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Baseball America in Dodgertown
2006-03-17 09:17
by Jon Weisman

Baseball America spends some time at Dodgertown today, with Chris Kline writing up his interview with Dodger vice president of scouting and player development Roy Smith as well as offering a few notes on some of the team's less heralded prospects.

Here's Smith on Edwin Jackson and pitching in Las Vegas:

You have to make your pitches and you have to be aggressive in that league. You're going to give up some home runs and sometimes the scores are going to be sometimes a little higher. But there are places to pitch in that league. You can't use it as an excuse. I don't know if that was the reason that explains Edwin Jackson. He was a converted guy who didn't have a lot of experience. And when you hit a bump in the road and there are high expectations, it's magnified. This kid's still a young kid and the story has yet to be written on him. We didn't trade him with the idea, 'Hey, he's a flop;' we got value for him and I think it was a good baseball trade.

You have to take into account when you're evaluating guys out there that they're in an environment that's tough to pitch in. We don't use that as an excuse in the organization. It's not like the next level's going to be easier because you're not in Vegas. You have to be aggressive and you can't beat yourself. If you develop that mindset, you're benefiting from the tough conditions because it's even more reinforced that you can't walk people. And that's what we're drumming into our guys.

And, Smith on first baseman Cory Dunlap, who played at Vero Beach last season (and whom Kline writes is closer to 260 pounds than his listed weight of 205:

Cory can hit, but he has to get in shape. ... I was with Walter in Pittsburgh, and he's one of the nicest kids in the world--one of my favorites. But you can't play at 300 pounds. You can't. There's a reason why he's bounced around. You just can't do it.

But with Cory, we have hopes with him. We're contracted with API (Athletes Performance Institute) and we've had them talk to him about nutrition and having a consistent approach with his diet. We're going to do our best to get the most out of this kid, because we think he can hit. We're going to try to show him that we care. He just has to get in better shape.

In other news from Baseball America, Jim Callis writes that "I can't come up with a farm system that had as many highly regarded position players as Arizona has right now. If the Diamondbacks can come up with some pitching, they should be battling the Dodgers for National League West supremacy for years to come."

Callis also predicted that Joel Guzman will be in the Dodger lineup before the All-Star break.

* * * Here's a billboard from the Dodgers' new marketing campaign. The "Think Big, Think Blue" slogan isn't bad - it encourages you to dream without making any promises. My favorite part of the billboard is the atmospheric look of the sky, the change of pace from a lazy summer day. This year, something's brewing.

One could quibble with the inclusion of Grauman's Chinese Theater, but perhaps the most amusing part of the billboard is the inclusion of Jeff Kent, whom by some accounts you couldn't get anywhere near a ballgame he wasn't playing in.

Anyway, I'm rooting for the upcoming TV campaign to have some of this stir-the-pot feeling.

Comments (151)
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2006-03-17 09:28:33
1.   ToyCannon
Callis also predicted that JtD would be the 1st big prospect to be traded so I guess he's hedging his bets.
2006-03-17 09:39:23
2.   ToyCannon
That BA Q/A has tons of information:
1. Dewitt has officially moved to 2nd base
2. Kemp is staying in CF until he plays himself out of it and while his AVG has been low he has impressed everyone with his ability.
3. Denker is moving from 2nd to 3b.
4. They mention Ruggiano and Raglani as outfielders under the radar who they still have high hopes for. Glad to hear that they are thinking about Ruggiano as he's my choice for Bay Lite.
2006-03-17 09:55:58
3.   Gen3Blue
I've been to and saw the Met material,but I missed the Dodger stuff. Is it in a restricted article?

Good stuff anyway--thanks

2006-03-17 09:58:31
4.   Jon Weisman
3 - I don't think so - I think I lucked out and it was just published.
2006-03-17 09:59:03
5.   Jon Weisman
Dodger Thoughts March Madness Leaders after Day 1:

1 kiely 1 , t. kiely 150 (15-1)
2 Weatherman 1 , D. Weatherman 140 (14-2)
Carter 4 , A. Carter 140 (14-2)
Willig , A. Willig 140 (14-2)

I'm way, way back at 10-6. Seeded teams are 12-4.

2006-03-17 10:34:25
6.   MartinBillingsley31
Callis also predicted that Joel Guzman will be in the Dodger lineup before the All-Star break.

