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Bookwatch, Artwatch
2006-02-06 12:08
by Jon Weisman

No, not mine this time. Two of the top sabermetricians that I know of, Mitchel Lichtman and Tangotiger, have joined with Andrew E. Dolphin to write a new book, called, The Book. Chapters include:

  • Batter/Pitcher Matchups
  • Clutch
  • Batting Order
  • Platooning
  • Starting Pitchers
  • Relief Pitchers
  • Sacrifice Bunt
  • Intentional Walks
  • Base Stealing
  • Game Theory

    It promises to offer very sophisticated analysis of the game. Read more about it here.

    In other book news, Dayn Perry has a new book out: Winners : How Good Baseball Teams Become Great Ones (And It's Not the Way You Think). And, you can pre-order your copy of the Baseball Prospectus 2006, the annual season preview from the folks at Baseball Prospectus.

    Also, today marks the opening of Winter Ball, an exhibition of baseball-inspired artworks (including some Dodger-related pieces) sponsored by The Baseball Reliquary. The exhibition runs through March 4 at L.A. City College. Follow the links above, as well as this one, for more information.

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    2006-02-06 13:24:34
    1.   Jacob L
    I don't want to divert the discussion in the first post, but its sorta on topic . . .

    I just started reading "3 Nights In August," which I received as a gift. The first few pages are every bit as bad as I feared. Anyone wanna convince me that I should keep reading?

    2006-02-06 13:42:41
    2.   sactofan
    I didn't even like Friday Night Lights (by the same author) and put it down half way through (which is rare for me). I heard on an XM Radio interview that "3 Nights in August" takes a 3 game series pitch by pitch going through what T. LaRussa is thinking. You couldn't pay me to read it.
    2006-02-06 13:43:37
    3.   Bob Timmermann
    If the book is free, you are under no obligation to finish it. Actually you aren't obligation to finish any book unless you're being paid to review it or it's been assigned for class.

    Give it to your local library to sell for 50 cents some weekend.

    2006-02-06 13:50:37
    4.   SMY
    I just finished it recently and it is very, very bad. I wanted to give it up but I received it as a gift and I felt obligated to finish. There are a few interesting parts but I don't think "man-crush" begins to describe what Bissinger feels for Pujols. If you want a hundred synonyms for "scrappy," it's a great resource.
    2006-02-06 14:04:33
    5.   Jon Weisman
    I definitely do not finish books that don't hold me. Life is too short.

    One book that I was surprised to give up on in recent years, considering how much I loved "Kavalier and Clay," was "Summerland" by Michael Chabon. I wanted to like it but just found it meandering and dull.

    2006-02-06 14:08:56
    6.   Blue Crew
    This is off topic, so I hope it's alright to ask. Are there any members here who are in a fantasy baseball league that has an opening? I have been playing fantasy baseball for 10 years and our league just folded. If you do and location is an issue, I live in the South Bay.

    I visit her often and pretty much am a lurker. I know I need to get more involved than just reading.

    Let me know. Thanks.


    2006-02-06 14:12:45
    7.   Sam DC
    6 BC -- check out comment 79 in the weekend thread titled "Vote (contd.)"
    2006-02-06 14:23:10
    8.   The Mick 536
    Stayed with Reliquary. Sorry that I live in the Green Mountain State and cannot drop in to view the orange crates and Eddie Gaedel's jock.
    2006-02-06 14:36:54
    9.   Vishal
    and of course jeter's on the cover, heh.
    2006-02-06 14:37:09
    10.   Sushirabbit
    Blue Crew. I have had a league since 2000. We were a keeper league for two years, but I might not do that again, its too difficult when people don't show. I'm gonna give it a couple of weeks for the regulars and then I will ask around here again to see if anyone is interested. It's a yahoo plus league, $10 fee, trophy/plaque for first, more than 10 teams I trophy second, too. I expect 2-4 openings this year, maybe more.

    different off topic,
    first year records since Walter Alston:
    Smokey 92-62 1954
    Tommy 98-64 1977
    Russell 88-74 1997
    Johnson 77-85 1999
    'Dead to me' 86-76
    Grady ??-??

    Not that those mean anything at all....

    2006-02-06 14:44:30
    11.   LAT
    8. Are you a Shoobie, or a transplant?
    2006-02-06 15:34:57
    12.   oldbear
    Orel Hershiser's "Out of the Blue".. his BIO on the 1988 Dodger season is a really good book. Very nice pics in the middle of it also.

