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2006-02-16 14:48
by Jon Weisman

Vessel of bad 2005 Dodger karma Scott Erickson has signed a minor-league contract with the Yankees, Newsday is reporting.

Comments (91)
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2006-02-16 14:52:22
1.   Curtis Lowe
OMG They killed logic! You Bastards!
2006-02-16 14:54:45
2.   underdog
When are the Yankees going to sign Kaz Ishii I wonder?

"The New York Yankees Jerry!" - Costanza

2006-02-16 14:56:36
3.   D4P
Erickson, 38, threw for 10 minutes at the Yankees' minor-league complex this morning, impressing manager Joe Torre and pitching coach Ron Guidry.

Moral of the story? Don't let him pitch longer than 10 minutes.

2006-02-16 14:57:39
4.   underdog
"Moral of the story? Don't let him pitch longer than 10 minutes."

And b) Don't let him pitch in non-simulated games.

2006-02-16 14:57:55
5.   Andrew Shimmin
This is a PR ploy to show just how little the Yankees care about money. It's Paris Hiltonian. There is literally nothing they will not throw half a million dollars at.

It makes me happy. How great would it be if he makes the team?

2006-02-16 14:58:49
6.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
Think of this transaction as signing Lisa Guerrero. That way, it's easy to see the thinking behind Steinbrenner's attempt to neutralize the Orioles' acquisition of Anna Benson.
George was caught short last year when the Mets brought in Mrs. Kris Benson. With Anna going to an AL East rival, the Yankees couldn't sit still for another season.
2006-02-16 15:12:04
7.   overkill94
6 On the same note, I have the feeling that Jeter or A-Rod has a thing for Lisa - especially after her recent Playboy spread - and convinced Stein to let Erickson bring her along to spring training. Consider it a performance bonus.
2006-02-16 15:16:53
8.   Bob Timmermann
Jeter can do far better than Lisa Guerrero. A lot better.

I stopped by Bronx Banter to offer condolences. Maybe Erickson is going to the be the 2006 Aaron Small.

However Small had 37 Ks in 76 IP in the AL. Erickson had 15 Ks in 55 IP in the NL.

2006-02-16 15:35:27
9.   Steve
I can't believe I forgot Scott Erickson.
2006-02-16 15:37:05
10.   D4P
You also forgot Paris Hilton.
2006-02-16 15:39:36
11.   GravyLittle
I think colletti should trade drew. I think if we are in contention by the trade dealine colletti will get either an ace for the staff or a big bat. Any thoughts?
2006-02-16 15:40:45
12.   Bob Timmermann
I think Scott Erickson could be that ace.

I doubt many teams will want Drew with his contract.

2006-02-16 15:45:19
13.   scareduck
2 - Ishii's got a job back in Japan these days:

2006-02-16 15:46:48
14.   das411
Wow, so I read the end of the last thread and then scrolled up to see what the title of this one would be...apparently Scott Erickson turns Jon into a 14 year old girl.

Good to know, I guess...

5 - Wasn't that Al Leiter last year?

2006-02-16 16:03:56
15.   Johnson
Geez, Jon, you scared me! Between your "gulp" in the last thread and your "OMG" here, I thought we had signed Erickson! Shouldn't we have gotten a "whew!" instead?
2006-02-16 16:09:08
16.   Jon Weisman
2006-02-16 16:09:21
17.   Johnson
6 On top of Anna Benson going to the AL East, the cross-town Mets replaced her with Melissa Lima. With Mia Hamm going to L.A., who else was there for Steinbrenner to sign? All together now: "Lisa Guerrero!" It makes perfect sense to me, anyways.
2006-02-16 16:14:15
18.   Bob Timmermann
I'm trying to figure out who came up with this bit on

"Get individual tickets before the onsale"


The onsale?

If you click on the link you are taken to the "Dodger Ticket Pre-Onsale"


2006-02-16 16:19:13
19.   Vishal
hahah, there goes the division. if there's anything resembling a harbinger of doom, it's that.
2006-02-16 16:23:09
20.   King of the Hobos
17 Too bad they didn't sign Mr. Julia Schultz before Ned could
2006-02-16 16:28:14
21.   Bob Timmermann
I think it's a bit unfair to lump Mia Hamm into the same category with Lisa Guerrero and Anna Benson.

Mia Hamm was actually famous for real athletic feats. And her personality is about the exact opposite of the other two women. And she's not going to pose in Playboy or FHM or Maxim.