I'm expecting 2006 production from cruz somewhere around .255 .345 .460 .805 22 hr's in a full season

And 2006 production from lofton somewhere around .268 .340 .385 .725 5 hr's in a full season

Hopefully ned and grady choose the right guy to sit.

2006-03-17 11:20:39
7.   Bob Timmermann
What's wrong with having the Chinese Theater as part of the billboard? Is it possible that there will be other billboards with different players and different landmarks?
2006-03-17 11:22:33
8.   Jon Weisman
7 - Yes, there will be different billboards.

I was only questioning the Chinese Theater's relevance. Visually, I think it works.

2006-03-17 11:26:13
9.   Bob Timmermann
Using a billboard with the Watts Towers as a landmark would be daring. Although I don't know if they are appropriate to use in a commercial endeavor.
2006-03-17 11:38:01
10.   Steve
That's what I'm talkin' about.
2006-03-17 11:39:22
11.   ToyCannon
God I love March Madness!!!!!!!!!
What an incredible shot to knock off a 3 seed.

Pac 10 has been very impressive so far. I had both Washington and Arizon out after the 1st round. Big 10 not so impressive.

2006-03-17 11:43:09
12.   Bob Timmermann
The best thing about Northwestern State is saying the name of the city it is in:


And since it's in Louisiana, I'm sure I don't say it correctly.

2006-03-17 11:45:18
13.   Marty
Yeah, I hear Northwestern State and I think Louisiana.
2006-03-17 11:46:23
14.   ToyCannon
Funny how they give Betancourt the player of the game and then he misses two free throws that would have iced the game. Lucky for him, another teammate didn't choke and they take out Arkansas.

Great morning, good basketball, rain, fire in the fireplace, BP 2006 to fill in during the timeouts. Life is good:)

2006-03-17 11:48:10
15.   Bob Timmermann
How is a guy named Chris McNaughton German?

Why is Natchitoches pronounced [nak'utäsh]

2006-03-17 11:48:12
16.   ToyCannon
Is Natchitoches in NorthWest Louisana?
2006-03-17 11:51:04
17.   Bob Timmermann
Natchitoches is sort of in the northwestern part of Louisiana, but Shreveport seems to be a better description of that area.

South Florida isn't all that far south in Florida.

2006-03-17 11:51:25
18.   Marty
The Saint Patrick's day parade is about to pass by my work. Downtown L.A. is electric with excitement...
2006-03-17 11:57:44
19.   Bob Timmermann
I wore a St. Louis Browns cap in today so I would have some orange on. I debated about wearing my U of Texas sweatshirt, but I opted against it.
2006-03-17 12:00:14
20.   GoBears
Here's a sports cliche question.

When opposing coaches want to discomobulate a free throw shooter or field goal kicker, they call a timeout to "ice" the guy.

But when said guy steps up and calmly hits the shot (kick), he's said to have "ice water in his veins."

So, uh, what's the deal here? You can't ice an iceman?

Sorry, this is what happens when I forget to mute the announcers.

2006-03-17 12:09:52
21.   GoBears
20 Wow, that killed the conversation. Oops.
2006-03-17 12:17:29
22.   Bob Timmermann
Why is that when you're feeling sick, you're feeling subpar while when you're playing golf subpar is what you want to be?
2006-03-17 12:22:22
23.   deburns
19 My Irish parents told me never to wear the orange above the green, but since I was born with reddish hair,I have had a problem obeying that precept.
2006-03-17 12:24:52
24.   GoBears
uh, discombobulate.

23 Sounds like you gotta wear a hat.

2006-03-17 12:27:07
25.   Johnson
22 How come you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?
2006-03-17 12:36:17
26.   Kayaker7
I always confuse Natchitoches, LA and Nacodoches, TX.
2006-03-17 12:45:48
27.   Bob Timmermann
Even worse, the city in Texas is actually spelled Nacogdoches.

And pronounced


It's the home of Stephen F. Austin University.

Which is in the same conference as Northwestern State.

2006-03-17 12:58:12
28.   PennyJavy
Does anyone remember the players that were in last year's promos? I remember seeing Drew, Izturis and Gagne. Any more?
2006-03-17 13:02:20
29.   Kayaker7
26 Dang...are you getting me back for correcting your Korean? ;-)
2006-03-17 13:07:10
30.   natepurcell
great BA article, that had a ton of new info.

