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Alvarez, Lima, Erickson ...
2006-01-13 19:38
by Jon Weisman

... Sele.

Age and ERA+ (average is 100, courtesy of the season before their non-roster invitations to Spring Training for the Dodgers:

Wilson Alvarez (2002) age 32, 85 ERA+
Jose Lima (2003) age 30, 103 ERA+
Scott Erickson (2004) age 36, 72 ERA+
Aaron Sele (2005) age 35, 75 ERA+

Hmm. But welcome back, Jamie Jarrin ...

Comments (149)
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2006-01-13 20:13:31
1.   willhite
Do you think we'll be able to trade Sele straight up for Abreu or will we have to add a second pitcher of equal value?
2006-01-13 20:18:24
2.   Steve
They hate Abreu. We'll throw in Osoria and get it done.
2006-01-13 20:23:02
3.   willhite
2 -

I was thinking more of someone like Lima. If they hate Abreu that much, maybe they'll throw in Utley.

2006-01-13 20:51:31
4.   Scanman33
OT: Arrested Development 2 hr Season-Finale is Friday, 2/10 8pm-10pm (opposite the Olympic opening ceremonies)

2006-01-13 20:53:23
5.   caseybarker
Alvarez was clearly the best of these signings. And doesn't Sele have a high groundball to flyball ratio?
2006-01-13 20:59:49
6.   das411
Heh, remember that time the Phillies signed Ryan Franklin and everybody was all like "ooo, nice signing there, he will really help you"...


Sorry Jon, but not even Ed Wade would swap Utley for Sele.

2006-01-13 21:07:36
7.   Bob Timmermann
Kevin Appier is trying a comeback with Seattle. And Ben Weber is getting an invite to Blue Jays spring training.

Former Angels never die.

2006-01-13 21:16:30
8.   trainwreck
Wow move it to Fridays all of a sudden and pit it against the part of Olympics probably the most people watch. Yeah Fox really wants the show to be successful. I hate you Fox.
2006-01-13 21:22:06
9.   Bob Timmermann
And for our esteemed host:

Stanford 75, Cal 61

I bow to the masses and use the preferred style.

2006-01-13 21:33:39
10.   Daniel Zappala
So this is now Dodgers-Angels-Lakers-Stanford-Cal-Movies-and-TV Thoughts.
2006-01-13 21:34:10
11.   Daniel Zappala
Oh, and Go Stanford, Beat Berkeley.
2006-01-13 21:34:38
12.   Bob Timmermann
Don't forget Writing Style Thoughts too.
2006-01-13 21:40:09
13.   caseybarker
and High School-Middle School Thoughts...
2006-01-13 21:41:52
14.   Andrew Shimmin
10- I think I can speak for us all when I say we're just killing time till John Stossel's exposé, Stupid in America: How We Are Cheating Our Kids, comes on. I wonder if privatization will play some role in his prescription for fixing education. . .
2006-01-13 21:48:31
15.   caseybarker
14 -

It's not going to really become apparent until or unless technological innovation stops or decreases, leaders become more incompetent, and the gap continues to widen between rich and poor.

2006-01-13 21:56:53
16.   Andrew Shimmin
15- I don't know what you mean.

I do know that I won't become a parent for a while. So. There you go.

2006-01-13 21:59:48
17.   Andrew Shimmin
Something else I know: If Aaron Sele isn't finished, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
2006-01-13 22:00:22
18.   Andrew Shimmin
It's starting!
2006-01-13 22:02:58
19.   Scanman33
14-It'll be interesting to see if they address the elephant in the room that no one wants to acknowledge: Terrible parents.
2006-01-13 22:03:45
20.   caseybarker
I just meant that until the lack of education becomes evident in the workplace, ie. worse products, less production, etc..., nothing will be done about education.
2006-01-13 22:06:29
21.   Andrew Shimmin
20- Oh, I see. Thanks.
2006-01-13 22:08:34
22.   caseybarker
Yes, when I have kids, I'll probably have to cut back on Dodgerthoughts.
2006-01-13 22:13:19
23.   Jon Weisman
22 - You'd think that'd be the case, wouldn't you?
2006-01-13 22:14:09
24.   natepurcell
this is halarious, no team is interested in jeff weaver. looks like boras has dug himself a huge whole.

so, who wins the weaver sweepstakes? and when? i mean... dont pitchers have to report really soon? its already mid january!

