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Guzman, Rule 5 and Other Minor League News
2005-12-09 09:14
by Jon Weisman

First, a leadoff thought. There has been much talk that the signing of Rafael Furcal means the end of minor league prospect Joel Guzman's shortstop career. But if Guzman were to tear it up in AAA at the start of 2006 and field passably (and if Hee Seop Choi doesn't nail down the first base job), is there no chance that Guzman could get called up, Furcal would move to second base, Jeff Kent to first, and that Cesar Izturis would be traded? This certainly would be nice, because whatever offensive value Guzman will have in the big leagues will only be multiplied if he can hold down a middle infield slot.

Of course, this scenario has a lot of ifs in it, not the least of which is whether Guzman will see an inning at shortstop in Las Vegas. Furthermore, Bill Mueller is not yet officially a Dodger, so third base is still open for Willy Aybar, Andy La Roche and Guzman.

But my point is, no one should consider Izturis playing second base in the second half of 2006 a done deal. As I've said before, too much can happen between now and then to know anything for sure. Heck, if the Dodgers aren't winning in June, Kent might be the one who gets traded.

Update: Meant to add earlier that Carlos J. Lugo posted this update about Guzman within his Dominican Winter League Report on Baseball Prospectus:

The Dodgers' Joel Guzman is continuing his steady development, a trend that started in 2004. Guzman is hitting .294/.370/.513 with 5 homers, 9 doubles, 26 RBI, 14 walks and 26 strikeouts in 119 at bats playing for the Estrellas. His notorious raw power has been on display more often in game action this year, and he's shown a much better understanding of the strike zone. Guzman has drawn a walk every 8.5 at bats and has struck out every 4.6, compared to 10.5 and 3.4 at Double-A during the summer. Joel told us at the season's start that former Dodger GM Paul DePodesta wanted him to concentrate more on his hitting and at bats, no matter where the Estrellas put him on the field. Guzman has played primarily at both infield corners, and recently was moved back to shortstop. He has committed eleven errors on the season.

  • Baseball America published its annual review of the Dodgers' top prospects. The names are familiar, except for the use of Etanislao as a first name for Tony Abreu, so I'll highlight the best tools list.

    Best Hitter for Average: Blake DeWitt
    Best Power Hitter: Joel Guzman
    Best Strike-Zone Discipline: Russell Martin
    Fastest Baserunner: Trayvon Robinson
    Best Athlete: Matt Kemp
    Best Fastball: Jonathan Broxton
    Best Curveball: Chad Billingsley
    Best Slider: Jonathan Broxton
    Best Changeup: Julio Pimentel
    Best Control: Chad Billingsley
    Best Defensive Catcher: Russell Martin
    Best Defensive Infielder: Chin-Lung Hu
    Best Infield Arm: Andy LaRoche
    Best Defensive Outfielder: Cody Ross
    Best Outfield Arm: Xavier Paul

    Read more about all of them in The Dodger Thoughts Comprehensive, Non-Definitive 2005 Minor League Report.

  • The Rule 5 draft Thursday has, for now, cost the Dodgers Luis Gonzalez and Mike McGrew - but only if the teams that drafted them (Colorado and Florida) keep them on their major-league rosters for all of 2006. Here's what I wrote about them earlier this year:

    Luis Gonzalez, Jacksonville, 6-0, 190, 2/27/83: 2.21 ERA in 41 games with the Suns, interrupted indecorously by a midseason 9.31 in 10 games with Las Vegas. In Jacksonville, struck out 46 and walked 34 in 61 innings, but allowed only 35 hits and one home run.

    Mike Megrew, Vero Beach/GCL Dodgers, 6-6, 210, 1/29/84: Struck out 125 batters in 105 2/3 innings in 2004 with an ERA of 3.41, then ran into arm trouble and needed Tommy John surgery. By the way, that doesn't hurt his prospect status one bit. Strange times we live in.

  • In the Triple-A phase of the Rule 5 Draft (meaning that this player does not need to take up a spot on the major league roster), the Dodgers lost pitcher Brandon Weeden but picked up 21-year-old Baltimore lefty Alberto Bastardo, who in 42 1/3 Rookie League innings had 58 strikeouts and 13 walks.

    Here's my snapshot of Weeden:

    Brandon Weeden, Columbus, 6-4, 190, 10/14/83: Jeff Weaver and Yhency Brazoban made a difference for the Dodgers. Weeden, the third piece of Kevin Brown Yankee booty, who struck out 96 in 94 2/3 innings (top ratio in Columbus) but walked 69, gave up 13 homers and a 5.70 ERA ... maybe not. He was a second-round draft choice in 2002.
  • Marcos Carvajal, a successful Rule 5 draft pick by the Rockies from the Dodgers last year, was traded to Seattle. Only 21, Carvajal struck out 47 in 53 innings and had an ERA of 3.78 in Coors Field.

  • Comments (185)
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    2005-12-09 09:45:52
    1.   Slikk
    Sweet -- Yorvit returns to the NL West!
    2005-12-09 09:47:43
    2.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    I hope Bastardo does NOT make to Chavez Ravine, because his presence would give the McCourts another reason to keep names off the players' jerseys.
    2005-12-09 09:59:19
    3.   dagwich
    Way off topic, but perhaps of interest to the local Japanese baseball buffs. Last night I watched Kurosawa's "Stray Dogs", a movie about a Tokyo detective who has his gun stolen and his obsessive search to retrieve it. A key scene in the movie takes place at a baseball game -- mostly footage of the "Giants" playing. Bear in mind the movie was released in 1949, so this is footage from the just-post war Japanese league play. I'd love to know what was printed on the outfield walls, etc. Those guys could really play!

    Great, great movie, highly recommended.

    Back to the normal headlines and the rumors behind them...

    2005-12-09 10:02:29
    4.   Bob Timmermann
    I would assume the outfield walls had advertisements for beer companies or something like that.
    2005-12-09 10:04:50
    5.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    Those ads were praising Gen. Doug MacArthur.
    2005-12-09 10:05:29
    6.   Bob Timmermann
    Oh, and so you don't make the same mistake I did looking up the film, its title is "Stray Dog" - singular.
    2005-12-09 10:07:52
    7.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    And it's not "Straw Dogs," as I first thought because I'm tired.
    2005-12-09 10:09:50
    8.   blue22
    A little insight into the Marte-for-Renteria deal:

    "A source told the Boston Herald another team that was interested in Andy Marte turned away after the Braves acknowledged the player had a tear in the ulnar collateral ligament of an elbow.

    A Red Sox official said the team reviewed his medical file and declared him healthy. If Marte has a tear in his UCL, he might someday need Tommy John surgery. It's not as big of a concern for him as it would be for a pitcher, but it could leave the Red Sox without his services for a year."