I wonder how often we'll see Mia Hamm at Dodger games. If she shows up, at least the cameras for FSN will be showing us someone more famous than Robert Wuhl.

2006-02-16 17:08:02
22.   joejoejoe
I think now is an appropriate time to bring up that Yankees pitching guru Billy Connors used to date Seka. Seka's body of work makes Jenna Jameson look like Meryl Streep.
2006-02-16 17:09:14
23.   gvette
It's a sure thing that there will be more FSN shots of Mia Hamm then of Carolyn Hughes.
2006-02-16 17:28:46
24.   Marty
Isn't Tomko's wife sometimes found in the same magazines? Or is she just very pretty?
2006-02-16 17:38:33
25.   King of the Hobos
24 She was Playmate of the Month for February 1998, so she's in the magazines. Her resume:

2006-02-16 17:51:37
26.   Bob Timmermann
Since KOTH is in high school, just what were you reading eight years ago?


2006-02-16 17:59:35
27.   Linkmeister
I clicked that link, and I was appalled to see that she has no Title attribute in the html for that page.

(Nor does she have links to the ads/covers she lists.)

2006-02-16 18:05:45
28.   gvette
Suddenly, there seems to be less animosity toward Tomko on this site.

Have Alyssa Milano and Shannon Doherty moved on from the Dodger social scene?

2006-02-16 18:11:01
29.   natepurcell
i think penny and milano are still together. i havent heard them splitting up or anything.

i wonder if thats going to be a problem next year when we have zito on the team :)

2006-02-16 18:19:33
30.   Steve
28 -- Enemies list fodder.
2006-02-16 18:30:06
31.   gvette
30--Steve, guess you won't be attending the Drew McCourt/Shannon Doherty wedding, which puts her in line to someday own the team, Georgia Frontiere style.
2006-02-16 18:39:55
32.   Brendan

You have a cruel streak in you, gvette.

2006-02-16 18:40:13
33.   scareduck
17 - "On top of Anna Benson..."

Any sentence beginning that way is likely to find itself with a plural object:

2006-02-16 18:50:45
34.   Suffering Bruin
Scott Erickson undoubtedly hopes to start many games for the Yankees. I share those hopes.
2006-02-16 19:05:28
35.   King of the Hobos
Today's Notes and an article on Izzy:

Brazoban still isn't in camp (he was expected today) and Martin provides his thoughts on Gagne, who started using his curveball today

2006-02-16 19:10:12
36.   scareduck
34 - so do the Boston Red Sox.
2006-02-16 19:13:45
37.   natepurcell
from the gagne article:

Little got his first look at some of the top Dodgers pitching prospects in the old strings area, where Chad Billingsley, Jonathan Broxton and Justin Orenduff, among others, threw.

"It's exciting to finally see them throw after hearing so much about them," Little said.

thanks gurnick. how about some thoughts or quotes on what he thought of them and their stuff? how about that... that would be more informational.

but to his credit, he did provide some good info on greg miller.

2006-02-16 19:39:20
38.   Steve
They're all going to be traded for middle relievers anyway
2006-02-16 19:42:02
39.   natepurcell
They're all going to be traded for middle relievers anyway

if he trades billingsley for a middle reliver he belongs on the enemies list. and that goes for every dodger high official for letting him.

2006-02-16 19:42:48
40.   Sam DC
way off any topic, but anyone here familiar with Hoyas basketball radio announcer Rick Chvotkin. He's sort of an institution, I think. Not a professional announcer -- though he's been doing the games for 30 years or something like that. Actually a psychiatrist or psych prof somewhere (not Georgetown I don't think). I also heard he volunteered at a relatively advanced age to serve in Gulf War I. Anyhow, seems like an interesting guy and to my lights having heard him for the first time this year, a really excellent backetball announcer. Works alone and paints a very rich and vivid picture of the game, and provides a ton of basic info -- game stats, season stats, opposing team stats, history, etc. Anyhow, just wondering if he's well known or just someone I happen to like.
2006-02-16 19:55:13
41.   natepurcell

interview with mike marshall, the pitching coach with the unorthodox views on how to teach pitching mechanics and deliveries. the article is very entertaining. he is really pissed off in the article at MLB teams for not hiring him lol.

2006-02-16 20:06:34
42.   scareduck
41 - now you know why nobody talks to him. It becomes a chicken-and-egg problem.
2006-02-16 20:30:55
43.   D4P
FWIW, Dodgers are 14th in ESPN's Power Rankings (Giants are 13th). They had this to say:

You'll need a program to identify all the new faces in Dodgertown. But after one of the worst seasons in club history, rookie GM Ned Colletti has restored optimism in L.A.

