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Dominican Dodger Winter Highlights
2006-01-09 11:46
by Jon Weisman

Twenty-one-year-old Dodger prospect Joel Guzman became the youngest Dominican Winter League RBI champion, reports Carlos J. Lugo on Baseball Prospectus. Playing third base, shortstop and designated hitter, Guzman OPSed .840 despite a late-season slump.

Yhency Brazoban, with a 1.64 ERA, 14 saves and 22 strikeouts in 21 innings, was named Pitcher of the Year.

* * *

Excerpts of an interview I gave over the weekend to John Strubel of regarding the Duaner Sanchez trade and other Dodger news have been spliced together and posted here.

Comments (96)
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2006-01-09 12:08:12
1.   Curtis Lowe
Is there any reason your interview does'nt support Windows media player? Is it just me?
2006-01-09 12:10:31
2.   Chris H
It is a RealAudio file. You have to have RealPlayer installed on your computer to listen to it.
2006-01-09 12:13:14
3.   Curtis Lowe
2- Thanks, however administration has not yet certified real media as acceptable software. Are there any points touched on that Mr. Jon has yet to bring up here?
2006-01-09 12:16:20
4.   Jon Weisman
3 - No, not really. News to them, not to you.
2006-01-09 12:20:35
5.   Curtis Lowe
Sorry for the Double post,

All I've seen mentioned about Dan Warthen is his name, any praises or concerns regarding Little's first real move? From what I know he was a below-mediocore pitcher and has recently had mild success coaching the Tides to the 2nd lowest ERA in their league, He also coached for the mariners,padres and tigers.

2006-01-09 13:07:05
6.   Brendan
Guzman played SS and 3B!!??? Don't those Dominicans**know he is way too big to play SS or 3B. Can't they see that he is 6 foot 13 inches and growing? weighs a quarter of a ton. what are they thinking, playing him in those positions. Ha ha Fools.

**I reserve the right to change Dominicans to Vegas coaches and re-post when the same thing happens in AAA

2006-01-09 13:25:39
7.   s choir
Nice interview, Jon. A lot of good substance there.

I take issue with one thing: your characterization of Jim Tracy as an "old school" manager. I don't think that's a fair assessment of his performance with the Dodgers.

When Tracy began with the Dodgers, I saw him get outmanaged consistently, especially by Dusty Baker and Bob Brenly. But he learned quickly, and the Dodgers were not often outmanaged in the past three years.

The one negative aspect I see about Tracy with the Dodgers was his inability to keep his team together. The Bradley/Kent affair should fall on Tracy's shoulders, in my opinion. It may not have been his fault, but it was his problem, and Tracy should have made sure that the situation did not spiral out of control.

The Dodgers have suffered in the standings recently partly because certain players feel as though they can cop an attitude inconsistent with that needed to be a part of a winning team. Some may argue that baseball, more than other sports, is made up of a collection of individual performances. But they ignore the benefit that a strong team with potent leadership can provide in improving those individual performances. Anyone who has ever worked with a company that has poor leadership knows that you can accomplish more when you have good teammates to push you and watch your back, and a leader who can keep your team together.

"Old school" managers prioritize that. A new school manager would look more at individual statistics than he would at team chemistry. And if the manager's job is to put the best on-paper lineup on the field every day, then why have a field manager at all? Why not just let Paul DePodesta make out the lineup cards and call in the 2-for-1 switches from his office? Can't DePo's algorithms just figure that out?

My point essentially is this: if Jim Tracy is to be judged on his performance as an old school manager, he must be viewed as a failure. This is not a fair assessment because he clearly was not a failure (look at his W-L record). What made Tracy good, however, was that he developed a tactical brilliance that eventually outshone his division rivals. He was a highly competent manager who knew how to handle a pitching staff, and did the best he could with creating lineups with mostly inferior offensive players.

I wish him the best with Pittsburgh and I will be rooting for him (except for those Pirates-Dodgers games). :)

2006-01-09 13:39:49
8.   willhite
7 -

You make some interesting points, although you had better be ready to defend yourself. Anyone taking a pro-Tracy position here is in for some flak.

