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Old Friends
2006-02-23 08:12
by Jon Weisman

Thirty years, two baseball gloves. Got a Mike Schmidt autograph model a size or two too big at age 8 and used it for 20-odd years, then replaced it with a Ken Griffey, Jr. when Mike's webbing broke in too many places. No one cares that my current glove is almost a decade old, and frankly, I'm not sure anyone would remark if I mended the Schmidt one more time and flashed it again.

Tuesday, I hit the slopes with my 1989 Atomic Arcs, and I barely went 10 minutes without getting a comment. The skis are 200 centimeters long and straight as Sam Malone - no one uses these anymore. It's as if I hit the courts with a wooden racket and a pair of Stan Smiths - it's almost like taking grounders at third with a Pie Traynor (if there were such a thing).

The skis are no Old School affectation ... they're closer to Old School inadvertance. I don't ski enough to buy new skis right now. If I've got a day of major bump skiing ahead, I'll rent something current. But I spend a lot of time cruising with family, and on those days, the Atomics are it.

What's funny about the reactions is how positive most of them are. Sure, there are a few people who just think I'm black-socks-with-flip-flops backward, but most give me a verbal pat on the back. They remember that once upon a time, these skis were state of the art, these were the skis that got through the rough bumps, these were the skis that held speed like few others.

New skis can make a good skier great and a newcomer plenty good. It's this generation of skis that, short of installing an electric eye or something, might massage as much out of a mountain as any possibly can. Baseball gloves have been there for a while. Put someone in the field, and there isn't much you can do with the leather to help them. You get one glove, and you might as well stick with it.

And I like that. I like growing attached to my equipment. I'd like a new car every year as much as the next guy or gal, but I don't need one. My skis, my glove - if they do the job, they're my friends for life.

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2006-02-23 08:37:23
1.   D4P
I had two gloves: a Fernando Valenzuela and a Darryl Strawberry.

I had two pairs of skis: 1987 Atomic Arcs (which got stolen), and 1989 Pre's (which I didn't like).

My golf clubs (which I haven't used in over two years) are 1990 Ram Laser FX's.

Our car is a 1990 Acura Integra.

2006-02-23 08:58:10
2.   Marty
I've only rented skis.

I own a Rawlings glove right now that's stiff from non-use. As I look at it, I realize it has no autograph. I thought that was illegal.

My golf clubs are Cleveland ta4 irons, about 8 years old now. I've got a big bertha driver that's about 2 generations old.

2006-02-23 09:05:19
3.   Bob Timmermann
Old friends, old friends,
Sat on their parkbench like bookends
A newspaper blown through the grass
Falls on the round toes
of the high shoes of the old friends

Old friends, winter companions, the old men
Lost in their overcoats, waiting for the sunset
The sounds of the city sifting through trees
Settles like dust on the shoulders of the old friends

Can you imagine us years from today,
Sharing a parkbench quietly
How terribly strange to be seventy

Old friends, memory brushes the same years,
Silently sharing the same fears


Sorry, not a parody, I just like that song.

My two cars are a Prius and a Packard.

2006-02-23 09:23:03
4.   Bob Timmermann

The Management by Baseball post is of interest.

Sorry if this deviates from people talking about old sports equipment.

2006-02-23 09:23:11
5.   Jacob L
I wear my Stan Smiths almost every (non-work) day, and I do occasionally hit the court with a wooden racket.

A few years back, I bought one of those old 50s pillow style mitts, the kind that doesn't close all the way around the ball. It was a blast to play catch with, a whole different skill. Frankly, the idea that you always have to use 2 hands is kind of an anachronism dating to these old gloves. Problem was, the laces kept popping out, even after I had them all replaced.

If anybody wants some really cool old golf irons (1960 something MacGregor blades in near mint condition) let me know.

2006-02-23 09:26:00
6.   bagg4
I've got my Ed Kranepool first baseman's mitt.
I've got a 1984 Miyata mountain bike that I like to ride long downhills on once in awhile.
I still listen to LPs now and then...
and we've all got Vin Scully for a couple more years...Life is good.
2006-02-23 09:42:33
7.   Penarol1916
I still use the Ted Williams mitt that was my dad's until he gave it to me in middle school after I outgrew my George Brett mitt.
2006-02-23 09:56:59
8.   Bob Timmermann
My oldest brother had a really nice and soft Brooks Robinson mitt which let me borrow to take to school one day. But I left it behind in a school assembly and it disappeared.

So I bought a new one at our local Gemco. The only one available that would fit my hand was a Greg Luzinski model glove.

2006-02-23 10:00:22
9.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
Dammit. You just brought back a painful memory.

My second glove, circa when-I-was 9, was also a bit too big. It was, I think, a Ron Cey model. I used it through college intermural softball.

The most distinguishing feature, however, was that I had collected a few autographs on the glove itself. My dad used some sort of coating to preserve the autographs. I can't remember who all signed it, but I know one of the autographs was Dusty Baker, and I think another was Bill Russell, perhaps Steve Yeager, too. (I believe there were three Dodgers from that era.)

The painful part is that, coming back from college after my senior year, I mailed a bunch of boxes back home. The one box that didn't show up included my most expensive textbooks and my glove.

It hurts to have lost that glove.

2006-02-23 10:06:26
10.   Bob Timmermann
Hope for George-Michael and
2006-02-23 10:13:40
11.   Brent T
(9) - I didn't know there was another Brent in the group. Nice to meet you.
2006-02-23 10:18:57
12.   Bob Timmermann
I left out "Maeby" in 10, completely ruining the joke.
2006-02-23 10:20:31
13.   Brent T
Jon - I have always loved my old skis, but seem to be tough on them to keep them alive. My 1988 Head Trapezoid skis split, and my 1997 Volkls bent just bent this December.

Too cheap (or too pragmatic) to buy the latest and greatest, I found 2003 Atomic R11's (top of the line) for $125 at my local Sportmart.

I didn't believe all the hype about the new generation of skis. I was wrong.

They are so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking some up. (A Ferris Bueller quote, if no one caught it)

Try the bargain rack at your local sports warehouse.

2006-02-23 10:27:26
14.   D4P
I got the joke, but was hoping the link would take me to some news along the lines of "AD picked up by another network."
2006-02-23 10:32:01
15.   Sam DC
Anyone see Rick Barry's somewhat surprising comments in USA Today:

USA TODAY: What you would change about the NBA?

