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End of Spring Training Ex-Dodger Update
2006-03-31 00:07
by Jon Weisman

This list was made through my research and some help from our studio audience. Stories are from The Associated Press or unless otherwise indicated:

  • Lenny Harris was released.

  • Geronimo Gil was released. As I noted Wednesday in the comments, at last we can fully evaluate the Dodgers' Kris Foster/Geronimo Gil for Mike Trombley trade. (Baltimore Sun)

  • Dennys Reyes was cut by the Twins. (Minneapolis Star Tribune)

  • Tracy love isn't always blind: Giovanni Carrara was sent to minor league camp by the Pirates, who kept non-roster invitee Terry Adams alive for a relief spot.

  • Same fate as Carrara's for Mike Edwards.

  • Jose Hernandez takes Edwards' potential bench spot.

  • Daryle Ward beat out Michael Tucker for a bench spot with the Nationals.

  • Joey Eischen is in their bullpen.

  • Andy Ashby was released by the Padres.

  • Brian Meadows touched down with the Devil Rays after this week's cut by the Dodgers.

  • Marquis Grissom, in Spring Training with the Cubs, retired when faced with being cut.

  • Jose Lima received a few days more meal money from the Mets, indicating he's still on the bubble for a bullpen spot, or that he's a good conversationalist. Lima said he won't go to AAA. (Newark Star-Ledger, Scripps Howard News Service, New York Times)

  • Antonio Perez will be on the A's. (Oakland Tribune)

  • Bubba Crosby is still a Yankee. (New York Post)

  • But after much suspense, Scott Erickson is not.

  • Brian Falkenborg is down to the wire in a 3-for-1 competition in the Cardinals bullpen.

  • Jose Flores skipped a game to drive his car to the Bay Area and save $700 in shipping. (San Francisco Chronicle) Update: This Flores is actually Ron Flores, Ken Arneson tells me in the comments.

  • Hmm. A presumably different Jose Flores was cut by Cleveland? (Akron Beacon-Journal)

  • Edwin Jackson might start the season in the Tampa Bay rotation, but not in the bullpen.

  • Tom Martin still might make the Rockies bullpen. Then again, he still might not, even if that means they drop a lefty period.

  • Hideo Nomo should be headed for the White Sox' AAA team in Charlotte.

  • Even Gregg Zahn's injury hasn't guaranteed Jason Phillips a backup job catching with Toronto.

  • Dave Ross benefited from Jason LaRue's malady to make the Reds. (Dayton Daily News)

  • Joe Thurston gets another stint in the minors, courtesy of the Phillies. (Scranton Times-Tribune)

  • Jose Valentin likely grabs a bench spot with the Mets. (New York Times)

  • Mike Venafro, however, got cut by the Metropolitans.

  • And Jolbert Cabrera is playing for the Softbank Hawks in Japan. (Japan Times)

    Update (again, with help from below): Reggie Abercrombie has come all the way back from knee surgery and bad contacts veritable dismissal as a prospect to claim a spot in the Marlins outfield. (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Miami Herald)

  • Matt Herges also made the Marlins. On the flip side, Mike Kinkade was sent to the minors by Florida, along with Tom Wilson. And Mike Megrew will go on the disabled list. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

  • Plagued by a hinky hamstring, Hee Seop Choi will remain in the purgatory of extended Spring Training. (Boston Globe)

  • Norihiro Nakamura is back home with the Orix Buffaloes - theoretically joined by Jason Grabowski. (Daily Yomiuri)

  • Franklin Gutierrez was sent to AAA Buffalo by the Indians. (Columbus Dispatch)

    Still only 23, Gutierrez OPSed .745 in 95 AA games last year, .723 in 19 AAA games, and went 0 for 1 with a walk for Cleveland.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez, who went away in the Paul Shuey trade, was released by the Phillies. Rodriguez had an ERA of 2.02 in 26 2/3 innings for Texas in 2004, and his career major league ERA+ is 86. He is about to turn 28, but (or, so) someone will probably pick him up.

  • Comments (118)
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    2006-03-31 00:59:09
    1.   trainwreck
    I had no idea Andy Ashby was still trying to pitch.

    Good grief, the Dodgers have collected some bad players over the years haha.

    2006-03-31 01:59:29
    2.   bhsportsguy
    I also thought I saw something about Ricardo Rodriquez being released earlier this week.

    Jon no Ishii or Nakamura updates?

    I really should be sleeping......