I think we could probably all agree that "old school" puts much more emphasis on the "intangibles", and in that regard, I think Ned falls into the "old school" column.

I would like to see what Tracy would say about the 2006 Dodger roster. As much as it was certainly time for him to leave, I'll bet he would have loved to have this group to manage.

2006-01-09 13:41:31
9.   Marty
Except for that whole, Izturis batting leadoff, Phillips playing first, leaving your starters in way too long, bunting J.D. Drew, giving Edwards 260 ABs thing...
2006-01-09 13:47:55
10.   GoBears
8 It's one thing to make a pro-Tracy argument. But to make one that praises him for his "tactical brilliance" is insane. Or irony. Either way, it made me chuckle.
2006-01-09 13:50:46
11.   willhite
Like I said Choir, duck and stay down!!!!
2006-01-09 13:55:22
12.   Sushirabbit
9 ... 130 lineups, leaving Weaver in too long, bunting JD Drew (it deserves double points)..
2006-01-09 13:56:57
13.   Sushirabbit
Wait, I get it! Tracey WANTED to go to Pittsburgh. Ahhh, now I see, brilliant
2006-01-09 13:56:59
14.   Colorado Blue
Wait 'til Steve hears about this!
2006-01-09 13:57:06
15.   willhite
7 -

Re: Kent/Bradley

I happen to think that Tracy's inability to control that situation may have been the #1 reason he was asked to leave, or at least that may have been the reason McCourt signed on to it.

2006-01-09 14:16:31
16.   D4P
"The Choir" would be a great name for an HSC fan club.
2006-01-09 14:23:53
17.   Humma Kavula
16 We sing his praises!
2006-01-09 14:25:26
18.   D4P
"The Choir" would be short for "The Hee Seop Choir"
2006-01-09 14:31:33
19.   Eric Enders
Or they could be called the Hee Seop Marching and Choi Society.
2006-01-09 14:32:34
20.   s choir
Okay, maybe "tactical brilliance" steps over the line from muted praise to gushing, which is unnecessary, and may have contributed to the notion here that mine was a "pro-Tracy" piece. It wasn't. I just pointed out Tracy's good qualities and his failings.

It seems to me that many here have a black-or-white view of the figureheads in the Dodger organization. Especially those of the bygone variety. I have mixed feelings about Tracy and DePodesta.

Especially DePodesta, ever since the Shawn Green fiasco a year ago. I don't mean that I wish he wasn't traded, I just thought that the manner in which DePodesta handled the trade (backing out at the last minute, then agreeing to it again) ruined his credibility and his future ability to swing a deal to help the team. I think we lost out on Eric Duncan because of that too, right? (Although I don't know how much of a loss that is.)

Anyway, just trying to inject some life into this forum on a boring January day. Anybody know when pitchers and catchers report, so that I can shut up and start watching baseball?

2006-01-09 14:47:45
21.   Jon Weisman
20 - The last thing I want to do is ignite a new Tracy debate, and whether Old School or New School is better.

So I'll just say that Tracy had New School interests (the supreme irony of his clash with DePodesta was how much Tracy looked at stat sheets himself) that were ultimately subservient to Old School ways. And he had some Old School interests that were ultimately subservient to New School ways (witness the demise of Eric Karros). People can decide for themselves whether this added up to a good package.

Pretty much everyone likes numbers to some extent - Old School, New School, Plaschke School. They just disagree on degrees.

2006-01-09 14:50:01
22.   willhite
20 -

The following would be considered a pro-Tracy piece at DT:

1)Tracy is worse than Hitler
and 2)Tracy tortures little children
and 3)Tracy poisons animals
but 4)Tracy once helped a little old lady half way across the street

When he benched Hee Seop in favor of Phillips, he forever made himself into Satan. That move will never be correctable in the eyes of most who read this blog, so any slightly positive comment, even if uttered in the midst of many negative ones, makes for a pro-Tracy comment.