Barry: If every player had money on the line in every game based upon a victory, you'd see some unbelievable competition. Sports and team concept would change dramatically.

No comment, just passing it along.

He also had this one (I expected his answer to be that foul shots should be worth three points each):

USA TODAY: The league has instituted several rules in recent years aimed at increasing scoring and making the game more attractive. Has that been a good thing?

Barry: What they need to do is force coaches to make teams run. . . .

2006-02-23 10:38:03
16.   Bob Timmermann
If I made a list for basketball people, Rick Barry would be on it. I might just add his sons to be on the safe side.
2006-02-23 10:40:17
17.   DXMachina
My first glove, gotten when I was eight, was a Sears "Bob Clemente" model (although the autograph said "Roberto Clemente"). I used it long after I out grew it. When I started playing softball in grad school, I bought a Wilson "Ron Cey" model, which I loved beyond all reason. I had it some fifteen years. I restrung it a couple of times, and at the end the leather inside the glove had worn through. I lost it by leaving it on top of the dugout one night when I left the field. I replaced it with an unsigned Rawlings, but it was never quite the same.

I also have a Rawlings "Keith Hernandez" first baseman's mitt.

2006-02-23 10:42:18
18.   DXMachina
I also have a Wilson T-2000 tennis racquet, which amuses the hell out of my friends on the rare occasions I play tennis.
2006-02-23 10:45:44
19.   D4P
If every player had money on the line in every game based upon a victory, you'd see some unbelievable competition. Sports and team concept would change dramatically.

That's funny. I was just thinking to myself yesterday how sports would be improved (from a fan's standpoint) if (1) every player on a team made the same salary and (2) the total team salary was determined by the team's success.

2006-02-23 10:49:54
20.   Bob Timmermann
That's an odd combination of socialism and capitalism.
2006-02-23 10:50:56
21.   Marty
I have no interest in tennis, yet I have a tennis racket. The only reason I have one is that the girl I was interested in at the time liked to play tennis. So I liked to play tennis.
2006-02-23 10:58:24
22.   D4P
That's an odd combination of socialism and capitalism.

So am I...

2006-02-23 11:16:45
23.   Woody
My Gil McDougal model from 1960 is small, but still does the job. Unfornately, after rotator cuff surgery I can't throw worth a damn. Wish the body was as durable as the glove.
2006-02-23 11:25:35
24.   Ken Arneson
19 And every free agent would go to the Yankees from now until forever.
2006-02-23 11:32:23
25.   Penarol1916
20. Like an Israeli kibbutz.
2006-02-23 11:36:14
26.   Bob Timmermann
They're going to extra ends in the women's curling gold medal match. Sweden-Switzerland are tied 6-6.

The Arensons have the hammer in the 11th.

2006-02-23 11:55:29
27.   Bob Timmermann
And there is great rejoicing in the streets of Stockholm! Sweden 7, Switzerland 6!

Annette Norberg for Prime Minister!

2006-02-23 11:57:44
28.   Sam DC
Stone Cold Sweden!
2006-02-23 11:58:02
29.   Bob Timmermann
From Annette Norberg's bio:

When she is not on the ice, she works as an actuary, but because of the sport, she says she has no time for hobbies.

She's an actuary and a curler? Wow, what an adrenaline rush!

2006-02-23 11:59:48
30.   Sam DC
BTW -- Othen being half of the wave of the future, what is there to know about Robert Fick? DC is abuzz with hatin' the guy. Apparently he had some kind of run-in with Eric Karros.

And most damning, Jim Bowden says he has "flair."

2006-02-23 12:02:28
31.   Bob Timmermann
Fick almost broke Karros's shoulder during the 2003 NLDS when he tried to bowl him over at first on a fairly routine ground out.
2006-02-23 12:09:14
32.   Steve
Other being half of the wave of the future,

Jim Bowden is the New Alvin Toffler!

Since this came up yesterday, this says that Robles was third in the league last year in Plate Discipline (whatever that is)

2006-02-23 12:14:39
33.   Sushirabbit
k2 5500s, I will likely never ski again. :-(
Skis can get real beat up by the run of the mill numbskulls, which may be one reason you get compliments.

I always had hand me down gloves. I like Wilson for some reason. The Ron Cey was great, but I sucked at baseball as I got older, and foolishly gave up on it. Now I use my wife's softball glove. Yuck.

I had a great Stiga Power/Kill blade with Friendship rubber and Stiga Shoes stolen in college. I'm sure they all ended up in a dumptser. I almost cried.

Neon ACR for track and twisties

2006-02-23 12:31:15
34.   Sam DC
32 Thank you for fixing half of my typos.
2006-02-23 12:34:06
35.   Andrew Shimmin
My first (real) mitt was a Dale Murphy.

2006-02-23 12:41:10
36.   Steamer
Great post, Jon. Gloves and skiis are indeed old friends.

I retired my Wilson A2000-XL last season after 20 years of faithful (or sometimes unfaithful) service. The purchase of a new glove was more a nod to making sure I didn't lose the old one, which I am sentimentally attached to.

As for skiis, your 1989 vintage 200's are only slightly shorter than my 205's. In the case of the skiis, I think I'll opt for the "edge" of new gear, to avoid doing a "Jim Lonborg."

2006-02-23 12:44:31
37.   Bob Timmermann
Skiing talk is to Bob as TV series talk is to xeifrank.
2006-02-23 12:49:07
38.   regfairfield
I've gone through two gloves in my life. The first was a model by a company whose name I don't even remember. It wouldn't fit on my hand any more, but man was that thing broken in.

My current glove is a Brett Butler model which has the advantage of actually fitting my hand, but it still hasn't reached the net like quality of my first glove.

2006-02-23 12:54:32
39.   Steve
34 -- Your line was so amusing that I only noticed the one.
2006-02-23 13:01:29
40.   Linkmeister
37 Could be worse. They could all be bragging about the resorts they ski at.

My first time on skis was at Purgatory in Durango. My second time was somewhere in the Japanese mountains about 4 hours from Yokosuka. The first time was amusing more for the (legal) 3.2 Coors we could drink than for the skiing. The second time I strained the heck out of my knee and ended up in an ankle-to-hip cast for 3 weeks. Try using a flush-to-the-floor Japanese toilet (benjo) with a leg that won't bend.

