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What My Friends Are Up To
2006-01-21 15:02
by Jon Weisman

My friend, groomsman and former writing partner Chris Leavell is producing Full Force Nature, a new Weather Channel series that "delivers some of the most unbelievable weather moments caught on tape." It premieres at 9 p.m. Sunday. Leave those Housewives to their desperation and come watch. Chris says that "the best way to describe the show is 'weather pornography.' "

* * *

My oldest friend (as in length of the relationship), John Lilly, is blogging life in China during his 5 1/2-month rotation there for Sun Microsystems, and I'm finding it most interesting. A couple of excerpts:

... My English language brain knows to store the letters of a syllable and that's it. So I can often recall how to spell the pinyin yet still forget its tone, which really does me no good at all.

Did I mention tones can change shape? A third tone followed by another third tone turns into a second tone, so you had better think ahead. The word yi by itself is first tone. When followed by a fourth tone it becomes a second tone, otherwise it turns into a fourth tone.

Despite all of this, it's endlessly fascinating and tremendously fun when it works. You say cèsu? six times, convinced you're saying it just right, and on the seventh time their eyes light up, they shout CÈSU?! and they point you to the bathroom.

And ...

Believe me, few things are more surreal (and fun) than sitting in a dark indoor arena filled with thousands of frenzied Chinese John Denver fans waving their Bic lighters and singing longingly for the country roads of West Virginia. ...

* * *

And now for something completely different, here is Kill Your Inner Child, by friend and writing colleague Sam Bernstein:

...This is the story I am told: While I am a toddler my father is away so much because he is in South America organizing ammunition deliveries to Guatemalan revolutionaries. The thing is, he probably is doing just that, though I do imagine that in trying to help the revolutionaries he mostly bosses them around and makes their lives miserable. It is impossible to talk about my family without running the risk of sounding like a person on crazy pills. The managers for my screenwriting career wonder if I am a pathological liar. Every time we have a pitch meeting at a studio or network there is small talk and invariably the person we are about to pitch mentions being from somewhere and I say that I lived there too, or at least have been there. Some of the locales pass without comment. New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, New York - all pretty blah. But Hawaii? Cairo? Months in Asia, Jamaica, and Mexico? Waimanalo is so beautiful. I walked barefoot to school every day. Cairo? I remember the beggars and finding out about circumcision. Small talk. No matter where anyone is from I seem to chime in saying how I once lived there or visited. After a slew of such performances one of the managers (I could say which one, but since I have two at the time and both are named Josh it would just confuse the matter) asks me if I have some weird idea that I am supposed to make nice with people by bonding over hometowns. That is not entirely outside the range of possibility since I am often eager if not frantic to please, but I assure both Joshes I am telling the truth. ...

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2006-01-21 15:51:27
1.   Vishal
haha, great. i'm learning chinese; i'll be spending the fall semester there. how encouraging.
2006-01-21 15:57:32
2.   Linkmeister
Mr. Bernstein has a point:


2006-01-21 15:59:45
3.   Linkmeister
Bah. Should have looked harder. The first link in that page works, but the others appear to be broken. Oh well, the one that does work is a gorgeous photo.
2006-01-21 16:42:44
4.   Bob Timmermann
I remember when the Weather Channel talked about the weather and nothing but the weather.
2006-01-21 16:45:50
5.   D4P
My grandparents literally watch the Weather Channel for hours straight.
2006-01-21 16:54:37
6.   Jon Weisman
What does it talk about now?
2006-01-21 16:59:23
7.   D4P
I remember when Music Television played music.
2006-01-21 17:05:25
8.   Bob Timmermann
The Weather Channel shows a lot of "weather porn" now in my opinion. Or has features on gardening.
2006-01-21 17:27:35
9.   Marty
Wow Jon, your friend Bernstein had an interesting childhood to say the least. I'm going to follow his blog. Does he read yours?
2006-01-21 17:43:42
10.   Jon Weisman
9 - Oh, I doubt he cares about baseball that much.

7 - Me too.

