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Reuss Hired as Part-Time Commentator
2006-03-24 15:45
by Jon Weisman

Former Dodger pitcher Jerry Reuss, whose broadcasting work I enjoyed when he provided commentary on Angel games years back, has been hired to do 37 Dodger games on radio this season, team chief marketing officer Tagg Romney announced.

Reuss will essentially fill the role held last year by Al Downing and work road games outside of the National League West when Vin Scully is staying home and Charlie Steiner and Steve Lyons do television. In those situations, Rick Monday will handle radio play-by-play.

Monday and Reuss were teammates on the Dodgers' 1981 World Series champions. Twenty-five years from now, which ex-Dodgers will be broadcasting the games? (He asks, fearing the answer ...)

Comments (298)
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2006-03-24 15:50:55
1.   Bob Timmermann
Reuss, of course, fills the tradtional "old lefthanded pitcher" analyst role that Al Downing had.
2006-03-24 15:52:30
2.   Marty
Except Reuss can speak in complete sentences.

Didn't I hear that Lyons went to another team? Perhaps I dreamed it?

2006-03-24 15:53:43
3.   Bob Timmermann
Lyons really wanted the White Sox radio analyst job, but he got beat out by Chris Singleton.

Observant readers of the Griddle would have noted that story and how for several hours, I thought it was Ken Singleton who got the job.

2006-03-24 15:58:03
4.   Johnson
Sounds like accidental open mike on the MLB GameDay audio...hopefully we can actually get a game thread going here to divert us from the previous thread.
2006-03-24 15:58:16
5.   Daniel Zappala
Ruess is only 57, so theoretically he could still be doing this 25 years from now.
2006-03-24 16:00:36
6.   Johnson
Well, the anthem singer didn't seem to care what notes she was hitting at all until she broke the open mike broadcast altogether at the high notes of "rockets' red glare"...ah, now we've got the real broadcast going!
2006-03-24 16:06:55
7.   GoBears
This is good news, and I'll take good news of any sort at this point.

My hope (against hope) is that Reuss gets the backup TV slot with Steiner on those days when Lyons is off playing with big FOX.

Still, Monday is the Jason Phillips of the lineup. He's adequate as the 2nd-string analyst, but utterly horrible as the play-by-play guy. Because he's misused, he gets even more vitriole than he might otherwise.

Remember, we weren't excited about Phillips as the catcher, but we were (most of us) apoplectic when he started at first base.

Here's hoping Reuss moves up in the lineup and gets more and more at bats.

2006-03-24 16:08:25
8.   Johnson
Marlins Lineup:
H. Ramirez
M. Jacobs
2006-03-24 16:14:34
9.   Johnson
Dodgers Lineup tonight (likely opening day lineup):
Cruz Jr.
2006-03-24 16:20:50
10.   TrueBlueLA
[7.] - Perfect analogy. Who is Choi in this scenario? Oh, that's right, he's the ex-Dodger that will be doing the broadcast in 25 years.
2006-03-24 16:26:15
11.   sanchez101
I could see Paul LoDuca or Dave Roberts going into broadcasting. Lowe's a possibility, at least he know's someone in the biz'.
2006-03-24 16:35:09
12.   Eric Enders
Karros, Piazza, and Hershiser, of course, have already started their broadcasting careers.

LoDuca and Dave Roberts are good suggestions. From the current team, nobody comes immediately to mind, unless Derek Lowe wants to join the family business.

2006-03-24 16:37:59
13.   Marty
No one Thinks J.D. Drew has a future in the booth. Hasn't anyone heard the Glendale Dodge spot he did? It's gold.
2006-03-24 16:38:50
14.   grandcosmo
Kelly Wunsch sat in on the radio booth last year and I thought he was pretty good.

My high hopes for Hershiser were dashed a little after listening to him do the WBC games.

2006-03-24 16:46:54
15.   Linkmeister
Al Leiter just retired from playing. Last year or the year before he did playoff games on ESPN, as I recall, and he was darned good.

I know he's not an ex-Dodger, but I'd take him over Monday in a New York (Yankees or Mets) minute.

2006-03-24 16:56:20
16.   Eric L
15 I enjoyed Leiter during the playoffs. He seemed to be a natural fit.

I can see Curt Schilling taking a turn at broadcasting. He likes to talk and it seems like a perfect fit.

2006-03-24 17:00:11
17.   Bob Timmermann
Leiter couldn't work the playoffs last year because he was in them.
2006-03-24 17:00:15
18.   bluetahoe
Aguila doubles off the tippie top of the wall driving in former Dodger Reggie Abercrombie.
2006-03-24 17:02:14
19.   bluetahoe
Going to the bottom the 4th. Good guys trailing 3-2.
2006-03-24 17:03:43
20.   bluetahoe
Drews grounds out to 1st on 1st pitch.
2006-03-24 17:04:01
21.   Eric L
17 I should have qualified my statement. I liked him in the playoffs the year that he worked them ('02?).
2006-03-24 17:04:50
22.   Bob Timmermann
I'm pretty sure Leiter worked the 2004 NLCS.
2006-03-24 17:05:08
23.   Eric L
19 Speaking announcers, I still can't stand when Hawk Harrelson does the "good guys 5, bad guys 3" thing.
2006-03-24 17:05:37
24.   bluetahoe
Kent takes a strike at the knees, curve in the dirt, ball 2 inside, chopped off ankle, ball 3 off corner away, down and in ball 4.
2006-03-24 17:07:06
25.   bluetahoe
Nomar takes ball inside, Olivo to the mound, ball 2 inside, pops out to right on 2-0 pitch. Not good.
2006-03-24 17:08:34
26.   bluetahoe
Mueller takes ball down and in. Strike called on the outside corner. Foul out to 1st. After 4, Fish 3- LA 2
2006-03-24 17:18:55
27.   Bob Timmermann

Spealing of announcers, I can't take Hawk Harrelson period.

2006-03-24 17:22:54
28.   capdodger
25 It's what we've got, so it had best get better.
2006-03-24 17:29:47
29.   King of the Hobos
It appears that the Marlins' lineup was too much for Lowe or Brazoban. 8-2 after 4.5 innings
2006-03-24 17:30:24
30.   Uncle Miltie
I guess Derek Lowe is back
2006-03-24 17:32:37
31.   D4P
I see that Abercrombie has gone deep again.
2006-03-24 17:39:44
32.   Uncle Miltie
Look what getting rid of Choi did for the clubhouse chemistry
2006-03-24 17:49:11
33.   Uncle Miltie
2006-03-24 17:49:44
34.   King of the Hobos
Now Gagne is having problems with the Marlins' lineup. Although the run he have up was Cabrera's homer, and Cabrera can do that against any pitcher
2006-03-24 18:12:05
35.   scareduck
It sounds like Rodriguez was driving while hydroplaning, which can happen at very surprising moments; especially dangerous for inexperienced drivers. How unfortunate.
2006-03-24 18:49:51
36.   Bob Timmermann
So does this become Huskies Thoughts now? Or is there a blackout?
2006-03-24 20:45:17
37.   bigcpa
Hey it looks like Choi is blending into his new environment already!

2006-03-24 20:49:34
38.   Jon Weisman
No blackout. You may talk. I was just at Canter's, the place my 9-year-old nephew wanted to celebrate his birthday. I just turned on the TV.
2006-03-24 20:56:12
39.   thinkblue0
Canter's is gold.
2006-03-24 21:11:03
40.   Eric L
35 Not to mention that he hit the grass median on a six lane highway. I wish I knew for sure, but I imagine the median is sort of large. Race car drivers say when they hit the grass at a track that it is like being on ice.
2006-03-24 22:00:28
41.   Daniel Zappala
Wow, I can't believe so many higher-seeded teams have gotten lucky lately. Texas, UCLA, and now UConn. The Huskies had that game.
2006-03-24 22:12:13
42.   Bob Timmermann
UConn will not have a lot of crowd support Sunday.
2006-03-24 22:19:57
43.   Bob Timmermann
The Grady 1 entry leads the Dodger Thoughts pool.
2006-03-24 23:25:27
44.   Eric Enders
I think the UConn-Washington game might be the worst officiated college basketball game I've ever seen -- and all the calls went one way, too. I have no particular rooting interest, but the refs threw the game to UConn pretty blatantly.

Calhoun's hissyfit in the first half was a brilliantly calculated move. In the second half he got every call and then some.

