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The 'Ready for Opening Day' Trap
2006-02-27 08:00
by Jon Weisman

Most medical reports during Spring Training - with such exceptions as the Team Health Reports at Baseball Prospectus - revolve around whether a player will be ready for Opening Day but say little about the days that follow.

For many players, this is a pointless - if not dangerous - barometer. Readiness for Opening Day is no sign of true health for players with chronic injuries (J.D. Drew being one of the exceptions about whom everyone understands this). Moreover, as we saw with Eric Gagne last year, the desire to be ready by Opening Day can be super self- and team-defeating.

Simply stated, player health updates should focus not only on April 3, but beyond.

* * *

In the wake of another Hee Seop Choi debate flaring in this past weekend's comments, has posted a Frequently Asked Questions page with responses at his site. There might be more to answer, but it's a good first step.

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2006-02-27 09:43:15
1.   mountainmover
I noticed that the FAQ did not address the following:

1. What are the dimensions of his heart (i.e., how much of it does he have?)?

2. What is the size of the hole in his swing?

3. Why does he run in the same place so long?

2006-02-27 09:49:27
2.   Steve
4. Why does he inspire such a low quality of opposition?
2006-02-27 10:09:50
3.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
5. Why is the chant, "HEE SOP CHOI", so melodious?
2006-02-27 10:09:57
4.   Vaudeville Villain
Hee-Seop Choi debates are SOOOOO last year. For the people interested in prospects, (which should probably be everybody), did you guys see Baseball America's top 100 list? This might be old, but it's the first time I've seen it.

Here were the Dodger rankings in case you didn't want to read it.

7- Chad Billingsley
19- Andy Laroche
26- Joel Guzman
42- Russel Martin
55- Scott Elbert
63- Jonathan Broxton
82- Blake Dewitt
89- Andre Ethier
96- Matt Kemp

Personally, I'm not sure why they rank Guzman behind Laroche, or Scott Elbert so highly, and why there's no James Loney sighting, but whatever. And I thought our outfield was weak in the minors? There's three in the top 100 right there.

2006-02-27 10:22:12
5.   CanuckDodger
The "weak in the outfield" argument was always being made by people who weren't taking into account that even though Guzman and Delwyn Young haven't played in the outfield YET, scouts for some time have been saying that the outfield is where they would end up. And of course we acquired Ethier only in December. We are strong everywhere, on the farm, except in centerfield. Kemp and Ethier have played center, but they are both better fits for corner positions. Jamie Hoffmann and Trayvon Robinson are our only centerfielder prospects, but they are really, really low on the prospect totem pole at this time. They do have the potential to raise their stock in the next couple of years, so we will see what happens with them.
2006-02-27 10:27:48
6.   Bob Timmermann
The third man has fallen:

Don Knotts
Darren McGavin
Dennis Weaver

2006-02-27 10:32:48
7.   Sam DC
Old friends watch:

*"[Astacio's people] are not moving at all in their position," Bowden said. "We tried to meet a fair and equitable compromise with the player. But we're turning the page now."

Astacio is also reportedly weighing offers from the Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres, although Astacio is not eligible to be placed on the Padres' 25-man roster until May 1 because of baseball's arbitration rules. Astacio reportedly turned down a $1.2 million offer from the Colorado Rockies in January.

The only other free agent starting pitchers still on the market who spent significant time in the major leagues last year are Kevin Brown, Ismael Valdez -- neither of whom apparently interest the Nationals -- and Roger Clemens.* (

Um, I'll take that Clemens guy.

2006-02-27 10:36:34
8.   Sam DC
Hmm, didn't do my bolding starts right. Sorry.

While I'm fussing, I continue to pass along random Nationals' tidbits, usually drawing the line at things that involve former Dodgers or things of interest to the Jim Bowden and Frank Robinson Anti-Marching and Chowder Society. But if it ever starts to feel like another Hee-Seop Choi debate, I hope someone will have the courtesy to tell me to put a lid on it.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

2006-02-27 10:39:43
9.   scareduck
And the link to that Dodger Math post is

2006-02-27 10:39:52
10.   Marty
I enjoy the DC reports Sam. Keep em up.
2006-02-27 10:40:31
11.   Curtis Lowe
OT I guess-

Everyones favorite Ex Dodger Eric Karros will be joining the KCAL 9 Dodger pregame team. Now isnt that special.

2006-02-27 10:43:13
12.   Bob Timmermann
Sam can post all the Nats stuff he wants because I tend to get a bit impolitic when I start posting stuff about Bowden or Robinson. How can you put up with all of their bloviating in DC?
2006-02-27 10:50:28
13.   capdodger
Bloviating is a bit of a cottage industry here. Bowden and Robinson are, realtively speaking, teeny-tiny blips on the Blovi-dar(tm).
2006-02-27 11:02:52
14.   Bob Timmermann
I'm still disturbed by Thomas Boswell's chat session recently on where he seemed like a cross between a 12-year old and the Unabomber.
2006-02-27 11:15:18
15.   Gen3Blue
5. I am hoping for a Hoffman breakout year. I seem to recall (not sure) he is a real athlete who hasn't been focused on BB all that long so he may have some ceiling.
2006-02-27 11:20:37
16.   Sam DC
Bob - How's Casey?
2006-02-27 11:24:58
17.   Bob Timmermann
Casey has moved to the hall closet, so he's obviously wandering around the house. I've been told that this is normal. I could go and buy cat pheromones to lure him out if I need be. I'm giving him one of the Dodger fleece towels I picked up last year as a bed for him.
2006-02-27 11:36:26
18.   Sam DC
Is that the towel commemorating our big 1966 World Series win?
2006-02-27 11:37:51
19.   Bob Timmermann
And the 1962 Championship! But I gave that one away to a coworker who lived through those years. Casey will get a generic Dodger Stadium blanket that I got in 2004.

He needs to be associated with a winning blanket!

2006-02-27 12:03:02
20.   LAT
6. These things always seem to happen in 3s.

Marty, short ribs with choc and rosemary. Sounds good. Emeril's got nothing on you.

Sam, I appreciate the Nats update. I am still hoping Ted Lerner gets the team. The ownership issue has been very quiet as of late.

Last year I had to look up "micturate." This year "bloviating." Although it is just what it sounds like and when used in connection with Washington it becomes self-evident.

2006-02-27 12:07:20
21.   natepurcell
Star-Ledger writer Dan Graziano says the cash-starved Marlins are already indicating they may have to dump third baseman Miguel Cabrera after this season. If that's the case, the future of pitcher Dontrelle Willis is also a question mark.

we have the goods to get cabrera. anyone but billingsley is up for grabs in our system.

2006-02-27 12:11:43
22.   regfairfield
I'll trade Billingsley for Cabrera.
2006-02-27 12:16:38
23.   Curtis Lowe
22- Why?
2006-02-27 12:22:15
24.   ToyCannon
I'll always remember Dennis Weaver more for his house made of discarded tires then for his acting.

Don't discount outfield prospects Ruggiano, Raglani, Pedroza from becoming major league ballplayers. I'm particulary fond of Ruggiano and can't wait to see how D Young handles the transition. He could probably outhit everyone in the outfield mix right now except for Drew and Cruz. None of these may become starting outfielders but there is something to be said for not having to pay for the Rickie Ledee's of the world.

