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Antonio Perez Recovering From Fractured Cheekbone
2005-12-04 21:16
by Jon Weisman

There hasn't been an official report from the Dodgers, but infielder Antonio Perez was hit in the face by a pitch playing for Gigantes del Cibao in the Dominican League last month. (Here is a report in Spanish, as well as a follow-up.) Roughly translated, the injury to Perez's left cheekbone will take a long time to heal.

Folks in the Dodger Thoughts comments first alerted me to this news, though I hadn't seen a story link until tonight. Raul Tavares of Dominican Players confirmed via e-mail that Perez suffered a bone fracture. Perez is sitting out the rest of the Winter League season, but Tavares said that according to the reports he heard, Perez "is supposed to be ready for Spring Training."

Boston farmhand Anastacio Martínez of Estrellas de Oriente hit Perez with the first pitch of the game.

Comments (55)
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2005-12-04 21:37:39
1.   Bob Timmermann
Now I've learned the Spanish word for cheekbone.
2005-12-04 21:44:47
2.   Jon Weisman
Yeah, me too.
2005-12-04 21:47:15
3.   Sam DC
good to be able to spot on a menu . . .
2005-12-04 22:01:46
4.   bigcpa
Sounds like the fix was on in that game.
2005-12-04 22:03:14
5.   popup
That does make the Furcal signing more defensible. Even with this, I still don't like the Furcal signing though.

Stan from Tacoma

2005-12-04 22:10:12
6.   Johnson
Are Jon's links working for anybody else? I'm getting a "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers" error.
2005-12-04 22:11:53
7.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Or, Olé! As in what Perez couldn't say because he didn't duck the ball.
2005-12-04 22:13:00
8.   Bob Timmermann
The links worked earlier, so I imagine that the site being linked to is at fault.

The articles weren't particularly long.

I practiced some of my Spanish on my Guatemalan nephew. I kept asking him questions and he kept answering "si". Finally I asked him "Sabes la diferencia entre futbol y futbol americano?" and he said "No."

So he either understood me or just got tiring of agreeing with me.

2005-12-04 22:13:29
9.   Bob Timmermann
"or just got tired of agreeing with me"

My English disappeared there.

2005-12-04 22:16:39
10.   King of the Hobos
From Gurnick's new article:

"The one concerning the Dodgers that circulated through the lobby on Sunday was that Jim Fregosi would have a second interview for manager, this time with chairman Frank McCourt. If Fregosi gets the job, his bench coach could be Grady Little.

The Dodgers offered no confirmation."

We could Fregosi and Little! Also, Furcal has been promised SS when Izzy returns, and apparently made his decision on Friday, and Manny Mota played an active role in persuading him

2005-12-04 22:19:55
11.   Johnson
You lost your composition but you kept your composure.
2005-12-04 22:27:16
12.   natepurcell
ive seen a lot of rumors of teams interested in bradley thinking they can get him on thd cheap.

well if therr are many times interested in bradley, then it might not be so cheap for whoever gets him..

2005-12-04 22:28:49
13.   trainwreck
And I hang my head in dissapointment.
2005-12-04 22:35:51
14.   trainwreck
If only Furcal asked for his fellow Dominican Acta.
2005-12-04 22:38:15
15.   trainwreck
It looks like the end for Curb Your Enthusiasm. This is a sad day.
2005-12-04 22:38:21
16.   natepurcell
from gammons..

The Nationals will discuss Nick Johnson or Wilkerson for the right center fielder or pitching, and GM Jim Bowden does not come to these affairs to stand in the lobby and talk.

odalis for wilkerson!

2005-12-04 22:39:47
17.   Bob Timmermann

Why do you think that? Did you watch all the way to the end?

2005-12-04 22:42:18
18.   trainwreck
It just ended.
2005-12-04 22:43:17
19.   trainwreck
Could comeback, but after that episode it would not surprise me if it did not.
2005-12-04 22:45:34
20.   Rob M
That show stinks now.
2005-12-04 22:46:28
21.   Bob Timmermann
Of course they did call the episode "The End".
2005-12-04 22:58:23
22.   Eric Enders
First pitch of the game? Apparently, Anastacio Martinez is in league with Arnold Rothstein.
2005-12-04 23:06:15
23.   Bob Timmermann
So which is a bigger game for Eric:

The GMAC bowl between UTEP and Toledo or the Rose Bowl between UT and USC?