2006-03-24 23:41:36
45.   GoBears
Did anyone happen to catch the end of the Nova-BC game? It ended on a goal-tending call, but I was following gamecast (or whatever CBS calls it) and didn't see it. Good call? Bad call?
2006-03-24 23:43:47
46.   Bob Timmermann
It was definitely goaltending. I don't even think BC argued it. The ball was blocked on the way down after it hit the backboard.
2006-03-25 02:07:02
47.   GoBears
well, can't argue with that.
2006-03-25 03:16:06
48.   Uncle Miltie
First line from Tony Jackson's article:
The Dodgers finally rid themselves of burdensome first baseman Hee-Seop Choi on Friday when he was claimed off waivers by Boston
And to think that I used to think this guy was a good writer...
2006-03-25 06:36:15
49.   oldbear
So is Jon going to write a column detailing how Ned and DePo really arent that much alike?
2006-03-25 06:37:46
50.   oldbear
think the UConn-Washington game might be the worst officiated college basketball game I've ever seen -- and all the calls went one way, too. I have no particular rooting interest, but the refs threw the game to UConn pretty blatantly

They must have done a poor job then, considering it took some desperation 3's and 3pt plays for UConn to tie the game.

Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-03-25 06:59:36
51.   Vishal
[48] i don't want to read anything tony jackson has to say about choi. the only thing i want to read from him about choi is if choi becomes successful and jackson decided to eat crow, which i doubt would happen.
2006-03-25 08:19:11
52.   Jon Weisman
49 - The differences are showing more, it's true.

I don't know that I'll write any more about Colletti before the season starts, though.

2006-03-25 09:29:42
53.   underdog
44 I take it you didn't watch the UCLA-Gonzaga game? That took first place in my "Worst Officiated Game Ever" pool.
2006-03-25 09:32:48
54.   D4P
On one hand, it seems pretty clear that Depo would not have put together a roster containing Repko, Martinez, Robles, Alomar, and Lofton.

On the other hand, last year's roster contained Repko, Robles, Edwards, Grabowski, and Phillips.

2006-03-25 09:38:53
55.   Vishal
the seattle p-i agrees with me about last night's game:

kevin hench at fox sports thinks the refs handed the game to uconn as well:

2006-03-25 09:39:20
56.   Marty
I just noticed the game is on KCAL at 10. Nice. Maybe Reuss will be there too.
2006-03-25 09:48:43
57.   underdog
Despite what I said above (and I still think it was even worse), yeah the ref'ing was pretty terrible last night, too. What gives?

Meanwhile, baseball related - I didn't see this mentioned here before, so apologies if I missed it, but Baseball America's Jim Callis had a couple of Dodger-related comments in his Q&A column a day or so ago.

When asked about this year's candidates for "breakout status" - moving way up the chart of top 100 prospects, he included:
"My other breakout candidates, all from the bottom half of the Top 100: Dodgers lefthander Scott Elbert (No. 55) and third baseman Blake DeWitt (No. 82)..."

Then he's asked about Guzman's move to the OF. Here's part of his answer (go to the web link to read the rest):

"Undoubtedly. Scouts already had doubts about Guzman's ability to stick at shortstop, and then the Dodgers closed off that position by signing Rafael Furcal for three years and $39 million. The next most obvious position to move Guzman to might have been third base, but Los Angeles gave Bill Mueller a two-year, $9.5 million deal and also have prospects Andy LaRoche and Blake DeWitt at the hot corner. Scouts have been comparing Guzman to Juan Gonzalez for the last two years, and the move to the outfield makes a lot of sense. ... "

2006-03-25 09:55:56
58.   underdog
Oops, that Guzman response was from March 16th, while the other Q&A was the one from this week, so I'm sure everyone'd already seen the Guzman bit. Sorry for the rerun, if so.

Btw, I'm wondering what the Dodgers will eventually do with LaRoche and DeWitt at 3b - was there talk one of them (DeWitt?) can play second? Oh well, guess we don't have to "worry" about that for awhile.

2006-03-25 10:15:45
59.   Andrew Shimmin
Could I get used to watching Robles and Martinez play every day? I think I could.
2006-03-25 10:17:26
60.   Marty
Like getting used to a rock in your shoe.
2006-03-25 10:19:53
61.   Andrew Shimmin
Is Penny's tattoo (right bicep) new? I don't remember seeing it last year. Seemed like it was only a matter of time before baseball caught up with basketball and football. Still a ways to go, yet.
2006-03-25 10:23:46
62.   Eric Enders
I was under the impression that DeWitt had already been moved permanently to 2B, starting with last fall's instructional league... either I'm wrong or BA is (surprisingly) unaware of it.
2006-03-25 10:25:39
63.   natepurcell
dewitt has officially moved to 2b according to roy smith in the BA interview.

by the way, jacksons pitching on mlbtv against the yankees.

2006-03-25 10:25:40
64.   Andrew Shimmin
History will record Juan Encarnacion's clutch contribution to his team in the first inning today. First he singled. Then he stole second, which pressured Russ Martinez in to chucking the ball in to center. Did Encarnacion rest on his laurels? No sir! On to third. Whence he scored, bravely ignoring Repko's bizarre, "run foreward, then jump back to make the catch" antics.

If Colletti had followed my advice (7 years, $56 millions) on Encarnacion, the Dodgers would have a chance at being the greatest team in history. Oh well. Maybe next year.

2006-03-25 10:28:09
65.   Bob Timmermann
Russ Martinez?
2006-03-25 10:30:57
66.   Icaros
He means Ramon Martin.
2006-03-25 10:33:01
67.   Eric L
65 If he were to be named Russ, would it make him liked even less around here?
2006-03-25 10:34:17
68.   Andrew Shimmin
Ooooooh! Bad omen! Worse than Jayson Guzman. Alright everybody: turn around three times and spit.
2006-03-25 10:41:04
69.   Bob Timmermann
Buck Owens is now spending time on the eternal Streets of Bakersfield.
2006-03-25 10:41:43
70.   natepurcell
billingsleys starting on saturday in the freeway series
2006-03-25 10:46:57
71.   natepurcell
jacksons only sitting in the 89-91 range.
2006-03-25 10:47:29
72.   natepurcell
anddd just gave up a homerun to arod.
2006-03-25 10:52:27
73.   King of the Hobos
Nice play by Repko. His path included how many turns? Ten?
2006-03-25 10:54:04
74.   capdodger
They were very scrappy turns...
2006-03-25 10:54:45
75.   natepurcell
repko had to travel through the invisible maze in the outfield.
2006-03-25 10:54:55
76.   Eric L
74 And you can't forgot how much scrap it takes to drop the ball....
2006-03-25 10:56:00
77.   Eric L
75 Speaking of that, you would think the "observers" would see that Repko isn't a very good outfielder.
2006-03-25 10:57:04
78.   natepurcell
they are blind by his gritty, hard nosed play.
2006-03-25 10:57:16
79.   GoBears
And despite all of that, he was still in position to make the catch, but just dropped it. Musta been dizzy.

I also see that Robles is leading off.

More and more, I fear that the only thing we gained in the Tracy for Grady exchange was a marginal improvement in interview style. Marginal.

2006-03-25 11:00:52
80.   capdodger
Could our firstbaseman do that?
2006-03-25 11:01:29
81.   Eric L
78 I don't want to get into Repko bashing (passive-agressive anyone?), but...

He doesn't even have good counting stats. At least King Scrappy (Lo Duca) had nice counting stats.

2006-03-25 11:07:06
82.   D4P
The voice of one of the Cardinals' announcers is difficult to listen to.
2006-03-25 11:08:09
83.   GoBears
80. Once. Only once.
2006-03-25 11:09:05
84.   Eric L
82 It's probably Mike Shannon. He can be difficult to listen to at times.
2006-03-25 11:12:01
85.   bluetahoe
Juan Encarnacion OWNS Brad Penny. He just doubled. More and more I can't help but wonder why PD would trade for Penny and Choi and give up on a 5 tool stud like Encarnacion. Pujols singles. Ughhh.
2006-03-25 11:13:07
86.   D4P
Am I the only one who feels as if Brad Penny is overrated (or at least, that he has failed to live up to his potential) as a Dodger?
2006-03-25 11:15:36
87.   bluetahoe
So far that's a no brainer d4p. Yes.
2006-03-25 11:15:37
88.   natepurcell
penny's idol is frank robinson.
2006-03-25 11:16:07
89.   Andrew Shimmin
If Penny actually had been cheating, would he be, like, the worst cheater of all time? Who's ever heard of scuffing, or spitting on, a ball in ST?
2006-03-25 11:16:13
90.   regfairfield
85 You do remember how much Encarncion sucked when he was on the Dodgers, right? I do .235/.289/.417. It's not like that was out of line with his career numbers. His average was down, but his isolated stats were right in line with his career numbers.
2006-03-25 11:16:28
91.   natepurcell
I can't help but wonder why PD would trade for Penny and Choi and give up on a 5 tool stud like Encarnacion.

that has to be a joke.