    - Rotoworld

    2005-12-09 10:17:47
    9.   Sushirabbit
    Not that I'd want to trade Kent, but I think right now might be the best time to do it. I'm sort of surprised that no significant trades have been made so far, because Bradley and Perez are nothing to turn your nose up at for alot of teams.
    2005-12-09 10:19:42
    10.   bhsportsguy
    My hunch is that Loney, Guzman, and Martin stay down in AAA for most of the season. Might make a Dodger Thoughts road trip to Vegas a plausible idea though...
    2005-12-09 10:20:26
    11.   dagwich
    Right, it is "Stray Dog". The first few minutes for the opening credits are of a close up of a dog panting. Don't give up -- it gets better.

    It certainly is not "Straw Dogs." I can't even think about that movie without feeling a bit unwell.

    2005-12-09 10:24:15
    12.   Marty
    I'll have to check out Stray Dog. Straw Dogs is one of my favorite Peckinpah movies, though I love almost all of them.
    2005-12-09 10:25:44
    13.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    Seems like Colletti is content to let a bidding war break out for Bradley. Smart move. Interested teams reportedly are Cubs, Blue Jays, Yankees... Missing anyone?
    As for Perez, he's overpaid and coming off a poor season in which he was injured. While the Dodgers may want to be rid of Perez, who would want him?
    2005-12-09 10:27:36
    14.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
    We have reportedly just signed Bill Mueller.
    6-4-2 reports the Boston Globe says the Dodgers just signed Mueller to a two year contract.
    2005-12-09 10:29:16
    15.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
    I personally would like to have spent this money on a starting pitcher or outfielder.
    Give LaRouche, Aybar, or Perez a shot at 3rd.
    2005-12-09 10:32:30
    16.   Jon Weisman
    15 - Do you even know what "this money" is?
    2005-12-09 10:33:29
    17.   blue22
    Mueller is a good pickup (a real live 3B in fact!, rather than a 2B in disguise) if he's making less than $4M per. Aybar or Perez can be the utility guy, with the other being tradebait.


    is a good start to a lineup. It's who comes next that is the important decision.

    2005-12-09 10:34:09
    18.   dzzrtRatt
    Back to the catching discussion at the end of the last thread: Jon, you were saying you thought the Dodgers might not want to waste a roster spot on a veteran catcher who would "mentor" Navarro, but instead have a retired catcher/coach take that role.

    I believe Steve Yeager is still affiliated with the Dodgers. Why wouldn't he be a good mentor?

    9 Please, please not this again. Seems like every three days, we get 150 posts on what we could get if we traded Kent and/or Gagne. Got it. If this was a fantasy league, great idea. In the real world, you could not replace the value of either one of them with anything the Dodgers actually would need because as soon as they were gone, you'd have created a big new hole. And, in the real world, Colletti is not stupid enough to trade the team's most (only?) marketable players.

    2005-12-09 10:35:36
    19.   blue22
    Assuming he's making less than $4M per, I guess we could've signed Tomko instead of Mueller.


    I think I like the stability that Mueller brings, rather than the below-average innings Tomko would chew up.

    2005-12-09 10:36:12
    20.   natepurcell
    who ever has a BA subscription, go in the chat, and ask multiple questions!
    2005-12-09 10:36:19
    21.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
    I really hope were not paying Mueller 7-8 million per. Please say it isn't so.
    2005-12-09 10:36:32
    22.   Jon Weisman
    18 - I would imagine Yeager would be a fine defensive mentor. The only question is whether you would want a recent retiree.
    2005-12-09 10:36:51
    23.   blue22
    9 - I think the fact that we went with Mueller rather than Nomar means that Kent stays. Just a hunch though.
    2005-12-09 10:38:21
    24.   blue22
    21 - Mueller would be more like $7-8M for 2 years, not per year.
    2005-12-09 10:38:37
    25.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
    16- this money refering to the Dodgers payroll.
    2005-12-09 10:39:28
    26.   Dark Horse
    15--Is that Lyndon Larouche, who should be getting the shot at the 3B job? Or would you mean Andy Laroche, who'll get his shot soon enough, Mueller pick-up or no.

    I think it's a good signing, if it's short, and more-or-less reasonable. (If it is at all, in fact.) It's not always a good idea to leapfrog prospects, especially if the team is so filled with holes there'd be a greater chance of feeling an oversized expectation.

    Go Mr. Ned. The more holes he fills short-term without giving away the farm, the happier I'll be.

    2005-12-09 10:39:44
    27.   natepurcell
    is anyone that is here participating in the BA chat?
    2005-12-09 10:40:41
    28.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
    24-Whew, thanks.
    2005-12-09 10:44:04
    29.   Jon Weisman
    25 - My point is that you were complaining on the money being spent on Mueller without even knowing how much was being spent.
    2005-12-09 10:45:58
    30.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    Lyndon Larouche can go to his right like no one I've ever seen.
    2005-12-09 10:46:36
    31.   das411
    Some Bill Simmons to cheer everybody up:

    "(Speaking of insane, not only did the Dodgers hire Grady Little as their manager, they gave him Steve Garvey's old number. Way to tick off the diehard Dodgers fans coming out of the gate, guys! Just wait until he's trying to figure out double switches and stuff -- this was a guy who managed to lose his No. 1, 3 and 4 hitters in extra innings of a must-win playoff game; I can't even imagine what he'll be capable of with pitchers batting. It's almost sounds like a sociological experiment. Thank you, Comedy Gods -- you have put me in the same city with Pete Carroll AND Grady Little.)"

    2005-12-09 10:48:34
    32.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
    29- Regardless, I would rather spend that money towards starting pitching or an outfielder.
    2005-12-09 10:48:34
    33.   molokai
    I've asked about 15 questions and have had none answered so far. Highlights so far:
    1. projects Ruggiano to be a 5th outfielder.
    2. He seems to love Abreu and doesn't think Guzman will ever see time at SS.
    3. Still picks Martin over Navarro
    4. Thinks Loney power surge in the AFL was real but is the minority at BA
    5. Says the everyone agrees the Dodgers have the best talent up and down then anyone in baseball and they are the number one minor league team.
    2005-12-09 10:48:35
    34.   blue22
    31 - If Little can do something as simple as playing the best players he has available to him, he'll be fine.
    2005-12-09 10:48:47
    35.   natepurcell
    of course simmons is a huge boston homer.
    2005-12-09 10:48:56
    36.   dzzrtRatt
    22 Or, how about my wife's favorite player, Benito Santiago? He's got to have retired by now.
    2005-12-09 10:50:51
    37.   natepurcell
    molokai, some questions if u can ask:

    1- is billingsleys change up more of split finger insteas of a true change up? if so, can he polish it enough to make it another out pitch for him?