I hope the dodgers get back into the international scouting scene. I was kind of nervous that McCourt might cut back on that.

anyways, dodgers on today at 4, pretty pumped up for that... even though only tomko, houlton, meadows, beimel are scheduled to pitch.

2006-03-17 13:14:21
31.   Marty
For the people of the Catholic persuasion, Mahoney said it was ok to eat meat today.
2006-03-17 13:14:47
32.   King of the Hobos
I just got an email for the Think Blue Rewards Program, one of the prizes is a "strategy session" with Ned Colletti. That could be interesting, although I'm sure it can't be more rewarding than having lunch with Tommy Lasorda
2006-03-17 13:30:20
33.   D4P
Regarding the new billboard:

I never thought I'd live to see the day when Jeff Kent was the "face" of the Dodgers.


2006-03-17 13:32:44
34.   oldbear
Denker is moving from 2nd to 3b.

Thats disappointing but it doesnt surprise me.

2006-03-17 13:40:51
35.   natepurcell
but dewitt moving to 2b isnt disappointing.
2006-03-17 13:49:11
36.   fanerman
According to the hardball times, we had the best offseason in baseball.
2006-03-17 13:52:20
37.   Bob Timmermann

No, I just thought the name looked wrong. But I only found it in Google after it suggested the correct spelling to me.

I have never pronounced either city name correctly before.

I also found out this week that I have mispronounced "Boricua" all my life. The accent is on the i not the u. Fortunately, I don't go to Puerto Rico much. Or ever.

2006-03-17 14:25:45
38.   regfairfield
36 That's an...interesting perspective. Even if you like the moves the Dodgers made, how can you say that we did better than Oakland or the White Sox?
2006-03-17 14:55:32
39.   Penarol1916
37. I honestly can't imagine the sound of boricua with the accent on the u. I keep trying to hear it in my head and it just seems so bizarre.
2006-03-17 15:01:19
40.   GoBears
39 Well, aren't you a native speaker of Spanish, Penarol? That might explain why a mispronunciation would sound so weird to you. Forgive me if I'm wrong about that -I just seem to remember your discussion of Latin American roots in one of the threads about soccer. But I don't know why I trust my memory of anything any more.

Then again, I can't figure out how English (even pronunciation, to say nothing of grammar) gets so butchered by so many for whom English is (supposedly) their first language. You'd think that TV and radio would have homogenized things more thoroughly.

2006-03-17 15:02:33
41.   Bob Timmermann

Fortunately, I never said it out loud to anyone.

2006-03-17 15:06:50
42.   GoBears
41. Yeah, cuz that would have been a major fox pass.
2006-03-17 15:10:02
43.   thinkblue0

completely agree. I don't think a lot of people realize how good the A's are going to be. Not to mention, all their players are young and under contract for the forseeable future.

I'm not a Kenny Williams fan at all, but he did upgrade. Getting Thome should be huge for they still probably have the best overall pitching staff in baseball..adding Vazquez isn't going to hurt either...

2006-03-17 15:16:17
44.   Jon Weisman
38, 43 - Well, if you love the Dodgers offseason, you're probably not going to think that Oakland getting Bradley was a sign of greatness.
2006-03-17 15:22:13
45.   King of the Hobos
Now that Cruz is back from the WBC, it appears Little is using the projected starting lineup today (assuming Navarro starts the season on the DL)

Rafael Furcal, SS; Kenny Lofton, CF; J.D. Drew, RF; Jeff Kent, 2B; Nomar Garciaparra, 1B; Bill Mueller, 3B; Jose Cruz Jr., LF; Russell Martin, C; Brett Tomko, P