2006-03-25 11:16:46
92.   bluetahoe
Brad Penny getting into it with the home plate umpire. Penny just needs to keep his mouth shut and get batters out. The umpire is not the one hitting the line drive shots off of him.
2006-03-25 11:18:04
93.   D4P
Anyone know how Ledee's hamstrings are doing these days?
2006-03-25 11:19:03
94.   natepurcell
re 93

ledee looks goood to go, offensively and hamstringy.

ask me again by july, i'll have a different answer for you.

2006-03-25 11:19:07
95.   bluetahoe
Nate, St. Louis is a great franchise. They just signed Juan for 3yrs/15mils. They're successful for a reason. They know what they are doing. Juan could have helped us last year. He put up soild numbers and he's one of the best clutch hitters in the game. He wasn't playing 100% in 2004. Bottom line. The kid can play.
2006-03-25 11:19:35
96.   Eric L
85 Are you a troll? Encarnacion has played long enough now that we can shed the "5 tool stud" label. He is what it is. For most of his career, he has been a below average hitter. He does have nice defensive numbers but they don't make up for his poor offensive showing.

His best season as a major leaguer was last year. His OPS+ was 113. Now that is above average, but not in the stud range.

2006-03-25 11:19:49
97.   regfairfield
86 I don't know, our manager thinks he's worse than Derek Lowe. He's only had one season as a Dodger, and his K.9 was in line with the rest of his career, with improved walk and home run rates. This is coming off an unheard of injury.

Penny was the only one of our pitchers who didn't have an extended run of good luck (via low BABIP) last year. If he had one of the months like Derek Lowe had, he'd of finished with an ERA in the 3.5 range.

2006-03-25 11:21:26
98.   D4P
If Penny actually had been cheating, would he be, like, the worst cheater of all time? Who's ever heard of scuffing, or spitting on, a ball in ST?

Well, if you're gonna scuff and spit during the regular season, you might as well use ST to see how the pitches are gonna react.

2006-03-25 11:22:18
99.   natepurcell
Nate, St. Louis is a great franchise. They just signed Juan for 3yrs/15mils.

which was a mistake. its not like great franchises cant make mistakes.

for example, the mulder deal was a mistake.

2006-03-25 11:22:21
100.   Eric L
98 I was thinking the same thing myself. You may as well perfect the cheating stuff during ST.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-03-25 11:23:38
101.   natepurcell
who is jeff duncan? i never heard of a jeff duncan in the dodger system at all last year.
2006-03-25 11:23:51
102.   regfairfield
99 It also doesn't help that they use a strategy that dooms them to years of mediocrity if they make a mistake.
2006-03-25 11:24:08
103.   bluetahoe
I'm not the only one who called him a 5 tool player. The Dodger announcers did to today. And it is true. Juan has speed. Juan can hit for average. Juan can hit for power. Juan has a great arm. Juan plays solid defense. Granted, he's not the best in those 5 categories, but he his above average in those categories.

Stud may have been overdoing it. I'll give you that. He is solid though. I'd take him as our left fielder today over Cruz, Werth, Repko.

2006-03-25 11:24:16
104.   natepurcell
its not cheating, its gritty!
2006-03-25 11:25:17
105.   Andrew Shimmin
I'm reading the new BP book, Baseball Between the Numbers. The chapter on clutch is a bit fanciful, but the chart with the greatest clutch hitters of the last twenty-five years makes it totally worth it. The winner is: Matt Lawton. Encarnacion did not make the list. But Darin Erstad did. Worst clutch hitter is Royce Clayton.
2006-03-25 11:25:24
106.   natepurcell
okay no more encarnacion talk please. its almost as bad as repko is a 5 tool player talk.
2006-03-25 11:26:56
107.   bluetahoe
Kuo on to pitch.
2006-03-25 11:27:21
108.   bluetahoe
Kuo strikes out Rolen swinging. I like this kid.
2006-03-25 11:28:38
109.   Adams

I would say, Repko is a tool. Forget the 5.

2006-03-25 11:28:43
110.   bluetahoe
Skip Schumaker takes a strike at the knees, ball low, fouled off, strike 3 swinging.
2006-03-25 11:28:45
111.   natepurcell
hong chih kuo is like the butler in mr deeds, hes sneaky fast!
2006-03-25 11:28:59
112.   Andrew Shimmin
Martinez is a five tools player. As long as you count the glove four times.
2006-03-25 11:29:20
113.   bluetahoe
Bennett lines out to a leeping Ramon Martinez on the 1st pitch.
2006-03-25 11:29:23
114.   regfairfield
101 We must have just acquired him. He has been a centerfielder in the Mets system since 2000.

He seems like a Colletti acquistion, pretty terrible numbers (.282/.377/.405 in the minors, at least some patience, but these numbers are boosted by his amazing season at low A. He's been bad since) but he sure can steal a base (103 for 132 in five years.)

2006-03-25 11:30:21
115.   Icaros
Jason Repko=Roger Cedeno.
2006-03-25 11:32:59
116.   fawnkyj
Man the way Kuo is pitching i wouldn't mid seeing him at the 7th inning guy and seeing what we can get for Brazoaban.
2006-03-25 11:33:52
117.   Adams
Did Ponson eat our offense, or does it just suck?
2006-03-25 11:33:54
118.   fawnkyj
Guzman is not ready.
2006-03-25 11:34:20
119.   regfairfield
116 Considering he was the third worst reliever in baseball last year, not much.

Plus, as soon as we do this, Kuo's elbow tendon is going down the first base line.

2006-03-25 11:34:32
120.   D4P
Martinez is a five tools player. As long as you count the glove four times.

One for each of the infield positions he can play...

2006-03-25 11:34:39
121.   Jon Weisman
After all my pleas this week, did someone here actually call someone else here a troll? Why? Because he disagrees with you? For the egregious sin of liking Juan Encarnacion?

People, I'm begging you. Stop taking shots at each other.

2006-03-25 11:35:53
122.   Eric L
103 Do you have evidence that he does any of that stuff well?

Speed - He hasn't run much in the last couple of seasons. The Marlins don't seem opposed to running (see Pierre and Castillo). He did run well early in his career, but I don't see it anymore.

Average - .268 career. Don't really need to say anything else. He doesn't get on base either, but that isn't part of average.

Power - Career high is 24 HR. So he has power, but I wouldn't say it is overwhelming.

Arm and Defense - I'll give that to Juan.

So out of 5 tools, he has effectively used 2 of the tools for his career. He did have speed and has decent power.

106 Sorry Nate.. I just can't help it. Calling Encarnacion anything other than a slightly above average (and that is a stretch) player just makes me cringe.

2006-03-25 11:36:52
123.   regfairfield
Ramon Martinez career rate2 by position:

1B: 100
2B: 102
3B: 89
SS: 101

2006-03-25 11:37:53
124.   Eric L
121 Jon, I'm embarressed and I apologize. I won't say anything else on the matter. I'm sorry, the behavior seemed trollish to me (the tone of the post). I'll take my lumps.

I don't want to become part of the problem.

2006-03-25 11:38:44
125.   GoBears
95. Wow, now that is the definition of sophistry.

(1) The Cardinals are a great franchise
(2) The Cardinals signed Encarnacion.
(3) Therefore Encarnacion is a great player.

That logic only if works if your definition of a great franchise is one that never signs anything less than a great player. Since that would mean that there has never been a great franchise in the history of team sports, either (1) is false or (3) is false.

And now I see that Deivi Cruz is hitting for StL. So clearly, the Cards do dumb things too. He'll probably homer after I submit this, but it won't be because is great, or even good, or even average.

