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Odalis Keeps It Real in Espanol
2006-03-06 06:56
by Jon Weisman

Most news outlets painted a rosy picture of Odalis Perez after his three-inning, one-hit outing Sunday, but Allison Ann Otto of the Press-Enterprise found unhappiness:

Odalis Perez planted himself at a table in the Dodgers clubhouse Sunday morning, slapped the tabletop and began venting in Spanish to shortstop Cesar Izturis.

He didn't want to pitch, he said.

Would he be rested enough to start Thursday for the Dominican Republic against Italy in the World Baseball Classic? Why were the Dodgers making him do this?

"I was mad," Perez said after throwing three innings of one-hit ball in a 16-2 win over a New York Mets split-squad team. "But at the same time, I have to stay with it. It's tough, but this is the team I belong to." ...

What's important is that despite his mixed feelings, Perez knows how he must protect his arm.

Perez, who is slated to be the Dodgers' No. 3 starter this year, said he would monitor himself today for soreness and that the personal trainer he hired this winter would accompany him to Orlando.

"But if I'm not OK, I'm not going to rush myself," Perez said. "I understand you're going to represent your country. But at the same time, it's only a tournament. And you have to understand there are six months ahead in the season."

There may be nothing to worry about. Brad Penny, who faced 10 batters on Thursday, will be making his second Spring Training appearance today on three days rest.

  • Joel Guzman will make his Grapefruit League debut in left field on Tuesday, Grady Little told Otto.

  • Cherry-picking the Spring stats: Dodger prospects Tony Abreu, Blake DeWitt, Andre Ethier, Joel Guzman, Matt Kemp, Andy LaRoche, James Loney and Russell Martin are a combined 19 for 57 (.333 batting average) with four doubles, three home runs and three walks, for a .367 on-base percentage, .561 slugging percentage and .928 OPS. (NOTE: for entertainment purposes only/not for evaluation!)

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    2006-03-06 07:23:28
    1.   Colorado Blue
    I think Perez is just being Perez... he's always been very vocal and has put his foot in his mouth on at least a couple of occasions. I'm not reading a whole lot into this. Besides, I think OP performs better when he's a little hot about something.
    2006-03-06 07:26:16
    2.   Colorado Blue
    Although the cherry-picked stats are for entertainment purposes only, it is exciting to know that we're talking about a plethora of prospects rather than just one or two.
    2006-03-06 07:39:16
    3.   Bob Timmermann
    I would have thought Perez would have already been in camp with the DR squad.

    He pitches Wednesday though, so I imagine he would be fine since he's not going to throw more than 65 pitches. And the D.R. should pound Italy.

    2006-03-06 07:45:07
    4.   Brent is a Dodger Fan
    a .367 on-base percentage, .561 slugging percentage and .928 OPS. (NOTE: for entertainment purposes only/not for evaluation!)

    ...pretty entertaining, nonetheless.

    I was thinking over the weekend about optimism. The kind of "what if" statements where everyone, specifically Perez, Penny and Lowe, did the equivalent of their best season. Short of looking that up and coming up with an evaluation of the best we can hope for (eliminiating the possibility that they all surpass their career bests), I felt pretty good when passing through an optimistic wave.

    (The optimism doubles when you fantasize career bests for folks like Garciapara, Lofton... even Kent and Drew...).

    2006-03-06 08:07:25
    5.   FirstMohican
    Any reason the stats link was sorted by OBP? Trying to show us which players are Grady Little's doghouse?

    Also, sorting by OBP shows us, in order that they most need it, which players would benifit from a motivational speech from Lofton.

    2006-03-06 08:12:36
    6.   Marty
    I predict Lofton will be the next Zig Ziglar.
    2006-03-06 08:17:33
    7.   Suffering Bruin
    6 Priceless.

    If Kenny is a reader of the site, please be asssured that it is not you we take issue but the one who claims to praise you.

    2006-03-06 08:53:12
    8.   Bob Timmermann
    I predict that Kenny Lofton will become a less annoying version of Milton Bradley. But still annoying.

    (Annoying in the sense that he will create annoyances)

    2006-03-06 09:19:51
    9.   regfairfield
    Do we have any pitchers who actually want to pitch, or is Brett Tomko the heart and soul of the rotation?
    2006-03-06 09:23:47
    10.   Bob Timmermann
    Derek Lowe wants to pitch now. He's sorted out his personal life. Although I've seen him looking funny at Lindsay Soto.
    2006-03-06 09:29:34
    11.   natepurcell
    Ethier and loney have both walked twice. guzman once. kemp has had the most ABs about of anyone with 11 and yet to walk. neither has laroche.
    2006-03-06 09:40:01
    12.   GoBears
    From the last thread:

    376. overkill94
    365 The Life of David Gale, are you serious? I actually saw that in the theaters on a date, and we were both highly pissed off that we wasted money to go see that movie.

