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High Five History
2006-03-15 09:58
by Jon Weisman

Dodger Thoughts reader Michael Popek owns a bookstore 20 minutes from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, so you can imagine he sees a lot of fun baseball history on a regular basis. Popek was kind enough to pass along this Lyle Spencer article from the 1981 Dodger Yearbook, entitled "'High Five': Trademark of the Dodgers".

The article tells the tale of the orignal high five between Dodger outfielders Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker, pinpointing it as coming after Baker's grand slam in Game 2 of the 1977 National League Championship Series.

The Dodgers and their fans are ecstatic as Baker tours the bases behind his three teammates, but the ultimate expression of the moment doesn't come until Dusty approaches the dugout.

Out jumps outfielder Glenn Burke, the man who has kept his team loose and laughing all season with his cassette player, his dancing, his unique clubhouse manner.

Burke winds up as Baker nears the dugout steps and Dusty does the same. Their right arms extend to the skies, their hands meet in a resounding slap that defines perfectly the impact of this moment.

"That's right," Dusty Baker says, smiling handsomely with the recollection of the magic moment. "That was it. The first 'High Five.' "

Bob Timmermann of The Griddle told me in an e-mail that Baker took the high five very seriously.

"The high five was a big deal in a 1982 brawl between the Dodgers and Padres," Timmermann said. "Dusty Baker felt that the Padres weren't accomplished enough to high five each other on the field and he started a brawl with Padres second baseman Juan Bonilla.

"There were numerous stories about it in 1982. It was in the game story, and Scott Ostler devoted a whole column to high-fiving and the ethics behind it."

By this time - in fact, by the time Spencer's article was written, Burke was out of the big leagues - so it's not clear what inspired him to raise his arm in the air instead of doing the conventional 1970s low five. His absence from the team and Spencer's article (as far as being quoted) is unremarked upon, but knowing that Burke is one of the few baseball players in history to later divulge that he was homosexual, it's hard not to notice that Spencer described Burke as "the man who brought the 'High Five' out of the closet."

Remembering Burke, who died of AIDS in 1995, normally makes me sad, so it's a nice change to think of him keeping his teammates loose and laughing in the clubhouse.

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Comments (259)
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2006-03-15 11:17:24
1.   Purple Hippopotamus
That's a great writeup, Jon. Do the dodgers publish anything journalistic or literary anymore? Seems like many of these inside-the-dugout stories never make it out of the clubhouse anymore.

Crap! Navarro just got hurt!

2006-03-15 11:30:27
2.   Uncle Miltie
Crap! Navarro just got hurt!
Please tell me you're kidding. Maybe Grits wasn't lying when he said Martin would get a chance to make the team. What happened?
2006-03-15 11:33:03
3.   oldbear
Maybe Grits wasn't lying when he said Martin would get a chance to make the team

No its gonna be a Pat Borders/Sandy Alomar platoon.

2006-03-15 11:34:29
4.   Purple Hippopotamus
I didn't hear the call, but I heard the announcer recap the day's high (Furcal stealing second) and the low (Navarro hurting his hamstring). I'm not sure of the severity of the injury, but the Dodgers were batting at the time.
2006-03-15 11:34:48
5.   Uncle Miltie
Great write up Jon. I'd love to see Dusty back in the organization, but probably not as a manager. I think he'd be an upgrade over Grits, but his poor handling of young pitchers and questionable lineups (Neifi Perez batting 2nd, Corey Patterson batting leadoff), probably don't make him a good fit. He is a good in game manager (besides the fact the he wears down his young pitchers). I think the thing with his pitchers might have to do with his pitching coach though.
2006-03-15 11:36:57
6.   Jon Weisman
5 - Too many negatives with Dusty, I think.
2006-03-15 11:42:55
7.   Uncle Miltie
6- please go into detail. Are you talking about the sour breakup between Dusty and the Dodgers? I don't think that it would be a problem with a new ownership in place.
2006-03-15 11:45:08
8.   Jon Weisman
7 - No, I mean, as Uncle Miltie put it, his handling of pitchers and questionable lineups.
2006-03-15 11:45:37
9.   Jon Weisman
That is - as you put it :)
2006-03-15 11:49:40
10.   D4P
Where's Steve today? He has missed out on Repko's solo HR and RBI-single.
2006-03-15 12:15:46
11.   D4P
This LAPD commerical on MLB audio is really annoying.
2006-03-15 12:22:12
12.   SCRocks
3. -No its gonna be a Pat Borders/Sandy Alomar platoon.

Martin for sure in Vegas then?

If so, is that because he can't handle the position still?


2006-03-15 12:25:25
13.   Jon Weisman
3 is a joke - barely.
2006-03-15 12:30:58
14.   NetShrine
Did I just read "Glenn Burke........his unique clubhouse manner."

Holy speaking in code Batman!

2006-03-15 13:00:25
15.   Uncle Miltie
Oh BROTheR! I can just imagine the opening day lineup. Batting 3rd, center fielder Jason Repko!
2006-03-15 13:01:25
16.   Fallout
3 oldbear

Worry is even in oldbear's humor. (A good line none the less.)

2006-03-15 13:05:52
17.   ToyCannon
Old friend Reggie Abercombie is lighting up spring training. From BA
"The biggest surprise in Marlins camp so far has been outfielder Reggie Abercrombie. A 23rd-round pick of the Dodgers out of Lake City (Fla.) Community College in 1999, Abercrombie always has enticed scouts with his tools, but has never been able to put it all together. In six minor league seasons, Abercrombie has nearly an 8-1 strikeout-walk ratio (793-to-121) in 2,582 at-bats and has never played above Double-A.

But the 25-year-old outfielder has figured some things out through a stint in the AFL and now in big league camp, working both times with roving hitting instructor John Mallee. "As much of a surprise as it might seem, Reggie has been working his tail off," Mallee said. "He's getting consistent extension through the zone, working to his strength and not giving pitchers that out pitch--not chasing a lot like he'd done previously. He's having a breakthrough spring and everyone should be taking notice."

Through 26 at-bats in big league camp, Abercrombie is hitting .500/.519/.885 with a pair of homers. But perhaps more importantly, he's being much more selective. Though he has yet to draw a walk, Abercrombie has whiffed just three times."

2006-03-15 13:09:35
18.   Marty
Oh my goodness. Let's nip this Baker talk in the bud.
2006-03-15 13:09:59
19.   Uncle Miltie
17- I hope he makes their team. He's an incredible defender
2006-03-15 13:12:23
20.   Sushirabbit
17 - now, now we don't want everyone to start thinking like the A's. :-)
2006-03-15 13:21:54
21.   Daniel Zappala
17 So his strikeout to walk ratio is infinity, which is larger than 8-1.
2006-03-15 13:44:03
22.   King of the Hobos
Edwin Jackson made his third start, had two scoreless innings before struggling.
3.1 IP, 5 Hs,6 ERs, 3 BBs, 2 Ks
2006-03-15 13:48:14
23.   Sushirabbit
I have a On topic Question: I thought the 'first' high-five came when Dusty Baker joined the other 30 HR guys in the last game of 77. Making it:

Does anyone else recall that? Or am I just wrong.

2006-03-15 13:51:14
24.   Daniel Zappala
22 Oh good, now we can all stop panicking about that trade for a few days.
2006-03-15 13:51:28
25.   Uncle Miltie
22- I guess Ned's prayers were answered

Furcal went 0-1 with a walk and SB in his first game of his ST

Good news:
Ramon Martinez went 0-1
Aybar walked again (in his only PA)
Kuo pitched well in his one inning
Bad news:
Repko 2-3 HR 2 RBI (off Smoltz)
Brazoban and Baez got hammered
All star Lance Carter pitched 2 scoreless innings

2006-03-15 13:59:10
26.   oldbear
I have a question on the package. Does it only allow you to be logged in at one time/one location? Or can you be logged in at numerous locations?

If its the latter, do people usually pool their money and buy it, and then share the login/pw?

