesta contingent to push DePodesta out? The timing of DePodesta's firing suggests that it was his managerial search that was the final straw (reportedly his interest in in-house candidate Terry Collins). But once DePodesta was fired or replaced, did that render Lasorda irrelevant? And did Lasorda know it?

If he didn't know it earlier this week, he may well know it now. Kind of an interesting way to find out.

And even if Lasorda was just out sick one day and remains a vital cog, might I suggest that McCourt (who has had the Dodgers tied in knots from a public relations standpoint since he took over the team) and new Dodger PR guru Camille Johnston tell everyone in the organization not to make negative comments about a potential Dodger manager unless that person has been ruled out completely.

Boy, Torey Lovullo sounds pretty good to me right now. And bonus - he has managed a day in his life.

* * *

And, as reported by Dodger Thoughts reader Mark in the comments earlier today ... there are alternative ways to find a manager:

All of my other avenues for finding a good manager for my team have been exhausted, so I'm turning to Craigslist. Over the past few months, our organization has gone through some small turnover (our General Manager had to let go of our manager for gross incompetence, and then we had to dismiss our General Manager at the advice of my favorite newspaper columnist). There's an opportunity for you to be our next team manager, but only if you're willing to take the job. The past few people that we've looked at have all either declined to be interviewed, or have taken a job with a different team.

Before you respond to this ad, there are a few things you should know about our team, and a few requirements for you to get the position.

First and foremost: your actual baseball skills can be subpar, but you must, must, must absolutely be able to be a media darling. If you cannot be interviewed by the paper, radio, and tv every single day, regardless of whether we win or lose, then don't bother applying.

Second: you may or may not have some knowledge of statistics, but we will absolutely not allow you to use a computer to help with your work. Baseball is primarily about people, and about the amount of heart and soul they can put into their work. Using statistics can only cloud your judgement about the actual baseball skills of your players. ...

Comments (132)
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2005-11-23 12:40:38
1.   trainwreck
I have bee on the Lovullo bandwagon for days. I always like the idea of going with the young up and comer who can energize a team. In addition he went to UClA :) I would take Bud Black over Fergosi any day.
2005-11-23 12:42:32
2.   molokai
I expect Tommy got quite a tongue lashing. He's frustrated because he expected someone different to be running things and is probably in shell shock that it didn't work out in his favor and that he will probably never have another moment with the Dodgers where is has any influence.
2005-11-23 12:49:31
3.   popup
Jon, to pick up something you mentioned in your previous post, if I owned the Dodgers Lasorda's phone would be replaced with a dixie cup and string and anytime he picked up the dixie cup to call me he would get a busy signal.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-11-23 12:54:05
4.   scareduck
Jon, that was actually Tuesday's Times that the Simers article appeared in.
2005-11-23 12:55:56
5.   Jon Weisman
Oops - got my days mixed up. Thanks.
2005-11-23 12:59:22
6.   trainwreck
Rangers have offered two year deals to Morris and Byrd. Hopefully they made a good pitch to Morris. I have a feeling we are going to overpay to get him, so I want someone else to get him.
2005-11-23 13:01:37
7.   scareduck
Tommy Lasorda: Penthouse to doghouse in under a month.
2005-11-23 13:05:45
8.   Eric L
7 Hopefully it means that McCourt learned in the last month that Lasorda was full of crap.

Speculation alert.. Tommy all but promised McCourt that he would deliver Gillick, Valentine, and Hershiser to orginization when he was trying to get DePo canned. It didn't happen and hopefully, Tommy is back to being the loud mouthed cheerleader that he was during the Daly years.

2005-11-23 13:10:08
9.   popup
#7, the way McCourt operates Lasorda may well be ascendant two hours from now. Lasorda is symptomatic of the problems of the Dodgers. McCourt is the problem with the Dodgers.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-11-23 13:11:25
10.   King of the Hobos
The 2006 ZiPS projections are out

ZiPS likes Choi, but hates Kent. And Tydus Meadows has a better projection than Cruz?

Just in case you guys didnt' know, Lovullo has re-signed to manage the Cleveland AAA team.