    2006-03-31 06:17:31
    3.   D4P
    Is it too early for a Hee-Seop Choi update? Is the wound still fresh?
    2006-03-31 06:22:08
    4.   ToyCannon
    What a bunch of hubris. Why do I think someone somewhere lamented the loss of everyone of these players at one time.

    Just curious why the above make the list as ex-dodgers and the following don't? Milton, Alex Cora, Victor Diaz, Mr. Choi, Hollandworth, Bako, Grudzielanek, Dessens, Mellhouse, Beltre, Hollins, D Reyes, Sturtze, T Lilly, S Green, B Jordan, J Piedra, Abercrombie, Piazza, Roberts, Vizcaino, D Sanchez, Astacio. Still lots of junk but at least two HOF:)

    Beltre of course is the answer to who is the 2nd HOF.

    2006-03-31 06:33:39
    5.   Sam DC
    Nomo pitching in AAA? That's heart and soul in my book.
    2006-03-31 06:39:38
    6.   Sam DC
    During a slump last year (wasn't that all of last year?), Eddie Guardado burned Adrian Beltre's shoes.

    2006-03-31 06:41:20
    7.   DodgerBlueBruce
    Mike Kinkade going back to Albuquerque.
    2006-03-31 06:42:23
    8.   Daniel Zappala
    4 Because those are still safely on teams and not in the process of being released or barely making a team?
    2006-03-31 06:44:59
    9.   RunninRebel
    Spotted this in the Las Vegas Review-Journal this morning. It's a little off topic, but I thought I'd share since everyone here is such a big fan of this guy:

    "Jason (Repko) is the kind of player, you wish you had about 10 of him on your ballclub," Little said. "The way he goes about his business and the type of player he is, he brings a lot of excitement and life to your team whenever he's in the game. We think he's going to be a valuable asset."

    Sounds like Grady is drinking Jim Tracy's kool-aid.

    2006-03-31 06:46:43
    10.   Daniel Zappala
    Sounds like Little is making the typical manager comments about a scrub -- talk him up to the press because you never talk bad about any player currently with the team.
    2006-03-31 06:56:45
    11.   Daniel Zappala
    Unless he strengthens over the course of the season, it doesn't sound to me like Gagne is going to be a dominant closer and get a huge contract. From today's Times:

    "It's easy when you throw 98 down the middle, that doesn't take much thinking. I learned how to pitch when I was a starter. Now I've got to do it again.

    "Mentally it's an adjustment because I can't go out and throw 15 fastballs in a row anymore."

    2006-03-31 06:57:17
    12.   RunninRebel
    10 - I'm sure that's what Grady was doing - protecting his guy. I just found it funny since folks here have debated Repko's worth on the Dodgers quite a bit.
    2006-03-31 07:18:04
    13.   Vishal
    [4] i was thinking it was the ummentioned pedro who was the 2nd HOF.
    2006-03-31 07:18:32
    14.   Ken Arneson
    I'm pretty sure that's a typo in the SF Chronicle: it was Ron Flores, not Jose Flores, who drove his car to Sacramento.
    2006-03-31 07:20:52
    15.   ToyCannon
    Make that 3 then.
    2006-03-31 07:23:09
    16.   jpeace

    Choi will stay at extended spring training. Looks like he missed a lot of action with a bad hamstring.

    2006-03-31 07:24:53
    17.   Steve
    If you had 10 Jason Repkos, who would catch the ball?
    2006-03-31 07:40:37
    18.   D4P
    If you had 10 Jason Repkos, who wouldn't crash into the wall?
    2006-03-31 07:51:18
    19.   Blu2
    4, 13, 15 Who are the first two? Are you thinking Piazza?
    2006-03-31 08:03:19
    20.   Steve
    But it would be fun to see 10 Jason Repkos doing the robot every time the ball is hit.
    2006-03-31 08:05:34
    21.   guspaul
    "All of my pitches were going right in the middle. Other than that, I felt OK," said Nomo, through a translator. "Right now, I still believe I'm at a good place."

    Nomo still speaks through a translator? After 12 years? Are you kidding me? I would have thought he'd have picked up the language by osmosis by now, if nothing else.

    Any other players that still comment "through a translator"? Let's not count Sosa forgetting how to speak English.