Surely thats not allowed. Is it?

2006-03-15 14:09:13
27.   natepurcell
i let my friends use my account sometimes.

only when they are really nice to me though.

2006-03-15 14:14:30
28.   oldbear
Can you be logged in also at the same time from a different computer though?
2006-03-15 14:15:46
29.   natepurcell
navarro and his hammy sounds pretty bad. this might catapult martin to starting LA catcher.
2006-03-15 14:16:23
30.   natepurcell
Can you be logged in also at the same time from a different computer though?

i dont remember. sorry.

2006-03-15 14:27:45
31.   King of the Hobos
Nothing new about Navarro in today's notes, other than it will take 24 hours to determine the extent of the problem, Martin would start in his absense, and Little refers to him as Navvy.

As far as Penny: "I was working on breaking balls and throwing pitches in situations I wouldn't throw them in real games"

2006-03-15 14:29:32
32.   MartinBillingsley31
So my boy martin might see some playing time right off the bat.

If so, i hope he tears it up and make ned wonder why he sign old man alomar.

Catchers need more days off than any other position, i see no problem carrying both navarro and martin.

But then again i can't get too excited knowing ned is in charge.

2006-03-15 14:30:17
33.   King of the Hobos
Aaron Small looks like he'll start the season on the DL which means Erickson has a chance to make the Yankees. I dislike the Yankees, but I can't wish that kind of pain onto any team
2006-03-15 14:30:55
34.   Marty
I've been a big fan of Martin's since last spring training, but it's too bad this may be the way for him to make the team.
2006-03-15 14:31:52
35.   Marty
"When you're playing like that, it's hard to ignore," Little said of Repko. "He's done an excellent job. He plays the game the right way."


2006-03-15 14:34:37
36.   Steve
He plays the game the right way.

If this means he plays the game "good," then it is useful information. Otherwise, it is merely conceit.

2006-03-15 14:37:37
37.   ToyCannon
I doubt that it will allow you to use the same login at the same time. I've tried to use the MLB audio package at the same time from different parts of my house and it has refused me and has even refused me when I've closed one game, went to another system and tried to log in. From a program point of view it is very easy to block a login from using multiple logins and MLB would have to be very shortsited to allow it to happen for the very reason you mentioned.
2006-03-15 14:58:06
38.   bhsportsguy
32 - I never thought the Navarro/Martin combo would be a good idea because economically, a veteran catcher is not going to cost you that much and since you never use the second catcher unless you are out of pinch hitters or there is some need for a double switch, whoever doesn't play is not going to have many chances.

The Braves will face a similar situation with their catchers and there is already talk of moving their prospect to first base because McCann is their man.

I would say an ideal amount of games for a catcher to start is around 120-130, which is about a day off a week excluding any platoon factors. I'm sure that is what Ned was thinking with the Alomar signing.

2006-03-15 15:03:47
39.   natepurcell
lol gurnick called repko jayson repko. lol
2006-03-15 15:31:10
42.   King of the Hobos
Gurnick decided to write yet another Izturis/Furcal article, adding something that may or may not be known:

In and around the Dodgers ballclub, there is minimal support for the most popular fan scenario -- move Nomar Garciaparra to left field, Jeff Kent to first base and Izturis to second base.

2006-03-15 15:36:43
43.   Jon Weisman
Ballplayers on moving from the infield to the outfield:

Nomar Garciaparra:

"Learning first base, at least it's the infield. The outfield is totally different than the infield. I knew [first base] would take a lot of work and not be easy. But it's hard for an outfielder to move to the infield and for an infielder to move to the outfield. Everything is different. It's not as easy as it sounds."

Joel Guzman:

"I'm liking it. I'm not loving it, like McDonalds."

2006-03-15 15:39:09
44.   Marty
I mean like, this part of the field's in, and the other's out. You can see the differences right there.
2006-03-15 15:41:47
45.   Daniel Zappala
Noticed that we had 122 or so entries in the DT NCAA pool. Some healthy competition.
2006-03-15 15:54:08
46.   Fallout
42. King of the Hobos
In and around the Dodgers ballclub, there is minimal support for the most popular fan scenario -- move Nomar Garciaparra to left field, Jeff Kent to first base and Izturis to second base.

Is that surprising to anyone?

2006-03-15 15:57:48
47.   natepurcell
not surprising to me. kent doesnt want to move to 1b. izzy thinks he is still a shortstop. nomars going to tear his groin if he has to play the outfield and run.

most of these "established" players in reality only care about themselves.

2006-03-15 16:03:52
48.   Jon Weisman
Yeah, and I still haven't started my picks.
2006-03-15 16:06:16
49.   Gen3Blue
Its only one game---but in spring training that could get magnified attention. Todays winners: Martin,Repko, and Carter. I like the first and I'm neutral on the next two. You have to credit performance, then find out if it is only the ability to start quickly !
2006-03-15 16:19:29
50.   Jon Weisman
46 - No. It has seemed clear from the start that Garciaparra doesn't want to play outfield, and Kent (for good reason) thinks he should stay at second base.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-03-15 16:38:21
51.   bhsportsguy
BTW just saw this old item but since it has been a week and he hasn't pitched in a game, Mike Megrew, the lefthanded pitcher who was a Rule 5 draft pick by the Marlins from the Dodgers last year pitched briefly (he walked 4 batters) and right now it does appear unlikely that he would stay on their 25 man roster.
2006-03-15 16:42:42
52.   Linkmeister
Is there a secret word ("DUCK?")* to find the DT NCAA pool at ESPN?

* = Only useful if you remember "You Bet Your Life."

2006-03-15 16:51:13
53.   Daniel Zappala
No, just search for "Dodger Thoughts" when choosing a group for your entry.
2006-03-15 16:51:39
54.   bhsportsguy
The other Dodger that was a Rule 5 pick, Luis Gonzalez (no, not that Luis Gonzalez), was drafted by the Rockies and then traded to the Mariners, he has pitched a little bit so I guess he is in the running for their specialty lefty role.
2006-03-15 17:01:33
55.   Linkmeister
53 Ah, you have to register with ESPN, then. I wondered if there was a DodgerThoughts password. Ok, thanks.
2006-03-15 17:21:54
56.   Steve
I don't know why you guys are so hard on Repko.

If not us, who? How many other .215 hitters with questionable defensive skills get as much undeserved favorable publicity as Repko?

2006-03-15 17:29:06
57.   regfairfield
Lest anyone get too excited about Repko, these were his spring stats last year:


He's currently at


While he's at least on pace to beat his isolated patience (no surprise, we know he has at least average patience) his average and power numbers could easily end up the same by the end of Spring. In other words, Repko proably hasn't figured it all out yet.

2006-03-15 17:30:52
58.   natepurcell
i dont think repko is going to be as horrible as last year, he will definately improve. I just question how much will he improve. we will see though. he will make the roster as a 5th outfielder and might get some starts early on.
2006-03-15 17:32:49
59.   Steve
How could he get worse? He's already the next Willie Mays, and if he somehow hit .250, he'd probably be Babe Ruth.
2006-03-15 17:33:29
60.   mob
Did anyone ever suggest, after Nomar was signed, that it might be a better infield with Nomar at 2nd Kent at 1b? Nomar is pretty good defensively and it might have been easier to move him to 2nd than to 1st. while Kent does have experience at 1st and altho he has been quite good since becoming a Dodger, 1b might have been a better fit for the team.

All this speculation before Ceasar was feeling better. Now it seems as if there is no room for Izzy. But Nomar is having a horrible spring. Do you revisit the idea of Kent at 1st & Furcal & Izzy in the middle. OR you trade Izzy and let Aybar mature for another year, then replace Kent with Aybar. (and Nomar with Looney?)

2006-03-15 17:42:17
61.   dsfan
According to Gammons, Depo offered Nomar $27m to play 2B. When Nomar said no, Depo signed Kent.
Scouts say Nomar's arm action isn't suitable for 2B. A couple of clubs backed off him there for that reason. Further, there's reason to believe he'd be more likely to get hurt there.