2005-11-23 13:11:56
11.   scareduck
Lasorda is the Dodgers' lymphatic cancer.
2005-11-23 13:14:07
12.   Eric L
10 Technically, I think that Lovullo would still be able to take the Dodgers job. Others probably know the language better, but I believe that teams can hire someone who is under contract and not have to give compensation as long as the person under contract is receiving a "promotion".
2005-11-23 13:16:54
13.   Jon Weisman
10 - I did know, and not that that will change, but I can't imagine Cleveland would prevent him from taking a big league job. I think they would let him out of his contract - otherwise, why would any up-and-coming manager want to be with them?
2005-11-23 13:17:22
14.   Bob Timmermann
I think Cleveland would be pretty cruel to deny one of their AAA managers a chance to manage in the majors. Lovullo would be able to walk if he was given a better job. It's just a AAA job. Lovullo needed to sign the contract because he has to operate under the Doctrine of the Bird in the Hand.
2005-11-23 13:23:12
15.   popup
Lots of good young triple A managers are available to the Dodgers. Given the mindset of McCourt, I don't see him going in that direction.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-11-23 13:24:11
16.   King of the Hobos
I wasn't saying that he couldn't come here, just making sure we all knew it. If he has loyalty to Cleveland or something.

I'll admit it, I'm not sure why I said that.

2005-11-23 13:28:43
17.   scareduck
15 - mindset? What mindset? That he wants winners? Or was it the mindset that he wants Dodgers?
2005-11-23 13:30:18
18.   molokai
Thanks for the depressing link.
2005-11-23 13:31:25
19.   underdog
Lasorda's sounding like the dad (Paul Dooley) in the movie Breaking Away, just before he has a heart attack. "Refund?? Refund!?!" >plop< Meanwhile, wouldn't he be cool with Lovullo, who is, I presume, Italian? Isn't that Lasorda's main prerequisite for manager? (Which wouldn't explain how Scoscia got away but...) Anyway, I've been wanting Lovullo for months. Maybe the Dodgers will give him another chance. All we know is that 2 other candidates they're considering are under contract to major league teams... which only marginally narrows it down. And we know it won't be Terry Pendleton. Or Hershiser.
2005-11-23 13:47:03
20.   King of the Hobos
Anyone know about a Roy Smith interview on MLB radio? Supposedly the organization is trying to choose between Choi or Aybar, and wants a big bat. And he likes Collins. He's currently "the stats guy" member of the 4-headed GM, but I have no idea if that's correct. Wish I had heard the interview (if it was real, you can guess my source I'm sure)
2005-11-23 13:48:07
21.   D4P
Choosing between Choi or Aybar? That doesn't seem to make much sense.
2005-11-23 13:52:36
22.   Eric L
21 I think it really means that they are choosing whether or not they should "upgrade" at 1st base or 3rd base.
2005-11-23 13:54:30
23.   King of the Hobos
21 It actually was whether to upgrade at 1B or 3B, then fill the other from within. I only reached a (seemingly) logical conclusion

Of course, I got this from the same place that tells me that the Yanks, Dodgers, and Marlins have agreed on a 3 way, so I wouldn't trust it unless someone else heard the interview. It was somewhere around 10 this morning supposedly

2005-11-23 13:54:36
24.   jasonungar05
I find it funny too that the same people in the press and media who would be killing Paul right now for watching guys being traded for and us not even doing anything due to Moneyball are silent.

I am glad we aren't don't get me wrong.

But I can only imagine Plascke's Remington model No. 2 typing with all it's might right now about:

-how were going with Choi instead of Delgado cause of value, when all plashcke wants is a 30-100 guy and a veteran leader who has the conviction not to stand for the flag due to his anti war stance.

-how we could have made up for the Beltre mistake by bringing in Lowell.

-how we could use a Billy Wagner as insurance for Gagne but that Moneyabll places no value on a bullpen

-how that even though Beckett has been on the DL 7 times in the last 4 seasons, he is a warrior, a proven winner unlike JD drew.

The worse move for McCourt was to let go of Paul. Not for the reasons we think, but for him, he has no cover anymore and is exposed as the real moron to even the biggest anti Depo guys.

2005-11-23 13:59:53
25.   D4P
The worse move for McCourt was to let go of Paul. Not for the reasons we think, but for him, he has no cover anymore and is exposed as the real moron to even the biggest anti Depo guys.

It's true. The blame has shifted from Moneyball to Moneybags. McCourt can run, but she can't hide.

2005-11-23 14:01:25
26.   bigcpa
23 What was the 3-way trade rumor?
2005-11-23 14:02:47
27.   King of the Hobos
Rumor is (from Philadelphia Inquirer through Rotoworld) the Phillies will receive Gio Gonzalez and Daniel Haigwood along with Rowand. Also, they will pay a little over half of Thome's contract. Trade depends on a Friday physical

If this is this case, the White Sox are taking a huge risk. All the risks paid off last year, but they could easily backfire this season

2005-11-23 14:03:04
28.   D4P
Who said anything about a trade?
2005-11-23 14:05:29
29.   King of the Hobos
26 I wouldn't call it a rumor, just something someone made up. It's also not very good for the Dodgers.