2006-02-27 12:22:33
25.   Bob Timmermann
Marty is probably in mourning over the passing of Otis Chandler.
2006-02-27 12:26:28
26.   ToyCannon
Because other then David Wright there is not a better young hitter in baseball.
If the jewels of your farm system can get you a Cabrerra you jump at it. They don't need pitching as much as they need positional prospects since they picked up so many pitching prospects this winter.
2006-02-27 12:27:14
27.   regfairfield
23 What are the odds that Billingsly is as good as Cabrera? We still don't have a left fielder, we'd control him for at least two more years, and most importantly, the man is 22 (or 23, I forget) and is already one of the best players in baseball.

I have no problem dumping a prospect, no matter how good for a known young, superstar talent, especially with tons of cash coming off the books after 2006. Even better, with a youth movement approching, payroll flexibility is almost ensured for years to come, allowing the Dodgers to give Cabrera a large contract.

2006-02-27 12:32:48
28.   natepurcell
our depth at catcher and 3b should be a good match for the marlins. The marlins need a young stud catcher because willingham aint gunna cut it there. this is a pipe because i cant see how the marlins will trade cabrera until the trade deadline of his walk year.

i would gladly build a package around laroche/guzman and martin/navarro.

2006-02-27 12:33:06
29.   Curtis Lowe
27- I'd say the Odds that Billinglsy will be as good a left fielder as Cabrera are pretty slim, however with Billingsly this close to the majors I would be really unhappy to see him in a teal uniform.
2006-02-27 12:37:04
30.   natepurcell
i agree. we need some young, cheap, good pitching and with billingsley so close already, i just really dont want to trade him away.
2006-02-27 12:38:06
31.   blue22
I believe TINSTAAPP approves of the Cabrera for Billingsley deal.

The list of MLer's that would make Billingsley tradebait is a short one:

Miguel Cabrera
David Wright
Johan Santana
Felix Hernandez

2006-02-27 12:38:59
32.   Marty
25 There will be an 8-page special section on Otis tomorrow.
2006-02-27 12:40:14
33.   Curtis Lowe
I would trade Billingsly for

Miguel Cabrera
David Wright
Johan Santana
Felix Hernandez

2006-02-27 12:40:22
34.   Marty
I thought Cabrera was an outfielder?
2006-02-27 12:41:41
35.   MartinBillingsley31
What happens if cabrerra walks (free agent after 2 years), we give up 2 or 3 top prospects for a 2 year rental.


Its time to build a dynasty, 2 years of cabrerra minus 6 years of billingsley guzman martin.


2006-02-27 12:42:14
36.   natepurcell
cabrera came up through the minors as 3b but switched to the outfield because the marlins had the good mike lowell at 3b. now that lowell is gone, cabrera is switching back to his more natural position of 3b.
2006-02-27 12:43:55
37.   natepurcell
Its time to build a dynasty, 2 years of cabrerra minus 6 years of billingsley guzman martin.

of course we would trade for him with every intention of resigning him. he aint gunna leave. cabrera is the next vlad. we lost the original vlad, we wouldnt let cabera leave. we are a big market team. we have the payroll to resign a superstar player. (and no to all you beltre supporters, he isnt a superstar player).

2006-02-27 12:44:44
38.   Bob Timmermann
Who else would the LA Times give a special section to upon their passing?

Vin Scully? John Wooden?

2006-02-27 12:46:03
39.   regfairfield
35 Billingsly, Guzman, and Martin might give me pause. But, like I said, assuming no fatal mistakes, the Dodgers should have a ton of money floating around when Cabrera becomes a free agent.
2006-02-27 12:47:35
40.   MartinBillingsley31
How many times have you seen a player leave FOR MORE MONEY.

The yankees will out bid us.

Take the rose colored glasses off, re-signing a player isn't a given.

Money has corrupted baseball, its sad.

2006-02-27 12:47:39
41.   Vishal
[23] we already KNOW cabrera is really good. we only THINK billingsley might be really good.
2006-02-27 12:49:09
42.   Curtis Lowe
Not to be off topic but I was wondering if Greys Anatomy first season is worth the rental fee's and time invested. The last show the posters on this board steered me towards was LOST and I have to say I was like so totally suprised at how entertaining it was.

OnTopic in a way-

35- I agree with you assesment.

2006-02-27 12:51:17
43.   blue22
Cabrera only has 2 years left until free agency? Didn't he just come up in 2003?
2006-02-27 12:53:33
44.   Bob Timmermann
"Grey's Anatomy" is like "Lost" in the same way that Chinese food is like butterscotch.

The shows are competely different animals. "Grey's Anatomy" is more soap-operaish than "Lost". It has some nice performances, but a lot depends upon what you're in the mood for. It's really not that much of a medical show. Sandra Oh is easily the best actor in the show.

2006-02-27 12:54:31
45.   regfairfield
Two years after this year, which is when he'd be acquirable.
2006-02-27 12:55:23
46.   bhsportsguy
Not to disagree with Jon's assessment of "health reports" but this is from today's Will Carroll's UTK column on Mr. Gagne.

"Look for Eric Gagne to be ready by Opening Day. He'll miss being a part of Team Canada, something he regrets. There will be more regrets when hitters see his newly rediscovered slider, something he hasn't thrown since his days as a starter.

Gagne is experimenting with the pitch as a possible alternative to using his strangely gripped but filthy changeup quite so much. That strange, Vulcan grip puts a lot of stress on Gagne's forearm and elbow."

Okay conspriacry theorists, start talking about the last section.

2006-02-27 12:55:57
47.   MartinBillingsley31
To add to my post 37.

That's why i'm upset that ned traded tiffany and jackson, because if i was in charge bills guz laroche martin broxton all should be untouchable(considering stealing a player in a trade doesn't happen), leaving not many trade chips left in our system.

We could have used tiffany and jackson to get more than baez for 1 year.

2006-02-27 12:56:34
48.   Marty
I just saw Extras for the first time and really liked it.

There's a show on BBC called The IT crowd that I've downloaded a few episodes via Boing Boing. I don't think it's on the BBC America channel. Anyway, I found it hilarious and well worth the time it takes to download. About two socially clueless IT people working in a large British corporation.

2006-02-27 12:57:11
49.   Sam DC
42 And if you click over on the right, you can read Jon's Variety profiles of the show itself and its star actress.
2006-02-27 12:59:04
50.   Curtis Lowe
46- Could that be the "TruE" meaning of the Vulcan nerve pinch?
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-02-27 12:59:58
51.   blue22
45 - So he's under control for the '06, '07, and '08 seasons - is that correct?

What are the rules for service time, in regards to team control, arbitration, and then free agency?

2006-02-27 13:10:56
52.   Blu2
We could trade for Cabrerra and sign him to an extended contract now, Any way we could work Mueller into the deal? Say Mueller and Ethier? I don't even want to think about trading Guzman, Billingsly, or either of the catchers. Also, could we interest washington in Tomko? Do they have anything we would want?
2006-02-27 13:19:34
53.   willhite
47 -

If Gagne is OK we can trade Baez and get a lot more for him than EJ and Tiffany. Remember, he's a proven closer (even though most of us think he's drastically overrated) and that would bring more than the two guys we traded for him.