2006-01-13 22:27:22
25.   caseybarker
Hopefully, this is the beginning of a trend for Boras. Weaver can just wait until May 8 and sign with the Dodgers all the while stayit fit at Vero, incognito of course.
2006-01-13 22:35:38
26.   natepurcell
Weaver can just wait until May 8 and sign with the Dodgers all the while stayit fit at Vero, incognito of course.

noooo!! we need the draft picks. weaver needs to sign with another team. look at the diamondbacks system, we need to load up in the low minors!

2006-01-13 22:40:20
27.   Scanman33
40 minutes in and not one mention about crappy parenting.
2006-01-13 22:42:31
28.   Scanman33
I guess an hour of "You're a huge part of the problem" wouldn't be a huge ratings grabber.
2006-01-13 22:42:45
29.   caseybarker
That was purely tongue-in-cheek. I saw on ESPN that Gammons reports that Weaver MIGHT take a one-year deal from the Indians or Orioles and test free-agency next year.
2006-01-13 22:44:24
30.   Andrew Shimmin
19- Bad parents don't seem to make the cut for this special. But I don't see why American parents should be much worse than any other sort. This is not an area in which I have any expertise, though, beyond having gone to school.

I was right about Stossel digging privatization. I'd kind of like to punch some of the jerk Belgian kids he interviewed. The up-coming segment is on bad teachers, which should be a hoot. There's something inherantly suspicious about anybody who chooses to spend most of his day with teenagers.

2006-01-13 22:45:34
31.   King of the Hobos
I think you guys underestimate Boras. Last year, Magglio Ordonez made it into February before he signed the 5 year, $75 mil contract. I'm guessing there's more interest in Weaver than there was for Ordonez. Boras works into January, and I'm sure there's more interest in Weaver than the media is reporting. Even if there isn't, Boras will make up numbers, and some desperate team will outbid that number...
2006-01-13 22:53:50
32.   caseybarker
Dammit, you're right about Boras...
2006-01-13 22:57:04
33.   Bob Timmermann
It's clear that only one person can save public education:

Scott Boras

2006-01-13 22:59:03
34.   caseybarker
There's certainly plenty of money in it.
2006-01-13 23:01:28
35.   natepurcell
That was purely tongue-in-cheek. I saw on ESPN that Gammons reports that Weaver MIGHT take a one-year deal from the Indians or Orioles and test free-agency next year.

im sorry, hard to read that over the internet :)

anyways, i hope he signs with the indians and not the orioles.

if he signs with the indians= the dodgers get the 25th pick and the 31st pick. Another thing it does is pushes the angels to recieving the indians 2nd round pick instead of their 1st pick weaver is rated higher then paul bryd.

if he signs with the Orioles= dodgers get the 31st pick and the 52nd pick.

shapiro of the indians does have precedent for giving boras clients one yr deals to re-estbalish themselved in next years market (millwood), so its not that far fetch i think.

2006-01-13 23:02:02
36.   Andrew Shimmin
Test scores would sky rocket if the bad kids could be expelled more easily. Better education through sample size manipulation, that's my motto.
2006-01-13 23:07:58
37.   Steve
27 -- That's because I was busy on Dodger Thoughts and didn't return his phone calls.
2006-01-13 23:13:52
38.   natepurcell
for those that have gotten john sickels and deric mckamey's prospect books, which one did you like the best?

who should i order? should i just bite the bullet and get both?

2006-01-13 23:43:03
39.   LAT

"Staff hirings: The club named Jorge Martin as director of publications and Joe Jareck as assistant director of public relations"

I'm setting the over-under on either one of these guys at 6 mos. I wonder if they get to negotiate their sevarnce package when they get hired.

2006-01-13 23:51:13
40.   LAT
sevarnce = severance.

Can't spell, I must have had bad teachers and bad parents.

