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Drew's Wrist Better Than His Shoulder;
Bradley Signs A's Contract and Divorce Filing
2006-01-11 20:04
by Jon Weisman

Though his wrist is in good shape, J.D. Drew has been slow to heal from shoulder surgery, and won't be doing much hard throwing during Spring Training, according to Ken Gurnick of ...

Milton Bradley signed a one-year contract with Oakland today worth approximately $3 million, none of which he wants to share with his wife Monique, from whom he has filed for divorce, according to court papers obtained by CBS.

According to the papers, Bradley "is seeking joint legal and physical custody of (his) three-week-old son," "wants a judge to enforce a premarital agreement he says they signed on Feb. 7 -- eight days before their wedding," and does not want to pay spousal support. ...

Joe Thurston's career in the Yankee organization didn't last long. According to this press release (pointed out by Dodger Thoughts commenter das411), Thurston will attend the Phillies' Spring Training camp on a non-roster invite.

Comments (62)
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2006-01-11 20:11:51
1.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
No hard throws for our starting RF for almost all of ST. Oh, great, that really inspires confidence....


2006-01-11 20:12:25
2.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
BTW, Drew's shoulder problems aren't the same as Green's, are they?


2006-01-11 20:22:23
3.   Steve
I was hoping Bradley would be the next Barry Bonds, but this isn't what I had in mind.
2006-01-11 20:27:04
4.   Bob Timmermann
But do I need to watch tonight's "Lost" clip show #2?
2006-01-11 20:33:05
5.   Bob Timmermann
I have decided to watch a saved up "Rockford Files" and wait for the new episode.
2006-01-11 20:33:07
6.   Steve
Compared to absurd "deals" like Scott Eyre's, the Red Sox just got Tavarez for a song.
2006-01-11 20:42:52
7.   King of the Hobos
Speaking of Thurston, have we gotten anything yet? January 29th is the last day, although we could have received cash considerations and I missed it
2006-01-11 20:54:33
8.   Eric Enders
I hear Cashman sent Flanders a nice lucite paperweight. ;)

No, seriously, I haven't heard anything.

2006-01-11 20:58:10
9.   D4P
The whole PTBNL thing is kinda weird. What if the Yankees never agree to send the player(s) the Dodgers want? Is there some kind of dispute resolution mechanism that can make them comply? It's not as if the Dodgers can just take back Thurston...
2006-01-11 21:03:33
10.   D4P
Put another way, what kind of bargaining power can a team in the Dodgers position possibly have when the other team has already received what it wants and the Dodgers cannot rescind their side of the deal?
2006-01-11 21:04:54
11.   Eric Enders
I think what usually happens is the team trading the player is, at the time of the trade, given a list of several players they can choose from. They can then wait and see and scout before choosing the one they want.

I'm not sure how it works with cash transactions, though. Perhaps the amount is based on how well the player ends up doing or how long he ends up staying with the team.

And don't even ask me how the Harry Chiti thing happened.

2006-01-11 21:08:06
12.   Bob Timmermann
I would assume that if there was some dispute over resolving a trade that the Commissioner's Office would be asked to resolve the situation.
2006-01-11 21:10:49
13.   Xeifrank
If Milton Bradley and his wife were married in California... I hope he has a good lawyer.
vr, Xei
2006-01-11 21:16:13
14.   D4P
I hope he has a good lawyer.


2006-01-11 21:17:52
15.   Xeifrank
14. HireSteve.Com?
vr, Xei
2006-01-11 21:20:26
16.   Steve
California law actually favors prenuptial agreements, since they (1) avoid litigation and (2) this is Hollywood. Bonds' prenup was egregious. The Legislature passed a few fixes after that disaster, but the law is still generally prenup friendly.
2006-01-11 21:20:30
17.   Eric Enders
Does California law not recognize prenuptial agreements?
2006-01-11 21:20:57
18.   Eric Enders
Four seconds late. Story of my life.
2006-01-11 21:39:14
19.   Bob Timmermann
I'm usually six seconds early.
2006-01-11 21:42:35
20.   trainwreck
Odds of the Dodgers winning the World Series is 30/1 if anyone cares. I personally like the A's at 15/1 the best.
2006-01-11 21:43:51
21.   trainwreck
*are 30/1
2006-01-11 21:45:27
22.   dsfan
No surprise on Drew. He's made out of balsa wood. He staged one of the all-time salary drives in 2004. Then Boras used him and Beltre to maul a rookie GM/dumb owner.