2006-01-09 14:56:44
23.   Ladderkite
20 - The "Shawn Green fiasco" may have ruined his credibility, but it was the right move. From a dodger standpoint that trade was garbage. We were getting hosed at that time and depo made the right diagnosis = pull out. The Yankee bellyaching that followed may have played a role in how the story was spun after the fact, but I was elated he pulled out of that incarnation of the deal. And (surprise) it was the smart move.
2006-01-09 14:58:12
24.   Jon Weisman
22 - Actually, even FJT Steve himself could point to a good Tracy move at some point. There was that time he pulled Weaver out before an implosion ... wasn't there?

On the other hand, S Choir's comment in 7 had only one negative thing to say about Tracy, and this bottom line assessment: "He was a highly competent manager who knew how to handle a pitching staff, and did the best he could with creating lineups with mostly inferior offensive players."

I realize S Choir subsequently backtracked a little in 20, but I think the original post that people were reacting to goes beyond "slightly positive."

2006-01-09 15:01:11
25.   willhite
24 -

"I realize S Choir subsequently backtracked a little in 20, but I think the original post that people were reacting to goes beyond "slightly positive."

Agreed, but is sure is nice to get the juices flowing again. It's been too quiet here lately.

2006-01-09 15:02:01
26.   Jon Weisman
I seriously doubt the Green trade ruined his credibility to any relevant level.
2006-01-09 15:04:34
27.   Curtis Lowe
So the hiring of Dan Warthen incites little more than a Quirp from Timmerman? But a slightly out-dated Tracy praise(However misguided) results in 20+ comments. Not that either is bad, it's just a little confusing considering what little is going on.(In the baseball world.)
2006-01-09 15:19:49
28.   s choir
23 - Perhaps the original Shawn Green trade was garbage, but the subsequent Shawn Green trade was even worse. He gave way too much cash to Arizona, and got too little in return. In the original incarnation, at least the Dodgers would have been rid of Ishii before DePodesta could trade him for Jason Phillips.

24 - Okay, I admit it, I liked Jim Tracy a little more than the guy who called his website "Fire Jim Tracy."

26 - We have no way of knowing for sure what that trade did to DePodesta's credibility around the league, but DePodesta sure didn't make any "fucking-A" trades at the deadline in 2005. Perhaps his lack of credibility (or perhaps McCourt's loss of faith in his negotiating capabilities) is the reason.

2006-01-09 15:21:49
29.   s choir
PS: sorry for the profanity, didn't think. maybe you can edit that, Jon.
2006-01-09 15:30:26
30.   Jon Weisman
27 - I would be surprised if Dan Warthen got much comment, considering how little we know about him. But in general, I would never use comment volume as a measure of what's important :)

28 - I guess you just have to ask yourself, if you're an opposing GM, and the Dodgers have talent that you're interested in, would you let the reports that DePodesta backpedaled on the Green trade keep you from going after that talent? It just seems so unlikely. The more logical assumption is that DePodesta wanted to protect the farm system, and other teams were asking too much.

2006-01-09 15:33:37
31.   jasonungar05
Heading into the year (not using hindsight) i'd take the 2005 Dodgers over the current team. The difference this year is that we have backups who will contribute pretty well.

In changing the topic. I get so excited when i think about our prospect. I get reserved though when I consider:

the dodgers won 5 straight rookie of the year awards and got 0 playoff wins from it. Unless you consider NOMO counting. I belive he was on the 2004 playoff roster. I am not sure. That's just crazy!

So with that said..Who on the current dodgers have won the rookie of the year award? I think there are 3 of them.

2006-01-09 15:36:50
32.   Xeifrank
What I'd like the guy dropping F-Bombs to explain more than anything is... Some may argue that baseball, more than other sports, is made up of a collection of individual performances. But they ignore the benefit that a strong team with potent leadership can provide in improving those individual performances.

