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Name Droppings
2006-01-25 09:42
by Jon Weisman

Who's your favorite in Daily News writer Tony Jackson's Dodger update today? Use any criteria you like.

Pat Borders
Joe Beimel
Tim Hamulack
Hong-Chih Kuo
Kelly Wunsch
Ned Colletti
Dioner Navarro
Sandy Alomar
Russell Martin
Bill Robinson
Mike Easler
George Hendrick
Lance Parrish
Jerry Royster
Steve Yeager
Ken Howell
Mariano Duncan
Roger McDowell
Marty Reed
Rick Honeycutt
John Shoemaker
Danny Darwin
Joel Hanrahan

* * *

From Kevin Kelly of the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Away from the podium where Bob Castellini announced the dismissal of general manager Dan O'Brien on Monday, the new Reds owner fielded a few more questions.

One concerned how much control the next general manager would have over baseball operations and personnel decisions.

"When the next person comes in," Castellini responded, "he or she will assess who their personnel will be."

And yet, Kelly writes that Dodger assistant general manager Kim Ng is not expected to be a candidate to become general manager in Cincinnati.

I can't tell if Castellini is open-minded for using "he or she" or close-minded for not considering Ng, if that's the case.

Comments (166)
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2006-01-25 09:45:18
1.   the OZ
Kelly Wunsch. Most consecutive consanants.

PS - Jon, has anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Brian Cashman?

2006-01-25 09:47:09
2.   Bob Timmermann
Better yet, have you ever seen a picture of Jon and Brian Cashman together?


Just saying....

2006-01-25 09:52:18
3.   Jon Weisman
In the spirit of the post above, and in honor of Howard Fox's kitchen, you are welcome also to make a list of all the people you have not seen me in a picture with.
2006-01-25 09:53:17
4.   Another Tom
Mike Marshall is my all-time favorite Dodger (I wasn't around for Koufax or Tommy Davis - my dad's favorite) but on that list I will have to go with Steve Yeager. Some of my earliest memories are going to his clinics at College of the Canyons.

Do they still do clinics like that? They used to have 3 or 4 Dodgers each year come to a big auditorium (COC's basketball court) and each would give a presentation on how to play a particular position. And then after you could take pictures with the players. I was only about 5 or 6, but I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I have about 3 years of pictures with Yeager, he was always willing to take pictures with everyone.

Ah, memories....

2006-01-25 09:58:42
5.   FirstMohican
"What I like about Ned Colletti is that he prefers pitchers who have pitched in the majors and who are lefty," Dodger Thoughts poster FirstMohican said. "We'll see where it goes."
2006-01-25 09:59:11
6.   Bob Timmermann
The Dodgers still do clinics like that from time to time, although they probably won't do them in places like COC since they want to reach out to communities where they want to draw new fans. Last year, the Dodgers held one just for women and girls at Dodger Stadium and instead of just getting guys like Oscar Robles and Mike Edwards to participate, they got Eric Gagne to participate.
2006-01-25 09:59:45
7.   jasonungar05
I love Yeager too. I met him at my Mom's temple when I was a kid in Thousand Oaks. I was like 13.

He was converting to Judiasm. He was wearing his trademark yellow shades. He did not have his adams apple guard on though.

2006-01-25 10:00:42
8.   Bob Timmermann
Danny Darwin is mentioned in the article too.
2006-01-25 10:04:58
9.   Jon Weisman
8 - So he is.
2006-01-25 10:13:29
10.   Marty
I give props to Marty Reed for having a cool name.
2006-01-25 10:16:05
11.   Another Tom
By the way, Danny Darwin is a pitching coach and Mariano Duncan is a hitting coach? I'm assuming that's from the Do-As-I-Say-Not-As-I-Do school of teaching.
2006-01-25 10:16:53
12.   mike20
I only got Chris Gwynn's autograph at COC. I wish Yeager would have been there, I would have had him sign my copy of Playgirl that he posed in!
2006-01-25 10:17:39
13.   Marty
Will Steve Yeager try to cut down on the amount of broken bats? They can be vewwy dangerous.
2006-01-25 10:18:22
14.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, an old Danny Darwin was worth a young Keith Foulke in 1997.
2006-01-25 10:20:48
15.   Colorado Blue
Rick Honeycutt... he was my second-favorite MASH character :)
2006-01-25 10:21:12
16.   Another Tom
Bob, I think that's "worth"

As in a Delino Deshields was "worth"....nevermind.

2006-01-25 10:22:16
17.   Colorado Blue
12 - I probably would have went with "my girfriend's copy of Playgirl".
2006-01-25 10:25:18
18.   Bob Timmermann
Delino Deshields has the fourth highest total of home runs of any major leaguer born in Delaware:

Randy Bush and Dave May hit 96.
John Mabry has 90.
Delino hit 80.

Kevin Mench has 68 and could be gaining on the outside.

However, I don't believe Delaware really exists. I believe it's a fictional state created for tax purposes and to collect tolls when you drive from NY to DC. Some people are given Delaware birth certificates to keep up the charade.

