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Recommendations for The Best of Dodger Thoughts
2005-12-30 09:40
by Jon Weisman

Cover1128crop.half.jpgI'll say, when I made the order (compelled by the Lulu upselling system to order two copies, mind you), I rationalized it as support for the site, and basically figured that the book itself would be a little old-newsy. (And since I hardly have time to keep up on the site itself these days, I wasn't bursting with need to get more Dodger to read.) But now I realize I was seriously mistaken. It's wonderful having this collection of Jon's great pieces to flip back through. It's great reading in its own right, and also for folks who've dottered on the site for some time, has a very joyful familiarity. Sure, the stuff's there on archives, but it's just not the same as wandering through the book and running across an old friend that you probably wouldn't have even remembered was in there.

(To be clear, I think this would be a great gift for a baseball fan, a Dodger fan, or a writing fan, even if s/he hadn't spent time on the site.)

- Dodger Thoughts reader Sam DC

Depending what block you live on, you can still be the first on your block to buy The Best of Dodger Thoughts. The book was also recently given a nice plug by Tom Hoffarth of the Daily News:

A Web site that you can actually read during a bathroom break? Jon Weisman, who since 2002 has been churning out his "Dodger Thoughts" blog about the local baseball team, has produced a 325-page book version called "The Best of Dodger Thoughts," with a forward from former play-by-play man Ross Porter. The $25 manuscript, which serves as a history of the team during a very roller-coaster ride in the franchise's existence, can be purchased at - where else -

Let me reiterate that the book is not a simple printout of the Dodger Thoughts archives. It offers added value and enjoyment - with chapters organized thematically, introductory insights, and a special section capturing some of the best reader comments. Sections include:

  • The 2002-2005 seasons
  • Dodger history
  • Key Dodger players
  • Dodger atmosphere: the stadium, the fans, the broadcasters
  • Coaching and managing
  • Ownership
  • The GM's Office
  • Baseball and writing

    As Dodger Thoughts reader Molokai recently wrote:

    For the price of

    2 movie tickets and one large popcorn and drink
    2 Dodger tickets in the pavilion and 2 hot dogs
    1 loge ticket and one hot dog
    1 field ticket
    1/4 of a Laker ticket in the lower level
    1/2 of a Clipper ticket in the lower level
    one round of drinks for your friends

    you can support the man who writes DT for free and gives you hours of pleasure and pain.

    Preview the book by clicking here to open this PDF file, offering a snippet of the Vin Scully chapter.

    Say buy buy to 2005 with a purchase of The Best of Dodger Thoughts. It's the perfect book for your bedside nightstand or milk crate. And sure to be a collectors' item, your baseball bookshelf isn't complete without it.

    Support Dodger Thoughts and enjoy Dodger Thoughts.

    Buy The Best of Dodger Thoughts today! Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

  • Comments
    2005-12-30 10:02:25
    1.   Bob Timmermann
    The book was good reading for an airplane flight. I would have read it on the return trip if not for taking cold medicine which rendered me into zombie status.
    2005-12-30 10:10:11
    2.   Sam DC
    It's good I bought two -- my five year old has shown me how the book makes two excellent walls of a very tall, stonehenge-like fort. APerhaps appropriately, Richard Ford's "the Sportswriter" makes the lintel.

    The Sportswriter is a fine piece of writing, but kind of a downer for an aimless middle-ager at the holidays. Best of Dodger Thoughts, on the other hand, also fine writing but w/o the downer part.