As long as we're talking to the Marlins, I sure wouldn't mind making them an offer for D-Train. Anybody out there like to take a guess at what we'd have to give up?

2006-02-27 13:29:39
54.   regfairfield
The Hee Seop Choi FAQ is making the rounds around the Internet, someone found it and put it on the ESPN boards where it is being treated as we would treat a Plashke article. I expect the death threats to come shortly.
2006-02-27 13:29:59
55.   overkill94
52 You are smoking some wacky stuff if you think we could get Cabrera for Ethier and Mueller. We'd most likely have to give up 2 of our top 5 prospects to get him along with probably another top 15 prospect.
2006-02-27 13:33:21
56.   overkill94
Speaking of prospects, Rotoworld put up their Dodgers top prospects list, and I must say it's a bit different than the others that have already come out:

1. Guzman
2. Billingsley
3. LaRoche
4. Martin
5. Loney (!)
6. Broxton
7. Ethier
8. Elbert
9. Miller
10. Kemp
11. Kuo
12. Aybar
13. Orenduff

next 5: Dewitt, Hu, D. Young, Abreu, Pedroza

2006-02-27 13:33:24
57.   willhite
55 -


Blu, if you wouldn't be willing to give up one of the two catchers for a guy who might be a HOFer before he's done, I think you're holdin' your cards too long.

2006-02-27 13:49:02
58.   Bob Timmermann
But does Carbera have SWAGGER?
2006-02-27 13:53:48
59.   D4P
The Hee Seop Choi FAQ is making the rounds around the Internet, someone found it and put it on the ESPN boards where it is being treated as we would treat a Plashke article. I expect the death threats to come shortly.

No worries. I have met the guy who posted it on the ESPN board, and he's a harmless middle-aged "traditionalist" who likes to push the buttons of the young, reactionary, SABRE-minded "whelps". (NOTE: I do not mean that all SABRE-minded folks are "young and reactionary", rather that the SABRE-minded folks on that board tend to be)

2006-02-27 13:55:38
60.   Curtis Lowe
59- Whelps?
2006-02-27 13:57:49
61.   D4P
"Whelps" is his pet name for young, insolent whippersnappers who don't respect their elders.
2006-02-27 14:10:26
62.   Penarol1916
59. Is it the Codginator that did that?
2006-02-27 14:11:31
63.   Jon Weisman
Grey's Anatomy has a fairly ridiculous plot twist at least once an episode. I would call it average drama, above-average soap opera.
2006-02-27 14:13:37
64.   D4P
2006-02-27 14:15:49
65.   Blu2
I wouldn't mind throwing something else into the deal. Not Martin or Navaro but I'd love to dump Lofton, Tomko or Martinez into the deal. It would be Win-Win-Win for me. We'd save several million dollars, open up positions for some of our youn players, AND get a great player, too. I know they don't want vetran players with 7 figure contracts but I can dream, can't I?
2006-02-27 14:16:10
66.   Penarol1916
63. The thing about Grey's Anatomy that I find odd, is that I like so-called girly shows, I watched 90210 and Melrose in college, I watched the first season of Desperate Housewives, I've watched alot of those teenage girl shows on the WB, but Grey's Anatomy is the first primetime show that has ever felt just way to girly for me, and I find it frightening that I just admitted all that.
2006-02-27 14:20:30
67.   regfairfield
65 If the Marlins can't even afford one year of arbitration eligible Miguel Cabrera, they aren't going to want our crappy veterans. It would at least take what the Red Sox gave up to get Beckett.
2006-02-27 14:21:29
68.   D4P
And you were ashamed of me for pandering on the Giants' board? Sheesh...
2006-02-27 14:24:38
69.   willhite
65 -
I don't think you can trade FA signings this soon after signing them and what you're talking about isn't a dream, it's a fairy tale.

By the way, did anyone ever come up with a definite date after which a team can trade a free agent that they've signed this year?

2006-02-27 15:01:15
70.   Steve
The Hee Seop Choi FAQ is making the rounds around the Internet, someone found it and put it on the ESPN boards where it is being treated as we would treat a Plashke article.

But you wrote in English. How would they know?

2006-02-27 15:12:32
71.   Curtis Lowe
63- Thank you Jon,
66- Thank you Penarol,

You both have saved me from what sounds like something I might not enjoy.

Without Baseball I was able to catch up on the first four seasons of 24(Can we somehow trade for Jack Bauer?), the first season of Lost, Deadwood and countless horrible independant movies I normally would'nt have rented(Thumbsucker was the best). I'm young and have considered, that since I pretty much wasted this offseason doing zilch, that perhaps next season I would take up something productive to do after work.

What can I do to help better world after 6pm mon-fri?

2006-02-27 15:14:09
72.   Marty
There's an absolutely stunning article on Steve Finely over at I don't know where to start with it. It makes him out to be the greatest defensive center-fielder in history. Plus, he's the smartest man in the world. Obviously this is a guy who's been there before, knows how to play the game and come through in the clutch

Read it and see if you are not slack-jawed by the end of it.

2006-02-27 15:16:51
73.   regfairfield
72 To be fair to Finley, he was able to put up outstanding defensive numbers a mere seven years ago.
2006-02-27 15:22:37
74.   D4P
Defense aside, is Finley really smarter than Alex Cora?
2006-02-27 15:24:01
75.   blue22
72 - He's only won 5 GG's in 17 years, and at a position where 3 are given away per year. I'd say that's hardly the resume of someone who's earned a "master's degree in physics".

Presumably this degree is limited to the field of solid-to-above-average OF play.

2006-02-27 15:27:18
76.   Bob Timmermann
If Finley knows all that much about fielding, why was he so bad in the field last year with the Angels? He wasn't exactly all that great in the field for the Dodgers?

And what does he know about playing the corner outfield positions?

2006-02-27 15:29:53
77.   D4P
Knowing is only half the battle.
2006-02-27 15:33:13
78.   Icaros
What can I do to help better world after 6pm mon-fri?

Teach your big brother Derek how to give up less home runs this season.

2006-02-27 15:34:13
79.   thinkingblue

No need to worry about the Choi debate. I have seen the best anaylsis Choisaenz should start.

It is undeniable.

2006-02-27 15:38:54
80.   Curtis Lowe
79- I dont get it. A blue falshy thing that says THIRTY. What is this some kind of joke?
2006-02-27 15:39:30
81.   Steve
You're late, you're late, for a very important date, no time to say hello, goodbye, you're late, you're late, you're late
2006-02-27 15:42:08
82.   Marty
I love this sentence in the article: Another of Finley's hottest assets is knowing the NL West hitters cold.

Then not a word to explain what that means or support whatever point it's trying to make.

2006-02-27 15:43:42
83.   King of the Hobos
80 BOMBS! cames after THIRTY

It's a bit of a running joke on to make fun of the fans of Saenz/Choi.

2006-02-27 15:48:36
84.   Icaros
"The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of other things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings..."
2006-02-27 15:49:28
85.   Curtis Lowe
2006-02-27 15:49:45
86.   Steve
It's a bit of a running joke

There isn't enough wit on the board to power an entire season of Will & Grace.