2006-01-21 18:26:08
11.   D4P
He obviously doesn't enforce a "no profanity" rule...
2006-01-21 18:26:31
12.   Sushirabbit
Cool Stuff. Friends are the only wealth in my book.

Just had to post that the third undefeated NCCA Mens falls, TN defeats FLA! I'd sing Rocky Top for everyone if I could, but you'll just have to use your great imaginations.

The buggles and pat, and JJ and the gang.

2006-01-21 19:46:01
13.   Xeifrank
Funny, about your reference to your friends experiences in China and learning the language. My wife being from China, I have experienced some of the same things. And on my recent trip to China last October whenever a conversation turned to music, I would always be entertained with someone singing John Denvers very same song your friend mentioned, "Take me home, country road..." They all seemed to know the same American songs, and they struck me as odd ones to know for some reason. Other ones were, "Hotel California", which I had to explain what the song was about... some Guns N Roses song that I had never heard of, but they had never heard of "Sweet Child", then of course The Backstreet Boys, which I just kind of politely chuckled at. Nobody seemed to know that Michael Jackson had a craving for young boys. There were two english songs that I heard there that had been redone in Chinese by a very popular chinese female singer "Wang Fei". One of them by the Cranberries and the other was "Mad World" by Tears for Fears. I wonder when a westerner will redo a chinese song into english? They have some great ballads.

This Roddick v Baghdad match looks good.

vr, Xei

2006-01-21 19:56:47
14.   D4P
All Roddick can do is hit big serves. He doesn't seem to have much else to his game. Federer is far and away the best player in the game.
2006-01-21 20:05:24
15.   alex 7
Great timing on the post. I just attended a University class with a guest speaker who touched on the Guatemalan revolution. Incredible story with characters that include a good-hearted US company owner in Guatemala, greedy business associates, Guatemalan peasants, the CIA, intimidation murders...sounded like a movie.

Probably old news to you guys, but it was my first exposure to the story.

2006-01-21 20:10:52
16.   Xeifrank
14. Of course the big serve is part of Roddicks game. Heck, he probably has the best serve in all of tennis, when he is serving a high percentage on his first serves. He also has a great forehand and an above average backhand. I think he needs to develop a net game if he ever wants to get to Federers level. I can't believe someone with such a great serve, does not serve and volley. Federer is amazing, the best mens player by far like you said. He has a great all around game and can win on all surfaces. It's too bad that Federer didn't hit the scene a little earlier when Sampras and Agassi were at their peaks.
best, Xei
2006-01-21 20:22:00
17.   Moon Shot
My wife is from Taiwan and I have experienced very similar problems with trying to speak Chinese. My stepson and I used English together when we first met by singing Country Roads, which he had learned in school.
2006-01-21 20:22:43
18.   D4P
I wonder if Roddick's serve is so big that it doesn't give him enough time to get to the net by the time the serve has been returned. In general, though, I'd like to see him come to the net more often. Maybe take a little off the serve now and then, which would give him enough time to charge the net.
2006-01-21 20:27:34
19.   D4P
With that in mind, the game doesn't have many serve and volley-ers left these days. My all-time favorite player (Stefan Edberg) was the master. I think that the racket technology has progressed to the point where serve and volleying is not a viable option.
2006-01-21 20:41:40
20.   Xeifrank
18/19. Good points. Alot of it depends on your opponent and on the surface you are playing on. You will tend to see more serve and volleying on the faster surfaces, like Ten Hennman does at Wimbledon. I play alot of competitive tennis, less than I use to. I am a doubles specialist, I find doubles more enjoyable and easier on my body than singles (as I'm not as young as I use to be). When I play singles, I serve and volley on almost every point, sometimes even on my 2nd serve as I have a pretty good kick serve which allows me time to get to the net, and I tend to get my opponent off the court on the ad side, and kick serves tend to cause your opponent to return the ball high, if they aren't experienced at receiving it. The way to counter a good kick serve is to take the serve early, a good three or four feet inside the baseline and either slice it at the net rushers feet or if you can get on top of it, blast it at his feet. Alot easier to do in singles than doubles as there is nobody poaching at the net. Anyways, I'm enjoying the Roddick match, and also hoping the local boys (Bryan twins) win the doubles title.
vr, Xei
2006-01-21 20:50:44
21.   D4P
I never took playing tennis very seriously, but of all sports that I played, it's probably the game in which I had the most natural talent. If I had it all to do over again, I would have prioritized it more than I did. I think I could have been pretty good. I was kind of a Michael Chang clone. We're about the same size and played the same kind of game.