    2006-03-31 08:06:15
    22.   D4P
    Would 10 Jason Repkos on the field at one time be better than 9 Someone Elses?
    2006-03-31 08:25:56
    23.   Kayaker7
    16 What is an extended spring training? It looks like they want delay the decision on Lowell or Snow real as long as possible.
    2006-03-31 08:29:32
    24.   Kayaker7
    23 Edit: take out that extraneous "real."
    2006-03-31 08:31:49
    25.   Bob Timmermann
    Norihiro Nakamura is on the Orix Buffaloes. Jason Grabowsi is supposed to be there, but I don't see his name in any boxscores.

    As for Nomo, he uses a translator because the Japanese are very worried about sounding like they speak good English. Even Japanese who speak near-perfect English always apologize at their "poor" language.

    2006-03-31 08:33:27
    26.   Marty
    The Capital Punishment blog made it's division picks in Haiku. I particularly liked the one for Cincy:

    Deep into the gap
    the horsehide reaches orbit
    Milton backs up third

    2006-03-31 08:33:56
    27.   Kayaker7
    25 Of course, if a gaijin speaks a single word of Japanese, they compliment you on your language skills. If a gaijin becomes fluent, then they think it is creepy.
    2006-03-31 08:38:11
    28.   Vishal
    "capitol punishment" is a GREAT name for a nationals blog. so fitting.
    2006-03-31 08:51:52
    29.   Sam DC
    I dump on Tom Boswell alot here, but in his chat today (ongoing now!), he offered this to me pretty toughtful look at Church v. Watson (if you can get past the goofy punctuation and whatnot):

    Springfield, Va.: How do both Matt LeCroy & Daryle Ward make the cut? Thanks!

    Tom Boswell: LeCroy can hit. Ward hit in spring training. I'm surprised Ward stuck and will be surprised if he stays very long. But I'll be glad to be wrong.

    The real surprise __to Ryan Church anyway__ is that once Soriano agreed to play the outfield it was suddenly a competition between Watson and Church for an outfield stop. I don't think Church realized that possibility __thought it out__ in time. By the time the light bulb went on in everybody's head, Watson was hitting .300 and Church .200. My guess is that Watson will hit his way back to the minors and Church will hit his way back up. If Watson pans out __and a slap hitter needs at least a .360 on-base percenatge, a bunch of steals and good outfield defense to justify his existence__ it will be a large plus. I thin a juan Pierre, Brett Butler type is wonderful. But a player who is 80-percent of that leadoff "type" is a negative. On the other hand, someone who is 80 percent of 30-home-run hitter is still a plus.

    2006-03-31 08:59:15
    30.   SMY
    23 Since Choi had an option left, he was headed for AAA no matter what. The Sox can't trade Snow until July or something and they'll give Lowell the opportunity to justify his salary.

    Of course, since Choi pulled a hammy the other day that made everything pretty simple for the time being.

    2006-03-31 09:07:05
    31.   underdog
    20 Something about doing the robot made me finally realize that Jason Repko is the Dodgers' version of Fry from Futurama.

    I think overall people here seem to lean slightly anti-Repko, actually. I'm slightly pro-Repko in a non-committal way, can't put my finger on it except I like him as a bench OF'er and not a starter, and like the energy he brings (and think he's a solid hitter) - and that he's also a little crazy and dense in the field.

    Yep, Fry.

    2006-03-31 09:07:09
    32.   jeepseats
    10 - I disagree. I think there are people in the Dodger organization that really do like what they see in Repko.
    2006-03-31 09:14:37
    33.   Sam DC
    More Boswell of interest:

    McLean, VA: I wish we'd put the "white Sox Small Ball: myth to rest. Here's how they ranked in the AL in 2005:

    9th in runs scored
    4th in HRs
    11th in OBP

    They were a mediocre offensive team that depended more on the long ball than getting on base.

    1st in SHs
    7th in SFs
    3rd in SBs
    1st in CSs
    11th in SB%

    They did lead the league in sacrifice bunts, and stole a lot of bases, but they also were caught stealing a lot too.

    The White Sox won because of good pitching (1st in the league in ERA) and power bats, not because of smallball.

    Tom Boswell: Good numbers.

    The ideal these days is to be able to score BOTH ways. The Big Inning has always been central to baseball. In about 50 per cent of all games in baseball history, the winning teams has scored as many runs in ONE inning as the other team did in the whole game. BUT when you have strong pitching __like the White Sox__ it's also important to be able to generate 1 and 2-run rallies in close games. That's why the White Sox rank high in BOTH home runs AND stolen bases/sacrifice hits. They both have their place these days.