For a laugh, we get Pavano, Pierre, and cash. Yanks get Bradley and Mota. Marlins get Brazoban, Houlton, Delwyn Young, and Melky Cabrera

I don't mean to be spreading stupid rumors, and (Steve) please do not believe this

2005-11-23 14:11:08
30.   Sam DC
Oh, no complaining from Steve today, I expect . . .
2005-11-23 14:13:05
31.   Bob Timmermann
"Police are reporting the presence of badly charred body near Dodger Stadium. The only clue so far to its identity is part of an envelope from the California State Bar Exam. It is believed that the man was protesting France's refusal to aid the U.S. in Iraq. The words "No Pierre" were also found scrawled on the asphalt."

-- Associated Press, 11/23/05

2005-11-23 14:37:54
32.   jasonungar05
His oldest son, Drew, is working for new general manager Paul DePodesta, heading the team's first research and development department. Brains? Drew McCourt graduated from Columbia in three years with a degree in astrophysics.

"Drew said, `If you really want to do something, two of my pals that I met in Columbia in the physics and math department won the Nobel Prize,' but they really love baseball and they would do it for nothing".

I saw this today and laughed. I am suprised these two aren't the GM and Manager.

2005-11-23 14:46:03
33.   D4P
The ESPN board is reporting that Hobo's rumored 3-way trade is a done deal.
2005-11-23 14:46:35
34.   bigcpa
28 Yeah on second thought I'd rather see a 3-way between Colletti, Beinfest and Cashman.
2005-11-23 14:50:46
35.   bigcpa
34 If that's a hoax someone took enough time to quote Beinfest:

"We feel as an organization we have brought in four players who can help us now and in the future. Brazoban has had success in the past as a set up man and a closer. I got to witness first hand DJ Houlton's command and repetoire in a start here in August."

2005-11-23 14:52:15
36.   sanchez101
id rather keep young, and get mota instead of pierre
2005-11-23 14:53:06
37.   King of the Hobos
33 That report is bogus. The Marlins forum at had a link that linked to an error page in the Miami Herald website. And look at the first line:

"On the heals of trading Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, and Carlos Delgado, the Marlins are at it again"

I would hope a real newspaper could cach the error

2005-11-23 14:54:56
38.   bigcpa
37 Yeah I just hit the bad link too. Whatevah! Fooled by a 12-year old again. Happens every November.
2005-11-23 14:59:12
39.   Steelyeri

so, in this imaginary deal, we would give up Bradley, Braz, Houlton, and Young. In return We would get Pierre, Pavano, and cash? No thanks, although i'm sure McCourt really likes the cash part.

2005-11-23 15:01:09
40.   Bob Timmermann

Did you cut and paste that quote? If so, 'repertoire' is spelled wrong too.

2005-11-23 15:03:43
41.   Vishal
[39] are you kidding, cash is his favorite player :)
2005-11-23 15:05:35
42.   bigcpa
40 Yeah, that came from the Marlins idiot forum.
2005-11-23 15:19:57
43.   Steelyeri

I see. Now I know why he won't let colletti trade Bills.

2005-11-23 15:27:18
44.   D4P
Though he DID let Depo trade Green...
2005-11-23 15:37:34
45.   jason h
besides the typos, the 12 year old kid who wrote that has a future in sports journalism...
2005-11-23 16:08:11
46.   GoBears
For a laugh, we get Pavano, Pierre, and cash. Yanks get Bradley and Mota. Marlins get Brazoban, Houlton, Delwyn Young, and Melky Cabrera

The worst thing about this would be that Pierre would come and actually play. Outs galore!

But imagine if it were just (from LA's perspective) Pavano and cash for Bradley, Houlton and Brazoban. If losing Bradley is a foregone conclusion, then that's not so bad, right? Pavano ain't worth his contract, but the cash helps there, and he's a serviceable starting pitcher. How good is Young supposed to be? Houlton and Brazoban I think I have a read on already.