2006-01-25 10:28:41
19.   Marty
I thought Delaware was just South Philadelphia
2006-01-25 10:42:08
20.   Jon Weisman
I dated a girl from Delaware. It exists. I've been to its beaches. I've supped with its residents. Dead Poets Society was filmed there. I'm proud to have spent six days of my life in Delaware.
2006-01-25 10:43:40
21.   Bob Timmermann
How do you know you were really in Delaware and not on some Hollywood set as part of an elaborate hoax?
2006-01-25 10:45:25
22.   HBONaomi
I am from HBO, looking for Dodger game video from 1983. If you have this, please email me at We will pay.


2006-01-25 10:50:09
23.   Another Tom
'83 Dodgers? Doing a big Bio piece on Greg Brock or Jack Fimple? Or is it that big Behind the Scenes with Burt Hooten?
2006-01-25 10:51:43
24.   Jon Weisman
21 - After seeing the climax of Blazing Saddles, I always test the people to see if they are made of plywood.
2006-01-25 10:52:11
25.   scareduck
22 - isn't that what ESPN is for?
2006-01-25 10:53:09
26.   Bob Timmermann
1983 - The year of Pat Zachry
2006-01-25 10:53:15
27.   scareduck
24 - that's also helpful at political speeches...
2006-01-25 10:53:24
28.   Marty
I'm guessing she is looking for home video.
2006-01-25 10:54:42
29.   Colorado Blue
22- Isn't there legal ramifications of third-party sales of copyrighted material involved here?
2006-01-25 11:00:18
30.   natepurcell
so i had wisdom teeth surgery this morning. it was pretty cool actually. they put me to sleep, and i woke up 10 mins later..... or i thought it eas 10 mins later but they said it was an hour later.

well my mouth is currently full of blood, the numbness hasnt worn off yet. i have guaze in my mouth, a bottle of vocodin by my side and a jamba juice smoothie in the fridge. i think i am going to be in happyland for the next couple of days.

meanwhiile, according to OLney:

• Heard that Cleveland could be the landing place for Jeff Weaver, just as it was for another Boras client -- Kevin Millwood -- last year.

that would be GREAT news for us.

2006-01-25 11:08:40
31.   dagwich
Some of my best friends are from Delaware.

Though they all pronouce it "Dela-WHERE?"

Rumor has it that in addition to the credit card front they have going, there is this little thing they call DuPont. I think DuPont is pretty real.

2006-01-25 11:17:48
32.   Sam DC
When the train from DC to Philly stops in a place that claims to be Dover, Delaware, you can see a giant mural of a breaching humpback whale. So I think it's real. Unless it's like a Capricorn One whale mural. Has OJ Simpson ever been to Delaware?
2006-01-25 11:21:32
33.   Another Tom
Let me get this SAT question correct.

Delaware is to DC with regard to Atlantic City as Barstow is to LA with regard to Vegas.

2006-01-25 11:23:41
34.   Colorado Blue
Delaware no longer exists... George Thoroughgood and his band Destroyed it.
2006-01-25 11:25:18
35.   Bob Timmermann
These events or places were all faked:

1) Delaware
2) The moon landings
3) Elvis's death
4) Jason Grabowski

2006-01-25 11:28:05
36.   Jon Weisman
35 - Were they all just part of Tommy Westphal's autistic dream?
2006-01-25 11:31:52
37.   scareduck
35 - you can't fool me on number 4, BPro declared him the worst regular LF in the majors. If it was a hoax, it was a well-publicized one...
2006-01-25 11:34:19
38.   Sam DC
36 Well, I've learned something today -- I had no idea.
2006-01-25 11:35:12
39.   Colorado Blue
35 - You just can't fake the Stare of Disbelief
2006-01-25 11:39:29
40.   Jon Weisman
36 - And for those keeping score (namely, me), that's the third time I've used that line.
2006-01-25 11:40:20
41.   Linkmeister
At a previous job I held we bought our first computer software from a country club in Wilmington, Delaware. Yes, that sounds odd. The club had developed it in house for its own needs and was (I suppose) trying to recover some of its costs by selling it. I think we paid $10K and travel/hotel costs for two people to come out to Hawai'i and install it.

I can thus vouch for the fact that there are (well, were) at least two people in 1980 who were residents of Delaware.

2006-01-25 11:43:09
42.   ToyCannon
Ken Howell - hoping he can help the kids in Vegas as Roger McDowell obviously couldn't. The Braves hold on the East ends with Leo gone and Roger taking his place.
2006-01-25 11:46:28
43.   mike20
17 - Touché
2006-01-25 11:54:34
44.   gvette
I have relatives who claim to own "beachfront" property in Delaware.

The photos they've sent show that Delaware beachfront property may be the same as owning a condo overlooking the flood control channel of the Los Angeles River.

2006-01-25 11:58:04
45.   Sam DC
friend emailed me today a Plashcke article about how no one's willing to give Milton Bradley a second chance and every time he does something good people keep hauling out examples of the things he's messed up in the past and . . .

Wait, no, sorry, it was Kobe Bryant. The Bradley article reads different.