2006-02-23 13:08:28
41.   gcrl
my first glove was also a mike schmidt rawlings, circa 1977. since then i have had probably a half dozen fielder's gloves, with the latest being a griffey jr model. my 1st baseman's mitt is a garvey model louisville slugger, but my favorite mitt (and the one i use the most) is my dad's old jim lefebvre autograph rawlings.

i finally bought new skis this year, and am hoping to christen them next weekend on the minneapolin mole hills before heading back out to tahoe for some real skiing. i think i will buy a helmet for that trip.

2006-02-23 13:28:16
42.   jasonungar05
On Jose Castillio:

Do I see characteristics at this point in time in this young man's career that are similar to an Adrian Beltre?

Yes, I do," Tracy said.

"He has a lot of the same attributes."

2006-02-23 14:05:53
43.   Sam DC
42 I think I see a new sport picking up steam at Dodger Thoughts . . .

It's a good thing, what with the "Alex Cora would have gotten that" event having fallen into disfavor and the Grabowski Principle having moved over to international competition. The "arm angles" challenge, one would, would apear to be still be with us, although its leading advocate and primary villain have both moved east.

2006-02-23 14:10:42
44.   Sam DC
one would think, appears to still be with us . . .
2006-02-23 14:18:59
45.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
17 That was the glove I had (and the postal service lost): Wilson Ron Cey model. Wow.
2006-02-23 14:24:21
46.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
My current glove isn't associated with any player. Rawlings RGS3 ("Supe-R-Size", 'cause, well, I play softball now, and you need a larger glove to catch that thing, especialy in the outfield).

I wonder why the two most mentioned gloves on in this thread are from '70s era third basemen (Schmidt, Cey).

2006-02-23 14:33:53
47.   Bob Timmermann
I realized that after one post about Jim Tracy's ramblings to the press be placed on The Griddle that I had to stop or else I would turn the Griddle into my own version of "Fire Jim Tracy" (no offense Steve).

Tracy will not make his triumphant return to L.A. until September 19 as the Dodgers have a weird end of the season schedule with many games out of the division.

I know this bothered Steiner and Monday a lot last year when they saw it. Apparently, they are unfamiliar with the fact that you can't divide five evenly by two so there has to be one team at all times playing outside of the division.

2006-02-23 14:59:48
48.   Johnson
47 That's what split-squad games are for. Split-Squad Games Down The Stretch - NOW THEY COUNT!!!
2006-02-23 15:48:16
49.   Bob Timmermann
Barring injury, Derek Lowe will have started more Opening Days for the Dodgers than Sandy Koufax.

2006-02-23 16:39:45
50.   Colorado Blue
First g"love": Hank Aaron (I think it was a Wilson).
Skis: I'm a "knuckledragger"; i.e. snowboarder. My current board is an MLY and it is 5 years old. I bought it at when I was first learning to ride in the mountains of New Mexico... now that I live in Denver I'm such a snob. I go about 4 - 5 times a year, almost always to Vail, and only after at least a foot of fresh powder. Life is good!!!
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-02-23 17:45:43
51.   King of the Hobos
On topic, I don't have a baseball glove, skis, or golf clubs. And other than maybe a cheap glove when I was 5, I've never owned any

However, the reason for my post is to provide a link to that some of you may be interested in (it involves a certain huge Korean)

2006-02-23 18:04:20
52.   natepurcell
i guess gagne developed a new pitch- a slider.

he never threw one before right?

2006-02-23 18:25:24
53.   DXMachina
46 "I wonder why the two most mentioned gloves on in this thread are from '70s era third basemen (Schmidt, Cey)."

Well, I bought the Cey glove because I was a Dodger fan, because it fit my hand perfectly, and because I was going to be playing third. A year later I decided to move away from third to take advantage of the greater opportunities for self defense afforded by playing second and short.

They share a rookie card, too, something I was dismayed to find out, because Schmidt drives the price way up. All I was really wanted was Cey.

2006-02-23 18:36:41
54.   Steve
Geez, Bob, go get your own obsession and stop stealing mine!
2006-02-23 19:07:14
55.   gcrl
(warning - bb card nerd alert)
cey's rookie card is actually from 1972. he shares it with ben ogilvie and someone else. it's a high number, so it's tough to come by.

that card and the 1971 dick allen were the last two cards i found to complete my dodger team sets from 1970 - 1989. i found them in 89 (before ebay) and just about hyperventilated when i saw the dick allen card.

2006-02-23 19:14:58
56.   King of the Hobos
The Hardball Times "Ten Things I Didn't Know..." feature presented this lineup generator (based on the 2006 Pecota or Marcel) that I had some fun with

Our "best" Pecota lineup would be (with Borders filling the pitcher's spot in the lineup):

Navarro, Mueller, Drew, Nomar, Kent, Cruz, Furcal, Lofton, Pitcher's Spot (or Borders)

As for our "best" prospect lineup, again with Borders as the pitcher:

Martin, Aybar, Guzman, Laroche, Kemp, Young, Ethier, Loney, Pitcher's Spot (or Borders)

2006-02-23 19:20:20
57.   Robert Fiore
Saw this headline on Yahoo that read "Milton Bradley Recalls Chicken Limbo Game," and I opened it up thinking (honestly, swear on a stack of Bibles) that it might be our Milton Bradley exposing some hazing ritual the Dodgers put him through.

The story was about the toy company, recalling a game that inspires children to injure themselves or something.

Speculation on how the hazing ritual version of Chicken Limbo would be played is welcome.

2006-02-23 20:15:46
58.   Wayne Wei-siang Hsieh
Re: 52

I think Gagne's always had a slider, but it's supposed to stink. I think Lo Duca would tease him about how useless a pitch it was. Is he throwing it this spring? I'd be surprised if he actually uses it this season.


2006-02-23 20:36:59
59.   Sushirabbit
Is Dreifort's retirement official?

Sad. I still cringe at the guys name. Life ain't fair, I guess.

2006-02-23 20:39:04
60.   willhite
58 -

He supposedly gave it up when he became a reliever, but is working on it again. Apparently it really impressed some of the guys he threw to today.

Nothing like being unhitable with two pitches and then adding a third.

2006-02-23 20:48:53
61.   Improbable88
60 - In all fairness to Gagne, and in all unfairness to the rest of the league, he has three unhittable pitches, the overpowering 4 seamer, the decpetive and sinking two seamer, and the bugs bunny changeup/curve...