2006-02-16 20:59:59
44.   Suffering Bruin
41 Reading the interview, I'm thinking that perhaps chemistry does count for something after all.
2006-02-16 21:38:03
45.   Brendan

Sam I've never heard of him. I know a little about a lot of different announcers and have never heard of this guy.

2006-02-16 22:24:22
46.   natepurcell
hensons new article has a bunch of nice little tidbits.

aybar has been practicing shortstop all winter because he knows he needs to play 3b, 2b, and ss well if he wants to make the team as a utility player.

2006-02-16 22:57:16
47.   natepurcell
just curious, for those that saw mike marshall pitch, how was his delivery/motion? did he pitch the same way he currently preaches?
2006-02-16 22:58:01
48.   King of the Hobos
But is a utility role best for Aybar? It may be best for the team and Aybar to allow him to work on SS in Vegas (mostly because we need a SS there, and I prefer using an actual prospect). Should injury hit somewhere in the infield, he needs to start over Robles or Martinez
2006-02-16 23:07:16
49.   Andrew Shimmin
Reading about Aybar makes we wonder (even though none of the options appeal to me): Colletti has to get rid of one of the backup 1Bs, right? Otherwise the three IF non-1B starters are each backed up by Robles. Which isn't really a plan.
2006-02-16 23:11:34
50.   Andrew Shimmin
49 is pretty stupid, considering that probably everybody already knows it. It's just that I'm coming to terms with what Nomar at 1B really means. It means Repko over Choi.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-02-16 23:25:16
51.   das411
I know Jon had to bust some skulls today about the politics ban, but here is a good neutral article that I suspect reaches a conclusion most of this board will agree on:

50 - Or whatever OFer Mr. Ned could pick up for His Heeseopness, perhaps during spring training, perhaps near the July deadline when Nomar returns from his inevitable injury.

46 - Watch out Nate!! If he starts throwing shaving cream pies then Aybar just might actually be Tomas Perez...

2006-02-17 00:02:28
52.   Steve Saxs Sweaty Jockstrap
I love it. I was eating a sandwich and listening to ESPN radio when I heard Scotty Poo just signed a minor league contract with the Yanks. I choked on a big piece of pastrami and a co-worker had to whack me on the back a few times. Hillarious.
2006-02-17 08:42:02
53.   oldbear
50. Good point. I've fully prepared myself for Repko/Ramon Martinez/Lance Carter making the team, and Willy Aybar/Choi/Broxton being in Vegas.

I think you guys are underestimating Ramon Martinez (utility VET status). I think he's gonna make the team. "cringe"...

2006-02-17 08:44:37
54.   oldbear
46. Its sad that a player can OPS 1.000+ in 86AB's in his 1st month in the majors, and now he's been told he's nothing but a utility player.
2006-02-17 08:45:16
55.   D4P
No estimation of Ramon Martinez is too low.
2006-02-17 08:52:53
56.   oldbear
55. Indeed.

35. Thats one of the most insightful articles on in a long time (the one on Izturis). Izturis has the same condition found in race horses and dogs. Overuse of his elbow in pre-teen years. Also, he looks alot different with hair. I'm still surprised suggests Kent will move off 2nd base to appease Izturis. No way that happens.

2006-02-17 08:54:43
57.   D4P
I'm still surprised suggests Kent will move off 2nd base to appease Izturis. No way that happens.

I don't think Kent would move to appease Izturis, but he might do it to appease Flanders. I'm not convinced that Choi is ahead of Kent on Ned's 1B depth chart...

2006-02-17 09:08:26
58.   oldbear
57. I think Kent cares more about padding his HoF numbers at 2nd base, than appeasing the GM or the team. I believe the Dodgers would trade Kent before asking him to move off 2nd base.

Mr. Ned could probably pull that off without too much media pressure. He could sell it as "fan favorite Izturis is healthy), and "Dodgers youth movement starts now" etc...

2006-02-17 09:12:42
59.   Jon Weisman
54 - If Aybar had OPSed .200 in 86 ABs in his first month in the majors, should he have been released?

Aybar looked very good in September and I hope for the best, but it didn't prove much - it was a small sample that obviously out of proportion to his minor league performance.

2006-02-17 09:15:26
60.   jystakes
Anyone up for a fantasy question? Who would you keep as your fifth keeper in a keeper league: Helton, Dunn, Sheets, or King Felix? My first 4 keepers are D.Lee, Bay, Oswalt and Peavy.