Regarding the Bryan twins: you sure don't see much doubles coverage anymore. I remember when I was growing up that they used to show a lot of doubles.

2006-01-21 21:47:22
22.   godvls
This may be one of those "small world" stories, or it may be a bizarre coincidence. My mom's oldest friend (as in the length of the relationship)has a son named John Lilly who recently left on a rotational assignment in China. His wife and two young daughters will be joining him in China in a couple of weeks. His mom's name begins with K.
2006-01-21 22:20:48
23.   Jon Weisman
22 - Yep.
2006-01-22 01:05:56
24.   trainwreck

Coco Crisp to Red Sox for Marte and Mota + Red Sox sign Alex Gonzalez.

Crisp has a good VORP. Suprised how often Marte is getting dealt around. I am questioning just how good he is if the Braves and Red Sox both gave him up.

2006-01-22 10:27:16
25.   Bob Timmermann
Bronx Banter is discussing that trade.
2006-01-22 11:12:27
26.   Steve
As if all those fake two-point wins at home barely keeping them in the Top 25 weren't enough, Ben Howland says:

"Part of [the PAC-10's] problem," Howland said, "is that we have schools playing low majors or mid-majors on the road."

Howland cited Oregon State's season-opening loss at Tennessee Tech and Stanford's losses at Montana and UC Davis as games that shouldn't have happened.

"I have no idea why Oregon State did that," Howland said. "I don't understand why Stanford would play at Montana, at UC Davis. I'm against that for our conference schools."

The self-embarrassment brought on by this statement goes unremarked upon by the L.A. Times' very special self-embarrassment, who was unable to hear it, having jammed his head so far up Mr. Howland's other major orifice that sound is now a distant memory.

2006-01-22 11:18:57
27.   Bob Timmermann
Howland's point is that any team is dangerous on the road in basketball. So if a Pac-10 goes and plays a mediocre team on the road, it is in a no-win situation. A win gets you no boost in the RPI. And a loss is a killer. And by playing on the road, you make the loss much more likely.
2006-01-22 11:34:27
28.   LAT
Looks as though Anna Benson will have a new 25 man roster to sleep with if her over-rated husband strays.

Well, Miguel, now instead of complaining your team has made no moves you can complain your team has made no good moves.

2006-01-22 11:36:43
29.   Steve
But play a mediocre team at home, and watch those rankings soar!
2006-01-22 11:51:01
30.   regfairfield
28 Are you saying the Orioles somehow lost a trade where they gave up Jorge Julio?
2006-01-22 12:56:11
31.   Marty
The Steelers seem to like the road this year.
2006-01-22 13:22:52
32.   Bob Timmermann
Jake Plummer is not going to be a popular man in Denver today I think.
2006-01-22 14:37:29
33.   das411
Just have to keep telling myself "at least it's not the Patriots, at least it's not the Patriots"...

Time to prep for two more weeks of hearing how Roethlisberger is the greatest QB since: Joe Montana/Kurt Warner/Tom Brady

2006-01-22 14:47:27
34.   Bob Timmermann
I have a residual dislike of the Broncos because of John Elway.

Roethlisberger is pretty good you have to admit and the Steelers have had a pretty good game plan again today.

2006-01-22 14:52:58
35.   D4P
"at least it's not the Patriots, at least it's not the Patriots"


2006-01-22 14:57:54
36.   natepurcell

oh lookie, a major dodger baseball official doesnt like the baez deal....

2006-01-22 15:00:36
37.   Bob Timmermann
Don't shout "Baez" in a crowded website.
2006-01-22 15:16:24
38.   das411
34 - True, when Bill Cowher outcoaches anybody the Steelers probably are doing too well to lose.