2006-03-25 11:39:19
126.   Eric L
124 I'm also embarrassed that I can't spell embarrass.
2006-03-25 11:39:23
127.   capdodger
Who is that that's pitching for the Dodgers now? Is that Kuo still?
2006-03-25 11:39:56
128.   King of the Hobos
"This is a hard team to make, so he should be pleased by the way he pitched" -Buddy Bell on Mike Wood

How is a team with Joy Mays as its 3rd starter possibly be a hard team to make?

2006-03-25 11:40:23
129.   natepurcell
yea kuo is still pitching, just gave up two flare hits.
2006-03-25 11:40:44
130.   Bob Timmermann
Handy mnenomic:

The two robbers were embarrassed to be sent to Sing Sing.

Two Rs and two Ss.

2006-03-25 11:41:51
131.   Eric L
130 Thanks Bob. It was the 3rd 'A' that got me though. Is there a handy saying for that?
2006-03-25 11:42:07
132.   regfairfield
128 How is a team with [Any Kansas City player] as its [position] possibly be a hard team to make.

Off topic grammer question: how would you do the possive of a player whose name ends in a Z. Neither Martinez's nor Martinez' seems right.

2006-03-25 11:42:51
133.   GoBears
Nice defensive play by Guzman there to end the inning. Nothing spectacular, but he looked like an outfielder, anyway.
2006-03-25 11:43:14
134.   Adams

Do you have a mnenomic for mnemonic?

2006-03-25 11:44:11
135.   natepurcell
guzmans transistion to the outfield left field has been relatively easy (but hes not loving it like mcdonalds yet)... so why the hell couldnt antonio perez do it?
2006-03-25 11:45:19
136.   Eric L
135 What's the scouting report on Guzman's arm? It looked strong on the ball hit down the arm earlier in the game, but I don't want to judge it on one throw.
2006-03-25 11:46:24
137.   GoBears
132. This has always annoyed me, because my last name ends with an s. The possessive for ANY name should be 's. Even if the name ends with an s. The s' thing is for plural possessive.

Vinny actually pronounces without the 's. If that was accepted in 1950, it's just not standard practice any more.

What saith the Timmermann on this question?

Cuz if I'm wrong, I don't wanna be right.

2006-03-25 11:46:41
138.   Adams
136 You would think that if he had a great arm they would have considered moving him to right field.
2006-03-25 11:47:34
139.   Andrew Shimmin
135- He didn't want to take a job from the more deserving veteran Jose Valenin. Perez had a little something called team spirit.
2006-03-25 11:47:55
140.   Bob Timmermann
I am not William Safire.
2006-03-25 11:48:03
141.   Eric L
138 Good point, but isn't LF considered the easiest outfield position to adjust to?
2006-03-25 11:48:08
142.   D4P
my last name ends with an s

Is your name really Go Bears...?

2006-03-25 11:49:37
143.   natepurcell
You would think that if he had a great arm they would have considered moving him to right field.

actually, his arm is very good. he will move to right field eventually. Left field is on the same side of the diamond as SS, so they wanted to make the transistion a bit easier. but he is prototypical right fielder.

2006-03-25 11:50:11
144.   Adams
141 Yeah, I think so. But, isn't it also the place (after first base) where they put the worst fielders? That doesn't mean that Guzman is bad (especially since he was a shortstop) but it does make you wonder.
2006-03-25 11:51:25
145.   Gen3Blue
Re DeWitt

Apparently Dewitt and Denker, who did 3nd and 2rd at Columbus for a while will switch. Dewitt will learn 2nd and Denker 3rd. Denker has some pop but big questions about range and hands, from what I can recall of what I've read.

2006-03-25 11:51:46
146.   Bob Timmermann
However some outfielders can just play center field. I think they have difficulty picking balls out of the lights, but not having problems judging balls hit right at them.
2006-03-25 11:52:42
147.   Adams
143 That's good to hear. I wasn't sure if the move was more practical (ie same side of the diamond or because we have no good left fielders) or if it was because he was a subpar fielder.
2006-03-25 11:53:34
148.   Eric L
144 They may have moved him to left field as a need based thing for the near future. Neddy probably sees Drew as the right fielder for the time being. He may see Guzman having more value this season (and next) as a LF.
2006-03-25 11:54:12
149.   GoBears
142. No, but I knew that question would be asked, and I just wanted to make someone type "Go Bears." I was hoping it'd be Jon...
2006-03-25 11:55:57
150.   Adams
148 Of course, the question is, will Drew even be a Dodger next year. He can opt out after this season, right?
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-03-25 11:59:05
151.   GoBears
150. Drew is saying all the right things about staying here. Which probably doesn't mean anything other than that he's not already sure he wants to leave. His explanation for the opt-out was that he and his wife were not sure they'd like living in LA, and wanted the option to leave if they didn't. Seeing as how most of the people I know who've never lived in LA have a bad impression of it (smog, traffic, goofy Californians), I actually believe that explanation. And, as with most people who actually move here, he's come to like it.

That doesn't mean he won't leave, but I'm not going to lose any sleep worrying about it.

2006-03-25 12:00:24
152.   GoBears
carmax text-message polling: might as well ask, "Which one of these guys have you heard of?"
2006-03-25 12:00:56
153.   capdodger
Dodgers fans think that Tomko is the most important pitching pick up. Sad.
2006-03-25 12:02:01
154.   bluetahoe
Here's how our rotation looks to stack up early.

Atl - Lowe
Atl - Penny
Atl - Perez
at Phi - Tomko
at Phi - Lowe
at Phi - Penny
at Pit - Perez
at Pit - Seo
at Pit - Tomko
at Pit - Lowe
SF - Penny
SF - Perez
SF - Seo
ChC - Tomko
ChC - Lowe
ChC - Penny
AZ - Perez
AZ - Seo/Tomko
AZ - Tomko/Lowe

2006-03-25 12:02:13
155.   GoBears
Wow. Kemp is strong. He got jammed on that ball and hit it off his fists, just foul of the foul pole to the opposite field.
2006-03-25 12:02:25
156.   regfairfield
If our new freinds are any indication, people seem to think Tomko is ready for a big breakout at age 33.
2006-03-25 12:04:45
157.   Adams
156 So much for the wisdom of crowds.
2006-03-25 12:04:50
158.   Andrew Shimmin
123- Martinez is a five tools player. As long as you count his Piazza-esque facial hair, all five times.
2006-03-25 12:05:18
159.   bluetahoe
LOL.... Charley Steiner just said we broke camp last year with DJ Houlton and Scott Erickson as our #4 and #5. That's not true.
2006-03-25 12:07:44
160.   bluetahoe
I'm skeptical about Tomko making his 1st 2 starts in Pennsylvania. It's mental with Tomko. I'd hate for a Phillie to hit a 370ft cheapie HR and Tomko lose focus.
2006-03-25 12:09:16
161.   Adams
160 I'm skeptical about Tomko, period.
2006-03-25 12:09:27
162.   GoBears
I think it's physical with Tomko too. He's just not that good by major league standards.
2006-03-25 12:13:11
163.   Andrew Shimmin
Is a 370 footer cheap?
2006-03-25 12:13:55
164.   GoBears
125 Referencing myself, in challenging the syllogism that StL signing of Encarnacion is evidence of his studliness, I have to admit that some of us might have exercised the same faulty logic in taking Boston's pickup of Choi as evidence that Choi is good (because, after all, Epstein knows what he's doing, right?). It isn't evidence. If we think Choi is good, we need to rely on his performance stats, not on someone else's summary evaluation of same. Luckily, that's easy, and we've done it ad nauseum.
2006-03-25 12:14:55
165.   capdodger
160 370 feet on the fly is a home run to a fair bit of Dodger Stadium, as well.
2006-03-25 12:15:35
166.   GoBears
ARGH! Vinny, you're not helping. He just detailed Repko's problems today, and concluded, "but he's a fine outfielder."
2006-03-25 12:16:01
167.   dsfan
To all of you Choi backers: My sincere sympathies. It's rough when you want to see a guy get a full shot and it doesn't happen. I actually thought Nomar would see a few games in LF, where he belongs, and that Choi could have stuck this spring.

As an Aybar backer, I'll probably be wearing your shoes in a year or two. Something tells me it won't work out for him here, either.

2006-03-25 12:16:37
168.   Bob Timmermann
The "cheapness" of a homer is always relative. It depends upon the park, its location in the park, the wind, and the type of swing the batter had.

There can be some cheap 370 foot homers and some monstrous 340 foot homers.

2006-03-25 12:17:08
169.   capdodger
166 Vinny is old skool, and therefore must be purged!