2005-12-04 23:18:22
24.   Eric Enders
Definitely the Rose Bowl.

Although frankly, UTEP vs. Georgetown in basketball will be played around the same time, and will be far bigger than either of them.

2005-12-04 23:19:25
25.   Louis in SF
LoDuca is now a Met and the Marlins fire sale continues. What are the rumors on who will be come the Dodger pitching and hitting coaches
2005-12-04 23:23:01
26.   Eric Enders
We should see how committed the Marlins are to their fire sale, and make an offer for Cabrera.

How about, say, Guzman+Broxton+Aybar for Cabrera?

2005-12-04 23:23:24
27.   Linkmeister
Rothstein? From the grave? Well, it is the season for ghosts, after all.
2005-12-04 23:23:49
28.   Bob Timmermann
I actually bought a Texas sweatshirt today. I also bought a USC jacket too. My girlfriend is a big USC fan and for her birthday (which is January 1), I'm going to offer her the choice of two boxes saying that I'll keep the other one. No returns.

The weird thing is that she didn't go to USC and her uncle was a prof at UT.

2005-12-04 23:25:47
29.   trainwreck
Who does she root for in baseball?
2005-12-04 23:26:28
30.   Eric Enders
I thought about doing a Rose Bowl road trip, but not with the price tickets are going for on ebay.

It would have been good because the last time I visited L.A., the Dodgers won the World Series the next season.

2005-12-04 23:27:01
31.   Uncle Miltie
If you end up with the USC sweatshirt, please donate it to a shelter. It would be embarrassing for a UCLA alumnus to be wearing that in public.
2005-12-04 23:27:10
32.   Vishal
if she chooses the USC box, i vote for a ceremonial burning of the texas sweatshirt. wait, desecrate it first, then burn it :)
2005-12-04 23:29:20
33.   Eric Enders
I'm a USC fan in basketball now that El Pasoan and ex-UTEP asst. Tim Floyd is in charge.

Floyd was also the technical adviser for "Glory Road," the Disney movie about the 1966 UTEP team that comes out in January. From what I understand, teaching Derek Luke how to play basketball was no small feat.

2005-12-04 23:29:40
34.   Linkmeister
My Spanish is abysmal, so I went over to Sr. Tavares' blog thinking he might have something in English about it. I found this entry for June 19:

"Well, I Promise to post more often, thanks to those people who have e-mailed me, some encouraging me to keep writting and some other to insult me or some of my countrymen."


2005-12-04 23:30:04
35.   Eric Enders
What dweebs these Californians are. It's ALREADY burnt orange.
2005-12-04 23:32:25
36.   Vishal
hehe, i'd prefer a nice ash gray color
2005-12-04 23:40:45
37.   Linkmeister
I guess I'm just an old fogey, but the Rose Bowl is supposed to be Pac-10 v. Big Ten, dagnabbit. Texas in the Rose Bowl is just wrong. They should be in the Cotton Bowl.

And FSU in a BCS game is idiotic.

2005-12-04 23:45:12
38.   Bob Timmermann
Actually the Texas sweatshirt is gray with an orange emblem.

If she picks the Texas box, I'll give her the USC jacket.

Eric, if you are serious about going to the Rose Bowl, contact me.

2005-12-04 23:45:37
39.   Eric Enders
I'd say the Pac 10-Big Ten tradition in the Rose Bowl is still alive.

In last year's Rose Bowl, Texas beat the Big Ten. This year, we'll beat the Pac-10.

2005-12-04 23:46:32
40.   Vishal
i'd prefer it that way too, but i'm willing to make exceptions for a national title game. usc vs. texas will make a great rose bowl.

last year was a travesty though.

2005-12-04 23:46:51
41.   Linkmeister
39 Ha! Let the flamewar begin!
2005-12-04 23:53:43
42.   Bob Timmermann
The Big 10 and Pac 10 are squaring in off in the Most Prestigious Texas Bowl Game of Them All:

The Vitalis Sun Bowl in El Paso on December 30 matches UCLA and Northwestern!