    (link in comment 29 above)

    2006-03-31 09:17:43
    34.   underdog
    Re: Jolbert Cabrera: If Ryan Ketchner ends up contributing as well as I hope he can at some point, I guess we got the better of that trade. Hopefull we won't have to wait as long as we did for the Geronimo Gil trade to gauge it though.
    2006-03-31 09:29:42
    35.   bigcpa
    I read that David Ross nearly incited a brawl this week by staying in the box to watch a HR.
    2006-03-31 09:35:59
    36.   Jon Weisman
    Thanks for the help on the list, everyone. I'll make an update in a little while, which will include this year's candidate to be the Third Mike Ramsey: Reggie Abercrombie. He not only made the Marlins, he will start.

    2006-03-31 09:50:08
    37.   Linkmeister
    Jon's part-time employer has its baseball preview out, and the Dodgers are picked first in the worst division in baseball.
    2006-03-31 10:05:28
    38.   Bob Timmermann
    The Toaster braintrust has its predictions up on The Griddle.
    2006-03-31 10:09:33
    39.   Sushirabbit
    Carrying over from yesterday.... Should I be worried that the Dodgers and D-Rays seem to have a good working relationship? I think that's the last owner I'd want to imagine McCourt cozying up with. Heck, I'd prefer George Steinbrenner.
    2006-03-31 10:11:27
    40.   D4P
    Why would the Braintrust choose your blog for that...?
    2006-03-31 10:13:27
    41.   Monterey Chris
    SI also has 20 baseball people to watch. Milton Bradley and Jamie McCourt both make the list.
    2006-03-31 10:20:15
    42.   Bob Timmermann

    Like the gym in "West Side Story", the Griddle is neutral territory.

    There are no fights on the Griddle, but you can issue a challenge.

    2006-03-31 10:21:24
    43.   Monterey Chris
    I was enjoying the Griddle's predictions until I got to Bob's NL West prediction.
    2006-03-31 10:22:48
    44.   Sam DC
    Omar Minaya's comin' after Jon.
    2006-03-31 10:30:02
    45.   das411
    39 - What's wrong with Stu Sternberg? Free parking, tailgating actually allowed at the ballpark, the new Ray tank...I would be more worried about Hunsicker versus Colletti at this point.
    2006-03-31 10:33:22
    46.   DXMachina
    39 As das411 says. The Rays have a new owner this year. Much better him than Jeff Loria.
    2006-03-31 10:33:28
    47.   underdog
    45 Yep I think 39 was thinking of TB's previous ownership, forgetting Stuart Sternberg took over this year. New GM too. They should be less of an embarrassment, at least. Now if only they'd do away with that awful stadium.

    Predictions: Street and Smith's picked the Rockies 3rd. Author of S&S's NL West section? Tracy Ringolsby, Rocky Mountain News. Still... it could happen I suppose. (Dodgers 2nd, Giants 1st, according to him.)

    2006-03-31 10:38:30
    48.   Bob Timmermann
    I was thinking of picking the Giants to win, but thought differently.
    2006-03-31 10:45:25
    49.   LAT
    How can we have an ex-Dodger update without mentioning our favorite ex-Dodger. With the versitilty to stink at multiple positions is Jason Phillips destined for the Home of the Whopper or has he cought on with the Jays?
    2006-03-31 10:48:45
    50.   Monterey Chris
    48--Even if a Dodger fan knew the Giants were going to win the division, the Giants should still not be picked to win. Ethics.
    Show/Hide Comments 51-100
    2006-03-31 10:50:09
    51.   Bob Timmermann

    Lost amidst the list was this:

    Even Gregg Zahn's injury hasn't guaranteed Jason Phillips a backup job catching with Toronto.

    2006-03-31 10:57:39
    52.   D4P
    Jason Phillips is a catcher...?
    2006-03-31 11:02:50
    53.   underdog
    52 No, but he plays one on TV.
    2006-03-31 11:06:37
    54.   Kayaker7
    52 He's more of a catcher than a thrower.
    2006-03-31 11:15:26
    55.   das411
    47 - Or play some games in their spring training ballpark, which would be AWESOME but makes too much sense to actually happen.

    51 - Gregg Zahn? The guy from "That Thing You Do!" and "Reality Bites"?

    54 - Like Piazza?