2006-03-25 12:17:23
170.   bluetahoe
A great organization generally exercises great judgement. 15 million is a large investment. I'd trust the judgement of the front office professionals of the St. Louis Cardinals over the judgement of a few fans who think Juan Encarnacion is not worth the contract St. Louis handed out to JE.
2006-03-25 12:18:26
171.   dsfan
For what it's worth on Drew, players are instructed by their agents to speak fondly of their present employer when entering a walk year. It's smart business.
2006-03-25 12:25:30
172.   Eric L
170 I'd buy the argument if it was framed more as Encarnacion having value to the Cardinals that he doesn't have to some other team. He might be counted on to be a big run producer (if Rolen and Edmonds remain healthy for the season). He can bat lower in the lineup and any runs he produces are gravy.

His defense is pretty good. If the Cardinals have a staff that gives up a good deal of fly balls, there would be added value to Encarnacion. Is the new ballpark going to play big or small? That would be another excellent question for the defense side of the argument.

I do think the Cards do a nice job evaluating players, but I'm not going to give them a free pass. Jocketty has made many more great moves than bad ones, but he still has made a couple of bad moves (Eli Marrero for Placido Palanco comes to mind).

If there was a solid rationale why the Cards signed and it was backed with solid evidence, then I would buy it.

2006-03-25 12:29:12
173.   natepurcell
cardinal org is part of the enemy, they are a sabermetric organization!
2006-03-25 12:31:04
174.   capdodger
Yeah.... they hired MGL of all people.
2006-03-25 12:32:11
175.   natepurcell
MGL did try to justify some of the card moves on primer, for example, the braden looper move. But i wasnt really buying it.
2006-03-25 12:40:36
176.   GoBears
171. Well, obviously. But players say the wrong things all the time. I said that JD's statement, while credible, meant only that he isn't so desperate to leave that he'd ignore the rule to say nice things.

170. False. Great organizations make lots of mistakes. Also, the whole point of yesterday's discussion was that we need to move beyond anyone's subjective judgments and look at the data. In the case of Encarnacion, we're not arguing about a prospect who is more potential than performance, and about whom there is accordingly a great deal of uncertainty. Encarnacion is a known quantity. And the numbers tell us that he's a good defender and a below-average hitter, especially for a corner OFer.

So, the only way one can "trust" the "judgment" of StL over those numbers is if one believes that StL has a crystal ball that tells them that Encarnacion will have an anomalously good 3-season stint as a Cardinal (or that they're risk-acceptant and didn't have any obviously better uses for that money). It's not impossible that he will have a good run in StL. But, given what we know about his quality, it's highly unlikely. What's more likely is that he will decline from his career averages as he ages. And his career averages are mediocre.

This is the true (or more meaningful) meaning of "proven veteran." There is proof of JE's quality, such as it is. That StL values it at $5M/yr is interesting, but it's not evidence that he's better than he's proved to be.

2006-03-25 12:44:32
177.   GoBears
And now I have go grade final exams. If I'm unduly rough on my students for their logical lapses, I'll blame it on Walt Jocketty.
2006-03-25 12:45:04
178.   GoBears
...have to go grade...
2006-03-25 12:47:01
179.   Strike4
Turned on the ninth inning and listened to my first ten minutes of Vinny since last October. Another off-season survived. Life has brightened.
2006-03-25 12:48:53
180.   Uncle Miltie
61- Re Penny's Tattoo

No it's not new, he's had it for a while. I remember seeing it the first time he hurt his arm in LA. A lot more baseball players have tattoos than you think. In general, a lot more people have tattoos. You just don't see them on baseball players because almost their entire body is covered up.

2006-03-25 12:49:56
181.   Vaudeville Villain
Examples of great organizations making mistakes:

ATL: Last year they began the season with Raul Mondesi and Brian Jordan in the outfield.

OAK: Marco Scutaro fascination.

NYY: Signing Jaret Wright.

BOS: Alex Cora.

LAA: Darin Erstad fascination.

I could go on, but the point is made, I think. Nothing is infallible.

2006-03-25 12:53:07
182.   capdodger
... Nothing is infallible.

Don't tell Benedict that...

2006-03-25 13:08:15
183.   MartinBillingsley31
Kuo strukout 3 more today in 2 innings, it would be nice if grady uses him in the 7th inning before baez and gagne.

The way the roster is shaping up, the manager's decisions are going to determine a good amount of wins or losses.

If we can go from the starting pitcher to osoria in the 6th when needed kuo 7th baez 8th gagne 9th, we will be fine more often then not, but if grady tries to rely on brazoban and carter watch out.
Plus with our bench being so weak, the team has to convert leads into wins.

I hope grady doesn't turn out to be another tracy.

2006-03-25 13:18:12
184.   Adams
183 The GM decides who is on the roster. Steve made this point many time last year in regards to Depodesta and Tracy. Tracy made some horrible decisions, but Depo allowed that to happen when he created the roster. We'll see how well Colletti and Little work together this year. But, I would be surprised if Colletti had no input on the roles of the various relievers.
2006-03-25 13:21:20
185.   oldbear
OAK: Marco Scutaro fascination

I didnt get this either. But the A's did eventually trade an equally sCrappy Eric Byrnes. AP gives the A's alot more than Scutaro does.

2006-03-25 13:24:54
186.   Adams
I always just assumed that Scutaro's playing time was simply due to all the injuries to Ellis, Mclemore (when he was there), Crosby and Chavez.
2006-03-25 13:33:50
187.   oldbear
As an Aybar backer, I'll probably be wearing your shoes in a year or two. Something tells me it won't work out for him here, either

He's just not scrappy enough. Plus, I dont think Colletti is going to trade Izturis. I think Izturis will get the 2nd base job by default once Kent leaves.

Now, granted this year I'll be surprised if Kent moves off 2nd. But can you imagine how much worse off our offense might be, if that were to happen. They'd be essentially replacing Cruz's bat with Cesar Izturis.

Shades of 2003 without the dominant pitching to off-set things.

2006-03-25 13:57:20
188.   King of the Hobos
In his first AB with the Red Sox, Choi made out somehow. Snow started the game, Choi just replaced him late in the game

As for Jackson, he gave up 6 runs (4 earned) in 3.2 IP, walking 5, striking out 4 and allowing 8 hits including a homer to Arod

2006-03-25 14:19:47
189.   bluetahoe
Choi made out? What's new? LOL....

Edwin Jackson's an enigma. I don't know what to think of him. I don't want to wish him ill will, but it wouldn't feel good if he became as dominant as people expected a couple of seasons ago.

2006-03-25 14:37:36
190.   capdodger
189 Choi made out? What's new? LOL....

Yeah, why can't he be like Paulie and hit a PH HR in his first AB?

2006-03-25 14:44:16
191.   Vaudeville Villain

I doubt Coletti is stupid enough to NOT trade Izturis. If we project forward for next year, with what you said, an Izturis at second infield, it's scary.

3B- Mueller
SS- Furcal
2B- Izturis
1B- Loney/Free Agent

That's an absolutely inexcusable lack of power on the infield, especially if it is indeed going to be Loney at first. I've not liked the majority of Coletti's moves, but I doubt he's an absolute fool. At least so far.

2006-03-25 14:53:20
192.   Brendan
189. bluetahoe
Edwin Jackson's an enigma. I don't know what to think of him.

Take your time, no rush.

2006-03-25 15:12:42
193.   bluetahoe
If Izturis is 100% healthy I feel the Dodgers would best be suited to move Furcal to 2nd base and play Izturis at shortstop. With Kent likely gone in 2007 its a MUST for Ned to trade for or acquire a free agent that is as good or better than Kent for the outfield. Adam Dunn for example. Izturis doesn't hit for power but when he's on like he was in April/May you'd be hard pressed to find a better singles hitter in the game. And Izzy does have a flair for the big it.

In 2007 you could be looking at

1. Furcal, 2b
2. Navarro/Martin, c
3. Drew, of
4. Dunn/big FA, of
5. Ethier/Guzman, of
6. Loney, 1b
7. Mueller, 3b
8. Izturis, ss
9. Pitcher

I'd like a little more speed out of the 2 hole, but Martin/Navarro are OBP machines, so I say their superior OBP supercedes their lack of speed.