2006-01-25 12:00:17
46.   Jon Weisman
45 - LOL
2006-01-25 12:02:26
47.   Colorado Blue
44 - Yeah, and I own "beachfront" property here in Denver. Well, it WAS... 100 million years ago.
2006-01-25 12:03:56
48.   Andrew Shimmin
The Delaware hoaxers are out in full force, it seems. Must've hit a nerve, Bob.

The one I've never bought is all that stuff about the moon affecting the tides. Hokum.

2006-01-25 12:07:03
49.   Colorado Blue
Tides are caused by the imperfect centering of the flat Earth on its balancing stick and the resulting corrections meant to keep it from falling off.
2006-01-25 12:15:47
50.   Bob Timmermann
Referring to the update, other reports out of Cincinnati says that Castellini doesn't want a sabermetric GM, like DePodesta, but he says that he has "budgeted for sabermetrics".

I had no idea what that meant.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-01-25 12:20:32
51.   Andrew Shimmin
In this instance, I take sabermetric to mean fancy but cheap. Castellini is cheap, but doesn't go in for being fancy about it.
2006-01-25 12:23:12
52.   Jeromy
50: it probably means he bought a new computer for the GM's office. or perhaps a subscription to the Baseball Prospectus.
2006-01-25 12:25:29
53.   Another Tom
Bob, that means after dumping the Mayor on the Bucs he has money for a BP subscription.
2006-01-25 12:26:02
54.   Bob Timmermann
Cincinnati does exist. I've been there.


2006-01-25 12:34:58
55.   Blue Thrue and Thrue
From Joe Sheehan's BP article about unsung free agents who will make a difference:

Jae Seo went from the Mets to the Dodgers as part of a four-pitcher deal in which the Mets picked up a couple of nondescript relievers. Seo probably should have spent the entire season in the Mets' rotation, but wasted three months at Norfolk while the team messed around with Kazuhisa Ishii. Seo posted a 2.90 ERA in 14 starts, with nearly a 4-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio, numbers more in line with his solid '03 than his disastrous '04. He's no star, but a capable mid-rotation starter who should make 32 starts and keep his ERA in the 3.00s, especially in Shea West. The Dodgers would have missed Jeff Weaver more if not for this pickup.

2006-01-25 12:39:53
56.   bhsportsguy
It appears G. Mota is still having physical problems as he failed his physical in Cleveland yesterday.

2006-01-25 12:47:19
57.   Bob Timmermann
Well, somebody doesn't read my blog.

2006-01-25 13:05:47
58.   regfairfield
57 I read your blog, Bob. In fact, between you and 6-4-2, all of my needs for news are covered.
2006-01-25 13:12:36
59.   trainwreck
I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out, but I am going to stay awake for the procedure and have them numb my gums. I will just listen to music while they rip the teeth out of my mouth.
2006-01-25 13:19:33
60.   Bob Timmermann

From people who have tried it that way, I think you will be needing psychotherapy to forget the experience.

I got knocked out and it took just 5 minutes according to my dad.

2006-01-25 13:25:07
61.   natepurcell
I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out, but I am going to stay awake for the procedure and have them numb my gums. I will just listen to music while they rip the teeth out of my mouth

dont do that. have them put you to sleep. you go to sleep, you wake up like 1 min later and its done. time fliesssssss

2006-01-25 13:26:01
62.   Sam DC
59 I did that -- then we ran into some orthodontic challenges. Dentist says to me: "So, it looks like I'm gonna need to pulverize these while they're still in your gums before I can get them out. OK?"
2006-01-25 13:37:48
63.   Marty
59 If you are willing to go that route, you might as well do it yourself.
2006-01-25 13:40:20
64.   natepurcell
the A's signing the big hurt is a good move IMO.
2006-01-25 13:44:29
65.   regfairfield
64 Does this make the A's the best team in baseball now? I saw the A's, Indians, and Yankees as the best teams before this, with the White Sox and Mets slightly behind? Is this enough to make the A's the clear favorites?
2006-01-25 13:50:36
66.   natepurcell
re 65

it really depends on his healthy. the big hurt is stll a very good right handed power hitter when healthy. he has a career .427 OBP for goodness sakes!!

2006-01-25 13:51:15
67.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Ken is monitoring the situation.
2006-01-25 13:51:24
68.   natepurcell
to add, if he is healthy, then i think they are legit contenders if beane doesnt trade zito.

harden zito haren is nasty!

2006-01-25 13:54:21
69.   LAT
59. I did it that way. Turn the music up as loud as you can stand and then double it. The cracking, ripping shattering sound you hear in you inner-ear is like a head-on collision in slow motion. It didn't hurt but it was unpleasant to listen to in your own head.

The Dr. broke one of the teeth and had to cut my gum down the side so he could grab hold of the rest of the tooth to rip it out.

Take the sleep.

2006-01-25 13:55:16
70.   micktissue
FWIW I just blogged this on my website ( and thought I'd share it here:

I met former Dodger's catcher Steve Yeager sometime back in the 80s, I don't really recall the dates, when the Dodgers came to Candlestick Park for a 3-game series. Anyway, I walked down to the field level during warm-ups and noticed that he was wearing what looked like patent leather cleats. They were too clean and shiny!

I asked him, "Hey Steve, what's with the patent leather cleats?" He replied, "Well, just because I'm on the DL doesn't mean I don't have class."