Two of Drew's former employers, Atlanta and St. Louis, had no interest in retaining him. They were tired of his act.

I can see why the LAD chose Drew over Beltre when you look at Drew's hitting acumen and the farm system's dearth of OFs and apparent abundance of third basemen. But they got absolutely played by Boras. And say this for Beltre: He's durable.

2006-01-11 21:54:02
23.   Eric Enders
Last year in Reno I bet $25 on 20/1 odds that the Dodgers would win the World Series.


However, I did win the bet I placed on the Yankees winning fewer than 104 games.

2006-01-11 21:55:06
24.   Eric Enders
I remember reading post #22 before, almost verbatim.

Apparently you really feel strongly about it...

2006-01-11 22:03:59
25.   trainwreck
Apparently the betting line is for reaching World Series not winning it.
2006-01-11 22:05:07
26.   dzzrtRatt
Well, I guess I can thank Drew and Bradley for one thing: At least you guys have stopped talking about your hair.
2006-01-11 22:08:49
27.   Eric Enders
If the line is 30/1 on the Dodgers reaching the World Series, that sounds like a hella good bet to me.
2006-01-11 22:10:29
28.   LAT
16. Steve, I'm impressed. I brain-dumped all that stuff a week after the bar. I suspect that post is as close to practicing family-law you will ever get. (and that's a good thing.) BTW, what's wrong with handing your wife a pre-nup a day before the wedding and telling her if she doesn't sign right there the wedding is off especially when your having a long time affair in the background. That Barry-- he's a class act. When he accuses the media and fans as persecuting his family, which one of his families is he talking about?
2006-01-11 22:17:55
29.   Eric Enders
Well, it's not the 1979 Pirates.
2006-01-11 22:19:22
30.   LAT
I hope Joe Thurston catches on somewhere. Don't know anything about him but he has been at it a long time. Plus, during his 2004 call-up he was very nice to my daughter. Admittedly, anyone but Gary Sheffield could be nice to my daughter and I would like them.
2006-01-11 22:23:30
31.   Jon Weisman
4 - We deleted the clip show and watched the real thing.
2006-01-11 22:30:11
32.   natepurcell

robothal with a weaver article. states teams like O's, red sox, and cardinals are interested in weaver.

hopefully he goes to the red sox or cardinals. i want another first round pick!

2006-01-11 22:36:06
33.   das411
Score, I got my name "in print", or close enough, I may have to buy Jon's book now and do some "research" while explaining to the parents that yes, I actually do follow the Dodgers! :)

27 - Which NL teams have a better short-series rotation than Penny + Lowe + OP? I think this has been discussed already but only Atl, StL, and maybe...the Mets? could throw three playoff-tested SPs, just off the top of my head...

2006-01-11 22:36:09
34.   Steve
It's the same deranged mind that will always remember Cora batting with the bases loaded against Woody Williams despite being 1 for 26 against him.

Meanwhile, forget me. Here's the guy you want to hire:

2006-01-11 22:55:11
35.   trainwreck
Not like ODP's playoff experience was anything successful. I would add the Astros (Oswalt, Petitte, Backe) and the Cubs (Zambrano, Prior, and Wood) as NL teams with better top three starters. I think arguments can be made for SF (Lowry, Schmidt, Morris/Cain), Milwaukee (Sheets, Davis, Capuano), Nationals (Hernandez, Patterson, Drese) and SD (Peavy, Young, Williams/Wells?).
2006-01-11 22:57:34
36.   trainwreck
I should say that Penny, Lowe, and ODP definitely have the potential to be very good, but none of them have pitched to their potential recently.
2006-01-11 23:09:55
37.   natepurcell
i think the last two months of the seasn when lowe made that switch to the left sideof the rubber, he was pitching to his potential.
2006-01-11 23:14:33
38.   das411
36 - Agreed, but then again the ones in your list who have pitched to their potential (Sheets, Lowry, Patterson, etc) have no playoff experience, while those that do (Pettitte, Schmidt, any Cub, big Livan) seem to no longer be dominant postseason starters, at least judging by recent (2002-today) playoffs.