    2005-12-09 10:51:08
    38.   Steve
    34 -- One of the problems with FGL is that the bar has been set extraordinarily low.
    2005-12-09 10:51:18
    39.   molokai
    1. Orenduff just fell out of the top 10. Worried about stamina issues but they like his stuff.
    2. E Jackson didn't qualify for the list but they are still hopefull given he's only 22 and still projects to major league starter.
    3. Very down on Miller because of the constant setbacks and the fact he just can't pitch without pain for a sustained period. Loves everything else about him.
    2005-12-09 10:51:25
    40.   Jon Weisman
    31 - Someone needs to tell Simmons that they did not give Little Garvey's old number. They gave him a jersey with "06" on it - as in the coming year, 2006. It's exactly what the bat boys will be wearing next season.
    2005-12-09 10:52:19
    41.   natepurcell
    2- since elbert was hitting 94 in instrux, is that a good sign that he will develop a couple more mph of velocity on his fastball as he matures?
    2005-12-09 10:52:56
    42.   Bob Timmermann

    If Dodger fans can survive Brent Mayne wearing #6, I somehow think that we're not overly attached to it.

    2005-12-09 10:53:45
    43.   natepurcell
    3- what are your thoughts on dewitt? can he make the transistion to 2nd base smoothly? what mlb player can he be projected to? hank blalock?
    2005-12-09 10:53:55
    44.   molokai
    On the question of Hochevar:
    "It's very unlikely. While I don't believe that White and the Dodgers will turn a deaf ear to Hochevar's requests, the damage has been done. There were some unethical, unfair personal attacks made and, above that, Hochevar's unwillingness to take control of the situation doesn't speak well of his own makeup"
    2005-12-09 10:54:15
    45.   dzzrtRatt
    By the way, I checked both 6-4-2 and the Boston Globe, and neither has a mention of Bill Mueller, except for 6-4-2's passing along the old rumor from Rotoworld.

    I think Rotoworld is turning out to be about as reliable a source as the CIA before the invasion of Iraq.

    2005-12-09 10:54:42
    46.   Jon Weisman
    32 - I don't deny those are big needs - I just think you have to consider the value of the Mueller deal before you make a judgment. Given the lack of pitching and free agent talent, it's possible that the Dodgers will improve the team more with Mueller than they would by spending big on a mediocre player elsewhere.

    I don't know. It's all part of my campaign to slow down the rush to judgment here.

    2005-12-09 10:55:18
    47.   blue22
    38 - Starting, you know, good players is a nice place to begin. We'll get into double switches later.

    And, of course, he's never been much of a bunter. :-D

    2005-12-09 10:56:30
    48.   natepurcell
    4- Offensively, is a richie sexson comp for joel guzman accurate?

    5- Offensively, what mlb comp would be accurate for matt kemp?

    6- Why is everyone at BA down on tiffany now? last year, BA rated him as having the best curveball in the org. this year in a chat, callis said he has average pitches across the board. whats the deal?

    7- what do you make of laorche's lack of power in the AFL? was his power display in the FSL a fluke due to his home stadium?

    2005-12-09 10:56:49
    49.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    I like Simmons, but do any Dodger fans care about Garvey's old number? Or Garvey, for that matter? He's been gone more than 20 years. May as well get upset over the FA signings of Goltz and Stanhouse.
    2005-12-09 10:57:01
    50.   Eric L
    33 But the guys at BTF still want the Dodgers system to deliver. They can't possibly have the most talent. BTW, nice post over there Jon.

    40 Besides, the number isn't just a Garvey exclusive anymore...

    They gave him Jason Grabowski's number! What will the Grabowski fans think? And what will the Furillo fans think? (he was #6 right?). oh wait, they didn't give Grady #6. Duh.

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2005-12-09 10:57:49
    51.   Jon Weisman
    I honestly don't know how you can make a decision on signing Hochevar based on his first experience of negotiating a contract at age 21. Either it must have gotten really personal, or the Dodgers have to have had second thoughts about his on-field ability.

    Three years from now, if Hochevar can pitch, no one's going to care about what happened that one week in 2005.

    2005-12-09 10:58:23
    52.   natepurcell
    on hochevar. "time heels all wounds"

    let both sides sit low for a while, revisit negotiations back in ST and get a deal done by draft day.

    2005-12-09 10:59:57
    53.   natepurcell
    not draft day, i mean, draft deadline. my bad.

    i cant think of anymore questions!

    2005-12-09 11:04:44
    54.   molokai
    If Aybar hadn't been so successful in his Sept callup would we even be considering giving him the 3b job until LaRoche is ready? That was a small sample size. If McCourt is going to spend the money I'm happy with Mueller. He does everything well except hit LHP. He's weak enough from the right side that they should not let him face LHP. Could even see LaRoche or A Perez taking the LHP by August. Sometimes being a SH is not very usefull if you can only hit from one side.
    2005-12-09 11:11:10
    55.   blue22
    Aybar's versatility may be more important to the team than if he had the 3B job handed to him. Dodgers need depth at all 4 positions on the IF, and Aybar gives a good solution at all 4 (even 1st, with Aybar at 2nd and Kent at 1st).
    2005-12-09 11:13:27
    56.   Marty
    Actually, I AM still upset over the signings of Goltz and Stanhouse
    2005-12-09 11:14:12
    57.   molokai
    If he's not a starter I'd be surprised if he's not playing everyday in AAA at 2nd base. They already have Robles and A Perez for utility players they don't need 3. In fact if they sign Mueller I'd be surprised if they don't trade Aybar, his value may never be higher after that September.
    2005-12-09 11:17:31
    58.   blue22
    57 - I'd think that one of Aybar or Perez will get moved, but maybe not until ST. Robles probably hangs around as a defensive specialist.
    2005-12-09 11:21:56
    59.   dzzrtRatt
    52 Or did you mean, "time wounds all heels." So far, that hasn't happened to Boras.

    This is where Boras needs to earn his money. He needs to eat some crow on Hochevar's behalf with Colletti. The fact is, the situation has changed dramatically, and if Hochevar would show some humility, I bet he could be signed tomorrow.

    Boras doesn't do humility, I guess. He's a tractor with one gear.

    2005-12-09 11:23:46
    60.   Rich Lederer
    is there no chance that Guzman could get called up, Furcal would move to second base, Jeff Kent to first, and that Cesar Izturis would be traded?

    Yes, I would say there is ZERO chance of Guzman playing SS, entailing the move of Furcal to 2B, Kent to 1B, and trading Izturis.