    2006-03-31 11:26:58
    56.   ToyCannon
    I think I may be the only Repko fan that is a regular poster on DT. Here's to hustle and a better sophmore year. Looking forward to the arm, the speed, the hustle, and the occasional pop. For those who say what "occasional pop" the 475 slug% at home does my talking for me. Which by the way was higher then Jeff Kents slug% at home. The mans home/away splits were quite dramatic. As long as he is used in a 5th OF role he should be fine.
    2006-03-31 11:30:28
    57.   underdog
    55 Steve Zahn, you're thinking of. Love that guy. He's a better catcher than Jason Phillips, too.

    56 Not the only one. I'm a fan, too (though maybe a bit less than you are).

    2006-03-31 11:34:34
    58.   Sushirabbit
    45 & 47 Yep. Even if I wasn't stressed out, I don't think I knew/remembered that. Not sure why.

    51-55 Had me laughing hard.

    2006-03-31 11:41:08
    59.   Sam DC
    From Inside the Dodgers blog Part I:

    "As for how to follow the prospects this year in Las Vegas, the 51s PR Director Jim Gemma just informed me that you can listen to all their games online on the 51s website."

    2006-03-31 11:42:42
    60.   Sam DC
    From Inside the Dodgers blog Part II:

    (describing a team visit to Blue Man Group show in Vegas)

    "Jason Repko was on stage during an indescribable bit in which it appears they string him upside down and slam him into a wall."

    2006-03-31 11:48:10
    61.   Fallout
    Jon-I enjoyed reading your list. Franklin Gutierrez, was he cut by Cleveland?
    2006-03-31 11:56:28
    62.   regfairfield
    56 I don't hate Repko, and he actually does have some value with his speed, and decent defense. The problem is that hyperbole begats hyperbole. When Repko is being described as the best player ever, it ends up being countered with arguments that don't look at what he does well.

    In the Hee Seop Choi FAQ, I mentioned that yes, strike outs are actually worse than regular outs, to a minor degree (striking out instead of putting the ball in play for an out 150 times in a season costs the team about 5.5 runs). In the ESPN thread that linked, the only thing they focused on is "see, he admits strike outs are worse than other outs! We were right all along." Give an inch, they take a mile.

    2006-03-31 12:04:54
    63.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    Speaking of Franklin Gutierrez, is it correct to say the chain of trades can be summed up as Gutierrez and Antonio Perez for Andre Ethier and 1-1/2 seasons of Milton Bradley?
    2006-03-31 12:06:12
    64.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    That should be, 1-1/2 seasons of a healthy Milton Bradley.
    2006-03-31 12:07:35
    65.   jeepseats
    56 - you're not alone.
    2006-03-31 12:14:09
    66.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
    My problem w/Repko was never really a problem w/Repko. It was a problem w/Tracy, who placed Repko in a role beyond his capabilities not out of necessity but of choice, much as Tracy did with "first baseman" Jason Phillips
    2006-03-31 12:15:40
    67.   regfairfield
    Actually, I could have just summed it up like this. I have no problem with Repko on the team, I just don't want to see him hit.
    2006-03-31 12:27:45
    68.   Kayaker7
    67 I think you'll get that wish.
    2006-03-31 12:28:19
    69.   Uncle Miltie
    Repko deserves a spot on the team as a late inning defensive replacement and pinch runner. As long as he gets no more than 100 at bats, he'll be a valuable asset. Repko might take poor routes in the outfielder, but he is an above average defender with a very good arm.
    2006-03-31 12:35:15
    70.   Fallout
    29 Sam DC
    How do both Matt LeCroy & Daryle Ward make the cut?

    Really. Michael Tucker was beat out by Ward?
    He's a decent ballplayer.

    2006-03-31 12:40:39
    71.   GoBears
    69. Is there a measure that shows that he's an above average defender? I agree about his arm, and with his speed, it seems as though he could become a very good defender. But he looks awful to me. Not just running serpentine routes to make easy plays look hard, but actually dropping balls he should catch as well. He's still young, so he could improve (though probably not if he's the 25th guy on the MLB roster), but to me, he seems to be a very good athlete (strong and fast) with marginal baseball skills. In particular, his hand-eye coordination seems to be insufficient.

    Now, I say this with no evidence other than anecdotal, and in full realization that he could hand-eye circles around me. This is a comparison to the best of the best, and I just don't think he's one of them. If baseball people like him as a player, other than his scrappy attitude (which I like too, but don't really value) it must be because they think he'll improve - that he has the raw materials for a good player (because his performance to date is not so hot). I guess that's the part I'm questioning, but since they're the ones who make the decisions, I hope I'm wrong.