2006-03-17 15:35:04
46.   regfairfield
44 He said that it was a great trade for Oakland, and the Dodgers won't miss Bradley.
2006-03-17 15:42:02
47.   Jon Weisman
46 - Hmm. Okay.
2006-03-17 15:47:41
48.   ToyCannon
He was basing that on the fact that the Dodgers only have to replace the 283 at bats that we got from Bradley. I was surprised he didn't mention Oakland getting Gaudin for nothing which will eventually pay a nice dividend.
I like a lot of Ned's moves but after reading his column I wouldn't put us above Oakland or the White Sox. Or even the RedSox. Or even Cleveland.
2006-03-17 15:48:54
49.   ToyCannon
If we had that lineup in 2001 we'd been killer.
2006-03-17 15:56:01
50.   ToyCannon
1st big casualty of the WBC as Luis Ayala is out for the season.
"Ayala will miss the 2006 season with an acute ulnar collateral sprain in his elbow suffered in the ninth inning of Mexico's 2-1 victory over the United States in the World Baseball Classic."
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-03-17 16:11:46
51.   natepurcell
tomkos throwing gas already.
2006-03-17 16:13:45
52.   natepurcell
game is on if anyone cares.
2006-03-17 16:13:49
53.   trainwreck
I think Martin would be a problem if that was the 2001 lineup.
2006-03-17 16:19:36
54.   FirstMohican
Re: article:

"Ethier's a solid outfield prospect, but Bradley's already a solid major-league outfielder who's in the prime of his career."

"The Dodgers had to trade Bradley because of his issues while he was with the team, but he only gave them 283 at-bats last year, so that's not a huge loss."


In the summary of the Dodgers' apparently amazing offseason, he only points out one positional upgrade, and notes that they've increased depth overall. I just don't see how one upgrade and more depth constitutes the best offseason in baseball.

I'm not really saying his summary of the offseason was wrong. In fact, I actually agree with most of it, but how is it the best in baseball?

2006-03-17 16:22:18
55.   King of the Hobos
49 Mueller played 70 games that year, Furcal 79, Drew 109, and Martin would have been 18 years old
2006-03-17 16:25:12
56.   natepurcell
victor diaz with a wind blown homerun to center.
2006-03-17 16:36:58
57.   Bob Timmermann
Ayala must have been overworked from the 1 1/3 innings he pitched.

The Nats pitchers are cursed!

2006-03-17 16:51:00
58.   natepurcell
lol, keith hernandez just called gagne "gag-knee"
2006-03-17 16:59:20
59.   Bob Timmermann
George Mason leads at halftime. I thought George Mason died a few years ago when he crashed a small plane carrying an atomic bomb into some mountains north of L.A.?
2006-03-17 17:07:10
60.   natepurcell
nomar is pretty flashy at 1b with the glove. i would laugh my ass off if he won a gold glove.
2006-03-17 17:13:08
61.   Humma Kavula
Albany hanging with UConn: 31-30 Huskies at the half.

Maybe if the Great Danes win, they'll crack The Egg!

2006-03-17 17:14:46
62.   Bob Timmermann
Albany hung tough with UCLA at Pauley this season too. They lost by 8.
2006-03-17 17:15:24
63.   natepurcell
our cleanup hitter... cleans up.

2run homerun for kent.

2006-03-17 17:21:14
64.   natepurcell
bases loaded 1 out, martin up.
2006-03-17 17:23:49
65.   natepurcell
and..... he grounds into a DP. inning over. oops.
2006-03-17 17:25:15
66.   natepurcell
the bull in relief for tomko.
2006-03-17 17:30:26
67.   Marty
Gearge Mason taking control! Now I need N.C. State to step up and Connecticut to wake up.
2006-03-17 17:32:07
68.   natepurcell
the bull was looking mighty sharp. no hits 2ks. although the gun said his max pitch was 91, theres no chance he was only hitting 91.
2006-03-17 17:45:50
69.   Jon Weisman
Fifteen minutes to glory for Albany.
2006-03-17 17:46:01
70.   natepurcell
peterson tinkered with schmolls delivery. its like a shortarm 3 quarters delivery now.
2006-03-17 17:48:20
71.   Marty
Albany will wreak havoc on a lot of ballots (including mine) if they pull this off.
2006-03-17 17:52:10
72.   Linkmeister
71 Er, yeah. Especially since I have UConn in the final against Duke.
2006-03-17 17:53:12
73.   D4P
I have UConn winning it all. It would be pretty funny to be out of contention in your "pool" after the first round...
2006-03-17 17:53:27
74.   dsfan
I find it comical that BA treats Roy Smith like he's some sort of guru on player development.