Woo hoo! Let the counting of points begin!

2005-12-04 23:56:32
43.   Vishal
vitalis? as in the hair oil? what is the world coming to.... tsk, tsk.

and isn't the cotton bowl the most prestigious texas bowl game?

2005-12-04 23:59:27
44.   Vishal
and speaking of the cotton bowl, i think alabama-texas tech is going to be an interesting game.
2005-12-05 00:01:25
45.   Bob Timmermann
The very same Vitalis.

The corporate sponsor is really the company that owns the Vitalis name, but the Helen of Troy Sun Bowl probably won't sell many tickets.

2005-12-05 00:02:21
46.   Vishal
...nor would it sell much vitalis :)
2005-12-05 00:05:13
47.   Bob Timmermann
Texas has bowl games in Dallas (AT&T Cotton), Houston ( Houston Bowl), El Paso (Vitalis Sun) and Fort Worth.

The one in Fort Worth is the ...

Fort Worth Bowl.

2005-12-05 00:32:03
48.   trainwreck
Apparently Yankees have offered roughly the same deal we gave Furcal to Damon.
2005-12-05 00:36:21
49.   LAT
First Furcal. Now (most likely) Fregosi. I guess there could be worse teams than the Braves to emulate. Although not sure Ted and Former Jane Turner are much of a step up from Frank and Jamie. On the other hand, there is little doubt about Ted's abilty to pay for a team (or anything else for that matter). Buffalo Burgers for everyone!
2005-12-05 01:00:09
50.   Uncle Miltie
From the Daily News:
Bradley-for-Zito trade discussed
" DALLAS - The Dodgers are engaged in discussions with the Oakland Athletics on a potential trade that would involve troubled Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley and A's left-hander and former Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito.

It is unclear what additional players, if any, are involved in the discussions, but officials for both clubs are expected to meet sometime today, when baseball's annual winter meetings begin here today.
I'm sure the Dodgers would have to include a top prospect. Ok, now I'm going to bed.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2005-12-05 01:25:40
51.   fanerman
50 - Then we have even less outfield depth. Why get rid of Bradley if we don't have Giles? Oh well...
2005-12-05 02:57:26
52.   autumnlanding
the dodgers are hilarious with their never mentioning serious injuries / surgeries and wonderful PR work painting the incapable McCourts as saviors of LA Baseball. Excuse me while i puke.

Would be nice to have Zito, but Billy Beane combing our farm system scares the $h*T out of me.

A thought on other free agent pitchers: Of course it would be nice to have a Millwood, but I did a BB/K stat comparison and suprisingly Bret Tomko is nearly identical. Jamie Moyer might be another one to look at. Also, couldn't we use a Bob Wickman in our young bullpenn?

2005-12-05 04:20:42
53.   CanuckDodger
Just say no to Zito. Sabermetricians have been advising Oakland to trade his over-valued butt for a big haul for years, and now Zito is a year from free agency with a 2006 salary over $9 million. Really, Zito is now in the same boat that Hudson was last year at this time, and the package Oakland got from the Braves for Hudson was not that great. Basically the equivalent of Justin Orenduff, Yhency Brazoban, and Jayson Werth. But of course Beane will TRY to get more for Zito, and I don't trust Colletti enough yet to say that he won't get taken to the cleaners.
2005-12-05 07:11:11
54.   Sushirabbit
Barry Zito to available pitchers, is not what Furcal is to available infielders.

I'd take him for Bradley and cash, but I'd rather keep Weaver than get Zito. I'd rather we save the money and splurge in some crazy trade for a real pitcher. (not that Zito doesn't have some value, but since I had him in my fantasy league last year, I can say he wasn't what I'd hoped for)

2005-12-05 07:33:11
55.   King of the Hobos
If Colletti can work out a sensible deal, I for one wouldn't mind Zito. Colletti said recently that he's not comfortable dealing prospects. I'm sure that means White will have an important role in the discussions (or possibly Collins, or Ng and Smith if they feel confident). I have no reason not to trust them until I hear the proposed deal

Also, Anna Benson is furious that the Mets are trading her husband, and blames the trade talks on her negotiations with Playboy...

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