2006-03-25 15:16:44
194.   Uncle Miltie
So let's waste Furcal's arm at 2B and pay $13 million for an average hitting second baseman? I'd rather trade Izturis and hand Aybar the second base job next year. Maybe move Repko back to the infield. I'm sure he could play second base.
2006-03-25 15:17:17
195.   natepurcell
and why would furcal want to move to 2b when he was signed to be the team shortstop?
2006-03-25 15:18:14
196.   natepurcell
repko traveling through the invisible maze to get to groundballs would be quite amusing and detrimental to my health at the same time.
2006-03-25 15:19:12
197.   capdodger
Maybe move Repko back to the infield.
And lose the entertainment value from his "Family Circus"-like routes to fly balls?!? I do protest!
2006-03-25 15:19:22
198.   bluetahoe
I wouldn't move Repko to the infield. As it stands now we have a surplus of infielders. Repko's really cooled off this spring. Right now I'd send Repko back to Vegas and let Cody Ross have that 5th outfield spot.
2006-03-25 15:19:33
199.   natepurcell
im going to start calling repko "sparky" from now on in remembrance of my neighbors dog when i was 12 who ran in zig zag lines to get the thrown ball/frisbee.
2006-03-25 15:20:13
200.   natepurcell
glen big baby davis is a beast! a 310 pound beast i say!
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-03-25 15:20:27
201.   Adams

In that situation, the 2 spot, and 5-9 would either be extremely inexperienced or total offensive holes. Mueller/Izturis, if healthy (and that's a big if), would be a very weak left side. We can definitely do better.

I say that we need to keep Furcal at SS where he is above average both offensively and defensively and find a quality offensive second baseman. This is especially important if Loney and Mueller are going to be manning the corners. We'll need someone to make up for the lost powere there. That doesn't mean that we don't also need a big bat in the outfield, because this team has plenty of holes that do/will need filling.

2006-03-25 15:21:16
202.   bluetahoe
If Furcal made a stink about moving to 2nd base I'd keep him at short. I'd approach him first about it to get his thoughts.
2006-03-25 15:21:18
203.   Icaros
Isn't Russell Martin one of the fastest players in the organization?
2006-03-25 15:22:07
204.   Adams
203 Even if he is, a couple more years of catching should fix that.
2006-03-25 15:23:36
205.   bluetahoe
I'd actually advocate trading Mueller and getting a 3rd baseman with more pop. I only advocate starting Loney next year if Ned and company are 100% confident he will hit .290-.300.
2006-03-25 15:24:13
206.   Gen3Blue
ST was going along well until: the last several games it seems like other team's pitching is coming around while ours is falling apart. I was feeling good about Lowe and Penny but the last few outings ain't good.( I admit, Penny's been hinting that he doesn't know his present arm for a while). At least St. Louis isn't in our division. Either their pitching's good or our production has dissappeared as we began farming out prospects. Does anyone else notice these unfortunate trends, or am I over-valueing spring numbers?
2006-03-25 15:24:54
207.   King of the Hobos
193 As far as speed in the 2 hole, Martin could steal 15-20 bases a year throughout his mid 20s, so it's not like Phillips would be batting 2nd.

Speaking of Phillips, I wonder how he and Molina are doing in the 40 meter races.

2006-03-25 15:25:34
208.   bluetahoe
I feel Guzman and Ethier will be able to make a positive impact this July if need be. By opening day next season there is no question one of them should be able to produce everyday for us.
2006-03-25 15:26:07
209.   Adams
206 Well, it's never a good sign when your offense is shut down by Sydney Ponson. That's what scares me.
2006-03-25 15:26:08
210.   Uncle Miltie
198- I was joking

205- Andy LaRoche

Big Baby is an animal. He reminds of an in shape Shaq. He's so mobile for a big man.

2006-03-25 15:26:50
211.   bluetahoe
My mistake on Martin. He is fast. Navarro's not. I think one of them 2 will be traded in at the deadline anyways.
2006-03-25 15:28:33
212.   bluetahoe
Ponson shut down our 2nd team. No biggie.
2006-03-25 15:30:22
213.   Uncle Miltie
I don't really care about my brackets anymore even though I'm in first place. I want LSU to advance.
2006-03-25 15:31:03
214.   bluetahoe
If Ned feels LaRoche will be as good or better than Mueller in '07 I say trade Mueller and play LaRoche. I don't want to get into a situation where we are relying on too many rookies though. This time next season should be a lot more interesting than it is now.
2006-03-25 15:32:24
215.   Uncle Miltie
Wow this has been an unbelievable game. This NCAA Tournament has been one of the best I've ever seen.
2006-03-25 15:37:52
216.   Uncle Miltie
LSU needs to give it to big baby and let him operate. Or throw a lob to Thomas.
2006-03-25 15:38:52
217.   MartinBillingsley31
I'm a broken record, but 2007:
c martin
1b free agent or trade, high ops
2b kent re-sign him
ss furcal
3b laroche
of drew guzman and free agent or trade, high ops

free agent or trade
seo or perez, not both

I prefer free agents over trades.
And the problem is that we have tomko and mueller signed for 2 years, plus perez signed with a big $ contract.

I'm not high on loney, but that could change if he develops power.

And i think the dodgers should start focusing on drafting power ss, 2b, c.

2006-03-25 15:39:34
218.   King of the Hobos
Is there any chance that Mueller could take over at 2B next season? I've been hoping for that all along, but I'm not sure he could handle it, especially at age 36. Rate2 at 2nd isn't especially good (86), but he's only played there sporadically (53 games total). Personally, a lineup of Furcal, Martin, Drew, Guzman, Laroche, Ethier, Loney, Mueller sounds nice, albeit extremely inexperienced (unless injuries allow the 5 prospects significant playing time)
2006-03-25 15:44:01
219.   Uncle Miltie
Big baby with a 3!
2006-03-25 15:48:16
220.   screwballin
No one's gonna address the assertion that "Encarnacion is a 5-tool player" on its merits?

His batting average, for one, is a career .267. Over the last three years, in an era of huge offense, it's been .264. And respective OBPs for those periods are .316 and .320; slugging is .440 and .434.

Tahoe, your hatred of Choi is now even more inexplicable, since his numbers for the same period (as a young, developing player) are:
career: .240/.349/.437
3-yr: .243/.351/.447

As for the "speed" tool, Baseball Prospectus has a stat that measures that. As they explain: It is based in principle on the Bill James speed score and includes five components: Stolen base percentage, stolen base attempts as a percentage of opportunities, triples, double plays grounded into as a percentage of opportunities, and runs scored as a percentage of times on base.

The Speed stat is designed so the average rating is 5.0. Mr. 5-tool Guy's speed ratings for the last 2 years are 5.0 and 5.0.

If Encarnacion is a 5-tool player, a few of those tools are pretty badly bent. Or if there's more to his game that I'm not seeing, fill us in.

This is exactly what sets so many people off with respect to Choi: We're told he sucks, then that someone like Encarnacion with worse offensive numbers is a "stud."

2006-03-25 15:49:47
221.   screwballin
I know, I'm trying to stay away from the endless Choi debate. I just couldn't let that go.
2006-03-25 15:51:54
222.   Uncle Miltie
220- Juan used to have pretty good speed. He has an above average arm, he's a good defender, he has power (though he usually just hits mistakes). OBP is not one of the tools included in being a 5 tool player.
2006-03-25 15:52:57
223.   King of the Hobos
217 Don't expect too many power hitting SS's to be drafted, there's a reason why our SS prospects (Hu, Abreu, Rivera, DeJesus) aren't power hitters. As far as power hitting 2Bs, that's Dewitt's job.

For someone who knows better than me, what are the power projections for Apodaca and Jansen? Can either of them stay at catcher? Apodaca displayed some nice power last year in Ogden, but that's the PCL of Rookie leagues, and he was overmatched in Columbus

2006-03-25 15:53:27
224.   Bob Timmermann
I don't think many teams aside from the Cardinals offered Encarnacion a contract.
2006-03-25 15:56:33
225.   capdodger
222 - It's true that OBP isn't one of the tools in "5-tool player", but stems from the bias against the base on balls.
2006-03-25 15:57:46
226.   capdodger
but that stems
2006-03-25 16:06:04
227.   Jon Weisman
FYI, you're welcome to chat about the UCLA game here.
2006-03-25 16:06:37
228.   Andrew Shimmin
If Big Baby really has a tapeworm in his stomach, I'd like to be there during the extraction. Or at least watch the webcast.
2006-03-25 16:12:53
229.   trainwreck
Thomas can be a dominant superstar if he stays in college a little longer.
2006-03-25 16:12:57
230.   Uncle Miltie
Watch out for Rodney Carney. He's going to be a superstar in the NBA. I wonder if who UCLA is going to have guard him. Afflalo or Bozeman?
2006-03-25 16:15:54
231.   Icaros
Does anyone know if and when we can expect this year's Naccarrato Prophecy?