Or would you keep a different 5? Thanks

2006-02-17 09:17:24
61.   Andrew Shimmin
I've got a new rumor that needs to get some traction in a hurry. Izturis, Choi, and Carter to PHI Abreu to LAD. Solves a lot of problems. And the Phillies get 2 All-stars!
2006-02-17 09:19:07
62.   D4P
And the Phillies get 2 All-stars!

And Choi gets stuck behind Ryan Howard...:(

2006-02-17 09:23:24
63.   jasonungar05
I would Keep Dunn. 100 40 100 is almost a lock.
2006-02-17 09:25:29
64.   Andrew Shimmin
Better than being stuck behind Nomar, Saenz, Kent, first-base-side ball boy, third-base-side ball boy, that peanut throwing guy, et al. I still hope Choi has a productive and fulfilling career. But, if he doesn't, I will survive.
2006-02-17 09:26:49
65.   D4P
Where'd you hear that rumor, BTW? That sounds like a pretty good deal for LA.
2006-02-17 09:29:23
66.   Eric L
59 Mike Piazza OPSed .603 in his first month with the Dodgers. He had a few less ABs (17 to be exact), but the point stands.
2006-02-17 09:31:00
67.   Andrew Shimmin
65- Oops; sorry I wasn't clear. I MADE IT UP. There is no truth value to it, at all. Complete hokum. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be spread.
2006-02-17 09:34:21
68.   Andrew Shimmin
I don't read the rumor mill sites. If I happen upon one, I'll always cite it. Otherwise, every rumor to which I attach myself is made up. Just like nearly all the other ones, except mine are made up by me. Whereas all of the other ones are made up by this one guy in Delaware.
2006-02-17 09:36:45
69.   D4P
Whereas all of the other ones are made up by this one guy in Delaware.

A state which was itself made up by this librarian in California.

2006-02-17 09:42:34
70.   Steve
Two Hard Working, Scrappy All-Stars > One Lazy, Overrated All-Star
2006-02-17 09:45:34
71.   D4P
Two Hard Working, Scrappy All-Stars

Who'd you have in mind?

2006-02-17 09:47:09
72.   Steve
Scare quotes would have been helpful there -- nevertheless, we're selling to Pat Gillick and he might catch on.
2006-02-17 09:49:34
73.   Inside Baseball
67 Unfortunately, it was all too clear.

60,63 Dunn over Felix, huh? I think your first four are right on. I may roll the dice on Felix to give you 3 stud starters. If your league's anything like mine, plenty o' offense will be there to be had in the draft. Dunn has enormous upside and if he ever cuts down his k's (565 times in his 1,728 major league at bats, or 32.7% of his at bats, or higher than Lasorda's "bleeping" favorite who only struck out 27.2% of his at bats)...yeah, I'd keep Felix.

2006-02-17 09:50:15
74.   oldbear
I dont think Aybar's 86 AB's September was 'luck'...mainly bc I dont consider plate discipline a 'luck' trait.

AB's- 86
BA- .326
OBP- .448
SLG- .453
BB's- 18
K's- 11

I like to compare Aybar to Dionner Navarro. Most are sold on giving Navarro a chance to start, yet he only got 176AB's in the majors last year. So are you telling me that Navarro's 90 additional AB's are the difference in entrusting him a starting position on the club?

Or use this context. What if Loduca, Navarro, Mueller, and Aybar were all on the Dodgers? Since you favor starting Mueller over Aybar, would you also have favored starting Loduca over Navarro?

Each of the situations is pretty much an exact parallel of the other in my opinion.

Certainly Aybar did outperform his minor league numbers, whereas Navarro made a more reasonable transition to the mlb. However, I believe Aybar's performance was still largely a function of skill. And you also have to remember Willy Aybar was signed for a huge signing bonus out of the DR. One of the largest the Dodgers ever gave. They obviously thought highly of him and perhaps Aybar has been an underachieving player in the minors, and only truely started to focus and work hard once he got to the majors. Thus explaining his excellent September.

2006-02-17 09:50:17
75.   D4P
Phew. For a moment there you had me worried...
2006-02-17 09:52:43
76.   oldbear
Ooops. 74 is in response to 59 to clear that up.
2006-02-17 10:00:08
77.   Curtis Lowe
74- Yeh I would start LoDuca over Navarro if he were not 1.5 seasons removed. Are you saying Aybar is better than Mueller? Or just a cheaper alternative?
2006-02-17 10:01:21
78.   Jon Weisman
74 - "Certainly Aybar did outperform his minor league numbers, whereas Navarro made a more reasonable transition to the mlb. "

I think this is the key issue.