Please explain what the benefit is? And please be able to back this up with something other than an opinion.
vr, Xei

2006-01-09 15:39:11
33.   Curtis Lowe
32- Would Napolean be considered a leader that made his teamates better? Consider he made the French contenders on a battle field.
2006-01-09 15:39:51
34.   Sushirabbit
29 All I recall about Warthen is he had a run in with Sutcliffe on the Padres, sort of like Jack Clarke-- he went off on people. I think this was 98. Ashby and that clan and the horrible defense.

Supposedly Brian Bannister liked him.

That's all I know.

2006-01-09 15:41:03
35.   Curtis Lowe
34- How does he feel about under rated Koreans?
2006-01-09 16:02:15
36.   overkill94
Isn't Warthan just the bullpen coach? I'm not sure how many times I went "that damn Jim Gott, what's he thinking?" last year, so they could have made John Rocker the bullpen coach and I wouldn't care.
2006-01-09 16:06:02
37.   s choir
32 - Not to equate movies based on true stories with real life, but the 1971 T.C. Williams Titans football team (of "Remember the Titans" fame), for example, would have disintegrated (no pun intended) were it not for strong leadership.

And it just makes common sense. Put a bunch of people of different cultures, politics, and attitudes, making at least $300,000 a year, on a team with no one there to hold them accountable and present a united front, and see how motivated they will be to win for you.

2006-01-09 16:16:51
38.   Steve
Like the corners of my mind
Misty water-colored memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures,
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Or has time re-written every line?
If we had the chance to do it all again
Tell me, would we? could we?
2006-01-09 16:23:29
39.   HomeDePo
Ummm... Rafael Furcal is going to have surgery on his knee (arthoscopic).

He better be ready for Opening Day...

2006-01-09 16:27:18
40.   Steve
The indignant masses demanding the signing of only perfectly healthy baseball players are stiflingly quiet right now.
2006-01-09 16:29:18
41.   HomeDePo

I am just saying that I would like to have Furcal play Opening Day if he wants to earn 13 mil.

Not that it would be terrible if he missed day 1 for surgery.

My point is basically that I want him to have his surgery earlier in the offseason.

2006-01-09 16:33:26
42.   s choir
41 - Yeah, what was the holdup? If they found out about it in the physical, why didn't they just do it then?
2006-01-09 16:33:41
44.   Curtis Lowe
Why does it seem everyone wants to get hurt in LA?
2006-01-09 16:35:23
45.   Marty
Furcal's knee problems most likely mean he won't be able to avoid the fastball-to-the-wrist pitch like he used to.
2006-01-09 16:37:54
46.   Rich Lederer
Nice job with the radio interview, Jon.
2006-01-09 16:45:44
47.   jasonungar05
I can only imagine the flak Depodesta would have taken for this in the mainstream press. I point it out not cause I love Depo or hate Bernie Lomax, it's just that he gets a hall pass whereas google boy was well, google boy.

Signing a guy for 13 million for his wheels only for that guy to have a "minor" surgery on said wheel.

Signing Nomar to be a "middle order bat" when he has played 74 less games than the "devil" Drew has played in the last two years.

Letting our "best" pitcher from last year walk without even making an offer

Trading away 2 Major leaugers for one prospect, and then replacing the CF with a guy who is 39 and hasnt played more than 140 games since 1998.

And this is just off the top of my head

2006-01-09 16:55:12
48.   Curtis Lowe
47- Yes it seems unfair but the players you mention are or have been Star players.
2006-01-09 16:55:32
49.   Blue Thrue and Thrue
22 When he benched Hee Seop in favor of Phillips, he forever made himself into Satan. That move will never be correctable in the eyes of most who read this blog, so any slightly positive comment, even if uttered in the midst of many negative ones, makes for a pro-Tracy comment.

Are the posters really that monolithic on this site? That hasn't been my experience at all. I just think a consensus has emerged about JT's performance. But there has been considerable debate, with more than a few posters taking his side.

But yeah, at the top of a manager's job description is choosing the best player to fill each position, and not giving up on that player if he goes 0 for 20. Tracy didn't do that, so he IS Satan. :)

2006-01-09 16:57:42
50.   FirstMohican
44 - The article I read indicated that the problem was known about before the contract signing, but has flared up with increased workout intensity. I'd presume that the flare up is more of a recent thing.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-01-09 16:59:14
51.   FirstMohican
50 is for 42 not 44.