2006-02-27 15:50:43
87.   King of the Hobos
7 Apparently, Bowden wasn't being completely honest (surprise?), as the Nats just came to terms with Astacio

2006-02-27 15:52:14
88.   Curtis Lowe
Oh God I'm out of the loop,

I thought loops ended after High School.

I was late for pogs and now many years later I'm late for thirty bombs and random LSD induced quotes.

2006-02-27 15:57:10
89.   Icaros
Wasn't Lewis Carroll more of an opium man? I don't think LSD existed yet.
2006-02-27 15:58:34
90.   Steve
That's LDS, thank you.
2006-02-27 16:12:39
91.   Jon Weisman
If you haven't ever seen the show, the definitive DVD any reader of this site should buy is Hill Street Blues. It is canon.
2006-02-27 16:15:23
92.   Bob Timmermann
Scholars don't believe that Carroll (real name Charles Dodgson) used any drugs. He had some psychological issues, but he wasn't a substance abuser. He was more or less just a weird guy.

He was also a mathematician, just like Danica McKellar.

2006-02-27 16:21:06
93.   Bob Timmermann
Dodgson/Carroll also came up with "The Barbershop Paradox"

Not being a logical person all the time, I don't understand it.

2006-02-27 16:22:41
94.   Icaros
Grace Slick: mathematician or substance abuser?
2006-02-27 16:23:55
95.   Andrew Shimmin
He was high on LOVE! Which, all things considered, maybe the drugs would have been a better choice for all involved.
2006-02-27 16:33:48
96.   Linkmeister
91 Seconded. Best drama I've ever watched, with the most intriguing characters. "Lost" is good, but it's not close to "Hill Street."
2006-02-27 16:41:39
97.   trainwreck
I had no idea a show about cops pretending to be high school students could be good. Is Depp cool in it haha?
2006-02-27 16:42:02
98.   das411
58 - Maybe you should ask that Clemens guy if Miggy has swagger. Or the other 28 teams that will try to trade for him.

90 - Well played, Steve. I wonder if anybody on this board has ever been to that aquarium though...

2006-02-27 16:44:24
99.   thinkingblue

No, most people on don't buy into the saber disaster of 71-91.

2006-02-27 16:51:57
100.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm not a member of the cult, but can we all try to remember to spell it SABR. The E only comes in to play when it becomes sabremetric (or sabermetric). Or when you really mean a sword.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-02-27 16:54:43
101.   Steve
That is so amusing, on so many different levels, that I'm almost pre-disposed to let it go.
2006-02-27 16:59:03
102.   Bob Timmermann
There is a word "sabermetrics". And there is SABR.

To say that everyone in SABR thinks the same way about baseball is like saying that everyone in the world has the same religion.

I can drum that point in every time somebody conflates the two concepts. Or else I can just track down the people doing the conflating and mete out some SABR-justice of my own.

2006-02-27 17:02:30
103.   Steve
I guess I have to note first of all, that we haven't gotten very far disproving the lack of wit on
2006-02-27 17:11:03
104.   D4P
I mean this as a compliment: this blog strikes me as being somewhat naive and very trusting with respect to new posters. To its credit, this blog has seemingly managed to make it this far with very little intrusion from trolls and the like. Perhaps as a result, it doesn't appear to occur to the regular posters that new posters (who express contrary views and express them frequently) might be here just to cause trouble, rather than to engage in authentic conversation.

In contrast, for example, new posters on the ESPN board are "guilty until proven innocent."

2006-02-27 17:16:47
105.   dzzrtRatt
104 I wonder if knitting blogs have this problem.
2006-02-27 17:19:50
106.   dsfan

You are correct about CF Jamie Hoffman. Very little baseball experience. Nearly beecoma a professional hockey player. Runs well but was overmatched in low A.

2006-02-27 17:26:10
107.   Andrew Shimmin
102- Do SABR members get a cape when they join? Because, that'd be really cool.
2006-02-27 17:26:58
108.   ToyCannon
My niece was in a beecoma but was able to come out okay. Her head still buzzes a bit but we've learned to live with it.
2006-02-27 17:30:16
109.   oldbear
104. This blog doesnt get many trolls bc its hard to flame a running thread. Most of the posters here are above the flame wars, so they just ignore some rants of the newbies and act as if they arent here.

Another topic: I was perusing DodgerMath and I'm sure the guy that runs that site also posts here. He claimed that the Chicago Cubs have the best pitching in baseball.

I dont see it. Even if their pitchers are healthy.

Zambrano--he's an Ace
Prior--even when healthy he hasnt been dominant
Wood--most overrated pitcher in the game IMO
Maddux--old, reliable but how much does he have left
Rusch--scrap heap guy.

I dont even think you'd find Cubs fans that would say their pitching is the best. I like Z, but Prior/Wood havent dont much for awhile, and Maddux/Rusch are back of the rotation types.

2006-02-27 17:31:35
110.   Bob Timmermann

They didn't have capes in my size.

2006-02-27 17:35:41
111.   Steve
You should have plenty of capes left over from your time with The Temptations.
2006-02-27 17:39:18
112.   D4P
The guy that runs DodgerMath is regfairfield.
2006-02-27 17:49:26
113.   Andrew Shimmin
111- Dancing capes, sure. But not vengeance visiting capes; which are (duh) the best kind.
2006-02-27 17:53:15
114.   LAT
Some of you guys are getting pretty hard on Thinkingblue. He raises points which are worthy of discussion. As proven by the fact that we have all kicked that dead horse until it will go no further. But he doesn't know that. Likewise, I don't agree we should ignore newbie's and pretend they are not here. We were all newbie's at some point. I agree we don't want trolls or jerks but they get weeded out. Thinkingblue and anyone else should be welcomed until such time as they start to abuse the rules established by Jon. Let's not get too elitist.

Just my take.

2006-02-27 17:56:15
115.   regfairfield
109 Here's my thinking

Zambrano - An ace, like you said

Prior - Despite his injuries, he still strikes out almost 10 per nine and keeps a three to one K/BB if he weren't pitching in pain, his walk rate would likely go back to 2003 levels, where it was five to one.

Wood - Despite everything that is said about Kerry Wood, he still gets results. He strikes out well over 10 per nine, walk rate is always above two to one, and except last year, his home run rate is acceptable. He's not a true ace, but he's a really, really good pitcher to have at number three.

Maddux is interesting. PECOTA liked him more than I thought it would. He doesn't walk anyone, but declining strikeout rates and increasing home run rates are a huge concern. I'll admit that I might have given him too much credit.

As for Rusch, well, he's just average. Strikes out six per nine, around a two to one walk rate, average home runs, not notable, but better than most teams fifth starter.

The way I saw it, if Prior and Wood were healthy, they would pitch better than they had in recent memory, putting them back in elite status. No other team has three strong pitchers as strong as that at the front of the rotation, and the last two aren't terrible.

2006-02-27 17:58:04
116.   Steve
The least we can do is institute a truth in advertising rule.
2006-02-27 18:12:13
117.   Andrew Shimmin
Female newsreaders broadcasting from New Orleans should think hard about whether to wear beads, on air. There's an implication there that doesn't mesh well with Trusted News Source.
2006-02-27 18:46:31
118.   thinkingblue

Kerry Wood is injured more than JD Drew. The Cubs do not have even near the staff of the White Sox, or the A's, or the Angels, or even the Blue Jays (if Halladay is healthy).