And by the way, I never said I favored Mueller over Aybar. I haven't offered an opinion on that. I was only responding directly to 54. Similarly, it's not about whether I would pick LoDuca over Navarro or not.

All I'm addressing is the fact that it's understandable why the Dodgers didn't just hand Aybar a starting job based on one month of surprising work. The mentality you are using is the same mentality the Dodgers used to bench Choi when he goes into a slump.

2006-02-17 10:12:58
79.   bhsportsguy
A couple of things:
Its early yet but I have to say I am encouraged by the coverage on the site of spring training, hopefully with the blogs and daily reports we will get an idea of healthy these guys really are.

Second, the Nedster will be on KSPN 710 after 3:00 with Mason and Ireland, I think he has been there show a couple of times.

2006-02-17 10:22:16
80.   oldbear
78. My whole issue is with some fans that endorse Dionner Navarro as a starting catcher, but also dont have a problem with the Dodgers making Aybar a utility player. I guess you can take both positions, (and the Dodgers management obviously does), but I dont think they are consistent.

77. I think starting Aybar at 3rd, and Navarro at C, would have been better for the Dodgers overall team than say starting a Mueller at 3rd, and Loduca at C. Mainly bc they could have afforded to upgrade other positions and sign the super star caliber player, if they have minimum salary guys at other positions.

Navarro- 22yrs old- .279/.356/.377
Loduca- 34yrs old- .285/.339/.417

Aybar- 23yrs old- .326/.448/.453
Mueller- 35yrs old- .292/.373/.425

In order to be a great team IMO, you have to build around young, inexpensive, position players in order to afford the superstars. Colletti, through his apparent non-trust of Aybar, his interest in Bengie Molina, is not interested in this. I believe if Loduca was still on the team, he'd be the starting catcher this year. And Navarro would be in Vegas or being told he's just a career backup catcher. Just like Aybar's being told he's a utility player now.

If Aybar doesnt get a fair chance to start, what makes you think LaRoche, Guzman, or Ruggiano will be given a fair chance when their time comes?

There's quite a big difference between Colletti and DePo, the more I analyze just individual moves. Vet vs Youngster being most apparent.

2006-02-17 10:41:07
81.   Jon Weisman
"If Aybar doesnt get a fair chance to start, what makes you think LaRoche, Guzman, or Ruggiano will be given a fair chance when their time comes?"

They have different minor league track records.

Also keep in mind that given the age and health status of the infield, Aybar may get plenty of opportunities.

But it's true, Colletti doesn't make it easy for the youngsters to break in.

2006-02-17 10:48:35
82.   Curtis Lowe
80- And I suppose Collettis alleged lack of trust for young talent is why he signed Mueller to the unbearable 2yr contract when "Gasp" most scouts think Laroche will be ready to platoon in 07. Colletti has stated all along that he's buying time for the future this year and judging by the free agents he brought in what moves has he made that make it seem like Vet Vs. Youngster? The Jackson/Tiffany trade is the only one I can really think of. Either way I think your unjustly labeling Colletti a Dusty Baker.

As for Navarro why are you getting worked up over "Colletti would have let LoDuca start over Dioner" thats like getting worked up over "Given the choice my wife would have rather married Brad Pitt".

And just handing Aybar the starting role after the Dodgers lack of a solid 3rd basemen for all of 05' would have been a major gamble that the 06 Dodgers cant afford to lose. Now with Mueller theres a solid 3rd base with a pretty great backup in Aybar(if he shows this spring that Sept wasnt a fluke.)

2006-02-17 11:07:43
83.   Andrew Shimmin
It'd almost be better if ST numbers weren't kept. If there's anything worse than judging a player over 40 AB, it's doing so when those 40 AB came while playing against pitchers who weren't throwing any off speed stuff that day, or were concentrating only on their curveballs, or all the other goofy exhibition baseball tricks they get up to.
2006-02-17 12:14:52
84.   oldbear
82. Spring training numbers shouldnt mean anything.

"And just handing Aybar the starting role after the Dodgers lack of a solid 3rd basemen for all of 05' would have been a major gamble that the 06 Dodgers cant afford to lose."

Somehow I think we'll use this sentence structure, next season as well.

"And just handing Guzman the starting role after the Dodgers lack of a solid Left Fielder for all of 06' would have been a major gamble that the 07 Dodgers cant afford to lose."