And those are just the unhittable ones

2006-02-23 21:03:09
62.   natepurcell
izzy said gagnes slider was "nasty" today.

but izturis also stinks at hitting so who knows.

2006-02-23 21:14:49
63.   willhite
62 -

I don't think you need to be a HOF hitter to know a really good pitch when you see one. After all, if Vinnie announced that Gagne had developed a "nasty" slider, we probably wouldn't question him.

Now that Gagne seems to be back, we can trade Baez for that outfielder we need.

2006-02-23 21:21:32
64.   Steve
2006-02-23 21:27:22
65.   natepurcell
baez for adam dunn! lets spread this "rumor" like wild fire.
2006-02-23 21:30:18
66.   Steve
Who were we trading Gagne for again, Icaros?
2006-02-23 21:32:46
67.   Bob Timmermann
Dreifort officially retired a couple of days ago:

2006-02-23 21:32:54
68.   Steve
The names are going back on the uniforms, courtesy of one V. Scully.
2006-02-23 21:38:43
69.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
My first glove was a George Foster "MVP" model.
I want to say that's like having a Ray Oyler bat, but having researched Foster's fielding stats he looks fair, and not terrible.
2006-02-23 21:41:12
70.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
61 - Gagne throws a "Vulcan" change-up, so named for the position of his fingers on the ball. That's the mid-80s splitter you see.
2006-02-23 21:44:34
71.   willhite
65 -

Afraid it's going to take more than Baez to get Dunn, Nate. Are you willing to throw in one or two of our prospects?

Who needs a closer? Baltimore, Cleveland, Atlanta, D'Backs? With all of the player movement lately, I can't keep track of who might be willing to give us something good.

2006-02-23 21:50:55
72.   natepurcell
Afraid it's going to take more than Baez to get Dunn, Nate. Are you willing to throw in one or two of our prospects?

if it takes ty cob--- i mean, repko, then i guess sooo.

2006-02-23 22:03:49
73.   willhite
72 -

Sorry, can't give 'em Repko. Steve would have to find someone else to pick on and he's developed such a fine relationship with Jason

2006-02-23 22:17:53
74.   Icaros

Jason Bay

2006-02-23 22:22:17
75.   Steve
2006-02-23 22:36:09
76.   Bob Timmermann
Jason Bay will be begging to be let out of Pittsburgh after Tracy has had him sacrificing runners from 1st to 2nd to put the tying run in scoring position with two outs for Joe Randa.
2006-02-23 22:41:00
77.   Steve
Bob cements his place on the Fellow Travellers List.
2006-02-23 22:48:51
78.   Bob Timmermann
I am using my pulpit now to go after Frank Robinson. If I can make one Nationals fan hate me, it's worth it.
2006-02-23 22:58:31
79.   Steve
And I'm loving every minute of it.
2006-02-23 23:04:30
80.   Bob Timmermann
But I used to be nice. I used to be polite. But Bowden and Robinson bring out my dark side.
2006-02-23 23:12:29
81.   Steve
Join the dark side. Let the hate flow through you.
2006-02-24 01:04:52
82.   Strike4
My first glove was the cheapest mitt we could find, a black rubberish left-handed Sandy Koufax model. It was made in Japan, back when that meant garbage. In those days, nobody wanted a black glove, and we were laughed at alot. No matter, with Sandy's help they wouldn't laugh after striking out. Unfortunately, I pitched more like Charley Brown. I always thought I'd have pitched even worse without Sandy.

By the minors, I saved up for a real leather mitt, a Dean Chance model. It was hugely oversized for my 10 year old hand. Now I even looked like Charley Brown.

My gloves have been to countless Dodger and Angel games. My Sandy glove even got to see his namesake when the Dodgers retired his number in 1972. Both gloves are still in the closet, and my wife knows not to throw them out.

My old Olins are associated with white-out, and tire chains and frozen, wasted weekends. They're deep under the Eisenhower Course in the Industry Hills landfill. Maybe they'll contribute a little hydrocarbon to some future generation.

2006-02-24 04:21:50
83.   Sam DC
78 Bob -- you know that fellah who pleaded with you for calm blogs the Nationals?

2006-02-24 05:28:07
84.   Colorado Blue
73 - Not to worry yet... there would still be one Ja(y)son left.
2006-02-24 05:37:47
85.   Colorado Blue
And this from Jeff Moorad:
Moorad: We want to be like the Raiders
Please, oh please be like the Raiders!

Actually, he then caveated it and said "... like the Raiders of the 60's, 70's, and 80's..." Hopefully the D'Back players didn't catch on to the last part.

2006-02-24 06:51:46
86.   Sam DC
Alert: Bill Plaschke's piece today is obnoxious.
2006-02-24 07:09:19
87.   Jon Weisman
86 - I was just going to say to Bob and Steve, if Plaschke has a list, Sasha Cohen is on it.
2006-02-24 08:05:16
88.   Bob Timmermann
Ahh Bill... You're so predictable.

He also doesn't understand figure skating's new scoring system.

2006-02-24 08:12:50
89.   Steve
Plaschke likes lists because they don't have a lot of words complicating things.
2006-02-24 08:20:40
90.   Vishal
[86] Alert: The Sky is Blue.
2006-02-24 08:25:35
91.   Bob Timmermann
If Plaschke thought that us fancy computer-using baseball fans complained about him a lot, he has yet to encounter a ticked off figure skating fan. I'm sure Sasha Cohen has a lot of supporters in Southern California and they are going to bombard the Times with some really nasty hate mail.
2006-02-24 08:40:44
92.   Daniel Zappala
Very late to the discussion, but ... I owned my first glove for 30 years. Bought a new one a couple years ago so I could teach my kids to play. I have never owned skis, but for the same reason I will be buying some at the season-end clearance sales. Living in Utah does have its perks, and one of the best is that I am about a 45 minute drive from world-class skiing.
2006-02-24 08:58:17
93.   Vishal
[88] here's a good article about the scoring system and why it rewards risk-seeking:

(not that i give a single iota of a darn about figure skating)

2006-02-24 09:44:26
94.   D4P
Skating faces a Kwandry, er, quandry. The old scoring system was notoriously subjective and biased, but was conducive to "visually appealing, artistic" skating. The new system, while ostentisbly (though, not actually) objective and unbiased, produces formulaic, less visually appealing skating.