As long as Jon doesn't mind this becoming "Scattered Conference Championship Game Thoughts", who's gonna win the NFC?

2006-01-22 15:19:36
39.   Bob Timmermann
Seattle, but by very little.
2006-01-22 15:28:51
40.   Andrew Shimmin
Anybody read the Simer's piece on Malone, today? Colletti has the Sheriff's endorsement. That had to give Mr. Ned's soul a shiver, this morning.
2006-01-22 15:41:34
41.   trainwreck
Poor one cares for his opinions anymore. I have more respect for him as I agree with him lol. I do not agree with the Miller and Tiffany comparison. I thought Miller was so good because of his great stuff from the left side.
2006-01-22 15:47:16
42.   Marty
Oh heck, I'll take Carolina today.
2006-01-22 15:49:04
43.   trainwreck
I hope Carolina wins it all.
2006-01-22 15:59:36
44.   das411
39 - Bob, that sounds like you are predicting Seattle 3 Carolina 2 :)
2006-01-22 16:07:45
45.   Steve
Why would the Dodgers like the Baez deal?
2006-01-22 16:16:36
46.   Marty
It just got very windy up where I am. Which means it's about to get about as cold as Carolina is in a little while...
2006-01-22 16:19:15
47.   D4P
Who wouldn't like a guy that will save 41 games? Add that to Gagne's saves, and the Dodgers should get almost 80-90 wins from Baez and Gagne alone...
2006-01-22 16:26:48
48.   natepurcell
what the hell are the panthers doing. COVER THE SPREAD PLEASEEEE!
2006-01-22 16:28:41
49.   D4P
You're too young to be gambling, Purcey.
2006-01-22 16:28:46
50.   trainwreck
So much for Delhomme's reputation.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-01-22 16:32:16
51.   Bob Timmermann
Nate's references to point spreads are for entertainment purposes only I'm sure.
2006-01-22 16:34:29
52.   natepurcell
yea what Bob said. Its like the people who cheer for the refs. I cheer for the bookies and their spreads.
2006-01-22 16:47:12
53.   LAT
I guess that was the "I really didn't mean it" flag.
2006-01-22 17:43:59
54.   Bob Timmermann
The Panthers are in a Flank 2 position now.
2006-01-22 17:56:47
55.   LAT
This is why I like baseball more than football or basketball. A close game in all three sports is exciting but a blow out in football or basketball means the game is over. In baseball even if your team is down by four runs in the 8th, there is always the hope of a rally and the rally doesn't end until there have been three outs. Moreover, you don't give up the ball when you score and there is no clock working against you. Carolina is done. Bring on ST.
2006-01-22 17:57:41
56.   Bob Timmermann
A blowout in hockey is the worst.
2006-01-22 18:01:24
57.   D4P
Worse than soccer?
2006-01-22 18:04:10
58.   LAT
A close game in hockey isn't much better.
2006-01-22 18:05:56
59.   LAT
I'll take soccer over hockey. I'll take curling over hockey.
2006-01-22 18:10:07
60.   Bob Timmermann
Soccer blowouts are thankfully, fairly rare and you almost know there is going to be one before the match starts.

Soccer players tend not to get into fights when they are getting blown out.

2006-01-22 18:11:06
61.   LAT
of course, in Delomme's case he likes to give up possession before he scores.
2006-01-22 18:12:23
62.   D4P
That may be the only time the blank in this sentence has ever been filled:

"I'll take curling over (_______)"

2006-01-22 18:13:06
63.   D4P
Soccer players tend not to get into fights when they are getting blown out

They leave that to the fans.

2006-01-22 18:13:44
64.   Marty
Hockey and Soccer are the Danys Baez of sports. I wouldn't trade an afternoon of yard work to watch either.
2006-01-22 18:16:43
65.   Steve
Well said.
2006-01-22 18:41:28
66.   das411
55 - I watched, live, the game in 2001 when Cleveland came back from down 12 in the 7th inning on the Mariners to win. That is about what the Panthers would have to do now.