Smith's formative years as a scout/development man were spent with the Pirates. Give that some contemplation. The Pirates are about as clueless as any franchise at teaching hitters to work the count and differentiate good pitches from bad ones. It's like their idea of hitter tutorials is to show each prospect footage of Manny Sanguillen hacking at pitches in the dirt. The Pirates' last winning season came about 14 years ago. Check out their walk/run/OBP totals the last 14 years. Dead men could do better. On the development spectrum, the Pirates live on the dumb end, somewhere near the Royals.
Smith's mentor was Cam Bonifay. That's like apprenticing under Malone or Lamar. Smith survived Bonifay's firing and then gleaned wisdom from Littlefield, the genius who just gave $20 million to Jack Wilson.
If the Dodgers' patient, good-approach hitting prospects such as Russ Martin and Aybar become good major-league hitters, it'll be despite Smith-sonian principles, assuming this man, in fact, is applying what he learned from the mighty Buccos.

2006-03-17 17:55:22
75.   Bob Timmermann
I think UConn is the team most commonly chosen to win the tournament in the big contests.
2006-03-17 18:00:59
I thought we had a shortstop playing first base.


In our rational dreams, the guy who can hit the best will play there. Meanwhile, we will have to suffer through trite discusions about whether or not a tall guy can play good first base defense.

2006-03-17 18:01:37
77.   natepurcell
houltons not pitching as bad as the box score will show.

and repko made a stupid play in the outfield

2006-03-17 18:04:28
78.   natepurcell
If the Dodgers' patient, good-approach hitting prospects such as Russ Martin and Aybar become good major-league hitters, it'll be despite Smith-sonian principles, assuming this man, in fact, is applying what he learned from the mighty Buccos.

smith was hired by depo. wouldnt it be safe to assume depo and smith shared similar beliefs to player development and player personel?

2006-03-17 18:09:08
79.   Humma Kavula
Albany's lead is gone. 52-52.
2006-03-17 18:13:28
80.   Humma Kavula
Well, I guess this is what good teams do.
2006-03-17 18:17:29
81.   dsfan
78 --

I don't know what Depo saw in Smith -- there were accounts that Smith wasn't Depo's first choice, that at least one Oakland official turned down Depo.

2006-03-17 18:29:29
82.   dsfan
I also get weary of hearing about the "wealth" of pitching prospects in the LAD system. After the Miller/Jackson/Hanrahan travails, the happy talk is a bit overdone.
Nate, I respect your prospect reports and suspect you're probably bullish on the pitching, but I don't see a "wealth" of pitching prospects. A nice batch, maybe.
And doesn't the franchise's weak recent track record demand more caution? When you read some of EJ's quotes about too many people (i.e. Lasorda) telling him what to do, there's further reason to wonder what's going on. Terry Collins was a lousy manager. Who's to say he knows squat about developing pitchers? And in the last five years, here are some of the young pitchers given away by the Sabean/Ned/Giants: Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano (the Twins stud), Scott Linebrink and Clay Hensley.
2006-03-17 18:33:39
83.   natepurcell
ethier with a 2 run triple off the right center fence. he hit it off a lefty too.
2006-03-17 18:35:07
84.   natepurcell
Nate, I respect your prospect reports and suspect you're probably bullish on the pitching, but I don't see a "wealth" of pitching prospects.

i dont either. ive actually been on that line of thought for the good portion of the winter now. Thats why im looking at a lot of pitchers in this years draft, particularly high cieling prep arms to restock our lower minors.

2006-03-17 18:43:34
85.   natepurcell
the more i think about it, the more i dont want aybar to make the team. hes only 22/23 and needs to play everyday and get consistent ABs. if he makes the dodgers he wont be able to do that.

i think sending him back to AAA to man 2b everyday and play with the all prospect team will be better for his overall development.

2006-03-17 18:50:24
86.   dsfan

I'm an Aybar backer and agree with you. Another season in Triple-A could do him good.
I'd prefer he were at 3B. I think that's his best spot (I know his bat plays better at 2B).
I actually think Laroche should start the year in Double A. He spent only half a year there. It's a better place to build a hitting foundation. But I'm probably the only one who says he should go there to start.