In Dewan's The Fielding Bible, he has this to say about Nomar's shortstop skills:

"Injuries have limited his range and he's been horrible on the double plays in recent years."

Not a good recipe for a late-career shift to 2B.

2006-03-15 17:46:56
62.   mob
thanks for the insight dsfan
2006-03-15 17:49:15
63.   ToyCannon
If Repko follows up his hot spring and gives us his 2005 April OPS of 849 I'll be more then happy to see him play CF against LHP for one month. Then if Ned is on the ball he'll flip him when Werth is healthy enough to take his spot as the RH platoon CF for Lofton. Of course the odds of Werth being healthy enough seem to be fading everyday.

Just finished reading the Brewer portion of BP 2006 and I knew that Melvin was doing a great job as the Brewer GM but I didn't realize how good he was doing. That is a team in desperate need of a young catcher as D Miller is now 36 but I don't think Ned would be able to win a trade with him. So far he's outfoxed Beane, Schuerholz, and Williams.

2006-03-15 17:49:17
64.   dsfan
Nice to see Grittle gave Aybar one whole PA today.
Aybar has a good approach at the plate, but that's so unusual for a player who came up the LA farm system that I suspect the Dodger do not appreciate him. I wouldn't mind seeing Aybar get a shot with Oakland or Boston -- it would be a better environment for him.
2006-03-15 17:52:13
65.   Steve
Then if Ned is on the ball

Like on the last trade

2006-03-15 17:54:28
66.   natepurcell
neds batting .333 on trade steve! if he keeps it up, thats HOF worthy right there!
2006-03-15 17:54:33
67.   dsfan

Yes, Repko can help if put in the right position. You describe a realistic scenario.

I agree with you on Melvin. He's done a terrific job. However, he may have gambled and lost on Ben Sheets. They owe Sheets $40 million and he's ailing.

2006-03-15 17:57:14
68.   natepurcell
the sheets gamble shouldnt be a negative for melvin.

at the time, sheets was coming off a breakout year with no significant injury history. just sucks that this is happening to sheets. hes one of my favorite pitchers.

2006-03-15 18:00:59
69.   Steve
Three trades? The third one must have been so bad that I repressed it.
2006-03-15 18:01:54
70.   student of the game
OT: Did anyone watch, or is anyone planning on watching, HBO's new series "Big Love"?
2006-03-15 18:04:12
71.   natepurcell
1st trade- bradley+perez for ethier

2nd trade- sanchez+schmoll for seo+hamulack

3rd trade- jackson+tiffany for baez+carter

2006-03-15 18:08:39
72.   Steve
I was not so disturbed by the first trade. Though there is no reason to send Ethier down after trading so much to get him.
2006-03-15 18:08:46
73.   Uncle Miltie
I can understand Nomar not wanting to move. As for Kent, well he's selfish and wants to put up the numbers at second base to make his hall of fame credentials look better.
2006-03-15 18:14:40
74.   Steve
If only Nomar wasn't such a clubhouse cancer, this team might go places.
2006-03-15 18:24:15
75.   GoBears
OT, but Nate Silver has a nice little piece at BP on plate discipline.

And I just got my copy of The Book, by Tango, Lichtman and someone (not in front of me at the moment). It's really good. If you have any friends who are "old school" fans because they see th SABR learning curve a little too steep for their time, but who are open-minded, this book (THE BOOK) is a great intro.

2006-03-15 18:39:26
76.   Fallout
Kent is a better 2nd baseman than 1st baseman. In that case he is a lot more valuable at 2nd.
2006-03-15 19:01:40
77.   Fallout
It would be interesting to see a history on all the players with 5 or more seasons that compares their rookie seasons to their 2nd yr.
2006-03-15 19:16:33
78.   dsfan

I like Sheets too and hope he comes back. I rate Melvin among the best GMs. And I know he had good reasons for signing Sheets. Still, guaranteeing $40 million (four years) to a pitcher can be thought imprudent, especially when your payroll projects at about $60 milion. No question, Melvin had a tough decision to make. On top of everything else, his boss, a new owner, wanted to make a splash and the season-ticket base was dwindling by the day.

2006-03-15 19:22:08
79.   Steve
I get very little joy out of anything like I get out of telling my friend the Cardinals fan to enjoy 2006 (if applicable), since they are going to get routed by Milwaukee for the next decade and a half.
2006-03-15 19:25:40
80.   Uncle Miltie
79- yup with Rickie Weeks leading the way.

Steve, I guess you liked my Willie Mays-Repko comparison :)

2006-03-15 19:35:51
81.   Steve
It turned out to be handy.

I just went on Amazon and bought the book "Fantasyland." My one experience last year with fantasy baseball, which I had avoided for years, was a gigantic disaster -- I couldn't co-exist with statistics like batting average, runs scored, RBI, and stolen bases.

2006-03-15 19:50:51
82.   Sam DC
Now I realize it'd be hard to write a column every couple of days, and I'm sure I'd say plenty of ridiculous stuff. (Heck, I do 100 words of comments a day and manage to squeeze in plenty of dopiness just there.) But Jason Stark has written a serious column proposing that the WBC be split into two parts, with the tournament played down to four teams during a week of Spring training than finished four months later during the All-Star break.

Um, huh?

I had a teacher once who used wonderful phrase "that stinks of the lamp" to describe an idea that has been laboriously and sort of academically worked out, and that is just trying to hard. To me, Stark's idea stinks of the lamp.

2006-03-15 19:54:23
83.   Sam DC
"too" hard.
2006-03-15 20:17:14
84.   Daniel Zappala
We can throw out that Stanford-BYU matchup in the NIT, as BYU lost to Houston tonight. The matchup is still alive in the Women's NCAA tournament.
2006-03-15 20:21:08
85.   Fallout
83. Sam DC

Stay off the Lavitra. :)

2006-03-15 20:23:23
86.   D4P
Not a good day for Project BROTheR and its primary sponsor...
2006-03-15 20:31:44
87.   oldbear
That is a team in desperate need of a young catcher as D Miller is now 36 but I don't think Ned would be able to win a trade with him. So far he's outfoxed Beane, Schuerholz, and Williams

Refresh my memory. What trades have the Brewers made with the A's, White Sox, and Braves?

Podsednik for Carlos Lee was a salary dump right? Of course I'd rather have Carlos Lee.

What trades did he do with the Braves? Dan Kolb? I thought the Braves signed him as a FA. Maybe not.

A's-Brewers trades? I'm drawin a blank. The only player I can think of that played for the Brewers and then played for the A's was Keith Ginter. I dont recall what the A's gave up for Ginter though.

2006-03-15 20:34:22
88.   Steve
I would rather see Repko beat Project BROTheR the honest way then have his "fans" continue to insult their own intelligence, much less ours, by insisting a .220 hitting Dr. Strangeglove has any purpose on a major league roster.
2006-03-15 20:34:36
89.   Sam DC
cold comfort, I know, Steve, but Gigantor is getting some love from the league internet news guy: "Right-hander Jon Rauch had his best outing of the spring, giving up one run in five innings. He struck out six batters and walked one."
2006-03-15 20:35:44
90.   Steve
What trades did he do with the Braves? Dan Kolb? I thought the Braves signed him as a FA. Maybe not.

Kolb for some closer prospect. A silly trade.

2006-03-15 20:36:39
91.   Steve
I like Gigantor -- I think they should get him off of wasting his life in middle relief and let him pitch -- it's not like they have a super deep rotation.
2006-03-15 20:38:21
92.   dsfan
IIRC, the Brewers got Corey Hart and another player for Ginter.

IIRC, the Brewers got Capellan for Kolb.

I didn't write the Brewers post, just trying to help out. I would rate both of those trades as pro-Brewer, especially if you factor in the dollars.

Lee-for-Podsednik was good for both clubs.

