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Springtime's the Right Time for The Best of Dodger Thoughts
2006-03-20 13:50
by Jon Weisman

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  • The GM's Office
  • Baseball and writing
  • Plus, a foreword by longtime Dodger broadcaster and Dodger Thoughts supporter Ross Porter.

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  • Comments (59)
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    2006-03-20 14:10:44
    1.   Bob Timmermann
    Just $25! Why I should be 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 and give them away to everyone I know.

    A book is a very personal thing. You should never share it with anyone else.

    2006-03-20 15:14:48
    2.   Sam DC
    I sent a copy to Ned Colletti. Now who's gonna step up to the plate and send one to Kim Ng?

    In other news, Alfonso Soriano to start in left for the Nationals against the Dodgers tonight, but the issue remains open as this agreement is good for one night only.

    2006-03-20 15:19:48
    3.   Bob Timmermann
    Better yet, who will send one to Frank McCourt?

    And who will McCourt hire to read it for him?

    2006-03-20 15:35:47
    4.   deburns
    Has anyone heard of any fallout from the Sunday night meeting of the Dodger brass? Is JtD still in the major league camp?
    2006-03-20 16:13:42
    5.   DaveP
    4 - Guzman is starting in LF in the game against the Nationals today.

    I was hoping to follow a game thread on board but nobody has a feed. There was this interesting item posted there, though, I haven't seen it posted on like it says:

    Alfonso Soriano refused to take the field for the Nationals.

    "Soriano, who played most of March representing the Dominican Republic World Baseball Classic, was set to hit leadoff and play the outfield for the Nationals against the Dodgers on Monday night. But when the players went out on the field, only eight players were present.

    Manager Frank Robinson then went to home plate umpire Mike Estabrook and told him that a lineup change was going to be made. Brandon Watson, who was supposed to sit out the game, went to center field, while Ryan Church switched from center to left field."


    2006-03-20 16:49:58
    6.   Bob Timmermann
    "I refuse, sir!"
    2006-03-20 17:05:28
    7.   Jon Weisman
    Russell Martin has homered for the Dodgers in the sixth inning. No word if the ball went over what would have been Soriano's head.
    2006-03-20 17:07:53
    8.   bhsportsguy
    A Martinez said it was surreal seeing 8 Nationals and no Alfonso Soriano, Steve Mason said that he thought they were going to put Soriano on the inactive list but no confirmation on that.
    2006-03-20 17:15:01
    9.   thinkblue0
    i hope to god that they tell him he's playing the outfield or not playing him at all. If need be, sit him the entire year.

    This kind of stuff makes me's not like they're asking him to be a bench player, just get out there and play the outfield...what a spoiled jerk.

    2006-03-20 17:15:31
    10.   Bob Timmermann
    Alfonso Soriano - Refusenik

    Even worse for the Nationals was Soriano's performance in the WBC. He was one of the worst MLB hitters in the tournament. The only guy worse was Mark Texeira.

    Soriano looked clueless at the plate.

    2006-03-20 17:20:41
    11.   Sam DC
    OMG. From Blaine, Washington (don't ask) I say wow. As to 10, how'd he look at second base?
    2006-03-20 17:23:35
    12.   Jon Weisman
    I just read that Soriano will get one more chance to obey the team request to play outfield, otherwise Bowden will put him suspend him/put him on the disqualified list.

    Kind of makes the whole Milton Bradley/J.D. Drew right field/center field thing seem like even smaller potatoes than it was.

    2006-03-20 17:29:55
    13.   Bob Timmermann

    Are you getting ready to flee the country and hightail it into Canada? I knew it.

    Soriano was OK in the field at second. But he just couldn't hit anything that wasn't straight. Once he came up as the last batter in the game against Cuba, I knew the D.R. was done for.


    Regardless, Soriano won't be getting paid while he's engaged in his bizarre sitdown strike.

    2006-03-20 17:32:14
    14.   Marty
    What the Nationals have got here, is failure to communicate.
    2006-03-20 17:35:29
    15.   D4P
    Not to defend Alf, but I'm pretty sure he has been forthright about his unwillingness to play the outfield, and never gave anyone the impression that he'd be willing to move. If so, the Nationals signed him at their own risk, knowing full well that he had no intention of moving from 2B.
    2006-03-20 17:47:40
    16.   bhsportsguy
    And there were some people (Tommy Lasorda) who really wanted Bowden as the Dodgers' GM.