    2005-12-09 11:24:39
    61.   natepurcell
    boras' job is to look out for the best interest of his client. Getting signed by the dodgers would be in his clients best interest, money wise and baseball wise.

    letting him re enter the draft, get drafted in the 5th round and sign for 250K by the rockies isnt in his clients best interest.

    2005-12-09 11:25:57
    62.   Fallout
    I think that signing Mueller is a good idea.
    He fills a hole. I wouldn't be concerned if he signed a 1,2 or 3yr contract. When the time comes for one of the kids to move in, he's tradable. There is always a need for a 3rd baseman who can hit. His defense...well, not what you would hope for.
    2005-12-09 11:27:53
    63.   regfairfield
    Again I have to ask, is any reputable site reporting this yet?

    So far, if we go by confirmed reports, we'd have Saarloos and Soriano.

    2005-12-09 11:30:23
    64.   Jon Weisman
    60 - So where does Guzman play in Vegas. LaRoche will be at third, Loney at first. Has Guzman taken an outfield fly ball in the minors yet?
    2005-12-09 11:30:24
    65.   Brendan
    49. Gold Star for Robot Boy
    I like Simmons, but do any Dodger fans care about Garvey's old number? Or Garvey, for that matter? He's been gone more than 20 years. May as well get upset over the FA signings of Goltz and Stanhouse.

    If we were in the same room right now I would have you in a head lock until you took back that comment. So the answer is Yes Dodger fans do care.

    2005-12-09 11:31:01
    66.   jasonungar05
    Mueller is a career .292 hitter with a .373OBP over primarily in the 2 hole over 8-9 seasons.

    I am pretty fired up for this if it happens.

    I think a solid 1-2 at the top followed by Drew and Kent should be really good for us. Hopefully they can keep Bradley at the 5 slot.

    2005-12-09 11:34:34
    67.   blue22
    64 - Do we know who's playing in Jax still next year, and who's getting promoted to Vegas?

    Sounds like most of the pitchers will either stay in Jax or move up to LA.

    2005-12-09 11:44:03
    68.   slackfarmer
    Mueller is an injury-prone, mediocre 3B with good offensive numbers because he plays at Fenway. At Dodger Stadium he projects worse with the bat than A. Perez with about comperable D at 3B. You don't need to know how much he is getting paid to know it's a waste if he's worse than what you already have. And he won't be very tradeable after a year of stinking it up at DS.
    2005-12-09 11:45:19
    69.   molokai
    More from BA:
    "Tiffany was in 12-15 range. Tiffany features a fastball, curveball and changeup that are average to slightly above-average, and they all play up because of his command. His fastball ranges from 85-93 mph. His breaking ball ranges from 74-78 mph with tumbling break. He also has good feel for his changeup, which he'll throw in any count. Most scouts believe Tiffany's ceiling is as a No. 4 or 5 starter, and give him a high probability of attaining it."
    2005-12-09 11:46:38
    70.   Brendan

    you might be right but it is foolish to say zero chance. I still don't understand why there is a rush to diminish his value when his range isn't suspect. the only problem that I have read has been inaccurate throws. I don't get it. You guys would have moved Magic Johnson to forward coming into the NBA.

    2005-12-09 11:46:52
    71.   Jon Weisman
    68 - Even park-adjusted, Mueller is an above-average hitter. Again, I don't know how you can make a judgment without knowing the terms of the contract, not to mention whether it prevents other moves.

    And I say this as someone who roots for Antonio Perez and Willy Aybar.

    2005-12-09 11:48:03
    72.   Colorado Blue
    61 - letting him re enter the draft, get drafted in the 5th round and sign for 250K by the rockies isnt in his clients best interest.

    The Rockies intentionally did not draft him even though he is a local boy precisely because of his "representation". I suppose if Boras were to grovel and accept $250K then the Rockies might reconsider...

    I've gotta run; call from Hell; it's freezing over.

    2005-12-09 11:49:49
    73.   Jon Weisman
    70 - LOL. I think Magic was a better fielder. But I agree with the overall sentiment. I would only move Guzman now if you just know, flat-out, he will never, ever be a major-league shortstop.

    Side question: Adrian Beltre dabbled at shortstop on an emergency basis. Is Guzman a worse shortstop than Beltre?

    2005-12-09 11:51:59
    74.   overkill94
    68 Wow, Bill Mueller's mother would hate you if she read that. Even back in San Fran and Chicago he had a very good OBP. His slugging was probably bumped a bit by Fenway, but as long as he can get on base I don't really care.

    As for Rotoworld, they fall under the "don't shoot the messenger" clause most of the time. In their blurb about Mueller they simply say that it was what CBS4 was reporting, rarely do they get the inside scoop themselves.

    2005-12-09 11:52:57
    75.   bhsportsguy
    I agree Jon, if they can sign Hochevar for the reported 3MM and he can pitch in 2007, think of the value, also, after Chad and maybe Scott Elbert, we don't have any real studs (wait and see on Tiffany) down there and I think it is important to keep the momentum of minors going.
    2005-12-09 11:53:41
    76.   molokai
    Actually your wrong. As a left handed hitter Mueller projects much better then A Perez and he is an above average defender. DS will not have that big of an impact on Mueller since most of his at bats will come from the left side of the plate. In fact his home run power should go up as Fenway is a tough park to hit home runs for LHB with a rating of 84 while Dodger stadium is 110 for 2005.
    2005-12-09 11:58:18
    77.   Xeifrank
    FWIW, Mueller's #s away from Fenway weren't too bad in 2005, but in 2004 they were pretty awful. I'm boldly predicting he will do better than Valentin and Nakamura did last year, if he is indeed a Dodger in 2006. vr, Xei
    2005-12-09 11:58:19
    78.   molokai
    Other then people on DT know one thinks of A Perez as anything more then a utility player. He was a lucky hitter last year and when he bats 250 with a 300 ob with a slug < 400 no one will be clamoring for him to be the starting 3b/SS/2b.
    2005-12-09 11:58:42
    79.   regfairfield
    76 Most of his slugging does come from doubles, which should take a huge hit when he goes from Fenway to Dodger Stadium.
    2005-12-09 11:59:01
    80.   Eric L
    76 Come on now molokai.. don't let facts get in the way of a perfectly good rant.

    His OPS+ (park-adjusted stat) has been above average the last few years and he gets on base.

    2005-12-09 12:00:27
    81.   molokai
    More from BA:
    "Denker generates good bat speed, drives the ball to all fields and could be a perennial 20-homer player in the big leagues. Where he will play when he gets there is the problem. Denker has poor range, stiff actions and a fringe-average arm. He catches what's hit to him and was showing gradual improvement last season. He's not very athletic, so a switch to the outfield could present problems, as he is also a below-average runner."
    2005-12-09 12:00:33
    82.   natepurcell
    i still think greg miller is a stud.. just wish he is a healthy stud :(
    2005-12-09 12:01:50
    83.   gcrl

    my garvey bobblehead started spewing pea soup and rotating, not bobbling, it's head, so i had to check and see what was going on.

    the blasphemy in post 49 set it off. no more, please.