If I had to pick any three starters from your teams in 35 and mine in 33 for a playoff series, I honestly would go with Smoltz, Lowe, and then I would seriously go with Backe over anybody else. What are yours?

...sorry for hijacking the thread Jon! Back to homework now!!

2006-01-11 23:15:56
39.   caseybarker

He "lost" a whole year due to that botched appendectomy. But that is just an aside.

Beltre was the one who was duped in my opinion. The Dodgers showed him loyalty; he was still in the midst of his development and not at his peak. It is clear to me that Boras does not care about his clients as much as an extra million a year or so. Same thing with Weaver: he'll end up in New York or Boston with a 6+ ERA next year.

Players need to get wise and demand more from their agents. The players union should be concerned about this issue.

I'm sure there has been something about this on DT. I just neede to say it, too.

2006-01-11 23:17:16
40.   trainwreck
I just checked his September and October stats and you are right, actually March and April was when he pitched his best. Hopefully Lowe can sustain that level for all of next season.
2006-01-11 23:18:15
41.   caseybarker
36, 38-

Maybe Honeycutt will give them some good advice about thumbtack usage...

2006-01-11 23:21:18
42.   trainwreck
Oswalt, Smoltz, Prior (if he is completely healthy) I do not think a pitcher needs playoff experience to be really good in the playoffs (such as the Marlins and Angels pitching staffs). I expect Peavy to be a much better pitcher next time he is in the playoffs.
2006-01-11 23:30:19
43.   caseybarker

I'm looking forward to seeing C. Zanbrano in the playoffs more than Prior. How about Carpenter, Zambrano, Oswalt.

2006-01-11 23:30:40
44.   caseybarker
2006-01-11 23:40:34
45.   trainwreck
I was debating between Zambrano and Prior actually. I think Zambrano is awesome and I would take him over Prior because he pitches a ton of innings and has not had the injury problems that Prior has had, but when Prior is healthy and on his game he is dominant.
2006-01-11 23:58:33
46.   das411
Zambrano seems like he tends to get rattled easily though. Wasn't he on the losing end of one of the Marlins' awesome starts in that classic 2003 series and you could just watch him get more and more frustrated, inning by inning?

Looking at Carpenter's playoff numbers, not a whole lot to go off of but he did win two playoff games this year. Of course, he had the 2005 Padres and 2005 Astros to pitch to.

Oswalt has somehow managed a career 4-0 playoff record despite a 6.75 ERA in the '04 NLCS and a 7.50 in one start this year against the ChiSox. He has a very interesting list of comps, hard to believe that he, Zambrano, and Prior have all only made one All-Star team while the 1990s version of Oswalt, Mike Mussina, already had 4 ASGs after his age 28 season.

2006-01-12 06:08:45
47.   Midwest Blue
33 Jose Lima has quality playoff experience. Maybe we should pick him up? :)
2006-01-12 07:07:39
48.   Sushirabbit
What do people think of the coaching staff choices? As someone who was bitching about it taking so long, I have to say I like them. I like the mix. I think Murray and Honeycutt are good choices.

In fact, that was a good time to anounce that "balsawoods" return will be delayed, the coaches take the worry out of that for me for some reason. Well, really, there's no point in worrying about any of it, but I still do.

2006-01-12 07:18:45
49.   King of the Hobos
According to the Boston Globe, the Red Sox signed Julian Tavarez because a Brazoban for Wells deal fell through.
2006-01-12 07:29:30
50.   Penarol1916
48. I thought that Eddie Murray had a terrible reputation as a hitting coach with the Indians. Granted, I'm sure exactly how much influence a major league hitting coach has, so who knows what that means.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-01-12 07:46:40
51.   Blue Thrue and Thrue
So Bradley will make $3 mil and he can't find any extra cash for his 3-week-old son? Any sympathy I had for him is now gone.
2006-01-12 07:51:36
52.   Bob Timmermann
Bradley says he doesn't want to pay spousal support, not child support.
2006-01-12 07:54:32
53.   Penarol1916
51. Where do you get that he doesn't have money for his kid? Maybe if he wasn't seeking joint physical custody and it claimed he was seeking to not pay child support as opposed to claiming that he doesn't want to spousal support, which has noting to do with the kid.