2006-03-15 20:39:42
93.   Steve
I will get down on my knees and thank the Lord that Kolb blew up before Ned Colletti got on the case.
2006-03-15 20:39:49
94.   oldbear
I get very little joy out of anything like I get out of telling my friend the Cardinals fan to enjoy 2006 (if applicable), since they are going to get routed by Milwaukee for the next decade and a half

Where's the Brewer love coming from? Trading Podsednik for Carlos Lee definitely a good trade for the Brewers. Trading Sexson for some spare parts, eh... not so good. Capuano is a serviceable starter but did they get anything else? Weeks and Prince Fielder are just prospects at the moment. Do they have any dominant pitching? Sheets is ok but way overrated by some IMO. His stats dont back up his hype. I had a debate with some guy like 3 yrs ago who was saying it was a bad move for the A's to draft Zito ahead of Sheets. That has yet to be proven even currently, and probably will never be.

Whats the difference between the Brewers stock piling some young players and the Marlins? They're both small market clubs but the young talent the Marlins I see as much greater than what the Brewers have accumulated. And the Marlins star shined for like 1yr before they sold everyone off.

2006-03-15 20:44:43
95.   Steve
Who else am I supposed to love in that division? The St. Louis Encarnacions? The Chicago Pierres? The Pittsburgh Olneys? If they stop signing the Ricky Bottalicos of the world, they'll be fine.
2006-03-15 20:45:33
96.   oldbear
IIRC, the Brewers got Capellan for Kolb

Ok you're right. I've heard the name Capellan and knew he was a prospect. Interesting that the Brewers resigned Kolb this off-season.

They've won some trades for sure. How big of 'win' I'm not really sure? I think dealing Sexson and getting back what they got back was a loss, considering how good Sexson was at the time they traded him.

It did work out bad for the dbax bc Sexson got hurt, but I didnt think they gave up too much. Just a bunch of spare parts for a legit power hitter. I'd make that same trade again if I were the Dbax. Cant blame a guy for getting hurt. THats bad luck.

2006-03-15 20:46:27
97.   Sam DC
91 I agree. Don't even get me started on the aimless meandering wasteful offseason of the Nationals. So much money squandered on contracts for non-roster players -- if they'd made some tougher decisions this offseason and come to camp with 55 players instead of 75, they'd have had money to sign Jeff Weaver, who would be valuable to the Nationals, given where they're at pitchingwise.

But who's to say Pedro Astacio and Ramon Ortiz and Ryan Drese won't all have career years and carry the Nationals to the pennant.

2006-03-15 20:48:22
98.   Sam DC
0-0 through 6 in the Japan Korea game. HSC - like all the Korean batters (five of whom are named Lee) is having a poor night at the plate. In fact, only one hit for Korea so far.
2006-03-15 20:48:24
99.   Steve
97 -- If only they had an owner. That's what fixed the Dodgers.
2006-03-15 20:49:53
100.   D4P
Choi is being pinch-hit for in the 7th inning.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-03-15 20:51:05
101.   regfairfield
94 The trade was Sexson and garbage for Spivey, Counsell, Overbay, Moeller, Capuano, and Jorge De La Rosa.

This has been turned into Capuano, Tomo Ohka, Zach Jackson, Gabe Gross, Dave Bush, and Moeller.

So, for a player that was gone in a year, they got 60 percent of their startng rotation, a backup catcher, a pitching prospect and an outfield prospect. That's a pretty good haul.

2006-03-15 20:51:13
102.   Sam DC
Ouch. Japan pulls their 1 hitter pitcher due to pitch counts and brings in a lefty. And Korea pinch hits for our own Hee-Seop Choi.
2006-03-15 20:52:35
103.   oldbear
The St. Louis Encarnacions

As long as the Cards have Pujols, Edmonds, and Rolen, they can stick any out machine around those 3 and score runs. Pujols is just about the perfect hitter. He doesnt have the Bonds effect yet, but its close. The Giants put Bonds with 8 stiffs and the Giants still were in the upper echelon of runs scored even after Kent left.

Granted, the Brewers do probably have the most high upside young players. But they dont have the mega star to build around like the Cards do with Pujols. And they dont have the payroll to match the Cards either. The Cards have gotten lucky over the years with the Mark McGwire giveaway by the A's (worst trade Alderson ever made, perhaps the worst trade of the last 20yrs when you look at what McGwire did in STL and what the A's got back), Jim Edmonds for Bottenfield/Kennedy, and developing Pujols in their system. They also got Renteria for basically nothing. Maybe their luck will run out.

You gotta give Jocketty a mulligan for the Encarnacion/Bigbie deals, after his Renteria, Edmonds, McGwire steals.

2006-03-15 20:56:27
104.   oldbear
they got 60 percent of their startng rotation, a backup catcher, a pitching prospect and an outfield prospect. That's a pretty good haul.

I forgot about Overbay. He was decent. Overbay/Capuano arent bad but I sort of prefer keeping superstar caliber players (like Sexson was), and using the farm system to develop depth. Now if Sexson was gone either way, then sure let him go. But considering they took on Carlos Lee, why was it a foregone conclusion that Sexson was leaving?

2006-03-15 20:56:40
105.   regfairfield
Walt Jocketty runs a very high risk strategy: be willing to give up the world for superstar players. When it works, the team is really good, if he makes one mistake in identifying who a superstar is (Mulder for example), he's screwed.

After this year, the Cardinals lose Edmonds, leaving them with two bats in the lineup, and no farm system. They're one Pujols or Edmonds injury away from second place already, without Edmonds and a suddenly gimpy Rolen, it's hard to see this team doing anything any time soon.

2006-03-15 20:57:04
106.   Steve
People who ought to know better don't get mulligans. But you'll get no argument from me about Pujols, other than to say the Bonds Effect is something resembling Glow-in-the-Dark.
2006-03-15 20:58:57
107.   regfairfield
104 Lee is currently signed to a two year, 15 million dollar deal. The Mariners committed four years, 50 million dollars to Sexson. The deals can't be compared.
2006-03-15 20:59:00
108.   Fallout
Is Norihiro Nakamura playing for Japan?
2006-03-15 21:00:19
109.   regfairfield
2006-03-15 21:04:05
110.   oldbear
Walt Jocketty runs a very high risk strategy: be willing to give up the world for superstar players.

That would be my strategy if I ran a large market club like the Dodgers or Cards. If you make a mistake, there's usually should be enough money there to overcome it.

My preference of a roster would be filled with cheap rookies and superstars. No in between. Some others differ.

I also forgot Jocketty's Scott Rolen giveaway too. Bud Smith/Placido Polanco for Rolen. I was so disappointed that Evans didnt give up Beltre for Rolen in 2002. At least the Dodgers got that 2004 season out of Beltre, so its not a complete mess up.

Jocketty really has made some good deals.

2006-03-15 21:08:23
111.   regfairfield
110 I'm not saying he hasn't made really good deals, but you can see the problem: he's made one bad deal, and it pretty much has tanked the team.
2006-03-15 21:11:52
112.   dsfan
The Richie Sexson trade was a Brewers heist, no matter how you slice it.

Sexson was on the verge of free agency, lowering his trade value.

Melvin played off the Dodgers against Arizona and got an extreme bargain in Capuano, plus good bargain in Overbay and others parts of help.

Capuano is a LHP who chewed up 219 innings and went 18-12 with a 3.99 ERA. His salary: $340,000.

Overbay, a good fielder, gave Milwaukee OPS-plus of 127 and 113 for salaries of about $340k and $440k -- and then brought them a decent starting pitcher (Bush) and a LHP in the Toronto trade.

There were other benefits, but that's the gist.