2005-11-23 16:26:39
47.   Uncle Miltie
I think you are underrating Brazoban. Look at how good Duaner Sanchez was in the 2nd half when he started using his changeup more. Brazoban was starting to develop an off speed pitch at the end of last year and is pitching well in the Dominican Winter League right now. I would trade him, but not for players like Pierre and Pavano. Houlton is replaceable. Young is a very good hitter, but probably won't stay at 2B. If Guzman is going to be an OF, then Young should be used as trade bait.
2005-11-23 16:33:12
48.   deburns
According to ESPN, the on-again, off-again Bud Black sitcom is off for good. I don't know that anyone looks good in this affair.
2005-11-23 16:40:21
49.   GoBears
47 That'd be great if Brazoban could find an off-speed pitch. But I actually draw the opposite conclusion: that he and Mota show me that (1) these sorts of players are not that hard to find; (2) that their success may be short term, until they're figured out, and (3) that they're excellent trade-bait.

My view is that we can trade Ghame Over for something we can't get otherwise, then just turn Broxton into Mota version 3.0

2005-11-23 16:55:19
50.   Uncle Miltie
Difference between Mota and Brazoban:
-Brazoban is 25, Mota was 30 when the Dodgers traded him
-Brazoban is cheap (he only has 1 year of service time), Mota was starting to get expensive
-Mota was traded at his peak value, Brazoban had a very poor year last season and will likely rebound. He also won't have Jim Tracy throwing him out there when he is pitching poorly (though if the Dodgers hire Fregosi, I take back this statement)
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-11-23 17:04:52
51.   DHC
off the subject, but while we sit and wait for a manager, the BLUE loses out on thome, delgado and who else! Seems we get left with the "leftovers" like last yrs Lowe and Drew acquistions! What is the direction, can this Colleti turn it around. Seems other GM's are working and this guy is patiently waiting for a mgr. SHeeesh .....
2005-11-23 17:14:35
52.   sanchez101
Why would we want thome or delgado. The chances of the dodgers making a bad deal(thome,delgado) is more than the chances of making a good deal(beckett), so were probably better off not making any. What a sorry state of affairs that is.

Besides, who needs a first baseman when you dont even have a manager?

2005-11-23 17:15:32
53.   Vishal
[52] who needs a first baseman when you already have two?
2005-11-23 17:19:40
54.   D4P
And that's not even including J-Phil.
2005-11-23 17:20:26
55.   Jon Weisman
53 - Two?
2005-11-23 17:22:38
56.   overkill94
52 Who's our 2nd first baseman? Saenz still or are you counting Loney?

I'm reeeeally glad we didn't go for Thome based on what he was traded for, but I think the Dodgers could have given the Marlins a better deal for Beckett or Delgado than what they got back.

My only fear is that management is so afraid to let Choi start that they will sign someone worthless like Millar or Mientkiewicz.

2005-11-23 17:30:14
57.   GoBears
I'm really glad that Delgado and Thome are already spoken for. Maybe Colletti will find that it's easier to upgrade at 3rd base than at 1st, and we can actually give Choi a chance. As long as we don't overpay for the right-handed Choi known as Paul Konerko. (Choi at 20 times the cost!)
2005-11-23 17:37:38
58.   D4P
I'll be really glad when Juan Pierre is not a Dodger in 2006.

Part of me wonders if Colletti is just throwing his hat in the ring for some of these trades just to give the impression to fans that McCourt is committed to spending money and signing big name players, but with no actual interest in signing them. If so, that could actually be a good thing, particularly if Colletti's triumvirate-braintrust is behind it.

2005-11-23 17:39:34
59.   Bob Timmermann
My only fear is that management is so afraid to let Choi start that they will sign someone worthless like Millar or Mientkiewicz.

Count the rings!

2005-11-23 17:42:17
60.   Bob Timmermann
So my ESPN crawl reports that Bobby Howry has signed with the Cubs who apparently wish to corner the market on setup men.

Someone needs to till Jim Hendry about the part about scoring runs.

2005-11-23 17:49:31
61.   Vishal
[56] i was indeed referring to our two-headed cholmedoi monster
2005-11-23 17:49:57
62.   Steve
Jim Hendry doesn't have to compete with Ed Wade anymore! He can corner the market!
2005-11-23 18:00:44
63.   DaveP
Does Guzman play for "Estrellas" in the Dominican? I just noticed ESPN Deportes is showing Estrellas vs Licey right now (4th inning). Hoping to see a couple at bats.
2005-11-23 18:09:20
64.   oldbear
All I want is Nomar, Giles, and AJ Burnett signed.