Also, I looked back at the media comments from when Murray was fired by the Indians this summer and while not horrible, it certainly doesn't appear that his hiring is anything to get excited about. A coach who is reportedly uncommunicative with his players and doesn't seek them out to help them is probably fine for a team loaded with veterans like this year, but as the farm players start coming up, a hands on coach who is a good communicator might be better, or maybe he would screw up what was working, what do I know?

2006-01-12 08:01:04
54.   Blue Thrue and Thrue
53 Yeah, I should have been more awake before I posted that. Please retract.
2006-01-12 08:41:36
55.   Curtis Lowe
Has anyone read the DailyNews article about Murray's hitting philosophies? He basicly says swing more take less.
2006-01-12 08:41:58
56.   Rainman
Let's see... $18 million worth of middle infielders are going under the knife a month and a half before spring training begins, an $11 million rightfielder isn't currently able to throw, and a $10 million closer may or may not be fully ready after Tommy John surgery. Man, I love January.
2006-01-12 09:02:47
57.   FirstMohican
55 - I think his justification was that he hit .400 on 1 pitch balls he put in play. That's great and all, but 2 things: 1) how many 0-1 holes did that mentality put you in, and 2) we don't have the name "Murray" up and down our lineup card.

Although, I doubt a player like Kent or Drew is going to change their approach after the success they've had. Now if Murray has some fastball-to-wrist avoidance strategies Drew is all ears (made of frigid cartelidge).

Anyone keeping a tally of preseason injuries? Lets see how many more the Dodgers have than the rest of the league combined by opening day.

2006-01-12 09:13:40
58.   godvls
56- I don't think the Dodger closer had Tommy John surgery.
2006-01-12 09:20:06
59.   Midwest Blue
56 As has been explained in a previous thread, Gagne did not have TJ surgery. Jobe just removed some scarr tissue. A much more minor surgery. Gagne was already throwing at the end of tlast season. He should be just fine.

Also to be noted is that most of these surgeries (with the possible exception of Drew's shoulder) were clean-up preventative things. WHen you play as much baseball as pro-players do, you're bound to have a need for a "tune-up". At least we weren't repairing any achilles tendons or torn groin muscles (uh, forget I said that).

2006-01-12 09:37:53
60.   dsfan

Yes, the botched appendectomy caused Beltre a detour, but if you look at his professional track record, he's shown great durability. Durability is often under-valued, but that's another topic. And while injuries aren't as predictable as we'd like, there certainly are greater durability risks than others.

Regarding Boras: Aside from the obvious buyer beware label that should be stuck onto his forehead, I have no big problem with him or the players who chose him. Together they seek top dollar from an industry that has enjoyed strong revenue gains, for the most part, in the last two decades. Are Boras' methods ethical? No less so than the owners who disguise accounting irregularities or an industry that costs the public huge sums in ballpark boondoggles.

My main point on Boras/Drew is that there were no grand mysteries here. A prudent club knows what Boras is all about and refuses to let him string them along. The machinations were all the more dangerous given that it was two Boras clients in the mix. Kevin Malone/Fox ownership allowed Boras to hamstring them with bloated contracts. Dan Evans wisely let Tom Hicks drink the Boras kool-aid on Chan Ho Park. To see Depodesta, a Beane protege, get hoodwinked by Boras was disappointing. Ideally a smart owner and savvy CEO would've given him some guidance...

2006-01-12 09:45:17
61.   dsfan
Glad to see people take notice of Murray's apparent failings with the Indians.

Cleveland was extremely reluctant to get rid of him, but over time, his failure to communicate was so acute, the Indians had no choice. Again, it was something they had no desire to do, but the evidence reached critical mass. And for what it's worth, the Indians soared after Murray was canned.

Judging by Murray's remarks, he doesn't believe he did anything wrong. There's Hall of Fame hubris there. I'm skeptical that he'll be a good teacher. Many great ballplayers just aren't cut out for it. Rogers Hornsby and Ted Williams were awful managers. So was Pete Rose. There are exceptions, I'm sure, but let's just say Murray's coaching career didn't get off to a great start. Not a brilliant move by an organization that recently regretted hiring another uncommunicatitive former hitting star, George Hendrick.

2006-01-12 09:47:07
62.   Jon Weisman
61 - related discussion in my new post up top.

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