    I liked FNL too. If you're not really into football or high school sports, then it might not be that interesting to read. I think Bissinger embellished alot about FNL, judging from the reaction the book got in Odessa.

    The movie FNL is a good flik tho.

    2006-02-06 15:42:22
    13.   Jacob L
    5 Add me to the loved "Kavalier" hated "Summerland" crew. I tried really, really hard to like "Summerland," too. Was it supposed to be a kids' book?

    3 I believe my local library is your place of work. Where do I ditch the book?

    Thanks for the suggestions, everbody. I'm going to read as much "3 Nights" as I can on the train home tonight (I don't have anything else with me) and if things don't improve, well, I guess I know where to find some other good baseball reading.

    2006-02-06 15:47:40
    14.   Jacob L
    5 Oh, and, Jon, I'd give Chabon a mulligan for "Summerland." Apart from "Kavalier and Klay," I enjoyed "Mysteries of Pittsburgh," and, while I haven't read "Wonder Boys," it was at least good enough to make a good movie.
    2006-02-06 15:52:17
    15.   Bob Timmermann
    It's easier to donate a book at a branch library. If you try to drop it off where I work, you will have an albatross instead of a book.
    2006-02-06 15:58:12
    16.   D4P
    Bob - Sorry for the pillaging last night. I'll bring back your Ron Coomer bobblehead collection when I'm finished with it.
    2006-02-06 16:19:04
    17.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought I had inventoried those last night.

    I thought that all 50 were there.

    2006-02-06 16:26:11
    18.   Marty
    The book I tried and tried to like was "Underworld" by Don Delillo. I just couldn't get through it. Particularly frustrating because I loved the prologue set at the Polo Grounds when Thomson hits the "shot".
    2006-02-06 16:26:43
    19.   gvette
    Bob, did you keep them with your collection of Union 76 Hollandsworth Rookie of the Year Commemorative Pins?
    2006-02-06 16:47:59
    20.   Andrew Shimmin
    The Book calls Scott Spiezio the clutchest hitter of 2005. Followed by Aramis Ramirez, Bret Boone, and J.T. Snow. What if clutchiness really does exist, but it's a bad thing?
    2006-02-06 16:55:58
    21.   Bob Timmermann
    Scott Spiezio had 3 hits in 2005! And one was a solo home run for his only RBI.

    So what did he do?

    2006-02-06 17:01:37
    22.   Andrew Shimmin
    21- Ah ha! Turns out, I can't read. That fearsome foursome were the top clutch hitters of the years 2000-2004, with at least 100 clutch PAs. Not last year. I'm really not drunk; just naturally careless. My bad.
    2006-02-06 17:02:29
    23.   das411
    18 - The key to reading that book is to not try to make any sense out of it at all. Just enjoy the scenery.

    "Libra" was a weird one though. It actually makes Oliver Stone's "JFK" look like it has a plot. I know, hard to believe, but somehow DeLillo pulls it off...

    2006-02-06 17:03:07
    24.   Bob Timmermann
    I may have to put you on notice or even worse, denounce you as a Plaschkeite!
    2006-02-06 17:03:34
    25.   Bob Timmermann
    24 referring to 22 there.
    2006-02-06 17:07:10
    26.   D4P

    I prefer "Plaschkegan"

    2006-02-06 17:22:10
    27.   LAT
    "I'm really not drunk; just naturally careless."

    What a great line. I'm gonna use that.

    2006-02-06 17:26:21
    28.   screwballin
    I wander into DT and stumble on a Chabon chat? Very cool.

    Just finished Kavalier and Clay and loved it. Anyone else read his "The Final Solution?" I devoured that one in about an hour.

    And, for what it's worth, I rebranded myself in honor of my favorite Dodger after getting a new laptop that couldn't remember my old login. I was Blue Thrue & Thrue.

    2006-02-06 17:27:57
    29.   LAT
    This was probably mentioned already but Benji to the Jays for $5M/1yr. Nice work turning down 3yrs/$18M from the Mets. Let's say it all together: "He's really not drunk; just naturally careless."
    2006-02-06 17:28:12
    30.   Bob Timmermann
    I think the big question for the Dodgers in 2006 is:

    What sort of seat will Irving Zeiger get?

    2006-02-06 17:31:36
    31.   Andrew Shimmin
    27- Plaigerizing a known Plaschkeite? Go ahead, but know that, should HUAC come looking for me, I will name names.