But... 44 - Was the Governor motorcycling in LA?

2006-01-09 17:07:12
52.   King of the Hobos
And with Furcal's surgery, our safest FA signing from an injury standpoint is...Brett Tomko. It also means our only starting hitters without a recent injury/surgery record are Navarro, and the 38 yr old Lofton. And at his age, Lofton is just as prone to injury as the other starters

Some good news is a heralded college arm drafted in 2005 has just signed! ...with the Mets. Mike Pelfrey's deal with the Mets is a 4 year major league deal. I'm already scared of the amount of money, as Boras will surely use that against us if we try to sign Hochevar

2006-01-09 17:31:16
53.   Xeifrank
37. My bad, you proved your point with that movie example. If only more GMs would watch sports movies and run their teams based on them. vr???, Xei
2006-01-09 17:32:33
54.   Xeifrank
54. Maybe Guzman will get a more serious look during spring training games (wishful thinking). More likely, the Dodgers win an Oscar. vr, Xei
2006-01-09 17:41:38
55.   jpeace
Funny stuff Xei
2006-01-09 17:42:07
56.   Vaudeville Villain
I'm in such a good mood, and so starved for Dodger conversation, I'll continue to beat the bones of the horse that was dead months ago. (Thankfully.)

So here, friends, is a retro moment. A Jim Tracy pro and con post. Here were some examples of his 'tactical brilliance'.

The Bad:

-Bunting with #3 hitters.
-Leading off with Cesar Izturis.
-Hitting Robles #2.
-Playing Mike Edwards as anything other than a pinch-runner. Which he should have been behind on the depth chart to Jeff Weaver.
-Playing Alex Cora over better options. (Jolbert Cabrera and Jose Hernandez)
-Missing the playoffs with one of the greatest pitching staffs of the last ten-fifteen years.
-Playing Jason Phillips over Hee-Seop Choi.
-Playing Oscar Robles over Antonio Perez.
-Showing a bizarre loyalty to Jeff Weaver in the late innings.
-Refusing to drop Shawn Green in the lineup during our division run.
-Slow to move Adrian Beltre up in the order during our division run.
-Using Giovanni Carrara.
-Ditto Scott Erickson.

The Good:

-Good for a laugh? Yes, of course he was, but only if put in a good position to succeed. (He was ineffective against lefty reporters and ones with weird arm angles.)
-Uh...He didn't rock annoyingly on the bench like Leo Mazzone?
-I hear he packs a mean karate chop.

Seriously...Beyond the obvious stuff, can you name anything GOOD that he has done? And there was more bad stuff I could've added too. But I was feeling in a good mood, like I said earlier. So, this is enough, I think.

2006-01-09 17:55:39
57.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't blame Tracy for Erickson. That was DePo's fault. Perversely, I think Tracy may have dumped Choi in part because he saw what tolerating Erickson got him.
2006-01-09 18:06:33
58.   Steve
Robles hit third numerous times.
2006-01-09 18:07:08
59.   Vaudeville Villain

If I leave a moldy, leftover sandwich in the refrigerator, it doesn't mean you have to eat it.

2006-01-09 18:11:01
60.   Vaudeville Villain

You know what? I'm sorry. I shouldn't represent Erickson as a moldy, leftover sandwich.

He's worse.

He is a jello sandwich. On sourdough bread.

2006-01-09 18:16:58
61.   LAT
Does anyone else see the irony in S.Choir's using a movie reference to support his point to Xei, of all people?

As for Depo's creditability re pulling out of the Shawn Green deal: first I'm sure it happens all the time. GM's get down the line in negotiations when someone else becomes available or they get another call and pull the plug on the first deal. In this case it involved the Yankees and the Big Unit so the whole thing was larger than life. Moreover, Cashman's childlike response was evidence he knew he was getting too good of a deal. Second, GMs will deal with whomever has what they want. If Depo were still managing the Dodgers and Cashman wanted Yhancy, Cashman would have Depo on his speed dial.