2006-03-15 21:13:40
113.   Sam DC
Bruins win 4-0 in 10.
2006-03-15 21:14:51
114.   Sam DC
Meanwhile, Korean baserunners on 2nd and 3rd one out, with the indominatble Jong-Beom Lee at the plate. Top of the 8th, still no score.
2006-03-15 21:16:59
115.   King of the Hobos
The DBacks also got Matt Torra and Micah Owings with Sexson's draft picks, although Milwaukee still got the better end of that deal
2006-03-15 21:19:03
116.   dsfan
I'm waiting for all of you Choi-philes to jab the Korean manager for pulling your guy. Bonus points if you know the man's name.
2006-03-15 21:27:41
117.   regfairfield
116 Fire In-Sik Kim. It's one to pinch hit for Choi when he's the fourth or fifth best hitter on your team, this is like pinch hitting for J.D. Drew.
2006-03-15 21:33:11
118.   D4P
Choi is not doing much to help his case. Despite his HR the other day, Hee's only OPSing .632.
2006-03-15 21:33:15
119.   dsfan
115 --

Excellent tidbit on Arizona's two comp picks for Sexson. I hope Torra and Owings pan out. Sounds like they can pitch a little.

In the same vein, Evans' trade for Izturis and Quantrill, IIRC, is even better than commonly thought.

I'm pretty sure that the Dodgers later got two compensatory picks for Quantrill.

IIRC, those picks were used on Orenduff and DeWitt -- two guys who now have a trade value and interesting upside if you keep them.

2006-03-15 21:34:58
120.   dsfan


Maybe the Korean media will demand his dismissal.

2006-03-15 21:39:30
121.   regfairfield
120 Not really, I had to go look it up.
2006-03-15 21:41:09
122.   dsfan
Speaking of impressive, Chan Ho Park in the WBC:

10 innings, 0 runs, 0 walks.

2006-03-15 21:46:23
123.   Steve
Maybe the Korean media will demand his dismissal.

It would be a welcome change from the fools that make up the Los Angeles media.

2006-03-15 21:55:12
124.   Sam DC
Korea wins; US advances if it can beat Vinny Castilla's team tomorrow.
2006-03-15 21:56:22
125.   D4P
That Choi may not be hitting well, but Hee does whatever it takes to help his team win. Hee plays the game right.
2006-03-15 22:02:48
126.   fawnkyj
Man there were 2 great games tonite, a lot of drama. Congrats to Cuba and Korea!
2006-03-15 22:06:05
127.   dsfan
I'm buying a Hyundai.

Korea 5-0. Chan Ho unscored upon. Last I check, no errors by the whole team.

2006-03-15 22:29:09
128.   thinkblue0
what's the latest on navarro's injury?
2006-03-15 22:33:41
129.   King of the Hobos
Nothing new that I can determine. Keep an eye on the major LA papers, they may have some useful information and the Dodgers stories will be posted online soo enough
2006-03-15 22:52:24
130.   Andrew Shimmin
127- I'm totally holding you to that. In the future, when we disagree, I will say, "Well, of course. You own a Hyundai."
2006-03-16 00:01:02
131.   Andrew Shimmin
Happy Birthday Hee Seop Choi! And a merry Choimas to us all.
2006-03-16 00:24:27
132.   regfairfield
Hey, I have the same birthday as Choi.

That is halfway awesome.

2006-03-16 00:29:07
133.   Andrew Shimmin
When you were growing up, did people always give you just one present for both your birthday and Choimas?
2006-03-16 01:15:32
134.   natepurcell
the draft picks from sexson, matt torra and micah ownings probably wont become big leaguers.

torra was the most talented but due to being overworked at umass, tore his labrum and had massive shoulder surgery last summer. the dbacks kept it very hush hush and the news leaked around january. Ownings is promising but im just not a fan.

the richie sexson trade was REALLY bad for the dbacks.

2006-03-16 04:01:20
135.   al bundy
Anyone notice the comment by LA Times automobile writer Dan Neil the other day about Hyundai? "If we've learned anything from companies like Hyundai, Asian carmakers mature quickly." Maybe he should have contrasted that with Asian ballplayers?
2006-03-16 06:57:41
136.   Sam DC
Finally put my bracket in -- there's a lot of folks on that group. I gather many are not DT folks, but just accesing the contest through espn?

Jon -- have you picked a new tagline?

2006-03-16 07:42:11
137.   Steve
I own a Hyundai.
2006-03-16 07:47:17
138.   D4P
Some guys have all the luck.
2006-03-16 09:07:13
139.   Bob Timmermann
In the early 1990s, Hyundai made a car that could go 120 mph and elude Highway Patrol cars in the Sunland-Tujunga area.
2006-03-16 09:07:42
140.   dsfan
Say this for Hyundai, a 10-year warranty is pretty strong. On the manufacturing end, they must be pretty confident.
2006-03-16 09:14:06
141.   Steve
I'm just sayin'.

Does anyone know which radio station (if any) in the LA area is carrying the NCAA Tournament? I don't have the patience to be #2,317,240 in the queue to watch it on the internet. (Dumbest...idea...ever...even...more...than...Baez)

2006-03-16 09:14:29
142.   dsfan
This from the LA Times:

Garciaparra made his second error at his new position, a wild throw to the plate in the third inning

2006-03-16 09:35:28
143.   Daniel Zappala
142 Must not have the arm for first base.

Seriously, this would be the same from any other infield position, so I don't see this as a big problem.

2006-03-16 09:37:00
144.   regfairfield
Completely meaningless: Choi had two errors all of last year. How awkward does that make Nomar?
2006-03-16 09:39:22
145.   D4P
Does anyone know which radio station (if any) in the LA area is carrying the NCAA Tournament?

None of the stations serve Ontario.

2006-03-16 10:27:02
146.   oldbear
Its the Dodgers "A" team versus the Marlins "B" team today. Sele lucks out again as he gets to pitch to the other team's scrubs.
2006-03-16 10:28:08
147.   ToyCannon
1. Traded Kolb a "closer" to the Braves for their number one pitching prospect "Capellan". Even if Capellan doesn't pan out, they got rid of someone at the top of their game which doesn't happen often.
2. Traded Ginter to the A's for Justin Lehr and
Nelson Cruz (December 16, 2004). While Ginter became useless, Lehr gave some decent relief but Nelson Cruz is the key player. Come 2007 he will replace Lee as the starting LF and when you can get a starting LF for a AAAA infielder you've done a fine job. He's 26 but were looking at a someone who should post a 780-840 OPS in his prime. Nothing great but projects to just about the same as Nick Swisher.
3. Podboy for Carlos Lee. Again trading a player at the height of his career for a slugger. Lee is no superstar but he is in the upper echelon of leftfielders while Podboy is barely adequate as a CF and less so as a LF.
4. The Sexson trade was hardly spare parts.
Sexson was traded for
Capuano - 219 innings, 3.99 ERA, Number 2 starter
Spivey - Started at 2nd and kept the place warm for Weeks and when Weeks was ready was flipped for Tomo Ohka was is now their 4th starter. Last year he gave them 126 inning of 4.35 baseball and in 846 innings has a career ERA of 3.95
Counsel - Started at SS and kept the place warm while JJ Hardy was getting ready and then was allowed to leave as a FA.
Lyle Overbay - Starting 1st baseman for 2 years, and then was flipped again the height of his career for David Bush who will be the 5th starter and Zach Jackson who projects to be a 3/4 starter.
Chad Moeller - now that is uselss
DeLaRosa - LH relief pitcher who so far has not been much.
So the final haul for a FA to be was 3 current starting pitchers(Capuano, Bush, Ohka), and one solid pitching prospect(Zach Jackson).
5. Picked up Doug Davis on waiver from his old team and he is now a solid number 3 wiht over 200 innings in the last two years while also posting a sub 4.00 ERA.
Now that is what you call filling out your rotation.