    Can you even imagine what deals would have been made if he was here today.

    2006-03-20 17:49:00
    17.   D4P
    The older I get, the worse Tommy Lasorda used to be.
    2006-03-20 17:52:30
    18.   Sam DC
    There's a long a good Dave Sheinin article up at (written before today's fiasco) that lays out the background of the Soriano trade and the gross extent to which Bowen was just winging it based on his belief that Robinson could convince Alf (really, a better tv name for him than Fonsie) to change his mind.

    13 I was driving this morning and I actually saw a sign that said Canadian Border 5 miles.

    2006-03-20 17:57:18
    19.   Jon Weisman
    18 - Wow. Did you actually pull over and watch his taillights disappear?
    2006-03-20 18:00:58
    20.   Sam DC
    19 That sign also led me to realize I had missed my exit, so I had to drive up to the "last exit before inspection" sign and then exit and turn around a speed away. I cannot remember a time in my life I was more sure I was going to be pulled over and harrassed by the authorities, but no, they were not concerned.

    I guess terrorists don't drive rental Suzukis.

    2006-03-20 18:12:27
    21.   Steve
    11 -- Make sure you take home a stool.
    2006-03-20 18:32:46
    22.   MartinBillingsley31
    My boy martin 2 for 2 with an hr and 2 walks today.

    Martin > navarro.

    2006-03-20 18:35:30
    23.   bhsportsguy
    HSC sighting today, looks he got a 2 out single to drive in a run.

    Wonder when Seo and Odalis will make their return outings (probably no earlier than Thursday since both pitched on Saturday at the WBC)

    2006-03-20 19:04:06
    24.   Uncle Miltie
    Bowden is getting what he deserves. Texas and the Yankees tried to move Soriano to the outfield and he refused. Then here comes Jim Bowden who decides to trade his best hitter because he's enamored with 5 tool players (I guess you can take out the defense aspect with Soriano- so make that 4 tools) with no plate discipline. Bowden should have seen this coming, but that's what makes him Jim Bowden.
    2006-03-20 19:05:41
    25.   Bob Timmermann
    It's 5 tools for Soriano. The 5th is SWAGGER.
    2006-03-20 19:06:11
    26.   D4P
    HSC sighting today, looks he got a 2 out single to drive in a run.


    2006-03-20 19:16:19
    27.   bhsportsguy
    Almost forgot my plug for "The Best of Dodger Thoughts." It makes a perfect gift for hiding along with the Easter Eggs and you don't have to worry about something stinking after being left behind the sofa for 2 months.
    2006-03-20 19:41:34
    28.   Jon Weisman
    27 - That was an endorsement, right? Or are you purposely leaving it with the rotten eggs?
    2006-03-20 19:59:16
    29.   mike20

    I'm tired of you hawking TBODT. It makes me sad that I sped so quickly through it over a long President's Day weekend. I am sending along another $25 for Part 2. TBODT is much too short and just barley scratches the surface of what your site offers. I feel that it should be your civic duty to wirte such a captivating book two or three times a year. But alas, like a new season of The Sopranos or my wife and kids spending a weekend with my inlaws, I will just have to wait for the next brilliantly planned and executed instalment of your "Best Of".

    2006-03-20 20:11:13
    30.   oldbear
    I always thought The Sopranos was mis-casted. I think the actor that plays Paulie Walnuts (Tony Sirico) should have been the guy playing Tony. And James Gandolfini could play one of the lower level lieutenants. I think Sirico just steals every scene he's in.

    I do like the Uncle Junior angle, but I think it'd be pretty sweet if it was Paulie that had Tony shot.

    I didnt see last week's episode, but whats the deal with Tony Soprano's dream sequences as he lies in the coma? What is that about?

    2006-03-20 20:11:16
    31.   D4P
    Quasi Lucille II update:

    Little said deciding whether to start the season with 11 or 12 pitchers will dictate which players -- and what kind of players -- are needed to fill out the remaining position spots...Going with 12 pitchers might make Guzman's infield/outfield versatility even more tempting, because he essentially could serve the purpose of two position players. Because Oscar Robles is a left-handed hitter, the right-handed Guzman would probably make the team at the expense of right-handed-hitting utilityman Ramon Martinez.