2006-01-14 00:04:39
41.   Andrew Shimmin
40- A little prayer in school'd fix you right up.
2006-01-14 02:10:46
42.   bluecrew22
I didn't realize that the Dodgers invited Sele to spring training. Hopefully he is more like Alvarez than he is Erickson. I think everyone cringed like me when Tracy brought him in. What was he thinking? Weaver is going to get so hammered if pitches for the Orioles! Those small AL East parks and big hitters will eat him up. He must have had a neck strain after all the jacks he gave up this year. He did pitch ok overall though in the NL.
2006-01-14 05:41:38
43.   DXMachina
42 Hopefully he is more like Alvarez than he is Erickson. I think everyone cringed like me when Tracy brought him in. What was he thinking?

Tracy didn't sign Erickson. DePo did.

I think the difference between the Sele signing and those of some of the other cast offs is that at least this year Sele won't be competing for a rotation slot, as Erickson was. The problem with Erickson was that last year we desperately needed a fifth starter, and he had the best spring. This year we already have five serviceable starters, and their competition will be from the kids. Even if Sele pitches superbly, which I doubt, I suspect the best he has to hope for is Alvarez's old slot in the bullpen.

2006-01-14 06:29:23
44.   oldbear
43. Has Sele ever pitched out of the bullpen? He's being brought in as a camp arm. I could almost guarantee he'll be looked at as a starter.


Call it a curse or what...

2004- James Loney
Jason Romano

2005- Jason Repko
Scott Erickson

I hope the Dodgers dont get caught judging meaningless ST stats.

2006-01-14 07:13:38
45.   DXMachina
44. Sele hasn't pitched out of the bullpen before, but then except for one year early in his career, Alvarez didn't pitch out of the pen until the season before he came to LA.
2006-01-14 07:38:56
46.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
Seems like many residents in Orange County and specifically Anaheim are letting their voices be heard.

There were masses gathered outside the courthouse yesterday for the first day of proceedings.

Lots of people wearing t-shirts that read "we are not Los Angeles" and some anti-Moreno shirts and signs as well.

Seems like a good portion of Orange County wants nothing to do with Los Angeles.

I hope the city prevails. Los Angeles has no business being apart of the Angels.

2006-01-14 07:57:28
47.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I'm hoping Joe Thurston plays like a superstar for the Phillies in spring training. Although its unlikely this once promising young prospect will ever get another shot at the big show.

I met Joe Thurston when he attended Sacramento Community College. A friend of mine went there and introduced me to him.

He's a really humble, genuine, likeable kid.
I wish the best for him in the Phillies organization.

2006-01-14 08:15:48
48.   Bob Timmermann
Having a few people protest outside a courthouse is not necessarily indicative of how the entire population of Orange County feels. It's not exactly a random sample.
2006-01-14 08:21:46
49.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
48-Sorry Bob- Instead of saying a "good portion" I should of said a "few". But I didn't say the entire population feels that way.
2006-01-14 09:20:48
50.   Bob Timmermann
I still don't think a good portion of the Orange County population really cares much one way or the other. I think people here care about the issue and the people at the courthouse do, but overall, I think it's not on the radar for most people.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-01-14 09:47:35
51.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
50- I guess only time will tell. We will have to wait and see how the trial unfolds to really appreciate the effect it has on the people of Orange County.
2006-01-14 09:48:06
52.   Doug N
27 I'll say it: Parenting is a problem. I can't provide any analysis other than anecdotal, and I certainly can't say if they're worse now than ever before or if American parents are worse than other culture's. All I can say is that I'm a 25 year old cop. Many of my friends have lousy parents, the kids I deal with have lousy parents, and the dirt of society that comes my way have kids. That said, my parents were alright, not everybody who commits felonies has bad parents, and not every kid with screwed up parents winds up in trouble. Eh, perhaps the topic must be filed under, "What can you do?" Back to baseball...
2006-01-14 10:18:29
53.   Linkmeister
Not to borrow trouble, but did anyone else notice that the article mentioned that Vinnie is in the last year of his contract?
2006-01-14 10:25:52
54.   Bob Timmermann
As Vinnie says, "If you want to make God laugh, make plans."
2006-01-14 10:49:29
55.   molokai
Neither book is in print yet. You can order them but it won't be until early Feb for Sickels and late Jan for Deric. I'm buying both because they do this for a living and I like to support them but if I had to choose only one book I'd choose Deric because I've met him and like him and he is a trained scout with a performance analyst mentality. Plus he's a huge believer in Billingsly and rates him the top pitching prospect in baseball.JMO
2006-01-14 11:17:48
56.   bhsportsguy
38; 55
Don't forget about Baseball America's book, I'll check out the other ones too. Thanks
2006-01-14 12:52:11
57.   natepurcell
thanks molokai.

i buy the BA book every year and bought it again this year but im looking to hear other opinions too. I might bite the bullet and buy both sickels and deric's books.

the excerpt you posted by deric about the dodgers top 15 was really good and impressive on his part.

