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Questions Linger with Furcal Injury
2006-03-30 07:12
by Jon Weisman

An MRI on Dodger shortstop and leadoff hitter Rafael Furcal revealed an "anular strain," according to Tony Jackson of the Daily News. Jackson indicates that the Dodgers don't know when Furcal will play again - it could be as soon as two days, or he could go on the disabled list.

Jackson added that having played in Wednesday's exhibition, Dioner Navarro is on track to be on the active roster, despite this other Jackson article indicating otherwise.

Update: From Will Carroll at Baseball Prospectus:

Everything's connected. Rafael Furcal has been rehabbing from "minor" knee surgery and was behind schedule. Whether his gait changed or he rushed back, he's now dealing with a disc problem in his lower back. Called an "annular strain," the injury is minor, unpredictable, and the first sign of degenerative disc disease. Furcal's pain tolerance and response to treatment will determine when he returns, though this is definitely an injury that will need to be watched and managed for the rest of the year, and beyond that, for the rest of his career. Back injuries are perhaps the most unpredictable injuries to baseball players. This is definitely a major concern for the Dodgers.

* * *

General Manager Ned Colletti said Kent is "crystal clear" about perhaps moving to first base eventually. However, the Dodgers have no short-term or long-range plans to move him.

- Steve Henson in the Times

(So what is the more surprising contract decision from Wednesday: the Dodgers extending Kent, or American Idol extending Paula Abdul?)

Henson also noted that minor league pitcher Kurt Ainsworth will need surgery that will sideline him until August or later.

* * *

In the latest from his periodic series of highlights from his father's long sportswriting career, Rich Lederer of Baseball Analysts gives us the end of the famous Sandy Koufax/Don Drysdale holdout. Forty years ago today, the Dodgers ceased negotiations.

Dodgers Give Up on Big 2

VERO BEACH, Fla. - There's no business like show business left for Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale.

The baseball curtains fell on them and the Dodgers Tuesday night. It fell with the impact of an iron curtain with the announcement from Dodger general manager, Buzzie Bavasi:

"There is no sense in negotiating further."

A day later, Koufax and Drysdale returned.

Sandy, Big D Sign for ONE Year

VERO BEACH, Fla. - Twenty-four hours ago, 32 and 53 equalled 86 "Outsville," as the saying goes.

Today, things are back to normal. Thirty-two and 53 equal $220,000.

That's baseball biz!

I love George Lederer's leads (or ledes, if you must).

* * *

I am scheduled to talk about the National League West today on AOL Sports Bloggers Live at 9:05 a.m. in a show that will also include Tyler Blexzinski from Athletics Nation and former All-Star Will Clark. You can listen live or via podcast, I'm told.

Comments (363)
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2006-03-30 07:20:32
1.   MollyKnight
Yes! I will listen to this!
2006-03-30 07:44:13
2.   deburns
What if anything do the comments about Kent moving to 1B eventually say about Loney's future. I merely ask as an academic matter, not because he is in my rotisserie farm system.
2006-03-30 07:48:26
3.   Bob Timmermann
If you haven't heard Jon on the radio before, one word always comes to mind: stentorian.
2006-03-30 07:49:57
4.   bluetahoe
I was like...huh?...when Ned brought Martinez to camp but it kind of makes sense now, especially after we found out Furcal was a little nicked after we signed him. Hopefully he can hold the fort down till Furcal comes back (if he's really gone at all.)
2006-03-30 07:55:41
5.   BruceR
3 -- OK, Bob...had to look it up ( Are you calling Jon a loud mouth ??!!? ;-)
2006-03-30 08:06:12
6.   Sam DC
He's the John Facenda of baseball bloggers.
2006-03-30 08:16:04
7.   jamiemottram
Hey Jon and Dodger Thoughts readers,

The Sports Bloggers Live program which Jon will be a part of can be heard on from 5 PM ET today through Monday. I'll also provide Jon with a stand-alone clip of his interview plus an mp3 of the entire show if you'd like to download it.

Thanks, and enjoy Opening Day,

2006-03-30 08:18:04
8.   Vishal
hahah, stentorian. jon might be the most soft-spoken pundit in history.
2006-03-30 08:22:29
9.   Jon Weisman
4 - Bluetahoe, do I need to remind you that you were banned for the week because of your taunting of another commenter?
2006-03-30 08:50:58
10.   bluetahoe
No. See ya Wednesday.
2006-03-30 09:01:44
11.   Bob Timmermann
"Nine men walked across the frozen tundra of Chavez Ravine. Nine men ready to walk into history. Nine men with an appointment with destiny...."

(Cue soaring music)

2006-03-30 09:05:20
12.   Bob Timmermann
My Firefox browser has declared "Sports Bloggers Live" to be verboten.
2006-03-30 09:06:44
13.   ToyCannon
Maybe by then we will have had two rainouts and that will be our opening day.
Sure would be funny if opening day got rained out and all those people who paid silly money for opening day tickets end up with just another game later in the schedule. Or maybe just funny to me.
2006-03-30 09:07:49
14.   Bob Timmermann
Hey, I'm taking my niece to Disneyland Monday, it better not rain!
2006-03-30 09:16:03
15.   LAT
So what is the more surprising contract decision from Wednesday: the Dodgers extending Kent, or American Idol extending Paula Abdul?)

29 other teams would have gladly taken Jeff Kent. Who else would have taken Paula Abdul? (And I mean take Paula for a job, not anything else.)

As an aside, how come Ned isn't catching any flack for signing a broken SS. Should'nt he have seen this coming the way Depo should have seen a couple of HBP injuries.

2006-03-30 09:20:43
16.   LAT
16. Bob, a few days ago I think you mentioned a 2 for 1 deal on Disneylad tickets. Where do you get that deal and what are the terms. I am taking 8 people for my daughters B-Day in two weeks and if I could save on 4 tickets that would be great. Thanks
2006-03-30 09:25:05
17.   Bob Timmermann
There are "2fer" tickets that you can buy at Vons that let you in two both parks for the price of one.


you have to go to the parks on separate days.

2006-03-30 09:26:49
18.   Daniel Zappala

A series of storms starting Friday, going through Wednesday. Not sure how all of these will play out, but there is a decent chance of rain each day:

2006-03-30 09:27:55
19.   LAT
Do the 2fers also let two people into one park for the price of one or am I hoping for too much?
2006-03-30 09:28:55
20.   Eric L
14 Don't ya know that rainy days are the best days to go to D-land?

Probably not at this time of the year though.

2006-03-30 09:31:20
21.   ToyCannon
Probably because Furcal had played 154, 156, 143, 154 games over the last four seasons. If Furcal gets hurt this year Ned deserves no blame.

If Nomar or Mueller or Lofton go down he will deserve any tomatoes sent his way as the first two have significant injury historys and the 3rd is just old and due to have injuries.

2006-03-30 09:34:40
22.   Humma Kavula
10 18 Keep that rain-mojo thing going: I've got tickets for Wednesday's game!
2006-03-30 09:34:44
23.   ToyCannon
Disneyland is about as overrated as Rafael Soriano.
2006-03-30 09:35:42
24.   Bob Timmermann

That would be hoping for too much.

2006-03-30 09:36:40
25.   Bob Timmermann
Actually, rain does keep down the crowds at Disneyland.

The problem of course is that you have to walk around in the rain.

2006-03-30 09:37:22
26.   LAT
21. I know. My point was really that Depo was treated unfairly in this regard and its one more example of what has become a double standard between the two even though they are actually not so diffrent.
2006-03-30 09:37:41
27.   ToyCannon
Of course I meant Alphonso
2006-03-30 09:38:01
28.   LAT
Bob, thanks for the info.
2006-03-30 09:39:58
29.   Humma Kavula
27 I used to work for Disney and I had the silver pass. Let me tell you: Disneyland gets a lot better when you're going for free.
2006-03-30 09:40:49
30.   Humma Kavula
29 On the other hand, I think people here would like Alphonso Soriano a lot better if he played for free, too.
2006-03-30 09:41:06
31.   Vishal
where is jon on this SBL thing?
2006-03-30 09:46:15
32.   Jon Weisman
31 - See comment 7 for info on the podcast.
2006-03-30 09:47:13
33.   Eric L
25 I was just wondering if it actually kept the crowds down at this time of the year with spring break and all.

NO RAIN ON MONDAY.. I paid face value for my tickets, but I would still be bummed if it was cancelled.

2006-03-30 09:48:17
34.   Sushirabbit
That's scary stuff about Furcal. I'm in that situation right now, although I suspect that he's had no problem getting an MRI, where as I have to beg and bribe, etc.

There is good news in that some people seem to rebound very quickly from this thing especially if they were in shape athletes to begin with. Others, like myself, have very undpredictable recoveries. Up and down, doesn't seem to matter how hard I do the exrecises or how often. I can be fine one minute and in pain the next.

It's also kind of scary when the physical therapist does more diagnostics than the orthopeadic surgeon. Time is money (read your money) to them I guess.