Also, on your recent Choi FAQ, interesting points, but since when is Choi a 30 home run guy? He has not hit so much as 20 in his carrer.

2006-02-27 18:48:51
119.   regfairfield
The hypothetical there was "if everyone is healthy" I fully acknowledge that won't happen.

When has Choi got a full season of at bats?

2006-02-27 19:03:02
120.   thinkingblue
119. Never. But if Choi had a full season, he would also face lefties.
2006-02-27 19:06:41
121.   Jon Weisman

Celebrity math endorser and DT icon Danica McKellar kicks dirt in Paris Hilton's face.

2006-02-27 19:07:25
122.   oldbear
115. You'd really take the Cubs staff over the A's?

Harden vs Zambrano
Zito vs Prior
Blanton vs Wood
Haren vs Maddux
Loaiza vs Rusch

I'd still go with the A's, especially at the back end.

I guess this centers on if you believe Barry Zito is in an active decline, or if he's still a top notch #2/Ace level starter.

2006-02-27 19:15:28
123.   regfairfield
Back end, of course I take the A's. But I'd take Wood over Blanton and Prior over Zito. It's definately a close call, but I think that Cubs have a slight edge, especially since a lot of the A's staff is bolstered by their defense.
2006-02-27 19:24:19
124.   Icaros
I wonder if knitting blogs have this problem.

A friend of mine was doing a study of earthworm blogs for a class.

She found quite a few flame wars on those things.

2006-02-27 19:25:55
125.   Bob Timmermann
The Mighty Casey:

2006-02-27 19:26:04
126.   thinkblue0

gotta respectfully disagree. I'd NEVER take Wood over Blanton because Wood is perpetually hurt. The guy hasn't been healthy in a long time and I'm starting to doubt whether or not he'll ever be a starting pitcher again.

with Prior and Zito...I'll take Zito simply because of his health. With full health on both sides I go with Prior. But at least with Zito you know you're getting a starter who is going to throw a lot of quality innings. With Prior, you don't know whether he'll pitch half the time or not...

All this talk about pitching has me itching to see Billingsley more and more....

2006-02-27 19:34:46
127.   Sam DC
125 Now there's something we can all get behind. Pretty cute blue grey kitty -- as if she was the perfect liquid metal cat for Bob T2.
2006-02-27 19:35:19
128.   Steve
124 -- The big Korean earthworms are slow.
2006-02-27 19:39:26
129.   Sam DC
Hey Jon -- did you ever write up your Pedro Astacio hero game? I thought if you had I might send the link to my confused Nationals friends who aren't too excited by this signing. I think the picture of Astacio with the caption Astacio "has had shoulder problems most of this decade" may be turning them off.
2006-02-27 19:41:14
130.   regfairfield
126 Yet again, this was with the caveat "if they are healthy". I know they won't be.
2006-02-27 20:01:29
131.   Jon Weisman
129 - I think I've mentioned it in passing but haven't done a full blow-by-blow.
2006-02-27 20:05:14
132.   dsfan

Signing Astacio at the 11th hour to a one-year deal, presumably for less than $2 million, is a pretty good move.

Labrum injuries are disconcerting, but after taking most of the year off and then getting away from Texas, he had a 3.17 ERA in about 15-17 games for San Diego. And unlike some pitchers, he doesn't need to grow a pair. Look at what he did for the Rockies.

The middling K ratios are a bit concerning -- but there are worse signings than this one, given all the circumstances.

2006-02-27 20:05:58
133.   dzzrtRatt
125 Spooky-looking cat. I'm glad I'm not a mouse in your building.
2006-02-27 20:06:24
134.   Andrew Shimmin
121- In the same vein:

2006-02-27 20:08:40
135.   D4P
Bob - Did you ever describe the circumstances under which you acquired Casey? Do I understand correctly that you had another cat named Emily?
2006-02-27 20:10:15
136.   Bob Timmermann
I'm fortunate that there are no mice in my building. I doubt Casey will help much with ants. I did see a small lizard in my apartment once.
2006-02-27 20:12:40
137.   D4P
I'm not sure I "buy" her anti-consumerism bit. The only song of hers that I've heard (i.e. "Get This Party Started") consists of her singing about how she'll be looking "flashy" in her Mercedes Benz and her gold diamond rings.
2006-02-27 20:19:26
138.   natepurcell
All this talk about pitching has me itching to see Billingsley more and more....

billingsley is too "saber", you wouldnt want to see him.

2006-02-27 20:22:34
139.   D4P
Choi is blocking Martinez!!!

Gurnick on the Choi/Saenz situation:

Barring any health issues, it seems that trying to keep both Olmedo Saenz and Hee-Seop Choi would prevent the Dodgers from keeping more than one of the competing versatile players on the bench -- Oscar Robles, Willy Aybar or Ramon Martinez. Is it probable that either Saenz or Choi will be traded to make room for more versatile players?
-- Steve W., Auburn, Wash.

It won't be Saenz, the proven right-handed hitter off the bench with a two-year guaranteed contract. Choi produced only in limited spurts last year and the club already has Ricky Ledee, the left-handed complement to Saenz who can also play the outfield. Choi is limited to only first base, but coming off 15 home runs, he should have some trade value. Regardless, a traffic jam is shaping up among the utility infielders.

2006-02-27 20:27:00
140.   thinkingblue

I would like to think he's blocking Aybar, and if we can trade Choi and get and outfielder, we will have more versatility.

2006-02-27 20:33:18
141.   regfairfield
140 We still have Werth. I'm willing to see Repko play for a month.

Though the idea of Choi being traded is definately a possibility, it would make more sense to drop Saenz, since we really don't need two right handed first baseman.

2006-02-27 20:40:18
142.   Icaros

The short Italian earthworms are full of grit.

2006-02-27 20:42:09
143.   Steve
The earthworms who write for the LA Times are full of it.
2006-02-27 20:51:41
144.   Steve
I'm willing to see Repko play for a month.

In Columbus.

2006-02-27 20:54:27
145.   thinkingblue
Not really. Saenz had the far better year last year, and it would not make sense to take away a right handed pinch hitter, and go with two lefties. Saenz and Ledee might be one of the top off the bench bats late in the game.
I'm just concerned with an aging Lofton, and the infamous JD Drew (the guy has tons of talent, but only played in 72 last year). That's why I have this feeling that we might need an extra outfielder.
2006-02-27 20:56:31
146.   natepurcell
That's why I have this feeling that we might need an extra outfielder.

maybe colletti should have focused on that instead of cornering the market of middle infielders.

2006-02-27 20:59:07
147.   Steve
Ramon Martinez is the 21st Century's Miguel Cairo. Ken Gurnick told me that.
2006-02-27 20:59:10
148.   thinkingblue

The thing is, Giles rejected out offer, and we never really had a chance at Damon.

2006-02-27 20:59:52
149.   D4P
Or, maybe Nomah should be in the outfield instead of at 1B. What a concept.
2006-02-27 21:00:35
150.   Sam DC
Robert Fick, Bob Timmermann, cat guys: "During the first day of camp, Robert Fick had his kitten, Paul Wall, roaming around in the clubhouse."