2006-01-14 13:41:45
58.   trainwreck
When is UCLA going to stopped getting injured? This is getting ridiculous.
2006-01-14 13:42:22
59.   trainwreck
2006-01-14 13:49:26
60.   Andrew Shimmin
58- They seem to be doing alright even down as many players as they are. Who's the little white kid who keeps hitting the threes?
2006-01-14 13:55:53
61.   trainwreck
Michael Roll, he is a freshman.
2006-01-14 14:10:09
62.   bluecrew22
I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of people in Orange County and LA who have an opinion- not those that say they don't care either way- don't approve of "the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim." Most Orange County citizens don't want to be associated with LA. As a Dodger fan, it's just another desperate ploy to steal fans and media coverage from the Dodgers. Laughable really. How about "The LA Angels of Anaheim, in Orange County, somewhere near Newport Beach and Long Beach in Southern California" (ala Jim Rome). Ridiculous!
2006-01-14 14:22:02
63.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
62- Gotta love Romey. I know he irritates a lot of people with some of the things he says on his radio show, but the guy is hillarious.
2006-01-14 14:34:55
64.   Bob Timmermann
Michael Roll, isn't he from that county in between L.A. and San Diego County? What's it called again?
2006-01-14 14:40:24
65.   Andrew Shimmin
64- Trouble maker.

Roll could stand to work on his passing, but he just keeps hitting the three-pointers. Is Howland well known for his recruiting prowess?

2006-01-14 14:46:55
66.   Bob Timmermann
Howland is supposed to be a good recruiter and a fairly good teacher of players. But his teams tend to flame out early in the NCAA tournament.
2006-01-14 14:48:28
67.   Bob Timmermann
Apparently no one wants to commit a foul in the second half.
2006-01-14 14:51:30
68.   Andrew Shimmin
Or in the last five minutes of the Washington game.

Hollins seems to be really good at taking the charge. But not much else. I really dig Mbah A Moute. Too bad he isn't five inches taller.

2006-01-14 14:54:19
69.   Bob Timmermann
I believe the man prefers it to be spelled Mbah a Moute with a lower case a in the middle. The lower case letter gives his name extra panache.

I need to find out what language that name is.

2006-01-14 14:57:15
70.   Bob Timmermann
The CIA World Factbook says that there are 24 different African languages spoken in Cameroon, plus the official languages of English and French.
2006-01-14 14:59:40
71.   LAT
Stupid 3pt brick
2006-01-14 15:00:50
72.   LAT
Why do some of the Bruins have names on their backs but not others?
2006-01-14 15:02:16
73.   Bob Timmermann
Some players might be in extra uniforms that they have left over if they get bloody or dirty.

Or maybe Howland is just rounding up anyone available.

2006-01-14 15:04:19
74.   LAT
I thought Frank McCourt was the new UCLA AD.
2006-01-14 15:04:27
75.   Bob Timmermann
One of the players listed in the box score for UCLA is Steve Hawes and he's not listed on the preseason roster so he was probably picked up by one of those UCLA press gangs to play today.
2006-01-14 15:07:18
76.   Bob Timmermann
Oh well, just ran out of gas there at the end. Surprsing that Washington scored just 69.
2006-01-14 15:07:26
77.   LAT
Looks like no one wants to win the Pac 10.
2006-01-14 15:10:05
78.   Jon Weisman
75 - This Steve Hawes?

2006-01-14 15:10:34
79.   Jon Weisman
77 - Is Stanford in first place yet???
2006-01-14 15:16:11
80.   Bob Timmermann
UCLA will remain in first at the end of the weekend at 4-2. If Arizona beats Oregon, the Wildcats will be 4-2 as well. UC BERKELEY and Stanford are 3-2 along with UW.
2006-01-14 15:23:36
81.   Bob Timmermann
When I was a freshman at UCLA back in (gulp) 1983, UCLA competed in one NCAA sport but offered no scholarships in it: Crew. It was for men and women then. (It's just for women now and they offer a few scholarships.)