2006-03-30 09:50:13
35.   Bob Timmermann
For the most part, people don't like to go to Disneyland in the rain. It's about the only thing that keeps people away.
2006-03-30 09:51:53
36.   Sam DC
32 So did you tape already?
2006-03-30 09:52:29
37.   Jon Weisman
35 - Unfortunately, someone left the cake out in the rain.
2006-03-30 09:53:31
38.   Jon Weisman
36 - Yep.
2006-03-30 09:53:54
39.   Bob Timmermann
Good idea, perhaps we can take my niece to Macarthur Park. You can meet so many nice people there. It's good, clean fun for a 7-year old.
2006-03-30 09:54:57
40.   Jon Weisman
39 - As long as Lawrence Phillips isn't driving the minivan to pick you up.
2006-03-30 09:56:47
41.   Sam DC
Must've gone well; someone's in a cheery mood.
2006-03-30 10:14:38
42.   ToyCannon
Dodger game from Vegas is on Channel 9 tonight.
2006-03-30 10:18:16
43.   Sam DC
Is gameday up and running for all ST games, or just some. Jon, you've linked it (e.g. yesterday's Dodgers/Nationals game), but I can't find it at


2006-03-30 10:20:35
44.   Jon Weisman
41 - I wasn't completely inarticulate, so that is always nice.
2006-03-30 10:26:14
45.   D4P
Here's today's Gameday link

2006-03-30 10:28:53
46.   Marty
No rain Sunday please. I'm going what I like to call "golfing".
2006-03-30 10:29:28
47.   D4P
You're less likely to 4 and 5 putt if the greens are wet.
2006-03-30 10:30:59
48.   Sam DC
2006-03-30 10:43:28
49.   Jacob L
Yeah, I, too, would appreciate a Woodstock-style "no rain" chant for Monday. The forecast calls for showers, which doesnt' sound like a rainout, in any case, but I'm planning to go with my wife and 10 month old daughter, so waiting through delays and getting wet is probably not in the cards.

To bring the conversation full-circle, my opening day ritual usually starts in MacArthur Park. Pastrami hash for breakfast. Dodger dog for lunch.

2006-03-30 10:43:48
50.   Marty
47 You haven't seen me putt. I actually used to be an average golfer, 15 handicap. Now, I'm closer to a 25.
Show/Hide Comments 51-100
2006-03-30 10:45:51
51.   D4P
I haven't played golf in nearly 3 years. I played all the time in high school and some in undergrad, but have pretty much hung up the clubs (possibly for good). I was around a 6 handicap when playing on the high school team. I probably couldn't break 100 if I went out and played today.
2006-03-30 10:49:13
52.   Sam DC
Hey, who are these guys? Where're Truby and Garcia and Rohan?
2006-03-30 10:58:52
53.   Bob Timmermann
I believe it's a split squad game as the Dodgers are also playing in Las Vegas tonight.
2006-03-30 11:00:13
54.   Bob Timmermann

Barring a Noah-like flood, I predict the Dodgers will play on Opening Day. The game is sold out and it would be a pain to reschedule. Remember that the Braves don't come back to L.A. again this year. So they would have to make up the game this week.

2006-03-30 11:03:22
55.   Robert Daeley
Best day I ever had at Disneyland was a rainy day. Keeps the crowds down to a tolerable level.
2006-03-30 11:03:35
56.   D4P
Ugh. Homerun Pat Borders.
2006-03-30 11:06:52
57.   jasonungar05
Not that anyone cares but I am happy that I get to go to the dodger/angel game on my birthday (april 2) and I get to see Billingsley throw.

I just found out that my boss is giving me Monday off for my birthday so if anyone has an extra and wants to sit with a d-thought daily visitor let me know!!

2006-03-30 11:12:30
58.   Jon Weisman
Pat Borders hitting a home run is not a threat. I'm happy for him. He's actually going to be used the way he should be - as a (playing) coach in the minors.
2006-03-30 11:18:46
59.   D4P
Brad Cresse is pinch-hitting. Is he any relation to Mark Cresse?
2006-03-30 11:21:29
60.   Bob Timmermann
Brad is Mark's son.
2006-03-30 11:21:58
61.   Uncle Miltie
Wilkin Ruan is playing? When did we get him back? If he could hit, he would be a huge upgrade over Repko. He was fun to watch in center field.
2006-03-30 11:23:47
62.   underdog
Yeah, what's wrong with Pat Borders hitting one out? It's fun, I'm happy for him, too. This weekend could be his last chance to hit (sort of)major league pitching.

I do wish they'd let Steve Yeager play a few innings, though, bet he could still bring it.

2006-03-30 11:23:59
63.   Bob Timmermann

Watching Wilkin Ruan would not be defined as fun in my book. I thought of it as something more like an event out of a Steven King novel.

2006-03-30 11:25:58
64.   Uncle Miltie
Watching Wilkin Ruan would not be defined as fun in my book.
In the outfield ONLY, not at the plate
2006-03-30 11:29:59
65.   Sam DC
Crasnick article on Nomar up at, and even free. Bottom line: Defense, good; hitting, not so much.

2006-03-30 11:30:53
66.   Fallout
58 Jon Weisman

I'm sure you just made old bear feel better.

2006-03-30 11:31:58
67.   Bob Timmermann
Is Borders going to be at Vero Beach attempting to mentor the Dodgers version of Nuke LaLoosh?
2006-03-30 11:33:58
68.   alexx
If you take her to Macarthur Park then you can go to Langers. Mm pastrami. Then you can get her a fake id. It's never too early.
2006-03-30 11:34:23
69.   D4P
Watching Wilkin Ruan would not be defined as fun in my book.

Bob - Any chance we can get a copy of your book...?

2006-03-30 11:34:40
70.   Jeromy
Anyone have the gameday link? I can't find one, and I'd like to see the last couple of innings.
2006-03-30 11:37:25
71.   Bob Timmermann
This is my book:
Title: Irradiated plastic products /
Author(s): Timmermann, Robert.
Publication: Westbury, N.Y. : Radiation Dynamics, Inc.,
Year: 1963
Description: 9 [i.e. 21] p. : ill. ; 28 cm.
Language: English
2006-03-30 11:38:38
72.   Sam DC
70 see 45 -- this is the gameday computercast, not the mlbtv link, though.
2006-03-30 11:41:32
73.   D4P
That doesn't sound nearly as exciting as I was hoping. For one thing, I prefer radiated plastic products...
2006-03-30 11:45:03
74.   Humma Kavula
73 Aren't radiated and irradiated the same thing?
2006-03-30 11:45:07
75.   D4P
Pat Borders RBI single.
2006-03-30 11:47:13
76.   underdog
Break up Pat Borders! Maybe they should keep him and boot Alomar Jr. Sr.
2006-03-30 11:53:19
77.   Jeromy
72 & 45 --Thanks. I obviously skim read the comments and missed it the first time.
2006-03-30 11:55:43
78.   Fallout
76. underdog

Keep both of them and send Navarro and Martin down for more seasoning.

2006-03-30 11:58:02
79.   underdog
Or vice versa, send the older guys down for un-seasoning and keep both young 'uns up for the helluvit.
2006-03-30 12:01:13
80.   Fallout
General Manager Ned Colletti said Kent is "crystal clear" about perhaps moving to first base eventually. However, the Dodgers have no short-term or long-range plans to move him.

I wonder what Garciaparra thinks about that statement.

2006-03-30 12:08:56
81.   Daniel Zappala
Karros actually has some insightful comments about playing defense at 1B in that Crasnick column's sidebar.
2006-03-30 12:09:26
82.   Jeromy
It looks like on gameday that Wilkin Ruan singled to the stands near 3B, clearly in foul territory. Anyone listening or watching who can explain?
2006-03-30 12:20:28
83.   Sushirabbit
71 yeah, but what's the Ibsen number?
2006-03-30 12:28:22
84.   Ken Arneson
71 You wrote a book before you were born? That's impressive.
2006-03-30 12:33:40
85.   Bob Timmermann
I was very precocious.
2006-03-30 12:36:56
86.   Jeromy
If we are to believe gameday, to this point Spike Lundberg has given up 6 hits, 4 runs, and a WP , recording one out with only 8 pitches! That is not pitching. That is batting practice.
2006-03-30 12:39:40
87.   thinkblue0
I'm surprised more people don't have the willies over this whole Furcal thing.

This kind of stuff just seems to happen to us all the time. If it was a hammy strain or something I wouldn't worry...but the back is NEVER a good thing. Hopefully he's ready to roll opening day because we're gonna need him against Huddy and Smoltz.

Also, the thought of Ramon Martinez starting for us at SS on opening day just made me shudder.

2006-03-30 12:45:10
88.   Jeromy
Aaah. One more out with one more pitch. I think it is safe to say they are not tracking every pitch, just every pitch that results in something else. Regardless, I don't know if I ever suffered a shellacking in little league like Spike did from the Astros in the Bottom of the 8th.