    It's unfortunate for the writers in Jon's post, but it looks like this post is turning in to, "list the books you hate." My contribution: was there ever a worse book than The God of Small Things? I read every page and, should I ever have the opportunity, I will help finance the construction of a dam in India, just to spite Arundhati Roy.

    Hmm. I'm not sure this comment advances my claim to sobriety.

    2006-02-06 17:34:50
    32.   D4P
    Hmm. I'm not sure this comment advances my claim to sobriety.

    No worries. No one took that claim seriously anyway...

    2006-02-06 17:34:52
    33.   Xeifrank
    Ok, since #6 asked I will repost it. Ok, I created a "Dodger Thoughts" Yahoo fantasy baseball league. It will be a roto league as opposed to H2H league. It is currently 5x5 but I will consider adding Holds and OPS as categories if interested. Feel free to join, and it would be nice if you named your team the same or similiar to your DT nickname. I set the limit for 12 owners but would consider upping it to 16 if more are interested. vr, Xei
    To allow other managers to join your league, send them the League ID# and Password. In your case, the ID# is 35204 and the Password is repko.

    You have chosen for your league to take part in a live online draft on Sat Mar 25 8:45pm PST.

    2006-02-06 17:36:01
    34.   Mr Customer
    26-...Dude, I believe the preferred nomenclature is "Plaschkegander"
    2006-02-06 17:41:09
    35.   LAT
    From Jerry Crasnick at ESPN:

    "In the National League, the Pirates are at least intriguing because of their young pitching, and the Dodgers will be better because they can't be any less healthy. But not everyone is sold on Dodgers GM Ned Colletti's offseason moves. "They're still sort of a mishmash," said an NL executive, "and I'm not sure they have enough pitching."

    2006-02-06 17:47:17
    36.   Steve
    In the National League, the Pirates are at least intriguing because of their young pitching

    If only they got to pitch against the Pirates offense...

    2006-02-06 18:00:44
    37.   das411
    34 , 26 et al - Who here has seen the episode of "Taxi" when they hold the contest to name people from Delaware?
    2006-02-06 18:27:40
    38.   Bob Timmermann

    I've seen that one. I believe that's where the gang goes to the Reverend Jim's apartment to see what he did with all the money he inherited from his father.

    I believe he bought a whole bunch of TVs with hookups to every channel available and was watching the Delaware legislature.

    Not that there is a Delaware.

    2006-02-06 18:47:59
    39.   Andrew Shimmin
    32- Ha! Did we ever get closure on the big UFC thing the other day? Did the guy with the French sounding name win? Or Mr. Mohawk?
    2006-02-06 18:49:39
    40.   D4P
    Unfortunately, Mr. Mohawk beat the GuyWiththeFrenchSounding name. The latter subsequently retired (at the age of 42, which is pretty old for such a demanding sport).
    2006-02-06 19:34:49
    41.   Suffering Bruin
    Best baseball book that shouldn't be all that good but actually is: Slugging it out in Japan by Warren Cromartie and Robert Whiting

    Last well-reviewed book that should've been good but I set it down: Toni Morrison's "Jazz"

    I keep asking people, "Why haven't you read this yet?": Fup by Jim Dodge

    Worst book I have ever finished and in my humble opinion the worst book ever written: "Hannibal" by Thomas Harris

    Most popular book among my students at King/Drew Medical Magnet High School: "Confessions of a Video Vixen" (sigh)

    2006-02-06 19:44:52
    42.   Bob Timmermann
    If you become a librarian, people assume you are well-read and you can get by without reading a lot of great works of literature.

    I nod knowingly a lot. It's all in the way you sell it.

    Of course, that won't work here now.

    2006-02-06 19:50:33
    43.   Sushirabbit
    Vishal, if you want, you can email me at my 'handle' at for my travel recommendations. If you're going in the next 30 days that's a good time to go. Well, anytime is a good time.

    41 I really didn't like Jazz, either. Especially compared to other Morrison stuff.

    I got hounded by my friends for this, but I never could read the Hobbit all the way through. It took me years to get the gumption to read Lord of the Rings.

    Libra and JFK in the same sentence make me think of J.M Coetzee's 'In the Heart of the Country' which was pretty agonizing, but at least interesting. Sort of Beckett meets Heideger told by Kafka.

    2006-02-06 19:51:10
    44.   Bob Timmermann
    Nods knowingly.
    2006-02-06 19:54:05
    45.   Steve
    If you become a librarian, people assume you are well-read

    A problem Plaschkeites do not suffer from.