Given that both scoring systems are fundamentally subjective and biased, they might as well go back to the old system. That being said, I'm not sure the Olympic results would have been much different under the old scoring system...

2006-02-24 09:48:17
95.   Andrew Shimmin
Nobody beats up on teenage girls like Bill Plaschke. Nobody.
2006-02-24 09:50:36
96.   D4P
I think Sasha's 21...But your point remains.
2006-02-24 09:51:22
97.   Vishal
[95] but, but.... "This is not about picking on the flaws of a little girl. It's about chronicling the finish of an elite professional"!!!
2006-02-24 09:51:31
98.   MartinBillingsley31
Which 5 players make up the "jacksonville 5" ?
2006-02-24 09:55:59
99.   bhsportsguy
For those of you couldn't get away from your computers anyway, here is the latest from Tom Hoffarth's Daily News Media column regarding those exciting spring training broadcasts...

"Meanwhile, part of the new arrangement for Dodgers' spring training games starting next Thursday is the elimination of weekday delayed broadcasts on KFWB-AM (980). Instead, those games called by Charley Steiner and Rick Monday will be heard only the Dodgers' Web site during the week. KFWB plans to carry weekend games live from Florida."

2006-02-24 09:58:44
100.   bhsportsguy
98 - Though never confirmed by anyone, my best guess would be Chad Bilingsley, Russell Martin, Joel Guzman, Andy LaRoche and Jonathan Broxton. Those five have been generally the top five graded Dodger Prospects, its possible that since Broxton came up last year that they could also be referring to James Loney too.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-02-24 10:03:25
101.   MartinBillingsley31
That's what i thought.
There is a debate going on, on another site and the debate is over the 5th guy, its between broxton and loney.
I allways thought it was broxton.
2006-02-24 10:05:19
102.   D4P
I'm pretty sure the 5th guy was Jackson, not Broxton. Nate would know for sure.
2006-02-24 10:14:20
103.   Marty
That was a pretty brutal article.
2006-02-24 10:25:12
104.   Steve
Alert: Alex Cora would have gotten that.


2006-02-24 10:46:37
105.   LAT
Plaschke fails to mention that in the three prior winter olympics, the leader after the short program has not won the gold medal. This is not that unusal.
2006-02-24 10:52:30
106.   Linkmeister
How many times has Plaschke sat at his typewriter (I refuse to believe he uses anything as new as a computer) to write a column on deadline and said "I don't want to be here?"

What a miserable excuse for a human being he is.

2006-02-24 10:52:34
107.   regfairfield
If America hadn't of traded Michelle Kwan for Emily Hughes, they would have had enough heart and soul to win.
2006-02-24 10:52:41
108.   LAT
This is not that unusual.

Not sure which I meant but both work: It is not that unusual that the leader after the short program doesn't win gold and it is not that unusual that Plaschke conveniently omits relevant information from his stories.

2006-02-24 10:54:12
109.   LAT
106. How many have I read one of Plaschke's articles and said "I don't want to be here?"
2006-02-24 11:06:46
110.   Sam DC
I don't know if anyone else looks at the Dodgers house blog, but it's fun looking over the comments, which basically consist of someone named "" asking arcane questions about A-ball prospects ("so, has Koufax improved his footspeed getting behind the catcher when he's got to cover on sac flys?") and 11 other folks saying that they're psyched for the season and asking how great Eric Gagne is going to be this year.

good stuff.

2006-02-24 11:09:53
111.   Sam DC
On Plaschke, I'll just add that had a graphic that broke down the silver and gold routines element by element, and it shows that Cohen added additional challenging elements to her routine on the fly in an effort to make up lost ground. I'm not trying to be a Cohen groupie (honest!), but that sorta seems at odds with the "she just didn't care enough" attack.
2006-02-24 11:15:15
112.   regfairfield
You're just a Sasha Cohen fan.

We're all figure American figure skating fans.

2006-02-24 11:33:33
113.   Bob Timmermann
Plaschke only views sports with the "good athlete of good character vs. bad athlete with bad character" dialectic.
2006-02-24 11:54:36
114.   Colorado Blue
A question: What if Plaschke applied the same principles and standards he levies on everyone else to his own writing? Would he be:
A) "scrappy"
B) a decent writer
C) Frank McCourt's first choice for PR guy
D) All of the above

More likely he would not be a writer at all. I'm not sure he's either capable or inclined to write to that level. That, ironically, is the same problem Sasha has with figure skating apparently.

2006-02-24 12:26:41
115.   Daniel Zappala
E) cut
2006-02-24 13:04:43
116.   oldbear
The key to Gagne's season is his velocity. If he doesnt have it, he's going to be a mere mortal.

Didnt last spring start out with Gagne being slow on the gun, and then he tweaked his mechanics, tore up his knee...came back too early and hurt his arm...done for the year.

I agree Gagne's best pitch is probably his change-up. But if he cant throw his fastball, that change-up becomes very hittable.

2006-02-24 13:12:41
117.   Steve
115 -- too funny
2006-02-24 13:15:52
118.   Vishal
[116] i think he hurt his knee playing pepper, and tweaked his mechanics to accomodate the knee injury.
2006-02-24 13:20:16
119.   Andrew Shimmin
96- You're right, she is 21. I always assume that ice skaters and gymnasts are teenagers. It helps that I don't at all care, but, there you go.

How is it possible that his piece gets in to the paper, anyway? There's nobody who works there with veto power over Mr. Chivalry? Or do they think it's brave to spit on a five foot tall ice skater, too?

2006-02-24 13:30:52
120.   Vishal
[119] what if sasha cohen were a 6'5" underperforming WNBA star? would that make a difference?
2006-02-24 13:43:58
121.   Andrew Shimmin
120- No. You're right. Stupid either way; I was trying to put my finger on the scale.
2006-02-24 14:35:26
122.   King of the Hobos
I know he has to do it, but this picture brings back some bad memories:

And with the Drew, everyone is in camp. Except for Choi and Seo, who I believe left this morning. So everyone has been in camp at some time

2006-02-24 14:35:32
123.   regfairfield
119 Well, I'm guessing that if Plaschke turns in a column right on deadline, they either have the option of running it, or placing an AP story on the front page. I could be very wrong here.
2006-02-24 14:37:29
124.   natepurcell
I don't know if anyone else looks at the Dodgers house blog, but it's fun looking over the comments, which basically consist of someone named "" asking arcane questions about A-ball prospects

it was a good question damnit!!