Starting 5:

2005-11-23 18:12:43
65.   D4P
WSCR 670 in Chicago is reporting that the Cubs are close to acquiring Juan Pierre from the Marlins for three prospects.
One would be left-hander Renyel Pinto. According to the report, center fielder Felix Pie wouldn't be involved. Another expendable reliever probably would be. Roberto Novoa or Jermaine Van Buren could help the Marlins. Nov. 23 - 9:10 pm et
- Rotoworld
2005-11-23 18:13:25
66.   underdog
Guzman is apparently playing 1B for Estrellas, but as T Collins said, who cares where he's playing as long as he gets his at bats. Still, 1B seems like it could be up for grabs... within the organization! Choi / Loney / Guzman, with Saenz a nice backup. And NO, I don't count Phillips. Now that Tracy is gone, I'm hoping, if JP stays at all, that he doesn't play there more than a few spot times a year.

Btw, the above is a nice lineup, but I'd wonder if the infield defense would be anywhere better than mediocre at best. (Tho Kent was better, much better, than people feared he'd be.)

2005-11-23 18:13:44
67.   Uncle Miltie
64- no on Burnett. The Green and Dreifort contracts are finally off the books. If we want a starting pitcher, let's get one with a better health record.
2005-11-23 18:14:35
68.   underdog
I still don't understand why we couldn't have gotten Beckett, since we have quite a few prospects better than the ones the Red Sox gave away. Sigh. But on the other hand, I hate losing any prospects, so I'd probably be too gun shy to be a GM.
2005-11-23 18:20:05
69.   D4P
Or how about
2005-11-23 18:22:54
70.   DaveP
Guzman just looked horrible trying to dig a throw out of the dirt at 1B. very stiff and not comfortable looking at all.
2005-11-23 18:23:06
71.   Jon Weisman
61 - We no longer have Saenz.

He's free.
He's freeeee.
And he's waiting for you to follow Hee.

2005-11-23 18:50:58
72.   DaveP
Guzman strikes out... On 2-2 he took a fastball right down the middle of the plate that the ump called a ball (as the entire team was walking off) and on 3-2 he was called out on strikes when it was a foot outside.

I think Brazoban closes for Licey. It's 7-7 right now so might see how his offspeed stuff is looking.

2005-11-23 18:56:00
73.   overkill94
71 That was my point as well, although we can still sign him. If he lasts until the non-tender deadline and we don't offer him arbitration however, then he's pretty much gone.

I'm another "no" on getting Burnett. His bidding will be ridiculous, especially in the number of years. I'm more comfortable with someone a little cheaper like Morris or super-cheap like Jason Johnson.

2005-11-23 19:06:49
74.   Eric L
I'm gonna steal a little blurb from Rich Lederer regarding Beckett. It sort of sums how I feel about the guy. If everyone is hot on his trail because of "potential", how different is that than holding on to one of your prospects?

"Beckett's career ERA of 3.46 compares to a park- and league-adjusted norm of 4.04, according to His ERA+ is 117, which puts him in the same group as Bartolo Colon, Matt Morris, Mark Mulder, and Kerry Wood. Of these pitchers, Beckett is more like Wood than the others -- two of the most promising, yet underachieving pitchers in the big leagues."

2005-11-23 19:11:33
75.   underdog
Apparently the Dodgers are in the chase for Furcal:

2005-11-23 19:13:36
76.   underdog
Oops, sorry, for those of you not registered with the Atlanta paper, the short article reads:

The Los Angeles Dodgers joined the list of suitors for Braves free agent Rafael Furcal, who could get down to the business of accepting and comparing offers by next week.

Agent Paul Kinzer said the four teams he considers contenders for Furcal's services — Braves, Cubs, Mets and Dodgers — haven't made formal offers yet, but parameters have been discussed, and the shortstop has been given a good idea of what he can expect.

Other teams, including Kansas City, expressed interest, but Kinzer said he was honest and told them they had no chance of signing Furcal.

The Cubs targeted Furcal as an offseason priority, but Cubs officials have stated their belief that the Braves have the inside track on him. Furcal has spent his career with Atlanta, and Kinzer has cited Furcal's fondness and respect for manager Bobby Cox.

The decision might boil down to how close the Braves come to long-term offers that could approach $10 million annually for four or five seasons from the Cubs and Mets.

The Braves consider their shortstop and closer situations priorities.

2005-11-23 19:17:11
77.   D4P
Paying 3 times as much for Furcal than Izturis doesn't seem like a very good idea.
2005-11-23 19:19:58
78.   YLT
64 and 69 I like these lineups that simply add a few free agents w/o giving up prospects. Let's spend some of Frank's money, yeah?