Finally, yes Villain, Tracy did do some good things. Until 2005 he was at least a respectable manager. In 2004 he took the Dodgers to the playoffs. Until 2005 he had only winning seasons, some of them 90+. Until 2005, you may not have agreed with his moves but they were rational and justifiable. Its just that 2005 was so bad, it was hard to know what he was doing. In any event, he is gone, let the guy RIP.

2006-01-09 18:34:33
62.   molokai
You don't need to use a Hollywood movie as an example of how leadership can be an asset in team sports. Especially a movie that played so loosely with the facts. For those of us who played competitive team sports, I would think most of us would acknowledge that leadership plays a role in winning or losing. For some teams it may play a very small role but for others it could be a large role. For those who don't believe in leadership I think they don't understand how important the mental aspect of performance is and how a good leader can help motivate other players around them or diffuse clubhouse problems before they become Kent/Bradley confrontations. Don't confuse being a leader with being a cheerleader.JMO
2006-01-09 18:47:44
63.   regfairfield
In terms of good things Tracy did, he did bunt and steal less than almost any other manager in the NL. Of course, these two things tended to come at amazingly bad times. Stunning how selling yourself as small ball makes you a master tactian despite the fact you practice littleball less than almost anyone else.
2006-01-09 18:48:29
64.   molokai
Did anyone else catch the rest of the BP story that Jon pointed to about how Willie Aybar for the 2nd season in a row blew off his team after he failed in a starting position and was benched?
We also know that JdT played quite a few games at 1st which was not mentioned in the column. From the box scores I saw I think he played 1st more then any other position because they already had a SS. I don't really care about RBI's but his slug% was very nice for a 21 year old in that league. Still hope we don't trade JdT and get him playing RF ASAP so he can help later in the season. There is a reason 6'6 players don't play middle infield in the major leagues. Maybe some incredible athlete like Dave Winefield could have managed it but after having seen JdT I don't think he has the athletic skills to be the trendsetter. Let him learn the outfield and concentrate on hitting and I think we'll have the best RHH power hitter since "Beltre 04". At the very least he'll put on the best batting practice displays since Billy Ashly.
2006-01-09 18:50:35
65.   molokai
Just don't understand how all those players who played for Earl Weaver didn't learn anything from him. Frank Robinson should bunt less then any manager in baseball. I guess Davy Johnson is the only guy who actually understood what Earl was about.
2006-01-09 18:52:42
66.   molokai
From rotowire:
Furcal, who signed a $39 million, three-year contract with the Dodgers last month, will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Wednesday, the Associated Press reports. Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti said Monday the procedure on Furcal's meniscus cartilage will be minor. Furcal is expected to recover fully in two to three weeks and should be ready when spring training opens, Colletti said.
2006-01-09 18:55:14
67.   regfairfield
So, he saw that Kent was getting surgery, and decided that it was a dandy idea?

I really need to reiterate Steve's injury prone malcontent point.

2006-01-09 19:19:25
68.   Andrew Shimmin
59/60- True. The thing is, Tracy couldn't tell the difference between a jello sandwich and a punch in the nose. That's not controversial, I don't think. There were DePo guys and everybody else. Tracy didn't know what made the DePo guys DePo guys; he only understood who they were. So, last year he gave DePo guy Choi an abortive try-out and got burned. This year he gave Erickson a head-bangingly long try-out and got burned. Since he never understood DePo's black magic, it was easier to swear it off (Edwards at third, Phillips at first, etc.) than to guess which DePo guys were the ones who belonged, and which should have had their parking spots rented out.
2006-01-09 19:45:23
69.   Marty
I had a partial tear of the miniscus and was limping and sore for 6 months. Of course, I was an overweight 47-year-old too.
2006-01-09 20:18:42
70.   Steve
At the very least he'll put on the best batting practice displays since Billy Ashly.

I thought I would have to wait until Grady Little's first Left In Derek Lowe Too Long Meltdown to cry my first Dodger-related tears of '06, but I was wrong.