Apparently, Livan Hernandez had his malamute Blue in campt today.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-02-27 21:01:13
151.   natepurcell
there are always trades.

but i agree with 149, the simplest solution is moving nomar to left field.

2006-02-27 21:02:40
152.   Bob Timmermann
I hope that is the last time that Robert Fick and I are mentioned in the same sentence. Unless the sentence is something along the lines of "Police today cleared Bob Timmermann of any criminal wrongdoing in the brutal beating of Robert Fick."
2006-02-27 21:05:47
153.   blue22
145 - Saenz had the far better year last year

Saenz: .325/.480/.805
Choi: .336/.453/.789

I don't know about far better, but yeah it's a little better. But with Choi being Nomar's left-handed complement at 1B, Hee seems to be the better fit on the roster.

2006-02-27 21:06:21
154.   D4P
I can't see Bob beating anyone up. He's a gentle giant.
2006-02-27 21:06:34
155.   Steve
How about "Bob Timmermann and Robert Fick are Jim Bowden's wave of the future; Frank Robinson had no comment."
2006-02-27 21:07:43
156.   thinkingblue

Nomar has an infielders arm. Also, I don't wanna see another year of Hee-Seop Saenz. And, Nomar is more likely to get hurt in the outfield, because he'd have to do a lot more running.

2006-02-27 21:08:00
157.   Gilgamesh
In response to AS's post in 'Quiet - 333'
(lots of good players are taller than average, but not all taller than average players are good)

Like you, I think RBI's are a flawed stat. Your post got me thinking about the question in reverse. Rephrasing the statement, without the simile:
'lots of good players have above average RBI's, but not all players with above average RBI's are good.'
So I thought, it doesn't really sound as good that way; let't test it.

First, it's hard to figure what an 'average' RBI total is, since it is effected by ABs. There are almost 200 players with at least 400 ABs last season, so I took the top 200 in RBI's, and found their average, which is surprizingly 97. The guys at the very top really pull this average up. But the median is 68.

Now the comparison. Of the average or better players in RBIs...all were better than average in OPS (.747).
Of the players at median or better, 85% were better than average in OPS.
Interestingly, of the top 30 in RBI's, all were over .800 and all but three were over .850.
Finally, of the 30 RBI leaders, 20 were also in the top 30 in OPS.

So perhaps using RBI totals to gauge a hitter is using an inference to measure hitting ability, but RBIs do seem to largely parellel hitting ability, albiet more directly measured through OPS.

So I don't really see the above stated generalization holding up. More accuratly it can be summed up as:

'Players with above average RBIs are very probably also above average hitters, and players with elite RBI totals are probably also elite hitters, but in the end, OPS is a better measurement of hitting ability, because it is a direct measurement, whereas RBI totals measure hitting ability through inference'

But certainly next time someone makes a point about a batters ability, citing their RBI total, I won't dismiss it out of hand, because it probably does indicate he is a good hitter.

(Sorry for the double post, I didn't realize the 'Quite' thread was no longer active.)

2006-02-27 21:08:08
158.   Steve
I don't know about far better, but yeah it's a little better.

In Wonderland, things are not always as they seem.

2006-02-27 21:09:25
159.   D4P
A-ha! The solution to 1B dilemma:

Ramon Martinez, gunning for Oscar Robles' utility job, played all four infield positions last year. Robles played third, short and first.

Guess what Robles was doing at 9 in the morning on Monday?

"They asked me to take ground balls at first," said Robles. "I went over to Field 3 with [coach] Mariano Duncan. I borrowed a glove from Chris Truby. It was pretty good, no problem. Pickoffs, too."

2006-02-27 21:09:32
160.   Bob Timmermann

That sentence would fall under the "fighting words" exception to the First Amendment I believe. I will ask the Supreme Court for an injunction against any future statements like that.

2006-02-27 21:10:30
161.   Sam DC
"Paul Wall" -- is that a joke off Pall Mall cigarettes? Any other ideas? Whatever it is, it's no Rockfish.
2006-02-27 21:10:49
162.   Steve
I didn't realize the 'Quite' thread was no longer active.

It never really was active. It was all a dream.

2006-02-27 21:11:19
163.   Bob Timmermann
A friend pointed out that Nomar Garciaparra's glove in this photo gallery is telling:

2006-02-27 21:12:02
164.   Steve
Also, I don't wanna see another year of Hee-Seop Saenz.

Think of all the pixels that died just to get to this sunnum bonum.

2006-02-27 21:12:11
165.   Gilgamesh
157 - Followup; of the few players who had good RBI totals, but below average OPS, A. Beltre took the silver medal.
2006-02-27 21:12:26
166.   Andrew Shimmin
Saenz had a marginally better year than Choi. And that Saenz is only eight and a half years older probably shouldn't concern anybody.
2006-02-27 21:14:05
167.   natepurcell
Nomar has an infielders arm.

nomar played shortstop. he has a strong enough arm for left field.

2006-02-27 21:16:33
168.   thinkingblue

I am talking about RBIS and hitting with RISP. Also, like I said, it is better to have a good righty/lefty combo off the bench with Saenz and Ledee, and two lefties Ledee and Choi.

2006-02-27 21:18:18
169.   D4P
Is Ledee even capable of playing anymore? I got the impression last year that his hamstrings were kaput.
2006-02-27 21:19:17
170.   Steve
And here I was just about to say that people who talk about RBIs in a vacuum generally have an agenda.
2006-02-27 21:19:34
171.   natepurcell
I am talking about RBIS and hitting with RISP.

whats the difference? rbis is more about opportunity then skill. RISP are small sample sizes that flucuates from year to year.

2006-02-27 21:19:59
172.   thinkingblue
Yes, he had a pretty solid year coming off the bench for us last year.
2006-02-27 21:20:19
173.   Andrew Shimmin
Wow, I guess everybody finished dinner. Should have refreshed before posting my pile on.
2006-02-27 21:21:01
174.   Bob Timmermann
I think Ledee is expected to start at one of the corner positions for Puerto Rico in the WBC. Beltran will have center. Bernie Williams is also on the roster and I doubt he would do anything other than DH. That leaves Puerto Rico with Cruz, Matos, and Rios for the rest of the outfield with Ledee.
2006-02-27 21:21:50
175.   thinkingblue

Well, when he had the chance, Choi certainly didn't help himself out, hitting a mere .203.

2006-02-27 21:22:15
176.   Steve
173 -- We're learning from someone who simply won't put up with 71-91 seasons anymore. Such a rare breed; we must cultivate this kind of thinking.
2006-02-27 21:24:16
177.   Steve
Jason Phillips hit .299 with RISP last year.
2006-02-27 21:24:19
178.   Andrew Shimmin
Even if RBIs correlate highly to better metrics, using them in a case by case basis (e.g. Beltre had a better year than Choi because he had more RBIs) is a really bad idea. The SPs who win the most games will probably tend to correlate highly with the best SPs. But saying that SP X is better than SP Y because he had more wins is, um, problematic.