    Well, first I did like the movie, particularly Spacey. But second, I see about one movie a year in theater. I rent from a 99-cent rental place. So my threshold for being "worth the money" is pretty low. It's more about being worth the 2 hours. And that, in turn, depends in part on opportunity costs.

    2006-03-06 09:43:59
    13.   GoBears
    Back to this thread, I'm feeling optimistic about the pitching today too. Don't know why. I guess I just figure that the top 3 guys were below their projections last year, and so should be better this year than last. And with Billingsley and Broxton closer to ready, there's more insurance if/when the Seo/Tomko/Sele experiment goes South.

    So now that we've seen Colletti's preferences, the next question is how fast he and Little will pull the plug when one or more of these veteran mediocrities stinks up the joint in favor of youngsters. Here, I feel less optimistic. My guess is that we'll be begging for changes when Mueller or Lofton stink, or when Nomar gets hurt, only to have those changes be trades for even more mediocre mediocrities.

    2006-03-06 09:51:43
    14.   regfairfield
    I'm not quite as optimistic about the pitching as you, but I still figure it should be better. Penny should be a little better, Odalis (hopefully) should be a lot better, but I'm not all that confident that Lowe will give up less runs than last year. He didn't go about it in the way I expected, but he exceeded my expectations last year. When you consider that his BABIP in the last two months was something ridiculously low, I don't know how much his "desire" well help.

    After that, Seo and Tomko should be pretty much equivalent to Weaver and Houlton.

    2006-03-06 09:52:09
    15.   FERGIE
    Season hasn't even started yet and Perez is already bitching.
    2006-03-06 09:56:03
    16.   natepurcell
    I think seo and tomko will be better then the weaver and houlton of 2005.

    seo has a lower career era then weaver and it seems that he is just blossoming. Houlton was horrible last year with a 5+ era. No matter how bad tomko is, hes still going to be right around league average so that makes our back end better.

    we just need odalis to quit being a wuss and pitch well, have penny have the normal improvement with age and maturity, and for lowe to not completely self destruct. I think the pitching will be better, but not one of the top staffs in the league.

    2006-03-06 10:02:18
    17.   Jacob L
    I didn't want to read anything into it, but yesterday's sixth inning was fun. Really fun.
    2006-03-06 10:02:37
    18.   Marty
    The only reason I'm optimistic about Odalis is it seems he pitches well every other year, and this is a "good" year if that holds. Otherwise, I'm guessing mid-April for the first time he throws his arms up after someone launches one of his soft tosses.
    2006-03-06 10:04:51
    19.   Penarol1916
    12. I think that is the first time I've ever heard of anybody stating that they like that movie. In fact, I never saw that movie because it is the first time I've ever seen a consistent active hatred of a movie from so many different people of different political beliefs and tastes in movies that I decided to stay away. What about it did you enjoy?
    2006-03-06 10:06:43
    20.   Bob Timmermann
    I assume that Seo and Choi are staying with the Korean team until the WBC is over for them. I would assume that Seo's next start will be against the US, which would likely be on March 12.

    I say this because I would assume that Korea thinks that Seo is their best starter and is familiar with MLB hitters.

    2006-03-06 10:10:24
    21.   natepurcell
    Seo looks like he is in good shape from when i saw him pitching in the WBC. I remember the criticism met fans had of him was that in his poor 2004 year, he came into camp way out of shape and that was one of the things that lead to having a bad year. And that rick peterson really hated seo.
    2006-03-06 10:16:28
    22.   natepurcell
    rick peterson: jae seo

    jim tracy: hee seop choi

    2006-03-06 10:16:54
    23.   autumnlanding
    in terms of pitching i think Seo will be the biggest suprise of the year.

    the biggest no-suprise of the year will be odalis, because his temperment hasn't changed and i dont think it will suprising if he takes a few holidays on the DL.

    2006-03-06 10:23:23
    24.   regfairfield
    23 Why Seo? There's nothing in his history that suggests he could be anything but average in terms of strikeouts or walk ratio, and when you consider that he no longer has Shea to defend his extreme fly ball tendencies, he could easily compile a Weaver like amount of home runs.

    I think one of my friends put it best. "Jae Seo has never thrown a pitch over 85 in his life. You know who else can throw 85? I can."