That began a distant relationship with Steve where whenever he came to town, and I'd see him, I'd yell, "Hey patent leather!" and wherever he was, in the dugout or warming up a pitcher, he'd stand up, look for me and wave both arms. I doubt that he remembers, but for me, at the time, it was one of the coolest things in my life!

What does this have to do with anything? It doesn't, but I did read in the LA Daily News (thanks to Dodger Thoughts for the link) that he is now the hitting coach with the Dodgers AAA affiliate in Las Vegas, the 51s. Congrats Patent Leather, and I hope this means we'll see you and your clean cleats back with the big club someday.

2006-01-25 14:31:08
71.   Penarol1916
59. I did it too, but not by choice, I showed up hungover for what my mother told me would be a regular dental appointment and the dentist said, "Ready to get your wisdom teeth out." Since I drove myself, they had to keep me awake, the only bad parts were the fact that I could taste the shards of teeth, gums and blood as they were being torn out. Also, waiting in line at the pharmacy with blood pouring out of my mouth wasn't pleasant, but once I got those pills, it was all good. Getting dry sockets did kind of ruin the summer before I went off to college though.
2006-01-25 14:33:17
72.   Sam DC
On a procrastinating lark, I just happened to happened the click the link at right for "A Citizen's Blog for the Philadelphia Phillies." And it's just tragic. The first two sentences are: "THE END. I've decided to quit blogging as of today." Anyways it's a pretty interesting sort of anthropologic moment reading the final post and comments of this blog I'd never lookd at before. Oddly compelling and somewhat disturbing. Like coming across "two vast and trunkless legs of stone" in an ancient desert. Well, sort of like that.
2006-01-25 14:37:43
73.   King of the Hobos
72 I just had to read that and write an essay on it. I'd prefer you not remind me, as I'm not a big fan of poetry. I just force myself to class
2006-01-25 14:59:27
74.   natepurcell
Getting dry sockets


2006-01-25 15:05:32
75.   regfairfield
Thomas signed for 500,000 with 2.6 million in incentives. How on Earth does Beane pull off deals like that?
2006-01-25 15:12:24
76.   Jon Weisman
I really need to update that sidebar. That sidebar is like my garage - it refuses to be cleaned up.
2006-01-25 15:16:52
77.   dzzrtRatt
How can you have so many comments about Delaware without mentioning George Thorogood? Or presidential favorite son Joe Biden?
2006-01-25 15:21:18
78.   Colorado Blue
77 - Uh, hem... see comment 34. I thought I was spelling his lastname incorrectly and 'Ratt confirmed it.
2006-01-25 15:22:48
79.   Jon Weisman
If only Della Reese had married Andre Ware ...
2006-01-25 15:26:01
80.   dzzrtRatt
78 That explains why my "find on this page" feature didn't pick it up.

Will I be expelled for cheating?

2006-01-25 15:37:39
81.   Marty
If Hal March's grandson married Tuesday Weld, She'd be Tuesday March the Third...
2006-01-25 15:39:50
82.   LAT
79. I'm such a knucklehead, I actually sounded it out before I got it. Good one, Jon.
2006-01-25 15:40:23
83.   Bob Timmermann
Someone's been watching old episodes of "The Muppet Show".
2006-01-25 15:42:01
84.   LAT
Marty, you have been waiting a lifetime to slip that one in:-)
2006-01-25 15:42:58
85.   Bob Timmermann
Della Reese is 37 years older than Andre Ware, so I'm disturbed.
2006-01-25 15:43:03
86.   Jon Weisman
83 - I actually have been, but that had nothing to do with it.

My favorite is: If Wayne Kirby married Kirby Puckett, he'd be Wayne Puckett.

2006-01-25 15:44:42
87.   Jon Weisman
I'm sad to say that for the most part, the Muppet Show does not hold up. Kermit's still got class, and the guys in the balcony are sharp as ever, but the skits were relics. I just didn't realize it back when I was 10.
2006-01-25 15:48:36
88.   Bob Timmermann
The Muppet Show introduced to Mummenschanz.

I may not forgive Jim Henson for that.

A friend of mine said she took her then 6-year old daughter to see Mummenschanz in person in L.A.

I think there was a lot of crying and hiding under beds after that.

2006-01-25 16:01:27
89.   Jacob L
Was the Muppet Show really the last stand for the variety format (in English, mind you) with "very special guest stars?" It could be that that's the only reason it holds such a special place in my memory. Roger Moore doing production numbers. The whole phenomena of Paul Williams' career.
2006-01-25 16:04:06
90.   D4P
The Muppet Show may not "hold up," but the Muppet Movie is still very enjoyable. In fact, I'm always surprised at how good it is.
2006-01-25 16:07:15
91.   Jacob L
90 The Muppet Movie has got 2 things going for it -
1. Road movie format is hard to screw up (see PeeWee's Big Adventure)
2. Great GREAT cameos. Think about Orson Welles' appearance in that movie. Just think about it.
2006-01-25 16:09:49
92.   Marty
LAT, yes I have
2006-01-25 16:14:48
93.   Colorado Blue
80 - Only if I'm expelled for gross misspelling ;)
2006-01-25 16:35:36
94.   trainwreck
The reason I am going to do it that way is I do not like the idea of being knocked out. Last thing I want to die from is wisdom teeth extraction. I was supposed to have them taken out during winter break, but I got back home too late, so maybe I can just keep prolonging it, because it really is not a problem.
2006-01-25 16:37:34
95.   trainwreck
I should listen to Fantomas Delirium Cordia, because the music is supposed to be a representation of having surgery.
2006-01-25 16:38:03
96.   D4P
Last thing I want to die from is wisdom teeth extraction.