During the first week of classes, the crew coaches would have a table outside Pauley Pavilion and try to get people who looked fairly strong to join the the team.

I was not asked.

2006-01-14 15:40:31
82.   Andrew Shimmin
70- There seem to be a couple trillion different languages spoken in Cameroon, if you count each of the different spellings. It looks like, though, Ewondo is the most prevailent non-imperialist language in Mbah a Moute's home town of Yaounde ( But there isn't an Ewondo to English dictionary on line. I ran it past UC BERKELEY's cBold (Comparative Bantu OnLine Dictionary), through each of their filters; no matches. So I don't think it's Bantu.
2006-01-14 15:49:46
83.   Linkmeister
63 Well, Rome took an awful lot of cheap shots at Michele Wie Friday, and I hope he eats some of them after her 68 (an 11-shot improvement) in the second round of the Sony Open.

I wonder what his (golf) handicap is.

2006-01-14 15:55:08
84.   Curtis Lowe
The Dodgers have acquired Baez according to
2006-01-14 15:57:36
85.   Curtis Lowe
Sir Edwin has been traded along with Chuck Tiffany for Baez and Carter. I am a little dissapointed that Tiffany was included but at least next we now have the best bullpen in all the majors.
2006-01-14 16:10:08
86.   MartinBillingsley31

Jackson and tiffany traded to rays for baez.

Ned got raped on this deal.

2006-01-14 16:10:26
87.   jujibee
Don't know if I like getting rid of Jackson. This basically makes sanchez/schmoll/jackson/tiffany for baez/seo/carter. Not too bad, but I hate getting rid of sanchez and jackson. I was looking forward to how these guys would perform after working out with Gagne during the offseason. Who knows, maybe Gagne is next, but with the departure of Jackson, I really hope we can work something out with Hochevar.
2006-01-14 16:10:27
88.   Bob Timmermann
I put a thread on the Griddle about the trade if you want to discuss it there before Jon gets to posting something.
2006-01-14 16:15:29
89.   trainwreck
I now hate Flanders... This is an absolutely terrible trade. Baez is so overrated. I can not believe Edwin is gone. I am so mad right now...
2006-01-14 16:18:27
90.   D4P
Which is worse: losing Jackson or losing Tiffany?
2006-01-14 16:19:32
91.   Steve
Wow, that's horrible.

Bad enough to take back all the nice things I've said about him.


2006-01-14 16:20:40
92.   Steve
Wait a minute...Lance Carter! We got Lance Carter!

Good God. How did we avoid ending up with Pierre again?

2006-01-14 16:21:03
93.   trainwreck
Edwin. I still believe Edwin is going to be a good pitcher. Our long term pitching plans just took a hit. The only way this gets justified is if we trade Baez to NY for Milledge lol.
2006-01-14 16:23:55
94.   Curtis Lowe
Maybe this signals Broxton back to the role of a SP.
2006-01-14 16:24:07
95.   trainwreck
Article hints at Baez possibly taking over closer role next year, because Gagne may leave. I think I am going to be sick...
2006-01-14 16:28:03
96.   MartinBillingsley31
Is ned thinking about trading gagne right now for something?
2006-01-14 16:30:21
97.   trainwreck
Am I the only one that thinks we are lacking pitching in the minors? We have Billingsley, Broxton, Kuo, Miller, and Elbert. Broxton and Kuo are probably going to be up with the team this year and are relievers and who knows what happens with Miller.
2006-01-14 16:31:07
98.   Andrew Shimmin
Gotta love Cater's 3.47 K9 rate, last year. Should come in super-handy.
2006-01-14 16:33:11
99.   D4P
If you're gonna pay $13million a year for defense at SS, there's no point in acquiring strikeout pitchers...
2006-01-14 16:33:25
100.   caseybarker
Phillies already have closer, don't they, so Abreu is probably not coming here? Maybe they are still trying for Ramirez? It would've been great if Furcal had not been signed, then Tejada would be an option.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-01-14 16:35:40
101.   trainwreck
Now my Edwin jersey is a throwback.
2006-01-14 16:39:43
102.   DaveP
at first I thought Lance Carter was a bad acquisition, but turns out he's only had two total elbow reconstructions, not three. my bad.
2006-01-14 16:43:54
103.   caseybarker
The all-Tommy John team. Only if Dreifort would stick around...
2006-01-14 16:44:13
104.   Just One of the LADz
I'm trying to be open minded here. Can someone explain to me why Baez is overrated? Bringing in someone as a setup man (hopefully) who last year had 41 saves and 2.86 ERA in the AL should be a good thing, no?
2006-01-14 16:44:27
105.   Andrew Shimmin
What did we really lose, though. Two starting pitchers (ages 21 and 22) who were only highly-RATED. It's not like they'd actually done anything in the MLB. Now we have an MLB proven set-up guy (maybe the best in the league; it's like the Mota deal never happened!) AND an MLB proven middle reliever. Hooray!
2006-01-14 16:45:40
106.   D4P
Yeah. Two All-Stars for two guys who have never made the All-Star team.