    2005-12-09 12:05:35
    84.   DodgerBlueBruce
    18,22 is reporting Sandy Alomar Jr. is close to signing a one-year deal with the Dodgers.
    2005-12-09 12:07:10
    85.   molokai
    Could be right. I can't find park effects for doubles for LHH or doubles period. They break down home runs by LH or RH and average but nothing else. Fenyway is very easy to hit doubles with 135 rating but DS was much easier to hit doubles in last year with a 99 rank.
    I'm not saying Mueller is going to do what he did in Fenway, he's 35 and moving to a tougher park. Just saying he's way better then A Perez. He may not be better then LaRoche come mid-summer or Aybar or Guzman.
    2005-12-09 12:10:41
    86.   JROBB
    I am convinced that Hochevar will sign. I am guessing around February when all his old teammates are getting ready for the season, that he will know he is missing out. I predict him signing for 2 million.
    2005-12-09 12:11:42
    87.   Bob Timmermann
    Careening off topic, a brokerage firm in Japan is in trouble because it meant to enter a trade of one share of stock for 610,000 yen, but instead sent through the trade as one of selling 610,000 shares at 1 yen apiece.

    Except the company being traded didn't have 610,000 shares outstanding.

    Much hilarity ensued.

    And large fines.

    2005-12-09 12:15:37
    88.   molokai
    Final word BA:
    "Lefthander Hong-Chih Kuo made a remarkable comeback this season, but he's going to have to perform over a more extended period of time before we run him into the top 10 ahead of those guys you mentioned. If he can stay haelthy, he could be a valuable lefty out of the bullpen and a return to the starting rotatoin in not out of the question."

    Alan Matthews: Alvarez owns a devastating changeup, a high-80s fastball and can spin a breaking ball. His overall command and feel for pitching are rudimentary.

    Alan Matthews: They both have live arms and suspect injury histories. Rodriguez, a lefty, has good bite on his slider but is undersized and has had elbow and shoulder trouble. Diaz has one of the best fastballs in the Dodgers system, but has already had TJ surgery and with his max-effort delivery, might not maintain his health.

    2005-12-09 12:15:50
    89.   natepurcell
    i learned about shares outstanding in accouting class. along with tesurary stock and par value. yay!
    2005-12-09 12:17:05
    90.   Bob Timmermann
    Now for some excitement. It's time for the World Cup draw!
    2005-12-09 12:21:14
    91.   Eric Enders
    Good call on "Stray Dog" up there. The baseball scene is rather remarkable. I'm looking forward to getting the new, clean, DVD; I have the crappy bootleg version which was previously the only version available.

    For anyone who enjoyed it, I'd also recommend Kurosawa's "Heaven and Hell" (silly Americanized title: High and Low), which is even better -- one of the 15 or 20 best films I've ever seen.

    2005-12-09 12:23:52
    92.   Bob Timmermann
    Lou Merloni to Cleveland! Stop the presses!

    J.C. Romero to the Angels.

    2005-12-09 12:34:14
    93.   D4P
    You're in luck, Bob. The presses hadn't started yet. We were holding off until the Merloni news came in.
    2005-12-09 12:35:14
    94.   Bob Timmermann
    The World Cup draw online is not very exciting as you lose the visuals of Heidi Klum drawing names out of pots.
    2005-12-09 12:38:29
    95.   Shmueli4
    Bob, what site for the World Cup draw?
    2005-12-09 12:38:47
    96.   D4P
    I'm guessing you can find other visuals of Heidi Klum online...
    2005-12-09 12:41:01
    97.   Bob Timmermann has a live application.

    But they take a very long time to do this. There is a lot of talking and folderol and what not. It could be done in about 5 minutes.

    They've budgeted NINETY!

    2005-12-09 12:43:00
    98.   Eric Enders
    "It could be done in about 5 minutes. They've budgeted NINETY!"

    Sounds like the NCAA selection show. That, or a Merchant Ivory film.

    2005-12-09 12:45:37
    99.   Bob Timmermann
    "Let me tell you Digger, those kids from Togo they are real PTPers! They are going to give those Croatians a real battle! THEY ARE ALL HEART! But when all is said and done, it's going to be the Brazilians cutting down the nets in Berlin, baby! But be careful that Saudi Arabian team has some Diaper Dandies!"
    2005-12-09 12:48:30
    100.   slackfarmer
    76 & 85 Comparing Mueller to A. Perez:

    Career Rate2 at 3B:
    Mueller 99, Perez 97

    James 2006 projections:
    Mueller: 283/365/421/786
    Perez: 284/345/412/757

    Mueller's projections include Fenway park factors, Perez is for DS. What affect will switching from Fenway to DS have on Mueller's production? It will hurt his average (and OBP somewhat) from both sides, tank his double and triple production from both sides, decrease his right-side HRs and keep constant or increase his left-side HRs.

    Overall you have basically comparable players at Dodger Stadium, except Mueller is a higher injury risk and gets paid more.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2005-12-09 12:54:53
    101.   Eric Enders
    And can field third base.
    2005-12-09 12:58:48
    102.   Fallout
    100. slackfarmer
    James 2006 projections: ...

    Could he be wrong? by 10%, by 20%, by 25%.
    In which direction? On both, only one or the other?

    2005-12-09 13:00:25
    103.   Ken Arneson
    Dang, Sweden and England are in the same group again!

    They're locked in some kind of cosmic mutual orbit, I think.

    2005-12-09 13:03:06
    104.   GoBears
    85 I think DS played closer to neutral for doubles because of those new jutting walls, where the section of fancy seats ends. I don't know how many times a ball would get past the corner IFer, roll to the wall, and then carom straight back into the field of play. The OFer would be running toward the wall to pick the ball up in (what's left of) foul territory, only to have to make a 90 turn and go chase the thing down. My guess is that made for extra 10-15 singles into doubles.
    2005-12-09 13:03:15
    105.   zappala
    How did the Angels manage to get Romero so cheaply?
    2005-12-09 13:06:02
    106.   slackfarmer
    102 Sure James could be off. Zips are in the same ballpark though. The fact is Boston plays in a hitter friendly park, and the Dodgers dont't. Taking into account park effects, Mueller isn't much better, if at all, than Perez. So why pay one, two, three mils more?
    2005-12-09 13:06:08
    107.   Bob Timmermann
    And the U.S. will be in a group with Italy, Ghana, and the Czech Republic.

    1-2 record and a flight back to the States.