Player Management:
In the 1st half of 2006, JJ Hardy hit 187/293/267 which is as horrible as you can hit. Did the Brewers panic and send him back to AAA like 25 other franchises would have done and install Bill Hall as the SS. No, they let him play and they were rewarded with the best SS in the NL when he posted a 308/363/503 line. This is an all-star SS. Prince Fielder will be an all-star 1st baseman. Weeks will be fighting Utley for the right to start in the all-star classic over the next 10 years. Their number one pick in 2005 was Braun a 3b who only posted a 1041 OPS in his 1st taste of ML ball and BP projects him to be a stud, so it is very possible that by 2008 the Brewer infield could be the best in baseball.
That is why the Brewers are getting so much love these days, because they earned it.

2006-03-16 10:32:29
148.   Telemachos
140 I've got a Hyundai Elantra GT with 80,000 miles on it and I'm very happy with it (so far).
2006-03-16 10:33:30
149.   ToyCannon
It is to the Dodger benefit that Sele continue to pitch well. If the Cubs were to actually lose Prior I could see a team like them panicking and making a minor deal for Sele. Sele has no chance of being the 5th starter for us unless one of our 5 go down so anything he can do to increase his value is good not bad.
2006-03-16 10:40:41
150.   Daniel Zappala
Anyone watching the games? Wichita State is really taking it to Seton Hall. Are they that good or is Seton Hall that bad? Think Wichita State could beat Tennessee?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-03-16 10:43:22
151.   dsfan

Lots of good stuff on Melvin's track record. As for the Lee trade, yes, a good one for Milwaukee, but also a good one for the CWS.

Podsednik was an excellent fit for the CWS, a factor in winning their first WS since 1917. No small thing obviously. Their run suppression skills were strong, and he certainly was a factor there.

John Dewan's The Fielding Bibles seems to affirm what scouting personnel said about Podsednik's defensive work in LF. I quote:

"Our plus/minus system shows what a defensive asset it is to have a center fielder in left. Podsednik, Coco Crisp and Reed Johnson are all natural CFs playing left. Based on their performances in 2005 a rule of thumb might be that a CF will gain you about 15-20 enhanced plays over the course of a season playing LF."

(In the same vein, the LAD should look at Lofton in LF with Drew in CF, but I digress)

I had doubts about Pod. Still do. But that was certainly a win-win trade. Kudos to Kenny Williams.

2006-03-16 10:47:46
152.   Daniel Zappala
151 No way anyone could beat you in a debate. You're able to refute comments that will occur in the future!
2006-03-16 10:52:51
153.   oldbear
*Traded Ginter to the A's for Justin Lehr and
Nelson Cruz (December 16, 2004). While Ginter became useless, Lehr gave some decent relief but Nelson Cruz is the key player. Come 2007 he will replace Lee as the starting LF and when you can get a starting LF for a AAAA infielder you've done a fine job. He's 26 but were looking at a someone who should post a 780-840 OPS in his prime.*

How can you refer to Keith Ginter as a AAAA infielder, but in the same vain assert Nelson Cruz is a 'key' player, when by your own admission Cruz wont make his debut for the Brewers until 2007, when he'll be 27yrs old.

Ginter at age 27, put up 14HR's- .779OPS for the Brewers in 2003.

In 2004 at age 28, he hit 19HR's with an .812 OPS.

I'll be surprised if Nelson Cruz ever puts up those numbers. Even if he did, he's still playing OF while Ginter was a 2nd basemen.

Granted Ginter did tank for the A's, but at the time getting a 2nd basemen with some pop didnt seem like a bad idea. I'm not sure I'd categorize Ginter as a AAAA player, nor would I say that Cruz is a 'key' player. They look similar to me except Ginter had actually produced at the MLB level.

Does Cruz really have more upside than Ginter, considering Ginter played middle infield and got to the majors a year earlier?

Even if Capellan doesn't pan out, they got rid of someone at the top of their game which doesn't happen often

Wouldnt ideally you'd get rid of someone 'at the top of their game', for a major league ready player. Trading one closer, for another closing prospect, doesnt seem like its a benefit either way. I credit teams with trading peak value big leaguers, for other big leaguers. Trading peak value mlb'ers, for prospects seems the lesser of the two. If its a case of "At least they got something before Kolb tanked", I'd agree. But there's a lot to be said about the 'something' they acquiried. Trading a closer for a prospect doesnt seem like a case of 'working the other GM' over.

I agree with most of your other points though. If Sexson was for sure gone, they didnt do bad at flipping him for some useful parts. I'd hold off proclaiming Weeks and Fielder as future All Stars until they at least produce somethign at the MLB level.

2006-03-16 10:53:09
154.   trainwreck
There is a suspicious package at COX Arena, so the building has been evacuated.

Someone is trying to stop UCLA's run to the final four... my money is on Steve Lavin.

2006-03-16 10:59:40
155.   Daniel Zappala
154 Wow. Let's hope it turns out to be nothing.
2006-03-16 11:00:37
156.   trainwreck
Apparently there is something in a hot dog stand. If the terrorists have gotten to Oscar Meyer, then none of us our safe.
2006-03-16 11:01:21
157.   oldbear
Cody Ross with HR #4 on the spring, in like 16 AB's. If he'd only done this 2yrs ago, coming off his terrific 2003 Int'll league season, this would be news.

Now its just meh.

2006-03-16 11:07:27
158.   Jon Weisman
157 - If he had only done this last May.
2006-03-16 11:16:57
159.   ToyCannon
Time will tell, I expect Nelson Cruz to be at the least a valuable 4th outfielder and at the most a starting LF during his cheap and peak years, a nice combo. BP and HQ like him and expect him to be a starter and he was the 8th best prospect according to BA in a loaded Brewer system. Here is what BA said when asked about the trade:
" Jason from Castro Valley, CA asks:
Can my Oakland A's void the Kieth Ginter for Nelson Cruz trade of last year? We got fleeced!!! How good will Cruz be?

John Manuel: It's over and done with. I've never been a Ginter guy, though it's hard to dismiss what he did in 2004. Cruz looks like a solid corner outfielder, a right fielder with power tools (arm and bat) who will have to make consistent enough contact to be a regular. I think he is good enough to be a regular, just not a star, and right now, there's no opening in Milwakee and I think Corey Hart is more ready, better and more versatile. Cruz may have to be patient."

but I'm sure your much better at projecting prospects then they are. His MLE's look very promising but then what does Bill James know.

2006-03-16 11:23:14
160.   trainwreck

Link to the COX story.

2006-03-16 11:32:15
161.   Sam DC
Boy Pacific is on the edge of shredding a lot of brackets . . . 2 point game with 3 minutes left against BC.
2006-03-16 11:39:20
162.   Marty
Aiyah! I have Seton winning today and BC going to the elite 8. Man, I'm good.
2006-03-16 11:45:31
163.   trainwreck
I need BC to win this game, so I remain perfect. In addition there is that whole issue of losing one of my final four teams on the first day.
2006-03-16 11:46:24
164.   Steve
One would like to say that it is rare to see somebody write something this stupid, but in reality, it happens every day:

2006-03-16 11:48:53
165.   Gen3Blue
FWIW at this point--Dodger Spring Leaders

HR C. Roth 4
RBI LaRoche,Repko 9
H Guz,Loney,Repko 9

Is this right?

2006-03-16 11:48:58
166.   Marty
So, looks like overtime for BC
2006-03-16 11:50:33
167.   trainwreck
They are letting people back into the COX Arena. I guess hot dogs smell like bombs, which is not surprising really.
2006-03-16 11:52:29
168.   Gen3Blue
FWIW at this point--Dodger Spring Leaders

HR C. Roth 4
RBI LaRoche, 9
H Guz,Loney,Repko 9

Is this right?
Repko has 8 rbi

2006-03-16 11:56:17
169.   ToyCannon
This is bull, teams are in OT, they are both gassed and then the officials take forever to check the camera's and both teams get a break from the action for much to long. Part of game is having the legs to handle OT.
2006-03-16 11:58:05
170.   trainwreck
I think I made a mistake with BC...uggghhh

Milk was a bad choice!