    2006-03-20 20:13:13
    32.   D4P
    Followed by a HSC update:

    A linked bench decision is what to do with Hee-Seop Choi...With Nomar Garciaparra starting at first base and Choi unable to play anywhere else, he would be the second left-handed hitter off the bench after Ricky Ledee, especially if Robles is not on the club....Little said he would need to watch Choi play to make an evaluation. Also Choi is a known quantity -- left-handed power, but lacking consistency.

    2006-03-20 20:23:33
    33.   oldbear
    I hope the Dodgers trade Choi to Oakland. I'd like to see Choi/Frank Thomas platoon at 1st or DH.

    Choi is useless as a pinch hitter bc he's just not a good pinch hitter. Its too bad Choi still has an option left. Hopefully the Dodgers just release him rather than send him to Vegas.

    AP, Choi, and Bradley all in the A's lineup..That'd be interesting to see.. I thought AP might be in danger of not making the team, but he's started to hit. He should make it.

    2006-03-20 20:26:28
    34.   D4P
    Regarding AP:

    Antonio Perez went 2-for-4 with a three-run homer and four RBI in the win over the Mariners today. Perez is batting .344/.371/.531 in 32 at-bats.
    - Rotoworld

    2006-03-20 20:28:28
    35.   D4P
    Old friend(?) update:

    Scott Erickson is sidelined with back spasms and doesn't expect to return until Friday at the earliest. With a 2.61 ERA in 10 1/3 innings, Erickson was in the process of establishing himself as a candidate to make the Yankees, if only as an injury replacement for Carl Pavano or Aaron Small.
    - Rotoworld

    2006-03-20 20:34:30
    36.   oldbear
    It looks like AP and Scutaro will both make the team. AP should be a good fill in if Crosby/Ellis go down. I never liked Scutaro.
    2006-03-20 20:39:45
    37.   mike20
    30 - I am interested to hear what everyone else thinks of last night's episode. I thought it pretty good. I'm always skeptical of the "Tony's Dreams" episodes, but I thought the "real-life" scenes were great. I am happy that Tony didn't blink his eyes twice and wakeup at the end of the episode. The preview of next week's episode, appearently dealing with the power struggle inside the vacumn left by Tony's absence looks excellent.

    Regarding the casting... I think Gandolfini brings a sensetivity or vulnerability or "everyman" characteristic that Sirico maybe lacks... But what do I know? They are actors, I'm sure Sirico would not play Tony the same way he plays Paulie and vice-versa... Do you understand all of that? I don't anymore...

    2006-03-20 20:40:39
    38.   Andrew Shimmin
    Why is Little the guy who keeps getting quoted about roster matters? Is he actually making the decisions? This is part of what bugged me when he was hectoring the potential WBC players, dangling their spots over their heads. Who's in charge here? Is Flanders getting rolled, or is Little just a pretty face, dispensing Flanders' pre-approved messages?
    2006-03-20 20:40:57
    39.   oldbear
    With a 2.61 ERA in 10 1/3 innings

    Good- 8k's...
    Bad- 2Hr's...

    The problem with Erickson, besides the homers, was the lack of strike outs. I think at one point he'd given up more home runs, than strike outs.

    Back to Choi. Hopefully Beane trades for Choi and options out Scutaro. That'd be the best of both worlds. Frank Thomas isnt healthy yet, and Choi could help the team more DH'ing, than Scutaro as a utlity guy.

    2006-03-20 20:45:49
    40.   regfairfield
    39 I thought that point was "2005" but Erickson actually finished with 12 home runs and 15 strikeouts. Both he and Lance Carter could convievable strikeout more hitters in Spring Training than they did in 2005.
    2006-03-20 20:46:24
    41.   Steve
    Everybody knows that Jim Tracy made the good roster decisions, and DePodesta made the bad ones.
    2006-03-20 20:48:40
    42.   MartinBillingsley31
    I hope the dodgers aren't planning on having guzman on the bench, one way or the other guzman should start, whether in AAA or on the team.
    2006-03-20 20:49:43
    43.   Jon Weisman
    You certainly can't fault Little so far for not keeping an open mind. Quick new post up top on the Guzman news.
    2006-03-20 20:50:14
    44.   oldbear
    I think Gandolfini brings a sensetivity or vulnerability or "everyman" characteristic that Sirico maybe lacks... But what do I know?