    2006-03-31 12:42:34
    72.   Andrew Shimmin
    Somebody had to play OF, last year. Just as well Repko as somebody even worse. My list of 2005 Dodgers (position players) who were worse than Repko:

    Mike Rose
    Cody Ross
    Chin-Feng Chen

    Five of those spent some time in the OF. Repko should get better, too. Anyway, he was below average, but better than garbage. And if scrappiness floats your boat, good on you. So long as it doesn't become a brain-dead obsession (e.g. I don't care what anybody says, the only stat worth counting is number of times per game a fielder dives for a ball!), people can take any idiosyncratic side interest they like with out its bothering me (c.f. the beard brigade).

    2006-03-31 12:52:48
    73.   Andrew Shimmin
    71- Baseball Prospectus has him a little above average in CF and RF (a little below average in LF, where he played the fewest games).

    2006-03-31 12:57:24
    74.   natepurcell
    ill echo what others have said here. Sparky does have some value to a team but he is not starting caliber outfielder.

    he can be a replacement runner late in games and uhh... thats about all i trust him to do right now. His batting stance is quite horrible. His huge legkick doesnt work well as a timing mechanicism because it makes him lunge for the ball and thats why he misses so many pitches. Maybe if he can improve on that he could be more useful. He is the perfect tools vs stats guy. He does have very exciting tools that managers orgasm over, but those tools havent exactly turned into skills yet.

    yes he has occasional pop, but is that occassional pop worth it when he cant put the bat on the ball consistently or recognize pitches outisde the strike zone?

    yes he has speed and a very strong arm, but does that matter when hes zig-zagging in the outfield trying to track down a fly ball?

    Maybe im being a little too hard on sparky, he does hustle, and he does try hard so i do appreciate that. But he's just not very good.

    2006-03-31 13:12:04
    75.   Fallout
    I don't get a chance to see many Dodger games seeing that I now live in the East Bay. But, I do not understand how you can write-off or pigeonhole a player after a so-so rookie season.

    If Ethier,Guzman,Aybar,or Loney came up for part of the season and hit only .220 in 300 ABs would you give up on them? Maybe,(give up on)Ethier and Aybar and not the other two?

    2006-03-31 13:14:11
    76.   underdog
    Here are's John Donovan's "nagging questions" about the Dodgers (he did this for each team)

    "Los Angeles Dodgers: Can the Dodgers rely on Eric Gagne like they used to? If you're a Dodgers fan, aren't you a little concerned by Rafael Furcal's nagging injuries? And speaking of injuries, what will J.D. Drew give the team in '06? Can Nomar Garciaparra play first and stay healthy? Will someone please screw Odalis Perez's head on straight?"

    2006-03-31 13:16:25
    77.   natepurcell
    re 75

    the difference between repko and those players is that those players have a track record of success. repko didnt start doing anything until 2004.

    2006-03-31 13:16:34
    78.   Andrew Shimmin
    I think his speed and arm do make up for the zigzaging. It's just that that's all they do: make up for it. So, he'd be better if he were bettr. On the bright side, he's only about 100 OPS points from being career average Juan Encarnacion with a marginally better glove!
    2006-03-31 13:20:59
    79.   D4P
    The best part about Juan E. no longer being a Dodger is that we only have to hear Charlie Steiner butcher his last name a few times per year, rather than almost every game.
    2006-03-31 13:22:23
    80.   natepurcell
    so tonights game isnt on tv anywhere?
    2006-03-31 13:23:18
    81.   Jon Weisman
    75 - I wouldn't write Repko off completely. He's young enough to improve this season. I do think he has a lower ceiling than at least some of the players you mentioned.

    I do think some of the Repko criticism here has been over the top; I also think that some of the criticism has been less about Repko than about his use in certain situations.

    2006-03-31 13:28:08
    82.   King of the Hobos
    Greg Zaun's injury may not have guarunteed Phillips' inclusion on the Blue Jays roster, but the loss of Guillermo Quiroz probably does. He was claimed off waivers by Seattle. The Blue Jays look to start the season with two of the slowest guys in the majors behind the plate
    2006-03-31 13:28:18
    83.   Steve
    Repko is not all that useful in the best of circumstances, but I would be more hospitable to him if he were not described with terms that so clearly do not apply to him.
    2006-03-31 13:30:21
    84.   Moon Shot
    Did Repko start out as a shortstop? If so, how long has he been playing the outfield?
    2006-03-31 13:32:46
    85.   the OZ
    83 and others:

    Having Repko's bat on the bench is just fine with me, as long as he doesn't pick it up and try to use it :)

    (How's that for over-the-top criticism? Can I get a rim shot?)