None of this should be read to say Wins and RBIs shouldn't be counted. Just that, unless you're trying to prove something that probably isn't true, there are probably better ways to do it.

2006-02-27 21:24:50
179.   blue22
175 - Saenz:

RISP - .390/.656/1.046 (!)
w/ bases loaded - .188/.188/.376

He can't handle the pressure!!!

2006-02-27 21:25:43
180.   Sam DC
Interesting article in tomorrow's washington post about whether the Nationals have the power to force Soriano to play the outfield and/or not pay him if he refuses.

It has this quote, which I suppose is not news, but I'm not really sure if this adds some sharpness to something that was generaly known, or not.

In other cases when a player has refused a position switch, the team has usually backed down in the interest of maintaining the peace. That appeared to be the case this winter with the Los Angeles Dodgers, who wanted second baseman Jeff Kent to move to first base. When Kent resisted, the team acquired Nomar Garciaparra to play first.

2006-02-27 21:25:50
181.   D4P
We didn't call him Mr. Clutch for nothing...
2006-02-27 21:26:24
182.   natepurcell
i can do this too.

i think choi is a valuable hitter because with men on 1b only, choi hit .290/362/500 last year.

2006-02-27 21:26:31
183.   thinkingblue
I am trying to say that it would be better to trade Choi than Saenz. It makes more sense to have a solid lefty and righty pinch hitter, and Choi should have some value, probably more than Saenz.
2006-02-27 21:26:34
184.   Sam DC
Well I'd take it back if I could -- looking at that quote in 180, I see the reporter is just surmising, not reporting anything new that he learned.
2006-02-27 21:28:03
185.   natepurcell
colletti made a terrible signing with nomar, he only hit .250 with RISP last year.
2006-02-27 21:28:03
186.   Andrew Shimmin
Hang it all! Beaten again (by 170) to my point. Though I think my way of putting it was a little nicer.
2006-02-27 21:28:29
187.   D4P
What value do you think Choi has?
2006-02-27 21:29:30
188.   natepurcell
to add, why didnt we just keep phillips, isnt a .299 RISP average betetr then a .250 one?
2006-02-27 21:30:33
189.   thinkingblue

But with runners in scoring positon, Saenz was far superior.

2006-02-27 21:30:37
190.   thinkingblue

But with runners in scoring positon, Saenz was far superior.

2006-02-27 21:31:06
191.   Steve
Well, but of course, that's not the point, D4P. The point is that today, we're all about RBIs and RISP, but yesterday, we were about

"Also, when compared with the letting Beltre go, signing Jose Valinetin, and trading for Jason Phillips, doesn't Ned look good?"

And yet Jason Phillips excels in the only metrics that mean anything.

2006-02-27 21:32:11
192.   thinkingblue

I am not sure, but if we can get more than a used rosin bag, It'll be ok.

2006-02-27 21:33:10
193.   Andrew Shimmin
191- Now, that's not quite fair. After all, Juan Encarnacion had more RBIs than Phillips. You have to find the right balance between RBIs and BARISP.
2006-02-27 21:33:17
194.   natepurcell
wanna see something funny? these are saenz' numbers last year when PH


and hes suppose to be our right handed PH?

2006-02-27 21:33:53
195.   thinkingblue

But in a heathy season, Nomar has never had under 96 RBIs.

2006-02-27 21:34:12
196.   D4P
But what were his numbers as a PH w/RISP?
2006-02-27 21:36:36
197.   Steve
Hey, LAT, seen any good points lately?
2006-02-27 21:37:35
198.   Andrew Shimmin
On a hunch. . .

Juan Encarnacion w/RISP: .331/.399/.523

2006-02-27 21:38:07
199.   natepurcell
But in a heathy season, [Becker] has never had under 96 [laughable jokes].
2006-02-27 21:39:42
200.   Steve
Now you're catching on, Nate. If we could just get everyone on the same page at the same time.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-02-27 21:41:28
201.   natepurcell
But in a heathy season, [steve] has never had under 96 [enemies].
2006-02-27 21:42:23
202.   natepurcell

bryan smith takes a look at the college draft prospects this year.

2006-02-27 21:42:30
203.   Steve
One problem here is I've never been a huge Dennis Weaver fan. A little Gunsmoke, never really liked McCloud (not as much as McMillan and Wife or Rockfish), but I'm not much of a westerns guy.
2006-02-27 21:46:06
204.   Andrew Shimmin
He had that guest spot on the Simpsons, before the show fell off. Not much before it.
2006-02-27 21:47:10
205.   Bob Timmermann

"McMillan and Wife".


I've lost all respect for Steve.

He could go on the list.

How can you not like "McCloud", but like "McMillan and Wife'?

"McCloud" had a better supporting cast with J.D. Cannon and Terry Carter and Terri Garr outpacing John Schuck and Nancy Walker.

2006-02-27 21:47:42
206.   Steve
I fear one day that Betty White will meet the same fate as Don Knotts. But I am steeling myself for the moment.
2006-02-27 21:48:16
207.   Vishal
[203] ain't nothing like a good western. have you seen any sergio leone movies, like "the good, the bad, and the ugly", or "once upon a time in the west"? those are pure brilliance.
2006-02-27 21:52:11
208.   Steve
I'm already on the list!
2006-02-27 21:54:29
209.   Steve
My grandfather, I think, called the cable company and just had them block everything except for Encore Westerns. I don't hate westerns, and in fact, I've basically enjoyed the ones I've seen (I remember watching The Magnificent 7 for the first time last year on AMC instead of another Repko performance). It shouldn't be any surprise that my favorite is Support Your Local Sheriff.
2006-02-27 21:55:00
210.   Vishal
the list should be a sidebar feature on the griddle.
2006-02-27 21:55:31
211.   D4P
Does "Unforgiven" count as a Western?
2006-02-27 21:57:42
212.   Bob Timmermann
What else would "Unforgiven" be other than a Western?
2006-02-27 21:58:54
213.   natepurcell

thats the link to the jax suns home games. hopefully tomorrows game will be on it.

2006-02-27 22:01:58
214.   Andrew Shimmin
212- Actually, it was a biopic. I don't like to brag, but before I joined the Temptations. . .
2006-02-27 22:03:42
215.   xaphor
For Choi and Steve:

Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
How I wonder what you're at!
Up above the world you fly,
Like a tea-tray in the sky.

2006-02-27 22:03:47
216.   Icaros

Where were you the two or three times I tried to start up a Spaghetti Western love-fest on DT?

Have you seen Sergio Corbucci's "The Great Silence," starring Klaus Kinski? It has a mute protagonist and takes place in the snowy mountains of (supposed to be) Utah.

2006-02-27 22:10:12
217.   natepurcell
this is random, but i think we should trade for zack greinke.
2006-02-27 22:12:58
218.   Steve
Nope, too late. Wrong subject. You've all lost your baseball talking privileges for the night.

I pledge, on Bob's recommendation, to hunt down the first season of McCloud and try it again.

2006-02-27 22:14:14
219.   natepurcell
i mean, grienke

i before e, except after c!

2006-02-27 22:16:39
220.   LAT
McMillan and Wife. One of the very first cases I ever handled was defending Rock Hudson's homeowner's insurer against a suit filed by his estate after the $14M verdict in favor of his lover, Marc Chirstensen, for fear of AIDS. How times have changed.
2006-02-27 22:19:54
221.   Bob Timmermann

There you go!