If you don't like Burnett, substitute Lily in his place. D4P, didn't you propose one of these lineups way back in the good old days on your blog? (Good old days being before Depo was fired).

It doesn't have to be complicated, Ned. Stick with the plan.

2005-11-23 19:23:28
79.   D4P
Unfortunately, my acronym creates possible confusion. My D4P stands for "Delino4Pedro" (my screen name on the ESPN Dodger board), not Depodesta4President. I became D4P long before I was aware of the existence of the D4P blog.
2005-11-23 19:24:25
80.   Steelyeri
I can't beleive I missed out on the Winnie Cooper discussion yesterday. I'm 24, when i was in elementary school I had the biggest crush on her. I remmember watching wonder years re-runs mostly on saturdays. She was a little weird looking but I don't know what it was about her that made me very attracted to her.

I saw her on a sitcom a few years ago. I have to say, she looks HOT. I heard she went to harvard.

Also, Danica is such hot name.

2005-11-23 19:28:06
81.   Bob Timmermann
Danica McKellar went to UCLA.

She's a big fan of Lynn Ryan.

2005-11-23 19:28:49
82.   D4P
Yeah, I missed the discussion too. Where I lived, The Wonder Years was on back-to-back with Doogie Howser, which meant that Winnie was followed by Wanda. Mmm...Winnie and Wanda...
2005-11-23 19:31:31
83.   Bob Timmermann
From watching the first half of the Memphis-UCLA game, I've learned from Dick Vitale that:
1) Jim Tracy shouldn't have been fired
2) Lou Piniella should replace him
3) Reggie Bush should win the Heisman

From my own viewing, I can say that Memphis shoots really well and is very deep and UCLA needs to get healthy.

2005-11-23 19:32:51
84.   Steelyeri
64 and 69 are very similar to my wishlist lineup (before Depo was fired).

All I wanted was Giles, Nomar, and Washburn.

Washburn seems like the most attractive free agent pitcher this offseason. He's a lefty and he had 3.20 ERA in the American League(4th best).

I was thinking that it would cost about 11 mil for Giles, about 6 mil for Nomar, and about 11 mil for washburn. The perception was that Depo had about 24 mil to play with if the payrol was to remain the same. So I didn't think that was out of the question. Plus, signing Nomar might allow the team to trade izzy to free up some money.

2005-11-23 19:33:01
85.   YLT

Oops. Well, I dig that blog, anyway. Or is it bad taste to mention the competition? Jon, I love DT as well.

2005-11-23 19:36:44
86.   Steve
Depodesta For President (since renamed) is run by the man known round these parts as regfairfield.
2005-11-23 19:39:09
87.   Steve
If 65 turns out to be true, would the Cubs offseason rank among the worst in history?
2005-11-23 19:39:34
88.   Steelyeri
I live about 20 minutes from campus. Since I (and the rest of the class) received a semi-thretening letter from my professor yesterday I left almost an hour before class was scheduled to start.

I hopped on the Freeway and traffic was insane. So I decided to take the street. Traffic was worse. I guess everyone is trying to get out of town for thanksgiving weekend.

Since I wasn't going to make it on time anyway, I turned around and came home. Just thought I'd share my pre-thanksgiving traffic story with you guys.

2005-11-23 19:40:59
89.   Steelyeri
88- thretening = threatening.
2005-11-23 19:53:45
90.   DaveP
Joel Guzman with a base hit in the 9th. 2-5 with a double tonight. The only tough play he had at 1B looked pretty bad, but it was only one play.

and with that last update, I'm off to do something more productive with my night than watch Dominican Republic winter league games :)