    2006-03-31 13:43:28
    86.   Bob Timmermann
    With rain expected for this evening, TV's absence from the game may not be an important point.
    2006-03-31 13:44:10
    87.   Fallout
    85. the OZ
    Can I get a rim shot?

    Given. :)

    2006-03-31 13:51:30
    88.   Telemachos
    86 Since I've got tickets to the game tonight, I demand that all rain and rain-related activities cease by 7pm.

    Since the big guy upstairs bleeds Dodger Blue, this shouldn't be a problem, right, Mr. Lasorda?

    2006-03-31 13:53:24
    89.   bluenut
    Can anyone with access to media guide tell me what hotel the Dodgers stay at on the road? Especially when they play in Washington DC to play the Nationals.
    2006-03-31 13:54:40
    90.   Bob Timmermann

    Is your restraining order against Ramon Martinez not valid in the District of Columbia?

    2006-03-31 13:59:36
    91.   Andrew Shimmin
    If Repko, as he is, were three years younger, he'd be a hot prospect. If he were three years older, he'd be playing in Japan.
    2006-03-31 14:00:02
    92.   GoBears
    Repko's in a Catch-22 now. He can't improve unless he plays, but he has nowhere to play without hurting the organization:

    1. On the major-league roster, if his optimal use is as a 5th OFer, then he won't play enough to improve, and if he plays more, the Dodgers likely suffer.

    2. The AAA OF is too crowded with real prospects (now that Guzman and Young are out there with Ethier), so that starting Repko in AAA would hurt their development.

    Seems to me to be the classic case of a guy who needs a trade to flourish (unless the Dodgers are injured/daft enough to give him lots of MLB ABs).

    So maybe they should play up his scrapitude as much as possible so that some other sucker (er, GM) is willing to trade something the Dodgers need. Heck, even future draft picks would be fine.

    2006-03-31 14:02:34
    93.   MartinBillingsley31
    The more i think about it the more i realize that we have some trading chips for the trade deadline.
    Guzman, broxton, martin, werth, all could make lofton, a reliever, navarro, repko all expendable, plus add in izturis as trade bait, then whoever we are going after (hopefully a dominant starting pitcher) makes someone else expendable, without trading top prospects.

    But the team would need to stay healthy for that to happen.

    Thank god our division is weak that we can wait for the few top prospects (guzman, broxton, martin) to develop and get ready.

    2006-03-31 14:05:04
    94.   GoBears
    Follow-up to 92. I think Repko would flourish in Colorado. He could run all day (like a puppy on a farm) and probably hit 20 HRs playing half his games at Coors. Plus, curve balls won't curve there, which is nice for him.

    Does Colorado have anything the Dodgers need? Yeah, Todd Helton. Anything realistic?

    2006-03-31 14:06:35
    95.   Steve
    By the way, what is the last spot in the Cardinals bullpen this year? 15th? 16th?
    2006-03-31 14:09:24
    96.   Andrew Shimmin
    Speaking of DC restraining orders, is Cynthia McKinney really going to get arrested? That'd be awesome, but you'd think she could get that squashed. What's the point of being a congressman if you can't slug a security guard every once and again.
    2006-03-31 14:11:17
    97.   the OZ
    92 Just FYI, MLB rules prohibit the trading of draft picks.
    2006-03-31 14:11:42
    98.   natepurcell
    He could run all day (like a puppy on a farm)

    sparky would love the wilderness and waterfalls out in centerfield as well.

    2006-03-31 14:12:51
    99.   Andrew Shimmin
    Don't fall for it, Repko! They always say they're taking the puppy to a farm, but it's never true!
    2006-03-31 14:23:23
    100.   Sam DC
    99 LOL, and who'se gonna tell Toycannon?

    89 Would they really put that in the media guide? I was told by a hotel employee (OK - bartender) that many teams stay at the newish Mandarin Oriental in Southwest. It is a easy hop to RKK avoiding downtown traffic, very fancy, and really only used by hardcore business types (and some rich live-ins); not many ordinary tourists as it is not in the normal downtown hotel axis. No clue about the Dodgers in particular.