    Thats true. But I think with that "vulnerability" is almost telling the audience that its ok to 'relate' to Tony. But in reality, I cant stand Tony. I think he's a horrible person, constantly cheating on his wife, klling people etc...But to have Gandolfini playing the role as if he's a sympathetic just rubs me the wrong way.

    I love the show dont get me wrong. But I just cant buy Gandolfini as a mob boss. Maybe its his 'look', and his look doesnt mesh with the Carlo Gambino's or Gotti's of the real life world.

    If you want to hear a realife mob boss, check this out:

    Its 5 video clips of John Gotti talking with Victoria Gotti (Growing up Gotti) and his grandson... (During visiting hours at the Marion Prison) Gotti even talks about what it takes to be a professional athlete to his grandson..This was done in 1999 before all the steroid stuff came out. Maybe Gotti knew what was going on all along.

    Anyways, its pretty funny clip IMO. Some may not find it funny though.

    2006-03-20 20:51:52
    45.   Andrew Shimmin
    Erickson's 2005 ST/ Regular Season line:

    ERA 2.00 6.02
    IP 36.0 55.1
    HR/9 0.75 1.95
    K/9 4.50 2.44
    WHIP 1.06 1.57

    Put not your trust in Spring training numbers, in which there is no help.

    2006-03-20 20:52:29
    46.   Steve
    43 -- Unless all his brains fall out.
    2006-03-20 20:59:32
    47.   screwballin
    I guess I am a little sympathetic toward Soriano. I can understand not wanting to embarrass oneself in front of hordes of people who will verbally rip you to shreds for it. These guys have a lot of pride, and they try hard to reach a level of excellence (yes, even Soriano). It's gotta be tough to spend years learning a position, then being asked to switch in a few months' time.

    Sometimes I think we make too little of what must be a painful switch for some.

    2006-03-20 21:01:13
    48.   screwballin
    And btw, for you relative newcomers to DT, the Best Of is a great way to get partially up to speed. There aren't many better ways for a Dodger fan to spend $25.
    2006-03-20 21:08:24
    49.   Steve
    There aren't many better ways for a Dodger fan to spend $25.

    1) Buying one-way bus tickets for various Ja(y)sons
    2) A Rick Monday Decoder Ring

    That's all I can think of.

    2006-03-20 21:28:42
    50.   Andrew Shimmin
    49- Can you believe $25 bucks wouldn't get a Ja(y)son from L.A. to Fresno? He could go to Bakersfield for $18, but Fresno is $28. Vegas is $43.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-03-20 21:53:04
    51.   mike20
    47 - I think that's oldbear's point... He is bothered by your sympathy for Soprano.
    2006-03-20 21:53:35
    52.   mike20
    Oh... nevermind.
    2006-03-20 21:58:58
    53.   Uncle Miltie
    Nate, quick, kidnap Gourriel before he gets on a plane to go back to Cuba. How long will it take you to drive to San Diego?
    2006-03-20 22:16:58
    54.   Steve
    I've taken the bus/train to Fresno. No, it had nothing to do with Hyundai.
    2006-03-20 22:18:06
    55.   Jon Weisman
    A villain with endearing qualities is more interesting to watch than a villain who is consistently hateful, whether it's Soprano or Soriano.
    2006-03-20 22:48:34
    56.   Andrew Shimmin
    I took the bus to Boston, once. I do not recommend the trip; although, I see they've got it down to three days. My trip was most of five.
    2006-03-20 23:02:51
    57.   dzzrtRatt
    55 Fiction does not equal reality. It's true, a real mob boss nowadays is akin to a sociopath. Tony Soprano isn't just more sensitive, he's way smarter. But he serves our world as a character both frightening and sympathetic, reflecting our society's nightmares of duality.
    2006-03-20 23:26:28
    58.   coachjpark
    You're right! Springtime IS the right time for The Best of Dodger Thoughts... hopefully, I'll get my copy before Opening Day...
    2006-03-21 06:28:11
    59.   Vishal
    as much as i love choi, and the A's, they really don't need him in oakland, unless maybe they trade an outfielder. right now they have kotsay, bradley, and payton in the outfield with kielty and swisher behind them. swisher is at first base, leaving dan johnson and frank thomas to share DH duties... i just don't see how the A's really need another 1B/DH type, even if he is fairly good. they already have playing time issues for the players they've got.

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