2005-11-23 19:54:47
91.   trainwreck
UCLA's offense is stagnant and Memphis can shoot threes like nobody's business. Memphis looks like they will be a force for awhile as long as players stay in school (which they rarely do at Memphis).
2005-11-23 20:18:40
92.   King of the Hobos
Maybe Guzman should stick to SS. And 90, you're leaving before watching to see how Brazoban does? Or is he not going to pitch? Anyone else watching?
2005-11-23 20:32:27
93.   trainwreck
Guzman's value is worth so much more if he stays at shortstop. I assume his defense is not that good at SS. Does anyone know just how bad he is? Could he stay there or improve at playing the position?
2005-11-23 20:32:51
94.   Sam DC
Holy cow -- this game is down to 6? It was like 17 when my wife "asked" if she could switch to a Sex and the City rerun. I'm just amazed since all game it seemed like Memphis was lightyears etter than me Bruins.
2005-11-23 20:37:09
95.   Sam DC
94 Um, probably shouldn't have opened my big mouth.
2005-11-23 20:38:06
96.   Steve
Thanks for looking me up this morning, Sam.
2005-11-23 20:42:19
97.   DaveP
92 - I just walked back in and see that it's 11th inning, 1st and 2nd and Brazoban just brought in to pitch.
2005-11-23 20:43:03
98.   trainwreck
We could have won this game if Farmar had some help.
2005-11-23 20:43:30
99.   DaveP
3 pitch groundout. all three fastballs around 88mph. 2 outs.
2005-11-23 20:47:05
100.   Bob Timmermann
We're all really just waiting for the Oral Roberts-USC game from Anchorage that's coming up next.
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2005-11-23 20:48:43
101.   Sam DC
96 Wouldn't have done it if I didn't feel pretty darn sure where it was going to lead. Congrats again -- I'd buy you a beer if, you know, I knew you.
2005-11-23 20:49:41
102.   DaveP
Brazoban gives up a run scoring base hit on an offspeed pitch to the gringo (Luke Allen) and then strikes out the next batter. Licey now losing 8-7

He threw mostly 88-91 mph fastballs - also threw two breaking pitches (both high 80s so pretty much same velocity as his fastball tonight) that didn't look too good.

2005-11-23 20:50:32
103.   Sam DC
Anchorage? Talk about counterprograming the Maui Invitational . . .
2005-11-23 21:01:15
104.   Steve
101 -- Well, and there's that whole BYU thing to consider.
2005-11-23 21:06:13
105.   Bob Timmermann
Oral Roberts and USC is one of the fiercest intersectional rivalries in college basketball.

Oral Roberts should have made it to the NCAA tournament last year, but they were upset in their conference tournament final by Oakland, which had a losing record.

Oakland University's main selling point to students is that it has free parking.

2005-11-23 21:07:14
106.   Xeifrank
Bob, which High School playoff game are you covering this week? vr, Xei
2005-11-23 21:07:34
107.   Bob Timmermann
" For conduct proven to be a "destructive and continuing threat""

No, not Iraq under Saddam. We're talking about the language used by the arbitrator in the Terrell Owens case.

2005-11-23 21:08:36
108.   Bob Timmermann

Are you trying to stalk me? Many people have? ;-)

Friday night I will be covering the epic tilt between Sage Hill and Campbell Hall.

A prize to the first person who can tell me the location of BOTH schools.

2005-11-23 21:10:57
109.   Sam DC
104 Well, there is that, but then again, this Dodgers offseason seems to trump any such considerations.

G'night all. And, since we're 9 minutes in on my end, Happy Thanksgiving.


2005-11-23 21:12:40
110.   Bob Timmermann
We can all buy Steve a case of 7-up to celebrate.
2005-11-23 21:19:54
111.   Bob Timmermann
The Tampa Tribune seems to think the Dodgers are interested in either Toby Hall or Joey Gathright.

Why would the Dodgers want to pick up an older catcher?

2005-11-23 21:26:59
112.   OCDodger
"And even if Lasorda was just out sick one day and remains a vital cog, might I suggest that McCourt... and new Dodger PR guru Camille Johnston tell everyone in the organization not to make negative comments about a potential Dodger manager unless that person has been ruled out completely."

As much as I'm baffled by Lasorda's choices and reasoning sometimes, I don't think his comment was intended as a swipe at Bud Black. Rather, Lasorda made the mistake of actually reading Simers' columns, especially a prior one in which Simers blasted Colletti for considering Jim Fregosi (someone who hasn't won the world series), and called out Simers for contradicting himself. Of course, pointing out that a writer at the Times has written something that contradicts one of his other columns is a bit like pointing out that the LA skyline is a bit smoggy sometimes.

Perhaps the biggest sin here is in actually caring what Simers thinks about the Dodgers. I certainly hope that the Dodger management doesn't care what the Times' writers think of their choices -- for the same reason that I hope the Dodgers aren't using a magic 8ball to make their decisions. (Both have a similar level of reliability.)

Simers, incidentally, changed his tune (in the same column) and now thinks that the Dodgers should take a risk and hire an unknown newcomer. Go figure.