    2006-02-06 19:54:42
    46.   Sushirabbit
    Hey Bob, I have some pretty well read friends, heck I might even qaulify if I hadn't wasted so much time on other stuff, but man O man, no one touches my wife the librarian. Even now, while she is deep in Sodoku addiction she reads at least a book a week. I'm lucky to read a book every two months!
    2006-02-06 20:05:42
    47.   D4P
    My Sudoku addiction lasted about 2 days. Once I figured out how to solve even the so-called "evil" level puzzles, I lost interest.
    2006-02-06 20:12:35
    48.   Suffering Bruin
    44 LOL

    And I thought it was just an English teacher trick.

    2006-02-06 20:21:51
    49.   Jon Weisman
    14 - I enjoyed The Wonder Boys movie.

    18 - I didn't get through Underworld either (though I loved "White Noise" when I was in college). I brought Underworld on my solo trip to Scandanavia in 1998. After reading the prologue and barely getting through the next chapter, I left it behind some lockers in the Stockholm train station. I didn't want to carry around such a mixed bag of a book. I figured if it was there after I completed my Scandanavian loop, I'd take it back with me on the plane and try again.

    But it was gone. I ended up spending some nice time with Ibsen.

    37 - I've seen all episodes of Taxi - that one was very memorable, though not as memorable as "dancing the can-can wearing a green shirt and a catcher's mask."

    2006-02-06 20:44:55
    50.   D4P
    Jon -

    Taxi > Becker


    Becker > Taxi?

    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-02-06 20:48:07
    51.   Steve
    2006-02-06 21:00:16
    52.   Jon Weisman
    Taxi is an MVP; Becker is Jason Phillips.
    2006-02-06 21:00:35
    53.   Bob Timmermann
    You want to speak knowingly, ask me about "Taxi" or "Cheers" or "The Rockford Files" or "Maverick (original version)" or "Get Smart".
    2006-02-06 21:03:26
    54.   das411
    53 - Ok Bob, what was the third choice of name in the Delaware episode? Hm?
    2006-02-06 21:05:10
    55.   Steve
    Wrong Jason
    2006-02-06 21:06:01
    56.   trainwreck

    No Molina! We will get one young starter next year.

    2006-02-06 21:07:42
    57.   trainwreck
    The guy with a mohawk won and the guy with the French sounding name retired after he lost.
    2006-02-06 21:08:14
    58.   D4P
    There's pretty much no such thing as a "wrong Ja(y)son".
    2006-02-06 21:08:46
    59.   Bob Timmermann
    I thought it was just a choice between Delawarians and Delawarites?
    2006-02-06 21:10:28
    60.   D4P
    How about "Delawese" (not to be confused with Dom DeLuise)?
    2006-02-06 21:18:39
    61.   King of the Hobos
    56 Charles Johnson and Benito Santiago are still available. And we could always trade for Mike Lieberthal. Or Navarro could be deemed not ready in ST, and we could go with a duo of Alomar and Borders
    2006-02-06 21:18:46
    62.   Daniel Zappala
    This Becker you speak of ... is it the county in Minnesota, the surfboard-making company, or the college in Massachusetts? I swear, I never heard of it before until I googled it. I don't watch TV except for baseball. I never saw Taxi or The Rockford Files or Get Smart. When it was on I was a Cheers addict. I would call it the best show ever, but what am I to compare it to? I think I am the anti-Bob.
    2006-02-06 21:21:32
    63.   Bob Timmermann

    Then we must never meet.

    2006-02-06 21:22:44
    64.   das411
    59 - Only 'cause Delaweenies never had a chance...

    61 - Hobos, you can trade for Lieberthal anytime as far as I'm concerned!

    2006-02-06 21:34:45
    65.   Jon Weisman
    Time permitting, I would have devoted a day last week to the release of the Hill Street first-season DVD. That should have been a teaching holiday or something.
    2006-02-06 21:43:12
    66.   LAT
    60. "How about "Delawese?"

    What Barbara Walters says when putting together a "Touched By An Angel" reunion show.

    2006-02-06 21:46:05
    67.   Steve
    Don't start the floodgates of over-paid Phillies. Ed Wade may be gone, but his payroll lives on.
    2006-02-06 21:48:54
    68.   Bob Timmermann
    Ed Wade walks among us.

    Sort of. He's working for the Padres as a scout.