    2006-03-06 10:27:41
    25.   natepurcell
    I think jae seo is the perfect example of not having to have a blazing fastball to be successful. Few people can do it, and those few people that can do it have impeccable control. Seo has a variety of pitches that he can keep hitters on their toes with and he can place those pitches anywhere he wants them.

    Seo wont be an ace, but a solid #3 is perfect reasonable forecast for his future. Also, his walk ratio last year was superb at 3.69 to 1. I just think he has finally figured out the nuances of pitching without blazing stuff and knows his ability.

    2006-03-06 10:32:23
    26.   regfairfield
    25 Good point, I think I was thinking of his career K/BB ratio when I wrote that. Still his extreme fly ball tendencies really scare me.
    2006-03-06 10:42:56
    27.   MartinBillingsley31
    So now that we've seen Colletti's preferences, the next question is how fast he and Little will pull the plug when one or more of these veteran mediocrities stinks up the joint in favor of youngsters. Here, I feel less optimistic. My guess is that we'll be begging for changes when Mueller or Lofton stink, or when Nomar gets hurt, only to have those changes be trades for even more mediocre mediocrities.

    First what are ned's preferences?
    I'd like to know from some sort of proof, because i'm confused about him, he was talking up the veterans for a long time but recently he has been talking up the prospects.

    As for the rest of what you wrote, that is what i've been saying since all the trading and free agency was over this offseason.
    A large part of the dodgers sucess in 2006 will be in the decisions that ned and grady make when lofton and/or mueller stink it up, and i might add carter and tomko too.
    Will they give the prospects their chance or trade some for more mediocrity.
    Big question that will determine the sucess/failure in 2006.

    2006-03-06 10:45:45
    28.   natepurcell
    re 26

    what do you consider extreme? i dont think .86 is too extreme. his career is .92

    2006-03-06 10:48:45
    29.   regfairfield
    28 Among the 171 pitchers that pitched as many innings as Seo did last year, Seo ranked 134th in GB/FB ratio and 135th in GB/Infield fly ratio. That's way too far down in the league for someone pitching at Dodger Stadium, where all you really have to is keep the ball on the ground, and you'll be all right.
    2006-03-06 10:51:08
    30.   regfairfield
    That should be GB/outfield fly ratio.
    2006-03-06 10:51:26
    31.   Jon Weisman
    If Lofton or Mueller "stink it up" while Guzman and LaRoche hammer the ball, then I wouldn't expect Ned or Grady to have trouble making the switch. That's easy. The difficult part would be if Lofton and Mueller are deceptively mediocre - high batting average but not much else.

    Bottom line, if the Dodgers' worst case scenario is Guzman and LaRoche are hot but can't crack the lineup, then life will be good.

    2006-03-06 10:53:43
    32.   natepurcell
    its lima time on espn right now.
    2006-03-06 10:55:42
    33.   natepurcell
    broxton pitches a scoreless 4th with a K and a loop single. thats good news.
    2006-03-06 11:01:03
    34.   NPB
    I don't know if this is appropriate or not, but I want to buy one of those 27-game flex-paks, but neither have the time or the income to do the whole thing. Is there a kind stranger on this board who'd be interested in splitting a third of a season-ticket package with a longtime Dodger fan who just moved to town? We'd go 13-13, and then attend opening day together, unless you're afraid or already have Opening Day tickets, in which case I'd pay a slightly higher percentage. Let me know. Thanks.
    2006-03-06 11:09:05
    35.   natepurcell
    man, the indians have such a good young nucleus.

    sizemore, martinez, hafner, peralta, marte. damn i hope the dodgers are like that in 3 years.

    2006-03-06 11:14:33
    36.   bhsportsguy
    34 - I have the perfect game package that I would be willing to split 22 game package, I have opening day spoken for but maybe we can work something out, email me at

    Just a comment, I have only listened to these minor league announcers for an inning or two and I like them.

    Nice play by LaRoche and Nomar to end the inning.

    2006-03-06 11:25:44
    37.   dsfan
    Regarding Seo,

    For what it's worth, I saw Seo sit on 88-89 mph in a few games last year.

    I loved watching him pitch. Tremendous balance to his delivery. He got squeezed several times, but kept his poise.

    And I'm not alarmed by how his flyball ratios will play away from Shea. Among guys who qualified, the flyball leaders last year were Patterson, Elarton and Young. Yes, Patterson pitched in DC, but overall, he was very good. Elarton had his best year ever. Despite pitching in Texas, Young had a pretty good year.