2006-03-16 11:58:48
171.   Humma Kavula
JtD with the HR! According to the Marlins announcers, it was a huge bomb....
2006-03-16 11:59:07
172.   Moon Shot

Bob Thomason is a great coach, an outstanding teacher of the game. Nobody should ever be surprised by Pacific playing well in this tournament.

2006-03-16 12:06:35
173.   trainwreck
Wow, how did they get someone that open near the basket.

Clutch, free throws by Smith. What a way to start of the tournament.

2006-03-16 12:06:37
174.   Marty
Second OT?
2006-03-16 12:06:58
175.   oldbear
Clutch free throws. Double OT.
2006-03-16 12:07:14
176.   trainwreck
2006-03-16 12:09:33
177.   ToyCannon
What a great start to the tournament. Come on Pacific.

LaRoche got 6 of his in one inning. Everyone roots against Repko but he's doing what he needs to do to make the team. In fact everyone in the outfield race is doing a job from Ross to Repko to Guzman. To bad ST stats aren't very usefull for Major League production. Rudy Law anyone:)

2006-03-16 12:09:48
178.   Bob Timmermann
I wonder how a school like UOP stays on the Division I level. It's a fairly large school for its type, but it's managed to keep its tuition down compared to other school of its type. But it's still not cheap. I would wonder why someone decides to go there.

It's in Stockton! Not exactly California's Finest City.

(Bob ducks as UOP grads and people from Stockton throw things at him.)

2006-03-16 12:13:00
179.   trainwreck
I know a person who goes to Pacific. I forgot what majors are good for that school.

BC finally helping me out.

2006-03-16 12:14:15
180.   ToyCannon
To bad, it took 2 overtimes before they turned into pumpkins. Great game and as Oldbear said those were clutch free throws from a 65% shooter to take into the 2nd OT.
2006-03-16 12:16:25
181.   Jon Weisman
Well, I thought Pacific was going to lift me to 2-1. Instead, I'm falling to 1-2. I feel like Team Japan in the WBC.
2006-03-16 12:17:34
182.   Sam DC
Stockton not exactly on the Pacific, either.
2006-03-16 12:18:06
183.   Moon Shot
UOP is a fairly small private school where you can still get a lot of individual attention which is attractive to a lot of people. Although they gave up trying to field a football program several years ago, Bob Thomason does a great job of getting solid players to come there and they have a good facility (Spanos Center)for a school of this type.
2006-03-16 12:19:52
184.   Moon Shot
If I remember right, Pacific has great schools for pharmacists and optomologists... not real sure though.
2006-03-16 12:20:22
185.   Marty
But Stockton is a port city.
2006-03-16 12:21:02
186.   Marty
My favorite Ram from the 60's Dick Bass was from Pacific.
2006-03-16 12:22:21
187.   Jon Weisman
186 - Mmm, that's terrific Bass.
2006-03-16 12:22:23
188.   Daniel Zappala
186 You're showing your age.
2006-03-16 12:22:49
189.   trainwreck
Yeah, I was thinking it was their pharmaceutical program.

Thankfully my bracket was not busted in the last game.

2006-03-16 12:22:49
190.   Marty
BC got me to 1-2. It was not looking good.
2006-03-16 12:23:44
191.   trainwreck
Stockton has a Sonics. I do not know what else it is good for.
2006-03-16 12:24:13
192.   Moon Shot
2006-03-16 12:26:16
193.   Bob Timmermann
As you drive north on I-5 you will eventually see the seemingly out of place sign "Port of Stockton". I don't know if Stockton is the easternmost Pacific Ocean port in the U.S. The twin ports of Duluth, MN and Superior, WI are the westernmost Atlantic ports.

And where would Farmer John fit into this scheme?

2006-03-16 12:29:54
194.   trainwreck
I think I got kicked out of the DT bracket group on ESPN when I joined another group.
2006-03-16 12:31:35
195.   Marty
I've driven through Stockton more times than I care to admit. It always seems weird to see a large ship in the river there.
2006-03-16 12:34:27
196.   Marty
South Alabama is my upset special. I have them winning two. I have no rational explanation for it though.
2006-03-16 12:54:40
197.   Steve
I simply do not see how someone could write there were going to be "no upsets" knowing that Tennessee was going to be playing Winthrop.
2006-03-16 12:57:01
198.   Marty
Someone needs to introduce Greg Doyel to Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
2006-03-16 12:57:59
199.   natepurcell
great billingsley article on

some notes i found interesting

dave stewart is his agent

billingsley weighs 244lbs and its all in his legs/trunk area and he is only like 6"1.

his dad molded him into a nolan ryan clone with delivery and mechanics when he was 8

2006-03-16 13:00:33
200.   Steve
Someone needs to introduce Greg Doyel to Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Or Planet Earth.

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2006-03-16 13:10:02
201.   Steve
Montana is only winning by nine.
2006-03-16 13:12:29
202.   Linkmeister
Ah, well. 2-1 so far. Freakin' Oklahoma.
2006-03-16 13:12:35
203.   Eric Enders
Montana ain't gonna last.

Glad to see that Jon picked the right team to win the whole shebang. And that Bob at least sent them to the championship game.

2006-03-16 13:12:50
204.   Sushirabbit
197 I won't fall for your ploy to get on my list!

Actually, I don't know a single VOL fan that thought they should have been a 2 seed. That said, Tennessee is very weak inside, but if Lofton and anyone else gets hot, they can make up for that in a hurry.

2006-03-16 13:16:18
205.   Bob Timmermann
I spent about 1-2 minutes filling out my brackets. I think the amount of time spent filling them out and my success rate are inversely proportional.
2006-03-16 13:21:02
206.   Linkmeister
205 Yeah, that's about the time I spent too. I didn't watch as much college ball as I usually do this winter, so I'm relying on gut instinct, family connections to colleges, and name recognition.
2006-03-16 13:22:04
207.   Eric Enders
I have Tennessee losing to Texas in the championship game.

Don't ask me why, because I don't know. Just a gut feeling.

2006-03-16 13:23:55
208.   Marty
Fawning article in Pittsburg Post-Gazette on ....Mike Edwards! Money quote:
"He's a baseball player," Pirates manager Jim Tracy said. "He knows how to play the game."

2006-03-16 13:24:02
209.   Eric Enders
Actually, it just occurs to me that 207 would ordinarily be a much better pick for the women's championship game. Maybe that's what I was thinking of.
2006-03-16 13:27:59
210.   MartinBillingsley31
Is anyone else tired of spring training and wishing the season would start now.
2006-03-16 13:29:23
211.   Jon Weisman
203 - I based my pick on the fact that Vince Young is unstoppable.
2006-03-16 13:30:35
212.   D4P
A lot of people know how to play the game. But only a few know how to play it right...
2006-03-16 13:32:27
213.   Marty
If Tennessee loses I'm toast. For some reason I picked a lot of Southern teams. Another reason to hate the south.
2006-03-16 13:34:04
214.   D4P
Another reason to hate the south.

The list is endless, really...

2006-03-16 13:36:29
215.   Eric Enders
Well, Vince Young and Texas SG Daniel Gibson were high school classmates. So, close enough.
2006-03-16 13:39:20
216.   Steve
204 -- Nothing personal. It's just that that is a 5-12 game masquerading as a 2-15.

As for Montana, I was just impressed that they bothered to show up, given the alacrity with which they were supposed to be dispatched.

2006-03-16 13:41:58
217.   Steve
It's actually more like a 5-9 game.
2006-03-16 13:49:17
218.   Linkmeister
Nevada split with UH this year, winning at home and losing on the road. They're a pretty good team, so Montana leading them at the half might say something about Montana's skill.
2006-03-16 13:57:55
219.   Uncle Miltie
So, just another walk for Aybar. He is third in baseball in walks (tied with a bunch of other players). Not that Grits will care.

No strikeouts for Gagne, ouch.

Guzman is having a solid ST, but probably won't make the team.

Will Cody Ross make the team? He's not a dirt player like Repko.