"And just handing Chad Billingsley the 5th starter role after the Dodgers lack of a solid 5th starter for all of 06' would have been a major gamble that the 07 Dodgers cant afford to lose.

2006-02-17 12:26:07
85.   Curtis Lowe
84- Those analogies are horrible.
2006-02-17 12:26:23
86.   oldbear
82. "Colletti has stated all along that he's buying time for the future this year and judging by the free agents he brought in what moves has he made that make it seem like Vet Vs. Youngster? "

-Choosing Nomar over Choi at 1st.
-Choosing Alomar JR over a Russ Martin (I thought Martin/Navarro splitting time at DS would have been a better alternative)
-Giving Mueller a 2yr deal over Aybar at 3rd.
-Giving Tomko a 2yr deal over Billingsley/Houlton.
-Choosing Lofton over Bradley in CF.
-Choosing Lance Carter over apprently Broxton.
-Ramon Martinez (I think he'll make the team) over i guess aybar.

If Choi, Antonio Perez, Willy Aybar, or Chad Billingsley cant get shots this year.

Somehow I'm not completely confident LaRoche, Guzman, or Russ Martin will next year.

If you cant trust a player with at least some major league track record (Choi, Aybar, Antonio Perez), I cant see Colletti trusting a prospect that has none.

2006-02-17 12:31:51
87.   ToyCannon
You can peruse the prognisticators sites from HQ to Prospectus to Bill James to Rotowire and you won't find one going out on a limb and saying Willie Aybar will even slug 400 next season. His MLE's are very weak and we know from watching him last season his slug% was predicated on slashing doubles down the line not gap power. His most optimistic projection from BP which means he performs at 90% of his calculated mean would still give him a line below what he posted last September. You just can't throw out 5 years of minor league baseball. If Willie Aybar is going to make it as a starter in the big leagues it will have to be as a 2nd baseman because he doesn't have enough pop for 3b unless you think Burroughs did enough to warrant keeping his starting job. LaRoche would hit and field better then Aybar this year and probably Mueller by August. Giving players who have never played above AA time to percolate is a good thing. With Mueller and Furcal on the left side of the infield, D Lowe will be a happy camper this year.
2006-02-17 12:40:29
88.   Curtis Lowe
86-Your making alot of unfounded judgements here, Bringing Bradley into the discussion is pointless. Though I feel that Antonio Perez being included in the trade for Ethier was a little much it does'nt show he wont let young players play. Honestly all he did this offseason was fill in a few ?'s with proven players and give those ?'s 1 more year in development. Honestly rushing kids from AA to the Majors is not a good thing and in a market like LA it's better to slowly integrate new young unproven talent with older proven talent. Maybe you should stop pointing fingers and close your eyes take a deep breath open them and repeat slowly "It will all be okay, Winning is whats important, Now and Later."
2006-02-17 12:55:46
89.   oldbear
87. Mueller's career SLG'ing is only .425, but I agree with you that ideally Aybar would play 2nd base or even SS.

I wouldnt have had a problem with Aybar playing 3rd in 06, and then moving to 2nd in 07 when Kent leaves tho.

2006-02-17 13:02:17
90.   oldbear
88. Every single young player will be seen as a ? when they havent had any experience playing. Using that logic, young players would never get a chance because they are ????

Colletti has chosen the mid priced past his prime vet, over the ???.

I could see him doing these sorts of moves every off-season. He worked with Sabean all those years, they did worked this way all the time. And in Ned's 1st year with the Dodgers, he hasnt strayed fromt his philosophy.

2006-02-17 13:48:04
91.   ToyCannon
Pedro Feliz is the only position player who comes to mind that SF gave a chance to but I can't remember any position players they should have given a chance to as their farm was very weak. They let Todd Linden fail twice. On the other hand they have let Foppert, Ainsworth, Lowry, and Cain all move into the rotation so the SF philosophy of veterans over prospects does not seem to roll over when it comes to pitching. Since SF has had no impact minor league position players I still have to give Ned a bye until he proves different especially since he wasn't in charge.
I would not have given Aybar the 3b job with Mueller available. I've seen Mueller play a lot of 3b and he's a favorite of mine. I still think he has one more good year in him. And I also differ in that I think this could be a championship team if things break right. I'm not counting on JD Drew being healthy enough to have an impact but if he puts together a 2004 season then this team is very much a championship caliber team. You just need to get to the playoffs then anything goes. Jose Lima proved that.

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