59 , 64 - Spoken like true LA Hockey fans! How is Jere-ME Roenick workin out for you guys?

The Seahawks need to just dump the Gatorade on Holmgren now and end this thing...

2006-01-22 18:51:01
67.   Bob Timmermann
Roenick has been out for a while with a broken finger.
2006-01-22 19:11:31
68.   Bob Timmermann

Pittsburgh is an early 4 point favorite in the Super Bowl.

2006-01-22 19:31:48
69.   D4P
Winning money is more entertaining than not winning money.
2006-01-22 19:40:13
1 hockey 2 baseball 3basketball 4 every other sport 5 american football. American football is a big piece of crap it is only popular here in america these sport popularity rankings are true in almost 80% of the world so i dont want you idiots saying hockey sucks because you just dont watch it and if you want excitement there is nothing more exciting than playoff hockey but you morons wouldnt know because you are too caught up in your american football.
2006-01-22 19:41:40
For those of you that do watch hockey Go Kings
2006-01-22 19:48:23
72.   das411
70 - Besides, the NFL is only just now catching up with the awesomeness that is the Playoff Beard.

Special thanks go to the 2005 Astros for their valiant efforts in this area.

2006-01-22 20:14:49
I dont hate football but idiots saying that hockey sucks makes me mad. how do you know if it sucks if you never watch it or go to a game.
2006-01-22 20:15:28
74.   Vishal
[70] that's not true. i think the worldwide rankings are more like:

1 soccer 2 every other sport

2006-01-22 20:17:05
75.   D4P
1 soccer 2 every other sport 3 curling
2006-01-22 20:17:28
76.   Andrew Shimmin
70- Traditionally, when you post something like that here, you end it with: "I know all of you are going to jump all over me, but I'm tough. I CAN TAKE IT. Let the pile on begin!"

Something along those lines.

That said, Baseball is number two in the hearts of 80% of the world? Soccer isn't in the top three? Really? Huh, I guess I really am a moron. . .

2006-01-22 20:18:51
I meant that football is the least popular of the 4 major sports NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA in the reast of the world
2006-01-22 20:22:08
78.   Andrew Shimmin
77- Obviously. Anyway, wouldn't hurt to take it down a notch, would it? This is L.A. Make it mellow. Dig?
2006-01-22 20:23:24
76-read 77 Im sorry I offended you after all we are the same in we are dodger fans.
2006-01-22 20:30:22
So do you guys think the dodger roster is pretty much set or does Ned have something up his sleeve. Odalis Perez traded for Bobby Abreu we can always hope cant we.
2006-01-22 20:30:46
81.   Steve
1) Danys Baez

2) Soccer

2006-01-22 20:36:47
82.   LAT
70. Not sure I said anytrhing about the world popularity of hockey. Been to a number of hockey games. Lived in New England. Went to school in Vermont. I've seen a fair amount of hockey. I just don't care for it. But if that makes me a moron and an idiot than so be it.
2006-01-22 20:37:57
82-see 77 and 79
2006-01-22 20:38:41
84.   Andrew Shimmin
Can't remember if I read it here first, making it a bit, er, moronic, to repost it here, if I did. What was I saying? Please forgive me, I've got the flu. And the only acetaminophen I had has codine in it. Which has got me a bit spacey. Right. The West Wing has been canceled. So, only a couple years late. Kind of ruins the suspense of who'll win their television election, though.
2006-01-22 20:42:46
LAT-would you at least agree with me on that people say something sucks without ever seeing it or experiencing it
2006-01-22 20:47:41
are you guys watching kobe and the lakers he has 63 points and counting
2006-01-22 20:50:09
87.   Andrew Shimmin
The people who've never seen hockey are the ones who, when asked what they think of it, say, "Hockey? What's that?"
2006-01-22 20:54:38
88.   LAT
84. At least it made it a few more eposides than Emily's Reasons. Even if the hot chick can't get a date storyline didn't work, they could have tried to tweek it. Cancelling it after one week was rough. Guess we won't be seeing too many movie stars moving to the small screne for a while.