2006-03-16 13:59:38
220.   trainwreck
Why do I have to watch the Montana vs Nevada game when there is a 15 seed beating a 2 seed?
2006-03-16 14:01:54
221.   natepurcell
how is cody ross not a "dirt" player like repko?

even though aybar got another walk, hes still batting below .200 and his OBP is still less then .350

anyways, blue jays are spending money, they extend halladay through 2010.

in a press conference on Thursday at Knology Park, the Blue Jays announced that they had agreed to a three-year, $40 million contract extension with their prize pitcher through the 2010 season. Halladay, who had been signed through 2007, will make $10 million in 2008, $14.25 million in 2009 and $15.75 million in 2010.

2006-03-16 14:05:57
222.   Uncle Miltie
221- he's not a scrappy player, who can put down sac bunts, hit and run, and dive headfirst into 1B. He's a solid defender with an above average arm. He has good gap power and decent eye at the plate. I'm sure he'd be more productive than Repko.

Don't like the Halladay extension. He's a great pitcher, when healthy, but this is a huge risk. They should have waited to see how he performed this year.

2006-03-16 14:08:49
223.   trainwreck
I think Halladay will win AL Cy Young this year.
2006-03-16 14:12:20
224.   Uncle Miltie
I like that it's only a 3 year deal and if healthy, Halladay is one of the top 3 pitchers in the AL. Still risky, but I guess it makes sense because he's their franchise player.
2006-03-16 14:16:43
225.   trainwreck
Winthrop keeps rushing their shots.
2006-03-16 14:21:09
226.   Marty
Alabama folding in the second half. Another potential loss for me. I may go 1-15 today.
2006-03-16 14:22:36
227.   Steve
That sucks.
2006-03-16 14:22:53
228.   trainwreck
2006-03-16 14:23:04
229.   Steve
Winthrop that is. Not Marty.
2006-03-16 14:25:18
230.   trainwreck
oh my god that could have been ridiculous.
2006-03-16 14:27:36
231.   Uncle Miltie
That was a great shot. I really needed Tennessee to win for my brackets.
2006-03-16 14:30:10
232.   trainwreck
Marquette and Nevada need to turn it on so I can stay perfect.

I rather have UCLA face Alabama actually, so Marquette can lose.

2006-03-16 14:30:31
233.   Eric Enders
In the words of a great coach:
"Roll, Tide! It's rolling, baby!"
2006-03-16 14:34:29
234.   Steve
I think UCLA would have had a tougher regional draw in the NIT.
2006-03-16 14:40:21
235.   Marty
Looking better. If Montana and Alabama hold on, I'll be 4-3
2006-03-16 14:41:59
236.   Steve
I guess Montana hung in there. I wonder how many points Krystowiak scored.
2006-03-16 14:44:08
237.   Marty
MSNBC shows only 4(!) Nevada players scoring.
2006-03-16 14:55:12
238.   Jon Weisman
237 - There was an NBA game last night that had only 12 players score for the two teams combined. That seemed unusual.
2006-03-16 14:59:27
239.   Sushirabbit
I don't really get too excited about ST, but at the same time it's just nice knowing Opening Day is almost here. People don't seem to get that most pitchers are working on certain pitches (that's usually an advantage to the hitters).

I can't believe that I was worried that I couldn't seem to switch my UCLA v Belmont pick back to UCLA, becuase I've already missed Oklahoma, Marquette and Nevada.

2006-03-16 15:19:36
240.   Bob Timmermann
Is the UCLA-Belmont game that weird one on CBS that falls in a timeslot that usually nobody put the people interested in get to see?

There's usually one game that CBS misses because they have to give some time back to the affiliates to show local news.

Should I be grateful that Tennessee almost lost a 2-15 game? There can't be two close games of that type in one year can there? Or is the same theory employed by people who pack in a bomb in their suitcase knowing that the odds of two people on one flight with a bomb are astronomical.

2006-03-16 15:20:29
241.   Bob Timmermann
Yahoo's boxscore has five Nevada players scoring.
2006-03-16 15:23:19
242.   Jon Weisman
240 - It was to be that, but it was going to be shown in Los Angeles. (Stanford used to get the slot every year - only it wouldn't be shown here.) But with the bomb scare, I don't know what the plan is. I assume in Los Angeles they'll show it whenever.
2006-03-16 15:27:46
243.   Bob Timmermann
Whenever being now.
2006-03-16 15:28:41
244.   Eric Enders
Instead of the game, I'm getting a local "Action News" piece on National Quilting Day.


2006-03-16 15:30:34
245.   trainwreck
UCLA looks too excited. They need to calm down and just play their game.
2006-03-16 15:31:14
246.   trainwreck
Wow Eric, that really sucks.
2006-03-16 15:39:17
247.   dsfan

C'mon, Nate, give Willy some love.

Grittle/Ned sure ain't. The kid got to bat leadoff two days ago and responded with a big game. The next two games, he gets one whole PA each time out. That he managed to draw a walk each time speaks well of him.
I'm no fan of spring stats, but since you mentioned his OBP being under .350, a .342 OBP ain't awful, especially after he started out like a dead man. The bigger thing is, do the Dodgers know how to develop hitters? Recent history say no. This kid has a good approach at the plate. He works the count. Pretty good W and K ratios in his five years and just turned 23. Those ndicators aren't guarantees of success, but they tend to bode well. I just get the feeling the Dodgers don't care about that stuff and to some extent, Willy himself.

2006-03-16 15:41:13
248.   Steve
UCLA responding to actual competition in typical fashion.
2006-03-16 15:49:22
249.   Uncle Miltie
Are there any UCLA fans in the arena? It sounds like Belmont has home court advantage.
2006-03-16 15:49:30
250.   ToyCannon
Does typical fashion have something to do with all those banners hanging at Pauley Pavillion?
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2006-03-16 15:49:46
251.   Linkmeister
244 That's even worse than what I'm getting out here: "Frazier" reruns.

I miss the old ESPN days when the first two rounds were solely on its single channel, and I could watch from 7:00am till 10:00pm both Thursday and Friday. I think that was back in the late 1980s.

2006-03-16 15:53:22
252.   Uncle Miltie
I have to go to class now. Hopefully, UCLA will be winning when I come back. UCLA needs to stop settling for outside shots.
2006-03-16 15:54:40
253.   Steve
Belmont thinks its Loyola Marymount circa 1991.
2006-03-16 15:57:32
254.   Bob Timmermann
Steve is still hung up on Danny Ainge going nuts against UCLA in Providence.
2006-03-16 16:03:17
255.   Jon Weisman
New post up top.
2006-03-16 16:07:36
256.   Daniel Zappala
When you make teams like Nevada (!) a 5 seed, you are just asking for an upset. I wonder if the selection committee sits around thinking ... hmm, who can we make a 5 seed that will seem plausible but will lose ... so we can keep having exciting "upsets" in our tournament.
2006-03-16 16:32:58
257.   Steve
Belmont now thinks it is Stanford circa 2006.
2006-03-16 16:36:51
258.   Andrew Shimmin
I found a proxy server that would permit me to watch the CBS webcast of the game. Only took an hour. I don't understand why networks bother blacking out webcasts. Especially CBS, since they're blacking out themselves. Happy to know that by the time I got around it, the game is virtually over. Although, if anybody could come back from 18 down, it'd be Belmont. Right? Otherwise I wasted my time. . .
2006-03-16 16:53:42
259.   Linkmeister
258 When Belmont got in the other day I wrote a post about the early teams which had won their conference titles/tournaments. About Belmont I said "I thought Belmont was a horse race; who knew it was also a college?"
2006-03-16 16:59:51
260.   Andrew Shimmin
Well, they cut the lead to 30. So, anybody's game, really. Used to be, I'd just be happy for having beaten the system. I wonder if there's some specific age where moral victories tend to lose their sweetness.
2006-03-16 17:04:49
261.   Steve
Iona and Xavier threatening two more non-upsets in this obviously top-heavy tournament.

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