2006-01-14 16:46:12
107.   willhite
I find it hard to believe that this entire bullpen will stay in place. Some part of it is going to be moved in a trade. Hopefully Baez and Carter
2006-01-14 16:46:22
108.   trainwreck
Why waste a roster spot on this guy? I have lost all faith in our braintrust and I propose we call them the 4 Horseman.
2006-01-14 16:48:03
109.   regfairfield
How many millions are we going to be paying Lance Carter?

In their history, the Devil Rays have come out ahead on three trades. It looks like it's four now.

2006-01-14 16:48:06
110.   willhite
How many years does Baez have before FA?
2006-01-14 16:48:36
111.   caseybarker

It seems that Baez has a low strikeout to innings ratio for someone who is considered a fireballer.

2006-01-14 16:49:37
112.   trainwreck
Because measuring someone by saves is possibly dumber than measuring a starter by wins. Look at Baez component ratios, they are not good. He was a guy that was successful thanks to his defense and that is it. Why trade away young guys with better stuff AND are starters for one guy who is garbage and one guy who is going to pitch the 8th inning for us.
2006-01-14 16:49:41
113.   MartinBillingsley31
1 The bullpen is the easiest part of the team to build from within.
2 We didn't need more relief pitching help.
3 We could have used jackson and tiffany along with others to get something WE DO NEED and that is a power hitting outfielder like abreu.
4 We traded 2 starting pitching prospects for 1 good reliever who is a free agent after this season, the other guy carter is just a throw in.
2006-01-14 16:50:15
114.   trainwreck
He is a free agent after this season.
2006-01-14 16:51:14
115.   Andrew Shimmin
Looks like this is Baez's walk year. $4mill.
2006-01-14 16:51:53
116.   MartinBillingsley31
NED BLOWS!!!!!!!!!!
2006-01-14 16:52:04
117.   regfairfield
Baez: 6.3 K/9, never had a K/BB over 2, gives up about .9 home runs per nine. Basically, he's right in the Bobby Howry and Scott Eyre category of middle relievers who could be either good or terrible.
2006-01-14 16:52:58
118.   willhite
114 -

All the more reason that we shouldn't be surprised if he doesn't stay with us. I think this is just the beginning of something bigger. Even though a lot of us don't think too much of Baez, he definitely has value out there. Let's not jump on Ned until we see how this plays out.

2006-01-14 16:53:00
119.   Just One of the LADz
111. I see that. Career K/9 of 7.32 but 6.35 last year. Duaner has a career K/9 of 6.41 but was 7.79 last year and 4.95 the year before. Big jump.
2006-01-14 16:55:08
120.   Winthrop
You are very charitable to Mr Ned. I hope you're suspicion proves true.
2006-01-14 16:55:30
121.   caseybarker

Maybe he will be good, then, in 2006--it is his walk year.

2006-01-14 16:56:05
122.   Winthrop
I miss Kevin Malone.
2006-01-14 16:56:30
123.   Andrew Shimmin
Carter gets $550k. Despite being 30, he's still in his arb. years.
2006-01-14 16:56:54
124.   trainwreck
Minaya is the one with a chubbie for Baez so my only hope is trading him for Heilman or something haha.
2006-01-14 16:58:41
125.   Winthrop
Now the Dodgers have to remove Edwin from their homepage. Do the McCourts pay their staff overtime to work on week-ends?