85. Kids do it about food or new experiences all the time.

2006-01-22 20:56:02
89.   Steve
Hockey? What's that?
2006-01-22 21:01:25
90.   Andrew Shimmin
89- Glad you asked. It's a stone cold groove is what it is.
2006-01-22 21:03:06
91.   Steve
Is hockey as boring as watching Kobe play horse with a CBA team?
2006-01-22 21:05:46
92.   Bob Timmermann
The very end of this story:
states that the Dodgers may have an interest in signing Shigetoshi Hasegawa.
2006-01-22 21:07:45
93.   Xeifrank
Do you think Kobe Bryant will be satisfied with his 81 points and perhaps be happy with scoring 45 points a game back like he did in the "old days". :) vr, Xei
2006-01-22 21:08:51
94.   Andrew Shimmin
Bob knows how to start trouble without calling anybody a moron.
2006-01-22 21:10:05
95.   D4P
I was thinking something similar. How can you be satisfied with 30 points a game when you've scored 81? I'm guessing he becomes even more of a ballhog in the near future...
2006-01-22 21:10:17
96.   Andrew Shimmin
92- The good news in that story is, maybe the Padres will get him, instead.
2006-01-22 21:11:09
97.   Jon Weisman
85 - Not everything is Green Eggs and Ham. Some things are just limburger.

That's not a comment about hockey; that's just a comment about your comment.

2006-01-22 21:13:55
98.   trainwreck
Well that was amazing.
2006-01-22 21:14:39
99.   Bob Timmermann

Heather Graham was a movie star? Or was she famous for some other reason when she appeared in a certain P.T. Anderson film?

2006-01-22 21:15:21
100.   Jon Weisman
I gotta say, I wish I had seen Kobe's game.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-01-22 21:16:44
101.   D4P
Heather Graham's primary claim to fame is a guest star appearance on Arrested Development.
2006-01-22 21:19:27
102.   Andrew Shimmin
99- She was in Twins! Young Mary Ann Benedict (uncredited).
2006-01-22 21:21:29
103.   Linkmeister
This is too good not to pass along. Are any of you folks old enough to remember text games like "Adventure" and "Zork?"

A wicked sense of humor this author has, along with a good memory.

2006-01-22 21:21:34
104.   Jon Weisman
99 - Thanks to Swingers, she'll always be money to me.
2006-01-22 21:27:05
105.   LAT
99. What can I say I'm a sucker for a naked girl on roller skates.

Actually, it was in Austin Powers that she left a mark on me.

2006-01-22 21:29:27
106.   D4P
Very funny stuff. I do remember those games. I remember playing a game on a "computer" that was really just a keyboard and a printer. I don't think there was any kind of monitor.
2006-01-22 21:32:29
107.   Jon Weisman
What's the record for points in a half?
2006-01-22 21:38:19
108.   Steve
Heather Graham? What's that?
2006-01-22 21:38:47
109.   D4P
OT (is there a T)?:

Anyone know anything about SunRocket Internet Phone Service? A co-worker of my wife just signed up, and from what I can tell, it looks promising...

2006-01-22 21:40:07
110.   Bob Timmermann
Wilt had 59 points in the second half of his 100 point game to set the record.
2006-01-22 21:52:32
111.   Bob Timmermann
However, the single quarter record is held by George Gervin with 33 in 1978 against the New Orleans Jazz in the second quarter.
2006-01-22 21:54:37
112.   Bob Timmermann
And a special prize to whomever first figures out who holds the record for most points in an OT.
2006-01-22 21:59:52
113.   LAT
The Ice Man. Now there is a guy that made Kobe look like a leader in assists.

Million Dollar Baby on HBO2. There can be no doubt that Hillary Swank deserved best actress. Really good but depressing movie.