    2006-02-06 21:49:20
    69.   Steve
    I spent the better part of 2005 finding out that there is no such thing as a right Ja(y)son.
    2006-02-06 21:49:25
    70.   LAT
    Tomorrow I have a meeting with a client whose name is "Larabee." But its his last name.

    Now that I think about it maybe Larabee on get Smart was his last name too. I always just assumed it was his first name.

    2006-02-06 21:49:51
    71.   Bob Timmermann

    Barbara Babcock and I used to take our cats to the same vet.

    Barbara Babcock is very tall.

    2006-02-06 22:00:20
    72.   Jon Weisman
    That's awesome.
    2006-02-06 22:00:32
    73.   Steve
    Ed Wade walks among us.

    I've noticed that he has a fixation with number tabs.

    2006-02-06 22:00:47
    74.   D4P
    It took you that long?
    2006-02-06 22:05:16
    75.   Steve
    I was holding out for the one with the y in his name.
    2006-02-06 22:07:27
    76.   D4P
    2006-02-06 22:29:34
    77.   das411
    Did I just get blue-on-blue'd by Steve?
    2006-02-07 00:43:07
    78.   Andrew Shimmin
    Werth is going to have a big 2006. Hee Seop Choi big. You'll see.
    2006-02-07 07:07:09
    79.   Sam DC
    Haha -- there's some very funny stuff in this thread.

    I spent some time with Best of Dodger Thoughts last night. Had never read the "Goodwill Ambassador" Todd Zeile piece -- great premise and hysterical execution.

    And I'd never seen this: "'If they trade me to another big league team, there's no problem,' Mondesi said Wednesday. 'It would be difficult if they traded me to a football or basketball team . . . .'"

    2006-02-07 07:13:04
    80.   Marty
    Get Smart is on my all time favorite list.

    "Mr. Smart, your shoe is ringing"

    2006-02-07 09:28:33
    81.   Blaine
    Thought that I would share my Darryl Strawberry sighting from Friday night. My family was enjoying the dining experience that is Home Town Buffet near the Puente Hills Mall. Darryl was eating dinner with his mom (?).

    I thought that it would be cool to introduce my six year old son to a guy who played for the Dodgers. He has been to a couple of Dodger games with me and is starting real baseball (no tee) next month.

    Despite his eyes being blood red, Darryl was polite. Conversation was very brief because I didn't want to interrupt his evening out with mom too much. Actually, Darryl's mom was a very nice gal.

    2006-02-07 09:30:34
    82.   Blaine
    Uh, I don't think the condition of his eyes and his level of politeness are related in any way. Sorry.
    2006-02-07 09:37:34
    83.   Andrew Shimmin
    82- Depends on how they got that way. I didn't realize he was out of jail already.
    2006-02-07 09:45:24
    84.   Bob Timmermann
    Darryl Strawberry transcends my "Dead to Me" list.

    I was going to post something on the Griddle about the Mets having a 20th anniversary celebration of the 1986 team, but was unable to write anything that didn't have four-letter words in it and I feared getting a bunch of hate e-mail from Mets fans.

    2006-02-07 09:52:47
    85.   Andrew Shimmin
    84- I'm not sure it's possible to attach anthrax to an email, but, if anyone could, my money would be on his being a Mets fan.
    2006-02-07 10:09:06
    86.   Bob Timmermann
    My gmail account has a banner on it now that reads "Mets announce tribute to 1986 team"
    2006-02-07 10:15:46
    87.   Bob Timmermann
    Now it has one that says "Gesture of remorse from head of Samsung."

    I feel better.

    Maybe the head of Samsung found out my problems with my cell phone.

    2006-02-07 10:19:28
    88.   Andrew Shimmin
    The banner can be turned off. I turned it off when it got cheeky. Word of the Day, huh? You trying to call me stupid? We'll just see about that. . .
    2006-02-07 10:21:23
    89.   Bob Timmermann
    I just tweaked the banner so I only get what's in my Google news feed.

    The weird thing is when Toaster gets into that feed and you get a reference to your own post.

    2006-02-07 10:37:13
    90.   Colorado Blue
    87 - Maybe the head of Samsung found out my problems with my cell phone.

    That or he's is sympathetic towards you in regard to your feelings about Daryl Strawberry.

    2006-02-07 10:42:28
    91.   Vishal
    [81] you should've just chanted "DAAAAAAAAA-RYL, DAAAAAAAAA-RYL" from the other side of the restaurant.
    2006-02-07 10:53:48
    92.   Jon Weisman
    New post up top.

    Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.