    2005-12-30 11:08:53
    3.   Suffering Bruin
    I just ordered my copy. Sam, molokai and Bob T. can't be wrong! I'm looking forward to a good read.
    2005-12-30 11:32:16
    4.   FirstMohican
    I have yet to read a single baseball (or sports for that matter) history book but I would imagine that a collection of daily histories has much more worth than a history done by research. I plan on picking up the book and thanks for putting it together and running this site. Since my introduction to this site (I think I found the link from I've gone from somewhat-obsessed-Dodger-fan to obsessed-Dodger-fan. Thanks!
    2005-12-30 11:53:56
    5.   Dennis Cozzalio
    Jon: Not that I wouldn't have finally bought one anyway, but seeing that PDF of the Vinny page really kicked me into gear. So, with some of my very own Christmas money, I have now finally ordered my own copy. I'm really looking forward to taking my time with the book and enjoying getting acquainted with the beginnings of DT as a prelude to what WILL be a better season in 2006. Thanks for giving me, with your book, one more thing to look forward to!
    2005-12-30 13:20:10
    6.   jasonungar05
    yeah, all my hints left me dodgerthoughtless for x-mas and that's gonna have to change. I'll be buying my copy for myself next week!
    2005-12-30 14:20:36
    7.   popup
    Thanks to Jon I have my copy. And also thanks to Jon, the book is well worth its purchase price. The material on Vin alone is worth 25 bucks. For that matter, the Eric Enders comment on page 287 about True Dodgers is worth 25 bucks all by itself.

    Stan from Tacoma

    2005-12-30 14:32:06
    8.   Jacob L
    I'll be honest. When I got mine for Hannukah, I was mostly concerned with whether any of my posts would make the book. I got one! I got one! Not my best work, I'd suppose, but I doubt Jon was going around looking for my best work.

    I'll second Sam's comments from the main post. Its much more enjoyable to read than I might have expected. Hard to put down.

    2005-12-30 17:18:42
    9.   Mick
    When I got my copy, I just opened randomly to get a look and feel for the book. I thought I'd spend maybe ten minutes to get an idea of what I might want to read later. After two hours or so, my wife came looking for me and found me laying across the bed, reading The Best of Dodger Thoughts. What a treat - my favorite Christmas present. This book will be doing quite a bit of traveling with me. Jon, thanks so much for being there. And how about a book signing somewhere one of these days?
    2005-12-30 17:34:37
    10.   Brendan
    Just bought mine. I didn't know if I really wanted a lasting record of the 2005 dodger season but you have all convinced me that I do.
    (when the dodgers win the World Series I hope to see another book out of you Jon.)
    2005-12-30 22:30:15
    11.   molokai
    I second Stan's comment about Eric. Not to take anything away from Jon's excellent writing but that comment was priceless.

    My wife is oblivious to why I could possibly want another baseball book just as I'm ignorant of why she could possibly want another pair of earings. Luckily for us I can buy the book myself and she can buy herself more earings.

    2005-12-31 12:04:22
    12.   Dave
    10 I think Eric writes those. I have 2, they're pretty good too. (just kidding, a different kind of book.)

    Hey guys, I ordered mine from Lulu on the 20th and haven't seen it yet. Is that longer than usual or just a holidays thing?

    Happy New Year everyone. Go Dodgers!

    2005-12-31 13:07:42
    13.   Jon Weisman
    If you did the free shipping, I think that's probably a holidays thing. But let me know if another week-10 days go by without it, Dave. And thanks to all for the kind words and support.
    2005-12-31 17:46:39
    14.   Sushirabbit
    9 same thing happened to me.

    I also found Eric Enders girlfriend analogy eqaully enjoyable again. I have done quite a bit of ambling around the archives already, but this makes it more like reading a book-- comfortable and adventurous at the same time!

    One thing about books like this, is that the tables and any weird statistical graphs or graphics just look better in print.

    Thanks again! I will do my best to support DT whenever I can.

    2006-01-01 16:50:50
    15.   wkk
    Just got back from visiting family for the Holidays, and "The Best of Dodger Thoughts" was on my door step waiting for me! I can't remember the last time I waited in such anticipation for a Christmas present. Happy New Year!
    2006-01-04 12:09:16
    16.   Dave
    Got it! Love it! The boss keeps walking toward my cube, so I have to lay it down occasionally, but not willingly. Thanks Jon, for the book and the site and all the interesting, intelligent, quirky, thoughtful, informed and devoted commentors you have attracted and who make this a fun place to hang out every day. When I was a kid, in a little one-horse town in Indiana, we hung out at the Mobil station, until it burned down; then we moved across the street to the Shell station, but it was never quite the same. Man, I hope DT never burns down. -Dave

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