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Werth Surgery Revealed
2005-11-23 23:11
by Jon Weisman

Eight and a half months after getting hit by a pitch in Spring Training, Dodger outfielder Jayson Werth hopes he finally found the cure: a specialized surgical procedure to repair a complete ligament tear, according to Ken Gurnick at

So Werth was never healthy during his disappointing 2005. That's the good news. The bad news is that he won't be healthy when Spring Training starts in 2006.

Unlike this past season, Werth probably wasn't going to enter 2006 as a projected starter. But this is a Dodger team in need of pleasant surprises, and it's going to be a longer wait to see if he can be one.

"I showed in '04 what I can do when I'm healthy. I can make an impact and it was no fluke," he said. "This year, at no time were things right in my wrist and when they went in there and found that it was severe, at least I've got the evidence of why. That explained a lot to me.

"I'm very interested in getting the wrist healed and as close to 100 percent as possible before I try to play. I've shown what I can do with it injured and nobody wants to see that again. I want to be the Jayson Werth that hit 16 home runs and helped the Dodgers win the [NL West]. I'm looking forward to that for myself, for the organization and for the fans. I love playing in L.A. and love being a Dodger. My agenda right now is to get healthy."

Werth is right to feel that he shouldn't be judged on his 2005 performance if he wasn't healthy (though again, why people keep these things secret is just foolish pride to me). But given that "Werth said doctors could not guarantee the injury would heal completely," the overall prognosis is less than sanguine.

2005-11-23 23:32:22
1.   overkill94
Interesting indeed. Not only did he not seem to have a clue at the plate, whenever he made contact it usually seemed pretty weak. Hopefully the not having a clue part had to do with him making adjustments at the plate to compensate for his lack of power.

On a different note, I'm not sure it's been mentioned, but there is an author named Frank McCourt who wrote Angela's Ashes. Maybe once our McCourt finally runs the team into the ground, some clever writer will have a headline including "Angeles' Ashes". I'm trademarking it in advance just in case.

2005-11-23 23:39:32
2.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder if Werth wants the Dodgers to sign Burnett out of a sense of self-preservation.

I don't sense that Werth came back on his own timetable last year. The crack Dodger medical staff pushed him back into playing well before he needed to come back.

Of course, Werth's news makes me less sanguine about Drew's chances next year.

2005-11-23 23:47:29
3.   Uncle Miltie
A couple of points to make:

1. I'm back in LA (for Thanksgiving)

2. I saw my 2nd Clippers game of the year (first was against the Warriors- I go to school in the Bay Area). Since it was such a tight game and I wasn't near a computer, I couldn't post during the game.

The Clippers did not play well, but were able to squeak out a win. Their inability to rebound is disturbing. Bob- Lawler's Law- 1st to 100 wins, it's the law!

3. Believe it or not, I'd be in favor of acquiring Joey Gathright. I like him better than Pierre, because:
-He's cheaper & younger
-Is a better defender
-Has long at bats and had a good walk rate in the minors

As for Toby Hall, I'd feel sick if Ned traded for him. He'd be a downgrade from Navarro and he's too expensive to be a backup catcher

4. No on Furcal. He wants a 5 year deal @ $10 million per year. He's a nice player and solid leadoff hitter, but that money can be better spent to fill the void for a middle of the order hitter, like Brian Giles.

5. Jayson- don't refer to yourself in 3rd person. You are starting to resemble Rickey and not in a good way.

6. Note to Ned: Please don't hire Fregosi!

2005-11-23 23:53:19
4.   al bundy
My take on Lasorda's negativity on Black was that his mind is already made up and he is rolling out the red carpet for Fregosi. The other potential managers that Colletti interviews/talks to are just smokescreens to make it appear that Fregosi wasn't anointed.

It probably went down something like this.

Lasorda: "Before we hire you as GM, Ned, there's one more question. Do you agree that Fregosi should be the next manager of the Dodgers?"
Ned: "Of course, Tommy."

2005-11-24 03:13:36
5.   Andrew Shimmin
Black twists the knife, a little, in his pull out: "The situation I'm in with the Angels, I think we have a special thing going. The owner, the front office, all of that is top-notch."

2005-11-24 06:42:20
6.   Howard Fox
I haven't commented here in a while, but I have read the comments and Jon's thoughts never disappoint with your insights.

My only thoughts today are two-fold: to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and suggest to all that things will get better with the Dodgers, to have faith.

2005-11-24 09:02:05
7.   Jon Weisman
Thanks, Howard.
2005-11-24 09:09:44
8.   King of the Hobos
The Indians have aqcuired Choi.

Hyang-nam Choi that is. 35 year old releiver that will probably serve as AAA filler (he wasn't particularly good lately in Korea to begin with)

And apparently the Royals think the Dodgers may not offer Dessens arbitration. They should come to their senses soon

The St Petersburg Times says the Dodgers seem the most ardent about Gathright. Still better than the Tampa Tribune which mentions the possibility of a Hall-Navarro/Martin swap. I'm guessing that won't happen

2005-11-24 14:52:32
9.   fanerman
8 - I almost had a heart attack.
2005-11-26 07:06:49
On Werth, I hope he is able to come back healthy next season. I think that when he is healthy he can contribute to the team and he brings a lot of heart to the game and to the team. He is also fun to fun to watch, in the field at least. I have been to at least one game, in San Diego, when he was in left field. The way he interacted with the fans there was great and made a boring game worth watching (Gane going three innings didn't hurt either).
Granted that wont win a championship but its still part of making a game fun and exciting on a personal note.

As far as Hall for Navarro or Martin, I don't see the point. Why trade away a good young catcher for someone we don't need. In 50 games last year Navorro had a better SLG. and OBP, with an almost equal Batting average. I would rather see Navarro as the everyday catcher. But thats just me.

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