I know it is spring training, but it seems like SS games result in giving a lion some fresh meat and saying have had it!

2006-03-30 12:45:15
89.   Bob Timmermann
Norihiro Nakamura started at third base for the home opener last year.
2006-03-30 12:47:04
90.   the OZ
87 The sad thing is, we have a better shortstop playing first base and gave away our other 1B.
2006-03-30 12:47:44
91.   Jeromy
I am worried about Furcal. Perhaps Izturis and Furcal can coexist, the Dodgers will just have to piece together ABs around injuries.
2006-03-30 12:48:03
92.   DXMachina
86 I think Spike threw a few more pitches than GameDay gave him credit for, but he really had nothing today.
2006-03-30 12:48:23
93.   underdog
89 {{Shudder}}

90 Hey, couldn't Nomar conceivably play SS if we needed him to, though?

2006-03-30 12:50:03
94.   underdog
. o O O Spike Lundberg?? Man, these split squad -end-of-spring-training-saving-our-starting-lineup games sure are a stretch.
2006-03-30 12:51:02
95.   Uncle Miltie
Great article on Bradley:

Milton Bradley finally may have found his happy place.

He had heard all about the reputation of the A's clubhouse and how raucous yet welcoming it was, but he had to see for himself. All it took to put him at ease was one prank.

"They did this," Bradley said before letting loose with something between a giggle and a throaty laugh while pointing to his locker at Phoenix Municipal Stadium on Tuesday morning.

Someone had taped up Jeff Kent's trading card in Bradley's stall and written a thought bubble next to it that reads, "You're not running hard enough, boy."

2006-03-30 12:53:31
96.   Jeromy
94 - Agreed. I think the split squad games should be scheduled earlier in spring training when a team actually needs the ABs to evaluate guys for the roster. Now that many of the roster decisions have been made, it makes no sense to throw out the Rookie and A ball guys as fodder for the other team who is tuning up and building confidence for the start of the season.
2006-03-30 12:56:57
97.   GoBears
Not sure if this was ever linked. Great BA interview with Roy Smith:

2006-03-30 12:57:18
98.   Gold Star for Robot Boy
"You're not running hard enough, boy."
That's wicked in many ways.
2006-03-30 12:58:10
99.   Eric L
Someone had taped up Jeff Kent's trading card in Bradley's stall and written a thought bubble next to it that reads, "You're not running hard enough, boy."


2006-03-30 13:02:44
100.   oldbear
So do the A's now have 'chemistry'? All it took was a dose of Milton Bradley...
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2006-03-30 13:02:48
101.   Xeifrank
Looks like rain, or atleast the threat of rain is in the forecast every day through wednesday. vr, Xei
2006-03-30 13:21:41
102.   Sam DC
What does ". o O O" in 94 mean?
2006-03-30 13:23:30
103.   Bob Timmermann
Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a Nomar popup
Falling on my head like a new shortstop
I want to walk in Chavez Ravine
I want to talk like Dodgers fans do
I want to talk on a cellphone
Is it raining on you?
2006-03-30 13:26:55
104.   Sam DC
Q&A with Dodger Thoughts Icon Danica McKellar up at (yes, with picture).

2006-03-30 13:28:11
105.   D4P
So do the A's now have 'chemistry'?

They can't have chemistry. They haven't won any game yet.

2006-03-30 13:29:23
106.   D4P
Is it safe to assume that Jon with forthwith refer to Rama Sobhani as "Newman"?
2006-03-30 13:31:24
107.   Jon Weisman
104 - I don't think I've ever been more disappointed at being scooped.

It's sure a new age of interviewer now though, isn't it?

2006-03-30 13:32:38
108.   Jon Weisman
106 - LOL.

True story - when we were house shopping in 2003-04, we were shown a house at the same time as Newman. You could feel the tension.

2006-03-30 13:33:41
109.   Bob Timmermann

Ms. McKellar was not on campus yesterday to the best of my knowledge.

2006-03-30 13:49:35
110.   oldbear
The closest I've came to meeting a celebrity was last year Jaime Lyn Discalia (Meadow from the Sopranos) was in town to give a lecture on anorexia. A couple hours later her limo pulled up to the campus bookstore my friend worked at, and she and her husband walked in and bought some stuff.

I also met comedian Stephen Lynch in 2003 when he played a show. Lynch was awesome. This was after his Comedy Central special, and he was on his tour, but the guy still was selling his own CD's at the end of shows. He did his routine in front of probably 150 people in this night club type of set up, then got off stage and let anyone that wanted a picture with him or CD get one. The pics were obviously free. But I found it strange that a fairly popular comedian was still essentially selling CD's out of the trunk of his car.

I dont really consider athletes famous since you see them all the time living in a college town.

But as far as show-biz, I havent met many.

2006-03-30 13:51:33
111.   Johnson
104 Kind of a cool article. I had never heard of an Erdos Number before. While I am not a mathematician, I can claim an Erdos Number of no greater than 5 (but no Bacon number). Neat.
2006-03-30 13:56:22
112.   Brian Y
I noticed we picked up Craig Brazell from the Mets at some point as he "supposedly" appeared in our S/S game today. Wasnt he at one point a good power prospect? Where is he going to play for us? AA to fill Loney's shoes?
2006-03-30 13:57:09
113.   Jon Weisman
110 - Kissing Lisa Bonet in sixth grade Truth or Dare, before she was Lisa Bonet. That's still my topper.
2006-03-30 13:57:20
114.   Robert Daeley
110 With a lot of touring musicians (and I assume with comedians), the only way they can make any money is via merchandise sales at concerts.
2006-03-30 13:59:18
115.   Jacob L
I know we've had countless celebrity sighting discussions on here. If you narrow it down to actual "meeting" or talking with, beyond asking for an autograph, I have only 2.

-Ranking Roger (from English Beat/General Public) used to stay at my co-op in college when his tours came through the Bay Area. Got some stories that can't be told on the internet.

-I knew Pete Sampras from about age 7 to age 17. That would be "pre-famous," though.

2006-03-30 13:59:49
116.   Bob Timmermann
Meadow is back to Jamie-Lynn Sigler this year.

My list of celebrity interactions is pretty long and I'm still working out who ranks higher in the pantheon of fame:
Justine Bateman, Weird Al Yankovic or Diane Keaton?

2006-03-30 14:00:48
117.   Sam DC
(i) Square dance with Chynna Phillips, sixth grade graduation.

(ii) Turning down offer to abandon my beset friend and follow Liz Phair into a dorm party during freshman year of college, (was visiting Oberlin College where she and my friend were in school)

2006-03-30 14:01:29
118.   thinkblue0

Growing up in LA I've met too many celebrities..I've got some pretty crazy stories.

Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore, Shopgirl) is a good friend of mine...since he's a Coppola, I've been around them for a long time. It weirds me out when people freak out over celebrities...they put on their pants one leg at a time too...

2006-03-30 14:04:05
119.   Bob Timmermann
I put my pants on through the use of an ingenious device that shoots them on to my legs through a pneumatic tube.
2006-03-30 14:06:35
120.   Robert Daeley
"they put on their pants one leg at a time too..."

Reminds me of the great Bruce Dickinson: "Easy, guys. I put my pants on just like the rest of you -- one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records."

2006-03-30 14:07:23
121.   Jacob L
116 I knew Justine Bateman's stalker.

I think it would rank as Weird, Diane, Justine, though Batemans, in general, are trending up.

2006-03-30 14:09:30
122.   Humma Kavula
I work in publicity, so I'm often walking celebrities down the red carpet at premieres.

Newsflash: Colin Farrell has a potty mouth.

2006-03-30 14:10:37
123.   Humma Kavula
Also: Sela Ward is really nice, really beautiful, and was really embarrassed when I asked her to let the studio I worked for buy ice cream for her kids.
2006-03-30 14:10:47
124.   Jacob L
118 The fact that I post on the same website as someone who's friends with Jason Schwartzman would cause some of my friends to freak out.

Oh, I forgot to mention in 115 that the boyfriend in "Bring it On" is my next door nieghbor.

2006-03-30 14:12:44
125.   Marty
I'm a (not-a-close) friend of Fritz Coleman.

I once stood at urinal between Tom Bradley and the President of Mexico if that means anything.

2006-03-30 14:13:37
126.   Humma Kavula
Also: I used to live upstairs from Pretty Boy from 84 Charlie Mopic.
2006-03-30 14:13:59
127.   DodgerJoe
Ate dinner next to Charlize Theron at a sushi bar (Katsu-ya) in Studio City. She asked what I was eating.
2006-03-30 14:14:13
128.   Bob Timmermann
I'm accepting orders for the Timmermann Pants-O-Matic. It's not available in stores. Only through mail order. It costs $5,000 and is guaranteed for 3,000 pairs.
2006-03-30 14:14:46
129.   Bob Timmermann

There's a question you need to answer.