    2005-12-09 13:06:10
    108.   Ken Arneson
    US is grouped with Italy, Ghana, and the Czech Republic.
    2005-12-09 13:08:09
    109.   Bob Timmermann
    But Sweden and England are also in a group with Paraguay and Trinidad so they should both advance.
    2005-12-09 13:08:51
    110.   Penarol1916
    Man, Argentina has got one tough group. Germany, as the hosts get a crap group with Costa Rica the only semi-decent team and even they are much worse than they were 4 years ago. Mexico's group is also pretty easy. The US group is also extremely tough with Italy, the Czech Republic (who are my favorites for this tournament in terms of playing the most entertaining version of the game), and a pretty talented side from Ghana.
    2005-12-09 13:08:53
    111.   Eric Enders
    "James 2006 projections: ...

    Could he be wrong? by 10%, by 20%, by 25%.
    In which direction? On both, only one or the other?"

    I suspect the Mueller projection is a lot more reliable than the Perez one. This is because Mueller has had more playing time (bigger sample size), and also because his projection doesn't involve Las Vegas in any way, shape or form, which Perez's presumably does.

    BTF's ZiPS projections for 2006:
    Aybar .260/.321/.376
    Perez .269/.342/.423
    Mueller .289/.369/.441 (projection is for Fenway Park)

    2005-12-09 13:09:12
    112.   Bob Timmermann
    If it's the World Cup, I have to get used to hearing announcers say "England are ahead 1-0 at the interval".
    2005-12-09 13:12:04
    113.   Penarol1916
    109. Paraguay is an extremely tough team, that group is a toss up for me between the top 3 sides, the easiest group to call so far seems to be Spain's, since they are the only decent side in their group, Ukraine should come in second as an okay team while Tunisia and the Saudi's are crap. Either that or Germany's group is the weakest of the tournament.
    2005-12-09 13:12:24
    114.   dzzrtRatt
    100 Not to be challenging--well, maybe--but how can James 2006 make projections for Antonio Perez that are worth anything close to its projections for Mueller? Perez was a part-time player for parts of two seasons, used by a manager who had him pigeon-holed. Mueller's been a fulltime player for close to a decade. The sample size disparity would make me a little more humble about saying the two players are "basically comparable."
    2005-12-09 13:13:26
    115.   Bob Timmermann
    Angola and Portugal are in the same group and I have a feeling that those two sides won't like each other much.

    It's the only European nation vs. former colony matchup. Technically, Togo was controlled by France, but that was a much different setup politically. Togo was actually colonized by the Germans and then given over in part to the French and British after World War I.

    2005-12-09 13:14:23
    116.   dzzrtRatt
    111 Sorry to basically make your same point. I got interrupted while I was writing.
    2005-12-09 13:18:24
    117.   Fallout
    2005-12-09 13:22:11
    118.   Bob Timmermann
    The first match for the U.S. will be against the Czech Republic on June 12 in Gelsenkirchen.

    That's Timmermann family country. Flat and boring.

    2005-12-09 13:25:44
    119.   Sushirabbit
    Hey, I in no way meant to start another useless thread on the value of trading Kent. And I think it would be a bad move. I'm not sure if I am worried about the lack of trades, or if it's that I don't see what's going to happen with some of the youngens that were taking good steps up last year. For sure I was thinking we wouldn't even spend $$ for someone like Furcal, let alone these others. But I still think you need a real SP and a productive outfielder. Maybe there's still more dollars in play for one, and Perez+Bradley+etc for the other.
    2005-12-09 13:27:18
    120.   Sushirabbit
    Are the Dodgers only at ~$80 million on the budget? Then maybe there is still hope for going to $100 milllion?
    2005-12-09 13:42:44
    121.   Linkmeister
    99 Dear Ghu, not a Dickie V comment. A few weeks ago I ranted at my place about welcoming the college b-ball season but for the omnipresence of that nitwit.
    2005-12-09 13:44:12
    122.   Bob Timmermann
    As it turns out Croatia and Togo are in different groups.
    2005-12-09 13:45:54
    123.   Ken Arneson
    All the Swedish newspapers are calling it a "dream draw" for Sweden.
    2005-12-09 13:48:22
    124.   Bob Timmermann
    Group C seems to be getting the "Group of Death" moniker. It's one of my favorite parts of the World Cup is that appellation.

    Argentina, Netherlands, Cote d'Ivoire, and Serbia & Montenengro.

    It's a good year for &s in the World Cup with both Serbia & Montenegro and Trinidad & Tobago.

    2005-12-09 13:52:29
    125.   Penarol1916
    From Sports Illustrated's initial preview:

    "the last time Portugal and Angola met in a friendly match in Lisbon four years ago, four Angolan players were sent off for brutal tackles and dissent and the game was abandoned with 20 minutes to play."

    123. The Swedes are idiots, after Argentina's and Italy's group, I'd call that one the strongest with T&T the only weak link.

    2005-12-09 13:53:46
    126.   trainwreck
    We are going to have a very tough time getting out of the opening round. Italy is basically a loss, we can beat Ghana, but they are a dangerous team, and we have to beat the Czech Republic, which will be hard as well. If America can get somewhere in this draw then we show the world we really belong in the top 10.
    2005-12-09 13:54:41
    127.   Bob Timmermann
    If T&T goes home from Germany with a point from any of its three games, I would be very surprised. That team just doesn't have a lot to offer.
    2005-12-09 13:56:46
    128.   Bob Timmermann
    If the U.S. were able to advance, they would likely get Brazil in the first round of knockout play.
    2005-12-09 13:59:27
    129.   Penarol1916
    128. Nah, I'm picking them to win the group and face the detested Aussies.
    2005-12-09 14:00:51
    130.   Jon Weisman
    You won't believe this, but at Trinidad and Tobago Thoughts, there have been 21 posts about Bill Mueller.
    2005-12-09 14:02:29
    131.   Ken Arneson
    Oops, I take it back. Three of the top four Swedish papers called it a "dream draw". Svenska Dagbladet called it a "difficult draw".

    The Swedish media loves this because England's coach is Swedish, and their stories will all write themselves now. Plus, Sweden hasn't lost to England since 1966, so they can write all kinds of curse stories, too.