2006-01-22 22:00:44
114.   Andrew Shimmin
To balance out 103, Here's an archive of columns by Pat Boone. Yes, that Pat Boone.
2006-01-22 22:05:20
115.   Linkmeister
114 Pat's not as creative as the Yeti guy. ;)
2006-01-22 22:06:12
116.   Jon Weisman
Earl Boykins.
2006-01-22 22:09:29
117.   LAT
112. When in doubt, I go with MJ.
2006-01-22 22:11:51
118.   D4P
After years of waiting, it finally happened: Lisa Loeb has her own reality show.
2006-01-22 22:12:22
119.   das411
Was anybody on this board watching The Admiral's 71 point game in I think 1994, wasn't that one against the Clips?
2006-01-22 22:18:08
120.   LAT
It was vs. the Clips. He always dominated the Clips (who didn't) I was there and it was more frustrating than anything. They just kept feeding him the ball in the low post and there was nothing the Clips could do. Thanks to the dominance of Chris Kaman we have come a long way since then;-)
2006-01-22 22:20:22
121.   LAT
118. That's weird, right before you posted that I flipped to it accidentially and started watching. My wife asked me who she is and I realized I'm not sure. A disco singer I think. Why is this on?
2006-01-22 22:22:50
122.   Bob Timmermann
The OT record held is by an Indiana Pacer.
2006-01-22 22:23:13
123.   LAT
2006-01-22 22:24:02
124.   D4P
I don't know why it's on. She's not a disco singer. I always thought her nerdy look was cute.
2006-01-22 22:28:36
125.   Bob Timmermann
You can judge for yourself about Ms. Loeb.

But she and Dweezil have split up.

And Reggie Miller is not the answer. Reggie Miller was still at UCLA when the record was set.

2006-01-22 22:30:53
126.   D4P
She's actively seeking a mate, and someone to father her children, if anyone is interested. I'm already spoken for...
2006-01-22 22:31:09
127.   LAT
I lost a beer to a guy in a bar by not being able to answer the following question:

Who is the only player to be named 3-time college player of the year, win an NCAA scoring title, an NACAA championship and an olympic gold medal in basketball and never play in the NBA?

2006-01-22 22:36:26
128.   Bob Timmermann
Cheryl Miller?
2006-01-22 22:40:24
129.   LAT
Bob, wins a beer.
2006-01-22 22:47:40
130.   LAT
Next barroom trivia question although this one is old and the answer may have changed.

In the main four sports, name the seven teams with the same name. For example the Arizona Cardnials (NFL) and the St Louis Cardnials (MLB).

2006-01-22 23:00:10
131.   LAT
Actually one of them no longer exists: Huston Oilers and Edmonton Oilers.
2006-01-22 23:08:51
132.   Jon Weisman
"Trivia answer | Earl Boykins, who a year ago Wednesday scored 15 of the Denver Nuggets' 21 points in overtime of a 116-110 victory over Seattle. The 5-foot-5 Boykins broke the record of 14, set by Butch Carter of Indiana against Boston on March 20, 1984."

- Los Angeles Times

2006-01-22 23:11:49
133.   Bob Timmermann
New York and San Francisco Giants
Texas and New York Rangers
Los Angeles and Sacramento Kings
Arizona and St. Louis Cardinals

Old ones:
New York and Winnipeg Jets
Edmonton and Houston Oilers

2006-01-22 23:12:50
134.   Bob Timmermann

I guess the NBA to needs to update its record book that they have on their website.

2006-01-22 23:13:59
135.   Jon Weisman
Lisa Loeb once did a nice guest turn on "Cupid," a very underrated, canceled-too-soon series starring Jeremy Piven and, of course, Paula Marhsall.
2006-01-22 23:15:15
136.   Jon Weisman
112/116/132/134 - I wouldn't have known it except it was in Morning Briefing about three days ago. But of course, you don't subscribe to the Times.
2006-01-22 23:18:46
137.   Jon Weisman
And since I know there are, like me, some Veronica Mars fans here, I'll add that Rob Thomas, who was the Cupid show-runner, now is the VM show-runner.
2006-01-22 23:21:59
138.   Bob Timmermann
Earl Boykins would have been a weird name to guess without any previous knowledge of the situation.
2006-01-22 23:49:44
139.   LAT
Bob is 2 for 2. I thought there was one more but I can't think of it. The Kings is the one people usually forget.
2006-01-23 00:13:09
140.   cdbavg400
Would the Senators count?

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