2006-03-30 14:15:36
130.   Marty
I didn't peek
2006-03-30 14:16:32
131.   Sam DC
123 Do you know her husband Howard Sherman? I knew him well as a child.
2006-03-30 14:16:35
132.   Humma Kavula
128 I'm sorry, Bob, but if I'm gonna shell out that kind of dough, you're going to have to do better than a $1.67-per-pair guarantee. Get that down to $0.80 and you've got a deal.
2006-03-30 14:18:09
133.   Humma Kavula
131 No. I accompanied her and her kids down a red carpet at a premiere -- helped them get their picture taken, that kind of thing.

Then I paid for the kids ice cream and she got really embarrassed.

2006-03-30 14:18:29
134.   Marty
I've shook hands with:

Howard Hesseman
Patty Duke
Lee Van Cleef
David Soul
The Van Patton that played Salami

2006-03-30 14:19:22
135.   underdog
102 Sorry, that's web "picture" for a cartoon thought bubble.

112 I noticed that, too - about Craig Brazell , after hearing him hit today. Was among the Mets top 15 or 20 prospects, for whatever that's worth. Not sure how we got him, unless it was in the Sanchez/Schmoll for Seo/Hamamalamaluck trade?

2006-03-30 14:19:35
136.   Marty
They were shooting Dream Girls in my building all this month. One day last week there was a big rumor that Beyonce was going to eat in the cafeteria. She never showed.
2006-03-30 14:23:18
137.   Eric L
Speaking of Danica, I was out with my friend and his girlfriend at a bar in Upland and in walked Danica (she was doing a play in Upland at the time that may or may not have been Grease). I'm pretty sure I looked over at my friend and said "oh my god, it's Winnie Cooper". She seemed really nice and was super hot in person.
2006-03-30 14:23:26
138.   underdog
My So-Called Life connection - worked on a film that had AJ Langer in it (she was Claire Danes best friend on that show). She was pretty nice to me, as we ate at the craft services table a few times, but apparently a pain in the butt to the producers. My cousin it turns out was good friends with her growing up in LA. How exciting. Not really...

I once shook James Woods' hand at a film festival.
Met Jason Alexander (my cousin's husband line-produced a film he directed). Nice guy, nothing like George.

Saw Willem Dafoe walking down the street in San Francisco and almost jumped to see him in real life.

Met some film directors' too in my wannabe screenwriting career but not "celebrities" anyone would go gaga over.

2006-03-30 14:23:35
139.   Humma Kavula
136 I once ate in a cafeteria next to Jodie Foster.

She didn't bus her tray, so I bused it for her.

Then I made it into a shrine.

Just kidding, Jodie, if you're reading this. I imagine you don't have much of a sense of humor about that stuff.

2006-03-30 14:23:44
140.   Brian Y
Well since I work in production I encounter celebrities all the time. I never understood the fascination with them I suppose. I have some stories of nice ones and some horror stories that would gross most people out. I realized after a few years working in the industry that they are "normal" people and I don't say that glowingly. You have the psycho's, schitzo's, sicko's, cheaters, genuinely mean, and genuinely nice ones.
2006-03-30 14:26:38
141.   Brian Y
135. Well Brazell is probably not considered a prospect anymore but he is still young enough to possibly help.
2006-03-30 14:27:21
142.   Bob Timmermann
I'll include an autographed picture of me and a jello mold in the shape of Wyoming.
2006-03-30 14:32:17
143.   Jon Weisman
134 - That Van Patten now directs Sopranos episodes.
2006-03-30 14:32:37
144.   Humma Kavula
Wyoming is square-shaped. I am not impressed.

Now, if it had been in the shape of, say, West Virginia -- maybe you'd have something.

2006-03-30 14:33:09
145.   King of the Hobos
Brian Meadows has signed on to pitch for the DRays, if anyone is interested
2006-03-30 14:33:30
146.   Marty
Leave it out in the sun and eventually it will be West Virgina shaped.
2006-03-30 14:35:57
147.   Jon Weisman
Oh, in the non-Hollywood arena, I spent a half hour with my dad and Sandra Day O'Connor in the Supreme Court, mostly in her chambers.
2006-03-30 14:36:31
148.   D4P
Has anyone been able to listen to Jon's Sports Bloggers segment yet? I click on what appears to be the correct link from the Sports Bloggers' website, and am whisked away to some Mr. Irrelevant's blog. From there, I don't see where to go.
2006-03-30 14:36:42
149.   Humma Kavula
142 Also, I'm confused. Is it that you're throwing in:

1a. An autographed photo of you AND
1b. A jello mold in the shape of Wyoming


2. An autographed photo of you and a jello mold in the shape of Wyoming?

2006-03-30 14:37:54
150.   natepurcell
i know a bunch of people that have been on reality tv shows.

laguna beach is a pretty popular one that i know friends on.

the newest one that is currently on BRAVO just premiered 2 weeks ago. its called "the real housewives of OC".

its suppose to be like desperate housewives... i guess. anyways, it revolves around 5 or so rich OC moms that live in coto de caza... its a really pathetic show but ive seen about cameos of about 20 people i know plus my friend who is one of the main characters.

Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2006-03-30 14:38:11
151.   Terry A
Living in Arkansas really suppresses the celebrity connecting (your random Billy Bob Thornton or Mary Steenburgen sightings notwithstanding).

But I learned this week that a girl I dated in college went to her high school prom with Matthew McConaghey. (No idea if I spelled his name correctly. Sorry.)

I once ran into Beau Bridges in a bookstore in Hot Springs, Ark. I have no idea what either of us was doing there.

And Grover Cleveland once spanked me on two non-consecutive occasions.

2006-03-30 14:38:47
152.   Terry A
147 There's a question you need to answer.
2006-03-30 14:39:43
153.   oldbear
118. Yeah I remember you telling me about knowing Kirsten Dunst a couple years ago back on the old board.
2006-03-30 14:40:49
154.   LAT
113. While at camp one summer I had to kiss Leslie Landon, Michael's daughter in a truth or dare game. I think it was her first kiss. Her girlfriends were making a really big deal about it. I'm pretty sure she has never bragged about kissing me.
2006-03-30 14:43:46
155.   LAT
151 And Grover Cleveland once spanked me on two non-consecutive occasions.

There's lots of questions you need to answer.

2006-03-30 14:48:13
156.   Terry A
155 LOL.

The answers are kept here:

2006-03-30 14:49:47
157.   Bob Timmermann

You can get either option?

You can the photo of me and the jello mold or the photo of me holding a jello mold.

Call now. Operators are standing by!

2006-03-30 14:51:34
158.   Bob Timmermann
Isn't Mary Steenburgen married to the guy who starred in "Becker"?
2006-03-30 14:56:00
159.   Jon Weisman
"And Grover Cleveland once spanked me on two non-consecutive occasions. "

Funniest comment of the day/week/year ...

152 - The answer is, I neither rowed nor waded.

2006-03-30 15:01:45
160.   Jon Weisman
Sports Bloggers Live interview link:

2006-03-30 15:06:40
161.   trainwreck
Get Ready for the Fremont A's

Wolfe said thinks have to get moving by monday for a new stadium in Oakland and that is not going to happen. I hope they still call them Oakland. Fremont is not really that much of a problem because BART goes there and it is not as far as San Jose.

2006-03-30 15:08:55
162.   Vishal
for as much grief as they gave angels fans over the name thing, it's going to suck to have the team be called "the oakland athletics of fremont".
2006-03-30 15:10:12
163.   katysdad
Long time reader, first time submitter. I was Assistant GM for the Erie (Pa.) Sailors, a member of the short-season New York-Penn League, from 1988-91. The last two years of my tenure, the club's primary owner was Marvin Goldklang. One of the minority owners was a certain Mr. Bill Murray. One day, out of the blue, Murray shows up at the park. The field manager, Barry Moss, brought Murray (who was dressed in black jeans, a black shirt and had a ballcap pulled down real low) to the office. Moss was a bit of a joker, and we all assumed he had brought a homeless man in. After doing a double take, I realized we were in the presence of one of my favorite people. All heck broke loose and, after the media found out, we had a huge (for Erie) crowd of 5,000 people on hand. It was pure chaos, and Murray was hilarious. He called Goldklang to complain about the pretzels, took a number of pictures and then watched the game from the dugout. After the game, he just rode off into the sunset, as it were. It was my number one brush with greatness.
2006-03-30 15:11:53
164.   trainwreck
As for famous people I have met or know...

I met Jared Leto outside the Key Club and I am friends with this band Rayzing Sons and one of the lead singers Arvie played Mr. Dig on Lizzy McGuire and Boots in Newsies. Other lead singer was in Friday After Next. A few members of the band have been in commercials (Arvie was in the Mountain Dew commercial where they are in Africa and the McDonalds commercial where he jumps in the pool for a dollar lol). If anyone has COX for their cable service, they are the band in the commercial that comes out of the computer.