There are worse deaths to be died.

2006-01-25 16:39:28
97.   trainwreck
True, but that is a pretty lame one.
2006-01-25 16:41:34
98.   trainwreck
Artest in a Kings uniform sickens me...
2006-01-25 16:43:53
99.   Bob Timmermann
I had that fear. I was terrified before I went in. I was terrified the whole night before I got my wisdom teeth pulled and I was watching UCLA win the NCAAs in basketball to boot.

You are probably just as likely to get an allergic reaction to the novocain that could kill you.

Or get hit by a bus on the way to the office.

But your fear isn't irrational because I had it and I'm not irrational!

Except when it comes to the existence of Delaware.

2006-01-25 16:44:23
100.   Bob Timmermann
Oh and 99 refers to 97, not to Ron Artest playing for Sacramento.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-01-25 16:48:41
101.   jasonungar05
So Nomah is 5.5 million times better than Frank Thomas?
2006-01-25 17:07:46
102.   LAT
99. Bob, what about when it comes to Russ Ortiz?
2006-01-25 17:11:11
103.   Bob Timmermann
Russ Ortiz is rational hatred, not irrational fear.

Like the people in "1984", it's easier to direct all my hatred toward one person.

2006-01-25 17:18:28
104.   overkill94
94 For the love of god, get knocked out. One of the coolest experiences I've ever had was waking up from getting my wisdom teeth out. It's like waking up from a night of Nyquil sleep times 10.

If you think about it, should you die from anesthesia, you won't even know you died, so it becomes a moot point.

2006-01-25 17:23:32
105.   Bob Timmermann
You can go to Jim Tracy, Oral Surgeon.

Now do you want your existing teeth to be in a position to grow and develop as teeth? If you do, we would have to look at ways to work your existing teeth in to the mix? But we don't want to use them too much. I could try to remove the wisdom teeth, but the arm angle would cause some problems. Do I want to use some kids to help? Well, only if the situation dictates.

2006-01-25 17:40:55
106.   King of the Hobos
I had never seen a picture of Tim Hamulack. His ears are...noticable

2006-01-25 17:54:24
107.   Sam DC
76 Too funny, I almost didn't make my post 'cause I knew you would get fussy about the sidebar. Actually, your fuss was somwhat milder than I expected.

103 One person?

2006-01-25 17:55:43
108.   still bevens
71 Lets also not forget the awful sounds of bones being crushed inside your mouth. ('Hey dentist whats that?' 'Oh, thats the ELEVATOR'). When I got my wisdom teeth out they did one side on one day, and the other side the next. I had the luxury of going through all these motions two mornings in a row. Root canals arent a picnic either.
2006-01-25 17:56:46
109.   Sam DC
And did we ever get an answer to 74?
2006-01-25 18:09:32
110.   LAT
Nate is probably off in Vitamin V land by now. (Lucky guy)
2006-01-25 18:14:48
111.   natepurcell
The reason I am going to do it that way is I do not like the idea of being knocked out. Last thing I want to die from is wisdom teeth extraction.

get knocked out. i was skeptical of that as well because i have never been under for any surgery before, let alone have surgery before.

but man, what a feeling it was waking up. he stuck the needle in my arm, and the last time i remembered was the doctor saying, "now this is when i tell the patients that you are now mine".

i was like "uhh....." then i passed out. then i felt like i woke up 1 min later but it was really an hour later. it was fun looking back on it.

2006-01-25 18:30:42
112.   natepurcell
wow, jim callis of BA thinks scott elbert is top 10 pitching prospect in ALL of baseball.

evin (Waltham,MA): Who do you think the Top 5-10 pitching prospects in baseball are? Where does Jon Lester rank on that list and can he make a contribution a la Jon Paplebon by September?

SportsNation Jim Callis: Kevin, here's my Top 10 pitching list from my personal overall Top 50 Prospects list in the Handbook (in order): Francisco Liriano, Matt Cain, Chad Billingsley, Justin Verlander, Jon Lester, Jon Papelbon, Anibal Sanchez, Scott Olsen, Scott Elbert, Dustin McGowan. Lester definitely can contribute this year.

i like elbert, but i dont think hes quite there yet although he has the potential to be.

2006-01-25 18:31:30
113.   tjshere
94 - Go for it. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at the same time under a local. I fainted after the first one, but after that it was gravy. Just don't drool on the drive home.

Actually, if you can find a driver it wouldn't hurt to have a stiff belt or two first. That sure helped with my vasectomy. Hehehehehe.