2006-02-24 14:39:36
125.   natepurcell
in the ST photo album from today (2/24), theres a picture of lance carter showing penny how to throw a new pitch. I am all for teammates helping each other out but please carter, stop infecting the good players with your suck. thanks!
2006-02-24 14:44:48
126.   Marty
I guarantee, any column written will be run. Columns are always run unless libelous (slanderous? I can never get them straight).
2006-02-24 14:45:02
127.   regfairfield
125 Has Brad Penny ever saved 30 games?
2006-02-24 14:46:31
128.   Bob Timmermann
The Olympic figure skating competition ended around 3 pm in L.A. Plaschke's deadline was that it was such a big event that the Times website couldn't wait for the next day.

Most other news outlets were far less rabid in their coverage of the event.

2006-02-24 14:49:49
129.   natepurcell
Has Brad Penny ever saved 30 games?

no, but he did stay at a holiday inn.

2006-02-24 14:51:56
130.   Bob Timmermann

I would assume that columns by Plaschke, Simers and Adande get minimal editing before they get published.

The big columnists usually get that treatment. Sometimes it doesn't work out well unless you happen to own a certified Mitch Albom Time Machine.

2006-02-24 14:52:47
131.   trainwreck
What is the link to the spring training album?
2006-02-24 14:53:29
132.   natepurcell
if you go to, scroll down, theres a link to the photo album.
2006-02-24 14:57:15
133.   King of the Hobos
That picture that has Brazoban and Diaz next to each other seems to give a good idea of why Diaz is nicknamed Jumbo. Anyone who dwarfs Brazoban is just plain huge
2006-02-24 15:00:27
134.   natepurcell
that picture of odalis perez throwing doesnt even look like odalis perez.
2006-02-24 15:04:18
135.   Marty
This just in:
VERO BEACH, Fla. (AP) — The Los Angeles Dodgers have hired Bill Lajoie as senior adviser to the general manager.
2006-02-24 15:05:08
136.   Marty
Also, Bonds wants reporters to sign a reality-show wwaiver:
It's unknown how Bonds feels about his progress since he told media members he would not conduct any interviews until they signed a release waiver allowing footage of them to be shown on his upcoming reality TV show on ESPN.
2006-02-24 15:08:52
137.   Daniel Zappala
125 The caption says Carter is showing Penny a new pitch, but it looks an awful lot more like Penny showing Carter.

The best picture is Aaron Sele looking like a beer-league softball player trying to make a catch.

2006-02-24 15:32:03
138.   oldbear
Thats an insult to beer-league softball players.
2006-02-24 15:46:05
139.   Vishal
is it just me, or does the solid blue jersey on the spring training uniform look better than the normal uniform?
2006-02-24 15:53:22
140.   Vishal

ah, tomko pitching batting practice. that's going to be a familiar refrain this year.

2006-02-24 16:27:27
141.   Johnson
133 - Yhency is apparently listed at 6'1", 170. 170? Riiiight. Jumbo does appear to be a big, big boy.
2006-02-24 16:42:26
142.   natepurcell
dodgers hire phill rizzo as a major league scout.
2006-02-24 16:47:55
143.   Bob Timmermann
Brazoban probably has the weight he had when he first signed as his listed weight and it's never been changed. I'm sure he was pretty skinny when he started out.
2006-02-24 17:27:07
144.   LAT
I may be wrong but I think I read that Braz lost a good deal of weight over the winter. I believe Jumbo is 300+
2006-02-24 17:34:26
145.   LAT
Jumbo is the lovechild of Too Tall Jones and Nell Carter.
2006-02-24 17:59:23
146.   SCRocks

I really like the spring uni's too. The first thing I thought when I saw them was "oh cool"


2006-02-24 18:17:32
147.   das411
Diaz is listed as 6'4", 230.

If he is 230 then Walter Young is 230.

2006-02-24 19:02:25
148.   CanuckDodger
If Diaz did not already have a pretty apt nick-name I would call him Shrek. He just seems like a Shrek.
2006-02-24 19:03:38
149.   Steve
Perhaps only Sam will find this compelling, but Tom Boswell has lost his mind.
2006-02-24 19:14:25
150.   Sam DC
Yeah, it really is true -- did you read his online chat today, or just reacting to his curious Soriano column?

I feel like he's one of those Asimov robots and his three laws are crashing into each other and causing his head to steam. (1) Must love and advocate for baseball. (2) Must love and advocate for the home team, unless that conflicts with law number one. (3) Must criticize mlb management, unless that conflicts with the first two laws. But the home team is mlb management? Does not compute. And loving baseball seems to mean not advocating for the mismanaged home team right now, but rooting against the home team now embarrases baseball . . . no, wait.

Anyhow, I haven't figured it all out, but last year he was fine -- a homer and sort of over the top, but readable. So far this year, he's just as you say.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-02-24 19:24:14
151.   Steve
I think he has fallen into the trap of being reactionary. A believes B, therefore I believe not B, even if what I normally believe would generally lead me to believe B.

The Soriano column was an obscene Penthouse letter. I was mildly embarrassed for him.

2006-02-24 19:50:09
152.   Bob Timmermann
I can't keep posting about the Nats. It's gone in the "It's too easy" like posting Jim Tracy quotes.

I wish I lived in DC so I could see Soriano SWAGGER.

That's what the Dodgers need. SWAGGER.

2006-02-24 19:53:35
153.   Sam DC
If you think trying to relate to Tracyball-loving, DePodesta-bashing, "The Trade" hating Dodger fans is difficult, try talking to regular folk in DC who believe it was Robinson's grit and Bowden's scrappy blue-collar GM'ing that kept the Nationals in it last year. Oy vey.
2006-02-24 20:01:45
154.   King of the Hobos
For those interested, Gurnick mentioned what Lajoie's job would be:

GM Ned Colletti said Lajoie would evaluate talent, monitor the Triple-A and Double-A affiliates, and serve as an extra set of eyes when the club is looking at players to acquire.