2006-03-30 15:13:05
165.   Vishal
one of my best friends is on a UPN sitcom, but i don't consider her a celebrity.
2006-03-30 15:13:51
166.   trainwreck
Is it Girlfriends? haha
2006-03-30 15:15:10
167.   Vishal
no :P
2006-03-30 15:15:19
168.   Telemachos
140 I used to work in production too -- mainly micro-budget indies -- so my list of celebs is decidedly C-list, mainly. (Although IMHO they tend to be nicer because they're sort of the "blue collar" branch of actors.) Keanu nearly collided with me during lunch once -- that's about as high-profile as I got.

Away from work, two surreal moments both involved restaurants: eating at the table next to Joe Eszterhas in a tiny breakfast diner in NoHo (probably 5 feet away from him at the most), and likewise sitting next to Peter Bogdanovich at the Good Earth restaurant in Studio City.

2006-03-30 15:16:09
169.   Bob Timmermann
Fremont is the very end of the BART lines. It's not as convenient as Mt. Davis.
2006-03-30 15:16:23
170.   trainwreck
Awwwww haha
2006-03-30 15:17:20
171.   trainwreck
Fremont is not as convenient, but way better than San Jose or Las Vegas haha.
2006-03-30 15:18:10
172.   Jon Weisman
169 - I would have gone to more A's games in college if they were in Fremont.
2006-03-30 15:23:09
173.   Bob Timmermann
Going to grad school in Berkeley, I would have attended many fewer A's games if they were played in Fremont. Many, many fewer.
2006-03-30 15:24:49
174.   gvette
I shook hands with Evel Knievel (his right hand probably being the only extremity not held together by pins and surgical intervention), when his epic "Viva Knievel" was filmed at East LA JC stadium.

Tried out as an extra for the crowd scene when he was supposed to jump a bunch of cars in the "bull ring", but got turned down as being too young (didn't get the box lunch either).

2006-03-30 15:27:28
175.   bill cox
I used to rub elbows with Max Baer Jr./Jethro Bodine when he managed Dobie Gray and Pollution
at the Beach House in Venice in the early 70's.Other than that I've lived a fairly non-descript life.
2006-03-30 15:34:44
176.   Daniel Zappala
I once sat in a movie theater in Century City behind Rhea Perlman. Given that Cheers is my all-time favorite show, just being near her was all the excitement I could stand.
2006-03-30 15:36:06
177.   Bob Timmermann
Rhea Perlman is a good person to sit behind in a movie theater.

Unlike me.

2006-03-30 15:36:57
178.   Marty
176 How could you tell?
2006-03-30 15:40:08
179.   underdog
Nice little piece on on pitcher Eric Stults if anyone's interested. "He's a prospect again" after being passed over in the Rule 5 draft.
2006-03-30 15:48:54
180.   ToyCannon
My wife used to wait on tables with Robert Patrick at Calendars near the tar pits around 20 years ago. He's come a long way since then.

My favorite was eating at Astro burger next to Neil Flynn(janitor on Scrubs). Great burgers.

2006-03-30 15:49:36
181.   Telemachos
The A's and celebs aside, has anyone been following the ESPN/blog smackdown (between Colin Cowhead's show and various college football blogs)?

Over at The House Rock Built (yes, I shudder to link to an ND blog), there's a nice "blog-festo" about how sports blogs are becoming increasingly relevant, despite the MSM's efforts to marginalize/ignore them:

2006-03-30 15:50:17
182.   ToyCannon
My wife hates sitting behind people like you. Of course at 5 ft even Danny Devito might cause her problems.
2006-03-30 15:53:39
183.   Jeromy
Once on the Oregon Coast with a group of friends I was talking, not paying attention, walking backwards out of a candy shop where on the sidewalk I ran into and almost knocked over Cindy Williams of Laverne and Shirley fame. I quickly apologized profusely to her, her husband and children. Then I stood there like an idiot until they asked me to move so they could enter the candy store. Certainly not one of my best moments.
2006-03-30 15:54:09
184.   Linkmeister
Back when "Magnum PI" was on Tom Selleck was a member of the club I ran the computers for. I used to bump into him in the racquetball court hallways or the stairwell once in a while. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy; friendly, with that big grin.

Michelle Wie plays a lot of golf at the course on my hill, but I've never seen her coming or going. (Speaking of, how'd you like to shoot a 66 in the opening round of today's tournament, and be four strokes back of the leader?)

2006-03-30 15:54:47
185.   Brendan
is chad billingsley scheduled to pitch saturday or sunday? a commenter said april 2nd(sunday) but I thought he was pitching saturday april 1st

Oh yeah, I've verbally accosted Jeff Garland at a Springsteen concert and Breckin Meyer(sp?) at a Lakers game(I might have had a few too may beers at the time) verbally accosted might be too harsh a description. Let's say overly excited(beer)

2006-03-30 15:55:34
186.   trainwreck
Someone on another sportsboard said that Anna Benson's publicist (yes, she has one) announced that Anna and Kris are getting a divorce.

I am shocked.

2006-03-30 15:58:01
187.   D4P
Back when "Magnum PI" was on Tom Selleck was a member of the club I ran the computers for.

Commodore 64s? PETs? Tandys? Texas Instruments?

2006-03-30 16:01:44
188.   Linkmeister
187 Ha! Bigger! IBM S/34, with a whopping 64K memory and 13.2mb hard drive (eventually doubled to 27mb; the additional drive cost $5K). Ran A/R, A/P, G/L, P/R, and Membership Acctg for about 3,000 members.
2006-03-30 16:03:34
189.   dzzrtRatt
186 Look out, Carolyn Hughes...Anna wants to be in LA!
2006-03-30 16:05:22
190.   natepurcell
huge laker game tonight against the spurs. 4 game win streak... they have a shot at the 6th seed!

kwame has been a beast lately.

2006-03-30 16:06:42
191.   D4P
huge laker game tonight

There hasn't been one of those since Shaq left.

2006-03-30 16:12:37
192.   27indigo

My favorite was eating at Astro burger next to Neil Flynn(janitor on Scrubs). Great burgers.8=

Great burgers indeed. I miss so much good fast food now that I'm no longer in L.A.

2006-03-30 16:16:37
193.   King of the Hobos
The Yankees finally reassigned Scott Erickson. How does he manage to make GMs prolong the inevitable for so long?
2006-03-30 16:29:02
194.   natepurcell
jackson started for TB today. his line:
5.2IP 4H 3ER 3bb 3k 1hr

his era for the spring is 5.16

2006-03-30 16:34:55
195.   Marty
It's all about high-end burgers now. Hollywood is becoming the epicenter for the $15 burger.
2006-03-30 16:40:20
196.   DXMachina
189. I'm not sure Anna wants to be in LA, but I suspect she really wants nothing to do with Baltimore.

2006-03-30 16:40:27
197.   deburns
Having been in government and politics as opposed to "the Business", Steve McQueen is the one actor of note that I did much more than say hello to. I did meet Jerry Ford a couple of minutes after Squeaky Frome (sp?) tried to shoot him. He was cool, unlike everyone else in the room. I know three Senators, a lot of Congresspeople, but nothing that exciting. They generally put their pants on one at a time, except for those who put their skirts on however one puts skirts on.
2006-03-30 16:45:13
198.   Marty
Somebody named Mark Starr over at MSNBC picks Oakland to win it all. He picks the Padres to win the NL west.

2006-03-30 16:47:12
199.   LAT
Don, I have been traveling for a few weeks and have not been on line regularly. What did you decide to do with Fritz?
2006-03-30 16:47:17
200.   Bob Timmermann
The Toaster picks should appear tomorrow morning.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2006-03-30 16:47:46
201.   Eric Enders
Bringing the "random brush with celebrity" back to the topic of Jon's post.

I attended the 1998 Final Four in San Antonio. (Jon will remember that bittersweetly, I suspect.) After the games, we were walking back to our car and decided to cut through the lobby of the Marriott since it was quicker than walking around it.

Turns out there was some kind of post-game party going on in the hotel. Walking past, I noticed a rather distinguished-looking older gentleman, standing by himself in a corner: Sandy Koufax. Introduced myself and ended up chatting for a few moments. It was quite surreal coming in such an unexpected setting.

2006-03-30 16:49:53
202.   Marty
199 ???
2006-03-30 16:51:01
203.   Eric Enders
From the link in 196:

""Some people are already seeing the trade as a negative thing. There are a lot of things that don't add up when it comes to the reasoning behind it," he said. "There's a lot of heresy, a lot of rumors floating around about the reason why.'"

I wonder whether it was Benson or the reporter who pulled a Yogi.