2006-03-17 18:51:13
87.   dagwich
Hey, NC State beats UC Berkeley... er, that is, Cal, and lives to play on Sunday. Also Herb Sendek's hot seat cools a little bit. Herb is kind of the Jim Tracy of ACC coaches in that he seems to lack much of a public personality and offers very little of interest via interviews -- the antithesis of Jim Valvano. I am very happy for Herb and the team that on Sunday they will have the opportunity to get creamed by Texas.
2006-03-17 18:54:46
88.   slackfarmer
Secondhandsmog and I over at Blue Think Tank (and Ross of the defunct Dodger Logs) are rousing from our off-season hibernation to sponsor the Sabertooth Dodgers fantasy baseball league -- a Sabr-style Yahoo league for Dodger fans (but all are welcome).

League ID: 245831
Password: scully

hitter stat: HR, SB, BB, OBP, SLG
pitcher stats: IP, HR, BB, K, ERA

For more info see

2006-03-17 19:00:33
89.   trainwreck
lets go UAB
2006-03-17 19:00:55
90.   natepurcell
matt kemp walks!
2006-03-17 19:03:34
91.   natepurcell
matt kemp steals 2b!
2006-03-17 19:04:40
92.   dsfan

If Aybar does begin the season in Triple-A, I hope he bats leadoff.

He's not fast, but the leadoff position is the one most conducive to maximizing his talents (and I think his power numbers actually would go up because he'd see even more pitches).

Here's the makings of an interesting AAA lineup:

1. Aybar
2. Ethier
3. Laroche
4. Guzman
5. Loney
6. Martin

2006-03-17 19:04:56
93.   oldbear
How many errors for Nomar tonite? I think Martin got credited with an error that Nomar couldnt handle.

But later in the game Milledge hit a ball that Nomar couldnt field...Was that called a hit also?

I thought we had a shortstop playing first base.

True. A shorstop bat at 1st that has had more errors in 12 preseason games than Choi made all of the regular season last year. Its sad.

2006-03-17 19:11:33
94.   natepurcell
the pickoff throw was martins fault. it was a terrible throw. the milledge grounder was a hit but it should have been an error on nomar.

to nomars credit, hes made a couple of very nice plays at 1b too.

dsfan, i like that AAA lineup. id probably do something similar to that. dont forget about delwyn young either. he should be part of the 51 prospect discussion.

2006-03-17 19:20:35
95.   bcmaiden
nate, what's happening in the bottom of the 9th?
2006-03-17 19:22:46
96.   natepurcell
i duuno my froze up and i gave up
2006-03-17 19:24:14
97.   bcmaiden thread says loney doubles w/2 outs and aybar singled him in, tie game!
2006-03-17 19:25:35
98.   bcmaiden
kemp lines out - extra innings
2006-03-17 19:27:47
99.   bcmaiden
i love ethier, loney, kemp, & guzman
2006-03-17 19:28:21
100.   natepurcell
i think loneys at the top of the grapefuit league in doubles.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-03-17 19:34:26
101.   bcmaiden
our boy loney just made a great defensive play on a bunt attempt to move the runner. bunt was converted into DP by him.
2006-03-17 19:36:11
102.   dsfan
That's one of the plays that will give Nomar trouble
2006-03-17 19:43:34
103.   bcmaiden
game over still tied. nate, juarez from jacksonville pitched the 10th. how good is that kid?
2006-03-17 19:46:58
104.   xaphor
23 – "My Irish parents told me never to wear the orange above the green"

The Orange comes from William of Orange or William the Conqueror to the English. The British King who conquered Ireland and converted them to the Protestant faith. To this day Protestants identify themselves with the colour orange. So make sure to stick to the green to honour St. Patrick else you might run into a pissed mic ready to thump your head in.

2006-03-17 19:47:34
105.   natepurcell
wow, i didnt even know juarez was still with the dodgers. he was avail for the rule 5 and no team picked him up i guess.

juarez has average stuff and if his control is off, he wont have a good outing. beltran perez was the best arm we got in the green deal but i think hes moved on to another org.