2005-11-23 21:29:14
113.   Mark
107 At what point do we get a State of the Union address that pushes the US to invade... er... Philly?
2005-11-23 21:32:05
114.   Bob Timmermann
Basketball, not USC's sport.
2005-11-23 21:32:48
115.   King of the Hobos
Werth won't be ready for Spring Training, and he could be out awhile. He wants to be 100%, and doesn't think he'll be ready then. Full story on

"I showed in '04 what I can do when I'm healthy. I can make an impact and it was no fluke," he said. "This year, at no time were things right in my wrist and when they went in there and found that it was severe, at least I've got the evidence of why. That explained a lot to me."

2005-11-23 21:33:13
116.   zappala
Dodgers website reporting that Werth had surgery and it was worse than he thought so he won't be ready for spring training. If he is slated to start ahead of Cruz, then the entire starting outfield, as currently constituted, is recovering from injuries.

2005-11-23 21:34:01
117.   zappala
OK, so you beat me by 25 seconds.
2005-11-23 21:38:57
118.   Bob Timmermann
If Jayson Werth isn't there will we notice?

Where are our Clippers fans? They are likely very nervous now.

2005-11-23 21:46:08
119.   zappala
If all our Clippers fans left would we notice?
2005-11-23 21:54:23
120.   Bob Timmermann
The Clippers fans will come back here soon and let us know about our lack of faith.
2005-11-23 22:03:25
121.   zappala
If you and I are the only ones keeping an eye on the score, that's pretty sad. Must be some holiday tomorrow.
2005-11-23 22:13:15
122.   King of the Hobos
"We're going to go forward with the assumption that the Padres and Brian [Giles] are not able to make a deal," agent Joe Bick said. "We've been holding off moving in a different direction in hopes of getting something done with the Padres, but there's no reason to believe that's going to happen."

That's too bad. If Giles wants to stay close to home, we're only a few hours away...

2005-11-23 22:24:05
123.   Andrew Shimmin
Just read through the thread. 31 was great, but I don't see Steve as the self-immolation type. He might not be above setting somebody on fire, but probably not his own.

Congrats on passing the bar. It's like the opposite of a Bar Mitzvah--this is the day you stopped being a man. You're a lawyer, now.

2005-11-23 22:32:36
124.   LAT
Steve, Congrats. I will drink a beer for you. And congrats to K&E who now gets to bill you out at full freight.
2005-11-23 22:37:55
125.   fanerman
Sadly, unlike Nate and others, my Dodger offseason wishlist is not comprised of players I want the Dodgers to get, but rather players I want the Dodgers to avoid like the plague.

It's good being able to cross off names like Thome and Delgado. Still waiting to cross out Konerko, Pierre, and others I can't think of off the top of my head.

2005-11-23 22:41:25
126.   Andrew Shimmin
Update to 123- Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Swiftly fly the years. One season following another; laden with hapiness, and tears. . .
2005-11-23 22:47:14
127.   fanerman
Furcal is not on my Bizarro Wishlist because while he'd be a waste of money, he at least knows how to take the occasional walk and steal a base.
2005-11-23 22:50:39
128.   King of the Hobos
Matsuzaka is threatening to sit out a year if Seibu won't post him. I'd love to know more, but my Japanese is limited (read: nonexistant). If you can read it...

I tried google, but I learned Seibu is gearing for war (or "necessary war potential," whatever that means).

2005-11-23 23:00:11
129.   Bob Timmermann
The only leverage Matsuzaka has is to sit out a year and become "retired", the approach that Nomo and Soriano took.
2005-11-23 23:02:38
130.   oldbear
127. I've been real high on Furcal also because he represents quite a jump in production at SS, over what the Dodgers have there currently.

Furcal has had years of great OBP, his rookie year. And he's developed power his last couple years.

If he puts them both together, could definitely be an impact player.

I'd rather sign Brian Giles before Furcal.

As far as Werth, I had him penciled in as the 4th/5th OF anyway. Perhaps Werth injuries give us more of a shot at keeping Bradley.

2005-11-23 23:08:02
131.   Slipstream
The end of the article on Matsuzaka recounts a rumor that he's already signed with Scott Boras. Matsuzaka denies it.
2005-11-26 17:28:53
132.   norcalblue
>>The worse move for McCourt was to let go of Paul. Not for the reasons we think, but for him, he has no cover anymore and is exposed as the real moron to even the biggest anti Depo guys.<<

While I agree with your assessment, I would add that the loss of Depo will hurt McCourt in another way. Paul was the perfect GM for McCourt in that he understood (and was fully prepared to operate within) McCourt's fiscal limitations. While McCourt has never admitted just how fiscally undersized he is in comparison to other big market owners, Depo was very aware of it and acted accordingly.

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