    2005-12-09 14:03:15
    132.   Ken Arneson
    Perhaps we should take this over to the Griddle, eh, Jon?
    2005-12-09 14:05:32
    133.   trainwreck
    Oh well that will be a pushover.
    2005-12-09 14:06:05
    134.   Colorado Blue
    130 - Humorous, elegant, and witty!
    2005-12-09 14:07:43
    135.   Jon Weisman
    132 - Oh, it doesn't matter. I was just making a joke. We go off-topic all the time. Just that it's usually television or Ayn Rand or electromagnetic fields - you know, stuff like that.
    2005-12-09 14:09:16
    136.   Penarol1916
    130. Ooh, maybe he's using the possiblity of playing for T&T in the World Cup as a negotiating ploy with Colletti, it's not like the Pirates are a more appealing alternative.
    2005-12-09 14:18:57
    137.   dzzrtRatt
    Ken Rosenthal, for one, apparently didn't the memo about Mueller's signing either:

    "Third base should require less effort. Garciaparra would be ideal, but the division rival Padres are one of several teams courting him. Free agents Bill Mueller and Joe Randa also are possibilities, but the Dodgers don't want to make a lengthy commitment as they prepare for the arrival of Andy LaRoche, Adam's younger brother. They contacted the Phillies at the end of the winter meetings, saying they wanted to revisit a deal for David Bell."

    2005-12-09 14:32:14
    138.   underdog
    On soccer (sorry): I think the US has a better chance of beating Italy than they do the Czechs, believe it or not. The latter should be a fun game no matter what tho. If the US can beat Italy (and Ghana), then that would be victory enough... Can't wait!

    Baseball: I'm just pleased with Mr. Ned's patience and appreciation of the LAD's farm system, and wariness of trading those guys for a quick fix. I'm really happy. I'm sure we'll end up trading a couple of players, but glad it won't be CBill or LaRoche or Guzman.

    PS: Etanislao? How'd he get Tony out of that? I'm gonna call him E-Tan for now. Until he's traded somewhere.

    2005-12-09 14:32:50
    139.   Vaudeville Villain
    Whatever your thoughts on Mueller, David Bell is like, a billion times worse. That's an actual statistic. I swear.
    2005-12-09 14:34:27
    140.   Jon Weisman
    Vaudeville Villain - I think I would have noticed that screen name if you posted before. Welcome.
    2005-12-09 14:34:46
    141.   Ken Arneson
    We now interrupt this discussion for a celebration.

    Comment #124 was object #300000 in our system. Congrats, Bob, for hitting that milestone!

    Standing ovation, flowers, gifts, curtain call, etc.

    OK, now back to the game...

    2005-12-09 14:37:09
    142.   Jon Weisman
    141 And many more ...
    2005-12-09 14:40:05
    143.   D4P
    You owe it all (or at least some of it) to the 20+ posts that inevitably follow the initial "I'm freaking out over this unsubstantiated rumor involving a horrible trade for the Dodgers" post.
    2005-12-09 14:40:37
    144.   underdog
    Isn't that about the time we're supposed to get the blog's tires rotated?
    2005-12-09 14:41:04
    145.   D4P
    Things appear to be looking better with respect to Milton remaining a Dodger.

    Blue Jays GM. J.P. Ricciardi said he's not interested in the rumored Milton Bradley-for-Miguel Batista trade.
    Bradley talks with the Cubs have also reportedly cooled, though they remain the favorites for the troubled outfielder. Dec. 9 - 3:46 pm et
    Source: Toronto Sun

    2005-12-09 14:44:08
    146.   Eric Enders
    "Blue Jays GM. J.P. Ricciardi said he's not interested in the rumored Milton Bradley-for-Miguel Batista trade."

    Good, neither am I.

    2005-12-09 14:44:44
    147.   Ken Arneson
    Rotation of tires is in the works.
    2005-12-09 14:45:57
    148.   dzzrtRatt
    141 Wouldn't you know:

    a) it would be Bob Timmerman;
    b) it would have nothing to do with baseball.

    2005-12-09 14:49:40
    149.   Bob Timmermann
    Thank you people, thank you very much. It is quite an honor.

    No more mentions of Togo or T&T until May I promise.

    However, I reserve the right to comment on Tunisia.

    2005-12-09 14:54:06
    150.   Jon Weisman
    Chad Kreuter is the new manager of ...

    The Modesto Nuts.

    And Glenallen Hill is batting coach.

    Show/Hide Comments 151-200
    2005-12-09 14:57:57
    151.   Bob Timmermann
    It would be more interesting if Glenallen Hill were coaching the outfielders.

    He had to have been one of the worst outfielders I've ever seen. And he played a lot of games in the outfield. Most players as bad as he in the field (like Todd Hundley) are moved away to spare them embarrassment.

    I do remember watching Hill playing for the Giants and I believe he got a 9 UDP in a game against the A's. He kept pump-faking throws in and eventually tagged out the runner.

    2005-12-09 15:01:15
    152.   KAYVMON
    115- I love when sports provoke learning.

    The first game between Mexico and Iran is going to get huge ratings in LA. Two underrated teams too.

    2005-12-09 15:05:08
    153.   Bob Timmermann
    Talking with the soccer expert in the family, he thinks that the U.S. is more likely to go 0-3.
    2005-12-09 15:06:46
    154.   norcalblue
    >>..."no one should consider Izturis playing second base in the second half of 2006 a done deal. ...if the Dodgers aren't winning in June, Kent might be the one who gets traded."<<

    Of all the possible scenarios, this one makes the most sense to me right now.

    2005-12-09 15:09:29
    155.   norcalblue
    145-Of all the places Bradley might land--I think Oakland makes the most sense.
    2005-12-09 15:16:38
    156.   caseybarker
    Screw the Cal League for turning Bakersfield into the Deviled Eggs. And to think, I could've been a two-hour drive from watching Billingsley, et al.
    2005-12-09 15:17:51
    157.   underdog
    145 Chad Kreuter coaching a team called the "Nuts" - you just can't add anything to that, comedy that writes itself!

    155 "Of all the places Bradley might land--I think Oakland makes the most sense."

    Or Mars.

    (But yeah, and they would have the most surplus of pitching to offer us - but we've already gone over the ideas of Sarloos, Kennedy, et al. Zito is the only one I'd want, and he's only gone if they get another SP, and only to us if we also throw in a top prospect.)

    2005-12-09 15:19:51
    158.   Adam
    157 I can't imagine beane trading Zito for anything less than Bradley and Billingsley, and maybe more...
    2005-12-09 15:27:13
    159.   Bob Timmermann
    I think I'm misremembering the play with Glenallen Hill. Perhaps it wasn't an unassisted DP. Maybe it was just a grounder to the outfield and he caught a runner off base after running the ball all the way in. It was a 9U of some kind. And I could have sworn it was against Oakland.
    2005-12-09 15:27:28
    160.   Marty
    Soccer talk to me is as movie talk is to Xei Frank
    2005-12-09 15:28:25
    161.   gcrl

    romero wanted out; gardy wanted him out - i don't think the twins had too much leverage. plus he sucked (iirc) with inherited runners. but still, i know what you mean.