2006-01-09 20:29:29
71.   Steve
By the way, since we're all bored, Defamer points out that there is a William Shatner DVD Club. This would be like having a Jim Tracy Baseball Card Club. "Get a real 2005 Topps Jason Repko! Signed by Mike Edwards!"
2006-01-09 20:40:15
72.   King of the Hobos
Boras has apparently managed "a signing bonus of around $3.5 million, with a guaranteed $5.3 million contract" for Mike Pelfrey. While Pelfrey was drafted 9th and Hochevar 40th, somehow I don't think this will help us sign Hochevar. Are we all convinced that he's not signing? I really do wish we can sign him, the sooner the better
2006-01-09 21:08:07
73.   trainwreck
I am a big proponent of signing Hochevar, but I do not think we will. I always thought we would sign him late because Boras will realize this is the most money he is going to get, but with this whole agent fiasco and Logan White being mad with Hochevar makes me think it will only work if we can sign him for a REALLY good price.
2006-01-09 21:10:11
74.   Andrew Shimmin
OH! Today's Canadian Party Leaders debate is being replayed on CSPAN, right now. Canadian politicans dig the buck stoping cliche as much as their southern counterparts. Stephen Harper looks like Dan Quayle. The Quebecois candidate has the wild eyes of a Libertarian.
2006-01-09 21:11:00
75.   Andrew Shimmin
CSPAN 2, I meant. Sorry.
2006-01-09 21:26:28
76.   King of the Hobos
"The Dodgers offered Weaver a three-year, $24 million contract, according to a rival general manager; but Weaver's agent, Scott Boras, is seeking a four-year, $40 million deal, major-league executives say." -Ken Rosenthal

I don't see Weaver being worth Colletti's final offer, much less what Boras wants. Rosenthal also mentions that the DRays wanted Seo for Baez so they could give us Seo for prospects. Knowing Freidman/Hunsicker's trade demands this winter, it's probably better that we traded Duaner. He also seems to think we should sign Molina to give navarro more time in the minor, but that's just his opinion

2006-01-09 21:51:02
77.   popup
Just signed on here after a long day at work. Dan Warthan as pitching coach? I saw a game he pitched in Tacoma where he issued 11 walks. That means nothing I know, the worst pitcher may make the best pitching coach. Still 11 walks is a bit scary.

I have been a Tracy defender here. I understood why he was let go; there does need to be at least some chemistry between the general manager and field manager. One of the things that made me so mad after the DePo firing is that it made the Tracy firing unnecessary. Give me a choice between Little/Warthan and Tracy/Colburn and I would take Tracy/Colburn.

Some managers have a difficult time handing the keys to the car to young players. Tracy showed he has the patience to bring young players along. Little (and Colletti too for that matter) have not demonstrated the willingness to allow a young player to have a significant role on a team.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-01-09 21:54:36
78.   regfairfield
I have two questions:

1. Has anyone ever heard of Trevor Miller?
2. How on Earth did he get 1.3 million dollars?

2006-01-09 21:56:00
79.   Xeifrank
62. I am all for leadership. I just don't see how it translates to scoring or preventing runs from scoring. Perhaps you could explain to me how it does so.
vr, Xei
2006-01-09 22:03:06
80.   regfairfield
79 In my expirence, Cross Country is a fairly good tie to baseball. Hear me out here. Both are team sports in name but are really just a bunch of individual efforts put together.

In my expirence leadership is good for cheerleading, picking your teammates up when they need it most. In proffessional sports, however, unless your on the Devil Rays, you have a bunch of people in the stands to do that for you. In turn, I'm really not seeing leadership's importance.

2006-01-09 22:13:26
81.   caseybarker
Leadership comes into play in unpredictable situations, for example, Derek Jeter led his team when he threw out Jeremy Giambi at home in that divisional game so many years ago. If someone had led Jeremy into home ("get down"0, the A's may have one or two WS titles.

How to quantify leadership, though? Perceived leadership is probably the best way. This might be a fun project.