    2006-03-06 11:26:33
    38.   Uncle Miltie
    nate here's what I posted on the other thread:
    Chris Marrero sounds good. So does Max Sapp.

    Jared Mitchell- the next Carl Crawford? I'd definitely take him with the Angels pick. Crawford is one of my favorite players. Here's his profile

    Do you have anymore info on Mitchell?

    2006-03-06 11:33:18
    39.   natepurcell
    if you go

    there is a free video of a game where max sapp and jared mitchell play in that you can watch.

    2006-03-06 11:33:41
    40.   dsfan
    Your 2008 Dodgers

    SS Furcal
    RF Drew
    LF Cabrera
    3B LaRoche
    1B Loney
    RF Kemp
    C Navarro
    2B Abreu

    Lowe, Penny, Perez, Billingsley, Hochevar

    Bench -- Ethier, Aybar, D. Young.

    On the Florida Marlins: Guzman, Martin, Orenduff.

    In the wings -- 2B DeWitt (AAA), LHP Elbert (AAA), RHP Johnson (AAA).

    And if Drew walks or is hurt: Furcal in CF with Hu or Izzy at SS.

    Defensively, that lineup is slightly above average or better at every spot.

    Good speed, pretty good power and I love Drew as a No. 2 hitter.

    2006-03-06 11:34:09
    41.   natepurcell
    ooops, max sapp and derick robinson, my bad i got robinson and mitchell mixed up. they are the same type of player though.
    2006-03-06 11:35:47
    42.   GoBears
    19, on David Gale: Well, in addition to Spacey's terrific performance, I liked that the story ends up being morally ambivalent about the death penalty and about the title character. There's a twist at the end that, in retrospect seems obvious, but at the time was not, but mostly I like movies about social issues that, even when they pretend to take a side and preach, end up reminding you of all the shades of grey.


    2006-03-06 11:37:19
    43.   natepurcell
    i love the cabrera touch dsfan :)

    who did we trade for cabrera?

    martin, guzman and who?

    2006-03-06 11:38:38
    44.   dsfan
    Lest we think the 2008 Dodgers will steam to the title, a look at the 2008 Diamondbacks:

    SS Drew
    CF Upton
    3B Tracy
    1B Jackson
    RF Carlos Gonzales (who will destroy the Cal League this year)
    LF Chris Young
    2B Hudson
    C Montero/Estrada

    On the Boston Red Sox: OF Carlos Quentin, traded by Byrnes to Epstein for LHP Lester.

    Rotation: Webb, Nippert, Mock, Lester, Ortiz.

    Spending potential on others: Enormous.

    Outfield defense: Potentially spectacular.

    Hitting talent: Abundant.

    2006-03-06 11:40:43
    45.   GoBears
    27 on Ned's preferenes: I don't care even a little bit about what GMs or managers or owners (or politicians, for that matter) say. I only care about what they do. We certainly had prior beliefs about Colletti, given his ties to Sabean, but it wasn't until he chose Mueller over Aybar, Alomar Jr., over really anyone, Lofton/Nomar over kids + Choi, and Baez/Carter over Jackson/Tiffany that we could know for sure that he's a typical lover of "proven veterans" over kids.

    Now, he hasn't dumped a lot of prospects, but on that we don't know if he really wants to bring them up over the next couple years, or if he's just saving them now to dump them later. The short-term deals to the vets (Furcal, Nomar, Mueller, Lofton) leave that question open, and give us room for optimism if we look hard enough.

    2006-03-06 11:41:17
    46.   Bob Timmermann
    If Russ Ortiz is on the DBacks in 2008, that will be a miracle. I'm sure the DBacks would love to be able to dump that useless contract.
    2006-03-06 11:43:08
    47.   dsfan
    Miguel Cabrera did not come cheaply.

    Guzman, Martin and Orenduff all helped the Marlins win the 2009 World Series.

    As you know, Florida wins the WS every six years.

    The 2009 Marlins -- who played inside a retractable-roof yard in north Miamia -- were a very exciting team. Their standouts included Henley Ramirez, Hermida, Sanchez, Petit, Guzman, Martin and several other Latin American stars, plus a few stud pitchers drafted back in 2005.

    2006-03-06 11:45:27
    48.   natepurcell
    when do the dodgers win the world series in your own version of the future?
    2006-03-06 11:45:34
    49.   Uncle Miltie
    Franklin Gutierrez just lost a flyball in the sun.

    nate how would you feel trading for Brandon Phillips. I think he needs a change of scenery and would be a better utility player than Robles or Martinez. Phillips can play 3B, SS, and 2B. He's a very good defender. I doubt it would take much to acquire him since he's out of options.