2006-03-30 16:53:04
204.   Humma Kavula
201 Now THAT is a brush-with-celebrity story. Well done.
2006-03-30 17:00:44
205.   deburns
199 LAT, thanks for asking. I have not been able to find a home for him, and I am so swamped with getting rid of decades of antiques, furniture, art etc. I haven't done anything other than a friend put him on two cat rescue websites. No bites, not even a meow.
2006-03-30 17:01:59
206.   overkill94
Wow, looks like we have some movers and shakers around here. The best I've got is that a friend of mine from college was the stepson of the guy who created Magnum PI, JAG, and Quantum Leap among others (Donald Bellosario).

My roommate's boss is married to Joanna Kearns though.

2006-03-30 17:04:00
207.   godvls
Back in the summer of '75 - I was 15 - I took tennis lessons at CSUN. My typical attire in those days consisted of UCLA t-shirts and shorts. At the end of the first lesson I was approached by a kid who asked me if I was a UCLA fan. After answering that I was, he asked who the UCLA basketball coach was. Expecting me to answer with "John Wooden" (who had just retired), he was quite surprised when I responded with the name Gene Bartow. The kid said, "He's my dad". The kid was Murry Bartow, formerly coach at UAB and now at East Tennesse State. Murry and I became good friends during the Bartow's two uncomfortable years in L.A. One of the best memories I have of those years was being invited to a UCLA team party at the Bartow's house. I had lived and died with UCLA basketball from the Sports Arena days and all of a sudden I'm at a party with Marques Johnson, Richard Washington, Raymond Townsend (one of the great, underappreciated Bruins), etc. I played a game of horse in the backyard with three Bruin freshmen: David Greenwood, Roy Hamilton and Brad Holland. The Bartow's were good people.
2006-03-30 17:06:10
208.   Jacob L
201 I don't think I can top that, but this one is my best. I'll leave it up to the judges. I was at a Bobby Short concert at the old Catalina Bar on Cahuenga. Stockard Channing was at the table next to me, but that's not the story.

I got up to the go to the bathroom, where I, and I alone, was in the company of about the last celebrity you'd ever, ever expect to see in public (is this too much buildup). . .

Hugh Hefner.

I couldn't think what to say to him. Since then, I've thought of about a thousand witty rejoinders (funny that I'd run into you here). I gave him the "guy nod" and a real soft "Hef."

2006-03-30 17:10:20
209.   FirstMohican
203 - Maybe Benson was actually trying to point out an irregular amount of heresy.

190 - KB54! Now if we could only get those hands to grow.

2006-03-30 17:10:22
210.   deburns
I was at a Bobby Short performance at the Cafe Carlyle some years ago, and went up afterwards to tell him how much we had enjoyed it, and to mention that we had a mutual friend. People often exaggerate that "mutual friend" stuff, but it turns out that Short really did know and like him. Then Short asked me to find a job for his nephew.
2006-03-30 17:33:59
211.   Marty
I saw Bobby Short at the Roxy back in the 80's. He's not my style and I really hated that "Charlie" commercial he did, but the show was not bad.
2006-03-30 17:53:44
212.   Steve
I saw Rob Reiner at a 10:00 AM showing of Bullets Over Broadway at the AVCO.
2006-03-30 17:57:21
213.   D4P
Well well, look who the cat(acomb) dragged in.
2006-03-30 18:15:14
214.   tennessee pete
2006-03-30 18:16:55
215.   Steve
It's like they have sonar. Sorry, Jon.
2006-03-30 18:20:17
216.   natepurcell
re 214

what is the point of that? you just ruined the format now.

2006-03-30 18:25:32
217.   natepurcell
dodger news. from the devils rays mlb site..

The Rays and Dodgers announced a partnership that will allow the Rays to share the Dodgers' Academy Campo Los Palos in the Dominican Republic

so what does this mean for us?

2006-03-30 18:27:13
218.   Vishal
easier access to middle relief?
2006-03-30 18:28:23
219.   Marty
All it means is the DRays get to share the cost of running it and avoid the costs of starting up their own is my guess.
2006-03-30 18:30:28
220.   Steve
218 -- Between you and GoBears yesterday, you guys now do me better than I do me.
2006-03-30 18:35:36
221.   natepurcell
hey vishal, i got your myspace message.

a DT myspace friend, yay!

2006-03-30 18:37:28
222.   Brendan

Nate is CBill schedulded to start saturday or sunday in the freeway series?

2006-03-30 18:38:51
223.   tennessee pete
2006-03-30 18:39:57
224.   Vishal
[220] oh, hardly. but someone had to carry the torch when you were gone :)

[221] awesome! i didn't realize till today that you were also an orange county expatriate. your part of town is a lot nicer than mine, though.

2006-03-30 18:41:32
225.   natepurcell
saturday i think.

seriously, why is tennessee pete doing this.

2006-03-30 18:59:19
226.   Uncle Miltie
so what does this mean for us?
Carl Crawford will be a Dodger, Repko and Houlton will become Devil Rays
2006-03-30 18:59:37
227.   Brendan

we got it. thanks, please stop

2006-03-30 19:04:16
228.   Sam DC
Horse with Brad Holland. That one seems tough.

I went to a Paul Westhead basketball camp at Pepperdine as a kid (most ridiculous thing I ever did; somehow, no one told my parents that it was for kids who were good at basketball, not kids who just liked basketball). Brad Holland did a shooting thing. It was surreal. He made 40 shots in a row while talking to us and not looking at the basket.

But I could hang right with him on the national anthem.

2006-03-30 19:08:37
229.   natepurcell
why is truby playing? why not laroche?
2006-03-30 19:12:11
230.   sanchez101
so this is what its like to pitch in Las Vegas ...
2006-03-30 19:12:34
231.   King of the Hobos
Vin accidentally referred to Lucille II as Ramon Ramirez. Personally, I'd rather Ramon Ramirez makes the team as the 25th man

2006-03-30 19:16:29
232.   xaphor
I Met Priscilla and her daughter (post-Jackson) at a party once. Lisa was stand off-ish but her mother was very cordial. Acquainted with Kevin Kennedy and we used to talk ball at a local dive, although I haven't talked to him in about a year. And finally for those of you who remember the fad that was Tae-Bo; Billy Blanks used to live next door. He was a real nice guy and neighbour. Gary Coledan came over a couple times and played with rc cars in the street.
2006-03-30 19:19:26
233.   natepurcell
bad luck for penny. squib base hit for ichiro, pop fly base hit that fell on the right field line for lopez. granted the sexson hit was crushed though.
2006-03-30 19:19:59
234.   natepurcell
this lineup is terrible. you know its a terrible lineup when sandy alomar is batting 2nd.
2006-03-30 19:20:03
235.   King of the Hobos
Lofton disappeared, Jeff Duncan up to bat. Wonder what the problem is
2006-03-30 19:21:28
236.   King of the Hobos
234 It is split squad afterall, even if the other game saw the likes of Spike Lundberg
2006-03-30 19:22:20
237.   Brendan
lofton played CF at the top of the inning but did not come to bat in the bottom of the 1st. he was due to lead off. not a great sign.
2006-03-30 19:22:53
238.   Brendan
vinny just updated. Lofton had a leg cramp.
2006-03-30 19:23:20
239.   King of the Hobos
Follow-up to 235, Lofton has a leg cramp. Probably precautionary, don't want to get hurt during spring
2006-03-30 19:25:50
240.   King of the Hobos
Referencing the outline on Gameday, Cashman is an odd shaped field. I guess they decided a lot of foul room was only needed on the right side. Is it used for other sports?
2006-03-30 19:25:53
241.   Brendan
King, we were all over the lofton story. well done.,
2006-03-30 19:27:48
242.   xaphor
231 My first thought was of the serial killer, but alas that was Richard. I think I would take Richard over Lucille II. It would certainly make a person think twice before running on us with him staring you down at second.
2006-03-30 19:28:42
243.   natepurcell
cashman field is huge. theres like a green monster out in centerfield.
2006-03-30 19:31:28
244.   Brendan

I'm not sure if Cashman is used for other sports but I do know that it used to be an Oakland A's affiliate. Maybe they wanted the players to slowly acclimate to the stadium in Oakland.

2006-03-30 19:33:01
245.   Brendan
I can see forgetting about one runner but two. come on Penny. (I'm in midseason complaint form)
2006-03-30 19:39:47
246.   Bob Timmermann

He's our hero!!!

2006-03-30 19:39:53
247.   xaphor
Digging up Cashman Field I wander upon:

"The most prominent players, through the first decade, that appeared in Las Vegas uniforms included: Sandy Alomar, Jr., the two-time PCL MVP (1988-89)..."