2006-01-09 22:14:34
82.   Andrew Shimmin
77- Which young players did he bring along? I'm really asking, not trying to be snide. Izzy and Beltre? I guess he kept playing Beltre, more or less, through the lean 2001-2003 seasons. Does he get special credit for that?

Tracy did seem to fall in love with every mid-20s AAAA player who crossed his path (except Chin Feng Chen) trying to recapture the LoDuca magic.

2006-01-09 22:21:10
83.   Steve
Rosenthal also mentions that the DRays wanted Seo for Baez so they could give us Seo for prospects.

Gotta love the Omar.

Isn't this Warthen guy the bullpen coach?

2006-01-09 22:23:25
84.   popup
#82, Gagne, though Colburn gets some credit there as well. Not many here like them, but Izturis and Cora were starters on a Division winner. LoDuca too was given a fair chance by Tracy.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-01-09 22:24:52
85.   Bob Timmermann
Trevor Miller used to be on the Dodgers.
2006-01-09 22:28:26
86.   King of the Hobos
78 Miller is a LOOGY. How he got $1.3 mil is beyond me. He's had 2 good seasons ('98 and '04), and for the most part has been pretty terrible.

When Miller is getting $1.3 mil and Jose Mesa is getting $2.5 mil (not to mention the multiyear deals to Looper, Howry, Eyre, Farnsworth, etc), it amazes me that BH Kim only got $1.5 mil, and he can start as well as relieve. As of right now, he is the steal of the offseason, are there even any challengers?

2006-01-09 22:29:35
87.   Steve
To answer my own question:

The Dodger bullpen coach will be Dan Warthen, who was the San Diego Padre pitching coach from 1996 to 1997 and the Seattle Mariner pitching coach in 1992.

2006-01-09 22:30:37
88.   King of the Hobos
85 His ERA with the Dodgers is the same as Hamulack's career. Coincidence?

They both gave up 6 runs in 2.1 IP (23.14 ERA)

2006-01-09 22:31:26
89.   popup
I saw Warthan mentioned on this site and figured it was in reference to him being named the pitching coach. If not, it seems very late in the off season for Grady to be putting his staff together. I would have thought by now he would have the major pieces in place.

Stan from Tacoma

2006-01-09 22:34:30
90.   regfairfield
88 I forgive myself for not noticing him.
2006-01-09 22:47:59
91.   Andrew Shimmin
Lo Duca was 29, Tracy's first year. I'll spot you Izzy but not Cora (Cora would have been worse without Tracy's leadership? That's the sort of thought that could keep a feller up nights).

So. Gagne. Was making Gagne a closer Tracy's idea?

2006-01-09 22:50:18
92.   s choir
79, 80, 81:

Baseball is often seen as a collection of individual performances. But a lot of teamwork goes into those performances. A teammate who has had success against a pitcher can give another teammate some advice. A player who's in a slump can receive moral support and encouragement from his teammates.

Without strong leadership, the open communication that allows all members of the team to get the support they need from their teammates can be harder to come by. Especially if there is a problem-child in the clubhouse.

I'm not saying we should avoid high-production head cases, I just think that with the right organizational leaders, the problems that the Bradleys and Kents of the world cause will be minimized, and hopefully won't get in the way of winning.

2006-01-09 22:53:35
93.   Xeifrank
92. Care to give us a movie or sitcom example of this? :) vr, Xei
2006-01-09 23:05:20
94.   s choir
93 - oh yeah, that reminds me, why was that ironic? are you in the industry or something?
2006-01-09 23:16:41
95.   Jon Weisman
It's ironic because Xeifrank hates when Dodger Thoughts turns into movie chat.

New post up top.

2006-01-09 23:20:56
96.   Andrew Shimmin
Xeifrank once raised a fuss about a thread here that was movie-centric. So it's customary to apologize (facetiously, but gently) to Xei whenever bringing up movies.
2006-01-09 23:50:29
97.   s choir
Well Xeifrank, to paraphrase Erin Brockovich, they taught me how to apologize in lawyer school, so I suck at it.

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