    2006-03-06 11:48:26
    50.   natepurcell
    phillips wouldnt be bad. but hes a pretty insignificant piece and we are loaded with middle infielders.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-03-06 11:49:20
    51.   Jon Weisman
    U.S. Rep. Bill Thomas on Monday, "said he was inspired to retire by the example of former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Sandy Koufax, who Thomas said retired at the top of his game."

    Thomas also iced his elbow after every committee meeting.

    (This is not a political comment - remember, don't turn it into one.)

    2006-03-06 11:50:38
    52.   dsfan

    Ortiz, who recently was quoted as saying he has no cause to adjust his game, proves untradeable in coming years. Arizona considers solving the problem by hiring a hit man but decided against it because Ortiz's contract isn't covered by insurance. Arizona pays him $8 milion to serve as a spot starter/swing man in 2008.

    Which isn't to say Ortiz's valuations are wholly negative. In his memoirs, Byrnes reveals that Ortiz came in handy every time Moorad tried to butt in where he didn't belong. "I would tell Jeff, 'Aren't you the guy who gave $34 million to Russ Ortiz?' " Brynes recalled.

    2006-03-06 11:50:46
    53.   Uncle Miltie
    Well Robles just isn't very good and he didn't hit a lick in the Mexican league. Martinez is pretty much worthless. Aybar is my choice, but not being able to play SS might hurt him. Phillip at least has some potential.
    2006-03-06 11:53:59
    54.   ToyCannon
    I'm not Nate but I'd have no interest in Brandon Philips. He's spent 2 years in AAA with zero growth, doesn't have any plate discipline and how he's better then Robles is beyond me other then the fact he's faster and is considered "athletic". Robles is the perfect utility player.
    2006-03-06 11:54:56
    55.   dsfan

    2008 could be the year, but every time the McCourts go to accept the WS trophy from Bud, the vision fades.

    2006-03-06 11:55:09
    56.   Uncle Miltie
    Brian Kenny (announcing the Mets game) just used an economic term during a baseball game- Diminishing returns.
    2006-03-06 11:55:19
    57.   Bob Timmermann
    Bill Thomas is just about six years younger than Sandy Koufax.
    2006-03-06 11:58:49
    58.   ToyCannon
    Send me an email at to talk about tickets. I have 4 tickets and will sell 13 games at face value if your interested in my location. Put Dodger Tickets in the subject line. Season opener is off limits as I sell those for a silly price to silly people.
    2006-03-06 12:02:06
    59.   Uncle Miltie
    54- Robles played average defense at SS and below average defense at 3B last season. His hitting was decent, but he's about 30 years old. Phillips does have some plate discipline, he just seems kind of mixed up. 2 years ago in AAA, his BB/K ratio was 44:56. Last year he tried to hit for power and it affected his plate discipline and batting average. He's only 24 years old. He has at least has a chance to be a solid bench player and possibly more.
    2006-03-06 12:06:38
    60.   dsfan

    Brandon Phillips is interesting and enticing because, defensively, he is very good at 2B, good at SS and likely could be a pretty good CF and a good LF who also can come off the bench and steal a base. He's that kind of athlete, although the OF dimension needs proving.

    But Phillips also has left a trail of dead scouts and coaches because, despite flashing a good bat in the minors, he gives away AB after AB after AB. I wouldn't gamble on that turning around.

    Maybe you take a flyer it you're the Rockies, whose hitting environment is optimal -- but even then, it's a reach. Bad aproach at the plate, bad pitch recognition, bad swing.

    2006-03-06 12:23:17
    61.   Chris H
    NPB (#34)

    I would be interested in splitting a 27 game package with you. Also, I'm not afraid to attend opening day with you... as long as you promise to wear deoderant ;-).

    2006-03-06 12:25:45
    62.   NPB

    Email me at And I always wear deodorant. Sometimes two different kinds at once.

    2006-03-06 12:30:33
    63.   Penarol1916
    56. The real issue is, did he use it correctly?
    2006-03-06 12:32:11
    64.   Chris H
    NPB - YGM
    2006-03-06 13:32:20
    65.   King of the Hobos
    So the Dodgers play 2 games and suspend both of them...

    Not that it really matters, but will today's stats be logged as "official" spring stats?

    2006-03-06 13:44:28
    66.   Jon Weisman
    New post up top.

    Comment status: comments have been closed. Baseball Toaster is now out of business.