2006-01-25 18:52:16
114.   Vishal
i had 2 of my wisdom teeth extracted by my cousin. he's an excellent dentist. he only gave me local anesthetic, so i was awake the whole time. and afterwards, i didn't even take a single aspirin; no painkillers whatsoever. all i felt was a little soreness for a couple of days, nothing major. there was no swelling at all. it was a breeze.
2006-01-25 19:12:06
115.   trainwreck
My friend actually flat lined for a second while on the gas during his wisdom teeth extraction and I heard about this after I made my decision.
2006-01-25 19:12:25
116.   King of the Hobos
For those who know more than me, is nate's sense of "i woke up 1 min later but it was really an hour later" due to the dosage of anesthesia? I mostly ask because when I went under (not for wisdom teeth removal), when I woke up, it felt like it had been forever. It also took forever for me to wake up, as I couldn't sustain conciousness. I did not like that experience, but most of you have pretty much convinced me that if/when I get wisdom teeth pulled, to go under
2006-01-25 19:27:16
117.   natepurcell
if you guys are bored like me, you cna watch some minor league games here

they have the southern league championship game with orenduff pitching (loney homers in the game) and they have the AFL championship game where 5 dodgers started on the pheonix team: matt kemp, andy laroche, james loney, andre ethier and tony abreu.

2006-01-25 19:32:31
118.   trainwreck
When Mueller gets hurt (that's right, I said when), do you guys think we will get a chance to see LaRoche play? Or will it be stop gaps like Saez and Robles/Aybar?
2006-01-25 19:36:47
119.   natepurcell
depends on how he is doing in AAA. if he is putting up carlos quentin like numbers, then i think so.
2006-01-25 19:50:40
120.   das411
116 et al - Apparently I walked from the surgeon's chair, into a waiting room, and managed to lie down on a table, all while I was under. I remember sitting there, the needle like Nate said, some sort of blur that might have been walking into a wall, and then waking up right after and thinking "wait, when are they going to do it??" FWIW, the most fun I had was when one of my stitches came up and I could feel it when eating. That and the tons of blood. And the meds do indeed make me jealous of Nate right now :)

112 - Correct me if I'm wrong but I see two LAD, one current and one former SFG, two products of the Boston Hype Machine, and two members of the Marlins' 2006 rotation in that list right?

2006-01-25 19:54:29
121.   KAYVMON
To join the wisdom teeth conversation, I got 4 taken out two weeks ago. I went under and was drowsy but not in pain afterwards. I was in such little pain that I didnt bother to take any painkillers the two days following. But on the third day, it really started to hurt. I stress this because as someone who has broken his jaw, has a metal plate there, and trains Jui-Jitsu, Im pretty used to my mouth hurting. My advice is to take the painkillers before you start being in pain.

NOT INTERESTING/GROSS ALERT- Nate and trainwreck, if your doctor gives you a syringe thing to clean your mouth, use it. Youd be amazed by how much food gets stuck back there even though youre not eating. Using the syringe like a supersoaker will keep your mouth from hurting two weeks afterwards.

To continue the non-eating thing a little further, its amazing how many different types of meals can be made into a drink. You can get very creative with a blender. My favorite was always a PB&J milkshake. At the four week mark of having my jaw wired shut, I would actually make the sandwich, like I was going to eat it. Then, in a fit of rage, I would tear it up into pieces into an already turned on blender while pouring in the milk. Those were good times but I always envied Homer for being able to sniff a piece of steak.

2006-01-25 19:59:22
122.   natepurcell
Correct me if I'm wrong but I see two LAD, one current and one former SFG, two products of the Boston Hype Machine, and two members of the Marlins' 2006 rotation in that list right?

sort of. i dont think anibal will start the year in the marlins rotation, most likley AA. I think the hype is only on papelbon, i do think lester is pretty darn legit. I dont think elbert belongs on that list and i certainly dont think Mcgowan belongs on that list. hes already had TJ surgery, not very good mechanics, and pretty high walk rates. but he does have nasty stuff.

2006-01-25 20:01:11
123.   natepurcell
oops, i think i got bradon league and mcgowan mixed up. yep, i got them mixed up. disregard my comment on mcgowan. i havent seen him pitch yet, although he has had TJ sugery.
2006-01-25 20:06:20
124.   das411
122 - I actually thought Anibal Sanchez was the hype-ee, wasn't he a big chunk of the Beckett deal?

121 - Ricky Jordan had an interesting DL stay due to an unfortunate milkshake incident. Bob, is that Griddle-worthy?

And for all of the Delaware conspiracists:

2006-01-25 20:07:56
125.   natepurcell
yea he and hanley ramirez were part of the beckett trade. i think beckett is part of the hype machine. but sanchez has good stuff. some believe he might have future arm troubles because of his mechanics though. but ill trust the marlins judgement on this because they are great at identifying minor league talent and reloading.
2006-01-25 20:10:21
126.   natepurcell
oops ii meant to say, i think hanely is part of the hype machine. wow, i blame the drugs.
2006-01-25 20:11:42
127.   trainwreck
Yeah, McGowan has awesome stuff if he could just stay healthy.