2006-01-14 16:59:01
126.   regfairfield
123 Wow, seems like he's been around forever.
2006-01-14 17:00:37
127.   Just One of the LADz
112. I'm not commenting on the trade. Just wondering why so many think Baez is overrated.
2006-01-14 17:01:02
128.   regfairfield
127 See 117.
2006-01-14 17:01:43
129.   caseybarker
119 - But if Duaner Sanchez is comparable to Danys Baez (I think he is, too), we basically trade two starters in their low twenties for one (Seo) almost 30.
2006-01-14 17:03:03
130.   trainwreck
Yeah basically if you look at his other numbers they are more telling of his performance, then his ERA and number of saves.
2006-01-14 17:03:14
131.   King of the Hobos
We are now at 41 players. Things aren't looking up for Hanrahan or Ross

With Jackson gone, that's one less hurdle for Aaron Sele. This really could be a disaster...

2006-01-14 17:03:17
132.   Bob Timmermann
I blame this all on poorly run public schools.

Oh sorry, that was last night.

I blame this on poor parenting!

2006-01-14 17:04:15
133.   King of the Hobos
129 But we also have Aaron Sele! So it's like 2 for 2...
2006-01-14 17:05:46
134.   Just One of the LADz
128. Yep. Thanks.
2006-01-14 17:06:07
135.   caseybarker
Sorry, I was commenting on the trade... Don't the Braves still need a closer? I read a piece on ESPN that said Schuerholz would be searching for a closer (Baez) around January/February.
2006-01-14 17:08:41
136.   caseybarker

But Sele has real guts... And he's pitched for a championship team... ;)

2006-01-14 17:11:33
137.   MartinBillingsley31
Sanchez, schmoll, jackson, tiffany for baez and seo.
And we still have tomko, yeah.

Bad trade.

2006-01-14 17:17:56
138.   trainwreck
Please sign Hochevar. We need some more pitching depth in the minors.
2006-01-14 17:19:28
139.   Andrew Shimmin
Carter was the only Devil Ray on the 2003 All-star team. Mike Scioscia picked him. It's a little remarkable that he was chosen, given that he wasn't even the best relief pitcher on the team. Baez was the only Devil Ray on the 2005 team.
2006-01-14 17:25:39
140.   King of the Hobos
139 2003 was quite the year for all star pitchers. Carter was there. Mike Williams and his 6+ ERA was there. Russ Ortiz was there. Armando Benitez was there (that's when the Mets were convinced he was terrible). Mike MacDougal was there

And who had the blown save? Eric Gagne, right in the middle of his save streak

2006-01-14 17:27:50
141.   Bob Timmermann
Baez and Carter would be the second and third Devil Ray All-Stars to play for the Dodgers.

Who was the first?

2006-01-14 17:28:02
142.   das411
126 - Ask Bob when Lance Carter made his debut!! Ohh, I want to be around when we get that answer... :)

Btw, Draysbay cannot believe this trade actually happened.

2006-01-14 17:28:16
143.   Jim Wisinski
Carter was a terrible selection even under the every team gets a rep rule. They didn't have an outfield spot open so Aubrey Huff got screwed and Lance In My Pants was thrown in there.
2006-01-14 17:30:04
144.   Andrew Shimmin
141- Crimedog.
2006-01-14 17:30:11
145.   das411
140 - Wasn't that the year after the ASG ended in a tie because BoB Brenly wouldn't pitch Vicente Padilla for more than 2 innings?

141 - Too bad he never hit 30 HRs for the LAD or he would have broken the record he shares with Sheffield...right?

2006-01-14 17:33:33
146.   caseybarker
Gagne blew two all-star games in a row, didn't he. He must suck.
2006-01-14 17:33:44
147.   Bob Timmermann
Yes, it was McGriff.

Too bad that Rolando Arrojo, Greg Vaughn and Jose Canseco are retired.

Roberto Hernandez is still playing. He's got the "mentor" role in the Pirates bullpen. He will share it with Gio Carrara.

Randy Winn was a D-Ray All-Star also

2006-01-14 17:38:28
148.   Jon Weisman
New post on the trade up top.
2006-01-14 17:38:45
149.   caseybarker
I think Canseco was invited to spring training for the Dodgers a few years back.?

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