2006-03-30 19:40:39
248.   King of the Hobos
Repko seems to really like Cashman, too bad he can't do it at Dodger Stadium
2006-03-30 19:40:45
249.   Blaine
So, did Steve check in tonight to watch Jason Repko?
2006-03-30 19:41:21
250.   Bob Timmermann
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2006-03-30 19:41:36
251.   Bob Timmermann
2006-03-30 19:42:06
252.   Bob Timmermann
Is that more readable now?
2006-03-30 19:42:42
253.   Uncle Miltie
anyone have the gameday link?
2006-03-30 19:43:02
254.   Andrew Shimmin
Somebody's going to sit Little down and explain what hitting and runnin with Robles is good for, right?
2006-03-30 19:43:45
255.   natepurcell
yes much better
2006-03-30 19:46:03
256.   King of the Hobos
254 I don't know how to link Gameday, but I do have this link to today's first game. You can switch to this game at the top

2006-03-30 19:46:50
257.   Bob Timmermann
Am I the only person who finds it odd that Budweiser has a commercial which shows a roving beer vendor in the stands in a game at San Diego when you can't sell beer in the stands in games in California?
2006-03-30 19:48:31
258.   Jon Weisman
Hi, Steve. That is some weird timing.

Tennessee Pete, you need to know that anyone who comes here and posts a gratuitous comment regarding another poster is on dangerous ground. Please don't do it again.

Vin isn't conveying that he gets why the dimensions in Cashman Field are so big. He said Repko's triple to center would have been a home run in some parks. I suppose that might be true, but he just seems to think it's a big park for no reason.

2006-03-30 19:50:27
259.   King of the Hobos
I think I may have missed something Vin said. He was talking about the Mariner's poor drafting, then said they hope Lopez, Hernandez, and Betancourt turn around Seattle's fortunes. Was he saying they hoped international scouting would counter their bad drafting? Because not one of those 3 players was drafted
2006-03-30 19:52:58
260.   Bob Timmermann
Seattle-LA Gameday:
2006-03-30 19:53:20
261.   natepurcell
everytime penny grunts, i hold my breath thinking that might be his last pitch before his biceps rip open and tendons and muscles start flying towards homeplate.
2006-03-30 19:53:52
262.   Bob Timmermann
Vin already called Jarrod Washburn "Ray", but he quickly fixed that. I think he has no idea what Jeff Duncan's first name is, but I can understand that.
2006-03-30 20:00:50
263.   Bob Timmermann
Was that a Kenji Johjimajack?
2006-03-30 20:01:23
264.   natepurcell
tim duncan has a nice beard going. i dig it!
2006-03-30 20:01:28
265.   Andrew Shimmin
Read throught the thread. Can I just say:

The year's at the spring,
And day's at the morn;
Morning's at seven;
The hill-side's dew-pearl'd;
The lark's on the wing;
The snail's on the thorn;
God's in His heaven--
All's right with the world!

2006-03-30 20:01:37
266.   Uncle Miltie
Do we really want Billingsley pitching in this park?
2006-03-30 20:02:19
267.   Uncle Miltie
264- haha, not of Matt Morris (or Pau Gasol) quality though
2006-03-30 20:05:39
268.   xaphor
That was awfully close for a pitchout.
2006-03-30 20:06:50
269.   Marty
Not only close. He looked safe to me.
2006-03-30 20:07:18
270.   Uncle Miltie
Weaver got Bonds out...Jered Weaver
2006-03-30 20:07:26
271.   Brendan

No we don't but imagine if he dominates. Ned can then get something nice for him.

2006-03-30 20:08:06
272.   Steve
I am still deciding whether to go to the game on Monday.
2006-03-30 20:10:42
273.   xaphor
Does nice equal something more than middle relief?
2006-03-30 20:12:46
274.   Steve
What's more than middle relief?

What kind of pitch did Repko hit for the triple? Was it the down and in fastball or something else for once?

2006-03-30 20:13:55
275.   das411
141 - Brazell played a key role in the absolute funniest baseball game of 2004.

Note the winning pitcher in that one too.

145 - Actually this is a fairly big deal for TB, Meadows could well land in their bullpen on opening day and push one of their more awful relievers out. I would link to a DRaysBay post but he is venting juuuust a little at Julian Tavarez still...

221 - Are either of you guys on Facebook too? Everyone's friend Danica seems to know all about it, oddly enough.

247 - So Sandy Alomar Jr. won a PCL MVP award in 1988. Hobos, you were born in what year again?

2006-03-30 20:14:32
276.   Steve
By the way, I guess the point of 272 was to ask if anyone wanted two right field pavillion tickets if I didn't go.
2006-03-30 20:15:32
277.   Uncle Miltie
Miguel Cabrera is nice.

In Ned's eyes, Jorge Julio is nice.

2006-03-30 20:19:26
278.   Brendan
273 [274}

Nice > rainbows

Nice > unicorns

Nice = Middle relief

2006-03-30 20:20:21
279.   xaphor
274 "What's more than middle relief?"

Interested in trading those pavilion tickets for a prospect starter?

2006-03-30 20:20:23
280.   Brendan
Vinny: "..and Sele is in trouble"
2006-03-30 20:22:28
281.   King of the Hobos
275 That would be correct
2006-03-30 20:22:49
282.   D4P
Charlie Steiner has said the words "stew" and "Blue Man Group."

If he's an AD fan, I might have to dislike him a little less.

2006-03-30 20:22:51
283.   bill cox
Who is Jeff Duncan?
2006-03-30 20:25:30
284.   D4P
Is Adrian Beltre an "old friend"?
2006-03-30 20:28:29
285.   Bob Timmermann
Who would pay 50 cents to text in a vote of "maybe"?
2006-03-30 20:30:46
286.   King of the Hobos
283 26 year old minor leaguer. Played mostly for the Mets' AA affiliate last year, was little more than terrible at the plate (.693 OPS)
2006-03-30 20:31:11
287.   Eric L
276 I thought I was the only person "lucky" enough to score a couple of tickets in the RF pavilion.
2006-03-30 20:31:44
288.   King of the Hobos
285 Who would pay 50 cents to text in a vote?
2006-03-30 20:31:47
289.   Vishal
hah, yeah. i'm on facebook too. i barely use it though.
2006-03-30 20:31:53
290.   Brendan

If someone did that then they should send a signal back to the phone that neuters them(I don't know how you do that, I'm an idea man, not an IT guy). They have to be removed from the gene pool.

2006-03-30 20:32:38
291.   Steve
Well, don't tell anybody, but Drew McCourt gave them to me.
2006-03-30 20:32:59
292.   Bob Timmermann
How did such a big guy like Manu Tuiasosopo end up having two sons, Marques and Matt, are just more or less "normal" sized and can play sports at positions that require a lot more agility and much less strength?
2006-03-30 20:33:10
293.   Eric L
288 Sounds like a hell of a racket to me.
2006-03-30 20:34:43
294.   Brendan

Mom's a midget? I mean little person.

2006-03-30 20:35:56
295.   Eric L
I have a feeling that Alomar is going to have a good year... Vegas

2006-03-30 20:36:38
296.   Brendan
You just know Sandy will hit .400 for the month of april.
2006-03-30 20:36:44
297.   D4P
I have a feeling that Alomar is going to get more PT in LA than he should.
2006-03-30 20:37:47
298.   Eric L
297 Stop telling funny stories... or is it a scary story?
2006-03-30 20:40:10
299.   Steve
Just remember that the more backup catchers, the more likely we can get Gigantor from Jim Bowden. I hope Alomar hits .600 in April.
2006-03-30 20:40:33
300.   natepurcell
kwame brown looks like a totally different player then in november. wow.
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2006-03-30 20:41:24
301.   Bob Timmermann
Some poking around Google has turned up that Manu Tuiasosopo married a Caucasian woman, so she likely gave her sons "small" genes.

Matt is listed at 6'2", 210. Marques is listed at 6'1", 220.

I can't find what Manu was listed at during his playing days, but I think it was around 260-270, which was enormous in that day, but is pretty small now.

2006-03-30 20:42:59
302.   sanchez101
300 ... him and turiaf have played great
2006-03-30 20:45:07
303.   D4P
Luke Walton should not have a visible tattoo.
2006-03-30 20:45:40
304.   Eric L
So are the Dodgers moving to FSN West 1 (or FSN Prime Ticket or whatever it is)? The Angels game was supposed to be on FSN West 2 according to my guide thing on the dish.
2006-03-30 20:46:56
305.   natepurcell
smush parker is the worst defender on the face of the earth.
2006-03-30 20:47:41
306.   Eric L
305 Is Smush like the Repko of the Lakers?
2006-03-30 20:51:35
307.   natepurcell
smush is actually pretty good offensively. his defense is horrible though.
2006-03-30 20:52:07
308.   Uncle Miltie
kwame brown looks like a totally different player then in november. wow.
yea, he has a beard now
2006-03-30 20:53:06
309.   Steve
Taking over from Sam:

Washington gave outfielder Michael Tucker his unconditional release, while catcher Alberto Castillo and reliever Kevin Gryboski were reassigned to Minor League camp… The Nationals also announced that first baseman Daryle Ward and catcher Wiki Gonzalez will be on the 25-man roster.

Two to one he's playing for Las Vegas before the week is out. Meanwhile, the words "first baseman Daryle Ward and catcher Wiki Gonzalez" in tandem with "25-man roster" tell you basically all you need to know about the Nationals.