KAYVMON thanks for the advice. Here is a hilarious story. My friend got his wisdom teeth out and his brother that same night got some really good weed. My friend could not smoke it though because of the stitches in his mouth and stuff. So he took bong loads through his nose lol. Needless to say you should not smoke while your wisdom teeth are healing and it took his gums longer to heal.

2006-01-25 20:37:04
128.   Andrew Shimmin
DT readers are hard core. My second and final root canal visit was yesterday and, while it wasn't pleasant, I've not had any signigicant pain. I had a burger today. But if anybody comes after my wisdom teeth, I'd better be out cold. Is there a package where you can be in an induced coma during the extraction, and for the week after?
2006-01-25 20:48:34
129.   Eric L
128 I'll throw out some of my own dental advice (as one of my teeth is bugging the hell out of me right now.. time to visit once again)...

If you ever have to get a root canal and your dental insurance allows it, ask your dentist to refer you to a specialist (endodontist). The last root canal and it was a much better experience than my previous root canal.

2006-01-25 21:01:37
130.   Andrew Shimmin
My root canaller was an endodontist. He was (I've not tried to independantly confirm this, but he seemed honest enough) the top dental student in Persia, three years running, which entitled him to dinner with the Shah, each year. After the revolution, he was told that he would be separated from his head if he ever went back. So he didn't. All by way of saying, the whole mulluh thing worked out really well for my teeth.
2006-01-25 21:14:59
131.   capdodger
My wisdom teeth came out a few years ago during a winter break. I got knocked out. The dentist had to shatter mine, so I'm glad that I was under. Unfortunately, he didn't get all of one of them, so I had to remove a shard myself two weeks later. In St. Petersburg, Russia. With vodka to sanitize my needle nose pliers and anesthetize myself.
2006-01-25 21:38:41
132.   LAT
131. If that is a true story, you get my nomination as the hardest-core person here.
2006-01-25 21:45:43
133.   trainwreck
Yeah the worst problems I have had to deal with teeth is when I used to pull at my baby teeth.
2006-01-25 21:46:57
134.   trainwreck
*pull out
2006-01-25 22:00:22
135.   Another Tom
Can we go back to baseball? My mouth hurts...
2006-01-25 22:01:30
136.   King of the Hobos
Anyone want an unfounded rumor? Well I have found one, and it's Dunn related. Maybe we can figure out somethign to talk about, it's been slow around here. I mean, we're talking about oral surgery

2006-01-25 22:02:34
137.   trainwreck
Baseball ayyyyy...

How about the fact that I think the A's are the best team in baseball if they stay healthy.

2006-01-25 22:12:20
138.   natepurcell
Speaking of Adam Dunn, a source tells me that the Reds have been talking to the Dodgers about him. Derek Lowe or Brad Penny may be involved.

from that rumors site.

crap man, if its just straight up swap, thats tempting as hell.

2006-01-25 22:14:30
139.   trainwreck
Flanders is not doing that. Dunn has to be 10 years older to even be considered as a pickup for him.

He needs Lowe and Penny to win this year, which is clearly what he cares about.

2006-01-25 22:42:56
140.   Goiter
I don't think the Dodgers could get Dunn without giving up a prospect or a spare outfielder IN ADDITION to Lowe or Penny. Also, would you guys like to see the Dodgers acquire Dunn or Abreu? Just curious.
2006-01-25 22:46:33
141.   das411
Oy, I might as well add "and Dany Baez is a useless piece of crap" and watch 400+ posts appear by this time tomorrow.

140 - The short answer is that Dunn is cheaper, younger, and better suited to DS but Abreu belongs to a dumb GM, his team has holes that match up well with LA's over-prospects, and as long as you don't actually watch him play he appears to be an elite ballplayer.

Full disclosure: As a Phillies fan I would much prefer to see the LAD acquire Abreu.

2006-01-25 22:47:25
142.   capdodger
132-133. It was that, find a Russian Dentist, or go to the airport. I suppose I could have lived with it for a little while, but it hurt and could have become infected very easily. My homestay babushka had me wash it out with a syringe of vodka and salt after every meal to keep it clean afterwards. It's funny. If you ever get sick in Russia vodka and/or gooseberry jam will be the most likely folk remedies you'll receive. It doesn't matter what ails you, you'll get one of the above.

Back to baseball. Adam Dunn, eh? If Ned did that trade, who would we find to pitch in that spot? Surely some of our kids would be going along, unless the Reds new GM just wants to ditch Dunn.