2006-02-24 20:16:00
155.   Sam DC
Hmmm . . . it's late and I'm annoyed to still be working and 153 is sort of obnoxious. Apologies. What I really think is that, whether or not a person is fun or aggravating to argue with does not depend on his or her particular views, but on how those views are expressed and the extent to which the person frankly engages in the discusion. Blanket statements about how all people on the various sides of the Great Dodger Issues of the day handle these issues are not helpful.
2006-02-24 20:16:10
156.   Steve
Tragic. Boswell's stuff was pretty good -- at least the old stuff I found in used bookstores. C'est la vie. There's room on the list.
2006-02-24 20:19:19
157.   Steve
But in the real game, there is an extra dimension of athleticism and charisma which changes the outcome of close games. (Forgive me, but 30+ years of observation counts for something.)

Apparently not.

2006-02-24 20:26:47
158.   Sam DC
Did you get to the part about how stat people don't like three run home runs?

"Three" -- there's a stat we can all get behind I say!

2006-02-24 20:33:06
159.   Steve
Between Steve Lyons and the stat people, the three run home run is becoming the least popular play in baseball.
2006-02-24 20:39:04
160.   D4P
three run home run = rally killer
2006-02-24 20:45:05
161.   Steve
And D4P, of course, scourge of power hitters everywhere
2006-02-24 20:53:50
162.   D4P
The three run homer lets the pitcher off the hook, as he can go back to pitching from the windup (from which he is typically more effective), and no longer has to worry about the ultimate offensive weapon (i.e. the stolen base).
2006-02-24 21:00:12
163.   D4P
Actual photo caption at

J.D. Drew smiles after a bunting session at camp on Friday afternoon. (Rick Silva/AP)

2006-02-24 21:04:01
164.   Bob Timmermann
Boswell has been in a writing slump since 1791.
2006-02-24 21:15:34
165.   Steve
I'm just aghast at all of this. I thought Boswell was sort of an eminence grise -- a sort of David Broder for the ball and bat set. Or David Gergen. That rant was more like Che Guevara.
2006-02-24 21:19:50
166.   Sam DC
I'm telling you, he is all those good things. His positronic brain is just locked up until this stadium thing gets sorted out and the team gets an owner. Then he will be able to resume normal commenting operations.
2006-02-24 21:24:59
167.   Steve
It takes work to get off the List.
2006-02-24 21:29:11
168.   D4P
Has anyone ever actually made it off the list?
2006-02-24 21:29:20
169.   Steve
According to Boswell, Brian Schneider only swaggers on defense.
2006-02-24 21:32:41
170.   Steve
Jeff Kent would be the most classic example.
2006-02-24 21:36:58
171.   D4P
What kind of "work" did he do to get off the list?
2006-02-24 21:43:38
172.   Steve
I knew that would draw a charge.

Kent's immediate rehabilitation was aided immensely by circumstance. He was replacing Alex Cora, and you had a significant number of people making truly silly arguments about what a terrible signing it was and how horrible it was to be letting Cora go. Just extraordinary stuff. Those issues overrode previous concerns about his Giant-ness, and then, he justified his existence.

2006-02-24 21:46:13
173.   Marty
I used to think Tracy Ringolsby was good too.
2006-02-24 21:46:25
174.   Steve
"Close to Home" isn't all that great, by the way. Just so you all know.
2006-02-24 21:48:44
175.   Steve
I read the earlier discussion about the big columnists not getting edited, and immediately thought of Bill Madden's assertion that Milton Bradley was playing center field for the Dodgers this year.
2006-02-24 21:52:12
176.   Marty
Jim Murray is revered here, but I have to say I thought he lost it in about 1980. He became a parody of himself. It's not a popular opinion, but there it is...
2006-02-24 21:53:30
177.   D4P
As long as Jeff Kent is placed back on the list the day he removes his Dodger uniform for the last time, I guess I'll be mollified. But just barely...
2006-02-24 21:56:52
178.   Steve
176 -- Those are the kinds of opinions that I don't have to agree with to respect.
2006-02-24 22:24:45
179.   Marty
It's interesting, I think that Murray and Simers are really not that far apart. Both like(d) to trash cities that L.A. teams play, like(d) to play up the rubeishness of fans. But Murray was revered, and Simers reviled. I'm not here to defend TJ, but just find it fascinating that there's such a perceived difference between the two.
2006-02-24 22:44:17
180.   Bob Timmermann
I think one of the big differences is that Murray did not goad people in to temper tantrums for the purposes of filling up space in his columns.
2006-02-24 22:44:54
181.   GoBears
179 I'm not sure I fully agree with the comparison, but even if we grant that your observation is factually correct, I would say that there's still a stark contrast: quality of writing. Murray could write. And that makes all the difference.
2006-02-24 22:56:53
182.   Marty
I think Murray did goad people into temper tantrums. He used to generate huge mail responses from the people he was tweaking. There was just no internet then.
2006-02-24 23:15:36
183.   Andrew Shimmin
Fellow Travelers say the darndest things. From Steve Henson, today (emp. added):

"Even accomplished runners such as Kenny Lofton, Rafael Furcal and Cesar Izturis were hanging on every word."

2006-02-24 23:27:14
184.   Uncle Miltie
Clippers beat the Lakers, Kobe's teammates don't show up
2006-02-24 23:31:15
185.   oldbear
So Plaschke helped run out DePodesta...and the after effects are only beginning to be felt.

Could it be his executive bashing was correct, but merely misplaced?

I'm looking at you Mr. Kupchak.

Caron for Kwame
Shaq for Odom
Smush Parker
Phil Jackson for 10mils a season.

Indeed, no?

2006-02-24 23:35:27
186.   oldbear
184. Kobe doesnt need teammates. He just needs Phil Jackson.

Isnt that right, Mitch?

2006-02-25 00:26:36
187.   natepurcell
if u want to get technical, it was shaq for odom, kwame and a 1st round pick.
2006-02-25 02:50:12
188.   bhsportsguy
From today's LA Times

When the Dodgers play an intrasquad game at Jacksonville on Tuesday, prospects who have played for the double-A affiliate in that city will be grouped together and will wear Suns' uniforms.

Top prospect Chad Billingsley, who was 13-6 and led Jacksonville to the Southern League championship last season, will be the starting pitcher.