I want to see if he can go two for two.

2006-03-25 16:20:52
232.   trainwreck
UCLA being aggressive to start the game and it is making a huge difference from the last game.
2006-03-25 16:21:10
233.   Bob Timmermann
Tommy is in the process of suing Dan Brown for plagiarism for his use of the Naccarrato Prophecy in the "Da Vinci Code".
2006-03-25 16:21:12
234.   bluetahoe
Screwballin. You say I hate Choi. I don't hatwe anyone. I don't like Choi and here are my reasons.

1) He was brought aboard in 2004 with high expectations. He stunk it up. I don't think that's debateable.

2) Here are some Choi stats from last season

Close and Late
AB - 60
BA - .200
OBP - .284
SLG - .283
OPS - .567

Scoring Position
AB - 79
BA - .203
OBP - .323
SLG - .329
OPS - .652

His overall stats are better than that, but they are what I call EMPTY stats. Empty meaning they are misleading.

With these 2 points I've presented, why should I LIKE Choi. He's done basically nothing for my Dodgers. A poor man's version of Shawn Green, basically.

Most fans like me remember the failures to produce when it counts, they don't remember the 2 out, bases empty walk, double, or even home run in the 3rd inning.

2006-03-25 16:21:57
235.   BruceR
207 -- Bad news is they haven't finished; worse news is that the sand has long since emptied to the bottom of the glass.
2006-03-25 16:28:03
236.   natepurcell
From Peter Gammons' blog on ESPN Insider:

• One scout says, "if Russell Martin opens the season as the Dodger catcher, it will be a decade before he's moved out. He should book his travel plans for the All-Star Game every year through 2015."

2006-03-25 16:30:04
237.   Bob Timmermann
Phillips is 11 for 31 this spring for Toronto. Molina is 11 for 41. Zaun is 6 for 12.
2006-03-25 16:34:06
238.   Marty
The Bruins off to a pretty good start. I like that Collison kid.
2006-03-25 16:37:57
239.   Uncle Miltie
Afflalo is guarding Carney and so far he's doing a great job on him.

238- Collison is a very good defender. He has great quickness. He kind of reminds me of (to quote Bill Walton) "former UCLA great" Earl Watson.

I'm not a big fan of Jordan Farmar because he's very turnover prone and a pedestrian defender. I think he's a bit overrated.

2006-03-25 16:38:06
240.   screwballin
234 Actually, a better definition of "empty" stats would be anything based on 60 ABs.

But since we're doing that, Choi got traded here on the heels of two pretty damn good months (June 04: .292/.395/.472; July: .284/.404/.419). And for that, he got benched for a year and a half. If he hasn't done much for your Dodgers, blame the genius who made that decision.

2006-03-25 16:55:06
241.   Bob Timmermann
The Memphis mascot has been on the job for over five years?

You mean he's not a student? Or is this just the man's avocation?

2006-03-25 16:57:46
242.   Andrew Shimmin
Maybe he's not such a hot student.
2006-03-25 16:58:51
243.   Uncle Miltie
By the way for those of you who don't know, Len Elmore (the color commentary man) isn't your typical former athlete. He went to Havard law. My dad went to Maryland when Elmore was playing there and he had a few classes with him.
2006-03-25 16:59:37
244.   Bob Timmermann
Len Elmore also wrote Set Ghorty.
2006-03-25 17:01:00
245.   screwballin
242 Tell me about it. I was at Cal State Long Beach long enough to become a zen master of mascotting.
2006-03-25 17:01:22
246.   Icaros

Kuo, although left-handed, is so effective against right-handed hitters he is considered more than a situational pitcher, and he could resume starting at some point.

I'm glad the people in charge are getting this one.

2006-03-25 17:01:50
247.   screwballin
244 LOL!
2006-03-25 17:03:10
248.   Bob Timmermann
Michael Warren reference!
2006-03-25 17:04:27
249.   Icaros

I was there for the better part of twelve years as student and employee.

2006-03-25 17:05:48
250.   Bob Timmermann

Are you sure this isn't a Pac-10 football game? And if so, will it last four hours?

I'm going to miss the end of the game. Such is life.

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-03-25 17:11:02
251.   Marty
I think I'll get to see the finish. I'm going to Colombo's in Eagle Rock for dinner at 7. An old-timey Italian restaurant with extremely strong drinks and a wacky piano player/lounge singer.
2006-03-25 17:11:17
252.   bluetahoe
That's what I'm talking about screwballin. You said Choi got traded here on the heals of two pretty damn good months. Then you show some monthly stats. EMPTY stats in my opinion.

It does look like Choi played most everyday in June and July of 2004, but check it out.

June 04
HR - 2
RBI - 6

July 04
HR - 2
RBI - 7

See. Not impressive. Translate that over a full season and you've got 12 HR and 39 RBI.
I know RBI's are a dependent stat, but c'mon, 13 RBI in two months. Thats TERRIBLE.

2006-03-25 17:17:02
253.   bluetahoe
To be fair Choi did score 22 runs in those months.
2006-03-25 17:18:26
254.   Andrew Shimmin
I agree with bluetahoe. If, instead of putting up the numbers he did in Florida, he'd put up different ones, I'd have a different opinion of Choi's performance in Florida, than I do.
2006-03-25 17:37:35
255.   Uncle Miltie
UCLA has to be the least tattooed team in college basketball
2006-03-25 17:42:29
256.   Andrew Shimmin
More than Arizona? Maybe Arizona's tat-happy folks left after last year.
2006-03-25 17:43:52
257.   Eric L
257 I think we should add tattoos to list of tools for prospects. If they have a really nice tattoo, they get more credit.
2006-03-25 17:44:49
258.   Uncle Miltie
257- that would make Carl Crawford a 6 tool player
2006-03-25 17:46:26
259.   Eric L
258 Doesn't AJ Burnett have a ton of tattoos? Maybe that's why Ricciardi signed him to such a lucrative deal.
2006-03-25 17:48:52
260.   Uncle Miltie
Danny Graves has a lot of tattoos, but he stinks.
2006-03-25 17:49:05
261.   Andrew Shimmin
7th tool: Beard. Only beards of Kelly Wunsch quality or better will be accepted.
2006-03-25 17:51:35
262.   Uncle Miltie
Matt Morris has a quality beard. Nate and I wanted the Dodgers to sign him for his beard alone.
2006-03-25 17:54:26
263.   King of the Hobos
Justin Miller had a bunch of tattoos, but MLB forced him to wear sleeves to cover them, so he didn't distract the hitters, and now he sucks. Coincidence? I think not

261 Definitely. There needs to be more players like Wunsch and Morris

2006-03-25 17:56:09
264.   Andrew Shimmin
I think Juan Encarnacion has plus beard potential. He just needs the right coach.
2006-03-25 18:01:31
265.   King of the Hobos
If Lucille II grows his goatee out to a full Morris-like beard, I think we can all agree that he deserves a spot on the roster. Until that happens, he continues to be a 0 tool guy (5 if you include positions he can play), and thus, not worth the spot
2006-03-25 18:02:02
266.   Eric L
261 What about earrings? Griffey and Bonds both wear earrings. 1200 HRs and a couple of sets of earrings between them can't be wrong.
2006-03-25 18:05:53
267.   Andrew Shimmin
266- If you count earrings, you're going to end up with petitions for the recognition of other sorts of less savory piercings. Better not to open that barn door.
2006-03-25 18:10:29
268.   Uncle Miltie
What is UCLA doing? They need to get the ball to Hollins or Afflalo. Farmar is really doing a terrible job at the point. He's not getting others involved.
2006-03-25 18:12:54
269.   Andrew Shimmin
Hollins is still bad, right? What's all this about?
2006-03-25 18:18:20
270.   Eric L
267 If it makes them better, who I am to argue?
2006-03-25 18:25:31
271.   Uncle Miltie
Hollins has been unbelievable.
2006-03-25 18:27:30
272.   grandcosmo
The constant commercials during this game are driving me crazy.
2006-03-25 18:33:13
273.   Andrew Shimmin
50-45. Woof.
2006-03-25 18:33:34
274.   Uncle Miltie
I hate CBS, how many freaking commercials do they have to get in?
2006-03-25 18:35:14
275.   grandcosmo
Good UCLA win. Bad game.
2006-03-25 18:43:35
276.   Linkmeister
Talk about winning ugly. Ah well, UCLA is in the Final Four, so all's well with the world.