2006-03-17 19:57:30
106.   Blu2
Looks like your George Mason/24 joke flew under the radar. At least I got it and I don't get too many of the jokes on this board...
2006-03-17 20:15:43
107.   King of the Hobos
Speaking of Juarez, what's going to be the Jacksonville rotation? Orenduff, Hanrahan, Figueroa, Juarez, Plummer? Tiffany would have made it look a lot nicer. The Vegas rotation probably looks to be Billingsley, Houlton, Stults, Hull, Ainsworth when healthy, maybe Sele? Eckert, Totten and Nall probably factor in somewhere, although none of them should have a spot over the other guys mentioned. We also signed Justin Reid, I'd assume he'll be pitching at one of the top two levels
2006-03-17 20:18:37
108.   Andrew Shimmin
The first half of the Texas/Penn game was pretty ugly, but kind of great, too. If Penn can knock out Texas, then I won't be the only DTer to have two of his final four knocked out in the first round.
2006-03-17 20:22:38
109.   D4P
Yesterday was a better day than today for my bracket.
2006-03-17 20:25:25
110.   Andrew Shimmin
109- I'm afraid to look at mine, actually. Still can't believe that Syracuse crapped out. William the Conqueror my foot.
2006-03-17 20:28:03
111.   D4P
I actually picked A&M. But I had Seton hall in the Sweet 16, and Iowa in the Elite 8.
2006-03-17 20:40:00
112.   Bob Timmermann

Thanks. I make a few "24" jokes, but it doesn't seem to be the show of choice among DTers.

They have no stomach for gaping plot holes and Jack Bauer's remarkable ability to avoid having to pee.

2006-03-17 20:43:03
113.   D4P
Arrested Development jokes seem to fare pretty well around here.
2006-03-17 20:44:14
114.   Bob Timmermann
In season 2, Jack Bauer and George Mason drove from Downtown L.A. to Saugus during the rush hour in under an hour.
2006-03-17 20:53:26
115.   Uncle Miltie
Great. Bradley is about to beat Kansas. Some of these upsets are screwing up my brackets! I'm in 1st place right now in my pool.
2006-03-17 20:57:21
116.   Bob Timmermann
The dream is dead for Jon.

Missouri State 76, Stanford 67

2006-03-17 21:02:20
117.   Uncle Miltie
Today has been much better for me than yesterday though. Here's how I've done today:
The only ones that I haven't picked correctly today are:
Northwestern St over Iowa
George Mason over MSU
Bradley over Kansas (almost over)
2006-03-17 21:02:58
118.   Steve
How is Michigan State losing an upset?
2006-03-17 21:05:17
119.   Andrew Shimmin
Today was better for me; I didn't lose any (more) sweet sixteen teams. Still, I'm considering a lawsuit: I was told there wouldn't be any upsets in the first round!
2006-03-17 21:08:40
120.   Andrew Shimmin
Also, Steve's anti-Pac 10 gambit paid off not at all. Three of the four advance. Really, it's tough to take anything he says seriously, now that I know he owns a Hyundai.
2006-03-17 21:08:59
121.   D4P
I lost 3 games yesterday, then lost 6 today.
2006-03-17 21:09:47
122.   Steve
There were no upsets except Tennessee beating Winthrop.
2006-03-17 21:11:11
123.   Jon Weisman
116 - Oh well. Still, not nearly the most crushing NIT defeat that I have experienced.

I don't know who's left in that program now. Hard to believe we were ranked No. 1 (however much you want to put that down) only about two or three years ago.

2006-03-17 21:11:58
124.   Jon Weisman
Who is "T. Kiely" - that's what I want to know.
2006-03-17 21:13:08
125.   D4P
Steve had Winthrop winning it all.
2006-03-17 21:14:03
126.   D4P
Whatever happened to Tim Young and the guy with the afro?
2006-03-17 21:16:10
127.   Jon Weisman
This is payback for how well I did last year. I'm 19-13 - I'm sure that's my worst start ever. My Elite Eight is still alive, at least.
2006-03-17 21:17:40
128.   Jon Weisman
Tim "Dunk the Ball, TIM!!!" Young was perhaps the worst seven-foot inside player I ever saw. He was positively dainty in the paint. When I found out he was an English major, that explained it all.

Josh Childress was good, but left school early to enjoy life as an Atlanta Hawk.

2006-03-17 21:24:47
129.   D4P
There's nothing more puzzling or disappointing than a 7-footer who has no inside game.

"Are these guys always white?", you ask? Well, it does seem that way...