2006-01-25 23:47:48
143.   Xeifrank
Lasorda was on 570AM sports radio this morning and they were asking him if he was excited about this years team. Blah-Blah-Blah-of course he was. He said this years team has a chance to win, as opposed to last years team that didn't field players that could measure up to the competition. He seemed to be high on the fact that Colleti signed players with World Series experience and guys who had a proven track record. I wonder what he says if Nomar breaks his wrist on a HBP and Furcal tears a rotator cuff and Kenny Lofton goes down with a bum knee.
vr, Xei
2006-01-25 23:52:14
144.   Xeifrank
131. Don't mess around with your wisdom teeth. My dentist pulled mine last year and it's been a mess ever since. They weren't impacted, but the dentist suggested removing them to help the teeth cleaning process. He shattered 3 of them, while digging out one of them he drilled into my sinus. Everything was fine until I got a nasty sinus infection a week later where I ended up in the urgent care one weekend. To make a long story short, I had to have a serious surgery on my sinus cavity a few months later and have had about a total of 10 sinus infections ever since I got the teeth pulled. I wasn't too fond of denstists before the mishap, so you can imagine how I feel about them now.
vr, Xei
2006-01-25 23:53:31
145.   Xeifrank
Ok, last post of the night. Colleti's Dodgers are off to a 2-0 start in the pre-season simulated NL West race. vr, Xei
2006-01-26 00:08:54
146.   CanuckDodger
Xeifrank, I wouldn't be advising people to avoid getting rid of their wisdom teeth based on your experience. There is a lesson in what happened to you, though, and it is never let a regular dentist remove wisdom teeth. Regular dentists are supposed to be "qualified" for the job, but an honest dentist not just trying to make money off you will admit that his chances of screwing things up are far, far greater than the chances of things going wrong when an oral surgeon does the work. Would you let your family doctor do "specialist" work on you?
2006-01-26 07:02:02
147.   Vishal
das411 - i enjoy your posts and i'm glad you hang around here, but i've been wondering, are you ONLY a phillies fan, or do you like the dodgers too?
2006-01-26 07:40:27
148.   Marty
CapDodger's Russian tale reminds me of someone I used to work with who did his own dental work. He'd drink a bottle of vodka, grab the pliers and yank. He also had the world's worst comb-over, but I doubt that affected his dental choices.
2006-01-26 07:49:30
149.   Colorado Blue
I have had dentists "suggest" that I get my wisdom teeth pulled since I was 16 years old. I always have said "no thanks" since they never bother me. The standard reply is "Well, they could become impacted and then we are talking about a really difficult procedure...". To this day I still have them and the biggest problem I have is flossing behind them.

Moral: Dentists like pulling wisdom teeth regardless of need because it is $$$ in their pocket.

I'm not advocating never getting them extracted because there are definitely good reasons to do so. However, getting them extracted because they MIGHT become a problem viloates the Hippocratic Oath as far as I'm concerned... e.g. has any Dr. ever removed an appendix because it MIGHT go bad?

2006-01-26 08:01:27
150.   Vishal
are pulling a tooth and cutting your torso open at all comparable?
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2006-01-26 08:12:48
151.   Colorado Blue
150 - Given risks associated with general anesthesia in any situation I would say yes.
2006-01-26 08:19:32
152.   Colorado Blue
151 - Risk of post-operative infection should be considered as well.
2006-01-26 08:22:22
153.   Colorado Blue
152 - Last one... given Xei's experience (not the issue of whether extraction was required, but the post-operative complications) I would not advocate getting your wisdom teeth removed unless absolutely necessary (e.g. chronic discomfort).
2006-01-26 08:22:47
154.   LAT
I'm guessing the great tooth pulling of 2006 won't make the Best Of Dodger Thoughts II.
2006-01-26 08:36:10
155.   Colorado Blue
No, but the great Delaware Conspiracy should.
2006-01-26 08:43:59
156.   Penarol1916
My wife had her appendix taken out just because, but she was already open there so it wasn't that big of a deal.
2006-01-26 08:56:38
157.   DodgerBakers
145 - Exactly how does the simulation work? How do you generate what might happen in each situation?
2006-01-26 09:08:38
158.   underdog
To answer the question in the posting, I'm partial to Marty Reed. I have his rookie card. John Shoemaker, too. He was a terrific jockie.
2006-01-26 09:23:16
159.   capdodger
148 - I'm not balding yet, but even if I were, I'd never do a combover.

144 - I wasn't really "messing around" with it. I could see the shard causing the problems, so no digging was required. Just sterilization and a quick yank. Under normal circumstances, I'd never have done anything like that, but I wasn't exactly in normal circumstances. They haven't bothered me since though

2006-01-26 09:28:11
160.   Bob Timmermann
Here is the list of women who like men with combovers:
2006-01-26 10:13:00
161.   gvette
160-- Does Donald Trump qualify as a guy with a combover?

If so, for some reason he doesn't seem to have much problem attracting much younger wives/Euro models. Must be the hair, and his sparkling personality.

2006-01-26 10:16:48
162.   Marty
I don't know what that thing on top of Trump's head is. But I doubt he runs a comb through it.
2006-01-26 10:31:05
163.   Bob Timmermann
Donald Trump does not control his hair. His hair controls him.

I'm going to go the barber and ask for a Gene Keady.

2006-01-26 10:33:35
164.   gvette
"But I doubt he runs a comb through it."

Actually, isn't that part of the important job duties of the winner of "The Apprentice."

2006-01-26 11:09:37
165.   Jon Weisman
New, toothless post up top.
2006-01-26 13:15:18
166.   das411
147 - Thanks Vish, now that the post is closed (and classes are over) I can answer safely. I usually try to stay a Phillies fan until the annual August collapse, but I've hopped on more than my share of bandwagons over the last few years. In fact the 2004 Cards were one of them, and Brian Gunn linking to this site during that NLDS has pretty much changed which side of that matchup I now claim I was rooting for :)

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