C'mon George Mason!

2006-03-25 18:44:23
277.   Uncle Miltie
Too bad UCLA has to play LSU though. How are they going to match up with Thomas and Big Baby?
2006-03-25 19:11:11
278.   capdodger
I call that-which-comes-from-the-back-end-of-an-uncastrated-steer on "Close and Late" stats as a measure of a player's usefulness. I played around with some numbers a while back during a discussion on clutch with Steve:

For the purposes of argument I assume that players get on base at a more or less steady rate over the course of their career (say 5000-7000 PAs). While it's not something that is not exactly steady, you can figure out a mean value to use (Career OBP). Situational at bats (other than LHP-RHP) such as "Close and Late", "Tuesday Nights", and "While Hungover" are distributed more or less at random throughout those those PA's. Situation PA's are members of both the set of career PA's and the set of Situation PA's (NB: This assumption can be misleading in some cases. If a player bats 3rd on a better team during his better years, he'll have more RISP PA's during those years than he will during his twilight years batting 8th for TB). Given a long enough career, the probablility that the OBP of the situation subset will deviate meaningfully from the that superset of all ABs can be shown to be very, very, very small.

2006-03-25 20:01:48
279.   Xeifrank
The "Friends of Dodger Thoughts" yahoo fantasy baseball league will be drafting at 845pm pdt tonight. More updates to come later. :)
vr, Xei
2006-03-25 20:56:26
280.   screwballin
279 Let us know who got the first pick and won the right to draft Juan Encarnacion. ;)
2006-03-25 22:09:30
281.   Mr Customer
278. OT, pretty sure there's no such thing as a uncastrated steer...
2006-03-25 22:33:20
282.   Jon Weisman
234 - please read this post.

Just as a snapshot from last summer, 10 of Choi's 13 home runs tied the game or gave Dodgers the lead. How empty is that?

Not every baseball game is decided in the 9th inning with a runner in scoring position.

You might also consider that if his overall stats are better than his stats with runners in scoring position, logic dictates that maybe Choi was the guy who was getting in scoring position.

As one more example, in half a season's worth of plate appearances, Choi was fourth on the team in total bases plus walks. That doesn't mean he was great, when you consider the Dodger offense. But he did not stink it up.

If people can just concede that Choi did more than nothing, I have no interest in asking any more of anyone. But it takes a pretty stubborn group of people to say that this guy was worthless. You really have to go out of your way to reduce him to nothing. Picking out 80 at-bats from an entire season is no way to evaulate a player.

2006-03-25 22:34:04
283.   Jon Weisman
I actually liked the UCLA game tonight. I find games like that fascinating.
2006-03-25 22:38:38
284.   trainwreck
Tonight's game was much better for my health.
2006-03-25 22:39:24
285.   Xeifrank
Mercifully, the Friends of Dodger Thoughts fantasy baseball draft has come to a conclusion. I think everyone did a super job and it should be a very competitive season. Jeff Kent was the first Dodger player taken with the 24th overall pick by "ju". Furcal went in the 3rd round and Gagne slipped to the 5th. There are 16 teams, using standard 5x5 categories with OPS being used instead of Average. vr, Xei
2006-03-25 22:50:22
286.   Johnson
285 I really debated before taking Furcal in the third, but decided that I'd rather get some SBs and not worry about SS any longer. "ju" taking Drew out from under me in the 8th, however, chapped my hide.
2006-03-25 23:00:45
287.   Suffering Bruin
Not suffering these days, thank you very much. Not suffering much at all...

No two players provoked more discussion on the internet than Eric Karros and Hee-Seop Choi. As a color commentator during the WBC, Karros said Choi can play the game, he just needs to play every day. It was an ironic statement coming from a guy whose critics (almost soley found on the web) strongly believed that Karros should've been platooned long before he ceased becoming an every day player.

I'll miss Hee-Seop Choi. He was fun to watch and looked like he enjoyed playing the game during the rare times he was allowed to do so. Besides, if it wasn't for Choi, I wouldn't have discovered the joys of researching the life of Wayne Belardi.

Finally, who wants to bet that Nomar plays in fewer games than the Dodgers win?

2006-03-25 23:08:55
288.   Xeifrank
Was happy to see the Bruins win, and it kept my brackets (what's left of them) alive. Was also to see Bill Walton get such a kick out of the game. I didn't know Woodie Allen's wife was such a big Bruins fan.
vr, Xei
2006-03-25 23:10:25
289.   ToyCannon
I'll take that bet. I'll invite you to a game in Sept when I'll already have won the bet and you can buy me a beer.
2006-03-25 23:12:38
290.   ToyCannon
DT posters evidently aren't very confident of Drew playing more games then the Dodgers will win since he didn't go until the 8th round. He was also in my queue to go next when he was snapped up. Not sure how I'm going to be able to deal with this season having Bonds on my roster but I couldn't ignore him in the 4th round.
2006-03-25 23:29:14
291.   oldbear
I wasnt confident in Drew's teammates, so thats why I didnt take him.

I think he'll get pitched around a lot, and wont have the opportunity to rack up HR's or RBI's. His run scored column wont be that good either bc there's not much thunder behind him in the order. He doesnt steal any bases. So basically you're left with OPS.

I think the key to fantasy baseball is pick guys that are in good lineups to begin with, since Runs/RBI's are dependent stats.

2006-03-26 00:45:21
292.   GoBears
283. Jon, please elaborate. I found this to be the single worst college basketball game I have ever watched. There was good defense, but not nearly good enough to account for all the turnovers, horrible shot selection, and just dumb plays. Both teams played terribly - neither deserved to win. Only Ryan Hollins seemed to have half a clue out there.

But that wasn't the worst part. I thought the referees were execrable. Not biased so much (tho I thought UCLA probably got more than their fair share of help), but control freaks. Memphis's 2 best players missed most of the first half in foul trouble on ticky-tack stuff that should not have been whistled, esp. in an Elite 8 game. Besides being unfair to the players by not "letting them play," however, this just made for lousy entertainment. Someone mentioned all the timeouts. But they were magnified by the constant stoppages in play for no good reason.

I'm no fan of the late 80s Pistons/Knicks -style basketbrawl, but this was absurd. I actually turned the game off with about 5 minutes to go, and with it still in doubt, because I just found it unwatchable. And I wasn't rooting for either team, just for a good game. Now, LSU-Texas -- THAT was a good game.

2006-03-26 00:46:59
293.   Kilgore Trout
I know I'm a little late here commenting on the decision to cut Choi loose, but I think that there is one thing that should be pointed out:

Whether you're in the pro-Choi or anti-Choi camp, it was a sad day for Dodger fans.

While Hee-Seop may or may not be a major-league first baseman, he was a class act from start to finish.

Choi went through a lot of crap the last two seasons, and handled it with a great deal of dignity.

The Gary Sheffields and Milton Bradleys of the world would do well to learn a few things from Choi.

2006-03-26 00:51:43
294.   Bob Timmermann

You should have seen some games this year with Washington State.

2006-03-26 00:59:18
295.   PennyJavy
This is in today's L.A. Times "Little wants Alomar to catch Perez often, believing their styles complement one another." It also states that Little is still sticking with Alomar Jr. to be the opening day catcher.
2006-03-26 02:35:13
296.   capdodger
281 It depends. A steer that remains uncastrated is a bull, or a bull that is castrated becomes a steer. It depends how you want to look at it. Most cattle born male are castrated, because their genes are unnecessary.
2006-03-26 02:38:33
297.   capdodger
292 Basketbrawl.... I remember that well from the playground in the late 80's and early to mid 90's. It was a fine sport.
2006-03-26 08:52:19
298.   Marty
Anybody notice the obit for Ernie Serfas? He owned the apparent first "sports bar" in L.A. in the 50's and 60's. I got a hoot out of the item that a lot of the L.A. pro athlete's lived in the Serfas-owned motel behind the bar. Very convenient for the alcoholic/athlete back in the day.

I actually have no memory of Serfas, though I did play at their golf course out in Corona a few times.

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