2006-02-25 05:05:45
189.   Steve
183 -- It's very easy to get off the list, and pandering is at the top of the "just cause" reasons for dismissal.
2006-02-25 07:09:43
190.   Suffering Bruin
Being a schoolteacher, I got to wake up early... but on Saturday? Well, you do when your lovely and wonderful wife accidentally leaves the alarm clock in the "on" position and the alarm rings at 5:50am. On a Saturday.

Did y'all find that interesting? Maybe. If I threw in an oblique insult towards the wife, I could be writing like T.J. Simers. If I used the word "I" several more times, I could be writing like T.J. Simers.

Of all the phrases one can use to describe Jim Murray, "self-absorbed" isn't one of them. I have never read a more self-absorbed writer than Simers and hope I never do. Yes, Murray took positions that were illogical and stuck with them but the prose was so extraordinary we hardly cared. Jon wrote a while back that saying you think Simers is funny is kind of like laughing along with the kid who just spray painted your car. I think that's exactly right.

2006-02-25 11:56:57
191.   Daniel B
OT but I thought some of you might be interested.

Im involved in a type of keeper league fantasy baseball. You take a real Major League ball club, and keep every player from year to year. There is a salary cap, free agent bidding, and Minor League affiliations. The scoring is done through Yahoo for just this year, while a website is getting finished up. Its totally free to join and its a lot of fun.

In MLB_Franchise 1 the Cubs and Nationals are available.

Since the rosters have been active for a while, there are some changes to each team, but theres still a lot of time to make trades and stuff.

If you're interested in joining join the group here:
and post a claim for the Nationals or Cubs.

Than Join the Free Yahoo fantasy group with League ID #94524 password: henry and name your team either the Nationals or Cubs, which ever one you choose.

You need to have some time to dedicate to this league, so if your just looking for a once a day update league, this one isnt for you. If you have any questions yo can email me at The leagues are a lot of fun.

2006-02-25 12:20:49
192.   thinkblue0
185- and to anyone else-

can someone explain to me why teams in the NBA trade all their expiring contracts for worse ones? If Isaiah had just let Davis and Hardaway run out, he would have had about 30 million off the books after this season. Instead he's stuck with Jalen Rose and Steve Francis. Huh? Is it me or is that about 10 steps beyond illogical.

As far as Kupchak goes, the fact that he didn't get an All Star back for Shaq is really disturbing. I knew we'd have to take a bad contract back (i.e. Grant) to make salaries match up...but please, you're telling me shaq doesn't bring in at least one all star? NBA Gm's boggle my mind.

2006-02-25 12:30:42
193.   natepurcell
f Isaiah had just let Davis and Hardaway run out, he would have had about 30 million off the books after this season. Instead he's stuck with Jalen Rose and Steve Francis. Huh? Is it me or is that about 10 steps beyond illogical.

the knicks payroll is close to 100 mil i think. the salary cap is somewhere around 45 mil.

even if they let those expiring contract run out after this year, they are still over the salary cap and the 30 mil off the books will be useless because they will not be able to spend it.

this summer, the knicks need to trade francis or marbury. im assuming marbury since it seems larry brown doesnt like him.

2006-02-25 12:46:11
194.   trainwreck
The Knicks are going to try to trade for KG offering Francis or Marbury with Frye and some other young players. Of course a few teams will be trying this such as the Lakers and Bulls.
2006-02-25 12:54:23
195.   oldbear
I'm thinking how much better the Lakers would be if they would have just hung on to Caron Butler, and then drafted a true PG in the draft.

Odom isnt a #2 scoring option. He's a role player getting paid a max contract. He is what he is. I think Kobe, Caron, and a good PG, with Odom as the #4 option on the team would have been much better.

Kwame Brown has to be the worst #1 overall pick in the history of the NBA. For a player to be in the NBA for 4-5 years, and he still has not developed any types of offensive moves, is unfathomable to me. Phil should just start giving Bynum his minutes and try to develop him. I'm not sure what Bynum's ceiling is since he's not a very explosive athlete, but it has to be better than what Kwame's amounted to.

As for the Clippers, they have a very bright future. I saw Livingston play quite a bit in high school and honestly wasnt that impressed, but if he ever stays healthy he's gonna be an All Star. 6'7 PG's dont grow on trees. Liv, Maggette, Brand are 3 good guys to build around.

2006-02-25 12:59:13
196.   oldbear
194. I read about the trade rumors for Garnett, but honestly what do the Lakers have to give up? I believe if both teams are above the cap, the trades have to match salaries.

If Kupchak somehow convinces Kevin McHale to trade Garnett for Odom/Bynum...I'll be shocked. Odom is hard to trade because A. He has a long contract. B.He's not worth his max level deal.

Garnett will only get traded for expiring contracts or high level young players that still are under a good contract.

I think only Bynum or Brian Cook would fit this mold for the Lakers. Kwame, Odom do not.

2006-02-25 13:15:15
197.   D4P
I'm not here to defend Kupchak, but at least some of the blame for the Lakers' plight rests with Dr. Jerry. He was the primary reason Kobe was re-signed (and re-signed for huge dollars). Kobe's contract really limits the roster options. The Shaq trade sucked, but were there really a lot of better options out there that Kupchak turned down?

All that being said, I expect the Lakers to be mediocre at best for the foreseeable future.

2006-02-25 17:29:56
198.   thinkblue0

"the knicks payroll is close to 100 mil i think. the salary cap is somewhere around 45 mil."

Salary cap is about 50 mill.

"even if they let those expiring contract run out after this year, they are still over the salary cap and the 30 mil off the books will be useless because they will not be able to spend it."

that's exactly my point. The only way to fix that team is to basically start over with NO bad contracts. Kind of like how the Dodgers were hampered by awful contracts from Malone for all those year. But in addition to that thirty million, they have Houston and Taylor coming off the books next year which I believe amounts to about another 30 million. So in other words, they could have gotten their payroll from around 100 million to about 40 million in the span of two seasons. That's not that long considering a lot of teams wait years and years for contracts to be up....and all Isaiah did was trade those bad contracts for equally bad contracts that don't expire right away. Not very savvy.

"this summer, the knicks need to trade francis or marbury. im assuming marbury since it seems larry brown doesnt like him."

marbury is essentially untradeable because of his contract...and so is francis. Thomas was the only GM dumb enough to go after Francis. That team is riddled with bad deals...let them run out, and start out new and young. They should basically keep Frye and maybe Curry and just ditch everyone else/let their contract expire.

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