    Show/Hide Comments 101-150
    2006-03-31 14:28:16
    101.   Bob Timmermann
    The hotel names are usually put in media guides because the writers are usually staying there too.
    2006-03-31 14:49:59
    102.   Marty
    And you think managers are dumb. Chevy had the big idea of putting up a web site for people to create their own ads for the new version of their Tahoe. The internets have had a high old time making humerous commercials at Chevy's expense. Here's one:

    2006-03-31 14:54:04
    103.   Jon Weisman
    102 - That was funny, Marty. Reminds me of the Jon Stewart/cowboy piece at the Oscars.
    2006-03-31 14:57:00
    104.   underdog
    96 Political Talk On the Boards Alert

    And I still say Repko = Fry from Futurama, god bless 'em.

    2006-03-31 15:01:05
    105.   bigcpa
    Clay Davenport has posted 2006 Standings based on PECOTA projections. Allow me to excerpt...

    NY 94 wins
    Bos 93 wins

    Oak 93 wins
    LAA 81 wins!

    LAD 87 wins
    SF 80 wins
    SD 78 wins

    2006-03-31 15:02:48
    106.   underdog
    Huh, 81 wins does seem low for the Angels (not that I'd mind.) Dubious. I'll take 87 for LAD.

    I'll be surprised if Boston wins 90+ this year...

    2006-03-31 15:05:09
    107.   Im So Blue
    80 LA Times says tonight's game is on Ch 13 @ 7:30pm.
    Sat, Ch 9 @ 7pm;
    Sun, FSNW2 @ noon.
    2006-03-31 15:10:18
    108.   blue22
    The Angels as currently comprised don't strike much fear in anyone offensively, but a few key injuries could really help that out (as Ken at CatfishStew predicts). Say, Orlando Cabrera accidentally falls down a flight of stairs while hauling deer meat, allowing Brandon Wood to come in and forever claim the starting gig.

    Would the Angels be worse off to anyone (well, to anyone besides Plashke)?

    2006-03-31 15:12:21
    109.   bigcpa
    They have the Dodgers at 748/694 RS/RA which is essentially the 2004 team. Course that team had 89 pythag wins and 93 real ones.

    Also they assume 500 pa's from Bonds!

    2006-03-31 15:13:56
    110.   Andrew Shimmin
    104- I thought about that, but it's not really about politics; it's about politicians. Shaky ground, but if I'm not mistaken, Dick Cheney's poor aim was lampooned without lapsing in to political theorizing. I suspect that half the people on the board don't know her party affiliation and I don't (and wouldn't) suggest that it had any validity, here. Although, if you add Pat Kennedy to the equation, there's a bit of a trend there. . . 8^)
    2006-03-31 15:16:24
    111.   GoBears
    97. OK then, low-minors prospects.
    2006-03-31 16:07:53
    112.   underdog
    110 No worries.

    Hey, good news, for those of us who aren't in LA, can't watch the freeway series (games that don't count anyway) this weekend on TV or the opening series in person - the game Monday is on ESPN at 1pm.

    Dog bless Tivo.

    Actually, I think I'm coming down with something Monday. {{cough}}

    2006-03-31 16:08:06
    113.   Telemachos
    Since I'm commuting to Dodger Stadium from West LA tonight (not something I'm familiar with), anyone with suggestions as to best route?

    The 10's gonna be jam-packed... I figure on taking surface streets towards Hollywood then getting onto Sunset at some point. Thoughts?

    2006-03-31 16:15:39
    114.   Jon Weisman
    Telemachos, e-mail me your departure point and I'll e-mail you back.
    2006-03-31 16:21:57
    115.   underdog
    I used to take Sunset all the way, when I lived in West LA myself. Long but less trafficky, and easy to escape from.
    2006-03-31 16:41:34
    116.   Fallout
    Ricardo Rodriguez, who went away in the Paul Shuey trade..
    The Paul Shuey trade was a little controversial at that time because the Dodgers gave up two very good pitching prospects. I never gave it a thought again till I read Jon's notes. I found this article from July 2002 for anyone interested. It also reminds us that good prospects are just that.

    2006-03-31 17:04:52
    117.   natepurcell
    BA changed the layout of their website... i dont like change!
    2006-04-01 07:17:50
    118.   Vishal
    the 94-98-99 progression is a prime example of what makes dodger thoughts so awesome. puppy on a farm, indeed.

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