    2005-12-09 15:29:17
    162.   gcrl
    i think glenallen hill is best remembered for knocking piazza into next week. isn't he?
    2005-12-09 15:38:37
    163.   Bob Timmermann
    And I was going to invite Marty to come to Germany with me this summer.

    Ah well, too bad.

    2005-12-09 15:39:41
    164.   King of the Hobos has an article that reads:

    Snow looks to future after Giants
    First baseman mulls retirement, interest from Dodgers

    In the article, there's just a line towards the bottom that says, "The Los Angeles Dodgers have expressed interest in Snow."

    2005-12-09 15:39:51
    165.   Eric Enders
    If Mike Veeck was running that team, he'd change their nickname to the Modesto Spiders and schedule a promotion called "Steal the Caps Off Our Heads Day."
    2005-12-09 15:40:08
    166.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    162 - What about his one-man reenactment of "Arachnophobia?"
    2005-12-09 15:41:06
    167.   Eric Enders
    "The Los Angeles Dodgers have expressed interest in Snow."

    God, however, has declined the offer, citing low supplies of snow shovels at area stores and a conspicuous lack of tire chains.

    2005-12-09 15:42:31
    168.   Jon Weisman
    Yeah, I mentioned Glenallen Hill as a Nut because of the spiders.
    2005-12-09 15:45:45
    169.   Jon Weisman
    From a Q and A with Jim Tracy at the Winter Meetings:

    Q. How specifically can it help a player like Jason who recently has signed with you guys long-term and talked about wanting to step up in a leadership role?

    2005-12-09 16:00:05
    170.   Ben H
    Same old Jimbo...

    "You know, can we chase them in 2006? You know, why isn't there every reason to think that you can do that if you play baseball the way that it's supposed to be played and with regard to some of these previous questions that I was asked, everybody understands what the hell it is they have to do in order to remain in that hunt."

    2005-12-09 16:00:31
    171.   Marty
    169 Thanks Jon. Here's a part of his answer on having closers and is why I'm so glad I don't have to listen to him anymore:

    I think it's very important that, you know, in our case right now, we have two lefties in our pen in Grabow and Gonzalez. I think that's a very nice number to have from a situational pitching standpoint at different points in times in the game. Right now, Ryan Vogelsong, his name is there. You'd like to have what you would consider to be two lengthier guys because I'm not a big proponent of overusing people that end up being a part of a game that you have a real chance to win.


    2005-12-09 16:05:37
    172.   Marty
    Jim says moving runners over breeds winning and takes credit for 2004:

    There is a model right there within your own division that if you have any doubts as to how winning baseball on a regular basis gets played, just look, just look, and it doesn't -- you know, it can be as little as moving a man from second to third in the latter part of the game that's going to put you in a position to win. And when you look over there at that side of the field, they don't give a damn if it's Pujols or Edmonds or Scott Rolen or Larry Walker or going back to the last couple of years' clubs that have played in St. Louis. And as a result of that, they are going to win. They do it. When you create and develop that type of a mindset within your clubhouse -- I experienced it in 2004 -- it's a very infectious thing. There's no one specific individual that's going to walk in there and try to tear that back away from you when you know how hard it is to influx it and keep it there.

    2005-12-09 16:05:52
    173.   King of the Hobos
    Mike Gonzalez can kiss his chances at closing goodbye

    "I think it's very important that, you know, in our case right now, we have two lefties in our pen in Grabow and Gonzalez. I think that's a very nice number to have from a situational pitching standpoint at different points in times in the game"

    When will Tracy learn that being a lefty and in the bullpen doesn't mean you're a LOOGY. I'm not sure if Tracy could handle a situation where someone like Billy Wagner was cosing. And for the record, Gozalez is very good against lefties, but can get righties out too

    2005-12-09 16:06:21
    174.   Bob Timmermann
    "Influx" is a verb?
    2005-12-09 16:08:47
    175.   King of the Hobos
    Tracy must have forgot how to ramble needlessly and then begin interviewing himself on this particular question:

    Q. Wells had a really, by all standards, a miserable year last year?

    JIM TRACY: Yeah, he did

    2005-12-09 16:12:06
    176.   Eric L
    Maybe Jimbo kept it short because he didn't want the follow-up question...

    Q. Tracy had a really, by all standards, a miserable year last year?

    2005-12-09 16:13:40
    177.   Marty
    It's almost to the point with me that I don't care if Little makes bad moves on the field. As long as he interviews better....
    2005-12-09 16:18:46
    178.   Jon Weisman
    172 - Ah, yes. Ignoring the question of how the runner on second reached base.

    I thought the Q in 169 was funny because I was imagining Jim running through all the Jasons in his mind before answering.

    2005-12-09 16:23:42
    179.   underdog
    169 I had to think twice about which Jason they meant. Oh yeah... the good one. Can we trade all of our Jasons to the Pirates now and get it over with?

    177 He has to interview better. He's certainly got a better sense of humor, even if it is a bit folksy. More self-deprecating, too, it would seem.


    2005-12-09 16:59:27
    180.   the OZ
    "...we have two lefties in our pen in Grabow and Gonzalez."

    Ol' JT may have lost his Grabowski, but he's gaining a Grabow.

    2005-12-09 17:02:03
    181.   Jon Weisman
    New quickie post up top.
    2005-12-09 17:03:42
    182.   Andrew Shimmin
    Is Looney a lock to move up to AAA (still less get an MLB shot), next year? He's going to start hitting, at some point, right?

    I'd like to propose a moritorium on suggesting that major league Dodger SS be turned in to 2B. Bad enough that the Izzy to second rumor is out there, we really have to entertain moving the $13 million dollar man there? There are women and children reading these things. . .

    I don't understand aquiring Sandy Alomar instead of just keeping Jason Phillips. I don't like Phillips, but if Martin starts the year in the minors, isn't Phillips a pretty good back-up? Better than a 39 year old catcher with an OPS+ of 55 and 67 over the last two years?

    2005-12-09 17:13:21
    183.   dzzrtRatt
    171 There is something almost skeevy about these answers.
    2005-12-09 17:22:07
    184.   underdog
    182 Phillips is a decent enough hitter as a bench player/backup, but not considered a strong defensive player (and I won't even repost his runners thrown out vs. stolen on stats here to protect any children who may be watching), and the Dodgers would prefer to have someone who could tutor Navarro while presumably keeping the seat warm for Martin. The questions are: Why keep Martin down in the minors much longer?; and which of those two, Nav and Martin do the Dodgers keep, or both? I vote both. But for now... a solid tutor isn't such a bad idea.

    It was supposed to be Bako but so much for that...

    2005-12-09 17:23:22
    185.   dzzrtRatt
    Philips can tutor "how to cash a major league paycheck with no discernable talent." Not "catching."

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