2006-03-17 21:27:37
130.   Bob Timmermann
My alma mater lost an opening round NIT game at home...

to UC Irvine.

And it really wasn't even all that surprising since Irvine had Scott Brooks, Johnny Rogers, and Tod Murphy.

And UCLA had Jack Haley starting.

2006-03-17 21:28:32
131.   Jon Weisman
Contenders for the back of the bullpen update, from Ken Gurnick. Regarding the final two spots behind Gagne, Brazoban, Carter and Baez:

"The most favorable comments by Little recently have praised Saito, Osoria, Broxton and Kuo. "

2006-03-17 21:30:34
132.   Uncle Miltie
Cal was the only Pac 10 team I didn't have advancing in the first round.
2006-03-17 21:31:19
133.   D4P
Do you think a manager in Grittle's position has no choice but to include Carter (and, to a lesser extent, Baez) on the roster, regardless of whether there might be other pitchers he prefers?
2006-03-17 21:31:45
134.   trainwreck
I thought Arizona would lose with all the turmoil around the team lately.
2006-03-17 21:32:50
135.   D4P
Grittle on Kent:

""He knows how to play the game of baseball. He's been doing it good for a long time. He wouldn't get out there until he was fully ready. He's a pleasure to have around."

2006-03-17 21:35:44
136.   King of the Hobos
From Rosenthal:

"The Dodgers continue to look for a veteran corner outfielder, a move that would enable Jose Cruz Jr. to spell Kenny Lofton more regularly in center and allow for the demotion of Jason Repko to Triple-A. Repko, 25, was rushed to the majors last season, and another 500 minor-league at-bats would give him the chance to develop into a better hitter"

He also notes the Dodgers were close to signing Yeung-Seop Lee two years ago, but decided to use the money towards Vlad. That worked out real well

2006-03-17 21:38:39
137.   Jon Weisman
133 - It's just a complete non-issue.
2006-03-17 21:44:12
138.   dsfan

Why not use Drew to spell Lofton?

Cruz is a mediocre CF. Drew is a good CF and says it's easier on his bum knee.

2006-03-17 21:50:32
139.   Linkmeister
I'm 22-10, but I have no idea why I picked Bradley over Kansas.
2006-03-17 21:51:32
140.   natepurcell
rosenthal just had to bring up vlad huh. :(
2006-03-17 22:07:23
141.   Steve
Repko, 25, was rushed to the majors last season, and another 500 minor-league at-bats would give him the chance to develop into a better hitter"

Imagine if he had 5,000 minor-league at-bats. He'd be an unstoppable force.

2006-03-17 22:09:24
142.   Uncle Miltie
Evans made a good choice chancing on Vlad rather than signing Lee. Vlad would be a Dodger if it weren't for Bud Selig threatening McCourt that the ownership transaction might not be approved if he signed Vlad.

134- I thought about that, but I knew that Hassan Adams was returning and I figured that he'd be in for a big game after the DUI. I also looked at Wisconsin's roster and nobody really stood out. Lute Olsen being a heck of a coach doesn't hurt either.

2006-03-17 22:10:32
143.   Steve
Wisconsin lost to North Dakota St.
2006-03-17 22:23:29
144.   D4P
Winthrop lost to Coastal Carolina. Twice. Two times.
2006-03-17 22:25:47
145.   Steve
I would have picked Coastal Carolina over Tennessee.
2006-03-17 22:27:53
146.   Steve
I would have picked Coastal Nebraska over Tennessee.
2006-03-17 23:06:49
147.   Bob Timmermann

Speaking as someone who has misspelled the man's name repeatedly, aren't you referring to Seung-Yeop Lee?

2006-03-17 23:37:16
148.   Sam DC
I haven't had time to read all day or most of yesterday, nor have I had a chance to go look at my bracket, but I'd just like to say, my bracket is just in tatters. Winthrop, UNC-Wilmington, San Diego State. These were important teams for me. feh.
2006-03-17 23:59:55
149.   das411
Hey Nate, how's the green alcohol supply doin' over there?

136 - Bringing in Slugger Lee (how's that Bob?) before and/or instead of "The Trade"? The ripples outward from that move could have been very interesting...

2006-03-18 00:19:25
150.   Bob Timmermann
Maybe we can just call him Stagger Lee.
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151.   gcrl

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