2006-03-30 20:54:02
310.   Steve
Is it like a Morris/Elarton or a LoDuca/Repko?
2006-03-30 20:54:11
311.   natepurcell
i hate bruce bowen.
2006-03-30 20:56:24
312.   natepurcell
phil needs to do something at halftime concerning tony parker. bring in sasha or something, at least sasha gives an effort defensively.
2006-03-30 20:57:07
313.   Brendan

The dodgers are staying at fsn 2 but it will be renamed Prime Ticket. So there will be FSN and Prime Ticket.

2006-03-30 20:57:19
314.   D4P
Tucker's qualifications:

1. Former Giant: check
2. Old: check
3. No power: check

2006-03-30 20:58:04
315.   Eric L
312 Doesn't Sasha also make other teams angry at the end of games?
2006-03-30 20:59:06
316.   regfairfield
314 He's missing the empty batting average.
2006-03-30 20:59:10
317.   Steve
I guess Frank got his backup catcher with SWAGGER (with apologies to Bob)
2006-03-30 21:01:14
318.   natepurcell
duncan is 2-9 with 5 pts at halftime courtesy of kwame.
2006-03-30 21:02:31
319.   D4P
True, but he makes up for that by being able to play 3 positions.
2006-03-30 21:04:37
320.   regfairfield
319 If you thought he was great before, he's also played first and second! Five positions, one man. Dare I say he's the perfect National League player?
2006-03-30 21:05:40
321.   trainwreck
Sweet, I can watch a Laker game again I have missed that since coming up north for spring break.
2006-03-30 21:06:52
322.   Uncle Miltie
nate- Smush isn't that bad of a defender, Tony Parker does this to everybody. He's shooting around 55 % this season. Odom is the one who's playing terrible defense. His help defense is the worst of anyone on the team. Kobe has been pretty mediocre so far.
2006-03-30 21:06:55
323.   Steve
We'll have to get Guzman out of the way to clear left field at Cashman.
2006-03-30 21:08:33
324.   Uncle Miltie
If we didn't already have Ledee, I'd have no problem with Tucker. He might act like a baby, but he's a pretty good pinch hitter and gets on base at a decent clip.
2006-03-30 21:09:11
325.   trainwreck
I am going to have to agree with Nate on Smush Parker being a terrible defender. Everyone who he defends blow by him it seems. He is good at stealing the ball, but he tries to do that far too much instead of just playing well.
2006-03-30 21:12:25
326.   regfairfield
324 I would agree if his 2005 wasn't so abysmal (.240/.317/.372).
2006-03-30 21:12:36
327.   Steve
Career OBP -- .339

Not bad t'all

2006-03-30 21:15:10
328.   D4P
How does "at all" become "t'all"?
2006-03-30 21:15:38
329.   Uncle Miltie
326- ouch, I had his 2004 line (.256/.353/.412 70 walks in 464 AB) in my head. I didn't realize that he was that bad last year.
2006-03-30 21:15:56
330.   oldbear
I take it I'm the only one that watched Maria Sharapova vs Tatiana Bolovin tonite?

Bolovin lost the 1st set. Then she was down 5-1 in the 2nd. She stormed back to win 7-6. Then it was 3-4 in the 3rd when she twisted her ankle and retired.

Very attractive tennis was played tonite.

2006-03-30 21:15:58
331.   King of the Hobos
I don't watch a lot of basketball, but I'd have to agree with 325. Smush can steal the ball, but for every steal he manages, the opposing player gets by him on a bad steal attempt five times, and more often than not, does some damage. He doesn't seem to like just defending, he tries too hard for the steal. He is a lot like Repko, he can make a nice play, but makes 5 stupid plays for every good one
2006-03-30 21:17:02
332.   Daniel Zappala
329 You memorized Michael Tucker's 2004 stats? What kind of sicko are you?
2006-03-30 21:18:19
333.   D4P
I turned it on with Sharapova up 5-1 in the 2nd, then turned it off because I don't like Sharapova. Glad to see that Golovin made it competitive.
2006-03-30 21:18:30
334.   trainwreck
Smush and Repko have what I like to call Eric Byrnesitous.
2006-03-30 21:20:13
335.   trainwreck
2006-03-30 21:20:26
336.   Steve
The kind that would sign a bunch of ex-Giants for no apparent reason.
2006-03-30 21:20:49
337.   das411
329 - I didn't realize that he was that bad last year.

Miltie, meet Ed Wade's big 2005 trade deadline pickup.

2006-03-30 21:22:14
338.   Steve
There is no cure for chronic overratedness. All you can do is cut it out.
2006-03-30 21:22:43
339.   sanchez101
Smush is nothing special defensively, but give him a break here, this IS tony parker. I seem to remember last time these teams played Tony Parker played poorley.

GO Brian Cook!

2006-03-30 21:23:08
340.   sanchez101
awesome play by Martin!
2006-03-30 21:24:42
341.   natepurcell
i wish brian cook would know how to play defense. i love his jump shot.
2006-03-30 21:25:21
342.   D4P
JD and Turk!
2006-03-30 21:25:34
343.   Bob Timmermann
A 2000 article about all things Tuiasosopo

2006-03-30 21:26:36
344.   trainwreck
I can not believe Isiah Thomas trade Nazr Mohammed for Malik Rose. Then again I can not believe most of Isiah's moves.
2006-03-30 21:27:26
345.   trainwreck
I wish Brian Cook played like a PF and not a SG.
2006-03-30 21:28:22
346.   Jon Weisman
I just watched my favorite actor return to TV in "Thief," and I have to say, it was even better than I expected.

(Arrested Development shout-out to Mae Whitman, who played Ann on that show and plays Andre Braugher's stepdaughter on this one.)

2006-03-30 21:30:05
347.   oldbear
333. Sharapova was acted like a total prima donna in the 3rd set. After Bolovin turned her ankle, she down on the court for probably 10 minutes. Sharapova never once went over to see if she was ok.

I liked Bolovin alot more also.

Just not a fan of the Monica Sele-esque grunting of Sharapova's.

2006-03-30 21:30:13
348.   D4P
2006-03-30 21:31:34
349.   D4P
I don't like anything about Sharapova. She has a bad attitude and seems to think everything is about her. I don't like her dad either.
2006-03-30 21:36:17
350.   Uncle Miltie
My roommate and I were watching Sharapova a few days ago and we decided to record some of the match...on a tape recorder.
Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2006-03-30 21:50:00
351.   trainwreck
I think I would take Jason Repko over Luke Walton.
2006-03-30 21:58:05
352.   trainwreck
Steve Kerr should not be allowed to call Spurs games.
2006-03-30 21:59:29
353.   trainwreck
Nomar has a front page story on
2006-03-30 22:09:26
354.   Steve
LAT should be happy with the results of tonight's game.
2006-03-30 22:20:04
355.   Eric L
The stuff from Karros in the sidebar is pretty interesting.
2006-03-30 22:30:30
356.   LAT
354. I had no idea there was another Shawn/Sean Green. June 27 to 29 Greenie can pitch to himself.

The family went to Tucson Spring Training last weekend. Fun, but crowded. D'Backs v. Angels was a sell out. Daughter scored a game used (albeit cracked) Chad Tracy bat.

2006-03-30 23:18:32
357.   trainwreck
The NBA is banning tights next season. Why? Because they do not like how they look haha. When did the NBA office turn into the fashion police? Maybe they should work on trying to improve the NBA product and not what the players wear, because I am sure most people do not care.

2006-03-30 23:26:13
358.   das411 when can we start sharing the evil evil April fools day pranks we will be pulling on everybody? Less than 24 hours to prep...
2006-03-30 23:52:15
359.   trainwreck
Back in 1984 my cousins played a joke on my mom's family by saying she gave birth to me.
Little did they know the next day I was born.
2006-03-31 00:47:50
360.   natepurcell
wow, according to this, mccourt met with epstein... twice, before hiring colletti.

2006-03-31 00:50:46
361.   natepurcell
and this paragraph made me cringe, i dont like tony jackson.

The first repudiation came when Colletti traded Milton Bradley and Antonio Perez, two players DePodesta had acquired because of their high on-base percentages while ignoring their reputed character issues. Colletti found the perfect foil in Oakland GM Billy Beane, the unofficial godfather of "Moneyball," who not only took Bradley and Perez but gave Colletti a pretty good prospect in return in outfielder Andre Ethier.

2006-03-31 06:12:31
362.   Vishal
hahah, "the still unproven principles of moneyball".

btw, jon, there's no x in bleszinski.

2006-03-31 06:31:50
363.   Sam DC
309 Thanks Steve -- all work and no Dodger Thoughts makes Sam a dull boy. And I missed Nationals' Thoughts!

Anyhow, apparently Jim Bowden doesn't read SI, because the sidebar on the Nationals' preview page is about how the team shouldn't shove Church -- their second best obp guy last year -- out of the way for Watson. Can't find the sidebar at, unfortunately.

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