2006-02-27 22:20:13
222.   blue2thebone

Little was impressed by left-handed reliever Tim Hamulack, who befuddled top prospects Guzman, LaRoche and Matt Kemp. Hamulack was acquired from the New York Mets along with starter Jae Seo in a trade for relievers Duaner Sanchez and Steve Schmoll.

"He changes speeds, has good location and the quality of his stuff was good," Little said. "Hamulack had that big thunder group glad to see a coach come out to throw batting practice after he was done."

Little said he would like to have two left-handers in the bullpen — one in a situational role and one who can throw multiple innings.

Who'd 've thunk it?

2006-02-27 22:25:39
223.   Andrew Shimmin
217- Would they take Izturis?
2006-02-27 22:29:19
224.   Vishal
[216] hah, i must not have been around. i'm no aficionado though, and i haven't seen the movie you refer to, but it sounds intriguing so i'll check it out.
2006-02-27 22:34:11
225.   natepurcell
Little was impressed by left-handed reliever Tim Hamulack, who befuddled top prospects Guzman, LaRoche and Matt Kemp.

i dunno whether i should be concerned that our top prospects cant hit a AAAA LOOGY or be happy that our AAAA LOOGY might actually be decent.

2006-02-27 22:36:04
226.   dzzrtRatt
203 Dennis Weaver is an immortal for his role as the twitchy, sexually repressed motel clerk who allowed Mercedes McCambridge's gang of bikers terrorize Janet Leigh in Orson Welles' "Touch of Evil." I suppose they didn't mention that role in any of his obits.
2006-02-27 22:40:20
227.   Bob Timmermann
Supposedly, the Norman Bates character was modeled after Weaver's "I'm the Night Manager" character in "Touch of Evil".
2006-02-27 22:40:23
228.   Vishal
[225] it's spring. always choose happy.
2006-02-27 22:57:02
229.   Linkmeister
Check your local WTBS listings. I think I saw that the Dodgers/Braves game this week will be televised.
2006-02-27 22:57:34
230.   Linkmeister
Oh, and Casey's a good-lookin' cat, Bob.
2006-02-27 23:00:06
231.   regfairfield
228 I have to say that the happy tastes like sad right now.
2006-02-27 23:01:18
232.   Linkmeister
OY! More cats!

This one is weird. Cat and rooster do a buddy movie, apparently from China, Japan, or Korea (my ideography identification is weak).

2006-02-27 23:04:51
233.   Andrew Shimmin
229- The Friday game vs. Atlanta is supposed to be on ESPN.
2006-02-27 23:10:39
234.   Andrew Shimmin
Schedule for March:

KCAL is picking up five over the last two weeks. ESPN has Friday's and then one more on the 21st.

2006-02-27 23:11:41
235.   regfairfield
Is there's anyone who can reasonably understand Korean that can help me figure out what this site says?

2006-02-27 23:21:17
236.   regfairfield
Good God, that's a terrible sentence.
2006-02-28 00:50:43
237.   overkill94
195 But last year, let's compare Choi and Nomar's RBI/at-bat

Choi: 42 RBI, 320 AB = .13125 per game
Nomar: 30 RBI, 230 AB = .13043 per game

Choi wins!

2006-02-28 00:56:03
238.   overkill94
Just to put my two cents in, by watching Choi play he doesn't seem like he has the best swing in the world. But judging by the numbers he has put up when given regular playing time (.882 OPS with Florida last year) as well as the hype he got coming out of the minors (, I'm really irritated that he didn't get the chance to prove himself one way or another last year when the team obviously had a very small chance of doing anything significant.

Now that we're in "win now" mode, he will only be given a true shot if Nomar and Saenz get hurt (then Loney might get the chance instead) which is a crying shame. This is why the GM and manager need to be on the same page - had DePo had his way, Choi would be a known quantity by now (good or bad) and we wouldn't have nearly as much to fight about these days.

2006-02-28 01:16:18
239.   Brendan

I have to say that the happy tastes like sad right now.

Forget the taste, just keep chewing.

2006-02-28 01:32:36
240.   Andrew Shimmin
From the AP

The Kansas City Royals had hoped to build future pitching staffs around 22-year-old Zack Greinke, but they are not planning on him being in the rotation when this season starts on April 3.

Greinke left camp on Sunday with the club's permission to return to his home in Orlando, Fla., but it is unknown when he will return. . .

General Manager Allard Baird would not disclose the reason Greinke left.

"I will tell you that right now, it is not drugs," Baird said. "He didn't get kicked out of camp or anything like that…. To me, it is a personal matter."

The Royals could be motivated sellers.

2006-02-28 02:40:29
241.   oldbear
Why would anyone judge a player on "BA wRISP"...?

First off, Batting Average doesnt tell the full story at all. OPS is a much better overall measurement.

Secondly, the "w'RISP"....That caveat takes up what, at most 20% of a player's at bats. What about the other 80%? 20% of the time a player will come to bat with a man on 2nd or 3rd. It might even be less than that.

Its still amazes me the thought process and logic of some. Or shall I say saddens me.

Especially Choi, who hits well in the #2 spot. This isnt an issue for him since how many times is anyone at 2nd base when he bats? Hardly ever last year. You want to complain about RBI numbers.. its hard to get RBI's when you bat 2nd and an out machine (Izturis) is batting leadoff.

Good job Steve of pointing out the obvious.

Jason Phillips hit .299 in the "all-important" BA w RISP...But yesterday this thinkingblue was upset DePo acquired him.


Rant over.

2006-02-28 02:42:45
242.   oldbear
238. If the Dodgers were in "Win-Now" mode, Nomar would be in LF.

Whats a bigger gamble? Choi/Saenz at 1st base. Or Repko/Cruz in LF.

I think its obvious.

2006-02-28 02:55:33
243.   oldbear
195. "But in a heathy season, Nomar has never had under 96 RBIs."

Here I'll correct this:

"But in a healthy season PLAYING FOR THE RED SOX, Nomar has never had under 96 RBI's"

If you're playing everyday, and are in the middle of the lineup playing for the Red Sox, it'd be bad season if a player didnt manage to drive in at least 100. RBI's are a function of opportunity.

2006-02-28 05:13:20
244.   Blu2
I have finally reached the conclusion that there is no place on the Dodgerd for Choi. It took a long time for me to accept it, but there it is. It didn't have to be this way. If the scheiskopf had simply signed Nomar for third (or even Muellar if you insist), get a good left fielder, everything would be a lot better. I hope Choi gives them a lot of reasons to regret dumping him...
2006-02-28 10:20:24
245.   thinkblue0

I'm starting to wonder if Choi might actually get his chance. Call me pessimistic, but for some reason I just don't see Cruz repeating last year.

If Cruz starts to stink up the joint, does Little take the initiative and move Nomar to LF and put Choi/Saenz at 1B? Or has Choi been blackballed to the point that even if a starter is hitting below the mendoza line he'll still ride the pine? We'll have to wait and see....

2006-02-28 12:01:54
246.   Blu2
If he moves Nomar, Martinez will play first. They already have him in training (See above).

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